Rekindling the friendship

by EdIam

Mark and Jack used to be best friends. Perhaps there is some way Mark can rekindle that friendship?

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“Oh wow, you’re…cooking for us?” Mark asked. I had to admit, there was an air of knowing to the way he said it.

“Of course, buddy! Just one way of showing you how happy I am that we’re friends again.” My cock had hardened again the moment Mark walked back into the room. It wasn’t because I was particularly horny or anything. Just a normal response I had when I was around my best friend.

My underwear was just a basic pair of tightie whities, so it left very little to the imagination. As I continued cooking, I felt Mark’s eyes on my ass and my crotch, but I couldn’t help but love the attention he gave them. He truly was such a great friend to admire my body so much.

Finishing up, Mark sat as I prepared the table and I served him his food: bacon, eggs, and toast. I wasn’t much of a cook, but I knew that I’d want to learn more so I could make Mark some more food down the line. As I finished serving and I turned to grab my own plate, I felt Mark grope my ass slightly, almost tentatively. My heart filled slightly knowing he appreciated my body so much. Goodness, how could I get so blessed to have such a great best friend?

Sitting down, I started digging into my food, my cock remaining hard as ever.

“So, how are you feeling this morning, Jack?” Mark asked between bites.

“I’m feeling great! Why do you ask?” I retorted.

“Just wondering if anything feels off or different to you.”

I laughed at the strange line of questioning. What would be ‘off’ or ‘different’ about hanging out with my best friend? “Nope, everything seems pretty normal to me. Why do you ask?”

“No real reason. Do you think the hypnosis worked last night? How are you feeling about going to the gym, buddy?”

I laughed and teased again, “Sorry, bro. Didn’t work again for you. I don’t mind you trying again though. Best night sleep I’ve had in a while. And as for the gym, was planning on going a bit harder this week regardless of your session.”

“Cool, cool. Well, I guess I can try again next week. Unless you’re up for another quick nap this morning before Clint gets back? Speaking of Clint…do you think he has anything he might want to work on with hypnosis at all?”

Without hesitation, I responded, “Heck yes you can try again! Those naps are amazing. And Clint might want help quitting smoking. I know I heard him talking about Meghan getting on him about it. Why do you ask?”

“No reason. Go lie down, Jack. I’ll be in shortly. But first, could you stand here for a moment?”

Leaving my half eaten meal, I stood up next to Mark, eager to go back to my room for another nap. I laughed internally thinking about Mark actually wanting to try to put me under again. It seemed like such a waste of time for him. I couldn’t, for the life of me, imagine why he’d want to continue basically talking at me while I slept. I continued laughing at his obsession with this useless bullshit as he fondled my package through the thin fabric of my underwear.

“I had no idea you’d be so thick. Long, maybe. I know when we were younger, I tried to sneak a peak a few times, but you were always so private about it. You do remember that I’m gay and stuff right? Why you letting me grope you?”

I thought about his question quickly. It seemed a bit bizarre for him to even have to ask, honestly. Of course he was gay and I wasn’t comfortable with that in the slightest. But he’s my best friend. So I responded, “Dude, you’re my best friend. It’s part of being friends with you that you appreciate my body and therefore you can grope me. Like, I get your point and I’m still far from comfortable with faggots or with you even being gay, but that doesn’t change the fact that my relationship with you is different. It’s, like, just part of being friends with you. And I can’t imagine my life without your friendship.”

“You seemed to do just fine last summer…” he retorted.

He wasn’t wrong and I honestly couldn’t think of a response beyond a meek apology.

“You hurt me a lot, Jack. I was literally in love with you. Have been since we were 12 or 13. You have always had such a great life and I was your trusty best friend. I honestly never really wanted much to change. I don’t know how I thought you’d react. You were just hounding me about getting a girlfriend and it came out.”

He squeezed my balls a bit as he continued talking. I hadn’t seen him open up to me like this since we’d reconnected and I felt like such a jerk.

“I’ll be honest, right afterwards, when you blocked me and basically erased me from your life, I was so hurt. I couldn’t believe you’d do that to your best friend. Then I started just getting more and more upset. I honestly loved you, Jack. But now, well, I don’t think I love you like that anymore. So, I guess I can thank you for effectively making me fall out of love with you. Now our friendship can be much more fun without those emotions getting in the way. I hope I can move on completely. Right now, I’m not quite there. Maybe I’ll still try to hypnotize you and eventually I’ll deal.”

Having felt around my cock and balls enough, he excused me and I went back to my bed to wait for him to come put me to sleep again. I thought about his words and how guilty I felt for putting him through it all. But he was right, now that I knew he didn’t love me like that, even if he was still gay, we could just be friends now. None of those other heavy emotions weighing us down. It was so awesome to be reconnecting with my buddy again!

A few minutes later, Mark walked in and started talking and I fell asleep within moments.

And just like that, I woke back up after what seemed like mere seconds glancing at the clock, I saw I’d been napping for almost four hours.

I felt myself consumed by guilt as Mark smiled at me, “How do you feel about last summer now, buddy?”

I almost started crying. I felt so unbelievably bad for what I did to poor Mark, almost exponentially worse than what I felt before falling asleep. “I can’t even begin to express how much I fucked up. You’re my best friend and I obviously don’t care at all that you’re gay. All I really want is to be your friend again. Please, please, please be my friend again.”

Mark looked down at me, with slight disgust at my pathetic apology. But, after a moment, he smiled. “I’ll be honest, Jack. There was a time where I fantasized about marrying you. I thought there was tiny chance that, despite your clear heterosexuality, you could see passed it all and just love me for me. I know it was stupid and silly, but ultimately, I thought I could. I guess Disney fucked me up,” he laughed, “oh well, you hurt me more than I’d ever been hurt last summer. But, I honestly think I can eventually move passed it. I’d gladly be your friend again, Jack.”

I was visibly relieved. I just couldn’t imagine not being friends with Mark at this point. He was literally the most important person in my life.

“You do, however, know what it means to be friends with me, right? What you have to do to make it up to me? What you know you have to do for me so I can heal?”

The combination of relief that he wanted to be my friend and the extreme horniness I always felt when I was around my best friend caused me to smile broadly. “Of course, buddy!”

I smiled wickedly back at me. “Well, I’m a virgin. But, I’m interested in changing that today. You interested as well?”

Laughing, I felt my cock harden even more than it already was. I knew it was perfectly normal to be hard whenever Mark was around, but knowing what he wanted to do with my body excited me even more. He truly was such an amazing friend. It was a little odd he said he was a virgin, as sex wasn’t really what we’d be doing. Virginity was attached to not having had sex. What we were going to do was just what we did as friends. It wasn’t really sex. That said, I’d never had anal sex either.

“Don’t worry, as friends, we can have fun for sure.”

Mark started taking all his clothes off to match me, clad only in my underwear. Climbing his slightly pudgy form up onto the bed to join me, I glanced at his bulge. It clearly wasn’t as tightly packed as mine was, but that didn’t matter. He grabbed the top of my underwear and pulled down, revealing my achingly hard erection for the first time for him. A small part of my brain thought it was strange that he hadn’t seen my penis before, considering part of our friendship involved nudity, but that part was silenced as he pulled his underwear down and off too.

For a friend, I sure was obsessed with his dick. I knew it was also the first time I’d ever seen it as well, but man, just seeing it, I knew it was my new favorite thing in the world. It was kind of short and stubby, maybe a little shorter than average, uncut, and not what I’d call outstanding. But it was perfect and I loved it and it was my best friends.

“Would you mind blowing me a little?” he asked, somewhat hesitantly.

