5D Super User: Brandon

by pkak2k12

 Brandon finds out he has an unexpected gift the second he becomes 18.

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I winced at the ray of sunlight finding its way through the gap between the curtains. My mind was still foggy from finally getting a semi decent night’s sleep. Three weeks of this lumpy mattress had been terrible, but I suppose I was getting used to it. Going from being a city lad, a single son of two caring parents, for them to leave me with some farmer extended family whilst they work abroad for a year.

“Finally awake, li’l bud?” the rich deep voice called over from the other side of the room. I groaned slightly; first to confirm I was awake, second in annoyance. Richie, my cousin, was whose room I was sharing. He was so… perfect, it was sickening. From his cute freckles on his sun kissed skin, to his tall, muscled physique. To add to it all he was so nice, the only annoying thing was him calling me “li’l bud”. I know 5’2’’ isn’t tall by any standard, but it does get on my nerves. Next to him, though, I look absolutely tiny, my pale skinny frame really didn’t fit in with the farmstead life, and having a foot of height on me was extra annoying since he wasn’t any older than me.

“Don’t be like that, li’l bud,” Richie responded, his heavy footfalls causing some of the old farmhouse floorboards to creak. “I let ya sleep in a bit, did the mornin’ chores for ya.” Of course he did, such a goodie goodie. My sight slowly adapted to the faint light in the room as I began to sit up in the cot they had brought in. I then gasped and covered my face at the sight. Richie had just finished stripping down from his early morning stuff and was getting ready to hit the showers, his skin aglow from the morning work, each of his developed ripped muscles on display. All he had was a white towel over his forearm, reaching down towards his knees conveniently covering his manhood. I wasn’t used to other people being nude, but it really didn’t help that he was that attractive.

“Really, dude? I’m right here,” I told Richie, knowing my face was going a little pink with embarrassment.

“Relax, li’l bud.” Richie began to head across the room to the door. “It’s just a body. You city folk are way too prude,” he chuckled. “Ma’s cookin’ some bacon up for breakfast. It is ya big day, after all.”

My hands dropped as my brain caught up a little. That was right, today was my eighteenth birthday. I had totally forgotten. I was born in the middle of summer, so was usually the youngest in my year while at school, though with school finished I was now seeking work somewhere nearby for the year.

“Oh, right,” I mumbled. “Yeah, thanks.” My voice had only slightly deepend since I was a kid, still high for a guy. Yeah, puberty hadn’t been kind to me overall, I was short, I couldn’t put on muscle, I didn’t grow much hair. Today was just another day, really.

“Welp, my turn for the shower.” Richie grinned. “Ya wanna get dressed and down in ten or ya’ll be stuck watchin’ me towel off,” he chuckled.

“All right, all right,” I grumbled, I was not a morning person and all this talking wasn’t helping. “Just get going.” The door creaked slightly as Richie left the bedroom, but I did the regretful thing of glance as he did. The huge v-shaped back was lightly coated in fresh sweat from the morning chores around the farm, each contour glistened as he moved. His waist was thinner, but still toned and well-muscled, a sturdy core, and he had the most toned bubble butt I’d ever seen. Each one seemed to flex as he took the step through and closed the door behind him. Fuck, why was he so attractive?

I sighed as I stretched, then realised I had been sporting morning wood all this time. Richie hadn’t said anything, no doubt he would’ve just mentioned it being natural if it came up in conversation. The one part of me that was at least average, my 6-inch rod ached, especially after watching Richie wander through the room like that. Three weeks of sharing a room and no chance of getting off had been a nightmare, I pleaded with it to go down quick so I could at least go down to breakfast in a more respectable manner.

A couple of minutes later I was out of bed and pulling on some clothes. I sniffed my shirt and realised it stunk from all the sweat of the summer heat. I sighed as I pulled up my jeans and threw it into the laundry hamper. I hadn’t gotten around to doing the laundry yet, though I’m sure Richie would volunteer if he had noticed. I was out of fresh shirts from what I managed to bring with me, so I looked at the clothes donated to me. It was one of Richie’s hand-me-downs, something that he wore a couple of years ago. Even then he was apparently bigger than me, the cream cotton top hanging baggy on my stick frame. It had a faint lavender scent to it, they had kindly washed everything to get the storage musk out before gifting them to me. It was actually quite comfy, though it could’ve slipped off of one of my shoulders with the wider neck hole. Regardless, I was decent enough to go to breakfast.

I grabbed my phone and checked the time. 8:14 a.m. I really had been given a lie in, the farmhouse was usually up by 6 and busy until around this time, and over the last couple of weeks I was exhausted with what little chores I’d been able to help out with. No signal out here, either, so no messages from people I knew back home. The local internet was also garbage, it was barely better than what I heard ‘90s dial-up was like. Either way I slipped my phone into my pocket and headed downstairs.

The floorboards barely creaked with my small light frame, I suppose I could at least head downstairs without waking anyone if I ever needed a glass of water in the night. The scent of bacon and the sizzling of fat in a pan greeted me as I passed through the living room to the kitchen.

“Mornin’, Brandon,” Aunt Mary greeted me with a pearly white smile. Like her children, she shared the sun kissed skin and freckles on her face. Her chestnut hair was tied back into a braid, though a couple of stray hairs poked out. Forty-five years living on the farm had done her wonders, she looked much younger than my own mom, and she was in better shape. Again, teen hormones were fighting with my reasoning, she was fit and had a pretty killer body, curves in the right places, nothing too disproportionate, and she really fit the farmer vibe wearing the dungarees and chequered shirt beneath.

“Happy birthday to my favourite nephew.” She grinned again as she used the spatula, taking out some sizzling rashers of bacon. To be fair, I was her only nephew, so she got away with saying that. Two thick slices of bread were pre-buttered and waiting for the bacon. I took a seat at the kitchen island, hopping onto one of the stools as Aunt Mary brought over the ketchup and sandwich. “Here you are, sweetheart.” She placed it in front of me then leaned in and kissed my cheek. I flinched at the surprise contact, again this side of the family were much closer than I was used to. I’d only ever been kissed by my parents before, and even then it had petered out by the time I was 10.

“Th-thanks, Aunt Mary,” I stammered, feeling my body tense up at the physical touch. Not only the kiss, I swear I could feel her arm brush up against mine.

Aunt Mary chuckled. “Still not feelin’ settled in, are ya, li’l Brandon?” I winced again, that li’l again. Aunt Mary was taller than me too, around 5’7’’. “Well, today ya can do what ya like, Richie’s taken over ya chores so ya can have some free time.” I felt a little twinge from my loins again, an image of Richie’s sculpted naked form flashed in my mind, fresh from only a few moments ago.

“I should probably go say thanks,” I replied. “He’s been very kind.”

“Well, Richie does love havin’ someone else ‘round the farm to hang out with.” Aunt Mary took a seat across from me. I removed the lid to the ketchup and put a generous amount onto the bacon before taking a bite. It had the perfect level of crispiness to it. “Outside of schoolin’ it’s a fair travel to go an’ visit folk.”

That we could agree on. Twenty miles to the nearest town meant no one was going to casually walk to town, and it was five miles to the nearest bus route. Back in the city it was convenient to go grab a bus or cab anywhere, but here I had to borrow the truck.

“That’s true…” I nodded between mouthfuls. “Oh, speaking of, would you mind if I took the truck to head into town? I’ve got some money in my account still to get some extra things, and-”

“Sorry, Brandon,” Aunt Mary cut me off. “Suzie’s drivin’ ya uncle Aaron to the doctor’s. He’s got an appointment for his knee today, it’s been booked in for a while. Suzie’s gonna run some errands too, so they’ll be back by sundown.”

Well that was that plan tarnished. I guess I was trapped on the Synger Farm the whole day. No signal, terrible internet, and just the overbearing family and livestock to keep me company.

“Oh, okay,” I replied quietly, taking another bite of the bacon sandwich, albeit a little slower.

“If I’d known ya wanted ta head into town, I would’ve gotten ya up a little earlier,” Aunt Mary tried to console me.

“It’s fine,” I lied. “I’ll just work on my résumé or something.” I wasn’t built for the manual labour of working on the farm, so trying to find something, even part-time, in town nearby would definitely help. My plan was to look into renting a car or getting a cheap one second-hand today, then collect it when the weekly market delivery is done. If I had any leftover money, perhaps I could get some fresh pencils and a sketchbook to keep practising sketches.

