Alpha Dave returns home

by Eric Aaldersen

Alpha Dave returns home and remembers the alpha who made him.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #4 7,790 words Added Feb 2020 7,940 views 5.0 stars (9 votes)

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Author’s Note

This was actually the first Alpha Jock story that I wrote. It got some great feedback, but I expanded and changed it when it became part of a larger collection. Enjoy!


Part 1

Dave Callum’s campus gym was open 24-hours and on this remote northern college campus, it wasn’t even staffed after midnight; it was a “workout at your own risk” thing. And the only people ever working out that late were super horny boys burning off some testosterone. Dave was no exception. Ever since his bonding with Luke this summer, and their reunion a month ago, he’d been hornier than he had been in months. He’d almost forgotten what bonding with another alpha could do to him, to his body. And his roommate Gavin, his normal go-to fuck buddy, was out of town for a few weeks. What’s a horny alpha stud to do?

Dave strode into the free weights room and looked around. About eight guys were working out, most of them Dave recognized as part of the “late night” crew and they all knew who he was, if only by reputation. A few of the guys, those who had enough muscle to show off, were even working out shirtless. Dave loved the gym after midnight. They all stole furtive glances at him as he pulled a bench up to a barbell rack and set it up for chest presses. Dave wore a tank top and his oldest, rattiest pair of grey sweatpants.

Dave was a specimen to behold at six-foot-four and almost 250 pounds of sculpted muscle with thick, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, thick eyebrows, a square jaw, and carved cheekbones. On that day he rocked a sexy amount of stubble to go with the pelt of soft black fur decorating his massive pectorals.

He’d decided on a simple workout that night –start with some heavy presses, then drop weight and keep pumping until he got too horny to continue. No other workout got Dave’s juices flowing like a good chest press. He started off with four plates on either side of the bar: 400 pounds of iron. It was more than enough to impress anyone there. Dave pumped out three sets of six reps at that weight with long rest periods in between that allowed him to both recover and check out the rest of the room.

“Hey, man. Want a spot?”

Dave turned and saw that one of the shirtless studs had approached him. The dude was a sandy blond, heavily muscled guy of about five-foot-nine with super thick shoulders and triceps –a classic rugby build. He had sweet, blue eyes, a scruffy beard, and a healthy pelt of golden fur on his bare chest that he was obviously pretty proud of. Dave inhaled and drank in the scent of a curious and eager beta. Perfect!

“Sure, man,” Dave smiled at him. “I was just about to drop weight and max out for reps.”

“Cool. What’re we dropping it to?”

“Two plates.”

“Right. I’m Mitch, by the way,” the dude said, holding out his hand.


They shook hands and locked eyes, Dave making him wince only a little bit with his handshake. Mitch removed three plates from his side of the rack.

“No, man,” Dave stopped him. “Two plates per side.”

“Seriously? For max reps?”

Dave nodded, “Yup.”

“Damn!” Mitch said, obviously impressed. “You’re one strong guy. I max out for weight at two plates a side.”

Dave shrugged and said with smile, “What can I say? These bad boys have got some serious power packed into them.”

Dave playfully bounced his pecs at Mitch, whose eyes widened.

“Yeah, no shit,” he said in awe.

Dave slid underneath the bar and Mitch stood above his head, ready to assist when Dave needed it. Dave unracked the weight and made his first press with perfect form.

“One,” Mitch counted. “Two… three…”

It was nice that Mitch was there to count. Dave never counted when he went for max reps, he just kept pumping them out until he had an unmistakable chub going and the precum had just started leaking from the tip of his thick, uncut dick. That was his queue to stop.

“…Twenty-eight… twenty-nine…”

And that’s just about where he was now. He pressed the weight up feeling his balls churn inside his jock, feeling his dick stretch the fabric as it swelled, feeling the sweat slowly roll down his sides, feeling the testosterone surge throughout his entire body making him feel like a fucking god. Then he felt it, just a little bit of sticky moisture emerge from the tip of his semi-hard dick. He was done.

He racked the weight and sat straight up.

“Holy shit, dude!” Mitch exclaimed. “Thirty-two reps with a buck eighty on the bar!? And you didn’t even need my help to rack it! You could’ve kept going!”

“Yeah, man,” said Dave as he stood up. He took off his tank top and used it to wipe the sweat from his brow, giving Mitch and the whole room a good look at his god-like torso. “But I got the pump I was after.”

Dave flexed his chest and stuck out his bulging crotch.

“Fuck, man…” Mitch said, smiling from ear to ear as he adjusted his own crotch. The smaller, blond stud was getting puppy dog excited off of Dave’s alpha musk and energy.

