Alpha Dave and Alpha Luke reunite

by Eric Aaldersen

 After their epic camping encounter this summer, Luke and Dave reunite and Dave tells Luke what it really means to be an alpha.

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It was the last Saturday in September and Luke Forrester just slammed his opponent into the mat. Dude was sprawling on his stomach, obviously fatigued, so Luke thought he’d have a little fun by jumping on his back and wrapping him up into a surfboard pin. Dude never knew what hit him and the crowd went wild. Instant pin. And that was all she wrote. The referee called it, and raised Luke’s hand. Just one more opponent to face today.

Luke was loving wrestling on the team now that he wasn’t captain. Sure, he could’ve been captain for his last year, the guys all loved him. But he wanted to give someone else a chance and focus on building the weightlifting team so that it didn’t fall apart when he graduated. The idea of spending his whole final year focused on getting bigger was pretty appealing to him, too. He had celebrated his birthday last weekend and just hit the two major goals he’d set for himself before turning seventeen: break 200 pounds, and get seventeen inch arms! He may not have been focusing on his wrestling this year, but the extra size he’d been pouring into his already skin-tight singlet made him look intimidating as fuck. All the guys from the other high schools were sizing him up even now.

Hummm… thought Luke. Maybe I should mess with their heads just a little more.

He pulled down the shoulder straps of his singlet and stripped it down, strutting around his side of the mat bare from the waist up, showing off his beefy chest and rocky abdominals. He noticed one guy on the opposing bench, about two weight classes below him, blue eyes and black crew cut hair, openly starring with a slack jaw (and probably a swelling crotch). Luke threw the guy one of his killer smiles and bounced his pecs at him. The dude’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he rearranged his singlet.

If he wasn’t throwing wood before, Luke thought, he sure is now.

Luke decided to push this pocket jock starring at him just a bit further. While still locking eyes with the guy across the mat, Luke grabbed his crotch, pretending like he was adjusting himself, but really just showing off his huge bulge. The dude broke into a full grin and licked his lips.

Hummm… Luke thought. This guy is up for it. And cute, too. Maybe after the match…

Luke felt his own dick swell a little, but he quickly fought it back. Most guys wrestled in just their singlets, nothing underneath. For Luke that wasn’t an option. He tried exactly once at a practice, but it was too much of a distraction. Not for him, but for everyone else. The story of the day—hell, the next two weeks—wasn’t who wrestled better, but how huge Luke’s cock and balls looked in his skin-tight, pale grey singlet. It looked like he had a salami and two tennis balls stuffed down there. A picture of him at that practice even ended up on Instagram which, if the like count was any indication, caused about a hundred thousand orgasms all around the world. More recently there was an equally pornographic pic of him on the interwebs after he’d gotten out of a hot tub at a party, but it didn’t show his face.

So Luke wore a jockstrap underneath his singlet, with a reinforced pouch. This made for an even bigger bulge, of course, but at least his junk wasn’t outlined in bold relief.

Just then Luke’s spine straightened as he caught a whiff of something on the air that cut through everything else in the arena. He sniffed, looking all around him and there, there in the stands on the far side of the arena was Dave Callum!

He couldn’t believe it! Luke had posted on social media about this wrestling match. Dave had even asked him about it when they spoke over the phone last week on his birthday, but Dave never told him he was coming! Dave stood up and waved. Luke grinned from ear to ear and took a step toward him but then—

“Forrester! You’re up!” the coach barked.

For a split second Luke considered throwing the match and running over to Dave, but it was even better that Dave was going to see him wrestle. Luke pulled his singlet back up and jogged over to his corner where Rick DiGrassio, his next and final opponent of the day, was standing and warming up.

Luke was now solidly in the heavyweight division, and in high school the guys in that division were either what Luke thought of as “sumo strong” or built like fucking trucks. Rick fell into the later category. He was about Luke’s height, maybe even a inch taller, just as strong and muscular, and just as experienced. He probably wanted it more than Luke, too. Word had it there were college and university scouts in the stands. Hell, for about five seconds earlier in the day Luke had even considered letting Rick win. Not now! Not now that he knew a fellow alpha was watching him.

The two equally matched wrestler studs took their places on the mat, but Luke knew how this was going to end before the whistle even blew. DiGrassio was toast!