The day went painfully slow. It was late August and the living room was getting hot. My laptop was set up and I was looking over my resume, trying to find ways to make it more appealing. I should’ve applied for college really, but where would an arts degree take me nowadays? I checked the time in the corner of my screen. 1:09 p.m. I sighed again, it felt like a new pastime I had gotten since I moved in here. I decided I needed a break, so got up and headed to refill my glass with water. Midsummer and a heatwave are a deadly combination, I can appreciate why the farmers do as much work as they can before sunrise.

Rehydrated, I headed back to Richie’s room; he insisted it was our room now, but I still felt like an outsider, and went into my travel bag. I got my sketchbook and pencil case, it wasn’t a huge amount to work with, but an artist can’t blame their tools, even with a standard HB you can make art. I had already had a spare day or two to sketch parts of the farm, even managing to get some time to draw the cows in the field. However, it was a bit too sunny to sit out and do so today, I’d look like a lobster within the hour.

I thought perhaps I can check the stable to see if there were any horses, they’d be a good piece to practise. A wall of heat greeted me when I stepped outside, I thought it was warm indoors, it must’ve gone up 20 degrees in a single step. Not wanting to fry I hurried over to the barn, sketchpad and a chopping board for rigidity underarm. I wanted my easel from back home, but it was too big to fit in a commute travel bag. The shade beckoned me, but even that was still too warm for my comfort. The stable door was open and I slipped indoors to find it surprisingly cooler.

I wandered through the middle of the stable, admiring how much cooler it was than outside. Glancing from one paddock to the next, most of the horses were opting to stay indoors. Perfect, I would have my choice of subject. Many of them were laying on the straw, taking an afternoon doze, their water troughs still half-filled. Some colts were sleeping beside their mother in one, which I took as my best option for something to draw. I’d want a stool to sit on, so I began to quietly head further into the large building to find one.

Beyond the farm smells and occasional noise from the horses I could hear something out of place. The odd huffing and puffing was coming from around the corner. It was heavy breathing from what I could figure, and my mind went to perhaps someone hurt. However, I hadn’t seen any of the farmhands over this side, they were sheltering by the farmhouse. I peered around the corner and my jaw almost hit the ground.

It was Richie, he had apparently set up a small gym at the back of the stables, a weight set and bench all laid out. Shirtless, wearing just his sandals and baggy shorts, he was lying down on the bench, a barbell that must’ve held 300 pounds of weight on it going steadily up and down, his breathing in time with each pump. I looked on in awe as his arms swelled with strength, the biceps forming mountains of muscle with each press. His huge pecs raised and lowered with each breath, obscuring his clean shaved face from me and to focus more on the definition of his abs. A toned eight-pack greeted me, again glistening with sweat from the workout and a faint dusting of a happy trail barely visible. His breathing caused each muscle to flex with the movement of his arms, a faint grunt as he held the heavy barbell high above him.

He also obviously didn’t skip leg day, either. His legs spread slightly to either side of the bench, the calves showed the mighty trunk-like gains he had put into them. These led up to his thighs that twitched with each raise of the bar, his legs were probably close to being as wide as my waist. I wasn’t sure if that said something good about his thick muscle legs, or my fragile small state.

“Hoo!” Richie rested the bar down on the rack behind him and sat up, brushing a hand on his biceps. I just stared in adoration, he had worked hard on that body, obviously having the right genetics for it. I wasn’t a shrimp form a lack of trying, I had been to the gym before but failed to put any muscle on, so slowly decided to stop. However, seeing this made me think twice.

“Wow, that was intense,” Richie said to himself, again his hand stroking over his bicep. “Maybe by next year, hmm…” His other hand scratches his belly before readjusting his crotch. I did a double take from the outline that he had to move, it was thick and long, and probably hard; of course he was hung, too. Why had puberty not blessed me in kind?

“Oh, hey, li’l bud.” Richie smiled at me. “Didn’t hear ya come in.” He stood up from the bench. “Guess ya found where I disappear off ta during my breaks.” I silently nodded as I watched him walk over, each muscle glistening with post-workout sweat, his musk beginning to overtake the smell of the stable as he got close. “I’d’ve offered for ya to join me, but I don’t think I’ve got any weights light enough.” He said every word with an innocence to it, but it felt like a cold blade to the heart.

He glanced down at me. “Oh, hey, ya got ya drawin’ book.” He pointed at the sketchpad under my arm. “Ya wanna do some life drawin’? I don’t mind ya sketchin’ me while I work out.” He stood in front of me, my eyeline meeting his nipples. They were small on his body, pushed out by the huge pecs they were attached to. He raised a bicep, watching the muscle swell higher and higher. “What do ya think?”

It took me several seconds to process, I was getting a bit of sensory overload; the sexy muscles, the scent of pure manliness, the deep alluring tone of my younger cousin’s voice. I could feel myself boning up in my jeans, my dick pressing up against the zipper.

“Sorry I walked in on you!” I said hastily, my words bleeding into one another as I turned around and marched myself away. I knew Richie would’ve told me to stay, but I couldn’t risk it. I rushed out of the stable and hastened back to the farmhouse, my dick painfully pressing against the inside of my jeans begging for some attention. I hurried up to the bedroom and closed the door behind me, hopping into the cot I’d been supplied and hugged my knees up to my chest. That’s when I realised I dropped my sketchpad in the panic, it’ll be back at the stable. I couldn’t go back immediately, Richie would still be there, and my nethers were dying for some release. I couldn’t give into it, as I sat there for a good half hour trying to calm my hormones down.

By midafternoon I had reemerged. I hadn’t seen or heard from Richie for the rest of the afternoon as I went back to job applications, managing to get a stable enough connection to check for local jobs, even sending off to a couple of them in hopes of hearing back from them. However my mind was still racing from earlier. I could put the sweat running down my face to the heat wave, but I knew deep down it was from my bisexual ass falling for my cousin. I was lucky his sister wasn’t around either, she was also a bombshell, a proper southern lass with a toned voluptuous body. It wasn’t fair, everyone in this side of the family was super sexy. I wiped the sweat from my brow and turned off the computer, I could do no more today. Aunt Mary had been through a couple of times, making sure I was drinking enough, she was too kind.

I blinked and looked back at the screen. Something wasn’t right, I was seeing strange symbols in a light blue font. I stared for a second, looking at the screen before realising they weren’t on the screen. I blinked again, there they were still, I was looking at the wall. It was like it was in my eye.

“What?” I said out loud to no one in particular. Maybe it was the heat getting to me. However, some of the symbols seemed to change.

Local dialect signature: English

“What?” I repeated, the symbols were strange, it was like something in my eye, but I could focus it on a point of reference, letting me look across it like I was reading. Thousands of tiny words scrolled past, too fast for me to read, I was definitely going crazy from the heat.

“Wait, just stop.” I closed my eyes, which seemed to make the random words disappear. I paused for a second before opening my eyes again. The words had seemingly stopped, no longer blocking my vision, but in the corner of my vision I could see a new line.

Command recognised. Temporal stasis initiated

“Temporal what?” I questioned. It was strange, like I was talking to something, like a bot, and the symbols translated to English for me to understand.

Temporal stasis in effect. Time dimensional effects suspended until command released.

I still didn’t understand, but I guess this came with hallucinations. I reached down for my glass of water to take a drink. However, as I turned the glass the water stayed inside the glass, like it was frozen.

“That can’t be right,” I told myself. It didn’t look frozen. I reached in with my other hand. It was still wet, my finger pushed in and when I pulled it out a perfect hole was left in the water. I startled, dropping the glass. However, the glass stayed where it was. “Okay, what is going on?” I stood up, looking at the floating glass, maybe I had fallen asleep at the computer, it wouldn’t be the first time. Job hunting is just that boring. Another message appeared to me.

Defined local time: 15:52 28th August. Subject Brandon Synger has become the age of 18 in local dimension, allowing full access to the super user account.

I had so many questions. The time and date was correct, it knew my name, super user?

This interface you have connected to is the Five Dimensional Access Vault Executable, also known as 5-DAVE. Your 4th dimensional system has granted you access to its super user features.

“Features? So I can stop time now?” I questioned out in the open, running to the window. It was true, everything outside was frozen in place too. I could see a bird midflight, stuck in place in the sky, a farmhand hopping over a fence, similarly levitating in place as he was going to help a calf get unstuck from the fence.

