by CharitysSongbird

Used to being smaller than his office mates, especially his crush Tavy, Ritzy is stunned when he suddenly starts getting bigger and furrier, even as the impulse to dominate seeps into his personality.

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“Hold the elevator!”

“Better hurry Ritzy, its closing.”

“Don’t you dare!” snapped the black-haired man his shoes tapping a fast tempo across the white tiled floor of the office building. Ahead he saw the smiling man’s face as he leaned over pressing the button to close the door.

“Oops, there they go.”

“DICK! SO HELP ME!” began Ritzy before he saw a cocky grin spread across the face of the man as he reached out to hold the door, deep brown eyes flashing as he turned sideways to allow his coworker to stumble past into the elevator. Panting a bit, Ritzy found himself leaning against the wall, his chest heaving as he reached up to tug his pleated blue tie from his neck a bit, gulping down fresh lungfuls of sweet air. After a moment, he looked round, blue eyes narrowed, as beads of sweat dripped down the stubble round his chin, his young face a bit pink from his impromptu run across the atrium.

“You are… an… ass sometimes,” panted the black-haired man as he steadied himself, idly brushing a few strands of his medium-length hair back from his brow, as the other passenger flashed him a porcelain-white smile.

“Awww, you know you love me,” teased the hazel-eyed man, cocking his head in a playful manner, letting his thick golden curls bounce a bit without trying. At that Ritzy let out an almost animalistic growl, his teeth gnashing a bit before the blond’s hand slipped up over his cheek.

“Easy there, tiger, you missed a spot,” chuckled the man running his hand up Ritzy’s cheek, catching the few strands of hair and tucking them behind his ear, warm breath tickling over the earlobe as he did. Despite himself Ritzy felt his cheeks heat up with warmth unconnected to his recent run, his heart giving a little one-two thump as if swooning at the man’s soft touch.

“Yeah…well. Do you have to mess with me like that?” he harrumphed, glowering up at the taller man.

“He-he, always,” he said. “Come on Ritzy, your to stressed. Keep this up and you’ll faint in the meeting this afternoon. Remember last time, you nearly took out Sherly from accounting.” The blond laughed as Ritzy’s face went, if possible, an even darker shade of crimson.

“It… it wasn’t that bad,” he mumbled. Images of his tumbling over and falling out the door into the busty redhead and then into the watercooler were still bright in his mind. Not that it was hard to forget, given the way the water had fallen over them—and the smack he got from her once her top became see-through. “Wasn’t like I told her to go topless,” he mumbled. The words bringing a rich laugh from his fellow as the elevator door chime rang.

“Yeah, tell her that,” smiled the blond. “Well, see you later Ritzy,” he added, stepping confidently forwards as the doors opened, and the flood of sound from the office rolled in. The chatter of typing, the soft ruffle of shifting paper, and the metallic groan as works leaned back in chairs that seemed engineered to be impossible to sit in comfortably. Shaking the blush from his face Ritzy tugged his tie back into place idly sweeping a hand down his shirt flattening out the buttons, and minding it was still tucked in.

“Yeah, well, try taking your work seriously for once Tavy!” he called after the blond. The grey-suited man lifted a hand in reply, waving back as he vanished into the throng. Shaking his head again, the young man set off, his lips pulled into a small smile as he wound down the hall passing by a few rows of cubical desks, their owners busy tearing bits of hair from their heads or hiding from someone as he went by.

The sight brought a small smile to his lips. Say what you will about that big goof Tavy, he did have a way of staying positive in the business world. Thoughts of the lovely blond bringing a blush to his face, as he recalled the man’s hand on his cheek…a flash of memory suddenly substituting a golden-haired man in place of a busy redhead under him… water clinging to his…

“NOPE Nope nope NOPE!!!” thought Ritzy, turning down an aisle and slipping into his cubical. He dropped his briefcase to the side of his desk before resting his forehead against the cold compressed wood of it. He fought to push back the thoughts that were busy making a forced march from his imagination down between his legs, ready to raise the glorious flag upon a swelling mountain. “Mmmm… stupid sexy mind,” he mumbled, as shifted his legs a bit, trying to keep that little “mountain” from poking out to rub against the thicker cloth of his black pantlegs. Besides, no matter what anyone tells you sitting in a rough chair with a boner is akin to torture… second only to the dreaded panty wedgie and steel doctor’s tables.

“You know, I don’t think your keyboard works that way.”

“Go away,” huffed Ritzy rolling his head around, eyeing the delivery boy. His cap was pulled over short white hair, and below was a warm happy smile.

“Right, well, first I need you to sign for this,” replied the young man, leaning over to drop a package onto the desk beside him. His chest pressed against Ritzy’s as he did so, the playful touch drawing a small smile to his lips.

“Right, just give me a second,” sighed Ritzy, blushing a bit feeling the younger man shifting back, leaving the ghost of his body pressing eagerly against his back. Closing his eyes, Ritzy savored the small mental flash of that white-haired tease being pulled against him, turning those bright brown eyes over him before biting his bottom lip as he pressed himself into the larger man’s arms.

“Mmmm I’m awful,” through the black-haired young man, feeling his pants tenting a bit, as he pushed up trying to not eye the delivery boy in that tight little uniform, ignoring the way it hugged round his bubbly butt as he bent over the cart he used to deliver packages inside the office. His gamine body curved effortlessly as Ritzy’s cheeks took on the pinkish hue that he seemed to be wearing more and more these days.

“Um hey Ritz? Earth to cutie,” teased the boy, bending down flashing a smile. Ritzy jerked back out of his reverie, fumbling with the package. To his dismay he watched as it dropped to the floor with a soft thump and the sound of cracking glass.

“Oh shit, Aiden, sorry. I…”

“Oops… he-he, sorry about that. Don’t worry I got it,” Aiden replied, bending down, his face never falling from that playful smile as he reached for the package. Shivering, Ritzy found himself looking down his own chest to a cap-covered head just at the right angle… gods, if he just thrust his hips forwards… “What’s wrong with me today?” he thought as he blushed, watching the boy plucking the package up. From inside came little sounds of tinkling glass.

“Well, darn,” mumbled Aiden, giving the box a few more shakes before glancing his bright brown eyes round the office cubical. He tipped the box down into the bottom of the cart and pulled off another from the top, pushing it into Ritzy’s hands with a wink.

“Shhh, this one was misfiled,” he said, smiling. “It’s just some mugs from the office, so this will be our little secret.” The warm look drew a fresh blush from the man, his lips suddenly very dry. Nodding, he watched the boy flash him a grateful smile before turning back and stepping behind his mail cart.

“Thanks. Take care Ritz, and hey, um… you might want to zip that up, not everyone enjoys the show,” teased the delivery boy, pushing away. Ritzy’s eyes fell to his pants. His mouth fell open at the sight of his zipper, which had pulled itself all the way down—compliments of the bulge struggling to reach that piece of mail-boy ass.

“Oh, come on,” he whimpered. He zipped himself back up, wondering if he might as well just paint his cheeks red and save his body the trouble. It sure enough seemed that today was going to be one of those days. Sighing he spun his blue eyes back round to his laptop, clicking a few keys. His computer gave a dull hum of reply, and he threw himself into his work trying to not let his mind show him seductive images of a mail boy and a golden-haired man in various poses of naked desirable want. The amount of work he got done by the time lunch rolled around only served to show the futility of his efforts. Well, that and the small salami of hard meat currently stuffing itself down one pantleg.

Shaking his head, he turned back to the package on his desk. “Company mug, huh,” he mumbled, reaching over idly. He cursed his well clipped nails as he tried to dig under the tape holding it closed. After a few tugs he gave it up, dipping into his desk to retrieve a pair of scissors and slicing the top open. He dumped a small pile of packing peanuts out as something rolled onto his desk.

Spying the cup rolling away Ritzy reached out grabbing it just before it sailed over the edge and repeated the smashing effect of its brother from earlier. “Woho there, not so fast.” He looked over the inscription, frowning. “Alpha #1?” he read, shifting the mug in his hand and eyeing the bright red lettering across the side of the mug. Its white sterile outside was nothing too astonishing, though the lack of a handle seemed to make it more a cup than a coffee mug, he thought.

“Cheap boss, couldn’t even afford to give us handles,” groaned Ritzy. Leaning back in his chair, he pulled out the little trash bucket. Sweeping the box and packing into it, he failed to notice the folded paper stuffed into the box, detailing progress on a “project Alpha… just add water.”

