Alpha Encounters: Addison

by Eric Aaldersen

 A varsity basketball hunk goes to the gym to burn off some of his sexual energy, but gets more than he bargained for.

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It all began the night my cock just wouldn’t go down. It was my first year of university. I sat at my dorm room desk trying desperately to concentrate. It was about 10:30 at night, a warm Saturday night in late March, and spring fever was definitely in the air. But I really wanted to get through this online module, even though all my friends had just left to go clubbing downtown, including my roommate.

“C’mon, Addy!” My friends had pleaded at my door.

My buddy and teammate Devon had shown up to make one last effort to get me to go clubbing, and he’d brought reinforcements. He had a girl on either side of him, both dressed to kill, both scanning me from head to toe like they wanted to jump my bones right there in the doorway. One he introduced as Sara, a leggy blond with a bright smile and curly hair that fell all the way down her back to a butt that was just poured into a pair of faded blue jeans. The other was Jody, a raven haired vixen of Asian descent in a black spandex number with eyes that could’ve melted steel. Fuck me! Please!

Of course it didn’t help that I’d answered the door wearing just my basketball shorts. I didn’t expect Devon to have company with him. If I was a nineteen-year-old girl seeing me half naked, I’d be making “fuck me” eyes, too. I’m pretty hot. And, no, I’m not conceited I’m stating a fact. Let’s do the math together.

Hi, I’m Addison Ranger. I’m six-foot-one, 190 pounds with broad shoulders that taper down to an adonis belt to die for. My legs? Well, let’s just say I can dunk. And between those legs hangs a long, meaty dick that used to be the talk of my high school. Wearing those silky basketball shorts, with nothing underneath, my johnson would’ve been presenting some serious VPL to the ladies in the hallway, too. From the neck up, I’ve got a heart-shaped, clean-shaven, dimpled baby face, hazel eyes with thick brows, and perfect teeth. Props to Mom and Dad for the braces. Top all that off with a thick head of chestnut hair in loose curls. Wouldn’t you say all that adds up to pretty hot?

I eventually managed to turn Devon and the girls down, but my cost for closing the door was a promise to join them all for brunch tomorrow.

“Ungh… brunch!?” I thought. “Sounds… early.”

But man did those two look sexy! There were so many sexy girls in Toronto. Compared to my hometown in Ohio, this place seemed like a breeding ground for supermodels. I had a steady girl back home, dated her since I was a skinny shrimp. We broke up before I left for school, but not before taking each other’s virginity. Sandy really wanted to have sex before I left. In her words,

“You’re a good guy, Addy. And I don’t know how long it’ll be before I find another good guy. And I want it to be with a good guy. So… Can we? Please?”

How could I say no?

And it was great. I liked it that my first time was with someone I cared about, too. But, unfortunately, my first taste of sex with Sandy, followed immediately by Frosh Week in a new city teeming with gorgeous girls–gorgeous Canadian girls (more on that in a bit)—caused me to morph into something of a man whore my first semester here. I literally lost track of how much sex I had. When I wasn’t in class or the gym I was balls deep in a girl. It was no small miracle that I didn’t knock one up or come down with an STI, even with protection. Plus it didn’t help that drinking age is two years lower here and marijuana is legal! How did a cornfed horndog hottie stand a chance!?

Oh, right! Canadian girls.

Don’t get me wrong, American girls are great–Ohio girls are even better—but Canadian girls seem a bit more… empowered. Not only do they have fewer hangups about sex, but more often than not they can give as good as they get! However, one thing they have in common with American girls, and perhaps girls the world over, is that they get clingy. Every girl I boned wanted to be my girlfriend. A few of them, after we’d fucked, I swear wanted to see a ring! I just wasn’t ready for that. I was enjoying my newfound freedom way too much and didn’t even know how long I’d be staying in Toronto.

The results of my ten weeks of non-stop man whoring were pretty severe. By November I had left dozens of broken hearts and five barroom cat fights in my wake. Plus my grades were shit. In high school I was Mister “Straight As All the Way,” but at the end of my first semester in this prestigious Comp Sci program, I was Mister “Just Avoided Academic Probation.” I did not want sex to screw up the rest of my life. Unlike Devon, I had plenty to lose and I had to work to keep it. He was Mister “Business Major on Mom and Dad’s Cash” for four years, then probably go to work immediately at the family firm. I got where I was on athletic and academic scholarships. I may have been the only kid in Ohio who could dunk a basketball, deadlift three times his body weight, and code in three high-level languages. I got recruited by Toronto’s varsity basketball team.

So for the rest of that semester I went cold turkey on partying of all descriptions. When I wasn’t in class or the gym, I was here, at my desk working, more often than not with a raging boner. Thank goodness I had a great roommate. At first I was worried that having a roommate would cramp my style, but Kyle was very… accommodating.