Super User access allows for manipulation of localised features, including physical amendments down to a subatomic level. Fundamental physical laws cannot be changed, but exceptions to specified targets can be applied.

Again, more questions arose. “This is a lot of words and not really explaining much,” I said, sitting back down again. I looked to the glass and opted to put it back where it was, the water still had my finger hole pressed into it.

Interface Change: executed

I felt very lightheaded for a second, then blinked again. However, when I opened my eyes I was not looking forward anymore. I could see the room like a fly on the wall, the sofa, the table, my laptop, and… me? I was sitting in the chair and my body tensed as I felt the shock in my system.

Selecting object for manipulation

My field of view changed again as I was not looking intently at the glass.

Showing properties

A list of information flooded my mind about this glass. I suddenly could see it was originally made seven years ago, purchased three months after being made, currently held just under half a pint of water of its maximum volume of 1.2 pints, and had a slight imperfection in its base where a tiny bubble was that would make it easy to shatter.

Altering a property

Its potential volume was changed from being able to hold 1.2 pints to 2.5 pints. There seemed to be some subtle flicker on the numbers, as if converting to measurements I was more understanding. Another option appeared of “affect retroactively” before it was changed.

All of a sudden the glass increased in size, now rather than being half full the contents were a quarter full. Even the point where I poked my finger changed, being shallower as the water level was lower in the glass. I remembered the glass being smaller, but also recognise that it has always been this big, too.

“So I can do this with things?” I braved another question. It was strange watching my mouth move out of the corner of my eye, it was like a life simulation game, able to look at the different aspects that were going on.

A super user can alter anything that is not another super user

“Wait, so I can change people too?”


Shit, this dream was amazing. I’d had some strange fantasy dreams before, but that usually involved being ravished by a hot guy or girl, and both that one time. “Listen, can I give mental commands? Talking about this out loud is getting weird.”

Input via conscious mental command accepted

Conscious thought, good. I didn’t want to accidentally have a random side thought and suddenly cause a black hole or something.

Warning parameters are active. Whilst a Super User your dimension harbours restraints to prevent collapse

Wait, my dimension? Okay, that’s even more questions. They can wait though, I want to try changing more stuff. I then looked over to where my body was sat. It smiled at the concept as I analysed myself, looking over certain stats.

Subject: Brandon Synger

Yep, no middle name.

Age: 18 years 14 seconds

I guess it took 14 seconds to get to the point of pausing everything.

Height: 5’1.75’’

I’m 5’2’’, give me that.

Weight: 79 lb.

Okay, I could do with putting some weight on.

Sexuality: Bisexual, submissive
Kinks: Muscle, hypersexuality, macrophilia

Okay, that’s fair.

Penis: 5.9’’ length, 4.2’’ circumference

I guess I rounded up to 6’’ in my head, but it’s still in the average range.

Body Fat: 4%

Low body fat is good, right?

Muscle Level: 3%

What did that mean? I didn’t get the scaling on this, but yes, I can’t put on muscles for shit.

Virtual view

Oh my! I saw another me appear in my viewpoint, this time nude and I was mentally able to move it around, like a video game model. It even had the birthmark on my left shoulder blade. However, I did look pathetic. My ribs were visible, my arms and legs were like toothpicks, I barely had any hair on my body, a few wispy bits beneath the arms, and a small patch above my average endowments.

Do you want to make any changes?

The prompt from 5-DAVE was just superficial. Of course I wanted to make some changes! However, I wanted to start of simple, if I messed this up I could end up really fucked up. Okay, let’s start with the muscle levels.

Muscle Level: 3%

It appeared like a slider bar with my little avatar in the corner. When I mentally changed the bar, so did the little image of me. I gawked as I pulled the level up to 30%, all of a sudden I was jacked, muscles reaching that of bodybuilder status. I then spotted an extra option to set my muscle distribution. Runner, swimmer, strongman, there were so many options. I wanted to try them all, but I said I’d start small. I turned it down from 3% to 7.5%, even then I could see a noticeable change, having the faint definition in my arms and my ribs weren’t showing as much. I mentally accepted the changes and looked to my body, it was subtle, but I could see the muscles bulk up from nothing to at least something.

Changes completed

Okay, that was fun, let’s resume time. I wonder what else I can do in this dream.

Current dimension is your home dimension
You are conscious

“I what?” With that the noise of the farm resumed, a faint splash came from the now larger glass in front of me. I was back in my body. I remember that glass being a pint, but it was definitely a quarter gallon now. I then realised the shirt fit me a little better, no longer threatening to fall off of my shoulders as easy. I still didn’t fill it, but it wasn’t too oversized for me at least.

“Wait, are you still there?” I called out into the ether.

Access to 5-DAVE is available at all times from this point forward

“Awesome…” I said to myself.

“Brandon? What’s with all that yellin’?” Aunt Mary’s voice called out. Crap, I’d been talking out loud again. Mental commands, I need to remember that.

“Nothing, Aunt Mary,” I called back. “I just… nearly spilled water on my laptop.”

“All right,” she called back. That was close. Well, it may’ve been a shoddy birthday up to this point, but this was an amazing present to get.

If anyone was watching me after that point, I would’ve just appeared to be deep in thought to them, my face changing to expressions of surprise and smiles from time to time. In actuality I was mentally asking many questions to 5-DAVE, asking a lot about what was actually happening.

According to 5-DAVE, there are many layers of reality, and we live in a fourth dimension, while they exist on the fifth dimension, letting them alter and edit parts of our dimension. I kinda took it like I see in 3-D, but can draw things onto a 2-D plane, that was my best adaptation as to how it worked, and for some reason 5-DAVE wouldn’t explain I was given direct access to a bunch of the “controls” to edit stuff, like when I stopped time temporarily and tested the glass and myself.

There was also a bunch of other minute details, but it all seemed to come down to I could make these changes, some would be able to retroactively be integrated into people’s memories, like the glass. I actually noticed that there were some larger coasters specifically for that glass now, for example. If I asked Aunt Mary about it, she would say she picked it up by accident when getting glasses, but decided to keep it, or something similar.

Either way, this was an amazing power, and I could think of hundreds, no thousands, of options that were open for me to explore.

It took me a moment to realise that Aunt Mary was staring at me. “Are ya with us, Brandon?” she chuckled as I reacted to her being there. “Looks like you were daydreamin’, hun. Hopefully the heat isn’t gettin’ to ya. Havin’ said that, there looks ta be a li’l colour in ya cheeks. Country air finally workin’ for ya.” I inhaled sharply as she reached up and rubbed a speck of dirt from my cheek. “In fact, ya lookin’ a bit healthier overall.”

I gulped. “Y-yeah.” I nodded. It wasn’t because of the country air, though. It was 5-DAVE giving me a little boost. I guess I didn’t retroactively change that about myself, so people will notice these changes. I wonder if my aunt…

Subject: Mary Alison Ryder

Oh, my thoughts moved to Aunt Mary, so 5-DAVE picked up on it.

Age: 45 years, 2 months, 7 hours, 22 seconds

I saw the second timer ticking up as Aunt Mary was talking, only half picking up what she was telling me as her stats began showing to me.

Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 125 lb.

Okay, maybe it was a bit intrusive. It’s rude to ask a woman her weight, though according to mom, it’s rude to ask women anything personal.

Sexuality: Demisexual, submissive

Yeah, let’s stop reading, 5-DAVE. I don’t need to know my aunt’s “stats”. I could feel a bead of sweat fall down my brow.

“Could you set the table?” Aunt Mary finished. “Hopefully the other two will be back in time, but if not I suppose you and Richie get seconds.”

“Sure.” I nodded, happy to take an excuse to stop looking at Aunt Mary. She probably thought I was staring strangely at her during all of that, still half-daydreaming. I also didn’t need to start thinking of my aunt in the same way I had been feeling about Richie. Either way, the table needed setting so that’s what I did. Time really had flown since I got access to 5-DAVE, it was getting to evening time. The smells of a roasted dinner was coming from the kitchen, Aunt Mary had definitely put a lot of effort into it, no doubt for me.

