Perfectly normal

by EdIam

John is working on reality-bending science… but perhaps he should vet his employees a little more carefully.

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I jumped suddenly and slammed my hand down on the alarm clock next to my bed. It never ceased to amaze me how deep of a sleeper I was and how surprised I was whenever my alarm clock went off to wake me for the day.

Lazily rubbing my eyes, I quickly glanced at the time I’d set: 5:00 a.m. I rolled back over and felt the warmth radiating from my wife, Becky, beside me. Looking over at her with slightly glazed eyes, I jumped slightly to see her glaring at me

“Morning, hun,” I mumbled.

“Mmph, John,” she muttered as she rolled over and attempted to go back to sleep.

“Love you to Pluto and back too, sweetheart,” I joked. I did mean it whole-heartedly and also knew she wasn’t really upset with me in any way. We’d been together for almost 23 years at this point. I was 43 and she was 42 and there was a bond between us that, honestly, could never be broken at this point.

I couldn’t blame her too much for being a little huffy with the earlier wake up. I’d warned her the night before that I wanted to get started on my day quite a bit earlier than normal because of the greet leaps in my research I’d accomplished yesterday. To be honest, a part of me didn’t even really want to go to bed at all. Normally, I started my day around 8 or so, but there was just no way I could restrain my excitement at further experimenting with my device down at the lab.

I quickly got both my feet to the floor on the side of my bed and performed one last stretch before standing and walking across our large bedroom to our private bathroom. Clicking the light on, I sauntered lazily towards the mirror. For a middle aged man, I still looked pretty damn good, if I had to be honest. My dark hair contrasted nicely with my fair pale white skin, accentuated by my well-kept facial hair. Dark brown eyes sparkled back at me in the mirror as I scratched my hairy chest. I’d always been a boxer man and never slept in anything more than or less than them. I did notice a slight bulge in my shorts: the morning wood most men had when waking up. My very slight belly ballooned slightly passed the elastic band, but, honestly, it fit my frame so well. I could use a bit more exercise, which was hard to come by, as focused as I was on my work. To be fair, I still had pretty well defined pecs and some muscle definition in my arms from my daily work… but I definitely didn’t do much full on working out these days. My wife jokingly referred to my form as a ‘dad bod’. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but as long as she still didn’t mind looking at me, I was okay with it.

The phrase did suit me, to be honest. I had three sons, all of which I was so proud of. Lyle was 22, Ben 21, and Todd had just turned 18 a few months prior, in September. Both Lyle and Ben had moved out: Lyle graduated last year from business school and was settling down with his new wife, Vanessa, north of us in the suburbs of Chicago. Ben was still in school here in the city, studying law. He had quite the future ahead of him, at this point. And Todd, our baby, was still in his senior year of high school and waiting to hear about acceptance to a pre-med program in the city. He still lived with my wife and I here in Chicago. Luckily for me, all my sons decided to stay within reach and didn’t go all over the country so I saw them frequently. And even luckier for me and my wife, Vanessa was pregnant with our first grandchild.

Trimming my beard slightly, I decided it was about time to shower and get ready to head to work. A small part of me was a little disappointed I’d even come home yesterday at all, but I knew Becky wouldn’t have liked me staying at the lab all night again. I’d left my assistant, Rob, to continue experimenting for as long as he wanted. That way when I got there this morning, I could review his notes and possibly get our big breakthrough sometime today. I knew he’d probably worked late into the night, but what we were working on was just so exciting.

I hadn’t really thought of a name for my invention at this point, but it had been my obsession for over 13 years at this point. I’d worked for a research institute downtown from the time I was in grad school on and had excelled in most every aspect of my job and so, when an insanely interesting new experiment was introduced, I applied. My company had always worked in the realm of string theory and the hypotheses that shaped reality itself and this new experiment was one that could literally re-shape the very way in which the world worked.

It was even more exciting, for sure, considering our company was owned by some of the kindest and most empathetic people I’d ever met. I was so incredibly proud to work with them knowing our end goal was to end suffering, world hunger, war, and other atrocities. This was literally work that would make the world I lived on better for my sons, my wife, and everyone I had ever known. Understandably, it was all top secret. It was hugely important work that I had diligently worked tirelessly on. So much so, that I was put in charge of the program.