“Well, at least it’s free.” He shrugged and trudged off into the office, “Alpha #1” mug in hand, only pausing a few times for small groups of office staff or clients to pass him by. After his little journey across the wasteland of officetopia he was at the breakroom dumping a thick brown mixture into his cup. The concoction: a viscous slop that more generous men called coffee.

“Hey, it’s a liquid this time. Must be our lucky day,” called a warm voice as someone threw an arm round his shoulder.

“He-he, yeah, I guess,” replied Ritzy flushing a bit as he looked over to see Tavy grinning down at him. Despite himself the man felt a small touch of annoyance at that fact. Sure, he wasn’t tiny as, say, the little five foot nothing of Aiden the delivery boy, but next to nearly six feet of Tavy, he felt like the next best thing to a midget with only a little over five and a half feet to his name. Still it wasn’t all bad, and he didn’t let it keep a smile from his face as he toasted his cup to the man.

“He-he, yeah, maybe it is. New mugs, now actual coffee. Next thing you know we’ll get a real bonus this year.”

“Whoa there buddy, don’t go getting crazy or we’ll have to put you down. Don’t want our Ritzy leading a revolution!” laughed the blond, miming a serious salute before his smile broke through and he bent to collect his own coffee. As he did his eyes turned narrowing a bit as he eyed the cup in Ritzy’s hand.

“Huh? Alpha #1? Is that your new tag or something, or are you really looking to lead a revolt?”

“What? No. I mean, it’s just the free mug we got,” blushed the black-haired man as he added cream to his cup. His words caused the blond’s eyebrows to lift, holding up his own mug to show the cheap-looking ceramic number, with its company slogan on one side, and on the other in blocky text “Work Hard for Hard Work.”

“Right, so the rest of us just got this, huh?” smiled the man, taking a sip and grimacing. “Ugh, they even make the coffee taste bad,” he mumbled as Ritzy eyed the mug, his blue eyes casting round to see a few brothers of the mug in Tavy’s hand spread out across the break room. He looked back to the cup in his own hand and wondered idly if Aiden had made a mistake about this package he’d been given.

“Huh… Well, I guess it was a defect or something,” he shrugged, lifting the cup to his lips, missing the faint red glow that was slipping into the liquid as the walls of the cup grew thinner, the agents reacting with the coffee a moment before it was sent rolling over his lips. “Mmmmm… I don’t know, it’s not bad,” he mumbled, licking his lips. It wasn’t great, sure, but… he couldn’t place it, there was just something very satisfying about the coffee. So much so he found himself actually enjoying it as he took a fresh sip, shivering as he felt the warm liquid dripping down his throat.

“Yep, you’re finally cracking,” chuckled Tavy, ruffling the man’s black hair before heading back towards his desk. Still nursing his coffee along the way, Ritzy slipped out of the breakroom a moment later and headed off towards his desk. “You know… it really isn’t too bad today. Kind of woody,” he mused, dropping back into his chair and eyeing the clock.

He still had a good half an hour before the meeting—just enough time to wrap up some things and polish off the little warm treat. Smiling a bit, the black-haired man began to pull out files idly, stuffing them into his briefcase, and checked a few emails. The dull buzz of the office lulled him into a warm sense of security. Soon the cup was empty sitting beside a stack of files as its owner punched a few final keys, shooting an email off.

“And done, not too shabby… mmm,” sighed Ritzy, idly scratching at his neck, a slight tingling drawing his attention. Feeling the warm sensation of four soothing lines playing across his throat the man found himself closing his eyes, a dull smile spreading across his lips, as one foot began to beat a drummer’s tempo on the floor. “Oohhhh right there…” he whispered, scratching faster along his neck, the small action suddenly so wonderfully relaxing, almost as though tiny bursts of comfort were bubbling up from each scratch. The new feeling was enough to conceal the sudden pin-pricks of black hair pushing up under his fingers.

“Mmmm, itch-itch-itch,” grunted the man, reaching his other hand down to scratch at his chest tugging the neat fabric of his buttoned shirt as he assaulted the fresh sensation below the cloth. He was about to start pushing his hand under his shirt when an electric beep caused him to look down at his wrist in a dull kind of surprise.

“Wha… oh crap, the meeting,” he gasped pushing up and grabbing the files speeding off towards the conference room, too preoccupied with running late to worry about that tingling itch. Or the sudden increase in hair slowly slipping unseen below his clothing, thick black hair pushing together forming soft tufts moving silently over him. This change was the first of many that signaled that the alpha project was beginning its work. Skipping to a stop before the presentation room, Ritzy looked down at his wrist. He did have a bit of reputation for showing up to meetings after everyone else had already arrived. He let out a breath as he saw that at least he wasn’t actually late. Technically.

“Oh, thank whatever god works in this office,” chuckled the man, bending over to get a look at himself in the glass window and running a hand through his hair, pushing down a few stray strands before tugging his tie back up and straightening his back, barely noticing the faintly darkened stubble just starting to emerge along his jaw.

Inside the meeting room several faces turned as the door clicked open, their owners pausing in the act of pulling out fresh papers or opening laptops. “Well, Mr. Ritzy, good of you to be on time,” called a deep-voiced man, his dark face pulled into a small amused smile that seemed to stop well before it reached his coal-black eyes.

Blushing, Ritzy nodded his head quickly stammering out a reply. “Yes, yes Mr. Forttin, I’m sorry, sir,” he managed before moving around the room. He slowed only when he had to suck in his stomach a bit as he passed one of the larger men in the meeting room, his chair pushed so far from the large wooden table that it was nearly pressed flush with the light blue patterned wall. Slipping past the projector Ritzy was at last able to drop into his own spot. He hefted his briefcase up and began to unpack it. Hands full of files, he almost didn’t notice as someone moved into the seat across from him until the man spoke.

“Sorry, Mr. Forttin, I asked Ritzy to grab a file I forgot. Since he’s under my department it’s my fault.” The words caught Ritzy a bit off guard as he looked up to see Tavy flashing his award-winning smile down the table at the dark-skinned executive. The latter’s unamused face shook as he took out a pair of square spectacles to begin reading.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mr. Tavy. Do see you take better care of your team, then. Now, Ms. Robin, please put up our first quarter.” The lights dimmed a bit while, with a metallic click and soft whirring of an electric fan, the projector started.

“Thanks,” whispered Ritzy, privately thankful for the soft darkness to hide the blush resting upon his cheeks as he glanced across the table to where Tavy sat. In reply the blond man waved a hand, dismissing the words with a wink, before turning to concentrate on the meeting—something that Ritzy found increasingly difficult as time went on. He delivered his presentation easily enough, though the appearance of an unknown figure at the door and a series of hurried whispers between the stranger and his boss did make him wonder how much of his work was actually being attended to. Still, it didn’t take long, and soon he was back in his seat watching as Tavy rose, the tall man starting off with a few jokes and that usual charm he seemed to simply drip with. Listening, Ritzy found himself with his chin in hand while his mind took a little trip somewhere much more private.

Suddenly he wasn’t in the room with a meeting in full swing around him. No, he was alone… all alone with Tavy. The blond beefcake was turning to him with that smile.

Smiling the man moved closer to him. “Hey Ritzy… you kept me waiting.” Tavy’s hand lifted to cup his cheek in a warm welcoming caress. Gasping, Ritzy felt himself leaning into the touch, eyes fluttering as he watched the man’s eyes staring down into his own. A need grew inside them that seemed to reach out and embrace him like the arms of a lover.

“I’m… sorry, I…” he began before Tavy’s thumb pressed against his lips.

“Shhhh, I’m not mad… Now, open up…”

Shivering, Ritzy did as he was asked, his body quaking as he felt Tavy’s thumb slipping past his lips, pressing firmly against his tongue before starting to draw warm wet circles along the wet bed of his mouth. He felt a soft pressure rolling inside his mouth as it began to water, begging form more… Everything in him was hungry for this blond beast to take him. Flushing, he looked up to see the pleased blond’s face as he closed his lips, moaning in naked want. Ritzy began to lick and suck over the thumb as it began thrusting gently into his mouth.

“Mmmm, well now, that didn’t take much. You just wanted me to make the first move. Isn’t that right, my little Ritzy,” cooed Tavy, grinning down at the blushing black-haired man. He nodded. His moaning mouth was still busy attacking the hand caressing him. “He-he, good… but I have a better use for that mouth of yours.”