It made me realise how terrible I’d been as a guest, well temporary housemate, to the rest of them. I barely made conversation with them, and pretty much complained about loads of things. Even then, Richie and Aunt Mary had been super keen on making me feel welcome, even Uncle Aaron was welcoming in his own way. Suzie had been the exception, she hadn’t really interacted with me at all, but from what I gathered she used every excuse she could to get away from the farm, which is understandable.

Maybe at dinner tonight I could return the favour to them. I don’t need to tell them about my new birthday present, but perhaps I can find something out that I can help them with. I schemed for a few minutes before Aunt Mary called me back in to sort out drinks for everyone then to go get Richie. I looked back to the large glass, contemplating returning it back to normal, then decided against it. It’s suitable for someone Richie’s size, I thought.

The next step was to find Richie. Ryder Farm covered quite a few acres, and he could be anywhere at this point. He disappeared doing various errands all the time, he really helped out the farmhands and his parents a lot, but it was a pain to keep track of it all. It gave me an idea.

“5-DAVE, can you locate my cousin, Richie?”

Located subject: Richie Ryder

Like a faint beacon, I could see the outline of Richie. It seemed to go through the walls of the buildings, and from what I could see he was over near the hen enclosure. Lucky for me, I was going to start in the complete opposite direction.

“Thanks, 5-DAVE.”

You are welcome, Super User Brandon

“You can call me Brandon.”

Very well, Brandon

I smiled to myself as I followed my beacon, able to see general shifts in Richie’s movement as he went from standing to kneeling. Heading to the coop I saw he was taking care of some of the chickens. There was a big innocent smile on his face, he looked like such a cute goof. As I got close enough, the glimmer faded from around his body as I no longer needed it to locate him.

“Dinner’s ready in five!” I called over, not wanting to interrupt him and his animal bonding session.

“Thanks, lil’ bud.” He grinned back at me. “Oh, hey!” he called as I was about to turn and leave. “Earlier on, ya know?” he said. I tensed up a little. Did he see how hot and bothered I was? Did he see me get an erection from watching him work out?

Subject: Richard Ryan Ryder

Age: 18 years, 4 months, 22 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes, 17 seconds
Height: 6’3.25’’

No, not now 5-DAVE!

“You left your drawin’ book behind,” Richie told me. “It’s just on the side, over there.”

“Th-thanks.” I didn’t dare look at Richie again as I grabbed the sketchbook and made my way back for dinner. I told 5-DAVE not now, but deep down I really wanted to keep analysing him. I guess I’ll leave it for the dinner table.

“Suzie called ahead, the truck got a flat tyre,” said Aunt Mary. “They’re lookin’ to get it replaced, but won’t be here for dinner.”

“Hope they’re okay,” I commented. That was a little disheartening, I was looking forward to having all four of them around the table. However, it would give me a bit more time to study Aunt Mary and Richie.

With just the tree of us I sat on one long side of the table, Aunt Mary and Riche on the other side. The food was amazing, perfectly cooked. Aunt Mary and Uncle Aaron were actually cook chefs, both of them taking turns to make great hearty meals after long days on the farm. Aunt Mary was idly chatting about some gossip she heard from some of her friends, though we already knew the story as she only saw them a few days ago. It seemed that table talk on the farm wasn’t very fresh.

I began to look over Richie, who was shovelling in for seconds already.

Subject: Richard Ryan Ryder

Age: 18 years 4 mo—

Just give me years for now on people, please 5-DAVE.

Subject: Richard Ryan Ryder
Age: 18
Height: 6’ 3.25’’
Weight: 243 lb.


Sexuality: Homosexual, switch

Wait, Richie’s gay?

Kinks: Praise, muscle, size difference

That makes sense for how much he likes to help out. Being the big guy fits right down his avenue.

Penis: 11.25’’ long, 8.75’’ circumference

“Fuck!” I whispered. How does he manage to walk with something that huge pressed against his leg all day?

“Brandon!” Aunt May gave me a look. “No swearin’ in my home.”

“S-sorry,” I said defensively. “I, umm, bit my tongue.” It was a bad excuse.

“Well, don’t cuss.” She told me before going back into her chatter.

Body Fat: 3.1%

Wow, that’s really low. No wonder he looks cut.

Muscle Level: 72%

I almost gawked. That was around ten times my current muscle level, and I’d doubled it already! I still wasn’t sure what the metrics were exactly, but it made me wonder what 100% was like.

More info?

Yes! Of course. I then realised that I was staring at Richie, who was giving me a smile back. I felt my face flush a little as I glanced away, Richie going back to eating.

Aspirations: veterinarian, bodybuilding champion

Aww, how sweet.

Current mood: jolly, mild arousal

Wait, what? I glanced back to Richie, catching him before he stopped looking at me, returning his gaze towards his plate. Shit, was he thinking that about me?

Virginity lost: no

Well, he’s still young and doesn’t really have anyone around that fits his fetishes, I guess. I suppose it’ll update with a date when he’s finally lucky enough. All right, that’s enough spying into his personal data for the moment.

“Which reminds me—” Aunt Mary’s voice pulled me back into the conversation. She reached under the table and pulled out a parcel with red and yellow striped wrapping paper. “Happy birthday from us, Brandon.”

I accepted the gift, thanking the pair of them, hopefully the gratitude coming through in my voice. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything. Opening it there was a fresh drawing pad and a starter’s collection of pencils. Fairly standard things, but it obviously had thought put into the gift.

“Richie said ya getting t’wards the end of your current art book,” Aunt Mary explained. “Your Uncle Aaron managed to pick ’em up last week.”

I looked from Aunt Mary to Richie. Was Richie blushing? It might be from being in the sun a lot today, but his face was definitely showing some red beneath his perfect tanline.

“Thank you,” I told Aunt Mary, then looked to Richie. “It’s really thoughtful of you. I love it.” I opened the cover of the sketchbook, the paper was of decent quality, I could definitely use it.

Arousal state: Increased 15%

Oh wow, Richie really did like being praised. Hmm, I looked over the pencils, they weren’t the best selection, but a selection is better than none.

5-DAVE, can I set a change to be gradual?


All right, I want to make a change.

What change do you want to make?

On Richie, I want his muscle level to increase by 3% gradually whilst he’s asleep tonight.

Confirmed. Richie’s muscle level will increase from 72% to 75% whilst he is asleep tonight

Perfect. I looked up and gave a genuine smile back to Richie. Hope he’ll appreciate that gift.

Richie had finished all the chores for the whole family that day, even getting the animals in for the night. It left Aunt Mary some time to catch up on her reading, whilst Richie and I got to play on the game console. It was a PlayStation a couple of generations old; but the games held up, though the graphics look somewhat dated in my eyes. Richie, however, hadn’t managed to play anything more modern, so seemed perfectly unaware of the difference in quality we’d managed in the past decade.

He wasn’t too great at the racing games, so we switched it up and went to a fighting game. I couldn’t help but notice he favoured the “heavy” characters, ones more muscular and strength-based than speed or technique. He was pretty good with them, actually, managing to win most of the rounds. Each time I felt it appropriate to tell him that he’s good at the game, getting to see him smile before asking to go another round. It was just after 9pm when we heard the engine of a truck outside and Richie immediately bolted for the door. I guess the repairs were sorted. I turned off the tv and console and followed Richie, who was already at the truck to help unload it.

Stepping out of the passenger side was Uncle Aaron. Richie was already taller than him, though he was by no means short. He probably had a buff bod like his son, but has since gained some middle age spread. He was a few years older than his spouse, but like her kept his youthful features. He definitely had the “hot dad” thing going on, his similarly tanned skin tone from years working on the farm, and dark hair just like Richie, though cut a tad shorter. He had a walking stick with him and a brace on his knee, which didn’t seem like good news. He patted Richie’s shoulder before coming over to the farmhouse, obviously in need of some rest.

From the driver’s side came Suzie. She was a couple of years older than me, and she had all the country belle features. She dyed her hair blonde, which reached down to the small of her back. She was toned, obviously in good shape, though didn’t take it as far as her younger brother. She was as tall as her dad when in heels, and wow did she dress like a slut. It sounds rude, but she wore jean short shorts that showed off all of her long toned legs, and she always showed off her midriff when she could, going for boob tubes and folding her top all Daisy Duke style.

Speaking of, she had the proper hourglass figure going, her breasts were huge as was her ass. She was walking sexual enticement, though the rest of her family was either oblivious to it or didn’t care. If I had a sister that dressed up like that, my mom would go berserk about it. I suppose our family branches really have got different views on the subject.

