Tales from the dark city

by Ogrebear

A human cutpurse escapes his pursuers, finding safety in, of all places, an orc buck bar. You can figure out what happens next.

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Part 1: Dark Desires A human cutpurse escapes his pursuers, finding safety in, of all places, an orc buck bar. You can figure out what happens next. (added: 1 Jun 2005)
Part 2: Different Dawn
Part 3: A Dark Plot
Part 4: Dark Submission
Part 5: Dark Troubles
Part 6: The Dark City
Part 7: Escaping Dark City
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Part 1: Dark Desires

The young man looked around quickly for a place…any place to hide. But the darkening alleyway was sealed; the one doorway in the dead end locked tight, the wall to high to climb in time. He was wishing at this point that he had a few more hours of lock pick training, but he was only an apprentice. As the jingle of chain mail and the thuds of heavily booted feet came closer, his desperation grew. Running down to the alley's dead end, he threw himself back into a dark corner, but it was no use, even as he tried it he knew it would not work.

At the mouth of the alleyway he could see the light from the watchmen's lamps growing steadily brighter, suddenly his eyes fastened on to an old rain barrel hurrying over to it he peered inside. It was only half full; the gutter leading to it had collapsed sometime long in the past. The water was brackish and putrid and a thick layer of scum grew on the surface. With more than a second thought, the thief climbed into it. As he knelt down the water his feet and ass got mired in the muck at the bottom and the water displaced by his body rose and the dark foul smelling liquid closed over his face. Choking and gagging he sat up ‘this isn't going to work’, he thought. He almost gave up then, but his stubborn old iron will reared up within him.

It was then he heard a dull plunking sound, and noticed the water beginning to spill from the backside of the barrel. Investigating the noise the thief found an old bunghole. The cork had rotted and loosened over the years, so that when his body had lifted the water level the thick water had pushed it out, here was his chance! Lowering himself back into the stinking waters, the thief pressed his mouth to the hole; breathing in and out slowly as the filthy water hid him completely. Dimly he heard the watchmen stomp around the alley way, cursing and spitting that the little cut purse had escaped them. The light of their lamp shone through the brackish water, then they were standing right over him! A long silvery dagger blade broke the surface, probing the dank waters. A rough voice growled.

"Fool now your dagger will rust."

"Naww I'll just dry the blade on my cloak." A second voice answered.

"And now your cloak will stink all night!" The first voice growled back.

"I..I didn't think about that." The second admitted.

"I didn't think you had…young fool…and I've got to walk the watch with you all night."

"It's not so bad." The second voice protested weakly.

"Walk down wind ya fool!" The older guardsman growled as the pair tramped slowly away.

After waiting what seemed like a thousand years under the dank waters, the young thief at last slowly stood up and climbed from the old rain barrel. He hugged the cold stone alley wall and then moved as quickly and silently as possible down the narrow twisting back streets shaking the slimy water from him as best he could. As often happened at such times the past flooded into his mind.

Life hadn't always been like this, he'd lived a cleaner if not safer life once. Born in the Northern Star, a tavern and Inn near the water front. His mother had been…well true she was a thief; but one too proud or stupid to work in the relative safety of the city or the towns along the coast. She had chosen the live of an adventurer, wandering the barrens, crawling through tunnels and crypts. As for his sire well, she'd never told him who his father was. It was very likely she did not known herself, one of her adventuring companions, or some man she had met on one of their quests, or one of a dozen drunken sailors she'd been too drunk or simply too amorous to refuse, or perhaps, she'd just lost a bet or owed money too someone.

She had named him Dak….but that was no help, for she had gotten the name off the label on a spirits bottle- Daklar Keep a Dwarf spirit. It didn't matter anyway, for the name had been worth about the same as anything you get given for free! He'd earned his own name, with a stout oaken stick and a sharp swing.

His mother had left as soon as he could walk and he had grown up in the Northern Star. Old Larrs the Inn keeper and Millie the barmaid had taken care of him. His mother would drop by whenever she was in town- she’d come and see him and pass off a few bobbles or trinkets she had found tomb crawling. Mostly she came because she knew that no matter what her bill was old Larrs would take it in trade if she had no money. She was a handsome woman, and the toothless old Inn keeper had a strong weakness for her.

He was thirteen when his mother had last been in town; he could still hear her promising that after this one last job she'd settle down and take over running the Northern Star; that they would be a family. She and her adventuring companions had ridden off into the mountains of Kyngoth, and had never come back. Later in the year Larrs and Millie had been taken by the pestilence that had ravaged through the city. The Northern Star had been taken over by an ill tempered and heavy handed ex-sailor named Bentin. They did not get on and so Dak had found himself out on the streets. With no place left to turn he'd finally gone to the Thieves’ Guild; with his mothers name and the few bobbles she'd left him Dak had bought his way in, but it was not easy- his mother had not been well liked by her fellows, and the grudge they held for her extended to him.

In those first years he'd made his living as a mugger, a swift hit to the head with a stout stick. It was how he'd earned his name Crudgel; in time his skill had even won him a grudging admiration from the older thieves. Eventually the old pick pocket and cut purse Fyldan had taken him on as an apprentice. The old pick pocket's trembling hands were as swift as ever, but his eyes were clouding over -he was too blind to keep track of the mark, and to slow to run away through the crowd if caught. ‘Now here I am running from the Night Watch, all because the old man wanted the Watchman's purse!’ Crudgel thought bitterly. ‘Test my ass…he just wanted the pay off money in the Watchman's bag’.

The young thief hefted the heavy purse, judging by its weight and jingle there was a whole lot of coin in the purse. Crudgel paused a moment and opened the coin bag. He took a few of the heavy gold coins and slipped them into his codpiece. The old man would never share the gold with him he knew, all he'd see would be the copper and maybe a few silver.

"Well I am a thief." He whispered as he fondled the gold lying cold and hard against his hot maleness. Pulling his damp black hood up over his head, Crudgel wrinkled his nose as the smell became even more oppressive. The alleys were a dark foggy maze; still he'd spent much of his life in them. It didn't take him long to come to a spot he knew, within a short period of time he was looking out onto the main promenade.

The street was unpleasantly well lit, but then most of the main streets were. At least he was near the Adventurers quarter, a rougher less patrolled place than most of the rest of the city. Only the Warrens had less Watch presence, and those slums that were outside of the City walls proper. No this was a good place for him to come out of the dark. Hiding within the deep shadows, he watched he was sure no one was looking then stepped out into the light. Crudgel headed down the street at a steady pace; after all, one was less likely to attract interest if he seemed to know were he was going! Crudgel was going to the Guild house at the docks, and so he walked on, doing his very best to give any watchers the impression that he was a man on and errand. He side stepped a fat merchant with practiced ease but he was so engrossed in fostering the illusion that he didn't notice the two Watchmen coming out of the bakery until he was almost on top of them; he paused respectfully letting them pass in front of him. Turning away they headed up the street the way he'd come and Crudgel hurried on. Suddenly one of the watchmen lifted his head inhaling sharply.

"I know that stink!" He roared spinning around to look back down the street, directly at Crudgel. The thief glanced back over his shoulder at the noise, but kept walking.

"Hey you!" The guardsman called.

"It's the same two…what are the odds?" Crudgel groaned shaking his head.

"Halt!" The excited guardsman shouted turning to hurry after the stinking thief. Now Crudgel knew, like thieves do that HALT actually means RUN! So Crudgel instantly kicked up his heels, cutting across the street. Leaping a vendor's fruit and veggie cart, Crudgel kicked a basket of apples to the ground behind him. The vendor's screams of outrage were almost as loud as the clatter of mail and boots. One Watchman tripped as an apple rolled under his feet and went down, unluckily though' it was the older and slower of the two Watchmen, his younger comrade in arms wasn't slowed.

Lean and wry by nature, Crudgel was light and fleet on his feet, but the young guardsman behind him was fuelled by anger and greed and so was rapidly gaining on the soggy thief, who darted down a narrow alleyway. Crudgel dodged around corners and ducked into side streets, putting some distance between himself and his pursuer. He paused quickly for a breath and changed direction. Rounding a corner, he saw the Guardmen running right towards him. Crudgel ducked back round the corner and ran. Halfway along the street he leaped a spike covered iron railing. Landing in a small alcove at the base of a short stairway, hurriedly he pushed through the heavy wooden door in front of him. The basement room was large, smoky, and dimly lit; an underground ale house, the kind many of the Orcish types liked. A quick glance around the tavern room revealed nothing but dark green tusked faces; quickly Crudgel started across the room heading for the bar, and hopefully another way out of the tavern.

Steering away from the middle of the room, he moved along the curtained booth lined wall. Behind him the door banged open, and he heard the jingle of mail and boots. The young thief froze knowing any sudden moves would only draw attention to himself. From between two old dirty curtains, a huge green hand shot out, and grabbed the front of his damp tunic. The young thief found himself pulled into the darkened booth, and cast onto the cushioned bench. He watched silently as his rescuer reached up and closed the curtains tightly once again. The huge green skinned Orc turned to give him a wide smile, the tusks of his lower jaw glittering under his dimly red glowing eyes. Motioning for the Human to remain silent he tilted his head to listen intently. Crudgel heard a loud and winded voice demand.

"Did anyone just come in here?" It was answered with total silence; the voice came again this time louder and more demanding "I asked a question" The watchman yelled "Did anyone come in here?"

"Sorry captain." The Human bartender called. "Most of my customers didn't speak Trader Common. But to answer your question…ain’t no body came in here."

"No one at all?" The guardsman asked his voice obviously sceptical as the bar keep shook his head.

"Then you won't mind if I have a look around."

"Not at all Captain…would ya like a drink while yer lookin'?" The bar keeper asked sweetly.

"I don't drink on duty, and when I do drink…I don't drink the kinda swill you serve here." the Watchman snarled. He started down the wall pulling back the curtains, and peering into the darkened booths. Crudgel looked about wildly, he was trapped! The huge Orc turned and looked him in the eyes, tapping one thick finger on the table top. Taking the hint the thief slid under the oval shaped table top, hiding behind the thin screen of the filthy old table cloth. Glancing up he saw the Orc's huge paw motioning for him to come over to his tree trunk size legs. On his hands and knees Crudgel started crawling over to the Orc, when the creature’s huge hand found his collar and half lifted half dragged him between his monstrous legs, the Orc then pressed him downwards. From this new position Crudgel realized the monster had his shield and axe leaning against his outside leg. The thief realized this would hide him, even if someone looked under the table. Looking up he saw what Orcs wore under the short studded leather kilt's common to them; nothing! Even in the dim light the Human marvelled at the size of the Orcs huge semi hard maleness! Just then heavy booted feet stopped just outside the booth and the curtain was roughly pulled open, the thief heard the Watchman’s now familiar voice.

"Drinking alone in the dark?" The guardsman inquired.

"For now." The Orc grunted looking up at the watchman with a lewd smile on his big green face.

"Oho?" The guardsman said his voice questioning. "You expecting company beast?"

"In a buck bar one often gets company even when one doesn't expect it." The Orc leered.

"Buck bar!" The Watchman exclaimed, a look of disgust crawling over his face as he realized what that meant. "Have you seen a Human thief come in here?"

"We don't see many Human's here…they got they're own buck bar's." The Orc explained grinning lewdly.

"That's not what I asked." The Watchman growled. "Tonight have you seen a Human come in here?"

"Your the first Human I've seen all night." The big Orc lied glibly.

"That so?" The Watchman asked kneeling. He grabbed the table cloth, lifting it up he peered under the table. From his hiding place Crudgel watched the Orc lift his hardening cock from under his kilt. He waved the massive drooling organ at the inquisitive Watchman.

"Would you like to be my company for this evening officer?" The monster asked leeringly.

"Filthy disgusting pervert!" The guardsman snapped standing up quickly, he glared at the Orc as he moved on to the next booth. The Orc pushed his hard dribbling organ back down between his legs, giving Crudgel a better view of big Orcish package. The Orc pulled his studded leather kilt back down over it, but not so far as it was before.

Stomping and cursing the Watchman completed his search of the tavern and headed back out the door into the dark fog shrouded streets. Lifting the edge of the dirty table cloth the Orc peered down into Crudgel's eyes.

"He's gone. You can come back up now….if you want" the Orcs voice was teasing and full of humour.

"Why wouldn't I…" Crudgel began then trailed off swallowing hard as he realized what the Orc meant. This was a buck bar, a place where males who desired other males met.

"Ahem…listen I'm grateful and all." The thief started.

"Then show it" the Orc grunted spreading his knee's wider, and sliding his buttock's forward on the bench. The Human found himself head to head with the Orc’s huge cock, which was once again fully exposed; the Orc’s kilt having ridden up as he'd slid forward. A drop of the Orc's cloudy grey precum dripped onto the bridge of Crudgel's nose and slid slowly down to the tip where it hung quivering from it. Crudgel shuffled backwards on the dirty floor.

The Orcs frank matter of fact even aggressive demand shocked the Human. A thousand denials swarmed the thief's brain, from an outraged tirade much like the Watchman's, to a suggestive…’Maybe later’. The truth was if he gave the Orc what he wanted, it wouldn't be his first time- all of his companions growing up on the streets had been male. They had offered him his first taste of carnal pleasures; in later years when he'd been able to afford a female he'd discovered that he really didn't have the taste for them, not that the pleasure their bodies provided was so much less, it was simply a different flavour. The sweaty raw scents and pleasures of male male sex were just more exciting and satisfying somehow. Of course the thief had never been around any Orcs; they had not even been allowed into the city until just a few years ago.

The monster starred down at Crudgel's face intensely as if he was somehow reading the Human's thoughts. A lewd smile spread across his tusked face as gripped his huge organ, he pumped his hand up and down his length.

"Like what you see boy?" the Orc asked leering "wanna touch it?" Gulping Crudgel shook his head slightly. "Sure ya do!" The Orc insisted. "All tiny Human boys like you wanna touch a big green Orc cock." He chuckled softly as he waved it in front of the thief's face. “Get over here and touch it—get it over with!" As though mesmerized, Crudgel shuffled across the dirty tavern floor, his eyes fixed on the dribbling organ until he was eye to eye with it. He wanted to touch the huge green organ so badly, he simply couldn't restrain himself. Reaching out the thief lightly massaged the Orc’s hard cock with a shaking hand.

"That feels sooo good, Human!" The Orc grunted his lewd smile turning up at the corners. "You must have a lot of practice jerkin' males off. You wanna kiss it, little man?" The monster asked suggestively winking at Crudgel's widening eyes. "Ever taste an Orc's cock before?" The Orc asked chuckling softly as Crudgel shook his head no. "You know you wanna see how it tastes" he grasped his huge green cock, stretching it out to the Human's lips. It was dripping greasy pre-fuck juice, and unable to resist this temptation Crudgel thrust his tongue out and licked the beast's pre-cum. The Orc's soft chuckle became loud and gloating, still Crudgel kept licking as he felt his own penis grow hard as an iron rod within his codpiece!

"Fuck, boy! You got a great fuckin' tongue technique. I bet you're a natural!" The giggling Orc grunted. "Now lick up my shaft, make me feel real good." the monster ordered his voice low and husky “lick down the shaft, and when your tongue gets to the head swirl it around inside my foreskin, clean the duck cheese outta my skin." It was a disgusting command, yet Crudgel found that it aroused him even more. Slow and sensually the little thief licked his way back down the Orcs long member, pausing only when he got to the foreskin. He slipped his tongue between it, and the Orcs big fleshy helmet. Swirling the tip of his tongue around, from the bottom across the top and down to the helmet's outside.

"How’s the taste…is it to your liking?" The big creature asked teasingly. Crudgel found the Orc's cock amazingly clean, and the taste wasn't at all objectable. He pulled his mouth back just enough to whisper. "Yes." The big Orc laughed while he pumped his cock in and out of the Human's mouth.

"So you like a big fat Orc cock, huh? You're gonna be my cock slut for the night?" There was a cough outside the curtains and then the barkeep opened them. He gave the Orc a congratulatory smile on his conquest.

"You know I don't normally mind this sort of thing going on here in the common room" he growled. "But I don't need no trouble with the Watch. Why don't you take it to your room Var?" The barkeep said nodding toward the stairs.

"What do you say little one?" The Orc asked stroking the thief's head gently. "Would you like to come to Var's room….where he can enjoy you more thoroughly?" Glancing towards the door Crudgel realized that the two Watchmen were probably outside just waiting for him to exit. He be arrested, beaten or quite possibly killed, or he could spend the night letting a muscle bound Orc molest him. ‘Well at least with the Orc I'd get some pleasure!’ Crudgel thought silently to himself, remembering some of the horror stories about the Watch the older thieves told.

"Ok sure Var…Let’s go." He agreed, making the Orc hoot with delight.

The Orc slung his tower shield across his big broad back, and picked up his wicked looking Orc axe. He didn’t even bother to pull his kilt back down leaving his dripping erection in full view. They drew hoots of laughter and vulgar comments from the bars other Orcish patrons as the Orc, prodded him along with his massive dripping organ, and pushed Crudgel towards the stairs. Crudgel climbed the steep dimly lit stairway. The Tavern's second story was if anything even more dimly lit than the common room below. There was a street level exit here Crudgel noted.

The Orcs eyes glittered brightly in the gloom as he guided Crudgel down the hallway to his room. The hallway wasn't quite as filthy as the common room below, showing that there was at least some care taking done. The thief was somewhat surprised; having believed what he'd always heard that Orcs were nasty creatures who revelled in filth and all manner of foulness!

"The door at the end of the hall." Var growled. Crudgel could hear muffled grunts and guttural moans from a couple of rooms as they passed them, showing that more than one of the bars patrons had company tonight. Reaching the stated doorway Var pushed the huge two inch thick oak door open with one huge paw. Crudgel stumbled into the black room, and trembled slightly as he heard the door close behind him, throwing the room into total darkness. Somewhere in the blackness he heard a heavy Iron bolt close and knew the massive door had just been locked. Panic clutched at his heart as he stood in the darkness. Somewhere off to his left he heard the Orc rumble something in a vile sounding language that could only be Orcish. Light flared bright and suddenly, filling the large room in an instant. The thief stumbled back clutching his eyes, blinded for a moment by the brightness of the many candles that had suddenly lit. Across the room the Orc chuckled. "Your pardon." He grunted grinning. "Var should have warned."

"How did you do that?" Crudgel asked looking around the now well lit room.

"Magic." The Orc answered gesturing expansively.

"Where would a…Errr where did you learn magic?" The thief asked blinking as he looked the huge Orc over.

"Before I became a Warrior I was once a shaman for my people." Var announced as he unbuckled his Pauldron's tossing them in a corner, while he removed his heavy cuirass. Unbuckling his wide leather belt, he shucked off his furry leather tunic. Letting his studded leather kilt drop to the floor, he knelt to unlace his boots.

"Wow!" Crudgel growled as he starred at the Orcs naked body. The monsters pale green skin was almost hairless, but covered with spidery, intricate, black and red tribal tattoos- however it was the massive well defined slabs of powerful muscle that truly amazed the thief. He knew Orcs where taller and bigger than Men, but never this much.

"So…you like?" The Orc asked stretching slowly, making every clearly defined muscle on his huge powerful body tremble and jump. He walked slowly and gracefully across the room to stand in front of the thief. Frozen for a moment in sheer awe, Crudgel at last found his voice.

“Dak” he said. Var turned his head in query

“Huh?” he said

“My name” Crudgel said. Var chuckled.

“So you like, Dak?” Var said with a grin that showed off his tusks.

"Oh I like!" Crudgel gulped starring enraptured by the beast's masculine beauty. "I've liked what I've seen every since I was under that table!" He breathed, reaching out to run a hand over the Orc's powerful chest.

"That's good." Var chuckled, as he undid the clasp holding the thief's cloak letting it drop "because you are mine for the night." He began unbuttoning the thief's soft leather waist coat and it wasn't long before Var had the thief standing before him pale and naked in the golden light.

The big Orc devoured the Human's pale body with his hungry eyes; the thief was jut over average height, and his body looked strong and well formed, but beside the Orcs powerful heavily muscled form he looked small, even scrawny. If it bothered the Orc he kept it well concealed. His big paws fondled Crudgel's naked flesh, his breath deepening in excitement as he explored his conquest. Huge powerful fingers caressed Crudgel's testicles surprisingly gently while Var's other massive hand swept up and engulfed the Human's hard cock, drawing a gasp of pleasure from the thief.

"So stiff and excited." Var grunted teasingly. "I wonder how it tastes." Pushing the Human back to the low sleeping bunk Var sat him down then kneeled on the floor in front of him. Spreading Crudgel's legs Var lowered his mouth to the Human's throbbing organ, licking it in much the same way he'd had the Human lick his own. Crudgel blanched slightly as the Orcs mouth with its forest of sharp jagged teeth closed over his rigid manhood. A high pitched excited groan then escaped the thief's throat as the Orcs hot suckling mouth took in his full length! The Orc bobbed his head up and down the thief's shaft a few times then he lifted his head to grin wickedly at Crudgel.

"Sweet as candy" he teased, before returning to his work. The Human lay back across the fur covered bunk, his head thrown back, a look of relief and pleasure sprayed across his face. His back arching, thrusting his loins up towards the Orc's hot suckling mouth. Crudgel rolled and thrust his hips as the Orcs mouth worked magic on his aching organ.

"Oh… Oh gods…oh please don't let this happen." Crudgel begged, as he felt the pleasure building rapidly within his loins. "It's too fast!" He gasped fight to hold back his building orgasm. "Please don't let me do this to myself." He panted as the Orcs long slick tongue pushed him over the peak.

"Uhuhuuuu!" The thief squealed contorting and bucking his hips as the hot liquid lust exploded out of him like a fountain and down the Orcs suckling throat. Crudgel lay exhausted and weak, gasping for breath. The Orc turned him over on to his belly, and he felt Var's big thumbs spread his ass cheeks. He shivered as the Orc's hot breath ran down his crack.

"Ooowhoooo." He exclaimed as the warm wet tip of the Orc’s broad tongue rolled tight circles around his puckered orifice, coating it with thick wet saliva. It plunged in, drawing whimpers of delight from the startled thief.

"Oho gods…No one's ever done that to me before!" Crudgel squealed as a shiver of ecstasy ran up his spine. Var ignored the Human's delighted cries, and continued tongue fucking his anus until it was loosened and well lubed. Then he stood back up on his knees, moving up to the bunk's edge. Crudgel couldn't see, but he felt the weight of the Orc's erection as it was allowed to rest on the small of his back. He felt the soft hair on Var's balls as they pressed against the top of his thighs. Crudgel heard the unstopping of a small jar, smelling the scented grease so often used for such deeds. He felt Var coat his throbbing length in long strokes, before leaning back to guide his throbbing cock to his waiting orifice. Var unceremoniously prodded between the thief's clenching and spasming buttocks with it- there was no gentle coaxing from his Orcish ravisher, no exploratory finger liberally greased to ease the way; the thick fleshy helmet simply pressed insistently against the Human's opening forcing its way in, the stiff shaft lustful and relentless; outlasting the resisting muscles of the Human's tiny opening, penetrating it with inevitable success. The thief was filled to capacity in the span of a few breaths, his body stretched so wide it felt as if it would split in two! Yet it did not. Oh it hurt! No matter the preparation, it would hurt, it always did initially. Even if he wanted it with all his heart and soul, it still would hurt Crudgel knew from long experience. A high feminine whimper escaped his clenched jaws, the sound of it making him blush furiously, embarrassed as he had never made such an unmanly sound with any of his Human lovers.

Slowly his over taxed orifice adjusted to accept the huge organ that had been rammed within it. Var gave a deep grunt of satisfaction, and shifted so that his knees on the floor pressed against the edge of the bunk. Crudgel's lower legs, hanging over the edge of the bunk were spread to either side of the Orcs thighs. The position gave him no room to squirm away; as if the Orcs massive paw pressing his shoulders and face into the furs allowed any chance of escape!

Crudgel was filled so completely, with so much powerful springy love muscle that it made his vision spiral. Trembling, feeling dizzy and light headed, he moaned softly into the furs.

"You like that?" The Orc questioned hearing the thief's moan, Var gave a little buck of his hip's pushing his last few inches into the Human.

"OHOO….by all the Gods YES!" Crudgel whimpered his blush spreading down his neck and onto his naked torso. He lay quivering within the Orcs grasp, with the Orcs cock deep within him! Slowly Var leaned back sliding half of his massive length out before reversing his movement, pushing that same amount back in, he made the Human's breath become deep ragged pants. With each slow powerful stroke, a tremor of sensation passed though Crudgel. His balls tightened, his limp spent penis came twitching back to life. Dimly Crudgel could feel it pushing up against his taut belly, feel the soft helmet tingle, dribbling cool pre-cum. He whimpered effemininately into the furs, shaming and embarrassing himself for the second time that evening.

Var grasped Crudgel's shoulders, pulling him backwards until his throbbing genitals slipped off the furs, and hung bouncing and throbbing downwards into the air. Leaning over Var caught one of the thief’s hands and drew it down the thief's sweaty body until his fingers brushed his own pulsing maleness! Carefully the Orc wrapped the Human's trembling fingers around his own twitching cock. The Orc didn't say anything, but his debaucherous intent was obvious when Var withdrew his big paw. Crudgel's own hand stayed. He pumped his own aroused flesh with desperate vigour, groaning and whimpering into the furs. His hips moving of their own accord, pushing back into the powerful body behind him, then forward into his own hand!

"Oh—- gods!" He exclaimed as his second orgasm of the night, flared somewhere between his loins and brain, flooding his mind and his body with massive pleasure, blanking out everything else. He hardly noticed when the Orc picked up his own pace, hammering his delicate orifice savagely until he finally spilled his hot, thick seed deep inside of him!

Gently Var stood and picked up the Human's limp body, then laid them both on the soft furs Crudgel lay resting against the hard muscled body of his ravisher. Wheezing and gulping for air, muttering softly over and over again. "Gods..oho gods! That was sooo……..I've never experienced…..Can we do it again?!?!"

Var chuckled soft and deeply.

"Yes we can do it again… but rest first." The Orc whispered as he nibbled and sucked gently on the Human's ear lobe. His big green paws sliding smoothly up and down the soft skin of the thief's sides and over his stomach and chest. He paused at the Human's tiny hard nipples, fondling and rolling them between thick finger tips; making the thief's breath deepen once again.

