Sensational summer growth

by OneLuckyGuy89

Todd and Aaron return home to their hometown of Portland as changed men. Now it’s time for them to change the rest of the town.

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Todd Sampson and Aaron Green had just arrived back home in Port Town, after a long two months in Malibu to start their modeling careers. Todd had golden blonde hair and beautiful tanned skin. He was a surfer at heart and Aaron had always been his nerdy sidekick, but with a beautiful face behind those glasses. Neither had ever been super muscular, but had good enough bodies to model. They were now back after two months and were completely changed. No longer twenty year old boys, they were big, strong and hairy men at 6’2” and 6’3” weighing 250 and 275 pounds of hard muscle.

Todd was sporting day old growth of stubble on his face and his blue eyes popped against his tan skin. He wore a purple beater that was suctioned to his body and gray mesh shorts that were sculpted to his large ass. Tufts of golden chest hair poked out of the top of his shirt and covered his large chest. The other thing people immediately took notice of was the large bulge protruding from the front of his shorts, and that was all real.

Aaron’s dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he had a full trimmed beard. He was the taller of the two now, but was shorter before the change. Wearing a pink vest hoodie and tight black jeans shorts, his muscles were obscenely on display. Aaron’s chest and neck were thicker than Todd’s and he was more hirsute, as his armpit tufts were sticking out. The bulge in his jean shorts was also double the size of Todd’s.

“Happy to be home big guy?” Todd asked in a deep baritone.

“Yes and no? You ready to see your old man?” Aaron asked, in his gravely bass.

“I still can’t get over how hot your voice gets me,” Todd moaned, grabbing his crotch.

“I still can’t get over how much bigger I am than you, but dominating you is super hot,” Aaron said and ground his crotch into Todd’s ass.

“Not in the middle of town, let’s get to the place before I let you fuck me in front of everyone.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, my little exhibitionist?”

The two of them walked into town towards their meeting place. All Aaron could do was stare at Todd’s big ass, shifting back and forth in his shorts. He suddenly felt his control snap and he shoved Aaron into a nearby alley. Grinding their full crotches into each other earned a horny moan from Todd.

“Just fuck me big man, I need your dick in me now,” Todd moaned.

“Your sexy ass is what got you in this situation,” Aaron growled.

Roughly filling Todd to the brim, the two men began to moan in the alley. Aaron began to twist on Todd’s nipples, as his chord tightened. With a loud bellow; Aaron filled Todd with his manhood and Todd coated the side of the building.

“God I needed that, I could stay with your dick in my ass all day.”

Todd moaned, as Aaron pulled out.

“We have orders to fulfill you know that as well as I do. Plus I need my ass filled too, but I’ll hold off. Let’s get home. I just got a text that our car’s around the corner,” Aaron said.

Kieran and Avon pulled up in a black Porsche. Arriving at the car, the guys admired Kieran and Avon. Kieran was a 6’5” Moroccan stud with a bushy, but trimmed beard. He was 260 pounds of hairy muscle with larger pecs and thighs with an eighteen inch cock. Avon was a dark haired Irish man with a trimmed mustache. Showing off his big biceps and big ass in Lycra shorts and a jacket with a twenty inch dick.

“Hey boys, let’s get going,” Kieran said.

“Do we really look like the boys you met two months ago anymore?” Todd asked.

“Compared to me you do, just a little more muscle and body hair,” Avon laughed.

“And big, thick cock,” Aaron growled and grabbed the large mound in Avon’s lap.

“Don’t do that while I’m driving,” Avon moaned, chubbing up under the attention.

“Kieran’s driving,” Aaron laughed.

“I’m g-g-giving directions,” Avon moaned, as Aaron’s hand found his dick.

“I wasn’t able to do this before, I feel like I’m a man,” Aaron said with an evil smile and pulled out Avon’s hardening member.

The massively thick organ rose to its peak after Aaron pulled it out of its confines. He continued to slowly stroke the dick in his hands and kept pushing on his slit for more attention. Moaning in a cloud of lust, Avon didn’t realize that Aaron’s other hand was down the back of his pants. He let out a deep moan as Aaron began inserting fingers into his hairy ass.

“The amount of hair on your ass is one of your hottest traits,” Aaron said.

“Stop talking and keep fingering I’m close,” Avon whined.

“Of course you are, I’m an expert,” Aaron said wickedly.

“I think we created another monster,” Kieran laughed.

Avon’s voice hitched and he came gallons all over the entire dashboard. He was covered in sweat and panting. Kieran used his finger to swipe some of the cream.

“Very tasty,” Kieran said.

“You have to milk a cow just right,” Aaron said.

“I’m no cow!” Avon yelled.

“True, but you’re hung like a bull,” Aaron said, pulling on his big nuts.

“We’re here, you sure you want to visit your dad first?” Kieran asked Todd.

“Yeah, he should know his son’s home. He told me I’d fail at modeling, I’m sure he had no idea I’d be nude modeling and in pornos,” Todd laughed.

Todd and Aaron told the other guys they’d be right back. They walked up to his dad’s porch door and knocked. The man who opened the door was an older version of Todd, who was balding, with a large beer gut and salt and pepper blonde beard.

