The procedure

by UberPump

Jerry finds out about a special, experimental procedure to make his cock and balls bigger. To pursue his life with a much bigger cock than his 8.5 inches of glory, he makes an appointment with Dr. Meyers. The procedure proceeds without a hitch, giving Jerry a much, much larger cock. However, Jerry is never satisfied. To him, “There’s no such thing as... too big”… right?

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Treatment 1: Blow it up Doc!

Looming before me in a shady part of town is a brick building. An old warehouse in the middle of downtown…

“This seems sketchy.” I say to myself, looking back at the glass door in front of me. Dr. Meyers – Urology, the sign says.

“Here goes nothing.” I push on the door. With a clang and skip in my heart beat, I can’t believe this is happening now.

I’ve been waiting for this for 3 months.

“Good morning!” the cheerful receptionist says. Her eyes gleamed a fierce green color. Her hair a radiant black. Her tight-fitting dress stretching across her ample breasts. “Do you have an appointment?”

Her question drags me out of my… obvious stare. My cock is growing stiff in my grey Nike sweatpants.

“I…. huff… Yes! I do… My name is Jerry… I… ugh… have an appointment with Dr. Meyers about…” In my nervous answer she interrupts me.

“Ah! Yes… we’ve been expecting you! You’re here for our new Penile Enhancement Program, yes?” she says excitedly.

“Ya… yes. That’s me,” I respond, my hands shaking, my cock growing stiffer by the minute.

“Here’s some consent forms, please include medical history. The following pages require initials here, here, here…” I lose track of what she is saying, her breasts closer now as she stands up. Their mass bounces as she lunges forward over the desk and counter handing me a clipboard with paperwork on it.

I take the clipboard from her and have a seat in the lobby of the sketchy clinic.

“Okay… ready to sign your life away, Jerry?” I ask myself, chuckling.

I begin initialing the highlighted areas and signing at the bottom of each page. Getting to my medical history… I pause.

“This is… odd.” I wonder at the sheet of paper. It’s completely different from any other medical history page I’ve filled out.

“Excuse me…” I look up to see if I could ask a question about the sheet, but the receptionist is nowhere to be seen.

“She must be in the back informing Dr. Meyers that I’m here.” I go back to the sheet and begin filling out the questions.

Height: 6ft. even
Weight: 180 pounds
Muscle Build:
I circled Athletic.

I do have a decent amount of muscle on me, I have abs and a bit of pecs. My arms are toned with some decent leg development. But nothing to scoff at. I run mostly; I love the feeling of my junk bouncing around freely in my jogger sweatpants. I just don’t get that feeling pushing around heavy weights.

Body Fat %: I don’t know.

Now to the weird part… Although it does make sense as I’m about to get personal with a man I’ve never met.

Current Cock size:
—Flaccid: 5”
—Erect: 8.5”
—Erect Girth: I don’t know; Girthy but can’t put my hand around it completely.

I fill in the best I can for what I know.

Current Ball size:

There are several options for these, ranging from grape all the way up to softball size. “Geez! I couldn’t imagine having to lug around softball sized nuts!” My hard-on throbs incessantly in my sweatpants, tenting the right leg as my chubby goes nearly erect.

I know my balls are around the size of large chicken eggs, so I circle Chicken Egg. I do have really big balls. That’s probably why I was blessed with so much meat downstairs, and no I haven’t had any procedures before this one done, before you ask…

Desired Genital Size:

It was like a line for a paragraph…. “I haven’t really thought about it… Maybe I should leave it up to the doctor?”

I wrote in ‘As big as possible’. My hands quiver as I wrote out the sentence.

If you had the option to increase testicular size, would you? Yes or No

Of course, I circled yes.

After finishing up all the rest of the paperwork I get to the legal consent form:

You understand the procedure is experimental and any adverse effects are solely the responsibility of the patient assuming risk?

I initial all the questions assuming risk, understanding the process is experimental, yada yada yada yada yada….