Kyle was about my height, but where I was jacked he was just toned. Where I had a wild mop of curly brown hair, he had a tame and sculpted black crew cut. Where I had a straight, angular nose, his was a slightly turned up button. He was an English major. I was unexpectedly grateful for that. If I’d ended up bunking with another Comp Sci guy, I’d have felt like I could never escape school. And, yes, Kyle was gay. He worked out too, sometimes with me and Devon, and he had two older brothers, so we could always talk about dude stuff: cars, sports, movies, and all that. But I never forgot that he was gay. He’d act pretty butch around me and my teammates, but every time he opened his mouth a rainbow fell out. If it can be said that there’s a gay accent, Kyle definitely had it–a really thick one.

I remember when he first clapped eyes on me, his new roommate, back in September. At first it was pretty clear that he was saying a silent thank you to the gay gods while restraining himself from sitting up and begging. But he regained his cool pretty quickly. Best of all, he was more than happy to vacate the room and watch TV in the lounge whenever I brought a girl home, and I gladly returned the favour when he brought a guy back. It was a flawless system. Well, almost flawless.

One night Kyle, with his arm around a guy from the club, opened the door to our room to see me and a girl both naked from the waist up, my cock pitching quite the tent in my boxers. My girl–I wanna say… Candice? Carol?—gasped and grabbed her boobs. Kyle and his guy, not knowing quite what to do, got inside quickly and closed the door behind them.

“Dude!” I said, hands out to my sides. “No text?”

“I did text.”

He did text. But I’d had my hands full and my eyes had better things to look at. We all stood around awkwardly discussing things back and forth for what seemed like forever.

“Well… we were here first, bro,” I reasoned.

“So? Go to her room!”

“She’s not a student here.”

“Neither am I,” Kyle’s guy piped up.

“Well… I’m not going anywhere now,” Candice/Carol said, motioning to her half naked torso while keeping her other arm over her boobs.

“Oh, c’mon, Addy!” Kyle pleaded. “I mean, we’re not keeping track, but I’m pretty damn sure you owe me at this point.”

“Okay… okay…” I said, holding out my hands and taking a deep breath. I flashed the three of them my killer ten thousand dollar smile. “Look… there’s no real problem here. I mean… I see two beds. Right? Let’s just… keep the lights off. Cool?”

They say your education at university isn’t confined to the classroom and that night I knew exactly what they meant. That night was an education for all involved, lights or no lights. For me it was the first time seeing how two dudes do it. I mean, I’d read the reviews, but seeing the full feature in stereophonic IMAX was an altogether different experience. For Kyle, it was the first time he’d seen my bod in all its glory, fully boned and banging a beautiful girl to heaven and back, just like it was built to do. How my roomie and I would feel about each other afterwards was an outstanding question until the next morning.

As Kyle and I sat across from each other in the cafeteria having breakfast the next day, I decided to be the first to bring it up.

“So…” I said, looking up over my eggs. “I guess you’re a… top?”

Kyle snorted a laugh into his bran flakes, looked up, and said, “Yeah… I guess we, uh, have that in common.”

He and I actually felt even more comfortable with each other after that. It was awesome. The night that could’ve ended our friendship actually made it stronger. Then came exam week.

By December I had completed my forced transformation from man whore sex butterfly back into hardcore bookworm. The withdrawal was unreal. Kyle was hitting the books a lot harder, too. By the time exam week rolled around the both of us had three days of growth on our faces and piles of dirty laundry under our beds so big that the mattresses were lifting. I hadn’t even been to the gym in three days, so you know the struggle was real!

Kyle lounged on his bed wearing two-piece fleece pyjamas, squinting with a furrowed brow as he waded his way through a book, Evelina, I saw from the cover.

The weather was miserable, freezing rain all day long. No one was going anywhere. The sky had been so overcast all day I had no idea where the sun was. Time seemed as frozen as the bare maple branches tapping at our window.

It’s hard to describe how I was feeling at that point to someone who’s never felt the same way, but I’ll try. Most nineteen-year-old guys are horny as fuck. But I was a super well-built nineteen-year-old guy whose extracurricular activities kept his testosterone at peak levels all the time. Guys like me are basically high on our own hormones 24/7. Add to this the fact that the set of equipment between my legs was the heavy variety. My cock and balls weighed enough to gently tug on my groin when I stood or walked, constantly drawing my attention there. Yeah, I’m one of those annoyingly hung guys who doesn’t even need to direct his dick down at the urinal. My junk was basically a hyper active puppy demanding to be let out all the time. A puppy who’d been allowed to roam free in the country and play as much as he wanted for the past two months, now locked up inside a house–no, a tiny dorm room—all by himself.

That afternoon in December my cock was rock hard and stretched halfway to the knee of my sweatpants, pulsating against my inner thigh and moistening it with precum. Meanwhile, above my desk, I was hunched over a Calculus textbook trying my best to ignore it. It didn’t help that the air in our dorm room was a sex cloud. For weeks I’d been beating off into towels, socks, underwear, sometimes four times a day in addition to my morning shower jerks. A few mornings I’d woken up having impregnated my sheets and mattress. A guy can only shower and do laundry so often! I imagine Kyle had contributed to the sex cloud, too, and it was so cold we couldn’t even crack a window.

My right hand flipped pages, highlighted, and made notes while my left hand absently rubbed my cock through the fleece fabric. I got to the end of one more chapter and I was done.