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked roughly.

“It’s Todd, I’m home,” he said with a smile.

“What the fuck happened to you? You look like a big muscular faggot.”

“They gave me this thing in California, look at these muscles,” Todd said flexing.

“You shouldn’t have taken steroids.”

“Steroids don’t do this,” Todd said, grabbing his large bulge.

“I don’t care what happened to you, no faggoty son of mine will live under this roof!” he yelled.

“I’m not living here,” Todd laughed and Aaron joined in. “Sam got me a nice lake house, but I’ll be back dad. You’ll see it my way eventually.”

“Wait, my best friend Sam?” his father asked.

“Yep, he’s really interested in joining our group as well,” Todd said, leaving his father dumbfounded.

Ten minutes later, they all arrived at the lake house. Sam was meeting them soon and they all quickly tore off their clothes.

“Feels so good to be free!” Kieran cried.

Todd walked up to the floor length mirror in the living room to just look at himself. His blue eyes were like the Caribbean Sea and the stubble on his face framed his angular jaw perfectly. The large pecs on his chest had made his nipples point down and the golden hair decorated them in swirl patterns connecting to his armpit bushes and created a road on top of his abs, that led to a huge and beautiful footlong dick. There was something so masculine about his body now; every muscle and every hair was so erotic. Turning around he admired his large back and huge ass, decorated with golden blonde hair. With one hand he twisted a big nipple, while the other pet his golden chest hair. The display had attracted the other men in the room to him like magnets. Avon slid his dick into Todd’s ass, Kieran took Todd’s monster in his mouth and Todd jacked both Kieran and Avon’s cocks. Words were not needed as they performed the most primitive acts. Grunts and moans filled the cabin; Todd knew he had evolved beyond normal humanity and all he cared about were his muscles, body hair and ever growing cock. All four of them would continue to get bigger, as they continued the formula. Suddenly the fireworks started with Avon filling Todd, who in turn filled Kieran’s mouth and Aaron and Kieran’s cum shots covered Todd’s huge body.

“Fuck that was intense,” Kieran chuckled.

“I love that we changed Todd, this pleasure is all worth it,” Aaron said, cum dripping off his softening member.

“The formula is all about being a man and loving it,” Avon said, tweaking his nipples.

They turned around to the door opening and Sam entered. Todd’s father’s best friend was a skinny Italian guy with a beer gut from all his drinking. He had a really handsome face, a heavy beard and a nice thick rug of chest hair.

“You all don’t waste time do you?” Sam laughed, in his bass.

“You ready for us to start turning you into a hot Italian daddy?” Todd asked, raising his eyes seductively.

“Everything about you is so seductive. How your dad rejected you, I don’t understand,” Sam said with a smile.

“It’s the formula at work, daddy,” Avon said.

“We’ve got your shots all ready dude,” Aaron said, approaching Sam with two needles.

“Am I the only one growing? From what you all told me, none of you are maxed out from the formula. Don’t make this daddy grow alone,” Sam said, seductively grabbing all their crotches.

“I don’t know, that would push me into Stage 4. It can be tricky,” Avon said, even though he was hardening very quickly.

“Don’t be a pussy, let’s do it boys!” Kieran cheered.

“I’m game,” Aaron said.

“Hell yeah,” Todd nodded.

“The shots need to go into your balls to spread the testosterone,” Kieran said, pulling out four more needles.

“I can’t wait to get big nuts like you,” Sam said, eyeing Kieran’s nuts.

Quickly stripping himself of his clothes; Sam sat down and spread his legs showing off his furry sack and erect eight incher. Kieran shot a syringe into each one of his nuts and Sam moaned in pain. Then the other three and a reluctant Avon, administered their own shots. Sam felt his whole body’s temperature heat up and when the growth started, he had to double check to confirm that his balls were indeed swelling in size. Then as crazy as it sounds, he felt the testerone spread through his body directly from his nuts. Growing from a meager 5’8” to 6’4” and his belly receded creating a rippled 8 pack. Adding on a hundred pounds of muscle, his beard grew on his face in mere minutes and then his cock swelled and elongated to a thick fifteen inches soft. The warmth dissipated and Sam admired his new body, till he saw the other men groaning and moaning in their own growth.

Todd felt his face as the rest of his beard had filled in again and was reaching three hundred pounds of hard muscle. His now two foot long cock was already hard and getting attention from its owner. Aaron was rubbing the new body hair that had spread across his expanse and he had reached three-hundred-fifteen pounds with a twenty-six inch dick. Kierean’s beard was long and unkempt as he reached three-hundred pounds with a two foot long dick. Avon seemed lost in another world at three-hundred-fifty pounds, he was rubbing his nipples and pulling his dick. His next moan was so loud and erotic, all the men watched Avon grew a second thirty inch cock and they all gasped. Sam suddenly felt an uncontrollable orgasm surface and he cried in ecstasy covering the ceiling and himself in cum.

“I need cocks in my ass now!” Avon commanded.