Dave noted a few twinks and muscle pups suddenly finished their workouts and headed to the showers, knowing that’s where he’d be heading next, knowing how much Dave loved getting his cardio after a good late-night chest pump.

Good, thought Dave –a smirk on his face, a twinkle in his eye, and a growing dark spot at the tip of his dick. I like being able to have my pick.

Then Dave stood to his full height, stretched his arms over his head, out to the sides, did a few twists, all while thrusting his crotch forward just a little bit.

“Think I’ll just hit the showers, man,” he said to Mitch. “See ya in there?”

“Yeah, for sure,” Mitch said, grinning from ear to ear.

Just about everyone in the gym was openly staring at him now, at such an awesome display of masculinity. Eyes widened, jaws dropped, asses twitched. He pretended not to notice.

Dave wiped down the bench and moved toward the locker room with the slow, lumbering grace of a panther, his shirt hanging from the waistband of his pants. A dozen eyes followed him, his massive dick hardening a little more with each step. He started picturing the hot boys in the locker room right now, stripping, checking their pumps in the mirrors, judging their timing, and getting ready for him. This was gonna be fun.

In the locker room, Dave looked no one in the eye and let everyone stare at him as much as they wanted. He stripped and marched to the showers without a stitch on him. Most guys, even really good looking guys, even guys who are exceptionally well hung, usually wear at least a towel when they’re in the locker room. Not an alpha. Not Dave. He strutted slowly down the aisles of lockers, his semi-hard dick, swaying back and forth in front of him, now visibly leaking a slow stream of sticky precum as he went, his massive testicles swollen in anticipation.

Before entering the showers, he stopped to look at himself in one of the full-length mirrors, strike a few poses, and stroke his lengthening dick a couple of times, mostly for the boys who were too shy to follow him into the showers or be waiting there for him.

May as well give them some material for their spank banks, Dave thought.

The showers were one big open room with shower heads along the walls and a couple of pillars in the centre. Dave, of course, chose one in the very centre so he could get a good look at all the meat on display before choosing where to stick his prick. He soaped himself up slowly, washing every inch of his godly body from head to toe and then returned to wash his crotch last. He looked around, half a dozen guys were staring-but-not-staring at him as he soaped up his huge cock and balls. Looking at all the prime, toned, young bodies on display of him –all of them waiting for him to make his choice– it didn’t take long for Dave’s cock to swell to its full, thick, throbbing ten inches.

Muted exclamations escaped the mouths of some–

“Holy shit!… Oh my gawd!”

Probably those for whom it was their first time seeing Dave in all his glory.

Dave looked around. A tight looking twunk made eyes at him as he stuck a finger up his marble white bubble butt. Maybe. A lanky varsity basketball player, tossed a wink and a smirk as he stroked his own impressive cock. A third option was a classic good looking stud of about six-foot-one, blond, tanned, and built like an underwear model with a frecked, baby face that, in that moment, was painted the absolute colour of lust. He reminded Dave a bit of Luke. Definitely a consideration.

Then Dave saw Mitch walk into the showers with a big grin on his face and a proud eight-inch prick standing straight up from his furry crotch. Dave’s cock twitched in his fist and leaked a healthy glob of precum onto the tiled floor. Then Dave let go of his cock and stalked toward the furry-chested, blond rugby stud, never breaking eye contact. Without slowing his stride Dave walked right into Mitch, kissing him on the mouth and backing him up to the wall.

Once Dave had him up against the wall the dude instinctively wrapped his arms up and around Dave’s neck and one leg came up and wrapped around Dave’s thickly muscled thigh. Within seconds the tip of Dave’s enormous dick was pressing against the dude’s pucker, leaking copious amounts of lube and demanding entry.

As the studs continued making out, half a dozen other muscle boys decided to make the most of the situation and started openly jacking their dicks in a semi-circle as they stood around watching as Dave Callum gave them all a demonstration in godhood.

After a minute Mitch’s other leg left the ground and wrapped around Dave as well. Then the dude’s head threw back and a massive groan escaped his throat, making it obvious to every man there that Dave had made entry. Then, with the dude’s shoulders against the tiles and the rest of his weight supported by Dave’s legs and cock, Dave began making small thrusts with his hips, each one driving his massive, throbbing cock deeper and deeper into this stud’s tight but willing cunt. With each thrust the dude let out another massive moan, the sound undercut by the sounds of falling water and all the other boys around them furiously slapping their meat as they got off. Dave let out deep, manly grunts as he worked himself inside his chosen stud. The whole scene sounded like two bucks mating near a waterfall. Dave’s ass was a thing of beauty as it pumped his crotch up and down. One of Dave’s thick, muscular arms was wrapped tightly around the dude’s waist, the other pressed up against the tiled wall to steady himself.