"You teasing me?" Crudgel panted. He tried to sit up, forcing Var to roll on to his back. Crudgel was still impaled on Var's massive semi hard cock, lifting his right leg over the Orc's powerful legs the Human turned slowly around until he faced the Orc. Var grinned wickedly as he felt the Human's tight anal muscles turning around his semi stiff organ.

"You feel pretty hard to me." Crudgel grunted sliding up and down the Orc's thick organ. The big Orc giggled with torturous pleasure, and reached over to grasp the Human's hips, stopping their motion.

"A little longer….I promise it will be worth the wait." Var assured grinning broadly up at the excited thief, the light glinting off his chipped tusks. Crudgel slid forward and lay down upon the Orc's broad chest, his hands exploring the beast's powerful body.

"What a beautiful body you have." The Human purred. "So big and strong…I wish I had a body like yours!" Crudgel whispered as his fingers traced the sleek muscle lines of Var's stomach and chest. Var's eye brows arched and he starred down at the little Human intently.

"Do you really wish that?" He asked, running his thick fingers through the Human's damp hair.

"Oh yes. I've always wanted to be big and strong who won’t!" Crudgel admitted kissing Var's bloated dark green nipples tenderly.

“What would you do to get that wish?” Var said his voice low and husky. Crudgel cock twitched at that deep, masculine voice.

“Do? To be big and strong…….?” Crudgel rubbed his hands across the Orcs bigger body; he kneaded the thick shoulders; he hefted the huge chest plates, and traced the outlines of Var’s tattoos with his finger tips. “What would I do to be like you?” he whispered to himself as he ran his hands down Var’s belly. He reached under himself and cupped the massive, hot balls and traced the shaft up to where it met his own flesh. Var watched the Human think.

“I don’t know” Crudgel said finally putting his hands back onto Var’s chest.

“Would you trust me to give you your wish?” Var said quietly, almost a whisper. Crudgel looked into the deep dark pools of Var’s black eyes and whispered

“I trust you”.

Var looking into the Humans eyes, could he be wrong? The spirits that whispered to him had told him the one he had been looking for would be someone different, someone misplaced, someone between worlds. Could this really be him?

Reaching down to his discarded kilt and belt, the Orc drew a long bladed dagger. With one huge paw the Orc pushed Crudgel up into a sitting position. The Human watched in shock as Var used the ugly ragged edge to slice into his own wrist efore dropping it. He dripped a blunt green finger tip into the dark almost black blood flowing from the wound then drew a strange pattern of mystic symbols down Crudgel’s naked torso.

"Now we go again!" Var rumbled, grasping the thief's narrow hips and moving him up and down on the huge hard green cock inside of him. At once the pleasure ran like lightning from his debauched rectum, through his throbbing loins, and into his brain. The Human's head rolled back his eye lids fluttering, his handsome face contorted in pleasure.

Var lay panting and muttering in the same vile sounding language he'd used earlier to light the lamps. The pleasure increased and a strange tingling sensation filled Crudgel's loins, making him open his eyes and glance down. The thief saw his trembling balls and pulsing cock standing out harder and thicker than it had ever been before! As he watched the shaft began to grow, longer and wider he watched his cock expand! In the flickering light Crudgel could not be sure at first but his skin was defiantly taking on a greenish hue- light almost unnoticeable at first, it quickly darkened to a decidedly Orcish hue.

"Oh Gods!" The Human swore as he watched the green tint slowly spread down his thighs and up his belly.

As it did so he could feel the flesh beneath change- muscles were swelling, thickening. Crudgel grunted as he felt his hip bones grow thicker and heavier. As the change spread his belly pushed out as was normal for Orc, he felt his guts moving, changing; becoming stronger. He could feel Var’s thick cock pushing deeper into him, setting off sparks in his vision as his lover got deeper into him than before. Pleasure shot through Crudgel as he moved on Var’s lap, his thighs growing thicker and longer. He felt the change reach into his chest, his heart beat growing faster and stronger. He let out a long deep guttural moan.

Var‘s chant got louder, faster. He thrust his hips faster, harder. The symbols on Crudgel’s torso glowing as the growing green skin reached them. As the speed of Var's thrusts grew so the changing quickened and the ecstasy of orgasm built within them both. Crudgel’s chest became massive with each thrust; each drag of breath, the thick plates of his chest muscles became bigger, more defined. His nipples grew wider, longer and puffed out. Shoulders grew wider, massive; the thick muscles of the neck flared out as his back was doing also. Var’s chant got faster still, Crudgel’s upper arms exploded in growth, the green skin moving down his arms like water, the biceps flared, his forearms swelling into huge green hams. Crudgel flexed his fingers as his hands grew through many glove sizes.

Reaching a huge green paw over, Crudgel grasped his massive new Orc cock pumping it franticly! The world spun in crazy circles, and if not for Var's powerful grip on his thighs the thief would have fallen off onto the floor. Crudgel couldn’t think, couldn’t reason- pleasure was all he felt! Var opened his eyes — he had to watch the last part of the change. The green skin was reaching the top of Crudgel’s thicker neck. The Human’s eyes were rolled back, the pleasure all over his face, his mouth hanging open. As the change reached his jaw, it began to lengthen and grow wider, squarer; inside the mouth Crudgel’s teeth were changing, growing sharper, stronger in their beds. Two outer teeth grew much bigger than the others, thrusting out of Crudgel’s mouth, becoming the defining tusks of an Orc. The nose grew wider, flatter, flaring as the smells of the room hit. Orcish faces are strong in jaw but round in shape and Crudgel was becoming a beautiful Orc! Var’s thrusts became more frenzied as he saw the Orc emerge from the Human. The eye sockets deepened as the thick, heavy brow emerged from the smooth forehead, Crudgel’s eyes began to glow slightly, better able to see than a Humans; tall pointed ears appeared on the side of the head, his head hair longer than before. Crudgel’s whole massive body shook as the change finished.

"IIIhuuhuuhuu!" Crudgel half sighed half groaned as a long grey white stream of pleasure shot from his massive aroused organ, splattering down onto Var's face and chest. Var gave one last hard buck of his hips, half sitting up as the power of his magical orgasm contorted his body. Spasm after spasm shook him as he emptied his seed deep into Crudgel. Slowly it stopped and with a deep guttural sigh he collapsed back onto the bunk. They watched as the dark runes drawn in blood upon Crudgel’s torso glittered bright for a second then vanished, the wound to Var’s wrist sealing itself up too.

"It is done!" Var panted, as the huge heavy body of his lover collapsed into his sweaty chest.

"Yes!" Crudgel wheezed in deep delight.

Sleep took them both.


Part 2: Different Dawn

The lamps had long burned out or been extinguished, darkness and sleep filling the small room. Var blinked his heavy eyelid's peering around; the dimly lit cave wall's starred back at him. "No please not again." He snarled as he saw the young shaman at work over the fire. "Don't do it you fool!" he roared, stepping forward to grasp the shoulder of his younger self, his hand passed through insubstantially. As his younger self traced the runes and chanted the incantations of summoning. Stepping back Var shook his head, knowing he could not affect the events he was about to witness. Even knowing that he was here only in his dreams, did not hearten him, it had happened. He'd watched it happen then, and would watch it happen once again.

His clan's enemies the Greasy Thumb Clan would attack, out numbered his people would look to him for protection. He would complete this casting, this casting that was so beyond his power- beyond his knowledge, most of all beyond his control. Then death would come, appearing out of nothing, cloaked in flame and smoke. Raving and slobbering for blood, the demon stepped from the flames. Var choked on bile in disgust as he looked on his own gloating triumphant younger face. He'd been so proud of his power and daring, right up until it had become obvious that he was no longer in control of the demon. Right up until it had started killing and devouring his own clan! Again tonight like a thousand times before he placed himself between the monster and his people and again the demon walked through him, as his younger self chanted and strained trying vainly to regain control. And then it was over, he stood alone as the demon vanished back into whatever hell he'd called it up from. His clan…his family…all gone, he alone stood unharmed in the empty village.

Var's eye's snapped open and he sat up, trembling covered with a cold clammy sweat of fear and panic. Beside him a young Orc lay sleeping, his beautiful Orc face taking on a innocent almost angelic look of peace as he slumbered. Var ran a gently hand over his lovers dark hair, smoothing it and brushing it away from his face. He felt sure now looking at that Orcish face that he had picked right, this was the right one. The thief's slow deep breathing was like a balm on Var's wounded soul. Laying back down Var cuddled close to his love, letting the sound lull him into sleep once again. As slumber took him Var prayed silently to all the Sprits he knew for dreamless sleep.

Within Crudgel's dreams he ran through the Northern Star, playing with his wooden toys. It was a simple and joyful existence, Millie fed him when he was hungry, bathed him when he got dirty. The bar's patron’s sometimes told him of they're travels, and Old Larrs would put him to bed with stories every night. He would sleep and dream of far places, and wild improvable adventures. As he ran through the Inn, it began to darken around him. He found his feet treading the dusty but well worn steps to the Inns cellars. His mother had kept her room there; she claimed it was because she loved the coolness, but Crudgel had realized years later, that it was because she liked being near where the wine and other spirits were stored. As his small feet descended the old steps, a sense of foreboding and dread welled up within him. A beam of wavering candle light sliced through the deepness of the cellar, the door to his mother’s room was open slightly. The only sounds where of wood and rope creaking, and of distant drink slurred voices grumbling. Creeping quietly over to the doorway, he peered in to the room. His mother lay upon her wide bed, wine draining from a cask's spocket straight into her mouth. Around her were a group of five huge pale Northmen, they were removing her black leather thief’s clothing! Her floppy knee high boots had already been removed, tossed onto the dirty floor. Two huge red haired Northmen were fumbling at her belt, and trouser lacings; her tunic was unlaced and thrown open, revealing her small but pert breasts. Big, rough, callused, sun browned hands cupped and fondled her feminine globes, pinching and pulling on her thick brown nipples. As the last of the wine drained from the cask, she swallowed and wiped her mouth on her chuff. "Stop it!" She snarled ineffectually swatting the hands away from her breasts, as she tried to sit up right.

It was an old nightmare, Crudgel wasn't sure if it was a memory or just something his mind had created. Whichever it was… it always made the thief feel small, powerless and impotent.

"I said stop it!" His drunken mother screamed fighting to remain sitting up, as the two Northmen pushed her back down. She struggled and cursed savagely, as her molesters yanked her unbuckled belt off and tossed it to the floor.

"Thorval, you bastard! Let me go!" His mother fumed as the giant Northman began unlacing her tight black leather pants. The five Northmen roared with laughter at her words, and they began shucking off the loincloths that were their only garb. Huge male organs sprang into view, excited, flush with blood they swung out stiffly; big purple helmets excited dribbling clear glittering liquid desire. Crudgel knew this dream well he would stand frozen with fear until the first one penetrated her, at that point her screams and protests had fired his outrage. He'd race into the room trying to defend her, only to be overpowered by one of the laughing barbarians. They would derisively toss him into one of his mother’s clothes trunks, locking him in the dark. As they used threats of harming him, to get his mother to do everything they had wanted.

Three of the north men held the desperately struggling thief down, as the other two pulled his mothers pants down her kicking legs. They tossed the leather pants aside, and one of the barbarian's- Thorval, dived between her legs, while the others held her ankles spread wide apart.

"Leave momma alone!" He screamed leaping into the room, only this time it was not an enraged child that screamed but a huge angry Orcish warrior! Racing into the room Crudgel slugged the first Northman, who was holding her ankles. With a loud snapping sound as the massive green fist struck the jaw and the Northman instantly went down! Thorval leaped from between her legs, swinging a huge fist at Crudgel's face. Ducking his head slightly, he caught the blow on his thick forehead even as he drove his big green fist into the barbarian's taut stomach, with a groan of pain the Northman doubled over. Grabbing him by the neck, Crudgel slammed the Northman’s head into the wall. Turning back just in time to see another attacker jump onto him from off the bed. He caught his attacker in mid air with one huge paw around the human's throat, the other grasping a handful of his genitals! Crudgel hurled him back into his companions, the collision knocking them off the bed with massive force. Looking around wildly Crudgel discovered that all of the attackers were down. His mother sat up right on the bed looking at him in shock and terror.

"It's alright no one will hurt you now." He said softly, taking a step toward her, but she scrambled away, back across the bed.

"Who are you?" She demanded fear in her black eyes.

"Momma. It’s me…its Dak." He whispered his voice soft and pleading.

"Stay back monster! I don't know who you are…but you’re not my son Dak!" She yelled as she climbed from the bed and sprinted from the room.

"Momma please…" He called after her. From behind him he heard a low groan, looking back he saw Thorval climb unsteadily up to his hands and knees. A wave of Rage surged through him and grasping a handful of the Northman’s long red hair Cudgel dragged him across the room, throwing him face down on to the dishevelled bed.

"You like rape huh?" He growled, dropping his studded leather kilt to the floor. "Let’s see how you like it NOW!" He shouted crawling up onto the bed between the Northman’s wide spread leg's…………….

Sunlight in his eyes awoke the thief, gazing around blearily. For a moment he was lost, and then memories of the night before flooded into his mind. He was in Var's room in the buck bar he realized. Looking around he found the bunk and room empty. He saw his hand then, lifting it up before his eyes. He starred at the huge light green paw in wonder and awe.

"It happened…it really happened!" He whispered in amazement, throwing back the covers. He looked down at his massively muscled new body, tracing the sleek lines of muscle with trembling fingers.

"I…I can't believe it!" He muttered joyously. He savoured his huge body, playing with one of his big nipples, rolling it around in his huge paw. A familiar morning pressure made itself felt in his bowels and he rolled upwards onto his huge feet wobbling for a few moments as he got used to his much shifted balance. He stomped across the room to the big brass chamber pot and aiming his massive new organ he released, emptying his aching bladder into the pot with a ringing tinny sound.

Finished he stepped back and stretched his big muscles, he could feel the strength this new form had, how much more it was that his old Human body. He ran a hand over his huge chest. He had got his wish- he was big and strong now much taller than before he was sure he was even bigger than some of the other Orcs he’d seen. He couldn’t help but flex his arms and legs, make his chest jump. He realised how much this felt right, how powerful he felt, how strong, how horny- his erection stood throbbing and stiff on his wash board stomach, one tiny glittering drop of urine at its tip. He guessed it was half again as long as his Human organ and twice as thick. His was shorter than Var’s but still enormous. Taking the massive dark green organ in one huge paw, he stroked it as he thought about his dream; how it had changed and how it had ended, he pictured Thorvals face as his huge Orc cock had forced its way into the Northman’s, tight dry virgin orifice. A lewd smile parted his Orcish face, as he thought about the barbarian getting the punishment he deserved! With one big paw on the wall for support, he leaned in over the chamber pot dreaming of his revenge and it wasn't long before thick darkish grey Orc spunk splurged across his big fist, splattering down into the half filled brass pot, pleasure running through him making his big muscles jump as he came. He milked the last drops out of his throbbing organ, the last few thick spurts dribbled out over his fingers. Crudgel raised his wet fingers to his lips, licking the wild spicy flavoured of Orc cum off them.

"Nothing like a hot liquid breakfast! Too bad Var's not here" he rumbled to himself. He scratched his big round ass, flakes of dried cum coming off on his fingers. Gently he slipped a finger down into his crack, to caress his swollen and softly throbbing orifice. "Not as sore as I thought it would be." He mused, realizing it was his change responsible for that.

Looking around, Crudgel found his clothing was neatly folded, and lying on the table. As was his thieves’ bag and the Watchman's purse he'd stolen the night before, even the gold coins were still within his neatly folded up cod piece. He picked up his belt and laughed, it would barely fit around one of his thighs now much less his waist! As his mirth died away, his face became more serious and thoughtful. What was he going to do without clothes? He was effectively trapped in Var's room! A pleasure slave to the big Orc; well, there were many worse fates he could think of. Remembering the ecstasy the Orc had filled him with the night before Crudgel decided maybe that was the very best fate he could ever have! An image of himself on an open city street popped into his head.

"Wandering around the city a naked Orc… Hmmm that could be interesting." He chuckled to himself as he wondered what he was to do now.

A soft knock came at the door.

"Who is it?" He snapped startled at the sudden deep aggressiveness of his own voice. The heavy oaken door creaked open a crack, and the tavern keepers head looked in.

"Ahhhh so you’re awake then." the Human exclaimed, pushing the door opened wide and entering with a heavily laden tray of food. Crudgel clapped his huge hands over his still weakly pulsing loins as the tavern keeper strolled brightly in.

"Var thought you'd be hungry after last nights…ahem excitement." The tavern keeper explained as he saw Crudgel's startled, but questioning look. Until that moment the thief had not realized how hungry he really was but with the wonderful smell of sausage, egg and some type of bread drifting up from the platter his stomach began to rumble and complain about its present empty state.

"Ya well right" Crudgel agreed and pushed his stuff out of the way for the Barkeep to place the tray on the table. Crudgel stood next to him he realised the barkeep was slightly shorter than he had used to be but now only came up to his nipple line. He smiled slightly as he realised he was nearly twice as thick through and half again as wide as the shoulders; a lewd thought to find out how better hung has was jumped into his head, but then his belly growled and he remember ed the food. He hastily moved over to the table and sat down to eat. It was then that Crudgel noticed the tavern keeper’s lewd smile and leering stare. Realizing in his hunger he'd momentarily forgotten his nudity, the thief hastily covered up his loins. This only made the tavern keeper to shift his gaze to Crudgel's massive back and bare buttocks. The thief shook his head and give up trying to cover himself, the barkeep had probably seen hundreds of naked Orcs, and if he looked good so what?

"I could use some…Errr clothing as well." He grunted as he lifted his hands from his loins and began stuffing his mouth full of food. The bread was made from oats, and a jar of blue berry preserves was sitting open beside it. There was a mug and chilled pitcher of bitter black ale to wash it all down with. He diced the fried eggs up, letting them soak up the grease from the sausage.

"Yes… Var asked me to send for a tailor capable of making such a big Orc bull some suitable garments." The tavern keeper answered as he stood leering at Crudgel's naked body. "He should be here in anytime now; he's a Goblin by the name of Blak”. There was a pause as the Tavern keeper got an eyeful and Crudgel stuffed food in his mouth. Eventually the tavern keeper tore his eyes from Crudgel’s huge green form.

“So virile, so magnificent” the Human whispered, then coughed. “Now if that's all you need, I'll be going, a tavern doesn't run it's self." Unable to speak with his huge mouth crammed full of egg and sausage, Crudgel gestured that he had all he needed.

"I'll just empty this." The tavern keeper exclaimed as he stooped to pick up the chamber pot. Glancing down inside his eyes fastened on the greyish globs of cum, a lewd grin slowly creeping over his face. "Good morning indeed!" He chuckled as he hurried out.

Crudgel was just pulling the last of the preserves from the jar and spreading it on his last piece of bread when a there was another knock at the door, so soft the thief almost thought he'd imagined it.

"Who's there?" He asked sharply, the door opened a crack and a meek soft sounding voice called through it.

"Just Blak the Tailor"

"Come in Blak" Crudgel called. The Goblin's warty grey-green head pushed through the opened doorway, and then he came in fully slowly dragging a huge wheeled trunk behind him. If he was surprised by Crudgel’s naked form Blak gave no indication. Once inside the Goblin closed the door and then hastily opened the trunk and took out a clothes tape measure.

“Stand please” the Goblin asked. Crudgel realised sitting he was as tall as the Goblin, standing he towered over him; no wonder the Goblin has spent many centuries as Orcish slaves; they where so small! Still the Goblin made no mention of his size and walking around behind Crudgel, Blak measured his waist .Then the Goblin climbed up on the chair Crudgel was just sitting in to take Crudgel’s substantial chest measurement, even Crudgel was surprised by the number on the tape when he looked down at it. Satisfied Blak when to his chest and pulled out a soft brown leather and fur covered sleeveless tunic from the trunk.

"Put on please." The Goblin ordered. Crudgel, having finished his preserve covered bread, slipped the sleeveless tunic on and marvelling its prefect fit for his massive Orcish torso.

"Good, good, good." Blak muttered and handed Crudgel a thick wide belt, the thief buckled it around his waist.

"Hum ha!" The Goblin exclaimed tugging at the belt. Moving around Crudgel again the Goblin climbed back up on the chair and carefully measuring the thief's long muscle knotted arms from shoulder to waist, and softly asked Crudgel to flex his arms Crudgel was happy to assist. Blak jumped down and retrieved two fur and leather sleeves, measured them and then slipped them on over Crudgel's thick arm's.

"Good, good fit!" He exclaimed pulling them back off and gesturing for Crudgel to remove the furry tunic. Crudgel striped down and handed the belt and tunic to the Goblin, watching as Blak roughly stitched the sleeves to it. Blak was surprisingly fast and nimble fingered; within a few minutes he was finished sewing. Blak handed the tunic back to Crudgel, and then took a measurement from the thief's waist to his knee, and then again round the thighs, again asking quietly for Crudgel to flex and this time squat for him, again making no comment on the huge equipment between Crudgel’s legs. As Blak rummaged in this chest Crudgel slipped the completed tunic on rolling his shoulders and flexing his powerful muscles; it was a perfect fit and there was very little binding as the soft leather stretched, moulding itself to his powerful body. The Goblin then pulled out a matching leather/fur kilt from his huge trunk. Wrapping the kilt around the thief's waist, the little Goblin didn't bat an eye at the sight of Crudgel's semi-stiff big green male hood; obviously the tailor had seen many such sights in his trade. Blak tucked the tails of the furry leather tunic under the kilt, and pulled the straps tight, buckling the wide studded leather belt over both.

"There." The little Goblin exclaimed, walking slowly around Crudgel "Looks good….yes" turning round the Goblin pulled a big pair of elk fur boots out of his trunk; they were a bit too small and the second pair he had were too large, however Blak proved himself an excellent cobbler as well, and soon the boots were fitting fine. Finally Blak pulled out a shaggy wolf fur cloak and though surprised when Crudgel asked him to sew hidden pockets into it Blak was able to fix it the way the thief asked.

"You like?" Blak asked when he'd finished the alterations the thief had demanded.

"Errr…Yes. But…where’s the underwear?" Crudgel asked.

"Huh?" Blak asked confused.

"Underwear…" Crudgel said again slowly but the Goblin stared up at him blankly. "These" the thief snapped, reaching across the table to pick up his old linen shorts. Blak examined the shorts quizzically, and then shook his bald pointed eared head.

"Never seen the like" he admitted handing them back. Crudgel shook his head suddenly remembered that Var had not been wearing any underwear the night before.

"What those for?" Blak asked looking puzzled.

"I guess Orcs don't use underwear." Crudgel muttered to himself, and then paused as he heard the Goblin's question. "Well they're for…Ahem…they cover ones male Errr…" Crudgel could tell by Blak's eyes that he was still clueless. Lifting his new kilt Crudgel cupped his big loins in his palms making first a cage with his thick fingers then closing them to cover his maleness Blak's eyebrow's shot up and understanding dawned on him. Turning he bent and dug around inside the trunk, at length coming out with a butter soft deer skin bag. Carefully Blak fed Crudgel's hefty loins into it, and then he pulled the draw string closed. He wrapped the strings around Crudgel's wide hip's, then pulled them back around and tied them together just above the thief's pubic bush. The thief's cheek's burned with a powerful blush and a certain excitement, at the Goblin's casual almost familiar handling of his organs.

"Like so?" The Goblin asked smiling up at his finicky customer. Crudgel blanched for second before he realized the little Goblin meant the pouch, and not his handling of his loins. Crudgel looked down at the loin bag, realizing that was most likely as close to underwear as he was going to get from the Goblin. Nodding his head, he smiled and opened the Watchmen’s bag, handed Blak a large denomination silver coin. The Goblin smiled accepting the amount and pocketed it. Blak closed up his trunk and Crudgel held the door open for him as Blak left dragging the trunk with him.

Picking up his thieves kit bag, Crudgel slipped it down behind his wide studded belt. Then he slipped the gold coins from his old cod piece into the tiny hidden pockets in the bottom seam of his new cloak. The Watchman's heavily laden purse he tied to the back of his belt, were it would be covered by his cloak. Next the thief looked at his weapons. The stiletto he had worn strapped to his fore arm would in no way fit now; the straps were several inches too short, so he tucked it and its sheath onto his furry boot top. The brace of throwing knifes he normally hung down his back just under the upper edge of his collar, were not going to fit there either, however it's strap fit around his massive new forearm so he tucked it in his right sleeve.

"All dressed up…it's time to go out on the town." He chuckled, and slipped out of Var's room.

Making his way quickly down the short hallway, Crudgel descended the stairs into the tavern’s main room, the darkness of the room seemed to agree with him greatly. There were only a few patrons in the taproom at this hour, mostly Inn regulars who'd came down from their rooms to eat breakfast in the common room, still the room erupted in whistles, and leering cat calls. Several shouted he’d never looked better; a number asked him outright if they could be next to have him spend the night in their rooms! All this sexual aggressive attention embarrassed the thief enormously, making his pale green face take on a darker tint of blush! Even though embarrassed he still found himself beginning to strut about, and stand provocatively at the attention.

Suddenly he caught sight of his image in the mirror behind the bar, and he froze, stunned by the sight. Slowly Crudgel walked over to the bar studying his own image as he approached. His skin was a pale green contrasting sharply with his straight long black hair, but it is his face which shocked him the most; well formed and symmetrical he had a shockingly handsome Orc face, almost effeminately pretty. His tusks were straight and unchipped, his nose unbroken but wide and flaring. His green skin was smooth, unblemished, his chin clef just right. The ridge over his eyes was perfectly formed over his bright intelligent, black eyes. His face combined with his large powerfully muscled frame, and sleek long limbs fuelled even his own desires!

"No wonder they all want me…hell even I'd fuck me in I was able." Crudgel muttered to himself under his breath. A firm slap of a heavy hand on his right ass cheek brought him out of his chain of thought. Looking sharply to his left, Crudgel found himself looking into the eyes of a tall, extremely thick set Half Orc dressed in a loose tunic and wool trousers than struggled to contain his bulk; Crudgel blinked as he realised the monster was sat on a stool and still as tall as he. His cock twitched at the thought of all that muscle.

"Come to my room." The big Orcblood said tossing his head back towards the stairs. Crudgel turned and had taken a step or two before he caught himself; he had things to do!