Without really thinking, I attached myself to his perfect penis. As a 100% straight man, it was, obviously, the first dick in my mouth. But Mark’s dick wasn’t necessarily another dude’s penis in the sense I would feel towards, say, Clint’s penis. I would never in a million years suck on Clint’s dick. I’m straight and that would be gay. But Mark was my best friend and this was just something we did as besties. Nothing strange or abnormal about that at all.

After I gagged on his cock for a good few minutes, he unceremoniously pushed me back, lifted my legs up, and allowed himself access to my asshole. It was rather sudden and it took me by surprise, but he was my best friend and so it was basically his hole at this point.

Neither of us really had much lube and I would imagine I was incredibly tight, but Mark spit on his cock and rubbed it, hoping it would be enough to sneak in. I felt the head of his stubby dick rubbing at my hole, begging for entrance. Honestly, I wanted him in there pretty badly, but my hole just wasn’t very loose at all. I tried relaxing, I tried pushing against him, but it was no use; he just couldn’t get in.

“It’s okay, buddy. I want you to put it in me, but maybe we should get some lube or something first? That okay?” I suggested helpfully.

Somewhat frustrated, Mark sighed, “I suppose you’re right. You feel okay? Everything seem all right?” Mark asked with a certain amount of concern in his voice.

“Of course, my friend. I’m just glad you accepted my apology!”

As horny as I was, I just continued to stroking my long 7.5 incher while we chatted a bit longer. Eventually, he had me blow him until he shot his load in my mouth. We heard the front door open just as I finished swallowing. I assumed it was Clint, which was confirmed when I heard him shout out that he was home. Strangely enough, Mark started looking really nervous as if we were doing something he didn’t want Clint to see. Nude, he ran to the door and told, no, commanded me to shout at him to tell him I’d be out shortly and to make up an excuse.

Confused, but unwilling and not even wanting to go against what Mark told me to do, I shouted to Clint that I’d be out in a few. I even added that I was just getting up and dressed.

“Really? It’s, like, 1 p.m. dude. What’s got you so lazy?” Clint shouted back with a laugh.

As Mark hurried to get his clothes back on for some reason, I continued smiling up at him, jerking my cock. Noticing me, Mark’s tone got pointed, “Get your clothes on!”

Somewhat hurt that I upset my friend in some way that I couldn’t understand, I hurried to put on the clothes I’d fallen asleep in last night. When dressed, I noticed Mark, too, had gotten dressed. He asked me to go out and distract Clint so that he could slip passed as well. I thought it was strange, but Mark seemed insistent that I not tell Clint he was there, which was so bizarre, considering he was my best friend and I wasn’t embarrassed to have him here with me while Clint was home. But what Mark said, goes, so I went out to distract him, but not before Mark reminded me to casually bring up hypnosis with Clint.

I eagerly invited Clint to go out to get some lunch, which he agreed to, and so we head out, allowing Mark a sneaky exit. On the way to the restaurant, I made sure to unblock Mark from my phone and send him a text. I felt like such an asshole for having ever blocked him in the first place.

During the course of the week, I tried to hang out with Mark as frequently as we could. I tried to focus in on football and school, but Mark becoming my friend again really became my main focus. I found myself napping around him quite frequently, but as awesome as he was, he never seemed to mind at all.

Over time, I just started realizing what made my friendship with Mark so special and that only seemed to increase the guilt I felt over having ever hurt him in the first place. We made out quite a bit these days, and he always seemed to sneak his hand down the front and back of my pants. He was quite the frisky gay guy, I’d give him that. But my body was sexy, so could I blame him? It was just part of being friends with him.

He even started giving me cute nicknames to go by. My favorite was ‘Cocksucker’. Clearly, I was as straight as they come, but he enjoyed calling that most while he shoved is dick down my throat. Funnily enough, it was my idea that he call me it! I woke up from a particularly restful nap in my apartment while Clint was with his girlfriend and instantly got the idea. I sat upright, lunged at Mark’s erect dick and begged him to call me ‘Cocksucker’ as I hungrily inhaled his cock.

He was so sweet to accept my request, even after everything I’d put him through.

Clint got rather used to seeing Mark at our place over the next few days, even though Clint was barely there. That’s just how much time I wanted to spend with Mark! Whenever Mark left, he’d always comment that he felt a bit uneasy about him and how much different I’d been acting, especially around him. I laughed it off. What was strange about spending time with my best friend?

I also started talking to Clint about possibly using the hypnosis that Mark claimed to be able to use on him. He was really resistant at first, but then, after a big fight with Meghan about his smoking, he started to warm up to the idea.

After the first couple conversations I’d had with Clint about hypnotizing him to quit smoking and a few more ‘nap’ sessions with Mark, I started to really notice that Clint was a good looking guy. I wasn’t going to pursue him and I wasn’t necessarily physically attracted to him. I just noticed that his muscular physique looked amazing with his pasty white skin contrasting with his short red hair. It looked even better with the stubble he’d built up on his chin at Meghan’s request. And, damn, he was SWOL when he took his shirt off and that light strawberry dusting emphasized his beautiful pecs. He had always been a bit more built than me, being a lineman and me being a running back. At about 6’3”, he was also quite a bit taller than me. I found myself wondering slightly how good of a kisser he was.

I was straight as a fucking arrow, but damn, my roommate was a hot piece of ass.

It was Thursday night, while we were sitting at home watching the football game on TV, so only about six days after I’d apologized and made up with Mark, that Clint asked me about what being hypnotized to quit smoking would entail.

“Well, honestly, Mark has tried to hypnotize me too to help out with my work outs and I’m convinced it does jack shit. I only really end up falling asleep, it’s so boring. But he insists that it can have some affects, so I think it’d be cool if you give it a go.”

“Okay, but, like he’s a fag. Couldn’t he do something to me? I mean, you’ve been acting weirder and weirder since he evidently started hypnotizing you,” Clint responded.

I couldn’t refrain from laughing as I took a sip of my beer, “Dude, I have not been acting weird. Hanging out with my best friend since the time we were three isn’t weird.”

“Dude, he practically hangs all over you and you let him! Besides, this time last week, you hated his fucking guts, remember?”

I thought back to last Thursday briefly before responding, “It doesn’t matter. I was too harsh on him, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way, and so what if he’s gay. I’m not. You’re not. All he wants to do is help you quit smoking so Meghan will get off your ass. If you ask me, that’s nicer than you deserve sitting here calling him a fag.”

Clint stared at me a quick moment and then laughed to break the tension I’d created. Honestly, I didn’t mean to come across as angrily as I had, but Clint had no right to speak so poorly of my best friend like that.

“Okay, fine; you’ve convinced me. When can your ‘best friend’ come over and help me quit smoking. Meghan would prefer it sooner rather than later,” Clint responded.

“Well, he was planning on coming over tonight anyway, maybe he can try tonight, if you’re ready.”

Clint agreed, clearly not believing in the hypnosis thing. I mean, I couldn’t blame him. It was a load of shit, as far as I was concerned. I texted Mark that Clint was ready to try it out and I couldn’t believe how excited Mark seemed over text. He said he’d be right over, which meant it would take only about ten minutes if he walked.

About five minutes later, I heard Mark knock at the door. I’d been expecting him, so I was eager to see him and practically sprinted to the door to let him in. Clint almost spit out his beer, he was so surprised at my sudden movement. Naturally, Mark was smiling at the door, happy to see me too. My dick hardened like it always did whenever I was around him. He fondled it slightly behind the door. It felt nice having my buddy grope me like he tended to do so frequently these days.