Shaking, Ritzy found his lips parting as the thumb pulled away taking a longing moan with it before his eyes tracked it down to where Tavy was unbuckling his belt. Eyes widening, he watched as the man pulled his pants down enough to expose a bugling white package. The fat bundle was throbbing with barely contained lust as the smell rose to meet him, raw want bursting over his senses as he longed to press his face against the man’s bulge.

“Well, go on Ritzy. You know you want it.”

“I do… oh god. I do,” he replied leaning forwards.

“What was that, Mr. Ritzy?”

The sudden voice pulled the black-haired man from his fantasy as gently as a car crash. Jerking his head up Ritzy found himself blinking around at a few odd looks from his coworkers. His dull eyes blinked round for a moment before he seemed to take in where he was. His chin was wet with something that Ritzy found with a swipe of his hand was drool.

With dawning comprehension, he looked up, face flushing. “Oh, come on, I didn’t,” he thought anxiously. Indeed, all eyes were on him as he looked about, his face dropping so as not to look at anyone, as he whispered, “Sorry, I—I—”

“He-he-he,” came Tavy’s voice. “Well, I know my business proposal was good, but not that good. Maybe I should start selling it in other markets. People are always after the newest thrill,” he added with a wink. A few snorts replied in kind as a warm chuckle began rolling round the room. Even that old battleship Mr. Forttin cracked a smile and shaking his head.

“Yes, well, maybe, though I’d get a testing group together before going forwards with it, Mr. Tavy. Now continue onto section five,” called the boss as the meeting continued without further mention of Ritzy’s outburst. His head still bowed, the mortified man shook his head, wondering what was wrong with him to be thinking like that… or, worse, letting those words tumble from his lips. A warm shiver ran down his back as he wondered what would have happened if he’d said anything more… about how… how he wanted that little daydream to be real.

“I’m hopeless,” thought Ritzy, scratching at his neck again.

As if summoned by those words a little voice whispered through his mind. A deep rich tone that seemed to echo a larger beast that was sitting below the surface of water. “Now you are…” it said, “but what if you weren’t?”

“Like that’s going to happen,” Ritzy shot back, rolling his eyes a bit as the voice seemed to let out a mischievous laugh.

“Mmm, maybe, but you know what would be better that sucking his fat cock… better than being on your knees like some little slut… mmmm, because I do… mmm… it’s this,” replied the little voice before the flustered image of him and Tavy shifted, shapes and setting distorting until he was the one toying with the little blond, his hand wet with drool moving to slip itself into those golden locks, his deep growls of pleasure dripping out as he guided the man’s eager lips down towards his swelling cock.

All he could manage was a brief thought of “Wow…” The image was so vivid, him standing… no not just standing, towering above Tavy. The golden-haired man who always seemed so untouchable was now kneeling before him… begging for his affection, his body. He… he liked it.

“I knew you would,” smiled the little voice as it vanished. Shifting a bit in his seat Ritzy felt his cock stiffening in his pants. Grimacing, he reached down to shift the swelling member around, even as that odd itching began to return. “What the… oh… ohhhh,” shivered Ritzy, biting his lip to keep those sounds from escaping again as his hand stroked along his hardening bulge feeling that same dull heat pressing over it. Inside that warmth there was something more, something wonderful.

His body was burning, as though the sun was hanging over him dripping its warm fire upon his flesh and with that heat came something new. Power… the feeling of it, the taste of its intoxicating form. His cock seemed to be growing stiffer and stiffer as though it was… “Growing?” thought Ritzy, shivering as he realized the truth.

His cock was growing, he could feel it, fresh inches swelling along its length, thickening as the warm flesh stretching bigger and bigger. It was like a log of lust and sudden wonderful potency plunging forwards, as his balls groaned, fresh seed churning inside them as they swelled, bloating to the size of baseballs as he shifted, forced to spread his legs as they continued to expand. Unable to think clearly, Ritzy nearly yelled as he looked down to his arm, that warm itch pushing down over his wrist followed by thick black hair, so dense it looked like… “Fur?!” he thought. Just thinking the word seemed to trigger something as he suddenly became aware of the warm tickle of hair across his chest and back, suddenly hyper aware of the tingling rolling over his legs, slipping up to cup his swelling balls coating them in a fresh warm embrace. Shaking now with a mix of arousal and fear, Ritzy stifled a yelp as his teeth sank a bit into his lip. The flat teeth he’d been using to bite his lip had suddenly grown sharper even as a sudden groan of cloth rolled out across the conference room complements of his expanding frame as his shirt began biting into his chest.

“Hey, Micky, you aren’t going to burst another button, are you?” called a woman’s voice as a few looked round to the plump man beside Ritzy as he scowled back at the speaker.

“No, Robin. Maybe it’s you, I did see you sneaking a few extra donuts,” began the man before that jab became another, and soon another. Ritzy looked round, stifling a fresh groan, his mouth watering, as he felt a pleasant press against his tightly clad rump.

“Um…bathroom,” he managed, rising without another word and moving as fast as he could, shivering as he tried to slip behind the plump man’s chair, the gap now much smaller than before. His gasp of pleasure was luckily covered by another angry retort, as he felt the new weight of his bulge groaning against the fabric of his pants, the legs of which were now a few inches to short, showing bushy black fur poking out just above his dress socks.

Panting a bit Ritzy made it to the door, and out into the office, blushing and panicking as he looked round searching desperately for somewhere to hide even as that pleasant heat rolled through him again, drawing an unbidden throb from his manhood as he heard his zipper sliding down along with a wet slosh that came from the flood of cum now bloating his furry sack.

“Not now… mmmm, oh gods… it’s not stopping…wh..where can I…there!” he gasped padding quickly over to the private mail room and slipping inside managing to click the lock shut as he turned pressing his back to it with a groan of relief. The room was about the size of a small office, tall rakes of metal shelves lining either wall, with boxes and the like labeled for shipping. Aside from that there was just a single smaller desk in the corner and an open wall with a bit of padding from when the room had served to hold spare glass windows and the like.

Staggering from the door Ritzy let out a fresh groan doubling over as a meaty popping sound rolled down his back his mouth open exposing dripping white fangs. Panting the breathless man fell to his hands and knees, struggling to suck down breath each inhale seeming to fuel the new hot rush rolling through his veins.

“Wh… whats… ahhh, hap… happening,” groaned the man, his back arching as a ripping groan echoed up from his pants. Looking down, the man watched in lustful fascination as his legs began to bulge against the thin fabric round them. Sucking down a fresh breath Ritzy shivered watching tears opening along the seams of his thighs, thick slabs of muscle bubbling below the surface as black fur burst into view, bushy clumps spreading over more and more of his growing flesh as the pants tore round his quads, each thickening as below his pants legs lifted up round his growing claves. New muscled fur cutting them off and tearing them apart as it surged forwards with a groaning rubbery sound that seemed to denote a strange new surge of power. Grunting Ritzy pushed his legs back, nearly roaring out in pain as his shoes popped open thick clawed toes stabbing into view, as the leather burst round the swelling limbs.

Tearing his eyes from the bulging mass of muscle and fur his legs were becoming, Ritzy looked back in time to see as well as feel the popping press as his swelling rump tore a hole in his pants. His cheeks were rock hard slabs of attractive curves that rippled bulging out only moments before a thick black-coated tail burst into view. Eyes wide, he stared as it arched up, fur bristling as it thickened to the size of a human leg. The new fluffy appendage thumping back and forth pulling his hips along as his waist band brock. From the base of his new tail Ritzy watched his shirt tearing itself apart, his back flexing, as new bulk surged forwards, his shoulders broadening as fur and muscle raced to claim his old body, his pecks tearing their way through his buttoned shirt casting the disks down as they fell to the floor with a light series of plastic clicks.

“Mmmm oh god…it…feels…” panted the growing man, his hips bucking now with pleasure so raw and primal he was reduced to trying to pleasure it like some common beast. And in that hazy the tiny voice returned to him.

“Good… mmm, so wonderful to be growing… So good to be strong… So perfect to be a real Alpha… isn’t that right?” it cooed. Ritzy found himself smiling as his tongue began to flood out over his lips, stretching longer and flatter while droplets fell to splatter over the floor as the growth began pumping down his arms.