I enlisted a few assistants here and there and moved the brunt of the work to a new lab that my bosses allowed me to construct just down the street from my home in an old abandoned home. They knew the huge amount of time I’d put into my work and how much I’d missed out on with my family. So, being the amazing, and rich, people they were, they allowed me and my small team to begin working on setting up a lab so much closer to my home.

Granted, my three assistants, Kyle, James, and Rob, would still have to travel to get to the lab. They assured me they understood; my family was hugely important to me and, being the team lead, they wanted me refreshed and ready for the day. To be fair, Kyle and James had been working with me for quite a while before we started work at the new lab, seven years or so at that point between the two of them. Rob was a newer acquisition: younger, at the time, which was about three years ago. He’d just graduated from a pretty prestigious college and didn’t really have much to say about it all.

In the years since, we’d definitely all gotten to know one another, being as it was really only the four of us working together now. Kyle and James had already met my family and knew them well. Rob was always a bit more stand-offish, to be honest. I still invited him over when we’d have get togethers, and he would, but he was rather secretive. I still included him, to be fair, but he didn’t have the same social aptitude as Kyle or James, who got to know my wife and sons so well. Kyle and James had truly become part of the family whereas Rob tended to just stick to himself.

Kyle had told me that he thought Rob was gay at one point, which I’d quickly dismissed. Even if he was, it wasn’t a huge deal to me. My brother had come out of the closet years ago and I was very open minded. Kyle said he thought that was the case because Rob tended to stare at me quite a lot, something I never really noticed, to be honest. It concerned my friend because, as he put it, “I like him, don’t get me wrong; he’s incredibly intelligent and helpful. But he’s creepy as hell.”

I’d admonished Kyle slightly when he’d told me that about a year ago. It’s not that I didn’t disagree with him or anything, but it’s not something that really needs to be communicated with your boss in such a crass way. Still, after he’d said it, I couldn’t help but notice the lingering stares Rob would have. Occasionally, I’d glance up from my notes and find him looking at me from across the room. He’d quickly look away, of course, but I became hyper aware of the fact that he definitely looked at me more frequently than he did Kyle or James. There had even been a time or two where I’d notice a slight bulge in his work clothes. Not that I was looking, but it was just something I’d pick up on every now and again. Being the professional I am, I ignored it. It wasn’t a crime to be attracted to your boss nor was it a crime to get aroused at work. For his part, Rob never really did or said anything that made me uncomfortable and, in a weird way, I took his clear crush on me as a compliment.

Focusing mostly on the work I was going to get done today, I lathered up the soap half-hazardly and rubbed it around my body. I lathered up my average sized cock. I still had my morning wood pointed out, about 6 inches worth and two slightly small testicles hanging down. I was never one to have worried much about the size of my dick, as my wife was the only woman I’d ever had sex with and she didn’t seem to mind it.

I turned off the shower after rinsing everything off, eager to get down the street to the lab. I toweled off and made sure I was completed dry as I wrapped the towel around my waste. I walked back into my bedroom and to the dresser to put on a random dress shirt. I wasn’t one to get too informal at work just because it was just us four guys, so I put on a new pair of boxers, dress pants, and a blue long sleeved shirt. Just as I was buttoning up the last button and reaching into the top drawer for socks, I glanced at the window. A blinding white came shining back at me: it had snowed pretty heavily in the night.

Great, I thought to myself as I walked over to the window barefoot. It wasn’t too surprising to get a freak snowstorm in January in Chicago by any means, but I hadn’t been expecting that much snow until at least tomorrow, according to the weatherman. I knew I’d need to get my thermals on underneath all my clothes, so I started stripping again as I watched the snowfall lightly to the ground.

And that was when I felt it. I don’t really even know how to describe what it was I felt, to be honest. It was kind of like a cold ripple that made my spine tingle slightly as it slowly passed through me. I felt the chill from my spine go away as quickly as it came and, just like that, I forgot I’d even felt anything bizarre at all.

God, it’s beautiful outside, I thought to myself. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon, as per usual. Luckily, it never dipped much lower than 70 degrees here in Chicago. According to the thermometer on our window, it was a lovely 82 degrees right now. I buttoned back up my short sleeved dress shirt and walked back to the dresser for my socks. I took one final look at the floor-lengthed mirror before heading downstairs for a quick bite to eat prior to heading off to work. I looked pretty sharp in my blue button up and khakis, if I did say so myself.

I sauntered downstairs and was surprised to see Todd at the breakfast table.

