Lucas gets everything he wanted, and more

by Joven

 Lucas steals some of his researcher friend’s enhancement drug, and is elated when David decides to let him keep taking it once he turns 18.

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Lucas woke up and jumped out of bed, happy that the day had finally come. Today was his 18th birthday and this is the day David had made him wait for, but now it was here! As he was getting dressed, Lucas started to think back to when this all started. It began about two years ago, when his parents had found out he was gay. They didn’t take it well, and it wasn’t long before Lucas decided to run away from home. While staying at a shelter for gay teens, Lucas met David, who at the time was still a medical student.

David was volunteering at the shelter on his off days, and even though David was a few years older than him, he and Lucas got along really great. After about a week David offered Lucas a room at his place, and Lucas was more than happy to get out of the shelter so he accepted. What was supposed to be a temporary situation turned permanent because they became good friends, although there was something that happened that almost got Lucas kicked out.

David was doing his internship at a medical research company and he was on a team that was focusing on male enhancement. David would usually bring his work home with him, and one night while David was asleep on the couch Lucas went through his office and snooped around. When Lucas read what David’s team was working on and the results they were having with hormone therapy, Lucas decided to steal some of the drug from David’s briefcase and take it himself.

That went on for about a month and Lucas kept stealing the hormone therapy drug from David’s stash and taking it. The results seemed slow, but it was definitely working. Lucas’s penis was a very average five inches when hard, but after a month of taking the hormone therapy his cock had grown to seven inches. Then, one night when Lucas was sneaking around the office and stealing another dose, he finally got caught by David. David had woken up and was going to do some late night reading in his office when he walked in on Lucas as he had the syringe in his hand injecting the hormone therapy near the base of his cock.

David saw the syringe in Lucas’s hand and he saw the abnormally large size of Lucas’s cock for someone his age and right away he knew why his supply of the drug was always coming up short. David was furious and yelled that Lucas could cause him to lose his medical license and about how dangerous it was for him to take medical drugs without the supervision of a doctor. David had even kicked him out for one day, but after a day to cool off, he went to look for Lucas and brought him back home.

The two talked for a long time, and after some apologies they made a deal that Lucas would never steal medication from David again. After plenty of begging from Lucas, David also finally agreed that after Lucas turned eighteen, if he was absolutely sure about his decision, he would allow Lucas to resume taking the enhancement drug since it would then be a decision he could make for himself as an adult.

That was more than a year ago. Now that his 18th birthday was here Lucas was almost shaking with excitement. After getting dressed Lucas ran to the living room to find David. As soon as he walked in Lucas said, “I’m 18 years old today! You know what that means!”

David sighed. “How could I forget, it’s all you’ve been talking about for a week. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Lucas nodded and said, “Absolutely 100% positively sure yes yes yes!”

“Have you really thought this through?” David said. “Your penis is already quite large, there’s no need to make it any bigger.”

Lucas shook his head and said, “Yeah right, it’s only seven inches, there’s guys in my gym class bigger than that. I want it to be fucking massive! I want the biggest cock in the school! Come on, you promised, you said when I’m 18 I can make the decision, so I’m making it. Make me huge!”

David stood up and said, “Well…. I guess you’re right, it is your decision. All right then, if you’re sure, come with me to my office.”

Lucas followed David to his office. “We’ve made remarkable progress at the company this past year,” David said. “What used to take months can now be done in days, so the results might be more rapid than you were expecting.”

Lucas smiled wide when he heard that. “Oh damn, seriously? Summer’s almost over and school starts back up soon. You mean I could be bigger before my first day back? Sweet!”

“I’m going to start you with a small dose,” David told him. “That will give you some time to process your decision because the effects can’t be reversed.”

“What?” Lucas said. “No, come on, I want the maximum dose!”

David shook his head. “Not yet, and you can’t make me change my mind so don’t bother.”

Lucas decided not to push it, so he took down his pants and sat on the exam table. David prepared a syringe, then he gently pushed aside Lucas’s soft six-inch cock and said, “Last chance to change your mind…”

“Nope, do it!” Lucas said.

David then injected the contents of the syringe at the base of Lucas’s cock and said, “All done.”

After the shot, Lucas started to feel his cock and hold it in his hand, staring at it. After a few minutes of Lucas patiently waiting David chuckled and said, “It’s going to work fast, but not that fast. It’s going to take a day or so at least.”

Lucas let go of his cock, then he put his hand out and grabbed hold of David’s crotch through his pants. David stepped back “Woah, what are you doing?” he said.

“The other thing I’ve been waiting for,” Lucas said. “You kept saying we can’t be together because I’m too young, but I’m 18 now, so there’s nothing stopping us anymore.”

Lucas walked closer and grabbed David’s crotch again. “I know you’ve been waiting for this too.”

David said, “No, that’s… uh…” and as Lucas started to rub David’s crotch he lost track of what he was saying. Lucas then unzipped David’s fly and reached into David’s pants and pulled out his cock which was already rock hard. Lucas then knelt down and started to suck David’s cock, taking notice that David was making no effort to stop him.

After waiting almost two years for this moment, Lucas was enjoying every second of sucking David’s hard six-inch cock, and it was clear David was enjoying it just as much. While sucking David’s cock, Lucas reached down and felt his own, checking if it had grown yet. His dick felt like it’s usual hard seven inches and Lucas was slightly annoyed it hadn’t gotten bigger. Instead of worrying about his own cock, Lucas focused on giving David the best blowjob he possibly could.

When David got tense, Lucas knew he was about to blow so he sucked hard and although David tried to pull away, Lucas held firm as David started to orgasm. Lucas swallowed David’s load, and once his orgasm had finished Lucas got up and kissed David, then said, “Thank you” and then he left to go get a shower.

After Lucas got out of the shower he dried off, then went to find David, without getting dressed. He found David in the kitchen. “Why hasn’t it worked yet?”

“It is working, but you’re not going to notice it if you keep staring at yourself,” David told him. “Go put on some clothes then read a book, watch a movie, just do something to pass the time. Stop checking yourself every 30 seconds. Actually, the lawn needs to be cut, you were supposed to do that yesterday.”