“Mmmm yesss, moooore. Do… don’t stop,” moaned Ritzy his blue eyes flashing with a new fire as he leaned back on his haunches, watching his arms thickening into powerful fur-clad slabs. Biceps and triceps pumping out swelling like those of a body builder as he felt his face distending pushing out, with a warm popping. His teeth wrapped round as a new jaw elongated, extending into a snout, bushy black fur bursting up along it carpeting his face as a tickling twinge tugged at his ears, lengthening them into points that seemed to tug and pull their way up onto the top of his head.

As his new wolfish ears twitched, his wet nose flared with new nostrils while he noticed his heft wasn’t the only thing changing. Ripping free of his clothing he was growing taller, his new muscular size coupled with over a foot of solid height. Shifting to sit up Ritzy let out an animalist grunt of pleasure at seeing his feet groaning and popping as they vanished into new thick paws, their claws digging easily into the soft floor as thick pads pushed his powerful limbs up and up. Flexing Ritzy growled feeling the pleasant swell and tightening as pounds of new muscle tightened showing his new definition through the tight black fur. Tearing the remains of his shirt apart Ritzy felt his tie growing tighter before bursting from his thickening throat the last thing to pop as a thick collar of black fur burst form his swollen neck, carpeting down over his heaving body finishing the flood of changes ravaging his body.

Looking down the giant wolf was momentarily disorientated, his new body tightening and shifting, trying to get use to the new weight and scale of it, as he paws thumped down with a satisfying weight of impact. Without meaning too Ritzy felt his long tongue slipping up over his lips curving round from one side to the other of his new dripping jaws, as he eyed himself, marveling as he peered down his heaving chest to watch his final change. Before the wolf’s eyes his cock rose and fell, bobbing with each heavy of his body, pink flesh thickening as veins strained to pump more and more into the surging pillar, the throbbing tip stretching father and farther from his hips and still growing, as the base fattened more akin to a baseball bat rather than a cock, as Ritzy grinned swaying his hips watched the huge hunk of manhood flopping before him. A flash of memory now showing him Tavy trying to thrust this beast down his throat. The wolf’s hands holding him tight pumping him back and forth as she throat fucked the blond panting over his helpless face till he erupted splattering thick gooey seed into his belly before smearing the thick remains across his grateful face.

Ritzy barely registered as his paws moved to pleasure himself, till that was the rippling growth at last began to slow, over two feet of girthy sex hanging over a new fluffy sack. Reaching down a new pawed hand groped a pair of fat cantaloupe sized orbs, growling happily as the fell of thick spunk sloshing inside them, fresh loads churning away as the sack seemed to swell against his padded paw.

Slowly the heat that had rolled through him flickered away softening to a steady background burn freeing his mind for its enticing grasp. Panting the beast turned to look at himself in the small mirror off to one side of the mail room. Stomping over Ritzy couldn’t keep a smile off his new muzzle at the way his cock slapped wetly against his muscled thighs, nor the way his body seemed to groan and flex with each move, a fresh tug of scale drawing a smile to his lips as he reached the mirror. Grunting he had to bend down a bit to peer at his new wolfish face, the handsome lines now carrying a bestial beauty that he couldn’t explain, thick black fur dancing along a strong set of jaws and a proud set of pearly fangs. Only his eyes were unchanged…no that wasn’t quite right. They were still the same blue to be sure… but they were different. As though someone had lit a tiny fire behind them. Stepping back Ritzy looked round his head level with the top rungs of the shelving units. Guessing, the towering wolf surmised he had to be nearly 8 feet tall now. Two and a half feet of height now, all his alongside untold pounds of muscle and fur the latter now ripping through him as his pleasure slowly gave way to other thoughts.

“What am I doing to do?” he mumbled eyeing his new body. He may love the new him, but stepping out with that beast between his legs and looking like some feral forest-dwelling god would be hard to pass off in the office. Even if he could get out unseen stomping through the city… gods he’d be lucky if he didn’t end up exposed… Lucky if dozens if not hundreds didn’t see him.

“Mmmm let them… why shouldn’t you… just go out and claim it… claim them, make them know who you are,” cooed the deeper voice in his mind as he gave a soft growl, the action more natural than a swear.

“Right, and then when I get taken out by security I can claim the dissecting table. God this is amazing bu… but what am I going to do now?” thought the wolf, looking down over himself watching his fat cock slipping back into a black fluffy sheath for the time being, the warm carpet stopping a half a foot from his bulbous tip. Seems even his fur couldn’t hide the log of wolf meat dangling between his legs. The thought made his chest to swell with pride despite the situation he was in. “Thanks for small favors,” he grumbled catching his own voice for the first time, the pitch deeper more powerful than before.

“Hehe even my voice… gods, what’s happened to me.”

The voice in his head began to speak before Ritzy shook his head. He couldn’t let the wants of his body take over if he was going to get out of this.

“Think… maybe I can—” began the hulking wolf when a click behind him cause his body to stiffen, every fiber tensing as his tail stopped wagging and his ears folded back straining to catch any sound. Turning Ritzy was in time to see a familiar bubbly butt bouncing the door open a moment before Aiden walked in, his little uniform hugging his body as tightly as the last time Ritzy had seen him.

His nose flaring, he caught the young man’s scent, new instincts pushing him forwards as the door began to close. Before it had he body was already in motion, thick legs pulling him forwards as below his cock began to throb pushing out with fresh desire as his tongue slipping wetly over his jaws tasting the new scent of Aiden upon the air.

Before Aiden could step around the cart to shut the door he heard a thump and felt something huge and hairy thrusting against his back pushing him against the cart with a grunt. Eyes wide the boy looked up gasping as a thick limb, like some body-builder’s but covered in bushy black fur and tipped with what looked like a five finger paw slapped thick pads into the door shutting it with a snap.

Quaking Aiden felt hot breath rolling down the back of his neck, as whatever the thing was moved its arm down grasping the lock and bending it shut, the metal groaning before snapping trapping him and the thing together.

“OH… oh no… no, this…this isn’t… happening!”

“Mmmm, it is… you’re all mine now,” came a deep voice as the young man watched the clawed hand moving towards him, fingers reaching out to… to cup his chin. Warm pads pressing ever so softly to his cheek as with a firm touch he found himself being forced to look up and round into the face of a towering black wolf, hot breath rolling down over his face, as blue eyes….wait…those eyes. For a long moment, the boy simply looked up into those eyes brown into blue before he whispered.


Grinning, the wolf nodded, his lips parting in a deep rumbling chuckle. “He-he, think of this as pay back for all the times you tease me. Now it’s my turn,” growled Ritzy, punctuating his words with a buck of his hips letting his swelling cock slip up grinding against the boy’s generous ass.

“Holy shit, Ritz you gave me a heart attack…” replied the boy before he froze again taking in the towering hulk before him, his own cheeks pinkening as he saw the defined pecks now heaving above his head, the arms on either side of him thick as tree trunks and…the smell. Even with his human senses the musky smell of fur and size was inescapable.

“You… you look good…”

Smiling at those words, the wolf leaned in a bit closer, his thumb rubbing sensually against the boy’s cheek as he spoke. “Mmm, I feel good.”

Before he’d always been the one being teased. He’d enjoyed it when Aiden came by to drop off the mail… always pressing close to him, rubbing against him, blowing a kiss or winking at him. Gods, he had been blind, that little man was his for the taking, all that time… and now. Well, it was time for the taking! It was his time to thrust himself against him, to feel the tiny boy squirm and moan at his touch… his time to play.

“What…what happened to you? I mean…. you’re… all furry, and… bigger,” blushed the boy as Ritzy flashed him a wolfish smile.

Breathing a steady laugh, Ritzy bent closer. “He-he, I noticed. Want to know something else I’ve noticed?” As his shadow rolled over Aiden. The white-haired boy’s eyes widening as the living wall of black fur and bristling muscle seemed to swell up all round him.

“Um…What?” breathed the smaller man, shivering at bit at the look in the wolf’s eyes, and the way his tongue was dripping over his lips wet with drool.

“I noticed how a certain little mans been trying to get me into his tight pants for a long time…”

“Um…you did…” stammered Aiden, feeling his cheeks flushing darker, as his heart beat a steady cacophony against his chest. Sure, he’d teased Ritz… okay, fine, he’d basically jumped they guy in every way he could, but it just never seemed to take. Truth be told he wanted to have some fun with the black haired man… but now… well he was staring down a black furred beast, and it seemed he might have bitten off more than he could chew.