One advisory catches my eye though that makes my cock throb harder….

Size increase is permanent and irreversible. Some patients have achieved unrealistic sizes not possible without this treatment that have made sex impossible. If you get bigger than your desired size or wish to stop treatment, that is up to you, and you should discuss this with your physician. Any size increase after treatment has stopped should be reported immediately to our physicians. Any abnormal growth patterns such as: Larger erections in less than 48 hours, painful erections, sudden genital growth spurts, etc., should be reported to our physicians. You assume all risks involved and understand that your size increase is non determinate, and you may achieve greater results than desired.

I initial, my cock drooling at the very suggestion… my hands are shaking as I put it down. My cock is throbbing hard as I absentmindedly rub it through the grey fabric of my sweats. A wet spot of pre-cum starts forming on my pants as my cock throbs.

“I sure hope he can deliver on this statement…” I say, staring down at the paperwork completed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I am brought back to a room a little larger than an examination room. Equipment laid out everywhere: Stethoscopes, measuring tapes, cylinders resembling penis pumps attached to tubing running to a larger pump one could assume was a vacuum. Cylinders ranging from normal, to large, to holy shit that’s bigger than my forearm! All equipment needed to produce the results I want…

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

A firm yet gentle knocking on the door draws my attention as the latch clicks. The door opens up as a young man… probably early 30’s enters the room.

“Hi… My name is Doctor Meyers. Nice to meet you uh… Jerry!” He looks down at the clipboard in his hand, walks over and reaches his hand out. Just like his hair and his stubble on his square jaw, his hands are covered in a light dusting of blondish/brownish hair. With a firm grip, we shake each other’s hands. His forearms are covered in hair too as I look up and down his frame. My eyes noticed how much his arms fill out his plaid shirt. His biceps are full, not even flexed they make his sleeves bunch up… his triceps explode out the back of his arms as our hands shake up and down. His pecs bulge against the fabric as their round, firm shape pushes at the side. His shoulders are broad as his shirt fits tightly on his frame, hanging loosely around his abs as his pecs produce a shelf like appearance. The top two buttons were partially undone, revealing the same blondish brown hair coating his chest. An ample bulge presses firmly against the front of his khaki trousers. His feet are huge, must be at least a size 15 in his brown dress shoes.

“I understand you’re here for our new, experimental penis enlargement service… is that correct?”

“Uh… Oh yes… Yes, I am!” His smile relaxes my nervous tenor. His body language oozes confidence, yet a gentle nature. As most doctors seem to have…

Pulling a rolling chair from the small corner desk, he rolls over and begins running through the paperwork, taking blood pressure. He does the usual physical like every other doctor I’ve been to. Testing reflexes, listening to my heart with the stethoscope, looking inside my ears, nose, and mouth. Then it happens….

“All right, now to the fun part….” he says. “I’m gonna need you to drop your pants and remove your underwear for the final examination please.” He’s already grabbing some gloves as he stands up.

“Uh… sure… Why?”

“Why? Well, I’m gonna need to verify your genitals are healthy enough to endure such a procedure as this… also…” He reaches for the tape measure… “I have to verify your starting size. Says here you 8.5 inches long already…” He looks at me, snapping his latex gloves on his hands as the smile seems a little condescending… I know that look. The look of ‘I don’t believe your cock is that big so let me measure it myself’ look that every other person I’ve met gives me.

Nervously, I begin removing my pants. The bulge in my briefs tenting and chubbing up as the examination draws nearer to the actual procedure.

“All right, now for the rest of the visit, we are gonna to need to make sure you stay erect. Please hop up on the examination table,” he says. That’s when I notice, after removing my briefs, that he is holding a syringe. My hands are shaking, my knees weak as I realize the procedure is about to begin.

“Looks like you don’t need too much help getting an erection… at least it works.” He chuckles, walking over to me with the syringe in hand.

