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More than expected

by LennoxBear

Intent on preventing his beefy bod from getting soft, Joe is increasingly obsessed with his gym workouts. Then he meets a kindred spirit who helps him take things to a whole new level.

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Part 1 Intent on preventing his beefy bod from getting soft, Joe is increasingly obsessed with his gym workouts. Then he meets a kindred spirit who helps him take things to a whole new level. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

Joe was looking forward to the weekend. He had been on the road all week conducting training for new software his company was selling. He ended the week in a small mid-western town which was a six hour drive from his home and his gym in Chicago. The best thing was this place had an awesome gym. He always searched out a gym when he traveled to keep up with his workout. It was an obsession, but he had put in too many long, hard hours and was getting really good results now. He did not want to become another traveling couch potato like other guys he had met.

Joe stood a solid 6’2”, 240 pounds of beefy muscle. The chest was a muscular 50” with a small tight 32” waist. At 45, he was the muscle dad all the boys liked back home. He just couldn't connect for a relationship with anyone who had the same work drive and gym obsession. He also wasn't big on the bars and every guy he met lived to cruise the bars. He wanted to find someone whose ambition went with his.

It was the third night in a row for him at this gym and for a Friday night it wasn't too busy. He did, however, notice the one guy who had also been there the last three nights. Not a bad looking guy, very masculine, lean athletic build, about 5’10”, thick moustache on a masculine face and a nice furry chest showing through the tank top. He also noticed the guy never missed a thing Joe did on his workout. Every time Joe finished a set and looked up, the guy was watching in the mirror. Joe's gaydar was in overdrive but the guy always kept a respectable distance. Too bad, he had a nice muscular butt and Joe was feeling a bit horny. The man was very focused on his workout and lifted hard and heavy. Just the kind of qualities Joe liked in a man. He was also very respectful of other people in the gym and always put things back where they went. A rare commodity in many gymrats.

Joe decided to push his chances. The guy was pushing some heavy weight on the bench and Joe went over to offer a spot. At first the guy seemed a bit reluctant and blushed, but said, “yeah sure, thanks.” The guy got into place, got his grip, looked up at Joe and said, “on three.” Then their eyes met. The guy hesitated a moment, then took a deep breath and lifted off. He did a clean eight reps, struggled a bit with the ninth. Joe just calmly said in his deep voice, “Concentrate buddy and push, you got it.” The guy fought for all he was worth and managed a slow lift, but it was all his.

“Way to go,” Joe slapped the young guy on his shoulder and was happy to feel heavy, hard solid muscle.

“Thanks for the spot, I'm Danny,” and held out his shaking gloved hand. Joe took it in a firm grip and felt the heat emanate through the glove. Something about the handshake shook Joe inside.

“Anytime. You work out hard and I appreciate that in a man,” Joe just smiled and held Danny's hand a beat longer.

“Man you are built really well, I keep hoping I get to the point that I look like you, but can't seem to put on anymore mass. What's your secret?”

“I eat right, workout hard and focused and get plenty of rest, pretty simple actually.'

“Fuck, I eat everything in sight and can't seem to bulk up, but I am researching a new supplement that I think might help.”

“Oh yeah, what's that? I'm always looking for something to help get my arms past 20”.” Joe thought he saw Danny's cock shift in his snug shorts. He started to let out the line and hoped he could reel the man in.

“Well, I'm a chemist and it's something I've been doing on my own. Problem is I need help with the last couple of details. I've been watching you these last three nights and think you might hold the secret.”

Joe just laughed, “Oh yeah, what's that?” He watched as Danny's face changed a bit and felt his cock start to stir. He absently stroked his right nipple under his tank.

“If you'd like to talk about it after our workouts, I could show you back at my place.”

“Sure, always willing to help a fellow gymrat. Just let me finish my biceps. You need another spot?”

“No, I'm done, that was my max. I'm going to go hit the showers and I'll meet you in the locker room, OK?”

“You bet.” Danny watched Joe saunter back across the gym to the spot where he had been pumping his guns. Danny's eyes narrowed as he thought how this muscle dad held the key to his getting huge.

Danny was still in the showers when Joe walked in and took the spot next to him in the big open stall. They were the only two there. Joe figured it was time to let out more line. Danny licked his lips when he saw Joe naked and took in an eyeful of the thick full cock. He was a bit concerned when his own cock started to harden. Someone could walk in any minute and the place was a bit on the redneck side. He didn't want to get caught with another man playing around in the water.

He let his body brush against Joe's just slightly and felt the shock he was hoping he would. Joe smiled and leaned a bit more into him. “I think we have a lot more in common than being gymrats.” He let his hand brush Danny's wet furry butt.

The two men finished showering, toweled off and hurriedly got dressed. Joe was still sweating a bit when he caught up with Danny in the parking lot. He hadn't yet put on his shirt and Danny seemed all too happy to see the pecs bouncing as Joe sprinted across the asphalt. “You want to follow me back to my place, it's only about 10 minutes?

“Sure, but don't lose me. I only know how to get from my hotel to here.” Joe started to slip on a clean T-shirt, when he noticed the look in Danny's eyes.

“You don't need to get dressed for me. I hope to get you out of those jeans anyway.” Danny blushed and got into his car. Joe slid into his and hurried to keep up with the guy as they flew out of the lot.

When they got to Danny's place, Joe was amazed how clean and well furnished the place was. So many guys Danny's age didn't seem to get the idea of the importance of buying furniture that would last or of keeping a neat home. Two more good, solid, interesting characters traits. Danny threw his gym bag on a living room chair and offered Joe a drink. Anything diet would do. Joe wasn't much of a drinker anymore since devoting himself more to his bodybuilding. Danny hurried off to the kitchen and left Joe to relax in the warm living room. Joe tossed his shirt over Danny's gym bag. He returned with two large glasses of cola. Joe thanked him and took a deep gulp. Danny sipped his and watched the big man's thirst with interest.

“Tell me about your supplement idea.” Joe had to adjust his dick in his jeans; it seemed to be thickening with a mind of its own. And since he was still shirtless, his nips were responding to the a/c of the apartment. His body seemed to be tingling.

“Well, you see. I think guy's like you have a genetic quality and chemistry that can trigger growth in men like me, but the trick is obtaining that key. And I have a theory about that too.” He turned to walk out of the room and down a hall. Joe followed, thinking to himself, man what a great ass. They walked into the bedroom and Joe took another big drink of his soda. He felt a bit lightheaded. He noticed Danny had finished his drink. He put his drink on the dresser while Danny went on about all the chemistry involved. The room was definitely spinning and Joe felt he needed to sit down. He sat on the edge of the bed.

Danny looked at him and smiled, “I think we're about ready for the trial run.” Joe felt himself being helped back onto the bed and watched as Danny began undressing him. He couldn't seem to move or speak, just watch as the hot man with the furry butt stripped him and left him on the bed. Danny returned from the bathroom and was now completely naked himself. “I'm sorry, Joe, but I didn't think you would try my little potion voluntarily, so I slipped it to you in your soda. Now, you're going to have to watch while I have sex with your big, fat cock.”

Joe realized that not only were his nipples tingling and fully erect and growing, but his dick was hard and seemed to be bigger than his normal eight inches. Danny straddled the big man's furry chest and ran his hands over the pecs and nipples. Joe felt heat and what he thought was static going through his chest. His nips were on fire and his balls were getting into the act. Danny leaned over and kissed Joe deeply. Both men felt a heat rising within. As out of it as Joe was, he felt closeness to Danny that was more than just sexual.

“Oh man, I dream of having a body like yours and a muscle dad like you to share my life with all the time. I hope you aren't too pissed at me, but I really want a body like yours and having your cum up my ass should do it.” Danny started lubing his asshole and Joe's throbbing dick. Joe just watched helplessly as Danny slowly started to impale himself on his tool. The heat from Danny's ass spread through all of Joe's body. Joe felt like he was gonna blow any second and that the force would fill Danny's ass for sure. He watched as Danny fucked himself with the hard cock. He did squats to raise and lower himself on the hard prick. The feeling of sexual gratification filled Joe's body. He felt himself start to build to a major cumshot. His chest was on fire from Danny twisting his nipples. His dick was a piece of marble sliding in and out of Danny's incredibly hot tight ass. He felt cum shoot up and spasm into Danny's body. Danny screamed and shot a load on Joe's chest then collapsed onto the man's chest. Joe blacked out.

When he awoke, he was alone in the dimly lit bedroom. The clock said 1:00, but he didn't know if it meant 1:00AM Saturday or what day. Danny was not there and Joe couldn't keep his focus. He rolled to the side of the bed and struggled to stand up. His body felt enormously heavy, like he was moving in a liquid environment. His vision kept blurring. If he had been drinking, he figured this would be a hangover. A major hangover. He sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at his quads and calves. They seemed thicker, bigger. Man, he must really be reeling from whatever Danny slipped him. Where was the fucker? Joe stood up and moved slowly toward the bathroom. He stopped when he saw his reflection in the closet mirror.

At first, he thought it was another man, then he realized he was looking at his own body. Only now it was about 25 pounds heavier. All of it muscle. Well, most of it. His chest hair was thicker, his beard had grown in and his buzzcut was about two inches all over. Then he saw his cock. It wasn't hard, but it was hanging down about 10 inches, thick and fat. His nips were distended easily an inch.

“Pretty awesome isn't it.” Danny's voice came from the doorway. Joe turned to face the man who had drugged him and felt his dick start to harden. Danny was now 6' and easily 200 muscular pounds, with a full beard and thick luxurious chest hair. “I was hoping it would work on me, but didn't realize it would have this much effect on you too. Are you mad?”

“No, I don't think so, but…if you thought this would happen with your chemistry, why didn't you just tell me?” Joe looked at the man standing in the doorway. Danny's arms were raised above his head holding onto the doorframe. His muscles were full and rounds and beautifully cut. A thick eight-inch shaft was dangling over balls that should have Penn written on them. Two red nips were poking through the mat of Danny's chest hair. Joe felt his balls getting heavy. Danny looked so damned sexy and innocent at the same time. It was very attractive to Joe.

“I don't know what, if any side effects there may be. And I don't know if you fuck me again, if there is enough of the stuff in your system to trigger more growth in me. I want to be bigger, but don't want to harm you.” Danny walked across the room and put his arms around Joe.

Joe felt the instantaneous sexual surge. Then he realized he was now about 6’5”. His balls felt like a huge lead weight and his dick was rising fast. He looked down at 10 inches of thick, vein covered purple shaft when Danny stepped back. His balls were literally swelling with cum as they watched. “Wow, buddy, I don't know if fucking you is safe. There appears to be a huge load forming.”

Danny put his hand on Joe's shaft, unable to get his fingers around it. It surged another two inches as they watched. Joe felt a deep sexual need building inside of him and looked at Danny as now only a receptacle for his cum. A new animal passion surged deep within him.

