The reunion

by Aphon

 Sam meets up with his high school crush who ends up having more in plan for him than he thought... how big is too big?

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Sam was feeling nervous as he crossed the street towards his town’s local pub. He hadn’t been home since he left for college, almost 6 months ago. A couple days ago, his high school crush had asked him out for drinks when they came home.

Sam swung open the door and entered the bar. Glancing around, his eyes landed on Carter and he froze. Carter had quite obviously changed over the past 6 months. He looked twice as built as he had looked in high school, and in only 6 months! Sam explored Carters body with his eyes as he approached the booth. Carter’s biceps pushed and strained the fabric of his white button down shirt and his pants clung tightly to his thick quads. But the shirt showed the most obvious strain on his chest, where his pecs surged forward and threatened to pop the buttons that confined them. Sam’s eye was also drawn to Carters wrist, where a watch sat tightly. What really piqued Sam’s interest though was the short, dense arm hair that poked out around the watch and dusted Carter’s knuckles.

Carter turned slightly, looking around for Sam. Just before they made eye contact, Sam glanced down and saw Carter’s package shift as he changed positions. He appeared to have developed quite a bit down there as well. Almost as if he knew he was being watched, Carter pushed his groin forwards, forcing his cock to press outwards, tighter against his already overflowing pants. Sam felt weak in the knees as he saw the outline of a 10 inch cock, pushed sideways against Carter’s hip. Sam snapped back to reality as Carter and him made eye contact.

They both beamed at each other and hugged by the side of the booth.

“How have you been? You look incredible!” Sam said, still smiling

Carter laughed. “Thanks! I’ve been better than ever actually. It’s nice being in college but not too easy being away for so long.” He reached across the table and put his hand on Sam’s. They smiled and laughed.

The rest of the evening was spent downing rounds of beers until they both felt quite tipsy. Still laughing about some joke Carter had made, Sam made his way to the bathroom to take a piss.

As soon as Sam had passed through the bathroom door, Carter opened his jacket and pulled out a small flask. He had bought this formula from the dark web that he had been using in small doses since college started. His muscles had grown rapidly even at those small doses, not to mention his member down below, which had surprised him with its size. The truth was, he had always had a thing for Sam, and now that the opportunity to see him turn into a stud was available, he couldn’t resist.

Carter drunkenly poured about half the flask into Sam’s beer. This was a newer, more concentrated formula that Carter had never tried. He could only guess what it would do to Sam, and that was turning him on like nothing else. He tried to control his arousal as his dick ached in his briefs.

Sam came back from the bathroom and sat down in the booth.

“After this one you wanna head out?” he asked.

“Yeah sure, cheers.” Carter lifted his glass to Sam’s.

They both gulped down their beers. Sam felt the cold beer go down his throat and barely registered the weird taste it had. He didn’t give it much thought. He set down his glass and watched Carter finish off his beer. His adam’s apple bobbed as he drank the liquid. Sam took a moment to observe Carter’s stubble, which covered his sharp jaw and above his plump lips. Carter set down his glass and smiled. They both grabbed their jackets and headed out.

Carter was telling Sam how he was renting an apartment not too far away and that they could go there if he wanted. Sam agreed happily, getting into Carter’s car. As he sat down, Sam started to feel really hot and itchy. His cheeks grew bright red and he hurried to unbutton the top button on his shirt.

Carter looked at him with lust from the driver’s seat. “Someone’s getting hot,” he said. He smiled a crooked smile that Sam found irresistible.

Carter placed his hand on Sam’s thigh, caressing him slowly with one hand as he drove. His hand got close to Sam’s crotch, caressing his upper thigh. Sam thought he would explode right there. His briefs felt tighter than usual, which he attributed to his feeling hot and cramped. But it puzzled him that they seemed to be digging into his skin. In fact, all of his clothes felt much more uncomfortable. He tried to push this thought away, trying to enjoy Carter caressing his thigh.