“What’s… th…that for?” I ask nervously as he looms standing over me while I’m sitting on the exam table. I notice how tall he is now. His bulging muscular body standing over me like a predator fixing to pounce on his meal.

“Oh this… it’s just some Caverject Vasodilator… it’s to help keep you as erect as possible during the examination and the procedure if you decide to continue.” 

Grabbing some sort of cream, his big hands begin massaging into my rapidly hardening cock. As my cock inflates from erect to super erect, I feel my skin pulling taught on its girthy surface. His fingers spreading further and further apart as the cream is massaged into my dick skin.

“What was that you put on?”

“That was a numbing lidocaine cream. It helps with this next part.” He looks at my throbbing dick. My cock pulsing and twitching in the air as it stands up straight. Hard as a rock with a thick dorsal vein down the top center of it. Looks like a tall coke can jutting from my groin.

“Now, you’re gonna feel a bit of a pinch and then a bit of pressure. Since you’re already erect, this may make your cock swell a bit more. Ready?” He says, grabbing the side of my cock and holding it firmly in his massive paw.

I nod my head. With that gesture he brings the syringe and needle closer to the base of my dick. With a quick jab, I wince a bit. The pinching feeling was over in less than a second. He pushes the needle and syringe all the way in as I feel it traveling deeper inside, assuming its reaching into the core of my cock and into cock meat. As it bottoms out with the half-inch needle, he pulls back on the plunger to check to see if he’s in where he needs to be. A little blood enters the needle and syringe.

“Good, that means we’re inside your Corpora Cavernosa.” With that he begins pushing the plunger down. I feel it. A slight burning, numbing pressure fills my cock. I see my cock jump a bit as he lets go. In the seconds it took for me to look at my cock jutting from my groin in all fat 8.5” of it and back down to where he was injecting the erection juice into, he was done and pulling it out. With an alcohol swab he dabs the little spot where the needle came out of.

“Just give it a few seconds and it should begin to work…” He winks at me. Walking away, he removes his gloves after capping and disposing of the used syringe.

I look at my cock, the throbbing in it is intensifying as my cock grows veinier. The dorsal veins throb a bit thicker but not so much. However, after a few seconds like he said, I feel a deepening pressure filling my cock as more and more blood is forced inside my cock from the Caverject.

“Uh… Doctor… I think it’s working a little… too well… Mmmph…” I say, rubbing my cock a bit as soreness begins to fill my dick. My already inflated cock becomes the most erect I’ve ever felt in my life!

“Looks like you’re ready for your measurements then!” He walks over nonchalantly with the tape measure wheeling a cart over with a weird device. A canister that has some type of clearish gel like liquid in it sits next to it. It’s large, maybe 20ml of the stuff. But the weirder part of the device was, it had two needles and a handle akin to that of brass penis pump from La Pumps, except this was in silver. His hands gracefully place the zero end of the tape measure and lay it atop my overly excited cock. It’s throbbing but it’s so hard from the injection that it barely moves. A bit of a swelling pulse goes through my shaft and my stuffed, rounded cockhead. But other than that, immovable. It just wags in the air.

Jotting down his notes in the clip board, he takes a few photos with his phone.

“Don’t worry, work phone.” He just winks at me again and smiles that spine melting doctors’ smile. His white teeth are brighter than ever. My nervous demeanor relaxes as my body grows less stiff…. Well. My cock on the other hand is as stiff as it can be.

“Now let’s discuss what you put down for your desired results for this treatment.”

“Ummm, yea about that.” I stroke my really hard cock, squishing the firm head. “I don’t really have the size I’m aiming for. Anything over a foot long is fantastic but…If we could make it a bit bigger than that it would be perfect!”

“Okay… So, over a foot in length. You do realize that most women won’t be able to have sex at that size, correct?” he asks, jotting down notes.