Lucas sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll go cut the grass.” He put on a t-shirt and some shorts, then he went outside and got the mower and began to cut the grass. It took a few hours for Lucas to finish cutting their entire yard and working in the heat did keep his mind off his cock. By the time he was finished he went inside and dropped onto the couch, covered in sweat. Lucas then closed his eyes for a quick afternoon nap.

When Lucas woke up from his nap, it was just starting to get dark outside. Lucas sat up and put his hand down the front of his shorts to feel himself. Lucas smiled, then he yanked down his shorts and stood up to check himself out. Lucas thought that finally, his cock was starting to look slightly bigger. “David! Come see!” Lucas called out.

David walked into the living room. “What are you yelling about?” he asked.

Lucas faced him and thrust his hips forward and said, “Look, it’s working!”

David looked at the impressive piece of meat swinging at Lucas’s groin. “See, I told you, you just needed patience.”

“Get the tape measure, I want to know how big!” Lucas said.

After getting the tape measure from the cabinet, David knelt in front of Lucas and put it against his cock. “Looks like you’re about seven inches while flaccid,” he said. “That’s bigger than most guys when they’re completely hard.”

Lucas smiled. “You should keep touching it… I want to know how big it gets when hard!” David then lightly stroked Lucas’s cock which caused it to start to throb and get hard.

Once Lucas’s cock had finished getting hard David put the tape measure along it again, then said, “Almost eight and a half.”

Lucas thought for a moment. “That’s nice, but I was hoping for more… when will you give me another dose?”

David stood up. “The dose I already gave you is still working,” he told him. “You’re not finished growing yet.”

That cheered up Lucas. “Oh, all right then!”

Lucas then put his hand on David’s crotch and started to unzip his fly, but David gently pushed his hand away and said, “I have to be in to work soon, I’ve got night shift.”

David went to his bedroom and changed his clothes, then he waved goodbye and left, though Lucas was on the couch playing with his cock and barely noticed. After the initial surprise of his cock growth started to wear off, Lucas took hold of his dick and started to stroke it, enjoying the way it felt thicker than usual in his hands. Lucas spent the next twenty minutes slowly stroking his cock, trying to enjoy himself as long as he could, but eventually he couldn’t hold back anymore and he shot a load of cum all over his chest. Lucas then went and took a shower before going to bed.

The next morning, Lucas woke up and as soon as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he pulled away the covers to check himself. Lucas smiled when he saw himself because David was right. The medicine was still working, because his cock had gotten bigger during the night. Lucas went and got the tape measure and when he put it along his cock he saw that it was up to eight inches while soft! Lucas was about to play with himself to see how big it got when hard, but then he changed his mind because he got a better idea.

Lucas quietly walked to David’s bedroom, but he saw that David was sound asleep in his bed. Knowing that he had probably just came home from the night shift, Lucas decided that it would be inconsiderate to wake him up. Instead, he decided he would go to the beach. Lucas went to his room and got his speedo from his dresser. Lucas had always enjoyed walking on the beach in his speedo because his soft six-inch cock made an impressive bulge, but that was before David had made it grow.

When Lucas pulled on his speedo, he had to really squeeze his cock into the small pouch. Lucas liked to wear a very tight speedo to show off as much as possible, and now that his cock was bigger it barely fit. Once he got the speedo on, Lucas looked into the mirror and almost laughed at how obscene the bulge looked. The speedo seemed like it was two sizes too small and it looked like he had stuffed a giant banana down his crotch. Lucas squeezed his package and turned to the side, loving how much his speedo was bulging, then he put on some shorts and grabbed his keys.

Lucas drove down to the beach, then he took off his shorts and walked to the shore wearing nothing but his too tight speedo. The beach was crowded as usual with lots of people enjoying the warm summer day. Lucas saw people staring as him as he walked towards the shore, but for every look of disbelief or disapproval he got, it only made him more proud of the package he was showing off. When Lucas got to the shore he dove into the water and swam for a few minutes, then he came back onto the sand, dripping wet.

Now that his speedo was wet, it stuck to every single ridge and curve of his huge cock, making the bulge that much more obscene. Lucas walked past a mother sitting on a towel with two children, and he couldn’t help but quietly laugh when the woman grabbed her kids and covered their eyes as he walked past. Lucas kept walking along the shoreline, acting like he was just taking a casual stroll and pretended not to notice that almost every person he passed stopped to stare at him and his bulging speedo.

After reaching the end of the beach, Lucas sat down, then he laid onto his back to sunbathe. People walking past would slow down and stare, and then one guy that seemed to be in his early thirties stopped and said, “Hey kid, that really all you or you playing some kind of prank?”

Lucas sat up “I’m not a kid,” he said. “I’m 18 years old, and yeah, it’s all me.”

“I’ve seen plenty of cocks, but never seen anything like that,” the guy said. “Sounds like you’re just pulling my leg.”

Lucas got defensive and said, “It’s real! Want me to prove it?!”

“Yeah, prove it,” the guy said. “Meet me behind the lifeguard station.” The guy then walked off and Lucas got up to follow. When they got behind the large building the guy folded his arms and said, “Okay, let’s see if you’re for real or not.” Lucas put a finger under the waistband of his speedo, then he very slowly started to pull it down, exposing the base of his cock, then pulling it down slowly, exposing inch by inch of the thick shaft.

Once the speedo reached the head of his cock, Lucas pulled it all the way down, letting his thick eight-inch soft cock flop out to hang in full view. The guy staring said, “Damn! I’ve never seen one that big!”

Lucas playfully pushed his cock, making it swing back and forth, then he said, “I showed you mine, now show me yours.” The guy seemed mesmerized by the sight of Lucas’s huge dick as he slowly lowered his own pants. Once the guy’s pants were off, Lucas saw he was totally erect and his cock wasn’t even six inches, probably more like five and a half.

What also caught Lucas’s eye was that below his very average cock, the guy had some really large balls. Even though Lucas blew him away in cock size, he suddenly became jealous that the guy’s balls were so much bigger than his own. The guy grabbed his own cock and started to jerk off as he kept staring at Lucas’s dick, and while jerking off the guy used his other hand to play with his large balls.

