by Ziel

Travis scores an interview at a trendy diner that he had never heard of before. The servers all have a very defining trait. Could Travis really be the type of guy they are looking for here?

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Part 1 Travis scores an interview at a trendy diner that he had never heard of before. The servers all have a very defining trait. Could Travis really be the type of guy they are looking for here? (added: 10 Feb 2024)
Part 2 He’s just been hired, but Travis already has a training shift for Acorn. Travis feels like he doesn’t quite belong in a crew of incredibly hot dudes with incredibly tiny dicks, but Curtis assures him that he just needs a few days to fit in… (added: 27 Apr 2024)
Part 3 Travis has some time to recollect himself after work. Now that he’s away from Acorn and away from Curtis, he has time to think about what he has seen and what he has felt.
Part 4 Travis meets one of his new coworkers who helps him get fitted for a new cage since his last one is now too big …? (added: 11 May 2024)
Part 5 Travis finishes the first half of his shift. Now it’s time for the big(?) unveiling!
Part 6 Travis is shocked and conflicted by his recent changes. (added: 25 May 2024)
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Part 1

Travis fidgeted in his seat while the interviewer looked over his resume. On one hand, it was a relief to know that someone was actually looking at his resume. More often than not, places he had applied had just thrown it in the trash without even giving it a second glance, but on the other hand, interviews were always stressful. The already tense situation was amplified by the abundance of incredibly hot guys all around. The interviewer himself was a smoking hot silver fox that Travis figured must be in his upper forties at least, yet despite his age and salt and pepper hair, the guy looked as fit as any of the jocks that Travis had seen at the gym.

“Impressive resume,” Dave, the interviewer, commented before setting the stapled stack of papers aside. “But truth be told, it was unnecessary. You came highly recommended, and, between you and me, you definitely look like you belong here.”

“Uh… thank you…” Travis replied awkwardly. He tried his best to keep the blush from overwhelming his cheeks, but it was clear that he was flustered by the comment. It was hard for him to believe that he belonged in a place like this, a place that was packed with the hottest guys that Travis had ever seen.

It was clear from the moment that he had stepped into the lobby that this place was something else. The greeter at the podium was an incredibly lithe guy clad in nothing but a tiny waist apron that barely covered the goods, and as Travis made his way into the dining room, he quickly realized that the rest of the wait staff was clad and cut in much the same way. Everywhere he looked he saw fit guys with aprons that were little bigger than post-it notes hanging around their hips.

The tiny aprons were roughly the same height and width as a fanny pack, but were much sleeker. The pockets on these garments were just large enough to hold a pen and a small pad of paper. The narrow strip of fabric barely even had enough space for the word ACORN, the name of this establishment, to be sewn in.

Dave waved one of the servers over. One of the hot guys in a tiny apron scurried over. Travis recognized the guy instantly. Curtis was a guy that Travis had in a couple of his classes. They had spoken a few times before, but Travis wasn’t sure if he’d claim to be more than a passing acquaintance. Curtis seemed excited to see him there, though.

“Hey, Travis! I hoped you’d take us up on the offer,” Curtis said.

“Y-yeah. I’ll be honest. I’d never heard of this place before, but I could use the work,” Travis replied. He then quickly turned to face the interviewer and replied, “N-not to sound disinterested! I’m impressed with what I have seen so far!”

Dave laughed in response. “It’s fine. I understand. We don’t advertise, so we rely on word of mouth to grow our business. It doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t heard of us, but I believe that you’d fit right in here.”

Dave turned his attention towards Curtis. “Bring us some water,” Dave said and then gave Curtis a wave to dismiss him.

Curtis nodded and gave the pair a bow before turning to make his way back towards the kitchen. Travis tried to keep his attention on the interviewer, but as he watched Curtis turn and walk back towards the kitchen, Travis couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting towards Curtis’s exposed backside.

It wasn’t that Travis was checking the guy out– at least, that wasn’t the entire reason he was looking. He was trying to see if Curtis had some thong or something similar on under his apron, but as far as Travis could see, Curtis was freeballing.

“I think you’d look very good in our uniform,” Dave said with a chuckle.

Busted! Dave had clearly seen Travis checking out Curtis’s bare ass. It was a fantastic ass, but Travis was trying to seem professional, here!

Travis quickly snapped his attention back towards the interviewer. “I… Sorry. It’s just that I was thinking if I had to hang brain like that, I don’t think the apron would be long enough,” Travis replied with a nervous chuckle.

To his surprise, Dave found the comment quite hilarious. His loud laughter carried throughout the entire dining room.

“Don’t worry. We don’t expect you to ‘Hang Brain’ until you feel comfortable. We’ve got some things you can wear under your apron to keep your modesty… until you decide you don’t need it anymore,” Dave explained.

“The modesty or the… thing you mentioned?” Travis asked.

“Either one,” Dave responded with another jovial laugh.

There was a tense moment where Travis waited for Dave to stop laughing. It wasn’t a bad laugh. Dave seemed genuinely kind and well meaning, but Travis was extremely high strung even on the best days. Being in an interview just sent his nerves into overdrive regardless of how personable his interviewer seemed to be.

The sound of something metallic falling to the ground distracted Dave from his own quip. He perked up at the sound and began to clap. His clapping spread throughout the room until soon, all the servers except for one had begun clapping.

Travis winced. He had flashbacks to his previous serving job. He knew it was just a thing that people did. People would clap if a waiter dropped the dishes or something, but he never understood it. It seemed kind of mean, and it definitely didn’t fit the atmosphere of a place like this.

Dave seemed to noticed Travis’s reaction. “Don’t worry. It’s a rite of passage around here. That sound means that one of our new hires has graduated,” Dave said with a chuckle.

“So that sound means an angel got their wings?” Travis asked.

“I like that one! I’ll have to use it next time!” Dave said with another jovial laugh.

Travis waited for another tense moment for Dave to stop laughing before chiming in with, “I see… so… is there another interview? When will I hear back?” Travis asked.

“I think I’ve seen enough. You’ve got the job. You’re welcome to start as soon as you are able,” Dave said. He reached across the table to shake Travis’s hand.

“Wow. Just like that?” Travis asked.

“Just like that. Do you have plans for this afternoon? If you have an hour or so, I bet Curtis would love to train you,” Dave said.

“Uh… I don’t have any plans, but this is a little sudden,” Travis replied.

“Do you need time to think about my offer? I can give you my contact info. Just let me know what you decide, and we can probably work something out,” Dave replied.

“N-no! I’ll take the job! I am just surprised at how fast things are going,” Travis said.

“Strike while the iron is hot, isn’t that the old saying?” Dave said with a laugh.

“That is definitely one saying, yes…” Travis replied.

It was at this point that Curtis came back with a few glasses of water. As he was setting them down, Dave nodded to him and said, “Sounds like your friend has agreed to work for us.”

“Really? That’s great!” Curtis said excitedly.

Curtis’s enthusiasm was surprising. Travis had spoken to him between classes. They got along well enough, but he didn’t think that he and Curtis were this close. Curtis was one of those guys who was so hot that Travis never dared hope that he had a chance. He doubted Curtis thought of him as more than just “some guy from his class.” Had Curtis really introduced him to Dave as a friend?

Curtis’s huge grin and small clothes got Travis hot under the collar. Travis couldn’t help himself. His gaze drifted towards Curtis’s crotch. The lower hem of Curtis’s small apron was just barely below the crotch. Travis was sure that if he looked hard enough, he could catch a glimpse of a bit of balls or even the tip of Curtis’s dick, but before he could look too intently, Curtis redirected Travis’s gaze upward.

Curtis glanced over at Travis and said, “I’m sure you’ll fit right in! When do you start?”

“Uh… well… Dave here said that I could train with you…” Travis stammered. He tried his best to hide the fact that he was trying to track Curtis’s package, but the impish smirk on Curtis’s face seemed to indicate that Travis had failed miserably.

“That’s great! I’ve got another hour on my shift. We can get you started right away!” Curtis said.

“Sure… I guess I can start now, if that’s cool with you,” Travis replied.

Travis didn’t have any real plans today, and Curtis was so bubbly and excited that Travis was having a hard time coming up with an excuse to put his training off. He just hoped that he wouldn’t be asked to snake it out today. Travis knew he was fit and hung. He should be proud of his bod and his rod, but he still hadn’t had time to mentally prepare himself to let it all hang out especially not in a room full of certified hotties like this.

“Come on! Come on!” Curtis said excitedly. He grabbed Travis’s hand and pulled Travis out of his seat. Before Travis could protest, he was being dragged along towards the back rooms.

As soon as he went through the swinging doors leading into the back room, the attitude changed. The vibe here was much more chill. Travis could see a few of the employees hanging out and chatting and just taking their time to catch their breath before heading back out. A couple of the guys still had their aprons on, but one of them had taken it off and had it slung over his shoulder like a bandolier.

Travis glanced towards this guy without thinking and immediately caught an eyeful. The dude was as cute and cut as Curtis! And without his apron on, Travis got a good look at the dude’s package.

“Wow!” Travis blurted out in spite of himself.

The guy glanced up at Travis and shot him a playful smirk. “Like what you see, handsome?” He asked.

Truth be told, Travis did like what he saw. The dude’s cute little nub sat atop a pair of equally tiny nuts. His softie couldn’t be more than inch long. The head of his cock was nearly completely covered by its foreskin. The short, slim shaft definitely made the dude’s dick look like the titular acorn that the restaurant was named for, and the dude’s balls were similarly small. His two tiny stones were each the size of cherries.

