Tying the knot

by DracumSum

Mike got lost in the woods, during the night of a full moon. He heard a twig snap behind him. And now he’s got a new boyfriend.

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Part 1 Mike got lost in the woods, during the night of a full moon. He heard a twig snap behind him. And now he’s got a new boyfriend. (added: 2 Jan 2021)
Part 2
Part 3 Mike and Alex decide to see if their relationship can grow into something bigger. The answer is very much yes. (added: 24 Apr 2021)
Part 4  (added: 1 May 2021)
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Part 1

Mike had never quite understood the concept of planning.

Sure, he could figure out how to get to the beach, but he never really did the next step in the chain. Just like realizing that day drinking would mean he couldn’t drive, which would mean that he couldn’t make it home, which well…there’s a reason he’s unemployed.

And now he was stuck in a similar situation.

Going kayaking with friends sounded like a great idea, and hiking back upstream sounded absolutely fine. But he’d started at 3 p.m., his car was about 10 kilometers away, the sun had set, and he didn’t bring his flashlight or phone, since they could get wet. Just his keys, a water jug, and some sunscreen.

“Stay calm, as long as you follow the river, you can’t get lost,” Mike muttered, trying to pick his way through the thick Northeast forest.

Thankfully , the moon was full. so it was pretty easy to see where to put his feet, even if it felt like he was going maybe a mile an hour thanks to the bushwacking.

Still, he had plenty of water. Even 5 hours wasn’t going to be… impossible, just long and exhausting.

Though he regretted his choice of footwear; soaked sneakers. Even after they’d mostly dried out, it wasn’t fun.

By now he’d mostly zoned out, thinking idle thoughts. Mike didn’t notice that he was following a draw up the mountain, rather than sticking to his original plan.

He confidently turned away from the river, up the ravine and started walking, looking for a place to cross. It looked like it was a tributary to the bigger river, so… steep and wet. Not fun to climb back out of.

A few hundred meters along, Mike made another left turn, this time to get around an uprooted tree, then made a wide walk around what smelled like a swamp.

The next twenty minutes of trying to get back on track was an exercise in futility. He had no idea where he was going and was too scared of getting more lost. His ability to walk more than 200 meters in any one direction dwindled as panic slowly grew. He didn’t want to go the wrong way.

In his panic, Mike started walking uphill. His reasoning? Uphill and upstream should be in the same direction. That made sense, right?

What felt like an hour later, he had to admit that it really didn’t. He’d made it to a clearing at the top of a hill, but couldn’t see or hear the river. He couldn’t figure out where to go next. He was lost. Hopelessly lost.

Mike began pacing around the clearing, trying to remember if anything looked familiar. Anything. Any sign at all.

“All right, that hill looks… like the one we floated by?” he whimpered, trying to visualize that hill in his mind based on his vague recollection of it during the day. He started pacing, trying to see other parts of the hill, not willing to leave the clearing. Everything looked totally different by moonlight, the world thrust into crisp patches of colorless light and dark. Any wind in the leaves seemed to make the world move.

Mike’s panic turned to fear, his eyes playing tricks on him. Monsters, faces, unknowable things in the dark, standing in the corner of his vision, flickering out of existence as his eyes tried to catch any movement. .

He knew those were just in his mind. Mountain lions, bears, wolves, snakes…

Mike froze and started walking backwards until he reached a massive maple tree, looking wildly into the night. At least he would be safer off the ground.

Mike latched onto the bark of the tree and tried to climb, trying to use the rough bark as hand and footholds. He grunted as he strained muscles untouched for years. His grip broke, and he slid back down the tree. He rubbed his face and got back up, ready to try again.

Several pathetic attempts later, Mike sat down. He was exhausted from the day, from the hike, from the futile attempts to climb, and curled up into a ball. It wasn’t that cold out, and getting some sleep would make getting back to the car tomorrow easier.

A few hours later, a howl echoed through the trees and woke Mike up. He looked around blearily, confused at his new alarm, then another howl tore him awake entirely, sending him to his feet, ready to sprint. Mike started running, then immediately fell on his face as he tripped over some loose rocks. He winced at the noise, and got back to his feet, deciding to slowly sneak away from whatever had made that noise.

Maybe two steps later, and the crack of a snapping branch filled the hushed air. Mike cringed, and tried not to make another sound. He took a few more steps, managed to not make any noise, and relaxed a bit. He was going to do this. Just take it one step at a time. No noise, they can’t find you. One step at a time. Mike took another step and another snap filled the air. Mike closed his eyes, and breathed out. Come on, do this right. Mike looked at the ground carefully, and placed his foot. Another snap rang out. Fuck!

Wait… that wasn’t from me… Mike said, looking behind him. All he could see was two yellow eyes in the bushes, glinting in the moonlight. He froze, terrified at whatever it was.

The eyes moved forward, rustling as they broke through the brush into the clearing proper, and stood underneath the full moon. It was huge, powerful, poised like it was ready to lunge for his neck. Wolves don’t attack people, right? Mike thought, his legs not responding. Then the wolf stood up.

It was maybe eight feet tall, hunched over and on digitrade legs, bulging with clearly defined muscle. Its claws glinted in the moonlight, sharp and lethal, while its teeth glinted white, saliva dripping as its lips pulled back in a snarl. Mike was most focused on those parts, as his brain finally got enough pieces together to try to run. He tripped again, and caught himself on his hands, legs scrabbling underneath him. He got back on his feet and froze again as a low growl began inches from his neck.

A massive pair of forepaws wrapped around Mike, and lifted him off the ground. All Mike could hear was his pounding heartbeat. He tried pulling against the claws, but the wolf just started squeezing, slowly and inexorably, as if it could increase pressure more or less infinitely. He slumped and closed, utterly defeated, ready to die.

When violent bloody death didn’t find him, Mike opened one eye warily. The wolf was looking at him with a curious expression, head tilted to one side, and then it opened its mouth in a surprisingly doggie-like grin. It carefully put Mike down, and then went back to all fours, sniffing him excitedly. Mike really wasn’t sure how to respond.

Still, without it looming overhead, and now that Mike was sure he couldn’t run, he was able to get a better look at the beast.

Werewolf? Mike thought, as the wolf started sniffing around him, still mostly seated.

Even sitting down, the wolf’s eyes were level with Mike’s own, though he was increasingly unsure about it being a wolf. Aside from the whole standing up thing, now that he could actually see it, well… it looked kinda hot.

Sure, animalistic head with triangular ears (which was sort of a turn on anyway) and legs, but the rest of it looked pretty humanoid. Tight ass, bushy tail, strong broad back with muscles that showed through even the layer of white and gray fur. Mike reached out and felt the wolf, running his hands through the fluff. The wolf whined at the touch and pressed back hard into it, clearly enjoying the sensation.

Well, it seems nice. Mike started petting with both hands, and the wolf sat up, resting its massive head on Mike’s shoulder, almost staggering him.

The sucker was heavy, and Mike leaned into it, half petting half hugging in self-defense. “You’re a bigun, aren’t you?” Mike asked, continuing the long tradition of asking obvious questions to animals. The wolf picked up its head and looked at him, mouth opening in a doggie grin, then licked his face. Mike spluttered and tried to wipe off the slobber, but, well, still holding up a couple hundred pounds of wolf. Giant fluffy absorbent pelt? He thought, then buried his face in the wolf’s neck fluff and rubbed. The warm fur felt nice, even if it wasn’t that cold out, and Mike stood there, relaxing with his new friend.

It didn’t even smell bad, just a lot, somehow spicy and strong. Mike’s arms slowly stopped petting the wolf’s neck and head, and started feeling the rest of the beast. Definitely not just a wolf, the rock hard pecs, the bulging biceps, the defined back all said human, and an impressive one at that. The wolf hooked his head around Mike’s back, and slowly relaxed, bringing Mike to the ground with it, ending up laying down with Mike splayed across its torso.

Mike stopped smelling the wolf’s neck, and got a good look at its, no his, entire body for the first time. Lying flat, it was closer to ten feet tall, with longer arms and shorter legs than in a human. Those arms and legs were corded with muscle, and the upper arm was easily thicker than Mike’s leg. Even through the fur, it was easy to see the wolf’s definition; abs, pecs, lats, and quads were all cut, the thin fur on most of his body adding an exotic accent rather than concealing. The ruff around its neck was almost lion-like, though still gray and white. Definitely more practical than muscle-builder, lots of supporting muscle around the waist kept the wolf from a classic V shape.

Somehow the wolf seemed amused as Mike’s eyes ran up and down its body, and he opened his mouth in an almost knowing grin as Mike froze and stared at one particular spot.

The wolf’s sheath was massive, easily the length of Mike’s forearm, covered in pure white fur that practically demanded that one look at it. The baseball sized testes pulled down on an almost overfull ball sack, giving a stallion a run for its money. Mike couldn’t help but get closer, to look at this paragon of masculinity better.

He crawled on all fours towards the wolf’s crotch, and swung one leg over the wolf’s torso. Despite the sheath’s massive size, the cock within was apparently tightly squeezed; the head was already partway out, glinting wetly in the moonlight. Mike couched there, his head short circuited by the fulfillment of multiple of his unattainable fantasies. After a few seconds, he had to breathe, and a similar smell from the wolf’s neck flooded his nostrils, though it wasn’t quite the same. It was spicier, stronger, more demanding. Mike felt a familiar stirring sensation in his pants as his body responded to long years’ worth of conditioning.

He jumped as the wolf’s massive hands wrapped around his waist, and the wolf’s head pressed against his crotch, inhaling deeply. The wolfcock started sliding out of its home, as the wolf’s balls started pumping in their sack. Mike stared open mouthed as inch after inch slid free, starting from a thin point for the slit, then rapidly expanding to a thigh thick behemoth. The cock stood there proudly, pulsing in time with the wolf’s slow heartbeat, leaking a slow river of precum. Mike’s forearm couldn’t compare. He was pretty sure most of his leg wouldn’t compare.

Mike’s obsessive staring was cut short as the wolf hooked his claws into the swimwear and tore it apart, releasing Mike’s aroused manhood. It wasn’t that special, lower end of average at five inches, though Mike was pretty sure that any human cock would be about the same compared to the behemoth before him. Mike tensed as he felt the wolf’s breath on his balls, and jumped again when he felt something wet and hot enclose both them and his dick. A few seconds later, powerful suction and an agile tongue set to work, wrapping his length and urging him towards orgasm.

Mike moaned at the sensation, and felt like he had to reciprocate, reaching out towards the wolfhood in front of him. It jumped as he touched the spongy hard surface, spurting a small amount of watery pre-cum, the spicy smell growing until it made Mike’s head swim. He reached out with his tongue, and licked up the pre matting the fur, the sharp taste more potent than he expected. The two lay there, Mike’s flab indented against the wolf’s cut abs, each exploring the other. Then the wolf tensed and moved Mike.

He yelped as the wolf’s claws picked him up and flipped him around, his crotch now facing the wolf’s head, and he shuttered as the sharp teeth fully enclosed his cock and taint, tongue extending between his ass cheeks. The wolf started sucking and rimming him at the same time, and Mike practically melted into the arms of his lover. It wasn’t long before he was close, and he grunted, spraying jizz into the wolf’s muzzle.

The wolf didn’t appear to mind, swallowing it without issue, but the wolf’s tongue slipped past Mike’s relaxed asshole, coating it in a generous layer of slick saliva. Mike squirmed at the intrusion, but the wolf held him fast. It was only when Mike was dripping that the wolf finally placed Mike down, resting him on his furry pelvis. It took a few seconds for Mike to recover from the overstimulation, and the invasion. Still leaking, Mike tried to turn around to return the favor, but was interrupted by a wet slap at the base of his shoulder blade.