After a few minutes, Dave let the stud down onto his feet and pulled out his cock, the look of loss on Mitch’s face was painful to see, but Dave wasn’t done. He put the rugby stud in front of him, his hard, dripping cock pointing toward the semi-circle of muscular studs all around them. Then Dave motioned toward the tight looking pale twunk. The twunk stepped forward, turned around, arched his back, and presented his pussy. Mitch didn’t waste a second. He stepped forward, grabbed the twunk by the hips, and slid his cock inside.

The twunk let out a little squeal, like what a wolf’s prey might make, and then Dave quickly reinserted himself inside the blond hunk, eliciting another load, pornographic moan as he mounted both these studs at once.

For a few seconds Mitch might have thought he’d get to do some fucking of his own. He was mistaken. Dave wrapped his long, beefy arms around both studs waists and began making deep, powerful thrusts, his hips making loud slapping sounds as they met with Mitch’s round, high rugby ass. His thrusts were so powerful, his dick so huge, it was like he was fucking the pale twunk right through Mitch!

Mitch was the first to shoot. His deep moans quickened and it was obvious to everyone that he’d just dumped his load inside the twunk at the front of this epic fuck train. Then Dave grunted and with one final thrust that put the blond stud on his toes and nearly made his eyes pop out of his head, he shot his load and planted his alpha seed deep inside. Feeling Dave’s cum shoot up inside him like lava, the blond guy grabbed the twunk’s hips and orgasmed again, filling the smaller dude with a second helping.

Feeling like he’d sufficiently impregnated both these studs, Dave released his massive arms and slowly withdrew from Mitch, his dick still rock hard and leaking a stream of milky cum down to his balls. Dave motioned for another couple guys to come forward. One began sucking his balls as Dave leaned his back against the tiled wall, the other licked his leaking dick like it was ice cream. Then Dave motioned to Mitch.

“Get on your knees,” Dave commanded. He was obeyed. “Now, suck him off.”

Dave pointed toward the muscly twunk who had yet to blow his load. No man went home unsatisfied in Dave Callum’s kingdom.

The blond hunk took the twunk’s thick dick into his mouth and the twunk grabbed him by the skull and gratefully started face fucking the hard-muscled blond rugby stud. He grinned thankfully over at Dave.

Dave simply smiled and watched with his hands behind his head, his boulder-sized biceps and furry pits on full display, as the two studs beneath him pleasured his cock and balls.

A few guys in the circle of admirers had already gotten off, some twice. The hung basketball player was impaling a skinny Latino twink over in the corner but suddenly saw something else that he wanted. He withdrew, got down on his hands and knees behind Mitch as he sucked off the twunk and began eating out his ass. Apparently the hung basketball player saw Dave’s alpha cum leaking out of Mitch’s ass and just couldn’t resist.

Mitch howled on the twunk’s dick. The twunk accelerated his fucking –his hips were practically a blur. Mitch’s dick was rock hard again and pumping out a third orgasm as the twunky guy squealed, crumpled over him, and unloaded into his mouth.

Dave looked down at the scene he had created and it was all too much for him. His thick ten-inch dick began spurting cum like a fountain and three guys rushed forward to try and capture some of the alpha stud’s powerful seed on their tongues.

Dave smiled and thought, I do love the gym after midnight.

But he also wished that Luke could have been there to join in the fun.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next night Dave was in his room with Mitch. They’d just hooked up for their second night of mind-shattering sex. Gavin wouldn’t be home for another day but Mitch had been doing a great job of subbing for him. Gavin was a great guy and a lot of fun, but they’d been bonding for nearly a year and there were no indications that he was moving toward becoming an alpha. Gavin was a pretty laid back dude, maybe unconsciously he simply didn’t have the desire to alpha up. Mitch on the other hand.

Currently the smaller stud was curled up next to Dave, his round, furry ass cheeks pressed firmly into Dave’s crotch, his head resting on Dave’s bulky upper arm. Dave had the other arm wrapped around him and was drinking in his scent, basking in the energy radiating from him. The guy was no virgin. Dave absently wondered about the identity of the man who’d first bred him, about when it happened. Maybe he’d ask him one day. Whoever had bred him before, it couldn’t have been an alpha. Now Mitch smelled like Dave. He was Dave’s beta now and would be his entire life, unless he became an alpha. Mitch’s furry ass was still sticky and dripping from the loads of alpha seed Dave had deposited there that night. The hard, stocky rugby dude was sleeping like a baby.