Travis was blushing beet red. If this was his first impression with his new coworkers, he had no doubt blown it spectacularly, but the nude dude didn’t seem upset with Travis or his outburst at all. He just shot Travis a flirty wink and then slowly sashayed his way towards the door to the dining room.

Travis was once again amazed. Despite how small the dude’s dick was, this guy was so cocksure that he hadn’t even bothered to put his apron back on until after he had left the break room. No doubt the patrons had been given a good look at his small package.

Travis’s attention was drawn away from the doorway when he felt an arm slung over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about him,” Curtis said. “He’s a big hit with the regulars.”

“Big isn’t the word I’d use…” Travis said. The words were out of his mouth before he even had a chance to stop them. He clapped a hand over his mouth and looked at Curtis in shock and horror.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean…” Travis stammered.

To his surprise, Curtis was laughing. “Don’t worry! Little guys like us get a lot of attention here. It’s what this place is known for!” He explained between giggles.

“Like us?” Travis asked.

“Oh, like you weren’t looking,” Curtis said with a playful wink.

Travis gasped as Curtis reached down and undid the knot on the waist strap of his tiny apron. The narrow strip of fabric fell away revealing Curtis’s own cute little cock.

Curtis’s cock was every bit as small as the other guys! In fact, it may even be smaller! Travis stared in awe at how tiny his friend’s package was. Travis hadn’t had a dick that size since grade school!

“Like what you see?” Curtis asked playfully.

Once again, the words were out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop himself. “Y-yeah!” Travis blurted out.

Curtis laughed in reply, but it wasn’t a teasing laugh. Curtis’s laughter was so sweet and playful that it just made Curtis seem even cuter. Before Travis knew what was happening, his cheeks were blushing beet red, and his dick was stirring to life in his slacks.

“C’mon. Let’s get you geared up,” Curtis said.

Curtis once again grabbed Travis’s hand and dragged Travis along behind. Travis was too shocked and aroused to fight back as Curtis led him further into the back rooms. Soon, the duo was in the locker room. Once again, Travis was greeted by the sight of hot, naked guys hanging out.

Travis looked from one guy to the next in awe. They were all so sexy, and they were all so small! None were quite as tiny as Curtis, but a few definitely came close.

Curtis’s fingertip pressed against Travis’s chin, causing Travis’s slack jaw to snap shut.

“Oh yeah. You’re going to fit right in,” Curtis said with a laugh.

Busted again! Travis knew he’d need to keep a better handle on his gaze if he was going to hang out here, but he was less worried about his gaze and more worried about his dick! He was already well past half-mast! There was no way he’d be decent with such a tiny apron trying to cover his meat!

“M-maybe I’m not ready for training just yet…” Travis said awkwardly.

“Nonsense! That attitude just means you need training even more!” Curtis replied. He once again grabbed Travis’s hand and dragged Travis along. This time the pair made their way to the back of the locker room.

“Here. This locker isn’t in use. You can stash your stuff here,” Curtis said.

“M-my stuff!?” Travis yelped.

“Yeah! Get stripping! We can’t have you out of uniform, can we?” Curtis replied playfully.

Travis froze like a deer in headlights. He was going to be nude in a room with all these hot guys? This was both a dream come true and a nightmare! Yet… he didn’t want to bail. He wanted to go through with it if for no other reason than to impress Curtis.

“O-okay. Fine…” Travis murmured and began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Normally, Travis would wear just the basic T-shirt and shorts, but this had been a job interview, after all. He was uncharacteristically dressed up, clad in a nice, fitting, button-up shirt, and a pair of nice slacks. As such, the disrobing process took longer than he would have liked. Every second he spent fidgeting with his buttons was one more second that he had to deal with the embarrassment of being the only clothed dude in the room as well as the anxiety of stripping in front of a bunch of certified hotties.

Eventually, Travis managed to remove his shirt. His lean torso was on display for his friend and co-worker to admire, and admire he did! Curtis gave a playful whistle of approval which caused Travis to blush brighter and get harder.

“No chickening out, now! Pants next!” Curtis cheered.

Travis made a half-hearted attempt to murmur some kind of comeback, but it was unintelligible even to him. Soon, he had his belt removed and was shimmying his slacks down his waist. Travis’s boxers were not the most flattering underwear, but even through the bunched-up fabric, it was clear that he had plenty of sausage stored away.

“Oh, wow…” Curtis said in awe.

This response got a smirk from Travis. Travis knew he was hung, and knowing that such a cute dude like Curtis could appreciate it got him even more excited.

“You’re always so shy that I just kinda assumed you were one of us little guys,” Curtis said as he stared at Travis’s bulge in awe.

“Disappointed?” Travis asked.

“No! Not at all!” Curtis exclaimed. “I’m sure we’ve got some clients who will love what you’re working with.”

“Although, I don’t think those little aprons will cut it for me,” Travis replied.

“Especially not if you’re going to be hard,” Curtis replied.

Travis was once again blushing beet red. Flaunting his cock for Curtis had gotten him momentarily excited, but now he had another problem. He was nearly hard and already dribbling!

“It’s fine! We can work with this! One second, I got some things that might help,” Curtis said reassuringly.

Curtis quickly dashed towards a supply closet off to the side and came back with a small case. The case in question looked like a briefcase but far smaller. It would barely classify as a clutch!

Curtis pressed a button on the case which caused the latches to pop up with an audible rattle. The lid flipped up. Curtis glanced at the contents, nodded, and then turned the case around so that Travis could get a look at what was inside.

Travis was confused at what he was looking at at first. These were cages. Cock cages! They were arranged from largest to smallest. The largest one looked almost big enough to house his impressive member… almost.

On the other end of the spectrum was a tiny little cage that was barely the size of a thimble. It was such a tiny cage that Travis wouldn’t even be able to wear it on top of his thumb! He might be able to get the first segment of him pinky in it if he tried really hard!

“Here. Consider this part of your training,” Curtis said.

“You want me to wear one of those!?” Travis yelped.

“Dress for the job you want, isn’t that how the saying goes?” Curtis replied playfully.

“But I’m trying to be a waiter, not a gimp!” Travis sputtered. Once again, the words were out of his mouth before he could even stop himself. No sooner had he said it than he was mortified by his own barbs.

Curtis took it in stride. “Don’t be such a prude. It’ll keep that piece of yours in check, at least until you’re ready to work without it,” Curtis replied.

“R-right. Sorry… I do appreciate it. I just wasn’t expecting… well… this,” Travis said.

“You’re fine!” Curtis said with a laugh, “You are so high strung! We need to work on that!”

“Right… well, we probably need to work on this first,” Travis replied nodding down towards his stiffy.

“There’s a bathroom around the corner. You can take care of it there,” Curtis said. He then got a playful smirk on his face and a devious glint in his eyes. “By the way, what’s your phone number?” he added.

“W-what?” Travis yelped.

“Your number. El número de teléfono. Dengo banwhatever. You know. Your number?” Curtis said.

Travis stood there for a moment while his brain buffered. His phone number? How long had it been since anyone had asked him that? He’d have trouble remembering it on a good day, and today his brain was extra frazzled.

“Uh… you got touch?” Travis asked.

“Of course,” Curtis replied.

Travis fished his phone awkwardly out of his discarded slacks while Curtis turned and pulled his phone out of a nearby locker. A quick series of pokes on both screens followed by them tapping their phones together, and their contact info had been exchanged.

“Wait. Why are we exchanging?” Travis asked.

Curtis flashed Travis a playful wink while he backed up. “I’m going to send you some picks to help you deal with that monster,” Curtis said and nodded towards the painfully obvious, soggy tent in Travis’s boxers.

Travis’s eyes once again drifted down towards Curtis’s exposed body. Curtis’s firm pecs and sculpted abs sat above a defined V of his Adonis belt. The belt in turn pointed down towards Curtis’s crotch where the small nub of a dick sat atop his two tiny testes.

Travis’s jaw once again dropped. Was Curtis hard!? It was difficult to tell, but Travis sure was.

Travis’s dick gave a hard lurch in his boxers.

“ohjesuschrist” Travis moaned beneath his breath.

“Oh, you’re too fun,” Curtis chuckled. “I was going to let you handle this yourself, but I don’t think you’ll last that long.”

“W-what!?” Travis yelped.

“Lose the shorts,” Curtis said.

Travis just stood there in stunned silence, but Curtis wasn’t about to be deterred. Curtis stepped forward and hooked his thumbs on the waistband of Travis’s boxers and quickly yanked them down. Travis’s huge rod quickly slapped up against his abs causing an arc of pre to spray forth. Travis’s rod was so big that the tip of it reached well past his belly button.

Travis was so stunned and so horny that he could do nothing but stand there and moan as Curtis grinded his own tiny dick against Travis’s own massive hog. Curtis’s dicklet was so small that it was shorter than even just the head of Travis’s huge rod. Curtis’s entire package was so tiny that even just one of Travis’s chicken-egg-sized stones could completely eclipse Curtis’s twig and two berries.

Travis glanced down at Curtis’s tight, fit bod and small, stiff rod. Curtis was so mind-blowingly sexy! And he was grinding against Travis’s body in such a sexy way! Travis could feel Curtis grinding and shuddering against him. Chest to chest. Cock to cock… or well, cock to nuts in this case. Curtis’s tiny package dug into the space between Travis’s nuts at the base of Travis’s cock.

“You’re gonna fit right in,” Curtis moaned breathily into Travis’s ear.

Hearing that was the final straw on the camel’s horned-up back. Travis let out a moan. His cock shuddered and lurched. Thick ropes of cum spewed forth and splashed against their chests. Travis’s thick spunk oozed down his chest and tummy and spread to Curtis’s own pecs and abs as their bodies ground against one another.