“I… I understand. Besides, it’s already a tight fit with it being as girthy as it is anyways. The most I get from girls, even guys, is a hand job or attempted blow job. They can usually only fit the head in their mouth. Forget about deep throating. As you can tell, my cockhead is large and fat. Dare I say bigger than the width of my shaft especially now.” I say, running my hand over top of it sore, bloated mushroom cap. The fucker is so full and bloated it’s turning dark red and starting to resemble an inflated mushroom cap. The ridge of my cockhead flaring out, getting thicker and thicker until it can’t hold anymore blood. “Sh.. Should this be happening right now?” I say, motioning to the ever-bloating cockhead as it inflates fatter.

“Yes, that is normal. You were already erect before; this just helps to maintain your erection at your maximum natural capacity. Now… about your next question. You said you’d like to get an additional testicle treatment correct?”

I answer sheepishly… “Yes.”

“Well, from what I can see from my measurements and physical observations, you seem to be healthy to proceed with the procedure. Are you sure you want to commit to this?”

“Yes!” I answer faster than he can finish his question.

With a wide-eyed look of surprise at my sudden, excited outburst, he nods his head. Grabbing for the weird two needled contraption. He hoists it up…

The contraption has a rounded trough on the top of it; I assume to let the penis rest on it. The needles are located at the front of gun like syringe thing where… My hands are so shaky I grip the side of the examination table. Looking around at the white, sterile environment. The room seemingly bigger and bigger as my heart races through my chest.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe this is really happening…” I say under my breath.

“Mmmm.. what was that?” The doctor asks as he’s preparing the device. He attaches the 20ml container of the gel like substance to the bottom middle of the device. The plunger seems to be built inside of the cylinder. The trigger like handle poised to and primed to inflate my cock bigger.

“This liquid is specially formulated to absorb into the tissues of your penis and meld with your cells. In other words, it forces your body to create more living tissue within your penis. We are working on a way to administer this into the testicles, and it is almost ready. You would be the first to trial our newer Testicle Enlargement procedure as well. However, it won’t be ready until your next visit so it will have to wait until then.”

“Put this on. It will help keep the fluid inside your penis.”

He hands me what seems to be a very small cock ring.

“That… that is too small. It wont fit!” I say.

“Trust me. It’ll fit. Just stretch it a bit over your penis and roll it down until its perfectly against your pelvic bone.”

I do as I’m told. I stretch the ring as wide as it’ll go. Forcing I uncomfortably over my cockhead, then roll it tightly down my shaft until it hits the base of my dick. The force of it squeezing on my cock keeps even more blood shoved inside my hard cock.

“I’m ready…” I say as he places the cold, gun like injection device underneath my penis. It rests firmly in the trough built on top… I feel the needles grazing the base of my cock. He proceeds to strap the penis loosely onto the device with leather straps.

“Here we go. In 3… 2… 1…”


With a loud click I feel both needles plunge into the sides of my dick. I watch him as he begins squeezing the handle of the device as the fluid travels through the tubes on the sides and into my cock.

“OH fuck!” I say. The feeling is erotic.

My cock feels full at that point. I’m looking at my cock as I see the base of it slowly, but surely swell. The influx of the fluid entering both sides of my cock and inflating it bigger. I can feel the meat stretching to accommodate even more fluid than it’s ever held in its life. My cock balloons up fatter and fatter. The bulge begins traveling up the shaft as it slowly swells. I can see my dick ballooning in front of my eyes as my heart pounds out of my chest. I feel the leather straps begin pressing on the inflating skin.

“How are you doing Jerry? Any pain, discomfort…?” he asks, as he’s still slowly pulling more and more back on the handle. 

“I….mmmph… doing great!” I nervously respond. I see the bulge nearing my cockhead as my shaft swells fatter. It’s beginning to resemble a medium size zucchini in its’ shape as the fat shaft behind my head swells thicker. The fluid continues to be pushed into my cock as my junk twitches… My skin suddenly feels tight as the fluid enters my fat, rounded cockhead.

“MMph… That’s… getting pretty full there doc.” I say, grabbing onto one side of the table as I place my right hand on top of my growing cock. He just stares at the beast inflating in front of him. He pauses for a moment. Half the canister is empty.