“Fuuuuuck!” I groaned, leaning back in my chair, away from my desk, and stretching my arms overhead.

“Whoa!” Kyle said, looking over at me, eyes wide. “Didn’t know studying was such a turn-on for you!”

I didn’t even try to hide the tent at my crotch.

“Sorry, dude,” I said, yawning.

I stood up and stretched again, my crotch sticking out obscenely far.

“I’m gonna hit the showers again. I’m never gonna be able to concentrate until I take care of this.”

I grabbed my cock through my boxers and wagged it for emphasis. The precum had leaked through in several spots by now, leaving darker blotches all the way down one thigh.

“Oh, you uh… Don’t have to go to the showers,” Kyle said, with a smirk on his face.

I grinned at him.

“What? You wanna watch me beat off here?”

Kyle shrugged and stood up, grinning devilishly.

“Well…” he said, stalking toward me. “You could. Or… I think I have a better idea.”

I stood with my hands on my hips, smiling at him. He approached and undid the drawstring of my sweats, looking up at me to see if I would object. I just kept smiling. He took that as a sign to keep going. I was curious to see if my roomie had the balls to take this as far as he wanted to. He slipped a hand down my pants, grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking, my big, leaky cockhead slipping in and out of my foreskin. I closed my eyes and let out a long, low rumble, letting my head fall back a bit onto my shoulders. This was way better than another shower. It was also not the first time I’d been serviced by a gay guy. But that’s another story.

I kept my eyes closed as Kyle pulled my sweatpants down to my ankles. My junk felt the open air. Ahhhhh… freedom!

Kyle breathed softly, “Damn, you’re big.”

Then I heard him get on his knees. Seconds later I felt him cupping my balls, stroking my shaft and licking my head. I let out a low, pornographic moan that rumbled all the way from my toes and felt a big glob of precum ooze up my shaft and onto Kyle’s tongue. It was the first sex I’d had in a month. My body couldn’t have cared less that it was with my male roommate. I spread my legs slightly to give Kyle better access as he began sucking my cock, gradually taking more and more of it into his mouth. My juices were really flowing now, combining with Kyle’s saliva. My hips began making gentle thrusts, meeting Kyle and pushing my cock deeper down his throat. Eventually Kyle’s throat opened and he took me all the way to my balls.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” I groaned and my eyes fluttered open. My cock got hard as a rock.

I looked down and Kyle was looking right into my eyes, his flushed, pink lips wrapped around my thick shank. I bit my lip and thrust my hips a bit harder, causing my balls to fly up into his stubbly chin. The sensations kept building and I was getting close.

“Awwwwwe… Yeah!” I roared, forgetting how thin the walls were.

I grabbed Kyle’s head firmly, leaned forward a bit, and really started giving it to him, all the while looking into his watery, blue eyes that beamed so much gratitude up at me. He let go of my balls and grabbed onto my thighs, steadying himself. I saw the veins in my lower abdomen pop out and bulge right along with the veins running down my cock as I thrust it in and out of his mouth. I thrust hard, one more time, burying Kyle’s nose in my musky pubes and…


My cock spasmed and exploded, blasting volley after volley of thick cum straight down Kyle’s throat. Kyle moaned on my cock. His eyes closed and, looking down a bit more, I could see he’d also rubbed himself to orgasm inside his pyjamas, a dark spot spreading across the checkered fabric. Kyle slapped my thigh with his hand. I took that as a sign to let go, which I did. Kyle withdrew my cock from his throat and took a few deep breaths. The he quickly grabbed my still engorged penis, looking up at me with a smile, and rubbed the tip across his stubbly cheek.

I gasped at the sudden and unexpected sensation, throwing my head back, and Kyle was rewarded with another glob of cum on his lips.

“Gawd… damn!” I said, looking down at my roommate while slowly running my hand through his hair. “Thanks, buddy! That was… Uh, well… That was…”

“What?” he asked, furrowing his brow and looking up at me, still all smiles.

I hesitated for another second before coming out with it.

“Awe, fuck. I’ll just say it. That was hands down the best blowjob I’ve ever had! I mean… Bravo, dude!”

It won’t surprise you to hear that this was not the last time Kyle helped me out in this fashion, not by a long shot. But enough background. Back to my solitary studying on a Saturday night that next Spring. I looked over at Kyle’s empty bed on the other side of the room. I’ll bet he was out having a good time. And it was a gorgeous night!

I had the windows open, allowing a warm, Spring breeze from the park across the street to come through. It moved across my bare legs and torso, making my leg hair stand on end and my nipples harden. The sounds of laughter, lively conversations, and heels clicking on the sidewalk floated up to me as I stared at my computer screen. I tried to ignore the boner twitching between my left thigh and the fabric of my shorts. I tried to ignore my balls as they rolled in my sack. I tried to ignore the precum oozing out the tip of my cock and lubricating my leg. I failed.

I worked my way to a good stopping point then logged off and threw on some more clothes. I needed to burn off some energy. It was my only chance of getting any more work done tonight. I’d already jerked off twice. I knew that meeting my friends, even for “just a little bit,” would kill my whole evening and tomorrow morning. So that left the gym…

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