"Maybe later" he said vaguely as he tried not to stare at the Half Orcs bulging crotch. Inside he exclaimed to himself "Oh Gods I'm a slut!" Swallowing hard he moved away from the perplexed looking Half Orc.

"I'll be looking for you later then!" The half breed called with a lewd promise in his voice, drawing more cat calls and suggestive guffaws from the tavern patrons. Thinking it best to get out of the buck bar, before he ended up someone else’s conquest Crudgel quickly exited the sunken doorway, climbing up the rough stone steps to street level.

Though the sun was high and bright, the back street was cloaked in shadows from the building over hanging which suited Crudgel fine, the sudden shift in brightness from the Bar had burnt his eyes and he suddenly ‘knew’ that Orcs disliked strong sunlight as it hurt their night sensitive eyes. Once in the shade it took Crudgel only moments to figure out where exactly he was having lived in the City all his life it was easy to place himself on the edge of the Warrens. Having done so, he began his journey back to the Thieves Guild headquarters, deep in the docks district. Crudgel stayed off the main streets using the shade to escape the autumn heat wave until he came to the curtain wall which separated the Dock District from the rest of the city. The Guild of course had many secret ways through the wall, Crudgel knew personally of at least seven, but in his new form he didn't need to hide- no one was looking for a pretty faced Orc. He marched boldly up to the busy arched gateway. Crowds of people were hurrying through. He was half way through when a Watchman with a pike stepped in front of him, Crudgel gulped his heart suddenly leaping within his chest, how could they have seen through his disguise?

"Where do you think your going animal?" The Watchman asked with a sneer. The thief relaxed a little, he'd been hassled by the City Watch enough to recognize a shake down.

"The docks" He answered passively.

"What business would a dumb animal like you have down there?" The Watchman snarled poking a grubby finger into the thief's thickly muscled chest. Thinking it best to play dumb, even though he was seething with rage, the thief answered dully.

"Brock carry heavy things." The Watchman smirked, a look of pride and superiority spread across his homey face.

"Dumb as a box of rocks." He observed too the other Watchman standing across the way, drawing a chuckle and nod. "Ok beast, you'd better get your butt ugly face down there because there are plenty of heavy things to be carried." He grasped Crudgel's arm and aimed him through the gate, as if he thought the Orc too dumb to know which way he should be going. Crudgel gritted his teeth in anger, but kept his mouth shut and walked quickly through the gate. He'd always despised the Watch before, but now he found his feeling bordering on hate. He wondered if Var and the others had to put up with this sort of thing all the time.

It was then he began to notice the looks he was getting. Far from the sly admiring glances he'd been getting in the buck bar, most people on the street looked at him with disgust, loathing, fear, hatred or deep seated suspicion. Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and the others all eyes turned on him where filled with darkness. The urge to scream…"what did I ever do to you people!" filled his thoughts but he suppressed it and hurried on, feeling desperate to get into the Guild and away from the hate filled stares. Presently Crudgel turned down a dark dead end ally way. It stank of rotten garage and urine, and although he had travelled this way to many times to count, he'd never noticed how powerful the stench was before. About three quarters of the way down the alley a ramp branched off, leading down to an old iron sewer gate. The rusty old iron gate looked solidly bolted in place but this was however a carefully crafted illusion. Grasping the gate at its base he lifted it up and stooped to crawl under it. The stench that waffled out of the black sewer tunnel made his nose burn and his eye's water. Once he'd wiped the tears from his eyes, he found he could amazingly see perfectly well in the near total darkness. He wandered down the tunnels that he'd had to count steps and memorize before his change seeing them for the first time. He quickly found the old iron bound door he was looking for. It was locked of course, but the lock was so old and simply that any apprentice thief could pick it blind folded, a good thing since the tunnel's around the door were blacker than night for a Human! He chuckled to himself as he went through into a short tunnel and up to a second locked door. This was harder as the old lock looked like a useless lump of rust on the outside, but was oiled and carefully maintained within. Picking it was a small effort, and he quickly squeezed his big body through the old doorway. Inside he turned and locked the door before facing the dusty room filled with empty crates; Crudgel made his way between the old crates to the door in the opposite wall. He opened the unlocked door, and walked into a small office. Anyone coming in not knowing where he was would think it was just the ledger room of some warehouse. A small Human sat behind a huge old paper cover desk, looking up his pushed his glasses back on his nose and asked.

"What are you looking for Orc?"

"A fig pie…Ornthal said it was still hot." Crudgel answered, making the little man's eye brows arch in surprise at this correct password.

"I don't recall there being any Orcs in this Guild!" The little man spat out ‘Orcs’ like it was a rotten clam in his mouth. Crudgel keen new pointed ears heard the arrow slits in the walls being pushed opened, and knew that six heavy crossbows were aimed at him.

"I'm not an Orc." He said softly.

"Oh? You sure look like one!" The little man at the desk said coldly. "Smell like one too."

"It's me Jordale, Crudgel!" The thief snapped. "This is just a disguise…an illusion to keep the Watch off my back."

"Crudgel!" The little man exclaimed setting up straighter in his seat to peer at the Orc thoughtfully. "I had heard you were on the run in the Adventurer’s district all last night." Jordales voice warmed a little as he spoke.

"How in the world did you get such a disguise? And more important, how do I know it's really you."

"I did a favour for an Orc shaman, and he did one for me. As for how you know it's really me…I could tell you some rumours I heard about you from the other apprentices!" Jordale cleared his throat a slight blush creeping into his cheeks.

"Rumours…what rumours?" He asked arching one eye brow.

"I hear you like going in the back door…Only problem is the old battering rams just not up to it anymore!" Crudgel smirked. "Goes limp I hear!" He clarified. Jordale's blush deepened to a bright red, veins bulging on his forehead.

"Never believe the rumours one hears…If you weren't so damned ugly at the moment I'd bend you over this desk and show you the error of that rumour…at length!" The older thief snapped, but he rang the bell signal which opening the next door to the main Hall. Crudgel gave Jordale a sly grin then entered the Guildhall.

The long narrow underground hall was mostly empty, as most thieves worked at night and slept all day. Only Krith the Guild Master, a few enforcers and a handful of pick pockets were up. The moment Crudgel entered the hall Kirth's dark eyes settled on him. Idly Crudgel wondered if Guild Master Kirth ever slept, he'd never been in the hall by night or day when the Guild Master was not on his throne. Knowing he would have to explain his appearance, Crudgel headed straight to the burly Guild Master. Kirth had risen up from the ranks of strong arm bandits and burglars, and so was a sizeable man, only a fraction shorter and smaller than Crudgel's new body, there was no awe or fear within the man's eyes- this was his Kingdom and here he was undisputed Master, one word…hell one gesture from him and the Orc would be dead! As Crudgel knelt on one knee before him, Kirth leaned back in his chair peering through a small crystal.

"So Crudgel…this is your disguise." He mused.

"Yes my Lord." The thief answered in his deep voice. Kirth's lip's twitched in amusement.

"You do know it's not an illusion? If your Orc shaman told you it was…he's screwed you in more ways than one!" The look of amazement on Crudgels face drew a chuckle from the Guild Master. "Nothing goes on in this city that I do not know about." Kirth stated flatly "especially when it concerns my thieves. I know you took refuge in an Orc buck bar called ‘The Pieced Hind’" His smile became sly "a good name for such a place. I know you did a favour for an Orc shaman, and he did one for you. Any Orc staying in such a place would ask only one kind of favour, so I know what you did for him, and of course I can see what he did to you." Crudgel nodded his head in understanding; part of Kirth's information obviously came from Crudgel's talk with Jordale, passed along as he spoke it no doubt, by listening ears within the walls.

"Yes I know it's not an Illusion." Crudgel said "I was transformed into an Orc." Kirth nodded sagely stroking his short greying beard.

"When I took over this Guild from its former Master it was a cesspool of corruption, filled with undesirables. Not the least of which were the old masters Orc enforcers, ask any of the older thieves they can tell you how nasty and brutal that time was. When I ended their reign, I swore an oath to the Guild and to myself. Orcs would never hold sway, nor even be members of this Guild again."

"What are you saying Master?" Crudgel asked stunned.

"I am saying that unless your shaman can turn you back, or into some other normal form." He gestured to the black clad Half Elf blood man to his right. "That you are banished from this Guild, and as such can not work within my city!"

"You…you can't be serious!" Crudgel choked protocol forgotten.

"Oh can't I?" Kirth set forward on his seat. "This is my Guild and my city; I say who gets to work here! And Orcs do not!" Kirth snarled through gritted teeth. Crudgel swallowed his anger, his rage.

"Yes of course Guild Master" Crudgel said softly lowering his head in respect. "But what am I to do?"

"Find a new profession, or a new city to work." Kirth advised, his voice softening at Crudgel's show of submission. "You have the body of a warrior, perhaps the Arena or a Guard. I care not which…perhaps you can get the Orc to teach you the Spirit Paths” He chuckled “whatever you do I wish you luck, but gather your things and be gone. For you shall not enter here again!"

Numbly Crudgel stumbled through the various Halls and corridors, oblivious to the stares and soft calls from his ex-fellow thieves. He stumbled into the small set of rooms he shared with his teacher. Fyldan was in his favourite spot sitting beside the blazing fire place. As the door opened he lifted his head from the mug of mulled wine he held in both hands.

"So ye made it back after all!" The old pick pocket said. "I was beginning to fear the Watch had pinched ye and dumped ye in the Gaol. Ye would have likely ended up dead, if they caught ye takin' from themselves." Fyldan turned his faded nearly white eyes toward Crudgel, squinting as he tried to make him out. "Ye did get the purse?" he said putting down his mug.

"Yes I got it old man." Crudgel mumbled, pulling it from behind his back and shaking it to make the coins jingle. A smile creased the old man's weathered face at the sound of the jingling coins. Fyldan lifted his trembling old hand slowly Crudgel walked over and dropped the purse into it. The old man's other hand shot out like a viper, grasping Crudgel's wrist in a surprisingly powerful grip. Bending close he stared hard at the huge green hand.

"By the Gods!" The old thief breathed "What has happened to you lad?" He asked looking up into Crudgel's tusked face.

"I'm an Orc." Crudgel stated flatly.

"That isn't possi…you.. you weren't…yesterday." Looking confused and frustrated the old thief's mouth worked, but no sound came out until at last one word tumbled out "How?"

"Magic" Crudgel said calmly and simply.

"A curse?" The old man asked looking sick.

"No!" Crudgel exclaimed shocked. "No it's not a curse!" He shook off Fyldan’s hand.

"Oh Gods!" Fyldan exclaimed, as the thought occurred to him. "Kirth will kick you out of the Guild…he's sworn no Orc will ever be a member again!"

"Yes old man I know, he's already told me." Crudgel huffed, rooting through the trunk that held his few processions. "That’s what I'm doing here…he's letting me pick up my things." He tossed most of the things on his bed, as they were useless to him in this new body.

"Not that there’s much to take" he growled, collecting his stash of coin, a few belt pouches, a spare set of thieves’ tools and a small dagger that had been his mothers, he dumped the rest back in the box.

"I have something…" Fyldan muttered climbing to his feet, and staggering across the room. Opening his trunk, the old pick pocket rummaged around until he found a ratty old cloak. Taking it out he handed it to Crudgel.

"You mother wanted you to have this, when you set out on your own." Crudgel knew the old man had been one of his mother's few friends within the Guild, but was somewhat surprised that she'd trusted the old pick pocket with anything.

"Oh great, a worn out cloak just what I really need." The thief muttered sarcastically.

"No no no it's wrapped in the cloak." The old man snapped, as he watched Crudgel unwrap the glittering silver band. "It's Felspars Band, it magically augments ones lock picking, trap finding and disarming abilities!" Crudgel's eye's widened in shock. "It also works to teach the skills as you use it, so once you get so you don't need it anymore you can sale it for a substantial profit, any thief in any Guild will pay through the nose for it! I know it works, trust me." He old mans voice cracked.

"And this is from my mother?" Crudgel asked raising one eye brow.

"She wasn't as cold and uncaring as you make her out to be. She was kinder to me than anyone else ever has been."

"So she let you bang her too huh?" Crudgel snorted. The old mans shaking right hand shot out, back handing Crudgel's big tusked Orc mouth. Crudgel stumbled back more in shock and surprise than in pain.

"That’s no way to speak of your mother!" Fyldan yelled, his pale old face darkening in anger. "She was a good woman…and did the best she could for you. Life’s hard boy! You’re old enough to know that by now, it wasn't easy for her."

"It's not easy for any of us!" Crudgel snapped.

"No… But it was doubly hard for her. Her father…your grandfather was the old Guild Master…the one Kirth defeated. So you can see why she could not stay around, and work within the City. The Guild hated her only slightly less than they hated him!"

"Why didn't she just leave the City?" Crudgel fumed.

"Because by the time things got really bad in the Guild she’d already had you! You were just a new born. Where could she go? She was not even able to fence stuff in the Guild anymore I had to do it for her! She took the only road open to her the Adventurers route.” His voice dropped sadly “all she wanted was to see you grown to a man." There was a pause.

"Goodbye." Crudgel muttered bitterly, turning away from the old man. He picked up the last of his things, tucking them into the pockets with his furry cloak.

"I'm sorry I struck you…" The old man mumbled, regret heavy in his voice. "Take care of yourself lad." He muttered weakly, as he turned back to his chair, sitting down wearily.

"It's fine…I understand." Crudgel answered as he stalked to the doorway. “I’ll miss you Fyldan” he said quietly “be well” He didn't dawdle for a reply and within minutes he was out on the streets once again.

Crudgel headed back to The Pieced Hind, and not wanting to be hassled by the gate guardsmen a second time he took one of the secret smuggling passages from the docks district into the city proper. Once back within the Adventurers District, he felt somewhat more comfortable at last. The people on the streets here didn't react so startled and frightened of him; there where other Orcish and Goblin faces moving through the crowds. As he neared The Pieced Hind, his mind began to drift off to thoughts of Var, and if what the big Orc could soon be doing to him could shift the meloncolly in his heart. Quick and violent movement in an alleyway he was passing caught his eye. A small dark clad youth, was being slammed up against the rough stone wall by a larger figure. ‘Just a mugging’ Crudgel thought to himself as he began walking once again, then the black clad youth flashed the thieves hand signal for distress. This wasn't a mugging at all Crudgel realized, but a fellow thief being attacked!

Crudgel crept stealthily up behind the youth's attacker, but unused to his big new body he was not as stealthy as his old one had been, and the big brown clad man heard him approaching. Looking over his board shoulder at Crudgel he snarled.

"This ain't none of your business animal so bugger off!" It was a rough and angry, but familiar voice; Crudgel suddenly realised it was the younger Captain from last night out of uniform! A wild and powerful anger welled up within Crudgel. Grasping the back of the big man's neck he drove the attackers head into the hard stone wall. The force of the blow was more than Crudgel had intended, and the big Human collapsed to the ground like he'd been pole axed. The thief who had been the man's victim kicked his attacker hard in the rib's drawing a very weak groan from the downed man, showing that at least he was still alive. Crudgel was looking shocked at his huge green hands thinking that he'd have to be much more careful with this body’s strength and where had that Rage come from? The black clad thief stepped up to him and threw his hood back, he stared up into Crudgel's Orcish face, and Crudgel realised he only came up to his belly.

"Is that really you in there Crudgel?" he asked staring hard into the Orcs eyes.

"Tibu?" Crudgel asked looking down into the sparking green eyes of his oldest friend "yeah it's really me" he admitted smiling at the blond haired thief. Tibu tried not to twitch at the sight of the Orcs sharp tusks.

"Oh man!" Tibu muttered looking the massive Orc body over "How in the world did you get looking like that!?"

"It's a long story…look we can't talk here." Crudgel answered looking down at the body lying at their feet.

"Damn right, that guy's an off duty night Watchman." Tibu answered looking around nervously.

"Son of a bitch!" Crudgel swore pretending he hadn’t known "come with me up to the room…we'll be safe there and can talk."

"Sure thing, lead the way." Tibu agreed quickly wanting to be off the streets as quickly as possible, but wanting to be alone with Crudgel even more.

Not wishing to go through the tavern with its lewd hoots and propositions, especially with his old friend with him to hear, Crudgel walked around the building until he came to the upper level door that lead directly to the Inn rooms. Quickly he led the Human to Var's room, closing the door tightly behind them. He unhooked his cloak, and tossed it across the back of a chair. Then he sat down, gesturing for Tibu to take the other chair. Taking off his black thieves’ cloak carefully, Tibu draped it across the back of the chair, then walked over and sat down on the furry blankets covering Var's bunk. Crudgel smirked; he knew an invitation when he saw one. So he moved over to the bunk sitting beside the lithe blond thief.

"So why was that Watchman beating you?" He asked Tibu, halfway sure he already knew the answer.

"He was looking for you actually." Tibu admitted, resting his hand on Crudgel's big knee. "Not this you, the old you" The petite thief clarified.

"I was afraid of that." Crudgel admitted. "Did he mistake you for me?"

"At first maybe…but then he sniffed me up and down and started asked what I knew about the thief who'd pick pocketed a Watchman last night. Told him I didn't know what he was talking about, that’s when he got rough. Luckily you came along."

"Luckily…My big green ass!" Crudgel grumbled.

"All right so I’d heard about you’re…ahem transformation…and about you’re staying here. So I came looking for you." Tibu admitted.

"I thought so." Crudgel grunted looking suspiciously at the blond thief. "So what is it you want?"

"I wanted to see for myself if what I had heard about you was true." The blond thief leered.


"And you’re as big and sexy as they said you were." Tibu purred sliding his hand up to Crudgel's inner thigh. "I know it's been a long time…since we were together…" Tibu whispered.

"You'd grown tired of me as I recall." Crudgel grunted lying back against the pillows and lifting his leg's up onto the bunk.

"Well…things have changed." The blond thief answered discovering that he now had a perfect view up Crudgel's studded leather kilt.

"Indeed?" Crudgel questioned, watching Tibu's eye stare at the soft leather bag as his cock slowly stiffened within it. Tibu's cool hands rested on Crudgel's huge inner thighs; slowly he slid them down to the bag. Gentle fingers fondling it inquisitively, feeling the stiffening shaft, tracing the big egg shaped orbs hanging underneath.

"As I recall you always wanted me to please you." Crudgel said

"That’s changed as well." Tibu agreed, softly rubbing up and down Crudgel's big stiffening shaft.

"You damn right!" Crudgel agreed, reaching down to untie the strings holding his genital bag in place. Tibu's insistent fingers instantly slid it down, to expose Crudgel's huge Orcish organ; laying back Crudgel flexed his big green shaft making it stand up from under the kilt.

"Like what you see boy?" Crudgel asked leering. Gulping Tibu nodded his blond head up and down quickly- he was rather impressed!

"Wanna touch it?" Crudgel asked his smile widening.

"Yes please!" Tibu begged.

"Hahaha that’s right, all the tiny Humans like you wanna touch a big green Orc cock." Crudgel laughed uproariously, more at his use of Var's words than Tibu's pleading submission, though that pleased and amused him too. He flexed the big organ teasingly in front of the blond Human's face making it bounce back and forth. Reaching out the blond thief grasped Crudgel's huge shaft amusing the Orc greatly since he couldn’t circle the shaft with his small slender fingers. Tibu eagerly rolled back the foreskin and guided the big fleshy helmet into his mouth.

"So tough old Tibu is suckin' my cock now!" Crudgel chuckled as he watched Tibu bob his head up and down his long green length sending pleasure though his body.

"And if I wanted more?" He asked. Standing up the blond thief quickly shucked off his black clothing, laying it in the chair his cloak was hung over.

"Hahaha!" Crudgel laughed standing up to remove his own clothing. When he too was naked, he had the blond thief climb into bed. "I hope you’re ready to get thoroughly fucked!" Crudgel growled feeling powerful and dominant.

"Not quite!" A deep grumbling voice said from the opening door way. Crudgel knew the voice as soon as he heard it, but he still jumped in surprise, he hadn’t even heard the door and he was the thief! The big Orc stomped into the room, and tossed Crudgel a big loosely wrapped bundle, unwrapping it Crudgel found a suit of deep brown stiff leather armour; it was a very well made and expensive suit. Stunned, he looked it over carefully; the armour consisted of two thick oil boiled leather torso pieces with ribs of springy whale bone layered between them, and the whole thing expertly sewn together at the shoulders. There where matching vambraces, greaves, and codpiece also.

"What's this?" He asked looking at the Orc quizzically.

"Armour" Var answered flatly with a grin.

"I can see that." Crudgel sputtered, looking amazed and confused. "You bought this for me?"

"Yes." Var answered "that and this." Var pulled a heavy club from behind his back, holding it out for the thief to see. Crudgel gasped in awe, and put the armour down as he took the club from Var's huge hands. It was the most beautifully crafted piece of wood the thief had ever seen, over a yard of carved hickory with two thick iron bands at its head. Each band had four, three inch triangular shaped needle pointed spikes. As deadly as it was beautiful, the massive club sat very comfortably in his big hands. He swung it through the air listening to it whistle as he swung it back and forth in one massive fist. Before he would barely have been able to swing it with two hands, but in his new form it almost seem to float.

"Not that I'm not grateful…" Crudgel stammered "but why did you get me all of this?"

"Because more has changed than just your form; your life- like your body will never be the same, my beautiful one. You need to be a Warrior now" Var explained, stepping closer to gently caress the thief's cheek, with his big rough palm.

"I have found that out today." Crudgel admitted as he pressed his naked body to Var's rough armour. Var dropped his big rough paws to his lover's naked ass, cupping the big round cheeks playfully. As he glanced over the thief's shoulder to look at the tight round mounds, he noticed the lump underneath the furs on his bunk.

"And what is it you've brought me?" Var rumbled softly reaching down to lift the furs exposing the naked Human laying underneath.

"A princely gift!" Crudgel grunted grinning wickedly down at the Human, showing his tusks. Tibu stared up looking shocked and slightly frightened at the two huge monsters before him.

"It is but a trifle." Crudgel answered, turning at the waist to look smirking down at Tibu; wicked thoughts about revenging his rejection running through his head.

"Ahhhhh but it is just what I was wanting!" Var chuckled, seeing the anxious expression on the blond thief's handsome face.

"I'm glad you like… Tho' I'm not sure he's your size." Crudgel chuckled going along with his lovers jest.

"Oh I'm sure I can make it fit!" Var grunted beginning to remove his armour and clothing. "And once I have, I'm sure I'll get a lot of use from him this night!" Var laughed as he reached down to fondle the trembling Human's naked body. Tibu's face blanched a shade paler, as the massive Orc loomed over him, huge rough fingers sliding across his smooth soft Human skin, exploring his little stiff male hood.

“You know him?” Var asked Crudgel as he fondled the Human.

“Yes” Crudgel answered, “We are old friends from the Guild” Var’s voice changed dropping low and guttural

“You should be more careful lover. It was a setup” Crudgel blinked at Var. What language was that? He’s understood every word, but it was not the common Trader language, suddenly he realised it was a smoother (just) version of the tongue Var had chanted in last night- Orcish. He opened his mouth to stay something back but Var put a finger up to his mouth, brushing his calloused finger along a perfect tusk.

“In the Real Tongue” he said in Orcish, and then deep kissed Tibu. Crudgel thought….how? Then the words came- “Setup?” he gulped the rough language flowing and feeling so right to use “how, why? We are old friends. Why would he?” the harsh tongue sounded natural to his ears, as if he had been born to it. Var broke his kiss and began to pull at Tibu’s cock faster and faster. The young thief moaned and bucked against Vars big, rough hands.

“Money, why else? The Tavern keeper here has been telling all of what happened here. It didn’t take an enterprising Thief long to figure out that if the Watch found out there would be a big reward in it for him. He set the whole thing up.”

“But the Watch would be looking for a Huumon not an Orc.” Crudgel thought it odd how the tongue mangled the word Human.

“Not any more. The Tavern keeper guessed what happened as soon as he saw you today. It would be perfect disguise for a wanted Thief. He told his contacts, they told others, soon he would know” Var pushed a long finger up between the thieves butt cheeks and began to caress the Humans tight hole.

“What did he want from me?” Crudgel looked at his friend in a new light, one of displeasure.

“You would probably be out cold. The Watch would then simply pick you up. I suspect there is a sleeping draft in his clothes for after the sex” Var nodded at the carefully folded pile and turned Tibu away so he would not see Crudgel search them. Sure enough there was a small vial of sleeping potion in the cloak lining. No wonder he took it off so carefully!

“What are we to do?” Crudgel growled at Var his anger rising.

“Well first…..” Var was interrupted as the blond thief arched his back and shot cum across the room, his body glistered with sweat and he panted for air as he shot a second wad. Var continued to pull him off until the man collapsed into his arms. With a single word of Orcish power the shaman put the Human to sleep and dumped him unceremoniously onto the bed. He wiped his sticky hands on the Humans cloak. He turned back to Crudgel

“I know it is a shock for you” he said “but…..” he never finished because Crudgel swept him up in a bear hug and kissed him deeply. Var hugged back.

“So what do we do with him?” Crudgel asked breaking the wonderful kiss and hug.

“Depends on how you feel towards him?” Var answered not stepping away from holding onto his love.

“Betrayed, hurt I want him punished!”

“That’s your Orcish temper showing” Var laughed. Crudgel stared at him then burst out laughing too.

Var grinned showing off his chipped tusks “We can sort out two problems at the same time” he said

“Huh?” Crudgel said looking dumb.

“The tavern keeper has been nosy far too many times. I want him punished also!” Crudgel laughed

“But how? The tavern keeper ain’t going to give this place up.”

“But he will, but he will. I will need you to help though.” Crudgel kissed Var lightly and purred at him

“Anything” he said rubbing his hands up and down Var’s muscled back.

“Good, good. I have a plan to satisfy both of us.”


Part 3: A Dark Plot

Tibu swam awake slowly, he felt totally satisfied. What had that big Orc done to him? Those animals where not know to be gentle lovers but he’d been fantastic!

“You awake?” Crudgel’s voice asked. Tibu opened one eye and looking into Crudgel’s Orcish face. He’d been so much nicer, and more submissive as a Human. Tibu's mind drifted back to old memories of his time with Crudgel; older and stronger both in body and will he'd used the young thief for the pleasure his slender young body could give. It was only when Crudgel had begun whining about his own needs that Tibu had gotten tired of him. He'd broken the younger thief's body in quite well by then but frankly had become bored with it!

