Tyler and his new body

by Daenotis

 Tyler wanted to become one of the biggest muscle gym rats in the club and he took it a little too far with the magical protein powder from the sketchy jock influencer.

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Always wanting a bigger and better body Tyler was obsessed. He was five foot eleven and muscular but average. That wasn’t good enough for him. He went to the gym every day gaining muscle mass and staring at the guys who were over six feet tall and built like Gods. He had a few gym buddies that he saw every once in awhile. One of them, Andrew, was about Tyler’s height with a bodybuilder stature. One day Tyler went to the gym and felt completely self conscious. He kept his head down so that people would think he was unassuming. He ran straight into someone walking out of the showers and into the locker area. It was Andrew, but Andrew was over six foot five and had even more muscle.

“Hey! Tyler what’s up?” Andrew laughed as Tyler obviously was in shock.

“Andrew, what, what the heck happened to you?”

Andrew laughed and smiled down at Tyler. “Well, I started working out with this guy Max and he suggested I take this muscle milk drink that would improve my looks.” Andrew stared at his naked muscular, tanned body in the mirror flexing and posing as he chatted with Tyler.

“It really worked out after the first glass. I mean, I grew to my current height within two minutes. Fuck! I had to walk out of here in a towel because my clothes didn’t fit any longer!” Andrew laughed and walked over to the lockers with Tyler following him like a lost puppy hanging on every word. “If it weren’t for Max then I wouldn’t be this sexy or imposing on the street. I get all these girls now wanting to hookup and date me. It’s insane. I mean I even get guys wanting to feel me up but I don’t entertain that, you know, I’m straight.”

Andrew is straight. Sadly, he talks about girls nonstop while he works out. Tyler is gay, but doesn’t talk about it much since most of his friends, especially at the gym, are straight.

“Does Max work out here often?” Tyler said with total curiosity and interest.

Andrew looked up from his bag and smiled. “Are you hooked on the idea of becoming this big? I honestly think he’s a rep for the company that makes this stuff and comes around once in a while. I will give you some if you’re interested since I am at my perfect height weight goals.” Andrew pulled out a small blue container with the company’s label on it.

“Max said not to take too much your first time since there are some pretty mean side effects to it. I luckily haven’t had any problems and am sure since we we’re the same height and almost weight you would be fine as well.” Andrew gave Tyler the container and added with a chuckle, “Are you going to stop staring at my body or am I going to have to ask you the question? You owe me one for this by-the-way. It isn’t cheap!” Andrew winked and shooed Tyler off then started to get dressed.

Tyler in shock and excitement went to his locker and hid the container away in his bag for later that night. I am going to be huge! Tyler thought to himself.

“This is going to be awesome,” he whispered as he changed into his gym shorts and tee. After working out Tyler quickly dressed without taking a shower and drove home as fast as he could, almost getting pulled over on the freeway. The container was sitting on his gym bag by his side the whole time.

He couldn’t his mind off of Andrew’s god-like body and how this stuff in this blue container would do it for him. Tyler got inside and dropped his bag holding the container in his other hand. Reading the label it said: Warning side effects if used improperly. This item is not FDA approved to give suggested results. Tyler wasn’t in the mood to care about the side effects if he looked like Andrew after it was all said and done. He walked into his kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. Directions: Mix one scoop into a glass of warm water. Do not shake. Stir for one minute.

Tyler put two scoops of the white powder into his water and he stirred it with a spoon for a minute. The mixture popped and sizzled for a second then calmed down. “Oh yeah!” Tyler realized he had forgotten to strip down before he drank the mixture. He threw off his jeans and tee then his jockstrap. Kicking off his thongs he looked at the glass and noticed the mixture turning blue. “Huh, must mean that it’s ready to drink,” he chuckled. He grabbed the glass and started to chug the mixture down. “Ahhhh, that was good,” he said, smiling as he put the empty glass down.

He walked casually into his bedroom and stared in the mirror, nothing. Right when he was about to give up he started feeling fuzzy then hot, really hot. “Fuck, what is this shit?” He felt his stomach groan then he watched his body start to grow. “Fuck yeah, this is awesome.” It was as if someone decided to edit his picture and dragged the diagonal stretching tool across him. He was growing and big.

He looked up at the ceiling and noticed that he was getting closer to it. His arms, legs and hands looked bigger. His cock and balls were even bigger. Suddenly, he felt the ceiling on his shaven head. “Oh shit, I took too much,” he laughed then bent down a little. He felt his pecs, which were massive, like ground beef packs hanging from his shoulders. “Mmm… I like this,” he moaned then he extended his arms and looked in the mirror. They were the perfect size and not too vascular. His stomach groaned again and he laughed.

