Alpha Dave goes camping

by Eric Aaldersen

A special breed of men walks secretly among us. On a camping trip with his latest twunky conquest, one of these men, a muscle alpha named Dave, senses still more hotties nearby, ripe for his attentions and his bottomless supply of spunk.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #1 2 parts Added Dec 2019 10k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) 8,226 words

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Part 1 A special breed of men walks secretly among us. On a camping trip with his latest twunky conquest, one of these men, a muscle alpha named Dave, senses still more hotties nearby, ripe for his attentions and his bottomless supply of spunk.
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Author’s Note

All rights reserved. This story may not be copied or reproduced in part or in whole in any way without explicit written permission from the author.

Yes, this story contains sex between men. So if you have any kind of problem with this, piss off and don’t read it!

And, no my characters don’t use condoms. They all live in a fantasy world where there are no STDs. But in the real world, remember to wrap it up and play safe, guys.

There. Now that that’s out of the way… Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t submitted anything in a long time, so sorry about that. I wrote the first chapter of this story for fun while I was in bed sick and feeling very un-alpha-like. Anyways, I kind of thought that the first “Alpha Dave” story would be a one-time thing, but I forgot how much fun it was to write something sexy and then anonymously post it online. To my surprise, Dave Callum kept growing as a character in my mind and even bringing in others. I’m a huge Metabods fan and have been ever since I could get it up… Seriously. So I think I’ll keep on typing for a while. Hope to hear from you. Now grab a box of tissues and enjoy!


Part 1

Dave Callum emerged from his tent buck naked and stretched his perfectly muscled six-foot-four frame toward the sun. His huge uncut cock was hard as a steel pipe and leaking salty precum all the way down onto his balls. He ran one hand over his stubble, gauging whether or not he needed to shave today, and one hand down his cock, considering how to take care of his morning wood. He glanced back into the tent.

Gavin, the cute, blonde, surfer twunk he chose to take with him on this camping trip, was still dreaming peacefully, his pert suntanned ass sticking up into the air. The sunlight caught the downy fuzz on his perfectly round ass cheeks and glinted slightly off the sheen of dried cum.

Dave had filled the surfer twunk’s pussy to overflowing more than once last night, and his cock leaked out a glob of slimy precum at the thought of doing it again. Gavin was a great lay, no doubt. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t. But Dave didn’t want to wear the guy out before the second day of their trip had even begun. Nevertheless, his morning wood needed taking care of.

He pulled his hiking shoes on and strode to the edge of the lake, gently stroking his boner as he went, leaving a trail of precum on the long grass as he walked. At the grassy shore he stood tall with his fists on his hips, his boner pointing out over the water. Dave loved being in nature. He felt powerful as the sun streamed down on his godlike frame, warming his skin, the soft summer breeze caressing his naked body, ruffling his chest hair, tickling his weighty balls.

“Ungh!” Dave grunted and blasted a hands-free load into the water.

His milky seed arched high into the air; half a dozen blasts fell into the lake with the last one running down his shaft and balls. A small orgasm by his standards, but it was always a shame when no one else was there to appreciate it.

Dave took in a deep breath, but just then the wind shifted and he caught an unmistakable scent coming from across the water: virgin… male… pussy! This was one of Dave’s handier alpha traits. Forget gaydar. He could literally smell a gay guy, a bisexual dude, even a mildly questioning straight guy (which was pretty much any guy) from a mile away. But no scent was stronger or more unmistakable than that of a horny, teenage male who had yet to have his cherry popped and get bred.

Dave crouched down behind some grass and turned toward the scent to have a look. There, in the distance, on the other side of this wide bay in the lake, he saw a young, athletic stud, about eighteen years old, unshouldering a backpack and sitting down at the shore. Dave watched the young stud wipe his brow, take a few swigs from a canteen, and then remove his shirt, enjoying the sunlight. The stud’s torso looked almost totally smooth –a swimmer’s build– and Dave could tell, even from this distance, that he barely had a ounce of fat on that ripped body. Dave drank in the scent. His cock was rock hard and leaking once again.

His cock wanted him to swim immediately across the bay –buck naked and boned– and start pounding this guy right on the shore, but Dave knew better. Virgins, especially teenage ones, live a little too much in their heads before they’ve been shown how to connect with their bodies. They need to be approached more carefully.

Dave jogged back to his campsite and, without disturbing his tanned cutie dozing in the tent, pulled on a pair of cut-off jean shorts he’d brought along, struggling a little to get his still-hard cock down one of the legs. Then he walked back to the edge of the water, checked to see that the stud was still sunning himself, and dove into the water swimming straight toward him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jake leaned shirtless against his backpack sunning himself on the grassy shore of the lake while the boys finished setting up camp back in the woods. His neck and shoulders were already a little sunburnt, but it felt good to get some air on his body as well, he’d worked up quite the sweat hiking here. He flopped his sweaty, long auburn hair off his forehead and looked up at the sun with closed eyes in silent salute.