Lucas was having mixed feelings, because he enjoyed how much this guy seemed to be getting off by staring at his cock, but Lucas kept looking at the guy’s fat nuts, then down at his own tiny balls. Lucas then pulled up his speedo and tucked his cock inside and walked off, ignoring the guy asking him to wait. Lucas then went back to his car and started driving back home.

When Lucas got back home he went inside, still wearing nothing but his bulging speedo. He saw that David was awake and sitting in the den and when David saw him in his speedo he said, “Wow, you look really good… but it’s inappropriate to go out like that.”

Lucas ignored that comment and said, “I want you to make my balls bigger too.”

David gave him a curious look. “Huh? Why?”

“I just do, can you make them bigger?” Lucas said.

“Well, yes, I suppose,” David told him, “but you already have a very large penis. If I were to cause your testicles to increase in size, you would have trouble keeping your size concealed.”

“What? Why would I want to do that, I want everyone to know how big I am!” Lucas said.

“You’re still young, you haven’t even finished school yet,” David said reasonably. “Didn’t you want to play basketball when school started again? Have you thought about what it would mean trying to play sports with extra-large genitalia?”

Lucas shook his head. “Obviously, all I’ve done is think about this for more than a year. Come on, are you going to do it or not?”

David stood up and said, “If you’re sure…. all right, let’s go to my office.”

Lucas followed, and when they got there Lucas took off his speedo and sat down. David reached down and touched Lucas’s cock. “Impressive,” he said. “I see the medicine continued to work through the night, your penis has grown quite large.”

Lucas shrugged and said, “Yeah, I guess.”

David then got a vial from his cabinet and a syringe, then he withdrew some of the liquid into the needle. “This should slightly increase the size and volume of your testicles,” he told him.

Lucas frowned. “Slightly?” he said. “Dude you’re not listening. I told you, I want to be really huge, like the biggest! Stop holding back and give me what I want! You promised you would when I turned 18!”

David paused, then he said, “You’re right, you’re now an adult and can make your own decisions. If this is really what you…”

Lucas cut him off and said, “Fuck yeah it is! Do it! Make me huge!”

David hesitated, then he shook his head. “Just remember I tried to talk you out of this,” he said, and then David put the syringe back into the vial and withdrew much more of the liquid. David then carefully injected the contents of the syringe near the base of Lucas’s sack, then said, “All right, it’s done. I’ve never given a dose that large…”

Lucas gave David a kiss and said, “Thanks!” and then he got up and went to his bedroom.

After putting away his speedo Lucas put on a pair of shorts and went to watch TV. He knew that trying to watch for the growth would only torment him so he was determined to not look at all until he woke up tomorrow so he could be surprised. After a few hours Lucas could feel something happening at his crotch, but he used his willpower to resist touching his balls or looking. Even when he had to take a leak he would close his eyes and pull out his cock without looking before pissing.

At dinner David asked him how he was coming along, but Lucas smiled and said he was waiting until tomorrow for the big reveal. While they were cleaning the dishes David tried to get a feel on Lucas’s crotch, but Lucas pushed his hand away and told him he had to wait until tomorrow as well. After some late night TV Lucas got up and said he was going to bed, then he went to his room and laid down to fall asleep.

The next morning, when Lucas woke up he pushed away his bedsheets and looked down at his crotch. Lucas smiled when he saw that the shorts he was wearing had a very prominent bulge showing. Almost like unwrapping a present Lucas started to very slowly lower his shorts, revealing his crotch bit by bit. Once his shorts were down, Lucas smiled ear to ear as he stared at himself. Resting between his legs underneath his long cock were his balls, and they had increased in size substantially.

Lucas reached down and lifted the heavy orbs and estimated that his balls were somewhere just above the size of large oranges. Lucas figured that now his balls were at least double the size of the guy he had met yesterday, and that guy already had some of the biggest nuts Lucas had ever seen. Lucas got up from bed and almost yelped with joy when he experienced how heavy and huge it felt as his new balls hung down between his legs.

Without getting dressed Lucas walked to the kitchen and found David making breakfast. “What do you think?” Lucas said.

When David turned around and saw him, he said, “Oh… I didn’t realize that dosage would cause so much growth!”

Lucas reached down and felt his enormous balls and said, “I love it!”

David walked close and knelt down in front of Lucas, then he started to feel Lucas’s fat, round balls. “Lucas, testicles of this size are almost unheard of outside of some extremely rare cases,” David then said. “Have you thought about when school starts? What are the other students going to think?”

“The guys are going to think that Marcus isn’t the biggest in school anymore,” Lucas said. “I’m way bigger than he is now. So what do you think, do you like it?”

David touched one of Lucas’s large balls again and said, “Well, of course, you look amazing, but that’s not the point!”

Lucas smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it. You see how heavy they are? It feels so incredible when I walk and they swing around.”

David played with Lucas’s balls some more, then he started to stroke Lucas’s cock. “How big is your cock when it’s hard?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” Lucas told him. “Why don’t you find out?”

David continued to stroke Lucas’s cock as it throbbed and got harder. Once his cock was standing at full erection David whistled. “Simply incredible, I’ll bet you’re ten inches long. You really are going to be the biggest at your school.”

“It’s all thanks to you,” Lucas said, and then he started to rub David’s crotch.

David unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and waved it around, then he grabbed the back of Lucas’s head and pushed it onto his dick. Lucas happily started to suck on David’s cock while at the same time he was using both hands to rub his own large cock between his legs. Lucas really sucked hard on David’s six incher as David kept holding Lucas’s head and pushing it up and down his cock. As he kept stroking his own cock, Lucas felt his heavy balls start to draw tight, but he held his orgasm back, waiting until he made David cum so they could orgasm together.

It took a few more minutes of sucking, but then David groaned and started to cum, so Lucas allowed himself to cum as well, shooting his own load onto the kitchen floor as he swallowed David’s. Once they both finished cumming, Lucas started to smell smoke. “Oh, the food’s burning!” David said, and Lucas started to laugh since they had completely forgotten about the pan of food on the stove that David was cooking when he had come into the kitchen.