He threw his arms around the younger man and slipped his tongue into his mouth. Danny felt the heat of the moment but also felt a bit of terror at the passion now possessing Joe. Joe pushed Danny onto the bed and straddled his chest. Danny struggled. He wanted to get Joe's cock into his mouth but the big man was rubbing it into Danny's chest hair and squeezing his pecs and nips. Danny felt his asshole start to twitch in anticipation of the fucking about to come. Joe pinned Danny's arms back above his head, then slid back and forced Danny's legs apart and up over his shoulders. Danny's furry butt hole was throbbing now, seemingly begging for dick. Joe didn't bother to look for lube but jammed his cock into Danny's ass. Danny felt the man roughly enter him but his body instantly adapt to the size. He couldn't believe there was little or no pain at being fucked that way.

Joe fucked Danny's ass with all the power he could muster. His huge balls were swelling larger and slamming against Danny's butt. The big man was dripping sweat over the two of them. Their eyes met. Danny's filled with alarm at what Joe was doing to his ass. Joe was scared at his inability to control his sexual need. Joe started to gasp for breath, “what's happening to me? My whole body feels like it's going to shoot.”

Danny watched as Joe's muscles started to twitch and grow. He felt the cock in his ass getting bigger and his own body adapting to the size again. It seemed to be growing right through him. Joe's look of fright scared him but he couldn't let the cock battering him slip out. He had to have the big man's load deep inside his body. He felt Joe tense. Hot liquid was filling him. Joe's body was shuddering as he released the biggest load he had ever had into Danny's ass. Joe fell across Danny's body.

Danny felt the contortions of muscle growth running through Joe, and then felt his body start to heat up from the inside out. Joe was moaning loudly when his dick pulled out of Danny's ass and Danny's own muscles started to swell and fill out. Joe rolled onto his back dragging Danny over top of him. He lifted him while he bent his own legs over Danny's shoulders. “You aren't finished yet son. Fuck your daddy's ass for all you're worth. Fill me with your hot cum.” He grabbed Danny' hard, still growing cock and placed against his butt hole. He used his legs to squeeze Danny to him and drew the shaft into his body. Danny felt his muscles exploding and the desire to fuck this huge muscle freak took over. He pounded Joe's ass and screamed when the flood let loose.

“Oh fuck, I don't know what will happen with both chemical strains in your body. This may be a big mistake.” Joe had passed out from the heat and explosion of muscle growth overwhelming his body. Danny gasped for breath and collapsed across the man's expanding chest.

The two men awoke to a bright sunlit room. Joe looked at the muscular man in the bed next to him. Danny now had the body Joe had the day, or was it two, before. Danny's beard was thick and full, his hair long and tangled. Joe ran his hand over the warm tight body next to him. His own hand looked large and muscular. He quickly rolled from the bed and looked into the closet mirror. The man now looking back at him was easily 7' tall and 300pounds. The arms were flaring out to the side over wing like lats. The quads were the size of his former waist. But his waist was the same size or maybe smaller than when all of this started. He couldn't believe the huge, freaky muscle god looking back at him. His hair and beard were now inches longer and his dick was a monster. The fucker hung down to his knees with balls filling out on either side. He didn't know what to make of it.

“Your body chemistry was much stronger than I had expected. I…. I hope you can forgive me.” He looked into the mirror and saw Danny looking at him. “Look at your own body man, it's awesome. I love this. I don't own a single fucking piece of clothing that will fit me right anymore but I love it.” Joe went to Danny and pulled the man up from the bed into a deep kiss and tight embrace. He felt his balls start to swell again and he pushed away from Danny. “But what happens if I fuck you again, if I go out of control and rape your ass?”

“I don't know, but I think I am willing to see what might happen. It's Sunday, we have to find clothes for you and get to your hotel.” Danny suddenly got very practical.

“Nah, I'll call the hotel and extend my stay. And I can call the office and set things up so I don't have to be there tomorrow. It's my company; I can do what I want. But man, clothes will be a problem today; I can't go shopping with a stitch to wear. You can probably fit into my old clothes now. And man, I hate this long hair crap.”

“I'll call a workout buddy of mine from the gym who cuts hair, he can take care of that. And I'll run out to find you sweats somewhere. We also haven't eaten, and I don't know about you, but I am starved. I also feel like I need you to fuck me again, but I think I need to fight that urge right now. Why don't you take a cold shower while I make some calls to find my buddy and see what stores might be open with your size.”

“OK, but if you hear tile cracking in the shower, it's probably because I don't fit. Not to mention I think I better jack off and release the pressure of the cum building up in my balls again.” Joe ran his hands over Danny's body and felt a feeling for this man that he hadn't felt with anyone else. He walked into the bathroom where nothing seemed to fit him anymore. He struggled to take a shower but the running water over his body only made him horny. His dick was growing without being touched and looked to be 18 inches hard. And he felt his body shedding bodyfat. He looked into the bathroom mirror and saw his huge mass getting leaner.

Danny called his gym buddy who promised to come over to do emergency haircuts, despite his confusion. Danny pulled on Joe's old jeans, feeling the snug material hug his new body. He was about to start calling big and tall men's stores when Joe appeared in the kitchen door with a towel draped over his hardon. “It's the only place this thing will fit,” Joe grinned, “It seems to want your ass again.”

“Mike's on his way over. You can't be fucking me while he cuts your hair. Well, you could be, but it would be a pretty bad cut.” Joe grabbed Danny and pulled the man to him in a warm passionate kiss. There was not the maddening sexual urge this time, but Joe felt I deep longing to keep this man close to him. Danny pressed into the big man relishing the closeness. “Damn, Mike will be here any minute. I'll find an old pair of Baggies to cut off and maybe you can wear them as shorts, let me look.” He ran into the bedroom. Joe stood in the kitchen his harden still waving the towel like a demented flagpole.

He came back into the kitchen with makeshift baggie shorts. Joe pulled on the super tight shorts and stood there in an exaggerated muscular pose. The material bearly contained his enormous cock and balls and accented the now super pumped quads. Mike was ringing the doorbell. Danny whistled softly and shook his head. “Man, you are a wet dream come true.”

He opened the door and watched as Mike's jaw hit the floor, “what the fuck happened to you and where do I get it?” Then Mike saw Joe standing with the biggest obscene basket he could have ever imagined. “Uh, instead of a tip, could someone just fuck me, please.”

“Can't explain now, here cut this man's hair and beard.” Mike dropped his bag when Joe moved. He looked like an enormous cartoon muscle freak. “Oh man, if you want a body shave, I'll need several more cans of cream.” Joe laughed and picked up Mike's bag then went over and sat down in a kitchen chair. “Uh, do you want a trim or something new and, what the hell do you have in those shorts?

“Ill leave you two alone, try to concentrate on his hair. Pizza will be here shortly. I'll get the biggest clothes I can find you, dad.” Danny stopped when he said it and looked at Joe. There was a big smile on Joe's face, what you could see of it through the beard and hair.

“Hurry back son.”

When Danny returned he found an empty pizza box in the kitchen, two more pizzas waiting, a bag of hair, or possibly the remains of a small dog grooming and Mike sitting exhausted in the living room. Danny ran into the bedroom and found Joe getting out of the shower again. Joe stood naked before Danny, his head now shaved and his beard trimmed into a goatee. “The shave was so sensuous, I got hard and had to shower to regain control. The shorts couldn't contain it and Mike; well he hasn't been coherent since he saw how big it was. He watched me shower and shoot a load. Then he passed out. I'm not kidding. Do you think he is alright?”

“Yeah, look at that smile, he always was a cheap date. Oh man, you look unbelievably hot, great look.” Danny put his arms around Joe and felt the sexual urge return. “I think it's safe to fuck me again, but I was sort of hoping for a haircut before Mike had to leave. Guess he could be out awhile. ”

Joe gathered Danny into his arms and brought their lips together. “All this muscle growth is one thing, but I think there may be more if you want to give it a try. I hope we can see each other again.”

Danny felt their two muscular bodies' mesh as one, Joe's huge cock hard in between their legs, the warmth and safety of this man felt right. He always wanted to live in Chicago. Joe lifted him up so they could stand face to face, Joe's hands holding Danny's butt, his cock sticking out underneath. Their tongues came together and the electricity filled their souls. “I think I want that more than the muscle,” Joe looked into Danny's eyes and saw warmth and fulfillment. Danny saw a small tear role from Joe's eye and relaxed in his new dad's arms.

They heard Mike stir. They looked over to see him open his eyes, take one look at two muscle freaks, and then pass out again. “I guess I can give up on that haircut.”

“No, no, dammit. I can do it.” Mike got up and looked at the two hulks before him. He was about 5’7” and was completely dwarfed by the huge men. “I may need a ladder, but I can do it. Into the kitchen, Danny.”

Mike worked on trimming Danny's hair into a tight flattop and trimmed his beard into a very flattering shape. “There. How's that?” Danny looked into the mirror and saw this huge massive muscleman with a heavy beard and flattop and beamed. He couldn't believe the hot stud looking back was he. Joe paid him and handed him a healthy tip. Mike pocketed the money, thanked him and then said he would like one more tip. He dropped to his knees in front of the two men and began alternating licking their growing cocks. Mike had to work harder to suck the two enormous shafts than he did cutting their hair. But it was a challenge he felt more than up to doing. As he labored on the cocks and balls, Joe and Danny kissed and worked each other's nipples.

The fire they felt inside when they were under the influence of Danny's chemical creation was still there even without the chemicals. Their kissing became more passionate as Mike's sucking became more urgent. Mike began to furiously stroke the two rock hard members. His own dick was throbbing for release as precum oozed from the piss slit. He heard the two men's breathing becoming shallower and knew they were close. He quickly pulled off his T-shirt and stroked harder. The huge balls were flopping against his hands and soon both muscle giants unloaded on his chest. Mike shot a load without having to touch his rigid dick. He collapsed to the floor covered in cum and groaning. Joe and Danny hugged each other closely and held it for several minutes before looking down at Mike.

The poor man was flat out on the floor exhausted. He was soaked in cum but smiling widely. They each took an arm and helped him up and into the bathroom. Danny began to lick cum from Mike's smooth muscular body. Mike only groaned louder. He unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. “Fuck me Danny. Give me that super sized dick.” Danny forced his cock up his buddy's ass and fucked him for several minutes. Mike could only react with verbal grunts, groans and ahhh's. Mike worked Danny's nips and kissed him. Before he could stop it, he shot a load deep inside Mike's round little butt. Mike whimpered and drooled. They helped him in the shower to help him gain back some strength.

Mike finally came out of his oversexed stupor and got dressed to leave. He was to have dinner with his mother and had to leave. He thanked the two men for an afternoon he would not forget and sauntered out the door whistling. Joe and Danny just laughed. Joe led Danny back to the bedroom and pulled him down onto the bed.