Swish… swish… swish…

Jake brought up his head, opened his eyes, and saw someone swimming across the water toward him. Jake stood, shielded his eyes against the glare and looked. It was another guy. A really big guy. Jake waited as the dude swam closer, somewhat surprised to see anyone else besides his group camping here on the shores of this remote, northern lake. Once he was close enough, the swimmer put his feet down and began walking out of the water toward Jake.

Jake’s heart beat faster and faster as the man emerged from the water and got closer to him. The dude was built! Chest and shoulders wider than a refrigerator, arms that any man would kill for, a cobblestone road for a stomach and… holy shit! The dude was wearing a pair of cut-offs but even through those Jake could tell he was hung like a stallion! The wet denim fabric clung unmistakably to a fat, uncut dick that came down almost to the hem of those shorts! The guy’s thickly muscled legs didn’t leave much room for it either.

Jake’s eyes were wide, his mouth open and dry as this water god walked onto shore and approached him. The guy was tall, too, about three or four inches taller than Jake’s six feet. Wax the chest hair and he looked like he’d just stepped of the set of a swimwear photoshoot. Did guys like this really exist?

“Hey,” Dave boomed as he smiled and slicked back his thick, jet black hair, making sure to showcase his thick arm as he did so. “I saw you from across the bay. I’m Dave.”

Dave extended his hand and the younger stud took it.

“Hi… I’m… uh… I’m Jake! Jake.”

“Nice to meet you, Jake,” Dave crooned, flashing his killer smile. He made sure to make Jake wince, just a little bit, with the pressure of his handshake.

“Didn’t expect to see anyone else out here,” Dave continued.

Now that he was closer, Dave inhaled deeply through his nose and was surprised. Jake wasn’t the virgin! Jake was definitely gay, Dave could tell that much, but the powerful virgin scent came from someone else!

“Yeah…” Jake said, trying to marshal his wits, “I didn’t either. We just started setting up camp.”

“We?” Dave cocked his head.

“Yeah, I’m a scout leader. My troupe is back there finishing setting up. There are five of us including me.”

Dave’s cock swelled slightly at the thought. He couldn’t believe his luck! Not just one stud, but potentially a whole troupe to play with! Plus Gavin! This was going to be fun.

“No shit. Kids?” Dave asked, although he could already tell by their scents that they were all well into their teens.

“Nah, we don’t go hard core… uh… serious camping with the young guys. They’re all sixteen. Luke’s almost seventeen.”

“Cool,” said Dave. “I’m camping with my buddy Gavin. He’s still asleep in our tent.”

“Just one tent?” Jake asked with a smirk.

Dave’s smile broadened, “Yeah, that’s all we need.”

Dave took a minute to shamelessly check out Jake, so that his intentions would be clear. Jake did indeed have a set of pert, smooth, swimmer’s pecs and a rockin’ washboard stomach with a super defined v-line that plunged straight into the crotch of his khaki shorts, the slightest trail of fur running from his navel to down below. The dude had invested some serious time into his abs. Nice set of toned legs, too, and Dave could see a bulge starting to form at his crotch. He had that effect on guys.

“Well…” Jake, who could totally tell that Dave was checking him out, said with a lick of his lips, “We should all hang out later. Maybe we could even–”

“Hey, Jake! Who’re you talking to?”

Dave and Jake turned and saw the troupe emerge from the trees and walk toward them. Three of them were slim and wiry twinks a bit more than five and a half feet tall, all wearing sweaty t-shirts and all emitting that unmistakable questioning, virgin musk. The dude leading them was another story.

He was about Jake’s height, his pale skin shimmered with sweat as he marched toward them. He walked with his shirt looped under his belt, his cargo shorts hanging dangerously low on his hips beneath a killer set of pecs and abs. The lead boy was athletic like Jake but more bulked up and filled out, his legs too. Dave has impressed. Young gym rats often skipped leg day in favour of building their torsos. The new stud was a year or two younger than Jake, perhaps, but definitely a fan of his high school’s weight room. And he was no virgin. Young has he was, Dave could tell he’d already had more than his share of pussy from both parks. Once he got close, one deep whiff told Dave that he was now in the presence of a younger alpha.

The three little twinks hung back a few paces and silently gawked wide-eyed at Dave, shifting their legs as their youthful dicks hardened and tired to escape their briefs. The lead boy, obviously the unacknowledged alpha of this particular group, walked right up to Jake and Dave with a cocky smile on his face. He was good looking, too, one of those lightly freckled faces that grace the covers of teen magazines only to inevitably be covered with splooge and hidden under a mattress. He thrust his chin forward in that universal dudebro greeting,

“Hey,” he said in a deep but reedy voice, “Whassup?”

“Dave, this is Luke. And over there are Brian, Andrew, and Jamie. Dave is camping on the other side of the bay with a… uh… friend.”