Travis slumped back against the locker and gasped for breath. That had been the most intense climax of his life! It was hard to believe that he came here looking for a job and had blown his load before even starting his shift! Travis’s mind was racing. Did this count as losing his virginity?

Travis glanced groggily at the guy who had just made him cum so hard. Curtis’s chest and abs were dripping cum. Travis’s thick load had oozed down Curtis’s cum gutters and was now dribbling onto Curtis’s tiny dick. Travis’s load was so huge and Curtis’s cock so small, that Curtis’s nub and berries were completely coated in spunk!

“I’m gonna smell like jizz for the rest of my shift,” Curtis said with a laugh.

“S-sorry…” Travis murmured.

“Don’t be! I’m sure the regulars will love it!” Curtis replied.

There was a brief pause while Curtis eyed Travis up and down. An impish smirk played at the corners of his lips.

“Although… you did get me into this mess. You should help me clean up,” Curtis said.

Travis was still riding high on the afterglow and a bit winded, so instead of asking Curtis what he meant, Travis tilted his head to the side like a confused puppy.

“God, you’re adorable,” Curtis said as he stepped forward so that he was once against so close to Travis that Travis could feel the heat coming from Curtis’s breath.

The two locked eyes. Curtis smirked impishly and placed a cummy hand on Travis’s head. He ran his cum-coated fingers through Travis’s head and pressed down. Travis instinctively began to kneel down. Soon he was kneeling down and staring down the barrel of Curtis’s tiny rifle. Curtis’s cock was so small it wouldn’t even classify as a Derringer!

Curtis continued to guide Travis’s head until Travis’s face was mere millimeters from Curtis’s cock. Travis could smell the sweat and cum which coated Curtis’s cock. How much of it was his own, he wondered, but he was too horny to care.

Travis didn’t even need guidance to know what to do next. He opened his mouth and began to suckle on Curtis’s little dick. Curtis’s package was so small that Travis could get the whole thing, cock, balls and all, in his mouth.

“Oh, you’re very good at that…” Curtis gasped between moans.

There was so much cum that Travis could barely taste the faint salty tang of sweat on Curtis’s cock and balls. Travis continued to nuzzle his nose against Curtis’s crotch as he licked Curtis’s tiny package clean of their combined spunk.

Curtis was so hot and his dick was so cute, that Travis felt a strange pang of jealously, but the thought vanished as quickly as it had come over him. Travis was too horny to give it a second thought. He loved having a huge cock, after all… right?

Travis had licked the spunk clean from Curtis’s cock and had begun to lap a path up Curtis’s crotch towards his abs when a familiar voice interrupted.

“I wondered what was taking you all so long. I should have known,” Dave said with a bemused sigh.

Busted yet again! Travis glanced up at his new boss. So much for his new job. He hadn’t even managed to get into uniform before getting fired!

Dave didn’t seem upset, though. In anything, it looked like he had expected this. Dave glanced at Curtis and said, “Go get cleaned up. I’m going to need you to stay later to make up for the time you spent ‘off the clock,’” he teased.

“Sure thing!” Curtis replied. He even went so far as to give a playful salute.

“I should send you out to the dining room without a shower first, but I think you’d like that too much,” Dave said. He shook his head as if disappointed, but his tone of voice and demeanor said otherwise.

“I’m game if you are, but we should at least let our new guy clean up first,” Curtis said.

“Indeed,” Dave replied. He then turned his attention towards Travis.

Travis gulped nervously. Despite how casual the interaction between Curtis and Dave had been, Travis was preparing himself for the worst.

Dave knelt down so that he was staring eye to eye with Travis. There was a tense pause as Dave seemed to run some numbers in his head and take stock of Travis’s cum-coated chest and stomach as well as Travis’s thick, soft cock and heavy balls.

“I have a motto… or maybe you should call it a business model,” Dave said sternly.

Travis braced himself for the worst.

“Work hard. Play hard,” Dave explained.

Travis tried his best to hold Dave’s gaze, but his embarrassment quickly got the better of him. Travis sheepishly looked away, but Dave continued to focus on him.

“You’ve already played hard…” Dave said. There was a tense pause as he waited for his words to sink in. When it was clear that Travis wasn’t going to respond, Dave added, “Now it’s time to work hard.”

Travis looked back in shock. “W-work?” he sputtered.

“Yes. You have a job to do, don’t you?” Dave asked.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d have a job after that…” Travis murmured.

Dave was once again laughing his loud, boisterous laugh.

“W-what? Didn’t I do something wrong?” Travis asked.

“Wrong? If anything, I’d say you passed orientation with flying colors! I wondered how you’d react to the little guys we have working here, but it looks like my fears were unfounded,” Dave replied.

“Y-yes!” Travis blurted out. He then collected himself and said, “I-I mean... They’re all so hot.”

“Indeed. Now, how would you like to join them?” Dave asked.

“Y-yes sir!” Travis replied.

There was a strange smirk playing at the corner of his lips. Was he being playful? Proud? Travis couldn’t quite get a read on him. All that Travis could really tell was that this seemed to mean he still had a job.

“Now then…” Dave said. He reached over and grabbed the small case that Curtis had shown Travis earlier. “What say you we get you geared up?”


Part 2

It had taken plenty of towels and wet wipes to wash off all the cum, but eventually, Travis was almost convinced he was presentable. Travis couldn’t shake the fear that he still smelled a bit, but Bill assured him that there was no need to worry.

The next task was a bit more challenging. Bill had given Travis his new “uniform”. His uniform, such as it was, consisted of little more than the small, thin waist apron and a cage.

Travis eyed the cage as he turned it over in his hand. It was by far the largest size they had, but Travis still wasn’t sure it would fit. Travis was not so easily deterred, though.

It was a tight fit, but eventually, Travis managed to snake his dick into the top part and latch the bottom part shut around his nuts. His dick had to fold in on itself like an accordion to fit, and his potatoes were similarly mashed, but after the initial squeezing, the device wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. It was awkward and felt weird, but it didn’t hurt.

After that, it was business as usual… or as close to business as usual could get when he was nearly naked and surrounded by hot, lithe dudes who were similarly nude. Travis could swear that Curtis was intentionally leaning over the tables far enough to give Travis a clear view of his bare booty and even a little glimpse of his exposed, tiny nuts throughout the course of their hour-long training session.

For the first twenty minutes or so, the cage around his cock weighed heavily on his mind and his dick. Every time Curtis or one of his new coworkers would let slip and show a bit of cock and balls or even some hole, Travis’s dick tried to chub up in the confines of his cage, but eventually, he got used to the feeling of the cold, stiff metal around his cock.

Aside from the attire, the work didn’t seem that different from Travis’s last job as a waiter. There was the standard taking the order and busing the table, but there was also a fair amount of flirtation that went into it. Although… Travis wasn’t entirely sure how much of the flirting was part of the job and how much of that was just Curtis being Curtis.

The next hour went by in a flash. Travis was learning a lot and was constantly rushing from one table to the next as Curtis chatted up the diners. It wasn’t long before Travis began to settle into the workflow and was even able to join Curtis in trading playful banter with the regulars.

Travis tried his best to stay focused and not let the flirting get to him too much, but every so often one of the patrons would make a passing comment. “Oh, the new little guy is cute.” Or “That little apron is a good look on you, but it may be a bit too big.” Or “I love how tiny the guys are here!”

Travis’s mind felt hazy with each passing comment. He loved the attention even if he knew it wasn’t really meant for him. After all, he wasn’t one of the “little guys.” It was only thanks to the cage over his cock that he could pass as one. Had it not been for the metallic casing around his sausage and eggs, Travis’s bait and tackle would dip well below the lower hem of his tiny apron… and yet… even though he was chubbed up for the entire shift, his cage didn’t feel all that tight.

Eventually, his short training session came to an end. Curtis said his goodbyes to the regulars and led Travis back towards the locker room once more.

“You did great out there!” Curtis said excitedly.

Curtis hadn’t even waited until the duo had made their way out of the dining room before pulling off his apron and slinging it over his shoulder. His tiny cock and balls were now openly on display for the patrons’ and Travis’s viewing pleasure.

Travis’s dick stiffened in the confines of his cage. He wanted so badly to get hard, but it was impossible! He’d have to take his cage off for that, and somehow doing that in the dining room felt like poor form. Besides, he didn’t have the key with him.

By the time Travis reached the lockers, he was so horny that his dick ached for release. It was hard to believe he had busted the biggest nut of his life little more than an hour beforehand, but being surrounded by such hot dudes drove him wild! And now that he was in the breakroom, he could see more of the workers letting it all hang out. Everywhere Travis looked, he saw the hottest dudes with the cutest dicklets! It was all so maddeningly sexy!

Travis was desperate to remove his cage, but before he even got the chance to fish the key out of his locker, Curtis spun him around and pinned him against the metallic door. Travis didn’t have time to ask what was happening. He didn’t even have time to let out a yelp of surprise before Curtis’s lips were pressed against him own.

“You were great out there…” Curtis moaned between kisses.

“T-thanks…?” Travis replied. He too had to space his speech between kisses. After Curtis planted the first smooch, Travis was giving as well as he was getting. Curtis was just so hot, and his enthusiasm was infectious. Travis could taste the faint traces of his own cum still on Curtis’s lips which just made the whole interaction even more exciting.

“I knew you would be a great fit,” Curtis moaned.

“I honestly feel a little ‘over-dressed’,” Travis replied. It was weird for him to think of it and even weirder for him to mention it, but he felt like the odd man out due to the sheer size of his schlong.

“Just give it time,” Curtis replied.