“Did that thing get bigger?” Mike asked, trying to turn around. The wolf stopped him, picking him up again, though this time with his thumbs facing inward.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Mike asked, starting to panic as the wolf’s thick thumbs started sliding through the saliva to his asshole. “No!” He shouted as the wolf’s thick thumb started playing with the muscle. Mike tried to tense, but after a few seconds the wolf easily slipped inside, not meeting any resistance. Muscle relaxant in the saliva? Mike wondered randomly, though most of his brain was concerned with trying to… oops, already in.

Both thumbs started pulling apart, stretching Mike’s increasingly pliant ass, as Mike cringed in fear and anticipation of pain. But it never came. Instead, the wolf stuck another finger inside, and started rubbing something that sent pulses of pleasure up and down Mike’s spine. Mike moaned and tried to press back against the invader, get a more intense sensation, but it wasn’t coming. Instead, Mike was stuck there at the mercy of the wolf, who seemed more than content enough to let him squirm. Mike closed his eyes, trying to lose himself in the sensation, and groaned in satisfaction when something else started pressing against the bump. Both of the wolf’s thumbs were withdrawn, and reached to grab Mike by the armpits, as the pressure against the bump slowly started building. Mike started moaning as the rubbing stimulated parts of him he never knew existed.

Then an intrusion of discomfort in his stomach started, and Mike opened his eyes, trying to figure out what was happening. “Holy shit!” He shouted as he saw himself slowly sinking down onto the deep red wolf cock. He’d already made it past the head, and most of the remainder was easily as thick as his thigh. Mike wasn’t sure how his pelvis hadn’t already cracked. The discomfort continued to grow, until it reached painful, and Mike tried to worm his way around the massive cock so it didn’t crush his internal organs. Something gave way, and Mike slipped a few more inches as a burning line appeared near the inside of his stomach.

I’m going to be fucked to death. Mike thought, looking down and noticing that the frothy clear saliva that was working as lube was taking a pink tinge. The wolf seemed not to care and, now that Mike was more than halfway down the lethal cock, he started lifting Mike up and down, yelping at the sensation. Mike could clearly see where the cock was, the bulge pressed inches out from his normal thin layer of flab. As the wolf continued, the pain slowly vanished, while the pleasure from that bulb grew and grew. Mike involuntarily clenched down, spraying watery jizz on the wolf, and the wolf whimpered as it pressed in, pulling Mike down further than before, reigniting the pain from that burning line, and driving the air out from his lungs.

The wolf came, howling, arms tensing and pulling Mike onto him. Mike clearly felt each cumshot pulse through the wolf’s cock, and he moaned again at the additional rhythmic pressure on his prostate, squeezing out more watery cum onto the wolf’s fur. The wolf didn’t stop, shooting what felt like liters of the stuff into his ruined colon, until his lower belly bulged out a bit. The wolf moved his hands and pressed down on the bulge, playing with it and forcing the jizz into other parts of Mike’s bowels. Mike, on the other hand, slumped against the wolf’s hands, unable to muster the willpower to stay upright.

The wolf let Mike down slowly, until he was resting against the wolf’s chest, bellybutton to bellybutton. Mike was completely overwhelmed. Feeling the wolf manipulate his body so easily was terrifying. He’d never felt like he had so little control. Mike’s cock twitched again, spraying another prostate orgasm against the wolf, and Mike looked up at his owner.

The wolf leaned down and licked Mike’s face, covering him in a thick layer of slime. It might not have been as potent smelling as the wolf’s precum, or his cock, but Mike’s head started spinning from the overwhelming scent. Each breath made the pain in his stomach feel more remote, as his dick started hardening and his ass started pulsing involuntarily, coaxing a whimper and an involuntary thrust out of his fluffy mate. Mike was torn, he wanted to return the favor, but his ass still wanted more. He reached up and tried to pull the wolf’s face towards him, opening his mouth and extending his tongue.

The wolf eagerly followed his lead, and the wolf tried to kiss Mike. Little difficult for muzzles. Still Mike tried to make do even if his lover could fit his entire head into his mouth. Mike and the wolf kissed, their tongues intertwining and fighting, as slobber slid down Mike’s throat. He swallowed, kissed, and breathed in a complex dance, as the pain in his stomach faded and vanished.

After a few minutes of making out, after potentially lethal sex, completely ruining the buildup of the scene, Mike finally felt like he had enough control to move. Holding onto the wolf’s chiseled abs for support, Mike regretfully pulled away from the kiss, and started pushing himself down. Mike moaned as the thigh thick monster crushed his prostate, the smooth surface of the wolf’s cock not providing enough stimulation on its own, until he hit a stop. Two orbs, maybe two or three times the thickness of his hand, had slipped free of the sheath, and were demanding satisfaction. Mike took a deep breath, let it out, and pressed against them, hard.

Despite his asshole being completely, almost magically, relaxed, these two bulges were far outside of Mike’s comfortable range. He started squirming on top of the wolf, trying to get the knots to shift more easily, and the knot started to slip in. Mike’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth as he felt some skin tear, and he knew that he was pushing way, way too far. The wolf saw Mike’s dedication, and grabbed Mike’s hips, helping him down.

Mike gasped as the knot passed its thickest point, and he rapidly slid down the rest, his asshole reflexively clamping down the root of the wolf’s dick after he bounced into the wolf’s virile cub factories. The wolf’s reaction was even more intense. He howled, head thrust back, pointing at the sky. Mike was dragged with him, the massive cock embedded in his ass and tickling his lungs forcing the entire body along, bulge clearly visible all the way though. And the wolf began cumming for real.

Blast after blast filled Mike, and his belly was starting to show. It was filling Mike’s entire digestive tract, clearly outlined around the massive bulge that was the wolf’s cock. Mike could have sworn there was so much that it was filling his stomach. He held himself, shuttering in time with the spurts of jizz, debating whether or not he could get off. His hesitation cost him; the wolf’s knot started hardening and expanding, firmly locking the two together. The wolf’s cock felt like it was never going to stop, pumping blast after blast of cum. Mike could feel it, the cock shuttering and pulsing, pressing against his prostate, and filling him up. His cock went wild, spraying everything it had, soaking the wolf as far as Mike could pump. Mike shouted and went limp, completely overwhelmed by the sensation, and eventually passed out against the wolf, who curled around him protectively, still locked firmly locked together.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mike woke up to bright sunlight, feeling surprisingly good for someone who probably should have died from internal bleeding. The ground was soft, there wasn’t much dew, no mosquitoes, and someone was spooning him from behind, with a mostly soft cock up his ass. Mike blinked, as his brain processed that last fact, and he jerked away, last night suddenly returning in a rush. Unable to think of anything else, and not sure if his legs would support him, Mike turned around.

Laying down, yawning and rubbing his eyes, wasn’t the wolf. Looks like his guess about the existence of werewolves was accurate, because there was a naked dude laying there.

Strangely enough, Mike’s first thought was that the guy was cute. Five foot nothing, maybe a little tone, shorter messy blond hair, shaved everything else, feminine face with long lashes, and piercing blue eyes, which were currently filled with a mixture of shame and regret.

“Oh fuck, did I… fuck,” the stranger asked in a highish pitched voice.

“Erm… yes,” Mike said, and suddenly reverted to standard social norms out of reflex. “I’m Mike, nice to meet you.”

The stranger’s eyebrows furrowed in concern, but he nevertheless said, “Um, hi, I’m Alex.”

An awkward silence fell, and the two didn’t look at each other for a few moments. Mike picked up his shredded clothes and looked at them, as Alex blushed. He looked like he was going to say something apologetic, but stopped himself.

“Should have brought a lint roller,” Mike said after examining the clothing carefully.

Alex looked at the clothes, shredded by his claws, torn along the crotch, useless for anything except as cum rags, but, to be fair, had a layer of gray fur matted to the surface, and laughed. “God, that’s an awful joke.” Mike laughed along with him.

“Yeah, I know. Mind helping me get up?” Mike asked, legs still unsure.

Alex nodded, and looked at where their bodies were still joined. He backed away, his cock pulling out with liquid slurping noise, and they both shivered at the sensation. Shaking it off, Alex stood up and pulled Mike up.

It didn’t hurt as much as Mike expected, which is to say he could actually stand and walk, if a little stiffly. Alex seemed pretty much fine, completely comfortable with standing around naked in the forest. Mike noticed that Alex was looking him up and down, seemingly approvingly.

Mike wasn’t sure why. Curly black hair, six feet, that layer of chub over an old swimmer’s build, it was basically the opposite of Alex, though they were both in their early 20s. Still, it looked like Alex approved, as another really obvious difference became apparent. A huge dick and balls.

Mike was pretty happy with his five incher. Might have been a bit smaller than average, and made even smaller by that inch or two of fat, but… it worked. Alex, on the other hand, was honestly scary. It didn’t look like something that should be attached to a human. Which might be the explanation of how he got it? Hanging halfway down his thigh, the wrist thick veiny cock and egg sized balls captured all of Mike’s attention, and he said the first thing that came to mind. “Is that an illegal shotgun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

Alex blushed and tried to cover himself up. It didn’t really work, and Mike could see the dick from both sides of his arm. He felt himself start to stiffen, and his asshole felt weirdly empty and needy.

“Sorry about that… I’ll try to explain when… actually do you have a car nearby? How did you get here?”

Mike recounted his idea to walk back to his car after the river ride. Alex was dumbfounded.

“You walked through the wilderness without proper footwear, anyone else with you, or a way of calling for help?”

“Erm… I had footwear.” Mike looked around confused at why he was naked, rather than just pants-less. He saw both shoes, but they were shredded, and his shirt looked stretched beyond use, plus covered in an unholy mixture of bodily fluids. “How did that happen?”

“Oh… well, I suppose that’s to be expected,” Alex said, his face falling.


“Well, you’re a werewolf now.” Alex sniffed a few times. “Yep, new wolf smell. Anyway, you would have probably died if you hadn’t become one.”

“What? I thought it was bites?” Mike said, going off of an inordinate fondness of anthropomorphic animals.

“I think it’s any bodily fluid entering your bloodstream. I don’t see any scratches, and you said no bites. Did you get injured last night?” Alex asked.

Mike thought back to the previous night. “Erm, it felt like you had torn open my rectum?”

“Why? Did I try to eat you?” Alex asked, suddenly alarmed.

“Erm no…” Mike said, gesturing around at the cum sodden ground.

“Oh. Ooh.” Alex’s cock started growing, and he coughed uncomfortably. Then began again. “I… think we should probably continue this after we take a shower. I think my car is a few miles away, if you’re able to walk.”

Mike nodded, and the two set off into the woods.


Part 2

Mike limped towards Alex’s sensible-to-a-fault four door silver Hyundai, wincing with every step. Alex had easily darted through the forest, his feet were tough enough to walk over sharp rocks, his balance sure, and his mental map of the woods nearly perfect.

Mike, on the other hand, had fallen on his ass every few minutes, and had started bleeding from both feet thanks to his total lack of woodcraft and barefoot activity. Plus he was sure they’d been wandering in circles, and had made that comment clear. No amount of “we’ve been walking downhill this entire time, how can we be going in circles?” could shake that.

Now that they were at the car, he practically broke down in tears in relief.

“Sorry about all that. I can’t shift during the day, and I really can’t carry you,” the 90-pound wimp said apologetically, looking at the red tinged footprints.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ve dealt with worse. Just give me a bit to sleep,” Mike said, leaning against the car, suddenly hyper-aware they were in public and naked.

Alex shook his head. “I have a medical kit in the car. Just sit down, I’ll take care of it.” He popped the trunk, and unlocked the door. Mike looked hesitantly at the light colored faux-leather, until Alex threw him a towel and he could wipe off some of the mud he’d picked up.

Alex did the same with his feet and hands, casually cleaning himself off on the roadside, before walking over to Mike and looking at his feet. “Shouldn’t be an issue, have alcohol right here. Just need to clean it out.” He knelt down and started carefully fixing the wounds.