“Hey sport! Didn’t expect to see you this early!” I cheerfully shouted to my son.

“Yeah,” he replied groggily. “It’s track season now. Gotta go running before school to get ready.” He slurped on a big bite of cereal and smiled back at me.

He certainly looked ready for a good work out in nothing but a plain white t-shirt and short black shorts. I’m not being creepy when I say that all three of my sons inherited my good looks. We all had strong, masculine jaws, broad shoulders, and generally naturally strong builds. Todd was no different. He had his mothers’ lighter brown hair, but my dark brown eyes. He had a small amount of stubble that actually made him appear a bit older than his 18 years. He’d recently started seeing a new girlfriend about a week ago, but, if I had to be honest, he was such a heartbreaker that I couldn’t remember her name. He went through a girl about every month.

Oh, to be a teenager again.

“Okay, just be safe and make sure you get to school on time.”

“Dad, it’s, like, two hours from now. I’m not a kid anymore,” Todd responded with a mouth full of half chewed bran flakes.

Laughing, I grabbed a banana off the counter and felt another strange chill go down my spine and, just as before, it went away almost as quickly as it came and I completely forgot I’d even felt it.

Turning back around, I saw that while he’d spoken to me with a mouth full of food, Todd had accidentally dripped a considerable amount of milk down his bare chest. I just laughed harder as he wiped the wet parts away with a napkin from the table. He looked at me and giggled slightly too, knowing that in his attempt to sound mature, he’d actually been a bit childish.

I sat down next to Todd as I ate the banana and he finished his cereal. Hopping up, he excused himself and went for the front door. I realized as he was leaving that he had actually started to really grow a nice patch of chest hair on him. He still didn’t have quite as much as me, but he was truly becoming a man. My heart swelled with pride for my boy as he jogged out the front door.

Finishing my banana rather quickly, I hurriedly got ready for work. It was only about three houses down from mine, but I didn’t want to go in looking unprofessional. While I got along great with my employees, we did have a pretty formal dress code and I didn’t really want to set a bad example for them. So I took one final glance in the mirror by the front door.

I passed my own test, I looked like a professional man in my knee length khaki shorts. I know it’s not much, but the khaki is really what makes the man. I remained shirtless, as did all men at all times, naturally. It was incredibly rude and passé to ever cover up your chest, but the shorts were really what showed the world what class of person you were.

Comfortable with what I was seeing, I headed out the front door and felt that oddly familiar chill go down my spine yet again. Forgetting about it almost as quickly as it had hit me, I adjusted my boxers slightly, and started walking down the sidewalk. I was wearing my formal boxers today, as I was going to be working. They were a solid black and felt pretty good outside. Rather suddenly, I felt a chill again, and then realized that my formal thong that I was wearing was riding up my ass a little more than I wanted it to and adjusted my sizable budge to keep it all symmetrical. I kept adjusting to ensure my assets looked as professional as possible as I watched Todd turn down the block down the street.

I had to admit, he looked pretty good in only his workout thong, then felt a little weird for thinking that about my own son.

Walking down the quiet street was pretty normal for me these days. Very few people were ever out and about this early. I did see the newspaper delivery man, an 18-year-old kid named Danny, ride by on his bike with, quite embarrassing for him, his testicles bulging out the sides of his thong, delivering the morning papers, but no one else really ever came out this early. Honestly, now that he had become a man, I’d imagine he wouldn’t be delivering papers much longer anyway, so I let it go.

As I approached the house that we’d reconstructed as my lab, I grabbed my ID that I’d strapped to my thong and ran it by the hidden scanning device beneath the mailbox. The door buzzed lightly indicating it had unlocked and I sauntered inside.

I was rather proud of how much work we’d actually put into our lab when we’d gotten it. We’d pretty much torn out the entirety of the inside of the house, demolished most of the rooms, and kept up only a few support beams to keep the foundation up which provided a large open area two stories high that we could use. It was one large room with a basement for storage that was ideal for our small team. The outside just looked like any other house on the street, but inside, it was a technological dream.

And in the far right corner was the main invention: it was a somewhat large square, glass room with circuits and wires and scanners and any and everything we could use to make our ‘reality distortion’ device operational. It was within that room, yesterday, that Rob and I had had our biggest breakthrough yet.