“Mmmmm yep, and I’m eager to oblige,” grinned Ritzy a moment before his head bowed down lupine jaws turning to press wetly against the boy’s lips smothering his cry of shock as the wolf’s fat tongue flooded into his mouth, before he felt strong warm arms wrapped round him. Sucking in a breath full of wolf saliva Aiden’s eyes widened, feeling his chest pressing against the beast’s firm fur every dent and ripple of his abs rippling against the tiny man as something thickened between his legs.

Moaning Aiden’s eyes began drifting closed, his body savoring the strong press of warm fur against him as he felt his own modest cock thickening to press eagerly into the warm bulge thrusting up between his legs.

“MINE!” roared a voice deep within Ritzy’s chest, a growl rolling down his tongue and into the boy’s throat, as he pulled him back from the door, lifting his tiny body easily off the ground, and spinning him round to carry over towards the battered old couch.

Grunting the wolf broke the kiss at last letting his broad tongue lolled out over the boy’s face lathering his flushed cheeks in a warm series of wolfish kisses. Panting Aiden looked up into the wolf man’s face, his hands slipping up spreading fingers through the thick mountain of fur that formed a thick collar of round the wolf’s neck, his fingers sinking into the black mass, as the giant growled happily down at him tail flicking in time with his long upturned ears.

“Mmmm fuck it, about time you noticed. Come on, you beast… take me,” panted Aiden as the wolf flashed him a bright ivory smile.

“Glady… but first you learn to serve me,” growled Ritzy, proudly licking his lips, savoring the look of lustful eagerness that came with his command. The obsidian furred wolf lowered Aiden to the floor before padding round him and dropping onto the couch, the springs groaning in protest at his bulky weight. With an amused chuff at the couch’s protests the massive muscled wolf spread his legs wide, letting the boy’s eyes slip over the fat furry package now laying between thick tree trunk calves bristling with muscle and fur.

“Yesss that’s it… make him serve you… make him serve ussss. Look at him, he wants it… command him! Make him the beta he was born to be, make him live to have his lips round your cock,” roared the voice inside him even as he let out a deep growl watching the boy shivering before him.

Jabbing a clawed finger forwards Ritzy barked out his first command. “Strip!” The words hit the boy like a physical blow, his face flushing as he found himself nodding on instinct as if compelled to serve. Before he knew it, his hands were moving up to begin stripping out of his shirt, the cloth parting over soft supple flesh smooth and androgynous. For a moment, Aiden made to cover himself, thin arms moving to hide his chest, before a growl cut him off.

“Don’t… I want to see you. You were so eager to fuck me, don’t be shy now… go on… show me everything,” smiled Ritzy, licking his lips as the boy’s face deepened to scarlet. His arms slipping down as fingers began to dig into the lip of his pants. “And turn around,” snapped Ritzy with a smile spinning one finger to indicate his wishes. Shuddering Aiden did as he was bidden turning shivering with excitement and a touch of fear as he pulled his pants down, feeling the soft touch of air across his naked bubbly rump.

“So is this whAAAATTT!” gasped the boy, feeling hot breath suddenly taking the place of cold, as something wet kissed at his ass, an inhalation of air tickling over his spine.

“Mmmmm sorry, you looked good enough to eat,” smiled Ritzy, his inner mind egging him on, begging him to claim this perfect pet of a young man. And for the moment any argument was beaten down by his rising libido and primal urge to have Aiden. With a hungry look on his face Ritzy leaned closer jaws opening wider as his tongue slipped out over his black lips slapping wetly against the boy’s ass, curving over the soft flesh savoring the shivers it sent rolling up the boy’s spine.

Groaning Ritzy pushed his muzzle closer thrusting his tongue between the boy’s legs, warm flesh cupping a pair of soft hairless balls, rolling the plump little orbs in a warm wash of wolfish breath.

“Ahhh ahh ah ahhhhh oh gods… that tongue…” panted the white haired boy looking back over one pale shoulder to see the wolf’s smiling face.

“Turn around, and I’ll show you what it can do.”

“Yess,” moaned Aiden, fear racing away as warm lust came rolling down to take hold of him. Turning, he found himself facing the massive grinning wolf. His tiny chest heaved over his fluttering heart as his cock bounced up to point towards the black furred beast.

“Good boy, now get that little fuck stick over here..”

Panting, Aiden found his hands slipping down his heaving chest to grasp his modest cock, smearing warm wolf saliva over it as his pink head throbbed egging him on. The sight of Ritzy’s jaws opening with a red carpet of a tongue lolling out was only the cherry on top, as he moved towards the towering wolf.

Hot wolf breath rose to meet his femboy cock as he leaned in watching, his heart racing, as his tip pushed past sharp fangs to press against the wolf’s tongue. A sudden flood of warm heat rolling up as Aiden closed his eyes, ignorant as the wolf’s grin widened his tongue rolling up to lap over the tip of his cock milking fat drops of salty precum from the boy before pulling him back, pulling his hips closer and closer till with a gasp the wolf’s lips closed over his cock. All six inches easily slipping into the huge beast’s maw, his hips jerking forwards as his body begging him for more even while his pump lips parted in a protracted plea that echoed round the room.

“OOhh fuck..mmm a wolfman’s giving me head…oh fuck..mmmm it’s so good,” moaned Aiden, his hand slipping over Ritzy’s head fingers tightening round a pair of fluffy ears, as his hips began to buck trying to pump deeper into the wet tunnel of the beasts throat.

“Take him…now!” moaned Ritzy’s mind even as thick paws moved without the need of such words taking plump handfuls of Aiden’s bubbly ass groping fresh whimpering moans from the boy as he toyed his tongue up and down the throbbing length resting inside his panting jaws. Shivering Aiden felt the paws on his ass suddenly tighten the pin prick pinch of thick claws against his soft flesh as hot air rolled up between his legs, tickling over his exposed star.

“What……OOOOOOHH!” The boy’s words were failing him as Ritzy thrust one fat finger against his panting hole. “Mmmm no… I’m not ready…” whimpered Aiden before he saw the wolf’s eyes flashing with the deep growl bubbling from his throat as it tickled round his dripping cockhead. As if in reply to the boy’s refusal that broad tongue slithered up between his legs to slap wetly against his asshole, smearing the tiny hole with warm saliva as the finger returned.

Whatever words the white-haired boy had to beg were stolen as his flesh spread tight rings pushing back as thick black fur thrust up pressing warm shivers up into the boy’s back, his cock bouncing inside the wolf’s throat.

“CU..CUMMMMMINGG!!!” cried Aiden his mind awash with want as he felt his balls contracting under the warm wolf’s tongue pumping thick gooey white lust down into the beasts throat. Moaning, the brown-eyed man sank a bit forwards, his hands slipping down to hug the wolf’s neck, his hips bucking a few more thick ropes of cum down Ritzy’s throat whimpering as his legs rippled, trying to stay strong enough to keep him up. Panting as the last spurts dribbled from his tip the panting boy looked down to see Ritzy’s jaws parting, his spent cock, pink with sexual use, slipping from a fat red carpet as the wolf’s licked up the last few drops.

“Mmmm my turn,” growled Ritzy as the boy’s eyes looked down to see three feet of thick wolf cock throbbing expectantly between the black pillars of muscle and fur. Before Aiden could reply he felt a tugging at his ass as with a wet pop the wolf’s finger slipped from his panting hole. Only a second later it and the paw move up to palm his white-haired head pushing him down to his knees before him.

“Now, suck slut,” growled the muscle-bound wolf grinning down at the boy. Face flushed Aiden nodded, chest heaving as he reached soft hands up, quivering as he pressed against the wolf’s shaft.

Grunting Ritzy found something like a warm whine slipping from his lips as he leaned back into the couch listening to it groan under him as he pushed the boy’s face flush with his cock. “Mmmm good boy…” complemented the wolf as Aiden’s mouth opened plump lips pressing against his shaft as his tiny tongue began to lick and tease up the mountainous cock, whimpering as his own member bounced back up to attention basking in the warm flood of musk meat now smearing across his face.

Panting, Ritzy watched as fat clear drops dribbled down the tip of his cock, warm lust smearing across the boy’s white hair, sending it flattening against his head as his mouth opened to suck down warm wolf spunk. He was moaning louder as he slipped up to press his lips against the beast’s flared slit, thrusting his tongue in to taste more of that sexual nirvana.

“Grrrrrr YESsss fuck it…” growled Ritzy, his arms flexing as he bent forwards, paws slipping under Aiden’s arms and lifting him as easily as one might a child. Whimpering Aiden came away from the cock, a drunken look on his face, as he tried to grab at the fat pink tip mouth dripping with pre, as his own cock let out a tiny spurt of begging need.