Mike felt a familiar stirring in his crotch, as this cute guy was helping him, though a much more powerful rhythmic clenching in his ass grabbed his attention as well. Alex’s breaths deepened, and his cock stirred as well. He looked up, either in confusion or anticipation, and noticed Mike’s manhood staring him in the face. A wicked gleam took over, and he opened his mouth, hands coming up, when a flash of… something darted across his face and he shook his head.

He professionally finished bandaging Mike, and got into the car, while Mike sat there confused and inexplicably hurt.

The two drove away in silence, heading somewhere. Mike wanted to ask questions, such as “where are we going” but was hampered by two things. One, he suddenly felt like he’d spent the entire night doing vigorous exercise and, two, he realized that the sun rises before 5 am in the summer. Allergic to the idea of two four o’clocks in one day, he leaned against the glass and fell asleep.

Not long afterwards, Mike was nudged awake. He blinked blearily in the early morning air. “Erm, what?” They were outside an apartment building, and Alex was wearing a towel around his waist, poking Mike through the open window.

“We’re at my apartment. If you want to come in, you’re welcome to. If not, I’ll call an Uber, and grab you some clothes,” Alex said, apparently trying to control his emotions, and started walking inside.

“I’ll come up!” Mike said, his enthusiasm surprising himself. “I mean, I need to take a shower anyway, and I’d like to know more about what’s going on.”

Alex nodded, and the two took the stairs and two hallways to get to Alex’s door. Alex was far enough ahead that he had to poke his head around the corner a few times to make sure Mike found the right place. And he had the apartment door open by the time Mike caught up. Mike walked through into a fairly sparse space, kitchenette, large computer setup, some random posters, and an exercise area. A couple doors probably opened into closets, the bathroom, and the bedroom.

“You can take the first shower, I have something I need to take care of,” Alex said gruffly, pointing to one of the doors and walking over to his computer. Mike nodded and walked in. Not much to say, clean, no objectionable design choices, an array of functional over beautifying products, and a plunger. It was the Hyundai all over again. Boring practicality.

Mike shrugged. Whatever, it was still a shower. He turned on the water and hopped in, then realized that he didn’t know where another towel was. The one he’d walked in with was smeared with mud and worse.

Mike walked out of the shower and headed for the door. He opened it and looked out. “Hey Alex, do you have—” Mike stopped when he saw Alex angrily pushing a massive bulge in his towel down, evidently trying to control his libido. Come to think of it, Mike hadn’t seen Alex’s front since they’d sat down in the car. Was Mike making Alex that horny? Would have made sense from how he acted as a wolf…

Alex spun around at the noise, looking like a teen who had been caught white handed, the clear outline under the towel, complete with a wet spot near the head, surged upwards. Alex looked at himself with undisguised disgust, and gave up on trying to keep the towel on.

“Is there anything you need?” Alex asked, trying to keep up something approaching the demeanor of a good host. The gritted teeth, leaking precum, and heavy towel hanging off a massive pole might have undermined that to a degree.

“Erm, I need a clean towel.”

“Use one of mine, they’re clean.”

“And I’d like some soap.”

“There’s a few in the shower.”

“And a nice cock to suck on.”

Alex’s hips shuttered at that, and the massive hunk of meat slapped against Alex’s stomach. “Erm, that might not be a good idea,” he said in a slightly strangled voice.

“Why not?”

“I’m infectious…”

“I’m already infected.”

“Look, it’s magic, but I think if you don’t get any more of my body fluids, you’ll go back to normal. If you keep this up… you’ll change.”

Mike opened the door and walked towards Alex, towering over him, half lidded eyes demanding everything.

“I think I want that,” Mike said, touching Alex’s cock.

Alex squeaked, and didn’t respond, just started looking Alex up and down, his cock leaking and pulsing in time with his heartbeat.

Mike pulled slightly, and Alex walked forward like a dog on a leash, following Mike into the shower.

It’d warmed up nicely, and the two got in, though Alex seemed like he’d frozen up. Mike got onto his knees and started washing Alex from foot to head, doubling back as needed.

Alex’s feet were not fully human. They almost seemed to have the beginnings of pads on them, which probably explained why he was able to walk through the forest so easily. Similarly, his toenails were slightly pointed, vaguely claw-like. Strangely enough for a werewolf, his body was nearly hairless, which helped as Mike took great care to feel the muscles throughout his body. They were hard and strong, even if they weren’t built for looks. Mike was less confident that he wouldn’t have been able to carry himself back to the car, though he supposed that sinking in mud and twisting an ankle was a pretty major concern.

His ass was great, tight and pert, and his hole opened easily to Mike’s intrigued inspection. It seemed like it was extremely sensitive, Alex clamped down on the invader and tensed, pressing as hard as he could, the amount of pre dripping from his cock noticeably increasing. Mike could feel a weird doughnut shaped bulge towards the front, large enough that it seemed to redirect the entire tunnel. Pressing there caused Alex to shutter and After a few seconds, Alex relaxed, and Mike continued his exploration.

Alex’s shoulders were average for his height, and his hair was short, about the same length as his fur. Not buzzed, just long enough to have some styling, with a fade on the sides. Thick eyelashes rimmed piercing blue eyes, and a cute nose complemented his cute kissable mouth. Around him, like a cloud, was a weaker version of that same spicy smell from last night, which reached down to Mike’s stomach and sent him quivering, balls churning and cock hardening.

Mike finally moved into the piece that interested him the most, Alex’s manhood.

It was darker than the rest of him, almost tanned, veiny, and uncut, the foreskin fighting a losing battle to contain the head. Mike held it with both hands, there was more than enough room, and gently started rubbing it. Alex clenched his hands and groaned.

“How big are you?” Mike asked. It honestly didn’t look like someone could take it. His hands couldn’t wrap around the shaft, and he wasn’t sure if he could open his mouth enough to give it a blowjob. Alex grabbed a bottle of lotion nearby and squeezed it on his dick, and Mike started picking up speed, feeling the hard heat pulse in time with Alex’s heart.

“Around… 10… inches,” Alex gasped out.

“You sure? That thing looks longer than my forearm. And thicker,” Mike said, honestly worried. Alex didn’t respond, just nodded. Alex’s cock was like a faucet, dribbling a continuous stream of precum, his massive egg sized balls pumping up and down in their sack.

“There’s no way those are natural,” Mike joked, reaching down and feeling their heft. It was like holding a medicine ball; Mike was surprised that Alex didn’t walk bowlegged or need special underwear.

“Got bigger after… first shift. Dick… got three inches.” Alex started humping against Mike’s questing hands, looking for relief. Mike grinned evilly, and started teasing his glans. Alex hover-handed, wanting to join in, but enjoying Mike’s ministrations. Mike decided to take pity on him and knelt down and added his mouth to the mix, moving his hands back to the thick, textured shaft. Maybe he couldn’t give all of it a blowjob, but he could certainly try to lick it.

The cock loomed in front of him, thicker than anything he had tried to swallow, longer than anything he’d considered putting up his ass… well, considered. He gave it a tentative lick, and got a blast of that spicy smell, this time it ran down his throat and filled his lungs and nose. His own cock went wild at the concentrated pheromones, and he dribbled a few drops of milky fluid when his ass clamped down on emptiness and pushed on his prostate. It was bitter, salty, and Mike was sure he was going to come to love it.

Mike enthusiastically attacked the cock, trying to shove as much of it inside his mouth as he could, while wanking it off with both hands. Alex aided him by grabbing Mike’s head, making the strokes longer and harder.

“Suck it,” he commanded, and Mike couldn’t resist. He sucked for all he was worth, and he just managed to get the engorged head past his lips. Alex must have been on edge for a while, his balls pulled up and he groaned and pulled, trying to force the dick down further.

Mike’s jaw felt like it was going to unhinge as the invader tried for his throat, but he didn’t have enough experience. And Alex unloaded, spraying half a dozen blasts of cum into Mike’s waiting mouth.

The sheer amount of Alex’s scent, especially when it was coating Mike’s entire mouth, was enough to send him over the edge. Mike moaned through the thick mouthful of cum as his cock shot a few weak spurts across Alex’s feet. Mike swallowed, again and again, as Alex’s slowly softening cock slipped from his lips.

“Damn, I need to try that again,” Mike said, luxuriating in the sensation, leaning back into the spray.

Alex nodded, slowly coming down. After a few seconds, he started sniffing, and ended up with his nose pressed into Mike’s neck.

“You all right?” Mike asked.

Alex’s growl and growing erection answered that question pretty well. Mike got a blast of Alex’s pheromones, and soon only had eyes for his swelling dick. “Bedroom?” Alex asked, panting, his cock rising towards his pecs.

Nodding, Mike grabbed a towel, rubbing quickly, before passing it to Alex, who did the same. Mike opened the bedroom door, revealing a somewhat messy room with a standard sized bed, though the sheets did have that higher quality sheen about them. Alex pushed him inside, and pressed him up against the wall, barely missing a bookcase.

Mike was startled by Alex’s look of aggressive lust, but, to be fair, it was pretty hot. Especially when they started making out. Mike couldn’t resist Alex, the feeling of their hard cocks pinned between them, slowly getting slicker as the leaked precum, though it mostly boiled down to Alex being cute as anything and Mike being a total slut when presented the opportunity.

Mike pressed back forcefully, their tongues fighting for dominance, as the two spun around each other, somehow ending up on the bed, Alex on the bottom. They kept making out, their scents driving each other insane, cocks hard and leaking against the other. Mike started kissing his way down Alex’s hair dusted chest, past his defined abs, and was surprised by a thick pelt of pubes. He looked up, and Alex’s face was pushing out into a muzzle, his nose twitching, and teeth lengthening.

So… horny, he turns into a wolf. Mike decided, and decided to keep it going. Mike dove onto Alex, cupping his balls and feeling them swell, becoming heavier and heavier. His other hand reached around to Alex’s back entrance and pressed in, then started rubbing around Alex’s prostate. Alex growled at the sensation on his crotch, and whined at intrusion in his ass, grinding back and clamping down, his cock starting to leak a cloudy fluid.

Alex swelled, expanding in all directions. His muscles gained definition, then inflated, causing the bed to creak as the amount of weight on top doubled, then tripled. His growls became deeper, more powerful, vibrating the bed, as fur started growing in, slowly covering him from head to foot. Mike kept playing, though he swung his leg over Alex. He wanted unrestricted access to a couple parts during the change.

The next shift was around the hand up Alex’s ass. Alex’s prostate, already larger and more sensitive than a normal human’s, flexed and swelled, encompassing the entire rectum, and it contracted around Mike’s fingers. He pulled out, then made a fist and pressed back as hard as he could.

Alex howled, probably waking up most of the neighborhood, and a long thick blast of cum decorated the headboard, followed by a dozen weaker shots, shellacking the werewolf and Mike. Mike’s head spun at the smell, and he turned around on Alex’s growing form, straddling his hips. His head was slowly becoming more wolf-like, muzzle extending and fangs growing in. His ears had already migrated to the top of his head, and were twitching at every one of Mike’s moans.

Alex lay there panting. “Fuck, that was hot,” he groaned, eyes closed. His voice was deeper, huskier, surprisingly unmangled by his muzzle. His eyes shot open, and he looked down at his much larger self. “What’s going on?” He asked confused.

“What? You’re turning into a werewolf,” Mike said, having adjusted to the fact when the wolfcock rearranged his insides.

“But I… blank out. Can’t speak. Can’t control myself,” Alex said, watching his fingernails fall out and sharp black claws take their place.

Mike decided there was entirely too much talking, and started playing with Alex’s cock. It was still mostly human, still very large, resting on top of two large furry balls. Alex’s confusion meant that it was softening, and Mike decided to fix that.

