by Meddler Incs

 Cody's world is turned upside down when he is faced with a twisted coach and his followers.

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“Come in, Cody.”

The jock closed the office door, swaggered in, and plopped himself in front of Coach Gonzales’ desk. “Wanted to see me, coach?”

The coach nodded vaguely and shuffled through a pile of papers that he held. “I have been getting reports of you being, shall we say, your usual charming self.”

“Isn’t my fault,” Cody said sneeringly. “Those bitches can’t notice prime beef when they see it.” He placed a hand against a thick pec and flexed it. “They should be lucky they get an alpha bull like me to notice me.” He flexed a heavy arm and smirked.

The coach coolly stared at the jock a few moments too long, causing him to fidget a bit. “I see. Well,” he continued as he put the pile on the desk. “I think we can easily put you down for probation-”

“The fuck coach!” Cody half rose from his seat.

“Sit your ass down, kid. Now,” he continued when the jock did so, “the school does not approve of your verbal attacks to our fellow athletes and students. Nor do we approve of you using your status in the wrestling team to press your teammates to do the same. I have heard for you to be expelled without honors, but I was able to lessen it to probation.”

Cody blinked a few times as the words sank in. “Hell…”

“Hell is right, son.” The coach leaned towards the jock and lowered his voice. “Frankly speaking, you should be fucking lucky you got me to save your misogynistic ass. Another coach would kick you to the curb without looking back.”

He reached under his desk, and he pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and two glasses. “I don’t usually offer drinks to your kind, but seeing that I pulled your bacon from the fire, I think we should celebrate a bit.”

Cody’s eyes lit up. “Damn coach, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you will obey me to the letter. If I hear you doing this shit again, I will be the one demanding the expulsion.” He pushed a half-filled tumbler towards the jock. “Do you understand?”

Cody took the glass. “Yeah, whatever,” he said before gulping down the whiskey. “Woah, that’s harsh.”

The coach leaned back in his seat, his own glass untouched. “Now that we got that done, let me tell you what I expect to see from you now.”

As he continued, the coach noticed that Cody’s face was slowly getting slack, his eyes drooping. Five minutes into the talk, he stopped. “Cody?” He leaned forward and snapped his fingers in front of him. “Cody, can you hear me?”

Cody’s face twitched a bit, but nothing else.

The coach stood, smiling grimly. Stupid jocks, he thought. Give them alcohol, and they will take it without even thinking. He went around the desk and helped Cody up. “You’ll going to help me out a bit,” the coach said, slightly staggering at his weight. “We are going to take a small trip to the back office.”

The front office was sparsely furnished, only a desk, chair, and a filing cabinet. The back office, on the other hand, was stuffed with computer servers and monitors. A few seats were scattered across the room; they were hooked up to computers and odd-looking machinery.

“Now, Cody,” the coach said as he gingerly placed him into one of the seats. “Since you are knocked out for a few minutes, and probably will not remember what is going on once I am done, let me tell you what’s happening.” He adjusted the straps around the legs. “Not many of you kids know that before I was a coach, I majored in psychology. Published a paper in two about behavior modification, nothing too bad. However, they thought my experiments were too extreme, so they expelled me. Dragged my name through the dirt. Typical fat-assed whiners talking about morals and ethics.”

“Now,” he continued as he did the same to the arms, “some people might have taken that as a setback, but not me. I knew I was on the right track, and after a few key changes to this college, I got into coaching you sorry lots.”

He stepped back and gazed at Cody, bound in the chair and his head lolling at one side. “You see, I got the idea to use you guys as guinea pigs. Use the information from my studies. Experiment a few times. My raw materials to create sculptures.” He smiled and lifted an odd-looking helmet from a wall nook: it was made of silvered glass and plastic with wires attached at the sides and the top. “And this is my chisel.” His lips quirked upward. “A bit crude, but the best I can do with the school’s funding.”

Cody’s head slowly straightened up, his eyes fluttering. “You fucker…” he slurred out.

“Ah!” the coach said, pleased. “The drug is already working out of your system. Excellent. I was thinking I was going to wait a bit longer.” He slipped the helmet over the jock’s head and adjusted the chin strap. “Now, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy the ride. I certainly will.” He reached over to an open laptop and turned it on.

A dark green background flickered on, blank for a moment, but then filled with scrolling code. A minute later, the screen faded to black, then started to show mild grey static with a little red dot in the center. A timer swiftly counting down from sixty minutes was discreetly at the corner.

The coach nodded in satisfaction and walked back to the front office to find someone there.

“Ah, Chad,” he said to the other occupant. “What’s up?”

Chad was built like a powerlifter, huge and beefy, dressed in a Lycra singlet that did nothing to hide his thickness or the powerful bulge he was carrying. “I need to be milked, sir,” he said gruffly.

The coach looked at his watch and grinned hugely. “And how badly does the moocow need to be milked?”

The stud shuddered slightly. “I-I need it badly, sir.”

The coach went up to Chad and placed a hand on his chest. “How much milk is the moocow going to produce today, I wonder,” he murmured. He started to rub a chest nub with his thumb.