“Todd, me and you are gonna double penetrate Avon. Aaron let him suck you and Sam you need to ride one of his dicks and jack the other,” Kieran said.

“Why?” Aaron asked.

“Just trust me, he is so horny with those two dicks. He needs release now,” Kieran said, very serious.

Todd and Kieran sat down, their legs intertwined and boners touching. Then they eased Avon onto their cocks and he answered with a pleasurable groan. Once Aaron offered his dick, Avon literally inhaled the dick and started sucking like a vacuum. Sam hesitantly eased himself onto Avon’s new dick and the other settled between his legs. He quickly decided to frot his and Avon’s together. All the big guy could think about at the moment was the pleasure and orgasming again. His mind was so intertwined with his big cocks, he couldn’t focus. The inner chord tightened in his body and the yell from his double orgasm must’ve been heard by all the forest creatures. His moaning caused Aaron to shoot his load and Todd, Kieran and Sam all exploded again. Sam was rubbing his load into his chest hair after they all disconnected.

“I’ve gotta rest after that,” Avon said, standing up.

“You sure you’re okay? I wasn’t thinking clearly when I forced you. I know Stage 4 is serious,” Kieran said.

“Yeah I’m good, just need to sleep,” Avon said.

He walked off, causing the cabin to shake slightly.

“Is it really that serious?” Aaron asked.

“My friend Devon, couldn’t control himself for three days. He had to be sedated and have dick pumped to calm him down,” Kieran said.

“Damn, Avon handled it like a champ,” Todd said and turned when Sam orgasmed again.

“I haven’t been this virile in years,” Sam cheered.

“It looks good on you,” Todd said, catching Sam’s lip in a deep kiss.

“We need to get your father onboard, he was gorgeous in his younger years,” Sam moaned, breaking the kiss.

“Maybe you can help,” Todd said with a smile.

Cooper Flanagan, the police chief, sat drinking coffee with his lieutenant Sylas. Cooper was 6’4” with red hair and a decent build at two-hundred-thirty pounds. He did have a slight gut from donuts and beer on weekends, but beyond that was quite the daddy. Sylas was a 6’5” African God and hadn’t gotten the belly yet. He was two-hundred-forty-five pounds with a killer ass and foot long dick to boot.

“Did you hear that Aaron and Todd returned with bodybuilder bods?” Sylas asked.

“Yeah, they did something in Malibu and became all big and hairy,” Cooper said.

“Hoping you could get some of what they took? Maybe get rid of that gut you’re carrying around?” Sylas laughed.

“Hey! My stomach is manly and attractive. You know you wish you had one!”

“Keep telling yourself that. Oh look your boy’s here,” Sylas said.

Brody Flanagan was 6’4” like his old man with red hair, but his two-hundred-fifteen pounds were all solid muscles. He wore a tight blue tank top with orange lining and had a mallet tattoo on his right bicep. The white athletic shorts hugged his ass and he casually sat down in a chair, showing off his bulge and red happy trail, when his shirt lifted up. Link Chang, Brody’s best friend, followed him into the office. He was a 6’0” tall Japanese nerdy hunk and his shaggy black hair had deep purple streaks in it. Wearing a pink anime tank top, white hot shorts and flip-flops. Sitting next to Brody, he showed off his dark tufts by putting his hands behind his head.

“What’s up Pops? You just slacking off?” Brody asked.

“Shut up boy. You just can’t walk in here and disrespect your father like that.”

“We ran into Aaron and Todd on our way here, Mr. Flanagan. They’re gonna be bringing some of that stuff here,” Link said.

“The stuff that got them so big?” Sylas asked.

“Oh yeah, I want some of that,” Link said, clearly horny for it.

“Weren’t they saying it makes you a cock sucking faggot?” Cooper asked.

“You tell me you don’t want that size or power dad?” Brody asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m not against it boy, but I don’t know if I want the side effects,” Cooper said.

“The side effects are minimal when you understand how manly the formula makes you feel,” Todd said, entering the station with Aaron.

They were both wearing just Lycra hot shorts and flip-flops. Todd were purple and Aaron blue, with all their equipment clearly on display. As Todd adjusted himself, clearly excited at changing more men and Cooper found himself attracted to the large man.

“I’m no queer, why are you asking me so horny?” Cooper asked Todd.

“Just part of the formula, not only does it make you more of a man but it attracts me to you as well,” Todd said, his bass rumbling in his chest.

“I can’t believe how big you boys are and how hairy,” Cooper said, caressing the muscles on Aaron and Todd.

“Don’t grope me too much old man, my dick will get real big, real quick,” Aaron said and Cooper stared wide eyed at the bulge swelling quickly.

“How big is that monster, dude?” Sylas asked, eyeing the monster.

“Twenty-six thick inches bro. You want to taste it?”

“Can that even fit in my mouth?”

“Take the formula and it will fit in your mouth for a start,” Aaron said.

“I’ve heard enough Aaron, shoot me and Link up. We need to be your size and play around with you,” Brody smirked.

“You won’t be our size right away, but we’ll get you bigger for sure,” Todd said, full of lust.

