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 Where does milk come from if cows are not raised as livestock? You're about to become the source.

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You sign the hefty contract with a hand that is trembling with anticipation. No more sleeping out on the streets and wondering when your next meal from the dumpster will arrive. You’ll spend the rest of your life in comfort, even though you’ll never look like a normal human being again.

“Enjoy your life as a Cow-boy, sir.” The well-dressed man before you winks knowingly as he passes the contract to a stone-faced security guard. Ever since PETA passed the anti-animal cruelty lobby, scientists had invented ways to recreate the food non-vegetarians loved and craved. Soy and tofu actually tasted like chicken and beef. Cows and chickens were kept as pets. But some foods like milk and eggs just couldn’t be cooked up in a factory or lab; they needed to be produced naturally. That’s where people like who you were going to be play their part.

You follow the man into a large, blank room with only a small table at the side of a wall with a large one-way mirror from floor to ceiling. On it is a glass filled with what looks like milk; you smirk at how fitting it is.

“You sure I don’t need to change?” You glance self-consciously at your grubby, stained clothing which has seen many a night sleeping on the ground or a park bench. The man shakes his head as he heads back out.

“You’ll outgrow them anyway. We’ll give new clothes once your transformation is done.”

You nod and slowly lift the glass to your lips. This is it. Your new life is just a sip away. You swallow the thick, creamy liquid almost immediately.

Pleasant warmth fills your body as your clothes seem to slowly shrink on your body, and you make your way over to the mirror to enjoy the changes. Soft, silky body hair starts sprouting from every pore, covering your body in a coat of fine downy hair. Your wrists and ankles peep out of your oversized hoodie and jeans as you grow taller and bigger, limbs thickening with muscle. You grin as you flex a bicep which swells to the size of a softball, resisting the urge to nuzzle it through the dirty fabric. Your feet grow to a size that would make Shaquille O’Neal jealous.

The warmth spreads down to your torso and ass, and you bite your lip in anticipation. This is the best and arguably most erotic part of the transformation. Your pecs begin to swell outwards like balloons, highly visible nipples straining the top buttons of your already snug shirt beneath your hoodie. You tentatively moan as you grope your expanding chest-meat, rubbing nipples which have swelled to the size of dollar coins. Plink! You hear a button lose its battle against your swelling bosom, possibly getting lost in your plush cleavage. More buttons pop off as your hoodie begins to split at the seams near your chest and the zipper is wrenched out of shape.

A loud gurgling noise emanates from your gut, and you feel yourself getting hard as you sit down and tenderly rub your belly which also swells outward, beginning to push up against your beefy pec-boobs. Your hoodie and shirt tear and burst open to reveal your growing gut, swelling taut and firm as if you’re pregnant. You play with scenarios inside your head as you caress your growing belly; attaching yourself to an air pump, being cursed by a witch to blow up and getting impregnated by a demon monster. Your tummy swells to the size of a yoga ball, bursting the button off your jeans and snapping your belt as you run your fingers over the shallow navel and the furry treasure trail leading down to your throbbing erection.

You shrug off your skin-tight jeans to make room for your growing junk, penis lengthening and thickening beyond porn-star standards and balls swelling up to the size of small melons with fresh sperm. You feel full, like an overripe fruit swollen with juice. You begin to jerk off by rubbing your dick up against your enormous gut as you feel your ass puff up into two juicy hemispheres, destroying whatever remained of your underwear, and you climax as two curved bull-horns sprout from your forehead and a long, fur-tipped tail emerges from the small of your back. You cry out in ecstasy as you shoot a bucket-load of cum from your bazooka-sized cock and two streams of milk gush from your swollen nipples, painting the mirror in a thick white coat.

“Fuck…I feel so good…and horny…” you moan in a deeper voice as you lie in the puddle of your ejaculations, semi-hard cock and ballooned gut sticking up in the air. You lick cum and milk mixture from your fingers with your longer, floppier tongue as you slather the rest all over your belly and boobs. Mmmm. Very nice and creamy.

“Cow-boy, it’s time for a bath!” the man calls out in an unusually chipper tone over the speaker. You grunt and reluctantly pull yourself into a stand as a door flips open on the other side of the room. As soon as you waddle through the tight frame, attendants dressed in stark-white uniforms help you into a large Jacuzzi tub and start scrubbing every part of your body clean with long-handled brushes as big as brooms.

“Moooo…” You can’t help but moan in ecstasy as one of them scrubs your hefty junk in all the right places. The others gently scrub your nipples and belly, probably to avoid releasing your precious milk. One of them starts shampooing your hair and beard into a lather and untangling the strands with an iron-bristled comb.

You’re then hosed down and ushered into a plush salon chair with buckled restraints as more attendants come at you with nail files and scissors, trimming your hair and beard while buffing and polishing your nails and horns. One sticks a paddle-sized toothbrush in your mouth and scrubs vigorously enough at your teeth without hurting. Once they’re done, they massage buckets of moisturizer into your skin and you feel milk dribbling out as they rub the cream over your nipples.

Suddenly, four pump nozzles drop down from the ceiling like a plane’s oxygen masks and the attendants attach them to your nipples, belly button and cock. You moan and moo in ecstasy as the pumps stimulate your erogenous zones until they are fully erect, nipples and cock standing out and your navel turns inside out with the suction. You orgasm as you feel your chest, belly and loins jerk and throb along with the pumping motions, and before long a thick fountain of white gushes from all four orifices. You lose count of how many seconds or minutes it takes to drain you completely of your reserves; your pecs deflating slightly, belly giving way to a furry eight-pack and genitals appearing shriveled while still retaining their obscene size. You come to when someone politely taps you on the shoulder.

Two attendants present a couple of fabric heaps which you recognize as clothes and you shrug them on as a full-length mirror unveils itself from a wall panel. You gape at your reflection and feel your cock start to harden again despite the intense milking session a few moments ago.

Your skin is baby-smooth, clear of all the dirt and grime from roughing it out in the streets. Soft peach-fuzz coats your entire body, emphasizing your virility and masculinity. Stocky, thick muscle fills out a physique that most bodybuilders would kill for, and your voluptuous pecs and ass create an ‘S’ curve that makes even the smallest movement look like a lewd sex-act. Your mops of unkempt hair and beard have been cut into a style that you assume would only be seen on a top fashion model, highlighting your more attractive face. Your lips are fuller and softer, your cheekbones are more defined, and the dimple in your chin has deepened. Your bull-horns look shiny and intimidating while your tail swishes itself suggestively between your legs. Your clothing, a mesh crop top that just reaches above your belly button and silky smooth daisy-dukes do little to absolutely nothing to conceal your generous assets.

“Fuck, I look so hot…” you murmur as you walk down a long hallway with mirrors on either side, admiring your new features and physique.

“Welcome, brother!” You’re greeted with loud cheers and whoops on the other side as dozens of other Cow-boys approach you in a large group hug, hands either outstretched to introduce them or to grope your beefy pecs and ass. You lick your lips eagerly, due to the huge buffet tables heaped with enough food to feed an army and at the sight of your new companions, all ranging from different ages, ethnicities, and milking stages. You’re divided between gorging yourself on the immense feast, or making out and having an orgy with everyone in the room. Your body makes the decision by having your penis swell and tent your shorts while your belly begins to swell, popping out your belly button and hiding your abs. You assume the more aroused you are, the faster you produce more milk.

“Guess we know what to do first!” someone whoops in the back, and all around you cocks tent obscenely and several of them lift or unbutton their tops to make way for their inflating bellies.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “The cowboy” by Chance Riverwind.


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