Something about Curtis’s response struck Travis as strange, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. On the surface, what Curtis had said made perfect sense. Once Travis got used to working here, the general imposter syndrome that came with being a new hire would fade. After all, there was probably a market for a hot guy with a huge cock here. and yet… that didn’t feel right. There was some other meaning behind Curtis’s comment, but Travis could not quite put his finger on it.

Whatever the case, no one seemed to mind him being there. The patrons didn’t seem to mind the sizeable bulge in his apron nor the constant clinking of his cage. Not even his coworkers seemed put off by having such a big guy on staff. Travis still felt like the odd man out, but if nothing else, Travis figured his fat hog would make the little guys look even smaller.

Just the thought of how small the other guys would look when stacked up next to Travis’s monster made the beast strain harder against its cage. Travis was so horny that it literally hurt! He needed release in more ways than one.

A moan that was a mix of pleasure and pain escaped Travis’s lips, and Curtis was quick to pick up on it. “Let’s get you out of that cage,” Curtis whispered seductively into Travis’s ear.

“Please…” Travis whined.

Curtis let out a soft chuckle between smooches as he kissed a path down the nape of Travis’s neck and down Travis’s firm chest and toned abs until Curtis was once more kneeling in front of Travis’s cock.

Curtis reached around back and deftly pulled loose the knot which held up Travis’s apron. The small piece of fabric came loose and fluttered to the floor leaving Travis’s caged cock visible to all. Curtis reached up and gave the cage a soft tug, which was all it took to pull the device free.

Travis was incredibly horny, but even through the haze of hormones, some part of his brain did a double take. Curtis didn’t even have the key, and yet the device came off with barely a tug? Had it been that loose the whole time? What was keeping it from falling off during his shift?

Travis suddenly remembered the strange scene during his interview. Somewhere in the dining room, he had heard a metallic object clatter. The diners and the servers had all clapped, but their clapping had not seemed mocking. If anything, it seemed like cause for celebration. Was this scene related to what he was experiencing? It seemed impossible. It made no sense. Dave had called it a rite of passage. Travis had assumed that one of the new servers must have dropped some silverware. Servers drop shit all the time. Everyone making it seem like no big deal was just their way of letting them know it was fine, right?

Travis didn’t have the time nor the brainpower to follow that train of thought. Once the cage was off, his rigid cock slapped hard against his abs. The tip of his dick reached just a hair below his belly button.

Travis’s mind did another mental double take. His cock was bigger than that, wasn’t it? Usually, it reached his upper row of abs! Had it shrunk!?

There was a tingle of excitement and a feeling of butterflies fluttering in his stomach at the thought, but before Travis could focus on it, he shook the thought from his mind. That was impossible! If anything, his dick just hadn’t swelled up as much as before due to the time it had spent caged. Not to mention, He had just cum buckets a mere hour ago. He was still a little spent. It was to be expected that his dick had not reached its full upright and locked position regardless of how horny he was.

Travis’s internal monologue suddenly stopped short. Curtis’s lips had wrapped around Travis’s cock. Travis could feel the back of Curtis’s throat against his cock head. He could feel Curtis’s tongue rubbing against the sensitive underside of his overstimulated cock. Travis gasped as he struggled to regain his composure, but the way Curtis was handling his cock was better than anything Travis had ever experienced. His dick felt far more sensitive than ever before. Was it just because he was so horny from the sight of the hot dudes and their cute dicks? Was it purely because Curtis was a master with his mouth? Travis wasn’t sure, but he was already shuddering like a leaf.

Travis struggled against his own need to cum. He had just cum an hour before, but he felt like he was suffering from the biggest case of blue balls in his life. He wanted to cum so bad that it felt like he had been holding it in for a lifetime.

Curtis glanced up at Travis. Even with Travis’s cock deep in his mouth, the curve at the corners of Curtis’s lips made it clear that he was grinning from ear to ear. Curtis gave Travis’s nuts a playful squeeze as he continued to suckle and lip Travis’s cock as if daring Travis to cum right then and there.

Part of Travis wanted to take Curtis up on his offer but part of him wanted to make this moment last. However, Curtis was too skilled and Travis too horny for him to keep it up for long. It wasn’t long before Travis staggered back against the locker. He was once more nearly brought to his knees by how hot and sexy Curtis was! Travis’s whole body shuddered. His dick lurched. His balls tensed.

Travis let out a moan that bordered on a whine as he shot spunk directly into Curtis’s throat. Curtis, to his credit, managed to maneuver with the shudders of Travis’s cock so that Travis’s cock never managed to slip free from Curtis’s mouth. Spurt after thick, hot spurt of spunk shot directly into Curtis’s eager mouth. Curtis slurped and gulped with each shot, careful not to spill a drop.

Curtis pulled back and made a dramatic show of audibly gulping the last was of Travis’s spunk. The view was so hot that Travis’s cock twitched excitedly, but his balls were so thoroughly drained that he had nothing left to shoot.

Curtis stood back up and once more planted a kiss on Travis’s lips. As Curtis’s tongue slid past Travis’s lips, Travis could taste his own cum in Curtis’s mouth. As they kissed some more, Travis felt the tiny nub of Curtis’s little stiffy grinding against his own softening schlong.

“I should make you suck me off too,” Curtis moaned between kisses.

“Please…” Travis managed to whine between kisses.

“How I can I refuse when you ask like that?” Curtis replied breathlessly.

Curtis grabbed the back of Travis’s head and dug his fingers into Travis’s hair. Curtis slowly guided Travis’s face down and down. It was now Travis’s turn to kiss a path lower and lower along his partner’s body. Past the nape of his neck. Past his toned pecs and firm abs. Past his smooth crotch, and down towards the shuddering nub of his tiny cock.

Travis found himself staring directly at Curtis’s cute little nub. Travis was once again amazed at how tiny it was. It was fully hard and smaller than his thumb by a good margin! Even when he was sucking on it, he couldn’t help but compare the size. It was as thin as his pinky and shorter than his thumb! Even as Travis’s lips pressed against Curtis’s nuts and crotch, the dicklet didn’t even hit the back of his throat.

Travis could taste the mellow flavor of Curtis’s skin mixed with the taste of cum and the slight tinge of pre. He wished there was more of it that he could take into his mouth, but Curtis’s cock was just too small!

Travis stuck out his tongue and flicked at the tiny set of stones that pulled tight against the base of Curtis’s little shaft. Curtis’s nuts were every bit as small as his dick! Just feeling how tiny it was against his tongue drove Travis wild. He wanted to experience more of it!

Travis opened his mouth and pressed his lips against Curtis’s crotch. Travis took Curtis’s entire package; cock, balls, and all, into his mouth.

“W-woah!” Curtis gasped.

Travis rubbed his tongue along Curtis’s tiny nuts while he sucked on the entire package. It was now Curtis’s turn to struggle to keep it together. He reached down and grabbed onto Travis’s hair with both hands to steady himself as his legs trembled.

Travis could feel Curtis’s tiny dick shuddering in his mouth as he ran his tongue against the little shaft. As Curtis’s tiny cock bucked and lurched, Travis was amazed that something so small could have so much strength behind it.

Curtis let out a whine and a whimper. His voice was so hot that it just drove Travis even wilder. Travis suddenly felt something warm and wet splatter against the back of his mouth. He tasted the unmistakable flavor of fresh cum.

It was now Travis’s turn to tilt his head back and make a dramatic show of swallowing his partner’s load.

“Oh, you are so much fun,” Curtis giggled as he struggled to regain his composure and catch his breath.

“Well, I had a good teacher,” Travis replied with a smirk.

“I’m looking forward to teaching you more,” Curtis replied with a wink.

“Speaking of which, when will that be?” Travis asked.

“Hmm… are you free tomorrow? I have another shift. Same Bat time. Same Bat channel,” Curtis replied.

“Shouldn’t we ask your boss?” Travis asked.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. I just can’t wait to get you broken in,” Curtis said with a giggle.

Travis was taken aback by the phrase. “Broken in? I’m not a horse,” he said.

“Could have fooled me,” Curtis replied playfully.

Travis recoiled slightly. It wasn’t the first time he’d been compared to a horse in that regard, but he suddenly felt strangely self-conscious about the size of his schlong.

Curtis squatted down so he was eye level with Travis and gave Travis a playful pat on the head. “Don’t worry. Give it another shift or two, and you’ll fit right in,” he said.

“I hope so…” Travis said uncertainly.

Curtis looked like he was about to say something but suddenly jumped up to his feet. “Shit! I have lab tonight!” he cried and quickly began scrambling to get dressed.

As Curtis hastily threw his clothes on, he glanced back to Travis and said, “I’ll give you a call after class. We can discuss what time you should come in tomorrow then.”

Curtis scurried off so quickly that Travis was left dumbfounded. Travis stared as his pal and mentor scrambled out of the locker room and bolted into the dining room.

Travis glanced down at the huge, soft cock that dangled between his legs. It was such a strange feeling to be “Too Big.” He had always loved his size, or at least he had always told himself he loved his size. Being big was a badge of honor, right? However, since he had come here, he started to rethink that. The weight of his cock and balls weighed awkwardly on his crotch like an olde timey ball and chain.

Travis pulled on his clothes in silence. He was just about to leave the back rooms and step out into the dining room on his way home, but he paused to adjust himself. His dick felt so weird in his slacks. It was almost as if his pants were a little roomier than before.


Part 3

After his training shift, Travis returned to his dorm. He spent some time trying to focus on classwork or games or even TV, but his mind kept drifting back towards Curtis and all the other amazingly hot guys he had seen at Acorn. Travis’s cock felt like it was in a perpetually semi-boned state. It was hard to believe that he had cum two massive loads just that afternoon. He felt so blue-balled that it may as well have been weeks since he last creamed!

