The new alphas go camping

by Eric Aaldersen

 New alphas Brian, Jamie, and Jordan all enjoy fireside fucks with their lead alpha, Luke, after Luke passes on the Lore. But not before Luke and Brian bond as alphas for the first time!

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To say that Brian had been looking forward to his long weekend camping trip at the end of the month would be the understatement of the millennium. The very idea of getting naked in the woods with Luke and two other alphas for three whole days made him as hard as a telephone pole.

Lying naked in a hot bathtub full of bubbles, Brian watched his thick alpha cock rise up from the water like a sea monster and flop down onto his rock-hard abs. It had been over a week since Luke had fucked him into alphahood causing the mysterious regrowth of his foreskin. In the past few days it had become less sensitive and started to look like the rest of the skin on his dick. Brian reached down and pulled it back, watching the head of his cock emerge. Stroking it gently he felt waves of sensation that he’d never experienced before. He didn’t know if it was the result of suddenly having a foreskin again, suddenly being an alpha, or both, but Brian loved his dick in a whole new way.

After over a week of not even masturbating, making sure he didn’t rip his new dick, Brian felt like he could fuck non-stop for a week and not even break a sweat. In fact, finally fucking Carly Distephano was on Brian’s short to do list. Now that they’d been seeing each other for a couple of months, they’d been discussing how to make their first time special for a couple of weeks now. Since getting his new dick, Brian was grateful that they had waited. He had no idea how he would’ve explained to his new girlfriend that he suddenly had a foreskin that wasn’t there before. But now that Brian was an alpha, Carly couldn’t seem to wait to get in his pants.

Must be that special alpha musk Luke talked about, Brian thought. Sweet!

Stroking his dick with one hand, he felt up his meaty chest and rocky abs with the other. He’d practically lived in the school gym this past week –he’d needed something occupy himself– and all his muscles felt harder and fuller than they ever had before, like he had the world’s most amazing pump, constantly. Brian felt particularly proud of the arms he’d build over the past two years. As he massaged his chest he watched the ball of muscle flex and contract as he stroked his cock. He definitely had some of the best arms in the school.

His head fell back against the tiles as he felt his juices rise from his balls and up his thick shaft. His enormous, swollen balls floated just below in the warm water.

Damn, he thought. I don’t think my balls have ever been this big.

They bobbed like a pair of small apples as he gently stroked. For the past few days his balls had been swollen so big that he had to be careful when walking and sitting, never mind the pornographic bulge at his crotch even when his dick was totally soft. Brian had been covering his dick in vitamin E cream and aloe vera all week to encourage the healing process. For two days now his dick had felt more or less normal. Well, not super sensitive, at least. There was nothing normal about the thick, throbbing eight and a half inches of alpha cock sitting on his abs, leaking lube like a hose. His balls were so packed full of cum that he actually started to feel a dull ache in them this morning. He needed relief!

Awe, fuck it! he thought, and started working himself up to orgasm.

It was amazing. Waves of pleasure crested throughout his entire body with every slight movement he made.

Damn! Brian said to himself. If this is what jacking off is like now that I’m an alpha, I can’t wait to actually bone down with someone!

After over a week of abstinence it didn’t take long for Brian to work up a load. He let out a deep, restrained roar as thick streams of cum shot from his cock up onto his neck, chin, the tiled wall behind him –everywhere! The house wasn’t empty, but he was so far from caring if anyone heard him. He kept shooting for a solid minute or more.

Wow, he thought. First batch of alpha seed. He inhaled deeply, drinking in the strong, masculine scent of it as it filled the bathroom.

He felt a little sad that he didn’t breed someone with it, but that passed when he realized just how impressive this orgasm had been. Brian’s entire upper torso and half of the bathtub was covered in his thick, steamy alpha seed. The humid bathroom smelled like a sex vault. Besides, there would be more orgasms, lots of them!

He reached over, grabbed his phone, and took a selfie.

This is going to Luke. And… he looked down, took stock, and smiled, his cock still rock hard and dripping cum. Looks like I didn’t damage anything.

Alpha Brian was ready to rock!

The next day, Brian lounged on his bed, talking with Luke on the phone.