“Yeah, I think so” he moaned and realised Crudgel was stroking his awaking cock. “Hummmm” he purred.

“Got a question to ask you” Crudgel said with a naughty gleam in his eyes.

“Hummm??” Tibu said.

“Would you like to be as big as me?” Crudgel pulled his arm up and flexed the massive muscle into a peak like nothing Tibu had seen before. Then he reached down and grasping his massive green organ, thumped it against Tibu's flat stomach, splattering a long string of silvery glittering pre cum across Tibu's belly.

“Er…..yes.” Tibu said as Crudgel stroked his hard cock faster “oh, so yes” he said as Crudgel made the thick muscles of his green chest jump and dance in time to his pumping.

“Well, its possible……my friend Var can do magic” Crudgel teased licking his lips and smiling at Tibu.

“I don’t wanna be an Orc though!” Tibu blurted suddenly. Crudgel managed to resist crushing the organ in his hand. ‘What’s wrong with us Orcs’? He fumed to himself.

“You don’t have to be” Var’s deep voice cut into the conversation. “You simply have to want to be big and the magic will rework your body. Strong here wanted to be Orc. I wouldn’t change anyone who didn’t want to be” he smiled in that way he knew Humans found uncomfortable. Tibu did indeed twitch.

“Strong?” Crudgel asked in Orcish and suddenly realised that Dax meant Strong in Orcish! Had his mother known something? Her father had been buddies with the Orcs in the Guild, had his mother?

“Strong” Var growled back. Tibu had missed the exchange though, he was looking back and froth between the two muscled giants standing before him. His cock pulsed as he took in Crudgel's massive arms and legs, Var’s huge tattooed chest, and massive organ- even bigger than Crudgel's he noted!

“What do I have to do?” he said huskily. His eye's still lingering on Var's huge pulsing organ. Any thoughts of his mission vanished from his mind washed away by his lust and desire.

“Simple. I fuck you” Var leered, thrusting his hips forward so his massive green organ was temptingly close to the Human's mouth. Tibu looked at the massive cock that was swaying in the air before Var’s powerful body, he drank in the smell of it, he wanted it! But he knew he couldn’t take that!

“It’s too big!” he said.

“That why we need to make you bigger!” Var laughed. Tibu looked panicked as Var suddenly grabbed him and pulled him from the warm furs, he turned the frightened Human so he faced Crudgel and the thick, growing member between his lover’s legs.

“Suck it” Var ordered. Tibu knew he could not get away, the grip holding him was too strong, and besides that cock did look just looked soooooo inviting. Crudgel made it jump and watched Tibu's eyes track it up and down. Suddenly the thief reached down and grabbed the pulsing organ with his hands- he slid his hands up and down the throbbing shaft a few times then bent down. He took the huge fleshy helmet into his watering mouth; he greedily sucked on its stiffening length. Crudgel moaned a little in pleasure as Tibu’s fawning mouth enveloped his manhood. Tibu’s slick wet tongue worked around under his foreskin and teased the flesh tip. Crudgel began to sweat as Tibu did his work, the Humans hands reaching round and grabbing hold of his big round buttocks. Crudgel let his big hands roam all over Tibu’s sweaty back.

While the Human serviced Crudgel’s cock, Var reached down and began to massage the man’s tiny ass. Once again he opened the jar of herbal oils and began to spread the oil on and around a Human thief’s hole. He grinned wickedly to himself as he worked; this was going to be such a sweet revenge! Var slicked up a long green finger and inserted it into the thief to the knuckle.

“He is quite tight” he mumbled in Orcish. Crudgel gave him a small smile.

"I know how you love it tight!" he answered chuckling coarsely. Var worked his finger around slicking up the opening. Tibu moaned round the huge cock in his mouth and his own organ began to dribble long strings of pre cum down his trembling legs.

“We can’t have that!” Var swore. “It would just be too wasteful.” He leaned backwards slightly and picked up the thronging used to tie up Crudgel’s new armour. Swiftly he tied a loop tightly around the base of Tibu’s throbbing shaft. Crudgel saw Tibu’s eyes open wide as Var pulled the leather throng tight and tried it off trapping the blood within the hard shaft, the unreleased cum built within the Human's cock root and ball's and quickly the balls bulged with unreleased cum. Job done Var began to rub a second finger up against the tight hump hole. Slowly he worked a second thick digit in into it, making the Human rise up onto his toes. Tibu’s eyes where rolled back as he continued to suck passionately on Crudgel’s huge cock. He was pushing back against both Crudgel’s thrusting hips and Var’s probing fingers…….

Var crammed a third finger in, pushing them in and out he widened up the Human, Crudgel had to grab Tibu to stop him falling to his knees as the three fingers punched in and out of him. Still he was not quite open enough for Var’s hard organ which was dribbling precum down the Humans back. .

“Humm just not fucked enough” he mentioned to Crudgel as the last finger joined its brothers.

"I'm not surprised in the least!" Crudgel snorted, gesturing for his lover to finger the Human harder. Var smiled at Crudgel's gesture and finger fucked the Human hard, his other hand jacking his own monster organ. Crudgel gave him the signal that he was coming close and Var began to chant, but not the same tone as the used the night before. Crudgel could not make out the words, they where something in Orcish but they where gone from his mind before he would work out what they where. Var changed the pitch suddenly going quite high; as he did he pulled his fingers from Tibu’s orifice and immediately in the same motion he slammed his cock into the Human. Tibu’s teeth clenched down on Crudgel's cock, but far from hurting the massive organ he set off Crudgel's own orgasm, waves of thick greasy Orc cum filling the small Human in front of him. Var grinned at Crudgel face contortions as he began to thrust deeply into the smaller man and continued to chant. He leaned back again and picked up a small vial of deep red blood.

Tibu continued to suckle on Crudgel’s huge Orc cock, it had not gone soft and Tibu was totally incapable of doing anything else at the moment. Crudgel thrust in time to the chant, his and Var’s green hands met on top of the sweating Humans bucking back, the two Orcs interlocked their fingers and smiled at each other- staring deep into each others black eyes. There was a connection there, something beyond the magic, the sex…….

They kept pounding away the Human bucking between them. Crudgel came a second and third time sending more cum down into the distending belly of the thief. The bound cock bounced uselessly against the full gut, but not a single drop of cum escaped the tightly bound organ. Tibu whimpered and struggled at the building pressure within his cock root and swinging balls. Var was still chanting, changing pitch and words as he savagely thrust. Tibu’s sucking was tireless; he pulled on Crudgel’s still erect cock like his life depending on it, which in a strange way it did. Afternoon light played across the room through the shutters and Crudgel, while totally pleasured was almost above his own body, watching the three of them as Var suddenly gave Crudgel the signal he was about to cum. Crudgel nodded and grabbed hold of Tibu’s small body. Var’s chant got faster and faster, with his sharp fingernail-claws he cut bloody Orc runes down the Humans back, which began to glow as his thrusting became frenzied. He poured the red blood into the glowing wounds and then with a final roar he exploded into Tibu, his huge swollen Orc balls realising a torrent into the thief. Tibu’s body jerked and spasms as wave after wave began to fill him. Var started a new chant this one a fast low pitched one that Crudgel felt pulsing though his balls, and quickly another orgasm ripped though him as well.

Tibu twitched and bucked between them, his muscles stood out all pumped with veins running across them. His belly was swollen like he was carrying Orcish twins, the skin stretched and ugly. Crudgel could feel the heat coming from him, he could also sense something else; Tibu’s skin seemed like it was crawling, moving around his sparse frame. Crudgel realised that it was not the skin but the muscle, Tibu was growing! He watched as Var’s chant and cum began to change his former friend. Tibu fawning lips were still sending waves of pleasure though him as he saw Tibu’s back begin to change; the glowing runes and wounds vanishing as peaks and valleys grew out of the plain of his back, his muscles bunching and thickening. Tibu’s shoulders widened under Crudgel’s hands, he could feel the thickening chest muscles with the tips of his huge fingers. Var let out another roar as a second orgasm took him; Crudgel's cock pulsed out its own bucket of cum in time with his lovers. It was stunning the amount he had already shot, and still there seemed to be more bubbling forth from deep in his massive swinging balls.

The changes began to speed up. Tibu’s legs thickened and lengthened Var’s passage eased as the hips rose up towards him. Tibu feet spread out more on the floor, his stance widened as his thighs began to push against each other; the big cum bloated belly remained, his longer, thicker, manhood bounced between his powerful new legs; still tried, red and pulsing as hard as a cock could get his thickening member looked like a big over cooked sausage about to burst, unable to spill the seed in his huge swollen ball sac. The grip on Crudgel’s ass grew stronger as Tibu’s forearms thickened into huge hams, his upper arms growing outwards and the muscle definition grew stronger. Crudgel could not longer feel the plates of Tibu’s chest with his fingers as the upper back flared out. The sucking on his dick grew harder and faster as Tibu’s face changed shape, becoming squarer and stronger. Var signalled Crudgel again and just as his chant changed again he pulled out and dragged Tibu upwards. Crudgel pulled his cock from Tibu’s mouth as Var forced the man upwards. Tibu was almost unrecognisable, even to Crudgel, the tall mightily muscled male in front of him could have been one of the city Gladiators not a thief, excepting the thick gut rather than a glistering set of abs.

Var stepped back and gestured for Crudgel to do the same. Grabbing his cock he pumped his hands up and down his organ then let loose a huge stream of grey cum that hit Tibu square in the back. Crudgel was a few seconds behind but his own stream began to coat those massive thick chest plates. Both Var and Crudgel waved their manhood’s about, covering Tibu from head to foot, there was no splashing, their cum stuck where it hit. Crudgel worked downwards Var up. Var lifted the thick arms and coated them from pit to fingertip. Crudgel lifted each foot and made sure even the underneath was covered, each sole making a swishy noise as he put the foot down. They both worked on the middle, rubbing their cocks together in the space between Tibu’s thick thighs, letting their streams mingle and making sure every hole and fold was covered. Then Var began to grunt and snuffle like a bear, the thick stream from their cocks slowed then stopped, the thick grey covering on the massive Human began to vanish, absorbing into the skin. As soon as it was gone hair began to push out of the skin, a thick bush over the straining cock, a huge patch on the chest shelf, a sprinkle on the forearms and legs; then it began to connect- a thick trail leading down over the now slightly smaller gut, tufts on the shoulders meeting the forest on the chest, the hair on the legs joining the patch at the small of the back. Then it got thick, crawling over all the body, from the huge feet to the Dwarf thick beard, all over Tibu was covered in dark, black hair. His head hair grew long and loose like the Barbarian tribes preferred it.

As the hair grew to almost fur lengths Var slowed then ended his chant stopping the hairs growth. It was quite in the room, only the sound of their heavy breathing disturbed the silence. Var stepped back to admire what his magic had done. He and Crudgel both circled around the massive man. Tibu’s new form was massive for a Human, as big as they came; equal in size to a large Orc, or a small Ogre. The tall gigantic man was hairier than both races- not quite a fur covering but certainly a pelt beyond those of the deep forest Orcs or even the Bear shape changers. The long, fat, uncut manhood stood out straight and proud his balls sitting big and fat halfway down his shapely thighs.

“A giant blood” Var sighed with admiration “is they not beautiful?” Crudgel could only nod and run his finger through the thick hair covering the massively muscled man. His cock was slowly rising as he felt the solid body in front of him. He ran one green hand along the thick shaft of the giant’s hairy cock until he played with the thronging hidden amongst the pubic bush

“Should I untie him?” Crudgel asked lust in his eyes.

“No, the one he has to mate with will need to do that, to unleash the flood” Var answered grinning wickedly, pulling Crudgel away from the Human.

“Will he remember?” Crudgel inquired.

“No. His old life is over.” Crudgel nodded and grabbed the pile of Human clothing, with a sly grin he went to rip them up, but Var stopped him.

“Give me the cloak and tunic” Crudgel extracted them from the pile and watched as Var constructed a rude loincloth from them. The giant blood gave no resistance to Var’s hands, he seemed totally unaware of what was going on, he simply stood there and let Var dress him; his huge erection pressing forward blatantly into the rough loincloth.

“Now you need to get Barock out of the bar or this will fail” Var advised “the amulet he has that allows him to see working spells will stop what I have to do next”.

“He’s the Half Orc right?” Crudgel asked remembering the treatment he'd gotten earlier.

“Yes, though he is partly Ogre too. Got some Human blood in there too it’s a complex story” he grinned. “He’s got a reputation for being hard on his lovers” Var warned. “Dominate him though and he’s a total pussy cat.” Var grinned wolfishly as he spoke and Crudgel guessed which side of the relationship his lover had been on. Crudgel leaned over and kissed Var.

“I can do that. See you soon lover” he whispered and began to dress in his Orc kilt and tunic, deliberately leaving his ‘underwear’ behind.

Var watched Strong go- then looked up at the Human he had changed.

“Sit on the bed” he commanded. The huge hairy man sat without question.

“Good. Now listen very closely to the sound of my voice. Concentrate only on this, listen to my words. You are feeling tried, your eyelids are closing. Relax, relax. Listen to my voice” The giant blood’s eyelids half closed and his muscles slumped. Var spoke for a few more minuets until he was sure, totally sure, the hairy giant in front of him was totally empty of independent thought. Var knew he had total control of his mind now.

Var raised his hands to the Human’s temples and carefully called on the spirits to grant him power.

“Listen as I tell of the Highridges Clan and their dealing with the Orcs and Dwarves. Listen as I tell you of your Home in the Western mountains. It starts as always with the Chief………..”

Slowly he spoke and began to fill the empty mind with images and experiences. The Highridges Clan lived the other side of where his own people lived, had lived, they where a Dwarf and Human Clan hundreds of members strong. Though there had been disagreements over the years the two neighbours got on and there was trade and good relations between them. Only Orcish pride had stopped them asking the Highridges for help against the Greasy Thumb……..Var quickly changed track…..he needed to concentrate on the Clan. He was basing the new life off his and his brothers own youth, and the time he had spent apprenticed to the Highridges Great Shaman; except this new life would be one of a Warrior like his brothers had been. He closed his own eyes and let the experiences of his long life flow through him and into the Clansman before him.

Crudgel stepped into the taproom with a lithe spring in his step. He was slightly tired from the exertions but Var’s magic had sustained them well. He was very hungry though. The taproom was mostly deserted, only the tavern keeper, Barock and a few others. ‘Rest must be asleep or at work’ Crudgel thought. Barock was at the bar, the huge Orc blood was hunched over a big frothy tankard, his long lank black hair covering his long and angular face. Crudgel smiled to himself; perhaps the big man was hungry too? As he approached Crudgel could see that Barock was indeed a huge creature, bigger than an Orc but nowhere near the size of a full grown Ogre, also there was something Human about him, though Crudgel couldn’t quite place what it was, the proportions perhaps? He couldn’t decide. As he walked up Barock leaned back to drain his tankard, and Crudgel got a good look at the huge bulge between his legs- he growled slightly at the sight. Barock stretched out his huge arms and noticed Crudgel coming closer.

“Hello little one” he rumbled. “Come to make good on your promise from this morning?” A lewd and somewhat menacing smile spread across his long angular face showing off his rough uneven teeth. Walking up behind the seated Barock, Crudgel slipped his big hands under the Half Orc's ass. Cupping Barock's big muscular cheeks in his powerful grasp, Crudgel lifted and pushed forwards until Barock was bent over the wide oaken bar; he rubbed his semi hard cock against the Half Orc's ass Crudgel growled.

"Still wanta take me up to your room!?" Barock chuckled nervously; this quite obviously wasn't working out quite the way he'd expected! When he'd seen the beautiful Orc this morning, he'd looked so effeminate and submissive. Barock had been instantly turned on by the sight, young and beautiful….a peach ready to be plucked! Now with his huge powerful hands spreading Barock's buttocks and his big semi stiff organ wedged between them, the Half Orc was unsure, the few others who remained in the taproom were watching it all with glee.

"Maybe you'd rather do it right there!" The barkeep grunted huskily, moving over in front of the Half Orc, a thick bulge obvious under the Humans grubby white apron. Barock glanced around nervously, the others were moving in slowly like a pack of carrion pickers sensing a kill. The Half Orc knew that if anything happened here they would fall upon him, and he would be forced to service them all! The word would quickly spread and he would find himself constantly besieged by groups of lustful admirers!

"Shut ya hole Garn!" Barock snapped swinging his empty tankard at the bartenders bulge, forcing the chuckling barkeep to jump back quickly.

From the interaction it was obvious to Crudgel that the pair had been together, and equally obvious that Garn had not had the advantage. Now seeing someone with the advantage over Barock, Garn was gloating and trying to make the most of it. Looking back over his shoulder, Barock snarled savagely.

"Oh yes pretty one I still want to take you up in my room!" The words were delivered so powerfully and savagely, that they made Crudgel cringe inside. Hiding his meekness as best he could, Crudgel gulped and grunted back.

"Lead the way then" he said and stepped back, to allow the Half Orc to stand. Barock was indeed big, much taller and wider than Crudgel ‘this will be a challenge’ Crudgel thought to himself and grinned as he followed Barock across the taproom and up the stairs. Seeing the pair leaving the predators returned to their seats looking somewhat disappointed. Crudgel followed close behind the big Half Orc pinching and slapping his firm round ass cheeks as they climbed the stairs. Though he jumped and pulled away at first, soon the big Half Orc was pushing his buttocks back towards Crudgel.

Once they had gotten to Barock's room Crudgel followed the Half Orc in, his room looked very much like Var's room, however, the rank miasma of sweat, sex, and blood hung heavily in the air. For a moment the smell made Crudgel's mind flash back to his mother's room in the Northern Star. He glanced around at the broken, empty spirit bottles, and the other trash that littered the floor. Looking at Barock's bunk Crudgel was shocked to see slave chains and cuffs fixed to the corner posts. Noticing the Orc's eyes fastened on to the chains, Barock stepped closer to him, his big rough hand's slipping up under Crudgel's leather kilt to fondle his throbbing loins.

"Why don't I put those on you" He whispered his voice once again low and menacing, as he nuzzled into the hollow of Crudgel's neck. Realizing he was losing control of the randy Half Orc Crudgel quickly took action- roughly he slapped Barock's hands away, and pushed the big Half Orc back. It took all of his strength to do it, and made Crudgel realize that even as big and strong as he was he was still no match for the burly half Ogre.

"I didn't say you could touch that!" He snarled at Barock, quickly trying to regain control. "You will ask for that privilege cur and as for those" He pointed to the chains "one of us maybe wearing them later…but it will NOT be ME!" Crudgel smacked Barock's rump savagely with his open palm. The big Half Orc looked away, his head lowering submissively. Crudgel smiled smirking, both astonished and grateful that Barock could be mentally intimidated and dominated so easily for he knew that he could in no way dominate the Half Orc by physical strength alone.

"Now strip…I wanta see what I'm going to be taking!" Obediently Barock began to shuck off his leathers.

"Slowly!" Crudgel growled. "It's more pleasing to the eye." Barock’s pace slowed as ordered. As he watched the Half Orc strip down, Crudgel began removing his own clothing and although the two started at different times, they both finish at about the same moment.

"Turn around." Slowly Barock turned displaying his massive male body. Unlike an Orcs Barock’s skin seemed loose, thick, rough, and grainy. It was obviously his Ogre blood; his skin looked almost like the hide of an elephant. Even though it seemed to hang loosely, the thick slabs of muscle were surprisingly well defined. In fact they almost seemed to bulge obscenely, it was no longer a wonder that he was so much stronger than Crudgel, for though Crudgel's big Orc body was huge and powerfully built it in no way had the sheer hulking mass of Barock's stocky but angular one.

Moving up behind Barock Crudgel cupped his buttocks and found the skin there was not loose at all. Peering between the huge perfectly formed globes, he reached down to caress the dark puckered orifice.

"Looks well broken in!" Crudgel grunted, savagely thrusting his longest thickest finger as deep as it would go.

"Uhuhuuuuu!" Barock exclaimed as the thick Orcish finger thrust deep into his rectum. Twin shivers of dread and of pleasure ran up his spine. It was exact the kind of thing he himself would do to his toy for the night! Barock was bent forward at the waist slightly, his breath deepening to a pant as Crudgel fingered him roughly. Reaching around in front, Crudgel grasped Barock's shorter but incredibly thick hard shaft and squeezed it he began jacking his fist up and down Barock's rock hard length as he finger fucked the half Orc's rump hole, a long thin glittering string of silvery pre-cum oozed from the Half Orcs piss slit.

"My..my.. you are a big rump slut! Aren't you?" Crudgel teased scooping up Barock's pre-cum on his fingers then feeding it back to him. Barock licked and sucked his own pre-cum off Crudgel's finger's

"Well…aren't you?" Panting for breath Barock meekly admitted "Yes." Crudgel laughed.

"You want this inside of you?" Crudgel inquired, rubbing the velvety flesh of his big green cock head against Barock's low hanging ball sac. The big Half Orc nodded his head weakly, but said nothing.

"Do you want me inside of you?" Crudgel growled slowly, as he punched his thick finger in and out swiftly.

"YES!" Barock half grunted, half sobbed. Ripping his deep plunging finger from Barock's quivering hole, Crudgel moved to stand in front of the big Half Orc. He grasped the Half Orcs neck and pushed him down to his knees.

"Beg" he growled at the kneeling Half Orc. Barock's eye's widened eye brows arching, and his nostrils flared. Clearly his pride and strong will was rebelling against the over riding sexual desires and submissiveness controlling him. Crudgel teasingly rubbed the wet tip of his big green manhood across Barock's lips. Slowly the big half Orc's lip's parted, letting the tip of Crudgel's big fleshy helmet slip into his mouth; as his hot slick tongue licked the watery pre-cum from the tip of Crudgel's cock the fire of rebellion in his died away in his dark eyes. Just as the Half Orc’s lips closed around the big fleshy head, Crudgel yanked it back out of his fawning mouth.

"Just a taste…until I hear you ask nicely."

"I…I want it……………er………………please."

"Want it? Want it, what?" Crudgel teased rubbing his cock head across Barock's lips. "Inside of you?" Crudgel asked, thrusting his hip's forward to flick his organ in and out of the Half Orc's mouth letting him just begin to suckle upon it then ripping it out once again. Swinging it back and forth he slapped Barock on each cheek with the big drooling head of his cock. Barock was being dominated and humiliated, he knew it, but was unable to resist it, as the pretty Orc was pushing all the right buttons.

"Yes! Yes please…put it inside of me!" Barock begged as his desire at last over powered the resistance of his masculine pride. A big wicked grin spread across Crudgel's handsome face, as he listened to the Half Orc beg him "I need it…need you inside of me!"

"Good!" Crudgel said, his voice ringing with a very satisfied gloating tone. "Now stop that simpering whining, the noise annoys me!" he growled. He fucked Barock's mouth a few more times letting the Half Orc whimper round the thick organ.

"Besides I've decided I'm going to give you what you want!" Crudgel watched the Orc blood's dark eye's light up with anticipation at his words.

"That's right… I'm going to put my cock up your slutty, well used little fuck hole. Now get up!" The Half Orc quickly scrambled to his big feet. Turning him around Crudgel bent Barock over, making him place his hands on the head rail of his bunk. Crudgel spread Barock's leg's out wide until the taller Half Orc's anus was at the right level for him to penetrate.

With his leg's wide spread, Barock's huge ball sac hung down low. Crudgel played with the Half Orc's jewels roughly as he lubed up his own enormous cock with scented grease from the Half Orcs own nearly empty jar. Grasping the shaft of his now well greased member he guided it to the Half Orcs tightly puckered opening. Holding his cock there with his right hand, he grasped Barock's left hip with the other. He pushed his powerful hips forward, pushing his big blunt cock head against the Half Orc's orifice. Barock's hole remained firmly closed, as Crudgel's thrusting cock tried to force it open. Obviously the Half Orc's stubborn male pride was beginning to show its ugly head again! With a growl of Orcish anger Crudgel moved his hand from the hollow of Barock's hip and grabbed hold of the Half Orc's low hanging balls, slowly he milked them down to the bottom of their low hanging sac, they where still tender and slightly swollen from Crudgel's earlier rough playing. Crudgel started to squeeze. Barock squirmed and twisted, let out a bellow of gut wrenching pain; at the same moment his tight sphincter relaxed, letting Crudgel's big green cock thrust into Barock’s quivering hole. Crudgel roared with derisive laughter, and continued to roll the Half Orc's orb's around in his powerful grip.

The story was complete. Var had given this Clansman everything he could about life in the mountains; he would know the joys of the open, of battle, and of the love of nature. Var went to his Shaman’s chest- he had not opened in since he’d arrived from the Clan. It contained everything he could carry from Home- every Family mark, flag, and the Clan colours. It also contained the Shamans Brand. He called on the ancient power and watched as the sliver metal head flowed into the shape he desired. Speaking the words of power Var placed the magically hot head against the Clansman’s shoulder- there was a burning smell of flesh and hair but the big man did not flinch. Var chanted and sealed the Branding. He replaced the Brand in its case and looked at the Bear Claw print he had burned into the Humans flesh. It would seal the magic he had placed on the Clansman until the spells he had incanted where ready to be completed as they would be, needed to be. To earn his Name, his reasons for journeying here, and his future the Clansman would have to find his brother.


Part 4: Dark Submission

A high pitch almost effeminate whimper escaped Barock's grimacing lips, but as soon as the big knob of Crudgel's cock head popped passed his sphincter the big Half Orc let out a long loud sigh, half of relief half of pleasure! Then he began pushing back, impaling himself on the stiff green male hood. When he finally got his full length all the way in, Crudgel just stood there enjoying the hot tight fit for a long moment.

"Ahhh!" He moaned as he began slowly pumping in and out, the friction was unbelievable! Thrusting faster and deeper he pounded the Half Orc's lean bulbous buttocks unmercifully, vigorously. Using Barock’s dangling, swollen ball sac for leverage to pull the Half Orc backward as he thrust forward, Crudgel rode Barock's quivering asshole relentless and unsympathetically. The beaten brute whimpered and grunted at this callous and exacting treatment, at times feebly attempting to rise or resist, only to be savagely beaten back in to submission by his gigantic ravisher’s powerful pounding thrusts. Crudgel realized that if he had not dominated the Half Orc, this was exactly what Barock would be doing to him right now! But with him taking the dominant role, all the Half Orc could do was be bent over and take it! This realization brought Crudgel almost as much pleasure as the cringing creature's tight orifice!