Dave fell asleep that night dreaming about the alpha who had made him…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was the second month of Dave’s first year of college and he still knew no one on campus. He was taking a business administration degree a few courses at a time and hoped to start his own business one day. Currently he worked part-time as a car mechanic in a local garage to pay the bills and put himself through school. In his first year of college Dave was a beefy six-foot-four and about 230 pounds. But for a guy who was so big, Dave put a lot of effort into keeping to himself. He didn’t socialize with any of the other students. He wouldn’t even workout in the campus gym unless it was late at night and almost empty. Coming out as gay in high school had more or less cost him his relationships with his family. His friends were cool with it, but once graduation came they all moved on and moved away.

Had he been a bit more social, Dave would’ve been quite popular. He had a square jaw, broad shoulders, soulful brown eyes, and a stylish goatee that he kept nicely trimmed. He carried about thiry pounds that he could’ve shed with some more cardio, but the boys back in high school never complained about him having a little padding.

One warm, sunny Saturday in October he was working at the garage on a rusted, old SUV that probably should’ve been taken off the road. His boss had called in “sick” that morning, so Dave was working by himself. He was probably off enjoying one of the last nice Saturdays of the year, but Dave supposed that was one of the benefits of being the boss. Dave didn’t really mind. It wasn’t a busy day and he needed the money.

As he muscled a stubborn lug nut, Dave heard the buzzer indicating that someone had come to the office desk. He left the wrench on the nut and sauntered to the side of the garage. He opened the door to the office, looked up, and caught his breath.

The man standing at the office desk had to have been the biggest dude Dave had ever seen! He was about thirty years old and stood about four inches taller than Dave. He wore a crown of spiky, golden blond hair and a full, shortly trimmed beard of the same colour. Dave could only guess at the guy’s weight, but it was all muscle. Thick veins snaked out of the sleeves on his skin-tight polo shirt winding their way down a pair of biceps the size of bowling balls and forearms thicker than some guys’ thighs. He looked over at Dave with a killer smile and a pair of flashing blue eyes.

“Hey,” he said in a voice like thunder, thrusting his chin forward in that universal dudebro greeting.

“Hey, there,” said Dave. He felt his heart jump, his palms moisten, and his crotch swell. Dave was not used to a man having this sort of effect on him. “Uh… can I help you?”

“Yeah, man. I went over a curb with my jeep the other day. Ever since it’s been making this grinding noise.”

The guy thrust his thumb over his shoulder, pointing to a huge, black luxury jeep parked out front.

“Nice ride,” Dave said. “Yeah, I can take a look at it now. I’m almost done with this stubborn ass SUV. Um… just, uh… take a seat. I’ll be done in a minute.”

“Thanks, man!” he smiled, stepping toward Dave and holding out his hand. “I’m Caleb.”

“Dave,” he replied, shaking his hand.

Damn, this guy’s hands are huge! Dave thought to himself. He turned and went back into the garage, grabbing the crotch of his coveralls and adjusting himself a bit after he closed the door.

Dave returned to that stubborn, rusted SUV that just wouldn’t give up its lug nuts to give them one more shot before deciding that he’d have to cut them off. As he shook out his arms to give it one last shot, Dave saw Caleb walking around outside the garage’s open doors wearing a pair of sunglasses. Dave braced himself, grabbed the wrench, and put all of his strength into it for a solid twenty seconds, but that damn things just wouldn’t give. And then…


Dave looked up and Caleb had approached him.

“Hey, man. Sorry, I should just give up on this thing until tomorrow.”

“Let me have a shot at it,” he said with a smile.

“Oh… That’s cool man. I… don’t want you getting dirty or anything.”

“I don’t mind getting dirty,” he said with a smirk. “Besides, I like a challenge.”

“Go for it, man,” Dave said, stepping aside.

Caleb grabbed the huge wrench in his massive hands and…

Gawddamn! Dave thought, his mouth hanging open.

Caleb’s arms and shoulders flexed to unbelievable proportions and after a few seconds the lug nut gave. With a defeated creak the wrench turned. Dave felt the blood rush to his crotch at such an awesome display of power. It was a damn good thing he was wearing coveralls.

“There we go,” Caleb said, wiggling the wrench loose and moving it to the next one as he flashed a smile over at Dave. “Pretty sure you loosened it for me, man.”

Dave chuckled, “Yeah right, dude.”

“Can’t imagine that a guy your size runs into this problem too often.”

“Nah, man. I was all set to sheer them off, but… day-yum! You must be the strongest guy I’ve ever seen!”

