Growth gel

by BigManBigBelly

 Felix grows to resent his recently unemployed husband’s laziness around the house and decided to transform his body to match his sinful sloth and gluttony.

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Matteo celebrated a victory for his favorite soccer team before lying back on the couch, feet up. He was dressed in his old green and white soccer jersey, white shorts and green knee-high socks. The team he cheered on in the playoffs was his old team, before deciding to retire. To take a break from years of vigorous training and to spend more time at home with his husband, Felix, who worked from home as a freelance writer.

At first, it was a welcomed change. Playing professional sports, Matteo was frequently traveling away from home and always exercising to stay in shape. Even now, his limbs were tough with thick muscle, his ass round and firm. His tanned skin, draped tight against defined abdominals. The pair had saved up an impressive nest egg and a retirement fund. They lived comfortably, able to continue affording their routine expenses off of Felix’s continued income.

Felix felt he deserved it too. He served Matteo his meals, massaged his feet and the two enjoyed a renewed sex life. Felix dreamed up plans for travels the two could take together with the extra time. Yet as time marched on, Matteo grew more comfortable being catered to as a couch potato. He had traveled so much for work that the idea of it was unappealing, even if it was intended as leisure. Felix worked from home for the most part too and Matteo was always there, just taking up space in his sloth.

One day, mind drifting away from work, staring out the window in his office, Felix daydreamed about fattening up his lazy husband. By the time he realized it, he snapped back to the room and felt a growing boner stretching his pant leg. He wasn’t sure where the thought had come from. He’d always been attracted to Matteo and his body type. Felix stood about five foot eight and Matteo towered over him by nearly half a foot. Matteo was strong and lean where Felix was thin. Fashionable, well-groomed and adorable but definitely not athletic. Never had he fantasized about larger men.

Felix returned to his work for a few minutes before switching tabs on the internet browser, pausing and typing in ‘chubby porn’. Then ‘bears’. ‘Daddies’. ‘Ex-jocks’. He spent the afternoon lost in Google searches and reveling in his new interest. Eventually he found himself on a page for gainers, reading about different methods for gaining weight fast. One poster provided a link to a product from a sketchy website that he highly endorsed as being ‘magical.’

Biting his lip, he stared at the screen and reread the simple words on the screen beneath a thumbnail picture of a plain white and blue squeeze bottle: ‘Growth Gel.’ Before he knew it, he had ordered several bottles, due to arrive by week’s end. He suppressed what felt like a silly hope that the product might be genuine, but stocked the kitchen to the brim all the same with Matteo’s favorites. Freezer full of frozen waffles and meat; fridge full of juices, deli meats and cheese; pantries stocked with pasta, cereal, pastries, crackers and hostess foodstuffs.

On Saturday, his package arrived and he hurriedly snuck it inside, upstairs and into his bathroom cabinet. His heart raced as he imagined what might happen. He walked downstairs and joined Matteo in front of the TV playing video games where he was sprawled out across the couch, one leg over the back of it and sunken into the cushion. Matteo wore the same clothes from the day before, barely looked up when Felix entered the room and let out a loud belch while scratching his stomach and asking for a beer.

It was time. Felix stood behind the couch arm and began massaging Matteo’s shoulders. Matteo sat up and smiled while Felix leaned forward and whispered, begging to rub Matteo from head to toe. Matteo paused his game and stood before following his husband to the bedroom. Instructed to strip, Matteo lay patiently on his stomach awaiting warm hands to stroke his muscles.

In the bathroom, Felix donned a pair of gloves per the package instructions. It recommended 2 grams, about the size of quarter, be applied to the chest or abdomen to stimulate appetite. Felix walked into the room, emptied a dollop onto his palm and began working the gel into Matteo’s neck, shoulders and arms. Over and over, he pushed more gel onto his hand and rubbed it into his husband’s skin. His back, his glutes, thighs and calves. His hands and feet, chest and abdomen. Feeling incredibly relaxed, Matteo was close to sleeping but growing erect from the pleasurable pressure being applied nearby. Felix had an idea, pushed out the last of the gel, coated Matteo’s cock, balls and sphincter and went to town. He jerked the shaft, played with the balls and fingered the hole until Matteo’s soft moans grew coarser and a sudden grunt while his body shuddered signaled an exquisite orgasm that pumped out a load all over his belly. Felix cleaned up, carefully tossed the tube and his gloves and left Matteo, snoring, to nap for the afternoon.

Matteo woke up several hours later to soft clinks of metal in the distance and a powerful, savory aroma that had filled the house. Casual cafe music played quietly while he shifted and sat up over the side of the bed, feet to the floor, bent forward and rubbing his eyes. He grabbed his stomach as it rumbled violently and felt a hunger that was almost painful. The smell in the air was so enticing, he lusted for the food from which it wafted, developing a strong erection as he approached the kitchen.