Pounding with all his might, panting and grimacing, Crudgel pumped his hot thick cock deep into Barock's ass. He was close to orgasm now. He pounded more savagely and quickly his breaths becoming ragged as cum shot up his shaft and flooded into Barock. Crudgel squeezed hard on Barock’s cock and kept pounding, Barock grunted and roared as he tried to cum. Crudgel came and came, letting his heavy balls empty into the quivering Half Orc. When he could cum no more he stood with his cock still buried deep inside Barock, enjoying the conquest and warm afterglow.

Pulling out, he noticed he still had the Half Orc's own long semi hard cock in his fist. Grasping the shaft he pulled it back through Barock’s legs, pushing the heavy balls aside. He rubbed the big round cockhead in the greasy Orc cum oozing from Barock's convulsing hole. When the knob was good and slick, Crudgel pushed it arduously into the spasming orifice! Forcing as much of it in as he could, then he began pumping it in and out, fucking the Half Orc with his own massive cock! It didn't take more in a few quick thrusts before Barock's massive body shivered, and his own milky cum flooded out spurting up his own hole and down his pulsing shaft! Crudgel roared with derisive laughter, this time at the Half Orc's blubbering as he realized what had just happened!

"What was that about my pleasure being yours?" Crudgel asked teasingly. Gulping for air, unable to respond, Barock lowered his head resting it on the backs of his hands. Crudgel reached down and pulled the Half Orc's softening cock out of the debauched orifice sending thick streams of cum crawling down his inner thighs. Then he pulled the breathless Half Orc sideways, laying him face down on his bunk. A pool of thick greasy male milk formed under the Half Orcs debauched orifice. Taking first one, and then the other, Crudgel lifted Barock's unresisting hands over his head and clasped the steel chuffs of the slave chains around Barock's wrists locking them in place, then he moved down and chained the Half Orc's thick ankles as well. Barock said nothing as Crudgel walked away from the bed, his rebellious dominant male will was broken. Cum dribbled from his cock and ass.

Crudgel laughed a little to himself as he opened the door to the room. The corridor was deserted. He let out a short barking sound, the Orcish word for ‘clear’ Var’s beautiful head appeared at his door and Crudgel waved him over. Var walked down the corridor and into the room without a word. He ignored Barock and searched the Half-Orc’s discarded clothing until he found the amulet. He stood holding his prize, a small amber crystal on a long throng. Var nodded at Crudgel, stole a quick kiss and was gone again. Crudgel smiled to himself as he shut the door and turned back to the half asleep Barock.

“Did I say you could sleep?” he growled. Barock tried to rouse himself but Crudgel slapped him across the cheek with his semi-hard cock Barock growled slightly in response. Climbing upon Barock’s naked back, Crudgel rubbed his dripping semi hard cock against the Half Orc's buttocks. Barock gasped, arching his back and thrust his big round buttocks up, making Crudgel chuckle once again.

"You want some more big hard cock in there little slut?" Crudgel teased, parting the big round cheeks and rubbing his cock head against the slimy quivering hole teasingly.

"Yes!" Barock whimpered quietly.

"Yes…what?" Crudgel snorted.

"Yes…Please…please give me more cock." Barock panted instantly.

"Oh you're such wonderful little butt slut." Crudgel grunted kissing the back of the Half Orc's neck as he ground his weakly pulsing organ into Barock's dribbling orifice.

Var entered the tap room, it was mostly empty, Garn chatted behind the bar to some of regulars, who nodded respectfully as Var moved across the barroom. Garn raised an empty mug at him but Var shook his head and made for the enormous hooded figure by the fire pit, he pulled up a chair and sat down heavily upon it as he reached the fur cloaked male.

“You got it?” The gruff old voice asked in the common Trader language. Var grinned, chuckling softly as he pulled out the amulet. The figure grunted and took it in his huge brown three fingered hand.

“You promise me we are leaving this cesspit of a city?” He asked his brown hand over Var’s green one.

“Yes An’taur, we will be leaving." Var confirmed. "The wilds call to me.”

“Good… cos I won’t have ta kill you then” There was a weary chuckle in the old gruff voice.

“Do you have everything?” Var asked. The big shadowy figure let out a derisive bullish snort.

“Yes! Do you doubt me?” The steely grunt came back.

“No, you always keep you word” Var admitted, his voice soft and apologetic.

“Then why ask?” The figure snorted in displeasure.

“To be sure” he answered honestly. “We are dead if this goes wrong.”

“I am dead if I stay.” The figure said with a shrug.

“You are not dead yet!” Var answered sharply, a hint of caring in his deep voice. The amulet was taken and a small bottle placed in his green hand.

“Remember not to drink it yourself.” The deep voice chuckled teasingly.

“Just remember to cast the spells on time.” Var growled

“Have you told your boy the whole plan?” the big figure rumbled

“No” Var said sharply “he is still getting used to being Orc and I need him to react as an Orc not as a Human”

“Otherwise he’ll think things through too much?” An’taur chuckled

“Well he must act as he now is” Var grumbled and stood up. There was another snort as he walked away, his sharp ears catching an exasperated “Orcs!” He grinned and quickly returned to his room.

Collecting his Clansmen Var stopped at the largest room in the Tavern to set some things up then returned downstairs. As he came into the bar he nodded at his accomplice by the fire and brought the Clansman in with him. No one noticed the giant Human. Var walked up to the bar, Garn was wiping down the greasy spirit bottles along the back above the open beer barrels.

“Usual?” He asked Var.

“Sure.” The Orc said with a tusked grin. A tankard was filled and placed in front of him and Garn turned to do other things; he knew Var didn’t like to talk this early in the day. Garn had got five steps when a loud voice shook the room.

“GARN!" "What have I told you about serving me the slop?” Garn turned slowly back to the visibly shaking Orc.

“I drew it from the right…” He started.

“Don’t give me that crap!” Var cried showing his tusks and flexing his shoulders. “Taste it!” Garn flinched at the Orcs anger, but the Human picked up the tankard and took a deep draft anyway. He didn’t notice the small empty bottle next to the tankard.

“I….” Strange warmth flooded through him. “I……I’ll get you something else.” He gulped and turned back to the barrels. Filling another tankard he turned back to Var. But the bar room was now empty.

“Wha…?” Garn started looking round then he saw HIM.

Taller than a door, wider than an Orc, hairier than a Bear! HE stood in a glow of light bar, HE wore only a black loincloth, but his desire tented the front of it, pushing towards Garn. The Human felt himself moving, he had to have this demi-God! He wanted him, had to have him now! As he walked towards him the giant turned and went out through the door to the stairs. Garn followed entranced……..

“I’ll get you something special” Garn said and vanished into the back room. Var simmered down and waited. The door to the stairs clicked and he heard footsteps going up. He waited a minute longer then growled.

“Dammit Garn! I can’t wait for your crap” Var said and stood. He walked through the door to the stairs, slamming it behind him.

The enthralled tavern keeper followed the hairy giant, surprised to find him going into his own rooms. HE ducked inside and stood across the room waiting for him. Garn hurried in quickly closing the door behind him, words totally failing him. The huge man reached out a hairy hand and undid the dirty apron Garn wore, locking eyes with the smaller man. The apron was slung across the floor, followed by the shirt, boots, underwear and trousers. Garn fumbled with the black loincloth but he soon had it away, the hot long organ falling into his hands- he realised it was a long as his forearm and as thick! Garn licked his lips, his own small organ throbbing with desire. He stroked the huge shaft and realised the base was tied by leather thronging; he went for the ties, but the giant stopped him, picking him up and swinging him onto the double bed in one motion. He climbed on after, grabbing and sweeping the small man up into a deep kiss. Neither of them noticed the door open or Garn’s clothes being picked up and taken down though the trap door in the floor.

Var stood naked in the back room of the bar; it was the booze store behind the serving area. Only two ways in and both where bolted shut. Var did not want to do what he had to next, it would be distasteful to say the least, but his plan depended on it. He grabbed a bottle of good Dwavern spirit and took a big slug. It burnt all the way down his throat, and on his empty stomach made him light headed for a instant, but it helped a little. Var took Garn's greasy smelly clothes and held them to his body. He began to chant and rub the garments across his chest and belly, the chant was a quiet one used by the Orcish scouts and spies. Var rubbed in a circular pattern; at first nothing happened then the skin where he was rubbing began to get lighter, whiter. He continued to chant as the paleness spread up across his chest and down along his legs. He began to shrink, losing his Orcish muscle and shape. Var’s chest muscle faded into a pale flatness, his belly sucked inwards, his legs lost the sharp definition becoming two long pale sticks. His big feet and sharp toenails vanished replaced by five small digits and a bad instep. Var’s back cracked as his spine realigned, his butt sagged. The thick bulls neck shrank away to leave a prominent Adam’s apple. He could feel his insides rearranging, his heart almost painfully weakening, his skin softening. Painfully his tusks sucked themselves into his gums, becoming mere teeth. There was a tingling sensation as hair grew in on his smooth chest and on his thin arms and legs. A shaggy beard and lank hair replaced his Orcish locks. Cold suddenly rushed in on him as the change finished. He dressed quickly, not totally surprised at the size of the tiny flaccid manhood that now hung between his thin leg's.

"Time to put on the show." He muttered softly in a very different voice, shivering once again in the cold air.

“So where’s he gone?” Garn said as he emerged from the backroom, a bottle of decent Orcish Firespirit in his hands. There where a few more people in the tap room by now, it was dinnertime after all.

“He went upstairs! He couldn’t be bothered wiz waitin for ya!” A burly one eyed Orc growled as he looked Garn up and down hungrily. “I’ll have some of dhat though with my dinner…after I'm finished fucking ya!” One Eye growled loudly. There was a hint of rebellion in Garn’s eyes when the Human said

“Nah, not today.” The one eyed Orc let out a roar of laughter, matched by the small gang of rough, dirty Orc labourers he had with him.

“Not today?" He teased his voice loud and incredulous. "First time you’s turned down a fuck bys us!" He grunted drawing many lewd comments from his gang. "Right bozs!” There where some answering laughter.

“Wot say, we bend you over the bar and fuck you likes normal?” One Eye said grinning and showing his yellowing tusks.

“I said no!” the Human snapped. There was a loud set of chuckling ‘oohs’ from the Orcs. Several of the regulars where coming forward towards the bar now. They knew how this normally went, and were looking forward to enjoying the barkeep's well used but still petite hole. One Eye made a grab for Garn but missed, the Human seemed unusually fast today! Var knew that in this weak human form, he'd be no match for even the smallest of the group and if even one of them caught hold of his clothing, he would end up being used exactly as they normally use the barkeep.

“Playing ‘ard to get are’s we?” One Eye grunted, slamming his big rough hands down on the bar savagely. ‘How dare the stupid Human resist, he should be grateful like he normally was! Oh sure he always made a show of protesting and trying to beg off. But once they got some cock in him, the Human was always suitably grateful!’

“If you wait a minute I’ll tell you why!” Gar shouted, before the Orc could vault the bar, and capture him.

“Yeah…. well it better be good” One Eye snarled.

“Oh it is!” Garn exclaimed heartily. “Beer first?” Several of the gang nodded, and Garn quickly bent to draw the beer from the barrels.

“If you think that will stop me fucking that loose slut hole of yours.” One Eye snarled warningly. Behind him Garn could hear One Eye pulling at his wide leather belt, quickly he spun round and dumped a tankard in front of One Eye.

“Who’s missing today?” He said in a quiet voice.

“Wadda ya mean…who missin?" One Eye asked darkly glancing around.

"Every day you guys come in, eat dinner, and fuck my ass!" Garn started.

"Dhat’s right…and you love IT!" One Eye grunted, making another grab for the bar keepers apron.

"Yes. But who's missing? Who normally goes first….but today isn't here!" The Human insisted leaping away from the Orcs big grasping fist.

"Why should I care?” One Eye grunted already tossing his leather work shirt on the bar, exposing his dark green thick, scared torso; he was holding his belt ready to come off.

“Look around!” Garn insisted a second time impatiently. There was a moment of confused and baffled silence.

“’Ere….where’s Barock?” Asked old Bingut round his broken tusk. One-Eye turned to glare at the old Warrior, then looked around surprised. The big Half Orc normally when first….sure enough.

“Getting fucked prob!” He grunted with more than a trace of venom in his voice, the two never having got on.

“Exactly!” Garn exclaimed excitedly. “How’d you like to join in?” He inquired grinning wickedly. One-Eye and the others stared at him, stunned at the offer.

“You mean pretty boy got him horsewhipped?” Bingut said with awe in his deep gravely voice.

“Nawww couldn't be.” Another of the regulars interjected.

“Gott'em wrapped up in his own slave chains I hear.” Garn chuckled.

“You think pretty boy could do that?” Another bar patron wondered.

“I recon so” Garn said “hell you saw him lift Barock earlier. Hands right under his ass, rubbing his nob up and down Barock's arse. Thought he was genna do him right here in on the bar.” Several of the Orcs where rubbing their groins, remembering the rough treatment

Barock had visited on them.

“Where?” One-Eye asked breathing heavily.

“Barock’s room” Garn answered. Bingut was through the door to the stairs before One-Eye could move.

“Damn! No way, I’m havin’ sloppy fucking seconds to that old fucker!” He cried, and took off after Bingut. The room emptied of everyone but Garn and the big cloaked figure by the fire.

“Your welcome.” Garn said with a decidedly Orcish grin.

Crudgel took his time fucking Barock, slowly sliding in and out savouring every slow thrust. He pinched the Half Orcs fat nipples, nibbled on his big ears. He ran his big rough hands over the strange rough skin, and tickled Barock’s feet and arm pits. Barock could do nothing but squirm in pleasure; there was nowhere he could go! Crudgel kept changing his torments, it would not do to get Barock angry, he could probably rip the shackles out of the wall if he truly wished to resist. Crudgel had cum at least three times into the whimpering Half Orc's hot trembling body. He’d let Barock come once, otherwise he kept Barock’s balls under pressure or his cock tied to stop him. Now he was letting him rest for a bit, only playing with his balls and tickling his ass with a thick finger tip, or sliding his semi-hard organ in and out of the big warrior.

The thick oaken door trembled as a heavy knock came from outside. Crudgel grinned at this signal, standing he smiled down at his captive.

“You've brought me a wealth of pleasure…and now you will bring me a wealth of coin as well” Crudgel said. Looking back over his shoulder, Barock watched as Crudgel climbed off the bunk.

“Wha…what do you mean?” The Half Orc asked as he watched the naked Orc walk to the door and open it. Outside there was a line of huge figures waiting, looking hungry and lustfully impatient.

“Twenty five silver a shot” Crudgel announced to the waiting crowd, there was a low mumble of grumbling, but it was only token discontent, and was quickly replaced with bawdy laughter as they saw Barock in his own chains. A tremble of fear ran down the big Half Orc's spine, as he noticed all the faces that had been in the barroom this morning plus a few more.

“You can't do this!” Barock yelled cursing and struggling within his chains too weak to break out.

“Hahaha…I already have!” Crudgel laughed, taking and counting the first Orc’s silver. He slapped him on the thick shoulder and smiled.

“Go get some.” The big one eyed Orc nodded, drooling around his chipped and yellowing tusks. He didn't even bother undressing; but simply pulled his wide leather belt up over his sizable belly. Tucking the bottom edge of his studded leather kilt into the top of his belt, he pulled his sagging gut up. Grasping his short, but very thick organ in one fist, he guided it towards Barock's oozing orifice.

Another tried to push his way into the room, Crudgel barred the door with one powerful arm.

“One at a time” he growled, then closed and bolted the door shut. He moved back over to Barock's bunk, the big Orc on Barock’s back was climbing into place. Grasping the Half Orc's head Crudgel positioned his now stiff organ against Barock's lips.

“Suck!” He ordered.

“NEV…” Barock started, but was cut off as the big one eyed Orc's thick cock plunged into him. “errrrrrrrrrr!” He moaned as the thick hard organ began to move in and out of him.

“Who's my little rump slut?” Crudgel teased as Barock gasped and struggled to keep himself from pressing back into One Eye's thrust's. The Half Orc doesn't answer, nor open his trembling lips.

“Fuck him harder” Crudgel ordered the big one eyed Orc, making him chuckle wickedly. Snarling savagely One Eye began to thrust harder. Barock's breathing became wild pants, and grunts of pleasure began to escape from him. Slowly his lips parted, and as Crudgel pushed forward Barock began suckling Crudgel's big fleshy head. Grinning Crudgel slowly pushed more and more of his big stiff organ into the Half Orc's fawning mouth. “Who's my little rump slut?” He asked again more insistently.

“I…I…AM!” Barock grunted around the stiff organ in his mouth.

“HAHAHAHA!” One Eye guffawed, as he humped savagely into Barock's quivering ass. This was good, better than he'd ever imagined it would be! Taking his enemy and rival against his will and paying for him like he was some lowly rent boi! Gloating and grunting he enjoyed the moment to the upper most! Bending down close to Barock's broad sweaty back, One Eye growled a cruel taunt.

“I's goina get tha full value 'o' my silver out 'o' yer panzy ass rent boi!” One Eye licked a big salty tear from Barock's cheek, as he whispered into his long pointed ear.

Garn watched the Orcs gang slowly filing back into the Bar, their one eyed Chief led the way. Grinning and slapping his fellow Orcs on their powerful shoulders, all were in high spirits and more than satisfied! They were joking about fucking the chained Half-Ogre. As he stepped up to the bar, One-Eye reached out quickly grasping the front of Garn's apron, he lifted him up off his feet, until they were face to face.

“Ye were right Garn!” He breathed softly in the choking bar keeps face, the Human trying not to splutter on the foul smelling breath

“That wuz a damn sight better than your sorry ass! But if ya's talk to me like ya wuz earlier, I'll thrash yer sorry ass inta submission take my pleasure in it, then nut ya!” The one eyed Orc purred softly “You hear me’s?”

“Y..Yes” Garn answered, nodding his head up and down vigorously.

“See ya remember that!” One Eye grunted, tossing the small Human back to his feet behind the bar, then turning to his companions One-Eye started bragged he’d slapped Barock up and got a blow job to follow his ‘savage pounding of that weaklings ass’. Garn served them dinner and more beer than they normally drank in the afternoon. One Eye’s gang where gone before all the Orcs had finished coming down the stairs. With a nod to the huge figure by the fire Garn left the mostly empty bar and made his way upstairs.

It was the oldest and youngest Orcs left now; Bingut and Crudgel surveyed the sweaty, sticky mess that was the once proud Barock.

“I always knew you were a Mokdur” Bingut said in Orcish, as he nibbled Barock's big pointed ear and licked around the edge of the lobe “Down deep in yez…oh ya hid it well…all bluster an’ cock ‘o’ the walk. But I knew what yez really wanted was a real Urak tak in ya panzy little Mokdur ass!” Barock opened his mouth to snarl a denial or at very least a protest, but as his eyes swept up Crudgel's naked body the words died in his throat, and were quickly pushed down it by the beautiful Orcs long thick green cock sliding in. How could he protest when he had so obviously loved being filled with Orc cocks, and the pleasure they brought him!

“Thought sa” Bingut said as he pulled off his kilt. Old he was but his Orc body was still firm and strong. Crudgel was stunned by the size of the older Orcs cock; he couldn’t help stare; it was even bigger than Var’s massive horsemeat! Bingut gave him a little teasing smile as he fed the head into Barocks dripping arse.

“Ya could have some yerself……if’n ya want! Bingut offered, grinning wolfishly at the handsome younger Orc. Barock groaned loudly in sheer delight as the enormous cock filled up his well used and overly lubricated orifice. .

“Enjoying that Mokdur?” Bingut growled as he began to slide in and out slowly, each movement making Barock whimper and gasp in pleasure.

Garn awaited outside the door, his timing had to be exactly right……….

Crudgel was trying to figure out the word 'Mokdur' his Orcish mind translating and explaining it. It was a very old and dark term, that came from the long past of Orcish society. A 'Mokdur' was a male sexual slave in the truest sense, one who had given himself over totally and without question to his male master/lover.

“Mokdur!” Crudgel murmured, letting the word roll off his tongue. It excited him…excited him more than anything ever had- part of it was his new Orcish perspective he knew, but there was still something wicked about it that appealed…….. Barock looked up in shock and terror as Crudgel uttered the word softly. They're eye’s locked and Crudgel saw fear in the big Half Orc….fear but also a kind of excitement, as if part of the Half Orc liked the thought, but another part of him was terrified by it. 'Please, spirits don't let him ask!' Barock prayed silently, without much hope.

Barock knew the tales; the Greatest Orc Lord Gruumsh had chosen a 'Mokdur'- Hynlok Bloodswiller, the second greatest Orc King, a Half Breed who was the mightiest Orc warrior alive and Grummsh’s enemy! Grummsh had chased Hynlok all over the world, taking territory and uniting the Tribes until Hynlok had nowhere to run. Captured and brought to Gruumsh, Hynlok refused to answer ‘yes’ to the question until Gruumsh had promised to do many, many, things to help and advance the Orcs he ruled. Once Grummsh had vowed to make the changes Hynlok had given himself willingly to his Master. They had ruled over all the Tribes in life enacting the changes Grummsh promised he would, turning the Orcs from primitives to a civilized people. Grummsh was revered amongst the Orcs and Hynlok was the Ancestor’s 'Mokdur'.

Crudgel pulled his long green organ from Barock's meekly suckling mouth.

“Would you like to be my 'Mokdur'?” He asked starring down into the Half Breeds frightened eyes. At any other time Barock would have gutted anyone who had asked him that, but at the moment, caught in Crudgel's gaze he was helpless, the pretty Orc had too much power and dominance over him.

“Yes make me your 'Mokdur'!” Barock answered his gaze locked onto Crudgel’s face. Time seemed to stop and all three of them froze in shock at the Half Orc's agreement. Looking into Barock's eyes Crudgel saw the pleading within them, whether it was pleading for it or against it he could not tell. Slowly Crudgel knelt, lifting the Half Orc's head to give him a wild passionate kiss.

“Truely?” He asked as he broke the kiss to look deep into Barock's dark eyes.

“I am yours.” Barock answered soft and meekly.

“By the gods!” Bingut gasped, he'd heard the tales of 'Mokdur' obviously but had never known one, nor known anyone who had! He had been using the word to mock Barock's submission and enjoyment of being fucked! But now the full weight of the word fell upon him, and he was awed; awed that the pretty Orc had so dominated the big Half Ogre, but even more awed by Barock's actual agreement!

Glancing around Crudgel spotted an old black iron slave collar protruding from under Barock's bunk, stooping he picked it up, the roughly forged black iron was worn smooth, a mute testament to it having seen many years of actual wear, he held it up before Barock’s eyes.

“A souvenir I took from the body of a slave I ravished to death after we took the slave mines of 'Goruc Nuro'.” the Half Orc admitted quietly “Elves break so easily” Kneeling down, Crudgel fitted the two worn black iron semi circles around the Half Orc's thick neck- they barely fit. Crudgel looked around for something to bind the ring's hasp closed, but there was no lock with the collar. Crudgel smiled as his spied Barock's 'Tonkor' braid, the slender beaded braid that showed all that he was a masterless Warrior. Taking the Half Orc's own belt dagger, Crudgel reached up and cut the braid from Barock’s head. Slipping the slender rope of hair through the hasp holes, Crudgel tied an intricate knot in it; physically it was an insubstantial bond, Barock could easily break or untie it, but mentally, and emotionally Crudgel knew it would bind the big Half Orc more powerfully than the finest steel!

“Let the Spirits and Ancestors witness that has been done here today” Crudgel said the Orcish words of ritual blessing with a great joy in his heart. He somehow knew this was the right thing to do.

“Let the Spirits witness” Bingut whispered the answering part of the blessing. Barock closed his eyes, what had he done? He could feel the collar heavy round his neck, ‘what have I done?’ he thought to himself.

The casting was done and a smiling Human returned to the bar thsanking the spirits for their help.

Bingut gently pulled himself out of Barock, his long manhood soft, his desire lost. He stumbled away from the bunk; he was giving trouble thinking about what he had just seen.

“Are you all right?” Crudgel said slipping back into the common Trader tongue. Bingut nodded and sat down heavily on the floor.

“Do you realise what just happened here?” he asked Crudgel quietly in Orcish.

“Yup, I think so…….” Crudgel was confused, what was the big deal? His annoyance was rising again.

“He just gave you his life; you are now responsible for him. I was the Witness” Bingut seemed to be working towards something…….

“So?” Crudgel grunted.

“It means I’s has a duty to perform. As da witness it is my job to make sure the life bond is kept!” Bingut’s broken tusked face was lighting up “I have duty again!”

“I……” Crudgel went to step towards Bingut but the noise of the street door opening him distracted him. He heard many booted feet calling for the Barkeep, he recognised two of the voices- the Watch! As the booted feet passed the door Crudgel swung round to Barock, there was a slight panic in his eyes, had he got the timing wrong? What if they came in? He began to unlock Barock’s chains; he wanted the Half Orc standing with him if they came in here. Bingut looked on as Crudgel helped the Half Orc to his feet and over to the chamber pot to empty his cum bloated guts; the dominant Alpha Orc was almost gone. Bingut suddenly saw a panicked Orcling in front of him

“Wots going on?” he said

“Var and I are leaving town, we had a plan. The Watch where not part of it!” Crudgel said, then he realised he had almost said too much and clamped his mouth shut, almost ripping his upper lip on his own tusks.

“You’s is leavin the City?” Bingut said slowly.

“Yeah” Crudgel said helping Barock stand, the massive Half Orc was weak and unsteady on his feet.

“I want ta come” Bingut said plainly.

“You can’t. It’s not……” Crudgel trailed off, why was it not possible? “You can still fight?” he said

“The day I can’t fight is da day they take my sword from my cold, dead hands” Bingut said pushing out his still big chest. Barock chuckled.

“Fine words” he rumbled his tone and demeanour much softer than the Barock who had woken in this room that morning. Crudgel looked up at his giant slave. ‘What have I taken on?’ he thought to himself.

Garn stood behind the bar as the three Human Watchmen stomped in. One was the young Captain from last night, the other two faces everyone in the Bar knew; Human bullies who hated Orcs and the other races like them. They where all dressed in the mail and leathers of the Watch, with their official tabards over the top. The non-ranks where fairly young, the burly one was older than the smaller athletic Human but they both wore the same sneer as their Captain and displayed the same arrogance and attitude of someone with the Law, and therefore Power on their side.