Mike grabbed both their cocks and held them together, the layer of cum making them nearly frictionless. The two were nearly the same size, Alex’s unshifted softened cock and his own achingly hard one, even if Mike probably gained a few inches by sitting on Alex’s lap. He started thrusting against the softer cock, his hands making a tight passageway to push through. Alex looked down and, with a wolfish grin, added his hands to the pile. The cock surged, hardening against Mike, and forcing his hands apart. Alex’s cock rapidly dwarfed Mike’s, until it barely came up halfway, then it started softening again. Alex whined as he pushed harder, trying to get more pressure, but the cock flopped limply against his belly fur.

Alex looked sheepishly at Mike. “Erm… sorry about that.” Mike leaned down and started nuzzling the flaccid monster. Getting soft didn’t look like it had changed much. Still could easily fit three or four hands, and… Mike jerked his hand back as Alex’s fur spread to his shaft. He frowned, annoyed at the sudden risk of carpet burns.

Still, the head was clear, and it seemed to be changing, becoming pointed. Mike started rubbing it. Alex whined at the stimulation, leg kicking at the air. Mike rode the jerking, and watched as Alex’s cock started hardening again. Oh, right… wolf. Mike thought, looking at Alex’s newly formed massive sheath, hiding the full majesty from sight. Only one way to fix that. He thought, continuing to play with Alex, watching inch after inch of mottled red werewolf cock push out.

As with last night, Alex’s dick was scaled beyond anything human, and probably beyond most horses. It was deep red, with blue veins giving the smooth surface visual texture. The human part gave it an absurd amount of thickness and length, while the pointed head and general look was all wolf. It rose out of his sheath, and Mike pulled it up, rubbing it with his entire torso, as it grew to just beneath his pecs.

“Tight tight tight!” Alex whimpered, his claws flying to his bloated overfilled sheath, physically pulling it open, and a few more inches spilled forward, bulged out as if two fists were in the base. His knot.

“Fuck, I think you’re bigger than you were last night,” Mike murmured, head swimming from the smell of a growing, hulking, hypermasculine werewolf. Mike leaned forward and rubbed his entire body against the pillar, covering himself in the stream of precum pouring from Alex’s slit. Alex stared at himself in astonishment.

“That’s me?”

Mike tried to say, “Every foot,” but he was distracted, licking the cockhead. Instead he just hummed against it.

“I… can’t… fit in anything,” Alex said, crestfallen. Mike shrugged and stood up.

“Let’s see,” he said, more confidently than he felt. He stood up, legs on either side of Alex, and tried to line up the head with his hole. He wasn’t exactly that experienced with anal play, aside from a human scale dildo on the rare occasion, but… he wasn’t going to let this pass him by.

Arms at his side, cock bobbing in time with his heartbeat, Mike breathed out and slowly lowered himself. The steel hard pointed cockhead easily spread Mike’s ass, and he stopped to take a few breaths.

“I think you’re a little tense,” Alex growled, staring in rapt fascination. “Come here.” Alex opened his arms, and Mike stepped forward, the cockhead popping out again. He crawled up Alex’s body, not sure what was going to happen.

Alex engulfed Mike with his arms, and kissed him. Okay, it was a little messier than that. Lots of slobber went everywhere, but the goal was the same. Mike kissed back, leaning into Alex, head swimming in his smell, trembling at the sudden assault. Mike stiffened as Alex’s hands grasped his ass, then relaxed again as he started massaging down there. Mike felt his ass open up, demanding something, anything. Two of Alex’s fingers, each as thick as Mike’s dildo back at home, pushed in, and started loosening him up. Mike’s eyes opened wide, mouth open in a silent O. He couldn’t believe how good that felt, not even playing with his prostate.

Mike shuttered as Alex easily spread his asshole, rapidly opening far past anything he would have considered even possible before last night. Mike’s cock started leaking cloudy fluid, and he wanted to grind against anything he could. Alex held him still, laughing at his response. Then he looked at Mike’s open hole and his eyes widened in wonder. He lifted Mike up, and inspected it. Gaping, completely clean, and glistening with… something. Experimentally, Alex tried moving his fingers, and they slid easily, coated by Mike’s apparently magical self-lubricating asshole.

Well, more lube is never a bad idea. Alex thought, and ran his tongue along the inside. Mike yelped at the sudden heat and sensation, his ass twitching, trying to grasp the invader. Alex ignored it, and kept licking, nose deluged in Mike’s scent, eyes unfocusing as his brain attempted to make sense of the intense smell. It called to him, more than just a fuck buddy or human. There was the promise of something better.

Alex’s tongue picked up speed, swirling and reaching even further inside, followed by Alex’s muzzle. Mike pressed back, overjoyed to have something stretching everywhere at once. After a few seconds, Alex started pulling back, overpowering Mike’s kegals, and removed himself with a wet slurp. Mike stood there, still being mostly supported by Alex’s fingers, and blinked slowly, trying to get his brain back in order.

Not much time for that, as Alex lined up Mike again. The cocktip slipped in easily, followed by the rest of the head, Mike’s asshole gripping the slight indent beneath and trying to pull more in. Mike started up a slow litany of curses, his brain fading under the sensations. Alex removed his fingers, hissing a bit as his fur rubbed the wrong way against his sensitive shaft, and Mike gradually lowered himself, his lubricated asshole easily sliding down the precum slick cock.

Six inches down, Mike paused. He could feel tightness, something in the way, and tried to slowly bring the cock around. Squirming, he carefully kept lowering himself, and relaxed as the sensation shifted back to the mind blowing pleasure. A few more inches, and Mike felt more tension against his stomach. He looked down and saw a clear bulge, in the shape of Alex’s pointed cockhead. He hesitantly reached up and touched it, the hardness easily felt through the layer of flab, pulsing in time with Alex’s slower heartbeat.

Alex chuckled, and Mike gasped as he slid down another few inches, tensing to try to stop himself. Alex’s eyes widened and he growled. Alex grabbed Mike again, and lifted him up, keeping him mostly in place as the werewolf stood up, and gently lowered Mike onto the bed. Mike looked behind himself and up at the towering werewolf, and at the feet of cock left for him to take, then braced against the wall.

“Please… fuck me,” Mike begged, and Alex thrust forward a few inches, easily sliding in. Mike gasped at the sudden sensation, and Alex growled as his cock was enveloped by a warm tight wet hole. Alex pulled back a few inches, slowly, then thrust again, Mike’s ass eagerly swallowing the invader. He picked up a steady rhythm, Mike pressing back, trying to take more.

Mike easily took the first foot and a half, the high thick shaft crushing his prostate and milking what seemed like cups of milky fluid from his half hard cock. He pushed back with his arms, moaning in time with Alex’s thrusts, sparks of pure bliss radiating from, well, at this point most of the way to his chest. Then it slowed down, as Mike felt his asshole spread again, getting ready to take Alex’s knot. For the first time, there was some pain mixed in with the sensation, but Mike welcomed it. He needed the entire thing.

Alex, on the other hand, was biting his forearm to keep from howling. His little bitch was taking his wolfhood like a fucking champ, moaning for his mate’s seed. Mike had taken nearly the entire thing, and he could feel his cock through Mike’s stomach, stretching him like a living condom. The sheer power Alex had, able to lift another person with just his dick, was intoxicating. Nearly as good as the sensation of fucking. Then he slid down a bit more and couldn’t keep going.

Alex blinked for a few moments and looked down at the bloated masses of his mostly soft knot. If he took his claws and wrapped them around his dick, it might be about the same size, but… that was pushing it. He wasn’t sure if he could actually knot his bitch without hurting him.

“Mike, I’m not sure…” Alex began, immediately hating the sound of his own unconfident voice, snapping him out of his fantasy entirely.

“Just fuck me!” Mike demanded, looking back.

“But my knot…” Alex protested, looking at his sweaty, flushed, and dazed partner in worry.

“I’ll tell you to stop,” Mike promised, then repositioned his arms and pushed back as hard as he could.

Alex nodded and, grabbing both of Mike’s hips, began firmly pressing forward.

Mike moaned as the invader suddenly ramped up, sparking then fanning an inferno, a need, to make Alex happy by taking everything he could. He slowly started spreading, bearing down to open himself up as much as he could, pressing with his arms, he made it a few inches, before stopping as it became too much.

“All right… give me a bit to get used to it,” Mike said, trying to keep the pain out of his voice. Alex nodded, and stopped pulling, biting his lip.

About a minute later, Mike breathed out, and started again. Alex noticed and helped, pulling him down, until he was nearly at the apex of the knot. “All right, it’s all downhill from here,” Alex said, gently patting Mike on the stomach, running his fingers over his own bulge.

Mike laughed at that, and kept pushing, as Alex helped. Suddenly, something changed, he was over the edge, his hole now pulling rather than trying to spread. Mike’s eyes bugged out, and he slid down, suddenly unable to move at the sudden intense sensation. It felt good, his entire body felt good, but the feeling was mind-shattering, intense, and he couldn’t process it.

Alex yelped as Mike suddenly took the rest of his knot, and his entire dick was suddenly engulfed in hot tightness. He pushed back, trying to lift Mike up and make sure he didn’t get hurt. The feeling, something pulling against his knot, his cock sheathed inside his bitch, sent shivers down his spine, hitting something primal. Alex felt his balls pull up, and a strange tightness in the base of his cock, sent sparks across his vision, he collapsed down, hugging his bitch, trying to get as close as he could. His mouth lay open as his mind blanked at the sensation.

Mike’s eyes widened further, and he looked down, and saw Alex’s massive balls pull up, felt the knot harden, and Alex collapse on top, halfway between crushing and touching. Mike wanted the same thing, to be as close as he could get to Alex, and tried to move. It wasn’t happening, he was stuck. The realization washed over him as he felt Alex’s cock suddenly begin to spurt. That’s what set him off. Mike groaned as he came, adding a few more spurts to the already soaked bed, then sagged there, feeling the blasts of wolf cum fill his body.

Alex shivered and yelped with each spurt of his powerful balls, pouring liter after liter of potent sperm into his partner, his mind blank with an orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Mike slowly recovered from the orgasm, and lay there, relaxing against Alex as a warm contentment spread through his body.

The two lay there, cuddling, for a long time.


Part 3

Eventually, Alex’s afterglow faded and he’d collected enough of himself to look at his smaller partner.

Mike had fallen asleep, cuddled into his werewolf partner’s fur. Alex chuckled and tried to nudge him off so he could take a shower and get the day started. Mike groaned and rolled into Alex, staying close to the protective warmth.

“All right, come on, you can sleep underneath the covers,” Alex murmured, trying to pick Mike up, then twitching from the sudden bolt of pleasure that shot out from the base of his new knot. “Fuck… we’re going to be stuck together for a while aren’t we?” He muttered to the unresponsive human. Mike smiled in his sleep.

All right, that’s cute, but I actually need to get stuff done. Alex thought, and glanced over at his alarm clock. “Fuck!” he barked, and carefully picked Mike up as he twisted out of bed.

“What?” Mike murmured, his warm cocoon of fur suddenly disturbed.

“I need to go to work!” Alex said, his deep rumble, sending vibrations all through Mike’s everything, causing him to moan.

“Oh, fuck, I feel so full,” Mike said, running his hands over his stomach. “Wait, you’re trying to go to work like this?” Mike asked, moving his hands to Alex’s defined abs, his massive pecs, his pants busting ass, his pet-able tail…

Alex groaned, and the both of them felt his cock harden inside Mike.

“I work remotely. As long as I don’t speak and get some work done, it shouldn’t be too bad,” Alex said, reassuring himself.

“Why not call in sick?” Mike asked.

Alex groaned. “I used up too many sick days trying to get used to… everything,” he said, hovering in front of the refrigerator, tiny bowl in one hand, Mike’s torso in the another, looking from one to the other, morning routine ruined.

