Omega cursed: An alpha touch side story

by Caliburn

Best friends Ryan and Sam finally get to enjoy a much-anticipated camping trip. However, Sam has being acting odd ever since they crossed paths with that man in the gas station. Maybe the weird tattoo that suddenly appeared on Sam’s buttcheek has something to do with it.

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Author’s Note

This story takes place in the same universe as “The Alpha Touch,” introducing a new rune holder. Even though it stands on its own, it helps into the world building of the main story. I hope you enjoy it.


Part 1

“WOOHOO!” screamed Sam to the top of his voice, waving both his fists in the air as he pushed out half of his body through the window of the car. His voice echoed in the trees around us, some birds even taking flight startled; yet I’m sure he was having a hard time hearing himself out, with his head facing the wind at such speed.

“Get down here you prick, you’re gonna get us both killed.” Half irritated, half amused, I stretched from the passenger’s seat, taking the steering wheel with my right hand to prevent us from going off the road; and softly punching Sam on the navel with my free left hand. His navy blue shirt waved uncontrollably with the wind coming from the window, showing the guy’s white skin and his faint abs.

Sam flinched at my touch, yet he genuinely laughed as he came back into the Jeep’s cabin and back onto the driver’s seat. Four years I had been putting up with this guy, but I loved my best friend for who he was: Joyful, spontaneous and free.

“Come on Ryan, can you blame me for being excited? I was literally counting the days for this trip. I needed a break so badly.”

Ever since we met on the first week of college, Sam and I took off really quick. I was hitting the gym for the first time and I did a hell of a job in making a fool out of me, by trying to bench-press more than my climber’s body could handle. Sam saw me struggling and came to the rescue before I broke a rib or something. Instead of mocking me, the guy started coaching me and showing me the hangs around the weight room.

You see, I have been climbing for years. Indoors, outdoors, blocks, rock formations, you name it. So I wasn’t a wimp. I was stronger than my wiry physique showed, but I had never gone to a gym before that day, unlike Sam, who not only had spent all his teen years on the soccer field, but also pumping iron to sculpt his upper body. We became gym buddies and we eventually bonded over our love for nature and outdoor exploration. Even though I eventually stopped lifting when my schedule got too tight with school, work and a lovely girlfriend, our friendship was solid enough already.

I once took Sam to Northridge hill as he wanted to try out rock climbing. Even though he was eager and hell persistent, we soon discover that Sam belonged with his feet close to the ground. No bones were broken that day! But I can’t really say the same for his ego. We spent the night camping and under the stars, ranking how fuckable the girls from our classes were and laughing at the realization that we both wanted to bang Corinne Miller, we discovered our safe haven.

Trekking and camping became our thing. We enjoyed each other’s company as much as we enjoyed the mountain air.

Sam’s skills with a soccer ball didn’t go unnoticed, and he ended co-captain of the university team. This year, they made it to the finals and everyone was pretty much confident that the Eagles would bring the trophy home. But the season was taking a toll on Sam and I could feel it. So, with the long weekend coming, I proposed him a getaway … Jessica assured me that the smile on his face was the same as the day she accepted to be his girlfriend.

So there we were, in the middle of the woods, combing the N-32 on his two-door green wrangler Jeep, our equipment on the back, a smile on our faces and only blue skies above us. This was shaping to be an awesome weekend.

“Have you heard from the girls?” asked Sam. He took very seriously to never check on his phone while driving ever since his older brother spent a week at the hospital for missing a stop sign.

“Ally texted me a while ago. She and Jess were on their way to the spa. The retreat would start soon but she promised to check on us before going full radio silence” I said while going again through my girlfriend’s texts. I opened her profile pic and smiled at her green eyes piercing through the camera as I held her from behind on a swing at the park of 3rd and Blackbus. Our first summer together.

“Did Ally really win those tickets for the full weekend?” Sam had asked the same question three times already. He really couldn’t believe it.

“I told you, man, it was a lucky strike for all of us. I mean they get to spend their days bathing in chocolate with cucumber on her eyes and we get to finally finish the Sherpa route. The lake at this time of year it’s a treat.”

Sam smiled again showing his pearly teeth. He had a really masculine jawline, with a dark stubble shadow covering his chin and cheeks. But if you looked past that, you could see a little boy drowning in excitement.

“Last stop before the wilds,” he said, taking the exit to the right, leading into the gas station “Can you fill it up, bro? I need to take a leak.”

And with that we divided and conquered. Sam got out of the car and lightly jogged to the back of the building where the bathrooms where, while I handled the gas. He wore a pair of khaki shorts that showed his nicely shaped calves, contracting with every step he took.