While David was washing the burnt skillet in the sink, Lucas cleaned up the pool of cum he had shot onto the kitchen floor. After they had both finished cleaning, David started to make more food while Lucas went to get dressed. Lucas put on a t-shirt, then he pulled on a pair of briefs, but between the size of his cock and his newly enlarged balls, the briefs barely fit and they were very tight. Looking in the mirror, Lucas thought the squeezing of his package in the too tight briefs was almost worth it for the massive bulge he was showing. After rubbing his bulge a few times, he realized that he was going to have to get some new clothes because even though he loved the look, it really was too tight and uncomfortable.

Not bothering to put on any shorts, Lucas went back into the kitchen wearing just a t-shirt and briefs, then he sat at the table as David served them both breakfast. While they were eating, Lucas asked, “David, have you ever thought about giving yourself an injection of those hormones?”

“Oh, so now that you’ve got a jumbo cock you don’t think mine’s big enough for you anymore?” David said.

Lucas got flustered and said, “No, no, I didn’t mean it like that! Your cock is plenty big enough, I just meant….”

David laughed. “Chill out, I was joking around, I know that’s not how you meant it. Anyway, yeah of course I’ve thought about it, but I’m satisfied with the size of my piece. Besides, now I can play with your huge cock when I’m in the mood for a big one.” Lucas laughed, but it made him feel really good to hear David say that. David laughed too, then he picked up their empty plates and started to do the dishes.

While David was washing the plates, Lucas said, “Speaking of huge… I’m ready for you to make me bigger like I asked.”

David turned around and said, “Huh? I already did.”

Lucas shook his head. “No, you only gave me a small dose to start off because you said I needed time to process my decision. Well, it’s been a few days and I’ve processed it and I haven’t changed my mind. I still want to be really big, so I’m ready for the full-strength dose.”

David walked over to the Lucas at the table. “Lucas, you’re already ten inches while erect, and even flaccid your penis is a full eight inches long, which is nearly unheard of, and that’s not mentioning your testicles which are about triple the size for a full-grown adult, and you’re barely 18 years old!”

Lucas nodded. “I know, but I still want to be bigger. Something like this, here let me show you,” and then Lucas went to the counter and got his laptop and put it on the table.

Lucas then opened a hidden folder on his laptop with pictures and he started to open them and show them to David. David watched as Lucas showed him the pictures he must have got from the internet, and all of them were of guys with comically over-sized penises. Some of the pictures even had guys with cocks hanging down past their knees. After seeing ten or so of the pictures David said, “Lucas, enough, surely you have to realize none of these pictures are real. Every one of them has obviously been morphed or altered. I mean, look at this one, you can see where someone pasted the photo-shopped picture of a cock onto the body, it’s so obviously fake.”

Lucas shrugged. “I know some of them are fake, but I still want to be big like that. Okay, maybe some of them are too much…” and Lucas clicked on one of the pictures that had a cock almost to the guy’s ankles, then closed that one, but then he opened a picture of a boy close to his own age that had a morphed cock that was almost to his knees. “See, more like this, that’s what I want.”

David thought for a moment. “This is not a game, Lucas,” he said. “You would be stuck with such an extreme size for the rest of your life.”

Lucas frowned. “I thought you liked it…”

“I do,” David told him, “but doing what you suggest would forever change your life. It’s selfish of me to do it because I think it’s hot.”

Lucas took hold of David’s hand and said, “It wouldn’t be for selfish reasons, it would be because this is what I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. I know it’s going to cause some unique challenges, but I still want this.”

David could see that Lucas was being sincere, and he seemed to have really made up his mind so he decided to respect his decision. “If this is what you really want… I’ll do it,” he said.

Lucas perked up. “Great! Let’s do it, right now! School starts in a few days so let’s get this going!”

David sighed and said, “That’s right… you’re starting your junior year soon because you missed a year when you ran away from home… have you thought about what it’s going to be like going to high school with such a large…”

Lucas nodded. “Yeah, it’s going to be amazing, oh man, I can’t wait!”

Lucas seemed so happy, so David got up and said, “Follow me…”

Sitting on David’s exam table, Lucas said, “This time, I want you to make it really big, don’t hold back.”

David withdrew liquid from a vial with a syringe. “I’ll do what I can, but I refuse to take this so far that it’s going to be dangerous to your health,” he told him. “Now hold still.” David then injected the syringe at the base of Lucas’s already large penis.

Lucas gave a quick rub on his cock, then he cupped his balls and said, “Last thing, give some more of the stuff to make my balls bigger too.” David started to argue, but Lucas said, “Just a little bit! Come on, I love the heavy feeling when they hang down… just a little more, pleeeeeease?”

Without saying anything, David took out a new vial and withdrew a small dose with the syringe, then he injected that into Lucas as well. “That’s it, no more,” he said.

“Oh man, oh man, this is so awesome,” Lucas said. “I can’t wait until the growth finishes, I’m going to be so big!” Lucas then stood and pulled up his briefs which barely fit his package.

“You’re going to need new clothes very soon,” David said.

Lucas nodded and said, “Yeah I know, I’m going to go buy some tomorrow after I finish growing.”

Lucas then walked out, leaving David standing there wondering if he had made the right decision to give in to Lucas’s request. Lucas went and sat down to watch TV, and after a few hours he had to stand up and take off his briefs. They had been getting tighter and tighter until Lucas couldn’t take it anymore so he took them off and sat back down without any pants or underwear. Lucas rubbed his package, noticing that he had gained at least an inch already, but he knew most of the growth happened overnight while he slept.

David checked on Lucas’s progress throughout the day, feeling his cock and balls, asking if there was any discomfort or pain. Lucas said he felt fine, and each time David tried to measure Lucas’s progress, Lucas stopped him and said he wanted to wait until the growth was totally finished before measuring, though it was obvious that he was gaining size throughout the day. Once the sun had set, Lucas got up and said he was going to bed, then he went to his room and wrapped up in the covers to get some sleep.

The next morning when Lucas woke up, he opened his eyes and sat up in bed like it was Christmas morning. Instead of slowly exposing himself, Lucas yanked the sheets aside and leaned forward to look at himself. Lucas stared for a moment, then he slowly reached down to touch himself. Lucas lifted his cock to feel it, then he gently rubbed his balls. Lucas let go of his cock and stared for a few more minutes in thought. After staring at himself for a few more minutes Lucas got up and went to find David.