Soon enough, it became impossible to ignore. His thigh felt like it was growing thicker under the weight of Carter’s hand. Sam’s chest pushed against his shirt, making the fabric taught and filling it out to its limit. His crotch was looking full and heavy. His skin tingled and itched everywhere. Before he could process anything, the car pulled into the garage and parked.

As they made their way to the elevator, Carter couldn’t stop checking out Sam’s ass. It was growing spectacularly, the two fat globes straining against his pants, moving as he walked. Sam’s body was perfectly proportioned, a work of art. And it was just beginning. Carter smiled and bit his lip as he followed Sam into the elevator.

Carter unlocked his apartment door and threw the keys onto the counter. Carter nodded towards the bedroom and Sam followed him, his clothes starting to become visibly too tight. His thighs brushed against one another and his shoulders were too wide for his shirt.

Carter lay down on the bed. “Get over here stud,” he said.”I want you to get naked for me.” Sam saw the effect he was having on Carter and decided to take advantage of it, not even caring what was happening to him. He sauntered over to the bed and stopped just short of it. Sam’s hand traveled up to his chest and felt his pec, cupping it and feeling how full and thick it was. It barely fit in his hand now. As he felt his pec, he felt it swell out even more. The buttons on his shirt groaned. Carter was staring at Sam with excitement. Sam kept massaging his pec and it kept responding with more growth. Then, his shirt exploded off his chest, the buttons flying out in different directions. His pecs bounced forwards slightly, finally freed from their cramped confines. A pattern of dark chest hair swirled across Sam’s pecs. This new addition turned Sam on. Carter knelt on the edge of the bed and kissed Sam, his hands on his hips. Sam kissed back, lost in the moment.

Carter pulled away and slowly started to undress Sam. He pulled away the ruined shirt as Sam moaned with pleasure. His pants looked about to suffer the same fate. Carter undid his belt and sensually lowered Sam’s overstuffed pants and took off his briefs. Sam’s package sprang forwards, no longer compressed. Carter was dumbfounded at its size. Already Sam’s package looked to be bigger than his at around a foot long. His balls were the size of kiwis and looked swollen with cum.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me, but its fucking hot,” Sam panted, looking down at Carter who was kneeling by his crotch. Sam had a line of luscious hair growing from his meaty pecs and down across his abs where it connected with his hairy groin. Carter ran his hand across Sam’s abs and through the short, thick hair on his stomach.

“Fuck. I’m getting so big and hairy,” mumbled Sam. He flexed his huge bicep and cupped his still growing pecs.

Carter was almost in a trance as he caressed Sam’s huge dong. It quickly rose and became rock hard. Carter brought it close to his lips and took the swollen head into his mouth. Sam’s slit was dripping pre like a faucet and Carter gulped it down.

Meanwhile, Sam’s body continued to grow, and grow, and grow. The hair on his body filled out, spreading across his pecs in swirling patterns, growing around his fat nipples which were started to be pushed downwards by his constantly growing pecs. Sam’s arms were huge and beefy, hanging heavily by his sides, pushed out slightly by his widening lats. His legs were thickening as well, pushing his heavy sack outwards on top of his thighs. His prodigious cock was growing larger by the minute, becoming thicker and longer as Carter sucked him off. It was now probably 15 inches and showed no signs of stopping. Sam was in complete ecstasy, feeling every part of himself growing and becoming incredibly masculine.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” Sam moaned as Carter doubled down on his efforts. Within seconds, Carter’s mouth was overflowing with Sam’s seed, struggling to gulp it all down. Some of it splashed on Carter’s hairy chest, dripping down his pecs and making a sticky trail down his hairy abs. Carter came too, bucking his hips as he swallowed down the rest of Sam’s cum, moaning the whole time.

Sam’s cock slowly deflated as he basked in the afterglow. He suddenly looked concerned, snapping out of his daze.