We were the only ones there, except for a guy in shades and a baseball cap leaning into his big black motorbike at the other side of the parking lot. Usually I wouldn’t have batted an eye, but trust me when I tell you this guy was huge. There was no way you could miss him. I dint know if it was the bad boy demeanor or just him being on its own, seeming to wait for … well, I wouldn’t know; but he had an allure to him. I couldn’t help but staring.

From my position, it was hard to tell precisely but he seemed to be around 6’3 and built like a brick wall. He wore a pair of worn out jeans, which weren’t supposed to be skinny, yet they hugged his powerful legs in all the right places. His torso was only covered with a plain white wife beater that accentuated his big round pecs and some thick muscular arms. He must have been a fireman or an ex-military. For some reason, that beefy body didn’t strike me as the type of physique you get from only lifting in your local gym. I started daydreaming about having those guns for myself.

The guy followed Sam with his eyes as my friend crossed the parking lot. Maybe I was imagining things, but when Sam got into the restroom area, the man drew half a smile. He then looked at me, and like someone who puts up 2 and 2 together, his smile widened. He came back to his feet and drew a line to the back of the station following Sam. As he walked away from me, I noticed he had a huge tattoo going around his back. The white fabric covered most of it but on his bulging shoulders and around the neck I could observe a familiar round shape. A horseshoe maybe?

The man in shades entered the restrooms and I went back again to minding my own business, paying for the fuel and driving to the side to wait for Sam.

I received a text from Ally, with several pictures of her and Jessica having some drinks. They even sent a gif blowing us some kisses. We chatted until she said it was time to turn off her phone, and that she’d text me back Sunday morning as soon as she got it back. We both said I love you, and by the time she went offline, I realized almost 20 minutes had passed since she texted. Why was Sam taking so long?

I decided to get off the car and go check on him, but as soon as I stepped through the door of the small grey building, I found my way blocked by the guy from before. Wasn’t he gone already? I silently gulped. At first sight and having him this close I felt intimidated, however, the moment our eyes crossed and I looked into his face I felt mesmerized, like my mind went numb. My face was leveled with his collarbone and I noticed several drops of sweat running through his thick neck, damping a dense mat of ashen blond hairs covering the top of his jutting pecs. He flexed them.

A gush of wind blew in our direction and engulfed me in the guy’s scent. I instinctively expected his BO to be raunchy, yet I found myself enjoying it. It smelled so … manly … in the good sense. Musky, sweet and intoxicating. I noticed he had removed his cap, showing his short blond hair. The guy’s belt was unbuckled and this close I noticed the size of his bulge. He wasn’t showing an outline but the mass tenting those jeans was definitely thick as a can. He realized I was looking at his package and he seemed pleased, placing a teasing hand on his waistline while smiling at me.

Still frozen in place I stuttered, expecting an aggressive exchange about to happen, but instead he excused himself politely, his baritone voice echoing in the close dim-lit aisle. He stepped through the door and went to his bike. The heat must have been playing some tricks on my sight because as the guy walked away I could’ve sworn I saw a faint dark reddish glow coming from the edges of his black tattoo.

I regained control on my body and still wondering what the hell had happened I entered the men’s bathroom, only to discover Sam at the far end of it, both hands gripping the bar of the sink, the tap still running and his eyes lost staring blankly at his own reflection in the mirror in front of him. The restroom space smelled like a mix of the biker guy’s sweet musky scent and what my brain could only identify as … jizz ? even for a gas station, this was a first.

“You okay, man?” I asked as I walked next to him but I received no answer. “Sam?”

It wasn’t until I placed a hand on his shoulder that he seemed to come back from whatever trance he was on, shuddering and blinking.

“Ryan? How long have you been there? I didn’t see you.”

“How long have you been there? You went all zombie mode in front of the mirror.”

Sam seemed genuinely confused. He put a hand to his temple and slid the other one down his waistband to softly rub his left buttocks skin under his shorts. That was odd.

“Sorry man, I must have spaced out. Come on, let’s hit the road then.”

I frowned at the situation but decided to think nothing of it, as Sam quickly regained his joyful attitude.

We got into the car and back on track. No sign of the hulky biker in the station though. I looked back checking the road in case he took the other side, but nothing.

“You in the mood for a beer?” asked Sam with glee on his voice. I smiled to myself as I stretched to grab a couple of cans from the cooler bag behind us.

Always in the mood for a beer,” I said back, opening one for him and handing it over. I wasn’t finished opening mine when Sam took the can to his lips and started chugging the golden liquid down as if we were on a frat party. He finished the whole thing without coming for air, and when he finally did, he crushed the can with his right hand, and let it drop to the car’s floor.

“Cheers,” I said flatly.

He wiped his lips with his lightly haired forearm and smiled at me deviously.