Ten minutes later the match was over, Rick DiGrassio was still panting flat on his back like he’d been hit by a train, and Luke was getting rushed by his teammates.

“Holy shit, Forrester!” Sean, the new team captain exclaimed. “Is that what you call taking it easy? You fuckin’ creamed him!”

“Yeah,” said another one of his teammates, “and I think all those points might’ve just won us the tournament!”

But Luke wasn’t really listening, he was starring across the arena at Dave who was now standing at the edge of the arena with his arms crossed, dressed in jeans and a tight, black polo shirt, beaming a smile across to Luke. He excused himself from his teammates and walked over.

“Hey, man!” he said as he approached Dave and immediately fell into a tight hug with him. They each took a few seconds to drink in each other’s scent. Luke wanted to walk up and kiss him. Hell, he wanted to walk up and fuck him in front of the whole arena. But he could be patient. Somehow he knew that Dave wasn’t just here to watch him wrestle.

“You never said you were coming.”


“I’ll say.”

“Actually, I was hoping you were free for the rest of the weekend. I missed your birthday, but… I think it’s time we had the talk that I mentioned.”

“Yeah,” Luke said immediately, mentally cancelling all his plans. “For sure! Let’s go!”

Dave laughed and said, “Whoa, champ. Go celebrate with your teammates. I’ll find you later.”

“All right,” Luke said, squeezing Dave’s shoulder and locking eyes with him. “Promise?”


About half an hour later, after winners were announced and prizes were handed out, the locker room shenanigans were in full swing. Sean, their wrestling team captain, was actually parading around the locker room buck naked with his hands on his hips and their team’s first place medal hanging from his erect penis.

“And to all the other teams in here,” he shouted to the room, which was full of naked young men from all the teams competing that day, “to all those who doubted who the real men of this tournament were when you stepped onto the mat today, I say… behoooooold!”

He thrust his hips forward, causing the medal to swing between his thighs. The whole room roared.

Sean was a real character. He was a few inches shorter than Luke, and built like a bulldog. In place of Luke’s chill attitude he had more of a boisterous bravado, but the guys loved him. He’d be a great team captain.

Luke was just about to head for his showers when he caught sight of that wrestler with the crew cut and blue eyes who was checking him out earlier. The guy saw him too and smiled. Luke smiled back and cocked his head to say, “Let’s head.”

The other guy nodded, quickly wrapped a towel around himself and followed Luke to the showers.

Luke wore no towel. He had one slung over his shoulder, but he never hid his endowment in the locker room. It was the one place where he could show off his alpha traits publicly in all their glory, so he sure as hell wasn’t gonna feign modesty. As he strutted to the showers, he just let his big, heavy penis flop from thigh to thigh as if it were waving to the crowd. The guys on his own team were familiar with Luke’s infamous appendage, in fact they often egged him into showing them a “windmill” in the locker room, but he wasn’t gonna miss the chance to show off in front of everyone else.

He looked behind him and the cute featherweight was still following about five paces behind, eyes glued to Luke’s smooth, moulded backside as it moved.

The showers weren’t actually that crowded yet. Most of the guys either went straight home, were still out in the arena, or were still in the lockers shooting the shit.

Luke hung his towel on the wall and picked a showerhead in the middle of the room. The other guy followed suit and took one next to Luke. They both turned on the water and started getting clean.

“Good tournament today,” Luke said.

“Yeah, for you guys,” he replied. “We got creamed.”

“Did you wrestle hard?”


Luke shrugged and smiled, “Then it was a good tournament.”

The other guy smiled.

“I’m Luke,” he extended his hand.

“Yeah, I know,” the guy replied, shaking his hand. “You’re Luke Forrester. You were team captain last year. I’m Kyle. Kyle Purcell.”

“Nice to meet you, Kyle. So my reputation precedes me? All good things, I hope.”

“Yeah,” the guy chuckled and blushed. “All good things.”

He was cute. About five-foot-seven, little ski slope nose, tight body, clear skin. He could have been about two years younger than Luke. And those baby blue eyes were drinking in Luke from head to toe. He no doubt wanted as accurate a copy as possible in his spank bank for future reference. And now that he was closer, Luke could also tell that Kyle was a beta, but no virgin.

What the hell, Luke thought, blood rushing to his groin. I gotta get clean before I see Dave. May as well enlist a little help.