“I work at it,” Caleb said, moving on to the next nut. “How about you?”


“You must workout, too. You’re filling out those coveralls too well for a couch potato.”

As they chatted Dave didn’t really know what he was saying. He was too busy taking in more of this guy’s amazing physique. His chest, back, and shoulders filled that polo shirt like it was painted onto him, individual slabs of rippling beef clearly visible through the fabric. But it wasn’t just the guy’s upper body that was impressive, his legs and ass filled his blue jeans to perfection, but his waist was so narrow he needed to gather it with a thick, brown belt. Dave imagined a set of abs that looked like a cobblestone road. And at the front it looked like he had a softball stuffed into the loose fabric at his crotch. Dude was obviously hung proportional to the rest of him.

Caleb had moved to town this summer to oversee the construction of a large housing project. The company was putting him up in a hotel. He didn’t say as much, but Dave gathered that he was a single guy with no family.

Once Caleb had loosened all of the bolts, he lifted up the hem of his shirt and used it to wipe his brow. Dave’s eyes went wide as he caught a good glimpse of that cobblestone road, even more defined than he suspected, with obliques that belonged on a superhero and a sexy, narrowing trail of blond fur that pointed like an arrow to the guy’s crotch.

“Whew!” said Caleb. “That was a workout in itself.”

“Yeah…” Dave said, a bit stunned. “Thanks, dude. You really didn’t have to do that. Uh… bring your jeep into the other bay. I’ll put it up and have a look.”

An inspection of Caleb’s jeep revealed the need for some extended work.

“Yeah, we’ve got the parts, but… there’s no way I’ll be able to fix it tonight,” Dave explained. “The job’ll take a good three or four hours. And… I really should finish up with that stinking SUV first. But it’ll be ready for the road again tomorrow afternoon. Monday morning at the latest.”

“Damn,” Caleb sighed. “Well, I guess my next call is to a rental company.”

“Oh, uh… I could give you a ride,” Dave said, forcing himself to be casual.

“Oh yeah?” Caleb smiled.

“Yeah. You said your hotel is downtown. I live downtown. And I may as well close up for the day.”

“Cool. Thanks, man.”

“No judgments, though.”


“About my car, dude. It’s not exactly new and… you’re barely gonna fit.”

Caleb laughed and slapped Dave on the shoulder, “Not the first time I’ve heard that, man. I’ll fit.”

About a half hour later they were driving down the road in Dave’s hatchback. And Caleb did fit into the passenger’s seat, but barely. It was about six o’clock but still sunny and unseasonably warm. They drove with the windows down, one of Caleb’s massive wings hanging outside the passenger door’s window on full display for anyone they drove by.

“This was real nice of you, man,” Caleb said. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Thanks for getting my nuts off. Uh! I mean… Uh… Well, you know what I mean,” Dave stammered. He felt his face flush.

Damn, am I actually blushing!? he thought to himself.

Caleb roared and said, “No problem, man. It was fun.”

As they pulled up to the hotel, Caleb said, “Hey, park the car, man. You can join me for dinner.”

“Uh… Really?”

“Yeah. The hotel has an awesome restaurant –portions for even the likes of us.”

“You… don’t have to, man. I mean… I was happy to give you a ride, it was really no problem.”

“I know I don’t have to,” Caleb said, his bright blue eyes fixed on Dave like a couple of lasers. “I want to.”

Caleb broke into a smile and Dave melted.

“Well… uh… I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Look at me,” he said, motioning to his coveralls. “I’m not dressed for a restaurant.”

“Dude,” Caleb said, with a smirk. “Do you really think they’ll say no to us?”

Dave chuckled, “Well… maybe not. But I still like to look good if I’m going out to eat.”

Caleb leaned back and looked Dave up and down, “Fair enough. I get that. You can borrow some of mine.”


“My clothes. We can go up to my room first. You can get cleaned up and a shirt and pants.”


“Yeah, sure. C’mon, man. I’m sick of eating alone.”

“Well…” Dave smiled, having some difficulty believing how well this was going. “Sure. Let’s go!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dave hung up his coveralls in the washroom of Caleb’s suite. Underneath he was just wearing a beaten up old Aerosmith t-shirt and some boxer briefs. He stripped out of those too and jumped into the shower, noting the separate jacuzzi bathtub in the opposite corner that was more than big enough for two.

Nice, Dave thought.