“Sweet!” said Luke, his eyes gobbling up Dave like a starving man would eye a steak dinner. “Nice to meet you.”

Luke extended his hand so that he and Dave could have a brief and subtle “who could grip harder” contest. Dave won.

“Dude!” Luke exclaimed, “You got some killer guns! What do those bad boys measure?”

“Haven’t measured them in a while. What’s your guess?”

Dave brought up his arms in a double biceps flex. Big, round, split peaks rose high on his upper arms, not to be outdone by his beefy triceps and thick veiny forearms.

“Fuck!” Luke exclaimed, not even asking permission to step forward and squeeze them. “Hard as fuckin rock, dude! They’ve gotta be at least twenty.”

“You’ve got some pretty nice guns yourself, bro. Let’s see.”

Luke instantly threw up a double bi, eager to impress the new alpha on the scene. He also thrust his crotch forward, hoping Dave would notice how well developed he was in that area, too. Luke was obviously going commando and getting a bit excited.

“Nice! What do those guns measure?”

“Sixteen and a half!” Luke said, beaming with pride. “But they’re gonna be seventeen before I’m seventeen. That’s the goal.”

A small whimper escaped from one of the three twinks watching this scene unfold. Dave, Luke, and Jake looked over. The twinks were all gobsmacked, mouths hanging open, little bulges at their crotches. But one of them, Andrew, a cute freckled strawberry blonde, had obviously blown his load from just watching the alpha studs posture. A sizeable wet spot had appeared on the crotch of his shorts. The whimperer’s identity was clear.

The three older studs chuckled a little, but Jamie and Brian didn’t dare tease Andy –they were both barely holding back the same thing themselves.

“Get a little too excited there, Andy?” Luke said, smiling, turning to face the twink. To push things a little further, Luke gripped his own fat cock through his shorts, and bounced his pecs at the dumbfounded little redhead.

Another squeak escaped the twink’s throat and another squirt of juice from his penis as well. Andy looked down at his crotch and blushed.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy,” said Luke. “I can have that effect on guys.”

“Did you guys finish setting up camp?” Jake asked.

“Not yet,” Luke answered, bringing up his right hand and casually stroking his rocky, lightly furred stomach.

“Well, why don’t you guys go finish up. Dave and I will make plans for dinner.”

“Great!” said Luke as he sauntered off with the trio of twinks. He had a smattering of freckles across his broad, pale shoulders. Then he walked backwards for a couple of paces, calling back to Dave, “Can wait to have you for dinner, stud!”

Luke stuck out his tongue and threw Dave another double biceps flex. Then he turned and herded the twinks back to camp, giving each of them a playful swat on the ass as they went.

“He’s something else,” Dave said, nodding after Luke.

“You’re telling me,” Jake replied. “I’m supposed to be his troupe leader but all I want is for him to fuck me.”

“So… Dinner?”

“Yeah, we’d love the company. Come over early. If you wear more clothes, some of the other boys might even be able to talk to you, too.”

Dave chuckled, “How does four o’clock sound?”

“Perfect. Except…”

Dave closed the distance between him and Jake, looked down into the shorter stud’s eyes and thrust his hips forward so that their crotches made contact.

“Except what?” Dave asked, his eyebrows arched in mock innocence.

“Except… I’m hungry now.”

“Well good thing it’s feeding time.”

Dave undid the fly of his cut-offs and hauled out his enormous dick. Jake was on his knees in an instant. Jake stroked and worshipped the rock-hard shaft for a bit, looking up into Dave’s eyes as he licked at it with his tongue and gently squeezed Dave’s meaty testicles with the other hand. Inside of a minute Dave’s cock was slick and shining with saliva and precum, standing at its full, thick ten inches.

Then Dave grabbed Jake’s head, looked into his eyes and said, “I can’t send you back to camp hungry, now can I.”

Then he thrust his cock into Jake’s mouth. Jake immediately started gagging, but Dave pulled half of it out. He knew the stud would only be able to handle about half, so he’d have to measure his thrusts. He didn’t want him throwing up or choking himself unconscious.

Jake grabbed onto Dave’s hips as they thrust themselves forward with godly strength, driving his cock into his mouth. Jake did his best to cover his teeth and pleasure this stud, his own cock raging hard in his shorts by now, leaking a visible stain through the fabric.

Dave looked down into the eyes of the beta servicing him below, locking him in his gaze. Dave had only made a guy blow his load once just by looking into his eyes while receiving a blowjob. By the look in Jake’s eyes, though, he thought he might just do that again today.

In a few minutes Dave threw his head back, groaned, and thrust once more –a bit deeper. Jake felt the cock swell inside his throat, stretching it to its limit as Dave’s load blasted out and down his gullet. Jake was shocked at how much the man could cum. Little did he know this was Dave’s second load of the day.