The one other guy in the showers left. Luke leaned in toward Kyle, smiled and said,

“C’mon. You’re clean enough. I want some help.”

Luke grabbed the guy by the arm, led him into a corner shower stall, and pulled the curtain behind them. He turned on a slow spray of warm water, stood in front of Kyle and said,

“Go on. Grab some soap. Clean me up.”

“R… really?” Kyle said, eyes wide. “You’ll let me?”

“Sure, man. If you want to. And I know you want to.”

Kyle still looked a little nervous. Luke wrapped his hand around Kyle’s neck, brought them together and kissed him, pressing the length of their athletic bodies together, slowing stroking Kyle’s back with his other hand. Kyle’s arms fell onto Luke’s chest and he relaxed completely. By the time Luke broke the kiss, Kyle already had a raging hard-on. Not a bad sized one, either. The little dude was all dick!

He grabbed some soap from the dispenser and started washing Luke’s chest and shoulders. Luke raised his arms, making sure to flex his biceps for the smaller guy.

“Holy shit! Wish I could get this big,” Kyle said as he washed Luke’s upper arms and furry pits.

“Getting bigger by the second, man.”

Kyle looked down as he felt Luke’s huge cock swing up into his hip. It was a thick eight inches long and not even fully hard yet.

“Fuck,” Kyle said, a little loud. “I figured it was big, but… damn.”

He went to reach for it but Luke stopped him, saying,

“Ah ah ah… Don’t you dare skip to dessert,” Luke said with a friendly smirk.

Kyle chuckled and continued washing Luke’s hard, muscular body as Luke obligingly flexed for him everywhere his hands touched. Keep the medals and trophies, this was the kind of reward he loved getting. He locked Kyle’s gaze in his sea green eyes and felt him rub his hands all over his chest and abs, brushing against his erect cock which, as usual, was already leaking a copious amount of his natural lube. Kyle reached around him in an embrace and ran his soapy hands all the way up and down Luke’s broad back and then down onto his round, firm ass.

“Don’t be afraid to get in there,” Luke rumbled under the sound of the falling water. Kyle smiled, reached around, and dug in, probing the entrance to Luke’s ass with his fingers. Kyle mashed their bodies together, rubbing their hard cocks between their bodies as he dug into Luke, slipping a couple of fingers inside him.

Luke expelled a long, low groan and felt his cock pump a huge glob of precum up his shaft and out the tip.

Kyle looked up into Luke’s eyes with pure longing. He had the guy totally locked in his alpha’s gaze, which was something Dave had taught him how to start working on. The dude was mesmerized, like he couldn’t have looked away even if he wanted to. Luke felt their erect cocks get slippery between their bodies, covered in steam and precum.

Kyle begged with his eyes: please?

“Okay, stud. Don’t forget the front,” Luke cooed.

Kyle smiled, grabbed some more soap, and started working Luke’s cock and balls.

“Gawddamn,” Kyle said. “So fuckin’ huge. And these balls!”

Kyle gave them a gentle squeeze and tug, “I can’t fit them in one hand!”

“Mmmmm… Keep working them like that and you’re gonna get to see what’s inside.”

“Good,” Kyle said, stroking Luke’s cock harder, using both hands, starring into his eyes. “I want your muscle stud cum.”


“Oh, yeah. I want it all over me. I want it now!”

“Ungh… get ready dude, here it comes! Ungh!!!”

Luke shot a dozen thick ropes of rich, white cum all over the smaller stud’s chest, even shot a few up onto his face. The strong smell of it filled the humid space of the shower stall. Luke breathed it in deep. Luke loved spraying his seed all over a beta. No matter how clean this guy got today, now matter who he smelled like this morning, he’d still smell like Luke now for the better part of a week. Although most non-alphas didn’t have the nose for it, somehow Luke’s semen had started smelling even stronger since he’d been with Dave on that camping trip.

“Holy shit!” Kyle said, eagerly licking Luke’s cum off his chin. “I never saw a guy cum that much before in my life! Not even in porn!”

Luke smiled and though, Sounds like you’ve seen your share of male orgasms.

“Thanks, bro. I needed that,” said Luke, as he brought the guy into a deep kiss, tasting his own cum on Kyle’s lips and tongue.

“Want help taking care of that?” Luke said, motioning to Kyle’s own rock hard cock.