“Dude, I never shot so much in my life!” Brian exclaimed. “I was in the bathtub. Thought I was gonna drown in my own cum for a second!”

Luck chuckled. “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

“You think I didn’t take pics? Damn right, I did!”

Luke got an incoming snapchat photo of Brian in his bathtub, drenched in thick, white alpha cum, his meaty now intact cock resting against his abs. Brian was making a “thumbs-up” with a goofy smile on his face. Most importantly, his new foreskin had gone from baby pink to marble white, just like the rest of him.

“Day-yum,” Luke said. “That’s going in my spank bank.”

“Well… don’t get me wrong, I’m damn happy I can jerk off again, but I cannot wait to fuck! This alpha shit is intense! It’s like I’m in horndog overdrive twenty-four seven! Hell, I’m boned up and leaking right now! Does this feeling ever go away?”

“I don’t think so. I think you just get used to it.”

“I have no idea what I’m gonna say if someone notices that I suddenly have a foreskin, though.”

“Who do you plan on showing it to?”

“Well, c’mon, so many guys at school have seen me in the showers, in the sauna. How am I gonna explain it?”



“Well… if someone says something just say you’ve always been uncut. Act like they’re crazy for even bringing it up. I mean… dicks don’t regrow their foreskin… Usually. Just… don’t make a big deal about it. And don’t let anyone in your family see you naked.”

“Huh… That might just work.”

“So are you ready for the weekend?”

“So ready! But… Luke, do you think you and I could get together before then? I mean… I am literally dying to fuck. And I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be with right now.”

Luke smiled. Blood surged to his groin.

“Sure, man. Let’s meet at the bench tomorrow night after school.”


“You’d better brace yourself, though. Ever since fucking you into alphahood my own alpha traits have blossomed even more.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Well… I’ve put on ten pounds more muscle in just the last two weeks. I’m now sitting at a tight 212 pounds. And, believe it or not, my dick got even bigger.”

“How much bigger?”

“About a quarter inch bigger round and the same longer. And I think it’s still stretching. Every time I bone lately I feel like it’s trying to bust out of its skin.”

“Day-yum… Let’s not wait until tomorrow night. Let’s meet at the bench now.”

“It’s dark!”

“So? The moon is out. We can both say we’re going for a late night run.”

“You won’t get cold?”

“No. I don’t think I’ve been cold for a minute since becoming an alpha.”

Luke purred into the phone, “Mmmmm… I’m on my way.”


Twenty minutes later Brian saw Luke charging down his street toward him, the light of the streetlamps reflecting off his sweaty torso. It was a warm night, all Luke wore was a pair of fleece jogging shorts and his running shoes. Brian rose to his feet, grinning from ear to ear, and planted his hands on his hips. He was dressed similarly to Luke.

Luke crashed right into Brian, grabbing him and kissing him. Brian grabbed Luke, too, and ground his crotch into Luke’s as they grappled and made out right there on the dark street. They broke the kiss and Brian said,

“C’mon. Let’s find somewhere before we both need to run with boners.”

“Lead the way, man.”

They jogged into the forest, darting among the trees like two horny stags, until they came upon a grassy clearing next to a pond. The ground here was a bit soft and the moonlight streamed in from above. The night was perfect, warm and clear but still too early for any annoying insects to spoil things.

Brian turned around to face Luke, panting with exertion, his pale, muscular flesh sweaty and glistening in the moonlight, a huge smile on his face and lust in his eyes. He threw his shorts to the ground and tossed them aside, standing before Luke in just his running shoes with his legs wide and his huge penis reaching skyward. Luke did the same and they just stood there a few feet apart for a few seconds, each drinking in the sight of the other’s godly body, breathing in the other’s alpha musk, feeling the energy radiate between them like static electricity.

Luke had wanted this for so long. So many emotions coursed through his body at that moment. He was proud that his best friend had finally become the alpha that he was meant to be. He was overjoyed that they could now be together and become closer than they’d ever been before. And he was hungry. He thought back to that night in front of the campfire last summer when he and Brian stood before each other much like this. The lust that Luke had felt then paled in comparison to what he felt now. This time, Luke stepped forward first.

