Straight men at the club boozed & bred

by BigManBigBelly

A hot local club is having issues with predatory men so they devise a plan to teach them a lesson, providing free samples of a liquor that clouds their minds and imbues them with the power of impregnating other men.

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A local club was famous amongst its residents. It always managed to attract an audience of young beautiful woman, which naturally brought along the paying gentlemen who came to ogle. Unfortunately for the business, women were beginning to feel uncomfortable and choosing to patron other locales. The owner hatched a plan for a “guys night,” drawing in the crowd with a new exclusive liquor, which would be served all night for free. Dozens of men, young and old showed up for the party and crowded into the building. Before long, a murmur became a roar amongst the men about the lack of women at the club. Just as the mob was getting ready to leave, bartenders circulated through the room and made sure that every one received a shot of their new whiskey, sure to put hair on your chest. The bottle being poured was labeled Breeder and featured a husky muscular man grinning as he danced with a young attractive blonde who appeared enamored with him. The owner himself came on over the speakers to cheer the crowd and encourage them all to drink as one.

As soon as the crowd of men threw back the mysterious shooter, their concern for the lack of female presence vanished as they danced and swayed to the rhythmic club beats in a trance. They worked up a sweat that wafted a strong musk into the air. So lost in their minds they were, that many of the men were leaning forward and gyrating their hips to show off their asses to the other men, who stepped up close to them and grinded up against them like they would usually do to a willing young woman. The dozens of men had paired off after a few songs and the grinding became more frantic. The expressions of the upright men were glossy and lines of drool escaped their mouths while they grinned and grunted like animals. The first interruption came when a particularly muscular Persian man had thrust a younger college senior back into the wall with his bouncing cheeks, leading the younger man to finally lose control entirely. He tore the Persian man’s pants by their inseam before pulling out his throbbing cock and shoving it roughly into the hair-covered hole, slick with sweat. He pumped furiously, climbing on top of the larger man and clinging to him like a monkey to a tree while he released rope after rope of thick cum deep inside his belly. The two of them collapsed on the floor and the lights behind their eyes flickered back on. They seemed to be coming out of their haze and realizing what had happened. The larger man’s face twisted in fury as he started on the younger man, who scooted and pushed himself back in a fright. The Persian man suddenly stopped and clutched his stomach with a nauseous expression. His face softened and turned to panic as he cried out and stared back at the other man on the floor with fear in his eyes. He grunted and groaned as his belly ballooned out, untucking his shirt, which rode up along his hairy, expanding belly towards blossoming tits. The tear in his pants grew until the seat failed entirely and ripped violently from his huge jiggling ass. He pleaded with the younger man before collapsing before him in a wet heap on the ground, flipping over on his back and groaning loudly while rubbing his newly pregnant belly.

The rest of the crowd had watched with amazement and excitement, the trance that had taken over them all still active despite having expired in the first pair. A tall, portly, dark-skinned man had been dancing with a young, thin, pale truck driver. He picked the smaller man up with ease and placed him gruffly on the bar before unbuckling his jeans and roughly yanking them off of him along with his boxer briefs. He picked him up again while the other man squealed and wrapped his skinny legs around the larger man, before being pumped up and down his impressive cock like a human fleshlight. The larger man grunted aggressively as he buried his dick deep inside the truck driver’s guts before releasing a torrent of thick creamy jizz, then releasing him onto the floor with a plop and falling back onto his own buttocks on the floor. The two caught their breath while shaking themselves out of their hypnosis as well. The larger man looked humiliated and accusatory and the thin man who had taken his load looked sheepish and close to crying as he clutched his severely stretched hole. Panic seeped into his face as he too felt pressure build inside his belly that gave way to a growing paunch, pillowy chest and enormous backside.

The rest of the crowd had already broken out in a storm as the last man was finishing filling out. Clothes were torn off, tongues were forced into orifices to lube them up for aching members that humped almost desperately into the many asses of the men who offered up them up to the feeding frenzy. Men swelled and grew into pregnant sows, plopping down as fat, wet messes on the floor before coming to and realizing the change that had taken over their bodies. The men who had given their loads stared frightened and clambered toward the exit as soon as their strength had returned. They found only locked doors and their panic grew as they looked back at the sea of pregnant men wailing on the ground, clutching and rubbing their new bellies.

“Thank god we were the fucking tops,” one piped up through heavy breaths, met by frightened murmurs of agreement.

A voice over the loud speaker rang out and caught the crowd’s attention. “The serum remains active in your systems. Only one of you will be leaving here with your current form intact. The rest of you who remain unchanged will need to fight it out to see who is the last one standing.”

The men froze and stared at each other, trying to calculate the situation. A shared consensus was shakily forming that they would resist the demand but it was broken by the frantic dark-skinned man who had impregnated the trucker early on.

“I’m not going out like this man!” He yelled as he took hold of a lean Hispanic man in his thirties. He threw him onto the floor and pinned him down on his stomach with his full weight, pumping his huge cock in and out until he quickly grunted and released his warm load. The man beneath him was struggling and pleading to get off of him but his voice croaked and silenced as the change came over him. His stomach gurgled and his clothes tore as he swelled up like the rest of the unfortunate men.

The remaining crowd broke out in fists and shoves. Some of the smaller men jumped onto the back of larger men clung like backpacks while forcing themselves into the larger men’s assholes and attempted to quickly release their loads before being bucked off. Many of them were successful and a wave of larger men fell to the floor with newly-pregnant bodies. As the commotion died down, only two men were left standing, squatted and circling each other like wrestlers in a match. One was a marine veteran who stood at 6’2” with a strong, lean physique and the other was a scrappy older man wearing leathers and an unkempt scruff. The older man charged and tried to tackle the ex-marine but was out maneuvered and thrown down over his shoulder before being pinned and thrust into. As the vet was reaching close to climax, the older man took hold of his own cock, stroked himself to orgasm into his hand and then reached around to shove his load as deep into the veteran’s ass as he could reach from his position. The vet responded with a gasping grunt and screamed out, cussing out the older man as his guts ballooned out in front of him, tearing off his shirt and forcing him back off of the older man but not before he too reached climax and pumped his load in. Before long, the last empty belly filled up and the older man joined the chorus of groans amongst the room of swollen men clutching their ripe stomachs.


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