“You Garn?” the Captain said.

“Yes” the Human answered simply. “Glad ta see ya once again Captain. See somethin' in my establishment ya liked last night did ya?” Garn asked teasingly. The tension level in the room was noticeably going up, the three Watchmen spread out along the bar their hands on the hilts of their swords. The basement level door opened and slammed shut as an Orc hurried off as a messenger.

“Like hell you old shirt lifter!” The Watchman snarled. “I am charged with finding the Thief hiding in your piss hole of a Tavern”. The captain announced loudly “Don't both denying it! We know he's still here, we got an informant!” The Human grinned evilly. “You will open every door, every cupboard and every cellar. If you don’t we will have you arrested and clapped in irons until you tell us what we want to know or for as long as we see fit”. Garn stared daggers at the arrogant foul mouthed Watchman, opening his mouth to give a very rude answer; he stopped short remembering who he was dealing with. He clamped his jaws tightly shut.

“I’ll show you round if ya like” he said “but please remember many of my customers don’t speak Trader”.

“The Beasts you call customers are no concern of mine, even if they are too stupid to learn the real tongue. However if they get in the way……..” he let the sentence hang, but the look on the other two faces told the true story- they were hoping for resistance, hoping for any reason to beat or kill the green ‘beasts’.

“You can start with the left hand booths if you’d want” Garn offered helpfully.

“We’ll do that” The Watchman growled and stomped off across the bar. ‘Nearly time’ Var thought ‘the board is set, let’s hope the pieces move according to plan’ He cast a glance at the hooded figure by the fire, but he’d gone, in his place sat a small Goblin, long of tooth and shaking slightly as he slipped his mug of ale. Garn nearly let out a snort of mirth but suppressed it, ‘not now and not yet’ he reminded himself as the Watch ripped back the first booth curtain.


Part 5: Dark Troubles

The Watchmen ripped back the curtains of the booths, making the metal rings squeal as they slid along the brass shafts. They found nothing- the booths were all empty as was normal for this part of the later afternoon; still they looked under tables and beneath the seats of each one. The Watch Captain ordered his men to search the booths on the other side of the barroom as well while he himself went back behind the bar.

"What's through that door?" He barked pointing at the swinging grease splattered door behind the bar.

"Leads to the kitchen and the store rooms." Garn admitted a little tensely.

"Out!" One of the watchmen shouted, breaking into their conversation. Two Orcs where sitting in one of the booths playing Dwarf Draughts. They looked towards Garn, as the smaller Watchman grabbed the left one by his hair and pulled sharply.

"I said out!" He shouted louder a ting of anger in his voice, his other hand half drawing his sword.

"Get up!" Garn shouted in bad Orcish. The two Orcs, unarmed and by their dress dock workers, stood and climbed slowly out of the booth.

"Do as your told animal!" The angry Watchman snarled as he shoved them out of the way roughly, so he and his fellow could investigate the booth. They knocked the Orcs game board onto the floor of the bar scattering the pieces. There was nothing there to find however, and the two Orcs were left glaring in anger at the Humans.

"Jon, help me with this mate" said the small Watchmen moving out of the booth, and standing next to a nearby chest. It was clearly not big enough to keep something the size of a Human in.

"What’s the problem Stephan?" The bigger Watchman asked looking up from the empty both he was investigating.

"It’s locked" The other answered back indicating the crude padlock on the front.

"That's just the skittle set" Garn said quickly "No bother."

"We'll be the judge of what is 'no bother' not you." The Watch Captain growled. "Smash it open" he ordered his men.

"I have tha keys!" Garn cried quickly, but too late, the big Watchman had already put his boot into the old chest sending it skipping across the floor and smashing into another wall, which easily splintered it. The Captain smiled evilly at Garn.

"Never know where he might of hidden his ill-gotten gain. Now do we?" He asked chuckling. "Best we check everything. You will be cooperatein' won't you!" It was hardly a question. Garn nodded his greasy head in agreement quickly, but then added.

"Just the new owners might not appreciate you smashing the place up."

"New owner?" The Captain asked laughing and looking incredulous. "You don't expect me to believe you sold this dung heap of a bar? Who too? Blind Gnomes?" The Watch Captain guffawed at his own joke.

"Not sold…errr not exactly." Garn admitted not meeting the Captain's questioning gaze. The Watchman roared with laughter.

"You lost it didn't you!?!" He exclaimed in sudden realization. Turning towards his men, who where checking the contents of the chest, by throwing them around the floor. He explained laughing.

"Garn here has a little gambling problem. We’ve picked him up for it a few times…dice, cards, you name it." Turning back to Garn he shook his head and roared "So what was it this time? Poker, Magic Snaps? What you feeble little fool!"

"Cards…errr…Dragon Poker. I forgot about the seat shifting rule." Garn admitted shame faced. The Captain looked almost sorry, Dragon Poker being the hardest game to play or win in all the Kingdoms.

"What are you doing now then?" The Captain asked leaning towards Garn dropping his voice to almost a whisper.

"They are keeping me on as bar manager. I..I think…they weren't to clear." The Captain shook his head.

"Get yourself a decent job." He murmured, almost sympathetically, then louder he exclaimed. "Then get the hell out of this shithole!"

The Watchmen worked their way around the room, moving the few afternoon customers, spilling their drinks, and tossing plates of food to the dirty floor. They pushed, growled and ordered the people about, but still found nothing. The Captain watched his men for a whiel then roared at Garn

"Show me the kitchen" he ordered "you two stay here, and make sure no one leaves and that there is no resistance to our search." Garn took the Captain into the back rooms and showed him the small, hot greasy kitchen. The Captain kicked all the cupboards open and pulled out all the drawers. He bullied the tall; fat Orc blood Cook making him open up the pantry, then forced him to rip open several packets and sacks. When they went into the drinks store room, the first thing the Captain wanted to know was where the ceiling trap door went. Garn carefully explained that it went to his private rooms, which would be easier to inspect from the other side. The Captain seemed hesitant about not checking it, until Garn passed him a small rare bottle of fine Dwarvern spirit, insisting that the Captain have it 'for his trouble'. As they left Garn took a glance up at the bolt keeping the trap door shut, breathing a small sigh of relief.

When Garn and the Watch Captain returned to the taproom there where more Orcs crowded into it, than there had been when they had exited. The Orcs where sitting or standing in a semi circle around the two Watchmen at the bar, it was clear they where watching them antagonistically. The Orcs where all armed with both real weapons and make do clubs, a few were even in blackened chain armour. The silence was deafening and was very obviously making the two Watchmen highly nervous.

"Mind if I serve my customers drinks Captain?" The barman asked, looking around at the small mob some who nodded respectfully at the barkeep.

"Go right ahead, wouldn't want to keep the new owners from making a profit." The Captain sneered, suddenly wishing he'd brought a few more men. Garn waved Granpug over; the biggest and strongest Orc in town Granpug worked as a wrestler in one of the fancy places up town, working the night fight and from his expression Garn could tell he was not at all happy to be up several hours before he normally rose. As Granpug lumbered his massive frame over, Garn turned and got him a tankard of the best Ale he had.

"For the favour." He grunted under his breath in his pigeon Orcish. Granpug nodded, understanding his meaning at once and satisfied he took the oversized tankard Barock normally used. The others lined up and where served slowly, all the time Garn taking orders and speaking tersely in his bad Orcish. The three Watchmen eyed him sourly, unhappy but realizing there was little they could do. Stopping an Orc barbarian getting a beer had been the root cause of last summer’s tavern riots.

"Now." The Captain grunted, once all the Orcs had been served. "You'll show us the upstairs."

"Indeed Captain." Garn said nodding and trying to keep his voice humble and reasonable. "Worc would you mind the bar for me?" A young, pretty very Human looking Half Orc in the back of the crowd stood up. He was dressed in the rich blue and gold garb of the cities Merchants Guild, an air of decadent affluence seemed to cling to him. As he walked over to the bars hatchway, Watchmen Jon stopped him with a heavy meaty hand on his shoulder.

"What's one of the rich City merchant class doing in a place like this?" He growled. Worc looked down at the rough hand with such frank distain the Watchman lifted it away, like someone who'd just been reprimand by his superior.

"I'm looking for an investment…and as I understand it…your looking for capital." He spoke plainly in proper and unaccented Trader. "Perhaps you would like to have an injection of hot capital from me?" He smirked staring straight into the Humans eyes, a leering smile turning the corners of his wide Orcish mouth up. There were several loud guffaws from the surrounding crowd as the Orc's caught Worc's meaning.

"Here now!" The Watchman growled as Worc's insinuation began to dawn on him. "I don't think I care for the tone of your words nor there content!" He growled straightening up to his full height and taking an aggressive step forward. Watchmen Stephan moved to back up his fellow, and Granpug instantly moved up behind Worc.

"Hold up!" The Captain barked. "We've still got places to search in the piss bucket!" The two Watchmen looking back at they're Captain for an instant, then back at the hugely muscled Granpug, frowning they nodded and turned to follow him and Garn towards the stairway.

Crudgel helped the sweat covered, and still somewhat unsteady Barock into his chain and leather armour. He shared sly smiles with the Half Orc, and stole occasional soft but passionate kisses as he moved around him tightening up the various buckles and straps.

"We's has to stop at my den before we leave." Bingut grunted as he dressed himself quickly. "Ma full armour and shield are thar." Crudgel readily nodded agreement, as he really did not care; his mind was whirling with plans, ideas and vague strategy. He was fearful, still fearful he'd got his timing wrong, very wrong. Had he let Var down by getting his part wrong?

Then they where armed and armoured up as best they could- Barock in the huge chain and leather suit his Ogre father had passed down to him, his massive sword sheathed and ready at his side. He had dragged the huge door sized shield he used from under the bed, ashamed at the cum and sweat stains that covered its surface. The thick leather straps mouldy from disuse and lack of care. Bingut gave him the look of disgust that only one Warrior could pass to another, Crudgel did not notice the state of the shield, nor would he cared, as a thief he'd never found much use for one.

Garn led the way upstairs, walking in that particular effeminate way some males found so upsetting. He could almost feel the scowls on the Watchmen's faces behind him. Slowly he walked past Barock's door on the left and past 'his' rooms on the right.

"Let's start with the attic rooms shall we?" He asked softly turning to look at the scowling Watchmen almost coyly.

"Fine." The Captain grumbled looking red faced and uncomfortable. "But be quick about it we haven't got all day."

"Yeah the sooner we're out of this ass riders den the better!" the smaller Watchman snarled under his breath.

"Damn right Jon." The other seconded. As Garn led the Watchmen up the rickety stairs to the little used attic rooms he mumbled a little Incantation of Rage in perfect Orcish, using the creaking wooden stairs to cover the sound of his voice. Then he pushed open the thick door to the upper corridor. "This way Gents" he said trying to keep the smile from his voice.

Crudgel waited for the sounds of the Watchmen's boots to die off, before he looked out into the Hallway. It was evening now and the fading sunlight filtered through the thick shutters covering the window at the end of the Hall, but otherwise the corridor was dank and empty. He took the chance and raced down the corridor to his and Var's room. Inside he grabbed the armour Var had brought him, along with his club and Var's big shield; taking a quick glance back around he raced quickly back to Barock's room. Pleased that for all his new size he could still move almost silently.

As the three Watchmen searched the small dust cluttered attic rooms their anger grew, even as Garn helpfully pointed out various old chests, cubby-holes and even the secret door to the roof. They felt more and more duped, and their patience grew thin. The Captain barked louder at his dust covered men, as their search only proved more and more fruitless. The Watchmen rooted through pile after pile of rubbish, but found nothing! A few old rusty and useless weapons, some old coins and a bag of huge odd shaped Orcish sex toys.

"What are you playing at Garn!" The angry Watch Captain shouted at the Human. Garn spread his hands, looking as innocently at the Watchmen as he could.

"I am doing only what you asked of me Captain!" He protested good naturedly, but this only seemed to piss the Watchmen off all the more.

"How much they paying you?" Jon snapped.

"Huh?" Garn asked shocked.

"They paying you for takin' us on a wild goose chase by given ya the inn back?" The Watch Captain snapped.

"Or are they just fuckin' ya like the little cock lover ya are?" Stephan snarled.

"What!?!" Garn choked trying to sound angry and shocked at the Watchmen's words.

"So that's it…is it?" The Captain said poking Garn in the chest, with one thick finger. The bigger Human forced Garn to step backwards. "Your being fucked like a whore…by these…Beasts?!? They usin' you to tell us lies, to distract us! Promisin' you ya inn back.. to screw us over! Is that it?" He demanded forcing Garn farther and farther backward almost to the top of the stairway now.

"No!" Garn shook his head fervently. "Ain't nothing like that at all!"

"Ohhh really?" The Captain shouted into Garn’s face, the Watchman's own face contorting into a lewd sneer. "You're a known shirt lifter, or should I say your known to let your shirt be lifted! You enjoy them fucking you? Is that it? Enjoy a bit of Orc cock in there do you? 'cos they're fucking you good and hard! Your protecting them against your own people! When will you get it through that your thick skull of yours, these animals aren't people! They can't be trusted to look out for a Human! They'd just as soon cut your gut's out as spurt them full of cum!" The Captain had Garn tittering on the top step now.

"I..I." The bar keeper babbled.

"Don't fucking bother denying it!" The Captain shouted louder. "You hide a thief in here, a thief who steals from the Watch! What else are you hiding! What else are the Beasts up to? How many of them are fucking you?" The Captain prodded his thick finger again and again into Garn's thin chest; the barman over balanced suddenly fell down the stairs, tumbling to a stop under the Hall window.

Crudgel was dressed now in the dark brown studded leather armour Var had brought for him.

"Almost looking like a proper Orc Warrior." Bingut commented, before adjusting a few straps and hanging Crudgel's cloak properly. Crudgel grinned at him shaking his head.

"I'm genna need help to do that job properly!" He half joked. Bingut turned his old face up towards the towering Barock.

"I'm sures you'll has some help there." He chuckled. Barock smiled at the older Warrior, dressed in his leather shirt and one of Barock's mail shirts, the over sized links held in by belts, his sword belt hung over the top.

"We can…." Barock was cut off by a crash down the corridor; all three jumped and half pulled a weapon. Crudgel waved them to hold.

"Shhhhhh." He whispered, as he listened to the shouting. "Ok we've got to move and move now!" Crudgel warned turning to look at Bingut and Brock intensely. "Follow me, as quietly and quickly as you can!" He whispered to the pair as he slipped out of the room, and down the junction that led to the passage leading outsdie Pausing to wait for the other two to catch up he could see the thin figure of Garn pulling himself off the floor at the end of the Hall. The other two caught up and Crudgel led them down to the thick door, sliding the hatch open silently he peered out on to the streets. His experienced eye caught picked out, two, three, four, heavily cloaked thieves lurking in the darkened doorways and alleyways.

"Damn!" The thief swore under his breath, turning to Bingut and Brock he whispered. "The streets are being watched! Do either of you know another way out of here?"

"There’s a trap door leadin' ta tha roof." Bingut whispered back. Crudgel shook his shaggy head frowning. "The Watch are up in the attic. Beside the watchers outside are thieves, they'll know to watch the roof tops."

"Thieves!" Barock exclaimed hotly "I’s thought they's friends -o- yours."

"Heh!" Crudgel snorted "thieves and whores…they both'll do anything for money! There’s a bounty out on me…and most every thief in the city is itchin' ta collect!" Crudgel snapped.

"Then they's likely ta knows about the kitchen door as well." Old Bingut grunted.

"Shit!" Crudgel swore turning away. "I’s is suppost to get out and meet up with Var. How the hell are we goina get out of here now?"

The Captain stomped down the stairs and grabbed at the shirt of the rising barkeep

"So where is he Garn, where is the thief your hiding?" The Captain lifted Garn clear off his feet. Downstairs the old Goblin opened the door to the stairs, on the way to the latrines which where under them. His trembling hands holding the door open so the Orcs in the bar could all hear the Watchmen

"Our informant heard you tell others he was still here. You said he'd been turned into one of these stupid ugly Orcs! So where is he Garn? Which one of these monsters is he? Where is the thieving Beast hiding?" The soft sound of someone being slammed into the thick wood panelled walls drifted down the stairway. In the taproom the mood was one of shock, quickly turning to nasty anger.

"Play times over Garn!" The angry Captains voice screamed.

"I…I honest don't know whatcha talkin' about." Garn's shaky voice protested weakly.

"Lyin' bastard!" The Captain screamed in Rage "Where is he Garn! Where is the Beast that has been fucking your arse, whispering promises of riches in your ears? Has he been promising you’ll take over the Royal Tavern? Been plotting rebellion and revolution in your bedroom? Dreaming of being King while he’s been fucking your ass? We know they all plan it, all dream of killing all the Humans, of taking over. Now tell me!” In the taproom downstairs Orcs where slowly standing up their hands on their weapons. The Goblin went forward climbing up the stairs slowly muttering. Worc grabbed the door to the stairs and held it open. Booted feet could be heard moving around, and then the sound of someone being slammed into the wall came again and again.

"You will tell me Garn or we will round up and kill every one of these Beasts. Everyone one these cocksuckers will die!" There was an odd noise as someone was slammed against a shutter not a wall.

The old Goblin lay on the stairs, his shaking had stopped; he was in total command of himself, his head barely visible above the top stair. He could see the edge of Bingut’s shield; he could see the Watchmen and Garn. He smiled and began to cast.

"Last chance Garn, tell me or we call in the Squads we have surrounding this place!" the Captain was screaming. His men both had weapons drawn and where growling, they wanted this fight! The Captain slammed the weakling into the shutter again and again. Time suddenly seemed to slow as the Captain pulled Garn back, screaming something about the Beasts then Garn was slammed into the shutters again; the wood let out a loud CRACK followed by the sharp sound of splintering glass and a shrill scream that drowned out everything else. There was a wet slap and time seemed to snap back, the Captain held the ripped remains of a shirt. He looked out of the broken window. There was a broken body in the alley below, blood pouring from multiple fatal wounds. Jon looked out as well "Got what he fuckin' deserved." He chuckled.

"Ya one less ass pirate ta fuckin' watch ya back from!" Stephan agreed.

The bar went quiet at the sound of glass splintering, the sharp Orc ears picking up the Watchmen’s words and what they meant. Worc looked across the bar and wordlessly, led by Granpug the Orcs drew weapons and started for the stairs.

"Murderer!!" the cry was shrill but it pulled the Watchmen back from their gloating. An old Goblin stood at the top of the stairs, a tankard in one trembling fist. "I saw it all, you’re Murderers!" The Captain steeped forward, drawing his sword, he was going to silence that noise! As the strode down the corridor there was a jingle of metal and an Orcish warrior suddenly stood in his way, he was dressed ridiculously in over sized chain, but anger was bright in his eyes.

"Genna to kill another one Captain?" he growled. The Captain stopped, his eyes darting back and forth between the Orc and Goblin, behind which he could see the big form of Granpug coming up the stairs. He turned to the older Orc.

"In the name of the High King you will stand aside and let the Watch pass!"

"Sure" Bingut said and stepped out into the corridor. The Captain turned into the short corridor to face the looming mass of Half Ogre.

"Move!" he ordered. The massive man looked down at him.

“Nah” he said and leaned on the wall. With one massive arm he leaned over and opened the door. "yous can go past if ya want though" The Captain was shaking with Rage, his men both ready to slice and dice his ugly monster…..yet the Goblin was coming closer, the Orcs behind him. He could see many, many clubs and swords.

"Go!" the Captain ordered and Stephan turned himself sideways into the narrow passage between Barock and the wall. Barock pushed his groin forward as the Watchman squeezed past, making the Human push into him. He smiled down at the smaller man as he rubbed himself along the front of his leathers. Jon followed along, and Barock grinned wider as the man found himself rubbing along Barock's thick semi-hard cock…….

"No one will believe you” The Captain said to the crowd of Orcs. Granpug pushed forward but the Goblin found voice first

"May you never find satisfaction until you have done what you fear the most!” he shouted in his shrill voice "Let the Spirits and Ancestors witness that has been done here today!" As one the Orcs shouted back

"Let the Spirits witness!" That was enough for the Captain, he turned and pushed himself past Barock, in his haste he even grabbed a massive handful of cock shaft as he pulled himself along, then he was out.

"Anytime!" Barock called to his back.

The corridor went silent, the Humans departure taking some of the energy from what happened. The Goblin moved forward and turned to address the mass of muscled green bodies.

"Well?" he squeaked.

"Well what?" One Eye rumbled. The Goblin rolled his eyes and muttered something

"You can’t let that go, can’t let Garn die for nothing. You heard them; we are Beasts, monsters, animals. You genna let that go? "

"He’s wos only a Human" someone muttered from the back.

"And?!" Worc said stepped from the crowd to stand by the Goblin. "When did we ever stop and say ‘we are not defending our rights cos one of our Tribe members is not an Orc? Did Hynlok himself not have a Human Shaman? Cos he did! And why should we let THEM get away with it cos Garn was Human? We shouldn’t! They took a tribe member today! And what do we do when they take tribe members? Fill in a few complaint forms down at City Hall? I think not!" There was muttering through the crowd, Orcish anger was being stoked, their honour and pride was being questioned. Many still knew the old tribal ways.

"They is beginning to run" Barock said from by the open door.

"Run!" Grandpug said with a snort. "Dhen it’s a chase! They will’s not kill and go unpunished. Let see if they can reach their Watch house!" With that he stepped up toward Barock who moved quickly out into the street, the Orcs pouring out after them.

"Let’s hunt!" Grandpug shouted and began to run towards the fleeing Watchmen. He let out a loud long Orcish hunting Howl which echoed off the buildings, the many Orc behind him taking up the cry as they charged forth as a Tribe.

Barock drew his massive sword and made to go with his Tribe mates. To hunt, to avenge Orcish honour! A strong hand grabbed his arm and pulled at him, he turned to swat away the annoyance

"No!” Crudgel shouted at him comng out of the shadows ‘Why not?’ Barock mind rebelled, the Warrior strong in his will.

"Mokdur, I said No!" Barock growled, then clamed down slightly.

"Yes Urak" Barock said, his tone weaker-though he did not lower his weapon. Bingut appeared on his other side.

"Back inside all of you” Var’s strong voice called into the night. Suddenly they became aware that they where in the open, along with Thieves and other dangers around they ducked back into the buck bar. Inside the Goblin stood with a Var only wrapped in a sheet, his body pale and covered in sweat.

"Whats……??" Bingut began as Crudgel locked the door behind them. Var signalled him to be quiet then pointed at his rooms. He led them in and sat on the bunk. Crudgel took his place next to him, Barock stood next to him. Bingut stood opposite, the Goblin by the door.

"I introduce An’Taur to you" Var said indicating the Goblin.

"That’s a Minotaur name" Barock grunted.

"Indeed" the Goblin said in a much deeper voice than a Goblin should have. His form wavered, the chest seeming to barrel out, the legs exploding in size, the legs thickening, the boots becoming hooves the pointed ears blurring into massive horns. The height tripled, the clothes changing becoming the leather trousers and loose decorated jerkin big enough to fit the massive Minotaur that had suddenly appeared. Barock started, his mind refusing to accept the Goblin could be a being as tall as he with muscles almost as big! He noted with satisfaction though that the Minotaur was old, broken down, his muscle and hide less strong and tight, his copious hair was streaked with silver patches, the horns chipped with age.

"Thank you for your help today" Var said to An’Taur.

"Make good on your promise to get me out of this Hellhole and I will consider the debt paid"

"What does happen now?" Bingut asked. Var looked sharply at him

"Why are you still here?" he asked, his deep eyes narrowed.

"Simple. I was Witness to Barock becoming the young ones Mokdur" he said proudly. Var smiled

"The old duty" he said. "I have heard of your fighting reputation Bingut. You still got any of the spirit that kept you alive at the Corpach Hole?" Bingut smiled slightly.

"I do. I am not as dead as some would believe, there is much fight in me, and if you are going to the Wilderness then that strength can only return. This City has sustained me but drained me! It has robbed me or my Orcishness."

"I can concur with that" An’Taur said with a snort.

"So what’s the plan?" Crudgel asked looking at Var. The older Orc smiled a tusky grin.

"We wait half an hour for the riot to get fully started then we head for the East Road. The Gatemen will be no problem and then we are free to head as the sprits wish us too."

"So we sit here then?" Barock said sharply.

"No, we pout those big muscles of yours to good use" An’Taur snapped "we need provisions and currently we have an empty kitchen to get them from!" Barock looked to Crudgel who quickly put his hand on Barock’s arm before he did anything stupid.

"Let us stock up" Var said "we have a long journey"


Part 6: The Dark City

Var led the small party down to the deserted kitchen and store rooms- there was plenty of food available and the group worked quickly to fill their packs with provisions. Var had to draw the line at Barock taking a full sized 10 gallon barrel of ale, but they settled on a much smaller barrel. It was Var doing the suggesting for what to take, Var making the calls on what to leave behind. It was Var in charge but at one point he left them to it and retreated to the main bar room. An'Taur found him there head in his hands.

"You all right?" He rumbled with concern. Var looked up at his old friend, the exhaustion evident on his face.

"I am tried." He whispered. "The Spirits are being very quiet….I thinks I have displeased them……I…I….don't know……" An'Taur took a quick look round, and noted Var had locked the outside doors. He squatted down, and took Var's big green hands in his hairy brown ones.

"You are not alone" he started "the spirits did not leave you before, they will not now. You know you are doin' the right thing, so will they. There is nothing in this City for you- you need to be back in the Wild as I do, as Bingut needs to. It is in our blood. You know this- why else start this whole thing!" Var managed a slight smile.

"The shape change lasted longer than any other I have done- I may of overdid it." Var admitted quietly.

"You are pushing yourself too much. If you are tired then you cannot channel the spirits well. Rest and let me do the magic for now."

"But you are as tried as I." Var whispered starring into An'Taurs deep brown eyes.

"Yes I am. This old body cannot handle the magic as it used to, but Var, it does not matter how tried we are as long as we escape this prison."

"I suppose" Var said nodding "but I don't want you to burn out like before."

"Not going to happen- that was a dire combat situation, and I had not slept for 3 days- no chance of that here, despite my age" the old Minotaur grunted.

"Can we make this happen?" Var asked in sudden earnestness "the spirits would not forgive me if I did not deliver the ‘son of two worlds’."