They embraced each other tightly, as if wanting to weld their flesh together, grinding their erect cocks between their muscular torsos, letting them slide alongside each other coated in a blend of sweat and alpha lube. As their testicles swelled and their cocks spewed precum in anticipation of their bonding, the combined musk coming off of them got super strong. Any alpha within ten kilometres probably boned up to the scent of their fucking. They kissed madly and grabbed at each other’s broad backs and shoulders, slowly rolling their hips.

Luke broke the kiss and got down on his knees. He looked up at Brian and said, “Hey, there alpha stud.”

Brian smiled and whacked his buddy’s face playfully with his erect cock.

“Awe yeah!” Luke said. “Feed it to me, man!”

Brian retracted his foreskin and shoved his cock into Luke’s waiting mouth. Luke choked a little before Brian’s alpha lube did its job at loosening his throat.

Damn, my cock got big! Brian thought to himself. It was well over eight inches now and was almost as thick as Luke’s.

After a minute Luke’s nose was nuzzling Brian’s pubes. He brought his hands up and grabbed his buddy’s muscular ass as Brian started fucking his face in earnest, feeling Luke’s strong hands grab at his big muscles as he flexed and fucked Luke’s throat.

“Oh… fuck this feels amazing,” Brian said, letting his head fall back, surrendering to the sensations.

His big balls slapped against Luke’s chin as he fucked, the full length of his cock now sliding in and out of his friend’s gullet. Luke looked up at Brian, their eyes locking, sharing an alpha gaze and driving each other crazy with their minds as well as their bodies.

Feeling that his buddy was close to blowing his load, Luke pulled himself off of Brian’s cock and stood up, sharing a brief kiss with his mate, Brian’s slippery alpha lube sliding along their tongues. Then Luke turned around, braced himself against a nearby tree, and spread his massive, muscular legs, presenting his ass to his newly made alpha bro. Luke looked over his shoulder, tossing Brian that impish smile that never failed to melt a heart. Brian stepped forward, ready to spread his seed and breed as an alpha for the very first time.

He massaged Luke’s upper back and shoulders, kissing his neck and licking at his salty flesh while rubbing his massive, throbbing cock between Luke’s perfect ass cheeks. He wanted to do more than just fuck Luke tonight, he wanted to show his big alpha bro that he could make love, too.

Brian’s cock leaked so much lube that it started dripping down his balls. Luke pushed his hips back toward Brian in time with his thrusts. Luke wanted this as much as Brian did. He hadn’t been bred by another alpha since December when his brother visited. He could literally feel his ass winking open and closed, begging for Brian’s cock.

“C’mon, man,” Luke said softly. “Breed my alpha ass. Bond with me like we were always meant to.”

Brian rocked his hips, positioned his thick bone at Luke’s rosebud, and pushed just the tip inside.

They both groaned like rutting bucks. Brian’s cock and balls went into overdrive, swelling and spewing alpha lube like crazy. Luke’s own thick nine-plus inches of man meat was granite hard and leaking all the way down to the earth beneath them.

“I love you, Luke,” Brian whispered into his alpha mate’s ear. “You’ve always given me so much. Now I wanna… give back.”

Brian grabbed Luke’s boulder shoulders, thrust his hips and slid his cock in all the way. His hips crashed against Luke’s round, bodybuilder ass and they both groaned in ecstasy, barely moving as the sensations washed over them like warm wind. Brian made small, minute movements with his hips while squeezing Luke’s hard pecs, even the smallest motion rippled through every nerve in their bodies, both studs feeling positively electric.

“Oh, Luke!” Brian cried out. “I can’t hold it back, man. It’s too fuckin’ intense!”

“Then let it go, bro. Breed me like the alpha stud you are.”

Brian grabbed onto Luke in a tight bear hug, grinding their sweaty bodies together, feeling his engorged testicles swinging beneath him, feeling the heat from their bodies dissipate into the cool night air. The he thrust deeply one more time and…

“Ungh! Ohmigawd! Unghhhhh…”

Brian’s seed flooded Luke and Luke felt the warmth and energy from it spread throughout his whole body. It took all of Luke’s strength not to blow his own load then and there. He reached down and grabbed his own testicles, gently pulling them away from the base of his cock while clamping down as hard as he could with his prostate even as he felt Brian’s huge cock pulsating and grinding against it. He wanted Brian to have his first load of the night.