He looks at my fat bloated cock, surprised and intrigued. Almost as if he’s not done this much before…

“Let’s see the progress so far…” He takes out his tape measure and removes the device from the underside of my cock tilting it down, but not removing the needles. His hand still on the handle responsible to pumping my cock up bigger. He loosens the leather straps that have begun to be enveloped by swollen cock flesh and lets it hang a bit.

Placing the tape measure over top of my bloated cock. I look at it. The veins distending all over the skin. Smaller veins joining the thicker dorsal vein on top. It looks like a roadmap encompassing my reddened skin. My cock feels so full… but yet, I want so much more.

“9.8 inches long… About 8.5 around. You’re almost 2.75 inches wide now. That’s pretty good… You feel a bit full,” he says as he presses firmly on the cock, “but not too full. I don’t see any signs of discomfort, unusual bruising. Do you want to continue?” He looks up, raising a busy eyebrow.

I nod a shaky yes to him. He rotates the contraption back to the underside of my cock. It’s only then that I realize my fat cock is starting to overflow the trough of the device. The leather straps left loose but still strapped on non-the less.

“Okay… Just to warn you. This stuff is very potent and if I put the rest of this cannister in… you may exceed those previous measurements we talked about earlier.” He winks at me.

“Pump it up doc…” I say, gritting my teeth at the pressure filling my ballooning cock.

He squeezes the handle at my response. I feel the liquid entering faster now as he pulls hard on the trigger. My cock jumps in size as more and more of the gel is injected. I feel my cock swelling, fatter and longer. Easily overtaking 10” at this point. I feel a tug at my groin as the cock stops swelling longer. I can tell it’s hit over 11” at this point. It feels tight… so fucking tight.

“Uh…Doc….” I stared down at the cannister. Almost 3 quarters of the way empty. 

“God that was only 112 or 13 ml of the stuff?”

He ignores my comment and keeps pumping harder.

My eyes widen at how fast my cock continues to swell and fatten. It’s starting to resemble a large eggplant. It’s shaft swelling from the base to the shaft fatter towards the cockhead pointing directly at the doctor as he slowly moves to the side. The cock meeting his head as he continues pulling on the handle.

“Doc! It’s… it’s…nnnnugh…” I groan. An erotic feeling of fullness suddenly envelops my skin. My cock feels like a water balloon inflating in a space too small. The leather straps now pulling tight against the skin of my cock. “Doc…. So… full….” I groan as he looks at it… eyes widening as my cock gurgles loudly. He’s still pulling on the handle; a shaky hand moves up from his arm as he places a hand on it. The straps protest at the inflating size of my cock.

“Doc… the leather straps… are…” I begin to say… but we then hear it.


With a leathery popping sound, the Velcro leather straps pop off.. My cock suddenly lunges outward in all its fat glory! I feel my skin tighten so fast I felt like it was gonna burst.

“AH! My fucking cock… it’s so full! Stop!” I yell at the doc, gabbing at his arm. He swats me away. 

“I mean it! Stop! It’s gonna pop! I can’t take another milliliter…. Nnnugh fuck. So big,” I beg him as my skin bulges with cock meat. I can feel the chambers of my cock swelling and shuddering as more and more fluid is dumped in. The three chambers of my cock bloated, full, ready to burst like 3 over inflated long balloons.

“Hey! Hey… calm down… It’s not gonna pop. Just trust me,” he says, as he brings his arm back down the side of my fat cock. The skin is deeply reddened now as the cock ring keeps all this fluid inside. 

“I’m surprised at how much you took on your first treatment. I’ve only been able to get as much as 5ml before they’ve asked to stop, 8 at the most.” he says, eyeing the beast in front of him. Sitting on his little wheeled stool he examines it with one hand and pulls on the handle with the other.