“There’s no way this is real, I can’t be this big. Its too big.” Sam picked up his limp schlong in despair, observing it. It was thick as ever, he could barely wrap his hand around it. It hung down by his knees, about a foot of soft cock. His balls were the size of large apples now, hanging just above his cockhead.

Carter kissed Sam, reassuring him he looked sexy. He led him to the bathroom down the hall and turned on the shower. Sam was checking himself out in the mirror, trailing his finger through the expanse of hair that covered his body. It was thick but short, not blocking any view of his muscles. As he stood there, his cock pulsed with every heartbeat and seemed to grow larger and larger while still flaccid. Carter approached Sam from behind and started kissing his neck, dropping his hands onto his hips. Sam pushed his ass back a bit and felt Carters cock pushing against his crack.

They got in the shower, wild with lust. They sandwiched their dripping cocks between them as they made out under the hot water. They broke apart when Sam felt something nudging his chin.

“Holy shit!”

“Oh my god.”

Both men looked down at the two and a half foot cock that was pulsing near Sam’s chin. The head was the size of an apple and the shaft was as thick as Sam’s forearm. Sam’s muscles had also continued to grow as they were both distracted. Sam’s pecs were like two pillows, hanging off his chest, covered with hair. Sam stood there, water falling in rivulets through his body hair and dripping off him. He looked like a wild animal, standing in the steam. His package hung like a lead weight from his groin, the constant tugging and heft of it was enough to almost send him over the edge. As much as he was terrified of this unexplained growth, he was so turned on by it. Although he was beginning to think it wasn’t as unexplained as he had previously thought. Sam started to connect the dots in his head... the way the beer tasted, how excited Carter was to see him grow.

They finished up in the shower and dried off. Carter stumbled off to bed, exhausted. By the time Sam finished drying off in the bathroom, Carter was fast asleep amid the crisp, which sheets. Sam came up with an idea. Thighs rolling around one another, he made his way to the living room and started rummaging around, trying to be as quiet as possible. He looked in cabinets and on bookshelves but found nothing. Sitting on the couch in defeat, he felt something poking him. He lifted the couch pillow and pulled out a box with a weird emblem on it. He took off the top and peered inside, smiling. If Carter could have his share of fun, Sam would have his too.

Carter awoke slowly, his limbs splayed out of the bed. He tried to bring his arm down to rub the sleep out of his eyes but found he was unable to do so. Confused, he looked around. His arms and legs were tied to the bed. His cock lay there across his stomach. He started to get hard, a mixture of fear and arousal hitting him. His member inched upwards in size as it got hard, pushing the hair on his abs aside as it grew.

Sam walked into the room and straddled Carter’s chest. He was also completely naked, so his cock and balls rested heavily on Carters chest.

Carter struggled against his restraints as he saw Sam holding three huge needles in his hand. He thrashed wildly but couldn’t loosen the restraints. Carter’s cock dripped a line of honey onto his fuzzy happy trail, betraying his arousal.

“I want you to grow for me,” Sam whispered in Carter’s ear.

“Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing! There’s no telling how big I’ll get if you do this!” Carter cried out.

All Carter could do was whimper and moan as Sam plunged the needles into him one by one. From what he could tell, this was a much larger dose than the one he had given Sam.

The effect was almost immediate at such a high dose. The hair on his body started to grow thicker, his happy trail elongating and connecting with the hair that covered his wide pecs. His pecs began inflating like water balloons, becoming fuller and heavier by the second. He could feel his whole body elongating as he grew taller.

Carter squirmed under Sam as he grew thicker and heavier. His cock, pinned against his abs, began to creep up in size at an alarming rate. It left a trail of pre through his dense hair as it made its trek along his upper abs, making a beeline for his huge pecs.