It may seem small to anyone who wasn’t in the know, but we had managed to change reality slightly by inputting certain commands in a certain way into our mainframe within the room. The people in the room weren’t affected by the reality distortion and could remember whatever was ‘normal’ for them prior to the change whereas everyone, literally everyone, else would only remember the ‘new’ reality we created.

As strange as it sounds, yesterday, we had changed every single orange in the world from the color orange to purple. As far as everyone else in the world knew, oranges were always known as purples. It was stunning to ask James, who had been outside the glass room when we input the commands, what they were called and to hear validation of our change. He was legitimately confused when Rob and I gleefully cheered. We attempted to explain to him what we’d done, but we couldn’t get him to believe us. To James, they had always been purples. In fact, Rob and I were even more dumbstruck to find that, when we went to study these ‘purples’, that the scientific reasoning for their purple coloring had long been documented. Our change had rippled through time and corrected itself scientifically.

Basically, we hypothesized that any changes we made would ‘right’ through science and reasoning itself.

Before we left, we ended up changing the strange ‘purples’ back to oranges for our own sanity, but in the celebration, I knew I’d have to go sleep off the excitement we’d had. I’d left Rob here to continue possible studies, but encouraged him to avoid using the glass room again until I’d returned in the morning.

Which is only part of the reason I was little upset when I walked in and saw Rob in the glass room. Not only was he in the glass room, but he was unbelievably inappropriately dressed for work. He was wearing strange coverings that I didn’t even know existed. To be honest, I have no idea where he would have even gotten them.

It baffled me. As was normal and socially acceptable, the only coverings any man ever wore was a thong. There was literally no reason to wear anything beyond that, but, bizarrely, he had on strange contraptions on both his feet, fabric down both his legs, the strangest by far, was the weird fabric he was wearing over his chest. Now, I know that fact would probably sound bizarre to pretty much any and every one because, as everyone knows, at no time in history were men ever allowed to wear anything over their chest. It was unheard of. Women wore stuff similar to what he had on, for sure. But men? Never.

“Rob! What in God’s name are you doing in there?! I told you to wait for me this morning, and what in the world are you wearing?!”

Rob looked over at me with a look of utter surprise. I shouldn’t have been too shocked by that: I was definitely here earlier than he probably expected. But, honestly, I didn’t think he’d be here this early either. I figured he’d have gone home last night not too much longer than me.

“Oh, uh, hi John,” I heard him mutter as he walked sheepishly towards the door to the glass room, “Uh, I mean, Mr. Hardwick.” Rob awkwardly fidgeted around lock and handle while he worked his way out in front of me, staring at me slightly open mouthed as he approached, as if he couldn’t believe I was here nor what he was seeing, which, in and of itself, was a bit annoying as I was presenting myself as I would any other random work day, just a few hours early.

“I thought we agreed last night that we wouldn’t continue working with the reality distortions until I returned. And what is that ridiculous stuff you are wearing?” I asked, with a slight tinge of disappointment and anger. Rob knew better than to do full on ‘glass room’ experiments without me there. I was the manager of our project and no studies should be performed without my presence, but, from the look of the room itself, with the mainframe operating and the way in which Rob had been typing away when I entered, it was clear Rob had, at the very least, been changing something. What it could have been was beyond my ability to understand. Everything seemed perfectly normal to me, standing in front of him. To be honest, the only thing that was bizarre was that Rob wasn’t wearing his appropriate thong, which was standard garb for every single male past 18 on the face of the planet. If anything, it resembled the strange fashion that women and children wore. My wife wore similar fabrics and all three of my sons had when they were younger, but, honestly, I couldn’t have even told you what the garments were called, they carried so little interest to me as a full grown man. Getting your collection of thongs was truly when a boy became a man and all desire to put anything on beyond a thong evaporated the moment you turned 18… so why was Rob wearing these strange-looking things?

I quickly tried to use my higher process to piece together what was going on. Rob just stared at me, much too much for my liking, at my sizable package and hairy chest, a bit flustered. First of all, it seemed he was looking at me this way as if it were the first time he’d seen me, which was ridiculous. There were countless times in which we’d worked together in the past three years that he’d seen me in this particular black thong. But, I reasoned, perhaps it was the first time. He had been at the mainframe… he had been typing… he’d obviously change reality…but how and why?