Brian stayed inside Luke for a long time, his cock never losing any of its rigidity, gently pumping and flexing it, before slowly releasing his bear hug and pulling out. Luke immediately turned around and re-embraced his alpha lover, kissing him and grinding their bodies together.

“Oh, man,” Luke said, breaking their embrace. “This feels… amazing!”

He sucked in a deep breath and flexed every muscle in his body as he stared at Brian and let out a long, low, rumbling, “Grrrrr…”

By now Luke’s cock and balls had swollen to entirely new dimensions in anticipation of finally breeding his chosen alpha stud. His entire groin and thighs were covered in his sticky, musky alpha lube, shimmering in the moonlight.

“You ready for this?” Luke said with a smirk, shaking his huge cock at Brian.

“Hell, yeah!”

Brian jumped onto Luke, wrapping his legs around the bigger stud. Brian had put on some serious size since the last time he did this, but Luke easily held him up, like the wiry twink he’d been last summer. Luke held Brian onto him with one arm while positioning his cock with the other hand, making out with Brian at the same time. It didn’t take long before…


They groaned in unison as Luke penetrated Brian and lowered the smaller hunk down onto his massive cock with his powerful, rock-like arms. Luke’s cock was huge, but Brian’s body welcomed him in like he belonged there. And Luke didn’t go slowly. His powerful hips thrust and bounced Brian on his cock wildly while Brian held onto his alpha mate’s muscles for dear life. They both felt waves of energy cresting through them with every thrust, Luke’s powerful legs looked like columns of marble in the moonlight as he held up his lover and thrust up into him. After fucking for a few minutes, Luke walked them over to that tree, rested Brian’s back against it, and started thrusting even harder. The carnal sounds of their lovemaking echoed off the trees, the animals of the forest must’ve thought a moose orgy was happening. The air rushed in and out of the two young alphas’ lungs like they were running a marathon. And Luke could feel his climax building.

His balls swelled even more as they pumped his cock full of alpha milk, the pressure building up there and stretching Brian’s ass even more, and yet Luke held back. Brian’s cock was still hard. He wanted his alpha mate to spray his seed all over them before he bred him. He wanted them to cum at the exact same time. And he got his wish. Brian’s cock erupted, spraying alpha seed all over them, the strong smell of it filling the entire grove of trees. Luke’s cock spasmed and shot with more force than he thought possible, and Brian obviously felt it, his eyes opening wide as he felt his lover’s seed fill him to capacity. Luke collapsed against Brian, pinning him to the trunk of the tree. Slowly the two of them collapsed into the soft, damp grass at their feet, embracing each other with their muscular limbs, softly stroking each other’s body as their hearts slowed and their breathing returned to normal, lapping Brian’s seed off of each other with their tongues. The afterglow of two alphas fucking was like the ultimate high.

After adequately savouring the sensations of their first bonding as alphas, they pulled their shorts back on and walked back to Brian’s place with their arms around each other. They both smelled like sex from twenty paces away, so they hosed each other down behind Brian’s family garden shed before returning to their respective bedrooms and their everyday lives as simple teenagers.

Jordan and Jamie couldn’t believe their luck. Not only were they going to spend the May long weekend camping with Luke Forrester, but Brian Loughreed was coming, too!? Four of the school’s hottest studs alone in the woods for three days? This was going to be epic!

Luke and Brian had been camping together since they were kids –they knew all the best spots around. The place Luke brought them to for this weekend was amazing; he and Brian had camped there once before. It was just west of a huge conservation area, far enough off the highway that no one would bother them and away from anyone else who might be camping that weekend, but it was only a couple of hours out of town. They found a high grassy clearing inside a thick grove of cedars that was the perfect place to pitch a tent. Twenty paces away were granite cliffs that stood about ten feet above a gravel beach. Not far away were perfect spots for jumping right into the lake.

“Man, this place is awesome!” Jordan said, taking in the view across the water.

It was a warm, sunny day. All the guys worked bare chested setting up the site, allowing their young, muscular bodies to breath and taking in the energy of the sun.

“I haven’t even told you about the best part,” Luke said, hefting a cord of firewood up onto some rocks. “About fifteen minutes that way? Hot springs!”

