Alpha Coach and Mike

by Eric Aaldersen

Alpha Mike remembers the alpha who made him—his super-hot high school hockey coach!

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #8 7,300 words Added Apr 2020 11k views 5.0 stars (8 votes)

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Mike was running around with Moose in a public park in Downtown Vancouver. It was a warm and uncharacteristically sunny Saturday afternoon. Moose’s favourite thing to do was chase Mike while he held onto the tennis ball, trying to keep it away from him. Moose was Mike’s chocolate labrador. He and his longtime girlfriend Sandy adopted the dog from a shelter about a year ago. Now he was eight years old, but still as youthful as a puppy.

After half an hour or so of running around the park, Mike and Moose had worked up quite the sweat. It wasn’t exactly hot out, but Mike always ran hot even for an alpha. He ditched his long sleeved t-shirt, hanging it over the back of a bench, and continued horsing around with Moose wearing just a pair of beat up old jeans and his sneakers.

Life had been good to Mike Forrester. He was in his final year of his Engineering program at university, weeks away from finishing, but already working part-time for really good money at a firm downtown. They’d snatched Mike up as soon as his co-op placement there was finished last year. Between that and hockey scholarships for the first three years of school, Mike had managed to avoid any of the crushing debt that most of his friends were labouring under by now. And Sandy was three years older than him. She’d been working full-time as a high school French teacher for a number of years already. They’d been living together in the same, awesome Victorian-era two-bedroom apartment just off the park for about three years now.

After almost four years of university hockey training—and the access to free personal training, physiotherapy, and premium gym access that came with it—Mike was sitting at a muscular 225 pounds without any of the padding that he kept on him in Northern Ontario. In brief, he was healthier and looked better than he ever had in his life. Fit guys on the balmy west coast tended to stay shredded year round. Besides, Sandy loved seeing his abs. And at that moment, everyone in the park loved seeing them too. Mike was providing quite a show, showing off his broad back and shoulders, his meaty, furry pecs bouncing around as he moved, his abdomen looking like it belonged on a superhero. A light sheen of sweat covered his torso as he ran around, playing with his beloved dog. He was was giving serious moisture problems to all the mommies on their way too and from the farmer’s market that afternoon. There were even a couple of fabulous, teenage twinks in love lounging on a blanket under a tree nearby who’d had their eyes glued to Mike ever since the shirt came off. Every time Mike glanced over at them, they’d smile, avert their gazes and grind their hips into their picnic blanket. That’s when Luke’s text came in:

“Dude! I just alpha-ized two betas tonight! Call me!!!”

No shit! Mike thought, grinning and shaking his head as he tapped in his reply. Little bro is such a fucking stud!

Mike texted: “Way to go, alpha bro! I’m in the park with Moose. I’ll walk home and call you from there.”

Mike sat down on the bench for a bit, letting himself cool off before pulling his shirt back on, casually tossing the tennis ball and letting Moose bring it back to him.

Fuck! Mike thought. Luke just fucked two guys into alphahood? In one night!? Awesome!

As Mike tossed the ball for Moose, he remembered exactly what Moose was, other than a great dog. Moose was his compromise with Sandy. After being together with Mike for about two years, Sandy had made her intentions pretty clear: she wanted to get married and have kids. Mike wanted the same, but he just wasn’t ready. At the time he said it was because he wanted to finish school, and that was true. But there was another reason, as well. Mike had yet to make an alpha himself. Soon he wouldn’t have the school excuse to delay things anymore. And he did want to make a family with Sandy. She knew that Mike occasionally messed around with other guys and she was cool with that. Mike recalled her exact words in that conversation:

“Mike you can mess around with other guys as much as you want. As long as it’s not another girl, I don’t think it counts as cheating. In fact… I think it’s kinda hot.”

Sandy was awesome. But Mike knew she wouldn’t be cool with him developing the kind of bond with another guy that was needed in order to make him an alpha, not once they were married anyway. Once he was her husband, she’d probably want him all to herself. And, again, Mike was cool with that. He loved Sandy. But Mike had been an alpha now for six years and he’d never bonded strongly enough with a beta to make him an alpha. And he felt a strong, primal urge to do just that. If his beta was to ever fully realize his alpha traits, ideally Mike would need to turn him before he turned twenty-one. To give their bond time to strengthen, that meant finding a beta who was twenty or even nineteen to begin bonding with.