“Let's do this the right way.” They made slow passionate love to each other's muscular bodies. There was a patch of skin that was untouched by tongues, each one rimmed out the other's tight holes and they slowly jacked each other off in a sensual, mutual session. Joe straddled Danny's chest and shot huge thick ropes of thick white cum on to his furry chest. Danny added an equally large load to the mess and then Joe pressed their two bodies together. “Thank you for 'tricking' me into this huge body. This sex thing we have is pretty good. Do you think we have more than that?”

“I sure as hell would like to think so and would jump at the chance to try. Ask me to Chicago for a weekend and let's see what happens.”

“OK. Works for me. Next weekend, my place, don't bring a lot of clothes. You won't need them. But it's getting late after all of this haircutting and fucking. I'm starved. Let's go get dinner and talk about it.”

The two men got dressed n the clothes Danny had purchased. Joe complimented him on his choices and hugged him again. They went out to a quiet secluded neighbourhood restaurant and talked like two old friends. Joe found himself liking Danny more than he thought possible after only a weekend. Danny was thrilled this big musclebear was showing him interest. The found out they had a lot more in common than just lifting. Including leather. They walked back to Danny's apartment brushing hands and rubbing shoulder to shoulder. Since Joe had made arrangements to extend his visit, Danny was more than happy to have him stay over. They curled up in Danny's queen sized bed to watch TV and dozed off. The alarm clock at 6:30 woke them up. Danny reluctantly got up to get ready for work. Joe made them breakfast while Danny showered.

They exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch for the upcoming weekend. Danny went off to work and Joe headed back to his hotel to pack for his trip back home to Chicago. The hotel staff was shocked at the huge muscle giant at the checkout desk. Joe just smiled and said anything is possible when you're in love.


Part 2

Joe drove back to his apartment in Chicago in record time. He had to get back and do some serious shopping to be able to be seen in public. And with this new body, he definitely wanted to be seen in public. He stopped by the apartment just long enough to drop off his bags, but his reflection in the bedroom mirror distracted him. His body had continued to change during the drive. He pulled off the XXL sweatshirt which had begun to be a bit snug. He sucked in his breath when he saw his chest. His pecs were now huge slabs of perfect muscle. They were round and full. So much so, that the nipples pointed downward. In fact the nipples had taken on a new dimension all their own and were long and always erect. Every muscle was perfectly cut. The line between his pecs, traps and delts was sharp and deep. His traps had become rounder like softballs and the delts were like two soccer balls way up high. Then came the triceps cuts and the huge ballooning biceps. His intercostals stood out like a topographical map that led into the mounds of abs and oblique. He did a few quick poses and stood in awe of how beautifully pumped each group was with little or no effort. The image in the mirror was having a direct effect on his dick. The damn thing started to swing up and out. He pinched his nips and watched as his dick bounced in response. He wanted to get naked and make love to his reflection in the mirror but he had to hit some stores.

The first specialty shop he went into just couldn't get over his size. Two salesclerks were all but dropping their loads to help and fit him with suits. The problem was, with all the alterations nothing would be ready for a week, he needed business casual stuff to get by for work for now. The store manager appeared and stepped into help. The man was no stranger to the gym and was very complimentary to Joe and his mass. It was also obvious that the man was getting hot as the bulge in his suit pants grew to impressively large proportions. Joe felt himself starting to get hot and wanted to go down on the man right there in the fitting room. The man brought several pullover shirts for Joe to try on and finally reached out and pinched Joe's nipples.

“I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, but your chest is just magnificent.” The man stood in front of Joe obviously embarrassed with an even more obvious erection. Joe couldn't control his urge and couldn't understand the need that was taking over his body. He undid the man's belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. Before the man could even think twice, Joe was on his knees sucking down the man's fat cock. Joe had always been an aggressive top man and now found he wanted to be dominated by the hunk standing in front of him. He stood up, turned around, dropped the pants he had been trying on and grabbed the man's bobbing wet cock. He pulled the fat prick toward his ass and in one move guided the man into his butt up to his balls. The store manager fucked the beefy butt until he felt his balls drawing up and cum begin to rise. He pulled out and sprayed hot stream of jism over Joe's thick back. Joe's own cock was throbbing and bouncing in front of him but instead of wanting to cum, Joe wanted another cock up his ass.

The store manager got towels from the men's room to help Joe clean up. Joe finished his purchases and headed back to his car in a parking garage. He threw his packages into the trunk and stood with his hands down on the car. He swore he felt his legs growing right there on the spot. He reached back and felt the curve of his own ass and the hardness of the muscle. The sexiness of the hard ass made his dick start to harden again. He heard someone walking and tried to recover his control but as the person got closer, his body reacted with an intense need for sex. He broke out in sweat just as a security guard came around the corner.

The man was huge and heavily muscled. His uniform stretched over the massive body and you could tell the man was proud of his hard work. He saw Joe standing at the back of his car against the wall and stopped.

“You OK sir?” Joe watched the young man. He felt the eyes looking him over and his desire to have another cock, this man's cock, up his ass took over. “Are you sick sir, should I call someone?”

“No, I'll be OK. Just a momentary hot flash from the supplements I am taking.”

“Well, man, whatever you are taking is working. You are enormous. You compete?” The guard casually walked back toward Joe and stopped within inches of the hard cock pushing out on Joe's pants leg. The guard's eyes stopped on the site and Joe moved in. Joe reached around the man with one arm and drew him close. He pressed his mouth against the man's and spread his lips, forcing his tongue down the man's throat. The man only struggled for a second and then returned the kiss. Joe began to undo the man's clothes and before the guard could stop him they were on the dusty floor. Joe had the man's long uncut cock out of his uniform pants and began sucking the foreskin and playing with the man's balls. The man didn't seem to care and bgan to moan and pump his hips. Joe straddled the cock and sat down forcing the full length into his ass in one move.

“Whoa buddy, slow down, someone could come along.” Joe didn't pay any attention but guided the man's callused hand to his nips and showed him what to do. The more the guard pinched and twisted his nips, the more Joe bucked on the hard cock. The man's breathing became short and soon Joe felt the hot cum unloading in his ass. Again, Joe didn't cum. He stood up and reached down to help the man up from the floor. The guard got to his knees and stopped to swallow Joe's cock. That time, it worked. In a few seconds the guard was struggling to swallow the thick goo. Joe finally quit shooting and helped the man to his feet. He hugged him and softly apologized.

“I've never been with another man but that was incredibly hot. The moment I saw you, I felt the need to touch your body take over.” The guard blushed at his confession. He brushed off his uniform and Joe helped him redress. Joe brushed the dust from the man's back and ass. He cupped the muscled butt and felt the need to be fucked again starting to takeover.

“Look, Officer, uh, Henry. I gotta go or I'll be pleading with you to fuck my ass again. It's something I can't seem to control right now.” The man looked back at him with a puzzled look and for the first time Joe really noticed the face. He was blond, blue eyed, flat-topped all American. Here's my card if you ever want to be with a man again. I promise to be a bit more civil, really.” Joe jumped into the car and took off out of the garage. The guard stood there rubbing his cock through his pants and smiled as he pocketed the card.

He swore at the heavy traffic as he maneuvered his car through the Chicago streets to his apartment. He grabbed his bags from the trunk and raced up the hallway to his door. Once inside he stripped and posed in the mirror. His body had changed again. He was even more cut now and veins were thickly covering his body. His chest hair had also thickened and now carpeted his chest to just about his navel. He looked like he hadn't shaved for days and ran his hands through his longer hair. He couldn't resist running his hands over every muscle as he watched in the mirror. He picked up the phone and dialed Danny's number.

The phone rang several times before Danny answered somewhat out of breath. “Dan, this is Joe. Is your body continuing to change? And is your sex drive out of control?”

“Oh man, am I glad to hear from you. I am massive, super-vascularized and fucking horny beyond belief. I can't stop jacking off. All I can think about is you and your beautiful body.” Joe explained what was happening to him and his constant need to have a dick up his butt. “Now there's a side effect that I didn't expect.”

“Oh man, I want you here and not just for sex. I thought about you all the way back to Chicago. I want us to spend some time together.”

“Look, I'll take some time off from work and drive up tomorrow morning. Think you can make it until then?”

“I'll try. I can't stop this feeling in my body. How long do you think this stuff will make me grow?”

“I don't know, I used to say you can never be too big but I am beyond my wildest dream. I'll call you in the morning before I leave. You hang in there dad.'

“I'll try, it won't be easy.” Joe hung up the phone and ran his hands over his furry chest. He couldn't keep his hands away from his nipples. He told himself to leave them alone or risk beating his dick to a pulp. He walked into the kitchen to think about dinner when the phone rang. “Hello?”

“This Joe Swanson?” the voice on the other end sounded strained.

“Yes, who's this?”

“Matt. Matt Henry. The security guard you met this afternoon. What did you do to me man? My body is growing more muscular and all I can think about is fucking your hard ass. This is so weird.”

Joe hadn't thought about infecting another man, so to speak. The thought of the already beefy guard getting even bigger put him back over the top. “I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it and I don't know how to stop it.'

“Not sure I want to stop the growth but man I need your ass, can I come over?”

As much as Joe felt he should say no, he consented and gave Matt directions. He wandered around his apartment like a caged animal until Matt buzzed at the front door. He stood completely naked behind the door waiting for Matt. His doorbell rang and he lurched to open it. Matt stood in the doorway in shorts and a sweatshirt that looked like it had been sprayed on his muscled chest. There were two beefy men with him. They pushed their way in and pushed Joe to the floor.

“I hope you don't mind but I brought a couple of my lifting buddies with me. Whatever you have, we want.”

The three men dragged Joe to his bed and threw him on his stomach. Matt ripped off his shorts and aimed his hard cock at Joe's asshole. He shoved it in in one move to his swollen balls. The other two guys stripped and took turns feeding their cocks to Joe. He was in a frenzy trying to suck both at one time. He felt one of them reach for his nips and cup his enormous pec.

“Oh man, these fucker's are huge. They turned him over on his back and Matt continued to fuck him. The two friends began sucking Joe's nipples. He felt like they were actually sucking milk from them and when they looked up, he swore he saw cream dripping from their mouths.

Matt slammed his cock into Joe's ass and felt his hole tighten around his cock. “Get ready guys, he's about to shoot, suck that cum down. Get this man's growth hormone.”