“Fuck…” Chad moaned out, his head falling back as his body was electrified with pleasure. “I-I can make a lot of milk, sir,” he panted.

“Well, you have to prove it to me, moocow,” the coach said, his thumb still teasing the thick nub. “I want all of my moocows to be good producers. Can you be one?”

Chad was lost in lust; a huge wet spot was slowly expanding at the bulge. “Y-yessir…I’ll be a good bull…a good bull…”

“Well, come on then, moocow,” the coach said, turning around and going back to the inner office, leading Chad inside.

Chad noticed Cody, his eyes going wide. “We’re going to have another one, sir?”

The coach nodded as he went to one of the machines. “Yes, he’ll be a good moocow like the rest of you are. Once he’s done with this session, I’ll place him under your care. I’m sure you know what to do.” He motioned him forward. “But that comes later. Time for your milking.”

“Fuck,” Chad breathed out, quickly slipping out of the singlet and shoes. He stepped up to the machine, where the coach bound his legs and wrists.

“You’re such a good moocow,” he murmured as he slipped a suction cup around Chad’s thick cock and another one around his heavy ballsac.

“T-thank you sir…I’ll make you proud, sir…”

“I know you will,” the coach said as he turned on the machine.

“…and that is why you have to keep the rules.” The coach looked worriedly at Cody. “Kid, you’re okay?”

Cody blinked a few times as he rose up from his slumber. Did he actually fall asleep listening to this crap? “Yeah, I think I’m okay.” He shook himself and noticed the time on the clock. I’ve been out for twenty minutes? he thought to himself

“The whiskey must have knocked you out,” the coach said smirking a bit. “You kids are such lightweights, not able to take a man’s drink.”

“Fuck you,” Cody said.

The coach’s eyes narrowed. “Which brings me to the rules themselves.”


“The rules, dipshit. Or did the drink cause a few brain cells short out?” He leaned back in the chair. “As you may have remembered, the probation starts today. If any student or faculty member in the school catches you making any kind of mischief with any student or staff, your ass is dismissed. No more appeals.” He smiled grimly. “Do I make myself clear?”

“Dammit!” Cody swore as he slammed down the weighted squat bar. He was missing another training session with his team, but the probation the coach put him on gave him enough time off for his anger to peak off into a constant simmer. He still remembered the closing warning he got before he was dismissed.

He could have almost thought there was something else to the conversation. It was a bit fuzzy after the drink, but when he tried to concentrate on the moments after, he would remember the warning and cause him to get upset again. Now, a few days later the meeting, and he was at the weight room, getting into the weights and trying to work his anger through them.

The fact that he was batshit horny did not help matters as well. He tried to jerk off to some porn on his computer, but he kept on getting distracted with his homework and other matters that, oddly enough, he suddenly deemed important to do.

Cody did another bone-breaking set and slammed the weight again into the starting position. He took a step back and admired his body. He posed a bit, picking up his shorts to flex his legs. Damn, he was looking huge.

“Well, if it isn’t Mister Cody. Back at the gym already?”

The jock turned to face Mr. Bulde, the head powerlifter coach. He was massively built, dressed in an old-school singlet striped in red and yellow that did nothing to hide his hairy bulk. “Yeah. What of it?” He turned back, swearing something under his breath.

“Language, Cody.” Bulde warned as Cody unracked the weight. He was going to say more, but instead stayed silent, looking on as the jock did another set. Bulde noted the form needed work, and he stepped in to give Cody a spot when he noticed the knees buckling.

“You got this, kid,” Bulde muttered as he gently helped Cody ease the weight back up. “There we go,” he added when the bar clanked back into position.

“Thanks, coach,” Cody breathed out, leaning on the bar. “That wiped me out more than I thought.”

Bulde nodded. “Why not take the day off,” he said. “It’s like you’ve been camping out here.”

“Yeah,” Cody said. “I’m trying to work out this anger, but dammit, I’m still pissed at the coach.”

Bulde reached over to pat Cody’s shoulder. “I’ll see about easing some restrictions. You’re a good kid, you know?”

“Thanks, sir.” The pat caused Cody’s knots of anger to slowly dissolve, leaving him oddly peaceful.

“Come on,” the coach said. “Let’s talk for a moment.”

“Why are we here, sir?” Cody said when he was in Bulde’s office.

The coach smiled from his seat. “I’ll be blunt. Gonzales told me you would do great in powerlifting as well as wrestling. And after seeing you train these past days, I happen to agree with him.” He held up a warning finger. “That does not happen often, so don’t get any ideas.”

“Me? A powerlifter?” Cody shrugged. “I’d like to stay in my wrestling team, if that’s okay.” He added hastily at Bulde’s expression. “I mean, thanks for the offer.”

Bulde opened to say more, but a soft chime rang out from somewhere in the room.

Cody saw Bulde shuddering like a tree caught in a high wind, his eyes closed tight. When he opened them, he looked at Cody. “Fuck…gotta be milked…”


“Gotta be milked, kid.” Bulde stood up, showing off an impossibly thick cock straining against the Lycra. A small wet spot already stained the tip. “So fucking horny…”

Cody would have bolted from the chair if Bulde didn’t say the words that shook him to the core: “Relax, moocow. Obey the bull.”