Mike had put the ball away and Moose was now chilling on the bench next to him, head in Mike’s lap as Mike absently scratched him between the ears. He glanced over and saw the two twinks still starring at him but pretending not to. He smiled at them and made a big deal about stretching his arms over his head before he pulled his shirt back on. By the time his head emerged from the neck of his shirt, both twinks had their mouths hanging open, panting like a couple puppies. Both of them couldn’t have been sixteen years old yet.

Well, Mike thought to himself, smirking. Doesn’t look like finding a willing teenage beta will be a problem.

As he walked Moose back to the apartment, Mike recalled being a teenage beta himself and the alpha who had bonded with him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was the beginning of Mike’s third year of high school. He was sixteen years old and one of the rising stars of the school’s hockey team. Mike played defence. At six-foot-two, Mike was a bulky 190 pounds, not super-fast on his skates, but big enough to intimidate the other team and get the puck safely to the high scoring players. The team had only finished one practice so far, and it had been a bit of a bummer. They all discovered that Mr. Jensen, the school’s best Phys Ed teacher and the coach of their hockey team, was having surgery and in a few weeks wouldn’t be able to teach or coach until at least the spring. Other teachers were going to cover his classes, but the question of who would coach was still up in the air. A lot of the guys on the team, especially those in their last year, had a lot riding on their performance—some of them were counting on hockey scholarships to go to school the following year. And Mr. Jensen was the best, so there was a lot of tense speculation leading up to their second practice.

The team was all half-clad in their hockey gear when Mr. Jensen came into the locker room and gathered everyone around. He was a fit, upbeat, silver haired guy who always seemed to be smiling. He was even able to smile about it when the guys imitated his Scottish accent! He was great about giving the stars their time to shine and show-off, but also good about encouraging the weaker players and the non-jocks in gym class. Rumour had it that he might even be retiring after this surgery, too. That would suck.

Then this other guy walked into the room behind him. Mike had never seen him before and he would’ve remembered if he had! The dude was about three or four years older than Mike and about an inch taller. Dude had thick, jet black hair, bright blue eyes, and cheekbones that could cut glass. Even through the wool sweater he was wearing Mike could tell that they guy was built—the best built guy in the room, really. Mike’s eyes kept drifting to the guy as coach talked. He stood beside Mr. Jensen and a little behind him, arms folded across his chest as their coach addressed the room.

“Okay, boys,” Mr. Jensen began. “I know there’ve been a lot of rumours flying around as to who will coach the team. I know that a lot of you have been concerned, but I’ve been pulling in a lot of favours in recent weeks and months to make sure you all still have the best experience this year. And you will. This young man here…”

Mr. Jensen raised his arm and the younger dude stepped forward.

“…is Gryph Tatum. For two years he was forward and captain for the University of Toronto’s hockey team. He’s pursuing a career in sports medicine and his school is allowing him to come to Thunder Bay to complete the practicum portion of his degree while he does some distance education classes. Boys, say hello to your new coach!”

The whole team muttered and made impressed sounds among themselves. Holy shit! Mr. Jensen had outdone himself. This year was gonna be lit! Their new coach stepped forward, flashing a positively crotch-melting smile, and addressed the room,

“I am thrilled to be here, guys! I’ll keep it brief for now, because we’ve got a practice to get in. This is an awesome opportunity for me, I am so incredibly grateful to Mac—I mean, Coach Jensen. I already know how much you guys love your coach so I think I speak for everyone here when I say… We all wish you a swift and comfortable recovery and we hope to see you back. I know you’ll be in the stands as soon as you possibly can. Everybody, let’s give Mr. Jensen a hand!”

The guys all erupted into a huge round of applause. Mr. Jensen, bless him, even looked to tear up a little as Gryph continued.

“As I understand it, he’ll still be around for two more practices while I’m here. But speaking of practice, let’s get it on! Oh! And cancel your dinner plans, because I’m taking the whole team out for all-you-can-eat sushi.”

More cheers erupted. Mr. Jensen roared and slapped Gryph on the back saying something about hearts and stomachs. The guys all finished getting their gear on and charged out onto the rink.