A cheshire smile creeped across Felix’s face as he watched his husband enter the room. He beckoned for him to sit, tied a bib around his neck and presented a large platter of breakfast for dinner. Links of sausage, a dozen scrambled eggs, a full loaf’s worth of buttered toast, a mixing bowl full of home fries, a stack of pancakes at least a foot tall, drenched in maple syrup. Matteo eyes opened wide and his mouth salivated, almost questioning the feast but ultimately succumbing to desire and digging in.

Felix sat back in the chair across the table and enjoyed a few pieces of bacon, a single piece of toast and a mug of unsweetened hot tea. He smugly watched as Matteo destroyed the food in front of him. Wild grunts, snorts and belches escaping him between rabid bites. He pushed over the large platter, downed the potatoes and stacked the bowl, then went to work grabbing handfuls of pancake to shove down his throat. Felix noticed a light scruff emerging across his jaw and his hair appeared a big longer than before. He came back into focus as he watched Matteo near the end of his meal looking famished still.

Felix jumped up from his chair and opened the cupboards debating what to grab next. To stall for time, he pulled a gallon of whole milk from the fridge and two family size boxes of Captain Crunch cereal to toss in front of Matteo along with a large salad bowl. As he heated up burritos in the microwave, he went to work frying up breaded chicken and tossed a couple bags of steak fries into the oven. By the time he was presenting the plates, Matteo had gone through the milk and cereal and was demanding more food.

“Come on, babe, please. I need more food. I’m starving!”

Felix served the fries with mayonnaise and the chicken with barbecue sauce, which were gobbled up before his eyes at an almost frightening pace.

Matteo appeared to be showing some consequences of his feasting already. He had thrown on a pair of athletic shorts and a Henley tee shirt before coming downstairs, but neither was fitting him very well. The once loose-fitting shirt appeared tight against his torso and a peek under the table revealed his rippled abdominals had rounded out and a sizable belly was protruding from beneath the fabric. Likewise his shorts had retreated further up his thighs, which were stretching the fabric. Was he sitting up taller in his chair too?

Plates stacked high on the table, Matteo finished the last of the food, let out another large belch and leaned back in his chair, which creaked beneath him while he patted his belly.

“Holy shit, that was good,” he remarked. “I was really hungry for some reason. Thanks for making all that. Let’s go watch a movie… First, though, is there any dessert?”

Felix smiled and told Matteo to head to the couch and pick something out for them to watch. He stood in front of the freezer scanning items for a moment. Then he rinsed the salad bowl clean and emptied two gallons of ice cream into the bowl. He tore open boxes of Twinkies, Oreos, Cosmic Brownies, Little Debbies, Ring Dings and Chewy Chips Ahoy. Crumbling them, he sprinkled their bits over the ice cream, then covered it all with a jar each of chocolate fudge and caramel sauce with sprinkles on top. He stuck a serving spoon into the ice cream and then stared at it, wondering if this was too much. Then again, Matteo had destroyed all that dinner without blinking, so why would this seem excessive to him?

Rather than revulsion or suspicion, Matteo greeted Felix with pure glee upon seeing what he had brought him. Felix assured him it was all his and the pair settled on the couch to watch something while Matteo dug in like it was his first meal in days. Sneaking peeks to watch his husband feast, Felix couldn’t help but feel like he was having to crane his neck more than usual to look at his face. The scruff on his face seemed darker and more filled in. Same as his arm and leg hair. His hand gripped the serving spoon, but it seemed to fit him like a table spoon. Looking down, his feet seemed longer, wider, beefier.

As the movie progressed, and Matteo approached the bottom of the bowl, Felix felt himself sinking deeper into the couch by Matteo’s side. His belly was no longer just hanging out below the shirt, it was fully visible, with the shirt clinging tightly around his chest, itself appearing notably plumper. His calves and thighs were thick and wide, his shorts snug around his hips and ample ass cheeks. After licking the bowl clean, Matteo placed it on the coffee table and Felix wrapped his arms around one of Matteo’s while leaning into him. His arm felt soft, but squeezing, he could feel muscle beneath the fat that was absolutely much thicker than what had been there that morning. Felix made note that Matteo must have been growing muscle all over, in fact, as despite the fat, he was remaining shapely with some appearance of tone.

The movie wrapped up and the pair slogged off to bed after Matteo drained a bottle of orange juice. Around 2AM, Felix heard a noise and woke up without Matteo next to him. He walked quietly downstairs to the kitchen, looked around the corner and spotted Matteo on his knees in front of the open fridge. There were wrappers scattered around him on the floor but he was currently eating a block of cheddar cheese like a candy bar. Despite resting on his knees, he had to crane forward quite a bit to duck his head into the fridge. His ass being perked back on his feet, a tear had formed down the inseam, only slightly relieving the pressure on the material that threatened to rip it into shreds.

