A real man

by DoubleCream

A douchey gym bro wakes up in another world, in another body.

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Some guys just don’t have it in ’em to be a man, you know? I’ve seen the same kid coming into the university gym for about six months now. And I think he’s gained about one pound of muscle in all that time. He’s skinny, and he’s short with a mop of blond hair. I don’t think all the protein shakes in the world would help him overcome being a beta. He’s benching the bar with just five pounds on either side, poor kid. He’ll probably be lean and small and weak the rest of his life. I know he wants to be an alpha like me, what guy doesn’t? I see him staring at me and the other big guys at the gym as we’re lifting weights. Maybe he’s gay, honestly that would make sense. That’s why he looks so young even though he must be in college too. As I’m doing my last set of bicep curls I think about that party tonight. I need to get a nice pump because girls always love holding onto my arms as we’re playing drinking games. They like to feel the power, feel how in control I’ll be as I’m piping them.

I rack my weights, done with my workout and head to the locker room. I take off my clothes, wrap a towel around my waste and check my pump in the mirror, flexing my arms and checking out my back, damn I’m looking good. 6’1, 195 pounds of muscle. Dark brown hair and hazel eyes, it’s no wonder I’ve never had a problem getting pussy when I go to parties. I chub up a little thinking about bringing one of those sluts back to my apartment tonight. I can’t let myself get to my full 8½ inches without being lewd so I give one last flex in the mirror and head over to the showers. As I walk over I see that same faggot checking me out, except this time, just for a second, I see him look down at the bulge in my towel. That’s what he is, just a faggot, not a real man like me. As I turn to head to the showers I give him a nod. He looks shocked and blushes. That’s the last confirmation I needed, he’s gay and he checks out all the guys at the gym, how pathetic.

It’s about noon as I grab my bike and head back to my apartment. I’m looking forward to that party tonight, imagining some blonde chick riding me, her tits bouncing up and down. I’m spacing out not thinking about biking or the road and then, bam, I’m hit, I’m on the ground. I can’t really move my legs to get up, my head is throbbing. A woman is above me saying something but I can’t hear anything. I’m trying to tell her I’m okay but I can’t hear myself speak either, I look up at the sky and the last thing I see is the sun as everything fades to black.

I wake up in a bed, but it isn’t my bed, and this isn’t my apartment. Where the fuck am I? It doesn’t look like a hospital, it looks like a bedroom. There is one large window on the other side of the room and it looks like a quiet street and a park outside. I don’t recognize this area of town, maybe that lady felt bad and took me to her home? She should have just called an ambulance. As I move to get up and look around the room I feel a little dizzy, I must still be injured. I’m shirtless, wearing some loose sweatpants that are a bit big on me.

I feel a bandage wrapped around my head, and as I reach up I notice my arms look different. The hair on my forearms used to be brown, but looks finer and blond now. On top of that my arms look smaller. I just had a pump at the gym didn’t I? Have I been out that long that I’m wasting away? Maybe I’ve been in home care or in a coma or something.

There’s a door ajar on the left side of the room that looks like it leads to a bathroom. The door on the right is closed I’m not ready to meet whoever else is here yet. I shakily stand up and head into the room to look at myself in the mirror. When I look at my reflection it is a stranger staring back at me, with a bandage around his head. Is that me? Is this a prank? His movements mimic mine perfectly, but why do I look this way? Instead of my strong jaw and stubble I see softer more rounded features and barely the faintest hint of peach fuzz on my cheeks. I look like I could be my own kid brother. My dark brown hair has been replaced by a light chestnut color. The only thing that seems to be the same are my hazel eyes.

As I look down I’m horrified. I’m so skinny. I barely have any definition, just small pecs a barely visible 4 pack. Not anything like the 6 pack and ridges I had before. There’s no hair beneath my navel headed towards my hemline either. I reach up to flex my arms in the mirror and my biceps are nowhere to be found, just little mounds flex back at me. I feel so weak. What’s worse is where I used to have dark tufts of armpit hair, I have light brown feathery fuzz.

How am I going to get laid looking like this?

At least I still have my big dick, but I have to check to make sure. Just as I’m about to pull my sweatpants down I feel someone else is in the room and I stop to turn and see the other door in the bedroom open. I look over to see a man walk through the door. He’s tall and broad, almost having to squeeze through the door frame. I can see his chest and arm muscles pressed against his t-shirt, and his V-shaped physique narrows to his waste. He has the body I’ve been trying to get at the gym ever since I’ve been working out. He’s basically what I picture when I imagine myself as aesthetic as I can get.

“You’re up!” he exclaims with some excitement in his voice. “Are you sure you can be standing right now? You look like you’re about to pass out. Why don’t you sit on the bed?” His voice is deep and authoritative, matching his stature. Looking at how tall he is I realize I’m not as tall as I was before, either.

“I’m fine,” I say, but the voice that comes out isn’t my own either. It sounds like me sure, but in a higher tenor than the lower baritone I’m used to. I get a little dizzy and gingerly sit down on the bed like he said, trying not to appear as frail as I feel in front of this guy. “What’s your name?” I ask.

“I’m Max. You?”

“My name is Lucas. Or Luc.” He approaches me to shake my hand giving me a good look at him. He has black hair and a matching full thick beard trimmed very short. His icy blue eyes are looking at me curiously and I have to admit he is really attractive, definitely an alpha male like me. Or rather like I was before I woke up today. Maybe this is all just some horrible nightmare. My mind wanders thinking about what could have happened when he flashes me a smile and I realize I’ve been staring at his face a little too long. His hand is still extended so I reach up to shake it. His hand engulfs mine and squeezes firmly, I try to squeeze back but can’t muster much of a firm grip. I’m embarrassed I let myself get caught staring at him like some kind of gay boy.

“Nice to meet you, Lucas,” he says with a smile and I feel my cheeks flush.

Why am I blushing like some school girl? A flash of anger pangs through me so I ask, “So what are you? Some kind of perv that’s been keeping me here for weeks?”

“Weeks?” he says taken aback. “You’ve only been here for a few hours. You biked into the middle of the road when I had a green light and I couldn’t stop in time. I tried to find some ID or insurance on you but there was nothing, no wallet, no phone. Your injuries didn’t seem too bad and we were just around the corner from my place… so I brought you here and bandaged you up. Why do you say weeks?”

“My body,” I respond. “I look like you, or I should. I woke up and now I’m so skinny, it’s going to take years for me to get all my muscles back.”

He sits down on the bed across from me. “You look like a healthy boy to me, about the size you should be,” he says. “I don’t want to surprise you too much but this is what you looked like when you crashed.”

“A healthy boy? Don’t call me ‘boy’, I’m a man,” I say angrily. “I’ve probably gotten more pussy than you!”

He laughs then, deep and boisterous. His laughter shakes the bed and it takes him a second for his chuckles to subside. “What!?” I say, feeling myself getting more heated.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh but you must know…” he smiles kindly. I stare at him, confused, and he continues. “You’re a boy, not a man like me. I saw you looking at yourself in the mirror, checking yourself out. It doesn’t take a doctor to see. I had more muscles and facial hair than you when I was fourteen. How old are you? 19?” He asks.

“20,” I say indignantly.

“I was close, you seem about right for a beta that age. Look, I’m 24 and you can see which one of us is the alpha,” he says as he casually lifts his arm closest to me up for a flex. His bicep is huge, at least 18 inches around and with better definition than I ever had. His shirt is damp underneath his arm and I catch a glimpse of the thick black hair in his pit. Just then, I’m hit with the smell of something delicious. Like citrus, spices and earthy musk mixed together and two things happen at once. I feel blood rush to my dick, and more disgustingly I feel my asshole twitch. “Not that that’s a problem, you’re not doing too bad yourself, boy. You’re cute,” he says with a wink.

I’m dumbstruck at this point. This huge guy, this alpha male, thinks I’m cute? “Hey, I don’t care if you’re gay but—”

He cuts me off. “Gay? What do you mean gay?”

“You like dudes right? Or you must be bi then, that makes more sense.”

“Bi? Gay? What are you talking about? I’m an alpha.”

“Do you fuck girls or not?”

“Girls, do you mean females? How hard did you hit your head?”

“What the fuck are you talking about bro?” I try to sound intimidating but my voice cracks as I say bro.

“You learned about this in school, you must’ve. There are no women left. Ever since the plague, the disease.” I’m listening in disbelief. He must see the expression on my face. “Do you really not know?” He continues: “It was supposed to be a bio-weapon to control populations, designed to the stop breeding during war as a means of oppression. It spread around the world.”

“Don’t lie to me with some bullshit!” I yell.