“I think you can let go of me,” Mike said, wrapping his arms and legs around Alex, enjoying his smoky musk. Alex nodded gratefully, and carefully let go, ready to grab him again.

Mike sank down a few inches, his ass resting flush against Alex’s sheath, moaning as the shifting pressure milked a few drops of cloudy liquid from his cock.

Alex, meanwhile, was getting a bowl of cereal and some fruit. “You want anything?”

Mike shook his head, still shuttering from the sensations, and Alex downed the cereal in one. He looked at the empty bowl, annoyed, and grabbed a box of protein bars, before heading to his computer and turning it on. The chair was shoved against the wall, and Alex sat down, adjusting to the feeling of his balls laying on the polished concrete floor, while Mike started grinding.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Alex groaned, feeling his cock spurt.

“Oh, Alex, there you are,” a voice said from the computer’s speaker system. “We’re trying to go over the algorithm that was proposed yesterday. You said you’d spend some time last night looking it over?”

Alex looked down at Mike helplessly. Mike grinned, then flexed, applying more pressure around Alex’s knot, mouth clamped tight over a moan.

“Well, I haven’t mapped out all possibilities, but it looks like the worst case might be unacceptably slow,” Alex rumbled into his mic, then muted it, whining as Mike started running his hands over Alex’s cut chest and abs.

“Alex, did you adjust your audio output settings? Your treble seems a bit high,” one of the other people on the call said.

“Oh, sorry, there was an update that failed and the re-instillation wiped my settings,” Alex said, eyes wide at Mike, who couldn’t stop grinning. This was going to be a fun morning.

Most of an hour later, the meeting finally finished and Alex muted his audio for the last time. He was wild eyed, staring at Mike like he was a hunk of meat, his claws opening and closing as his painfully swollen balls pumped in their sack.

“Come on, alpha, do something,” Mike teased, tilting his hips against Alex, grinding into his sheath, provoking him yet again. Alex growled, vibrating Mike’s entire body, and lurched to the bedroom. He shoved his smaller mate against the mattress and started thrusting, his steady growl of pent up lust punctuated with irritation as Mike’s ass held fast.

Mike was in heaven, the thick knot stretching him and straining against his tight hole. He moaned in time with the thrusts, already feeling pressure build up as his pelvic floor started to rhythmically pulse against the massive invader, urging him towards orgasm.

Alex started to pick up speed and strength, pulling hard against Mike’s ass, trying to force it over the knot, so he could get more than a few inches of movement. He was stuck fast, the remnants of his humanity slowly sinking beneath the need to breed.

Mike gasped, moaning as a thin stream of white liquid dribbled out of his flaccid cock, and his ass relaxed marginally. That was fucking amazing, and Alex was just pushing him towards the next orgasm. Barely a few thrusts later, and Mike’s ass went wild again, trying to milk the invader as more thin bitch juice was squeezed from Mike’s cock. And still Alex was going, his cock unsatisfied, his balls full and needy. Mike relaxed as his werewolf boyfriend kept thrusting him towards and through mindshattering orgasm after mindshattering orgasm.

“Okay, that’s starting to hurt.” Mike said, his ass becoming overstimulated after the fourth or fifth blast of watery jizz coated his own chest. The thrusting continued, maybe even became a bit more intense. “Hey, Alex! Give me a moment!”

Alex growled, his eyes devoid of human intelligence.

“Erm,” *gulp* “Alex?”

Alex’s massive claws wrapped around Mike’s chest, and his feet planted solidly, his massive furry body tense and aching. His lips drew back from his teeth, in something that was anything but a smile.

“Oh, sh—” Alex fucked Mike for real. His entire body went into it, reducing his smaller mate to the edge of consciousness from the brutal thrusting, his cock almost pumping a constant flow of watery jizz, splashing off his chest and onto the ruined bed.

Mike felt his ass slowly open up to the massive knot, easily larger than both his fists put together, the strain sending strange flashes of pleasure and pain radiating from his abused hole. Still, it slowly spread with each pull. Thrust after thrust, his ass spread, until—

Alex ripped his knot out of Mike’s gaping anus, cum flowing onto the bed, as Mike slumped onto the bed, the massive dick keeping him upright now gone. Mike slowly raised his head, watching Alex stroke himself, his two claws nowhere near encircling the whole of his wolfhood. He was utterly exhausted, covered in his own juices, his ass on fire, and Alex looking at him with a very predatory gleam in his eye. Alex stopped jacking off, and grabbed Mike again, flipping him over and leaving his ass over the edge of the bed.

The thick pointed cockhead easily slipped into Mike’s gaping ass, and Mike moaned as he felt pressure again, coaxing a few more drops, before feeling the pressure of Alex’s still hard knot pushing at the edges. Alex thrust again, and Mike’s eyes widened and his mouth opened in a soundless cry as the hardened knot was forced through. Then out, then back through.

Slowly, painfully, Mike started to adjust to the nearly head sized knot being shoved inside him, to the slap of Alex’s cub makers against his thighs, and he started to drown in the musk of his strong, capable, powerful mate. Mike’s cock started to harden up, he started to be able to thrust back, enjoying the sheer power and sensation the werewolf could send through him, as Alex sped up, his thrusts becoming ragged and inconsistent, heading towards orgasm. He started huffing in time with his thrusts and, finally, gave a muted roar, shoving himself entirely inside Mike, trying to knot him again. His cock swelled as it pulsed, spraying Mike’s insides with more werewolf cum, sending Mike over the edge, his worn out cock and balls dripping cum in sympathy.

Alex stood there for a few moments, arms braced against the bed, then pulled back slowly. His rehardened knot pressed against Mike, who bore down on it. After a few moments of pressing, Mike was free! And a torrent of jizz ran from his ass and onto the ground.

Alex stood there for a few seconds, panting, eyes looking at what he had done to his mate, before he shook his head and realized what that meant.

“Holy fuck, man, are you okay? Shit, I’ll go get some ice,” Alex said, hurrying to his kitchen and making an ice pack. Mike slowly slid to the ground, winced as he landed on his ass, and rolled over, keeping his butt in the air, feeling the AC in places it had never gone before. Alex hurried back in, and gently picked Mike up, bringing him over to the bath, pressing the ice pack against his inflamed and exhausted muscles. Singularly focused, Mike was a bit sad that Alex’s cock was retreating inside his sheath, though that looked like it would be fun to play with later. He relaxed into the bath, mind and muscles untensing.

Mike lay there, mostly floating in the warm water as Alex took care of him. It was… nice. Alex carefully cleaned up his smaller mate, wincing at the bruises, moaning at a few scratches and rug burns, and apologizing profusely at Mike’s destroyed rectum. Mike lay there in the best afterglow he’d felt in years. Well, the best he hadn’t passed out for.

“I’m so so sorry, it’ll never happen again,” Alex said for the umpteenth time.

“No. I shouldn’t have teased you during work, especially when you asked me not to. I should have realized how you responded to something like that after last night,” Mike said after he’d regained control over most of his body and could sit up in the tub. Most of his body hurt to some degree. His mouth and jaw were tender, his muscles in general felt like they’d gotten the first serious exercise in years (probably because they had), and his eyes, ears, and nose itched. Probably from exhaustion. Still, it was… a lot better than it should have been. Partial werewolf healing? Had to be something like that.

“No, I should have stayed in control,” Alex said, looking ashamed.

“Look, we were both at fault. I’ll stop trying to push you over the edge, you work on your self-control,” Mike said. “Can you help me out of the bath?” He asked holding out both of his arms. Alex helped get him out, and started pulling cum jellies off Mike’s skin.

Mike stood there swaying, until he put his arms against the walls, and Alex helped hold him up. “Hey, I’m really really sorry—”

“Don’t be. I egged you on when I shouldn’t have. This is mostly my fault,” Alex looked at Mike with big puppy dog eyes, fairly literally. “Aww, you’re adorable,” he said, petting Alex, who looked confused and affronted, before relaxing into the scritches.

“Oh, god, you have no idea how good this feels,” he groaned, leg thumping against the ground, head pressing against Mike’s chest.

Mike laughed. “Come on, if you get on the bed, I won’t yell.” Alex ears perked up, and he darted for his bedroom, hurriedly ripping off the soiled blankets and putting down towels. He hopped up on the bed and circled twice, before laying down, tail wagging excitedly for Mike.

Mike gingerly followed him into the bedroom and couldn’t help but laugh at the 10 foot tall puppy. He walked over to Alex and started rubbing him down. Alex closed him eyes and leaned into Mike, enjoying the attention.

After a while, long enough that Mike had forgotten his destroyed rear, Alex pulled back and cocked his head quizzically. He put his nose into Mike’s chest and sniffed, then, alarmed, pulled his head back, looking his mate up and down.

“What?” Mike asked, a little startled.

“You smell like wolf,” he said, head still tilted, like he was trying to compare Mike to before. “Didn’t notice it until now.” Mike looked himself over. He… felt the same. Well, aside from being able to take a dick about as long as his arm.

“So… I’m like you now?”

“I mean… this is magic. I can gain mass without causing the sun to explode,” Alex said, looking speculatively at Mike, thumb and finger rubbing his chin.

“Looks like you’re going back to human,” Mike said, pointing at the lack of muzzle. Alex looked at his hands, then down at himself. The fur was receding, rather than shedding, becoming patchier and thinner.

“Huh, is that because we stopped having sex or because I’m not leaning on that side of my personality?” Alex wondered out loud, then shook his head. “I don’t know. When I was infected, it was by a local pack leader.”

“An alpha?” Mike asked, running his hands down his arms and legs, seeing if there was any difference he could tell.

“Not really? Alpha relationships in wolf packs are a bit overblown. The pack studied for that was a standard mating pair and their cubs, so it makes sense that there were two ‘alphas.’” Alex said, making clawed finger quotes, his changes accelerating, muscle fading, height shrinking, sheath retreating. “This guy was the biggest and strongest, so he forced the other werewolves to work for him. Tried to do that to me too. So, I guess he qualifies as an ‘Alpha’.”

“What happened?” Mike asked, feeling the inside of his mouth, and hissing as his canine teeth easily sliced through his finger. He got out of the bath and looked in the mirror. Yeah, his teeth were noticeably sharper. Probably explained the ache in his jaw. He watched as the bleeding quickly slowed and stopped, new skin knitting the wound together.

“He wanted me to work for free. I didn’t agree. He got annoyed and had his lackeys hold me down.” Alex seemed uncomfortable continuing, and he unconsciously traced a u shape marring the skin of his shoulder. “Well… later that week I turned into a werewolf for the first time. Been avoiding him ever since.”

“Looks like my teeth changed,” Mike said to Alex, opening and pointing for his benefit.

“Oh, yeah. That’s… definitely different,” Alex said, looking uncomfortable. “Hey… if you don’t want to keep seeing me, I think that might slow or stop the changes, get you back to normal. I’d already gained an inch and twenty pounds of muscle by the time I escaped the bar. Doesn’t look like your changes are that drastic.”

Mike considered it. Then rejected it. If Alex could keep up a normal job, well so could he. Assuming he could hold down a normal job for the first time in his life. Phrased that way, seemed like it would be difficult for being a werewolf to make his life worse, and… he really really liked that massive cock. The person it was attached to seemed pretty good as well. A bit apologetic but… well, his wolf had a lot to apologize for.

Alex was mostly back to normal, looking worriedly up at Mike. Mike hugged Alex tightly. “Let’s see where this goes,” he said, feeling the other werewolf’s tight body with his own, their pythons (well, garter snake in Mike’s case) pressing against each other.

Alex looked shocked, then melted into relief. “Oh! Erm… sure! You want to go grab dinner together? I know a great place nearby. Need me to drop you off anywhere in the meantime?”