David was in the living room reading a book, and when Lucas walked in he said, “Why didn’t my cock get bigger?”

David looked up, then looked down at Lucas’s crotch. “Damn…!” he said. “What are you talking about, your penis is now enormous!”

Lucas grabbed his cock and twirled it around, then said, “No it isn’t!” David got up and took the tape measure from the desk, then he knelt in front of Lucas and gently placed the tape measure along the length of Lucas’s shaft.

“Look, see what I mean?” David then said. “Your flaccid penis is now eleven and a half inches long…. that’s almost a foot of penis… while still flaccid!”

“I know it got bigger, but I mean, why didn’t it get… you know… bigger?” Lucas said. “I showed you the pictures of what I wanted.”

“Lucas, your penis is now one of the largest in medical history… it probably is ‘the’ largest in fact,” David said. “How much more size were you expecting?”

“Damnit, how many times do I have to say it,” Lucas said. “I wanted a giant fucking cock, and you didn’t even make my nuts bigger, they’re the same size!”

Reaching down to feel Lucas’s balls, David said, “No, they’ve increased in size… yes, definitely, but they’ve only gained about 15% in volume by my estimation, which is what is to be expected from that dosage.”

“Yeah okay,” Lucas said, “I know we didn’t do much of the stuff for my balls, but I was supposed to have a bigger cock than this.”

David stroked Lucas’s long cock and said, “The human body can only grow so much in a short period of time. Maybe with another session down the road we can do more if that’s something you still want, but you need some time to recuperate.”

Lucas cheered up when he heard that. “Oh, now I understand… well, what do you think? I guess it is bigger than before.”

David continued to stroke Lucas’s enormous cock. “I think you’re the most hung twink in the world. Summer’s over and tomorrow’s your first day back at school… are you prepared that? You’re not going to be able to hide a tree trunk like this you know.” Lucas was getting hard from hearing David talk about his huge cock like that, especially because David continued to slowly rub along the whole shaft.

Once Lucas’s dick was fully hard David gave it another stroke and said, “Not bad, I’ll bet you’re every bit of thirteen inches, maybe a touch more. Is this what you’ve always wanted?”

Lucas’s thick cock was leaking pre-cum. “Yeah… ” Lucas answered.

David gave Lucas’s cock a final squeeze, then he stood up and said, “Good, because now it’s my turn to get something I’ve been wanting for the past few years.”

“What’s… ” Lucas began, but then David grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, then David pushed Lucas onto the coffee table, making him bend over.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for that tight ass of yours,” David said. “Now relax, you’re going to like this.” Being inexperienced, Lucas wasn’t really sure what David meant, but right away he knew what was going on when he felt David first swiftly prepping him with lube and then pushing his cock into his ass. Having never felt anything like that, Lucas tried to pull away by instinct, but David held him and said, “Just breathe, don’t try and fight it.”

Lucas couldn’t describe what he was feeling, a mix of anxiety, pain, but also pleasure. Once Lucas got over the initial shock of being fucked, he started to get into it and as David thrust his cock into his ass, Lucas started to go along with it. Each time David pushed, it caused Lucas’s huge cock and balls to swing underneath the coffee table, which felt so good to Lucas. David started to squeeze Lucas’s butt-cheeks as he was fucking him, and it was painful with how hard David was squeezing but Lucas was now so into the moment he didn’t care.

David increased the intensity of his thrusting into Lucas’s ass and he started to moan loudly. Lucas knew David was about to cum, and although Lucas didn’t want this feeling to end, he couldn’t do anything to stop David’s orgasm. After David pulled out Lucas turned over onto his back, still laying on the coffee table. “That was incredible… ” he said.

David smiled, then he playfully grabbed Lucas’s hard cock and pulled it, then let go, causing it to spring back and wave back and forth like a thirteen-inch flag pole. “Take care of yourself, then get cleaned up. We need to go buy you some school clothes.”

David walked off, leaving Lucas alone as he was rapidly stroking his own cock.

After Lucas got out of the shower he went to his bedroom to get dressed. When Lucas started to put on his underwear he discovered the first problem of having an almost twelve inch soft cock with orange sized balls… none of his old underwear would fit. Lucas then got some boxers he almost never wore and pulled them up, but without any kind of support his long cock was hanging out of the bottom of the boxers. Taking those off too, Lucas got a pair of blue-jeans and put them on without any kind of underwear underneath.

After struggling to get them zipped up over his bulge, Lucas looked in the mirror and got a good laugh. Not only did his fat balls make a round bulge at the crotch, but without any underwear to hold anything in place, his cock was making a very obvious outline in his jeans. Lucas didn’t care and kind of liked how extremely obvious his package looked when worn like that. Lucas then put on a t-shirt and walked to the den.

When Lucas walked in David looked at him. “As sexy as that looks, you can’t go out like that. People are going to think you either stuffed a roll of socks down your pants, or you’re trying to shoplift. Either way, it’s going to draw too much attention.”

Lucas shrugged. “I can’t help it, none of my underwear fits anymore.”

David thought for a moment, then he went and grabbed a sweatshirt off the coat rack and tossed it to Lucas. “Tie that around your waist,” he said. “It should cover everything until we get you some new clothes.”

Lucas was disappointed, but he did as he was told and tied the sweatshirt around his waist, which did cover his crotch, though people were going to instead wonder why he had a sweatshirt during the summer. The two then got into David’s car and drove to the clothing store.

First thing they did was go to the specialty section and find the briefs designed for well-endowed men. It took some searching before they located briefs for the well-endowed in Lucas’s tiny waist size, but they eventually found them and grabbed a few packs. David brought Lucas to the changing room and then he opened one pack of the briefs and took out a pair. “Shouldn’t we pay for that first?” Lucas said.

“I’m keeping the packaging,” David said. “I’ll pay on our way out. Try these on.”

Lucas took the briefs then went into the changing room and took off his jeans, then pulled up the briefs. Although these were briefs designed for men with large endowments, the designers didn’t plan for someone with a size 28 waist needing room for a foot of cock with such fat balls. Lucas was able to squeeze into the briefs anyway, but they were tighter than he would have liked. Lucas walked out to show David, and after taking a look David said, “Hmm, those look good” and David felt Lucas’s bulge, then said, “Yes, these provide plenty of support to hold everything in place.”