“Hi there, sport,” Uncle Aaron greeted me, looking down to me in the doorway. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks,” I told him, moving out of the doorway to let him in. “Hope the trip was all right.”

“It could’ve gone better,” Uncle Aaron informed me, meaning it probably wasn’t a good day. He made his way off to find Aunt Mary and seemed to be done with talking to me.

Subject: Aaron Franklin Ryder
Age: 51

Skip to what I want to know, 5-DAVE!

Knee injury (left): permanent ligament break. Requires replacement

Oh, that’s not good. Surgery will be expensive for something like that. Perhaps I could set something up with 5-DAVE.

“Out of the way, pipsqueak.” I felt a shove on my shoulder. I almost stumbled to the ground, but somehow managed to catch myself, that extra muscle sparing me from a fall. Suzie barged past me and upstairs, obviously not in a good mood. She seemed like such a self-entitled brat at times, this being one of them. Not even a hello.

“Sorry ‘bout Suzie,” Richie told me, walking past carrying a large box. “She’s prob’ly had a bad day. She’ll be fine in a bit.” He gave me a smile again as he tried fitting the box through the door; a new air conditioning unit, well that was a brilliant thing to turn up at this time of the year.

“It’s fine,” I told Richie. “Do you want any help with unloading?”

“No, I’ve got it,” Richie dismissed it. “Can’t have ya workin’ on ya birthday.” He gave me another look at his perfect teeth before carrying the AC through to the next room. I couldn’t help watch his ass tightly clad in his shorts as she went through, damn those cheeks were toned.

I decided to head upstairs and lay in the cot, looking up at the ceiling. I called 5-DAVE to bring up that information about Uncle Aaron again.

5-DAVE, can I set it to naturally heal?

A regeneration process can be administered over a period of time

Perfect. Can you have it heal over the course of the next week?

Confirm: broken ligaments in knee (left) to regenerate to working order over the course of 7 days?

Yes. Oh, and can you also lessen pain to that area, let’s say by 50%?

Confirmed. Healing process begins immediately and takes 7 days to complete. Pain in the localised area to be reduced by 50%.

Thanks, 5-DAVE!

You are welcome, Brandon.

About an hour later I heard the heavy footfalls outside the room before the door opened. It was dark now, but light from the corridor flowed into the room. Richie tried to be quiet, but I showed him I was still awake as he closed the door behind himself.

“Have a good day, Lil’ Bud?” Richie asked me, heading across to his bed.

“Yeah, it’s been good,” I replied. “Long day though.”

“You’re tellin’ me,” Richie yawned. Of course, he’d covered other people’s chores on top of his own, as well as had a full workout session. He must be exhausted.

“Thanks for today,” I told Richie, just about able to see his outline. I could make out the action of pulling off his shirt before a second later hearing it land in the laundry hamper. “You’ve really helped out.”

“Aww, it was nothin’.” Richie moved to his bed, the frame creaked slightly from the behemoth of a teen taking to the bed. “Jus’ glad you had a good day.”

“Yeah…” I repeated. After a few seconds, I decided to ask. “Richie, why do you call me Lil’ Bud?”

“Hmm?” Richie probably glanced in my direction. “Oh, well, you’re my bud, right? An’ well, you’re kinda small.”

I felt a little offended by that. “That’s it?”

“Yeah, well…” Richie’s bed creaked a little as he shifted atop it. “I kinda always wanted someone else ‘round, ya know? I got a big sis, but we have differin’ hobbies and stuff. And, well, ya kinda nice when ya aren’t being grouchy. I thought a nickname’d be nice.”

Thanks for the backhanded compliment, I guess? It sounded like Richie was genuinely trying to be nice about it, he just hit some insecurities.

I gave a small smile, even though he couldn’t see me in this light. “Should I start calling you Big Bud then?” I joked.

“If ya like,” Richie replied, probably a little too quickly. “Has a nice ring to it.”

“Sure, Big Bud,” I chuckled. “Well, see you in the morning.”

“Yeah, g’night,” Richie yawned back. He was asleep within a minute.

Fortunately Richie didn’t really snore. Everyone snores a little bit, but his was more just a bit of heavy breathing. I lay there for a bit, unable to sleep, my body wanted me to rest but my mind was filled with so many thoughts racing. I wanted to play more with 5-DAVE, but was a little scared to, also.

Richie grunted slightly as his bed creaked. It didn’t sound like him turning in his sleep, and I got curious.

5-DAVE, can you give me the ability to see in the dark?

Visual stimulation for your kind requires illumination. I can provide an extrasensory ability to mimic sight without light for you

Sure, that works.

I blinked my eyes as the dark room felt like it was brightly lit. It was a surprising change, but I could see everything in the room, in colour and all, despite it being pitch black. Richie was still asleep on his back, the light blanket covering him from just beneath the nipple downwards. I heard the creak again and noticed its cause, Richie’s muscles just swelled a bit bigger. I was watching him grow before my eyes.

5-DAVE, I thought you’d spread the growth over his sleep tonight

Correct, Richie will awaken in 1 hour 4 minutes and 22 seconds from now to go to the bathroom

That’s not what I.. wait, you know when he’ll wake up.

Correct, I am a fifth dimensional system. I can observe your entire timeline

Audit note: it is advisable not to query about future events. Prior experience in this matter has led to negative consequences to the user

Okay, guess I won’t ask then. I suppose I should’ve indicated for him to finish growing when he wakes up to begin his farm work or something.

Richie’s arms deflated slightly, back to his normal bulked form. A moment later they pumped up again before reducing again. It took a few more of these for me to realise that each time he was permanently a little bit bigger, it was like his body was going through a workout routine nonstop, going from pumped to rested over and over. It was something wondrous to behold.

Again and again Richie’s body pulsed in his sleep. His face had that sweet smile on it, hopefully his dreams were not disturbed by the physical changes. His arm idly moved to his stomach and scratched lightly, scratching an itch in his sleep, before he went back to splaying out.

I tried to get some sleep, but with the slight creaks coming every couple of minutes from Richie’s bed it kept pulling me back into consciousness before I could actually fully fall asleep. I glanced over to Richie’s bed again after a while and something else caught my eye. I know it’s just a normal bodily function, but Richie was sporting an enormous erection, his thin blanket pitched up like a tent, pulling the edge of it further down his torso. I just watched it in awe, the nearly one foot mighty endowment seemed to twitch alongside the gradual muscle growth going on around the rest of the body.

My god, it was a sight to behold. I felt incredible jealousy at how much he was naturally gifted with, but also impressed in its sheer magnitude. He must be in the top percent of dick size across the world with that, and it’s likely not finished growing, either. It gave me another idea.

5-DAVE, I have another conditional I want to cover with you.

Very well, what would you like me to check?

Can I set a conditional based on interaction with a secondary target?

Depending on the complexity and nuances, it is possible

Okay, I have a new change for Richie. Every time I call Richie Big Bud in person, his penis grows by a quarter inch in length and circumference. Also have his balls grow in proportion.

Confirmed. Whenever you call Richie “Big Bud” in his presence, his penis length and girth will increase by one quarter inch. His testicles will grow in proportion to the penile growth.

I turned over in my bed. That’ll be a nice gift for Richie, I thought. The bed creaked again as another mini growth spurt helped Richie onto his overnight muscles. I then had another idea.

5-DAVE, can you help me sleep without interruptions?

I can render your body into a restful state, but cannot manipulate your mental capacity outside of set parameters

Does that mean you can, or can’t?

I can ensure a set amount of sleep

Great, make sure I get to sleep all the way until just before my alarm at 6 in the morning.

Confirmed. Good night, Brandon

I didn’t even say good night before I drifted off.

I opened my eyes several hours later. I don’t remember dreaming, but I felt incredibly well rested. Sitting up I didn’t even feel the need to stretch, it was so refreshing. I looked at my phone, 5:57, just before my alarm. 5-DAVE came through for me, and I somehow got a perfect night’s rest on this old mattress.

My night vision seemed to still be present, I apparently had it permanently now. Looking at the room, Richie was absent again. This was normal, he somehow was always up at an ungodly hour to start helping out, apparently getting as much done before sunrise was the way forward on Ryder Farm. I hopped out of bed and began getting dressed for the morning, my birthday was only one day so it’d be expected of me to at least help with my usual chores before breakfast. I also still needed to sort our laundry.