“I’m sorry man, I’m just so, so thirsty. You’re gonna drink that?”

We drove for an hour before reaching the dirt road leading to the starting point of our trekking route. We spend the time talking about some new formations Sam wanted to test on the fields and how I was handling having to meet Ally’s dad for the first time. During that time I noticed Sam took his hand off the wheel to adjust his dick more than a few times. We weren’t exactly shy to arrange our junk in front of each other but he was being particularly blunt today. I have to say Sam’s legs were looking extra pumped, even a bit tight in those shorts I’d say. This caused his package to stand out more than usual. As he was talking about his plans with Jessica for the summer, I saw his bulge inflate a little. I looked away, fearing all the talk about his girl might be getting him riled up.

We left the car at the end of the road at the small dirt plain known as “The Paw”. The Paw was a known spot for campers to leave their vehicles and start the journey on foot, as it led to several routes, including the Sherpa trail we were about to engage. We fixed our bags, checked the map once again just in case and off we went.

Yes! Let’s do this!” shouted Sam towards the forest, his voice once again making the nearby birds take flight.

The further we got into the woods, the rockier the road became, yet we were trained for it. We’ve faced worst. I did notice that Sam was drinking more water than usual. He was also pretty skilled today when it came to going through the stone formations or the earthy slopes on the road. I was having a hard time to catch up, yet he always waited for me at the top, with his bottle in hand and his lips wet.

After an hour of walking, the sunlight coming from above started dimming, as the treetops covered more and more of the blue sky. The forest got denser, the air was sweet and the silence was exquisite. You could only hear our chatter, some panting and the branches rustling around the occasional bird, squirrel or bunny passing nearby.

“Mind if we stop for a moment?” said Sam. He had to raise his voice as he was quite ahead of me. The question was only a courtesy, as I realized he immediately got off trail, not waiting for an answer.

“Sure” I said back, panting. This had to be a record, we’d never gone this fast. Sam was way more excited than I thought. I got to the point where he went sideways and followed his steps with my eyes. Down a small slope, the guy was filling his bottle on a clear mountain stream that flowed through some rocks.

“Yeah, I just need a fix.”

Sam started gulping down the fresh content of the bottle as if he hadn’t had a drop the whole day. I saw beads of sweat running through his neck. Damn, I’ve never realized how thick his neck was becoming, his wide Adam’s apple going up and down as he gulped. I guess with his backpack on I just couldn’t see but his traps were also quite big. Blue pulsing veins snaked up his white forearm up to his flexed arm. Just like his legs, Sam’s arms looked quite pumped today, as if we had just spent the past two hours curling at the gym. His biceps were big enough for his sleeves to start riding up and as he kept raising his arm to let the final drops in the bottle to fall into his mouth, I saw sweat patches on his lightly hairy pits. Sam wasn’t a hairy man. That’s weird, the day wasn’t particularly hot. In fact, even exerted as I was I didn’t feel sweat running on my body at all.

“Did you go partying last night? You’ve taken like a gallon already,” I said mocking him.

He snorted. “When have I ever gone partying without you?” he said as he finished drinking and kneeled again to refill. “It must be the Sun or something, I’m really thirsty today.”

I looked up, the only sunlight reaching us had to dance his way through the layers and layers of branches and leaves above us. I frowned.

“Come on! I’m done,” said Sam and I jumped back startled. When did he get up the slope? The bastard was fast! “Two for flinching!” he said, soft-punching my ribs. Or at least he thought he was being soft. It kinda hurt. I tried to elbow him in return but he swiftly got back in the main trail and took the lead.

“Too slow!” he said laughing without even looking back.

“Prick,” I muttered.

“I heard that!” he shouted back and I stopped for a second. Wow, his hearing was uncanny. Well, the woods were really quite and I must have blurted it out louder than I thought.

We kept in movement for about 20 minutes before the trees started spacing out and the road sloped down slightly. Over the tree-lines in front of us, I saw the edge of the mountains that surrounded the Lake. We weren’t far.

“Yo Ryan, can you hear that?!” said Sam, his excitement scaling once again.

“Actually, no,” I said catching my breath against the trunk of a pine. Sam seemed to not notice or simply didn’t care.

“We’re heeeeeere!” he let out, running down the slope until he got out of sight. For a guy his size, Sam sure was agile. No wonder why he was leading the team.

It took me a while to go down the same path he did. The slope was treacherous with several old roots coming out of the rocky soil. One missed step and I’d be rolling down till the lake’s edge. When I finally reached the bank I couldn’t contain my joy. The lake was beautiful as ever. Circled by some low mountains, the clear water body looked so pristine. Several feet into it and you could still see the bottom. We seemed to be the only ones making camp there today. At this time of day, If they weren’t here already, they wouldn’t be coming.