To finish up, Dave pulled out all but the tip and shot a couple of blasts onto Jake’s tongue so that he could fully taste his alpha male seed. Then he pulled out completely and shot one final wad across Jake’s cheek. Jake smiled and Dave rubbed the head of his cock against the stud’s juicy lips before pulling him to his feet.

“See you at four,” Jake croaked, his voice a little raw.

“See you then.”

Jake stood, his hair a mess, his crotch stained with spunk, his eyes watery. He went to wipe the cum off his cheek but Dave stopped him.

“No. Leave that on,” Dave said. “At least until Luke sees it.”

Jake smiled, nodded and headed back to camp. Dave pulled his shorts back on and before diving back into the lake, eager to share the good news with Gavin, noticed Jake trying to rub something into the fabric at the crotch of his shorts.

That makes twice, thought Dave as he turned and plunged back into the cool lake water.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Gavin was, needless to say, super pumped about spending some time with five other young studs on this camping trip. After getting cleaned up with Dave, lounging around with Dave, getting dirty with Dave, and then getting cleaned up with Dave once again, the both of them threw on some clothes, grabbed some food and supplies and started walking to the other side of the bay that afternoon. On foot, it was about a fifteen minute walk. Neither of them could wait until the time Dave had given Jake, so they approached the troupe’s campsite around three o’clock.

As they marched toward what must’ve been the boy’s campsite, they heard… counting.

“Two hundred and seven… two hundred and eight…”

They came through the trees to see Jake and Jamie on the ground doing sit-ups, Andrew and Brian holding their feet while Luke lounged on a nearby log watching. Luke, upon seeing Dave enter their site, immediately got on his feet and approached. He was wearing the tank top that he’d had looped under his belt earlier, but still stuck his chest out as he stood to greet the approaching alpha male, spreading his muscled, athletic arms wide,

“Hey, boys! Welcome.”

“Thanks. Luke, this is my boy, Gavin.”

“Hey, nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“So… what’s going on here?”

“Oh,” Luke said, turning back to the other boys. “This doofus over here challenged Jake to see who could to more sit-ups. Don’t know what he was thinking. This should be over soon.”

“Two hundred and twenty… two hundred and twenty-one…” Andrew and Brian chanted.

Dave, Gavin, and Luke sat down on some felled trees and watched. At two hundred and twenty five, Jamie gave out in exhaustion. Jake powered on for five more to prove his point, then got up and joined the group. His abs looked fucking amazing! So did Jamie’s for that matter.

Jake raised his arms in triumph then put them behind his head and struck a victory ab crunch pose that could’ve been on the cover of a fitness magazine.

“Way to go, Jamie,” Jake said. “You kept me going a hell of a lot longer than I thought you could.”

“Yeah, way to go, Jamie,” Luke said as he slapped the younger boy on the shoulders and rubbed another hand over his abs. “I’m gonna do my laundry on these bad boys tomorrow!”

“Thanks, Luke,” Jamie puffed, beaming with satisfaction at the attention.

Now that the ab crunching contest was over (serious business, for sure), introductions were made and they all got to know each other a little better. They threw the football around on a nearby beach, lounged together on the grass, played cards on the picnic table, shot the shit, ate some snacks, and did other guy stuff.

The air and the sun was hot, but the lake was pleasantly cool, so water wrestling was one of their favourite activities that afternoon. Luke loved picking up the smaller guys, doing shoulder presses with them, and seeing how far he could throw them into the water. And they loved letting him. Gavin was a bit more solid than the other three, but he got his turn being tossed by Luke, too.

After some goading, Luke got Dave to hoist him up in the air and toss him. Dave got some good distance with the young bodybuilder, too. From the look on his face when he emerged from the water, it was obvious that Luke didn’t really think that Dave could do it. Luke was smitten!

Luke was obviously an alpha, Dave knew that, by his scent, his attitude, everything. But Dave still wasn’t sure if Luke knew that he was an alpha. He needed to get this young stud alone at some point on this trip, for many reasons.

Jake, it turned out, had just left high school at the end of June as captain of his swimming team and a regional champion, too. He was also set to start attending a really prestigious university to study medicine in the fall. This was his last year leading camping trips.

All of the boys were friends and all went to the same school except for Andrew, he was a “good Catholic boy” and so went to a neighbouring high school.

Jamie had been on the swimming team with Jake for two years and was the only one of the group to have a “girlfriend” back home. Brian was the youngest by a few months. In his spare time he loved working with computers and generally doing whatever he could to shape himself into Luke’s perfect sidekick. He was the youngest guy on the school’s weightlifting team and he took every opportunity he could to workout with the older stud and get closer to him.

Luke, as it turned out, was a bit internet famous. He had an Instagram account with almost a hundred thousand followers!

“Really?” Gavin said. “That’s a lot. What’s on it.”

“Mostly pictures and short videos of me working out or flexing in my underwear,” Luke said casually. “If you got it, flaunt it, right? My man Brian here does most of the photography and stuff for me, don’t ya, Bri?”