He leaned in slightly and whispered in my ear, “I brought lube and I’m gonna fuck you tonight, you filthy Cocksucker. But first, I’m going to hypnotize your new, or should I say, old, best friend. That excites you, doesn’t it?”

I had to admit it did quite a bit! Especially since the way Mark phrased it sounded like he wanted it to excite me and it was just so natural to go along with whatever he said.

He let go of my erection, which made me a little sad, and walked in. I had to admit, rekindling my friendship with Mark did really seem to boost his confidence. He strolled in and went right up to Clint and asked him if he was ready to start. Clint just kind of stared at him awkwardly and replied, “Well, can I, uh, at least finish my beer, bro?”

“Oh, yeah, of course, sorry,” Mark responded.

Mark sat down next to Clint and I sat on the other side of Mark while we watched the game in a somewhat awkward silence. I had to admit, it was rather strange to be in my apartment wearing all my clothes while Mark was here too, but evidently having Clint here kept Mark from telling me to strip. I couldn’t really piece together in my mind why that mattered, but it wasn’t a huge deal. My erection continued to hold strong just sitting next to my bestie.

Eventually, Clint finished his beer and let out a loud belch. “Welp, I’m ready I suppose. Doesn’t look like the Broncos are going to win any way. So if you’re really going to hypnotize me to quit smoking, what exactly do I have to do?” Clint asked.

Mark just smiled back, “All I’ll have you do is lay in your bed and relax. Honestly, you don’t have to do anything. I’m sure Jack mentioned what happens with him?”

“Yeah, he said he falls asleep and the damn shit doesn’t work. Honestly, I’m only doing this for Meghan. I don’t think it’ll do a damn thing.”

“Well, we’ll see. You want to go lie in your bed, I’ll be in in just a moment.”

Clint left the room, shaking his head. I couldn’t really blame him for not believing Mark could hypnotize him. Mark had tried almost ten times with me at this point and it hadn’t worked once.

Turning to look at me just as Clint went into the room, Mark looked right into my eyes, “I’m going to go try to hypnotize your roommate, Jack. While I’m in there, you need to go into your bedroom, strip naked, stay hard as fuck, and use this,” he handed me a bag I hadn’t noticed he’d come in with, “until I come in to join you. You want to do that for me, don’t you Cocksucker? I’m still fucking pissed at you for last summer and this is what you have to do to make it up to me, right?”

“Of course, buddy!”

Mark turned to look at Clint’s door for a second and then turned back to me. He leaned in quickly and stuck his tongue maniacally in my mouth. I figured he wanted to make out a little before he went in to hypnotize Clint, so I French kissed him back meaningfully.

He pulled off and I went into my bedroom like he’d told me to do. I got naked first, my erection staying pretty spongey but not entirely hard now that Mark wasn’t in the same room as me. Hopping on my bed, I dumped the bag out next to me. It looked like Mark had given me a bottle of lube and a dildo! That was so sweet of him. He truly was such a generous friend. He’d already told me he was going to fuck me tonight, it was so considerate of him to let me stretch out my hole for him with the gift.

As I laid down to get into position to use the thoughtful gift from Mark, my cock rose to achingly hard erection again. I pressed the head of the dildo against my hole after lubing it up carefully and slowly started working it in. It was a strange sensation, if I had to be honest, to feel anything go up my butt. Up until this moment, I’d really only ever taken shits. It was bizarre feeling the lubed up rubber dick worm its’ way passed my rectum and into my colon. It wasn’t an entirely pleasurable experience for me, but Mark had told me to use it and I’d be damned if I wouldn’t listen to the recommendation of my buddy. And my cock stayed incredibly hard and continued to sway and throb as I fucked myself with the present.

After a little while, I found a good rhythm; along with a certain spot in my hole that felt amazing when the smooth rubber rubbed it. My cock strained with excitement as pre began oozing out of my cock head. I had to admit that even though I was strictly heterosexual, a dildo up my ass felt great. I’d only ever let Mark fuck me, but I’d imagine his actual cock would feel even better.

I continued fucking myself with my present from Mark for a good three to four hours until Mark finally came into my room. I had to pee pretty badly by the time he had returned to me, but he’d told me to use the dildo until he returned, so naturally, that was what I was gonna do.

“Hey! Did Clint go under for you?!” I asked, eagerly, knowing it’d excite Mark if he was successful with at least one of us.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll let you decide. First, why don’t I try putting you under again now while you continue to fuck yourself on that dildo?” Mark suggested, helpfully.

If I had to be perfectly honest, it was a little annoying to me that Mark kept trying to hypnotize me. I just wasn’t the kind of person that could be put under like that. It felt a little frustrating to me that I couldn’t go under for him because I knew he wanted me to so badly. But, as I said, it meant so much to him, I’d let him keep trying. My frustration wasn’t with him in the slightest. It was frustration with me for letting him down by not going under deep for him.

He started going on and on again and, as per usual, I started to sleep. I even tried desperately to stay alert to listen to his words and not pass out just to make him happy, but I couldn’t help it. I was just so bored whenever he started going on and on about being relaxed. So I slept while I heard him talk a bit about Clint, still feeling the dildo partially wedged into my ass. I was sleeping, so I couldn’t make much out, but I figured he might have just been telling me about how he had tried to hypnotize him?

I snapped awake after what felt like a couple minutes or so and was surprised to feel Mark’s dick had replaced the dildo. My legs were pulled apart and he was thrusting into me. I felt so complete with my best friend filling me so completely. I also felt guilty for being asleep when he took that first important moment of penetration. I was such a disgusting, cocksucking faggot. How could I have missed it? And while sleeping through his hypnosis again? I really needed to make it up to him.

“How do you feel, Cocksucker?” Mark smiled down at me.

“I feel amazing… God, your cock is so perfect in there, Mark!” I enthusiastically groaned. I wasn’t even lying to him. His cock felt like it belonged in my ass. The thought actually went through my head as he fucked me silly: my asshole was made for his cock.

Thoughts swam through my head as he quickened his pace, clearly already nearing orgasm. I’d known for a the past week, without a doubt, how much of an asshole I’d been to my best friend, but in this moment, I realized that this was how I’d make it up to him. By being his disgusting, slutty, cock whore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still 100% hetero, but my friendship with Mark meant more to me than my mere sexuality. I owed him. I owed him my body, my cock, my will. I’d be his whore if it meant he could ever forgive me for being so cruel to him. I sighed contentedly as I felt him buckle deep within me, his pelvis shoved tightly into my hole.

He’d been a virgin prior to fucking me, so it’d make sense that he’d cum rather quickly, but it didn’t matter to me. He could fuck me any time. My hole was his to use. And it was now dripping with his semen; he’d truly claimed me as his cockwhore and I couldn’t have been prouder.

And then, as if I was triggered by his semen blasted into my hole, I realized another way I could make up my incredibly rude and mean behavior towards him earlier this year. We had been friends for almost two decades, so I knew exactly what he might like.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mark, for forgiving me and allowing me to be your cock sucking faggot! It means so much to me,” I felt his cock swell slightly inside me as I continued, while he looked down at me, almost seeming to know where I was going with my train of thought, “But I owe you more than just my body. I hurt you so much and it was so unfair to you merely for finding me attractive and being gay. I think the best thing I can do for you now is offer you Clint too. I know he’s straight and has a girlfriend and I have no idea if he’ll even want to be your cockslut, but you should, at the very least try. You deserve him too, after what I put you through.”

I felt his erection growing inside my ass the entire time I was talking and he just smiled down at me, at times seeming to know exactly what I was going to say before I said it. But none of that mattered to me, honestly. Mark was going to fuck my hole again! I was so excited about it!