Sam had tossed his back aside on the pebble-filled ground and he was taking deep breaths.

“Freedom!” he finally said while sighing. I walked next to him and I was suddenly taken back by the fact that I was looking up at him. Sam and I were around the same height, so this was disturbing. I quickly gazed down to check if he was stepping on a stone or something but he wasn’t. I noticed how his shirt didn’t cover the underside of his belly, his treasure trail exposed to the world as the fabric didn’t meet his pants by an inch and a half. I tried to remember if back in the car this was the case.

“Let’s set up camp. I can’t wait to get in the water,” he said, breaking my train of thoughts. I simply nodded.

For the sake of practicality and carrying the least weight possible, we brought just one tent. With our experience and synergy working together, we put it up in less than 10 minutes. By the time we ended up, Sam was profusely sweating. His biceps were bowling, they looked even bigger than before, showing a huge ball even when his arms were fully relaxed. His sleeves were completely ridden up making him look like he was wearing a tank top.

“Damn, fucking shoes,” griped Sam, who put down some wood chunks he had collected nearby. He quickly bent down and in one aggressive movement he took out both his boots. “Oh yeah, that’s better. I think I might get a new pair, these ones had been making me hurt all day long,” he sighed in relief, also taking off his socks. Sam’s meaty feet looked bigger than his boots. His toes were red and a bit curled, I guessed from being constrained on those one-size-too-small shoes.

“Why did you put on your smallest pair for this? You knew the road,” I said patronizingly.

“I just bought ’em last week,” he said, a bit astonished. “They used to fit just fine …”

I turned around and watched him looking at his feet as he stretched them. They were thick and muscular, perfectly in sync with his legs. Wow, his calves were really developed.

“Fuck, it’s so hot today,” growled Sam again, pulling up his shirt so hard I thought it was going to rip it. “Oh yeah, that’s better,” he said drying up his torso with the already damp piece of clothing. As he did, I thought I saw the muscles in his neck getting wider. With his shirt off, his delts looked quite big.

When Sam finally dropped his T-shirt to the ground my eyes almost popped out.

“Damn Sammy, I’ve been missing out on all your gains,” I said, even adding a whistle at the end.

Sam looked massive. His lats were so big that his arms were resting on a slightly higher degree. I’d already taken notice of his arms but his shoulders were just as round and thick. His mid-section was home of a tight four-pack, perfectly chiseled and only disturbed by his treasure trail, the only hair he had on his torso. Sam had no hair at all on his pecs, something I used to mock him about. He had apparently skipped manscaping these last weeks though, as his navel was looking wild and his pits were hairier than I had ever seen them. It looked good though.

“You think?” he said puffing his chest and looking down at his body. His pecs were big enough to cast a light shadow over his abs. “I’ve been struggling with the scale lately, couldn’t even go up a pound. Maybe it is finally showing.” Sam flexed his pecs as he spoke. When he relaxed them, I felt like they ballooned a bit, becoming wider to the sides.

“Come on Ry, let’s collect our prize,” he said bolting towards the lake. He unbuttoned his shorts and struggled a bit to take them out as he jogged but he finally succeeded, dipping into the clear water only with his purple boxer trunks on.

I took his shirt from the ground, intending to put it closer to the tent. He made me feel like his dad sometimes. I felt the damp cloth really warm to the touch and as I held it, I was hit by a wave of scent that took me back to the gas station. For some reason, the smell made my cock twitch. I looked at the blue shirt and slowly approached it to my face. The smell was definitely coming from Sam’s sweaty clothes. It was so strong, intoxicating. I felt like a moth drawn to a flame, I tried to resist it, this was absurd, what was I doing? But my body was moving instinctively. I pressed my nose against the fabric and took a deep whiff.

Oh my god, I thought, my eyes rolling back as a wave of pleasure hit my body, my knees buckling softly and my cock fully springing to life. It was delicious. Every nerve on my body felt like sparkles went through, I was in ecstasy. I prepared myself for a second longer intake when Sam’s voice broke the spell.

“You coming or what?”

I instantly let the shirt fall to the ground and felt terrorized by what just happened. Ashamed. Why did I do that? And … why did it felt so good?

“Co-coming!” I shouted back, quickly getting away from the shirt as fast as I could, undressing and diving into the lake, the cool water taking care of my throbbing boner.

We spent hours in the water, either reminiscing about our previous adventures or just floating around, watching the clouds. We took some time to swim around the small island in the middle of the lake and back. The water was so clear we could observe the fish banks around us. Sam commented on how good it tasted. I discouraged him from drinking too much lake water but I think he just ignored me.