Luke slapped an arm around Brian’s shoulders and the younger boy beamed with satisfaction.

“Yeah,” he said. “Luke pays me a little, too. But it’s not that much work, really.”

Sure it’s not, thought Dave. You probably do most of your work in the bathroom afterwards jerking off to those pics and vids.

Dave had to admit, though, Luke was obviously taking the time to train Brian pretty well on the weights, too. For such a young guy, he had some nice development showing in his chest and shoulders. If he kept growing in a couple of years he would match where Jake was now, or even Luke.

One moment that afternoon, when it was just the two of them in the lake, Jake turned to Dave and said,

“Listen man, whatever happens here, you know it can only be with me, right? As sexy as these other guys are, especially Luke, I’m in charge of them this weekend. I can’t have them all losing their virginity on a camping trip, okay?”

“No sweat, man,” Dave replied, smiling, pulling Jake toward him. “I just plan on taking you back with me and Gavin tonight and making some memories. Sound good?”

“Ungh…” Jake melted, “Sooooo good.”

“But you know Luke isn’t a virgin, right?”

Jake laughed and said, “I’m pretty sure he is. He’s sexy as hell, but when it comes to actual sex he’s all talk.”

“Sure…” Dave smiled, knowing better from Luke’s scent. He was disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to bond with the other young alpha, not on this trip anyway, but he would respect Jake’s wishes and not deflower any virgins this particular weekend. Then he squeezed Jake’s ass and growled, “Can’t wait for tonight.”

After dinner that night it was still light out, as it would be for hours here on this northern lake, and the boys lounged around a small campfire talking and digesting.

“I can’t believe you don’t lift on any team or compete or anything!” Luke said to Dave. “I mean, dude! You’d crush it!”

Dave chuckled, “I’m not interested in competing. I just lift for me. And for the boys, of course.”

He gave Gavin a little squeeze. He was sitting on the ground with Gavin between his legs, his beefy limbs wrapped around his guy. Gavin smiled, looked up, and gave his man a kiss.

“Well Luke’s the captain of the weightlifting team!” Jamie piped up.

“Yeah, and the captain of the school’s wrestling team!” Andy added. “He’s, like, the strongest guy in our school!”

“Yeah,” Brian piped up. “Every other guy knows it, too!”

Luke smirked. He loved it when other guys bragged for him. He sat on a log across from Dave and Gavin, flanked by his twinks on both sides, casually flexing his bicep and stroking it with his other hand. From the way things had gone so far, Luke had more or less deduced that Dave, although he might have thought he was a hot guy, wasn’t going to get carnal with him tonight. Probably because of something Jake said. But there were other ways to get some contact…

“Yeah, guess I’m pretty strong. How much do you curl, Dave?”

“For sets?”

Luke’s eyebrows shot up, “Yeah, for sets.”

Dave rolled his boulder shoulders, “I’ve been using eighties for sets of ten.”

“Bullshit! Eighty pound dumbbells? Really? Wow…” Luke said, a smirk spreading across his impish face. “Ever arm wrestle?”

“Not really.”



“Yeah!” Luke said, standing up. “Let’s go, big guy!”

Dave shrugged, stood to his full six-foot-four height and headed over to the picnic table.

“Yeah!” Jamie shouted.

“Awesome! Let’s go!” Brian joined in, clearing some space on the picnic table.

“You can beat him, Luke!” Andrew said.

Luke peeled his tank top off for the sake of his admirers and stretched a little before he sat down. He had no intention of winning this contest. Dave was gonna out muscle him twice over, but Luke was determined to get some physical contact and feel this alpha stud’s power one way or another, even if it meant losing an arm-wrestling match in front of his buddies.

Dave followed suit and stripped out of his sleeveless t-shirt before taking his seat at the picnic table across from Luke, Gavin giving his shoulders a quick massage as he sat.

The two muscle studs faced each other and grabbed each other’s hands, looks of playful competition on each of their faces. Jake, acting as referee, grabbed their hands and said,

“All right, on ‘go’. Ready… set… go!”

Dave and Luke both surged immediately against one another. Biceps and shoulders flexed and swelled, backs rippled, and everyone looked at them in adoration.

“Go, Luke!”

“Yeah, Luke! You can beat him!”

“C’mon, Dave! Cream him!”

Dave wasn’t trying to win yet, he just wanted to keep the young stud across from him flexing and straining for a while. Luke really was a stellar young hunk, definitely a young alpha even if he didn’t know exactly what he was himself. That was still a question.

Dave locked gazes with this hottie, an alpha gaze. The intensity was incredible. Luke’s youthful teen idol face still grinned, but cast in a look of pure athletic determination. Damn, he wished he could get into the young stud’s pants this weekend. Definitely another time, though.