“Actually… I think I just wanna stay here for a bit. You know, before I actually get cleaned up.”

Luke could tell what the guy wanted. He wanted Luke to get the fuck out so he could lap up the rest of the cum on his body without looking like an utter whore.

“No problem, dude,” Luke said, turning off the water. “Bon appetit. And thanks for the help. Find me on Instagram. We should get together again.”

“Yeah, for sure!”

He kissed Kyle one more time then left the shower stall, making sure to close the curtain again quickly behind him. Then he grabbed his towel and strutted back to his team’s corner of the locker room. His semi-hard cock swung in front of him with a dribble of cum hanging from the tip.

“Well, well,” said Sean as Luke approached his team’s corner. “Looks like Lucky Lukey here found a fan!”

“Fuckin’ right,” Luke replied, knocking fists with his new captain. Then he held up his chubbed dick, still dripping, and said, “Anybody want the leftovers?”

They all laughed, but Luke knew that a couple of them—hell, most of them—wanted to take the offer.

Dave and Luke eventually caught up with each other in the high school’s parking lot. Luke approached Dave leaning against the side of his truck. He marched right up to him, without saying a word, and started kissing him, pressing their studly bodies together.

“Whoa, there stud,” Dave said, breaking the kiss. “I take it you’re happy to see me.”

“Damn, right!” Luke said, thrusting his swelling crotch into Dave’s. “Every inch of me.”

“So you really are free this weekend? We can get out of here, just the two of us?”

“Absolutely! What did you have in mind?”

“I’ve got my camping gear. What say I pick you up in the morning and we pitch a tent somewhere?”

“I’m ready to go right now!”

Dave laughed, “Yeah, but I don’t want your mom thinking I fucking abducted you or something. C’mon, alpha stud. We’ve gotta play by the rules a little bit here.”

Luke growled and ground his crotch into Dave’s, but he knew he was right.

“Yeah… okay. But you can come over for dinner tonight, right? Meet my mom? She’s been listening to me talk about my new friend Dave for over two months now. I don’t want her thinking you’re imaginary or something.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“And where are you gonna stay tonight?”

“I’ll find a room.”

“No, you won’t,” Luke sneered. “You can stay in my room. I’ll bet you anything that mom offers during dinner.”

“Well,” Dave smiled, “I sure won’t turn down an offer from Mom.”

Luke lived in a tiny, post-war two-bedroom house with his Mom, Carol. Luke’s dad hadn’t been on the scene since he was little. He’d grown up thinking of his older brother as “the man of the house.” He had shared his bedroom with Mike when Mike was home, but for the past few years Luke had had it all to himself.

As expected, Luke’s mom loved Dave. She fussed about having enough dinner for two “growing young men” but there was more than enough.

“I don’t usually cook a meal like this unless your brother’s visiting,” she remarked.

And as expected she invited Dave to stay over.

“Although,” she said, eyeing him from head to toe. “I don’t think the couch will be comfortable for you.”

“Oh, Dave can sleep with me,” Luke said innocently. “That is, if you don’t mind sharing, Dave.”

Dave did not mind.

The two alphas spent that night locked in each other’s arms having the slowest, quietest sex possible.

The next morning, they left at the crack of dawn and hit the highway. The air was cool, the heat of summer left quickly at these latitudes. They didn’t drive for very long, Dave had a small lake nearby in mind for their weekend together. They reached their site and nearly had everything set up well before noon. Once the tent was up, Luke called,

“Hey, Dave. Can you come in here and help me with something?”

Dave raised the flap of the tent to find Luke lounging on their sleeping bag totally nude with a huge, dripping erection. Let the games begin!

That night at sunset they each sat shirtless on opposite sides of their campfire, basking in the fading heat and light of the northern summer. The air was cold, but they weren’t.

It was quiet. Dave locked eyes with Luke, the same alpha gaze that Luke himself had used to seduce many a guy—and girl. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Dave began to speak…

“The true origins of the Alpha Lore are unknown. No one knows for how long the Lore has been passed down. Some believe it was originally passed down from the gods of Ancient Greece to the first identified alpha males on earth. But no one knows. No document has ever contained the Lore. The Lore is always passed down in person, one on one, privately, from alpha to alpha, just as I am now with you. The Lore itself is as follows…”

Luke was spellbound. He stared across the smouldering fire into Dave’s eyes, which never for a second broke their gaze with him. It seemed somehow, like Dave wasn’t speaking. Instead it seemed like the words were speaking themselves, through him. The words seemed tailored for Luke’s hearing and Luke’s hearing alone, but also like they pointed to an unchanging message, an absolute truth. Luke’s mind had never been clearer. It was like the world outside the light of their campfire had melted away, like this was all that existed: Dave, himself, the words, and the fire.