Lucas adjusted his package slightly and said, “They’re kind of tight” which made David laugh.

“What did you expect with a package like that?” David said. “We can look into getting some clothes custom made later, but for now those are fine. Put your jeans back on so we can continue shopping.” Lucas put on his jeans, and now that his package was tucked into his briefs, his bulge was more of a generic round shape instead of showing the outline of his cock. Lucas then tied the sweatshirt around his shoulders instead of around his waist because he wanted to let his bulge be seen.

The two then went to the section for pants and David picked out some long slacks that had a loosely fitting style. While David was choosing long slacks, Lucas was going through the shorts and he took a few pairs off the rack. When David saw what he was doing he said, “Lucas, those are much too revealing.”

Lucas nodded and said, “I know, we’re getting those dressy pants for when we go out to dinner or something, but I want to wear stuff like this to school.”

David frowned. “If you wear something like that, everyone in school will know about your size.”

Lucas chuckled and said, “It’s high school, as soon as I change in gym class, everyone will know anyway because of school gossip.”

David scratched his chin, then said, “I suppose that’s true… all right, you can buy some of those too.” Lucas put the bundle of shorts he was holding into their shopping cart. After buying a few more essentials the two checked out and went back home.

Back at the house, Lucas put away his new clothes, then he got his shaving kit and went into the shower. While under the stream of hot water in the shower, Lucas carefully began to shave his large balls and around his crotch. Lucas left his pubes above his cock unshaved, but he removed every trace of hair from his nutsack and the surrounding area. Once he was finished, Lucas rubbed some moisturizer into his crotch, then did a final rinse and got out of the shower.

After drying off Lucas walked into the living room and said to David, “What do you think?”

David looked and said, “You shaved your crotch? Damn, that makes everything look even bigger. You’re going to make quite the impression at school tomorrow.” Lucas beamed a smile, then David said, “Here, hold on,” and then he went to his desk and took out his medical pad. David then wrote something and handed the paper to Lucas and said, “You’re probably going to need that.”

Lucas looked at it and said, “What’s this?”

“It’s a doctor’s note claiming that you have a rare case of hypergonadism resulting in abnormally large genitalia,” David explained. “Show that note if the school staff give you any problems.” Lucas nodded, then David sat down and pulled Lucas onto his lap. With Lucas sitting on his lap, David reached and cupped one of Lucas’s shaved balls, then rolled it around in his hand a few times. “I like you nice and smooth like this,” he said. “I want you to keep yourself shaved from now on.”

Lucas nodded and said, “I will.”

David started to lazily rub his hand along the full length of Lucas’s cock. “I don’t want you telling anyone about the injections either. You have that medical note for the faculty, but if any students ask about your size you tell them you had a late growth spurt.”

Lucas chuckled and put his own hand on his cock. “Some growth spurt huh? I doubt they’re going to believe that’s what happened.”

David grabbed hold of Lucas’s shaft, then he tugged on it kind of hard which made Lucas say, “Ouch!” then David let go and said, “You were the one who wanted to be this big so you’re the one who has to deal with the reactions that go along with it.”

“I know, I know,” Lucas said. “I won’t say anything. If they don’t believe the growth spurt story then fuck ’em, I don’t care what they think.”

David seemed satisfied with that answer so he went back to lazily playing with Lucas’s huge cock and smooth balls while Lucas sat on his lap as they both watched some evening television. After a few hours Lucas got up and said, “I should go to bed, I’ve got an early day tomorrow.” David nodded, then Lucas walked to his room to get some sleep.

When Lucas’s alarm clock sounded he got up and stretched, ready to begin his junior year of high school. He was supposed to be in his senior year, but when he ran away from home a few years back he missed too many days and was forced to repeat a year. Lucas reached down and scratched his crotch, then he took hold of his cock which was still semi-hard with morning wood which made it extend all the way to a full twelve semi-soft inches. Lucas was about to start a quick morning jerkoff session, but when he looked in the mirror and saw how impressive his semi looked, he decided to save it for later.

Lucas put on the new briefs David had bought him, then he adjusted his package so it was more comfortable. Lucas then put on a pair of the knee-length shorts he had bought yesterday, then looked in the mirror. Turning to the side, Lucas saw that he was showing a definite bulge, though the shorts didn’t showcase how big he really was. Lucas considered changing into some tighter shorts, but decided for his first day he wouldn’t go too extreme. After putting on his shoes and a shirt Lucas grabbed his things and drove to school.

At school Lucas walked around the school yard waiting for the first bell to ring. Lucas’s bulge got a few stares, but for the most part no one really paid him any attention. Once the bell sounded, Lucas went to his first class and took a seat. There wasn’t any real teaching going on for the first day of school because it was mostly orientation and welcome back stuff, and his next class was more of the same. When the bell sounded to start third period, Lucas got excited because he had gym for third period, and that was a class he was looking forward to.

Once he got to the gym Lucas got in line with the rest of the class, then the gym teacher came in. Lucas had been expecting Coach Alfred, the old gym teacher who had been at the school since the stone ages, but the teacher who walked in was instead a young man, probably in his early twenties. “Coach Alfred has retired,” he then told the class. “I’ll be taking over as your gym teacher this year, my name is Coach Graham. Those of you who would like to try out for the football team, stand over to the left.”

Lucas saw a few of the bigger guys walk over to where the coach had pointed, then coach said, “Those of you who want to try out for the basketball team, go stand over to the right.” Lucas saw a few guys walking to the right, including Marcus who everyone knew had a really big cock, which Lucas had enjoyed looking at while in the locker room last year. Lucas wasn’t particularly interested in basketball, but he wanted to be in the same gym class as Marcus so he walked over to the group of guys signing up for basketball. The coach then assigned the rest of the class to general physical education studies.

The class was then told to go to their assigned locker rooms to change, so Lucas followed the guys he was with to the locker room for the basketball team. The guys started to change so Lucas did the same, taking off his shirt first then pulling down his shorts. Almost as soon as his shorts were off Lucas heard someone say, “Hey guys, check out Lucas!” Lucas turned and faced the guys in the locker room while wearing only his very bulging briefs. One of the guys said, “What the fuck Lucas?”