Across the picnic table Luke was having the time of his life! Flexing his muscles, feeling Dave’s power surge through the exercise of his own, huffing his manly musk with every breath from across the table, watching Dave exercise his alpha power against his own. As the blood surged to Luke’s arm and shoulder, he felt it surge to his cock as well as it hardened and snaked down the leg of his shorts.

To themselves Luke and Dave knew what was really going on this trip, what it had turned into when they met on the grassy shore of the lake that morning. Luke, the budding young alpha, who had only begun to develop, needed to impress Dave, the stronger alpha, and earn his respect. And… maybe other things.

Luke’s alpha powers were only starting to develop. The only alpha that Luke had met before was his older brother Mike and he wasn’t sure that Mike had told him all that there was to know about it, or even if he knew everything. But now that Luke had caught Dave’s scent, and spent the whole day making it a part of him, he knew that from now on he felt like he could smell another alpha a mile away! Even if he took nothing else away this weekend, that would make everything worthwhile.

If only they’d met somewhere else. Luke was certain Jake had told Dave to hold back, probably because this was an “official” camping trip. But Jake couldn’t tell what was at stake here. They’d all exchanged contact information by now so that they could keep in touch. Luke had no doubt that he and Dave could eventually get together just, the two of them. And Dave was a nice guy. He wasn’t one of those asshole alphas that his brother mentioned once, alphas who felt like they had to hoard their power. But they didn’t live in the same city. Once they’d all gone home, it could be months before they could arrange a meeting just the two of them. Luke wanted Dave now! And maybe he could have him. He’d just have to work extra hard.

The arm-wrestling contest went on for a good five minutes or more. The sweat of exertion poured down Luke’s rippling, young back. Dave was honestly impressed at the young guy’s strength! And endurance! But he also knew that he the younger alpha would exhaust himself to impress if it came down to it, so he decided to end Luke’s struggle and slowly brought Luke’s hand down to the surface of the table.

“Ungh!” Luke grunted in defeat, panting but with a huge smile on his face.

“Way to go, Luke!” Brian said, massaging his hero’s arms and shoulders. “That was awesome!”

“Yeah, Luke! You really made him work!” Andrew chimed in.

“You guys are fuckin’ huge!” Jamie exclaimed, adjusting his crotch.

Luke looked over as Gavin massaged his man’s arms and shoulders and felt someone, probably Brian, massaging his. But his eyes were still locked on Dave. Luke couldn’t stand up yet. His cock was raging hard and leaking like crazy. That was almost as good as sex!

Then, looking around, Luke saw every other guy’s crotch bulging as well and thought, Fuck it!

He stood up and put his hands on his hips, raging hard-on totally visible, a big stain of precum at its tip.

“Don’t suppose you’re up for another contest,” Luke smirked.

The three twinks looked at Luke in silent awe. Jake smiled and shook his head.

“Keep it in your pants, stud,” Dave said, grabbing Gavin to his side.

Dave knew exactly what Luke was doing. Secretly he wondered just how hard this young alpha would work to earn what he wanted.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

About an hour after Dave and Luke’s legendary arm-wrestling contest, the boys decided to build a real campfire.

It was a hot night and the additional heat from the campfire was as good an excuse as any for the guys to have their shirts off, yet again, as they lounged around. Luke never put his shirt back on after the arm wrestle. But his twinks needed some encouragement to show some more skin.

“C’mon, Jamie,” said Luke, “Show us those killer abs! And Brian! Lose the shirt, dude. You’ve been hitting the weights hard. Time to show off a little.”

Jamie and Brian quickly obeyed and Andy followed suit, not to be left out.

“Yeah, look at that!” said Luke, rubbing Jamie’s stomach.

“Almost looks as good as yours, Luke!” Jamie said. “You looked huge during that arm wrestle!”

“Yeah, Luke! You’ve really been putting on some size,” Andrew said. “Show us some muscle!”

“Yeah, show us some muscle, Luke!” Brian chimed in on Luke’s other side.

Luke smirked and tossed Dave a look. He might’ve lost the arm wrestle, but he was still the unquestioned alpha among these guys. Dave nodded approvingly.

Luke raised his arms and struck a sweaty double biceps as he sat there, the campfire light glistening on his teen bodybuilder physique.

“Whoa!” gasped Andrew.

“Totally huge!” Jamie said as all three twinks squeezed Luke’s arms and felt up his chest.

“And hard! You sure these aren’t seventeen inches yet?”

“I can’t wait until I’m as big and strong as you, Luke!” Brian said. “You must get all the girls you want!”

Dave smiled back across the campfire, knowingly. Yeah, he thought, He gets all the girls and all the boys, too!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After sunset, Jake left Luke in charge and followed Dave and Gavin back to their campsite. Luke protested a bit, obviously wanting to be included in the fun, but eventually agreed to stay put.

Dave walked with one arm around each of them, Jake and Gavin, knowing that both guys were getting more and more intoxicated off of his alpha musk as they walked without even knowing it. The walk took a little longer with just Jake’s flashlight and the moon to guide them, but they made it there without stumbling over anything like idiots.