“Shhh,” he chastises me as he sits up a little straighter. “Let me explain. You know about sex chromosomes, X and Y?” he asks me. I nod. “Well, the disease inserted itself into X chromosomes, anyone with two would die. Men only have one X chromosome and would live. Geneticists weren’t able to change the disease, to stop it from effecting the X chromosome, it was too insidious. It is still part of my DNA today. The disease spread around the world and infected all of humanity. Humans can live as long as they have a Y chromosome.”

A world with no women? I don’t believe it.

“This can’t be real,” I say and look down. “This is all just some bad dream.”

He puts his hand on my shoulder to comfort me. I look up at him, “In my world, just before I woke up, there were men and women. I was muscular and tall, I was at university, I was a stud…” I trail off.

He gives my shoulder a squeeze and asks, “Maybe that was just a vivid dream after the accident. I can show you I’m not lying. Do you think we could go to a coffee shop? How do you feel? Let me take a look at your head.”

I remove the bandage and walk over to the bathroom sink to look in the mirror. It’s a small bump but nothing too bad. As he walks up next to me I feel even smaller than the first time I saw my reflection. The top of my head doesn’t even reach the top of his shoulder.

“How tall are you?” I ask.

“I’m 6’4. Don’t tell me, in your dream you were taller too?”

“Oh god,” I sigh dejectedly, “I really am that short. What happened to me?”

“You look about 5’7”. That’s a perfectly good size for a beta,” he responds and tousles my hair, pushing me down a little. I try to stand up taller but he’s already walking out of the room. “Sorry those sweatpants don’t fit you, it was the smallest thing I had. I washed the clothes you were wearing when you crashed. Get dressed and we can head out.” He tosses the clothes on my bed and leaves me be to get changed, shutting the door behind him.

This is the moment of truth. Please let my manhood be the same, I pray. I pull down my sweatpants and step out of them as I look at my package. I was always a grower not a shower, but even soft I can tell it’s smaller, and strangely enough it’s uncut. I give it a few tugs to test this new foreskin, pulling it over and then back onto the head of my soft dick. It feels less sensitive than it was before, too, I barely feel anything. I notice my once dark thick pubes are now light and wispy, my thighs are basically hairless and my calves have the same blond hair as my arms. I lift up my dick to check my balls. My dick was great, but I was always proud of my nuts. They were big and hairy, in a heavy sack, and they were always full, ready to blast a thick load. What I had now wasn’t more than grapes in a little pouch. Naturally hairless, the balls of a beta. So much for the family jewels.

Max couldn’t be right. I’m not a boy, I’m a man. I hate this body, I don’t want to be a beta. I want to be alpha. I can work out and look how I used to, even if I’m a bit shorter. I look at the clothes and see boxer briefs, sandals, shorts, and a tight t-shirt. Was this really what I was wearing? Why would I want to show off my arms or legs when I have no muscle? I get dressed, feeling much less woozy than when I first woke up.

I head out into the hallway and see a bigger apartment than I expected. The front door is to my left and the laundry room is in front of me. To my right the hallway opens up to big kitchen and living room. Max comes walking towards me wearing the same white T-shirt and athletic shorts as before. This time I notice his bulge swinging as he’s walking. I feel jealousy mixed with something else, excitement? Why does he get to have a big dick while I’m stuck like this? “Let’s go!” he says enthusiastically, and steps past me to open the door. I smell that fantastic scent again, is it him? More pronounced this time, deeper in my nostrils making them flare. I feel my hole twitch and twitch and I quickly step outside to try and smell fresh air instead.

We walk a few blocks towards this coffee shop and I can’t believe it but Max is right. In every car, every window, everyone who passes us on the street, it is all guys. No women anywhere. Not a single one. I try not to walk too close to Max but I keep feeling myself wanting to be closer to him. To get that smell again. We walk into the coffee shop and are greeted by a handsome barista with a long thick brown beard. He’s tall, with a man bun and a V-neck showing off his chest hair and huge pecs. “The usual, Max?” he asks.

“Sure thing, James, and my friend here will get a flat white.” Max pays and we take a seat by the window with a small table between us. We sit silently as I look out to make sure, but every passerby is a guy. Some are taller, some smaller, but all dudes. After a few minutes I turn to Max.

“So, when you say alpha and beta, do you mean everyone is one or the other?” I ask Max.

“Well, yeah, and it’s pretty easy to tell which are which. Even if you’re not used to it like you say, I bet you would get it 100% right.” He goes to grab the coffees from the barista and heads back to our table. A short pale blond guy is walking by as Max gets back.

“So you and James are alphas. That guy that just passed outside, he’s a beta. And I’m… I’m a beta too.” Max nods and takes a sip. “And what about sex?” I ask quietly. “It can’t be that every guy on earth fucks other guys, can it?” I drink my coffee slowly.

“You don’t have to whisper when you talk about sex,” Max chuckles. “And yeah, but not exactly, alphas are attracted to betas and vice versa. You must have noticed by now that men like me were checking you out, and boys like you were giving me looks as we walked over here. I know you’re attracted to alphas.”

“No,” I try to say firmly. “I’m attracted to women.”

“That’s nonsense, Lucas, come on. I saw you looking at James.” I glance over at James behind the counter and he’s looking at me smiling, with what I can only assume is lust in his eyes. He is handsome, I admit to myself, with those big muscles, his chest dusted with hair. I feel desire, I feel defeated, I feel confused. I stare into my coffee. “Don’t look so sad Lucas, it’s only natural. It’s who you are, I saw it when you first looked at me—you think I’m hot. Admit it, I think it will help you remember who you are where you are.”

I look up at Max. His elbows are on the table, fingers interlaced in front of him as he’s looking at me. His forearms have black hair and are thick and corded with muscle. I can’t help but wonder if his chest and happy trail has that same color. I notice his prominent Adam’s apple, the way his traps stretch his T-shirt, even his neck has muscles. “I, I, I—” I stammer.

“It’s okay, I think you’re sexy as hell,” he says assuring me.

“Fine, I think you’re hot. You’re a stud,” I admit quietly.

“Good boy.” he says in his deep bass voice. When I hear that, the worst thing imaginable happens. I feel blood rush to my dick, and I get fully hard under the table. “Now let’s finish up our coffee and head back to my place,” he says and then downs his drink.
As we’re walking back to Max’s place I notice he’s walking closer to me this time. Almost in a protective way. I try and create some space between us, but before I can he wraps his arm around me and pulls me into him. He’s warm, his muscles firm beneath his T-shirt. And with his armpit that close to my head I’m hit full blast by his scent. I try to resist but I can’t, I have to turn and get a whiff. I breathe in, orange peel, cardamom, clay, musk, alpha, daddy, my hole is twitching uncontrollably. I can’t think, I can only breathe it in. And then I feel him bellow out a deep laugh and pull my head back with his other hand so I’m facing forward.

“You must have forgotten about alpha scent too. Pheromones. Try not to be so obvious that you want me to fuck you—you’ll get me hard in the street like you.” I try to look up at him but he holds me firmly against him, I put a hand in my pocket to try and hide my throbbing boner. I try not to look at anyone’s eyes as we approach his apartment and the fog in my mind from his scent fades.

I walk up the steps to Max’s apartment in front of him and I reach to open the door when I feel his presence just behind me. I turn around and Max puts his arm against the door next to my head and leans down for a kiss. As much as I try to convince myself I don’t want this, I feel myself leaning into the kiss, feeling his hot sweet breathe as our mouths crash. I feel his beard tickling my smooth skin and my entire body gets goosebumps. He presses me up against the door as his tongue enters my mouth, dominating me even there, coating my mouth with his spit, his essence. My hands try to wrap around his back but can’t meet. I feel the heat and virility of his entire body as he surrounds me with his huge form, and it is at this point when something starts to break inside of me. The alpha male I thought I was is gone, I’m not an alpha, Max is.

He breaks the kiss and I look at his rugged, beautiful, masculine face with more appreciation. I see his full eyebrows, thick lips behind that rough luscious beard, his blue eyes flecked with white and gray. Any dad would be proud to have this man as a son. I want more kisses, to taste him again right there, but he leads me inside.

When we get inside he picks me up into his arms, I feel so small, so helpless, so turned on. He takes me through his apartment to his room. I can’t believe how strong he is, how good he tastes. I wonder if this is what those girls felt when I brought them back to my room, safe but powerless, scared but horny. This thought is cut short as he pushes me down onto his soft bed and hovers over me. I can see the primal energy in his eyes as he grabs both my hands and holds them above my head with one arm, while the other arm pulls my shirt off.

Max kisses me again, this time rougher, more aggressive. His saliva tastes like mint and anise and I want more and more. His tongue is going deeper, almost in my throat and I feel a heat, but just then he pulls away. He looks down at my smooth pale body and brings his mouth down to my small pink nipples. He begins to nibble and suck and it’s like my whole body is covered in soft tingly fire. I love it but it tickles and I’m squirming underneath him, trying to get away. It’s impossible, and he moves to my other nipple as I struggle against his muscles. I can’t make him budge an inch, I’m powerless as he uses the beard on his chin to tickle my armpits while watching my face twist in agony and pleasure. “You’re so fucking cute,” he sighs. Then he stands up to take off his shirt.