Matt's two buddies sucked on Joe's cock and sucked down the cum as it gushed out. The whole bizarre scene only turned Joe on more. He felt Matt shooting for several minutes deep inside his ass. One of the other muscle men took his place pounding his ass. Joe heard himself begging for more and wanting it harder. He worked his nipples and felt wetness coming from them as he pinched them. Matt and the other guy jumped on the thick cream running down his chest. Joe started bucking his hips again wildly and Matt told the guy to swallow the load that was about to shoot from Joe's hard cock. The second guy swallowed every drop of Joe's cum then took his turn pounding Joe's ass. Even after shooting two loads, Joe's cock stayed hard and his hole twitched for more cock. The third guy finally got off adding his load to the other two. The three guys each took turns working Joe's nipples again, then got up, dressed and left. Joe lie on his bed for several minutes before getting up to check his front door. He felt cum dripping down his inner thighs from the three fuckings he had just had and walked into the bathroom to use the john.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He was unshaven with damn near a full beard. His hair was long and shaggy. Cream dripped from his distended nipples and his cock was bloated and twice its normal soft size. His balls actually hurt with the cum building up again. He theorized the more he got fucked, the more cum his body produced. The muscles on his new body were enormous and freaky. They were beyond anything he ever imagined having. Still, it scared the hell out of him.

He called out for a pizza and grabbed a quick shower while waiting. He combed his hair back and thought briefly about trying to cut it himself. He sat down at his computer and attempted some work from home. He sent an email to his secretary saying he would be working at home for a couple of days and to forward everything there to him. The doorbell rang and this time he checked through the peephole before opening the door. It was his usual deliveryman, whose mouth dropped open at the massive freaky muscle god standing in the doorway.

“Joe?” The young man was a college student working his way though college. He was a nice sweet, kind man who spent some time in the gym but was no big bodybuilder. Joe felt his cock growing as he paid the boy. He fought off the urge to trap the man and get fucked again. He gave Jim a big tip and closed the door.

He wolfed down the pizza in record time and was still hungry. This muscle growth took a lot to feed and he pondered calling for a second pizza. The phone ringing brought him back to reality.

“Joe, this is Matt. I don't know what you have going through your body buddy, but my buddies and I are freaking awesome now. We'll be back for more, don't try to hide. I know you want cock up that tight butt and mine is about 14 inches of rock hard snake just aching to fuck you.”

Joe hung up the phone and sat on the edge of the bed. His leg muscles rippled as he flexed and a tingling sensation took over again. He walked over to the full-length closet mirror and posed. He watched as his body morphed in front of him. His legs grew in length and thickness, his obliques, abs and intercostals doubled in size and his chest was so big now he couldn't see his feet except to look into the mirror. The size of the cock swinging between his legs made him want to be fucked again. It hung down soft about a foot with big swollen balls pushing forward on either side from the quads pushing them out. He fought the urge by sitting at the computer and working until he couldn't keep his eyes open.

He finally crawled into bed and dozed off. The phone ringing at 8 AM woke him up. “Hey Joe, This is Danny. I'm leaving for Chicago now and should be there by mid afternoon. You OK?”

“Yeah, I finally slept last night but I am now now a muscle monster. We have to stop this. Please hurry.”

“Hang in there, I may have a solution. See ya soon.”

Joe got up to pee and stumbled with the weight of his new body. He barely fit through the bathroom door and had to duck slightly. His shoulders were as wide as the doorway. He stood at the toilet and hefted his cock. It was hanging down about 16 inches long now. He couldn't fathom the size of his nuts. The face in the mirror was fully bearded, the hair longer and the chest covered in thick, dark fur. He reached up and squeezed his pecs as hard as he could. White cream shot from the nipples and splashed against the glass. He panicked at this change in his body. He pissed a gallon and stumbled back to the bedroom and flopped onto his back on the bed. His hand slowly stroked the fat cock until it was hard and thumping against his chest. He could suck his own dick now just by slightly raising his hips. This little change made him horny and he was soon pounding his cock with both hands and ramming his tongue down his own piss slit. He stopped momentarily to estimate his biceps at roughly 28 inches. A couple more strokes and he swallowed his own load and dozed off.

The doorbell woke him and he rolled to look at the clock. It was 2:30. He jumped out of bed and peered through the peephole. Danny was waiting on the other side. He opened the door and stood behind it. Danny came in and stopped cold when he saw Joe.

“Holy fuck, you are huge. I'm sorry, I never meant for this to get away like this.” Joe hugged him and drew his mouth to his. He slipped his tongue deep into his throat. The shorter man felt himself being lifted to finish the kiss. Joe wrapped his heavily muscled arms around the man and carried him to the bedroom. He knelt across the bed and begged to be fucked. Danny stripped and got in place behind the huge muscle butt. His cock, now a thick ten inches, slid in without so much as a whimper from Joe. He fucked the big man and wrapped his arms around the broad chest and shoulders as far as he could. He didn't want to take any chances so he pulled out and shoot across the v-tapered torso. He pulled his softening cock from Joe's ass and watched as Joe stood up to beat off and found himself staring at the awesome cock and balls. Joe screamed and shot a quart of cum on the smaller man. He pushed him back on the bed and kissed him passionately.

“I can't stop thinking about you and wanting to be with you but I don't think you can handle this cock. No one can. We have to stop my growth before I am trapped in my own apartment.”

“I have something that might work but I can't know for sure. There could be even more side effects. Do you think you want to risk it?”

“Yeah, I don't think I want to be any bigger. I want to be with you but I don't want to crush you, sure as hell.”

“I need another day to pull a couple of things together. I could finish at home but figured I could get my hands on what I needed in Chicago. Can you be patient for another day?'

“I guess I have to, but please hurry. In the meantime, let's play.” Joe lay across his bed on his back and Danny climbed on top of him. He sucked the big man's nipples and tasted the sweet cream. He sat up and massaged the pecs and watched as they filled with cream. He drank and drank until he his stomach was distended. Joe warned him he could experience out of control growth but Danny didn't care. He sucked on the huge long cock and stood up to straddle it and aimed the head at his asshole. “There isn't any way you can handle something so big.”

“One never knows until one tries.” He pushed down and felt the monster shaft slide in and fill his gut. He kept pushing down and felt a burning sensation as his body accommodated the prick. His ass finally came to rest at the base and both men whistled at the achievement. “I have never felt so hot as I do right now with this thing inside of me.”

“You don't want me to cum.. My cum will make you grow and do you want to be bigger?”

“If it means spending the rest of my life in your massive arms, yes.”

The two men bucked until Joe pleaded for Randy to get off. No sooner had the man pulled off Joe's cock than ropes of cum came gushing out and dripping down. Randy got up and got an empty jar from the kitchen. He wanted to take some of this to a lab to be analyzed. The two men sent out for a half dozen pizzas and spent the rest of the evening eating and jacking off. The pizza deliveryman couldn't get over the size of Joe's friend and seemed to accept that Joe was indisposed in the bathroom and couldn't come to he door.

They finally dozed off and woke up at 7 the next morning. Randy got up to shower. He called Joe from the bathroom. Joe almost hit his head on the doorway rushing to get there. Randy stood in the bathroom covered in thick soft fur. His face was heavily bearded and his hair hung down below his shoulders. “This must be from drinking your breast milk yesterday.”

“Do you have to call it that?” Joe winced as he realized his pecs were full again and his balls were now the size of softballs.

“No. I'm sorry. I'll get showered and dressed and get to the university to work on this anti-growth formula.” Joe watched as the hot young man dressed and thought about stopping him to have sex. His need to stop his body changes brought him to reality. After Danny left, Joe walked into the bathroom and pissed. His cock was so long now, he didn't need to hold it to pee. He just let it dangle over the edge of the toilet and cut loose with gallons of urine. He looked at his face in the mirror again and worried that Danny might not be able to stop this. He estimated his hair was growing at a rate of two inches a day. He rubbed his pecs and squeezed his nipples in an effort to release the cream. Instead they only got fuller until his chest was so full, he looked like a breast implant operation gone awry. He showered trying to take his mind off of his predicament and hoping that the warm water would release the cream from his chest.

A few hours later as he idly worked at the computer, the doorbell rang. He walked toward the door to see who was there and heard a key in the lock. His heart raced that Danny would be back so soon. The door opened and in walked Matt and four huge men. Joe stopped in his tracks seeing the lock pick in Matt's hand.

“I didn't think you would let me in again, so I brought my own way in.” Matt was almost as huge as Joe. His sweatshirt stretched at the massive chest. A cock the size of a baseball bat appeared to be coiled at his crotch. Joe recognized two of the men as the two who had sex with him. The five men charged at him and soon had him cuffed and tied. Duct tape was covered his mouth as Matt squeezed his huge pecs. “You are our way to make some huge bucks buddy. And you get to have all the sex you can handle. Just don't expect to see your friends again.”


Part 3

Danny walked into the apartment and froze in the doorway. The place was a mess. Lamps were knocked over, a chair lay on its side, the bed had been stripped and the sheets were missing. What really worried him were drops of blood just inside the doorway. He called the police to report the break-in. Before they got there he took a small sample of blood to analyze later at the university lab.

The cops who arrived asked a million questions, many made Danny feel that he was guilty in Joe's disappearance. One cop, Paul, seemed to be a bit more understanding and showed some compassion. He was advised to stay at a motel for a night or two until the police completed their cleaning of the place. He hadn't completely unpacked but Paul had to go through his luggage before he could remove it. Danny was a little embarrassed by the leather and sex items he had brought along but wasn't going to let a little embarrassment stop him from asking his own questions. Paul remained after the other two cops left. He explained he had to wait for a forensics squad to get there to thoroughly go through the apartment. Danny sat in a dining room chair and stared blankly into space. Paul sat down across from him, his left knee just slightly touching Danny's.

“Try not to worry, I know that sounds really shallow right now, but it is the best I can offer you. You known Joe long?”

“Only a few weeks.” Danny looked up at the big man and appreciated his attempt to be consoling.

“He seems like a pretty nice guy, goes to my gym. We never really talk much, usually just a quick hello since we workout on slightly different shifts. Really dedicated to his workout, great body,”

“Yeah, we met at the gym where I live and got to be friends.”

“Been dating long?” Danny looked at Paul somewhat suspiciously this time. Paul's face had softened and for the first time, Danny noticed how attractive the man was. Short blond flattop over steel blue eyes, hint of a moustache and a genuinely nice smile. “I figured it might be something like that from the, uh, items in your bag.”

Danny blushed and stood up to walk into the kitchen. Paul followed him. “We hadn't really known each other that long but we really connected and wanted to see how things would develop. It was our mutual love of muscle that may have led to his disappearance.” Paul looked lost at this point and Danny quickly explained how the experiment had gone awry and showed Paul his documentation and a few pictures.

Paul stared at the pics of Joe and Danny and whistled softy. “Man that's some super muscle growth. I've been pumping for years and have never gotten that big. Always, wanted to get bigger but that's wild.” Danny watched as Paul looked through the photos and casually rubbed his pec through his uniform shirt. He read some of Danny's notes and Danny saw the outline of an erection pushing the front of Paul's snug pants out. Paul shook his head slightly as if to break the spell and looked at Danny.

“You think he was kidnapped because the growth hormone is multiplying in his body and someone wants to, well, harvest it?'