“You’re definitely really full now… but we only have 5ml left,” he says. His grip is firm as my cock swells into the palm of his masculine hand. I can feel the hand callouses scraping the overly sensitive skin as my toes curl and my nuts scream for release.

“Don… done… I’m done…” I moan, my left hand now rubbing the top of my cock as his pokes and prods the over inflated cock. “Stop… pumping doc. I’m… guh…full.” I groan. Not really wanting to stop him. The pressure is intoxicating… I can’t stop him. My hands are shaking, my toes curled as the last 5ml goes in quickly. I see my cock swell longer, fatter. My fat cock… my fat overstuffed cock…


I feel the device release from the base of my cock. With pressure still enveloping my tortured meat, I can finally feel the weight of my cock that he’s been holding up this whole time. It bounces painfully full onto the examination table with a loud and meaty *thud*. The meat jiggles and throbs. I feel the skin, burning from the internal pressure put on it by the swollen cock meat.

“Final measurements are in order!” He claps his hands together in triumph.

I examine my own cock, lifting it up, closing my legs and letting it gently fall back into my lap. It takes two of my own big hands to grab it. The tight flesh is hot. The weight is astonishing. I feel like I have a thigh resting between my legs... Only… its my cock. It reaches close to the end of my knees. Not quite there yet but… so close.

“Now let’s see here… 12.3 inches long… annnnnnd 11 inches of girth exactly! You’re 3.5 inches wide there, Jerry.”

“But… but why did you keep pumping?” I ask, rubbing my cock. My hands run over the bloated turgid surface. I feel the surface tension on my skin ready to tear apart if someone came along with a sharp object…

“You said to make it as big as possible on the sheet…” He winks at me… “Trust me, if your cock was gonna explode, it would’ve done it 11 ml ago.” He winks at me.

“Th… Thanks, I guess.” I’m in awe of the beast resting on my legs. The fat blimp of a cock in the shape of a large eggplant rests heavily. Throbbing incessantly, my balls boiling as my cock pulses like a breathing giant.

“Now… I want to see you here in four days from now. Then we can discuss your Testicle Enlargement treatment. Otherwise, wait 48 hours before removing the cock ring. I know it’s tight… but it’s for you own good. Now… If any unusual side effects occur, call my office immediately. Here’s my card. If it’s an emergency do not call 911. Just call my cell and I will either meet you here at the office or at your address. Take care now…”

With that… he walks out the door…

“God… Glad I brought sweatpants. Guess I won’t be needing the briefs ever again…” Sliding off the examination table I feel the weight hang heavily off my groin. An uncomfortable tugging sensation pulls deep in my groin at my suspensory ligament.

“Man… If I knew this was gonna be so heavy, I would’ve trained my lower body for this.” My stance is awkward. My legs, spread wider in my stance than usual to accommodate the swollen blimp of a cock. I can see the definition of each chamber of my dick firmly imprinted on the skin. The three chambers of my cock swollen in stark relief. Filled to the brim with this gel like substance. I can almost feel it still growing as I stand here. A constant stretching feeling of the skin, as lower it into the sweatpants. The bulge is ridiculous as my left leg looks twice the size of my right…

“Good thing this facility is empty… now to get home and enjoy the time off for work I have this week.”

I take a step and the bulge in my left leg jiggles. The heat burning my skin as my groin sweats from the energy radiating off my massive groin blimp. Steps become a walk, the mass shifting uncomfortably in my pants as the skin pulls and fights against the massive swollen meat.

“Have a good night, Jerry!” The beautiful receptionist winks at me, waving. “We will see you in 4 days!”

“See you! Thanks so much!” I say…

“Mmmph…” I look down as my fat cock bulge meets the door before my body does. Normally I push it open with my shoulder to avoid touching door handles, but the pressure of my cock nearly bursting open from being squished between me and the door almost makes me cum.

“I can’t wait to see how big you get…” I say, walking out the door and patting my fat cock.

5,112 words Added Jan 2024 4,133 views 4.9 stars (19 votes)

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