Site Update 5 January 2019

Site Update: 5 January 2019

Happy new year, everyone! I did manage to write two seriously hefty stories this week; but the first of these, “The Misadventures of Joe Hypercock” (parts 1 and 2), was my year-end thank-you to patrons and can be found over on my Patreon page. If you’re a patron, or you’re interested in becoming one and giving my writing a boost, you can check it out at

The other new material from me this week is parts 6 and 7 of “Flashmob”. I enjoyed diving back into this one and finding some new angles. There’s also some great stuff from our contributors this week—including an unexpected revival.

The next update will be… well, the truth is I’m skipping the 19 January update. I’m actually taking a brief sabbatical this January from both my jobs and Metabods, in order to focus on my fourth persona—who happens to be a nonfiction writer with a big deadline looming very, very soon. So I’m not going to be doing anything but that for a few weeks, but regular updates will resume on 2 February. In the meantime I will post Saturday flashbacks every week as usual, and, just to make it up to everyone, I’ll have a special, extra, unannounced update in addition to my usual ones sometime later this year.

Beyond that, all I have left to say is… enjoy the site, and thanks for visiting!

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