Lucas played dumb and said, “What do you mean, Henry?”

“You know you have to change into your jockstrap, right?” Henry said. “We’re all going to see what you stuffed down your briefs, you aren’t fooling anyone.”

Lucas shrugged. “I still don’t know what you mean, but you’re right, we do need to hurry and change into gym clothes.” As casually as possible, Lucas then pulled off his briefs, letting his eleven-and-a-half-inch softy flop into view.

There was a deafening silence at first as everyone stared at Lucas in disbelief, then Henry said, “What… the fuck? What’s wrong with your cock?”

Lucas looked down, then he casually flicked his cock with his finger, making it swing slightly. “Hmm, nothing’s wrong with it? Well, it did get a little bit bigger this summer, I had a late growth spurt.”

One of the other guys said, “A little bigger? That’s a mother fucking donkey dong! How big is it?”

Lucas shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know… ” he lied.

The guys continued to stare in shocked silence, then Henry said, “Marcus, do you see this? Looks like someone’s got you beat.” Lucas looked over at Marcus, who was also in the middle of changing and was standing there staring with his own very large seven incher hanging in view.

“Yeah, I see it… ” Marcus said. “That’s impressive, Lucas.”

Lucas couldn’t help but smile when he heard the compliment from Marcus, but he also felt his cock starting to wake up as his blood began to pump faster. Not wanting to bone up in front of everyone, Lucas tried to change the subject. “Uh, we should get dressed before coach gets upset,” he said.

Lucas then turned away to put on his gym clothes and he heard sounds of some of the other guys whispering on the other side of the locker room. Lucas took the school issued jock strap out of the locker and started to put it on, but when he pulled it up he realized there was no chance whatsoever for him to get his cock into the jockstrap, and that was before even trying to deal with his fat balls.

Seeing the problem Lucas was having, some of the other students started to laugh, then Henry said, “Hey Marcus look, the freak is going to need a bigger jock, same as you.”

Lucas blushed. “Cut it out Henry… ” Marcus said. “Want to borrow one of mine, Lucas?” Lucas nodded, then Marcus tossed him a jockstrap from his locker. Lucas took off his, then pulled on the one Marcus had given him. Lucas was able to force his long cock into the roomier basket of Marcus’s jock, but he still couldn’t get his balls in at the same time. Seeing his new problem some of the other students started to laugh again.

Lucas started to take off the bigger jockstrap, but just then the coach walked in and said, “Why haven’t you boys finished changing yet?” Coach Graham then noticed Lucas and said, “Holy shit!!” Some of the class started to laugh again. “Err, I’m sorry, that was very unprofessional of me,” the coach amended. “I wasn’t expecting… err, nevermind… ”

Henry then said, “Hey coach, Lucas can’t fit his monster cock into his jock” and the laughter started again.

“All right, that’s enough,” coach said. “The rest of you, go wait in the gym. Now.”

A few of the guys made a low ‘booo’ noise, but they all slowly walked out, leaving Lucas and the coach alone in the locker room. “Lucas, you’re having a problem with your jockstrap?” Coach Graham said.

Lucas nodded. “Yeah, see… ” and he pulled it up again, showing the coach how he couldn’t fit his long cock and fat balls into the jock.

“Let me try to help,” the coach said, and then he knelt down and reached out to try and help tuck one of Lucas’s fat, shaved balls into the jock.

As soon as the coach touched Lucas’s heavy nut he seemed to lose his nerve, so he stood back up and said, “Lucas, um… a boy of your, err, how do I say this… ”

“Oh, here, I have a note” Lucas then said, and he took out the medical note David had written him and gave it to the coach.

Graham read it and mumbled, “… rare case of hypergonadism…resulting in abnormally large genitalia… ” Graham then handed back the note and said, “I see, but that doesn’t change the rules… school policy demands that every student must wear protective gear during sports.” Graham then continued, “Until you can obtain properly fitting protective gear for your huge… err, for your… ‘goods’… you will not be able to participate.” Lucas frowned, then coach said, “Please put your clothes back on, you can wait on the bench for the rest of the class.” The coach took one final glance at Lucas’s hanging cock, then he walked out. Lucas sighed, then he put his briefs and shorts back on, then went and sat on a bench as he watched the rest of the team playing basketball.

After class the rest of the team headed for the showers, but Lucas had to stay on the bench, annoyed that he wasn’t in there as well.

Lucas went to his last few classes after gym, and they were mostly the same as his first few. Word seemed to have gotten out and some students in class kept looking over and giggling. One girl Lucas recognized from the cheer-leading squad even walked up to him in the hall and said, “Is it true? They say you’re hung.” Lucas shrugged then walked past her as he went to his last class. After school let out Lucas drove home.

When Lucas walked in David asked, “How was your first day?”

Lucas shrugged. “Fine… but I couldn’t play basketball.”

“Why not?” David said.

“I couldn’t fit into my jockstrap,” Lucas replied, “so coach made me sit on the bench.”

David laughed and said, “Oh, I should have thought of that… guess that means we’re going to have to get something for a hung guy like yourself.”

Lucas cheered up immediately. “Really? Where?” he asked.

David got up and said, “I know a place, come on, let’s go,” and the two of them got into David’s car.

David drove into town, then he went down an alley and parked. They got out and walked up to a door with a sign that said ‘Adult Toys and Entertainment!’ and then he went inside, followed by Lucas. The inside of the shop was dimly lit, and Lucas looked around wide eyed as he saw a shelf full of porno movies, and next to that he saw what looked to be a case full of sex toys. David walked up to the counter and said to the clerk, “Hey Jed where do you keep the jockstraps?”

“Didn’t know you were into those David,” the middle-aged man behind the counter said. “They’re two aisles over.”

“Not for me, it’s for Lucas here,” David said.

Lucas wondered how David knew the guy that worked here, then Jed said, “Oh, so that’s the one you live with, huh? He’s cute. Let me show you the jockstraps,” and Jed walked out from behind the counter and brought them to the aisle. Jed took a jockstrap off the shelf and said, “Something like this?”

David shook his head. “No, he’s going to need something with a lot more room than that,” he said. “Lucas, show him.”

Lucas looked up at David. “… Uh, you mean… like right here?” he said. “Is there a changing area?”