After a few hours of listlessly attempting basic tasks, Travis flopped onto his bed and let his mind wander back to the events of that afternoon. It was strange, but he wanted to go back there! Usually, he hated going to work. Every job he had held in the past had been a slog. Hours passed like weeks, and all he wanted to do was go home. Now, however, he was home and wanted to go to work.

It wasn’t just the guys he worked with. Somehow, just being there made him feel special. It made him feel hot and desirable in a way he had not felt before. This was extra strange given that he felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb there. The one thing he once thought made him a catch now felt like his biggest shortcoming.

A familiar chirping alerted him to a call coming on his phone. Travis halfheartedly picked up his phone and was about to decline the call out of habit when he noticed the name.


Travis’s thumb went from the red circle to the green one before he even fully processed what he was seeing. He had forgotten all about swapping contact info with Curtis earlier! Travis was suddenly so excited that a rushed “heywhat’sup!” escaped his lips before he could even pretend to play it cool.

A playful chuckle was Curtis’s response. “Hey there. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Curtis said.

“Uh… Not much. Just been kinda bored if I’m being honest,” Travis replied, but as soon as he said it, he suddenly regretted it. Did it make him sound desperate?

“Oh? Well, what do you normally do to keep yourself occupied?” Curtis asked.

“Depends on the day. I’ve got some books, some shows. Sometimes I’ll game it up,” Travis replied.

“But not feeling any of that?” Curtis asked.

“Not really… I guess… I don’t know why I’m even talking to you about this…” Travis replied awkwardly.

“Because I asked? Because we’re friends?” Curtis replied.

“We’re friends…” Travis said more to himself than to Curtis.

“Yeah? I thought so? We’ve known each other for a while now. We talk a lot between classes all the time, and now that we work together, we can hang out there a lot too!” Curtis said excitedly.

“Wow… I… I’m glad to hear you say that…” Travis mumbled.

“Hmmm…” Curtis replied playfully.

“What?” Travis asked.

“Do you have a crush on me?” Curtis asked playfully.

“I! But!” Travis sputtered.

Curtis laughed that sweet yet playful laugh of his. He always sounded like he was having fun, but he never sounded like he was having fun at Travis’s expense.

“Isn’t it a little late to start being bashful now?” Curtis asked.

“What do you mean?” Travis asked.

“I mean we sucked each other off! Or did you forget!? I know I certainly remember your fat cock… and that thing you did with your tongue!” Curtis teased.

“I! … uh…” Travis stammered.

“Oh, you’re adorable!” Curtis teased.

“Yeah… whatever…” Travis mumbled.

“Yeah. Whatever,” Curtis teased.

“I’m still a little overwhelmed by everything that happened today, okay? I always thought you were way out of my league! I still don’t really believe it!” Travis sputtered.

“Out of your league? You’re a total catch! I keep hanging out with you because you’re sweet and funny, and I recommended you for the gig because you’re hot!” Curtis replied. He sounded adamant, and his sincerity caught Travis by surprise.

“I… really…?” Travis asked.

“Yes! Really! We have got to work on your self-esteem some,” Curtis said.

“I… sorry…” Travis murmured.

“Now, don’t pout on me! We’re trying to make you feel better about yourself, not worse!” Curtis said.

“Yeah… So-” Travis began to say, but was quickly cut off.

“Don’t say sorry!” Curtis cut in.

“I’m-” Travis started.

“Don’t!” Curtis countered.

“I… don’t know what to say,” Travis said.

“I suppose that’s better?” Curtis replied uncertainly.

“So, why did you call anyway?” Travis asked after an awkward pause.

“I wanted to see how you liked working at Acorn,” Curtis replied.

“Oh! That’s all?” Travis replied.

“What do you mean ‘that’s all’!? It’s an important question!” Curtis sassed back.

“Well, you were there the whole time. I thought it would be obvious,” Travis replied.

“Yeah. You seemed to be enjoying it, but I figured I’d check in with you after you had some time to yourself. The job’s not for everyone, and I wanted to see if you were still as excited about it as earlier,” Curtis said.

“Yeah! I mean, the clientele seemed chill. Dave is a bit strange, but he seems like he actually cares about the people working for him. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boss like that,” Travis replied.

“And what about the other guys?” Curtis asked.

“They are all so hot! I don’t even know what to say!” Travis replied.

Curtis chuckled in reply. “Well yes, the guys are something else,” Curtis agreed.

“To be honest… I’m still not sure if I should be working there…” Travis said.

“Well… hmm… I don’t want to talk you into it if it’s not something you want, but you did great for your first shift. You were a huge hit with the staff and the regulars,” Curtis said.

“Really?” Travis asked.

“Yeah. Dave hired you on the spot for a reason!” Curtis replied.

“I… still feel a little out of place, but I am excited to come back tomorrow,” Travis said.

“That’s the spirit!” Curtis cheered and then added in a more serious tone, “I admit to being a bit biased here. I would love for you to join us, but you have to think about what you want for yourself.”

“What I want for myself?” Travis murmured in response. His mind drifted towards all the other guys in the break room, the hot, handsome guys letting their small packages hang out. He didn’t just want to work with them. He wanted to be like them. Was that strange? He couldn’t say for sure, but he couldn’t get it out of his head.

“I’ll leave you to think on it. I’ve got a few early classes before work tomorrow, so I’m going to turn in,” Curtis said after a brief pause.

“Oh. Okay,” Travis replied.

“Look forward to working with you again tomorrow,” Curtis said.

“Yeah! Same here!” Travis said excitedly.

“Good night,” Curtis said. His voice was that same blend of playful and flirtatious that it had been during work earlier which made Travis’s heart skip a beat.

“Good night,” Travis replied.

The call ended and Travis flopped back against his pillows once more. He still couldn’t get the image of the guys at Acorn out of his head. He wanted to not just work with them. He wanted to be one of them!

Travis’s hand drifted towards the stiffening tent in his boxers. He rubbed his thick rod through the fabric while he pictured Curtis’s hot bod and cute rod. Travis reached down with his other hand and pulled down on his waistband. His cock slipped free from its cloth confines and slapped against his smooth belly.

His dick didn’t even reach his belly button. Just like earlier. Travis had thought it a trick of the light at the time or maybe he just wasn’t that hard, but now he was seeing it again. Could his dick really be smaller? Was such a thing possible? Could he make it happen again?

Travis stroked his fat cock while he considered the possibilities. He gripped his cock towards the tip so that just the thick head poked out past his hand and stared at it for a moment. He could almost pretend that his cock was short, but it was far too thick for the illusion to hold up. Still… it was fun to pretend.

Travis’s phone buzzed again. This time, he had a new text. He absentmindedly unlocked his phone once more and looked at the text while lazily stroking his huge cock in his other hand, but the contents of the message made both Travis and his cock sit up at attention.

It was an image.

A photo.

Curtis’s smirking face was winking at him, and as Travis’s eyes drifted lower and lower down the photo he could see more and more of his friend and coworker. He could see Curtis’s flirty smirk, his toned abs, his playful peace sign, his firm, sculpted abs, his defined Adonis belt, and there, at the bottom of the V of Curtis’s well-defined obliques, Travis saw Curtis’s tiny little rod standing at attention. Curtis’s stiffie wasn’t even as big as his thumb, and it was fully hard!

Travis’s cock gave an intense lurch in his hand. Curtis and his cock were so cute! Travis fixated on the picture Curtis had sent and continued to stroke his huge cock. Travis stroked up and down along the length of his huge cock. There was just so much of it! It was far too much for one hand alone, but he did not dare drop his phone! Travis grunted and moaned. Pre oozed from the tip of his huge cock. His rod shuddered and lurched in his grip as he continued to pump.

It didn’t take long for him to reach his limit. Travis fell back against his pillows. His back arched. His toes curled, and hot, thick spurts of cum erupted from his huge dick and splattered against his chest and his abs. Again, he was amazed by the sheer volume of it! He had cum more today than he had all month!

Travis just lay there for what felt like hours and basked in the afterglow. He couldn’t wait to see Curtis again, and he couldn’t wait for his next shift.


Part 4

Travis hadn’t felt this excited since he was a kid. He felt like it was Christmas morning and he was waiting for his parents to wake up so he could open gifts, but instead he was standing outside the unassuming storefront of his new place of employment. As he stood there, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re here early!” Curtis said pleasantly.

“Yeah. Sorry. I got antsy and couldn’t really focus on anything, so I just… stopped by,” Travis explained.

“Well, your training shift wasn’t supposed to start for a few hours, but… I don’t think Dave will mind if you clock in a little early,” Curtis said with a wink.

With that the two of them made their way through the front door, past the dining room, and into the back employee lounge. It was still early in the day, so the dining room was pretty quiet, but there were still a few die-hard regulars hanging out and enjoying the cute staff.

Curtis hadn’t even waited until he got into the lounge to start disrobing. He had already pulled off his shirt and had stepped out of his shoes before he even made it through the doorway to the employee lounge, and within a few steps of entering that, he was already completely nude. Travis took a moment to admire the nude form of his friend. Curtis was as stunning as always. His lithe, toned muscles, and cute bubbly butt were impeccable, but Travis kept finding his eyes drifting towards the little nub of Curtis’s tiny cock. Curtis glanced over at his friend and was unsurprised to see that Travis was staring directly as his exposed cock.

“Like what you see?” Curtis asked with a playful wink.

Travis couldn’t bring himself to mutter a reply. His cheeks burned bright red, and he hastily looked away. Curtis couldn’t help but laugh at Travis’s reaction.

“You’re adorable!” Curtis giggled and then leaned in and gave Travis a quick peck on the cheek. This of course just made Travis blush even redder.