He shuddered just as hard as the coach did. “W-what did you say?”

Bulde slowly came up to the jock. “I said for you to relax, moocow. You need a lesson in being a good moocow, dontcha?”

Cody couldn’t move, part of him screaming at him to run while another, more insistent part told him just to relax, to obey this thick bull in front of him…

“Kneel, moocow,” Bulde barked out.

Cody’s knees hit the floor before he realized what his body was doing. He looked at the coach’s heavy cock bound in Lycra and started to drool. “I-I…”

“First lesson, moocow,” Bulde said. “A moocow does not speak until a bull tells him to, understand?”

The jock nodded. He couldn’t move; he didn’t want to move. He wanted to be a good moocow so badly.

“Good boy,” Bulde said, ruffling the jock’s hair. Cody felt a jolt of extreme pleasure from the gesture, causing his already hard cock to burble pre. “We’ll make a good moocow of you yet.”

The door opened, and Bulde looked up. “Ah, Chad, come in.”

The guy stepped in and closed the door behind him as he took in the sight. “The herdmaster said that I was to meet with the new guy, coach. Looks like you got him first.”

Cody looked at the newcomer. He was almost as beefy as the coach, with a bulge to rival his.

“Yes, moocow. Come and service your bull.” Bulde peeled off the singlet, showing a thick veiny cock with a plum-sized head and a ballsack filled with fist-sized fruit. He raised his hands and placed them behind his head, his hairy bulk only showing how big he was. “Bulls need milking, moocow.”

“Fuckin’ a, coach,” Chad scrambled up and knelt, licking the leaking shaft.

“Awfuck,” Bulde groaned out, thrusting his hips against Chad’s face. Chad also moaned, placing that huge cockhead into his mouth and trying to suckle on that thick fist.

Bulde noticed Cody kneeling and motioned to his heavy chest. “Suckle, moocow. Obey the bull.”

Cody stood up, the voice urging him to leave now silent. Yes, he thought to himself, I must obey the bull. He stepped towards one of coach’s thick nipple and started to worship it, lightly teasing it with his tongue, feeling a thick creamy fluid filling his mouth. He drew back in surprise, seeing a pearl of white fluid seeping from the nipple.

“Suckle, moocow,” Bulde growled, pushing Cody’s head against his chest. “Bulls need to be milked.”

The jock obeyed willingly, trying to get more of the delicious fluid as he licked, then nibbling and biting, the fleshy nub. He felt a stab of jealousy at this. He wanted to be able to be milked, to be suckled by his fellow moocows.

He wanted to be a bull.

“Awfuck, boys,” Bulde grunted. “Gonna cum. Gonna give you milk fresh from the source.” He pulled out of Chad’s hungry mouth and pushed Cody down to replace him. “Such good moocows,” he murmured.

Cody quickly went to work, instinctively latching onto the drooling cock and sucking at it a moment before the coach groaned loudly, shooting out enough cum completely flood the jock’s mouth. He pulled off, quickly swallowing the thick fluid and allowing Chad a chance to get a dose.

“Fuck yeah,” Bulde growled as he shot into Chad’s maw. “Drink it while it’s fresh.”

The two jocks switched places with every shot, each jet filling their mouths with warm cum. “Such good moocows,” Bulde said when he finished his orgasm. He rubbed his chest with its dripping nipples. “Come get another dose of bullmilk.”

They stood up and attached to those nubs, pulling out mouthfuls of creamy fluid.

After a few minutes, Bulde pulled Cody off. “You did good, moocow. You deserve a reward.” He lifted Cody’s head to meet with his eyes. “Listen. Focus. Obey.”

Cody blinked a few times, feeling his head clear and his lust intensify. “The fuck, coach?”

“Go to the herdmaster and tell him what you did.”

Cody nodded and, without looking back, he walked out the office.

“Ah, Cody,” Coach Gonzalez said as he saw the jock walk in. He noticed the dazed expression and eyed the tent in the shorts. “Do what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Need to be milked, sir,” Cody said lazily. His hands twitched towards the tent, but they stayed put.

A slow smile crept over the coach’s face. “Oh? Then tell me what you did to deserve it?”

As Cody told the coach what happened, he felt his mind clear further. The voice that stayed silent during the session with the other coach came back in full force, yelling at him to get out and report this to the authorities.

“You did well, moocow,” the coach said, and Cody realized he finished the report. He felt a small stab of gratitude at the praise. “I expected this to happen a bit later, but being with Bulde must have hurried the time table a bit. Ah, no matter. He’ll be rewarded in due course.” He rose from his seat and looked at Cody. “Listen. Focus. Obey.”

“Aw, fuck,” Cody breathed out. The internal voice was growing louder. “I…I need to…” Why was it so hard to say he had to leave?

“You are not going anywhere, moocow,” the coach said, going around to close the office door. “Not that it matters, though.” He went back behind the desk and opened a drawer to pull out a chained medallion. “Even if you were to leave, I’d only have the other bulls, aha, herd you back in.” He smiled and held up the chain.