David frowned slightly and said, “I told you to show him.” Lucas looked around to confirm that the store was empty other than the three of them, then he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop, then he pulled off his briefs, letting his cock hang out in the open.

Jed took one look at Lucas’s nearly twelve inches and said, “Hot damned David where did you find this kid? He’s packing a cannon down there.”

Lucas spoke up and said, “I’m not a kid, I’m 18!”

“Be quiet Lucas, the adults are talking!” David told him. Lucas closed his mouth, kind of surprised David had snapped at him like that. David knelt down next to Lucas, then he lifted Lucas’s huge cock and lightly stroked it once and said, “As you can see, he’s going to need plenty of room up front,” and then David cupped Lucas’s fat sack and added, “Make sure there’s extra room for his big nuts too.”

Jed nodded, then he put the jockstrap he was holding back on the shelf. “I’ve got just the thing,” he said, and he reached up to a much higher shelf and took down a different jockstrap. Jed held it up. “I usually sell this model to guys who are into pumping and saline. You see, the waistband is narrow, but the pouch is made of an extra stretchy material designed to hold guys who are into extreme pumping. It should fit your stallion here just fine.”

David took the jock from Jed, then handed it to Lucas. “Try it on,” he said. Lucas stepped into the jock and pulled it up, then carefully tucked his cock and balls into the pouch. Sure enough, the material was very stretchy and it expanded to contain his package perfectly. Lucas then looked down and saw that it looked like he had a melon stuffed down his jock, but everything was held in place and supported properly. David reached back and gave a gentle pat on Lucas’s exposed ass, then said, “Just how much does that jock stretch? If he grows bigger, will it still fit?”

Jed laughed. “I don’t think he’s going to be growing anymore, he’s already the biggest I’ve ever seen come into this shop.”

David rubbed the front of Lucas’s bulge, then said, “Yeah, but let’s say if he did…?”

Jed stopped laughing, then said, “Uh, yeah sure, it’s made from top of the line materials, it will stretch even more than that. He into pumping or something?”

David gave one more rub on Lucas’s bulge, then said, “Something like that… how much do I owe you?”

“$49.95 before tax,” Jed said.

“Fifty dollars… for a jockstrap?!” Lucas blurted out.

David then gave a hard slap on Lucas’s exposed ass-cheek and said, “What did I tell you about talking?” Lucas rubbed his stinging butt-cheek, but didn’t say anything.

Jed laughed and said, “You’re still training that one I guess. I remember how you used to be.”

David went to the counter and paid for the jockstrap, then said to Lucas, “We’re done here, let’s go.” Lucas started to put his pants back on, but David said, “Don’t do that, I want to see how well the jock fits while you’re walking around.”

Lucas looked down at himself, seeing the huge bulge of his jock, but more than that he rubbed his ass, which was left completely exposed because jockstraps only had a front section to support genitals. Lucas was about to say something, but he saw the look on David’s face and didn’t want to upset him, so he rolled up his briefs and pants and tucked them under his arm, then he walked out of the store wearing nothing but his t-shirt and a jockstrap.

Lucas had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, but he had never done anything like walking around in public in a jockstrap. Lucas was suddenly grateful that the shop was located in a back alley, and thankfully no one was around other than David walking behind him. When they got back to the car Lucas quickly got in and let out a sigh of relief they hadn’t run into anyone while walking back. David got in as well, then they started the drive back home.

While driving, David would sometimes reach over and rub the large bulge at Lucas’s crotch which was currently easy access since he still only had on the jockstrap. “Who was that guy back at the shop?” Lucas asked. “It seemed like you knew him.”

David nodded. “That’s Jed… I know him back from my college days, before I met you. We were actually roommates and he used to… let’s just say we had an interesting relationship, but that’s all in the past.”

When they got back home, David parked in the driveway, then he reached over and picked up Lucas’s rolled up pants and briefs before he had a chance to put them back on. “Hey, I need those!” Lucas said.

“Since when are you shy about showing off?” David replied. “Come on, let’s go in,” and then David got out and walked inside, still holding Lucas’s pants. Lucas got out of the car and glanced around, then quickly ran across the yard and rushed inside, hoping their neighbor across the street didn’t see him.

As soon as Lucas walked inside David grabbed him from behind and pushed him up against the wall. “Do you have any idea how incredibly hot you look in that jockstrap?” he asked. David then reached between Lucas’s legs and grabbed the bulging pouch that was holding Lucas’s cock and balls, then he squeezed and said, “Do the other guys in your class have a bulge like yours? No, of course they don’t. What did Jed call you… my stallion? Yes, that sounds about right,” and David kept squeezing and massaging Lucas’s huge bulge through the jockstrap and he continued, “My little stallion, with a cock that would put most horses to shame.”

Lucas’s cock was getting harder, but the jockstrap was designed to hold everything securely in place and it was preventing his cock from reaching fully erect. David stopped squeezing Lucas’s bulge, then he put both hands on Lucas’s exposed ass. “I’ll bet you like the way your ass hangs out when wearing a jock, don’t you?” he said. “Do you like looking at the other boys walking around in their jocks, smooth asses exposed like yours? Maybe I can whip up something to make your ass fill out more, give you a nice big bubble butt, really give the other boys something to admire.”

David started to roughly knead Lucas’s ass with his hands, really squeezing it good, then Lucas was surprised when he felt David start to lick the crack of his ass with his tongue. Lucas leaned into the wall even harder as David started to lick up and down the crack of his ass. Lucas started to moan loudly as his big cock started to leak a thick stream of pre-cum into his new jockstrap, but he couldn’t help himself as David kept working over his ass.

While still licking Lucas’s ass-crack, David reached between Lucas’s legs again and went back to squeezing his bulge in the jockstrap. When David licked the full length of Lucas’s ass from top to bottom, Lucas couldn’t stop himself from blowing his load into his jockstrap.

David gave a final quick squeeze on Lucas’s bulge, then he stood up and turned Lucas around. “I’m glad to see that you like your new jockstrap,” he said. “Now go clean it before it stains… I want you looking your best for school tomorrow. Lucas then walked towards the bathroom, barely able to stand since he was so weak in the knees after that intense orgasm.


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