My question is answered: his chest is covered in soft black down. His hair is trimmed short but clearly shows he is pure alpha male, absolutely full of testosterone. His black hair surrounds his hard quarter sized pink nipples, and continues in a line from the center of his chest down to his happy trail while lightly dusting his abs. His body is muscular and fit beyond belief, like a statue of Zeus. There are prominent veins on his biceps, shoulders, traps, and lower abs. He climbs back on top of me and we start to make out again. This time rolling around in his big bed. I want to feel everything, every muscle, every hair, every vein. My mouth is overwhelmed by his taste, my cheeks getting tickled by his bristly beards. We stop with me sitting on top of his waist, my eyes still taking everything in when I sit back and feel an incredible heat, even stronger than the rest of his body coming from his crotch. But more than that I feel something large, pulsing against my bottom and I feel that familiar twitch in my hole. Max smiles and I feel him flex his dick underneath me.

In the haze of lust I hadn’t stopped to think about Max’s dick, how big it was, how he said he wanted to fuck me. I can feel the length, there’s no way that thing will fit inside of me. As if reading my mind he says, “Don’t worry, we’ll start slow boy.”

Max moves and I slide off of his waste onto my back and he gets up. He leans down to unbutton my shorts, my dick is throbbing against the fabric but I say, “Stop, I’m embarrassed. It’s not big like you.” He smiles knowingly and continues to take off my shorts I look down at the outline and see that it can’t be more than 5 inches, straining against my underwear. He pulls off my underwear and my little cock springs free. He gives it a squeeze, but it doesn’t feel like it used to. I used to feel so much pleasure if a girl did that, but now it’s a weak rush. It still feels good, but almost like it’s slightly numb compared to before.

“Don’t worry, Luc, this isn’t your primary sex organ anyway. You should be focusing on your pussy.” As he finishes his sentence, before I can react to him using pussy to describe any part of my body, I feel his hand move down to brush against my hole and it twitches against his fingers. My body subconsciously begging him to enter me. He looks happy. “You’re a virgin?” I don’t know what to say but then he leans down, and suddenly beard is scratching the softest most sensitive part of my body. His tongue begins rubbing against my hole, prodding gently, coating it with his spit and my hole is twitching madly.

When Max’s tongue enters me I let out a moan and lean back, lost in the pleasure he is giving me. And I feel not just the end of my hole but inside where is tongue is exploring start to come to life. I feel a heat inside of me as he starts to tongue in and out. I can’t even control the moans, the whimpers I’m making as he loosens me up. Going from tonguing, to lapping at my pussy. That’s what it is, oh god, I have a pussy. It’s okay, I reassure myself, a man can have a pussy. I realize most of the pleasure that I used to get from my dick has moved there. There is a different feeling down there, a pulsing, a pulling. And I hear Max start to moan as well. His deep voice sending vibrations through my spine to my entire body. “

I feel my hands reach down and push his head into me, trying to force his tongue to go deeper as he’s eating me out. I never spent any time eating out girls, I just tried to get to fucking as fast as possible, and I bet I was never as good as Max. His tongue was nimble, big, and everywhere he left his spit I felt as though new nerve endings were sprouting there. After a while, he got up with a huge grin on his face. “You’re starting to self-lube now. Gotta love alpha spit.” I stare at him, confused what he means. “Your pussy, it’s making lube for me now that it’s reacted to my spit. Your throat probably has too a little when we made out. Can’t you feel it? It tastes so good, here, try.” He sticks a finger in my pussy and swirls it around, eliciting a moan from me and brings it up to my mouth. I taste it, and he’s right. Other than the freshness of his spit I taste something salty and savory; it tastes like me.

Max stands up straight and starts to loosen his belt. I can only sit quietly, mesmerized by his alpha scent that has now filled the room. I stare at his body in motion, how every muscle on his body is defined, to watch them all work together for him to move is like listening to a symphony. His shorts fall to the ground and I see his white boxers, barely containing the monster lurking underneath. The thin fabric stretched almost to the point of tearing trying to stop his enormous cock from bursting free. Around his head there is a wetness from his dick leaking precum, showing the end of his perfect dark pink head underneath. This is a real man’s cock, made to fuck. It was designed by nature to conquer any pussy it wants, and it’s here all for me. The sight of it made something else click deep in my mind, even at my best I could never be as much of an alpha as Max is.

Max is standing in front of me, arms raised up to rest behind his head, flexing his biceps and showing off his dark damp patches of think armpit hair. I couldn’t help myself, I almost lunge towards Max’s crotch as I kneel in front of him. Once I catch sight of his manhood I can’t think of anything else but getting it inside of me. I see his abs ripple with a small laugh when I bring my face towards his underwear and started licking his head through the fabric. I feel his hands on the back of my head as he controls where my mouth moves, up and down the shaft, soaking his underwear. Then up to his fuzzy abs, forced to lick the ridges between his 8 pack and then back down. He would let out a deep moan of approval if I did something right. Eventually he kept my mouth at the head of his shaft and let me suck the precum from the tip through his underwear. It reminded me of his spit, but stickier, saltier, and more musky.

Max pulled my head away and then lowered his boxers, releasing his dick. The other thing that was released was a blast of pheromones straight from the mat of black hair that covered his crotch. Once again his scent overwhelmed me, conquered my mind, and filled it with thoughts only of Max and of lust. I think I blacked out because the next thing I remember I’m moaning, tasting and smelling every part of his pubes I can get to.

I can hear the low, animalistic growls coming from him as he lifts his hefty shaft to give me access to his balls. They’re heavy, hairy, so full and plump. His nuts are closer to the size of lemons, and exude his intoxicating smell as I watch them undulate in their sack. I take them into my mouth one at a time, suckling on them, worshipping them. Only after I spend a few minutes massaging each of his balls does he pull my head back and bring me face to face with his mighty tool. It is long, thick, and pale, 9½ inches of pure man. I see it throbbing with his energy and desire. I admire each of the long veins that ran up the length of his cock. His pink shaft lightens up to white where is foreskin bunches just above the ridge of his head. The head of his dick was a deep pink, still partially covered by his foreskin and I see a string of precum leaking out. My body moves before I even think to catch it on my tongue and chase the flavor back to its source. I can’t believe I did that, like some cum hungry slut. I couldn’t let it go to waste right? I try to convince myself it was just common sense. But then I lick the tip of his cock to get the last bit of pre left, and I know he is going to churn out more delicious sticky pre soon. I feel a familiar feeling in my throat as I swallow his precum, a heat, like all the nerves are being awoken.

His cock is fully hard in front of me, demanding attention. I can’t believe I’m about to suck this beautiful dick—24 hours ago this would have been appalling, and now the thought has my own dick at full attention, standing in the wings. I’ve never done this before and I hesitate, I realize I want to do a good job. I look up beyond the chiseled muscle of Max’s torso to make eye contact with him. A quick silent look between us let’s me know what he’s thinking, I better suck his cock now or he’s going to force me onto it.

I place one hand at the base of his tool, and open my lips to make contact with my prize. I taste his precum steadily leaking into my mouth and all I want is more, I want to make him feel good so I can milk as much of this ambrosia out of him as possible. My tongue explores under his foreskin around the ridge of his head and I taste like a concentrated version of his precum. I lick every bit clean and use my hand to pull his foreskin back revealing his dark pink head in its entirety. I remember I hated when girls use teeth so I try my best to hide them behind my lips. I dive back down, taking more of him into me this time, using my hand to stroke his shaft as my other hand finds his balls. I keep pulling my mouth back and then diving further until his shaft reaches my throat and I begin to gag.

Max pulls me off of his dick and I see his manhood in all its glory. There is something base and primal about his cock, veiny and long, dripping with eagerness. His balls are hanging low and full, covered in black fuzz, I can feel them pulling me towards them like they had their own gravity. When I see his complete package I finally understand what it is to be an alpha male, what it is to be a man. Max was born to carry all that power, that life giving essence, and it became his confidence, his dominance, his beauty. Then the last part of me that was holding on to being a stud, to fucking girls, to ever getting pussy shatters into a million pieces. I not an alpha, I’m not even a man, I’m a beta boy.

He pulls me up by the armpits and throws me onto the bed kissing me again, he rests some of his weight on me and I feel his body hair meet my smooth skin. He starts to push his huge cock against mine, grinding into me. Max stops the kiss and he pulls his face away from mine, and puts one hand around my neck, gripping my throat slightly. “Open,” he commands, his voice resonating with dominance. Just as I open my mouth, he spits a huge glob of clear saliva into my mouth. “Swallow,” he commands now. I’m horrified at the degradation but for the look in his eyes, and his arm around my neck I don’t want to disobey him, so I swallow.