Grabbing the laundry hamper I noticed something interesting. One of Richie’s shirts was on the top, plain cotton, with several tear marks on the neck and arms. I didn’t think much of it beyond it might be Richie manhandling it in the dark, I should probably ask Aunt Mary or Uncle Aaron if either of them could sew the rips for him.

Headed into the cellar I dumped the hamper beside the washer as I began to separate colours from whites. I held up Richie’s torn shirt, it would be massive on my tiny frame, probably reaching near my knees. I then grabbed my shirt from yesterday and compared the two garments. Wow, it was like I wore children’s sizes in comparison. I could feel my cock twitch at the thought of how much bigger he was. I had to mentally tell myself off and put the shirts into the white pile.

The colours were mostly the jeans and a couple of shirts I had worn earlier in the week. I paused again though when I came to some of Richie’s underwear. They were boxer briefs made of a stretchy fabric, each of them a different pastel colour. The width of them would’ve been too big for them to sit on me, but again not too wide to be out of the norm. However, alongside the smell of Richie post workout, something I was beginning to like, I noted that some of the fabric in the boxers’ “pouch” looked slightly strained.

11.25 inches though, Richie really was built differently. My thumb brushed along the fabric of the pouch, my own dick beginning to tense and harden. It was almost twice the length of my average length member, and I had two years on him, Richie was destined to be a real giant. Then it hit me, I could ensure that he became a giant.

5-DAVE, can I check something with you?

Yes, Brandon. What do you want to know?

I know you won’t let me know about things from the future, but could I learn someone’s growth potential, like how tall they’re meant to get by the time they finish growing.

That information I can divulge, the potential has variables based on nurture during that period, including diet, exercise, and many other factors.

Great, so let’s try looking at mine. How tall am I set to be, max?

Potential height (Brandon Ryder): 5’4’’ to 5’6’’ by age 22.

I frowned. Even if I had all the right bits to help me naturally, I’d still be below average height, and it’d take another 4 years to finish growing.

Okay, 5-DAVE, how about cousin Richie?

Potential height (Richie): 6’11’’ to 7’8’’ by age 20.

Richie was going to be 6’11’’ at a minimum by the time he finished growing. I could feel my boner pain against my trouser zipper. He was going to be a goliath among men.

5-DAVE, can you extend the growth cycle of Richie by 2 years?

Confirmed. New potential height (Richie): 7’2’’ to 8’6’’ by age 22.

8 foot 6 inches! Holy crap, that’s enormous! The world’s tallest man was less than a half foot more than that. If we both reached our best growth cycle in that time, he’d be a whole 3 feet taller than me, more than half as tall again! With that height and just overall raw strength, he could have a career in any major sport he wanted, probably.

One of my hands had been lightly feeling the fabric of Richie’s boxers between them and my other slowly rubbed the slight tent in my jeans. I was imagining us in six years time, both of us fully grown, and Richie looming over me, shirtless and with his magnificent muscles. Each pec chiselled to perfection, his pecs enormous, biceps bigger than my head. It needed to be a reality.

5-DAVE, guarantee our remaining growth potentials are maximised, regardless of outside factors.

Confirmed. Maximum growth factors set for Richie and Brandon Ryder.

I grinned, wondering how much of this growth I would see in the months I was staying here. I very nearly came there and then, but thankfully didn’t ruin my shorts.

With the first wash load on its way I headed back up, erection finally gone down. It’d still been nearly a month since I’d manage to jack off here, I was always too scared of being caught. The farm was vast but someone always seemed to be nearby. The thought of 5-DAVE freezing time to let me masturbate in peace had come to mind, but as a last resort. There were still a few chores I needed to attend to so I made my way outside. The sun was already blazing down on the farm, warming the fields from the chill of the night. It was likely to be another super hot day, I was already beginning to feel a bead of sweat on my face. Wincing, I headed to the coop to start feeding the chickens and let them out, though I can see them wanting to stay indoors today. If I hadn’t sorted them out before 6:30, one of the other farmhands would no doubt do so and let Auntie Mary know I’d been slacking.

The feeding and opening the coop wasn’t too bad today, I wasn’t half asleep so it didn’t take me three attempts to open the latch properly. Perhaps I should give 5-DAVE some commands to ensure I always feel well rested after a sleep, I felt this energy could keep me going all day. Content with sorting that out I decided to go and check if anyone else was needing some help. Normally I wouldn’t, but I was feeling good, and with some slight muscle added to my frame from yesterday I could probably manage a bit more work than before.

I bumped face-first into what felt like a fabric-coated brick wall and fell backwards.

“Woah. Sorry, Lil’ Bud,” the familiar deep voice of Richie came. “Didn’t see you there.”

The sunlight caught my eyes as I blinked, looking up. Oh god… Richie. Towering over me now I was sitting on my bony ass, Richie had indeed bulked up overnight. What I wasn’t expecting was by how much. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and appeared to only be in sandals and jean overalls. No wonder there were rips in the shirt, his muscles seemed to have swollen to massive proportions, broader and more powerful than ever. The overalls seemed to be fighting to not rip from the massive calves that had filled out what would normally be loose legs. To top it all off I could see a fairly obvious bulge running down one leg of the overalls; Richie was likely going commando, and hoo boy, could you tell he was carrying something immense, even when soft.

“Here, lemme help ya.” Richie leaned over, his two massive arms reached out, his form looming like a giant over me. I didn’t resist as each hand grabbed around my chest and arms, trapping them to my side, as he lifted me like I was a ragdoll, back to my feet. I probably weighed nothing to a titan such as him.

“Th-thanks…” I managed to mumble, my eyes glued onto the massive muscle-tits that were facing me, each one was like a flagstone of pure manliness, both flexed a little as Richie put his arms back to his side. “Did you, erm, have you—?” I began to say, unable to look away from the Adonis before me. I could feel my penis flooding with blood again, damn those teen hormones.

“No prob, Lil’ Bud.” Richie grinned at me again, his hands lightly brushed my shoulders, patting some dust and straw off of me. “Nice to see you up an’ about so early. Oh, an’ yeah.” He raised an arm and the bicep swelled. Bigger and bigger the ball of teen strength swelled, landing at nearly as big as his head. Each muscle in turn linked along his arm and shoulder throbbed with immense might, he probably had more strength in that one bicep than my entire body. “I’ve been getting some gains from all my workin’ out. Was a surprise this mornin’, I ripped my shirt, don’t fit in ’em anymore.” That explained why he was just in his overalls, nothing else fit.

5-DAVE, how much does Richie weigh now?

Weight (Richie): 278 lb.

Holy shit! Richie put on 30 pounds of muscle overnight. I thought the 3% muscle increase would be like mine, barely noticeable.

Muscle Level is set on a logarithmic scale, the results are not linear.

That meant something like it was a curve from what I remembered. Damn math class, it never seemed like it would actually be useful to me.

“Well ma was gonna ask ya when we were at breakfast, but I guess I can ask ya now,” Richie carried on. “Since pa’s still got a bad leg, she was gonna ask ya to go with me to town an’ get some new clothes. If I keep this up, none of my school clothin’ will fit for when I got back next week.”

Of course, high school reconvened next week. Richie still had a year left whereas I just finished with passable grades—except art, obviously. How I wanted to use Richie as a model for life drawing. My dick was beginning to press against my jeans again

Wait, he said to go to town, perfect. I can probably look into getting my own cheap car that way still.

“Sure, sounds great,” I told Richie. “I have a couple of things I want to get in town too if you’re happy to tag along, Richie, I mean, Big Bud.”

“Awesome!” Richie grinned again, then paused for a second, his expression seemed to change ever so slightly, but then he went back to grinning. “Well I’ve gotta help move a couple of hay bales ‘cross to the stables.” His massive hand patted me on my head. “See ya at breakfast, Lil’ Bud.”

“Yeah, catch you later, Big Bud,” I responded instinctively. I heard a slight grunt from Richie and a faint sound, like the straining of fabric. Oh shit, I called him Big Bud, twice. My change before I fell asleep was to make his dick bigger every time I said it. I glanced down at Richie’s not-so-little buddy. Oh wow, he was chubbing up, and those overalls were not able to hide the sheer hugeness of that monster.