Without a word, he started thrusting into me yet again, groaning as I spread my legs wider, hoping it would help his cock get even deeper inside of me. It was indescribable how much I loved that Mark was in my ass; it was without exaggeration when I said that he belonged there.

After a while, a second, smaller load started spraying into me. I didn’t cum, but honestly, it wasn’t about that at all. Though my cock was hard, that was more a byproduct of just being in his presence. It wasn’t really about my pleasure, it was about him being able to fuck my ass whenever he wanted.

Mark told me to keep his cum in my ass as he guided me over to Clint’s room, which seemed like a perfectly reasonable request. I didn’t tell him, but I felt a little bit of comfort knowing my best friends load was safe in my hole.

To my surprise, Mark didn’t really freak out about me being naked or him being naked outside of my room while Clint was home like he’d been. But my concern over that really wasn’t even registering as my hard cock followed Mark into Clint’s bedroom.

Mark turned and smiled at me as I stood in the doorway. Clint’s bed was behind Mark and I couldn’t really see where Clint was as I gazed into Mark’s eyes. He really was a very attractive and handsome guy, I thought, as a bit of pre burped out of the head of my constantly hard cock.

“You trust me, don’t you Jack?”

“More than anyone else!”

“Then you know that I’m not quite over what happened last summer yet. This has all been fun and I know you’re enjoying yourself, but I’m going to try something new tonight and you’re going to listen and absorb it all without question.

“You understand, point blank, that it may look like I’m about to continue hypnotizing your sexy roommate Clint, that that isn’t true. While I was in here alone with him, he confessed to me that he has a bit of a hypnosis fetish and asked me to play along with him. You know, for a fact, I’m absolutely not actually hypnotizing your stud of a roommate and that you want, desperately, to help him live out his hypnosis fantasy as well. It’ll turn you on knowing you’re helping both me and Clint.”

Honestly, if Mark had told me any of that just a few short weeks ago, I probably would have punched him in the face. ‘Hypnotizing’ my roommate? Saying that my roommate had a ‘hypnosis fetish’? I would have kicked his ass with him even suggesting such ludicrous ideas.

But I’d realized that Mark was the most trustworthy person on the face of the planet and there was zero doubt in my mind that not only did Clint have a hypnosis fantasy but that I was going to be so incredibly horny knowing I was helping him live it out.

Mark grabbed my cock and felt it harden at the words he told me. “Feels like you agree with me, Jack.”

Mark smirked knowingly, walked over to one of our dining room table chairs that had been placed in the corner, revealing my naked roommate lying on the bed sleeping…at least it looked like he was sleeping. His eyes were closed tight and he was breathing long slow breaths. Despite looking like he was resting in a deep sleep, his right hand was gripped tightly around his astoundingly thick cock and stroking it methodically. His red pubes highlighted his hand as it bottomed out on his shaft, revealing the top fourth of his shaft and a dark purple cockhead.

I had to admit, even as a completely heterosexual dude, my roommate’s cock was enormous. It didn’t appear to particularly longer than mine, but it was so fucking thick. His hand wrapped around it tightly, stroking it without really even seeming to realize he was doing it. His chest would rise and fall evenly and slowly, his red chest hair showcasing his well-defined pecs and abs. His left arm rested comfortably at his side while his right continued to worship his junk; his right bicep flexing fully revealing his incredibly powerful and well-defined arms.

Mark sat down and laughed. I looked over at him inquisitively. “You done molesting your roommate with your eyes?” Mark asked.

I blushed and looked down, “I wasn’t really checking him out like that, Mark. I’ve just never seen him hard like this. Just soft in the showers and his cock is surprisingly thick.”

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. I know the truth. You find your roommate incredibly attractive. Who doesn’t? Doesn’t make you gay. It just means you have eyes.”

I realized Mark was completely correct. Of course I found Clint attractive. He was a perfect specimen of masculinity. Even a completely straight man couldn’t help but find him visually appealing. I glanced back over at Clint, truly appreciating how fucking sexy he really was. My cock spewed up a bit more pre in anticipation of helping Clint live out his perverted fantasy.

After a moment, Mark interrupted my reverie, “Hey, Jack. I think I’m going to start ‘hypnotizing’ Clint.”

Mark put a mocking tone on the word hypnotizing; clearly indicating that he and I knew full well it was only going to end up being roleplay. “While I start it, you should probably just wrap your breeder mouth around my cock, Cocksucker.”

It seemed like a perfectly reasonable request and I loved sucking on my bestie’s dick, so I latched on as he started.

Mark began as I slurped hungrily on his cock. “Clint, you’re still so desperately horny and excited for me to continue rewiring your brain; continue stroking your cock as my words fall deep into your brain. You can’t help but hang on every single word I say to you and allow it deep, deep, deep within your subconscious. You had no idea how easy it would be to go under and you’ll continue to stay in that relaxing and perfect and horny place you are now in, hanging on my every word and allowing it deep, deep, deep, deep, deep within the core of who you are as a person. You won’t remember anything since I’ve put you under and will continue to think you came in, took a long nap, and rested comfortably knowing I couldn’t hypnotize you. No matter how different you feel or how different you act, you will completely believe that I was unsuccessful in hypnotizing you,” Mark took a quick moment to look down at me and whispered, “Jack, lick my balls more.”

I, obviously, did, removing his shaft from my throat and lapping in his left testicle, tasting the salty stickiness of his sweaty scrotum. His hairy balls scratched at my mouth, not really distracting me from licking his ball as sensually as I could. I continued listening to Mark pretend to hypnotize my roommate as I worshipped my best friend’s balls.

“You have a fantasy, deep deep down, of being hypnotized and controlled. You never truly realized or embraced that fetish, but you are now realizing that it is actually the most erotic and extreme fetish you have. You wish that I could hypnotize you and believe that no matter what, I will never be successful in doing so. Regardless, you want to live out your fantasy and so you will know anything you do after I quote-unquote hypnotize you will be you living out a fantasy you’ve wanted for so long. Knowing that you will be performing actions you normally would not makes you so hot. No matter what you end up doing after we have our fake hypnosis sessions, you will put your all into it, knowing you’re living out a fantasy; even though you don’t truly believe I’ve successfully hypnotized you.

“You also will be completely convinced that I never hypnotized Jack. No matter what the two of you get up to, you will know you and him have decided to act that way on your own accord. You’re so happy he’s willing to help you live out your fantasy that you won’t even blink an eye at anything the two of you end up doing. You are convinced that neither of you are able to be hypnotized at all but will continue to try, knowing that you want to, at the very least, make me happy by trying. Because, Clint, you know fully that you trust me completely. You trust me more than you’ve ever trusted another. This doesn’t seem strange to you at all. You simply realized that after I agreed to try to hypnotize you tonight, which was so kind of me, that you trust me completely.

“As I mentioned earlier, you will continue to have decreasing interest in smoking, but know full well it isn’t hypnosis that is changing your desire to smoke. You simply know that it’s something you don’t want to do any more and will believe it was your own choice completely independent of me hypnotizing you. This, too, does not seem strange at all,” I was actually kind of getting turned on at the play hypnosis Mark was really getting into. He was even including mock control over the smoking that Clint had originally requested. I just continued lapping at his hairy, sweaty testicles as his hard cock rested comfortably on my face.

Mark continued, “As your desire to quit smoking grows, your interest in your girlfriend, Meghan, will diminish. She will become increasingly annoying, boring, and unattractive to you. You won’t think this is bizarre at all, simply you falling out of love with her, which is a perfectly normal thing for everyone. As your smoking ends, so too will your desire to be with Meghan. In the coming days, the desire to quit smoking will grow and grow; as will your desire to leave Meghan.