Luke wiggled his eyebrows at Jordan, tossing the younger stud a look that went straight to his groin.

“Really? Day-yum… You guys sure know how to camp.”

Luke, Brian, and Jamie shared knowing smiles, thinking about their epic camping trip last summer with Dave, and continued setting up their site.

Once everything was set up, Luke decided that he wanted to get in a workout while his heart rate was still up. Actually, he just wanted to show off in front of the other guys and provide a little inspiration. Luke had developed a new calisthenics strength routine this winter in his basement and he’d been dying to show the guys his progress. After building up strength all winter Luke could do some crazy stuff. The other three jocks watched in a awe as Luke did sets of one-handed pull-ups on some tree limbs, handstand push-ups, back flips, one-armed push-ups –he even did a flagpole plank off of a skinny cedar tree and held it for a minute on each side! It looked literally gravity defying for a guy that huge to move like that.

Of course the guys all tried to copy him, some of them even succeeded in doing a handful of reps and this made Luke feel proud as hell. All three of them were way bigger and stronger than they’d been at the start of the school year, especially Brian, thanks not only to Luke’s alpha seed but also to his coaching in the weight room.

By the end of their woodland workout all the guys were pumped and sweating like racehorses. The heavy musk of four young alphas mixed with the spicy scent of the cedar trees was almost too much for Luke, it was like drinking in breath after breath of pure strength.

“Damn, Luke!” Jamie cried. “You’re a fuckin’ superhero!”

“Yeah, man,” Jordan piped in. “And looking huge, too. You get those eighteen inch arms you wanted yet?”

“Got ’em back in March,” Luke said, bringing up his arms in a double biceps pose. “Now I’m going for nineteen inches before my eighteenth birthday!”

“But let’s see you boys flex it out,” Luke said. “I wanna see the results of my coaching.”

The three of them happily obliged, all flexing, pumping, and strutting for the as yet unacknowledged leader of their alpha pack. Luke squeezed, groped, and caressed to his heart’s content, breathing deeply the musk of each of them in turn, his meaty cock plumping inside his shorts.

“Lookin’ good, studs!” Luke said. “Now what do you say we cool off a bit.”

Luke dropped his shorts, standing before them in all his glory, and said, “Last one in is a pussy!”

They all followed suit and charged buck naked into the cool waters of the lake.

Playing in the water soon turned into wrestling, and the wrestling soon turned more intimate. Being the competitive and horny studs that they were, the action soon turned into an unspoken contest of who could make their mate orgasm the hardest. Luke penetrated Brian and fucked him as the two of them looked on at Jordan breeding Jamie. Each of them held the others in his alpha gaze it was like like the world beyond that calm, shallow bay of lake water completely melted away. Ultimately, Brian was the unrecognized winner; while fucking Luke, Jamie and Jordan looked on in wonder. Luke and Brian were in the water up to their mid-torsos, Luke was fully erect with his hands behind his head, cock submerged a few inches beneath the surface of the water, his huge arms fully flexed and on display as Brian pounded him from behind, grabbing onto Luke’s shoulders for leverage. When Luke came he blasted so hard that his cum fountained up, breaking the surface of the water by about a foot for half a dozen blasts! By the end of the afternoon they’d all bred each other multiple times, their bodies coursing with each other’s strength and power.

Just after sunset all four of them lounged on blankets around the campfire, totally nude, staring into the flames. They’d all tried wearing shorts over the course of the day, but being in such close company with other alphas kept them all revving in high gear, their dicks constantly chubbed and dripping. Even after spending the entire afternoon fucking, they were all ready to go, their heavy-looking testicles still packed with seed like the sex gods they were. Luke looked on in pride at his pack of alphas, the firelight lapping on their godly, young bodies. It was time.

“Jamie? Jordan?” Luke said to them across the fire. They looked up and locked eyes with Luke who looked at them with an incredible intensity.

“Do you trust me?” Luke asked, deadly serious.

“Yeah, man.”

“Of course. What’s up?”

“I have something to tell you. Something that I told Brian a few weeks ago. It’s important.”

They were spellbound and silent in Luke’s alpha gaze. Brian looked on smiling, silently allowing this sacred transmission of knowledge occur.