“Yeah, catch ya later,” Richie quickly replied and took off quickly. I turned and watched him hurry over towards the stables. Damn, that’s an amazing ass. It looks bigger and even more toned than when I saw it in the buff yesterday morning, each chiselled cheek clenching with every step Richie took. There was something different in his steps though, which made me realise that trying to walk with now nearly a foot long boner in such tight clothing must be painful. I felt a little sorry for that, but at the same time never had I felt so aroused.

Breakfast around the table felt a little tense. Uncle Aaron was definitely feeling something was up about Richie’s sudden bulk up, thinking that his son was taking steroids. I ended up having to add input to the discussion, reasoning that Richie had no way of getting such things, since he’s always on the farm. It also came up in discussion that I walked in on him working out hard, so it was likely gradual only now noticeable. It was a stretch of an excuse, but it kept Uncle Aaron from pressing further.

“Thanks, Lil’ Bud,” Richie said, gaving me a smile.

I could feel my heart warming from that expression. I dared not reply with “Big Bud” for fear of causing him to feel that growth at the kitchen table. The discussion came up next of me driving Richie to get some fresh clothes for the farm and for schooling next week, which Suzie protested as she wanted to go for a ride that afternoon. Fortunately even though she would likely get her way amongst many groups, her stubborn attitude and busty bod combined with a sweet face didn’t have the power over her parents. I took the moment to check some of her stats with 5-DAVE.

Name: Suzanne Wanda Ryder
Age: 20 Years
Height: 5’7.5’’
Weight: 162 lb
Bust Size: 34F
Vaginal depth: 6.4’’
Muscle Level: 34.6%
Sexuality: Bisexual, dominant
Kinks: BDSM, Multi Partners
Virginity Lost: Age 17, back of barn with farmhand Thomas Johnson

I’d warmed up to Richie over the past couple of weeks—it helped that he was so kind and cheerful—but I’d had the exact opposite reaction to Suzie. I wanted to do something subtle to her, something to give her a mild punishment without going overboard. I did hold the power of the universe in my connection with 5-DAVE, after all, if I started going supervillain with it, I might just end up going down a dark path.

Hmm. I glanced over at her still arguing her case for taking the family truck. Her large breasts were definitely a drawing feature of her, maybe if I reduced them…? No, that’s too obvious a target. I glanced back to the stats 5-DAVE had left in my peripheral. Vaginal depth? I guess that’s how deep someone can go before bottoming out, maybe that’s what I should change. Now, do I lower it so she can’t take bigger guys, or increase it so she’s dissatisfied with anyone packing less than 10 inches?

“Well, how ‘bout Brandon drops ya off when they head out and if ya not done when they are I can come and collect ya in the evenin’?” Auntie Mary offered. “I’ll make sure to give ya both some spends to sort yaselves out.”

“Ugh, I guess.” Suzie rolled her eyes.

“Sounds good to me.” Richie grinned.

Great, now I had a third wheeler who despised me. This quiet ride with Richie was going to be anything but that now. At least she was disappearing as soon as we got there, I suppose.

Helping clean up after breakfast I went to check the truck. Plenty of gas and everything looked in order. The complication came when the three of us were trying to squeeze into the truck’s seats. It was designed to fit three people, but Richie was so huge that he was pushing Suzie into me.

“No prob.” Richie hopped out of the truck. “I’ll ride in the back.” The upside of a flatbed, I suppose, plus there weren’t really any tricky roads to deal with heading there. Hopefully it wasn’t going to get us pulled over, but either way, that was how we were seated driving there.

The first five minutes I drove in complete silence. The truck was pretty old, not having integration with my phone, and the radio was unlikely to pick up any station I’d want to listen to. During that time I glanced at my mirrors. I could see the head and shoulders of Richie, leaning against the back of the truck’s cabin, and Suzie was leaning in the corner, pulling her phone out to check the signal and occasionally giving me dark looks.

After another few minutes I sighed. “Okay, can we talk about this?” I said, breaking the silence. I took my eyes off the road for a brief moment, not that there was anything but the open road ahead. “Ever since I got here you’ve been acting like an utter bitch to me.” I was kind of taken aback a bit by my words. Maybe subconsciously I was feeling emboldened by my superuser privileges, as I would’ve never said that to her face a few days ago. “You haven’t even tried being nice to me, and it’s for no reason.”

Suzie’s glare was a sight to behold. The beautiful buxom girl with gracious features almost seemed to darkened the truck cabin with that stare, it was frightening. “Ya don’t belong here, city boy. Ya just takin’ up space at home, wanderin’ ‘round where ya shouldn’t be, busyin’ the other workers ‘cause ya just a wimp.”

Ah, there it was, I was probably taking away her chances with the farmhands when they came to help me out with something physical.

“Hey, I’m trying to help out at least,” I argued back. “I know I shouldn’t be on the farm, let alone deserve your parents’ hospitality. At least Richie’s doing his best to make me feel at home.”

Suzie scoffed. “That fuckin’ idiot’s jus’ eager ta have someone ‘round who don’t think he’s a freak. Ya nothin’ special.”

I really wanted to tell her how wrong she was. No one else know the power I held over them now if I wanted to, and I was refraining as best I could from doing anything. I could feel my cheeks getting redder as her verbal abuse continued, I really had opened a can of worms with this one, she really hated everything about me. I was weak, not used to their customs, apparently cockblocking her, and somehow stealing her freedom by offering to help Richie go get new clothes.

The only upside was seeing the city coming up. Three miles, that’s all that was left before I could kick this shallow bimbo out of the truck. Suzie’s tirade had been quelled for the moment, neither of us talking again.

“Fuck, finally a signal.” Suzie immediately began ringing her friends, letting them know she was in town early and arranging to meet up with them. It gave me time to get in lane and try and recall the way to the parking lot. Thankfully, I remembered 5-DAVE could help me with that as a mental guide appeared, telling me where to turn.

I parked and turned off the engine. “Thanks for the lift, dweeb.” Suzie opened the passenger door and slammed it behind her, taking off without even saying goodbye to Richie. I took a deep breath, trying to cool myself before exiting myself. Richie had already hopped out of the flatbed.

“Don’t worry, she sometimes gets like that.” Richie gave me a reassuring smile, his perfect pearly whites flashing in the midmorning light. “Ma recommended tryin’ the Big an’ Tall down main street.”

“Sure, we can start there, just give me a minute.” I told Richie. I began to look at my phone to sort out the parking payment, but I was more focused to using 5-DAVE. I began a search for Suzie and the group she was hanging out with. She’d arrive in 7 minutes time according to 5-DAVE and was going to meet with two men and one woman, none I had met before.

Purpose of visit?

A sexual encounter.

Typical. 5-DAVE, what sort of equipment are they carrying?

Penis size (Gus): 6.2’’ length, 4.15’’ girth
Penis size (Terry): 4.6’’ length, 3.65’’ girth

Wow, someone who I was bigger than. I was beginning to think that the country folk were all pretty hung. Okay, if she wants a booty call with them, let’s make it a little disappointing for her.

5-DAVE, increase Suzie’s vaginal depth to 10.5 inches, retroactively. Also make it so her orgasms are more reliant on the depth being reached than girth.


That’ll show her. I can always change it back if that change makes her even less likeable as she’ll probably add size queen to her list of biases against me. Then again, I didn’t have to be the little guy all the time.

5-DAVE, increase my penis dimensions. 8.5 inches length, 6.5 inches girth. Make my balls grow to the same scale.

Confirmed. Penis length is now 8.5 inches, girth 6.5 inches. Testicle volume increased by 90%.

I felt a tingle down below. I guessed this was what Richie was feeling. My dick was almost burning with a euphoric heat from the change as I could feel it getting semi hard, growing longer and thicker than it ever had before. I glanced past my phone—the bulge was becoming a little obvious.

5-DAVE, stop me from getting erect for the next 10 minutes.


I felt the blood trickle from my manhood. It was almost devastating—was this what old folks felt like with erectile dysfunction? I hoped I could ensure I never have to feel this negative loss in my future. Maybe 5-DAVE could ensure I won’t.

“Ya done yet?” Richie asked. I realised that he was still waiting patiently for me, still shirtless and in his working overalls. Yes, we had a priority.

“One sec, it’s just needing my details.” I excused myself, the phone waiting to confirm the payment, which gave me another idea.

5-DAVE, can you increase the money in my account without it picking up as an error in digital accounts?