Felix noticed his body hair had continued growing longer, thicker and curlier. Previously smooth across his torso, a thin spread of hair now covered his back and his belly was covered in a moderately thick patch of fur. It grew up out of the collar of his shirt too, which was now effectively a sports bra for a wide, muscular and doughy pair of large tits with wide, Hershey Kiss-shaped nipples visible through the fabric. His facial hair had grown into a short, dark beard and the hair on his head was disheveled, from a crew cut into hair that hung past his ears.

“Hon, you coming back to bed soon?” Felix asked. “Do you want me to fix you something?”

Startled, Matteo jumped and bumped the top of his back against the roof of the fridge, which shook violently. He struggled but managed to rise to his feet, at which point Felix could see that his head was nearly high enough to kiss the 9 foot ceilings of their home. Flexing his muscles to stand, his shirt tore completely through and floated off his body onto the floor behind him. He looked like the Hulk—if the Hulk had grown rather obese. Felix stared wide-eyed with mouth agape before remembering himself and attempting to conceal his reaction.

“Nah, sorry about that,” Matteo finally replied. “I should come back up now. I don’t know why I’m so hungry tonight but I feel better now.”

The two met again in bed, Matteo taking up most it with feet and calves hanging over the edge, and Felix folded himself beneath an arm to rest against Matteo’s body. Some hours later, a loud ripping noise woke Felix again. He opened his eyes and waited to see if Matteo budged. Then he slowly lifted the sheets to find the source when he was greeted by an enormous surprise. Matteo had continued growing and his ass and thighs had clearly surpassed what the stretchy shorts could accommodate. His cock, however, may have been just as much to blame. Once a respectable six inches of uncut and reasonably thick dick, he was now smuggling, between his legs, a very girthy snake that traveled down his thigh at least a foot long completely soft. The balls were full and the size of tennis balls beneath it. Another scan across his body and Felix could see the body hair all over had come in long and thick now. His beard was a couple inches long and the hair on his head grew down to mid-jaw.

Still, now, Matteo did not move. Deeply asleep, he snored away while Felix tip-toed out of bed and into the bathroom. He grabbed another tube of growth gel, donned a pair of gloves and returned to the room with a devilish look in his eyes. He started at the end of the bed and massaged Matteo’s feet, eliciting a goofy smile in his sleep. He then stopped, pondered a moment, and walked over to the side of the bed to peel back the sheet. Felix smiled wide and emptied the entire rest of the tube onto Matteo’s belly before working it all in.

As sunlight broke through the window hours later, Matteo woke up to more intoxicating food smells. He opened his eyes, confused, feeling the carpet brush against both arms. His body had grown too wide to fit across the King size mattress, with his arms, part of his belly and ass and both legs hanging over the sides. The bed was resting on its frame but the legs had snapped beneath it. He scooted and placed feet on the floor nearly a foot and a half long, with equally wide and beefy soles. He groaned, scratched a furry belly and chest, then rubbed his face and ran fingers through his beard and hair. He stretched chubby but extremely muscular arms over his head and stood up, bumping his head softly against the ceiling at full height. He craned forward just slightly to walk to the door, squatted to clear the threshold and then headed to the kitchen.

After another enormous feast, Matteo told Felix he needed to go lie down. Felix watched, smirking into his tea again, Matteo’s foot long flaccid beef sausage swing between his legs as he stood and watched his bouncing beach ball ass cheeks as he walked away. Matteo used the bathroom before intending to crawl into bed and reached down into the cabinets to grab a Q-tip. Reaching into Felix’s side, he found the two remaining bottles of growth gel, stared confusedly with furled brow and then looked back up in the mirror. He suddenly absorbed the fact that he had grown enormous and began frantically groping his body all over. He looked down as his round ball belly rumbled, digesting his latest meal, then watched as it swelled out further before his very eyes. He threw the bottles in his side table and went back down to find Felix.

Holding back any emotion, Matteo approached Felix and planted a passionate kiss. He groped his short and skinny body hungrily and picked him up like a rag doll to carry back up to the bedroom. Felix was hard as a rock and breathing heavily, red-faced and begging already to be fucked by the time they reached the second floor. Matteo told Felix to lie on his stomach so he could climb on top of him, the thought of which made precum leak from Felix’s cock. Both naked and with Felix assuming the position, Matteo grabbed a bottle of growth gel, plugged the tip past Felix’s sphincter and squeezed until the entire contents were drained. Felix pushed up to turn back and ask how much lube he was using, but Matteo forced him back down with a hand that traversed Felix’s whole upper back and assured him he was going to need it to take such a big cock. Felix agreed and giddily awaited being stretched.