For practice, Mr. Jensen more or less just watched from the sides, but Coach Tatum was on his skates and all over the rink running drills and showing the guys some pretty impressive footwork. For such a huge guy, the dude could really move! Sure he wasn’t in full gear, but Mike suspected that wouldn’t have mattered much. Mike could totally learn from this guy. If he could be a forward and a captain, maybe so could Mike.

After practice everyone was in the locker room getting ready for the showers, including their new coach.

“Are you showering with us, coach?” one of the guys asked him. Mr. Jensen never did that.

“Nah,” Gryph replied. “I didn’t get that sweaty. However…

He gave his underarm a sniff and continued, “I’d better change shirts before we hit the restaurant.”

Gryph pulled a gym bag out of a locker and rested it on a bench. Then he pulled his sweater and t-shirt off in one smooth motion. Mike’s eyes widened and he caught his breath. Even his suspicions about Gryph’s build were humbled by the godly physique their new coach so casually displayed to the room. Mike was changing just across from him and stood stripped to the waist. For a split second he thought about trying to conceal the fact that he was checking out their new coach, but then he realized that at least half a dozen of his teammates were doing the exact same thing. He watched as Gryph lazily applied some deodorant under his arms and fished out a fresh undershirt from his bag. The guy was about a foot wider than anyone else in the room. His arms and shoulders were round, bulging works of art. His chest was a smooth, flesh-covered plate of armour and he had amazingly defined abdominal muscles, some that Mike didn’t even know existed! His phone beeped and he picked it up, tapping and scrolling through something for a few precious minutes, allowing Mike to feast his eyes for a few more seconds before he stowed his phone and pulled on a fresh t-shirt. Then he looked over at Mike and threw him a nod and a smile. Mike did his best to return it then resumed getting undressed, or, tried to.

When Mike went to pull his pants and underwear down he had to stop. He was sporting the start of an enormous erection which didn’t seem to be going away. He pulled out his own phone and played with it for a while, but not really looking at anything on the screen. Instead he kept repeating the alphabet backwards in his head, trying to will his erection away.

What the fuck!? he thought to himself. Did I just get turned on by a dude?

That had never happened before. Mike tried not to read too much into it. Gryph was an exceptionally hot dude, after all. But then he also had a super hard erection trying to burst through his underwear.

Eventually, Mike made his way into the showers and then later over to the sushi restaurant. Carpooling was a bit of a trick but the whole team made it. The team had the whole restaurant to themselves. How Gryph was able to pull this off, Mike never figured out, but he didn’t really care either. There were about ten small tables in the restaurant and over the course of their dinner—which was awesome!—Gryph had spent some time at every single table talking to every single player. Not only was he super hot, an amazing hockey player, and maybe rich, he was also an amazing guy!

Gryph finally sat down at Mike’s table near the end of the evening with Ronnie Stanhope and Guyel Sanchez.

“Hey, boys,” he said, grinning at them. “How’s the food?”


“Yeah, thanks, man!”

“This is really great of you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, flashing that killer smile at every one, his face a little flushed. “I’m just so grateful to be here.”

“Help yourself to some of these, man,” Mike said, indicating a plate of maki that had just arrived. “I’m getting full.”

“Awe, sweet. Thanks, man,” Gryph said, picking up some chopsticks and digging in. “Mmmmm… I haven’t eaten as much as I should.”

“How come? Dig in!”

Gryph chuckled, lowering his voice and leaning in, “Because your coach over there keeps buying shots of saké for the two of us! The dude is fuckin’ awesome! No wonder you guys love him so much.”

“Well… thanks for being our new coach,” Guyel said. “Should we call you Coach Tatum?”

He shrugged and said, “Probably. But not here. Not tonight. Tonight just call me Gryph.”

“Well, you ran us through a great practice, Gryph,” said Mike.

“Thanks, man.”

“I’d love to know how you learned to move like that. Maybe I could even be forward before I graduate.”

“Dude,” Gryph said, locking eyes with him. “You could play forward before the end of this season.”


“Yeah, man. Why not?”

“Well, I’m just not that fast. Ever since I joined the team I’ve just been focused on getting bigger.”

Gryph shook his head and said, “Don’t believe all that shit about focusing on something. You’re a guy. You can be fast, you can be strong, you can be big, you can have it all! You just need to know how and put in the work. And you can obviously put in the work, man. You’ve got a killer build for a guy your age.”

“Really? You think?”