Todd explained the steps to grow the two boys bigger and Cooper was shocked that he was staring at his son and best friend’s dick and balls. Sure he hadn’t seen it in years, but his son had some hefty equipment. Analyzing Link as well, he was gifted with some big balls for a Japanese man.

“We’re ready, you got the shots ready?” Link asked.

“Yes, let’s do it,” Aaron said, licking his lips seductively.

“Who wants to go first?” Todd asked.

“Can we grow at the same time?” Brody asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Aaron said and readied the four shots.

Todd and Aaron shot a needle into each of the boys’ balls. The two teens began moaning as their balls began to warm up. Brody began getting horny as Link watched his balls begin to swell in size and he growled in lust when Link’s dick started lengthening and swelling. The ginger’s muscles began swelling and Link began caressing them in worship. When he opened his eyes for a split second, he eyed the black hair growing on Link’s body and started running his hands through it. As their growth neared the end, their dicks swelled to erection and they came all over their hairy chests in deep groans.

“We’re fucking huge bro!” Brody cried, in his new bass.

“Not to mention fucking hot,” Link said, in his equally deep voice.

The Japanese man pulled his best friend into a deep kiss and began grinding their erections together.

They came all over their hairy chests again and the policemen were rock hard. Todd looked at Aaron and angled his head towards the other two mens’ reactions. Aaron said with an wicked smile and went outside, returning with four more shots.

“So are you two game?” Aaron asked, showing the new shots.

“You’re serious?” Sylas gasped.

“Dead serious, join us big boy,” Todd smirked, groping Sylas’ bulge.

“Let’s do it! Shoot me up!” Sylas cheered.

As Cooper was hypnotized by Brody and Link making out in their new bodies, a moaning next to him snapped him out of it. He turned to the side and gasped at his growing co-worker. Sylas wanted to keep his uniform on to explode out of it and as holes appeared on his chest, the curly black hairs covering his chest became visible. All at once the pressure built up at once and his uniform exploded into tatters, as Sylas moaned in his deep voice in relief. Sylas was now 7’5”, with a full beard and was stroking his two foot long cock.

“I’m so close, someone fuck me!” Sylas said.

“Gladly,” Todd said and after warming up his hole with his fingers, sheathed his huge cock in his ass.

“So fucking good, your cock is so big. Gonna fucking cum!” Sylas cried.

“Let it go, stud!” Sylas cried and shot all over Cooper’s face.

Cooper was stunned and used the back of his hand to wipe off the jizz. He looked up at Sylas in shock.

“Sylas, why’d you do it?” Cooper asked.

“Do you really have to ask?” Sylas asked, flexing a giant bicep and caressed his two-hundred-ninety-five pound body.

“Come on Mr. Flanagan, you really want your son to be bigger than you?” Link asked, waving his cock head near Cooper’s nose.

“Join us dad, I want you to fuck me with your big cock,” Brody said and flexed a bicep, causing his musk to waft out of his pits.

“Just do it!” Cooper begged.

As he grew, Cooper ripped off his shirt and began tweaking his nipples, as he moaned in pleasure. He grew to 7’3” and his hairy muscles swelled with power. The gut did remain, but became more solid and his twenty inch cock, rose to full mast.

“Someone fuck my hairy ass!” Cooper said.

Link went behind him and began eating out his hairy hole. Brody bent over and begged for his dad’s cock. Cooper slowly slid into his son’s muscular ass and Link slid into his big ass. Todd fed his cock to Link and Aaron started roughly fucking Brody’s face. Sylas approached his boss, who opened his mouth and licked his lips. Sucking on the chocolate cock, like his life depended on it, has Sylas in nirvana. The six of them went through so many different positions and they ended in a six way suck.

“That was amazing,” Cooper moaned, licking the remaining jizz off Brody’s cock.

“You’re so tasty boss,” Sylas said, licking the raw head.

“So good, Sylas,” Link said, lathering up his shaft and rolling the balls in his hands.

“What’s amazing is your Japanese dragon,” Aaron said, squeezing Link’s head to get all the cum.

“That was fun, orgys are the best,” Todd said, sniffing Aaron’s balls.

“You happy you joined us now, dad?” Brody asked, as he squeezed Todd’s last shot onto his face and licked it off.

“I love it. But what are we going to wear? Not that I mind being naked,” Cooper said, rubbing his hands through his chest hair and tweaking his nipples.

“Why not just wear what we do?” Aaron asked.

“Sylas and I have a job to do. We need a tailor and I know just the man.”

“Well for the time being, we have Lycra you can choose from,” Todd said.

The six of them looked super hot walking down main street. Cooper had put on his police hat and was wearing black Lycra shorts that were just long enough to cover his dick head. He also had his guy and radio tucked in the waistband of his shorts and his badge pinned on his hat. Sylas wore his hat and black Lycra Speedos bulging at the seams. His gun and radio were also in his waistband, but hsi badge was pinned on the front of his Speedo. Brody was wearing a blue Lycra jockstrap with straps framing his hairy hole. Link wore a purple Lycra jockstrap thong and felt so sexy.

“Does this sexy feeling ever go away?” Link asked, cupping his large balls.