The second bottle went in and Matteo emptied it as well, this time without protest from Felix. When his cock approached the hole, about a foot and a half long while erect and brutally thick, Felix gasped and moaned but eventually stretched and yielded. Matteo fucked Felix with full weight down upon him, covering him completely as he hung far over both sides and the foot of the bed, pumping wildly without stopping while Felix felt the cock high up into his abdomen. Matteo grunted loudly and thrust down hard, holding it, while spraying his mighty load. Felix joined him and came all over his belly and the sheets beneath him. The pair fell asleep with Matteo wrapped around the comparatively tiny Felix.

When the two woke up several hours later, they stretched and stood up from bed.

“Oof, my stomach,” Felix muttered as his belly grumbled and rolled over. “I feel kind of weird, like, in my ass… What lube did you use?”

“Why?” Matteo replied. “Feeling bloated? You look a little bloated. This was the stuff I used. I found it in your cabinet.”

With that, he tossed the spent tubes onto the bed while Felix stared wide-eyed and panicked.

“Shit,” Matteo chuckled, looking down. “I think my cock got even bigger. I’m bigger than a horse.”

Felix sputtered and asked what was going to happen to him.

“Not sure. You rubbed the stuff on my skin. I don’t know what’ll happen with it inside of you, but then again, you didn’t know what would happen when you slathered it on me without asking. I knew you thought I was being a lazy fuck. Guess you figured I should look the part of a fat hibernating bear.”

Felix started to speak but bent forward suddenly, clenching his stomach. Matteo’s smug expression broke into concern and the room shook as he hustled over to Felix’s side. He picked him up and placed him on the bed while Felix clutched his bloated belly in one hand and reached down to his asshole with the other, telling Matteo to feel inside of him through gritted teeth. Matteo lifted Felix’s legs to expose his hole, which he parted with thick sausages fingers to explore inside his rectum. On one side he found Felix’s prostate, which forced a massive load out of Felix with little pressure as it was incredibly sensitive. On the other, he found another passage off from his colon that he couldn’t reach far into.

Meanwhile, Felix’s belly was definitely growing. It had swollen out like a ripe melon and was continuing to inflate. His nipples tingled, he stared down at them and watched as they blossomed. Widening, poking forward and rising as his pecs filled in. At first appearing wide and thick like strong, muscular pectorals, but advancing further and becoming softer as they grew. Large man-tits met his belly as the two grew together. Matteo watched as Felix’s ass cheeks swelled large and plump, then watched them spread as his hips widened.

Finally it stopped. Felix composed himself as Matteo doted over him, then helped him to his feet. Felix wavered under the new weight, cupped his large belly and waddled into the bathroom to see himself. Staring into the mirror, he scanned his body. His feet were a bit wider, his arms and legs a bit thicker, face unchanged. His ass, however, looked like two bouncing bowling balls. His chest was masculine in shape up until the wide areoles that swooped forward like a Hershey Kiss and the comical size to which it had ballooned. The tits were taught yet soft, just like the very round belly that hung below them. Cupping it with both arms and hands, Felix could hardly get his fingertips to touch. When his belly began to kick, he knew what happened, despite his disbelief.

“Did I impregnate you?” Matteo asked, crouching through the doorway.

“Looks like it,” Felix replied, staring at himself and cupping one of his breasts. “Don’t we look a pair.”

“Honestly? I think we look pretty sexy,” Matteo said. “In fact… if you wanna let me stretch your hole and fill your guts again with this mammoth cock, I’ll let you feed me until you tell me I can stop. Even if that means stuffing my belly for a week straight without stopping except to sleep. You keep growing this giant hulk fatter and fatter and I’ll keep pumping my twinky little husband full of cum until he pops hehe.”

An evil smile spread across Felix’s face as he took Matteo’s hand, imagining his whiney face as his body grew out of control, belly round and ballooning until he swelled too large for the room. He led him to the bed and laid on his back, pulling his thighs to either side of his chest. After they wrapped up, while cuddling before heading downstairs to start preparing food and ordering takeout, Felix had an idea.

“Hey Matteo, you know your friend, Scott? He’s always had a crush on you, right? Didn’t he admit he loves big guys to you once? Plus he’s sexy as all hell. What if… what if we order another pack of tubes. Invite him over, let him melt over you and tell him we wanna feed him through a funnel and maybe keep him around here as a plaything. I’m thinking a special concoction could go down that tube into his belly. Lard, syrup and milk; enough to swell a man five times over… and four bottles of growth gel. Let him balloon, grow and fatten out control until he breaks through our ceiling.”

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