The night air was still warm but the humidity of the day had left. They didn’t bother building a fire. They all piled into the tent and immediately started getting naked.

Gavin’s lantern cast them in amber strips of light and deep, black shadows. Gavin was glad to have brought the extra-large sleeping bag and thick foam mattress, especially now that they had company to play with.

Dave was on his knees, his huge frame still filling half the tent, his huge uncut cock pointing up at an angle and dripping. He pulled Gavin toward him and they kissed, each man’s cock bouncing off the other’s body leaving shimmering streaks of salty, sticky, precum wherever they landed. Jake caressed Gavin’s tight, muscular surfer dude body from behind while kissing his neck and sliding his hard cock between the dude’s round, tanned buns. Gavin and Jake were both hung with respectable bones, around seven or seven and a half inches, though they were both dwarfed by Dave’s endowment, large even by alpha standards.

Once they were all sufficiently warmed up, each of them having leaked more than enough natural lube to make things comfortable, Gavin arched his back, reached around, and guided the tip of Jake’s cock to the pucker of his ass.

Truth be told, Jake wasn’t all that experienced sexually. In fact, had all this happened last summer, or even just six months ago, he might not have even had the courage to join a couple of hot studs like these in their tent. But the adventures he’s had with a few members of the swimming team over the past year made him confident enough to roll with things as they unfolded. And he didn’t need Gavin to be any clearer.

Jake grabbed Gavin’s narrow waist in his hands and thrust forward.

“Ummmmmmm…” Gavin sang. There was no “ouch” or sudden gasp from him, just the pure pleasure of penetration. Being one of Dave’s regulars no doubt kept him limber, but Jake was still in ecstasy at how tight the guy was. They groaned in unison as Jake immediately but slowly went balls deep. Then it felt like Gavin was actually massaging Jake’s cock with his ass! Jake had never felt a guy do that before. It was fucking awesome! In fact Jake had to freeze and clamp down harder than he ever had in his life to keep from blowing his load right then and there! He sure didn’t want this to end any time soon.

Gavin bent over and began taking Dave’s cock into his mouth, locking eyes with the alpha stud as he swallowed the first few inches. Jake got a full, unobstructed view of Dave’s incredible torso while Gavin slowly worked his way all the way down to Dave’s pubes. Dave’s furry chest and treasure trail looked so hot on him, like a superhero’s insignia or something. Jake watched as Dave lightly massaged Gavin’s shoulders while making gentle, encouraging micro thrusts forward with his hips. Gavin, who gave no sign that he was going to start gagging anytime soon, was about half way down Dave’s mammoth cock when Jake decided that he’d regained enough control to start thrusting himself.

Deep, resonant moans vibrated from the depths of Gavin’s throat up through Dave’s cock and then down into his balls as Jake slowly but steadily fucked Gavin. The three of them were connected in a chain of sensation that rippled back and forth, increasing in intensity by the second.

Jake had been fucking with his eyes closed, letting his flesh have as much access to his brain as possible, but when he opened them he saw Dave looking straight at him with those bottomless brown eyes of his. His already racing heart jumped in his chest. He felt a wave of electricity move through him. And he couldn’t look away.

Dave slowly thrust in earnest now, his powerful hips and lower abs rolled in a steady rhythm as he gently gripped the sides of Gavin’s head, occasionally running his fingers lovingly through the smaller hunk’s wavy blond locks while Gavin clung to his hairy, tree trunk thighs.

Gavin vibrated like a cello string as the two men stroked him from both ends at once. The pace increased, Dave never allowing Jake to break eye contact with him.

Holy shit, Jake suddenly realized. This is what it is to be eye fucked!

And that’s exactly how it felt, like somehow Dave was fucking the both of them, one man with his cock, the other with only his gaze.

The pace increased again. Beads of sweat fell from Dave and Jake’s muscular torsos, splattering on Gavin’s ripping back like drops of gold in the amber light. They were all moaning so loud! Jake wondered for a moment if they could be heard across the bay at his troupe’s campsite. But no. There was no way they could be that loud.

Suddenly Gavin’s moaning increased in both tempo and pitch. Jake couldn’t see that he’d blown his load, but he sure felt it! Gavin’s ass suddenly clamped down onto Jake’s cock and started spasming like crazy. Jake lost control, thrust once more, deeply and shot his seed inside Gavin, his mouth a perfect O, his eyes never leaving Dave’s as his cock pulsed.

Dave grinned as Jake leaned over Gavin’s body then started thrusting harder. It just took a few more before Dave, too, orgasmed, pulling his cock back out so that just the tip was in Gavin’s mouth, Gavin once again locking eyes with the hunk above him. Dave shot three or four times, but once it was clear that Gavin’s gulping wouldn’t be able to keep up with him, Dave withdrew his cock completely and aimed it straight at Jake’s face! Half a dozen more thick ropes of alpha seed exploded from Dave’s cock, some falling into Jake’s open mouth, most falling down his chin and onto Gavin’s shoulders and back.