“Listen, moocow. Obey the Herdmaster.” He began to twirl the metal between his fingers. “Focus on the shine. Soothing, isn’t it?”

“I…I…” Cody’s eyes dragged themselves to the twirling shine, his body slowly going limp.

“Very soothing, yes?” the coach’s voice smoothed to quiet tones, honeyed and oiled at the same time. “Deep breaths, moocow. Obey the Herdmaster.”

“Yeah…” Cody felt his body responding, taking deep soothing breaths.

“You’re already relaxed. It is easy to relax in front of your Herdmaster. So easy. So right. So easy to get more relaxed, more focused.” He stepped closer to Cody, still twirling the medallion. “Every breath gets you more relaxed. You feel relaxed, right, moocow?”

“Yeah…” He felt the inner voice slowly quiet into a murmur, then slipping to nothing.

“Good moocow.” The coach stopped twirling the chain and put it on the desk. “Good. We shall begin the next session. We will make a bull of you yet.”

Cody felt his cock twitch, and he smiled blissfully. “Yeah. W-wanna be a bull,” he babbled. “Like the coach.”

“We will do that,” the coach said, the voice smoothing more. “But you need to be a good moocow first.” He placed an arm around the jock and led him to the back room. A few chairs were already occupied by guys with various builds and ages. Helmets with silvered goggles covered their heads.

“Now,” he said to Cody as he led the jock around the equipment. “Tell me. What do bulls do?”

An image of Bulde flashed through Cody’s mind. “They give milk, sir?”

Gonzalez nodded. “Good moocow. Yes, they do. What else do they do, hm?”

“Er…” Cody saw himself at the squat rack. “They lift?”

“Close enough, but yes. All bulls have to show to the world that they are bulls. That means they have to get thick and massive.” They stopped in front of a cage of wielded iron and padded leather. Harnesses were dangling from the bars.

“This is the next phase of the training.” He looked at Cody. “Are you ready to be a good moocow and obey?”

The answer leapt from the jock’s mouth. “Yes!” His breathing got heavier, his cock harder. “I want to be a bull, sir!”

“Good moocow.” The coach reached down to grope the rock-hard cock, causing Cody to moan deeply. “Hm, we need to get you thick and massive here also. A bull needs to show how virile he is. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


He nodded and let go. “I thought so.” He took a step back and snapped his fingers. “Obey!”

“Sir!” Cody straightened like a soldier at attention.

“Take off your clothes and step into the cage.”

Cody quickly complied, tossing his clothes into a pile.

“This will only take a few moments, moocow,” the coach said as he started to strap the harnesses around the jock’s arms and legs. He then went to a squat container and picked out two rectangular plastic bags, one filled with blue liquid and the other clear.

Cody’s eyes went wide. “What are those?”

“Things that will help you be a bull, moocow.” The coach hooked them along a tall metal stand and readied two IV needles. “Relax!”

A wave of lethargy swept over the jock, a wave so strong that he didn’t notice the coach slip the needles into his arm until he saw them sticking out. “What in the world…?”

“You’re such a good moocow,” the coach said, interrupting Cody. “You did well today. For that, I’m willing to give you a reward.” He picked up an oversized motorcycle helmet bristling with wires, the front silvered glass. He slipped it over Cody’s head.

“Sir?” Cody tried to fight the drowsiness. “What is going—”

The coach turned to a laptop the helmet was attached to and turned it on. “Focus!” he barked.

The screen flickered on, showing another snowy static screen with a red dot.

“I…” The rest of the sentence trailed off as Cody focused on the dot, his mind going blank and supple.

“There,” the coach said. He stepped back and nodded in satisfaction. “Another bull in the making.” He grinned widely. “And another stud for my studies!”

A buzzing interrupted his thoughts, and he turned back to the group he passed by. One of the laptops was edging towards the last rapid minute on the timer.

“Ah, chairman, looks like you’ll be ready for your next discussion.” The static screen flickered off, and then another stream of code slid upwards before turning off. The coach waited a moment before he slipped the helmet off. A man dressed in a suit and tie blinked dazedly at the coach.

“If you could follow me to the front, sir?” the coach said. He gently picked the man by the arm and lead him to the outer chambers.

“And so, sir,” the coach said when they were comfortably seated, “now that you have tried the machine, how do you feel? Relaxed? At ease?”

The official nodded slowly. “Indeed, Mr. Gonzales, indeed.” He blinked a few more times and gazed at the coach. “I can see why the wrestling team would benefit from this ingenious device.” He nodded again. “Quite remarkable.”

“And now,” the coach said, pulling out a small liquor bottle, “a toast to the future of the team?” He took out two small shot glasses and poured a small amount in each.

“I do not drink during work hours,” the other said, but he shrugged. “Still, a small tipple won’t do harm.” He took the glass and sipped slowly. “It is strange, though.”

“Hm?” The coach leaned back in his seat.

“I am trying to remember why exactly I came here for. Something important.” The man screwed up his face for a moment, but then he shrugged. “It will come back to me, I’m sure.”

“Nothing important, I’m sure,” the coach corrected. The officer slowly nodded, his face going slack for a moment as the suggestion took root. “Isn’t it nice to know it wasn’t important?”