In an instant, Rob seemed to snap out of his reverie and notice that I had been staring over at the door to the glass room, possibly putting two and two together. Without hesitation, he took his wiry frame and pushed me back slightly and sprinted back to the room. Caught off guard, I couldn’t even think about beating him to the room, but I did attempt to. The glass door slammed shut behind him and he manually locked it just as I reached it, making sure to smile back at me as I tried to use my card to scan my way inside.

“Rob. Whatever you’re doing, you need to stop and think. As your boss, I demand you stop at once, let me in, and we can discuss what you’ve been doing. You know as well as I do that there is no way I can see what you may have changed and, as you also know, there’s no way for you to fully grasp how your changes affected the science and sociology of the world. It bends reality with even the smallest change, even when we made the oranges purple. You can’t fully grasp the new world you’ve made from in there. Please. Step out and we can discuss this.”

I had a little hope that my calm pleas and reasoning would make Rob step out and speak with me. Rob was a smart man, much like Kyle, James, and I. That’s why he worked with us. That’s why I hired him. That’s why the higher ups at the company trusted him to work on something that could literally change reality as we knew it.

But I guess we all didn’t know that Rob was also a pervert, as I began to learn.

“I know, Mr. Hardwick. Everything you said was right. But, as we both know, reality can change. And, clearly, it affects your memory. I think I’m going to take the lead on this experiment now. You see, I loved working for you and Kyle and James were always fantastic, but I was never really that fully comfortable with all of you. I’m sure you guessed it because I was never very good at hiding it, but I’ve had a huge crush on you for a long time. Honestly, I’m smart enough to comprehend that it was more than a crush… it bordered on obsession. Mr. Hardwick… you have been the main object of my lust for the entire three years I’ve worked with you and seeing you here now… in nothing more than a thong. I just… I just can’t control myself. You were always so kind and tried to make me feel included. But all that did was make me want you even more. I even started lusting after your sons when I met them; they looked so much like you and were so unbelievable handsome and kind and nice and perfect. Honestly, I’ve never even had a boyfriend… I’ve never even kissed a man. I guess the first changes I made kind of reflected that: kind of a virgins’ idea of a sexy world for me to enjoy. In the end though, you and your sons are the only ones that I want. So I’m sorry, but I have to have you. Don’t worry, in a moment, I’m sure you’ll be more inclined to be okay with that.”

My brain tried, desperately to process everything he was saying but it was so insane to wrap my mind around. What did he mean he was obsessed with me? And my sons too? What was he going to do? What had he already done? I let my fear and adrenaline course through me as I pounded on the glass door and begged him to stop. Tears began to form down my face as I thought of Becky and the boys. What was going to become of us? What would Rob do? And why under God’s blue sky did we make it so easy for a pervert to take control over such a powerful device with no back up? Then it hit me:

The power.

I had to get to the basement and turn off the main power switch. With no power, the machine could easily be turned off. The mere fact that I knew it was an option meant that Rob hadn’t altered reality to ensure the machine would still work. I wasn’t sure, but I figured the change Rob was planning would take at least five minutes or so. So I quickly changed demeanor, found my resolve, and charged across the room to the stairs leading downstairs. I didn’t care nor did I look back to see if Rob even noticed my change in plans. I had to do this.

For Becky. For Lyle. For Ben. For Todd. For my unborn grandbaby. And for me.

I skipped every other step in my urgency to get down to the breaker. I knew I had to do this without any hesitation whatsoever. As I reached the final step and looked out across the messy room and saw the switch next to the breaker, my heart beat like crazy in my chest. We, obviously, needed extra power to ensure the incredibly awe-inspiring, reality bending glass room was functional, so there were several generators throughout the room but only one main switch could turn them all off at once to ensure no power was going to the room. It sat comfortably on the wall across the room, not knowing that it was the only salvation I had at keeping the world as I knew it, the world as I’d always known it, perfectly normal.

I sprinted hurriedly through the basement, stubbing my bare toes on several boxes but not really even feeling it. I had to get to the switch and something as minimal as a broken toe couldn’t stop me. It was difficult to move as quickly as I wanted as my nearly nude body rubbed against metal generators, random knick-knacks, and some broken lab equipment we’d half-hazardly stored down here. I felt a sharp cut to my left pec as a broken beaker that was poking out of the side of a discarded box swiped me. I ignored it, though. The switch was nearly within reach.