Time past by so fast when you have fun. Sun started setting and the violet streak in the sky gave us our cue to go back to the shore. If we didn’t put up a fire soon we’ll be completely in the dark. Sam got out of the water, his body dripping and his soaking underwear clinged to his body like a second skin. I blinked twice when I saw Sam’s butt. I mean, he’s a soccer player so he had already a nice ass, but his cheeks somehow seemed … bigger. As he walked to our tent I kept staring at his meaty globes and they seemed to … grow?. They were firm and muscular but they were so round and perky that they were straining the waistband of his trunks, which didn’t even cover Sam’s full ass, leaving part of the upper side of his globes exposed. This is how I noticed the tattoo.

On his left cheek, I saw a black small tattoo resembling the Greek letter omega. It didn’t seem sore at all, so it couldn’t be new. Heck, I never thought Sam as the guy who would get a tattoo on his butt from all places. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the black mark had something that kept me looking at it. It was really well done, with a slight red tracing all around the edges. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the tattoo was glowing.

“I’ll get the fire started, but dinner’s on you,” said Sam turning around to face me, still ankles deep in the lake’s water. If I was surprised by how big Sam’s ass had become, I had even more coming my way when I saw his bulge. As his underwear was being pulled back by his meaty buttocks, his junk’s outline was completely on display. Sam’s soft dick was so thick … how could I never notice this before? His balls had to be pretty big as well, as his package protruded quite a lot. It was as if he had put a small eggplant inside his boxer trunks. Only I could see it was real all right. I started to get a little self-conscious, so I just agreed and went directly to my bag to pick up some clothes.

Sam didn’t bother and stayed in his underwear as he lit the fire. Even when he dried off, I saw no intention of him to get dressed. It was starting to get chilly but he didn’t notice or didn’t care. We ate our supplies and drank a couple of beers as we talked about tomorrow’s best course of action. Sitting on a log by the fire Sam kept manspreading, his bulge in plain sight for me to see. It jiggled every time Sam moved and between his muscular thighs it looked so heavy, so … manly.

As I tried to keep my eyes from Sam’s junk by checking the map, he got up and started going through our stuff looking for something. After a couple of minutes I saw him rustling a bit desperately.

“Hey, hey, what’s up? What’s all the ruckuss?” I said.

D-id-n’t we brought mo-re drinks,” he said, his voice dropping a few times in that sentence. He turned around with a hand rubbing his throat. Flexed like this, his bicep peaked amazingly. I don’t think Sam could easily touch his own shoulder anymore. “My mouth’s dry and my throat feels like sandpaper man.” He bounced his pecs, whether this was conscious or not, I couldn’t know.

“Yeah, you’re starting to sound funny. There are two more beers in my bag but we won’t have any for tomorrow then.”

Sam locked eyes on me with a desperate look on his face. Maybe he thought those were puppy eyes, but on his hunky frame I’d say more of wolfish hunting eyes.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind,” I said, and he smiled before darting towards my back.

“I’m gonna take a leak,” I yelled, walking away towards the trees.

I seriously hoped Sam wasn’t coming up with some kind of cold. That would definitely rain on our parade. I needed him on his prime for tomorrow. Other than a sore throat, he didn’t seem sick though. The guy was a stallion.

I finished peeing and looking at my cock in my hand I couldn’t help thinking about Sam’s dick. That bastard was gifted. I started getting hard. I mean, I’m not gay, but it’s every man’s dream to have a mighty rod right? I looked at my 7 incher now fully hard in my hand and I slowly started stroking it. Gently taking my foreskin back so my rod’s head could savor the fresh night air. I didn’t had a small cock, I was happy with it, but Sam’s was so thick, it must feel amazing to have it in your hand, so heavy. Absentmindedly I started stroking harder. But I was okay right? I mean, Ally had trouble sometimes deepthroating me … OMG, Ally, how I’d love for her to blow me there and then …

I closed my eyes and without realizing it I was rubbing one out in the middle of the woods, completely lost in my thoughts of my girlfriend’s look when she got down on me … her ass … Sam’s cock … Ally’s soft hands … How would Sam’s dick look like when fully hard ? …

A gently breeze blew in my direction and I took a deep breath, a familiar smell invading my nostrils and driving me wild. My hand entered a quick frenzy as the sweet and musky smell intoxicated me. Yeah, that manly scent of … of … wait … Sam’s sweat ???

An innocent twig lying on the ground snapped and I jumped at my place, quickly getting my throbbing cock inside my shorts. When I turned around I saw Sam’s bulking body lurking in the shadows less than 4 feet from where I stood. How did he get there so silently?? He breathed heavily and under the far light of the fire, his eyes had a faint reddish glow around the iris. The veins under them seemed to be surfacing, like he was in pain.