“Mmmm time for the real deal, Aiden,” smiled the wolf as he rose from the couch, his cock bouncing up between the young man’s legs, the fat log nearly as thick as they were and burning with a sexual heat that nearly seared the boy’s soft supple flesh.

“YEss please,” whimpered the boy leaning against the wolf’s pecs, his face burying into the warm fur, as his hands grabbed handfuls of fluffy squeezing as he felt those paws slipping down to grasp his legs lifting them to expose his panting asshole.

Eyes tight shut, Aiden pressed against the broad wolf’s warm chest shivering as Ritzy lowered him down till the fat head of his wet cock was kissing against the boy’s pale ass.

Mine!” growled the muscle-bound wolf, his hips thrusting up as over half a foot of thick wolf cock stuffed itself into the boy’s ass, tight flesh exploding in pain and pleasure that caused Aiden to bite down against the muscled chest, tears pouring from his closed eyes as hot wolf breath rolled out in an unabated howl of pleasure.

“OOoooooooo Tight…GRRrr Damn you’re a TIGHT LITTLE SLUT!” grinned the wolf, strong arms wrapping round the boy’s hips pulling him tighter to him feeling as the boy’s ass struggled to take him, warm flesh throbbing as it squeezed down over his shaft in bursts of tight lust. Smiling Ritzy felt as the boy’s fingers dug into the thick fur of his neck, gripping tighter to him as he slowed the pace of his thrusts taking a moment to stomp away from the couch and towards the padded wall.

“Fuck its good…mmm I should have claimed you years ago!” groaned Ritzy bouncing the boy up and down his shaft, warm wet cock flesh slipping in and out each pump drawing a fresh splatter of pre from between the boy’s legs. The boy moaning against his chest as his belly distended hugging tight round the cock hollowing out his gapping ass. Whimpering as pleasure stole his thoughts of pain Aiden felt fat balls slapping against his legs, warm spunk sloshing inside the big wolf begging to dump inside him.

“Oh god…so…big..mmmm your going to break…me…FUCK YES, BREAK ME WITH THAT FAT WOLF COCK!.. I.. I WANT IT! I want you to break me with your huge fucking cock!” screamed Aiden. His back thumped against the padded wall, hands flying up against it a moment before giant paws covered them wolf pants dripping over his face as Ritzy rutted against him thrusting harder and harder as the heat returned in earnest.

“Yess he wants it… He wants his alpha… GIVE IT TO HIM! GIVE HIM A REAL ALPHA’S COCK!” roared the voice inside the wolf’s head as that fire blazed behind his eyes, his body arching in naked pleasure sights and sound transforming into a swirling rush of pleasurable ecstasy. The smell of sweat and spunk, the sound of moaning pleas, the slosh and churn of heavy fresh seed, of the wet slap of his cock dominating the boy’s bulging belly a clap of his bubbly ass as his balls beat against it driving three feet of wolf cock deeper. And HE WANTED MORE!!!

“MORE!” growled Ritzy his teeth gnashing together as bits of droll dribbled over his lips. Panting, his eyes wet with tears of pleasure and pain, Aiden saw it… saw the thick fur surging forwards, swallowing his fingers as the pecs pressing against him jerked forwards, expanding below the beast’s coat. The paws over his hands spread out wider and wider, paws smothering his fingers, as they slipped from where they had been interlocked with his.

“Ah ah ah Ri… Ritz… Oh god… you’re… oh fuck you’re getting bigger… mhmmmm ye… yesss fuck more… I want more of my alpha!” panted Aiden, watching in awed fascination as the wolf’s head tossed back jaws opening wide enough to swallow a watermelon. A wet popping rolled out from that massive head as with a fresh howl his neck thickening as that face expanded, pushing out into a larger more dominating visage, his arms rippling as shoulders broadened, inch after inch of thick muscle layering on top to expanded the massive wolf. His abs slipped up into an honest to god eight pack of ripping muscle while his calves ballooning out before flexing up into hard rock of furry might, his legs spreading apart as thighs grew too big to press easily together, quads swelling to show definition even through the fur.

Gasping Ritzy felt it all, the warm bubbling release as his body expanded his head lifting up bigger and bigger, as his tail lashed back taking one of the metal cabinets in its path and smashing it aside, as he grew, paws groaning as they swallowed-up form of the floor claws digging into the stone and tile as above the matt along the wall ripped and tore, his claws slashing deep furrows as he grew taller, pulling his tiny moaning lover with him and he fucked Aiden higher and higher from the floor.

Whimpering Aiden’s head dropped from the beasts body to his own watching with moaning ecstasy as his belly bulged, the wolf’s cock expanding inside him, lifting him up against those heaving pecs as inch after inch of wolf cock pushed deeper inside him, thickening by the second as his ass whimpered to try and hold it in. Soon it was more like being fucked an elephant rather than a wolf, his body struggling to just hold the wet tip inside him, as he felt his feet hitting two basketballs side orbs swaying inside a gym bag sized furry sack.

“Fuck…MOREE YESS YESS!!!” growled Ritzy flexing his body, feeling the muscles contract before billowing out as he grew, his head soon brushing against the ceiling as he saw the tiny boy whimpering on his cock head. At last the throbbing log grew too much for him, popping out of Aiden’s now gaping ass, splattering warm seed across the walls and floor as Aiden slipped down between it and the giant’s heaving abs.

“MORE! SO CLOSE!!!” growled Ritzy reaching one paw down to grasp Aiden’s whimpering body and pressing him against his cock grinding him up and down as the shaft grew thicker than a human waist, pushing up till its tip was almost level with his massive panting jaws, the boy now laying against it in danger of being outgrown by the towering hunk of wolf meat. Lost in the musky smell of fur and lust Aiden didn’t question his alpha wrapping weak arms round the shaft and humping against it his mouth open in a licking moaning worship that drew a warm approving growl from above.

“Ahhh Ahhhh MMMMM MMM OP… OPEN WIDE!” howled Ritzy. His body surged up bigger than before as his tip erupted into a blast of white that dumped nearly a gallon of thick hot seed up into Aiden’s face, the excess bathing down his cock and up over the wall, flecks raining down against his heaving chest as he wrapped one bulging arm down round the boy, as he tugged his cock up to his own face opening up to catch the second thick blast, as he turned falling back against the wall, as his own mouth flooded with a third eruption before popping free to send the fourth and fifth out across the mailroom splattering packages with the thick smell of gooey lust as he sat holing the now tiny boy against him. Aiden was not even as tall as all five feet plus of his throbbing shaft slipping down against him as the fat meaty log seemed to finish its shower dropping a bit now thick as one of the wolf’s monstrous legs.

Tail thumping dully against the cold floor Ritzy blinked down to see Aiden, the small body naked and curled against him, fingers gripping tightly to the thick fur of his chest, his bloated belly jiggling a bit as a steady stream of pre dribbled out between his ass cheeks. From how small the young man was Ritzy guess he had to be at least twelve feet tall, his arms, thick as most bodybuilders’ chests, now bulging with muscle at the slightest movement as he looked around the wrecked results of his sexual release.

Gods, just fucking was enough to nearly destroy the place. The thought was…

“Increadible,” grinned the towering wolf, smiling down at his newest beta.

The words caused one furry brow to lift. “Beta?” he mumbled where had that come from?

“Because you are the alpha stupid…mmmm and he’s such a good little slut…but you need more…you deserve MORE!” purred the voice inside his mind as he snarled at it.


At this the voice grew excited to the point Ritzy could almost see the smile it was sporting at his declaration. “Yes… of course alpha. Of course, we do, and we’ll have it… we’ll have it all!” it purred, fading into its proper place inside him, the old Ritzy letting go of stupid thoughts of what ifs and hows, and becoming the alpha in mind that his body already was.

“Mmmm now…” smiled Ritzy, rising his body groaning as it flexed new muscled his paws shifting a bit to get use to his new size. He actually banged his head on the ceiling, loosening a growl from his lips. His ears flicked to rid them of the bits of plaster that had rained down as he stomped over to the couch bending down to place the naked, cum-drenched Aiden carefully upon it. The boy seemed to have passed out at last, though he whimpered as he was forced to part with the warm fur hands reaching, the sight bringing a chuff of amusement to the towering wolf’s lips.