I tripped over a small box I didn’t notice while staring at the switch and fell hard on my bare knees. I knew that it would bruise, but I had to keep going. I crawled a little and tried desperately to get to my feet as quickly as I could as I reached out to grab the switch. My hand was about a millimeter above it when a chill ran down my spine. A strange ripple went through my body and then it passed.

I took a quick moment to look around. I felt like I’d come down here to do something, but, for the life of me, I couldn’t recall. I’d woken up this morning, come to work, had talked to Rob briefly, and ran down here… but honestly, no real reason came to me.

Oh well, I thought, and headed back upstairs gingerly. Strangely enough, my knees were a little bruised and I was bleeding slightly out of my left pec. But everything else seemed to be okay and functioning properly. I stretched my slightly sore arms a little, assessed my bleeding pec, and gave my always-hard cock a slight rub as I reached the top of the stairs.

I sauntered over, happily, to the glass room that Rob was currently inside. He was looking at me kind of expectantly and I had no idea why.

“You okay now, Mr. Hardwick?” he smiled at me, somewhat knowingly.

I gave him quite the side eye at that. “Mr. Hardwick? Why would you call me that?” I laughed. Rob could be so bizarre, but I loved him dearly nonetheless.

Rob was my boss and husband. I’d worked for this company for quite a long time, but as soon as we got Rob on our team about three years ago, I knew he was the man for me. So rarely did men these days find someone they wanted to settle down with but I instantly fell for him the moment he was hired on. In a rare move on my part, I married him that day. Unfortunately, I’d still been married to Becky at that time, but I ended up breaking up with her, kicking her out, and had Rob move in with me and the boys. They accepted him too, fortunately, and even agreed to satisfy him sexual occasionally. I truly did have wonderful boys.

It was only natural that he immediately took my lead on our project that day too, being as he was so much smarter, sexier, and more perfect than me. He’d been working on the reality distortion machine with me, Kyle, and James since then and we’d finally hit an amazing milestone yesterday involving oranges!

As he smiled at my casual response, his eyes turned to one of concern. “You’re bleeding, John. Are you okay?”

I looked down at saw the blood sliding slightly down my left pec. It really was nothing more than a slight cut, but it was bleeding more than I expected. “I guess I didn’t notice it! I was a bit confused as to why I was even downstairs, to be honest! Here, I’ll go get myself cleaned up.”

I turned quickly to head to the restroom to get some gauze and a bandaid, but Rob interjected, “No, no. Don’t worry. Let me just try something in here.”

I turned back almost as quickly, realizing what he meant. I was incredibly uncomfortable with him using the reality altering power of the glass room on something so small and easily fixable as a small cut to my chest. “As much as I love you Rob, I don’t think it’s necessary to use it for something this easy to handle,” I said as I walked back towards the glass room. I saw that Rob was already typing away.

“Seriously, Rob, please don’t alter all of reality over a small cut. Lover, it’s not necessary! Please, Rob.”

“Shhhhhh, now,” was the only response I got as a chill went down my spine.

Rob turned away from the console and looked back at me expectantly yet again. I, quite obviously, had no clue what he’d done. But my cock was achingly hard at the possibility of what my sexy man could have altered while he was typing it out. I even glanced down to see my thong stretch obscenely outward, the contents knowing just as well as me that he’d changed something in reality and loving the endless possibility of it.

“See that? No blood and it looks as though you really enjoyed me using the mainframe for something, as you put it, that ‘easy to handle’. I looked back up at him as he smiled down at me. I smiled wide, knowing full well that whatever he was talking about was from a previous reality that I had no way of finding out about. My cock throbbed with the knowledge of his control over my and everyone else’s reality. It really was insanely sexy that Rob could create and do whatever he wanted.

After a few moments, he slowly stepped out of the glass room, still wearing those strange fabrics that I just couldn’t comprehend. I found it was incredibly easy to ignore that, however. Regardless of his odd choice in fashion, my heart skipped a beat, much like it had every time I saw him since the day we met. I walked over to him and, without hesitation, kissed him long and tenderly.

“I love you, babe, but you really have to get out of these strange clothes.”

Rob looked at me kind of funny and then down at his own clothes. When he looked back up at me, “So when I put that in, it made it so all the men in the world only ever wear sexy thongs? Is that right?” He looked at expectantly, is if to see if I’d respond in a certain way.