Yes, that is possible

Great, add ten thousand dollars, we’ll put it down as late payment from my parents for setting me up.

Understood, the money is now in your account.

This was great, I would definitely be able to get my own car with the extra cash padding my wallet. I saw the tick confirming my payment for parking had gone through, we had six hours.

“All right, sorry for the wait, Richie.” I gave him a smile back. “Let’s get you something that fits properly.”

Richie definitely turned several heads as we made our way to the strip mall, and who could blame them? Plenty of guys had opted to shirk their shirt in this weather, but none were as muscled and defined as Richie. It also helped his case that even in the overalls a thick bulge was visible as he walked. It took an amazing amount of willpower to not keep glancing to my side and watching Richie, but I did manage to get the occasional glance when checking for traffic when crossing the road. The view from behind was just as appealing, his taught muscled buttocks clinging to the slightly too small overalls.

The bell to the Big & Tall shop jingled as we opened the door. I ended up walking in first. The shop was quiet at this hour, a weekday during main work hours meant only two other customers were there. I immediately felt like I had walked into a land of giants. The mannequins were each as tall as Richie, if not taller, with suits hanging that would’ve served as full blankets to my petite frame. The other two customers were lanky, but definitely lacked the broadness of someone like Richie. I felt like a child walking around with these adults towering above me, it was intimidating, and also a little exhilarating.

The clothing was all set out nice and neatly on the displays; work clothing, casualwear, sports equipment, and so on. They seemed to have a good selection of sizes for anyone who would struggle at a standard high street mall.

“I’ve never had ta shop here before,” Richie commented, looking at the clothing. “Guess I’ve really hit my growth spurt.” He grinned, looking over the clothing.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of variety here, guess there’s positives to city life,” I joked back.

“Guess so, Lil’ Bud.” Richie lightly slapped my back, almost causing me to stagger forward.

“Well, let’s sort out the essentials first, some shirts and slacks for school, then something for when you’re around the farm,” I instructed, it felt weird being in charge. I began to look through the clothes. I was no fashionista, but at least I could pick something sensible out first before we looked into something Richie would like on top. I then looked at the price tags, they weren’t really that cheap. I had been given around $200, a lot of it in dollar notes that were from a change jar.

5-DAVE, convert the $1 notes I was given by Aunt Mary into $10.

Confirmed, altered 68 notes within your wallet.

That would buffer the money Aunt Mary gave me—now we could definitely afford everything we needed. I picked up some XXXL shirts and handed them to Richie. “Go ask to try those on,” I suggested. “We need to work out what size is best for you, especially if you keep this up. You might want something a little baggier.”

“Haha, I guess that’s right.” Richie took the shirts off of me and headed to the changing room near the back. I glanced around the shelves, taking note of all the apparel that was around. My eyes locked on the cashier, he definitely fit in with the rest of the patrons of the shop, he was exceptionally tall with a well-built frame. His build was that of a runner from my best guess, lean yet muscled. He had flawless dark skin, not a blemish, definitely a man who uses skincare, and head sheared of any hair.. I began to stare for a few seconds.

Name: Jonathan Freeman
Age: 31
Height: 7’1’’
Weight: 297 lb
Penis: 10.3’’ length, 6.2’’ girth
Sexuality: Heterosexual, switch
Kinks: large breasts, older women

It was looking so hopeful until the end. Tall, strong, hung, but I’m definitely not his type. However, I decided to go over and ask a few questions.

Jonathan gave me the workplace smile, one that most people working in retail seemed to adopt. “How can I help you?”

“Hi—” I glanced and saw his name on a tag. “—Jonathan. I’m here with a family member, I’m sure you just saw him, he’s getting to a real growth spurt.”

“Yeah, I saw him. Is he your brother?” Jonathan asked.

“Cousin,” I corrected him. “Anyway, do you have any suggestions for casualwear and school stuff? He’s probably going to keep growing in all ways.”

Jonathan pondered for a second. “We do have some shirts that are partially elasticaed.” He suggested. “They look like normal baggy shirts and look more form fitting on someone a little larger. It’s best to get new fitting clothing if and when, but if you’re looking on a budget, that will be my advice.” He began to show me which fabrics were best for this as I grabbed a couple of shirts and some trousers for Richie to try.

“Thanks, I’ll go check on him.” I left the giant of a salesman and went back to the changing rooms.

“Hey, Richie?” I called at the one closed changing room. “How are the shirts?”

“Hey, they’re good. A little snug on the shoulders,” Richie told me. He pulled the curtain away. The overalls were now at his hips, the upper parts hanging lower, and he had managed to put the shirt on. The length was fine, but his powerful pectoral muscles were battling with the buttons for space.

“I see. Maybe not that,” I told him. “Here, try these ones, they’re a bigger size and a little elasticated, so will keep up with your growing for a bit.”

“Thanks, Lil’ Bud.” Richie unbuttoned the shirt, showing me, and any who would’ve come around the corner to the changing rooms, his fantastic abs. I might’ve gawked a little at the way he removed the shirt, it was perfectly innocent, but in my mind it was like a gratuitous beach shot from an erotically-charged show.

“No problem, Big Bud.” I replied, handing him the new shirts and trousers to try. I realised my fumble as I saw the slight change in his expression again, I just called him Big Bud again. “Don’t forget to close the curtain behind you.” I instructed him, leaving him to continue getting changed. I hoped he could manage to get that thing down when trying on the trousers, it was going to be the whole 12 inches now thanks to me.

It did give me an idea though. I went back to Jonathan again. “Could you show me where the underwear is?” I asked. “We should probably sort out a full set of clothes.”

“Sure, it’s near the cash register.” Jonathan pointed it out to me.

“Any brand you recommend?” I continued.

“There are a couple I use.” Jonathan led me over to start looking at the options. There were boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, trunks, and sports accessories. I doubted the small selection of athletic cups would be able to contain Richie’s endowment, even before the increase. After a couple of minutes of going over them, I decided that boxer briefs were the best option. The pouch should hopefully hold everything for Richie, and the trunks probably were a little too slim for his strong legs and glorious glutes. I asked for them to be left at the cash register whilst I checked on Richie.

“Hey, how are things going, Richie?” I asked from where I waited beside the changing room.

“Yeah, I like these,” Richie called through. “A little loose, but fit all right.”

“Okay, let’s have a look,” I told him.

“Err, sure,” Richie said, there was a few seconds of pause before the curtain was pulled. The clothes suited him, a little baggy but that’s what we were looking for. He suited the light pink tee I had pulled out for him, no doubt it’ll look even better when he’s buffed up into it. The trousers were the right length and sat well on the hip, but I could see that Richie was trying to rein in the monster that was pushed down one trouser leg.

“They’re a little snug here and there,” Richie chuckled, noticing me looking down at his big long bulge.

“I can see.” I felt my face going a little red.

“Sorry,” Richie apologised. “It’s erm, just…”

I turned away, a little embarrassed myself but also to give Richie some privacy. “It’s all right, just happens, I get it.” I felt like the dad walking in on his kid masturbating. “I can check for the next size up for you. I’ve, erm, also grabbed you some new underwear.”

“Oh, thanks, Lil’ Bud.” Richie no doubt was smiling, not that I could see. “I’ll get changed back.”

“I’ll ask if you can change into stuff for when we leave,” I told Richie. “You may as well have something comfy on for the rest of the day, and I have a few errands to run after this.”

“Sure.” I heard the curtain close again as Richie started changing back. A few minutes later he was back to his overalls and passed me the clothes. I swapped out the trousers for something with a bit more space, grabbed a couple of extra changes and tilled up.

In total, we walked out with five shirts for school, three sets of school trousers, a couple of weeks’ worth of underwear, three sets of shorts, a couple of sets of swimming shorts, and five sets of clothes for home and farm work. It was a little over budget at $285, but thanks to 5-DAVE my budget was a lot bigger. I decided that I didn’t need to tell Aunty Mary and put $15 to the side to give back as change, pocketing the rest.

Richie chose to change into the pink tee and khaki shorts. With the sandals he was dressed for the weather, his muscular thighs on display and even with the new boxer briefs and baggy shorts I could make out the outline of his now soft bulge. I’d need to keep myself in check as we headed through the city. I didn’t want to make my “Big Bud” any more uncomfortable than I had in the changing rooms, despite how alluring it was.


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