Sudden changes

by BRK

 Ike woke up with a too-big hard-on that won’t quit and a constant, building need to orgasm that didn’t subside even when he came. And none of that changed the fact that he had to go to work. How the heck would he deal with this?

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I’d been feeling bleary and sluggish all week. Today it was even worse, and I almost called out. But darn it, it was my first job after high school and it just wasn’t in me to let everyone down. Sure, I was just a stock boy in one of those soulless big-box home improvement stores. I wasn’t changing the world. But Joe, my supervisor, was nice, and patient with me as I learned the ropes. And most of my coworkers were good people. They liked me. I shouldn’t make them work harder just because I was feeling like warmed-over cream-o’-wheat.

I felt stinky for some reason, so even though I’d showered the night before I took another one, not quite able to focus my mind the whole time. My average-sized dick was looking swollen and angry and wouldn’t go down, even after I jerked it off under the hot, steamy spray. I ended up trying to ignore it as I finished washing up.

I was slow and heavy as I got out of the shower and started doing sink things. After a few minutes I realized I was shaving, which was dumb because I’d done that the night before too (more preemptively than out of need). Except… staring into the mirror I could see bristles under the shave gel, and I realized I’d felt them, too, as I’d smeared it on. They looked thicker than usual, somehow—an actual manly carpet of dark stubble instead of the patchy, anemic crop I was used to. I looked weird, too, just generally—like, I had cheekbones? Something about my eyes, too. I looked… hot. And not because of the low-grade fever I felt like I was running.

Because my brain wasn’t working I just blinked at myself, confused, big hazel eyes staring back at me, and my heavy, unslakable hard-on flexed excitedly like I was so good-looking today I was turning myself on.

Then the sounds of my dad and older brother getting ready to head out to the demo site drifted up the stairs, and I remembered I had to get to work too. I finished shaving in a rush, rinsed my face, and hurried back into my bedroom to get dressed.

In the bedroom the misalignment of my day continued. My clothes didn’t fit right—my button-up work shirt was tight across the shoulders and chest for some reason, and the sleeves and pants legs were too short—but I didn’t have time to worry about it. I pulled on some gray socks and yanked on my boots (fuck, they were a bit tight, too, maybe I should wear Eric’s spare boots tomorrow), tumbled down the stairs and past the kitchen with a hello-goodbye yell to my dad and bro, and was out the door in time to catch the last bus that would get me to the Lumber’n’Stuff without clocking in late.

The whole ride there I felt conspicuous, like people were staring, their attention drawn to me by my size and the heat I felt like I was putting off, and I twitched unhappily in my oddly-fitting shirt. My balls felt heavy and my dick would not go down. It kept squeezing in my lap, all insistent, and I had this strange delusion that it was just a little larger every time it did so, longer and thicker where it pressed warm and form against my hip. I hunched in on myself, mortified and self-conscious. I wished I had my apron, but it was safe in my locker, waiting for me.

I looked down at my wrists and decided my shirt-sleeves looked dumb riding a few inches up my forearm like that. I unbuttoned them and rolled them up, feeling uncharacteristically sausage-fingered, and waited impatiently for my stop.

By the time I clocked in I was feeling frenzied and febrile. It was like I was throbbing all over, my body echoing my swollen cock and balls. My clothes were as unhappy as I was: my once-loose work shirt was unaccountably binding across my shoulders, chest, and upper arms, and my black jeans were like an ace bandage around my thighs. Even my apron felt small. And my dick was telling me I needed to cum, now. I had to cum and if I didn’t make it happen I’d be sorry. I couldn’t make sense of any of it—it was like my blood was so hot it was cooking my gray matter.

“Ike? You okay?” someone said. I realized I was just standing there next to my open locker like I’d completely vacated my body. I turned and saw one of the twins, Emilio, looking up at me with concern in his eyes. That was unnerving, too—the twins and I were the same height, or we should have been.

Emilio and Santiago weren’t actually twins, at least as far as anyone knew. But they were the same age (25) and from the same neighborhood, and their tight, dark-skinned gymnast bodies and narrow, extremely attractive faces were by some fluke almost exactly identical. On top of that their personalities matched to a tee, and when they’d met as kids playing stick hockey on McAdam Street they snapped together like magnets and never let go. The only obvious difference to an outsider was their hair—Lio wore his longer, letting the slight wave come out—but sometimes they switched that up, too.

I knew they were never far apart, especially after Joe saw how well they worked with each other and put them on the same shifts in the garden center together. Sure enough, Ago was there, too, just over Lio’s shoulder. Even as I took in the two of them standing there frowning up at me I belatedly registered the fact that both of them were topless, their hairless, compactly muscled torsos somehow flattered by the harsh overhead fluorescents. They liked to wear sloppy tee shirts in to work and dress in their work shirts here, taking their time usually because they liked being shirtless and showing off, a lot.