Suddenly, he had a quick growth spurt and bam! he hit his head on the ceiling. “Fuck! That hurt!” he yelled. Then suddenly he felt dizzy. His head started to slide, then tumbled through his massive hands and hit the floor. He blinked for a couple of seconds looking at his giant feet standing upright on the floor next to him. “What the fuck?” he yelled.

His body started to walk into full view, headless. Still feeling its bigger muscles, as if nothing happened to it.

Tyler could only stare in amazement as the body started to go through his closet looking for something—clothes, maybe. “Hey! Hey! What the hell?! Don’t you notice me down here?!” Tyler yelled at his body that was now trying on his Lakers jersey and shorts that he had left over from the tournament. It felt itself all over, even his new globular ass. His body then took off his clothes. “I guess not,” Tyler sighed to himself. “Well, come over here and pick me up because you aren’t going anywhere like that.” His body turned towards him abruptly and walked over to his head.

“That’s it. Come closer to me and bend down to pick me up,” he directed calmly. Crap, this must be one of the side effects that they failed to mention. Tyler’s strong hands gently held his head under the chin and on the top of his skull and picked him up, putting his face on his hip right next to his huge cock. “Oh, wow, I’m huge,” Tyler gasped looking at the ten-inch soft member swaying freely as his body walked into the living room. It grabbed a pillow and set his head down on it then flipped on the television and left the room.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to put me back on?!” Tyler shouted while ESPN Classic showed a game in the background. The body walked back in the room and flipped him the bird. “Yeah! Well, how do you know we wouldn’t like it?!” Tyler paused then thought about it. He could suck himself off. “Oh my God! I can skull fuck myself,” he realized out loud. His body crossed his arms and walked back into the bedroom as if it were shaking its head. That is, if it had one.

Tyler grew upset, but now that his body controlled itself, what the fuck was he going to do?! “This is cool. I am just going to watch the game and not think anything happened. Oh, great commercial,” he sighed looking at the screen. “Fuck me,” he muttered as he turned his attention to the remote realizing his arms are on his body which is doing God knows what in the bedroom. Suddenly, his body came out of the bedroom again naked and only to have shaven his package completely. “What the hell did you do that for?” Tyler stared at his now even bigger-looking cock and balls. His body grabbed his dick wagging it up and down playfully in front of his face.

“Funny,” he smirked, “very funny.” Tyler’s body sat down next to him and turned off the television. It then picked his head up off the pillow, spread his legs and set the head down in between facing his cock and balls. “What are you doing?” Tyler’s body started to o-ring his reluctant head. Tyler was completely shocked, thinking, Oh hell no, I didn’t jack off today. Tasting his oversized cock, he rolled the soft head around with his tongue. His body started to massage his pectorals and pinched his nipples like Tyler always did when someone started to suck his cock in bed.

His cock head, without surprise, started to grow and his shaft started to push further into his mouth. Gagging a bit, Tyler gingerly started to nurse his cock. He played with it like he always thought another guy should, but didn’t. His thighs tightened around his head holding it in place as his cock pushed further and further into his throat. Tyler, tearing up, kept sucking and moaning as his cock forced itself through him.

His body massaged his pectorals like a show for him then began to lift his head higher between his thighs to put less strain on his cock. Tyler suddenly felt and tasted his pre cum shooting into his throat. It was salty and warm. His body used his thighs to trust his head back and forth on his cock. Moaning and crying from the ever-widening cock, Tyler sucked his dick, not feeling the sensation but tasting his thick warm flesh and his runny pre cum in his mouth. Throughout all of this he didn’t need to breathe. He accepted his status and liked it.

His cock kept swelling until he felt it pop out the other side of his neck. He didn’t care that he was impaled until his body started to push his head down and with a pop he felt it enter his neck again making him pause in pain. Tyler tried to keep up with the vascular shaft as best he could while his body pummeled his head.

He made a muffled plea, but nothing. Tyler’s huge muscled body continued to thrust into him and massage itself until he shot thick streams that filled Tyler’s mouth and went somewhere.

All he could do was pray it didn’t drip onto his leather couch. It came out his nose and back onto his shaft which he used as lubricant, naturally. His giant body arched and finished its last shot then lay down on the couch, legs over the end, feet swinging happily and rested. His head hanging onto his softening cock as his body rested leaning over the couch.

Tyler could only think about how awesome his transformation has been and how he could pleasure his new body. He felt his head slip off the cock and roll onto the floor with a thump. “Great,” he said as his cum dripped off the couch onto his face, “I’m going to have to figure out something here to get back on my body.”

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