“WTF man??!!” I cried to him, startled. He didn’t budge. “You scared the hell out of me … I was … yeah, I just finished peeing …” I blurted out nervously.

Sam just stared at me. Damn he looked massive. I know he wanted to bulk up but he has to chill or he would be less of a soccer player on more of a pro wrestler.

He kept looking at me and then he fixated at my shorts, which tented slightly due to my hidden 7-inch cock, fully hard and craving for the interrupted attention.

“Sam?” I said carefully. Remember that wolfish look? Well there it was again, but this time fully predatory.

Sam blinked twice and shook his head coming back to his senses. He was still wearing only his purple underwear. The veins under his eyes just disappeared and the light must have changed because he lost that reddish glint on his eyes.

“I’m sorry man, I … I don’t know why but I’m so thirsty” Sam croaked, his voice still cracking every so often into a deep bass tone that reverbed in my ears.

“Maybe you caught a cold bud. I mean, it’s getting really cold and you’re still wearing … well nothing,” I said patronizingly.

He looked at his body and it seemed to down on him what I said, as he covered his pouch with both his hands. His triceps, flexed like this, showed a nicely developed horseshoe.

“Let’s get some sleep and we’ll go back tomorrow morning. It’ll be safer,” I added, closing the distance between us. My forehead only reaching his nose.

But the trail—” he started with an apologetic tone.

“It’ll still be there waiting for us. I’m not risking it. Come on, let’s put out the fire and get to bed.”

Sam nodded and turned around heading to camp. It was dark but I could see the muscles in his back bulging. He had a nice butterfly under his traps. He had my admiration; his work out routine must have gotten crazy these last months. Funny that his clothes hid all that.

I put out the fire, gathered our stuff and then headed to the tent where Sam was already getting comfortable on the left side. He always slept on the left side. He seemed to have problems getting through the tent’s front opening. When I was about to get in, I realized he was still just wearing his underwear. Well, this was a first. But he’d think I was a fag if I complained. So I just took my clothes off and stayed in my undies as well. I mean, we’re dudes right … this ain’t weird.

I tucked myself in the right side and we both wished the other a good night. Sam kept rubbing his throat and breathing heavily.

I quickly fell into a slumber deep enough to take away my fatigue, but light enough to notice Sam had a restless night. I felt him moving and taking more and more of my tent’s space. Sleeping only in our boxers I thought we would get cold but despite the chilly winds outside, the interior of the tent was really warm, as we had a heater on.

I started dreaming about the events of the day. Colors and scenes just popping in and out of my mind’s canvas. As my sleep got lighter and lighter, I started smelling the musky scent again, my cock quickly reacting to it. I breathed slowly, savoring the intoxicating aroma. It was taking control of me. My cock aching inside my shorts.

I opened my eyes and figured it had to be really early in the morning, as the sky was still showing those greyish-violet colors of dawn. The faint beams entering through the tent’s walls. With my groggy sight, I saw Sam’s huge body contour. To my surprise, my eyes … well, my entire face was facing Sam’s armpit. He was sleeping with a hand behind his head, exposing his muscular lats to me. His arm was huge. I continued taking in Sam’s manly aroma and I was enthralled by his pit. It looked hairier than yesterday. He didn’t have a disgusting bush, but short and dense brown hairs covering the whole area. My cock pulsed and my mouth started watering. What was happening to me …I … I …

And unable to resist, I dove my face into Sam’s muscular pit and took a deep whiff. Shivers ran through my whole body and I felt like I was about to cum from the high. I opened my mouth and started licking Sam’s pit, slowly, savoring his salty skin. Now I knew it was Sam who kept the tent warm, as his body seemed to irradiate a pleasurable heat.

“Hmmm, ohhh yeeaah,” I heard him moan as he leaned more into me, engulfing me with his huge body. I opened my eyes and saw it. His already big bicep just ballooned. It inflated, his arm becoming even wider and a single thick vein surfacing in the middle of the mound’s peak.

This broke my trance. I put my head back and wiped my eyes to clear my sight. As I focused I panicked, not recognizing the beast of a man sleeping next to me. The face was Sam’s, but the body surely wasn’t. I didn’t even had time to process what I just did seconds ago.

His back had widened, making him bigger than half of the tent and his wider pecs were now completely shadowed by a dense layer of short brown hairs. Sam’s quads were thick and powerful but they were bent, as if he straightened, his feet would go out of the tent. Talking about his feet, next to mine they seemed to be at least four sizes bigger. And they were so thick …

I followed Sam’s treasure trail until it became a short brown forest of pubes, exposed, just as the thick root of his hard cock. His 10-inch rod was fully hard, pointing to the sky and tenting the purple boxer trunks, straining the fabric so much it threatened to tear. I saw some big drops of pre gushing from the fat mushroom head and quickly forming a wet spot on the fabric.