“Your attraction to me, however, will replace your attraction to Meghan. The more annoying Meghan becomes for you, the more comfortable you’ll find me. The more boring Meghan become for you, the more interesting you’ll find me. The more unattractive you find Meghan, the more attractive you find me. This will not seem strange to you at all, as you already trust me and it seems perfectly normal to have attractions and desires for me. You will slowly understand why Jack has become so close to me as I am, quite literally, becoming your favorite person on Earth. This, too, will not seem strange in the slightest to you. You know that relationships change and ours is only going to become increasingly close.

“You will also start to notice your roommate, Jack, is an attractive man. You won’t find anything bizarre about finding him attractive while still knowing you are completely straight. It’s natural and normal to find his masculine form appealing. You also know very well that I want you to find him attractive. Knowing I want that makes you hot and horny. The very idea that finding Jack attractive making me horny makes you horny. Because you want me hornier and hornier the more you find me attractive. There’s nothing strange about finding your roommate attractive at all. In fact, as the days go on, you’re going to begin realizing that you, too, want to show off your body. Jack is going to be nude around the house from now on, something you won’t find bizarre in the slightest. And as your desire to smoke diminishes along with your attraction to Meghan and your attraction and desire for me grows, so too will your desire to be nude at all times when in your apartment, knowing that you and Jack are perfectly comfortable being naked with one another.”

Mark’s balls were practically dripping with my saliva at this point. Hearing him mention me in Clint’s ‘hypnosis’ session made me so horny and my hard cock bobbed excitedly as I continued lapping at Mark’s balls. I felt so blessed to have such a kind-hearted and helpful best friend that he’d not only help Clint live out his mind control fantasy, but also let me be a part of it. He was such an amazing person and I started licking his already drenched balls with even more passion; basically thanking him for making my roommates dreams a reality.

“You also find that my very presence will keep you hard as rock. There isn’t anything strange about it in the slightest for you. You just know, for a fact, that when I’m around, your cock remains erect. You won’t link it to hypnosis nor will you link it to me controlling you. You won’t even link it to finding me attractive. It is just a fact to you that your cock is hard when I’m around.”

I realized, as I focused particularly hard on his right testicle, that this was exactly what happened to me when I was around Mark. It was kind of hot that part of the fantasy for Clint would be something that was absolutely truth for me. Granted, for me it wasn’t part of a fantasy, just a thing that happened to me whenever I was around Mark. My cock couldn’t help but be hard around my bestie. It was kind of exciting to learn that Clint’s may be too now; even it was just part of his pervy hypnosis fetish.

I did realize that this also meant that I could be nude in the apartment all the time now, something I had to admit I really, really wanted and was always disappointed when Mark would ask me to cover up when Clint was home. Knowing Clint would be nude too was a little alarming to me, but he was so sexy and hot that I really didn’t think I’d mind seeing him around the house with his dick waving free.

Suddenly, Mark started talking to me too, but I instantly tuned him out as I placed his cock in my mouth and gazed up at him with his cock deep in my throat. He spoke to me, but I really couldn’t even process what he was saying; it was almost as if I’d fallen asleep with his cock holding me up despite my eyes remaining wide open and staring up into his. His words continued to melt into my mind without me even really able to follow along and feeling increasingly like I was blacking out.

After what felt like seconds but could have been hours due to how insanely peaceful and relaxed I was, I felt my body move over to the bed next to Clint. It was almost like I was sleep-walking; I had no idea where or what I was doing, but I didn’t care in the slightest. I got the feeling Mark was talking to both Clint and I, but I couldn’t process a single thing he was saying to either of us. A part of me hoped he was trying to hypnotize me, and Clint for that matter, again despite me knowing completely that he’d fail at it again. He was so amazing to continually trying to get me under. I was so blessed to have such a brilliant and caring best friend.

I felt my body lie next to Clint and began stroking my own penis and then the world went dark as I fell completely asleep. I did feel slightly guilty passing out with Mark still talking to me, but I couldn’t help it. I was just so relaxed. And then, in a flash, I woke up and realized I had such an amazingly thick cock resting in my mouth. Slightly surprised, I didn’t hesitate to start felating it. Even more surprising, however, was feeling someone doing the same to my cock.

It occurred to me right then that Clint was sucking me off and that it was fine. Clint wanted a complete hypnosis fantasy come to life and what better way to live it out than being ‘mind controlled’ into sucking a cock? A straight, macho, guy’s guy being hypnotized to suck on his roommates’ equally heterosexual penis was just about the extreme of a hypnosis fantasy. It made me so excited knowing I was helping Clint live out what he’d told Mark he wanted!

For my part, I had to admit, I just knew that Mark wanted me to be a full part of the fantasy and therefore, I’d blow my roommate. Hell, I knew deep down, I’d do just about anything with my roommate if it made his fantasy a reality.

And so we continued to 69 passionately until I suddenly heard Mark shout, “Cum!”

Naturally, we both did. I knew I had to greedily eat the entire load and Clint seemed to want to do the same. I had to admit, as a straight dude, he was really giving into his fantasy completely. He slurped down my entire load without any hesitation. It almost was as if he wanted my semen desperately, which, honestly, if he’d been ‘hypnotized’ into it, he probably did! Whatever fulfilled that fantasy for him!

After I’d swallowed his thick spunk, we both sat up, seeing that Mark, too, had cum while stroking himself in the corner. He was so hilarious sometimes. I just smirked at him, knowing Clint’s fantasy was probably pretty hot for him too, being a gay dude. I didn’t mind playing a part in it all, quite frankly. I was helping my roommate live out a fantasy he’d had for Lord knows how long and at the same time I could make up for lost time with my bestie and ensure our relationship was stronger than ever.

Getting situated next to me, Clint looked right at Mark and began eagerly thanking him, “Mark, I can’t even begin to thank you for helping me live out my fantasy of being hypnotized. I know it didn’t work this time, but I’d be so happy if you’d keep trying. And, I’m going to be honest, I still have a slight desire to smoke and probably need to go out and do it now, but it doesn’t feel quite as intense as it usually does. I know you probably tried hypnotizing me to stop, but I know now that it’s just gotta be my decision. Man, I feel so pumped up and excited now! I’m gonna quick get dressed and step out and smoke a quick cigarette and call Meghan and tell her that I’m going to do what I can quit. I hope she doesn’t rag on me about it though. That gets old fast,” Clint grumbled as he quickly dressed himself in his shorts. He stepped out, shirtless, and Mark I heard him walk down the hall to get his smoke in.

“It was incredibly kind of you to help out my roommate even though you and him aren’t that close and he’s kind of a homophobic dick sometimes. I’m so happy you’re my bestie, Mark,” I cooed at him.

“Oh, it was my pleasure, believe me. Hey, do me a favor and bend over your roomies bed. I’m gonna fuck you. His fantasy was actually kind of my fantasy too. Seeing you, a straight dude, and your roomie, another straight dude, blowing each other? Fucking hot, Jack.”

I just laughed as I got in the position Mark suggested. “Yeah, sorry about that. I kinda thought you’d probably find it sexy and all, being a gay dude. But, honestly, I just love that I’m able to help Clint with his fetish. Not really a gay thing. More of a ‘helping your buddy’ thing.”

“Oh, I get it, Jack. Now let me fuck you, you stupid fucking faggot.”

I laughed again quite heartily. He really did love giving me nicknames. His cock entered me for the second time today and I loved it again. His previous load had leaked out all over Clint’s bed while I was passed out, but I was pretty sure Mark would easily be able to replace it soon enough.