“That's a possibility.” Danny shuddered at the idea of harvesting something from his buddy and how that could get out of control. Paul noticed his change in spirit and rubbed his shoulder. “It's all because of my desire to be bigger. Joe could be killed for something I selfishly wanted.”

“Don't think like that, let's be positive and work together to find him.” Paul put his arms around the muscular young man and held him close. He felt Danny's thick arms slide around his waist and return the hug. He also felt the trembling going through the muscle man.

Paul broke off the hug and tried to adjust the hardon in his uniform. “The other team will be here any minute, I think I better control myself.” He stood in front of Danny with a red face and a growing basket.

“I appreciate your caring.” Danny stroked the cop's hard cock and fought off the urge to suck it. The doorbell brought them to reality. The arrival of the investigation team soon had them helping with a thorough cleaning of the apartment. Paul didn't see Danny palm a slip of paper from the nightstand and slip it into his jeans pocket.

It took several hours of work and questioning until the team was finished. As they were leaving, Danny collected his things and packed his bag to leave.

“Where will you be, just in case we have more questions?”

“I don't know, I don't have a hotel reservation and never thought about calling anywhere.” Danny stood in the middle of the living room and surveyed the mess. He put his bag on the floor and looked around idly.

“You can stay with me. I promise to behave, really.” Paul walked over to him and picked up the bag.

“You don't have to do this.” Danny put his hand on the man's hip and Paul stepped in to hug him. He felt the officer's arm close around him and his hot breath against his mouth. Joe had been bound, gagged and wrapped in the bed sheet to keep from seeing where he had been taken. He had been roughly tossed into a van. The total ride from his apartment only seemed to last about 20 minutes through side streets. They never got on a highway. He had cut himself in the scuffle and felt pain in his right thigh. When the truck stopped, he was half lifted, half dragged up some steps and dropped onto a mattress. His wrappings were removed and he found himself in a large sparsely furnished room probably in a warehouse with windows near the ceiling and few creature comforts. Matt walked in and leered at Joe.

“Buddy, you are going to make me rich, but we have to make you comfortable. Contented. Like any good cow.” Matt roughly squeezed Joe's huge pecs and fondled his aching balls. “Boys, make the man comfortable.” Joe was stretched across the bed and his hands tied to the bedposts. His head was hanging over the edge. He could see the bed was on a raised platform and soon found out why. As he felt his ankles being untaped and his legs raised, a naked man stepped up and fed Joe a thick piece of cock. As much as Joe wanted to fight the urge, he couldn't. It was as if he had to suck the dick to survive. Damn, that's exactly what was happening to him. He felt someone stroking his throbbing cock and licking his balls. Then hands began to fondle his pecs and squeeze his sensitive nipples.

He heard Matt giving instructions. “We have to make our cow easily used. Get him ready.”

Warm cream was spread over his chest and the fur shaved. The same was repeated with his cock and balls and asshole. His ass was lubed and a huge dildo shoved up in one move. Joe thought it must have been at least 10 inches long. He felt something being attached to his nipples and a pumping /suction motion took over. He was helpless to do anything with his hands tied and a stiff dick assaulting his throat. Someone began fucking him with the dildo as another suction device was attached to his throbbing cock. He felt whoever it was fucking his mouth begin to fuck faster and suddenly withdraw to shoot cum all over his face and neck. They rubbed their dick around the sticky mess and then walked away only to be replaced by another hard dick. He felt his own nuts churning and was soon bucking his hips as he shot a load into the suction device.

It was only a minute's rest until the dildo fucking of his ass resumed and he felt his cock getting hard once again. His legs were getting tired being in an upright position. He moaned not out of pleasure but out of the need for rest but each time a load was shot on his face or chest another hard cock took it's place. He must have shot six times himself by now. Finally, after how much time he couldn't tell, the onslaught stopped. He was allowed to see what was happening to him. Breast pumps had been used on his nipples to draw out the milk collecting in his pecs. They were still swollen with cream. His dick was red and sore but his nuts were the size of oranges. Matt stood between his feet and pulled out the huge dildo.

“Time to give you some of the real thing you crave.” He positioned himself between Joe's legs and rubbed his monster cock over Joe's swollen balls. As much as this scared him, Joe wanted fucked. Matt slowly pushed his rigid spike up Joe's hole and steadily increased pressure until Joe was humping back against him. Then, Matt suddenly pulled out. “My theory must be right, look at them balls swell. It works better with a real dick than with a dildo. His ass knows the difference and triggers production of more of this growth cum.” Joe watched as Matt fondled his balls in his hands. They had swollen even bigger.

“It's time to give this man a workout.” Joe was untied and led to another large room filled with gym equipment. He was put through a grueling workout under Matt's direction. He begged to be allowed to rest but felt his body respond to the intense workout by growing even harder. He watched in the mirror as his chest pumped to unnatural proportions on the pecdeck. He was a sweaty dripping mess after the two-hour ordeal but felt renewed with energy. Matt led him back across the room and sat him down at a table. Several plates were placed in front of him all loaded with high protein food. Matt explained he had to take good care of his cash cow and instructed Joe to eat. As Joe began to attack the food, he realized how starved he had become. He wasn't sure how long it had been since he had eaten but was amazed to finish the huge piles of food.

After eating he was lead to a communal shower room and his hands tied between two shower poles. The water was turned on and allowed to wash over his tired body. Several men entered the shower and began washing Joe's muscles. Each one also fucked the giant muscle man and watched as his balls filled to melon size. They then dried him off and returned him to the bed where the face and ass fucking resumed. The breast pumps were attached to his nipples and the milk pumped out. A couple of men were allowed to suck him off and he heard Matt collecting money from them after swallowing Joe's load. Joe estimated another two hours went by before he was allowed to sleep. He was brought a glass to drink before being left alone. Matt explained it was a protein shake spiked with his own cum. Joe's heart sank as he thought about the effects of more of his cum on his own body.

He curled up in the dark room and slept soundly despite all he had been through. The sun shining through the ceiling windows woke him up. Before he could decide what action to take, two of Matt's henchmen were in the room walking him back to the gym. Matt stood among the equipment waiting for Joe. He was dressed in tight spandex shorts and athletic shoes. His proportions were beyond freaky as he stroked Joe's stiffening dick and swollen pecs.

“Every day you will go through two intense workouts, followed by meals to replenish your strength and lots and lots of sex play. You're my life of luxury and I intend to fuck you into wealth beyond my wildest dreams. I'm not doing this to be bigger, no sir. I'm doing it for all the little guys out there. The little guys who will pay good money to be bigger. Your magic potion will make them very happy. Just see for yourself.”

He walked Joe over to a mirror so Joe could see his image. Joe looked at the massive body that was now his. His waist was tiny. Probably the same size it had been when all of this began. His face was lean and covered with what normally would have been several weeks' growth of beard. His hair was long and hanging down over his shoulders. His chest was covered in thick dark fur down to his crotch. The only bare spots were the areas where he had been shaved to attach the breast pumps and cock suction device. His legs were enormous mounds of highly defined muscle covered in soft hair. As thick as the hair was, the outline of the super striated muscle came through. His quads had to have been 30 some inches and his calves easily 25 inches. He couldn't begin to estimate the size of his chest and arms. His arms were almost horizontal over the lat spread and the biceps were close to 28 inches. It was his chest where his eyes stopped. The pecs were still shaped like a man's but swollen with rich moneymaking milk. The nipples were long and distended downward. He did a side chest pose and watched the huge pecs flare up and out, small drops of cream dripping from the nipples. His cock began to stiffen and betray his over all fright. Fright tempered with lust. He was extremely turned on by his own body. And terrified of being held captive for the demented muscle monster now fingering his asshole.

“You like what you see, don't you cow -boy.” Matt laughed in his face and stroked Joe's cock to full erection. The tool stood out at easily 18 inches over balls the size of melons. Matt's hand gently stroked the monster. Joe thought for a moment his strokes were a little too gentle for someone who professed to be straight and only doing this for the money. “Put him through his workout boys. The two henchmen Joe recognized from the day before stepped up and guided Joe to the first set of benches. They were bigger then the night before with huge throbbing cocks between their legs. They loaded the bench and instructed Joe to press. Much to Joe's surprise, the weight moved effortlessly. They increased the weight each time until he felt his pecs about to burst. Then the smaller of the two, dangled his dick over Joe's mouth and told him his reward for the first set was getting to suck him. Each set led to Joe's reward of sucking cock but never getting any cum as the payoff. Joe's own dick never went soft during the whole two hours. A clock had been put up on the far wall to keep the crew to a schedule. Joe could now guess at the time of day but had lost track of how many days since he had been abducted. He thought this was only the second day but he was overcome with the need to suck dick and get his ass fucked that it no longer made a difference.

As cocks fucked his face and ass, he thought about Danny and tears would quietly roll down his cheeks to drop onto the cold concrete floor.

Danny followed Paul back to his apartment and stood inside the door watching the officer remove his gun belt and other paraphernalia and place it on a table near the door. Paul invited him into the living room and offered a drink. Danny accepted a beer and followed Paul to the kitchen. Paul handed him a beer and turned to remove his shirt. The T-shirt underneath the uniform stretched over a beautiful chest and shoulders. Danny felt his cock begin to stiffen. He reminded himself he needed to focus on Joe. Paul showed him to a guestroom and asked if would like anything special for dinner. Danny just shook his head.

“Look, buddy, we'll find him, really. In the meantime, you need to eat and maintain your own strength.” Paul rubbed Danny's shoulder. Danny figured Paul to only be five years older than he was but his attraction to the man was getting hard to ignore. “I know, but I feel so responsible for all of this and helpless for not being able to do more.” He smiled at Paul and returned the tender moment by rubbing Paul's arm. He looked up at the slightly taller man and stepped closer. Their lips met in another kiss. Danny parted Paul's lips and felt his tongue meet his. Their arms closed around each other as Danny felt the need to be close to another man overcome his need to find Joe. He pulled the officer's shirt over his thickly muscled torso. His hands undid the uniform belt and clasp. He felt the hardness of the man's cock as he lowered the zipper and let the pants fall to the floor. Paul's white briefs were filled with a huge tube of rock hard cock. Danny squeezed the thick tool and heard Paul moan.

“Let's go up stairs sand relax awhile before dinner.” He pulled his pants off over his boots and took Danny's hand. As he led him up the stairs he pulled another piece of clothing from Danny's massively developed body. By the time they reached the bedroom, Paul had Danny naked and lowered onto his back on the bed. “Your body is fucking awesome.” He kissed and licked a different body part between each word working his way from the thick knotted neck down to the quads. Even lying still, the quads were pushing outward with muscle and fur. Paul's tongue slid over every muscle, into every cut and crevice and wet down the soft fur covering the panting chest. He turned his body so they were positioned in a 69 stance and swallowed the head of Danny's horse cock. Danny sucked down Paul's' none too small dick and fingered the officer's tight butt hole. He felt the same being done to him. Paul's' long fingers were toying with is prostate and forcing him to shove his cock further into the cop's sucking mouth. Before he could stop himself, his load was flowing and gushing against the back of the hot man's throat. Paul could hardly get a breath to keep from drowning in cum. He swallowed some and more overflowed onto his face.