“No, it only gets worse,” Todd said with a wink.

“No complaints here,” he said and twisted his nipples.

“Brody Flanagan?” gasped a female voice.

“Hi Ms. Violet, how are you? I haven’t seen you since high school graduation,” Brody said.

“How am I? What are you wearing? What would your father say?” she cried.

“I’d say he looks fucking hot,” Cooper growled and smacked his son’s ass.

“Chief Flanagan?” she gasped.

“Viola, my son isn’t walking around naked, so I see no reason to be offended.”

“What’s happened to you all?” she gasped.

“We’ve evolved, now if you’ll excuse us,” Cooper said.

Viola Violet just stared at the six behemoths and they walked off. The group reached the tailors and squeezed in the doorway. Timothy Nolan was a tiny, nervous and mousey man. He’d always been small, so he was used to being looked down on.

“I’ll be right out,” he said, in his squeaky voice as the bell rang.

Tim stepped out and gasped at the muscular men, barely clothed in his shop. He got steel hard at the arousing sight before him.

“Can I help you gentleman?” he asked, trying to hide his boner.

“Tim, how are you?” asked one of them.

“Do I know y….” Tim started, but saw the chief badge on his hat.

“Cooper Flanagan?” he gasped.

“Hey Tiny Tim, how are you?”

“Always with the name calling, just like high school again,” Tim said, annoyed.

“Dad! What the fuck! We need his help,” Brody scolded him.

“Tim, I’m not here to make fun of you. I want to offer you this,” Cooper said, spreading out his arms.

“Your body?” Tim asked.

“Well yeah if you want, but also a way to grow your own,” Cooper said with a smile.

“This isn’t a prank because you know I’m gay?” Tim asked.

“I don’t give a fuck anymore, watch,” Cooper said and made out with Sylas, groping his muscular body.

They continued making out and the other guys all got hard, inhuman erections rising out of their underwear.

“So you game?” Aaron asked, showing off two syringes.

“Please!” Tim cried.

Cooper and Sylas shouted orgasmically, as they shot all over their chests and the ceiling. A gutturally deep moan caused them to turn and they saw Tim ripping out of his clothes. His gargantuan cock was already hanging out, as it continued to grow. The chief watched in extreme lust as Tim grew taller than him to 7’6”. As the growth finished, he ran his hands through his new chest hair and his dick grew to twenty-two inches hard. Suddenly he began jacking off his monster with two hands.

“Fuck, I’m gonna explode!” Tim bellowed in his new basement baritone.

“So hot,” Cooper said, cuming without any stimulation.

Tim bent down and began eating out Cooper’s hairy hole. The police chief let out a needy wanton moan and was suddenly full of Tim’s large cock.

“Do you like my huge fucking cock?” Tim bellowed.

“Fuck me harder, make me cum!” Cooper cried.

The tailor unloaded his gallons of cum into Cooper and he shot all over the shop. Their fucking caused the others to all cum as well. They all started laughing and smacking each other’s asses, as if they’d won a game.

“You’re so hot, please help us Tim?” Cooper asked.

“Only if you please daddy, as much as he wants,” Tim bellowed and pulled Cooper into a deep kiss.

Tim finally got a chance to get away from the other guys, to look in the mirror. He stood at 7’6”, having grown two feet in total as he changed and a full, bushy beard. The large pecs on his chest were covered in hair, which extended over his ten pack and connected to pubes surrounding his soft nineteen-inch cock. He was happy and turned on as his cock rose to twenty-two inches erect.

“Why’d I grow so tall?” Tim asked Cooper.

“Your guess is as good as mine, but you’re so sexy,” Cooper said, caressing Tim’s hairy ass.

“I don’t know why you guys ever want to wear clothes,” Tim said, caressing Cooper’s hairy chest.

“Chief wants us to be professional, the others can do what they want,” Sylas said.

“Wearing this jockstrap is the most clothes I wanna wear anymore,” Brody said, fingering himself.

“We need to rope in our urges, at least until we change a majority of the town,” Cooper smiled.

“You gonna change the rest of the force?” Tim asked.

“Of course I am and you want to change all the boys, right Todd?” Cooper asked.

“That’s the plan, so we don’t have to wear any clothes and just fuck in the streets,” he smiled.

“Can I get some extra shots?” Tim asked.

“You want to get bigger?” Aaron gasped.

“Well, eventually, but not ‘til I get used to my current size. I want to change my son. He’s been heavy all his life and I want him to have his dream body,” Tim said.

“Hank would be so hot,” Todd agreed. “Hell yeah, do it.”

Tim didn’t get home till later that night, since he was fucking Cooper and Brody for hours. His eighteen year old son, Hank, was already in bed and Tim was happy he was a heavy sleeper. His son moaned in pain and then ecstasy as both balls were injected, but stayed asleep. Since he wanted to be surprised, Tim jacked off once more and then fell asleep.

“Dad?” asked a baritone voice, waking up Tim the next morning.

“Hank?” asked Tim, getting out of bed.

“Who are you?” Hank asked, his muscular body falling down in surprise.