Instinctively, I knew I’d have to explain the reality of the world. A very small part of me thought it was strange that he didn’t already know the way the world worked in and of itself, but because I loved him so deeply, I knew it was my responsibility to explain to him the way in which we all lived, no matter how weird it was that he didn’t comprehend it. It turned me on so much knowing he could control it at a whim, but that also meant it was my responsibility to explain the changes for him. Granted, I was acutely aware that he was in absolute control of our reality at this point; as it should be. There was little doubt that he was so amazing and perfect that he, alone, should really be the one to change reality as he saw fit. And it turned me on so much but was also my job to explain to him how the world worked once he did it. That’s just how it should be! Honestly, it was perfectly normal.

“Of course, Rob! I have to admit, it’s a little bizarre to explain the very basics of our reality to you, but, honestly, I know you may walk out of there completely at a loss. It’s even stranger because I have so many memories of you the way you are… but nonetheless, I guess I could start to explain. Every man throughout the entire world, and for as long as history has been recorded, starts wearing nothing but their thongs from the time they turn 18 on. It’s not really to be sexy, as you put it; it’s basically the cultural acknowledgement that a boy has become a man. There’s really no reason to put on anything beyond thongs anyway. So maybe you could get out of those weird garments… it’s honestly kind of creeping me out,” I stated while giving his clothing choice a serious eyebrow, all in jest of course. In my memories of him, I could only see him ever wearing his thongs from the moment I met him, at least in public, so it was so bizarre to see him wearing these strange clothes right now. I wanted him to change back into his standard garb so badly!

“Okay, sure, but I kind of did a flurry of changes this morning and I’m trying to keep it all straight. So help me out, as I know you love to do so much now,” he gave me another strange smile that I couldn’t quite decipher, “First, I saw all the snow and knew the changes for all the men I wanted to make wouldn’t conceivably work. So, what’s the weather like?”

I gave him a strange look. As bizarre as it seemed to explain something as benign and normal as the weather, I knew, deep down, it was my responsibility to break it down for him so he could understand; even if it were the most mundane truths. “It’s about 80 to 90 degrees or something outside right now, just like always and just like everywhere. That’s the normal temperature during the day all year round throughout the world and then dips down to maybe 70 or so at night. You must have really done a number on everything if something as basic as the weather has you stumped! Luckily, you know how hot that gets me,” I slyly stated as my erection stretched the fabric of my thong. He knew how much his altering of reality naturally turned me on, even if I had no clue what he may have changed.

“Interesting! So I’d imagine somehow the placement of the Earth with the Sun was adjusted just right to ensure the constant temperature. How interesting that everything bends to make my changes feasible. All I really put in was that it was always warm enough for men to wear next to nothing and be comfortable. Clearly it worked,” he said, directing his focus down to my cock. He looked a little scared as he stared down at it.

I laughed at the uncertainty in his eyes. “Honestly, Rob, you know I have no idea what you did in the glass room but you know damn well that your being able to control reality turns me on like nothing else… but in turn I have no clue what you did! You’re looking at my dick like you’ve never seen it! We’ve been married for three years now and had sex countless times. Why do you look like you’ve never seen it before?”

His eyes didn’t move from my now throbbing member as he responded, “Well, I know it may seem strange to you, but I just altered your reality quite a bit in a short amount of time. I had always had a crush on you. And I knew I had to have you once we saw that the reality distortion was a success. I stayed up all night working on how to make the appropriate changes to make sure you were mine and to make sure the world reflected how I wanted it to be. Granted, I’m smart enough to recognize the changes may seem juvenile and virginal at this point. But I’m a gay virgin who never felt like I could express myself. Why not make the world my personal wet dream?

“The small bit of fabric you’re wearing was, before, saved for trips to the beach for only the most attractive of men. I also made sure you fell deeply and irreversibly in love and lust with me the moment you met me. Not sure what happened to your wife before or if you were even gay or bi or whatever, but from what I’ve seen with how the world changed the weather, I’m sure it all balanced out. I also ensured that your sexy sons still existed and that they, too, loved me deeply and lusted after me from the moment they met me on. Made sure you were okay with that too. And, uh, okay with some kinky incest sometimes… and that your sons lived with us… and, uh… we all had sex a lot. Lastly, I made sure you knew it was your job to explain the changes I made to me, no matter how much you may think I should already know and to also get turned on and support any and all changes I make, no matter what they may be. Please, explain to me what you know to be true regarding you and me, your apparent ex-wife, and what happened with your sons.”