That warmth I felt as he was eating me out earlier is now taking root in my throat. And his strong calloused hand slowly massages my neck as the feeling spreads. “All right,” he smiles. “Now try again.” He turns me around once so his manhood is now above my face, and slowly lowers his cock so it rests at the entrance of my mouth. “Go at your speed,” he encourages. Then he slurps my entire cock into his mouth. He’s on his knees above me so I rest my hands on his thick muscular ass and slowly pull his cock towards me. I work his cock deeper into my mouth towards my throat, his delicious precum spreading across my tongue. This time I don’t gag as I pull him deeper, but the angle is wrong. I feel one of his digits slide into my pussy but right back out when he realizes his cock can’t go any deeper.

Max stands up from the bed, pulls me towards the edge so I’m facing up, head hanging off the side of the bed. His places his cock just at the entrance of my mouth obscuring my view. But I feel him gathering more saliva on his fingers and now sticking two digits into me. It’s only slightly uncomfortable but the pleasure far outweighs any mild pain. My hands are resting on his large glutes again as I pull his cock into my mouth. This time, he can keep going and before I know it his balls are resting on my face. There’s no way my throat should be able to take this entire cock, but I can feel is pliable to his cock, massaging it as he stretches my gullet. I can only breathe through my nose, and every breathe of his pheromones is like the hit of a drug. My throat feels so full, so right. “You can take all of me—are you ready? I’m not going to stop until we’re both finished.” He pulls out of my throat but I can’t even form words lost in the scent of his balls, I merely moan around the tip of his dick.

Once again he wraps his mouth around my dick as his thick beard tickles my soft pubes. He starts slowly then, like an old engine booting up, slow and small, but picking up the pace. He matches the thrust of his cock with his fingers in my pussy. But he’s gathering speed, each time pushing in a little farther, and thrusting a little faster. I realize I better hold on for dear life as I grip onto his ass. He’s reaching top speed, fucking me like an animal in heat. Thrust after thrust, I’m drunk on his pleasure, his smell, his power. I don’t know how long he fucks me for, I’m completely inebriated by him, feeling the muscles of his ass thrusting as he fucks my throat. Sweat is dripping from his body due to the exertion of his fuck. It gathers down to his balls and then onto my face. Another salty smell of man to add to the bouquet. He’s rutting me, his balls slapping into my face with every thrust of his cock, but he keeps going and going, never losing his rhythm. He fucks like a pro, like he was born to do it, every part of his body helping him open me up, go deeper.

Max is fingering my pussy deeper and making me squirm with pleasure, but his mouth is holding onto my cock and I feel myself lightly thrusting into him. My thrusts are so weak compared to the absolute power of the face-fucking his is giving me. Max knows my pussy better than I do, he knows where to focus where to explore with his deft fingers, making me feel pleasures I never could have imagined. Then he slips a third finger into me it sends me over the edge. But the orgasm is centered around my pussy, not my cock. My pussy is throbbing around his fingers, contracting and pulling them deeper and I feel my cock go off in his mouth. Each time I pulse, my pussy contracts, my cock shoots, and a wave of pure ecstasy surges through me. Max let’s out a huge groan of pleasure as I cum in his mouth and I watch his nuts pull up towards his shaft. He pushes in as deep as he’s ever gone and the first shot of cum hammers my throat like a drum. He’s blasting load after load into my throat, each blast of cum punctuated by another thrust of his cock. 6 shots go down my throat before he pulls out a little, still thrusting but into my mouth as he deposits 6 more dollops of thick creamy cum onto my tongue. It tastes like love, it tastes like life. I savor ever bit of it in my mouth and swallow the last drop with a drunk grin on my face. I feel exhausted, I feel full, and I feel safe.

I’m laying down in bed next to Max, catching my breathe after that amazing sex. I feel my mind clearing, but with it comes a small sense of guilt. Did I really just let a man face fuck me? Did I swallow his load? Did I love it? I feel embarrassed, I don’t want to open my eyes, I don’t know if I can look at him right now. I feel Max slowly get out of bed and head towards his bathroom.

I open my eyes to see him standing over the toilet, the bathroom door left open. I drink in his physique with my gaze, taking it all in. His legs are enormous, sturdy with muscle and covered in his black hair. His thighs must be as thick as my waste, and his calves are strong and defined, tense with muscle. His ass is a marvel, better than any I’d seen at the gym. Two huge globes, full and powerful and muscular. It’s no wonder he could generate so much force with his thrusts. His ass was sparsely covered with his fur that became denser towards his crack. Even his stream was impressive as he started to piss, like opening flood gates, loud and strong, resonating in the bowl. I couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering up his back. The ridge along his spine was lined with muscle, even standing normally the muscles of his upper back were defined. And his lats spread out like wings underneath his shoulders, I remember not being able to clasp my arms around his back.

I heard him finish and saw him shake his dick and then he turned to face me, his eyes closed as he absentmindedly scratched his fuzzy abs. Now I can admire this side, first I focused on his pecs, they are like slabs of marble on his chest punctuated by his quarter sized pink nipples, always hard. His body hair is perfect, not too thick, not too thin, he keeps it trimmed just right like his pubes. And then his dick drew my eye, like it was the center of his being. Even soft it was impressive, surrounded by his black pubes. It must be 5 inches soft, and his large balls swung in their sack beneath him, emphasizing his gift.

Why couldn’t I have woken up in my old body, or even better, a body like Max’s? My dick is so small, I want alpha muscles, I want an alpha cock. But then he opens his eyes and they meet mine. He smiles at me and I find myself smiling back just a little, his grin is infectious. “Like whatcha see?” He teased, and then shakes his dick back and forth, slapping it against his thighs.

“I… why do I have this body? Why aren’t I an alpha like you, I feel so small, so weak, so ugly.” I respond.

Max looks concerned, his eyebrows furrowing. “You don’t know how beautiful your body is do you?” I give him an incredulous look. “Come here, stand next to me, I’ll show you.” He says, his voice soft but still firm. I get up to stand next to him and we both face the mirror.

I don’t know why he thinks this would help, seeing us contrasted side by side makes me feel even worse about my body. I am almost a foot shorter than him, and I must weigh less than half what he does. I’m so slender, like a teenager who hasn’t started working out. I’m pale and hairless, no happy trail no chest hair nothing. My Adam’s apple is barely visible, my traps even less so. My dick is soft and so small, maybe an inch and a half at most, Max’s soft cock is bigger than mine when I’m fully hard. I’m pathetic.

Then Max starts to speak. “Look how tight your body is, you don’t have an ounce of body fat on you, you must do cardio every day. There’s a v from your shoulders to your thin waste, you’re perfectly proportional. Your nipples are so cute, the size of dimes.” He reaches over and pinches one sending shivers through me and making me pull away a little, I feel it harden, reacting to his touch. “Turn around and look at your butt.” I do so and notice a prominent feature of my body I had been ignoring. It’s perky and tight, soft but with some muscle. My ass is also milky white and totally smooth. “A perfect bubble butt.” Max sighs. I turn back to face the mirror and then Max slaps my ass. It stings slightly but I feel my hole twitch in response, and a slight rush of blood to my dick. Does he know what he’s doing, casually reminding me of his dominance?

“You’re not meant to be an alpha, you just don’t have it in you to be a real man, and that’s perfect because I’m enough man for both of us. You’re a beta, so don’t worry. You look exactly how you should, better even!” There’s something so genuine in his voice that I’m caught off guard.

I want to feel angry about being told I’m lesser, that I’m not a real man. But looking in the mirror, comparing us, I know what Max is saying is true. It feels right to be smaller than him, to be weaker, to be protected by him. “You really think I’m that cute?” I ask.

“You don’t know the half of it.” He says with a grin, and I feel myself smiling back.

“Thanks,” I say sincerely. “That really did make me feel better about this body.”

“No problem, boy,” Max says tousling my light brown hair. Pushing me down just a little so I can’t stand as straight, just like when we first stood in the mirror together. “Now, I’m starving so I’m gonna grub. You’re probably full but feel free to shower.”

Max walks out of his room towards the kitchen and I hear the fridge open up. I’m still looking at myself nude in the mirror and realize he’s right. I’m not hungry at all, must be the coffee. I do feel kinda sticky from all that sweating so I hop in the shower. Finally having some alone time with my body I start to explore. Feeling the short, soft, light hairs under my arms and around my cock. Watching the rivulets of water run down my flat chest to my abs, barely visible under my tummy. I grab my cock and pull my foreskin back from my head and then back over, stroking, trying to get hard but it’s not working.