By this point the duo had made their way towards the lockers in the back. Curtis hastily dumped his armload of clothes into his locker and then turned towards Travis.

“You should get geared up. I’ll go let Dave know you’ll be clocking in early,” Curtis said before happily skipping off back towards the dining room without a stitch of clothing on him. Travis watched Curtis’s bubbly booty bounce as he skipped naked as the day he was born back out of the employee lounge. As wonderful as the visual was, Travis silently wished he could see Curtis’s cute little button of a cock bounce with each hop.

Travis started to awkwardly disrobe in silence. His cheeks were still burning hot, and his cock had now nearly completely stirred to life in his jeans. The tight denim did him no favors. The thick outline of his fat cock was painfully apparent. No doubt any of the other few guys hanging out in the locker room had clocked his boner. Somehow, Travis felt awkwardly exposed. He was clothed, sure, but the fact that his fat hog was visible through his clothing left him feeling embarrassed.

Soon, Travis was down to just his boxers. The huge tent of his swinging semi loomed in front of him. He was so hot and bothered that, even though he wasn’t fully hard yet, he had a noticeable wet splotch on his fly where pre had begun to seep out the tip of his huge cock. Travis balked for a moment as he stared at his own bulge. The sheer size of it gave him a sense of vertigo as he watched.

Travis had no idea how long he was standing there, but suddenly he was snapped out of his trance by a firm clap on his shoulder.

Travis snapped to attention and turned towards the new arrival. He had expected to see Curtis but was surprised to see one of his other new coworkers.

“I think you’ll be needing this again today,” the guy said while waving the familiar case from yesterday.

Travis was instantly floored by how hot this guy was. Curtis was incredibly cute, but this guy had a whole different vibe. The guy was stunningly handsome! He was a bit shorter than Curtis but was definitely better built. Travis’s eyes traced a path down the guy’s dense pecs, his sculpted abs, his defined V, and then lower towards where the Acorn waist-apron would normally be.

Travis’s jaw dropped as he realized that this guy was clad in nothing but his shoes. On one hand, Travis knew by now that most guys let it all hang in the break room, but it was still a bit of a shock to see these hot guys and their cute cocks hanging out. This guy was slightly bigger than Curtis below the belt but still had a dick that was barely as big as his thumb.

“Here. Let’s get you fitted,” the guy said as he opened the case and turned it to face Travis.

Travis glanced down and saw the array of cages that he had seen the day before. Somehow, the mere sight of them got him even more excited. It wasn’t that he enjoyed wearing them. Rather, he was excited by what they represented!

The guy reached in and was about to pull out the largest size, but he gave Travis’s tent a quick glance, cocked his head slightly as if thinking it over, and then pulled out the next biggest size.

“I think that other one is a bit too big for you,” he said, handing Travis the second size down.

Hearing that the large size was “too big” made Travis’s cheeks burn brighter and his heart excitedly skip a beat. Travis looked intently at the cage in the guy’s hand. He began to reach out for it but balked at the last second.

“W-what about the next size down…?” Travis asked.

The guy cocked an eyebrow. “You know what these do, right?” he asked.

“Yeah. They… you know. Make it smaller,” Travis murmured awkwardly.

It was funny. Even though he knew that it was just a temporary thing– after all, the cages didn’t really shrink his junk, they just pressed everything in so that he could wear the little apron– it was fun to cosplay as one of the little guys even if just for part of his shift.

The guy seemed to mull it over for a moment and then shrugged.

“That’s accurate, yeah. Dave always says it’s best not to skip sizes, but if you’re sure you won’t be too uncomfortable, I think it’d be a good look on you,” he said.

It was at this point that Curtis came trotting back in. “Trent! I hope you’re not bullying the new guy too hard!” he said playfully.

“It’s not bullying if they’re into it!” Trent sassed back.

Curtis exchanged an impish glance with Trent but quickly redirected his attention towards Travis. Upon seeing the small cage in Travis’s hand, Curtis’s eyes lit up.

“Oh wow. You’re really going for it!” he said excitedly.

“Yeah… I thought it would be a good look,” Travis said awkwardly.

“You’ll look wonderful!” Curtis gushed.

“Still… he’s not going to be able to put it on with that rager,” Trent said.

“How right you are! We’ll have to help him with that before we can get him kitted out!” Curtis agreed.

Travis didn’t have time to protest even if he had wanted to. The two were on him in an instant. Curtis grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down around Travis’s ankles while Trent went to work nuzzling the nape of Travis’s neck. Travis’s huge cock slapped up against his abs the second his waistband was low enough. Travis gasped in shock as he felt Trent’s hand reach down and grip his fat cock. Travis’s breath caught in his throat and his dick lurched with excitement.

“You’re a big one, huh?” Trent growled playfully in Travis’s ear.

“Y-yeah…?” Travis responded.

“I’m going to enjoy breaking you in,” Trent moaned.

Travis was fully boned in an instant. Trent was a good head shorter than him and was sporting a boner that size of a C battery. His short chode paled in comparison to Travis’s monster, and yet Travis felt so weak and powerless next to this guy. The sheer force of Trent’s personality made Travis weak in the knees.

Travis didn’t want to protest per se, but he felt like he should say something. He felt like he should at least make some show of machismo, but before he could work up the nerve, he felt Curtis’s finger on his lip.

“Shh…” Curtis said in a sultry voice. “Just let us have our fun.”

With that, Travis lost any fight he may have had in him. Curtis’s soft whisper in his ear reduced him to jelly everywhere except for his cock which was now as hard as it had ever been and shuddering with anticipation.

Travis turned his head to face Curtis and leaned in for a kiss. Curtis was all too happy to comply. Their lips met and locked in a passionate kiss. Travis was so happy that he had almost completely forgotten about everything happening around him other than how much he loved being kissed like this, but suddenly he felt Curtis’s tongue slide past his lips. This sudden intrusion caused Travis to tense up ever so slightly for just a brief moment, but it was the next intrusion that really got him worked up. Suddenly, Travis felt a pair of slicked up fingers sliding their way past his butt cheeks and into his tight hole.

Travis had never bottomed before. Why would he? He had such a huge cock! He was like a born top! And yet… he didn’t mind the feeling of Trent’s fingers sliding into him. It excited him in a way he hadn’t expected, but Travis wasn’t given long to think too hard on it.

Curtis and Trent pressed their bodies against Travis’s own. Their small cocks grinding against Travis’s huge rod on either side. Their chests pressed against Travis’s own. They were both so close that Travis could feel their heart beats. Travis could feel their breath as they gasped and panted between passionate kisses– Curtis on Travis’s lip and Trent on the nape of Travis’s neck.

Curtis was beyond rock hard. His cock was oozing pre like a sieve. His dick was shuddering with each thrust from his two partners. It was already taking every fiber of his willpower to resist cumming, but then he felt something he had not planned for.

Trent’s fingers were now down to the second knuckle. Travis could feel them wriggling around inside of him. It tickled slightly, but then suddenly, Trent’s fingertips seemed to find the button they were looking for and they slammed down with all their might. The sudden pulse of pleasure was so intense that Travis’s knees shuddered harder than even his cock. His legs trembled. Had it not been for his two partners propping him up, he would have dropped to the floor right then and there.

“I’m… gonna…” Travis gasped.

“Give it to us!” Trent growled in his ear.

“Cum for me,” Curtis moaned into Travis’s other ear.

Travis couldn’t respond. It was all he could do to hold his wad for another few seconds, but his two friends pushed him back against the lockers and quickly knelt down before him. Travis stared down in horny, addled awe at the smiling faces of his two friends and coworkers staring up at him, begging his to cum on their faces.

Travis couldn’t say no to those faces. His cock gave one last, powerful lurch, and then jizz sprayed from his fat cock and coated the two guys in his spunk. Travis came again and again. Each spurt pumping thick spunk onto his friend’s faces and into their hair. Jizz dripped down their bangs and oozed down their faces.

Eventually, Travis was completely spent. His cock began to steadily deflate.

Curtis got back up playfully scooped up a fingerful of cum and sucked it off of his finger as if he was sampling the batter for some brownies. Trent quickly stood back up and gave a playful lick at some of the jizz that oozed down the side of Curtis’s cheek.

Travis suddenly felt a tinge of jealousy well up inside of him, but he didn’t have time to act on it. Curtis leaned in and planted another passionate kiss on Travis’s lips. Once more, Travis felt Curtis’s tongue slide past his lips, but this time, however, he could feel and taste a thick dollop of his own spunk coating it.

They held that kiss for what felt like ages, but even so, when Curtis pulled back, Travis felt himself wanting more. He wanted to protest, but all that escaped his mouth was a contented sigh.

“What do you think? Think I should go out there looking like this?” Curtis asked playfully.

“You always were a cum-slut,” Trent replied.

“That’s not nice!” Curtis chided playfully.

“True though,” Trent said.

“Either way. Now that we’ve tamed the beast, I think it’s time to muzzle it,” Curtis said. Travis tilted his head quizzically, but when he saw Curtis reach for the cage, he understood.

It didn’t take long for Curtis to get the cage on. It was a tight fit– tighter even than it had been the day before. It hurt a little. Travis was tempted to get the key and go back to the next size up, but even as he considered it, he could feel his junk shifting and adjusting to the device.

“That’s a very good look for you!” Curtis said happily.

“It’s still a little big for my taste,” Trent replied with a shrug.

“That sounds like a you problem,” Curtis said.

Trent shrugged again in reply.

Travis looked down at his cock. The device had squished his bait and tackle down so far that it was almost possible to forget that he wasn’t freakishly hung… almost.