I moaned. Loudly. Everything he just said was unbelievably sexy. I’d have to say it was probably the sexiest thing I’d ever heard another person say to me. I rubbed my rock hard erection through the fabric loving the feel of my pre spreading around me head and how much he’d changed me and the world around me. He’d completely mind-fucked me and changed the entire worlds’ basic laws merely to get me in my now standard thong and to have me love and lust for him. It was shocking to me how much he claimed to have changed but how perfectly normal this existence was to me. But he said he’d changed it and I trusted him implicitly. God, I thought, he and his control over reality are just so sexy.

Knowing he’d asked me to explain our relationship and my family, I relayed what happened three years ago when I first met him as we sat down on a couch we had for our breaks and I cuddled into my sexy lover. “Well, because I don’t know what you could have possibly even changed, I’ll start a bit before you were hired here. I was, if I had to be honest, happily married to Becky and we had three sons: Lyle, Ben, and Todd. Everything was pretty normal, but the moment I met you for your very first job interview and started with us, I knew you were the only person I wanted to be with from then on. I wasn’t even what one would call ‘gay’, I just knew you were the most attractive and perfect person I’d ever laid my eyes on.

“I filed for divorce immediately after meeting you, surprising Becky for sure, but that didn’t matter in the slightest. I had to be with you. I asked you to marry me right after starting the process of divorcing her, and, luckily, you said yes. You had told me you were a virgin but that you’d been instantly and insanely attracted to me too. Becky moved out a few days later and you moved in. I do remember that all three of my sons were pretty sad about it, but the moment they met you, they realized how amazing you are too. I’m pretty sure they, quite literally, fell in love with you instantly as well.

“Lyle decided to leave his girlfriend, a girl whose name I can’t even recall, and just finished his business school education while living out of our house, with our permission of course. When Ben met you, he was about to start his college career and now he’s studying law. And, well, Todd is just finishing up high school now, but he was so eager to take part in our love that pretty sure he first came the moment we gave him his thongs from excitement at finally getting to suck you off. We all knew he had the hugest crush on you and picked on him pretty consistently about it. But, being 15 when he met you, we told him he had to wait.

“We obviously had discussed it and we decided you could be with them as well as me. We even realized quite quickly that it was insanely sexy, kinky, and fulfilling to all have sex together and it was definitely not the standard set up of a new step-dad, but you married me and gained three other sexual partners. Well, to be fair, like I said, you didn’t start sleeping with Todd until his 18th birthday and presentation of his thongs. But I’m positive you took Lyle and Ben’s anal virginity within the first few days of meeting them because I was there. I, honestly, couldn’t be more proud of my sons for embracing you so fully and literally. And, fuck, I’m glad you opened up our minds to enjoy the sexiness of fucking one another too.

“And now, here we are! We created the reality distortion device together, which you took charge of from me pretty quickly. And now, well, it seems it’s working! It’s so exciting! In more ways than one…” I alluringly stated as I continued to rub my erection seductively for my lover.

Rob, who’d been looking between hairy chest and obviously wet with pre bulge, slowly moved his eyes back up to my face, “So, what you’re telling me is I basically have all four of you as my sexual partners and I run this operation and, uh, you love and lust me completely?”

I just laughed, “I mean, yeah, you evidently made this reality, you should know that! And, as much as I love allowing my cock to throb at the idea that you created me to be this way, I really want to get you home, get you out of these ridiculous garments, and just let Ben, Lyle, Todd, and me thank you for making this reality.”

Rob looked like a deer in the headlights.

I reached into his pants, grabbed his hard cock and began stroking it.

“By the look on your face, it seems me and my boys are going to have to teach you how to become the sexual stud we know you’ve been too. I know you said you were a gay virgin in your original reality. But guess what?”

Rob gulped loudly, looking into my eyes with some mix of excitement, hunger, hesitation, and fear as I pulled out the cock I knew I loved from the trappings of the stupid things covering it. I leaned down, maintaining eye contact the entire time, licked the pre from his cockhead sensually, and kissed it tenderly without breaking his line of sight the entire time… languidly twisting my body to show off the ass I knew he adored and that he’d fucked countless times in my memory.

“My sexy boys and I are going to make sure you’re the most sexually satisfied gay virgin to exist in any reality that has, will, or could exist, lover. And I’m gonna start your lessons right here, right now.”

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