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Alpha encounters: Logan

by Eric Aaldersen

An eighteen-year-old alpha, Logan, needs some release as he waits to meet up with his smoking hot boyfriend. Someone in his English class ends up lending a hand. Or... mouth. Part of a collection of Alpha Encounters.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #19 2,549 words Added Apr 2023 5,418 views 5.0 stars (2 votes)

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Author’s Note

Logan is a character from my novel Tales of the Alphas. This story catches up with him up a few months after the novel ends.


Part 1

It was the start of October, Thanksgiving was rolling around soon, and Logan Loughreed couldn’t have felt more grateful. He stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror in his family’s house barely able to believe what he saw. Ever since his older brother had fucked him into alphahood early that year, his life, and his body, had become more supernatural with each passing week. He’d shot up four inches in height and put on over forty pounds of muscle just before his eighteenth birthday. At this rate he would be six feet tall before he graduated. But even more dramatic were his increases in size and strength. Logan threw up pose after pose in the mirror, admiring the work of art that his body was becoming. Round, hard globes of muscle swelled on his shoulders and arms. His chest looked like a meaty plate of armour. All across his upper body a network of veins lurked just below the surface, popping up whenever he flexed hard or got a really good pump going. His abs looked like they belonged on a superhero—his defined intercostals and obliques put him multiples beyond a six-pack. His back was rocky and wide as fuck, especially in ratio to his snatched waist that measured between twenty-six and twenty-seven inches on any given day. His sculpted legs looked like something lifted from an anime comic and they were superhero strong.

When last he tested himself Logan had a thirty-two inch vertical jump. When school started in September he decided that, in addition to doing gymnastics, he’d join the basketball team—just for fun. This was something he wouldn’t have even dreamed of a year ago, but he was already one of the team’s star players. In contrast to his brother Brian, who just wanted to get as big as he possibly could, Logan’s ambitions were more about motion. Back in the spring and summer he’d started off testing himself with some simple gymnastics moves and parkour tricks on the playground. By September all of his new teammates thought he’d been born hanging from a set of rings. It seemed like all he had to do was visualize what he wanted to achieve and his body get to work making it happen. Everything was coming so easily to him now. And not just in the gym.

Socially Logan had gone from being a cute, nerdy, loner to the school’s popular, brainy, beefcake. Including Billy, his equally hot and popular boyfriend, Logan was suddenly one of those guys who had the whole package. And speaking of packages...

As Logan continued admiring his strength and virility in the bathroom mirror, his cock quickly inflated to full-mast and started throbbing, pumping out copious quantities of clear, sticky lube that ran all the way down his shaft, down his balls, and dripped onto the bath towel beneath his feet. The transformation of Logan’s cock and balls had maybe been the most dramatic of all. A year ago he was pathetically underdeveloped. He was embarrassed to get naked in front of anyone, including himself, but especially the other guys at school. Now he was unquestionably the biggest stud in the locker room, his size quietly admired by all the men at his school, teachers included. Logan smirked as he held a double biceps pose and watched his thick cock—eight inches long and growing—pulse and throb in front of his ripped lower abs. It got so hard now and its tip almost reached his belly button. It felt like it was constantly trying to stretch itself out of its own skin. And his testicles were now truly alpha-sized, twice as big as any beta at his school and they swelled even bigger whenever he got turned on.

“Fuck, yeah...” Logan muttered as he watched his muscles popping and his cock throbbing.

Logan wasn’t just buff now, he was smoking hot, too. His cute, slightly turned up nose, his high cheekbones, his clear, tawny skin, his dark, smouldering eyes, all of it crowned by a thick head of spiky black hair that had gotten more lustrous in recent months. Together, he and his blond, blue-eyed boyfriend spanned a considerable portion of the male sexiness spectrum.

Then Logan let his thick, powerful arms fall to his sides. He closed his eyes, and felt his sexual energy surging all around him as he remembered the last time he and Billy were together. Logan led them on a run through the forest just beyond his subdivision, the woods were he and his older brother Brian would bond and breed each other on a daily basis when he lived at home. Those memories made fucking there with Billy extra hot.