After his shower, Dave felt much more presentable. After drying himself off, he stood in front of the wide, steamy mirror for a few seconds checking himself out. He could see that he’d put on a few more pounds since leaving high school, but as long as he could still see his abs, he was happy. Back in high school Dave’s size had made him pretty popular for a few reasons. He was a valued player on the hockey and football teams. Before coming out two years ago, the girls all fawned over his broad shoulders and big arms. After coming out, all the boys did, too. Dave never did super well in any of his classes, but overall his life at high school had been pretty awesome. For his last year he’d even had a boyfriend, a cute little twink named Simon who was the star of their English class. The two of them had a lot of fun snuggling up to one another in the backs of movie theatres and playing card games in the school library with their friends over lunch period. One weekend when Simon’s parents were away, Dave even got the pleasure of busting the guy’s cherry, the first sexual experience of several they’d shared together. Simon was at university in Europe now and probably building a good life for himself there.

Dave’s life at home was another story.

After coming out, his parents subtly but repeatedly told him that once he was done high school he was on his own. Dave had three sisters, but the oldest was still four years younger than him. So Dave worked his contacts and became a licensed car mechanic before he graduated. He wouldn’t be able to pay for any fancy university –not that any fancy university would’ve had him– but he could afford to share a half-decent apartment and go to business college part-time on what a mechanic made. So money-wise Dave was okay, but he had yet to replace any of his friends who had moved on. And going to college part-time meant diving in for classes then diving out again, so he had yet to make any connections there. Over the past two months Dave had more or less resigned himself to the possibility that his social life was probably going to suck for the foreseeable future. And then today happened!

Dave had been willing his dick to stay soft since he first laid eyes on Caleb, but now that he was alone in the washroom…. What the hell!

Dave flexed for himself in the mirror and bounced his furry pecs as his thick bone swelled and reached for the sky. At nine uncut inches, Dave was used to feeling pretty confident in that department. But Dave imagined that, from the bulge in his jeans, Caleb’s cock was probably even bigger. Not that he’d get to see it. This king of studs was nice, but not gay. Dave wasn’t that lucky.

In fact, Dave thought, maybe if I pump out a load before dinner, it’ll help my dick to behave.

The ideal time to do this would’ve been when he was showering, but whatever. He unrolled a fist full of toilet paper holding it in one hand and stroking his cock with the other, his meaty balls swinging back and forth as he pumped. He brought his arm up, flexed, and smirked. Dave was pretty proud of the powerful eighteen-inch guns he’d built before leaving school. Then he closed his eyes and imagined Caleb flexing in front of him with a huge, erect cock and swollen balls just packed full of muscle stud milk. It didn’t take long before…

“Ungh!” Dave grunted softly, bringing the wadded up toilet paper to the tip of his dick just in time to catch an explosive load that soaked the wad of toilet paper to dripping.

Damn, thought Dave as he plopped it into the toilet and wiped up some drops from the floor. I must’ve been hornier than I thought.

He washed his hands, gargled with some of the hotel’s mouthwash, milked the last few drops of cum from his softening dick and pulled his socks and underwear back on. The clothes Caleb had loaned him were lying out on the bed.

Dave exited the bathroom, looked around, and saw Caleb’s head above the back of an Adirondack chair out on the suite’s sizable balcony. He sauntered over to the bed and pulled on the khakis and polo shirt Caleb had laid out for him. He checked himself in a closet mirror. The clothes were a bit loose on him but more than acceptable for dinner. Dave walked out to the balcony to discover that Caleb was lounging shirtless in the light of the setting autumn sun, a scotch on the rocks tinkling in his one hand.

“Feel better?” he said, smiling up at Dave.

“Uh… Yeah. Thanks, man,” he said, taking the seat opposite Caleb.

Caleb set his glass down and stretched his massive arms over his head.

“Ummm…” he moaned. “Just had to let the body breathe a little. You know how it is.”

“Yeah…” Dave said, mesmerized. Soaking in Caleb’s god-like body with his eyes was one thing, but now that his shirt was off Dave could’ve sworn he could feel the heat coming off the muscle-bound stud from where he sat! And despite having just jacked off, Dave felt his crotch swelling again.

Gawddammit, he thought. Behave!

“They fit,” Caleb said, gesturing toward Dave.

“Yeah,” Dave said, spreading his arms. “A little loose, though. You’ve gotta be the biggest dude I’ve ever seen!”

“You’re pretty big yourself, bro,” Caleb said, polishing off his scotch. “Between the two of us, we’ve probably got about 500 pounds of muscle sitting here. What do those arms measure, buddy?”

“Eighteen inches,” Dave said, smiling and striking a double biceps and filling the arms of Caleb’s shirt. “How about you?”

Dave had been dying to ask.