“Betas…” he smiled leaning down to give the boy’s cheek a wet lick, drawing a fresh gasp from Aiden whosr face turned pink, like the wolf’s breath was a drug he needed to rest easily. Leaning back his blue eyes darted round, nose still smothered with the smell of his own musky scent and so useless in this room. His ears flicked round at a dull clicking as he spotted a clock, its tiny arms just visible through the thick mess splattered across its face. His lips pulling back into a smile at the time displayed. He’d wasted so much time in the meeting and now in his fun that it was nearly closing time. Most if not all the staff would be gone… save for one he knew who always stayed late.

“Tavy,” growled the towering wolf happily stomping towards the door his tail swishing as below his cock flopped and bounced hanging past his knees, kept from slapping against them only by the pair of watermelon orbs already busy filling with fresh sloshing cum for his next pet.

Not bothering with the handle Ritzy just thrust one hand against the wood, watching his arm tense, as biceps bulged, his paw the side of a trashcan lid spreading out as the door groaned against the press. Growling in pleasure the wolf watched the door bowing out, before with a snap the doors sprung off its hinges falling into the open room. Following after the devastated door, his shoulder cracking the frame, he pushed his way out. Ritzy rose, seeming to swell and fill the hall round him with more and more of his muscled might. Paws crunching down on the door Ritzy rolled his shoulders listening to the satisfied pops as he stretched his massive body ears flicking against the ceiling as he smiled round the office, the cubical walls now only reaching up to provide cover his massive new wolfhood.

“He-he, not fitting in there again,” smiled Ritzy as he turned, padding down the hall, his bulk simply smashing anything in his way aside while his nostrils began flaring searching for the scent he desired.

Tavy was just finishing a final paper pushing back from his desk his arms stretching above his head as his lips parted in a satisfied groan.

“Mnnn, well that’s that… lucky the boss didn’t try to track down Ritzy. Still… I wonder where he ran off too… It’s not like him to skip out without at least saying goodbye,” mumbled the man, eyes narrowing a bit as he leaned back against his desk. Clicking a few commands, he watched as the computer began winding down, Tavy’s free hand pulling up a briefcase as he checked the clock along the far wall.

“Jeez, seven already… Darn that bum’s ass is mine,” smirked Tavy blinking round the office as he prepared to head out. His hand was just reaching for his briefcase when he felt the steady thump against the office floor. One golden eyebrow cocking up he looked down to see his unfinished coffee rippling in that cheap company mug.

“What the?” he managed before a booming impact hit his office door. The shock shaking it hard enough to send his mug off the desk tumbling to the floor where it shattered staining the carpet a deep brown even as he spun to see the door cracking at another heavy boom of impact.

Backing slowly away Tavy began soundlessly repeating himself: “Holy shit! Holy SHIT!” The panting gasp of words continuing till he thumped against his desk his heart pounding against his chest as something pounded at his door, the wood creaking and splintering before with a wrenching snap the door was torn off its hinges and pulled out into the office beyond. Eyes wide, the man saw something huge and hairy shifting outside the door before a wolf’s head appeared. The thing was giant, the head alone larger than a full-grown German Shepard with drool dripping from a smile that might have flooded that measurement in moments.

“TAVY!” growled a deep tone so rough and bristling with authority that the blond-haired man found himself stiffening instantly at his name.

“Y…yess,” he spluttered as he wolf’s black fur rimmed eyes flashed brilliant blue orbs cringing in a smile as it licked its lips savoring the sight before it.

In reply to the man’s words the wolf let out an amused chuff, his hands slipping back into view, grasping the edges of the doorframe before pushing them aside as though they were curtains handing around a window. The walls buckling stone and wood crunching aide as the massive beast pushed inside towering black fur heaving as it smashed its way into the room with him. Mouth gapping Tavy felt his eyes widen as foot after thick foot of muscular wolf rose before him, its head hunching a bit as paws moved down snapping bits of the wall as its hands moved past him to lay against his desk, claws digging into the wood as the wolf’s face lowered towards his own. Soon it was close enough that the giant’s hot breath was ticking against his nose.

“Mmmm what’s wrong, Tavy… don’t want to play with your little Ritzy?” growled the amused beast, as Tavy’s eyes widened, hazel spheres moving up to meet with the wolf’s blue ones.

“Ritzy?” breathed the blond, a second before the wolf was tilting his head down jaws parting as his tongues slapped wetly to the man’s neck coaxing an eager moan from the man’s lips.

“Yes…and you’re mine!” cooed the wolf, smiling down as he slipped his tongue up the man’s cheek. Gasping, Tavy felt as Ritzy’s claw slipped down digging between the lip of his shirt and chest. The thick sharp tool cutting down, and down popping each button with a teasing slowness that caused the little man to whimper. His eyes widening as he looked down over the muscled beast’s body, shivering as he saw each breath rumbling in that broad furry chest, the smell of fur and strength enough to strangle him. As his shirt opened he found a fresh gasp stolen from his lungs as Ritzy’s broad tongue slipped down bending against his chest, licking over the modest divots of his pecs, the tensing firmness of his own abs as they were bathed in warm wolfish attention.

“Oh…fuck…” panted Tavy as he felt his cock swelling against the cotton tent of his pants. The words drawing a grunt of approval from the beast as that tongue slipped down under the lip of his pants its broad surface coiling up round his shaft while his claws saw to the rest. The man naked moments later with his chest coated in a wash of warm wolf affection while the beast smiled down giving his cock as slowly long suck letting it slip free from his lips flicking bits of spittle and pre-across the black muzzle.

“MMhmmm not bad…but mine’s so much bigger,” smiled Ritzy, straightening his back and rising above the golden-haired man. His pace slowed enough to let those wide hazel eyes slip down to watch as the massive head of his cock pushing up into view, slipping free of its furry fat sheath, as a foot came into view, followed by another, and another thick red flesh dripping with thick musky sweat towering above his tiny boy.

Stepping back Ritzy dropped a paw to grasp his throbbing shaft, stroking up and down as the warm girth expanded against his pad, his hips thrusting a bit letting the deep churning sound of his balls fill the room as they slapped heavily against his thighs, each muscled beast larger than the tiny man’s waist.

“Ooohhh Slutty little Tavy’s making me hard.”

Shivering Tavy listened backing up as that thick pillar swelled before him heat rolling out pressing against his chest as his own cock rose rock hard nine inches of manhood insignificant next to the five feet of canine cock now rising before him. Veins throbbed along its bulging bigger than his fingers as the wolf pressed forwards to let it slap nakedly against his bare chest. Gasping the man’s face rose, watching the thick shaft expanding above him, its head dribbling thick drops down towards him as Ritzy’s face appeared over it. That long wet tongue lapping along the tip smearing hot seed across his muzzle as his hips ground his mammoth-sized cock up and down the tiny man. “Mmmm, let’s compare,” laughed Ritzy his booming voice pressing down seconds before his paw slipped between them the soft fur tickling against Tavy’s hips as the pad closed over his cock smashing it against the fat tower of the wolf’s, the two hard rods rubbing against each other as the pair’s voices rose into complementary moans of pleasure.

His jaws snapping shut the giant beast grinning down at the scene even as his hips gave a fresh thrust of raw pleasure. “Grrrr what’s wrong tiny…to much wolf for you? Don’t tell me you want to stop already,” groaned Ritzy’s deep voice, his free hand moving down to press against the small of Tavy’s back thrusting the man flush with his cock. The touch sent a fresh throb through the hot flesh as it bulged against the tiny man. His tiny man, the one who’d been so untouchable, always looking out for him. Now nothing but a tiny cock loving pet. Or so he thought.

His face now pressing hotly against the giant’s cock Tavy felt whatever fear he held leaving him in a rush, arousal robbing him of such concerns. Suddenly he knew this beast was his Ritzy… his tiny loving blue eyed man, and at last he was against him. Something the blond hand been trying to achieve for months…he was not about to lose this chance.

Thrusting his arms up Tavy looped them round the girthy shaft, his fingers just reaching round it enough to close it against him in a sudden fierce hug. “Mmmm more like not enough… mhmm but turn that big ass around…I’ll show you how tiny I am,” grinned Tavy, his face flushed with arousal as the beast above him let out a chuffing bark of laugher.