Then I remember my hole, my primary sex organ as Max called it. It’s not really a pussy, I was just horny, I was just in the moment and deluding myself. But I stroke and stroke and can’t seem to get hard, barely past a mild chub. So I reach down with my other hand and feel around my hole. It’s so sensitive, so soft, I work up the courage to touch it with my pinky and it doesn’t feel bad. It feels kind of good, I keep going, sticking a pinky in my hole, and as I do so my cock starts to come alive. Responding to my finger, I keep stroking and pushing my finger in deeper, it’s slick and wet inside of me, and it feels good. Why does it feel so good, like scratching an itch inside of me and I want to go deeper. I find myself thinking about Max, his body, his cock. How strong he is, how huge he is. How I want to feel his big hairy muscles. I remember how large and full his balls were, how good they tasted in my mouth. Now I’m fully hard. I try my middle finger. It’s thicker and can go deeper, and I get lost in the sensations, stroking feels better now, but it’s nothing compared to fingering myself. Max’s fingers were bigger, they went deeper, they played with my pussy better than I can. I’m thinking about adding another finger when I realize I’m supposed to be showering, not jacking off. I find shampoo, conditioner, and soap to use, and try to finish the shower as fast as possible and calm down.

When I’m finished showering I step out I dry myself off using his towel. It smells like him just a little bit and I love it. I look around for deodorant, cologne, and can’t find anything. And then I realize his soap, his shampoo, everything is unscented. Is Max’s intoxicating smell really just his pheromones, his essence? Why does it smell so good, so right? I hear Max walk into the room, he must already be done with dinner. How long was I playing with myself for? I calm down and then walk out of the bathroom to see he’s still naked.

“I hope you don’t mind but I never wear clothes inside. And you don’t have to either.”

“I don’t mind,” I say. And I’m telling the truth, I could look at Max’s body every day and find new details to appreciate.

“I’m gonna rinse off this sweat but, I need to talk with you about something,” Max says. “If you’re thirsty there’s a filter in the kitchen.”

As Max rinses himself off I head into his apartment, it’s a nice bachelor pad. Other than the guest room I woke up in, there’s a kitchen and big living room on this side. I grab a glass of water and drink a few gulps, then head back into his room. I sit down on his bed and feel slightly nervous, what does he want to talk to me about? Does he think I’m crazy, pretending to be a man from another world, trapped in this body?

Max finishes his shower and brushes his teeth, I can’t help but watch him the whole time. I think he’s pretending not to notice I’m staring. How can I not? His arms slightly flexing as he’s brushing, the fur of his chest and abs stuck to his firm muscles, still a little wet from the shower. When he’s finished he sits on the bed next to me.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you,” he starts. “You probably don’t remember this, you don’t seem to remember much about alphas and betas. Well, for guys in this world, social interaction is based a lot on scent. Alphas can tell apart other alphas by smell, and can identify different betas by smell too. Everyone has a unique scent, and some people smell good to us, and some… not so much. It’s like nature’s way of telling us if we’re compatible with someone.”

“I see… Is that why you smell so good to me, because we’re compatible?”

“Yeah,” Max says, apprehensively. “Even if you weren’t conscious of it, instinctively your body knows when it likes an alpha.”

“So, do I smell good to you too?”

“So good,” Max says. “Like apples and pine and and fresh cut grass. You smell amazing, like a perfect boy should. And that’s what I mean when I said I wasn’t totally honest with you. When you crashed into me, when I first saw you. I ran over to check if you were okay and you were so cute, so helpless. Then I caught your scent and I knew I had to protect you, to have you. Instinct took over, that’s why I took you here, patched you up. And then I saw the way you looked at me, how you reacted to my smell. I don’t regret it but I’m sorry I didn’t tell you right away, I didn’t mean to take advantage you.”

That must be why I’m so attracted to Max. It’s like his scent has hijacked my sex drive, made it about him. But it feels so natural, so right. “It’s okay,” I hear myself saying to him. “I’m glad you found me.”

“I’m glad I found you too.” He says, and then leans in for a kiss. Pulling us down so we’re laying on the bed. This kiss is passionate, tender, full of care. His lips are firm but gentle, his hand on the back of my head controlling the kiss. The bristles of his beard tickling my smooth skin. When he finishes the kiss I lay my head down on his chest, he starts to rub my back, massaging slightly. I want to feel his fur so my hand starts to slightly scratch his pec. He gives a yawn and I move my hand down to scratch his abs as well. His hand moves downs and is now resting on my butt, squeezing slightly.I feel warm and content, and sleep begins to take hold. His free arm shuts off the light and I drift off to sleep, my whole body slightly wrapped around Max’s.

As I’m waking up the first thing I notice is that I smell something delicious, and it’s making my stomach rumble in hunger. My head is laying just beneath the mounds of Max’s pecs, and as I open my eyes I’m met with the source of that delicious smell. Just above the canyons of his hairy abs, Max’s morning wood is awake, the tip glistening with a pearl of precum. He’s breathing deeply, still asleep, but fully hard. His thick cock is moving slightly up and down with his heartbeat, it’s like it has a mind of its own: eager, ready, taunting me. Now a new feeling is added to my hunger, lust. I watch in awe his cock slowly start to drip a stream of prefuck down, creating a small puddle in the crevasse of his abs. I want to look away, to not be so hypnotized watching his body demonstrate his manhood, his fertility, but I can’t. I need to lick it, to taste it, but I don’t want Max to wake up and think I’m some slut who can’t resist him. Just one taste, that’s it, I won’t even like it and then I’ll stop. I slowly twist my body, positioning my head and then lightly stick out my tongue to taste the pre on his abs. But one taste turns to two, and then three, and then the hunger takes over and I take a big lick.

“Mmmmm,” Max grumbles. I feel his hand move to rest on my head, pushing me into his abs. I’m licking up every last drop. And then his other hand is on my head, twisting his fingers into my hair. He lifts my head up to his dick, he flexes it in front of me a few times, teasing me.

“Good morning,” he says, his voice raspy with sleep, and then he pushes me onto his cock. He’s moving my head, forcing himself into me, I try to resist but I can’t. He pulls me off, pushes me into his hairy groin, coating me in his scent. I try not to breathe it in but it’s stuck to me and I can’t help it. I’m feeling the effects, the haze of his lust takes hold over my brain. Then he moves me back to his cock, he’s controlling how deep he goes, and then I get another taste of precum and instinctively start to suck to get more. I’m using my tongue to explore, to find more flavor and anytime my tongue does something he likes he flexes his cock to let me know he likes it. I’m lost in the scent of his manhood, the taste of his cock, I feel it spread across my mind like a warm blanket. Then I start thinking happy thoughts. I’m glad I make Max feel good, he deserves it. I’m so lucky to get to taste his cock.

He’s pushing me deeper onto his thick uncut tool. His cock brushing the entrance of my throat. My drool is mixing with his precum in my mouth. I’m sucking the best I can, swallowing everything. Warmth spreading through my throat as he pulls me out then pushes deeper. He’s thrusting slightly with his hips but my eyes are fixated on his hairy orbs, still hanging low, swinging slightly with every push.

Then he pulls me off so just the end of his dick is resting on my tongue, just outside my reach. “You love sucking a real man’s cock don’t you?”

“Mmhmm,” I respond. I’m trying to move my head closer, to start sucking again but he’s holding me firm.

“Say it,” he commands. “Say what you love.”

“I love sucking your cock.”

“Not quite, try again.”

“I… I love sucking a real man’s cock,” I admit.

“Good boy,” he says, most of the sleep gone from his voice. I love when he says that, I want to be his good boy. He lets me dive back onto his cock. One hand still on my head, his other tracing circles on my back. My hole is twitching, my cock starts to harden. And then I feel it, a wetness around my hole. I hear Max start to sniff.

“I can smell you getting wet. But this morning’s all about me, I’m not going to play with your pussy yet. I’ll save that for later.” He’s moving my mouth to meet his thrusts, his cock stretching my throat but I want more. He’s getting into his rhythm now, fucking my throat. Both his hands are on my head again, using me like a sex toy, making me service him.

“Ready for breakfast?” he asks gruffly. I can only hum around his thick cock in affirmation. He starts fucking into me faster, never taking a break, I can’t catch my breath but I don’t care. My eyes are still fixated on his heavy nuts as I watch them start their ascent, getting closer, full of his delicious cum. I want it so bad, I want to taste his thick cream again. “Fuck yeah.” He growls as he thrusts deep and the first shot goes down my throat, but he quickly pulls his cock back, unloading in my mouth, filling it. He’s jacking his cock into my mouth and I’m watching every blast from the best angle, seeing his balls spasm, his dick flex with every pump. 6 shots in and I have to swallow to keep from overflowing. But he’s still going, 4 more powerful shots and he’s finished, and I have another mouthful. His load is so creamy, so smooth. I’ve never known a better flavor, it’s nutty and rich, complex. I swirl it around in my mouth before swallowing. I make sure I haven’t wasted a single drop before allowing his dick to fall out of my mouth, it lands with a thud on his abs. I’m watching it start to soften slightly, I can’t look away, and I can’t believe I just did that again.