“Oh yes, indeed.” The words came out automatically.

“So then, you will head over to the dean and tell him that it wasn’t important?”

The man grinned widely. “Indeed, sir.” The officer nodded vigorously, and put down his glass. “In fact, I will go to him right now, and tell him that it wasn’t important.” He stood up.

“Of course.” The coach also stood and extended a hand, which the officer shook. “You will tell him to come over personally to try out my treatments?”

The muscles on the man’s face twitched. “Indeed,” he said. “I will make sure to bring him here.”

“Excellent.” The coach went and opened the door. “I think that concludes our business here. Feel free to come over anytime, sir.”

“Of course, of course.”

Cody dreamed.

He saw himself at the squat rack, lifting 10 plates as if it was nothing. He gazed himself in the mirror and smirked. He was just as big as his fellow bulls, bulk and muscle filling up a skin-tight wrestling singlet.


He was in bed with another of his herd, fucking the man with abandon. He heard the deep moans from his lover, and Cody fucked him all the harder.


He was attached to a machine, groaning in pleasure as it milked him, coaxing load after load of thick bull cream. He pushed himself in further, not wanting the bliss to end.


He was getting fucked by—


The coach was sucking him off as—


He was deadlifting 900 pounders effortlessly—

*flicker* *flicker* *flicker* *flicker*

He woke with a gasp as a long-overdue orgasm rocked him, making him lean back into the pillows below him. His eyes rolled back as waves of pleasure crashed into his mind, and he groaned deeply as he shot.

He did not feel any of that sticky warmth splashing against his skin, and as he briefly wondered about that, he felt another warmth surrounding his cock, guzzling down the jock’s cum with noisy fervor.

He craned his head up to see a head of tousled, electric blue hair bobbing up and down on his cock, surrounded by a thick set of traps and wide shoulders. He should have felt shocked at this but the waves of pent-up pleasure kept on crashing into his head, making his body limp and slump back into the pillows.

A few minutes later, the mouth released its hold on Cody’s cock, and the owner’s eyes met up with his with a lustful brown gaze. “Hello there.”

“The fuck, dude?” Cody felt sick at the fact that a guy sucked his cock, but the feeling somewhat eased as the guy stood up, showing off a massive frame filled with muscle and a stringer tee barely covering his thick, bulbous pecs with quarter-sized nips. It’s okay, he thought, that this guy is fuckin’ diesel, not one of those swishy fags with no bulk.

He frowned. Where did that thought come from?

“Sorry about that, bro,” the other guy intruded with a shit-eating grin. “Coach Bulde thought to check in on you, and I volunteered.” He extended a thick hand. “Chad Narus, but you can call me CN if you want.”

Cody waved the hand away and reached over to cover his softening member only to find he was stark naked. “What the hell?!” He blushed as he rolled out of bed, trying to find something to put on, but the attempt was foiled when he realized it wasn’t his room. “The fuck am I?”

“My dorm, dude,” Chad said. He looked somewhat embarrassed. “I didn’t know your dorm number, so coach thought to help you to mine.” He raised an eyebrow. “You don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…” All Cody could remember was the bone-crushing gym session. The rest was a blur. “The fuck happened?”

Chad sat down on the opposite bed. “You followed coach to his office, and you collapsed. Heat stroke. Luckily I was there to help.” His brow furrowed. “Sure you can’t remember anything?”

Cody shook his head. “No. Sorry.” He reached over to grab a pillow and used it to cover his junk.

Chad laughed at the act. “No worries, dude! We’re all guys here!” He grinned. “And I did suck you off.”

“But I’m not a fucking faggot, dude!” Cody retorted.

“Ah.” The other jock looked at him for a few moments, and then he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, you have to do what the bull says, right?”

Cody’s vision swam into blurriness. “What the…” He shook his head in an effort to clear it, but he heard the voice again.

“We all have to do what the bull says, dude.”


Chad reached over to push the confused jock back down on the bed. “What does the bull say, dude?”

Cody felt that something took control of him, and his breathing deepened into relaxed sighing. The dream image of him lifting that insane weight slid into his mind, and the programmed words pushed themselves out. “The bull wants to get big, bro.”

“That’s right, dude.” Chad removed the pillow from slackened fingers, revealing a rock-hard cock. “But right now, you’re a fucking moocow. Not even worthy of being a bull. Right?”

“Y-yeah.” A burple of pre oozed out of Cody’s cock. “I’m a moocow….” His face slackened a bit, and he looked up at Chad. “But I want to be a bull, man,” he said frankly.

“You have to prove it, moocow.” Chad had to grin. The Herdmaster’s techniques were astounding to watch. “Remember, one of the things moocows like to do is suck cock.”

The words hit Cody’s mind with the grace of a heavyweight boxer, slamming against his psyche like waves across a sand sculpture. “I—”

“You like sucking cock, don’t you, moocow?” He slid down his shorts, revealing a heavily packed bulge encased in a stained jock. “Wanna suck mine? Since I sucked yours?”

Cody’s eyes latched onto the strained pouch, but something in his mind held back. “Fuck no, bro.”