Dave continued…

“Know first and above all else that there are no hierarchies among men or indeed among anything or anyone. All who live, live as equals. But among equals, there are different roles. Only some are suited for certain roles. One can change roles over a lifetime, but roles are never taken. They are given or they are earned.

“Among men, fundamentally, there are only three roles: the alpha, the beta, and the omega.

“It is said that only one man in twelve thousand is born an alpha. But the alpha trait is not inherited. It does tend to run in families, but it is not genetic. It is… energetic. The alpha trait is sevenfold. An alpha is strong, he is passionate, he is kind, he respects life, he knows himself, he lifts up the betas in his circle, and he seeks the company of other alphas. These primary traits are the same for all alphas. The secondary traits vary.

“Because he is strong and passionate, the alpha will have a body and mind to reflect strength and passion. And an alpha almost never gets sick. Because he is kind and respects life, the alpha will make choices that demonstrate kindness and respect for all that lives. Because life is playful, the alpha is also lighthearted and playful. Because he knows himself, he can model what an alpha is for the betas in his circle and beyond, and remain an alpha his whole life long.

“Finally, because he seeks the companionship of other alphas, he shall know them by ways inaccessible to others, by their energy and their scent. And by knowing other alphas, each of their flames will grow stronger.”

“That’s how I knew you,” Luke breathed. “I mean… I knew there was attraction, but there was more to it. It was like… energy. And now I even know the smell of you.”

Dave nodded.

“What about Brian? And Andy and Jamie? They’re, like, betas? My betas?”

“The vast majority of men are betas. Betas simply seek the company of alphas. Unconsciously some aspire to be alphas without even really knowing what an alpha is. It is instinctual. And if there is a strong enough bond between a beta and an alpha, and the beta is worthy of the role, the beta can become an alpha. The alpha will know when this happens. Then and only then can the Lore be passed on. This… is what happened to me. I wasn’t born an alpha. I became one.”

“What?” Luke asked. “When? How? Who did you—”

Dave smiled and raised his hand, “That’s a story for another night. And… it’s one hell of a hot story, I must say. But tonight is about you. I only told you that about me because it’s important to know that the Lore was not passed on to me until my alpha knew that I had become one too. If the Lore is passed on to a beta, he simply will not understand it. Even if it is passed on with the best of intentions, hearing the Lore as a beta will only confuse the beta. The Lore is passed from alpha to alpha. A beta can become an alpha at any age, but if a beta is to ever fully realize all his alpha traits, then he must become an alpha before he sees 600 full moons. So, roughly before he turns 21.

“When an alpha bonds with a beta, it’s like a burning log coming into contact with a piece of wood. Sometimes the wood is dry and ready to burn, sometimes it is wet and must remain bonded to the burning log longer before it starts to burn on its own. When an alpha bonds with another alpha, it’s like two burning logs coming into contact. Both burn more brightly when the fire is shared, and if they are ever separated again, they both burn stronger on their own. This is why the Lore is usually passed over a campfire. Seeing one type of fire aids in explaining another, one which cannot be seen.

“Many alphas are born and never know or realize their true nature, never life up to their potential, never meet another alpha to guide them or even meet one but don’t recognize him. Or, meet one but are kept from bonding with him by circumstance. So those alphas can quickly and easily become betas. Alphas who do not fulfill their role can also become betas, but this is very rare.

Luke nodded solemnly. He’d never taken anything this seriously in his whole young life.

“But… what about omegas? Mike never even mentioned them.”

“The omega seeks nothing real, only shadows. This is because he has turned away from his inner fire. So he cannot use it to light his way and often become jealous of seeing the fire burning in others. The function of the omega is to demonstrate to the alpha and the beta what it looks like to turn from one’s inner fire. No man is born an omega, he is either born beta or alpha. A beta most often becomes an omega from influences beyond his control, and it often happens very young. So omegas are not to be shunned, but any power or influence that they may try to exercise is to be ignored. An omega, through knowing himself, can become a beta. It may be possible for a man who was once omega to become an alpha, but this is the rarest occurrence of all. To my knowledge, it has never happened. So an alpha does not concern himself with an omega, except to skilfully protect the betas in his circle from the omega’s influence. And he can do this best by example.