“Do you remember that night early in the spring when I bred the two of you in Jordan’s basement?”

“Yeah, man!” Jordan spoke up. “How could we forget!?”

“Yeah, dude. You sure know how to fuck.”

“Well…” Luke continued. “Do you remember how you felt before that day? And… how you felt after? How you feel now? You both, no doubt, feel… different.”

“Different? I feel amazing!” Jamie said.

“Yeah,” Jordan agreed. “It’s like… for some reason I now feel all this… energy coursing through me. It’s like I could do anything.”

“Yeah…” Jamie echoed. “I just feel so… strong, like, all the time.”

“Well, that night when I bred the two of you, I changed you. About a month later, Brian went through the same change, but I couldn’t wait until this weekend to give him this knowledge. Brian and I share… a very powerful bond. Maybe I should have told the two of you sooner, but… I’m telling you know.”

“Tell us what?” Jamie asked.

Luke smiled as he continued, “I, Brian, and the two of you, now belong to a very special breed of men…”

“And that, young alphas, is our Lore.”

“Whoa…” Jamie said, staring into the flames.

“Yeah…” Jordan echoed. “Whoa… Sure explains a lot, though.”

“Yeah…” said Jamie. “But… Luke, you’d bred me plenty of times before that night. How come I never changed then?”

Luke shrugged his shoulders, “This is not a science. An alpha becomes an alpha when the time is right and not before.”

“Yeah,” Brian interjected. “Luke and I had been bonding for years and, more recently, fucking like crazy. But I didn’t become an alpha until just after you two did.”

“Wow…” Jamie said. “Well… thanks, Luke.”

“Yeah, thanks,” said Jordan. “I don’t know how we could ever–”

Luke raised his hand and stopped him, “You don’t need to thank me. I just brought to the surface the flame that was already inside of you. Just promise to be the best alphas you can be. And enjoy yourselves. Now…”

Luke stood and placed his hands on his hips, his weighty cock and balls swinging between his massively thick thighs.

“What does everyone think about checking out those hot springs?”

Jamie, Jordan, and Brian all traded looks.

“Sounds great, but… before we do that…” Brian began.

“I think all of us want to show our appreciation just a little bit,” Jordan finished for him.

“Yeah,” Jamie agreed. Here he got onto his knees, crawled a forward a few feet and licked Luke’s heavy prick from tip to root. Luke moaned.

“Let us thank you, Luke,” Jamie finished, looking up into Luke’s teen idol face.

Then all three of the newly minted alphas got down on their hands and knees, turned around, and presented their puckering asses to Luke, looking back at him with lustful smiles on their faces. Luke’s cock instantly swung skyward and started leaking copious amounts of lube at the sight of these three, prime specimens of maleness offering up their bodies in gratitude. Luke smiled and couldn’t help but think back to last summer when he bred Jamie, Brian, and Andy –busting their virgin, twink cherries. Now, instead of breeding three virgin betas, a trio of alpha studs were presenting themselves to him, begging to be bred, to feel Luke’s power surge through their bodies once again, to be flooded with masculine energy in its purest form.

Luke looked down at his alpha pack and smiled, stroking his huge nine-incher in his fist. They may now be alphas in their own right, all of them, but apparently they still loved, adored, and appreciated Luke, looking up to him just as they always had.

Well, Luke thought, looking at the buffet of beefy asses below him, I certainly can’t turn down a proper thank-you.

The four of them spent the rest of the weekend fully revelling in their alpha identities, testing their strength and endurance, discovering the nuances of their enhanced senses, and, of course, fucking each other senseless.

Luke lounged in the tent on their final night together, looking up at the roof with one hand behind his head, the other wrapped around Brian. Brian slept on his chest listening to the rhythm of his alpha mate’s heart. Jamie was curled up next to Luke, his ass pushed against Luke’s outer thigh as he spooned Jordan. Luke’s alpha pack all slept heavily after yet another full day of carnal play and discovery. The tent was thick with their combined musk. Luke breathed it in like an intoxicating fog and thought back to the very first beta he’d ever bred…

Up Next: Luke remembers back to his first year of high school and his very first sexual encounter one snowy day in the back of a school bus!


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