Chad smirked. “Yeah?” He gently cradled his junk, moaning softly. “You’re sure, moocow? Don’t you want some of this beef?”

“Fuck y—”

“What was that, moocow?” He flexed an arm. “You want to be a bull, don’t you?”

The phrase was too strong to resist, and he succumbed. “Y-yeah bro. I need that.” He slid off the bed, landing on his knees and eager to taste Chad, but the jock teasingly stepped back.

“What are you, dude?” Chad grabbed his bulge and shook it in front of Cody. “Tell me who you are.”

“Fuck you,” Cody said. “Just let me suck you off.”

Chad frowned. “So you don’t want this, then?” He dug into the pouch and pulled out a very thick cock, heavily veined and drooling from its cowled head. “Tell me you don’t want to taste this bull meat.”

Some part of Cody’s mind was yelling at him to get out, but it damped down at the sight of that luscious meat. “Fuck… that’s big,” he said.

“And it’s all yours, dude,” Chad said as he teasingly stroked it. “Just tell me what you are.”

Cody huffed out a breath. “I’m… I’m a moocow,” he said, and it felt good confessing that, like he was coming in grips with himself, with his new self. “I’m a fucking moocow, dude.”

“And what do moocows do?”

The words came out automatically. “We suck cock.” His mind shifted gears, and he said it again with greater confidence. “We suck thick bull cock, bro.”

A grin spread across Chad’s face, and he stepped up to the eager stud. “Yeah? You want to suck this?” He waggled his hardening member again, spraying some pre across Cody’s face.

In answer, Cody crawled towards Chad, and without a single word, slipped the leaking head into his mouth.

“Fuck,” Chad breathed out, feeling the mouth suckle and lick for a moment before trying to deep throat. Once again, he marveled how the Herdmaster’s programming could make anyone into an eager cocksucker. His mind cast back from when he met up with him, how much he resisted the programming before Coach Bulde took him under his wing. He remembered doing the same to the coach, how he needed to taste that thick bull milk and wanting to just obey the bull.

Cody, meanwhile, got into a rhythm, sucking and licking, eager to please. Instincts he didn’t realize he had had one hand digging into Chad’s thick ass as the other played with his heavy balls. Those same instincts told him how to angle his head so he can easily draw the entire shaft into his mouth and suckle its thick length for a few moments before slipping it back out.

“Fuck, you’re a hot moocow, ain’t you, bro?” Chad murmured as he forced himself upon Cody’s mouth. “Can’t wait to get you as big as me, dude.”

“Yeah,” Cody said between licks. “Need to be a fucking bull, dude.”

Chad grinned as he reached up to pinch one of his thick nubs, feeling the pleasure jolt through his body and causing his balls to churn. “Awfuck… gonna give you some bull milk, bro. You want that, dontcha? Fuck…” He pinched the nub again as the other hand was pushing Cody’s head against his drooling cock. “Hot bull milk, fresh from the tap. Fuck yeah.”

The feeling of wetness between his fingers caused him to look down, and his eyes grew wide as he saw tiny white drops forming on the tips of his nips.

“Oh fuck,” he breathed. “I’m leaking, dude.”

“Huh?” Cody looked up with glazed eyes.

“Keep sucking, moocow.” Chad pushed Cody’s head down, and he started face-fucking in earnest, slamming his cock in that hot mouth for about a minute before one last thrust had him shooting into Cody’s mouth.

“Take it all, moocow,” he moaned as Cody tried to swallow the salty bull milk, but it was too much as it overfilled his mouth and oozed down his chin. “Fuck,” he breathed out. His knees buckled, and he collapsed on the bed. “Fucking sweet, dude.”

Cody swallowed the last of the load and was now wiping his chin, licking his fingers. “That was fucking hot, dude.” He leaned over to clean the softening member, but Chad pushed him back.

“Not now, moocow. You have to obey the bull.”

Cody’s face went slack, his mind empty. “Yeah?”

Chad tucked his equipment back into his jock and slipped his shorts on. He went back to Cody and lifted his chin to meet his eyes. “The bull says you will lie back down in bed. In ten minutes you will wake up, remembering nothing except how good it felt sucking on dick. The bull says you will put on the clothes I will have set out for you and leave. Understand, moocow?”

Cody nodded. He slowly stood up, placed himself down on the bed, and closed his eyes.

“Good moocow,” Chad said. He went to a drawer and took out clothes, and, with one last glance at the prone stud, left.

“And why are you here?” Gonzales asked Chad. “I thought you were breaking the new guy in.”

“Yes sir, I was. But I…” he gestured to his bulbous chest. “I started to leak.”

The coach’s eyebrows quirked up. “Really? Well then.” He grinned. “How do you feel?”

“Fucking awesome, coach. “ He reached up to fondle a heavy pec. “I’m a fucking bull, now.”

The coach nodded. “That you are.” He stood and gestured to the back office. “Follow me.”

Soon, Chad was at the milking machine with a suction cup not only attached to his junk but also two were surrounding the chest nubs. The coach was attaching two bags of chemicals on the IV drip. “These will help you become a better producer,” he said. “I’m sure you can give me so much more milk after this.”