"When you came to me and asked for my help you where sure. When you where Garn you where sure- why the sudden doubts? The Spirits know what they want- you know what you want. No debate, no discussion, just get out there and do it!" There was a loud crash from the kitchen and the two of them looked to the door from behind which Barock's deep voice could be heard apologising. Suddenly Var laughed deeply.

"Oh Spirits, how can we fail!" He exclaimed, making An'Taur chuckle in his deep gravely bass voice.

"A place for everything and everyone." he said quoting.

"Don't quote Hynlok Bloodswiller to me!" Var chuckled, the sparkle coming back into his eyes. An'Taur stood, pulling Var to his feet.

"The night is not over yet, I will get the cart sorted out- you go organise the troops." Var nodded and put his hand on An'Taur's chest.

"Thank you." He grunted gruffly, An'Taur flashed the grimace Var had come to know was his smile and moved to the backdoor. Var entered the Store room and looked up at the trapdoor. In some ways he'd like to open it and check what was happening, but he knew the Pleasure Spirits would see what was needed to be done and so it would be done. He had to trust in them- otherwise……he shook his head. No time for doubts.

Watch Captain Simmons sat and took some deep breaths, then took a long swig from the battered tankard. It had been close- the Orcs where only a minute behind them when they had came running into this fortified Watchpost. He'd made a hurried report, and now the Guardsmen had the place firmly barricaded against the mob. The Signal Flags on the tower top where hurried asking for help from the Towers down the line, but for now they where on there own against the growing mob of Orcs and other dissatisfied elements outside. It would turn into a full blown riot; already shops where being broken into and property being damaged- it was totally out of control for now. He had to report to the Watchpost Commander in a few minutes to explain why his group was so far from their own Watchpost, but for now Simmons was allowed to rest in the barrack rooms.

Across from him Jon was changing into a heavier grade of armour; the young Captain reflected what a fine body the man had. The strong shape of Jon's thick back, the two slabs of that hairy chest and the hang of his beefy arms……… The Captain snapped out of his daydreaming and looked around quickly- had he fallen asleep? That would not do a Captain should be aware and awake at all times; yet he was weary. His anger at the Orcs was spent now, he was surprised at himself; about how angry he had gotten! Normally he did not mind the Orcs *that* much. Stephan and Jon, they were the ones who *hated* the green skin creatures. He simply disliked, and then only if they got in his way. Unlike the majority of his own men from the richer parts of town, Simmons had grown up in amongst the Orcs in the dankest poorest bit of the city- The Warrens, down on the lower east end. He had seen first hand how the Orcs had been treated. Invited into the City due to a labour shortage after the Pestilence, and then treated like crap as things improved! Not that they tended to help improve their own lot of course with riots and other criminal activity, but the racial hate and injustice had been partly responsible for him becoming a Law man! Now ironically he was trapped within this Watchpost, waiting for the backup so they could go out and try to quell people who had every right to protest! He sighed, there was nothing he could do though, the Orcs would not help themselves and no one in charge would help them. What could he do? Simmons took a deep breath and shrugged slightly.

The incident with the Barkeep was fuzzy in his mind- he watched Jon strip down to his undergarments and tried to piece together that had happened……..'Jon's getting a little out of shape’ he thought as the burly Watchman stretched, and shook himself out before donning the heavy armour laying on the bench next to him. Jon slapped his growing belly, and grinned at Stephan further up the room. Stephan was explaining how his father used to go berserk in battle to some of the towers Watchmen and he was just explaining how he was looking forward to his own Rage exploding as they engaged the Beasts. Simmons tuned them out- he was watching the interplay of Jon's thick muscles, the way the pecs flexed and moved when Jon moved his thick arms; the bunching of those big biceps as Jon moved the chain to reach the arming jacket underneath. The way his thick hairy thighs expanded as he squatted down to pick up the ticker pair of studded leather trousers he'd been lent; the shape of his muscular buttock's…….

"Captain Simmons!" The voice broke into his dreamy wandering mind, and as he had been trained too. He jumped to his feet, at the sound of the Commanders deep gravely voice.

"Sir!" He answered crisp and instantly. The Commander smiled at the young man, and beckoned him into his office.

The kiss hot and passionate went on for several minutes, as the big man enveloping the smaller barkeep in his thick hairy arms his tongue exploring the inside of the small Human's mouth. Their groins grinding together, the giants tied cock pulsing and throbbing rolling across the shaft of the others smaller cock which duly exploded in a white orgasm, the smaller man bucking and pushing himself into the giant, his muscles flexing and pumping as the massive orgasm washed over him. The hairy giant broke the kiss and smiled at his lover, their eyes still locked; then he kissed him again on the nose, then the chin, then the neck, each nipple, and licked round his navel. He moved down the sweat soaked bed and lifted the sticky, still hard, cock from the pale belly of the bar man, he licked round the sensitive head making the small man jump and giggle. The Clansman savoured the taste, slowly lapping up the split seed, working further and further down the wet shaft until he licked round the root. He smelt the sweat and cum then lowered his head to give the swollen balls an intense tongue bath. The pleasure was too much and the smaller man came a second time, a huge load exploding from his greatly swollen manhood. The Giant raised himself from his washing and caught a mouth full of the cream fountain, he gulped it down then filled his mouth a second time, ducking back down between the Humans thin legs even as he still twitched and flexed in orgasm. The giant lifted the smaller man at the hips, his weight not even causing the big hairy muscles to bunch and bulge. The shaggy head dipped into the crevice of the small mans backside, his tongue finding and touching the tight hole within. A shock ran up the small man's spine as he felt hot liquid being spread around his back passage, the giant empting the hot cum contents of his mouth around the mans tight hole- giggling like a woman the small man relaxed and the tongue shot inside him, a jolt of pleasure surging through him! The Clansman continued to open up the small twitching man with his tongue and fingers; there was nothing else in their world but each other.

Reaching out to grip the dark wooden head board, the small man pushed his buttocks back for the hairy gigantic barbarian. Standing up onto his knotty kneecap's, the huge man spread the bar keeper's naked thighs wider continuing to open up the smaller man's tight orifice with his tongue and thick fingers. The Clansman loomed over the smaller man, three fingers deep inside him, and the other hand effortlessly holding the small man's hips high off the bed. The small man had come again, the white seed flowing down his flat belly and chest, the man's mouth a wide ‘O’ of pleasure, his eyes rolled back in his head. The Clansman paused waiting as the smaller man got his breath back, he knew what he had to do next. Taking deep gulping breaths, the barman’s eyes rolled back into place, a wide smile broke on his face…..he looked up into the face of the hairy God in front of him- his was still hard, his greatly swollen cock sitting hot and pulsing high on his belly. He could feel the head of the giants cock pressing against his lower back, the thick fingers deep inside him- there was no thoughts in his head, just a raw need for pleasure. He pressed his thin legs against the sides of the giant and tried to pull himself backward. To slide the fingers in and out…..his thin muscles bunched and sweated but he could not move himself against the strength that held him. Not that it mattered, the giant knew what he wanted; and pulled his fingers back, he inserted a forth and sent the smaller man into another blast of orgasm.

The forth finger was enough; the barkeeps hole was stretched far enough. The giant pulled his fingers out slowly, lowering the man to the bed as he did. The smaller man looked disappointed, and rubbed his legs up and down the hairy thighs of the bigger man. The giant smiled at him, and stood up stretching and letting the big muscles of his torso play around each other, making his manhood jump and bounce between his solid furry gut, and his enormous swollen balls. The smaller mans eyes followed that long cock as it bounced and a shudder passed through his sweaty body, he growled in desire. Again the giant smiled and threw himself down onto the bed, his massive hands either side of the barman's head, his long body dwarfing the others. He pulled them to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor with his legs spreading the thin pale legs of the barman. He lined himself up, then leaned over the barman and kissed him. With their lips still locked, he began to push himself inside drawing a high pitched cry from the smaller man. With the outer lip's puckering around his pulsing cock head, the Clansman stopped for a second, waiting until he felt the smaller man push himself back, the tighter inner gate slowly opening letting the huge pulsing, but velvety smooth cock head inch its way through. As the huge cock head cleared the gate ring, the shaft suddenly sank deep. The small man bucked and arched his back as the head pushed in- his own cock pulsing and bouncing as pleasure ran though him, his grip on the headboard tightened until his knuckles were white and he was muttering incoherently with the pleasure.

The giant straightened himself up and held the smaller man to stop his thrashing. He continued to push inside, deeper and thicker than any Orc or even Half Ogre. The giant began to mutter words, words he did not know the meaning of, but he *knew* he had to say now. A shiver ran through their joined bodies and the passage suddenly eased; the shaft of flesh pushing onwards until the hairy base pushed against the smooth skin and it could go no more. The small mans legs rubbing up and down the giant's sides stopped as the barkeep felt the sheer size of what was inside of him. He leaned against the head board panting for breath, trying to comprehend, but the giant's hot hands seemed to be everywhere; fondling the barman's still erect cock, cupping and rolling his testicles around within they're soft sac; caressing his stiffly erect nipples; sliding smoothly up and down the bar keeper's shivering back; slipping between small mans trembling thighs; cupping and squeezing his pale round buttocks. The Clansman's hot breath tickling the inside of the barkeeps ear and the big man's tongue teased and licked at the ear lobe. The smaller man mumbled nonsense words, but the meaning was clear to the giant. With a grunt he pulled himself back out again, until just the head was inside. Then pushed forward to fill his lover, and back and forward, and back again. His pendulous balls slapped against flesh as he went back and forth, the muscles of the giants back, butt, and legs began to pump bigger still as the giant increased his thrusting. The smaller man was taken, overcome, dominated, filled, and pleasured! Sweat poured of him, his own thin frame was pumped, veins popped out all over him. The giants mutterings were making him light headed. All he knew was pleasure and want, he thrust himself upwards in time with his God- groaning and growling with each thrust. Another orgasm washed over him………..

Simmons leaned against the rough stone wall of the Watchtower's latrines. He was alone; he did not want any of his men to see him yet with his emotions so raw and showing. The Watch Commander had been very severe in his dressing down of Simmons ‘raid’; he had threatened Simmons rank and assigned his men to the front ranks of the upcoming fight. It was all deserved criticism, but hard to take- if their intelligence had been correct then he would have been greatly rewarded not criticised! Simmons felt so annoyed by the Commanders rigid application of the rulebook, he had no damm control!

Simmons took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself and focus. He had some few minutes before they went out, the signals read that reinforcements where on their way. A familiar pressure settled on his bladder so Simmons turned to relive himself. He imagined all the stress, anger and pain's of the day so far leaving his body flowing down into the rank smelling pit below him. A shudder ran through his weary body as the last of his stream splattered down the pit and he did feel more relaxed. It felt good to be holding himself like this- he'd always been proud of his long thick organ. His wife was certainly pleased with it, and the three children it had helped produce. Simmons stood holding himself, his thoughts turning to his wife: and how much he'd like to hold her right now. To pull off that black dress she liked so much, to unbutton her silky undergarments, to kiss her soft, milky smooth skin; to run his big organ up and down her spine as she liked; then to slip it between the cheeks of her curvaceous ass, and to tease at the entrance to her hot womanhood…….

His wife bucked and moaned beneath his thrusts, as Simmons pumped his cock in and out of her. Shudders ran up and down his spine as he drew closer and closer. She rolled over on the bed, her tight muscles clenching as she twisted round him, bringing him nearer. She smiled a tusked smile at him as his thrusts got wilder; her dark green skin was beaded with glittering sweat. Her muscular body was pushing against him, as an orgasm overcame her. Simmons pumped himself harder, as he watched his wife come…but his wife was not an Orc! She wasn't green! As he thrust, suddenly the woman's form began to blur, her breast becoming flatter, becoming massive pecs, the petite waist grew wider and six blocks of powerful abs appeared. Her arms became thick with muscle, shoulders, neck, legs ballooning outwards with green, now hairy muscle. Simmons looked down to find a massive, erect shaft slapping against his own hairy belly, the thick balls below rubbing against his inner thighs. The Orc below him bucked, and let out a roar of pleasure as a massive wave of white exploded from his pulsing cock spurting all over Simmons chest. His own throbbing cock exploded into his lover even as he let out his own scream of ecstasy…….….

Simmons collapsed against the rough stone wall, his still hard cock in his fist- he had not cum through his cock pulsed with his need to. ‘What had that been?’ he thought. He shook his head to clear the illusion, and started to put his thick cock away even though he still needing badly to come, but he couldn’t do it. Taking several deep breaths Simmons pictured his wife again in his mind; beautiful, Human. Suddenly, there where two of her, one Human the other an Orc, he wondered what it would be like with the two of them? One all teasing and touching, the other all raw savage passion……..he pulled his organ out and pumped himself off hard and fast as the two ladies in his head danced and performed together for him…… Yet still he could not bring himself to orgasm, even pumping as wild and franticly as he was. Suddenly there came a banging on the thin wooden Latrine door.

"Capt Simmons!" Jon called. "We're moving out in 10 minutes."

"Oh…oh….all right" Simmons grunted.

"You all right sir?" Jon called.

"Yeah…. just sampled some Orc food earlier…. that was a bad move. Get sorted I'll be along."

"Yes sir." Jon called as he walked away.

"Dammit." Simmons cursed softly to himself, tucking his still hard and aching cock away within his trousers. It sat uncomfortably in his leather breeches, and as he opened the door its sensitive head rubbed against the inside. He felt like he would cum, but didn't, couldn't, and it didn't feel like it would be going down either. It would be a long night.

An'Taur could not find a cart as planned. So he and the others had piled equipment, and food into packs near the back door. They had emptied Var and Barock’s rooms of anything useful. As they left the bar they could hear the sounds of a riot, could see the smoke and smell the burning. It was time to go. Bingut led the way, the old Warrior's scouting training coming back to him. As he crossed the dark streets leading away from The Pierced Hind. Dax had wanted to be the point, but as Var had pointed out it was in fact him the Thieves where watching out for, so reluctantly Dax had stepped into place between the massive An'Taur and even bigger Barock. The sun was setting over the city, as Bingut led them down the empty streets towards the main promenade that meandered across the City, splitting it into its many Wards nsd Districts. The riot was behind them, and the smell of burning lessened as they travelled across the shadow deep roads. As they came to the intersection before the main road, a squad of heavily armoured Watchmen passed them by at speed; not even pausing to look. Bingut took a quick look at the busy road, and turned back to the party. He blinked a few times at the new Orc that had joined them, then realised it was wearing An'Taur's pack. He shrugged and motioned them forward, and onto the main road. The five figures slipped into the flow of traffic and onwards towards the East Gate.

For Captain Simmons every swing with his billy club, every dodged sword was a mixture of agony and pleasure as his still very aroused cock rolled and rubbed itself around in his leather breeches. Damn he needed to cum, but even in the odd quiet moment when he had time to rub himself there seemed to be no chance, and then he was in combat again; and there was nothing to do but try and ignore the sensation and fight. The Commanders orders had been to subdue the rioters, and that's what the Watch were trying to do but as the poorer Dwarves of the next Ward over had begun to revolt as well, the word on the line was the Commander would have to call in the full army soon. Captain Simmons hoped it would not come to that, the army would brutally put down the roit and many would die. He felt so helpless!

Simmons had been separated from Jon and Stephan in that last wave of attackers, and found himself alone and pausing for a second in a dark alleyway to rub at his aching loins, he was startled when a large deep green hand slapped down on his armoured shoulder. Simmons found himself spun round, to face a large younger Orc, with a lewd grin on his tusked face.

"Need some help there 'Booluc'?" The Orc inquired chuckling lewdly. Simmons brought his club up sharply, but the Orc batted it aside with one massive paw. "Be none of that 'Booluc'!" The Orc snarled grabbing Simmons upraised arms, pushing him back against the alley wall trapping Simmons sword arm, the Orc leaned forwards his face only inches from the Human's. Reaching up he twisted the sword from Simmons hand and tossed it away.

"Be off me!" Simmons snarled. "I am a Captain of the Watch!" He warned.

"Capt 'Booluc' huh?" Simmons knew 'Booluc' was one of those strange Orcish words that could mean two things- Bitch or top kick. No need to guess what meaning this Orc had in mind. "No need ta shouts Capt- no one will hear you 'ere. Da riots moved on-just you and me now." The Orc placed one hand over Simmons chest, and pushed the other one under his mail; to fondle the hard organ there. Simmons tried to push the Orc off, but the big wide tusked face just grinned at his efforts. His thick hand grabbed the Humans organ, and stroked it a few times.

"Yous is a good size… for a Human" the Orc snickered "nearly Orc size! Yous been had by an Orc before 'Booluc'?" Simmons desperately tried to wiggle or get away, that hand felt way too good holding him!

"Oh nos little man!" The Orc grunted, squeezing the Watchman's thick shaft, making Simmons nearly scream. "I's thinks we be playing this my ways!" With that he pressed his wide mouth to Simmons’, forcing the Humans lips apart and exploring his mouth with his long thick Orc tongue. Simmons felt helpless, yet somehow he was enjoying this! His cock throbbing harder than he ever remembered it being- but he was married dammit!!

The Orc began to fiddle with the buttons on his own breeches; Simmons could see the thick bulge within them. Suddenly an idea came to him he lifted his armoured knee up sharply driving it into the Orcs groin. It connected violently, and the Orc bent double moaning and clutching at his wounded loins, allowing his breeches to flutter to the ground around his ankles. Simmons grabbed his club to subdue the beast, but as he raised the wooden weapon his attention got caught in the flow of the Orcs thick back, the thickness of his thighs, and the muscled naked butt presented to him. A wild lustful idea filled his head it made his already swollen cock pump fatter. Dropping the club, he grabbed the buttons on his own breeches with one hand while with the other he pushed the Orc's tunic up over his head, still clutching his smashed goodies the Orc couldn't resist! Now Simmons had a magnificent view of the expanse of the Orcs massive wide green back. With some fiddling, he got his cock free. He pushed the still bent over Orc to an old barrel further down the alley, pinning him with one hand across his back.

"Wat daya….." The Orc started, but Simmons slapped him hard over the buttocks.

"You will only speak when I tell you can." He growled into the Orcs pointed ear. "Understand?" He demanded savagely; confused the Orc nodded meekly. Simmons spread the Orcs thighs with his left foot and ran a hand between the Orc's buttocks, tickling the hole he found within. The Orc realised what was going to happen, and tried to stand. Simmons pushed back with all his considerable Human strength, and used his spare hand to slap the Orc hard across the head.

"No you don't!" He growled. A strange feeling overcame him as he again ran his hand into the Orc's buttocks. He was in Command here, no higher ups, he was the Master……..he liked it.

The small mans cock was trapped between the giants hairy gut and the ball of his own bloated guts. The big belly was growing and growing as cum kept flooding into him. The stretch marks appeared again, deeper and thicker, but the implanted chant changed, and a gurgling sound came from within the massive ball that was the barkeeps gut. The Clansman's cock pulsed, and another wave of cum shot into the overfull belly. There was a wet ripping noise, a deep tearing sound. The small man eyes flew open, as he felt his belly burst within him. Liquid seemed to flood everywhere within at once, he could feel hot searing pain rush through him from head to the tips of his toes, then the pain became pleasure, a full body orgasm- his overused cock exploded in a huge final orgasm that coated the thick pecs of the giant fucking him. His belly remained distended, but cum flowed into him, filled up his insides, he jerked and bucked as the hot liquid burnt its way into every corner of his body. As he bucked his big solid belly swayed and wobbled, he lifted himself off the bed, pressing deeper into his lover- his hands spread wide on the bed, his fingers grasping at the sheets. The small mans chest heaved, each deep breath seemed to make the flat chest seem a little more defined, a little more developed. Each twist of his shoulders began to land on a different part of the bed, his hands grasped different parts of the sheet as his arms began to bulge. The grip on the Clansman side began to get stronger as vein covered thighs thickened and muscle popped all along their bony length.

The chant and the thrusting changed again- the pounding became faster, almost frenzied as the Clansman emptied more and more into his brother below him. He could feel the mans feet growing on his back, the longer sharp toenails digging into his back, reaching higher and higher as they passed through many sizes. The grip on his sides was stronger as the thighs got thicker; he was being pushed out as the arse muscles got larger and stronger so he thrust deeper. He leaned over and kissed the changing face, only semi-aware of the words pouring from his mouth. He watched as a strong square chin formed, then a wide smiling mouth, open to reveal the sharper, prominent canines, the long tongue. The nose widened flaring to the smells around it. Dark deep set eyes under a thick brow and heavy eye brows echoed his face, while the slightly pointed ears differentiated them clearly. The man's thrashing had slowed as the growth had spread round him, the thicker bull's neck, the wider shoulders, the two bouncing, growing pecs. A thick vein ran along the massive biceps feeding growth to the ballooning upper arms. Spindly forearms thickened into huge hams, the muscle definition growing stronger. Sheets ripped as his hands grew bigger and stronger- long fingers grew longer sharp fingernails that shredded the sheets as the lengthening arms put fresh material in reach. The upper body flared across the bed, the torso growing thick as the bony back begin to change, peaks and valleys growing out of the flat plains of his back; muscles bunching and jumping as they thickened raising the new Clansman from the bed.

Words began to form in the new Clansman's head and suddenly the Chant burst forth from his throat too, cracking and deepening as his neck thickened and his voice dropped. The two harmonised and the chant grew in power and intensity. In quick bursts the Clansman grew out and out- the thick plates of his bouncing chest almost hiding his big nipples under the mass of muscle. Thick heavy muscle appeared on his long legs, the thighs bulging as the pressed stronger and stronger into his brothers own thick sides. The calves bunched and changed shape as the smaller brother ran his legs up and down the back of the bigger man, slapping his sharp toed feet into the slick, sweaty back. The song was getting louder, stronger, faster, becoming a Saga of the Mountains! The smaller man's belly shrank a little and the massive head of his cock appeared, its red head rubbing up against the bottom of his brothers pecs, his balls where pressed into the thighs of his brother, but they too where swelling, growing. Black hair began to cover them, spreading up, on and round the thick shaft that was pressed into his brother's gut. A massive forest sprung up on his huge chest, then a sprinkle on his ham like forearms and shoulders. His head hair thickened and lengthen, his previous crows nest vanished as hair covered his scalp. The strong chin began to be covered in stubble, then fluff, and then a beard began properly, spreading up this face, thick sideburns growing in, a moustache appearing on the upper lip behind that strong wide wolf like nose. Thick tufts grew in on his shoulders and down his back, the thick rug on his chest joining up with it and the forest now covering his upper arms, and down onto each enormous arm. The bigger man would feel tickling all over his back as hair grew in on his brother's long thick legs. Soon the tanned skin was hidden beneath a matt of hair- all over from his head to his feet there was a matt of black hair, already getting slick with the sweat pouring off the new Clansman. Their chanting stopped being words; it became something else, something simpler- a howl of primitive pleasure. A sheering pain lanced through the slightly smaller Clansman and a Wolf's paw tattoo appeared on his left shoulder. An orgasm washed through him and a geyser of cum exploded from his massive cock. The bigger mans thrusting became a frenzy and a massive hot orgasm exploded from within him, his own deep voice howling his welcome to his brother.

They where at the door to Bingut's 'house' a few streets off the promenade, when Var stopped suddenly. A deep shudder passed through him, his cock suddenly hard and the desire to fuck suddenly overwhelming. He dropped back and grabbed at Crudgel, drawing him into a deep kiss, his hands fondling at the front of Crudgel's armour. Crudgel felt the power in the kiss and his own cock instantly hardened, the passion overtaking his reason.

"If you can wait, I have a bedroom you can use!" Bingut said sharply. Var simply grunted and continued his deep exploration of Crudgel's mouth.

"The Sprits have him." An'Taur announced. "Let us get them inside quickly." Bingut grunted quickly opening the door to his tiny place, all he had ever been able to afford for all his many years in the City. Barock and An'Taur pulled the still kissing couple into the front room. Following Bingut they manoeuvred the fondling pair into the dirty backroom that passed as a bedroom. They fell onto the bed, clothes almost being ripped from their bodies.

"Other room." An’Taur said firmly ushering the others out. Barock resisted slightly, but An'Taur stared into his eyes until he reluctantly moved.

"Now we can but wait." An'Taur announced.

Images flooded into the Clansman's mind- images of Home in the mountains, images of family, the Orcs and Dwarves of the nearby Clans. He remembered his childhood growing up with the other Clansman, hearing all the stories of the giant blood in the Clan, learning the ways of respect for the mountains and forests. He remembered the communal way they where raised, passed from Elder to Elder to look after. He learnt his blacksmithing and his brewing, as well as his skills at war, his muscles growing big with the work The Totem Ceremony stood out clear in his mind, the smells, and sounds of that glorious day! He had grown taller as he got older, he was taller than all his yearlings but he remembered clearly the first time that the biggest one of his yearling brothers had fondled him in that forest pool, remembered clearly how they had fallen into each others arms and become lovers ever since. The dark memory of when the massacre of the neighbouring tribe was discovered was strong and fresh, it had been partly that discovery that had led him and his 'brother' into an adventuring life. They had travelled together to many strange places, always together, always in love. Finally they had come to this Capital. They had fought in the Arena for a while, earned money at the pit fights, before last nights card game. A thin, pale Human had bet his bar……and lost. They had come today to claim and found the deeds all laid out on the dressing table. Since no one had been around a screw seemed a damn fine idea- they'd open up The Pierced Hind in the morning, for now Lup and Urs of the Highridges Clan slept.

Stephen had purposely broken his truncheon on the stone corner of a building and was now using his sword and long bladed dagger exclusively- subdue the Beasts? Never! Dark Orc blood ran down his clothing, mixed with brighter redder Dwarf blood. The Barbarian Rage filled his body and he howled his anger- the energy flooding into him and making him bulge and grow, blood filling his eyes and fuelling his massive muscles. Whirling and fighting like a berserker the Watchman hacked and slashed his way through the thongs of Orc rioters until even the biggest, meanest, most bloodlust filled Orcs were scrambling to avoid him. Seeing him Rage many of the other Watchmen had followed his lead tossing aside their clubs and taking naked steel to the rioting mob, like Stephen they were quickly soaked in the dark blood of Orcs, Dwarves and Humans alike. Stephan pressed the lead charging into the mob roaring his anger. The Orcs backed away from this mountain of fury and muscle- many screaming the Orcish word for demon- not that Stephan cared or understood- his enemy fled before him!

