2018 Year-End Round-Up

2018 Year-End Round-Up

As we’re almost to the New Year I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2018 and see what were the most popular and highest-rated stories of the year.

It’s been a strange year, but a good one for the site. I’m proud of the writing I’ve done, and the site has attracted a slate of talented new writers to join the much-valued contributors I’d been fortunate enough to have on board already. Readership has been steadily growing; the unique-view page counter built into the story pages has climbed from around 200,000 views a month in January (down slightly from 2017) to around 325,000 a month in October, November, and December. As of the last update we also passed another kind of milestone: over 4,000 story chapters, across 1,327 stories. (More site statistics can be seen here.) Fundamentally Metabods remains, from my point of view, first and foremost an outlet for my own writing, but it means a lot to me to be able to provide a safe place for stories about men who exceed the confines of mundane reality.

Now, to the lists. For the most popular list, I wanted to show which stories were popular with lots of readers, so while I ranked the stories by page view count per story in 2018 I also factored in the diversity of IP addresses to a small extent. This had the effect of slightly lowering the ranking of certain stories, like “Medicine Show” for example, whose high page views come from primarily from the same happy visitors. This should result in a list that more directly shows actual popularity with site visitors as a whole this year. IP addresses that were banned for abuse of the star rating system were excluded.

The results aren’t too surprising at the top, in that the highest-ranked stories are ones that are both well-written and updated several times throughout the year, bringing people back for fresh chapters. At presstime the total number of nonbanned story views in 2018 was 2,843,059, which means that “All Good Things”, for example, got 1.3% of all the story views this year. Further down there are some sleepers, though, that hadn’t really been on my radar but that have had a broad and loyal viewership this year. To all the authors, well done, and to the readers, I’m so glad you found stuff you enjoyed on my site.

Most Popular Stories, 2018

  1. All good things by Anon Amon (36,528 views)
  2. Above average by Ziel (24,985 views)
  3. Ben's escapades by Kaelan (21,090 views)
  4. Jason's big problem by Joven (21,740 views)
  5. Bull's strength by muscl4life (19,376 views)
  6. Justin (the bigger the better) by Giant Worshipper (17,844 views)
  7. Growth school by Writ Bro (17,030 views)
  8. Max's wish by Bulge101 (16,829 views)
  9. His cock gets huge by Jack Hardwood (15,541 views)
  10. The beefening by Benjamin Skipper (13,879 views)
  11. Grrrroooowwwwing by Kaelan (14,860 views)
  12. His brother drains his manhood by Ballmeat (12,933 views)
  13. Alpha product series by Chet Boner (14,620 views)
  14. Grow lamp by Dream Big (14,401 views)
  15. Practice by Massim0 (15,154 views)
  16. Grow lamp 2: Peter principle by Dream Big (14,289 views)
  17. Love/shift by Brian Ramirez Kyle (13,556 views)
  18. Tim's adventure by WordShop (13,140 views)
  19. Frat boys, bro!! by Seth Peterson (11,442 views)
  20. Mysterious kidnapping by Joven (14,159 views)
  21. Medicine show by Fafhrd (16,193 views)
  22. Mind and body by Brian Ramirez Kyle (11,763 views)
  23. Spice by Mr. X (13,027 views)
  24. The brothers by FanTCMan (10,760 views)
  25. Hard body by Also Known As (10,811 views)
  26. Sometimes drugs offer more than a high by Tereshky (9,454 views)
  27. Chuck, the size thief by spacevlad (11,474 views)
  28. A big year by Dancer (7,950 views)
  29. Becoming a muscle god by Corwin (7,508 views)
  30. Bottom mega-alfa by Jerkoffcentral (9,145 views)
  31. Changing Nick by Brian Ramirez Kyle (9,676 views)
  32. Basically a god by CurlyJin (7,962 views)
  33. Alpha by CharitysSongbird (8,002 views)
  34. Sam and Bolt by Alakazam1988 (9,905 views)
  35. Payback by muscl4life (6,997 views)
  36. Juggernaut by ghostwriter (8,198 views)
  37. Andy finds Cockr gives and takes away by Clearlyhere (8,306 views)
  38. Adam's first growth spurt by MDS (6,142 views)
  39. Just take one by LoverBoy (6,612 views)
  40. Lazarus by muscl4life (7,401 views)
  41. Night at the carnival by muscl4life (7,222 views)
  42. Massive musclemonsters by TonnyGiant (7,107 views)
  43. Enlargement by Boston Guy (7,462 views)
  44. Daddy's boy by Seth Peterson (7,103 views)
  45. More than advertised by LookinToGrow (7,422 views)
  46. Thoros by Ziel (6,741 views)
  47. Forced growth by hyperboi (6,767 views)
  48. All your wildest dreams by FloralSpaded (5,470 views)
  49. grUV by quickquezzed (6,925 views)
  50. Naked by Also Known As (8,203 views)