“I shouldn't have done that.” Danny rolled over to his back. Paul looked him in the eyes and kissed him. Danny could taste his own cum and took a deep breath. “You don't understand. It could be….” Paul's tongue was down his throat and Danny was lost in the moment as Paul kept kissing him. He repositioned himself to fuck the huge muscle giant. He raised Danny's legs and spit on his cock. Danny only had to stop him once to guide him into his needy hole. He wrapped his legs around the cop's waist and sucked on his mouth as his ass was fucked with increasing frenzy. He felt Paul's thrusts getting shorter and the cock was suddenly withdrawn to send cum spewing over Danny's cock and balls. He fell on top of Danny and sighed.

“Oh fuck, you are unbelievable stud. What a body! And to top it all off, I like you. You're a nice guy.” The two men kissed deeply before Paul got up to get them towels. They fixed dinner in the nude and settled back into bed for several more hours of sucking and fucking. Danny even managed to get his horse cock up Paul's ass but only by insisting he be allowed to use a condom. Paul lay there panting after the biggest fuck of his life. “Joe is one lucky man. You realize you called me Joe at least three times.”

“Don't be embarrassed. I'm jealous but I'm not uncaring.” The two men snuggled together for a sound night's sleep. The alarm clock sent them both scurrying to their work. They exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. Paul hoped he would have some news on Joe at some point during the day.”


Part 4

Matt and his two henchmen put Joe through the workout sessions with relentless glee. He watched Matt closely and saw small growth spurts during the day. He was sure Matt was using the cum to alter his body. He felt the need to fuck Matt grow in his mind. Along with the hatred he tried to control. The more Joe was made to workout the hornier he got. The constant teasing with cocksucking and fucking made his balls grow and pecs expand. He watched his body change in the mirrors. His pecs began to droop from the weight of the cream they were producing. His balls began to ache from the weight of the cum. And yet, he found himself to be turned on by all of this. He wanted and needed fucked. The more cocks down his throat and up his ass, the more he wanted it. His mind was becoming wiped out except for the need for sex. As he was being fucked in the showers, he suddenly realized what was happening and panicked.

He forced himself to think about Danny and the outside world. Even as cocks were pounding his face and ass, he struggled to focus on keeping his mental well being. Matt was experimenting with his body today and not giving Joe any release of growth hormone. By the late afternoon as Joe was being put through his second workout of the day. His body proportions were almost grotesque. His pecs were bloated like breast implants had been inserted. His balls were so huge he could barely walk without leaning forward with their weight. His dick bobbed in front of him, rock hard and growing in circumference. Matt just smiled gleefully and ordered more sex for Joe. They men working over Joe's body had learned when he was approaching the moment to shoot and they would back off. He began to thrash with the need for sexual release.

To keep Joe from taking control of his dick, his hands were tied to the bedposts over night. Joe slept only a few moments at a time during the night. He was so horny he couldn't get his mind to relax. His thoughts were only about sex and fucking Danny or getting fucked by the man who had caused all of this. The morning light found him tied in bed counting the seconds until someone came to untie his hands. He could feel the weight of his pecs and balls resting on his body. Finally, the two muscle goons arrived and stood beside the bed. They laughed at the vision of Joe lying there with enormous milk filled pecs and balls so swollen they struggled to move them. They had to help Joe sit up and get his balance as he was led to the gym to workout. He gasped when he saw his deformed body.

His pecs were still basically shaped like a man's but were now the size of bowling balls. His dick hung down past his knees and his balls matched his pecs. Matt walked in and surveyed his little experiment.

“Well, the cow definitely needs to be milked this morning. Feeding you some of your own milk and cum seems to speed up the process.” He squeezed the bloated pecs and Joe felt fluid dripping down his abs. “I think we need to relieve some of the pressure before your workout, you might explode on us.” Matt motioned for the guys to follow him. They guided Joe to another room. Joe was placed in a chair facing another mirror. He watched as the breast pumps were attached to his nipples and felt the suction begin to pull out the milk. He saw loads of cream pass through the clear tubes and saw his pecs shrink. Another suction toy was attached to his dick and began stroking the monster cock. He soon shot a load beyond description into the tube and watched it collect in a giant glass jar. His dick was pumped for an hour, shooting load after load of cum. When Matt was satisfied with the harvest, Joe was put through his usual workout and feeding.

The weightlifting helped to restore his pec muscle to normal shape. His balls were still the size of grapefruits but no longer painful. Joe watched his reflection in the mirror. He appeared to be slightly taller and leaner. His beard was full and hair longer than the day before. The fur covering his body was thick on the chest, forearms, legs and butt. He was a poster picture bear man and this made him horny. By the time he was finished with his workout, his cock was standing straight up and rock hard. A new man he didn't recognize was watching intently as the muscle man worked out. Joe felt his sex drive increase as the man worked with him. Matt watched with interest the drool that almost seemed to drip from Joe's mouth over the athletic man.

“You looking for a little ass action there buddy?” Matt stroked Joe's dick and motioned to the new guy to strip. “Let's try another experiment. His two henchmen grabbed the new guy and forced him spread eagle on the bench. Matt spread some lube on the tight hole and had one of his cronies stuff his stiff dick down the struggling man's throat. “Maybe I can create myself a second cow.” He had Joe placed at the man's ass.

“OK, you earned this fuck.” Joe slammed his monster cock into the smaller man's virgin hole. At least it appeared to be a virgin hole from the muffled scream the man put out. Joe rutted the man on the bench until he no longer struggled but instead thrust his ass upwards to meet Joe's fucking. The poor man was in a total all out sweat. The cock had been pulled from his throat. The man's whimpers were loud and clear. Matt forced Joe deeper into the man's ass and held him in place as Joe unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside the man's gut. Matt's assistants pulled Joe off the man and helped him to his feet. The man whose ass had been forcibly fucked was helped up and told to suck on Joe's nipples while Joe was held in place. The man sucked mouthfuls of hot cream from Joe's chest until he collapsed in a heap at Joe and Matt's feet.

“Tie him to the bed and let's see what happens by tomorrow morning.” Matt walked across the room and through another door. Joe followed the two muscle studs with the third man being dragged half conscious to the bedroom. His hands were tied to the bedposts the way Joe had been since his kidnapping. Joe was allowed to sleep without restraint. He cuddled with the smaller man and whispered into his ear as he regained consciousness.

“I'm sorry. I don't know what is about to happen to you but I hope that if the two of us pull forces we can maybe escape.” The second man's breathing was shallow and raspy. He twisted his arms to get free but the bonds stood firm.

“My whole body is on fire. I paid Matt for some of this special growth hormone but didn't expect to be held captive. Who are you?” Joe explained the whole story and soon the man was writhing in pain trying to free himself. He gave his name as Bob and that the warehouse was not far from some major shopping areas in Chicago but fairly disserted. Joe watched as the man's body hair grew in over his chest and crotch. Joe ran his hands over the warm skin and felt the muscles pulsing. The man's muscle size tripled over night as the two men huddled together to stay warm. Bob begged Joe to fuck him again as his need for sexual release grew. Joe raised his legs and shoved his full 18-inch dick into the bound man. Bob's ass took every last inch like it was no more than the average dick. Joe sprayed cum over the man's now furry chest and rubbed it into his ballooning pecs. Matt's idea of creating another cow had come true. Bob was producing as much cream in his pecs as Joe. Joe sucked on the swelling nuts until Bob begged to be jacked off.

The morning light revealed a man who was stiller smaller than Joe but three times as muscular as he had been on the day before. The two men kissed and found ways of having non-stop sex even though one was tied down. Joe straddled Bob's growing cock and humped the man until he felt cum splash into him. He quickly pulled off but some of the growth cum had entered him. By the time Matt and his allies unlocked the door, Joe and Bob were a cum and sweat covered mess. Matt pulled the two men apart and screamed about the money they had cost him. Joe felt his full pecs bouncing across his chest, filled as they were with cream. His nuts bounced like two water balloons against his powerful quads. He watched as Bob was untied and led out to the gym area. Bob's pecs were not as swollen but Joe knew it was just a matter of time. They were both put through an even longer, more grueling workout and watched each other as their muscles pumped and strained.

Joe examined his reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how hard and lean he had become. He hadn't grown so much in size but was more cut and furry. His butt seemed to have rounded out even more. It was hard and sculpted like a statue covered with dark fur. Looking at his own butt gave him a hardon. By the time they were finished with their workout and the torture of sex teasing, both men had pecs swollen like a shelf sticking out from their bodies. Their balls hung almost down to their knees and were painful from bouncing back and forth.

Matt had them strapped into chairs to watch the milking of their pecs and balls. It was taking almost an hour now to suck them dry. By the time Matt was satisfied they were adequately empty, their nipples were swollen, red and sore. Their cocks were bloated from the pumping, almost twice the size around. Their balls hung like long shriveled sacks of skin. Then the men were taken to the showers, scrubbed and fed. They managed to get a few minutes of relaxation before the next sex ritual began. Matt had determined what to do to them to get their bodies producing as much as possible. Late afternoon saw another heavy-duty workout and shorter milking. The two men were treated strictly as animals for milking and sex. Joe convinced Bob to focus on outside events or loved ones in his life to combat going stir crazy. The two men were tied to the bed that night one on top of the other so that all they could do was kiss. Their feet and hands were stretched to the four corners of the bed to keep them from attempting anything other than rubbing their bodies together in simulated sex.

The result of the close contact in the morning was evident in the even larger swelling of their pecs and balls. Joe fought back tears as he saw his pecs sagging almost down to his waist the next morning. His ballsack was so full he didn't think it possible to ever shrink to normal size again. Bob looked totally defeated with pecs also hanging to his waist and balls the size of basketballs. His dick had grown even longer than Joe's and hung down easily two feet. Both men were covered in dark soft fur with beards and hair almost covering their facial features. Bob sobbed that he had become a simple farm animal and could do nothing to fight the need to be fucked and have his cock sucked.

Danny hurried to the university lab that day with the blood sample he had hidden and began testing them. First he determined it was indeed Joe's. Then he began tests to figure out what if anything could be done to stop the growth hormone production. He worked nearly six straight hours without a break before he remembered the paper he had hidden from Paul. He dug it out of his pocket and saw written in Joe's hand, Matt Henry and a phone number. He quickly dialed and got an answering machine.