“They stretched the tape at twenty-one the last time I measured,” Caleb brought his arms up and flexed. Not only were his biceps unbelievable, his triceps were huge, and his shoulders and forearms were all built from pure steel. Dave found the sight of the golden tufts of fur inside his pits super sexy.

“Nothing reels in the boys like a big set of guys, am I right?” Caleb said.

“Yeah, I know,” Dave replied. “Hey… Wait… What?”

Caleb laughed, “Chill out, man. I know you’re gay. I am too.”

Dave smiled from ear to ear, “Uh… Well… that’s cool! But… how did you know about me? I’m not exactly covered in rainbows.”

Caleb folded his arms across his massive chest and shrugged, “I’ve got good gaydar.”

“Very cool,” Dave said, smiling, taking in Caleb in a whole new light.

Just then Caleb stood to his full height, stretched, smiled down at Dave and said, “You ready for some steak, big guy?”

“You bet!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dinner was amazing. The restaurant actually served 20oz t-bone steak dinners. Caleb ordered one for each of them and insisted on getting them each a couple of beers, too. It might’ve been the most expensive dinner for two that Dave had ever been a part of, but Caleb insisted that the cost didn’t matter. He started off feeling massively spoiled, but by the end of the meal Dave actually felt pretty good about himself.

I guess I’m worth this! Dave thought to himself.

By the time they’d finished their meal, it was dark and getting pretty late. Caleb charged the meal to his room and they walked together from the restaurant into the lobby.

“Well…” Dave said, “I guess it’s getting late.”

“Yeah,” Caleb said, smiling, his hands on his hips.

“I guess… I can… call you when your jeep is…”

Dave never got to finish. Caleb stepped forward, slid one hand around Dave’s waist, the other around the back of his neck, leaned down and planted the hottest kiss of Dave’s life on him. Caleb pulled him in as they made out, pressing their bodies together. Dave felt drunk, and it wasn’t the beer. His hands came up and started caressing Caleb’s back. They each felt their massive packages swell against each other a little as they broke the kiss.

Caleb pulled Dave into a tight embrace, ground their crotches together, and sucked in the deepest of breaths through his nose.

“Ummmmm…” Caleb purred into his ear. “You smell like heaven.”

“I’m not wearing any cologne.”

Caleb looked into his eyes and growled, “You don’t need any. So what do you think, stud? Are you climbing back into that hatchback? Or into my bed?”

In response Dave smiled, wrapped his arms around Caleb’s neck and kissed him again.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once back in Caleb’s suite they were both naked inside a minute. The dude was just as impressive below the waist as Dave suspected. His massive cock was even thicker than Dave’s and must’ve been about an inch longer, also uncut. And his legs could’ve held up the earth! They were both on their knees, grappling on the hotel’s king-sized bed, the springs creaking and groaning from their combined weight. They spent over half an hour just squeezing each other, locking lips, and grinding and thrusting their huge, slick cocks between their rocky, furry torsos. Dave nearly came just from that! And he would have, had Caleb not reach down and grabbed his balls just in time.

“Oh, no you don’t,” he growled through his smile at Dave. “We’re nowhere near done yet.”

Caleb separated them, dozens of shiny precum threads stretched and broke between their lower torsos, and Caleb pushed Dave down onto his back, settling himself between Dave’s hairy, thickly muscled legs. Caleb stroked his huge cock with one fist, held up Dave’s with the other, then swallowed half of it into his mouth.

“Unnnngh!” Dave moaned, his head falling back onto the pillows.

After a minute Caleb was massaging the entire length of Dave’s cock with his throat. Dave grabbed the sheets in his fists, trying to hold back his orgasm. Then, just as he thought he was about to explode inside Caleb’s throat, the muscle stud on top of him was off of his cock and grabbing his balls again.

Dave growled like a grizzly bear.

Caleb laughed and said, “Not yet, man. When you finally let loose I want you cumming like a fire hose!”

How the hell does he always know when I’m about to cum!? Dave wondered.

Then he hoisted Dave’s big legs onto his shoulders and scooted forward touching the massive head of his dick to Dave’s ass cheeks.

“Wait!” Dave said.


“Well… guys I’m with always want me to top, so… I’ve never done that before.”

Caleb smiled down at him.

“I know, man. Don’t worry, I’ll go slow. I want this to feel amazing for you.”

Caleb leaned down and kissed him, massaging his sides and back with his big, strong hands. By now Caleb’s cock had leaked about a pint of precum all over them and onto Dave’s pucker. Dave gradually felt his ass start to relax, getting all warm and even a little tingly.

Huh, Dave thought. Maybe I’m gonna be able to take that monster cock after all.