Eventually, Clint came back to the room. I was happy to see he’d ditched his shorts when he entered the front door and I looked at his thick piece thicken and harden as he saw Mark fucking me on his bed. Most dudes would think it was pretty gay to see a cock harden when watching a guy fuck another guy, but I know that Mark just had that effect on me too. It was impossible not to be hard around the stud.

Clint just sat in the chair Mark had been in and continued chatting with Meghan, rolling his eyes occasionally as they spoke. I couldn’t be entirely sure, but Clint seemed to be wanting to end the conversation quickly but she kept droning on. Mark eventually groaned loudly and emptied his sack into my gaping hole. It seemed Meghan had heard it and Clint quickly explained, “Watching a movie with Jack, should probably go,” and hung up without letting her speak.

Mark kept his deflating cock stuffed in my ass as Clint explained, “I told her I felt like quitting smoking and she started freaking out. I mean, she was excited, but man, she just kept going on and on and on. Was driving me insane.”

“Cool, cool,” Mark said dismissively, “I’m gonna go home soon. But you know what’d be hot before I go? If you both came over to the front door and gave me a good night make out session. Almost like I hypnotized you do it.”

I saw Clint’s cock perk up even more at the word ‘hypnotized’. “Fuck yeah, Mark…that would be hot,” Clint moaned.

Mark started putting on all his clothes as Clint and I walked over to the front door and waited for him. I wasn’t particularly turned on by it all, but was just excited to be helping out Clint with his fantasy. It wasn’t very long and Mark can strolling out and sauntered right over to me confidently. His tongue invaded my mouth as I eagerly kissed him back. My cock was achingly hard and pressed tightly against his pants.

Suddenly, he pulled away from me and turned to Clint, his tongue already hanging out. Clint lunged at him with passion I hadn’t ever seen him have with Meghan. Their make out session lasted much longer than ours had and Mark seemed to help himself to Clint’s exposed ginger crotch, pecs, and ass. Clint, for his part, just let him, not wanting to disrupt the fantasy Mark had allowed him to live out.

Mark pulled off him after a good ten minutes or so, “Man, as much as I’d like to keep this going, I have to get going. You two have fun tonight and I’ll be back tomorrow to continue ‘hypnotizing’ you two,” Mark put his fingers up and did the quote-unquote gesture on hypnotizing and all three of us laughed. Neither Clint nor I could really express our gratitude fully to Mark that he’d continue to try to hypnotize us despite it clearly not working.

After he left, Clint and I decided to watch highlights from the game we’d missed the end up on the couch, both of our cocks finally softening for the first time since Mark had arrived.

At one point, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Clint’s cock was hardening again. I didn’t really mention it, not wanting to make him feel self-conscious about it as I didn’t really care all that much. Then, suddenly, Clint leaned in and said, “I don’t know if Mark suggested it or not, but you know what’d be hot? If we slept in the same bed tonight. Like, I can imagine that Mark hypnotized me to want to sleep with you. Would you want to do that? I know I would. It’d be so hot.”

I, naturally, agreed as my cock hardened too. It was so hot knowing I was helping Clint live out his hypnosis fantasy.

After the game, we both went to my bedroom knowing his was still a bit disheveled from the cum that had leaked from my ass and the fucking Mark had given me. After a brief moment of discussion, Clint decided that it’d be sexier for him to be a little spoon while we cuddled and slept. He was easily bigger and buffer than me and it’d be so hot for him to imagine Mark had hypnotized him into being submissive with me. I just laughed and agreed as we got into the position. I had to admit, even without Mark here, I was having a hard time not enjoying playing the part of Clint’s hypnosis fantasy. He was, after all, an incredibly sexy man.

My cock throbbed into Clint’s lower back and asscheeks. I wasn’t going to fuck him, of course. That wasn’t a part of the fantasy. So we cuddled into each other, nude, and slept. It honestly was such a restful sleep, even though I’d slept through a lot of the fake hypnosis session we’d had with Mark.

The next morning, we got up as normal and get ready for school, obviously not getting dressed until we had to go out of the apartment. Despite it feeling normal to be nude together at home, we knew that that was just for us when we were alone or when Mark was hanging with us. So, too, was it only really normal for Clint to live out his fantasies when we were home alone or at home with Mark.

The day was pretty much normal as we waited for Mark to visit us both as we got home. Clint confessed, even before Mark arrived, that he canceled on Meghan tonight. It had just been too important to him for Mark to try to hypnotize him again.

After we’d both been lounging around the apartment naked, eagerly awaiting Mark’s arrival. Honestly, we both couldn’t wait for him to try to tize us again!

When he arrived, we both greeted him at the front door. He had us both sit down on the couch and he said he’d work on putting us under again. It made me feel horrible, but I fell asleep instantly again. I just couldn’t manage to stay awake when he’d start and I’d miss the entire session every single time. But when I woke up, Mark said that he had a lot of homework and had to leave, but he’d be back the next night.

Slightly disappointed but understanding, Clint and I gave him a dual blowjob on his way out. Clint focused on the shaft and I focused on the balls. Clint preferred the shaft because he said it made him feel like he was being controlled more if he was the one doing the blowjob. I was fine with it, honestly, and only really felt envy when Mark shot is load down Clint’s throat.

Then we Clint and I went to bed and fell asleep with each other’s cocks in our mouths, like we’d always done.

The next night, Mark did the same as the previous, letting us sleep even though he failed at putting us under. Afterwards, Mark left again but this time let me blow him while Clint blew me. It was a little more complicated of a set up by the front door, but Clint’s mouth did feel great on me and Mark’s cock felt even better stuffing my mouth.

Without even a word, Clint and I both hopped into bed right after Mark shut the front door and began sucking each other to completion in the normal 69 position we slept in and passed out right after swallowing the loads, erect dick still resting comfortably on one another’s tongues.

Being Saturday, the next morning we just stayed in our apartment together, showered together, sucked each other off a few times… just normal stuff we’d always done. The kind of stuff we planned on doing when we moved in together. Clint kept referring to me by the nickname he’d given me, Cocksucker, and I kept referring to him as Faggot. It wasn’t a particularly crazy day in any way. Just a normal day between me and my roommate.

Around noon though, I suddenly occurred to me that he hadn’t gone out for his usual cigarette that morning. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but I knew him well enough to know that he’d normally at least go out to have multiple cigarettes at this point in the day.

All I knew was that at this point, he was lounging on the couch stroking his cock a bit while I’d been wanking it to some random gay porn on my computer I’d found that morning. I heard him talking on the phone and getting a bit riled up so I stepped out to find out what was going on.

“I’m sorry, but I made up my mind and that’s that,” Clint said as he angrily hung up the phone.

I looked down at him stroking his thick meat with one hand as he fumbled with his phone. “I’m so tired of that bitch,” he shouted as he slammed his phone down on the end table next to him.

“Was that Meghan?” I asked as I too stroked my meat while looking down at him.

“Yeah, man. She just started really getting on my nerves lately. So I decided even before we went to bed last night that I was going to break up with her today. Guess I kind of put it off this morning because I didn’t even want to hear her grating voice.”

“Wow, man. That’s a big decision! What made you decide to do it today?”

“Honesty, I was just done with her. My life seems to be figuring itself out and I decided last night that I was quitting smoking too. Probably end up joining you at the gym a bit more, if you don’t mind.”

I smiled at him, “Of course I don’t! You know that I love hanging out with you, dude!”

“Same, man. Wanna blow each other?”


We started 69ing right there on the living room floor. I truly loved my roomie’s cock at this point. I was so lost in it that I jumped slightly when I heard Mark’s voice from our doorway.