“Dude, c’mon,” Gryph said, smiling. “Have you looked in the mirror? Give yourself some credit.”

Sitting there next to him, Mike couldn’t explain why but he never wanted Gryph to leave. He met this guy just a few hours ago and he loved being around him, couldn’t get enough of him. Mike would remember him for the rest of his life, and the best parts of their relationship were yet to come!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Later that night, Mike stood naked in front of the full-length mirror on the back of his bedroom door, checking himself out. He took in his thick, hairy legs and flexed his arms. Mike had a good set of arms on him for a sixteen-year-old. He bounced his chest and ran his hands through the pelt of fur that had started growing on them. Hell, he even had a nice dick on him. For the first time in a long time, Mike wasn’t looking at his body and wondering what it could be like, he was just appreciating what it was. He didn’t know entirely why, but he felt fucking awesome that night.

Just then the door opened and his younger brother walked in.

“Hey, Mike,” said Luke, nodding at his naked brother.

“Hey, bro,” Mike returned.

Luke shut the door and flopped down on his bed while Mike continued posing. They two of them had always shared a room. They’d gone camping, swimming (even skinny dipping) and changed together before sports countless times. So being naked around each other was no big deal.

“Looking good!” Luke said. “Can’t wait until I have muscles, too!”

Mike chuckled and pulled his pyjama bottoms on.

“Thanks, buddy. But you’ve already got muscles! Let’s see.”

Luke sat up and threw a double biceps pose, imitating his brother. Luke was wearing just a tank top and his pyjama bottoms. Mike had to admit, the kid had great muscle tone for a guy who’d be turning eleven years old next week, thought he looked like a teenager already. For as long as Mike could remember, his little bro had grown at warp speed.

“Nice, bro!” Mike said. “You got a girlfriend yet?”

“No!” Luke shot back.

“No? What about Lindsey?”

“She’s my friend!”

“Okay, okay,” Mike said, holding his hands up.

“How was hockey practice?” Luke asked.

“Pretty good, actually. We met our new coach.”

“Is he good?”

“Yeah, he’s… awesome!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

About three months later Mike was breathing into his hands as he entered the school. It was a good two hours before classes started, but the caretakers would be there. They opened one wing of the school super early so athletes could have access to the gym and weight room. Not that many were crazy enough take advantage of this in the pitch black negative thirty-degree weather of mid-December. But Mike was well into a new exercise and training routine, as were most of the guys on the hockey team now that Gryph had really gotten a hold of his coaching responsibilities. Mike wanted to stick to it and there were some things that he couldn’t do at home. At least not until his basement gym was complete.

Mike stamped his feet halfway down the hall, shaking the snow off, stowed his coat in his locker, and charged off to the weight room. He was already wearing his sweats so when he got into the locker room he just changed his shoes and started considering how he was going to warm up. But as he walked down the hall, it sounded like someone else actually was crazy enough to be working out at this hour.

Rounding the corner, Mike sauntered into the weight room and stopped dead in his tracks. Gryph stood in the middle of a squatting rack lifting a fully loaded bar. And all he had on were sneakers and a pair of black athletic shorts. He hadn’t yet noticed that Mike was there. Mike just stood there in his sweats with his mouth slightly agape, eyes wide open. Gryph’s legs looked phenomenal: broad calves, thighs that nearly filled the legs of his shorts, and an ass like two bowling balls. His broad, rippling back and shoulders were coated in a light sheen of sweat. In the mirror Mike could make out his tightly clenched brick wall of abs. His form was perfection! Mike had no idea how many reps were in this set but he must’ve completed at least five before racking it.

Mike felt some blood move to his crotch and was glad he’d opted for sweats this morning.

“Uh… Hey, Coach!” Mike called out.

Gryph turned around, panting, and smiled like the sunrise.

“Hey, Mike! How’s it going?”

“Good. Damn, Coach! That’s a lot of weight!”

“Yeah… I’m in a strength cycle, but that was my last set on squats so I figured I’d just max out for reps. Banged out quite a few. What’re you doing here?”

“Leg day,” Mike said simply.

Gryph put his hands on his hips and chuckled, “Good to see it, man. Love the dedication.”

“I didn’t know you worked out here. Figured you would’ve had a private gym somewhere in town.”

Gryph shrugged, “I don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. Besides, I can workout here for free without signing some stupid contract that I’ll have to break before it’s up.”