Caleb gradually applied pressure with his hips and Dave slowly opened to him. The head of his cock must’ve been the size of a lemon!

Eventually, Dave relaxed and the head of Caleb’s massive dick slipped inside.

Oh!!!” Dave cried.

“Does it hurt?”

“Nah, man. It’s just… big!”

Caleb chuckled, “Good. Hardest part is over.”

Over the next ten minutes or so, Caleb slowly pushed his cock forward, Dave groaning like mad with every fraction of an inch that entered him. It really didn’t hurt at all! As Caleb pumped out more and more precum, Dave’s ass just felt more and more amazing! Finally he felt the golden fur at Caleb’s crotch crush between his ass and Caleb’s hips, Caleb’s massive testicles swinging gently into his flesh.

“Touchdown!” Caleb said softly.

Dave laughed, wrapped his arms up and around the dude’s thick neck, and pulled him back down for a kiss. This was amazing! Dave could actually feel Caleb’s heartbeat through his cock as it pulsated inside of him, spewing more and more precum up into him to lubricate their fucking. And boy did Caleb start fucking. He slowly increased his pace, grinding against Dave’s g-spot with every single movement. Dave panted like he had just finished a round of wind sprints on the football field, his body tingling with pleasure. Both guys had started sweating, their massive, rocky torsos shining like polished metal in the dim light. Flecks of sweat fell from Caleb onto Dave like cooling, liquid moonlight. Caleb looked into Dave’s eyes and suddenly Dave felt like he couldn’t look away, like he was falling into those icy blue pools.

The sensations in Dave’s body built and built, Caleb’s cock sliding in and out like a piston, his hips moving like a stag’s breeding a doe, and then suddenly,

“Mmmmm…” Caleb thrust once more, deeply, his balls slapping against Dave’s ass, and his cock exploded. Dave felt his muscle stud cum pumping into him and that was all she wrote.

“Unghhhhh!” Dave roared, his cock spraying rope after rope of thick, rich, cum all over both of them. Despite having unloaded just a few hours earlier, Dave unloosed over a dozen huge shots before his cock slowed down. But Caleb was still unloading!

Dave had no idea how much cum Caleb had dumped inside of him, but as it spread a tingling wave of warmth moved through his entire body. Dave breathed in deeply and his lungs suddenly filled with Caleb’s scent. It was so strong! Dave wondered for a moment why he couldn’t smell it before. It was like all of his senses suddenly got turned up a notch. What a fuck!

Caleb finally stopped cumming and said, “Damn. All it took was once.”


Caleb chuckled, crumpling onto Dave’s body. “Don’t worry about it. I just wanna lay here forever.”

Dave laughed and said, “Well, think you could get off of me first?”

“In a minute,” Caleb said, giving his cock another thrust. Dave caught his breath. “I wanna make sure this is buried good and deep.”

And that was Dave’s first night as an alpha. The next weekend they both stared into the fireplace of the hotel’s lounge late one night after another amazing night in bed together. No one else was around. Dave remembered wondering why Caleb wanted to leave their room so late at night, but the reason soon became clear as did many things. Caleb needed a fire. That night he gave Dave the Lore and changed his life forever. Again!

Caleb and Dave spent about eight months together that year as Caleb’s work in town concluded. During those eight months all of Dave’s alpha traits came into full bloom. The two of them kept in touch online, but only got together rarely now as Caleb lived in Chicago.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Dave awoke, back in his apartment with Mitch, his cock was now rock hard and nestled between his new guy’s furry, warm buns. Mitch was still sleeping like a rock, curled up in Dave’s embrace, his own thick cock hard and leaking like crazy. The morning light filtered through the curtains.

I wonder how long it’ll take for Mitch to alpha up, Dave thought to himself, stroking the rugby hunk’s hard, round upper arm. Dave had bred more than his share of betas since becoming an alpha, and had already made two alphas himself. He had kept in touch with one of them. But neither of them were made with a single fuck as Dave had been. From what Dave knew that was pretty rare. Caleb was a born alpha, and an extraordinarily strong one at that.

Dave reached down, positioned his cock against Mitch’s pucker and pushed.

“Ah! Ungh! Ooooh…”

He was awake now.

“Morning, babe,” Dave rumbled into his ear.

“Mmmmm…” Mitch cooed as Dave started thrusting. “Morning, stud.”

As it turned out, Gavin didn’t mind having Mitch around in the least. For the cute, tight surfer twunk, getting double-dicked by two super-hot muscle studs on a regular basis was like winning the lottery. After a few months of epic three-ways, Mitch moved in and the three of them invested in a bigger bed.

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