When Var and Crudgel emerged the stars where twinkling in the night sky. They where covered with sweat and had silly grins on their faces, but otherwise dressed and ready to go. They found the others playing cards, bags of kit and several bottles of beer spread around them.

"Have the Spirits departed?" An'Taur asked smirking.

"Yes, the pleasure sprits are more than satisfied." Var answered with a sparkle in his eye.

"Exhausted is more like it." Crudgel leered.

"Then let us follow suit and depart this foul place!" An'Taur said as he climbed to his hooves.

"Damn right!" Bingut agreed. Barock made eyes with Crudgel and his 'Urak' smiled back, blowing him a kiss round his big Orcish tusks Barock smiled back.

"We need to be quick, or they will have done the Shutting." Var said as they grabbed their packs.

"Watch the alleys too." Crudgel grunted in his deep voice. "They are still after us after all."

"Let’s move then." Var barked as he led the way from the house.


Part 7: Escaping Dark City

The lamp lighters were hard at work fighting against the spreading the rich oily blackness of night down the streets. Five burly figures hurried off the main promenade, down Islic's Way toward the East Gate. The promenade was busy and bustling with many people fleeing the spreading riot, but Islic's Way was dark and empty- it only lead to the Gate so few travelled it after the Shutting. They were in the wide clear space before the closed gate house when the nagging doubts became too much. Reaching out Crudgel grabbed Var's powerful arm pulling him to a stop.

“Something’s not right.” He whispered in grumbling Orcish. Var nodded his big head so slightly it was hardly noticeable.

“We are being watched.” He agreed in the same grumbling tones.

“Do…do you think they will attack us?” Crudgel asked softly.

“I can not say for sure.” Var grunted back as he made a show of adjusting his furry leggings.

“Those on the gate are not Watchmen.” A third voice rumbled as the two Orcs looked over at An'Taur hidden in Orc shape.

“How…?” Crudgel started with shock in his voice.

“Do I know this?” The old Minotaur finished irritably. “They wear tabards showing the livery of the Gate Watch, however the armour underneath is black leathers not the silver scale mail of the Gate Watch.” An'taur explained slowly as if speaking to a small child.

“Very observant my friend.” Var whispered softly.

“When one deals in Illusions one notices the world around them that much more honestly” the old Minotaur snarled in way of explanation. Suddenly a chorus of loud ‘thumm's’ filled the evening air, crossbows bolts!

“’Beware ‘rrows!” Bingut warned, hunching his thick shoulder's forwards, and slinging his heavy wooden shield up over his head. Var instantly did the same, trying to shield his and Crudgel's head at the same time. An'Taur chanted and gesturing vaguely, losing his Orc shape but he began to blur and flicker, becoming almost impossible to look at.

Crudgel found himself enveloped, Barock's long arm's snaking around him pulling him in close to the Half Orc's thickly muscled body. Three heavy iron crossbow bolts buried themselves in Var's shield, a fourth cutting a ragged wound across the thick muscle of his left bicep. Then there came three sickening wet thuds, Barock's powerful shielding body jerking stiffly up right. The Half Orc grunted in pain, as his strong body sagged against his Master.

“Barock….” Crudgel started as he looked back at his ‘Mokdur’, only the flights of two heavy black iron bolts protruded from the Half Orc's broad powerful back, a third buried in his thick deltoid.

“They come to kill you!” Barock wheezed, his big hands fumbling for the long broad bladed sword at his side. With only one arm moving, he drew the long blade back handed. The assassins were behind them dropping nimbly to the street from upper story windows, tossing their spent crossbows aside. They drew weapons even as they hit the ground. Even as the false gate guards where running down the deserted street to join their attacking comrades, the assassins moved to encircle the small group. Crudgel's head whipped around to take in all the assassins; he was startled to realize that they were all staring at him!

Like many of the others Stephan was soaked in blood in and sweat. His Rage subsided as the fighting swept by him, and Stephen paused for a moment beside Gordon's Fountain.

“Even the righteous must pause to get their breath!” he murmured

“Sooo true” a voice whispered and Stephan looked round at the empty square and shrugged. He stepped over the bodies of some Orcs, mostly unarmed he noticed abstractly. He leaned over the fountain's edge, to splash a few handfuls of cold water on his sweat and blood covered face. A horrible and monstrous visage peered malevolently back at him, instantly he spun, his bloody sword blade whistling as it cleaved the empty air. Stumbling at the lack of resistance, he fell heavily against the fountain's stone edge. For a moment he sat back against the fountain's stone rim panting for breath.

Crouching sword raised, he looked around wildly; but only the dead lying still upon the pavement surrounded him. Climbing to his feet, he looked once again into the rippling waters. The same horrible and monstrous visage peered back at him, glancing over its muscular shoulder then back; as he looked over his shoulder then back. It slowly dawned on him, that this was his own reflection! Shocked he looked down at his own body, it seemed bulky. His neck thicker, his skin glittering with a greenish-red tint; His face had changed, he had thick heavy boned brows with small beady black eyes underneath. There were no pupils or whites showing within those dark beady hate filled eyes. Thick sharp white tusks pushed out of the side of his wide lipped mouth, and as he opened it to scream he could see the sharp jagged teeth within. He staggered backwards, filled with shock and horror at his own visage……….

“Mine!” the ghostly voice whispered in triumph as Stephan fell away from the fountain screaming.

The little group bunched up backs together; Bingut and Var- axe and shields at the ready, Crudgel and Barock swinging their lone weapons in low dangerous arcs as the black armoured assassin's edged closer. An'Taur stood flickering in the centre of the circle towering dark and forebodingly over the little band. There was a pause as the two groups eyed each other up, the assassins moving all the time closer but not engaging, they where surrounded now. There was a blur of movement and An’Taur was suddenly still he raised a huge three fingered hand and pointed, growling out a string of gibberish- two of the assassins stumbled back screaming in terror and flailing their swords at something only they could see. The group moved towards the opening An’Taur had created when a voice barked

“It knows magic… kill it quickly.” One of the false gate watchmen ordered, throwing his long sentries spear at An'Taur. Var lifted his big double bladed axe, catching the spears shaft between the blades on the axe head. Instantly Crudgel's heavy club came down splintering the shaft, and sending the spear head clattering to the paving stones the ringing strangely loud on the cobbles. The other assassin's closed in on the little group at once, ducking and dodging the Orc's powerful but clumsy attacks. It was obvious from their nimble and quick attacks that the assassin's had all been picked to counter the Orcs overwhelming size and strength difference. Ducking under a sword cut from Barock, an assassin aimed a cut at the big Half Orc's head. However Crudgel proved faster and more nimble than the assassin had expected, and sent him flying backwards with a sharp smashing hit.

“Good work little brother.” Bingut panted as he blocked an assassin's sword with his shield and chopped savagely at his dodging attacker. His teeth gritted together and his tightly handsome face a mask of concentration, Crudgel didn't say a word, instead he stepped out away from the little group, instantly three assassins turned to attack him. They came as one, attacking from three directions at once The massive club spun and flashed at a dizzying pace around the tall handsome young Orc and even as fast, deadly, well trained as they were the assassins were not ready from the whistling wall of wood and iron that they ran into. The right hand assassin's hand was crushed and his sword sent spinning off into the night sky. The left hand attacker was much less lucky as the heavy wooden club smashed into his head with deadly force, however it was the assassin attacked from the Orc's front who fared worst of all, as the heavy spiked iron head smashed straight up between his legs! Lifted a good three feet off the ground, his screaming body was sent back flipping across the street, the majority of his manhood torn loose from it and hung with shreds of black leather from the spike of Crudgel's club.

“That’s how I earned my name!” Crudgel roared grinning savagely. For a second they all stood in stunned silence, Orc and assassin alike. Turning to the remaining assassins, Crudgel smiled a wicked Orcish grin.

“Who wants some?” he growled low and menacingly, the anger flashing in his eyes. Eyes flicked to the Leader who was fighting Bingut. Shocked by the Orcs unexpected display of deadly speed, agility, and allies the Leader only nodded once and the assassin's broke and ran into the darkness.

“Come back here you bastards!” Crudgel roared. Blood in his eyes, he charged after the retreating assassins; however his legs buckled under him as Var tackled him from behind. Growling and cursing the two of them rolled across the ground- Crudgel on top, then Var, neither able to break the others hold until at last Var pinned the younger smaller Crudgel.

“Don't let your Orc Rage get you killed!” Var spat into Crudgel's face as he held his struggling lover down.

“I can take them!” Crudgel screamed in Orcish.

“Maybe… or maybe one of them will put a sword through your back!” Var snarled back. “And I don't want to lose you.” Var grunted more softly leaning down to plant a powerful kiss on Crudgel's mouth. The thief's eyes widened, as he slowly melted into the bigger Orc's kiss.

“’Sides… yous gots other responsibly.” Bingut's old gruff voice growled. Looking up Crudgel saw the old Orc gesturing towards the swaying Barock. Thick dark blood dripped down the Half Ogres back and along his limp dangling arm. Slowly he sank to his knees, his heavy bladed sword clanging to the cobblestones.

“Mokdur!” Crudgel shouted as Var stood to let him climb to his feet. Rushing to Barock's side, the thief knelt down beside him. “Help him.” Crudgel pleaded looking back up at Var.

“I will do what I can…I am a shaman not a proper healer.” Var grunted, moving over to examine the Half Orcs wounds. Grasping the shaft of one heavy iron bolt, Var tugged at it experimentally. It slid easily from the Half Ogre’s thickly muscled shoulder, the metal screeching as it pulled back through the thick chain shirt. Barock hissed in pain and gritted his teeth.

“Made to pierce armour.” Var explained pointing to the thin needle pointed head. “If it had been a broad head, we'd have had to cut it out!” Var grunted as he pulled the deeper second and third bolts free. He pulled the mail suit from Barock and then tore the Half Orc's soft leather tunic to expose the wounds themselves. Taking some willow bark from a pouch on his belt, Var chewed it up and placed some over the each of bleeding wounds, then using a strip of old wool cloth he placed rough bandages over the wounds, tying them in place with rawhide laces. He chanted a few words to the Spirits then turned to the scattered group.

“It won’t last long” he said deadly serious.

Captain Simmons thrust himself into the Orc, with only a few finger strokes having been there first to loosen him up. The entrance was resisted but Simmons kept thrusting and pushing until he had all of himself inside. He pulled back and thrust again, surprised but pleased to hear the Orc moaning as he did. He began to pump in and out, in earnest now, desires running wild. Suddenly he felt complete again, powerful, virile and In Charge; his cock seemed thicker, longer, his balls heavier and bigger as he slapped them against the Orcs thighs.

“You like this?” He grunted to the Orc, suddenly stopping his motion.

“Yes…more…please oh please give it to me some more!” The Orc moaned breathlessly.

“As you wish Booluc.” Simmons leered and began again, harder this time deeper and faster, he too was groaning with pleasure, the Orc wasn't the only one enjoying this! The Orc began to buck the barrel he leaned on, which itself was squealing alarmingly.

“Uhuhuhuuuu GODS!” he shouted as cum exploded from his fat green cock, splattering down the side of the barrel. That was all Simmons needed, a massive pressure lifted from him as his manhood swelled, his heavy low swinging balls drawing up as he came and came and came. Each wave seemed more intense, and it was a long time before they slowed; and Simmons head began to clear. He allowed himself to savour the afterglow, the Orc below him moaned in pleasure, begging him to go again. He smiled, energy rippled through him like nothing he'd felt before, he felt strong and In Control. Pulling his semi-hard cock from the Orc, he watched as a torrent of his own cum flowed from the open orifice. Chuckling he slapped the Orcs broad backside a few more times.

“You where good fun.” He rumbled into the panting Orcs ear.

“Again, please……” The Orc whimpered. Simmons flicked the big pointed ear, as he leaned against the Orc's backside.

“Another time 'Booluc'.” He teased as he buttoned himself back up. Simmons grabbed his other weapons and left, the Orc still draped gasping over the cum splattered barrel. As he walked away, Simmons thought of his lovely wife. She was always complaining that she was in their big house alone with no help for the children or chores. Simmons smiled as he walked back towards the rioting. There was nothing to it; he'd have to become Master of a small amount of Staff, he’d hire a maid and a handyman, and maybe a nanny; and since they where always such good workers they'd have to be Orcs. His grin got wider and his cock twitched, oh yes Orcs indeed!

As the flickering blur surrounding him faded into nothing An'taur stepped wearily up to the small party.

“We must get far away from this place.” The old Minotaur said the strain clear in his deep grumbling voice. Var looked up at his old friend concern written on his brow.

“Can you travel?” He asked.

“I will bear through.” The old Minotaur snapped. “More to the point can he?” he said nodding at Barock.

“I can walk as far as you old one!” Barock blustered, but it was obvious from his pale skin and weak breath that this statement was more pride than fact. The old Minotaur snorted turning away from the Half Orc.

“If we can get out through the Bridge Gate I know of a place we can rest, and someone who can heal his wounds.” An’Taur said to Var and Crudgel.

“That will be a problem.” Crudgel grunted. “They always lock down the Gates after dark to prevent smuggling”

“We all know this young one!” An'taur snapped and gestured at the closed East Gate. “That is why I said.. ‘If‘.. we could get past the Bridge Gate.”

“Can we go out of here and walk along the City Wall to Bridge Gate and across that way?” Bingut asked

“No the guards at the Gate would shoot us down” var said thinking.

“Or go thorugh this gates and circles round ta Ornsson's ford?” Bingut suggested again

“We don’t have time now” An’Taur rumbled

“I can make it!” Barock protested.

“NO..No you can not!” An'taur snapped spinning to face the swaying Half Orc. “It would be twice as far to get help if we had to go via the ford, and you would bleed out before we even got across the river.” The Minotaur explained coldly. “Use your head….prides a fine thing but it'll get you killed… intelligence will keep you alive!” Barock opened his mouth to snarl a reply, his one good hand lifting to strike, Crudgel stepped between them grasping the Half Ogres hand.

“Enough 'Mokdur' An'taur's words are wise.” Instantly Barock lowered his eyes, letting his hand fall limply to his side.

“Yes my Urak” He muttered meekly. “Thank you for imparting your wisdom old one.” Barock said soft and earnestly. An'taur snorted.

“If you listen to it well and pay heed… ya might live ta get so old.” he growled, however his tone was softer now.

“Alright so Bridge Gate it is” Bingut snorted. “How are we going to get through a locked gate house?” Var asked looking over at the slumped shoulders of the tired An'taur.

“Magic.” The old Minotaur grunted gesturing grandly with his huge hand. Var peered hard at the Minotaur, behind the angry forceful words and grand gestures Var could see the exhaustion and pain in An'taur's dark bullish eyes. Pulling his old friend aside where the others could not hear Var grunted.

“You have preformed much magic today.”

“Hah.. tell me something I don't know!” An'taur snarled softly.

“Will you be able to with stand the strain of still more?” Var asked looking deep into his old friends eyes.

“I said tell me…not ask me something I don't know.” An'taur snapped.

“We will find another way.” Var said flatly.

“Hah!" "There is no other way!” An'taur snorted derisively.

“We'll think of something!” Var insisted.

“What? Swim? Dragging a half dead Half Orge?” An'taur shook his head. “I will get us through the Bridge Gate.” he stated flatly. “Come let us see if any resources are left within the East Gate house.” The old Minotaur grumbled before Var could make a reply to his statement.

The small party moved up to the gate house and An'taur ducked inside the doorway with Var following while the others kept watch. The small guard room at the base of the tower was in disarray, chairs were over turned, a bottle of wine had shattered upon the stone floor, and in the dark back corners unconscious guardsmen lay bound and gagged.

“Drugged and bound!” Var grunted. “Our attackers were very thorough.”

“And very professional!” An'taur added looking hard at his old friend.

“Theives Guild assassins?” Var asked.

“I would say so, after your pretty one it would appear.” An'taur muttered darkly.

“But why? The bounty is not that big!”

“Perhaps you should ask him.” The Minotaur grunted. He moved over to a guardsman who was stirring groggily. Peering into the Human's glazed eyes, the old Minotaur chuckled and tapped the man's cheek. Staring deep into the groggy mans eyes, An'taur whispered a spell gesturing vaguely as he did. The Human smiled happily as he peered up groggily into An'taur's bullish face.

“Hullo my friend… it's good to see you.” The Human slurred.

“As it is to see you my friend.” An'taur rumbled, helping the dazed Human to his feet where he stood swaying back and forth drunkenly. “Here let me help you out of those heavy things.” An'taur offered untying the guardsman and then removing his heavy silver scale-mail armour.

“Thank you kindly ma friend.” The Human slurred.

“Feeling a bit randy?” Var quietly asked the old Minotaur who arching one thick eyebrow questioningly. The Human did not seem to notice Var.

“Hardly!” he spat back at him, as he removed the Human's quilted arming shirt and then helped off with his leather breeches to leave the Human clad in only his loin cloth. “We are going to have to distract those at the Bridge Gate.”

“I see” Var grunted “but not everyone likes the male pleasures as well as you and I.”

“Heheh… that hardly matters” An’Taur snorted “they will see only what I wish them to see.”

Watchman Jon found the Orc draped over the barrel, his bare arse high in the air, the smell of sex and cum hanging heavily in the alley. The Orc was snoring. Jon tried to guess what happened here- he’d been following a sighting of Capt Simmons but had lost him for a few moments. He looked at the fucked Orc and a shudder ran through him. The cum dribbling from the Orcs ass was Human white, it mixed with the grey Orc cum running down the barrel into one big puddle on the floor. One horrible scene ran through his head- had Capt Simmons fucked an Orc?? A second shudder past through Jon’s big body- to fuck another male went against everything he believed in! To fuck another man instead of a woman? Never! To be used like a woman? Jon felt physically sick and moved quickly past the sleeping Orc. As he reached the alley mouth though he turned back a saw the pleasure on the Orcs sleeping face and somehow his dick twitched. He shivered and quickly left.

Jon caught up with Capt Simmons outside the Guild House in the Dwarf district. There were a small group of Dwarves, and Human Guild heads with a small scatting of Orc Elders standing on the steps. Although they where more powerful than Capt Simmons he was commanding them forcefully, ordering them to call the rioters off before the Army got involved and many more died. Jon took a position close to the Captain; a Guardsman he didn’t know was on his other side. Jon listened to his Captains strong words, he felt proud he knew such a good Commander, why had he never spoke like this before?

“Captain Simmons” one of the bigger Dwarves was saying as the Captain paused “we simply cannot call off a mob, as you know well it is as directionless as a pack mule without its handler.”

“Guild master Hursk” Simmons answered “you know as well as me that a few words from your good selves here and the mob will die off.” The thick set Dwarf answered back but Jon’s attention had wandered; Worc was in with the Guild Master’s, the Half Orc listening intensely to the Captains words. He seemed to sense he was being looked at and turned to look at Jon; a wide smile split his face, exposing his smaller tusks. He blew a kiss at Jon, who shuddered but found he couldn’t look away. A thought accorded to him as he looked at the square face of Worc, what had that Goblin said…….he couldn’t quite remember, he’d been pushing past that disgusting Half Ogre at the time. Worc was pushing his tongue suggestively around his lips as Jon strained to remember, he half seemed to have it when he realised his cock was hard from watching Worc, he blushed a deep red and looked away, the memory leaving him as he adjusted himself.

Sergeant Parvel Berdan watched the procession moving slowly towards his post at the Bridge Gate.

“Humph… damned merchants!” He swore under his breath, shaking his grizzled greying head. They all knew the Gate was closed and locked at sun down, and wouldn't be unlocked until dawn, yet two or three a night would come begging or demanding to be let through. The old Captain had let a few through, for a handsome price of course, but the new boy was a spit and polish, by the book little shit! He never let anyone through, and that meant no bribe money or extra beer for the old Sergeant, and that stirred more than a bit of dislike in the grizzled old veteran. Still he pointed out the approaching group as was his duty, and followed the young Captain down the gate house stairway to meet them. He barked for the Watch archers posted on the gate house roof to cover them just to be sure.

“Halt!” The young Watch Captain roared much louder than was necessary, making Parvel wince faintly. The slow moving box wagon rolled to a stop and a portly richly dressed merchant climbed down.

“Greetings Commander…I am Antaurn of the Northern Star Merchant house.” The fat red faced merchant puffed as he waddled up to them.

“I'm a Captain not a Commander.” The stiff young Captain corrected, frowning at the obvious attempt at flattery. “And this gatehouse is locked down for the night.”

“Oho I know Captain” the smarmy merchant whined “but I was thinking perhaps we might come to an understanding.”

“You can not buy my honour with your gold merchant!” The Captain snarled icily.

“Gold!” The fat merchant grunted with distain. “I would not dream of insulting you so my Captain!”

“Then turn your wagon and be on your way.”

“In good time Captain…in good time” the red faced merchant agreed “but first allows me to introduce you to this fair creature.” Turning the fat red faced Merchant gestured to the lithe, slender, figure who was climbing out of the box wagon.

“By the gods!” The young Captain whispered in awe, as he starred slack jawed at the vision in front of him. Above him the archers all stood equally enthralled, their weapons lowered. Even the old Sergeant at his side was captured by the glamour.

“Ahhhhh come here my friend.. I have some people I'd like you to meet.” Antaurn said glibly as the vision approached. “Now my dear one I'd like you to keep my friend the Captain and his men company while I proceed ahead. That is all right with you isn't it Captain?” The fat merchant asked sweetly.

“Wha..What? Oh yes…yes indeed.” The young Watch Captain answered quickly not taking his eyes from the figure walking towards him.

“Ahhhhh excellent, now if you'd be so kind as to open the gates.” Antaurn said pleasantly but with a little magical force. The Watch Captain's brow knotted up for a second, and then he called over his shoulder.

“Open the gates!” The young Captain called his eyes locked on the vision in front of him.

“Ahhhhh thank you Captain…may the night bring you much joy.” The fat red faced merchant said pleasantly, then more softly to the object of the Captain's attention. “Go with the Captain dear one, do whatever he and his men ask of you.” Then as the heavy Gate opened the merchant and his wagon rattled away into the darkness.

Guild Master Kirth stared darkly at the Head Assassin. He was not pleased and all his fury was directed at the man in front of him. The tension was very high and all around the Guild hall guild enforcers simply awaited the word to fall upon the hapless assassin squad.

“Words do not fail to express how disappointed I am Maok. It was a simple job.” He sniffed and looked down his long nose at the black clad man who stood to attention in front of him. “Beaten by Orcs, whatever next” The young man and his squad said nothing, they simply awaited their fate. The Guild Master stood, his big burly body dominating the underground Hall. “Follow me” he said simply and stepped from his throne. The squad followed like dogs behind their Alpha male. Kirth led them into his private office- a luxurious suite none had been in before. Along one wall was a massive oak desk; opposite it was a wall mounted cupboard of very unusual Dwarf design, the rest of the walls covered with full bookcases. They stood in silence facing the desk.

“The old man Fyldan gave Dax, or Crudgel if you prefer, something very important to the Guild. He had kept it hidden for many years. It belongs to my Guild and I will have it back” he gazed at the seven men facing him, all but the leader was Human, young, fast, and fit. Maok had Elf blood in him and was taller than the others, and if anything even faster than his squad.

“You will take these men and get back Felspars Band. If you fail, don’t come back to the City, you will be killed. I don’t care if the Orc is alive or dead after- I simply want the band. Use every method you can to secure it. If you need kit see the Armoury- otherwise dismissed!” The Squad all nodded at their Guild Master and turned to file out, Maok last.

“I will bring you the band” he swore to Kirth said and then was gone.

It was some miles down the dark road and up into the hills, when they paused to let the wounded Barock rest and catch their own breath. Var turned to An'taur.

“What did they see?” The old Minotaur was sitting on a dead tree trunk, wheezing like a old bellows, however as he looked up at him, Var saw a mischievous twinkle in his dark bullish eyes.

“Each male saw his ideal lover, the dream of his heart, the desire of his loins.” He chuckled deeply.

“Hahah!” Var guffawed “How long until it wares off?”

“It should last until dawn. Dawn breaks most such glamour’s.” An'taur grunted still chuckling softly.

“Hah…I’s had that happen ta me in the past… of course it was the ale that cast da spell upon me!” Bingut joked, then asked An’Taur curiously “what abouts the guardsman you gave them?”

“If he's lucky the spell on him will last the night. If not then he is in for a rough time of it.” The Illusionist admitted shamefaced “unless of course like the ‘Mokdur’ over there he enjoys that kinda thing.” An'taur smirked at Barock, who glared back weakly.

“How far to this Healer friend of yours?” Crudgel asked softly.

“A few more hours walking, he lives across that ridge line and under the lone peak just beyond.”

“A strangely out of the way place for a Healer to reside.” Var said.

“He's something of a hermit…or was. It has been some years since I last saw him.” An'taur admitted.

“How can you be sure he is even still there?” Var asked looking concerned.

“Oh he is still there.” An'taur assured. “He would not leave the land, for it is both his passion and his duty.”

“Oh?” Var questioned.

“He is an Elf druid.” An’Taur grunted.

“What!” Bingut choked. “Yous can’t be serious! He will nat welcomes the likes of us in his glade!”

“We are friends, and once we were more. Elomaru will welcome me, and those who I honour as friends.”

An'taur growled at the old Orc.

“And what of Brock… I need not tell you how he has always treated the Elven folk.” Var warned.

“Then you better have your pretty one keep a tight rein upon him!” An’Taur cried “If he threatens Elomaru or his lands and Elomaru doesn't kill him… I will!” The Minotaur snarled glaring at Barock.

“You value this Elf so much?” Var asked startled.

“As much as you value your pretty boi.” An'taur grumbled angrily. Var nodded in understanding, An'taur and an Elf was surprising thought and image, but then stranger things had happened- he'd once seen an Orc give himself over to a Dwarf as a slave willingly.

“I wills not be trouble” Barock rumbled, surprising them all “I simply want to sleep” He yawned showing his impressive teeth.

“No! Don’t sleep” Crudgel said springing to his feet “we must go!” he said to Var. Var looked at the slumped Minotaur and murmured a small prayer to the spirits.

“Dax is right, we must go. Come everyone, let’s get moving” Bingut got up and slung Barocks chain back onto his shoulder, the others grabbing their packs too. An’Taur stood and looked at the lit City below them on the road; fires could be seen clearly in several Wards.

“Goodbye” he said quietly as a wide smile broke on his face.

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