“Yeah, still need to pick up my car.”

Thirty minutes later, Mike squeezed into some very very tight clothing, the two left Alex’s apartment, and exchanged addresses and phone numbers. An hour later, Mike opened the door of his own apartment. His roommates were out, either at work or something else, so Mike made it through with minimal embarrassment. His muscles were still just as sore, and is head was aching from exhaustion, so he headed to bed, stripping off clothes as he went, passing out nearly the moment his bed. For some reason, he left Alex’s shirt around his neck, his nose buried in the cloth.

Mike dreamed of running, through the woods, through the fields, following a larger stronger someone. Someone who would keep him safe and satisfied. Eventually they came to a stop, in a well worn comforting den. A musk filled the air, and Mike ass begged to be filled. Mike whined, and watched his mate unsheath, filling the room with his musk, heavy and demanding. Mike slowly approached the larger male, and-

He jerked awake to a loud knock.

“Hey, your boyfriend is here.” Jason, of of Mike’s roommates called through the door, before heading off somewhere. Mike sat up and groaned. Rubbing his eyes, and trying to get his head back on straight. His cock was achingly hard, and his ass felt wet. Mike ran his hand between his cheeks, and found some sort of natural lubrication. Well, that’s new. Mike thought, as he stretched and got out of bed. He opened his eyes, and looked around for some decent clothes. Oh, that’s really new.

His room, semi-intentionally designed to block out all light, was laid bare. Now his eyes could easily see through the gloom, true colors still visible, and everything just… there. No blur, no fading. It was like how he thought his eyes worked normally, except that’s how it was. No floaters, no distortions, shadows laid bare, everything… exactly how it was meant to be.

Mike inhaled in surprise, and got a blast of the spicy smell that lingered around Alex, though he could tell it wasn’t fresh. Oh, right, the shirt. Mike pulled it off, and got a blast of mold and mild decay. Oh, god, what is that? Mike looked around, noticing dirty dishes, carpet that had gotten wet and had never dried properly, bits and pieces that he’d always been fine with, but now… he couldn’t ignore it.

Fuck, right, Alex’s at the door. Mike thought, and hurried for his drawers, pulling out his standard t-shirt and jeans, then hesitated. Shouldn’t he wear something nicer? Did he have anything nicer?’ Mike felt giddy and worried, unsure about what he should do, except for everything, and he didn’t have time for that. He put them on. Had to be a better impression than the first time. Though… naked did have something to it. Mike’s still hard cock throbbed, begging for attention. Mike tried to ignore it, and pulled on his clothes. Fuck, were these always this tight? He wondered, very confident the answer was no. Across his shoulders and biceps, the material was stretched, but, for the first time longer than he could remember, the stomach was loose. Well, not taut. The tent his cock made was… insistent and obvious, but hopefully that would go away sooner rather than later. Then again, it was Alex…

Gathering up Alex’s clothes, Mike grabbed his cell, keys, and wallet and hurried to the door.

Alex, for his part, had agonized over what he should wear, eventually settling on a polo and some casual slacks, and messaged Mike. No response hours later, and Alex decided to show up in person, yelling at himself for being a stalker the entire way.

But here he was now, standing in front of his… he wasn’t even sure what they were now, anxiously glancing between his phone, the windows, and the door.

Mike opened the door and nearly went cross eyed at the scent that surrounded Alex like a good cologne, despite being somewhat covered up by an actual cologne. He was… cute, blue polo shirt, khaki pants. Business casual. Bulging in all the right places, tight everywhere else.

Alex thought that Mike looked… rushed. His curly black hair was stuck up in random directions, his eyes were bloodshot and… apparently he’d just woken up, judging by that non-aroused smell and the hard on. His own cock twitched, and snaked down one leg. Damn, it was like being a teen again.

“So…” Alex said to Mike, trying to think of what else to say.

“So?” Mike replied, confused.

“Well… erm…” Alex asked, increasingly flustered. They’d already fucked for hours. Why was talking this difficult? “What do you want to do? “

Mike really wanted to pet Alex. He’d tried so hard to make everything perfect, and he couldn’t get past just saying hi. “Well, what do you do for fun?”

“Errm… mostly work out to be honest,” Alex said, blushing. “I know it probably doesn’t look like it…”

“I’d be up for a workout session, as long as we can grab food afterwards,” Mike said, thinking of Alex in a tight little… nope nope nope. Need to keep your clothes on, and you are not showing him your room.

Alex looked surprised, then nodded. “Er… sure, I go to a gym nearby, and I have stuff in my locker. Just grab your stuff and we can head over there now.”

Mike nodded, then shut the door. Alex could hear him dash back to what was presumably his room, then sprint back. A moment’s pause, maybe to catch his breath, and the door opened. Mike walked out, a bundle clutched in one hand.

They climbed into Alex’s car, absolutely silent, both waiting for the other person to start. Finally, Alex broke. “Did you… ya know… change?”

“A bit? I can see better, and I think I can smell better? Didn’t really have time to check out much else. My roommate woke me up.”

“Oh, yeah, those were some of the cooler things that changed.”

“So… what else did you get?”

“Well, it became easier to build tone, I got a lot more energy, didn’t need to sleep as much. Just everything became easier, aside from the whole spending a few nights a month running around the forest. Though you’re the first person I encountered. Usually have a bit more self-control than that.”

“And the massive cock.”

Alex gripped the steering wheel and swallowed. “Yeah that.”

“You seem uncomfortable?”

“Sorry… just… I don’t want our relationship to be just sex? Like, what if you don’t actually like me?” Plus it’s hard enough to go to the gym when I’m not sporting a boner.

“All right, what’s your favorite movie?”


“What’s that?”

“Oh, it’s an 80s comedy about a traumatized World War 2 pilot and a blowup doll… That probably sounds pretty bad, from my description.”

“I’m interested. No idea what I’m interested in, but I’m interested.”

“We can watch it later. What’s yours?”

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut,” Mike said, looking for Alex’s reaction.

“Actually haven’t seen it. Is it just a really long episode like the Cthulhu thing?”

“It’s more like South Park: The Musical.”

“Didn’t they make a musical?”

“They made a musical?”

“Yeah, the Book of Mormon.”

“That’s a musical? I assumed it would be more slapsticky.”

“Oh, there’s plenty of slapstick, but it’s also a musical.”

They kept chatting, about increasingly irrelevant topics until Alex pulled into the parking lot. “All right, when was the last time you worked out?” Alex asked Mike.

“Erm… high school gym class.”

“… All right then, let’s get started with the basics.”

Five minutes later, Mike and Alex were standing in front of a long wall of mirrors. Alex’s clothes accentuating long hours of hard work. Mike’s, not so much.

“Right, let’s start with some low weight and help you get your form down,” Alex said, grabbing a five pound dumbbell.

“Come on, I can do more than 5 pounds,” he protested.

“I know you can, but you don’t want a pinched nerve, so we’re going to make sure you’re doing it right,” Alex said, demonstrating with 5 pounds as well.

“I feel like an idiot,” Mike grumbled, but followed Alex anyway, suffering the corrections with annoyed huffs.

“So does everyone. Relax, everyone is judgmental as fuck, but nobody actually cares. They all hate that guy.” Alex pointed to a guy hopping around like he was in a Rocky movie, using a machine as a counterbalance so he could do a complex jumping based workout, and slam the weights every other movement.

“That can’t be what you’re supposed to do, right?” Mike asked, a bit worried.

“Nope,” Alex said, moving onto the next exercise.

“So, as long as I don’t look like an idiot that’s going to hurt himself or someone else, I’m good?”

“Pretty much.”

“Huh,” Mike said, getting used to the motion.

They kept cycling through the exercises, slowly building up weight. Alex looked a little confused as he licked up a 50-pound barbell and started to curl. “Umm… normally I wouldn’t do this.”

“Pushing yourself to show off for your boyfriend?” Mike asked, grinning.

“No! Well, yes, but no, I mean I wouldn’t be able to curl this,” Alex said, staring at himself as he completed his first set.

“Maybe it’s a wolf thing?”

“Has to be. Wonder why I couldn’t do it before. Like I got more energy after getting bitten, and I felt better, but not much real strength increase.”

Mike shrugged, following suit with the heavier weight. He was definitely feeling the strain, but it… felt good, knowing he was able to do this. Be this capable for Alex.

The two zoned out, working their way up, chatting and helping each other, until…

“Hey, we’re closing for the day, guys,” someone said, interrupting Alex’s set.

“Oh, sorry about that. We’ll rack the weights then head out,” Alex said reflexively.

“No problem. Have a good night,” the same voice said, closing the door.

Alex and Mike started putting away their weights, suddenly feeling exhausted, their muscles vocally making their strain known.

“Oww…” Mike moaned, “How long were we doing that?”

Alex looked at the clock. “Looks like… basically all afternoon and most of the evening.”

“How late is it?” Mike asked, leaning his head against a wall.

“Late enough for to grab dinner. My treat? I’ve never had a workout that good,” Alex asked. Mike nodded, and stumbled towards the showers. Surprisingly enough, they were exhausted enough from the workout that a session of semi-public shower sex wasn’t appealing, and it would have meant that the kid manning the front would need to stay even later than they’d already forced him, so they changed without incident, though there was much sneaking of glances.

“So… the no body hair thing. Is that related to being a werewolf?” Mike asked, appreciating Alex’s pumped form.

“Erm, no… that was more me trying to say I owned my body, and a lot of wax. You can still see some places where it… oh, guess it’s healed by now,” Alex said, pointing to a spot on his chest, as perfect as anywhere else on his body.

Mike nodded, and shucked off his clothes. Alex felt like his belly was much smaller than before. Maybe he’d just not been drinking enough? Made more sense than losing a literal 20 pounds in a single workout session. Would losing that much water be dangerous?

“Mike, how much did you drink?”

Mike held up a water bottle. “Few of these, probably should have done more.”

Alex nodded, that possibly explained it.

“All right, there’s a good burger place nearby, and they do a good recovery meal. Plenty of fats, proteins, and salts. So… pretty much like most fast food places, but more on the grade A beef, less on the… well, I would say pink slime, but you literally can’t get more lean protein than pink slime,” Alex babbled, changing into his date clothes.

“Sounds great. I’m up for anything,” Mike said, putting on his standard t-shirt and jeans.

The two left the showers, Alex hesitantly reaching out to hold Mike’s hand. Mike grasped it, and smiled. “That was fun, thanks for showing me how to work out.”

Alex was tongue tied, but eventually got his head on straight enough to nod, and they walked out together into the night.

The burger joint was… trying. An old diner which tried to revamp itself into something a bit more modern by targeting the nearby gyms and other upscale commercial properties. Healthy fats were in abundance, but you could just tell the cook was dying to use the lard he had in the freezer. It was mostly empty, populated by people who had probably been going there for the last 20 years. The young professional crowd were probably at home by now, or heading out for something stronger than the coffee.

Still, it was better than anything Mike had had in a while, and it definitely hit the niche of “post workout meal.”

“Nice place, you come here often?” Mike asked, as he settled into the red and white booth.

“I’ll usually grab something on the way home after a workout,” Alex said. “Could stand to gain some weight.”

A mildly awkward silence fell. Mike was guzzling water, Alex was trying to figure out whether or not they were dating.

Mike swallowed down a gulp and broke the quiet. “So… what did the alpha want?” He asked.

“Excuse me?”

“The person who bit you. You said he wanted you to work for free.”

“Oh… he wanted a website for his bar.”


“And me to provide IT services. I’m a programmer, I don’t know jack about IT.”

“He turned you into a werewolf… tried to mindrape you… for a free website?”

“Hey, after some of my clients see my emergency rates, they probably want to do the same.”

“And you just left?”

“Erm, I kinda blacked out. I think I might have attacked them with a pole cue, and jumped out a window.”