Standing there in his bathroom with those memories whirling through his mind, Logan felt energy radiate from his crotch through his entire body and out from his skin, the special kind of heat that than an alpha gives off at all times, but especially when he’s turned on. He felt his huge cock throbbing and felt glob after glob of thick alpha lube pulse up its length, out the tip, and roll down his shaft. He felt his balls get heavy, packing themselves with thick, rich, alpha seed. Then that seed rose into his shaft with volcanic speed and—

“Unghhh! Grrrrr...”

Logan gasped then let out a low, muffled growl as he clenched his fists and enjoyed a powerful hands-free orgasm. His cock fired several heavy globs of semen up into the air, landing on the mirror at and above eye-level. Logan opened his eyes panting hot breath as he watched his thick, viscous seed slowly roll down the glass. He was still shocked at the volume of his orgasms now. This was more seed than a healthy teenage beta could pump out in days of constant masturbating. The heavy scent of his alpha musk now filled the bathroom like a cloud of pure masculine sexuality.

Logan dreamed of the day when his boyfriend Billy would become an alpha and they could bond on a whole new level, a level closer to what Logan enjoyed with his brother Brian. One day. Soon.

He flicked on the bathroom’s exhaust fan and cleaned up his mess, practically filling the toilet with wads of tissues, then got in the shower as the high from his orgasm ebbed. In half an hour he’d be meeting Billy at their high school’s gym. It was gonna be a great day.

Logan and Billy ended up working out with a couple of the other top jocks at their school that bright, early morning. Whenever that happened a good portion of Logan’s workout usually consisted of demonstrating his strength to the other guys. That morning was no exception. Their workout finished with Logan showing them how many handstand push-ups he could do and then helping the other guys get started doing them. Then, later in the locker room, the boys demanded that Logan do some flexing and posing for them. Logan was only too happy to provide some inspiration and motivation for other dudes. Logan wasn’t the tallest jock in the school, or even the biggest, but he was far and away the most sculpted and strongest. He always took his time getting dressed, too, letting the boys see and admire the man in their presence. That was one measurement where few dudes at his school even came close anymore.

With a new body, a new attitude, and a new boyfriend, Logan had started his last year of high school feeling like a king. Just like his brother before him, he now ruled that school. But unlike other wanna-be alpha males with similar status, Logan was nice. He stood up for the small, nerdy kids. He used his size, strength, and status to help make sure everyone at his school got respect. Everybody loved Logan. The calm, confident strength and friendly, playful attitude that he embodied infected everyone around him as he strutted through the halls with a big, toothy grin spread across his handsome, youthful face. Brian had pointed out that this was one of Logan’s stronger alpha traits.

All alphas have certain traits in common, but each alpha has one or two traits that seem to express stronger than others. For example, with Brian’s alpha mate Luke it was sex. Luke was not only the sexiest of the sexy, and spectacularly equipped, but he could turn on everyone around him—male, female, didn’t matter—with a gaze, or even just with the super strong alpha musk that effortlessly rolled off of him. With Brian, although his body was still alpha-level amazing, it seemed like mental focus was the alpha trait that made him stand out. With Logan it was emotional.

He could sense how good everyone around him was feeling, sometimes could even sense exactly what was bugging someone, and his good mood was infectious at a distance. Ever since Logan became an alpha earlier that year there were fewer and fewer fights at his school, no one heard about anyone getting suspended for bad behaviour anymore, and everyone around him just generally felt... good. It made Logan feel great thinking that he was having such a positive influence and the spiral just continued. Teachers joked that they weren’t going to let him graduate.

Best of all was the effect that Logan had on all the LGBT kids at his school. He and Billy were so openly affectionate with each other in the halls that everyone felt safer about being themselves and exploring their sexuality freely and openly, like young people should. But things weren’t perfect for Logan.