“It’s dad and look at your sexy body,” Tim moaned, getting hard.

“What happened to me?” he asked.

“I gave you what you’ve always wanted. You hated your old body and now you’re tall, muscular and hairy and well endowed,” Tim smiled, his dick rock hard.

“This isn’t a dream?” Hank asked.

“Not at all,” Tim said and deeply kissed his changed son.

Hank was confused, but the erotic feeling from kissing his father was beyond anything he ever felt before. Tim couldn’t believe the huge, bearded hunk he was kissing was his baby boy. Hank’s erection came up between them and his father smiled erotically.

“Can I fuck you, dad?” Hank asked, surprised by it after he said it.

“Give it to me boy,” Tim said, bending over and presenting his hairy ass.

“Do I just stick it in?” Hank asked, being awkward.

“You could finger me or eat me out, son,” Tim said.

Hank slowly moved his face towards his dad’s hole, just the smell got him horny. Digging in, he slowly started eating the ass out like a champ. Tim moaned, suddenly leaking pre and began panting in heat.

“Just fuck me son, you’ll do fine,” Tim panted.

Tim moaned as his son’s thick cock slid into his ass. To get him started, Tim slid back causing his son to moan. Then Hank took off and began fucking his dad like a machine. It didn’t take long for father and son to climax. Tim fell back onto his bed and Hank kissed him with real passion.

“Thank you dad, I love you,” Hank panted.

“I love you too, son,” Tim panted and kissed him deeply.

Back at the Police Station, six other officers were in the bullpen. The chief had called them in and said he wanted to talk to them, one by one. Cade had been the first to arrive and had a thick build with blond hair and blue eyes. Next was Miguel and he was a little, skinny Mexican guy. Aiden was next and was an Italian twunk. Rusty was Scottish with green eyes, red hair and a big beer gut. Lenny was the fifth with a blue mohawk, tattoos and wore tighter pants to show off his bulge. Last was their skinny, little dispatcher, Shawn, with his glasses and curly mop of brown hair.

“Anyone know what the chief wants?” Cade asked. “I’m still sore from last night. Had three girls at once.”

“Sure you did,” Miguel said, rolling his eyes.

“Ask Lenny, I sent him a pic.”

“They were hot as fuck dude, Miguel they were real,” Lenny agreed.

“Is that all you guys talk about?” Aiden asked.

“You could talk about your conquests, little buddy,” Rusty laughed, patting his back.

“No one wants to hear about all the dicks I suck. You guys hate that,” he pointed out.

“Hey at least you’re not a virgin, like Senor Specs,” Cade laughed.

“Haha, very funny,” Shawn said, rolling his eyes.

“But in all seriousness, the Chief’s been very quiet. Anyone else worried?” Aidan asked.

Suddenly Cooper’s door opened and they all turned around.

“Williams, get your faggoty ass in here now!” yelled Cooper.

“Sounds like normal to me,” Cade laughed. “Coming boss!”

He walked into the office and shut the door. First thing he noticed was it was dark and the second was the musky smell wafting in the room. The lights turned on and Cade stared at the 7’2”, hairy, behemoth in just a black Lycra Speedo.

“Chief?” Cade gasped, feeling himself get rock hard.

“Yes, Cade, I knew I had to change you first. You’re the Alpha Male of the group. What do you think of my body?” Cooper asked.

“I think it’s hot, but I don’t know why,” Cade said, in a trance.

“Looks like you’re rock hard, boy, take that out and let me see.”

“Of course, chief,” Cade said and pulled out his thick erection.

“How big is that cock?”

“Eight inches, sir.”

“That’s a big piece. Now strip. I want to see that body you always brag about.”

Cade had a decent gym build with large pecs and decent sized biceps. He had a blonde happy trail and blonde hair on his boulder ass. Cooper pushed Cade down and began eating out his tight ass. The straight stud moaned as Cooper gave special attention to his hole. Cooper couldn’t believe the daze that Cade was in, as he began licking his clothed erection.

“Woo boy, you are horny huh?” Cooper moaned.

As if on auto pilot Cade pulled out his boss’s humongous cock and began lapping up and down the shaft. Cooper could feel his cord tightening and he started panting.

“If you’re gonna drink my jizz, better get my cock in your mouth,” Cooper said.

Cade greedily inhaled the large phallus. Cooper was so turned on thinking he was going to change the whole police squad and a feeling of releasing energy was released when he came down Cade’s throat.

As he moaned, chugging it down his throat like a milkshake, Cade’s voice began to drop in octaves. All at once Cade began growing taller and a beard quickly grew in on his face. Blonde body hair sprouted all over his body and as Cooper stopped coming, the former straight player rubbed his chest hair. Cade stood up straight at 7’2” and his now sixteen inch erection exploded all over Cooper’s face.

“What happened to me?” Cade bellowed, in his new baritone.

“I don’t know,” Cooper said, surprised that Cade grew without the shots.

“I’m so hairy and horny,” Cade moaned, rubbing his hairy pecs and jerking his mammoth cock.

“Sylas, can you entertain Cade, so I can change the others?” Cooper asked.