“Finally, know that once an alpha—by birth or by becoming—a man can never become an omega. Once a man’s fire has burned that brightly, it can never be totally extinguished.”

Dave sat up straight, beaming a smile of pride to Luke across the fire.

“And that, young alpha, is our Lore.”

“Whoa…” Luke said.

He sat up straight and took a deep breath. It was incredible. Sometimes he’d read chapters from his history textbook a dozen times and still couldn’t remember what started the French Revolution once test time came. But this! Dave hadn’t just told him the Alpha Lore, it felt like it had been permanently etched into his soul! If Dave asked him to, he could’ve repeated everything that was just said back to him perfectly. Luke wondered for a moment if he would ever sit across a campfire like this, passing on the Lore to a young alpha of his own.

“You know,” Luke continued. “Before Mike, my older brother, left for the west coast he’d talk about he and I being alphas, but… it was always just kind of like an inside joke. I wonder why he never had this talk with me.”

Dave shrugged his shoulders and replied, “You would’ve been quite young when he left. And maybe he wasn’t worried about it. You seem like a pretty natural alpha to me.”

“Thanks, man… So… I guess sexuality isn’t all that important,” Luke said.

“It’s very important,” Dave replied. He knew Luke would have some questions. “But not in its type, only in its expression. You should know that. You’re bisexual.”

“Well, yeah that’s what I meant, I… Wait! How did you know I was bi?”

Dave chuckled and touched his nose.


“Yup. Picked it up on you right away. And that you were a born alpha.”

“Man, I’ve really gotta work on using my nose. That shit is handy! And you know… something weird happened on the camping trip with the guys. Brian, Jamie, and Andy had always smelled kinda strong to me, and they all more or less smelled the same. And then…”

“And then you fucked them and it changed, right?”

“Yeah! What was that all about?”

“Well… all virgin betas have more or less the same, strong smell to us. But once a virgin male is bred, once seed is planted inside of him, he develops his own individual scent. And it will always be mixed with the scent of the man who first bred him. Unless he is then bred by an alpha. An alpha’s scent will always overpower a beta’s. And an alpha’s scent cannot be overpowered by another’s. This is how alphas know those in their own circle and those in others.”

“For real?” Luke said. “Sounds fuckin’ primal.”

Dave nodded, “It is. You must’ve noticed how strong your own scent is.”

“Yeah, I have. And I think it’s actually gotten stronger since you and I… bonded. But other guys, betas, can’t seem to smell it.”

“That’s probably true. But betas are drawn to our energy, even if only unconsciously.”

“So… how can I improve my sense of smell? Yours seems a lot better than mine.”

Dave shrugged his shoulders, “Only practice, I think. It’s difficult to describe scents in words, so it’s hard to teach you anything about that. You’ll figure it out. You’ll get better.”

Luke thought for a moment then asked, “Dave, do you have sex with girls?”

“Not often. You?”

“Pretty often,” Luke boasted with a grin. “I get invited to, like, a lot of parties. Never really had a ‘girlfriend’ though. Right now I think I just… like sex with guys better. With girls sex is more serious. With a girl, at least the girls I’ve been with, I’ve gotta go slow and be gentle or the girl doesn’t like it—especially with a cock as big as mine. With guys sex is just more… fun, I guess. And with a guy you can be rough and strong, really release the beast, you know?”

“Oh, I know. My cock’s too big period for most girls. You’ve figured out that women can detect the alpha scent, too, right?”

“No! Really? Fuckin’ right! No wonder it’s always so easy for me to get laid!” Luke said, smirking. “I always figured it was just my… personality.”

Dave laughed.

“Do… all alpha’s have muscles and big dicks?” Luke asked with a smirk.

Dave laughed again.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s a guarantee. Strength and passion need not be expressed physically. There are different ways to be strong and passionate. But in my experience most alphas have dicks at least a third bigger than average. It’s a part of expressing that passion and strength. And have you noticed anything about your precum?”

“Other than that I make buckets of it? Not really. Why?”