Sam noticed Carter’s rapidly growing cock behind him and started to lower himself on the slick rod. Sam gasped as the huge head entered him. Carter groaned with pleasure at the feeling. Sam continued to push himself back, impaling himself on the thickening shaft. As Sam’s ass came to rest on top of Carter’s huge balls, he started to rock back and forth on the huge shaft. He could feel it growing inside of him, filling him completely. Sam was dripping sweat onto Carter as they fucked passionately. Carters arms were becoming so huge and thick that the rope was really becoming too tight around them. The same went for his legs, which now hung over the edge of the bed by about a foot.

Sam had to pull himself off of Carter’s cock as it showed no signs of stopping. It was already two feet long and thicker than his arm. Carter’s cock was so huge and heavy it couldn’t stand straight up. It landed on Carter’s chest with a ‘thwack’ and spattered pre into his chest hair and on his face. The enormous cockhead rested on his collarbone now. Carter squirmed against his restraints as he felt the growth seemingly accelerate. The bed creaked and groaned as Carter grew taller and heavier. Sam reached around Carter’s meaty ass and fingered his tight hole. This seemed to really hit the spot, Carter threw his head back in delight and his growth accelerated again. Sam watched Carter’s pecs swell outwards, pushing his half-dollar sized nipples down. The pecs were firm but heavy, so they jiggled slightly as he writhed against the restraints. His abs were like bricks, poking out of the covering of hair on his stomach. Carter’s thick adonis belt formed a beautiful V that pointed down to the base of his cock, where more hair sprouted. Following the cock upwards, Sam saw that the cockhead was now twice as large as it had been, now approaching the size of a large grapefruit. Carter’s cock was now resting on the bedrest behind his head, mashing against the wall as he moved, leaving wet marks on the paint.

Suddenly, without warning, Carter’s cock erupted. Gobs of cum splashed out and onto the wall as his colossal balls seized up and drew closer to his body. His cock shot upwards in length as it grew upwards along the wall. It quickly surpassed the four....five.... six foot mark and was as thick as a beer keg. His balls lurched as they exploded with growth. They were as big as basketballs now, gurgling as they sloshed with cum. Carter kept getting thicker all over. His biceps grew to over 20 inches as he flexed them slowly. His pecs were now so large Carter couldn’t see the base of his cock much less his feet. His traps and neck grew to give him an amazingly thick neck. His shoulders looked like cannonballs.

Carter moaned even louder as his cock reached the ceiling. Sam was in awe of it. Carter’s muscles seemed to have reached their limit as their growth slowed. However his cock kept growing, much to Carter’s dismay. He was lost in the delirium of his orgasm, but he knew this was too big. He would never be able to fuck Sam again, let alone walk. As these thoughts raced through his mind, his fat prick started to bend against the ceiling, needing more room to grow. Carter could only look on in horror as it swelled larger before his very eyes. Carter did his best to angle his groin to the side so that his cock could grow along the wall instead of being crushed against the ceiling. The shaft reeled out even more, passing the 10 foot mark with ease. Carter’s balls were hanging off the bed now, almost resting their enormous weight on the hardwood floor. Carter’s legs stuck way off the bed, having passed the 7 foot tall mark.

Just when the weight of Carter’s cock pressing down on his groin became too much to handle, the growth stopped. Carter and Sam lay on the bed, panting as Sam undid his restraints. Sam was overjoyed by the gargantuan cock. Carter’s cock slowly returned to its flaccid state, still around 3 feet in length. Carter stood up and examined himself in the mirror. His legs were like tree trunks, so thick there was no space between his thighs. His pecs created an unbelievable overhang on his chest. They were so full and heavy that they pushed his nipples downwards towards the floor. His pecs were completely covered by a dense carpet of hair that snaked its way across his stomach and down to the base of his fat cock. He ran his hand through the hair and down his brick like abs. He could feel the weight of his enormous package tugging at his groin. His balls had shrunk a bit so they hung just below his knees. His cockhead brushed his ankles.

“You know what? I could get used to this.” He winked at Sam.


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