“That’s what I wanted to hear from you!” grinned the massive wolf bending down his shoulder nearly cracking into the walls as he pried the man easily from his cock before swinging a paw round to smash his desk aside clearing an area for him to drop to all fours. Even still as he turned, thick tail lifting to expose his new and improved furry ass, Tavy was struck by the size of his friend. Gods, even on his knees the huge hung wolf was over six feet tall, his ass the size of a draft horses, with muscled fashioned from some Greek god. “Mmm, go on Tavy, mount your alpha like a good little bitch!” chuffed Ritzy smiling back over his heaving back, as the man clambered up forced to stand on his own wreaked desk to reach the wolf’s puckered star.

Shivering, his hands stroking his rock-hard shaft Tavy eyed the swaying furry glory before him, watermelon sized orbs handing low between spread muscular legs, as beyond a cock nearly larger than his whole body was pressing into the chiseled chin of his furry lover.

“Mmmm, I’m not your bitch yet.”

“Then prove it!” growled the aroused wolf thrusting his hips back as Tavy leaned in, his cock head slipping easily into the warm panting tunnel before him. Jerking in sudden tight surrounding pleasure the man’s hazel eyes dropped shivering as he watched the beast’s ass, swallowing his entire shaft in seconds, his well toned hips slapping into firm slabs of furry wolf ass that his hands thrust into a second later squeezing as his hips began to hump and thrust with a will of their own.

“OHhh ohf fuck…mhmm its tight! Mmmmm mmf mff oh god…you’re a virgin…fuck I’m fucking a giant wolf’s virgin ass…ooh fuck so gooddd.”

“Mmmm come on Tavy….harder!” growled Ritzy his own mouth opening to begin licking and suckling along his flared shaft as he felt the steady thump and thrust of the man’s tiny cock inside his ass. It wouldn’t have been enough for many his size…but for Ritzy it was more than just physical, this was his Tavy, his new mate trying his hardest to pleasure the new god of lust he had become…the thought alone was dumping fat mouthfuls of pre-from his swaying sack as it swung back and forth in time to each slap of Tavy’s hips against his ass.

And on it went Tavy thrusting, his chest soon pressing hotly against his tail arms wrapping round as the man panting for breath to continue his mounting tempo. His body shaking as he struggled to hold back his own release, the tight red walls of the wolf’s ass contracting and releasing as though they had a mind of their own pulling him closer only to let him slip back, letting his cock slip to the edge of release before strangling it from him. Again and again he was denied release till his mouth opened, warm spittle coming out in a begging moan, a plea to the beast that’s body was destroying him.

“PLesae….mmmm fuck Please…le…let me cum…” moaned Tavy as Ritzy’s cock flopped from his mouth dribbling thick white batter across the floor as he rose suddenly sending the man falling back onto the floor. Rounding, the wolf let his ass open feeling the man’s cock slipping out just as his own mammoth of a member swung round its tip wet with pre-as he grasped along it forcing it down to point at the tiny man.

“Then cum, bitch,” growled the wolf lifting his massive shaft up towards the man as a steady drip of sex flooding out to splatter across his tiny lover’s heaving chest.

Panting Tavy looked up and up into the wolf’s face, his mind flushed with fear and pleasure he couldn’t control as he eyes the giant cock before him. “Fuck…yessss,” he gasped as Ritzy thrust his hips down a deep earthshaking howl bubbling from his throat as Ritzy thrust his cock down over Tavy’s body, grabbing hold of the man and forcing him down under the giant shaft smothering his body under him like some living begging sextoy. Groaning Ritzy let out a fresh roar feeling the shaft sinking into his own, the blond Cumming almost at once, shooting thin lines of white hot release up his shaft, as his own balls clenched.

“MOREE!” roared Ritzy thrusting his hip back and forth feeling the new wonderful sensation of his cock all but smothering his lovers body, Tavy’s moaning face punch drunk from the pleasure only capable of whimpering moans of agreement as his arms moved up to grab the lip of the titanic cock letting him thrust back, as the tight tunnel let out a flood of hot seed across his face, his mouth filling in moments with smelly wolf spunk as he ground and humped the beast before him. His tiny member emptying spurt after spurt of gooey pleasure the only building as he moaned for more and more.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck yes…fill me up…fuck fuck my cock…fuck me till I burst!” cried Tavy as his hands slipped from the beast cock, and Ritzy fell upon him, jaws open to thrust his tongue into the man’s throat, his paws wrenching him up off his cock, as the smeared mess thrust up against his ass. Tavy’s eyes wet as he cried feeling the throbbing member thrusting up like some swelling three liter being thrust without warning into his ass, his belly bulging from the first taste of pre as Ritzy grabbed hold of him, pumping him up and down along his giant cock, his lips closed on the boy’s sealing their wet moans and begs into a cacophony of lustful exchange. The slapping sound of the beast cock, the sloshing churn of his gigantic balls coupled with the creak and moans of his massive body shook the room with a thick lustful dominating smell that stained the very air as Tavy’s belly swelled up with gallons of wolfish spunk, hot sex dripping from round his ass.

“Yes yes yes yes Fuck me…fuck me!”

“MINe…. YOUR ASS IS MINE YOUR COCK FUCK IT MMMMM ALL OF YOU IS MINE!!! MORE MOREEE I WANT MOREEE!” roared Ritzy’s mind as his ears flicked back wolfish lips parting from tavy’s in a moaning bestial howl of want, as his body shook fresh mass erupting over him, arms thickening anew, fur bristling as he felt the heat returning. Yes he would continue like this…always more…taking lovers as his beta’s, making them serve him like this. Again, and AGAIN HE WOULD HAVE THEM ALL!!

“CU..CUMMMMMINNNGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!” roared Ritzy back arching as his head smashing into the top of the room cracking the ceiling without effort as his body erupted in ripples of fresh growth his legs surging out, muscle thickening pushing out carpets of black fur even as tavy’s body was smashing against his cock his belly bulging for a moment as warm cum flooding up into him, his mouth opening in a wet gurgle as seed flooding out of his mouth staining the broad chest he was pressed to, his own tiny cock splattering his load against the muscle bound beasts expanding abs, as the cock popped from his ass swelling up against the man. A second later the gigantic red pillar erupted again splattering a second load over the ceiling and down over them, as Ritzy held his golden-haired lover close, cumming again as he was forced to crouch to keep from bursting out of the room, his heavy ass smashing down onto the desk as his legs thrust out into the office walls on either side of the door. His massive expanding shaft bowing down to fire a final rope out into the office beyond. A crash of a cubical wall echoing back as Ritzy leaned himself back against the wall, panting with his long tongue lolling out, the exhausted Tavy whimpering against him clinging safely against his chest.

“Mmmmm mine,” panted Ritzy as the little blond man nodded pressing himself eagerly against the fifteen foot beast. Smiling Ritzy looked up his ears flicking as they heard the pounding of feet, just before Aiden appeared in the door panting, his pale body naked and still smeared with the mess of their love making. Without a word at his alpha’s look, the boy all but threw himself forwards wrapping thin arms as far round Ritzy’s chest as he could pressing against the fur and glaring at Tavy with a jealous look.

“More than enough for both of you sluts!” grinned Ritzy as Aiden blushing nodding as he pressed himself against the wall of black fur that was his master. For a moment, Ritzy simply watched the two men, each smaller than his throbbing shaft, as it lay exhausted against his thigh, the room smelling so much of him that it was hard to catch another scent at all.

Which was likely the reason that he didn’t notice the men outside till a sound reached his ears. Looking up the wolf’s eyes registered a few black clad figures, metallic green glowing eyes upon him, as the guns in their hands trailed thin lines of what looked like smoke.

Looking down Ritzy felt his eyes suddenly growing heavy, his last image the three-darts sticking out of his chest…mirroring another pair in his tiny lovers. Then blackness took him.

Outside the room one of the men lifted a hand to his headset pulling back the night vision goggles along his face as he nodded for the rest to move in.

“Sir, we have the package, full Alpha established stage three at least, maybe more.”

After a moment, the radio crackled with a familiar voice.

“I see. Transport him to the testing facility, and keep him out. If he’s awake you’re as good as fuck toys,” came the voice of Mr. Forttin, from where he sat watching the office’s monitors smiling at the show Ritzy had put on.

“And the other two?” requested the officer as he moved into the room, a half a dozen men moving to secure the three. Again, there was a pause before the voice returned.

“Keep them with him… our subject will need his toys when he gets to his new home.”

And with that, the men moved in to secure the trio, as Ritzy’s blue eyes cracked open, a faint smile touching his lips as he felt the men moving round him… This was going to be interesting.

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