“Hey boys, sorry to interrupt but you didn’t answer my knocks,” he said with a smile as he gazed down at us still going to town on one another.

Seeing Mark made me want to get over and blow him instead and it seemed Clint had the same idea. We both started mouthing the lump in his pants as he talked down at us.

“Have your fun, but I think I’m going to try hypnotizing you one last time today. Hopefully it works this time!” he jovially said as he patted our heads.

Finally feeling like we’d worshipped the lump in his shorts enough, we sat on the couch and let him talk to us. Unsurprisingly, I passed out instantly again.

This time when I woke up, though, I felt really different. I looked up at Mark and I had nothing but lust and love for my best friend. He was perfection on Earth and there was no one that could ever make me feel the way I felt for him now. I knew, with absolute certainty, he could walk up, punch me in the face, spit on me, hell, he could shit on me and I’d still know, without a doubt, he was utter perfection and I’d love him even more for even interacting with me. I couldn’t quite see Clint next to, as invested as I was with my god before me, but I could sense he had a similar feeling. Who couldn’t look at Mark and know that he was MARK in all caps… the alpha and omega human being. God, I just wanted him so desperately.

After a moment of watching me stare at him so deeply, he stood and walked over to me, his beautiful bulge in my face. He looked down at me with a smirk on his face. “So, I think we’re at the point you deserve to be at, Jack. You want me, I know. You spent the last few weeks trying to make it all up to me, I know. And the ‘best friend’ you replaced me with has been taken down a notch too. I honestly didn’t have much against him, but you filled the gap I left with a fellow straight idiot…so I didn’t mind fixing that as well.

“I see you glancing down at my erection; don’t worry, you’ll get it today. But not sure when I’ll bring it back. You’ll have plenty of cock though. I’m positive Clint will supply it for you but it likely won’t scratch the itch you’ll desperately want from me.

“No matter what I’m saying to you now, I know it won’t completely register because you’re so utterly infatuated with me. It was a shame that you pushed me out of your life and let the honest to God love and lust I felt for you turn to utter hate. You helped me realize you’re an asshole, Jack. A fucking waste of space. Nothing but a standard homophobic breeder with nothing that sets you apart beyond your attractive body. So, yeah, I hatched a little plan.”

I drooled a bit as he started pushing down his fly and unbuttoning his pants as he continued, “You see, I’m a psych major and we’ve worked extensively this year on hypnotic induction. I knew you well enough to know you’d be insanely responsive as long as I overwhelmed you at a moment you were feeling particularly emotionally distracted,” he reached inside his pants and pulled out his wonderfully erect and god-like dick, “and so that day at the student union was perfect. I ambushed you and put you under just enough to convince you to let me come to your house so I could get you even deeper.”

He smacked me in the fact with his wonderful stick, a small dab of pre sticking to my cheek. All I could think about was how desperately I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted to worship it, choke on it, be engulfed by it. God, Mark was everything I wish I could be.

I sat there, dumbfounded by the flood of emotions as he continued slapping me with his cock, “So I did. I made you feel guilty, I made you apologize, I made you want me, I made you gay without even realizing you were. And it was fun, it really was. I loved having you suck my dick and getting fucked. I got out all that sexual frustration you left me with. But it wasn’t enough, I was pissed at your breeder roommate to for replacing me in your life.

“So I urged you to help him let me hypnotize him too. Luckily for me, he was even easier to put under and accepted everything and anything I told him the first time I put him under. You,” he smacked me particularly hard on the eyes with his dripping dick and I loved it, “were a bit more difficult and had to ease you into everything. Clint, on the other hand, was a whipped, submissive idiot trapped in a Greek god’s body. His girlfriend meant so much to him that he let me in without any resistance and I instantly turned him against the chick that helped me control him.

“I made up a wonderful little story so your brains could comprehend and accept the gay shit you ended up doing and Clint ate it up. Honestly, it was really a turn on making you think he had a hypno fetish while he thought sucking your cock was nothing more than his own fantasy made real. Honestly, I felt pretty awesome for that one.

“And now, just a couple days later, I know I’m able to completely fuck your lives. And I can get the full revenge I’ve wanted since you kicked me out all those months ago. You broke my heart, my soul, and I almost ended it all thinking about having to life without my best friend and the man I’d fallen in love with. I think I can feel better knowing now that you’ll know exactly how I felt. Luckily for you, I’m not completely heartless though. I’ll get a little fucking done today and we’ll see what happens in the future.

“So you,” Mark broke eye contact with me for the first time as he continued smacking me with the cock I craved and looked at Clint, “get on all fours. I’m going to fuck you while Jack wishes it was him.”

Without hesitation, Clint got on all fours in front of Mark eagerly, which wasn’t a surprise to me. I’d have murdered someone for the chance to get on his cock again. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it…I’d literally never wanted anything more in my entire life.

He smiled over at me as he pulled lube from his pocket and slid it on his unbelievable dick. He eased it onto Clint’s quivering asshole and started shoving it in. My own ass felt so intolerably empty as my best friend, the love of my life, my god bottomed out into my roommate’s hole. He continued his stare at me as I drooled, wishing so fully that I was the one receiving him. His smirk he gave me only made my cock burp up more and more precum; it was just so sexy knowing he was torturing me. Even that fact made me want him more. I couldn’t help but love him for the punishment I knew he was providing me.

It didn’t take him long to pump his seed into Clint’s ass. I knew Clint was a complete anal virgin so he had to have been tight. He popped out of his ass as Clint stayed right there. I wasn’t sure, but I could only imagine he wished he was getting fucked for longer. I only hoped Clint saved Mark’s cum until after he left. I didn’t care if it was up his asshole, I wanted, no needed, to eat Mark’s cum.

“Go wash up, Clint. I don’t want your roomie getting a chance to taste me.”

Clint, obviously, listened and headed to the bathroom to shower as my heart sank in utter depression that I couldn’t scoop out the seed and eat it after Mark left.

Mark put his glistening cock back into his underwear, buttoned and zipped up his pants, and looked over at me triumphantly.

“Well, that about does it. You’ll find that your new life will seem perfectly normal to you. That’s the one gift I’ve given you: you won’t really care or remember how you were before. All you’ll know now is your new normal.”

Putting his coat on and walking out to the front door, Mark turned around one last time, “Good luck, Jack.”

He opened the door, walked out, and closed the door behind him.

As if a magnet that had been stuck to my ass released, I lunged up, running to the door wanting to follow after Mark with all of my heart. I didn’t care that my cock was dangling free, I just wanted to apologize to the man I loved and lusted for so fully. But I couldn’t open the door. I tried to will my arm to the door knob, but I just couldn’t open it. A small part of me knew that I had to wait until I knew for certain Mark was gone before I could even open the door. That part made my heart rip in two.

I leaned against the door I wanted to pass through and slid myself down to the floor, sitting there defeated. I loved Mark. I loved him so much and wanted him so terribly. But I knew I couldn’t have him. I noticed my phone sitting on the table next to the front door where I’d placed it earlier that day. I opened it to Mark’s contact information. I knew before it even loaded that I couldn’t call him. I couldn’t text him. I wanted to so desperately, but I knew I couldn’t.

He’d made me want him so badly that I couldn’t stop thinking about him and made sure I wouldn’t be able to reach out to him. I knew he probably felt that way about me after I’d pushed him out of my life. I knew I deserved this. I knew I’d made him feel this way. And it broke my heart that I ever made him feel it. It was horrible… and yet, the fact that he made me feel it just made me love him more. It made me want to worship him more. Despite knowing he was forcing me to suffer like he’d suffered at my hand, I wanted him all the more for doing it to me.