“You wanna jump in here?” Gryph reached for his sweatshirt and pulled it on, deflating Mike’s mood a bit. But maybe it would help deflate his dick, too. “I can spot you.”

“Yeah, sure,” Mike laughed. “After we strip about half the weight off the bar. And I’m on a strength cycle, too.”

“So you want, what, four plates?”


“We’ll start with four and a half and see how you go,” Gryph said, smirking. “After all, you’re gonna have an expert spotter. But let’s stretch. Wanna do some duo stretches?”

“For sure! Those are awesome! Never saw those before you showed up.”

They stretched together on the mats—Mike warming up, Gryph warming down—holding each other’s wrists and such as they went through the stretches. You could really get an awesome stretch with someone else holding you or pressing down in just the right way. Then they stepped up to the squatting cage and set it up, Gryph standing behind Mike. This wasn’t the first time Coach had spotted Mike, but it was the first time they’d worked out alone together. Mike hoped his cock would behave.

That workout was epic! Mike loved getting the personal attention from Gryph, he drank it in like water. They finished up with spinning intervals on the stationary bikes together. Mike’s legs were absolutely blasted by the end of it and they both staggered to the mats sweating like racehorses. Mike crumpled down onto them and settled into a hip stretch. Gryph stripped off his sweatshirt again and tossed it down, throwing up some flexes and checking his gains in the mirror.

“How much do you weigh right now, Coach?”

“Two forty-four this morning,” Gryph said as he stuck out one of his tree trunk legs, hiked up one leg of his shorts and shook it out, flexing and relaxing the big, powerful muscles. His muscular development was legendary, but Mike was looking at his other leg. When Gryph moved in certain ways Mike could see the outline of an equally legendary dick hanging from his crotch.

“Damn…” Mike said in a hushed tone. “Can’t wait until I’m that big.”

“You’ll get there sooner than you think,” Gryph said, throwing up a double biceps pose just for the hell of it. Then he put his hands on his hips and looked down at Mike, grinning.

“You’re gettin’ pretty big right now, Mike.”

“Actually I think I’m still losing fat.”

Gryph laughed.

“No, man,” he said, smiling down. “I mean… right now.”

He pointed down at Mike’s sweats. In his exhaustion Mike had forgotten to exercise some conscious control over his erection, and in the hip stretcher pose he’d assumed on the mats, it was super obvious that Mike was sprouting a boner. And Mike was pretty well hung himself. He tried to cover it up with his hands then tried the hem of his sweatshirt.

“Oh… uh… Damn! That’s just… well… Sorry, Coach,” Mike stammered, his face flushing, his eyes averted.

Gryph laughed again and sat down next to him.

“Don’t worry about it man,” he said quietly, smiling a comforting grin at Mike. “I can have that effect on guys. It’s no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal for me!” Mike shot back. “I mean… until I saw you, no guy ever… did that for me. Just you.”

Then Mike looked up into his coach’s eyes, those pools of sapphire blue, and the rest of the gym seemed to fade away. All Mike could see and hear was the figure and face of this amazing, godly man sitting inches away from him.

“Well,” Gryph rumbled, taking in a deep breath through his nose. “Maybe we should… explore these feeling a little. Outside school. What do you think?”

“Yeah,” Mike said, nodding slowly, feeling his heart rate slow. “I think I’d—”

Just then they heard the crash of a door opening from the locker rooms and separated just in time for Kevin King and Brett Sommersby to come in through the weight room’s door. Coach was pulling his sweatshirt back on as they entered.

“Hey, Coach! Mike.”

“Damn! Did you two just finish?”

Later Mike and his coach changed in the locker room next to each other. Neither said a word as they undressed and looked each other up and down, each making sure to give the other a good look at everything. The silence continued in the showers as they washed each other, but just with their gazes. Gryph’s endowment was everything that the bulge in his exercise shorts suggested—and more! In addition to having a huge, thick, intact dick hanging a third of the way down between his massively muscular legs he also had a huge pair of balls that could’ve belonged on a pony. Mike couldn’t help but bone up in silent salute to this super stud as he showered across from him, earning a nod of respect from his coach.

After they dressed and before they parted ways, Coach Gryph crushed a piece of paper into Mike’s hand, leaned in to his ear and whispered, “When you’re ready, call me. No texting. Call.”