Jake crumpled completely onto Gavin’s back and started slowly lapping up Dave’s cum with his tongue. Gavin crumpled into Dave’s lap and gently licked and sucked at the tip of Dave’s softening cock. Dave laid back onto the sleeping bag, hands folded behind his head, and let these two, hot betas enjoy themselves.

Afterward, they all laid together dozing in the afterglow of a fuck that had to have made the universe’s record book. Jake rested his head on one of Dave’s shoulders, Gavin rested his head on the other. Dave’s big, muscular hands casually stroked each boy’s skin as he gazed up through the tent’s mesh roof at the summer stars. Just before their cuddle session began, Gavin had the idea to lift up the tent’s fly and open the outer door so that the air could move through freely. The moment he did, a gush of cool summer night’s air was exchanged for a heavy cloud of sex vapour and it made things much more comfortable.

Jake had no idea how much time had passed. And he didn’t really care. But…

“Dave,” Jake whispered.


“I should get back.”

“Cool. I’ll take you. But… we should both take a quick skinny dip in the lake first.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. We can’t walk into your campsite like this. It’d be, like, literally rubbing Luke’s nose in it.”

They all chuckled, but Jake agreed that Dave was right.

“I’ll join you,” Gavin chimed in.

Actually, Jake thought to himself as they shared their moonlit ablution in the lake, this was really thoughtful of Dave. Jake definitely didn’t want Luke to feel even worse than he already did about being excluded from the “grown-up” fun.

They dried themselves off and dressed quickly, it was getting cool, and they’d never bothered to make a fire. Gavin was in the tent and burrowed into the sleeping bag in a flash, never bothering to put a stitch of clothing on. Jake felt a small pang of jealousy as he realized that Gavin would be getting a whole night of full body contact cuddles with Dave. Hell, he’d probably get to service Dave’s morning boner too. But the jealousy didn’t last long. After all, Jake just had the night of his life. And they were all still going to be camping together for another three!

Jake grabbed his flashlight and said to Dave, “Where’s yours?”

“Don’t need it.”

“Huh? But you’re coming back here, right?”

“Yeah, but there’s moonlight. And I can make my way back by scent.”

Jake chucked, “Yeah, right, man.”

He rummaged around the tent for a few second and found Dave’s flashlight for him. Safety first.

“Here it is. Let’s go.”

Dave and Jake made the journey around to the other campsite pretty quickly, even in the dark; it was becoming a familiar trail. And troupe’s site itself was easy to zero in on as they still had a raging fire going.

As they walked through the trees and shadows, Jake began to wonder more and more about how Luke was going to be about all this for the rest of the trip. How much could Jake really prevail upon the younger hunk’s good nature before he got pissy or resentful?

But then, as they got within earshot, and heard the sounds that mingled with the loud crackle of the campfire, Jake realized exactly what he’d actually done. He’d left Luke, hornier than he’d ever been in his young life, alone with three hot young twinks in his charge!


As they came through the trees and entered the light of their roaring campfire, Dave and Jake looked on to see blankets spread on the ground beside the fire. Two of the twinks were naked on their knees with their asses in the air on either side of Andy who was on his back, legs in the air, getting fucked by Luke!

Brian and Jamie looked a little worn out. Both had hair plastered to their young faces with sweat, their asses and lower backs gleaming with fresh seed. Luke had deposited at least one load in each of them already. However, assess in the air, they were obviously willing and wanting more. Meanwhile Luke had a hold of Andy’s ankles and was fucking the tight little redhead like a stag in heat. Andy moaned pornographically, his eyes closed, his tight torso and slim waist covered in sweat and cum. He’d obviously just shot his load all over himself.

Luke looked up as he fucked to see Jake and Dave watching. He grinned at them and thrust harder. Andy moaned louder and after a few more powerful pumps, Luke threw back his head, and let out a groan so loud and primal that it rang out over the lake as he busted his nut. Andy whimpered as another squirt of cum escaped his cock and splattered his torso.

Never breaking his gaze from Jake and Dave, Luke withdrew from Andy and stood up. His tall, young bodybuilder’s frame looked plated in copper in the firelight. His cock, an impressive uncut eight-incher, was still standing fully erect and dripping. He sauntered over to Dave and Jake, his muscled chest rising and falling rapidly, and stopped a few feet in front of them. He reached down to his cock, took some cum from the tip, brought his finger to this mouth, and sucked it off, tasting himself and the three sweet, young cherries he’d just popped!

Jake was astonished and speechless. Dave smiled from ear to ear, meaty arms crossed over his chest, beaming with pride.

Luke pulled out his finger, smiled at them, and said, “Oops.”

Dave laughed, inhaling deeply, and thought, Well, no one here is a virgin anymore.

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