Chad nodded. “Yes sir. I’ll give you all I can, sir.”

“And as a reward,” Gonzales continued, holding up a silvered helmet.

Chad’s breathing grew heavy. “Fuck yes. Thank you, sir.”

The coach slipped the helmet on and activated the laptop connected to it. As the wall of code scrolled, he turned on the milker. “Enjoy, bull, and welcome to your new life.”

The words were lost on Chad as he moaned deeply, feeling the pleasure from the insistent pressure engulfing his cock and balls, until one final push had him uncontrollably shooting. His nipples were also suckled by that awesome vacuum, the small droplets of milk slowly increasing in volume until they were small dribbles.

Gonzalez, who was observing the procedure, smiled, and he went back to his front office.

Cody slammed the weight back onto the rack, taking deep breaths, and his chest pleasantly sore. He sat up on the bench and arched his back, stretching his pecs.

“Good job, man,” he heard Chad’s voice behind him. “Think you can do another plate?”

“I don’t know, man,” Cody said. “That took a lot out of me.”

“Well,” the other jock said, “we’ll rest for a few moments and finish then.”

It was a week after the hookup. Cody didn’t remember much of it, just something really good happened, and he wanted more of it. He met up with Chad the day after and something clicked with them. They hung out more often and helped each other throwing huge weights around at the gym.

Oddly enough for Cody to notice, the probation didn’t affect him as much as he thought it would. He once complained to Gonzales about it, who would only shrug and say something he did not quite catch, but made Cody forget the entire rant and instead head to the gym to work out a burgeoning need to lift.

He also fell asleep at the oddest times, usually after the gym as he hung out with his newest gym bro Chad. He would be chatting about things or bitching about class, and he would blank out for hours at a time. He usually woke up on the sofa, as Chad would be grinning like a Cheshire cat on the other chair, usually adjusting himself.

“All right,” Chad said, cutting through Cody’s thoughts, “one more set, dude.”

“Yeh, whatever,” Cody said as he positioned back down on the bench. He looked and noticed that the idiot workout bro did, in fact, slap another pair of plates on the bar. “The fuck?” he said. “I told you—”

“Whatsamatter, moocow,” Chad teased, “don’t you wanna be a bull?”

Cody’s eyes glazed over a bit. “Y-Yeah, dude,” he said vaguely.

“Then obey the bull. Ya got that?”

The word came out without hesitation. “Yessir.”

“The bull says we’ll do another couple of sets with this weight. Got that, moocow?” Chad lifted his stringer tee to reveal his own set of pecs, thick, overhanging helmets with thick nubs perfect for play. “You might even get to have a chest like mine, bro.” He groped one, and he pinched a nub, causing the stud to inhale sharply in pleasure. “Now, come on, get going.”

A flicker of memory, and, for a moment, Cody remembered for a moment of him spending hours playing with those nubs, nibbling and suckling against them. He shuddered, and his cock twitched in its jock.

“You’re okay, dude?” Chad said as he lowered his shirt. A smirk on his face showed exactly what Cody was thinking about.


“Then do another set, dude.” Chad patted the bar. “The bull says for you to focus.”

Cody felt a wave of confidence was over him. He took a deep breath and gripped the bar, his mind now concentrated on doing another heavy set.

Gonzales was busily typing on his laptop, occasionally shifting his attention to a spiral notebook next to it. Across from him, a suited figure was sitting in his chair, words flowing out of his mouth as his eyes darted across the room, his tongue occasionally flickering across dry lips.

“So the Dean is, once again, causing trouble,” the coach said when the report was over. He glanced up, his gaze calm, but the figure it landed on flinched as if it was a punch.

“Y-Yes sir,” the chairman said. He was the first to sample the hypnotic gear work, and he had one of the most suggestible minds Gonzales has seen in his stint here in the college. He made a fine mole with the college council.

The coach leaned back in his chair, his mind sorting through several possibilities. He enjoyed brainwashing his charges into horny exhibitionists, and the way some of them turned out have been remarkable. Also, his studies into the gradual reformatting of the mind have shown a certain promise. If only that cursed dean came over instead of sending his cronies. It was also a shame he could not be replaced with someone more capable. Of course, that would be problematic on its own.

It was jealousy, pure and simple, that lead him down this route, he mused. Jealousy of his abilities, of his studies, that had his name blacklisted across the sciences. Who cared about his past subjects, those who he took from his old university and molded them exactly as he wanted? The only ones who complained was the board of directors, for fuck’s sake! No one else, not even the patients’ parents or his fellow professors. Now he has the chance to finish his studies. No one will be able to stop him now. Not even the dean.

He glanced at the wall clock and sighed in exasperation. He was running late. He closed the laptop and gestured towards the chairman, who straightened in his chair, all nervousness gone. “You will keep close eyes on the dean’s activities. If he starts to interfere with this project, I am giving you full permission to toss a few wrenches in his way. All the while, you will, as discreetly as possible, direct him here. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” the chairman said, now utterly confident. He rose from his seat just as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Gonzales barked out, waving a hand to the chairman. “And you will leave.” He nodded and headed out as the other came in.