“You’re five foot nothing, weigh 120 pounds soaking wet, and you did that?’

“Hey, why do you think I’ve been working out so much? It’s the only thing that’s stopped me from doing the same to my manager. And the manager before that. I’ve had a lot of bad managers.”

“You’re a computer programmer who practices for when you’re going to snap and try to decapitate your supervisor with a- a- a—”

“Hard drive tray?”

“Are those sharp?”

“They’re crystallized aluminum. You probably couldn’t cut through the spine, but I think the jugular would be easy enough.”

“All right then. So the local Alpha tried to intimidate a small repressed barrel of rage, and you wrecked the place? How did it feel?”

“Honestly… don’t remember much, but it was fun.”

“Wow… you are so hot right now,” Mike said, leaning in towards his boyfriend, lust clouding his eyes.


Part 4

“What’ll it be, boys?” an elderly female voice asked, interrupting Alex’s story and the imminent makeout session.

“Oh, we’ll take a number 2, a number 5, and a number 9. Does medium rare work for you?” Alex asked Mike. “Thanks Jenny.”

“Er—what? I mean, sure, that sounds good,” Mike said, jolted to the present, rather than two hours from now, in Alex’s bedroom.

Jenny smiled at the couple, and headed off to get their order.

“What are we getting?” Mike asked, looking for a menu.

“It’s a few build your own meal platters, and a burger I really like. The cook has a thing about making the dishes how he thinks they should be, so your kinda need to build your own meal, and I didn’t want to try to explain. Sorry for taking charge like that.”

Mike shrugged and passed it off, deciding judge based on taste.

“So… what can I expect?”

“I’m not sure? I think there’s a partial shift when you first get infected, then your body adapts over time to it, with a few other changes. I wasn’t in control for my first few shifts.”

“Until you met me?”

“Yeah… Could have gotten used to it…. or maybe the wolf side needs to be in a pack? Can’t watch its back by itself?”

“So we’re packmates?” Mike asked, his stomach doing flips at the question.

Alex shuttered. “As long as you never say that again, sure,” Alex committed, reaching out and taking Mike’s hand. Jenny returned with two heavily laden platters, which she quickly put on the table.

“Your food, Alex and…?”

“Mike, nice to meet you Jenny,” Mike said, looking at the platters, with wide eyes. His stomach growled.

“I’ll leave you to it. More water?’ Jenny asked, to the hurriedly eating Mike. He nodded, making thankful noises.

Alex laughed at Mike’s enthusiasm, then dug in himself.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“How was the meal? Jenny asked, clearing their plates.

“Excellent.” Mike said, and Alex nodded.

“All right, any desert? No? Then I’ll grab the check.”

“So, am I forgiven for ordering for you?” Alex asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah… that was great,” Mike said happily.

Jenny dropped off the check in front of Alex. He paid, and the two stumbled out of the diner.

“Where to next?” Mike asked.

“Want to come back to my place?” Alex offered.

“Begone foul temptress, your power has no strength here,” Mike said, in his best mock serious voice. “Fortunately you’re a dude.”

Alex smiled, and opened his car. The ride back was very tactile, Mike couldn’t get enough of Alex, who was desperately ignoring a hardon snaking down his pants leg. He ran his hands down Alex’s defined chest, his six pack, and through his tousled hair.

“Damn, you’ve got to have all the boys over you,” he whispered to his smaller partner, gripping the wheel hard enough his knuckles turned white. Alex bit his lip, and pulled into the parking lot.

The two stumbled out of the car, half drunk on each other’s scents, and hurried into Alex’s apartment.

Mike dripped to his knees, and started frantically undoing Alex’s slacks, as Alex started tugging his own shirt over his head. Mike’s prize flew out, jutting proudly in front of Mike’s eager gaze, dripping precum as it twitched in time with Alex’s heartbeat.

It as long as than Mike’s forearm, thicker than a cucumber, thickly veined, uncircumcised, and demanding. Mike was taken aback, it was one thing to try to take something… unreasonably huge when you’re being fucked by a werewolf twice your height… it’s another for your boyfriend to shove a club down your throat. Mike tried to get back into the right mindset, beginning to back away, not sure what to do.

Alex growled, and gripped Mike’s head.

“Suck it,” Alex ordered, gently, irresistibly, pulling him closer. Mike obeyed, and opened his mouth, desperately trying to obey his alpha. But he couldn’t even get the massive head past his lips. Undeterred, he started licking, his senses instantly bathed in Alex’s spicy overpowering musk. It took him a moment to adjust, then he started using his hands. He could have fit another easily, as he frantically tried to satisfy his mate, his asshole empty and clenching in anticipation.

Alex stood there, enjoying Mike’s attempts as he got back into the flow, then ordered, “Stand up.” He gently unbuttoned Mike’s jeans, and revealed his average five incher. “Not bad, what you need to do is learn to relax your jaw and throat. Yeah, I’m big, but I’m not impossibly large.” Alex knelt down, and breathed out, before engulfing Mike.

The practiced warm hole was perfect. He sucked hard enough to keep pulling Mike towards orgasm, at the same time his tongue played with his cock, wrapping around it and having fun.

“Holy crap,” Mike moaned, quickly approaching orgasm from the cute twunk between his legs. “You’re amazing.”

Alex looked up at him with fuck me eyes, and started bobbing, easily taking Mike’s length, his throat relaxed to take the six inch piece of meat. He started humming, and increasing the intensity, one hand fondling Mike’s balls, the other reaching around.

Mike took the cue and started thrusting, taking Alex’s head in his hands, and pulling. The suction only increased, and Alex started to moan, his own cock bobbing happily.

“I’m close…” Mike said, feeling pressure build, and Alex’s other hand slipped between his cheeks, probing his ass. After feeling the lubrication his omega now made, Alex pushed himself up to the knuckle, gently teasing a ring shaped organ.

Mike grunted at the intrusion, then felt the pressure crest. He came, spurting inside Alex’s mouth, as his mate swallowed every spurt. Alex kept pressing against the suddenly swollen organ, feeling Mike’s body shutter in time with his pumps, until he was gasping and slowly softening.

Alex slowly pulled back, savoring the cock, until it slipped out of his slightly bruised lips.

Mike looked down, at his long, thick, very pink dick, then at Alex in concern. “That’s not mine…”

Alex swallowed one last time and grinned. “Let’s see how much we can get you to wolf out.”

Mike was staring at his partial wolfhood, a third of the way between human and canine, as Alex stood up and shucked off the rest of his clothes.

“What? I thought it had to be a full moon… or something.”

“I wolfed out after I got bit. I think it’s physical exertion and hormones. So, fight a bunch of wolves, or workout for hours and get sucked off by your boyfriend, or even get impaled by a massive werewolf cock, judging by how your shoes got shredded on our first night. I can’t wait to see what you look like when you’re furry,” he said, pressing up against Mike, smelling his neck and chest.

Mike leaned into his smaller alpha, then nodded. “Let’s.”

Alex grunted as he picked up Mike, and carried him to the bed, throwing him down onto the soft mattress. Mike lay there, waiting for Alex to lead.

“So, what now?” He asked, a bit unsure.

“Just relax,” Alex said, gently taking Mike’s foot, and starting to massage it.

“Oh… that actually feels… really good. Can you get my back next?” Mike said, closing his eyes and relaxing into the blankets. Alex’s talented fingers danced over his feet, still swollen and tight from the workout. Mike flexed, and his feet started cramping, pulling on his arch. “Ouch…fuck…” Alex redoubled his efforts, smoothly rubbing the taut tendons until they relaxed, and cracking the joints in the ball of his foot.

“Oh, that is perfect,” Mike said, pressing back against Alex, and slowly opening his eyes. Alex was rubbing a large clawed paw, which was rapidly darkening with dark brown fur. It gradually spread up his leg, and Alex started following, working on the muscles as Mike’s pinkie formed into a dewclaw, his calf ballooned with muscle, growing to be thicker than his thigh, and his legs slowly became digitrade.

Mike closed his eyes, feeling the changes spread, his muscles tensing up, then relaxing, feeling himself sink deeper into the bed as muscle poured onto his frame. As the transformation reached his knee, it slowed, almost as if waiting for Alex’s touch.

Alex let the limb down onto the bed, heavy enough that Mike had difficulty moving it, and began on the other leg. It changed much the same way, but now that Mike knew what to expect, he could feel the power in his changing limbs, the sheer lethality of his growing claws, surrounded by the tender embrace of mate. Slowly, carefully, Alex set that limb down as well, and moved up onto the bed, barely shifting it against Mike’s massive paws and legs.

“All right, you ready to flip over?” Alex asked, one of his arms underneath Mike’s knee. Mike nodded lazily, and Alex grunted as he helped Mike flip onto his stomach, his toned ass and legs sprouting a dusting of hair in anticipation. Alex started working on Mike’s muscles again, and they swelled, becoming hard and large enough that it was difficult for Alex to continue working, Instead, he gently continued up Mike, reaching his ass. It flexed and grew, expanding into a perfect bubble, dripping his arousal, as his tailbone began to twitch, and lengthen.

Alex paused, and started running his barely clawed fingers down Mike’s back, who groaned and pressed against it, the tiny protrusion wobbling as muscles developed and connected to new vertebrae. Alex stroked again, running from neck to tail, as Mike pressed into it the entire way, starting a bit as his new, extremely sensitive tail suddenly was stimulated.

“I have a tail?” He asked, as it started to wag, spreading his potent pheromones throughout the room. Alex bit his lip, and ignored his growing arousal, concentrating on Mike. He stroked Mike’s tail again, feeling it wrap around him, gradually growing fur, a two tone gray and brown extremely stark on the round limb. “Oh, yeah… I have a tail.” Mike groaned into the pillow, and his wagging redoubled.

Alex shuffled over the helicoptering limb, and straddled Mike’s wide back, already stronger and more defined, just begging for the rest of the change. He slowly worked on the different muscles, feeling them harden and press back, knotting then softening into a defined set, bulging through his skin, slowly pushing upwards and outwards. Mike rolled his shoulders, almost dislodging his smaller partner, and Alex looked up and down Mike. He’d gained at least a foot of height, though a lot of that was from his feet and legs reshaping. Still, there was a lot more for Alex to work on, and it was practically begging for it, Mike’s half furred form promising so much.

Alex stood up, and started walking on Mike’s back, sending it twitching and growing, the pads on the bottom of his feet working on the still unchanged muscles, rapidly shifting them into hulking werewolf strength. Soon, it was massive, bulked and defined, even through the thick layer of fur.

“Ready to flip over again?” Alex asked, standing on the edge of the bed, trying not to slip into Mike’s mattress depression. He had to have grown another foot, and almost doubled in weight; the bed was complaining with every shift.

Mike grumbled for a moment, then rolled over, adjusting his tail so it whipped back and forth between his legs. His upper front was mostly unchanged, just larger, matching his back, fur framing his crotch. His dick was partially shifted, human but redder. It was a bit longer, maybe seven inches, spilling past Alex’s hand, but still only about half his own length. Mike’s balls were larger, but not by much. Though there probably were some changes inside, since it was leaking a constant dribble of precum, lubricating the soon to be monster.

Alex dropped to all fours, eyes focused on his boyfriend’s dick. He slowly drew close, inhaling Mike’s musk. It wasn’t as powerful as his own, but it was rapidly shifting towards full werewolf. His eyes went slightly glassy as he started licking the pink cock, his own tongue slowly growing far past human, wrapping around the swelling wolfhood.

Mike groaned, thrusting up, squirting a blast of precum across Alex’s face. His cock was getting painfully hard, and it was taking all his willpower not to grab his Alpha’s head and thrust until he was satisfied. Alex looked up at Mike, his own mouth slowly pushing out into a muzzle, his cold nose adding a counterpoint to his eager lapping. Which seemed to be getting harder?

