WYRD: What You Really Desire

by RDR

 Marco is sick of being a small guy, doing what he can to fix the issue. When hope seems lost, a pop up appears on his computer asking what he really wants as if it were going to give it to him. But what does Marco really want?

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Marco was sick of being the slim twink that only older guys wanted. He also hated when he would want to get with another cute twink, because they’d only ask for muscles or daddies. Marco knew who he wanted to be, though; he wanted to be the big guy; an alpha bodybuilder. He wanted to look intimidating so he, too, could go for the twinks. Or so he thought.

Marco started his own home gym, followed the perfect dietary plans and did whatever he could to help himself grow. Unfortunately, he was seeing only limited results; his legs were slim, he had cobblestones abs—which he was proud about—and only toned arms. Marco wasn’t happy with the progress he made, he had been working on himself for two years and expected more.

In a last-minute drive to become the muscle man he wanted to be, he started looking up substances and steroids to help his growth. As the back and forth questioning of logic and desire crossed his mind, a pop-up appeared on one of his websites, grabbing his attention.

“WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE”, a Safer, win-win alternative!! Contact our Live Chat and we will get you started!!

It was as if the world was listening to Marco and, so, he clicked the pop-up which opened a new website, provided a contact number, and showed off some examples of what this “alternative” offered. Marco couldn’t believe his eyes as he scrolled through pictures of some of the biggest guys he had seen in the world, all around the same size he wanted to be—not immobile, but very beefy.

Marco opened the Live Chat and was met with a robot helper who introduced the program. Soon, he was being shown photos of men. One image opened and showed massive biceps that were almost the size of the model’s head and a question flashed on screen, “Is this what you really desire?”

Marco saw the options Yes and No, and clicked Yes. Another image popped up of thick, bulging and veiny legs, stiff with muscle. “Is this what you really desire?” Marco clicked Yes. A GIF popped up of a model flexing his pecs, heavy and jutting out like balloons. “Is this what you really desire?” Marco’s heart started racing as he, once again, clicked Yes. As more questions were being asked, one hand was clicking the mouse and another was rubbing his five-inch dick through his pants.

More images popped up and, to most, Marco clicked yes. The last two images, however, were of a beer-can-thick, pulsing dick and a thick, juicy bubble butt that hungrily swallowed up a thong. Marco clicked Yes without even thinking, he was so enraptured with desire and hunger. It was as if the A.I. was slowly hypnotising him or fading him out on desire and, yet, found a way into his brain to pull out what it required.

The chat ended unexpectedly, snapping Marco out of his high, with a message saying “thank you” appearing on the screen.

Marco was confused and felt as if he just wasted his time. He got up out of his seat and quickly realised that he had cum running down his leg inside his pants. Somewhere through sitting and watching GIFs and images of men appear on screen, he had jacked himself to orgasm. Upon the realisation, he felt sore and stiff. After his shower, Marco went to bed, tossing and turning for an hour before finally passing out from exhaustion.

Marco woke up the next morning, feeling much more refreshed than he has ever been. He had energy he never felt before and, in one swift motion, he jumped out of bed. As he got up so sudden, he felt a jiggle in his chest and ass, which surprised him. As he looked down, his vision was filled by the sight of two bulbous, succulent pecs which completely blocked his view of his torso, hips and legs. He brought his hands up to look at them, noticing the veins that crawled up his arms to his rock hard, bulging biceps. Getting a feel of them, something in his tight underwear twitched, and his hands instantly went down and ripped his underwear off. Out popped a dick as thick as a beer can, and thirteen inches long, hard and leaking copious amount of precum.

Marco ran to the bathroom to get a better look at himself and was shocked at what he saw.

There stood a man, almost seven foot with the sharpest jawline, piercing eyes, full and luscious lips. He could’ve came right then and there. As he continued looking, he didn’t realise how large his pecs were; they jiggled almost as if they were boobs! Continuing down, his waist tapered almost too thin, and his abs stuck out so sharp and defined.

Marco’s focus instantly went to his dick, and he picked it up with one hand and started jacking it off. It was so hot to look at and much hotter to play with it. Though, as he played with his dick, he looked down again and noticed how wide his hips were. It was like a true hourglass figure that he had; the cannon ball pecs into a thin waist leading back out to what Marco could only assume would be a bubble butt. Yet, as he turned to the side, he realised just how big of a bubble it was.

His side profile showed just how much his ass ballooned out; each cheek was the size of a beach ball. They were perky and tight, and as he slapped it, they jiggled as if they were water balloons ready to burst. At the same time, as he slapped his cheeks, an electric shock bolted through his cheeks up into his chest and electrified the sensitivity into his nipples, and came back down right into his dick which caused it to stand up towards his pecs and start leaking thicker amounts of pre.

Marco was not expecting this body from a computer program, and the more he thought about his answers and what the program asked, he came to a sudden realisation that, although he wanted to be an alpha bodybuilder of sorts, what he really desired was to be the curviest muscle boi for muscle men to dominate. As he thought of that, a wave of lust hit him hard, and he started jerking his dick to images of muscle men fucking his juicy ass, each thrust causing it to jiggle. His other hand immediately went to his nipples, which lit up a spark as he pinched them.

He slowly backed out of the bathroom after getting one last good look at himself and fell onto his bed, but while playing with his nipples and jerking his dick, he realised something didn’t feel right. Soon, the hand jerking his dick moved around to his ass and started to tease his hole. His brain lit up with fireworks, and Marco couldn’t think straight anymore. He started moaning quietly to himself, whimpering at the pleasure. Soon, he dipped in two fingers into his hole, his whole body shivering from the delight. When he removed his fingers, he licked off the slick that his ass now seemed to produce. He smiled devilishly because he now knew that he wouldn’t need lube, and that it’d be easy for anyone to slip in there.

Marco instantly put two fingers back into his ass, and then added a third. He became a moaning mess as he played with his juicy tits and fucked himself on his fingers. His dick was appreciating the stimulation as it started growing painfully hard, and soon enough, precum was almost running like a tap. Knowing that orgasm was near, Marco finally added his fourth finger and shoved it up as far as he could, ferociously fucking himself as he painfully pinched his nipples and roared like a beast as all the cum built up and blasted out of his dick like a fountain. Cum leaked out of his nipples, too, as he rubbed it all over his chest, groping fistfuls of sweaty and cum-covered pec meat. As shot after shot came out of his dick, Marco’s body felt like it was lighter than a feather but burning with pure passion as he could barely catch his breath from the ecstatic feeling rocking his whole body. It felt like pure heaven and, as cum came raining down on him, he licked up every bit of the delicious cum he could.

Soon, Marco collapsed onto his bed and passed out from exhaustion. His body twitched a little, still rocking from pleasure.

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