It was another three days before Mike was “ready.”

“Hey, Coach. It’s Mike.”

“Hey, man. What’s up?”

“Well… I think I’m ready to… uh… have that talk? The one we didn’t get to finish at school?”

They arranged to be at a private sauna and spa just outside of town at the same time. In such a northern town, meeting for a sauna was not unusual. Nor was it unusual for the saunas to be used for some “special” fun on occasion.

When he arrived, Mike’s heart was racing and he had a sweat going before he even got near the sauna. He stripped and left his clothes and belongings in the locker room, wearing only a towel as he marched down the hall, found sauna number three, and knocked. The door opened, a cloud of steamy heat escaped, and there stood Gryph, buck naked!

“C’mon in,” he said, smiling. “Don’t let all the steam out.”

They began just lounging next to each other, sitting on their towels, breathing in the hot, steamy air, and looking each other up and down as they talked.

“So…” Mike began. “I guess I’m just kinda curious about some stuff.”

“You can ask me anything, Mike. Anything.”

“Uh… well… have you ever been turned on by a guy?”

“Sure,” he said, his smile breaking into a grin. “I’m turned on right now.”

Mike chuckled and blushed.

“So… you’re, like, gay?” Mike asked.

Gryph took a deep breath before replying, expanding his massive chest, his big, round shoulders rising and falling.

“I don’t really like labels,” he said. “But… I get turned on by guys and girls, pretty equally. So if I had to pick a label, I guess the one that fits me best is bisexual.”

“Okay,” Mike said, nodding. “Cool.”

“It is pretty cool,” Gryph returned. “Girls are, like… soft and smooth. Having sex with a girl gives you the chance to be gentle, tender. Not all girls, though. And you can be that way with a guy, too, especially if the guy is, like, small. But guys are generally another story. With guys I love being strong and hard and even a little bit rough, you know?”

“I know what you mean about girls,” Mike said, smirking. “I’ve been with my share.”

“More than your share, I’m sure,” Gryph said, giving Mike a friendly sock in the shoulder. “You’re one big, hot stud.”

“Well if I’m big, you’re fuckin’ enormous!”

Gryph laughed and leaned back onto his elbows, “Yeah… Not gonna lie, I love being big, being strong. And I love having a big dick to fuck with. Even if it means going slow, sometimes. But you must know what I mean.”

“Oh, for sure,” Mike said, assuming the same posture as Gryph. From here the could both look down the whole length of their young, muscular bodies. “This past summer I was fucking Maria Tremain. She’s, like, a foot shorter than me and about a hundred pounds lighter—really pretty, but damn was she tight. At first I was a little bit afraid of breaking her or something.”

“I imagine most girls feel pretty tight wrapped around that, Mike,” Gryph nodded toward Mike’s cock, which was rapidly inflating to full-size and stretching toward his furry navel.

“Yeah, true,” Mike said, casually reaching down and stroking his bone. This was fucking awesome!

Mike had often wanted an older brother, or wished that Luke was a little older, or that he had a really close male friend, so that he could talk like this—about their developing bodies, about sex, about everything—and maybe even explore a little. Gryph was great to do this with him. He must’ve know, somehow, that Mike needed it.

“So…” Mike began, looking over at Gryph with a mischievous smile curled onto his face. “How big does your get?”

“You’re gonna find out pretty soon, man,” he said. “Watching you stroke your bone is getting me super horny.”

They both watched as Gryph’s cock inflated to pornstar proportions, the tip escaping his foreskin and reaching past his navel where it soon began leaking a copious amount of lube onto his smooth, rock hard, abs. The smell of Gryph’s manly musk soon reached Mike’s nose, making him slightly lightheaded.

“Day-yum!” Mike gasped, stroking his own cock a little faster. “That thing is almost as thick as my wrist!”

Gryph chuckled and started stroking as well, joining Mike. “Yeah… this bad boy can be a little rough on someone, especially the ladies. With other big guys, though, that’s when I practice my olympic-level fucking.”

“You sure precum a lot.”

By now Gryph’s alpha lube was running down the deep grooves in his abs, around to the small of his back, and down onto his towel.

“Yeah, that makes fucking easier, too. I’ve never bought lube from the drugstore.”

Here Gryph took a break from stroking his cock, brought his hand up to his mouth, and licked it.