As soon as Sylas entered, Cade jumped him and started fucking his ass.

“Holy shit, he’s horny. We’ll just go to the sound proof room,” Sylas said, walking off with Cade on his back.

Miguel came in next and thanks to Cooper’s pheromones, was already sucking his cock. His back was the first thing to grow and exploded off his back. The Mexican beast was eventually a 6’9” muscular, hairy beast.

“Boss, what did you do to me? I’m so horny and where’s Cade?” Miguel moaned in a baritone.

“I’m fucking that big ass first,” Cooper said, grabbing Miguel’s cheeks.

“Boss I don’t know if I w…..fuck yes, so good!” he moaned as Cooper slid in his hole.

“Shoot for me big boy!” Cooper yelled, plowing Miguel home and jacking him off.

“Gonna cum so hard!” Miguel boomed and coated the wall in gallons of cum.

“Cade’s in the sound proof interrogation room, go get him!” Cooper yelled and smacked Miguel’s ass.

Aiden was called in next and his eyes lit up at Cooper’s appearance.

“You ran into Aaron and Todd didn’t you?” Aiden asked.

“Of course, now, you want this dick?” Cooper asked, wagging it in Aiden’s face.

“Definitely daddy,” Aiden cried and shoved the dick in his mouth.

After Aiden’s growth was finished he was a 7’0” foot tall, two-hundred-fifteen pound and hairy Italian bull with a thirteen-inch cock.

“Fuck me hard, daddy!” Aiden cried, jerking his cock and displaying his hairy ass.

Cooper gripped his hips and began slamming into him with all his might. Aiden moaned loudly with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Quicker than Aiden cared to admit, he coated the wall in gallons of his cum.

“I’ll come find you later, sweet ass!” Cooper said, smacking his ass.

“There better be more cocks to fuck me in here. My horniness is not going away,” Aiden moaned, entering the room.

Rusty came in next and was first hit with an overpowering smell of cum. And then he was assaulted by Cooper’s musk.

“Boss?” Rusty gasped.

“Get over here and suck this dick,” he ordered.

Rusty’s transformation was completing and he ended up at 7’4” feet tall. He was almost a complete clone of Cooper with a gut but he had different eyes.

“Come here you sexy bear,” Cooper ordered.

Rusty approached him and while rubbing his gut, Cooper inhaled his big dick. Switching up his tactics he rolled Rusty’s balls and fingered his big, hairy ass. The big guy bellowed and filled Cooper’s mouth and stomach with his seed.

“Now go join the others, I have more work to do,” Cooper said, pushing him towards the door.

“Boss, whatever you need to talk to us about, I’m sorry. Wait, what’s that smell?” Lenny asked, entering the room.

“Hey, Len, you like these big muscles?” Cooper asked.

“How’d you get so big boss? I’m super jealous,” Lenny said, getting rock hard.

“Come over here and find out,” Cooper said, licking his lips.

Cooper picked Lenny up and began fiercely making out with him. He kicked off his shoes and began jerking the chief with his feet.

“Please fuck me boss,” Lenny whined, bending over.

“Suck my dick first and then I will,” Cooper growled.

Lenny finished sucking the cum down and moaned as he began to grow. He ripped his shirt in half and tweaked his nipples as he grew taller. Kneading his Pecs as they were covered in black hair and fingered his ass as it grew and got a thick coating. His dick swelled big and he pulled at his balls as they inflated in size. At the end of his growth Lenny stood at 7’3”, two-hundred-sixty-five pounds and had an eighteen inch cock, which he began sucking as Cooper pounded his ass.

“Fuck boss, you are so goooood!” Lenny bellowed, his jets knocking over chairs.

“You’re a super soaker Lenny,” Cooper laughed.

“Always have been boos, but now I got bigger balls,” Lenny said, pulling on his sack.

“Go to the sound proof room, before I have to fuck you again!” Cooper ordered.

Shawn slowly entered, he was worried and scared. All he had seen was all his co-workers disappearing and loud screams. The chief’s office smelled like a teenage male bedroom and when Shawn saw Cooper, he stopped. He got cinder block hard and Cooper licked his lips.

“Since I’ve been changed, I’ve lusted after your pert ass,” Cooper growled and ripped Shawn’s pants off.

His large hands caressed Shawn’s hairy cheeks, cradled in a red jockstrap. A large wet spot was appearing at the front of the pouch and Shawn whined.

“You want this power, skinny boy?” Cooper boomed.

“Yeah, please give it to me,” Shawn cried and started sucking on the phallus.

Cooper quickly released a flood of his growth juice and Shawn’s skinny form became a thing of the past. The blossoming muscles made his uniform shirt skin tight and finally exploded, revealing his big, hairy chest. He moaned in a new bass and ripped the skin tight jock from his body. He now stood at 6’6”, two-hundred pounds with a fat, sixteen inch cock. Suddenly Sean’s eyes lit up and he went down again on Cooper. The chief moaned again and Shawn pulled Cooper’s balls hard, coaxing another fat load out. Cooper’s eyes bugged out of his skull and he got rock hard instantly, as Shawn began to grow again. The full beard on his face began to grow longer and bushier. He moaned, caressed his bigger cock and his voice deepened to a basement baritone. Suddenly he stopped growing at 7’6”, three-hundred pounds with a twenty-two inch cock.