Am I shocked, or miffed, that my own stories didn’t dominate the rankings? Not at all. I tend to rotate my attention. It turns out I wrote 56 chapters this year across 37 stories; if I return to a story it tends to be months or years later, but the ones I did return to more than once in 2018, such as the bimonthly commission “Love/Shift”, do surface higher for this list. All told I have 174 stories on the viewership list for 2018, accounting for about 12% of the total story views.

For the highest-rated list, I combined the average star ranking for votes cast in 2018 in a weighted formula with the number of votes, to reward the stories that have attracted a large number of positive votes. Again, banned IP addresses were excluded, as were stories with 5 or fewer votes in 2018.

In the list below, the stars reflect only 2018 votes.

Highest-Rated Stories, 2018

  1. grUV by quickquezzed
  2. Grow lamp by Dream Big
  3. Practice by Massim0
  4. Ben's escapades by Kaelan
  5. The Body-Jack 9000 by The Gecko Rose
  6. Bull's strength by muscl4life
  7. All good things by Anon Amon
  8. Love/shift by Brian Ramirez Kyle
  9. The beefening by Benjamin Skipper
  10. Mysterious kidnapping by Joven
  11. Juggernaut by ghostwriter
  12. His cock gets huge by Jack Hardwood
  13. The forge by mf81
  14. Gooed friends by Ziel
  15. Daddy's boy by Seth Peterson
  16. Growing relationship by Alakazam1988
  17. Quarantined by MuscleNexus
  18. Modern rites by red_king
  19. The bunker by JayPat
  20. Alpha product series by Chet Boner
  21. Grow lamp 2: Peter principle by Dream Big
  22. Repair and alteration by Keyed
  23. Lazarus by muscl4life
  24. The brothers by FanTCMan
  25. A few minor adjustments by Cris Kane
  26. The e-journal by hyperboi
  27. Thoros by Ziel
  28. Sometimes drugs offer more than a high by Tereshky
  29. Lunch of champions by Cris Kane
  30. HUSH by The Gecko Rose
  31. Pickup trouble by LenZelig
  32. The six pack by Cris Kane
  33. Mimbo drops by Absman420
  34. High quality replacement parts (free with trade-in) by Keyed
  35. Letters flew across the room by MainAttraction
  36. The magician by The Gecko Rose
  37. My horny friend Logan by oldcondom24
  38. Demigod chronicles I: Herakles by aquila
  39. John the wizard by RdyRoger
  40. Pride by NBCK99
  41. Twelve steps back by FanTCMan
  42. Truth to tell by Brian Ramirez Kyle
  43. Grrrroooowwwwing by Kaelan
  44. Tim's adventure by WordShop
  45. Fortitude by Brian Ramirez Kyle
  46. Detachable party by The Gecko Rose
  47. Shadow and flame by Brian Ramirez Kyle
  48. Hard body by Also Known As
  49. The Servonyx exclusion by Brian Ramirez Kyle
  50. Flashmob by Brian Ramirez Kyle

Explore the lists, browse the site, search for what you like by tag and keyword, and don’t forget to upvote and comment on your favorite stories—it really does help the authors.

I hope for, and wish you all, a safe and happy 2019. The next update will be in the new year, on 5 January. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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