Alex pulled back, confused. It seemed like Mike’s cock was receding, pulling closer to his stomach, as his fur started growing up past his legs, towards the base of his dick. His dick was getting thicker, more leathery, as his balls started swelling, straining his still mostly human sack, as they grew from ping pong balls to large eggs. Alex grinned eagerly, cupping and playing with his balls, going back to licking Mike’s developing sheath, already thicker and larger than what he started with.

Mike’s groans became more needy, his balls beginning to pump in his overfilled sack, pulling against Alex’s teasing, growing in size and potency. He could practically feel them pumping testosterone into his system, and his muscles suddenly started twitching and aching all over, not needing Alex’s touch to spur them to grow.

Alex didn’t notice, now licking the inside of Mike’s developing sheath, only the reddening and increasingly pointed head poking out. It seemed to be softening, even as Mike’s moans become more desperate and ragged. He shuttered, the bedframe creaking ominously, and his hips locked, straining and tightening. After a few seconds, he relaxed slightly, panting.

“Fuck… that was intense,” Mike murmured, his voice deeper and more powerful.

Alex didn’t say anything, still licking, half high on Mike’s pheromones, his own cock hard and leaking. He felt Mike’s cock start to harden again, rapidly pushing out of the sheath. Alex blinked, surprised by the sudden third leg. He shifted, bringing his hips around, comparing their dicks, watching, dry mouthed, as it kept growing. After a few seconds, the sheath bulged out, and two thick masses popped out on either side, as the cock stood there, jutting out proudly, twitching in time with Mike’s heartbeat. Alex was awestruck. It looked like it could take up most of his chest, and he still wanted to experience it.

Mike raised his head, confused at the sudden lack of sensation. “That’s really not mine,” he rumbled, reaching out to it with one hand, and grasped it gently, fingers not able to wrap around it entirely. His eyes widened at the sudden burst of sensation. His cock was huge, not as large as wolfed out Alex, but definitely half again as big as normal Alex, large enough for forearm and fist to be a good comparison. It was bright red, with blue veins running throughout the slick smooth surface. The shape was strange, halfway between human and canine. The head was blunter, the shaft was thicker, but the knot was definitely all wolf. Thick and imposing, each one was almost as large as one of his paws around half the shaft.

Mike was awestruck, slowly running his paw up and down his new wolfhood, his sack and balls growing to match the massive spire. Alex tore his eyes away, and looked up at his boyfriend. Mike’s chest had become furrier, his muscles more defined, and the proportions had shifted a bit. He ran his hands down Mike’s solid six pack, over his defined pectorals and, judging by Mike’s yelp, his sensitive nipples. The changes started to accelerate, and Alex worked to help, rubbing, teasing, and stroking everywhere he could, watching as his mate hurried towards completion.

His arms remained mostly the same, becoming longer, stronger, and gaining lethal claws, but not changing to nearly the same degree as his legs. His chest was also human, rather than becoming barrel-like, as on most quadrupeds. But, the last place to change was Mike’s face. The fur rapidly grew, until it was much thicker around his neck, giving him something of a ruff, while his human hair receded, becoming invisible underneath the mostly brown coat. His ears shifted, moving up his head, as they became increasingly pointed. The last piece was his face and soon to be muzzle.

Alex crawled around Mike’s cock and started kissing him, startling him out of his slow confused masturbation.

“You are so fucking hot,” Alex murmured, biting Mike’s lip, hands running up and down his massive muscles, rubbing his soft fur, and hugging him closer as his head started swimming in pure enjoyment. He felt Mike’s muzzle slowly push out and his teeth sharpen as their tongues fought and wrestled, tasting each other. After a while, they broke away, both panting, Mike was a full werewolf. His eyes glowed a menacing gold, his arms and strong enough to lift a car, and his cock a near lethal weapon, matting his own fur from the lubricants it now produced.

“How are you feeling?” Alex asked shuffling back, and running his hands up and down Mike’s cock.

Mike whinnied and looked confused that they’d stopped, then shook his head, human back in control. “That was probably the best thing I’ve ever felt.” He murmured, running one hand down Alex’s cock and shaking the bed.

Alex grinned, and fur rapidly started pushing out of his entire body, as the bed creaked from the weight of two werewolves. His own transformation was much faster, and more eve, than Mike’s, and he stood up as it finished. “This gets easier every time.” He muttered to himself, watching his cock snake its way up his stomach, comfortably resting just beneath his pecs, as he swelled to his full height of 10 feet.

The bed’s legs gave out entirely, crashing to the ground, causing Mike and Alex to jump in surprise, before bursting out laughing.

“We managed to break the bed before we had sex! That’s amazing!” Mike joked, letting go of his mate, standing up on the polished concrete floor, his new pads keeping him warm.

“That’ll be a fun thing to find, werewolf sex proof beds. Probably will need a shit ton of steel,” Alex said, standing up with Mike. The two werewolves looked at each other, comparing and remembering from when they were human.

Alex was grey and white, while Mike was mostly brown. 10 feet tall when standing as upright as he could, Alex was head and shoulders beneath Mike at about 12 feet, while Mike also was much more muscular, his arms forced to stick out at an angle by his sheer bulk. Alex was almost lithe in comparison, despite beating most power lifters. They wanted to find a scale that could weigh them, but, based off lifting each other and parts of Alex’s home weight set, Alex was close to half a ton, while Mike was probably half again that. Otherwise, same general design, with a few variants. Mike’s paws were bigger, while Alex’s tail was proportionally longer. One of Mike’s ears was floppier than the other. The most obvious difference was in their equipment. Alex’s junk still looked absurdly oversized on his frame, maybe more than ever since there was a basis of comparison.

Alex’s cock was half again as large as Mike’s, thicker, with a more pronounced knot even before it swelled. Their heads were about the same height, around the base of Alex’s pecs, a bit above Mike’s bellybutton, but Alex’s had a lot further to go. His balls were larger too, almost too big for their sack, swollen, with glands bulging out, so oversexed they couldn’t go anywhere else. On, the other hand, Mike’s asshole had swollen out to a doughnut shape, constantly lubricated and ready to do, easily spread by Alex’s hard pointed wolfhood.

Alex slowly thrust in, Mike moaning as his needy hole was spread, the massive invader feeling absolutely right inside his altered body. Alex slowly picked up pace, his knot pounding against his mate’s hole.

They had a long, messy, blissful night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alex slowly woke up the next morning, cuddled around Mike. He felt like he had all the energy in the world, ready to get up and at it. He carefully disentangled himself, and started getting changed, intent on going to the gym before work. As he was doing so, he heard Mike yawn, and stand up.

“How are you doing, handsome?” Mike asked, looking at Alex from top to bottom, standing there just in a pair of compression shorts.

“Great, planning on working out. You want to come with?”

“Sure, as long as you pay for breakfast,” Mike said, hopping up and grabbing his clothes from yesterday. “Erm… and if you drop me off at my house to change,” he said, his sweaty musk somewhat overwhelming, and not in a good way.

Alex nodded and continued getting ready, while Mike changed into his “nicer” clothes. Then they headed to the gym.

It kind of became their daily routine. Work out in the morning, actual work during the day, work out at night, wild werewolf sex, and repeat.

It wasn’t long before Alex bought a new bed, this one with a custom steel base and an extremely oversized mattress, and invited Mike to live with him. Mike eagerly accepted, and, after admitting that he didn’t exactly have a job, the two started doing more than just stare at each other while lifting heavy things and have sex.

Alex helped Mike pick up work nearby, while Mike got Alex to spend his weekends doing stuff other than play video games, workout, and code.

Not to say that the heavy things and sex didn’t have some benefits. Mike could see his abs for the first time… pretty much ever, and his arms were starting to strain his tee shirts. Alex was bulking up too, spurred on to compete with his partner. Seemed like being a werewolf, and regularly being exposed to near lethal dosages of testosterone, had some positive effects. The two started going through something of a growth spurt as humans, bulking out and getting taller, along with other benefits.

Their voices got deeper, they got hairier, and their dicks got larger, much to their delight. They enjoyed sharing their changes, as their bodies started retaining some werewolf features. Mike gained the same foot pads as Alex, and he actually found a sense of direction. Alex’s hair slowly became thicker and grayer, and he gained the ability to grow a beard. Minor gains, but it was interesting to find with each other.

After a few months, they decided to become official. They’d already thought of each other as something between boyfriends, mates, and alpha/omega, depending on their level of horny. It really was just posting on Facebook and dealing with the fallout. Pretty minimal though. Most people were happy for the couple, though Alex’s parents thought he was settling and they’d break up very soon.

Around that time, Mike finally convinced Alex to go to a therapist. He’d been dealing with guilt from borderline raping Mike the first time they’d met, and it had been leaking into other parts of his life. It wasn’t easy to deal with, but they worked through it together. They explained it off as they’d both been under the influence of something, and wanted to stay together after meeting that night.

One day, a few years later, Alex took Mike out for a nice dinner. Mike had finished an associate’s degree, and was doing well in his new job as a physical therapist. One of Alex’s annoying supervisors had gotten laterally promoted, and they’d both settled into a nice routine, occasionally encompassing other people they thought could benefit from a testosterone boost.

Nearly seven inches taller, most of a hundred pounds of muscle heavier, and packing an unnecessarily large, but ego satisfying 8 incher, Mike filled out his clothes well. He’d shifted away from his old unruly mop and now styled his hair closely cropped and clean shaven, though his werewolf form’s two tone brown and gray had spread throughout both his body and head hair, which had gradually merged to grow the same.

Alex had similarly filled out, though it’d been limited by the same genetic factors that kept him short his entire life. He’d grown up to average height, but his voice had deepened, and he’d gained more than fifty pounds of muscle, even if that was a bit more noticeable since he’d concentrated on vanity spots rather than general strength and endurance. His cock had only grown an inch and a half, putting him just short of being longer than a ruler, much to his occasional annoyance.

They were sitting outdoors, overlooking the city, at a steak house. They’d both finished a meal of excessively big ribeyes, and were enjoying the atmosphere, cracking jokes and trying different drinks on the menu. Finally, Alex saw that the waiter was coming with dessert, and he sighed to himself. Maybe next time.

“Mike… you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been in my life.” He fingered a notecard where he’d prepared a speech, but left it in his pocket. Mike looked at him, expectantly, as the waiter drew closer, carrying dessert, a cake with two cinnamon sticks poking out of the top. On them, Mike could see two glints of golden light, and his rambly semi-drunken rant was derailed entirely. “Erm… what?”

“Alex, would you marry me?” Mike asked, as the waiter set down the cake, and the two rings on top. Neither Alex nor Mike could resist adding a bit of a wolf theme to their rings, Alex had gone with a Witcher theme, while Mike had gone with more of an ouroboros design.

“You… you…” Alex seemed broken, unable to understand what was happening.

“Alex, you’re a great guy, but you overthink everything. I’ve considered myself yours for years. If you want to tie the knot, I’d love to do it. I’m just happy you left the ring in the car console.” Alex looked overwhelmed, and teary eyed. Mike calmly waited for him to recover, and started cutting the cake.

“Yes! Yes, I’d love to marry you. Thank you… thank you so much,” Alex finally said, hugging Mike over the table, squeezing hard enough to crack Mike’s back. “Oh, and you’re definitely knotting something else tonight.” He whispered in his mate’s ear. They sat together, rings on their fingers, enjoying each other’s presence, blissfully happy, looking forward to their future together.


Author’s Note

Hey, thanks for reading!

I wasn’t sure if this was too aggressive with ending the story, but I wanted to tie up everything as much as possible, without just ending it with both characters transforming.

Or turning it into a slice of life book about two werewolves, as much fun as that could be. Maybe one day.

Thanks to Cogpuncher for editing! Opinions and criticism would be extremely appreciated.

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