“Hi, You've reached Super Growth, muscles beyond your wildest dreams. If you are interested in speaking with a representative about this revolutionary new discovery, please leave your name and number at the sound of the tone.” Danny left a name and his cell phone number. He remembered Joe saying this guy had been a security guard in a parking garage near where he had gone shopping. Danny looked up the address of the store Joe liked to shop and ran out to do some investigative work on his own.

He found the store and began walking the streets to find a parking garage. There were three. He casually walked up to the attendant at the first and asked if Matt Henry was working. He was told no one by that name worked there. The same thing happened at the second. At the third, the attendant informed him Matt had quit without notice and they had no idea where he went to work. Danny expressed regret that he didn't get in touch with Matt sooner since he had been trying to hook up for a workout. The man suggested a gym in the warehouse district and Danny took off with his latest quest.

As he was driving to the area from the directions he had been given when his phone rang. He saw the number on it and stopped to use the phone. The call was from Super Growth leaving a number where he could get more information and schedule an appointment. Before he could dial, another number came through that he recognized as Paul's. He dialed Paul and got a frantic man answering the phone.

“Danny? What's happening to me? I am home now and really freaked.” Paul sounded rattled.

“Why? What's wrong?”

“I got a really weird rush and sort of fever and then started sprouting hair all over my forearms and chest. When I went to the men's room to check it out I saw I had added about 20 pounds of muscle. I'm growing just like you said in your experiment. What do I do?'

“Where did you say you were, I'm in the car and you're breaking up?'

“Home and trying to calm down. I seem to be growing more. Everywhere.”

“Try to calm down. I'll be there as soon as I can.” Paul jumped back into his car and drove the remaining blocks to where the man thought the gym was located. Sure enough, there was a private key gym in an old warehouse. The number on the outside of the building matched the one he had been given for information on Super Growth. He knew he was close to finding Matt and, hopefully, Joe. He parked down the street and watched the building for a few minutes. Two huge men came out and got into a pickup truck parked across the street. Danny looked at his watch and decided he had to get to Paul. He drove back to the university and got a vial of the solution he hoped would be the anti-dote to the growth hormone. It took him another 45 minutes to get back to Paul's apartment.

As he unlocked the door, he heard Paul running toward it. He stepped inside and stared at the police officer. Paul stood naked in the entryway, covered in soft blond fur, and a full beard and shoulder length hair. He had added about 50 pounds of muscle since the morning and had pecs jutting out easily six inches from his ribs. His nipples were swollen and distended. Even more remarkable was Paul's cock and balls. His dick hung down 14 inches in length over two melon-sized balls. They were pushed forward by the ripped thick quads Paul had developed.

“Oh man, am I glad to see you. What do I do to stop this?” Paul grabbed Danny's hands and led him into the living room. Danny stared at the muscle butt swaying in front of him. It was round and full and perfectly shaped. It was also covered in soft blond fur that Danny found really hot. He felt his dick growing in his jeans.

“I don't know for sure. I have what I think is a serum that will stop the growth reaction but I have no proof and haven't done any testing. It could also increase the effect and you could become even more massive.”

Paul stood in the middle of the room looking at his reflection in the mirror above the fireplace. He struck several bodybuilding poses and pumped his muscle even fuller. Danny watched in awe as the pecs grew and the ball sack stretched. He examined Paul's chest and nipples. As he squeezed the erect flesh points cream streamed from them.

“Holy shit. You're lactating. If I give you the serum, I don't know if the milk will be absorbed in your body eventually or if we need to…..” His voice trailed off.

“If we need to empty them, is that what you think?” Paul fondled his sagging pecs and felt the cream dripping from them. “How do we empty them?”

“Suction, like a breast pump.”

“You mean like a mother's breast pump. Oh man, that's too much. What about my nuts?” Paul used both hands to pick up the heavy nutsack and rapidly stiffening cock. That could take forever.

“We don't know that. I have to go out and buy what we need. In the meantime, well, you have to jack off to get the cum flowing. You think you can handle that?”

“I am so fucking horny, I can't believe it. All I want is to suck dick and get fucked.” Paul looked at Danny's face.

“What's wrong?”

“Did you shave this morning?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Look for yourself.” Danny ran to the mirror and saw a very heavy five o'clock shadow over his face; his hair was a bit longer too. He pulled off his shirt and examined his chest. It was definitely bigger. No wonder his clothes felt tight. He had mixed the chemicals in his own body and could soon be swelling up as quickly as Paul.

“I better get to the stores before I have a growth spurt and can't get dressed in anything.” Danny pulled his shirt back on and looked at Paul. He was enormous and dreadfully sad. He kissed the handsome man and felt the heat pass between them. His arms encircled the broad shoulders as their tongues met in passion.

Paul pushed him away. “It's not that I never wanted to be huge, it's just that I don't want tits down to my knees and my nuts dragging on the ground. How much time do we have?”

“I'm not sure, but I'll go. Start emptying your nuts and I'll be back as soon as I can.” Danny ran out the door and jumped into his car. A few blocks later he pulled into a shopping plaza and ran into a maternity shop. The sales clerk asked what he needed with two pumps and he explained they were gifts for two pregnant women. He drove around until he found a sex shop and purchased a suction toy then headed back to Paul's.

When he returned to the apartment he found Paul lounging back in a chair. His pecs were swollen to balloon proportions and his balls were down to the floor. He had been jacking off and filling a jar with cum, but couldn't keep up with his body's production. He smiled and tried to get up but fell back into the chair, his chest bounced with the fluid filling it. The rest of his body was lean, mean and massively muscled. The blond fur covered his chest, legs and butt. His face was covered by a full thick beard and his flattop was now down to his shoulders.

“You have to stop this Dan. I'm as big as I ever want to get and I in no fucking way want balls dragging on the floor. Do something.” Danny helped Paul out of the chair and into the bedroom. He helped Paul climb into bed and get comfortable then poured his purchases on the floor next to the bed. He rigged up the breast pumps to the vacuum machine and began pumping the bloated pecs. The bottles quickly filled and he went scrambling to find other containers. Finally he gave up and dumped the milk down the drain. Paul had his head back on a pillow breathing a sigh of relief as he felt the weight lighten on his chest. While the machine sucked his tits dry, Danny nursed Paul's long cock into a full erection. He sucked the man's cock until it was bobbing straight up from the hard, furry abs. He slid the cock sheath over the huge dong and started the machine sucking Paul's nuts of their cum. He found a bucket in the kitchen and let a tube drain into it. An hour later both men examined the results of their work and decided it was safe to administers Danny's hopeful antidote.

He filled a syringe and swabbed Paul's beefy butt. He shot the hard ass full of the clear serum and sat back. Paul lay on his stomach and moaned. He seemed to be oblivious to anything else in the room as Danny stripped off his own clothes and knelt between Paul's huge legs. He buried his tongue between the asscheeks and drove in as far as he could. Paul responded by pushing his ass into the air and reaching back to shove Danny's tongue deeper into the hairy crevice. Danny licked until the puckered hole was dripping spit, then sat up and lubed his cock. He pushed against Paul's pulsing hole and felt his cock slide into the hot opening. Paul bucked his ass higher to get more of Danny's dick into his gut. Danny slowly fucked the writhing cop until he felt his nuts swelling. He pulled off and attached the suction tube to his cock. Within a few minutes the machine was sucking a steady flow of cum from Danny's balls. He lay back across the bed as his body jerked with the steady orgasms. Paul seemed to be regaining his senses and turned over to watch the machine sucking the 14-inch cock. He fondled Danny's huge pecs and watched as they swelled to the point he thought the skin would split. Danny lay there looking like he had undergone some bizarre breast implant experiment. His pecs flopped from side to side. The nipples were long, erect and dripping milk. Danny directed him to attach the makeshift breast pumps. Paul knelt between Danny's legs and started the suction machine on his friend's pecs.

Forty-five minutes later Danny explained to Paul how to administer the serum in the syringe and rolled to one side baring his huge muscled bubble butt. Paul shot the serum into the muscle and Danny lay back. He felt the rush of heat wave over his body and Paul collapse across him in exhaustion. Two hours later Danny woke up as the suction device became painful on his now depleted pecs. The bucket was full of milk cream from the two men. Paul squeezed the shrunken pecs and helped him flush the cream down the toilet. Both men stood in the glare of the bathroom light and looked at their reflections in the mirror. They were both massive beyond their wildest expectations. For the moment, no growth in their pecs or balls was evident, so they assumed Danny's antidote had done the trick.

Paul moved through several poses in awe of his competition quality size. He turned to Danny and kissed him full on the mouth. Their tongues met and the two men walked back to the bedroom for another hour of fucking. Paul pounded Danny's ass until he sent shot after shot of cum across the thick, broad back. He lay on top of the young man and licked the back of his neck.

“I know Joe is very important in your life, but I hope you can find a place for me.”

“Oh fuck. I got so wrapped up in solving our crisis, that I forgot my news. I think I know where he is.”


Part 5

Try as he did, Joe could not fight the desire to have Bob fuck him. The two men had been tied on top of each other all night. Matt's henchmen had checked on them in the morning and left the room laughing at the sight. Fortunately, he had untied them so they could move around a bit. Joe sat back on the bed and looked at Bob lying spread eagle. His pecs were so big they hung down over the sides of his chest. His nuts were also equally huge, lying between his legs like a huge sack of potatoes. The man was covered in thick fur and his overall muscularity was cut, defined and hot. Joe held his own pecs up trying to gauge their size but they were so soft and fluid filled they just flopped out of his hands. His nuts drooped over the edge of the bed, reaching for the floor.

Despite their deformity, he was hot for Bob's long donkey dick. He began licking the two-foot long tool and soon had the shaft fully erect like a spear sticking out of Bob's furry crotch. Bob moaned and watched in amazement as his dick stiffened. Even more amazing was Joe's straddling the cock and sinking down over it until the tube disappeared into the man's massive muscle butt. Bob worked Joe's long, erect nipples and had them shooting streams into his mouth. Joe began squatting over the tool fucking himself over Bob's body. The two men no longer had control of their sex drive and Bob was soon shooting cum into Joe's enormous body. Too late Joe realized what they had done and stood up. Streams of hot cum shot from Bob's piss slit and flew up over his head. Joe flopped next to the man as they rolled toward each other in a tight liplock.

Matt and his sidekicks walked into the room and pulled them off each other. “No way buds, don't be playing with my liquid gold. Strap on the pumps boys, harvest that money.” Bob and Joe were pulled from the bed, their pecs swaying from side to side like bloated breasts. Their balls painfully bounced off their quads and caused their dicks to stiffen and jut out. They were strapped into the chairs again and the pumps attached. The men watched each other in the mirrors as the cream flowed from their pecs and dicks. When Matt was satisfied with the milking, they were allowed to work out. The two humpy guards drove them harder today than ever. By the time they were finished, ever muscle in their bodies was screaming. Joe looked in the mirror and saw a fantastically built freaky, muscle monster with a dick down to his knees and pecs bigger than any man could imagine. Hair hung over his eyes and he needed a shave desperately but that didn't seem to be part of Matt's ritual. They were fed more this meal. Their bodies soaked in the nutrients like water. Still wet with sweat, they were returned to their room and thrown across the bed.