“What the actual fuck!” I screamed. “Sam! Wake up Sam!”

He shook his head and opened his eyes, looking at me confused.

“What happened to you?? You’re … you’re … What happened?” I kept repeating, panicking.

Sam took a moment to understand my words but when he did, his eyes went wide as he looked down into his hunkier physique. He started rubbing his hands through his abs, cupping his pecs and combing his new chest hair mat with his thick fingers. His wide arms getting a bit in the way.

“Am I … Am I dreaming??” he said ecstatically, putting his huge right hand around his dick.

I quickly unzipped the opening of the tent and got out, the cold air hitting me harder due to the temperature change. I took a moment and I could see him struggling with his new size, but finally sam got out of the tent, towering a full head over me. His ass had become so big and round and his legs had widened so much that his boxers were riding up, making it look like he had some slips on instead of a boxer trunk. The wet spot on his pouch only seemed to get bigger and the root of his white cock, thick as a can, was completely exposed.

“Ry I don’t know whats happening but I … I feel amazing,” said Sam, flexing his arms against his torso. He had the body of a superhero.

I took a couple of steps towards him, awed by the fact that he looked down at me. My eyes were in line with his pecs. I looked at his hard perky nipples and my mouth watered again. Sam was exuding his scent maybe even more powerful than before. I couldn’t take my eyes of his nipples and before I could move, I felt Sam’s huge hand grab me by the back of the neck and pulled me towards his chest, aiming my mouth directly into his rosy nipples. I was taken aback by the movement but even if I tried to resist he was too strong.

My nose pressed against Sam’s hairy chest and as I inhaled, I was consumed again by his musk, losing my train of thought and getting into and arousal frenzy as I did several times before. My left hand met the head of his cock through the damp underwear and I massaged it as I started nibbling on his nipple. The more musk I inhaled, the more aggressive my working tongue became, going from licking to sucking.

“Yeeees, oh yeaaah, fuck yeees,” grunted Sam, harder and harder, his head tilting back and his neck widening slightly. The man’s primal sounds got me back to earth once again and I pulled back just in time to see both his pecs inflating, jutting out even more, becoming meatier and heavier. Sam looked down and marveled at the growth.

“Ohhh fuck Ryan … Something, something’s happening…” said Sam as he widened his stance.

I took a step back and saw Sam’s bulge grow, his pole reeling out and exposing more of it’s base. He seemed quite uncomfortable so he took one of his beastly hands down and tore the purple fabric by the side, growling in the process. Sam’s Dick now freed from his prison got up and slapped his abs so hard it seemed like a clap, the movement sending drops of pre into the air and completely squirting me. I took a hand to my cheek were some warm drops had landed. His dick seemed to be a foot long by now and at least 7 inches around.

“Yeeeees!” moaned Sam as I took a step back stumbling with a rock. I fell on my butt, hurting quite a bit, but I stood frozen in place as I saw Sam’s growth hadn’t stop. He covered his face with both hands, lost in pleasure as both his balls inflated, going from big lemons to baseballs in a matter of seconds.

I couldn’t move, I could talk. I was frozen in place. This was impossible. He grew! I mean, Sam’s body was growing right in front of me, getting hairier and … manlier.

He uncovered his face and I perfectly saw a red ring around his eyes, the veins under them showing even more than yesterday. He went from ecstatic to predatory in just a second. He looked down at me and took a step forward. I was about to shit my pants.

“Ryan … I’m … so … so … thirsty …” Sam accompanied each word with a step, his mighty feet booming against the floor but his dropping voice still echoing around. His huge cock still pointing at the sky and his sack dangling between his powerful legs.

Sam didn’t look me in the eyes, instead he was fixating on … on my cock !

My behemoth of a friend got down on his knees so quickly I almost missed it. It was inhuman. He grabbed me by the hips with one hand and used the other to tear away my black briefs, just as he had done with his, mere seconds ago. My dick rested against my leg, oozing pre. As scared as I was, I was still completely aroused.

I thought he was going to grab it but instead, Sam dove his nose into my balls and sniffed, his stubble and the flow of air tickling me in all the right places. He opened his eyes and locked into my cock’s head.

“Yes … yes!” he grunted and without hesitation, he swallowed my dick and started going on me.

Sam’s mouth was paradise. As my head entered his hole, I felt tickles and sparkles and it was like I went instantly on the verge of climax. He had not much of a technique as he was swallowing my dick more than giving me a blowjob but still, I was having the best head of my fucking life.