“Tastes hot, too,” he said, smiling at Mike.

Mike’s eyes were wide. Then he looked down at his own cock, which was also leaking, took his finger to the tip, and brought some of his fuck lube to his mouth to taste it.

“Um… Yeah. It tastes… I dunno, sexy somehow.”

“Do you think they taste the same?” Gryph asked.

Mike was feeling less inhibited and more comfortable by the second.

“Only one way to find out. Help yourself, man,” he said holding up his cock and pumping out some lube from the tip.

Gryph reached over and massaged the tip of Mike’s penis for a few brief but heavenly seconds before bringing his fingers to his mouth.

“Hum…” he said, smirking. “Not quite the same.”

“No?” Mike said. “Can… I taste?”

Gryph put both hands behind his head, smiled, and said, “Go for it, man.”

Mike grinned and reached over, stroking Gryph’s huge cock with this whole hand, letting the precum from his tip run over his fingers.

“Holy, shit!” Mike said, “It’s hard as rock! Like… hot, flesh-covered iron or something.”

“Awe, fuck, dude!” Gryph said, thrusting his cock into Mike’s hand. “Keep this up and you’re gonna get more than you bargained for.”

“Sorry,” Mike said, pulling his hand away and licking it.

“Don’t apologize,” Gryph replied. “So? What do you think?”

“Yeah… a little… different.”

Gryph was right, his lube had a stronger taste and, maybe Mike was imaging things, but his tongue and throat actually felt a little tingly soon after he lapped up some of his coach’s precum.

Each stud resumed casually stroking his own bone as they talked.

“So…” Mike continued. “Have you ever… been fucked by a dude?”

“Of course! Getting fucked feels awesome!”


“Uh, yeah. Are you telling me the girls you fuck never look like they’re enjoying themselves?”

“True,” Mike said, nodding. “Some enjoy themselves so much my back looks like a cat’s been at it for a couple days after.”

They both chucked and knocked fists.

“So what does fucking a guy feel like?”

Gryph grinned and looked over at him, “Wanna find out?”


“Absolutely! You’re a hot guy, Mike. And that cock looks fuckin’ awesome! We can do whatever you want. So… what do you want, Mike?”

“Hummmmm…” Mike purred, grinning and stroking his huge, throbbing cock. “I think I want you up against the wall.”

Gryph smiled and jumped to his feet, his enormous cock slapping into his abs as he moved. He put his hands onto the cedar wall of the sauna, his pale flesh slick with sweat, arched his back, and stuck his ass out, flexing it enticingly. Mike’s cock jumped at the sight and spewed a glob of precum out its tip. He got to his feet and walked up behind Gryph, putting his cock into the crack of his coach’s ass and sliding it up and down the crack. Gryph purred, looking over his shoulder as best he could. Mike reach around his broad back with one arm and used his other hand to guide his cock to the pucker of Gryph’s ass.

“Little lower,” Gryph said.


Mike explored a little more, then pushed and—

“Ah! There it is!” Gryph said as his man pussy opened up and enveloped the tip of Mike’s meaty bone. “Start off slow, dude. You’re a big boy.”

Mike pushed a little more and Gryph’s ass snapped shut around the head of his cock, “Damn! This is tight!”

“Keep going man,” Gryph said.

Mike pushed slowly, his own precum lubricating the way inside, Gryph making beautiful sounds with every inch that penetrated him, until Mike was buried balls deep. It felt amazing! It was so hot and tight but soft at the same time. He grabbed Gryph’s shoulders from underneath his arms and started thrusting.

“Ohhhhh… mi-gawd, dude!” Gryph groaned. “You’re cock is fucking perfect, man. You’re hitting all the right spots.”

Mike felt like his brain had turned off. He gripped tighter onto Gryph’s body and his hips started thrusting faster and faster, grunting in a primal rhythm with his movements. Some signal surged through him that just said: “Breed him!” And his body obeyed. He wanted the friction of their fucking to melt their bodies together. It didn’t take long before—

“Oh gawd!” Mike said as he kept thrusting. “I’m gonna blow!”

“Do it, man!” Gryph quickly replied. “Blow that muscle jock load inside me! Bury it deep, dude!”