“I'm putting you pigs on the honour system that you won't spew my investment all over the room. Get some rest ladies.” He locked the door and could be heard laughing all the way down the hallway. Joe pulled Bob to him and soon had their mouths smashed together in a fevered deep kiss. He held Bob's head in his hands and felt the long hair flowing over his hands as their tongues licked around each other's face. Bob pushed Joe back and began sucking the long nipples.

“Don't actually drink any of that stuff or you'll get even bigger.”

“I don't care anymore. I can't possibly lead a normal life again with tits bigger than the heaviest women I know and a dick that no normal person could handle. So what if I get as big and muscled as a horse, what could I do for a lover now?”

“Bullshit, don't let yourself give in to this.” Joe pushed Bob back against the bed but as Bob tried to get away he turned face down on the bed. Joe looked at the beautifully shaped butt and lost control. He dived on top of Bob and held him down as he raped the delirious man.

“Yeah, give me your cum, fucker, I want to be bigger. Make me grotesque.” Joe fucked the tight hole until the words hit home. He pulled out and stopped before cumming. The effect of not getting off made his balls convulse and swell to the size of basketballs. Bob looked back in disbelief.

“Holy shit, I'm sorry. We gotta get out of here.”

Danny and Paul slipped into dark sweats and headed out to the warehouse gym. They parked a block away and walked through the shadows to the nondescript building. There were lights on the top floor and over the doors. They chose what they figured to be the back entrance and tested the doorknob. Danny watched as Paul pulled a pick from a case and expertly picked the lock. As they snuck in, they heard voices coming from down a hallway. The dark hall made walking dangerous until their eyes adjusted. They crept to the door under which light shone. They could hear what they thought to be three men discussing the sale of growth hormone. One voice seemed to be leading the conversation. Danny whispered to Paul that must be Matt. They listened to determine what might happen next.

“Well, our fat cows should just about be ready for their evening milking and workout. Get the equipment ready guys.”

“How much longer are we going to do this?”

“I don't know. One, I don't know if this stuff has a shelf life and goes bad at any point in time or remains potent. And, second, sooner or later we will have to quit here and move on. I'm sure what we are doing doesn't come under FDA or government regulations.”

“Then what do we do with our little piggies?”

“Nothing, we will have made more money than we can spend and with good investments, we're set for life. So, we just turn them loose in the street.”

“But by then they could be the size of a car and have tits ready to explode.'

“So what, every cow eventually goes dry and that's life. Come on let's go do the evening milking, Jeb.” Laughter followed as the three men walked out a front door. Danny and Paul waited until they heard the door close and then sneaked into the room. They found huge refrigerator units filled with bottles marked “Super Growth”. Mail orders were piled on a desk and a computer printed out labels. They walked across the room and peeked out into another hallway. They could hear groaning coming from a side room and decided to investigate.

As they crept up a flight of steps to a row of lit windows, they heard Joe's voice pleading to stop the whole nightmare. Another voice they didn't recognize was sobbing for mercy. At the top of the steps leading to an old walkway, Danny and Paul looked down into an old medical office. Two men were strapped into examination chairs and were completely naked. They looked at each other in disbelief at the size of the two men. Both were freaky huge with muscle but their pecs were the size of beach balls and their balls hung down to the floor. Just as Danny had done, breast pumps were attached to their nipples and a machine started. Cream soon flowed into five-gallon buckets. Two of the men attached what looked like a modified milking nozzle to the two men's dicks and flipped switches. The two cocks suddenly stiffened and the two helpless men began humping their hips. One of the guards straddled the chair's arms and rammed an enormous cock down the second captive's throat. The man sucked it like it was his last meal.

They had deduced the leader had to be Matt. He straddled Joe's chair and fed him a throat full of bloated dick. The men fucked their slave's mouths and soon shot loads of thick cum down over the fat tits. Paul motioned for Danny to follow him as he crawled below the window ledge to another stairway. They followed this back to the first floor and through a doorway that led to a fully equipped gym. On the far side they found a bedroom with ropes for keeping the two men captive. Paul searched for the closest doorway out and soon explained an escape plan. As they plotted how to get the two men out of the building, they crept back up to the catwalk. Another offshoot led them to windows overlooking the gym as the three men put Joe and his fellow captor through an intense workout. Danny felt his cock growing stiff watching his buddy's perfect morphed body pump to superhuman proportions.

Danny explained it was Joe, and Paul thought he recognized the other guy from his gym. They hid at the top of the stairs until the captives were allowed to eat and shower. When the two men were tied to the bed in their room, Paul and Danny ran around the back way to the original shipping and storage room. The three men were busily dragging their harvest into walk in coolers. Paul jumped on the opportunity and slammed the door. He used a lifting bar to jam the door mechanism and lock them inside. The three men were soon screaming, as their plight became evident. Danny found a window into the cooler and rapped on the frosty window. Matt screamed to be let out.

“Not right now buddy, your balls are on ice. We have work to do.”

Paul disconnected the phone system and turned off the computer. “No sense worrying about those orders.”

They ran down the hallway to the room where they found Joe and Bob tied to the bed. Joe began to sob when he recognized Danny. He wrapped his pumped but sore arms around his buddy and kissed him. Bob looked at what was happening and almost hyperventilated. He looked at Paul and asked him if he went to the Barbell Club. Paul nodded and Bob sighed, admitting he knew he was a cop and that they were over the ordeal.

Danny pulled a medical case from a bag and explained he had a serum to counter the growth hormone in their bodies. Since they had just been milked it should be safe to administer. Joe quickly bent over to offer his butt. Bob followed reluctantly. When asked why, he sobbed out his fear of now being too much of a freak.

“Well,” Paul speculated, “then I say it's time we create some freaks of our own.” They waited a few minutes until they thought the serum had had time to get into Joe and Bob's bloodstream. They led the men to the shipping room and showed them the three men in the cooler. Joe instantly knew what Paul was thinking. He pointed to the smallest man and suggested they start with him. Bob unlocked the cooler door but as the three men inside charged it, the other three men jumped the smallest and dragged him out. Bob slammed the door on the cooler trapping Matt and his other buddy again.

The small man fell on the floor and was roughly pulled to his feet by Paul and Danny. When he saw Joe greasing his enormous erection he knew what was in store for him. His clothes were ripped from his body, as he was strapped to a shipping table. Joe climbed onto the table and steadied his two-foot cock at the tightly clenched asshole.

“Open up buddy, it'll be much easier if you cooperate. As the man tried to respond, Joe seized the opportunity and plowed his fuckpole in until he was buried to the root. He rutted the helpless man for several minutes then quickly pulled out. The smaller man screamed as a tube was shoved up his ass and another down his throat. Danny poured the growth hormone into the tubes and watched it disappear into the writhing man. He soon was unconscious and dragged off to be tied to the bed. Bob watched the other two men through the cooler window. The second man was shivering in the corner while Matt paced back and forth.

This time Matt charged the door but Joe backhanded him and sent him crashing back across the floor of the cooler. Danny and Bob grabbed the second man and quickly tied the cold body to the tabletop. This time Bob got to do the honors and fucked the man's asshole. The pumping of the man's body with the hormone was complete. He joined the first man, tied to the bed. Only Matt remained pleading for mercy to be let out of the cooler.

Joe opened the door and stood between Matt and freedom. Matt came flying at the huge man but only fell to the floor as Joe stood his ground. Joe bent over taking the man's T-shirt in his hands and ripped it straight down the back. As Matt clawed to get away, Joe grabbed the waistband of his workout shorts and in one move shredded them from the cold man. He half dragged, half threw Matt onto the table and shoved his stiff dick up the ungreased asshole. Matt screamed but found his mouth filled with the remains of his jock. His eyes opened wide in terror as he was flipped on his back. Danny had rigged a funnel to a tube and soon prepared a gallon of the hormone for Matt's ass. When Joe was satisfied his asshole was stretched sufficiently, he pulled out and Paul and Danny fed the tube deep inside the crying man. Bob poured the gallon into the thrashing man, then stepped back to grab another bucket. Matt screamed in all out terror as his body was filled with growth hormone. He was too cold and weak to fight as they dragged him to the gym and strapped him to an incline board in front of a full-length mirror.

He began to struggle to free himself but his bonds held tightly. Danny ran back to the car and drove back to the warehouse. They had brought sweatsuits with them expecting that they might come in handy. Joe and Bob got dressed and watched as Matt's body began to react to the massive doses of hormones. His muscles soon were in the range of 350 pounds and his body was covered in thick fur. Bob quipped that he had become their Big Foot cow. Tears streamed down Matt's face as he watched his balls expand until they slid the whole length of the board to the floor, easily four feet of swollen testicles. His pecs ballooned until they hung down either side. The nipples extended four inches out from the sacks like giant tire valves.

Bob stood and watched in glee and amazement. “Do you think we should relieve the pressure?”

Joe looked at an imaginary watch on his wrist. “No, this turkey ain't done yet. What are you going to do with all that cum and cream in the coolers?”

Danny looked thoughtfully at the three men. “First, I determine if it falls within FDA guidelines and if it does, I say we get rich.” He walked over to the sobbing Matt and stroked the swollen breasts. “Our cows can live a life of luxury, eh?” Danny ran off to the university lab and ran tests on the hormone as Joe, Bob and Paul kept watch on their captives. In the morning, they found Matt's buddies equally huge and muscled with balls down to the floor and tits so big they had to be held up to take a piss. The two men were so horny that Joe, Bob and Paul fucked them several times each. They worked the two men over for several hours before relieving the pressure in their tits. Then they walked back to check on Matt.

They found their former torturer, still tied to the bench. His dick was erect and sticking like a huge pole three feet from his 450-pound body. His nutsack was now so huge and his pecs so filled with cream they couldn't move him. They untied his hands and stood him up to see his reflection in the mirror.

“You wanted muscle fucker, well you got it.” Joe whispered in Matt's ear and bent him forward over the huge pillows of pecs. He fucked the former security guard until Matt was begging for more. Bob and Paul also took their turns. They left Matt to helplessly drag his huge tits around the gym. They came back with the pumping equipment and emptied his sacks. Matt no longer had the will to fight. His body continued to grow muscle until he was too big to do much other than sit on the floor.

Danny returned several hours later and announced that the secretions were perfectly safe if sold as is and kept refrigerated. The four men stood around Matt's grotesquely muscled body and laughed.

“I say we transport our cows to a better farm and start making that money.” Danny kissed Joe and hugged the man he wanted in his life. Paul had gone off to another office and was in the throes of passion with Bob. The four muscle men planned to retire to a life of luxury living off the fat of their cows.

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