“Ah … I’m cu … I’m cumming … I’m cumming!” I managed to scream, and as that wonderful pleasure built and exploded in my balls and the tip of my cock, Sam just went all in and deep throated me. Involuntarily I grabbed his head and spat volley through volley of cum, all of it going directly into Sam’s throat. He only pulled out when I ended, shivers going through his body.

“Ah yeees, RyAN, Yes, finally, ahhh … uughn … fuuuuck!” still on his knees, Sam pulled his body back, clenching his fists to the sides, his voice completely dropping on that last scream. He was lost in pleasure. I saw his stubble develop into a full beard and his chest ballooning even more, his nipples now pointing down due to the size. His chest hair completely obscured his manly slates. His forearms exploded, growing in size and showing a web of blue veins pulsating through his body. Sam’s cock elongated 2 inches more facing the sky above and it got an inch wider. With a final grunt, without even touching himself, his big balls tightened to his body and he came … well, must accurately, he erupted.

Ropes of creamy white liquid blasted into the air with such force, some of it went by my head, but most of it showered me like Champaign on new year’s eve. As he kept gushing, Sam’s new baritone voice boomed through the forest in pleasure moans, so madly exciting, so manly, so powerful, I thought I was going to come again.

As his orgasm subsided, Sam leaned forward, punching the floor with both hands and panting. He looked at me, his eyes now back to normality.

“Now that you drank cum for the first time, your transformation’s complete. Bravo!” aaid a voice coming from the nearby trees. Lost in Sam’s growth I didn’t realized we were being watched. I quickly turned my neck to find no other than Biker boy, leaning to a pine’s trunk, clapping softly.

“What … What did you do to me?” said Sam panting. I shivered when I heard his new voice. It was so deep and rich.

Biker boy approached us, and I still couldn’t move.

“Me? This was you. Well, your mind, actually. This is the body of your dreams, who you always wanted to be. I just allowed you to embrace it … become it.” The guy started circling us, his boots caving into the white pebbles all around us.

“But the thirst …” said Sam touching again his throat, his eyes going from my bare cock to the small puddles of his spunk that spread through the ground around us.

“You catch on quickly big guy,” said the stranger, removing his shades and patting on Sam’s shoulder, which now was near the size of a bowling ball. “You want to keep that body, you have to feed it.”

There was a moment of silence. I expected Sam to burst into a fit of rage. The biker guy was big but Sam was simply bigger than him. He could beat his ass any day of the week. Instead, my friend had adopted this submissive attitude in front of the newcomer. My mind was having a hard time processing all that happened.

“And if I don’t?” asked Sam softly. Putting his right hand around his new massive cock and flexing his left arm, making his bicep to fully show. It was simply huge.

“Well, if and only if you have the force of will to resist the drive … well … you’ll slowly revert into the wimpiest version of yourself, a sorry shadow of what could merely be called a man” answered the guy, smiling.

Sam whimpered.

I kept telling my body to move, to run, to cry for help yet everything but my eyes was simply out of service. Not a single limb was listening to my orders.

“I can set you free, though,” he continued and both Sam and I darted our eyes into his. “You can keep the body, without the thirst … If you say what I do. Well, you’ll do that anyways, now you belong to me.”

“What do you want?” asked Sam desperately. It was weird seeing a man so big, so disarmed.

The man crouched down so his face was leveled with the kneeling Sam. He cupped Sam’s balls with his left hand and I saw Sam eyes roll back, his cock’s head oozing drops of creamy white liquid. Did he come with just a touch?

“Simple,” said the man, licking from his fingers a drop of Sam’s fresh cum. With this, his pecs and traps grew slightly, straining his already small tank top. “You’re gonna help me find the holder of the Alpha Touch,” he said as he ended up savoring his treat.

Sam and I rested in silence, not getting a single word that came out of this man. What the heck was the Alpha Touch?

“But first…” the guy continued, getting back on his feet again and turning against me. The new size of his pecs made his white top to go up and show his waistband. He started walking towards me as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, showing a hefty bulge inside some blue slips, the same size as Sam’s was back in the tent. “You’re gonna need some help.”

My mind went back to the gas station the day before, the smile on Biker Boy when Sam got into the bathroom, his belt unbuckled and his sweating body when I ran into him at the door. Sam’s demeanor and his hand touching his butt cheek where I knew know the tattoo had appeared, a mini version of the same tattoo this guy wore on his back. As he got out his big cock I started panicking, knowing what was about to come.

I closed my eyes. Accepting my fate.

I don’t remember how long it took for him to cum inside me and curse me with an omega tattoo just as he did with Sam.

All I know is that ever since, all I can think of … is the thirst.

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