“I’m so huge and this horniness is too much. Time to take my cock, boss,” Shawn growled and impaled Cooper. “My balls feel so heavy, get ready to get filled.”

Cooper moaned as Shawn began fucking him without abandon. The other guys re-entered the room and in arousal, decided to join. Lenny quickly impaled the large Shawn, Rusty was impaled by Sylas while he fucked Aiden and Cade and Miguel began to sixty-nine. All at once they all came in unison and were panting, covered in sweat.

“Now to change James and Emmett,” Cooper smiled.

“They’re sick, boss,” Cade said and began eating out Miguel’s ass.

“Sylas, call Tim and let him know, he needs to measure eight outfits. And make sure James and Emmett are in tomorrow, I want my whole squad changed. Now let’s continue this orgy,” Cooper moaned and made out with Shawn again.

Sylas also made a call to Todd, as he was fucked by the big bear Rusty. Todd said he’d be right over with one of his fellow members.

Todd and Avon entered the precinct, as Tim exited the Chief’s office with a big smile. Todd waved at Tim and Avon’s eyes went super wide.

“Hey there big man, how big is that thing?” Tim asked, caressing Avon’s bulge in his teal and white jock.

“There’s two and they’re huge,” Avon smiled with a lusty smile.

“Two? I’m sure my son and I can handle them, come by the tailors later,” Tim smiled.

“So you sexy bear, how many police studs did you measure?” Todd asked with excitement in his voice.

“Eight including Sylas and the chief. Why are you here?” Tim asked.

“It’s complicated, stud, but we’ll have a meeting later tonight at my place to discuss it,” Todd smiled and caressed Tim’s bulge.

“Hank and I will both be there, catch you later,” Tim smiled and smacked Avon’s ass, causing him to moan.

“Let’s go look at the party,” Todd smiled, his boner out his jock.

“Todd, stop,” Avon said soberly. “You realize this is serious, right?”

“It’s just more men to eat up,” Todd laughed.

“No! All of the changed men have controllable horniness and if they can start changing other men with their cum, it’s an issue. We need to get a hold on this, the home office wouldn’t be happy. They want us to register everyone and keep tabs on them, this could explode changed men out of our control. We need to keep this change to this town for now,” Avon said.

“Okay, I’m sorry dude. I didn’t realize it was so serious,” Todd said, putting up his hands.

“You’re young, you’ll learn. I’m sorry for upsetting you,” Avon said and deeply kissed Todd.

“You’ve got amazing lips,” Todd smiled.

“I’ve been told once or twice, now let’s try to control this possible outbreak,” Avon said.

Avon and Todd walked into the room and they all turned like excited dogs. Cooper could feel the anger wafting off of Avon and quickly pulled his cock out of Lenny’s mouth.

“Something wrong?” Cooper asked.

“You all need to stop now and put these on,” Avon ordered and threw each of them a jockstrap.

“Hey, big boy,” Aiden purred, after putting on a pink jock.

The only former gay man was caressing Avon’s bulge and the others crawled over.

“Okay, this calls for dramatic measures,” Avon said, feeling his dicks chubbing up.

He threw a smoke bomb onto the ground and the room was filled with blue smoke. All the men began coughing and the smoke dissipated into the air. The look of glazed lust in all of their eyes faded.

“Okay, what the fuck did you do to us, boss?” Cade asked angrily, squeezing his large cock and ass into a gold jock.

“Yeah, no one asked for this,” Miguel said, slipping into a purple mesh jock.

“I look like a fucking bear,” Rusty said, looking at his size and squeezing into a green thong one.

“For the record, I did ask for this,” Aiden said, scratching his clothed balls.

“Well, you were the only faggot before. I love the size and big dick, but I don’t know about all the dick sucking,” Lenny pointed out, putting on a black one with roses.

“I don’t mind any of it. I’m not the smallest anymore, but I need to shave this beard,” Shawn said, putting on a see-through leopard one.

“Why am I not super horny?” Todd asked Avon.

“Okay, for the police force. Your chief has made you members of an advanced race of men. And the smoke bomb I threw, douses our horniness for an hour. Now Cooper, for the moment being, your cum can’t be ingested by mouth or ass. It needs to be studied, because if this thing happens again, I’ll be in big trouble,” Avon explained.

“Why don’t the rest of you come back to the lake house with us? If your horniess level is that bad, you’ll need to fuck for a good two hours straight,” he continued.

“Are we that bad?” Cade asked, looking a little worried.

“Just relax, dude, you just need to get used to your new level of libido. You will be fine,” Avon said.

“Boss, I’m not gonna be able to do anything but fuck. I’m gonna be pissed. I already can’t fit this cock in a woman,” Cade said, annoyed.

“We brought the Hummerzine, we should all be able to go together,” Todd said.

“Let’s figure this out,” Avon sighed and led them all outside.

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