Every muscle in Mike’s body flexed as he thrust upwards one last time, holding Gryph’s body in a bear hug, welding their sweaty, muscular bodies together. He could never be like this with a girl. His seed blasted up from his big, meaty balls, through his throbbing cock and up into his coach’s body. He got lightheaded and had to remind himself to keep breathing. Gryph didn’t orgasm, but he was so turned on that the precum had literally started dripping all the way down onto the floor of the sauna!

Gryph groaned and turned his head to look at Mike over his shoulder as he felt Mike’s load blasting up inside of him. Mike’s eyes opened and then kissed as Mike’s cock continued pumping his muscle jock seed into Gryph’s body.

After a couple of minutes Mike relaxed his grip and slowly withdrew his cock from his coach’s ass, collapsing back onto the sauna’s bench then lying down onto his towel.

“Holy fuck, dude!” Mike said, breathing heavily as Gryph laid down beside him. “That was epic!”

Gryph casually stroked his huge, leaking boner as he laid beside Mike, “Yeah, man. Hard to believe you’ve never done that before. Nearly blew my load a dozen times!”

“So why didn’t you?” Mike asked.

“Well…” Gryph said, looking into Mike’s eyes. “Didn’t know if you wanted me to return the favour or not?”

“Mmmmm…” Mike said, smiling down at Gryph’s throbbing peen. “I don’t know, man. That’s a big dick.”

“We can do whatever you want,” Gryph purred into his ear. “But… I really wanna fuck you.”

“Oh yeah?” Mike breathed.

“Uh-huh… Coach wants to shove his huge cock inside your muscle pussy. Teach you how to take it like a man.”

“Mmmmm…” Mike’s voice rumbled in his chest like thunder. “Well, when you put it like that…”

Mike rolled over, presenting his chunky hockey butt to his coach.

“Just take it easy on me, Coach,” he said over his shoulder.

“Sweet!” Gryph said, giving Mike’s beefy ass a playful slap.

Gryph rolled onto his side as well, wrapping his thick muscled limbs around Mike, squeezing him firmly and holding him in place as he lined his now well-lubed cock up to Mike’s pucker. Mike felt the precum oozing out of it’s huge head and onto the tight drum of his ass. Gryph moved it around slightly and Mike’s ass started to tingle in anticipation. After a minute or two Mike’s ass actually winked open for his coach’s cock and Gryph pushed inside.

“Ungh!” Mike moaned. “Ahhhhh, fuck!”

It hurt just a little, but only for a second. As Gryph pumped his pussy full of alpha lube Mike relaxed and Gryph’s cock slowly slid inside of Mike until he was balls deep. Every fraction of an inch drove Mike crazy. It was like a bond was forming like no other he’d ever had with another dude. Sharing the heat of their bodies in the warm, steamy air of the sauna, it felt like their bodies were melding into one. Mike turned his head around and Gryph kissed him as he started to slowly flex his hips and work his cock inside of Mike.

“How does that feel?” Gryph growled into Mike’s ear.

“Oh gawd,” Mike moaned. “Never knew what I was missing! You think it feels this good for a girl?”

Gryph chuckled, “Guess we’ll never know.”

He fucked Mike in half a dozen different positions that afternoon, all of them Mike’s suggestions, before finally unloading what felt to Mike like the biggest load in the history of orgasms. Mike was up against the wall in the same position as he had fucked Gryph in when his coach finally busted his nut. Mike literally felt a little full by the time Coach was finally finished pumping him full of alpha seed. Mike tried to hold as much of it in as he could, but when Gryph withdrew his massive cock, some of his load leaked out and dripped down Mike’s taint and heavy ballsack. The smell of sex was so thick in that sauna, both of them were getting high on it.

But that wasn’t the fuck that made Mike an alpha. That happened in Gryph’s apartment about three months later. Mike remembered it as one of the greatest nights of his life and he’d always be grateful to Gryph for the bond that he’d forged with him. They had to keep their relationship a secret. Gryph couldn’t risk being accused of using his influence as Coach to manipulate Mike, it might’ve put the credit he was getting for his placement in jeopardy. And yet, risking that, Gryph still chose to bond with Mike and to make him an alpha.

By the time Mike reached his apartment he’d made his decision to be on the prowl for a beta with potential. But first he’d call Luke. They both had something to talk about.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #8 7,300 words Added Apr 2020 11k views 5.0 stars (8 votes)

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