“Right! Dave said you can start as soon as you want. So, meet me out on the floor,” Curtis said and then spun around and playfully skipped back towards the dining room, still completely nude and covered in cum.

“At least wash your hair!” Trent called after him.

Curtis didn’t even look back. He just playfully flipped a bird over his shoulder and stepped through the doors.


Part 5

Travis quickly settled into the routine of his new job. He had already picked up most of the tips and tricks on his first training shift with Curtis. After all, Travis had worked serving gigs before. This was a bit of an old hat for him. Although, the clientele here was much nicer than at any of his other jobs.

Today’s shift still had Travis shadowing Curtis, but Travis didn’t feel like he needed the constant supervision. Still… it felt nice just being near Curtis. Even when Curtis was turning his charm on the customers, Travis still got a bit of a second-hand high just from being near Curtis’s bubbly personality, and of course, there was the added benefit of getting to check out Curtis’s great bod throughout the shift. Curtis was an incorrigible flirt. It seemed like any chance he got, Curtis would lean in a little too low or stretch a little too far which gave the clients and Travis a good look at his butt, taint, and even briefs flashes of cock and balls.

Before Travis realized it, hours had passed. Travis wouldn’t have even noticed the passage of time had Curtis not pulled him aside.

“That’s it. Lunch time!” Curtis cheered.

“What? Already?” Travis gawked.

“What do you ‘already?’ We completely missed our break! I’m tired!” Curtis whined playfully.

“Oh… really…?” Travis asked.

“Oh, relax. I’m just teasing you. We could have taken a break earlier, but you looked like you were having so much fun that I didn’t want to distract you,” Curtis replied.

Travis was a bit taken aback. He had never been one to pass up a break at his old jobs. In fact, his insistence that he get all of his state mandated breaks was a lot of the reason that his old bosses didn’t much care for him. And yet… today, he was having such a great time that he didn’t even realize how long he had been working!

Curtis spun around and addressed the clients. “So long, boys. We’ll miss you!” he said. Curtis blew the crowd a big, two-handed kiss and backed away while giving the audience a wave. Then, right before he was about to back through the doorway to the back room, he pulled off his apron, flashed a playful wink at his fans, and then ducked into the break room.

Travis was glad for his cage. It kept his cock from giving a lurch of excitement at the sight of his friend’s nude body. Travis felt like he should be fully hard by now, but even though his cock felt stiff, the cage didn’t hurt. If anything, it felt a little extra roomy…

Travis gave the clients a bow and quickly followed after Curtis. As he did so, he heard one of the regulars shout, “Lose the skirt!”

This outburst was met with cheers from the crowd, but Travis, unfortunately, couldn’t give them what they wanted. If he did that, they would be sure to see his cage… as well as see how much he was working with downstairs. He didn’t feel ready to show that… not yet anyway.

As Travis stepped through the doorway, he was nearly knocked off his feet as Curtis threw his arms around him. Curtis gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said, “You were great out there!”

“T-thanks…” Travis replied.

“We’ll make you an Acorn boy yet,” Curtis cheered.

Travis blushed beet red at this. He already had the job. It wasn’t like yesterday where he was here on a trial basis, and yet, Travis didn’t quite feel like one of the guys. There was one little reason he didn’t quite feel he fit in… or rather one big reason… and yet, the way Curtis said it, made him excited that he may one day be one of the boys.

Travis supposed that that could happen. Sure, he was hung like a horse, but the few hours in a cage hid his size and made him blend in with the little guys. Perhaps being an Acorn boy was all a state of mind, and with enough practice and experience, he could be out there with the best of them. After all, he had gotten so comfortable in his cage in even just the past few hours. Soon, it would feel as natural as wearing glasses.

It was amazing how loose and roomy his cage felt. He had been struggling for the first hour or so of his shift. His cock was so huge and his cage was so small that Travis had to fight the urge to run back into the breakroom and swap back out for the larger size, but as the hours ticked on, he found himself feeling more and more at home in the device. By the time he was making his way towards the break room, it didn’t even hurt! In fact, it felt kind a little loose.

“Come on. Come on! We’re on break!” Curtis teased as he reached down and undid the knot holding up Travis’s apron.

“Okay. Geeze! I guess if it’s you trying to get me out of my clothes, I’ll allow it,” Travis joked back.

“Oooohhhh. Do you have a crush on me?” Curtis teased.

Travis couldn’t reply. His face burned brighter. His cock stirred to life in its confines.

Travis was suddenly wishing he could remove the cage and fast! He wanted to get hard! Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long. Curtis reached down, and much as he had done the night before, deftly pulled the cage off so that Travis’s semi could flop free.

Curtis leaned in close and began to passionately kiss the nape of Travis’s neck. Travis’s body tensed and his cock twitched to life as Curtis reached down and stroked Travis’s dick and cupped Travis’s balls. Travis’s heart skipped a beat, but even as he basked in Curtis’s attention, something was eating at the back of his mind.

The way Curtis’s hand gripped his dick felt weird. He could feel the base of Curtis’s palm brushing against the tip of his dick and the tips of Curtis’s fingers cupping his nuts. How was that possible?

Travis glanced down, and through the fog of his own arousal, he could see it.

His dick was as hard as it had ever been… and yet… the tip didn’t even reach his belly button. But that was impossible! He was Hung! He had a foot long fat cock! The head of it reached his upper abs!

Travis’s jaw dropped. “How in the…” he murmured, but his words were cut off by Curtis’s lips and tongue pressing against his own.

While Travis and Curtis made out, Travis became aware of a new arrival in the room. Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded.

“Oh? Wow. He’s lost quite a bit,” Trent said.

“Yeah. It’s half what it was this morning!” Curtis agreed.

Travis’s body tensed up and his cock lurched excitedly. Half what it was this morning? Had it not just been a trick of the light? Was his dick really so short that it barely reached his belly button?

“I’ve never seen someone lose so much so fast,” Trent said.

“We’ve never had someone so big before,” Curtis replied.

“Maybe so…” Trent commented.

“What are you guys talking about?” Travis murmured as if in a daze.

“We’re talking about your cock!” Curtis said.

“Barely a cock now. I’d say you’re in dick range,” Trent replied.

Travis staggered back. His bare butt hit the swinging doorway causing him to stagger back into the dining room. There was a bit of a commotion as various waiters and clients turned to stare as Travis staggered bare-assed naked into the dining room.

As Travis stood there, he felt a weird mix of excitement and mortification. His perfectly average rod stood at attention as he awkwardly stood there in plain sight of everyone. He instinctively reached down and covered his cock, but he could already hear the comments from the clients and staff.

“Wow. So small already?”

“I told you he’d make a great addition.”

“Amazing. He must really want this.”

Travis’s head was spinning. Want this? Did he really want this? He was supposed to be hung! His dick was supposed to be huge! He was a born top with a huge cock! He was supposed to be sporting a foot-long dong not… whatever he currently had.

Yet… even as he argued with himself, another voice in the back of his mind was cheering. Did you hear that? He was so small already! Did that mean he’d get smaller!? How small? Small as Trent? Small as Curtis? … smaller?

Travis’s dick lurched with delight. His now much smaller balls tensed up in their smaller sack.

This was crazy. He had nuts the size of golf balls this morning! Now he had a pair of stones the size of grapes. He had a fat cock that was easily as long and as thick as his forearm, but now he had a perfectly normal, perfectly average six incher!

As Travis staggered back towards the break room, he kept a hand down covering his crotch. Some part in the back of his brain delighted in the fact that he could cover with just one hand. Just this morning it would have taken both!

As Travis made his way back into the break room, the disparate parts of his brain were locked in fierce debate. He should be huge. He was supposed to be big! And yet… somehow, he knew there was no going back. He had an average-sized cock now.

… But where’s the fun in being average? Wouldn’t you rather be special? Why be average when you can be small? Why be small when you can be… tiny?

As Travis stepped into the break room, he caught the tail end of the conversation between Curtis and Trent.

“Wow. He got really small in just one day,” Curtis said.

“That’s why Dave says not to skip sizes,” Trent replied.

“What’s this about skipping sizes?” Travis asked shakily.

Trent and Curtis turned to look at Travis. Travis was now standing in the doorway, naked as the day he was born, fresh cum dripping from the hand that covered his shrunken package.


Part 6

Travis stumbled unsteadily towards the couch in the break room. He plopped his bare ass down on the cushions and stared in shock and awe at his own shrunken cock. It was just so… average? He couldn’t quite get a good grasp of his own feelings. There was just too much swirling in his head. Some voice in the back of his mind continued to rage. He was hung! He had a huge cock! He had the kind of dick most dudes could only dream of! The fat foot-long was his pride and joy since high school!

And yet… despite his seemingly amazing cock, Travis had never had much luck in the bedroom. It was huge and unwieldy. That pretty much meant that he was relegated to bottoming since he had yet to find another guy that was interested in him and was able to take his huge meat.

Travis had fooled around a few times with a couple of guys who were obsessed with his huge cock. They loved to slurp and suck it while moaning and cooing about how huge and sexy it was. Travis loved the feeling of another guy’s mouth around his cock, but looking back on it, he was always more interested in the praise itself than the subject of the praise. Here, he could have both the praise and a cute little dick!

As Travis sat there and stared at his medium-sized schlong, the thoughts in his head continued to argue. Sure, he may have once had a huge cock, but now he had this perfectly average pecker. This was fine in its own way, but… if he had shrunk this much, that meant he could get it smaller, right?

Even just the faint hint of a thought that his cock might get smaller, caused his respectable semi to twitch to life. He had just cum so much, but even the thought of getting smaller got him so excited that he wanted to rub one out again!

As Travis silently stewed in his own thoughts, Curtis came up beside him and took a seat next to him on the couch.