“Don’t you have something you want to say?” Max asks. I turn to look at Max and he’s eyeing me expectedly. I give him a quizzical look, I don’t know what to say. “It’s polite to thank your alpha for breakfast.” He says, a hint of a grin on his face. Do I really need to do this? I just debased myself twice by sucking him off, but, I really did love it. And it tasted so good, I was thankful, even if I didn’t want to admit it. He seems serious enough, and I don’t want this to be the last time.

“Thank you Max,” I say, and the sincerity in my voice was real. I can’t believe I just thanked a man for cumming down my throat.

“You’re welcome,” he says with a kind laugh, he scratches my head in a patronizing kind of way. He hops out of bed to go make himself some breakfast. Then I notice that my hunger is gone, it’s been satiated. What’s wrong with me?

I’m still in shock on his bed as I hear him in the kitchen cooking for himself. Did that just happen again? Am I starting to like this body? Am I comfortable being a beta, with not being a real man? All I know is around Max I feel comfortable, I feel right. So I head out into the kitchen to join him.

He’s cooking an omelet for himself at the stove, so I sit on a stool to watch him work. I want to know more about this world, about my body, about what it is to be a beta.

“You were just joking about breakfast, right? I’ll be hungry soon?” I ask, hopeful.

He turns around to plate his omelet. “Well… this is more something for a health class.” he says, hesitating slightly. “No, I was serious. Your body is very efficient, betas have a mostly liquid diet, protein shakes and such. All your waste is liquid, you just pee it out. Alphas are efficient too but we need more solid food. And when a beta is with an alpha well, let’s just say a lot of your meals will be coming from here from now on.” He says laughing, then shakes his heavy package at me with his free hand, emphasizing his point. He can’t be serious, this is some joke. But then why was I so full after last night, after this morning. It’s starting to make sense but I don’t want it to be true. Do all betas live like this? What if they don’t have an alpha male to, to… oh no… to feed them. I’m slightly dumbstruck, as if this world couldn’t get any weirder. I’m lost in thoughts when Max brings me back to reality.

“Why don’t we go to the park today. It’s a beautiful Saturday, you can see more of what it’s like. You can test your body out too, I’ll bring a frisbee, it’ll be fun.” I don’t know what else to do, Max is all I really know in this place. And I feel safe with him, so I nod in agreement.

After his breakfast we got ready to head out. Max had ordered me some clothes, so I changed in the spare room. They fit surprisingly well. I was surprised to see a tank top among the clothes he bought, I wouldn’t think I had the body for it but maybe Max likes that, so I slipped it on with shorts and sandals. I met him in the hall and he looked me up and down approvingly. He’s wearing a tight t-shirt, well tight on him. It would be huge on me, but his frame is barely contained by the fabric.

“Wow, you’re cute,” he says.

“You’re such a stud.” I say back to him, looking at his gigantic pecs, his nipples hard and pressing against shirt.

“Thanks.” He says and flexes his pecs, bouncing them a little. Then he lifts his arm to scratch the back of his head, casually flexing his bicep while showing off the thick patch of fur in his pit. His pheromones hit me before I even realize what he’s doing. He smells so good, but before I get too distracted I playfully punch him in the stomach, his abs are like a brick wall. He pretends like he took a huge hit and buckles over. We both start to laugh and then head out of his place.

The park is huge and green, full of grassy hills and tall shady trees. I see some alphas tossing a baseball back and forth who give a nod to Max. There’s also a few beta’s sunbathing in the grass, trying to catch some wandering eyes.

We found a nice open space and started to toss the frisbee back and forth. My hand-eye coordination was good, and my aim with the frisbee too. We start close but gradually get farther apart. Then Max started to use more power in his throws, but I was able to run down every toss, I barely felt winded. It felt great to be in the sun, sweating, exercising like this. We must have played for a few hours when I wanted to test my strength and signaled Max to go back a little farther. I whipped the frisbee as far back as I could, but it went high and ended up in a tree.

“I’ll get it!” I shouted, a little embarrassed. I quickly ran up to Max who was standing beneath the tree looking up at the frisbee caught in a high branch. I ditched my sandals and then grabbed a low branch and was surprised how easy it was to pull myself up, I could basically do a muscle up with a little help from my legs. And I was surefooted as I climbed, my grip and legs strong enough to hold my frame. I reached the frisbee and tossed it down to Max who caught it with one hand. I climbed back down but just as I was on the last branch my foot slipped and I tumbled down onto Max.

But he was ready, catching me in his arms he fell back to the ground, but with much less impact. We were both a little sweaty from the game, and on top of his warm body I was surrounded by his scent. I turned my head to say thanks but when our eyes met, his hand went behind my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. Would I ever get used to his kisses, his taste, the soft scratch of his beard? With one hand under my leg and the other still cradling my head he easily turned me over onto the grass so the firm muscles of his body engulfed me without breaking the kiss. He kissed deeper then, his strong tongue wrestling mine into submission. The armpits of his shirt were visibly damp with his sweat, and I can almost see the Steam of his pheromones rising, snaking towards my nose. I breathe in deeply, relishing his musk. Bitter orange, black pepper, earthy clay, daddy, alpha, protector, safe here. He’s lifting one of my legs up with his arm, but when I feel myself getting hotter, my dick hardening, my hole winking and getting wet he breaks the kiss.

“Well, that’s enough of a show I think.” He jokes. And I see a few of the other guys at the park quickly glancing away, trying not to get caught staring at our display of affection. We get up and try to brush ourselves off.

I’m trying to think of other things, I don’t want Max to see me getting hard, to know how easily he turns me on. I feel my stomach rumble with a little bit of hunger. I’ll distract myself with food, what do I want to eat? I’m craving something rich and creamy. Not too sweet but more savory, more, more nutty. Like a big load of Max’s… the thought hits me like a ton of bricks. Oh no, oh please no. My stomach rumbles again, I know what I’m craving but I can’t admit it. It’s okay, I’ll play it cool, we’ll just head back to his place and see what happens.

“Hey, uhh Max?” I say to him as he’s trying to turn to get some grass off of his back.

“Hmm?” he rumbles inquisitively.

“I’m a bit hungry. Can we head—”

“Yeah, let’s grab a snack,” he says, cutting me off before I can ask him for what I really want. Maybe he doesn’t know. It’s probably just a fluke, I’m hungry that’s all. One regular meal and I’ll be fine. We head towards the city but this time as we walk through the park he grabs me by the hand. His hand, like the rest of his body, dwarfs mine. His grip is strong but comfortable, and his hand is warm to the touch.

I look down at his arm, I’d always had trouble getting my forearms to the size I wanted, to be vascular for the ladies like they love. Max’s are strong and masculine. Veins run along the pale underside of his forearm, I want to trace them, to feel the work he’s put into his arms. The other side is tan, a few freckles here and there, but still clearly corded with muscle under his black arm hair. I find my thumb tracing circles along his hand, and he would gently squeeze me from time to time. I’m getting butterflies in my stomach, I feel like a schoolgirl with my first crush. I want him to like me, to squeeze me, to guide me. I should be horrified that I feel this way about a man, but Max is an alpha. It feels natural to desire him, to follow him, he knows best.

Before I know it we’re at what seems to be a smoothie bar. The menu is shakes, smoothies, juices, stuff like that. Max orders for me from a beta behind the counter, he’s checking Max out. Green-eyed jealousy washes over me and I give the beta a glare. He catches my eye and looks a bit taken aback, then turns to make my order. Max doesn’t seem to notice this whole exchange.

We sit and I take a look around the store. There’s a few other betas in the store sipping drinks, but no alphas. I remember what Max said, a mostly liquid diet, only betas must eat at places like this.

“This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city,” Max says.

“For betas right?”

“Yeah, of course,” Max replies. “Alphas need a bit more protein, more substance. Ever since the plague all human bodies are more efficient, but alphas still need solid food to keep on the mass.” I look at Max’s traps, bulging with muscle in his t-shirt, his size, he would definitely eat more than me to keep his physique. The drink Max ordered for me is fruity and milky, like pineapple and cashews. It’s delicious, and after the first sip I casually slurp it down as Max watches. I don’t fully know what’s in it but after the 8oz cup I feel satisfied.

Max then takes me through the city to go to get his food, alpha food. The city is like one in my world, cars, streetlights, crosswalks. But like before, only guys, only alphas and betas. Max’s late lunch is like a wrap full of meat and veggies, but not as large as I thought it would be for his size. His body must really be more efficient if he eats like this but maintains his frame, his mountains of muscle, his full balls.