He sat quietly in English class, his eyes scanning the text of Hamlet as the teacher read, wrapping his tongue around the Shakespearean English for their class. But Logan wasn’t thinking about the Prince of Denmark. Logan was horny. His dick rested in the crotch of his blue jeans with a perma-chub that hadn’t gone away for days now.

Logan’s brother Brian, Brian’s alpha mate Luke, and their whole circle of alphas had left town for school at the end of August. Logan was pretty sure he was the only alpha left in town on a full-time basis. And after a whole summer of almost non-stop bonding with a whole circle of alpha males, plus his super hot beta boyfriend, Logan was starting to feel some serious withdrawal. Logan and Billy had been bonding for four months now. Logan felt like he’d already pumped gallons of seed up his hot, blond muscle twink’s pussy. The alpha seed was making Billy bigger and stronger, but so far he’d shown no signs of becoming an alpha himself. Sex with Billy was great, of course, but the bonding that happens between two alphas is next level and Logan craved that. He was already looking forward to his brother’s return for Thanksgiving. Luke would be back for a few days, too. The thoughts of what they were going to do with each other just made his chubby worse. Despite the distinctly non-sexy sounds in the classroom, Logan felt his dick lengthen down the one leg of his jeans and moisten the hairs of his inner thigh. This was not good. Class was almost halfway over. At this point the teacher usually shifted gears and asked them to do something else, maybe even stand up an enact something. Logan needed relief.

He considered discretely texting Billy, but he knew that Billy was in the middle of gym class and wouldn’t have his phone on him. Logan ran a hand through his hair and pushed a frustrated breath out through his lips. Then he looked to his left and smiled. He had an admirer sitting next to him.

Lisa Rodriguez sat in the desk next to him at the back of the class and she was clearly checking him out. Logan was wearing blue jeans and a navy blue polo shirt that he filled out to absolute perfection. His hard, round biceps stretched the sleeves ever so slightly. He casually flexed his arms as he flashed his perfect smile over at Lisa who smiled and licked her lips. Lisa was a smoking hot Latina with caramel skin and legs to die for. Logan preferred bonding with males, but ever since becoming an alpha he was so horny sometimes that he wouldn’t say no to a skillful blowjob from anyone. And Lisa was rumoured to be very skilled in that department. Just what a horny alpha needed.

Their teacher switched gears just as Logan anticipated but, as luck would have it, he also called a five minute washroom break for anyone who needed it. Logan locked eyes with Lisa, wagged his eyebrows, and cocked his head toward the classroom’s door. Lisa nodded then, as discreetly as she could, followed him as he left.

The two of them dashed past the washrooms, through the empty old gym, and into an equipment storage room. They were immediately on each other, making out like they were trying to weld their lips together. Logan grabbed her ass and thrust his crotch into hers, making sure she could feel his big, hard bone sandwiched between them. Lisa dropped to her knees with a big smile on her face as she undid Logan’s jeans. She yanked his underwear down and out sprang what was no doubt the biggest, juiciest cock she’d ever laid eyes on. She looked up at Logan with a big smile and immediately went to work. While she sucked Logan took his shirt off and tossed it over a chair, giving Lisa the “mountain of muscles” view as she looked up at him. Inside of two minutes Logan was pumping a day’s worth of protein down her throat.

Much to their mutual surprise Lisa had also gotten so hot and wet that she had to take her panties off, abandon them in a trashcan, and shove some paper towels into the crotch of her jeans to get her through the day. When Logan saw her moist, tight, young pussy come into view and smelled the honey that had accumulated there, his cock throbbed again and leaked out an extra glob of seed onto the floor. He had to bite his lip and clench his fists to stop himself from mounting this sexy, Latina doe and breeding her on top of the gym mats right then and there. He definitely didn’t want to make a girl pregnant. And Logan knew damn well that with seed as potent as his, there would be no maybe about it, she’d be knocked up for sure. So they restrained themselves and returned to English class. Just a little bit late, but both of them with flushed, grinning faces. The blowjob would tide Logan over until he could meet up with Billy.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #19 2,549 words Added Apr 2023 5,418 views 5.0 stars (2 votes)

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