“I got your latest batch here, sir,” the man said as he placed a large, squat container on his desk. He wore a tight lycra shirt that contrasted with his dark brown skin and highlighted his bulging arms, his wide cannonball delts, and more importantly, his thick chest, worthy of any bull. The matching set of leggings highlighted a set of wide, muscular legs and an equally powerful package. A silver whistle dangled down between that heavy pec cleavage.

“Excellent,” Gonzales said, nodding at him. “Same strength as before, Brad?”

“Of course.” Brad looked offended. “When haven’t I messed an order up?”

The coach smirked a bit. “How goes the team?”

“Excellent.” Brad slipped into the seat the chairman vacated. “Working their asses off, of course. The team is doing well enough. Those helmets you got them into are doing amazing work.” He grinned. “We’ll probably be in the playoffs, thanks to you. Might even get a few trophies.”

Gonzales matched the grin with his own. “And you? I take it they are helping you focus as well?”

The other coach raised a hammock arm and flexed, the bicep straining against the lycra. “The results speak for themselves.” He lowered the arm then absentmindedly started to rub a pec. “They’re starting to ache a bit for some reason. I going to get this checked out later today.”

One of Gonzales’s eyebrow quirked upward. The programming must be wearing thin, he mused. “We might as well test the new batch out.” He stood up and gestured to Brad. “Want to be the first?”

“Ain’t I always?” he grinned, picked up the container, and followed him to the back rooms.

Gonzales gestured to a chair. “Sit here, and we’ll get started.” He walked to the container and begun to sort the bags.

Brad nodded, but as he was getting comfortable, he saw a trio of clear plastic tubes on a neighboring table. They were connected by thinner plastic tubes. Black rubber rings were positioned at the open edges. “Hey, you’re looking at animal husbandry or something?”

Gonzales followed his glance to the milkers. “Or something,” he said, smirking. He came back with two bags, one blue and the other clear, in his hands. “All right, let’s get started.”

A few minutes later, Gonzales carefully slipped in the second needle into Brad’s thick forearm. “There we go,” he said as he stood up. “I take it the new formula will help you get even bigger.”

Brad laughed. “Hell yeah, brotha. I’m going to enjoy getting this.” He flexed the other arm.

“And, of course, another session to help you concentrate with the rest of the team.” Gonzales picked up one of the helmets and passed it over

Brad let out an exaggerated breath, then grinned. “Oh yeah, absolutely. This is going to be awesome, you know?” He held the helmet at eye level. “Like what you’re seeing?”

“A muscle head,” Gonzales said. “With some monster pecs. You sure you can catch the ball with those things in the way?”

Brad slowly slid a hand into his shorts to rearrange the monster there. “That’s just football,” he said. “No sweat.”

“Of course,” Gonzales said, chuckling. “You can play football with a muscle head if you really want. Like wrestling.”

Brad smiled, his eyes getting a tad glazed. “Who needs wrestling, when you got football?”

“Knowing you, football comes first,” Gonzales said, looking at Brad closely. “You’re the coach, after all.”

“Hell yeah, I’m the coach!” he slurred. He shook his head a little. “Damn, this is hitting harder than I thought.”

“You made them stronger, as I requested.” Gonzales’ mouth quirked upward. “Muscle head.”

Brad’s eyelids fluttered, his head going back against the wall. “Fuuuck…” he moaned as a small spot of wetness showed up on his shorts.

“Now, we’ll do a concentrated session,” Gonzales said, placing the helmet around the coach’s head. “Then we can see how well you’re taking in the programming.” He flipped open a laptop and turned it on. Code scrolled upwards, and instead of the usual static-filled screen, a video file played, flashing various photos and gifs of bodybuilders and muscled men. Each one lasted for a few moments before the other would flash into place. Words flitted across the pictures, far too quick for the mind to process.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked as Brad absorbed the programming.

“Mmm-hmm…” Brad moaned, nodding. “I’m loving this.” His free hand openly rubbed his burgeoning hard-on. “Zonk me out, man.”

Gonzales grinned. When he started using the helmets on the football team, he had no idea that the coach had enough acumen to be aware of what was going on. It also took him by surprise that it was one of Brad’s stronger fetishes. Already, Gonzales’ file on him was useful for advanced programming.

“Oh fuck!” Brad yelled out, his head falling back, his hand already pulled out a very thick eight inch cock. The head was heavily drooling and staining the shirt. “Yeah, man, fuck my mind, man!”

Gonzales was already busy, grabbing the milker and slipping it around the massive organ. Brad was too into the program to feel its slickness.

“All right, next level. Ready?” And he turned on the suction. At that moment, he pushed a button on the laptop, causing the video to dissolve into static.

“Fuck…,” Brad moaned. “What’s going on…” His hands twitched to the plastic tube, but otherwise stayed still. “Feels so damn good…” A moment later, he groaned deeply, his cock already spewing out massive streams of cum, which were whisked away by the awesome vacuum.

“We’ll make a good bull of you yet.” Gonzales said. “You’ll be an excellent producer, just like the rest.”

Brad’s moans were the only response.

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