“So does any of this feel familiar to you? Are you still uncomfortable here?” Max asks me after he finishes eating. We’re heading back through the city, towards his place.

“I don’t know. It still feels like a dream, I can remember everything about where I was. What I used to look like, who I used to be. There’s still part of me that thinks this isn’t real.”

“Well you seem real to me,” Max says, pulling me into him. “I don’t want you to be confused, I want you to be comfortable with yourself, with your body.”

“I do too,” I say and move out from under his arm. But would I ever be comfortable as a beta? Being dependent on someone else, on another man makes me feel weak. But with Max it doesn’t feel so bad. He’s confident, masculine, like he can handle anything, and that makes me trust him, desire him. “You make me comfortable. I feel safe around you, like everything is going to be okay,” I say and look towards him.

He flashes a smile at me, and in this light I’m stunned by his good looks. His strong jaw, his dark beard framing his face. The way his blue eyes stand out, I could feel myself getting lost in them. I realize I’m smiling back at him with a goofy smile, smitten. I really do have a crush on another man. No, not another man, an alpha male, my alpha. This time I make the first move, I walk closer next to him and wrap my arm around his waist, his arm falls across my shoulders.

I can feel his pit, still damp with his scent, on my shoulder. It takes all my willpower not to turn and shove my face into him. Despite this, I’m still breathing him in as we walk, it makes my mind feel warm and happy. I’m getting turned on, my pussy is coming alive, I feel it moistening. Max knows, I can hear his nostrils sniffing my scent. I look down to see a bulge in his shorts, slowly growing down. I want more control, I want him, but it will be on my terms. I won’t let his pheromones make me into such a slut this time, I’ll be strong. I glance back down and see it won’t be long before his monster is full and breaks through those shorts. Luckily we arrive at his place just in time, and he lets go of me to open the door. I take a few deep breaths of fresh air to clear my mind, and step inside as Max closes the door behind me.

I look down to see his dick is almost fully hard, tenting his shorts. I look up to his face and I’m caught off guard by the look in his eyes, it’s intense, primal and lusty. And all directed at me.

“Bedroom,” he says. I can tell it’s an order, and I walk in front of him through his apartment to his room. Not fast enough because he’s walking right behind me, a hand grabs my ass and his other arm wraps around my neck. He uses his knee to scoop me up into his arms. He picks me up so easily, like I weigh nothing at all. Instead of letting me down onto his bed we crash into it together, his weight on top of me. Then his lips are on mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, coating it in his spit. His kissing me intensely, passionately, his beard scratching my face. He’s grinding into me, I feel his massive hard cock insistently pressing into me. I’m trying to fight his tongue with mine, to take control of the kiss but I can’t. I’m struggling against his body as well, wanting to move away from his beard roughing up my smooth skin. I’ll be on top of him, that way I’m more comfortable. I’m trying to resist his weight, his force, but I’ve never felt this helpless.

With both my hands on his chest I push against him, and I realize I couldn’t move him an inch. He breaks the kiss and moves his body away from mine slightly. I’m scared by the look he’s giving me, but I’m also undeniably turned on by the intensity of his desire. He must notice some resistance in my eyes, a fight still left in me. He leans up and takes his shirt off, showing off his perfect body to me. He’s so beautiful, so masculine, his body is like a dream. And then one of his hands is behind my head, and his pelvis and legs are on top of mine preventing me from moving. He moves up onto the bed more, angling his body, his other arm extending over me. And then he turns my face towards his arm, dropping the weight of his shoulder onto my face and forcing me into his pit. His pheromones are going to cloud my mind, to make me docile and horny.

“Shomm,” I try to say ‘stop’ with my mouth closed. I want to vocalize but I don’t want to open my mouth, to take his essence in.

“Shhhh,” Max chides. “Take a deep breath boy.” I hold out as long as possible, trying not to breathe. But he’s holding me still, I can’t turn my head away, and eventually I break and gasp for air. He pushes my head in deeper when he hears me breathe in. I feel him filling my lungs, filling my mind. He smells so good, so right, like home. I feel myself calming down, my hands fall to my side. Every breath I take more of his scent in and I begin to want it more and more, it’s delicious and masculine and perfect, just like Max. I feel the damp hair of his armpits against my lips and I open my mouth to taste.

“Good boy,” he says approvingly when I take my first lick. His pit tastes so good, his salty sweat is musky while still feeling clean and fresh. I’m licking every inch of his fur, it’s thickest here under his arm where it can hold onto his scent. Why didn’t I want this before? He smells so good, tastes so good. I love how I feel when I breathe him in, content and fuzzy and horny. I’m fully hard, my pussy twitching and almost leaking with desire. He’s not holding my head still anymore but I keep going, licking his armpit trying to get every iota of his taste. He pulls his arm back and he shifts so his other pit is above me now. I get into that one too, his strong pheromones hit me again. My mind recedes even further back into the pleasure. Max is alpha, Max is sex, I belong to him. I’m so lucky he worked up a sweat today, I get to taste his perfection.

As I’m worshipping his pit his legs are between mine, spreading them open. When he’s satisfied with my tongue bath he leans back smiling down at me, I want to kiss him so badly. He takes of my shirt in one swift pull and starts to kiss me again while undoing my shorts one handed. His other hand is holding my jaw, his thumb stroking my cheek as we make out. I help him pull down my shorts with my underwear and then he’s unbuttoning his too. My hands are on his waste and I’m pulling his shorts and boxers down.

His dick springs free, fully hard. Then he positions himself so his package is lined up with mine. I feel the warmth of his heavy nuts as his sack completely surrounds my balls. And his dick is laying on mine, throbbing against me. His cock is almost twice the length of mine, but with his girth and heft it has to be at least three times as big. He lifts his huge tool up and drops it against mine making a big thwap.

“Remember when you thought you were a real man?” Max teases. Thwap, his cock slaps into mine again. I feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment. If it could, my dick would recede into my body, hiding in shame compared to Max’s endowment. But he’s making me so painfully hard. I don’t say anything but I can’t look away from Max’s cock.

“You told me you got more pussy than me when we first met.” He laughs a little bit, I can see his abs tensing in my peripheral vision, but my eyes are glued to his cock, he slaps it into my little dick again. I feel myself twitching against him, my pussy is throbbing. I know I shouldn’t like this, but hearing his deep voice degrade me is turning me on. “Well…” he pauses, dropping his massive cock onto mine again, this time some precum droplets splash against my body. “We both know who’s going to be getting pussy tonight.” His voice is full of conviction, of authority, and deep inside me I know it’s true.

Max stands up from the bed and pulls me towards the edge, my legs hanging over. He gathers some of the precum he splattered across my body on his fingers, then gets some more from the tip of his head and offers it to me. I suck on his fingers, getting all of his sticky precum into my mouth and swallowing it. He uses his forearm to lift both of my legs back towards my body and hold them there, my hard cock pressing into my abs. My pussy is quivering and he spits a glob of his saliva onto my entrance. He uses the fingers I was just sucking onto to massage it into my pussy, mixing it with the lube I’m already making for him.

The head of my cock is pressed into my stomach, but everything else is exposed. Max leans down and starts making out with the base of my cock, his beard tickling my smooth balls. He licks each one, then goes back to nibbling on my cock, fingering me at the same time, in and out, past his last knuckle now and I’m writhing in ecstasy. Then 2 fingers, I can feel myself contracting around his digits.

Max pulls his fingers out of me with a slight pop and I feel my pussy leaking with desire. His hands move to spread my cheeks and he brings his face to my hole. I want him to eat me out but he waits, teasing me. I feel his hot breath against my hole, making it twitch wantonly, leak more juice for him. His breath is getting closer, hotter, and then I feel the bristle of his beard and shivers go through my whole body. And then he’s kissing my pussy, licking it, chewing it gently. He licks all over and then his tongue forces its way into me, I moan in delight. He starts pushing deeper, making circles with his tongue. I’m as hard as diamonds, his tongue feels like fiery pleasure as he stretches me open.

My hands are gripping the sheets, I’m white knuckling to keep myself from taking off. I’m focusing solely on my pussy, trying to control it. I want to pull him deeper, and I realize flexing my cock is the same as squeezing my pussy. I try to control it but I’m having trouble, the pleasure he’s giving me makes me flex and squeeze uncontrollably. Max is moaning into me, I think he loves my taste because I feel him taking in deep breathes as he eats me out and I think I can hear him swallowing. He keeps eating me out, I don’t know how much time passes as his tongue fucking stretches me open, lighting a fire inside of me.