“An alpha’s lube has relaxing qualities. It helps us fuck even better with our huge dicks.”

“Really!? Awesome! Guess that explains how I was able to fuck three virgin twinks so hard without doing any damage. Actually, I think I remember feeling that when you fucked me at the campsite. I thought to myself, ‘Damn I want that cock! But… how am I gonna take it?’ Then you put your tip to my ass and everything started getting stretchier. I remember getting a little tingly and warm, too. I thought it was just because I was so amped up.”

“It was probably both.”

“Right…” Luke said.

“Sex is a powerful way of bonding, the most powerful. Particularly for two alphas. But you’ve experienced that.”

“Hell, yeah!” Luke said. “After those four days we spent camping—and fucking—I felt awesome! I felt so strong and energized I thought I could do anything! And I was super horny for, like, a week after. Oh! And I started making some wicked gains in the gym, too! Check these bad boys, out!”

Luke raised his arms in a double biceps pose.

“Seventeen inches now! Hit that just before my seventeenth birthday. Broke 200 pounds too!”

“Awesome, dude. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s not the only growing you’ve done.”

Dave nodded toward Luke’s crotch, which was now once again bulging obscenely.

“Fuckin’ right!” Luke said, grabbing his thick, uncut bone through his shorts and shaking it for Dave. “Eight and a half inches! Nine when I’m super turned on! I’m totally the biggest stud at school now, in the locker room no other guy even comes close! Honestly, strutting around naked in front of the other guys for a few minutes before and after practice or a workout is one of my favourite parts of the day. I love giving the other guys something to admire and strive for. Occasionally someone’s pissy and jealous, but haters gonna hate, right?”

Dave smiled. Luke really was a natural alpha. No wonder his brother was unconcerned.

“But…” Luke began, stepping toward Dave who remained seated, eye-level with Luke’s massive boner. “What happens when you leave, man? There are no other alphas around, I can tell now, and the only other one I’ve ever met was my brother. I wanna… you know… keep my fire burning strong.”

Dave stood and said, “Don’t worry about that. You don’t need another alpha to keep yourself strong.”

He undid Luke’s shorts. They fell to the ground. He grabbed a hold of Luke’s cock and slowly started stroking as he continued, “Just focus on your own circle.”

Luke’s eyes closed in ecstasy as he listened. Dave’s own cock was hardening too.

“Be a good alpha to your betas and if they want it, all other things aside, they’ll become alphas, too. And you’ll know it when it happens.”

“All of them!?” Luke said, excitedly, thrusting his hips into Dave’s grip.

“Well… probably not. Maybe just one. Maybe just one who bonds strongly enough with you.”

Luke opened his eyes and said, “Brian!”

“You think?”

“Yeah. I feel a really strong connection with him. Not just when we fuck, either. He’d do anything for me. And I’d do anything for him.”

“Sounds like good start.”

“Dave?” Luke said, looking up into the other alpha’s face with desire. “I wanna thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“No, I… wanna thank you properly. You’ve been passing your alpha seed on to me all weekend. I… wanna give some back.”

Dave was touched. This reunion had gone even better than he’d hoped. He smiled and kissed Luke, continuing to stroke his cock which was now slick with his alpha lube.

“Sounds good,” Dave breathed between them. “Give it to me… alpha stud.”

Dave turned around, widened his stance, and arched his lower back, presenting his perfect, round, fuzzy, man pussy to the younger alpha. Luke embraced him from behind with one arm, retracted his foreskin, and found Dave’s tight pucker almost immediately. He grabbed onto Dave’s huge chest from underneath his arms, pushed with his powerful, young hips and penetrated. They groaned in unison.

They both panted and moaned as Luke slowly shoved his way forward, inch by inch, until he was balls deep. Dave had his hands on his knees now as Luke slowly fucked him and stroked his own cock to dripping. Luke wanted to show Dave how well he could fuck. Luke accelerated at a glacial pace, milking stream after stream of precum from Dave’s cock as he fucked. He really wanted to make Dave blow first. And he got his wish. Dave groaned like a rutting buck as he shot his load, just seconds before Luke shot his deep inside Dave.

Dave twisted his neck around and locked lips with Luke. Luke slowly continued pumping and shooting his alpha seed inside Dave, bucking his hips, burying it deep as both alphas gazed into the fire.


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