“You okay?” Curtis asked.

“Oh? Hmm?” Travis murmured.

“You seem a little shocked. Did… you not know this would happen?” Curtis asked.

Travis glanced over at his friend and raised an eyebrow curiously, but he still wasn’t in the right headspace to formulate a coherent response.

“Heh. Don’t coddle him. He knew exactly what he was doing,” Trent said with a sneer.

“Oh, shush,” Curtis chided.

“You should have seen how eager he was. Completely skipping a size just to get smaller,” Trent replied.

Curtis shrugged him off. “You can’t speak for him. Let’s hear what he really wants,” he said.

“What I really want…” Travis murmured.

“What’s that?” Curtis asked.

“It’s just… I didn’t think this was possible… It’s strange, but… I don’t miss being big?” Travis mumbled awkwardly.

“How what’s possible?” Curtis asked.

“It shrunk. Is this normal?” Travis asked.

“Eh,” Trent replied with a noncommittal hand wiggle.

“I couldn’t tell you the specifics. You’d have to ask Dave,” Curtis replied.

“Did this happen to you too?” Curtis asked.

“The shrinkage?” Trent asked.

“Yeah,” Travis replied.

Again, Trent gave a noncommittal shrug, but Curtis was able to give a better response. “Most guys who come here are already… a bit on the small side,” he said.

“So, you haven’t…?” Travis asked.

“Nope. This is as big as it got,” Curtis said. He puffed up his chest with pride and his little dick seemed to give a lurch of excitement as if it too was puffing up its chest.

“This place mostly advertises by word of mouth. Usually, the only people who find their way here are little guys or afficionados,” Trent said.

“Afficionados,” Curtis said with a giggle.

“What!?” Trent sneered.

“It just sounds so fancy when you say it that way,” Curtis said with a laugh.

“Well, it is! Or was! We’re an exclusive club! This whole recruiting bigger guys thing sounded stupid to me,” Trent said with a huff.

Curtis shot him a stink eye, but Trent just scoffed.

“Don’t pay attention to him. He just likes being the big man on campus,” Curtis said.

Trent completely blew Curtis off and spoke directly to Travis, “Until I met you, I didn’t see the point, but I gotta admit. Seeing how much you wanted it makes it so much fun,”

“W-wanted?” Travis asked.

“I didn’t even have to suggest you go smaller. You were so desperate, you crammed yourself into that little cage,” Trent said. He had a sneer on his face, but there was something playful and even a little flirtatious in the way he spoke.

“Stop bullying him,” Curtis said, but his tone was more of playful admonishment than actual protestation.

“It’s not bullying if he’s into it,” Trent replied.

Trent was grinning from ear to ear as he strode up and stood over Travis. Trent’s rigid dicklet was pointed straight at Travis’s chest. Travis glanced down and admired Trent’s short rod. The thing was definitely bigger than Curtis’s but it was only as big as Trent’s thumb at best.

Travis couldn’t help but glance back and forth between his own stiffening chub and Trent’s rigid dick. His cock was far larger than Trent’s own. It had easily three times the length, and even though Trent had an impressive thickness to his tiny tadger, Travis’s cock still had at least twice the girth.

Some part of Travis’s brain still tried to play the big dick card. Some part of him didn’t want to relinquish his title. He may be average now, but compared to Trent, Travis was packing! And yet… as he stared down at Trent’s pre-drooling dicklet, only one question repeated itself in Travis’s mind.

“Will mine get that small?” Travis asked. Was the question meant for Trent? Was it meant for Travis himself? Was he just throwing it out into the ether for whatever power was listening? Not even Travis could tell who the question was aimed at.

The second the words were out of Travis’s mouth, he quickly averted his gaze and tried to act like he hadn’t said anything. It’s a silly question. He shouldn’t even entertain the idea. It’s not like he wanted to be that small. Surely, he was asking out of fear. Surely…

Trent was still staring straight at Travis. The huge smirk was still plastered on his face. Without a word, Trent stepped forward and got onto the couch so that he was straddling Travis’s thigh. Trent threw his arms over Travis’s shoulders and continued to stare down at him and smirk. Everything from his posture to his expression was daring Travis to speak up. His entire aura was goading Travis to deny what they both knew was true.

“Will it get this small?” Trent asked. He was still staring intently at Travis. Travis was struggling to look away, but he couldn’t resist Trent’s gaze.

“W-what?” Travis murmured.

“You asked me, but only you can answer,” Trent said in a sultry growl.

Trent lowered himself down until he was seated on Travis’s lap. Their cocks and balls pressed against each other. Travis was now beyond rock hard. His respectable stiffy stood straight and tall and all but eclipsed Trent’s little dick. Trent’s small cock was all but invisible behind Travis’s own rager, but Travis didn’t need to see it to know how much smaller it was than his. He could feel it grinding against the sensitive underside of his own rock-hard cock. Trent was grinding his dick against Travis’s own. Travis could feel that with each thrust, Trent’s dick didn’t even reach halfway up his shaft.

“You sounded disappointed at the thought of being my size,” Trent whispered in Travis’s ear. His voice was such a deep growl that it made the hairs on Trent’s neck stand on end, but as hot as Trent’s voice was, the things Trent was saying did not make sense to him. Travis was about to protest. He wasn’t disappointed by Trent’s size! Travis loved it, and in fact…

In that moment of weakness Travis almost admitted that he wanted his to be that small. He almost admitted it to Trent… and to himself.

Trent was not fooled. He could feel Travis’s cock trembling against his own.

Travis was beyond fully boned. His whole body was shuddering like a leaf, and that went double for his dick. He was so horny that his cock was bucking and lurching like a raging bull. Travis wanted to cum, but he resisted. Some small part in the back of his mind struggled to hold the line. Cumming now would be an admission. If he came then that would mean that he would have to admit…

Trent ran his fingers through Travis’s hair and leaned in even closer. He gave Travis’s earlobe a playful nibble before continuing to moan playful secrets into Travis’s ear.

“It’s fine. I don’t want you to be my size either,” Trent said with a devious chuckle.

Travis tensed up. Should he be offended? Should he protest. Somehow the mere notion of not being small frustrated him! But Travis didn’t dare say to Trent… or himself.

“You’re adorable. I see now why Curtis wants you,” Trent said with a chuckle.

Travis again couldn’t collect his thoughts enough to react. He just sat there and fought an internal war between his brain and his cock, but Trent quickly tipped the scales.

“You and I both know you wouldn’t want to be my size… you want to be smaller,” Trent moaned.

As Trent gave Travis’s earlobe another playful nibble, Travis’s entire body tensed up. His cock gave a powerful lurch. He almost came just from the mere mention of being smaller! His heart fluttered. His cock ached! In that split second, he felt like he had never wanted anything more in his life. The rush of euphoria was so potent that even the logical part of his brain which begged him to think this through was silenced.

“C-can I do that?” Travis asked in a hushed whisper. He was so quiet that it was almost like he was trying to hide the question from even himself. He was so quiet that it wasn’t even clear if Trent could even hear him, but regardless of whether Trent could hear him or not, Trent was once more whispering sweet temptation in his ear.

“The only limit is your desire,” Trent whispered.

Travis tensed up. His back arched. A cry of bliss escaped his lips as a huge spurt of cum erupted from his otherwise average cock.

Travis came again and again. How could he cum so much? How was he this horny? He had just creamed mere hours ago! His dick was nearly half its previous size. His balls had shrunk from being the size of golf balls to being the size of grapes, and yet somehow the load felt even bigger than ever!

Travis lay there gasping for breath. His mind was lost in a haze of excitement and afterglow. Cum dripped from his hair and down his face. He had cum so hard and so much that some of it had even fired over his shoulder! Both he and Trent had jizz in their hair and on their faces. Ropes of cum even splattered on Travis’s chest and dripped down his abs before oozing across his now softening but still incredibly chubbed up cock.

Trent got up from Travis’s lap and stared down at the addled, average-hung guy. Trent was still grinning from ear to ear. If anything, his smirk had grown since coaxing Travis over the edge.

“Wow. What did you say to him?” Curtis asked.

“I just told him the truth that he was pretending not to know,” Trent explained.

Curtis raised an eyebrow curiously but did not push the issue. He did however glance at the clock on the wall and quickly hop up from his seat.

“As fun as this was, if I don’t eat something soon, I’m going to miss the chance. My break is half over!” Curtis said.

“There’s some sandwiches in the fridge. Get one for newbie here while you’re at it,” Trent replied.

Curtis nodded and then leaned in close to Travis, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said, “I’ll be back in just a sec. Go get cleaned up.” But before Travis could reply, Trent cut in.

“No,” Trent said flatly.

“What?” Curtis asked.

“No. Leave it. Let the regulars see how badly he wants it,” Trent said with a playful sneer.

Curtis chuckled. “And you always tease me for not cleaning off,” he said.

Trent shrugged. “I tease everyone, and the cum is a good look on him… almost as good a look as this…” Trent said as he pulled out a small item he had been holding behind his back.

Travis and Curtis glanced at Trent’s hand and saw that he was holding another cage. This one was a good deal smaller than the last.

“The last one was a bit too big for him now,” Trent said with a devilish smirk.

“Even so… that’s a little…” Curtis said.

“Hmm?” Travis asked groggily. Something about the size of the cage excited him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what.

“Didn’t you just say not to skip sizes?” Curtis asked.

“No. Dave said not to skip sizes. I want to see how tiny our rookie can get,” Trent said.

Travis glanced down at the tiny cage and shuddered with delight. How small would he get this time? Would it halve in size again? Would he go from a six-inch standard dick to a three-inch small cocklet?

Or would it get even smaller…

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