He lifts his head from my pussy and catches his breath a little bit, then stands up, my legs falling to the ground. My eyes meet his and then wander down to his beard, down to his huge pecs, following the trail of his fuzz to his 8 pack, then to his happy trail, and then settle on his cock. It’s leaking precum down his shaft like a faucet, past his foreskin just covering the pink head. It’s so thick, covered in veins, I’ve never seen anything more erotic. His balls are like two heavy weights swinging in their hairy sack under his shaft. They’re bigger than I remember, full of his delicious cum, all for me. I want him in me so bad, but am I ready? Can I handle it?

It doesn’t matter because he kneels down and places my legs on his shoulders and then moves me back so his knees are on the bed. Leaning down his face is just above mine and his cock is resting against my hole. It feels warm and sticky, but way too big, like a fleshy baseball bat. His precum mixes with the wetness of my pussy as he ever so slightly flexes his cock against my entrance. All the pheromones in the world couldn’t keep me from being afraid of his beastly cock.

“I’ll go easy,” he says, seeing the trepidation in my face. And then leans down to kiss me as his cock starts pressing against my pussy. He’s kissing me, his tongue trying to distract me as his cock presses ever into me, leaking more and more pre, lubing me up naturally. He pushes slightly harder and I feel my hole start stretching around him, he doesn’t stop. He’s relentless, I moan into Max’s mouth in pleasure and pain. I twitch around him as he pushes harder and then the head is in. He leaves just the head in as my pussy contracts around him, squeezing him, I want him out, he’s too big, I can’t take it. But I feel myself getting wetter, his precum is making my pussy lube, my body wants him deeper even if my mind doesn’t.

He’s pushing more into me now. My pussy is so sensitive, I can feel each vein of his tool as he forces his way deeper. I’m quivering around his girth, my dick is as hard as possible against my stomach even through the pain. He’s going deeper than his fingers or his tongue have explored, his precum spreading warmth where there wasn’t feeling before. And then the tip of his head grazes against something inside of me, I moan louder into his mouth, my whole body shakes with pleasure.

“Found your spot,” he says, flexing his cock against it. And then he gyrates his hips slightly, pushing into that button inside of me. My cock fires off without being touched. I feel my cum shooting onto my stomach. My pussy is contracting with each shot of my orgasm, pulling him slightly deeper. When I finish cumming I’m gasping into Max but he’s still going.

“One,” he moans into my mouth, then resumes making out with me, his taste is filling my mouth, I can feel his spit spreading warmth down my throat. He’s pushing deeper still, his cock is getting thicker towards the base and I feel my pussy struggling with the sheer size of his pole. But Max’s cock is a force of nature, nothing could stop it at this point from going all the way. My dick doesn’t go soft, and his cock is still moving past that button inside of me sending pleasure through my whole body as he continues deeper. Finally, excruciatingly, he pushes the last bit of his 9.5 inch cock into me and bottoms out, his full nuts resting against my ass. I’m certain I would be split in two if his cock didn’t make so much precum, if I wasn’t so wet with lust for this alpha male.

He pulls away from the kiss and stands up straight but leaves his cock in balls deep, feeling my pussy squeeze against his manhood. I want it out, he’s going to break me, it’s too much. I feel my pussy trying to squeeze but it can’t, I’m stretched to my limit. But Max doesn’t move an inch, and I slowly start to get used to his size, his shape. As the discomfort from his thick cock fades, it’s replaced by a feeling of fulfillment. I feel complete, like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle was just put into me. He scoops up my cum from my stomach onto his fingers, it’s almost clear, not the thick white I used to have. Then he slurps it down like a delicacy, when he’s finished he looks at me in the eyes.

“You ready?” he asks, but I know it’s a rhetorical question. Max is going to fuck me now, and I want nothing more in the whole world.

I nod in agreement, staring into his eyes, wordlessly begging him to rail me. He starts slow like when he face fucked me last night, just moving slightly in and out, he doesn’t break eye contact with me. He starts moving faster now, he’s watching my face to see my expression, to know what I’m feeling. He wants to know if he goes too fast or too far and I feel pain. Mostly it’s pleasure as I feel him move past the G spot deep in me, but whenever I wince in pain he slows down, letting his cock and my pussy create more lube to ease his fuck. Pretty soon the pain is dimmed, and all I feel is the pleasure of his cock squeezing into me.

He lets my legs drop and wrap around his lower back while his arms move to either side of my head, holding himself up. He’s going faster now, getting his whole body into the fuck, pulling his cock farther out, pushing more into me. My arms are holding onto the muscles of his back. He’s in his rhythm now, deep fast long strokes, his balls slapping against my ass. My cock is trapped between his abs and my stomach as he pumps into me relentlessly. We’re both getting sweaty now, his scent filling up my mind even more. He’s laying more of his weight onto me, my head turns to get closer to his pit. He moves his armpit over my face then moves his mouth to my ear. He’s kissing my ear, grunting deeply matching his thrusts. I’m making out with his furry pit, moaning uncontrollably. The fuck feels so good, like his dick is massaging an orgasm out of me. I feel it building from inside of me and I fire off again, cumming between his muscular abs and my flat stomach. My pussy is contracting harder with this second orgasm around him. Max never stops pumping, never loses his rhythm. He’s thrusting and thrusting and thrusting, pushing my cum out of me. I don’t even know the noises I’m making as I cum.

“Two,” he moans into my ear as I finish ejaculating between us. Then he’s goes into overdrive, fucking me with a reckless abandon. I’m getting jackhammered, my insides pummeled by his cock, like he’s rearranging my insides to suit his fucking. My legs are around his ass, feeling the huge globes of muscle work as he thrusts into me. My cum is slippery between our stomachs, my cock is still hard sliding between his abs as he fucks me. As much as I’m loving his fuck, even more I want to feel him unload in me.

“Tell me what you need,” he grunts into my ear.

“I need you to fuck me,” I moan, hoping it’s what he wants to hear.

“Tell me what you want,” he demands.

“I want you to breed me,” I gasp out. He must like that answer because he moans in approval. He lifts his torso above mine and I look into his eyes. He slows down his fuck to move all the way out his head leaves my pussy with a pop and feel totally empty, my entrance winking in protest. And then suddenly thrusts into me as hard as he can, demonstrating his power, watching my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure and pain. He does it again, pounding into me so hard, my pussy is clenching around him and I know I’m going to cum again. He keeps this up, shaking the whole bed with each of his long hard thrusts.

“I’m going to knock you up,” je says with the last of these long thrusts, towering above me, and I cum. This time just one or two shots of watery cum dribble out of my dick, but my pussy is clenching madly around him. He lays back down into me, my head turns to go into his other pit, his face against my other ear.

“Three,” he says and then starts again. This time I can feel his fuck getting more erratic, more wild, more uncontrollable. This is what my body is for, this is what I was made to do. To get fucked by an alpha male, to get bred by a real man. The thought crashes into me and everything makes sense, I’m not a real man, I’m a beta, I’m a pussy boy, no I’m Max’s pussy boy. I’ve finally accepted these truths and I love it, I feel at peace with my body. I’m still moaning into his pit as he begins a deep howl and his whole body shudders. He keeps thrusting into me as his orgasm starts, his huge balls pulling up to his shaft.

I can feel his cum moving through his entire cock as he unloads pump after pump. He’s still thrusting as I feel his hot cum flood my insides, there’s so much of it, filling me up and he’s not stopping just yet. A firehose of his perfect DNA has been opened in my guts, it’s filling up every part of my insides. He thrusts one last time, as deep as he can go and unloads more of his seed into me. He has to have fired 15 or 16 shots into me, and we’re both panting as he finishes. I feel so full, like I just ate a huge meal, satisfied and happy. His dick still inside of me, he moves his face to mine and we begin to kiss, softly, tenderly. This kiss isn’t as sexual, or as dominant as before. It’s just full of affection. His lips caressing mine, his tongue is gentle. I feel appreciated, I feel wanted. Max pulls away.

“I love you,” Max says, softly but in his deep rich voice.

“I love you too,” I say, looking into his icy blue eyes. It’s true. I’m so lucky I found Max, he’s perfect. Strong and kind, noble but not too serious. He’s going to take care of me, and I can trust him. I’ve never felt more protected, more safe then in that moment, underneath Max. His cock still inside of me, his huge muscular frame around me, his beautiful face staring back at mine.

“Good,” he laughs, “because there’s a 100% chance I just got you pregnant.” He’s smiling at me. Funny joke, I start to chuckle.

“Yeah, I bet,” I joke sarcastically back to him, chuckling a little.

“There must be over a cup of my baby batter in you, and I know it’s potent. I said I was going to knock you up,” he says matter-of-factly.

“Yeah right,” I laugh back at him. “As if.” His dick is softening but still deep inside of me. I reach down my hand to scratch his chest, and I try to kiss him again but he pulls away. He’s looking at me intently now, what did I do?

“Lucas,” he says seriously. “Where do you think babies come from?”

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