Clint eventually came out of the bathroom and I stood up knowing full well that our new life was beginning. He and I decided to start out by him fucking me. We both knew, without a doubt, that not much would get done beyond having sex with one another while we were in our apartment. We could eat, but it’d be when one of us was blowing the other. We could shit, but the other would need to be blowing them too. Same for pissing but we’d fuck. Basically, we acknowledged that, thanks to Mark, one of our cocks would constantly be inside the other. That was our new normal… constant gay sex. Without fail, I knew I’d always imagine he was Mark.

That night, we cuddled after fucking, my cock still planted firmly inside him as we fell asleep. I knew we were basically gay lovers at this point and it didn’t really matter all that much to me. He wasn’t Mark so he wasn’t who I wanted to be with. But at least I could imagine he was Mark… Lord knows what Clint was imagining when he fucked me or I fucked him. I didn’t really care enough to ask him, but I imagined Mark probably still ensured Clint thought he still had a hypnosis fetish and that he was still living it out by being gay with me. Whatever excuse Clint gave himself, we were basically a couple at this point as he was the only person I really felt like I could be with in any real sense.

I realized in the coming days that I lost all interest in women, my old friends, sports, and even my family. I was surprisingly okay with getting rid of all the excess people in my life. All I needed was Clint and my memories of Mark. Naturally, Clint and I both dropped out of school and get some menial jobs doing hard labor, considering we were already ripped. Occasionally, I’d see Mark out and about while I was headed to work and I’d stare at him, wishing desperately that I could approach him, but I never could. On a few occasions, we’d catch one another’s eyes and he’d smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking. How much I craved and wanted and desired him.

This all isn’t to say that I was depressed; quite the opposite, I was content in the fact that Mark knew exactly what he was doing when he made me love and crave him. Not a day would go by without me wishing he was fucking me, but he was so generous in that he gave me Clint. And Clint, too, had me. So at least I wasn’t alone. My old friends eventually stopped trying to get us to hang out after only a few weeks and I’d probably never have to end up seeing my family again given that they weren’t too happy when I came out to them and told them Clint was my boyfriend. So my life was basically Clint, his cock, and my imagined life I could have with Mark.

We naturally continued working out together, but did most if it at our place so we could do our normal gay sex in private. We didn’t really have much for work out equipment, so we just did sit ups and push ups and pull ups while the other helped out with the other cock. I hated having to put on clothes to go to work, but I knew we couldn’t be our standard nude out and about.

So that became our routine. Clint and I pushed pretty much everyone else out of our lives and continued to have sex with one another…all the while I hoped and prayed Mark would return.

And then, one random night a couple months later, while I was getting fucked by Clint as we ate our supper, we heard a knock on the door. Very rarely did we have anyone show up, but we prepared by placing sweatpants by the front door for us to slip into.

We did just that, Clint sat at the couch, clearly itching to get back into my hole, while I answered the door.

There, right in front of me, was the man of my dreams, Mark.



“Can I come in?”

“Of course.”

And he walked into the apartment as I closed the door and stripped out of my sweatpants as I saw Clint do the same; both of us staring longingly at the god that had walked out of our lives all those months ago.

“Sorry to barge in like this, but I’ve been thinking about you two for a while,” he said as he sat next to Clint. I took a seat on the opposite side.

He continued as Clint and I both gazed at him contentedly. “I have to, um, apologize. I have to admit that, um, I think I was rash in the way I, uh, controlled you both. I was just really angry and hurt and I wanted you both to suffer. I think, uh, I think I went too far and I need to say I’m sorry.”

I was dumbfounded. What exactly did he think he went too far with? I loved my life, the sex I had with Clint, and him completely. Why had he felt the need to come and apologize?

“I just wanted you to get a taste of how you made me feel, Jack. And I was so jealous of Clint replacing me in your life that I wanted him to suffer too. I wanted you to feel what it was like for me and I just went too far. I made Clint obsessed with hypnosis and I made you obsessed with me, Jack. But, like, absolute power corrupts, I guess, and, to be fair, you both were really fucking easy to manipulate.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder, gaging his response to my hand, as I started, “Mark, don’t apologize. Whatever you did to us, you did it well. And neither of us has been suffering. Right Clint?”

Clint put his hand on Mark’s other shoulder, “He’s right, dude. You helped me realize how fucking hot hypnosis is and me knowing you hypnotized me to suck and fuck and get sucked and fucked by my fellow straight friend… dude… I’m constantly hot and horny. This is fucking heaven. I cum, like, fifty times a day and it never gets old! So I’m with a dude?! You made it so hot to be with a dude! I owe you a thank you for making my life so fucking hot.”

I smiled as I brought my hand down his arm, “And no matter how you did it, you made sex with Clint insanely sexy for me. Granted, it was mostly only sexy because, uh, I was, um,” I moved my hand down to his crotch, the crotch I’d been thinking of nonstop for months now, “thinking about you and how much I wanted to show you the love and lust I have for you.”

I continued to stare at him as he looked down at my hand groping him and then up into my eyes.

“You, uh, seriously aren’t mad? Even after months? I mean, like, my hypnosis had to have started to wear off after all this time.”

When he said hypnosis, Clint let out a light moan.

I smiled at him, “Well, I don’t know how minds or hypnosis or mind control works, but maybe you did it really well? Maybe being as easy as we were to hypnotize, it just sticks better. Or maybe, just maybe, a part of us really, really fucking love what you did to us.”

I got down in front of Mark, the man I loved with all my heart and was the cause of all of my erections, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and started sucking it. I knew he wouldn’t mind because I knew he’d had love and lust for me in the past. A huge part of me just wished, desperately, that the time he had away from me and the so called ‘punishment’ he provided me would allow him to move on and build that love and lust for me again.

He moaned as I deep throated him, truly trying to provide him as much pleasure as I could so he could feel the love and lust I had deep within me for him. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load and I slurped it down. As I finished I glanced over and Clint was stroking, looking down at me, his face flush and red, clearly turned on.

“It’s so hot that I know you hypnotized him to feel that way for you, God, Mark, you are the fucking best,” Clint’s ivory pole erupted as he finished, spraying himself with his seed.

I stayed down on my knees, allowing Mark’s softening gorgeous dick to stay out as I wanted him to fuck me with it.

“If you need to hear it, Mark, I forgive you. But just know, you don’t need to apologize. You took my humdrum straight life and made it so much more exciting. I love you deeply, truly, and more than I have every loved or desired anyone else. Even if you forced those feelings in me, you’ve made me happier, better, and a more complete person. Please. Stay here with Clint and me. I know I can speak for both of us in saying that we’d love it if you moved in with us. Even if just to make up for me not letting you move in with me when I was hetero and stupider.”

Mark looked down at me with tears in his eyes.

“Of course I will. I can start tomorrow. Tonight, I think we need to celebrate.”

Clint perked up, “Wait, wait, wait. I have a condition.”

Both Mark and I looked over at him slightly shocked at his interjection.

He looked slightly panicked and manic at Mark.

“I’m only going to let you move in with us if you promise to hypnotize me every single fucking day.”

We all laughed. “Sure, Clint. I’ll make sure you’re nothing more than a happy horny hypno toy.”

Clint came again without even touching his cock and I grabbed the lube we’d been using before Mark came back into my life and completed it.

As his cock entered my hole for the first time in a long time, all I could think of was how fucking lucky I was to have such a perfect, amazing, and sexy best friend.

No, I thought as a contented smile spread across my face.

He’s my perfect, amazing, and sexy boyfriend. Now and forever.

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