I’d given them the occasional furtive glance while they were in their half-dressed state, and I’ll admit to saving the image for later use more than a few times. Now, though, my already-hormonal body’s reaction to them was out of control. I was going to cum. Hard. Immediately.

I looked down at the twins, wide-eyed with panic. “I—rhhnn,” I said, my voice sounding way low and very rough. I swallowed hard, but my voice stayed extra-deep. “I’m gonna—I gotta—” I looked down hectically at the middle of my apron where the outline of a massive, footlong dick that wasn’t mine pushed and flexed against the heavy fabric.

The twins’ eyes bugged out briefly at what they saw there. They shared a quick glance, then as one they bundled me into the employees-only one-seater just off the locker room. Lio got to work undoing the apron I’d just put on, while Ago gripped my shoulder. “Ike, buddy, it’s all right,” he said, holding my gaze. “We’re going to take care of you, okay?” I was so messed up and frenzied and turned on I just nodded, and when he smiled wolfishly I smiled nervously too. My virgin dick was about to get its first kiss, and knowing that boosted my heartbeat even higher and I nearly came right there.

The second Lio had the apron off, Ago was hauling my rigid, hot dick out of my pants, and—fuck, that so wasn’t my dick. That… that was a footlong-plus, throbbing slab of rock-hard, red-tinged cock I did not recognize at all. I goggled at it. “Whose—nnhhrr—whose dick is that?” I croaked, my voice impossibly low. I grabbed my throat to feel my protruding adam’s apple… and, inexplicably, the faintest first hints of stubble. What the heck?

Ago grinned ferally up at me. “That’s mine,” he answered, and I only realized later he thought my question was a bit of role-play. There was no doubt he meant it, though. He was claiming that too-big slab-o’-cock for his very own.

Or, rather, they were, because Lio appeared at his shoulder with a matching possessive leer. “That’s too big for just you to handle,” he told Ago sagely, sliding an arm around Ago’s back as they both admired my pulsing prick. “That’s not just yours, it’s ours.”

I knew the twins better than to expect Ago to object. If anything, his grin got wider, like sharing my monster tool with Lio was ever better than having it for himself. So hot.

Fuck, it was starting. I was going to cum right then. “Hurry,” I rasped. My whole body was flushed and surging.

They bent down quickly, licking the shaft and taking turns engulfing the head with their hot mouths while their hands found my balls, worked my shirt buttons, did things I couldn’t keep track of, and in almost no time at all I was climaxing, my entire being given over to sun-hot pleasure as I shot burst after burst of boiling cum in Ago’s mouth, then Lio’s as they seamlessly switched, then Ago’s again. Then Lio’s.

Finally I finished, and I fell back, relieved but not sated, my bare back slumping against the cold tile. Wait—had they gotten my shirt off, too? Fuck, I was out of it today. I stared at them, panting, while they looked smugly back at me, wiping their mouths just out of sync with each other with the backs of their hands.

Then we all looked down at my stiff slab-o’-manhood. It wasn’t going down.

Ago’s eyes stayed fixed on my weirdly huge and even more weirdly unstoppable prick, while Lio’s appreciative stare raked up my hair-dusted, somehow more-muscular-than-expected torso. “I’ll go get you a company shirt that fits from the stores,” he said, always the practical one. He eyed me appraisingly. “I’m guessing… XXL, tall?”

I shook my head slightly, baffled and overwhelmed by the haze of an unexpectedly powerful afterglow. Lio left. Ago looked up at me. “You need any help with that, you come find us,” he said, his tone serious. “I don’t care if it’s ten times a day—you find us, got it?”

I nodded. He palmed the back of my neck and pulled me down for a kiss, and I thrilled as much at the taste of my cum on his tongue as from the experience of my first real make-out. A moment later Lio was back and joining in the kiss, and when I finally straightened I was dazed and a little loopy. I gave the twins a goofy grin, and they smiled back at me possessively.

I levered my rigid dick back into my pants, then, putting on my new shirt (it fit, thankfully) and apron I went back out and started my shift, still self-conscious and aroused but also giddy with happiness.

I made it through a full hour. I tried ignoring it, willing it to go away, but finally I realized in shock that I was going to cum, either in my pants or in the twins’ mouths—and the second option was infinitely preferable. I ducked out quickly of the department I was in and snuck off to the garden center where the twins were more than happy to lead me to the hidden storage alcove behind the rhododendrons and take very good care of me.

Eventually we had to set up a system of secret hourly visits to various secluded places in the store, because… it didn’t stop. My hardon didn’t stop, the need to keep cumming and cumming all day didn’t stop. That was just how I was now, big and hard and constantly building to an unstoppable orgasm. Forever? I didn’t know. Everyone else turned a blind eye to our hook-ups, I think, because I think they all knew. I needed it so bad I was coming off me in waves.

Of course, my having to cum didn’t end when I clocked out, either. Lio and Ago had a plan for that, too, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

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