Tim’s obsession

by GulliverWB

 Tim is a lot taller than his boyfriend Jeff, but that’s about to change.

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The house was dark and quiet. Now was his chance. Tim pulled back the blanket and got up from the sofa. He crept quietly over to the recliner that Jeff had been sitting in a little while ago. The sneakers were still there. He noted their exact position under the end table and looked up the stairwell. Jeff's bedroom door was closed and the light was off. Tim wished he were in there with him, but tonight was the second night Jeff spent alone in his room with the door shut. All the mixed signals were frustrating -the way Jeff was always looking at him and touching him. Lately it was almost as if little Jeff were studying him somehow. Last night Tim thought he heard Jeff's bedroom door open once or twice, but it was too dark to tell. Now he could hear the muffled sounds of Captain Kirk doing battle with the Klingons through the closed bedroom door. Cautiously, Tim made his move…

They had worked together for a few months before socializing outside of work. Tim had been immediately attracted to Jeff. Tim had always had this thing for short men and at 5’2”, Jeff really tripped Tim's trigger. Of course *everyone* was short compared to Tim. At 6’4” with thick black hair and piercing green eyes, Tim was the object of many men's affections (his true ten-incher didn't hurt, either). He was smooth, lean, and lightly muscled with long, delicate hands and small graceful feet. Many guys were surprised to learn that Tim only wore a size 9 shoe.

If asked, he couldn't tell you what it was about smaller men that turned him on so much. In fact, the shortest man Tim had ever been to bed with had been just under six feet tall, but he was constantly searching for someone much smaller. Being over a foot shorter, Jeff fit the bill perfectly. There was only one problem: Tim wasn't sure about Jeff's sexuality and the fact that they worked together in a *very* straight environment didn't make things any easier. Little Jeff's habit of touching the larger man didn't help. All the same, Tim found that he couldn't tear his eyes away from his friend's handsome face or beefy little butt. Especially since it was at eye-level right now.

Tim's short brawny co-worker was up on a stepladder doing an inventory. “Hey Buddy, how's the weather up there?”

“Big Tim…!” said the small stocky man. “You just get here, guy?” He offered his meaty little paw for a handshake that lasted a moment or two too long. His pale blue eyes stayed focused on Tim's. His smile didn't waver.

“Yeah, my car wouldn't start this morning and I had to leave it at the shop. It won't be ready till Monday,” Tim replied as the smaller man climbed down to the floor.

“That sucks,” Jeff said as he came close to his taller friend. He craned his thick neck upward to meet Tim's gaze. “You still want to do get together this weekend?”

Tim looked down at the handsome expectant face of his friend and had to resist a temptation to scoop Jeff up in his arms. The combination of the wide, masculine forehead, sexy pug nose, small tough ears and big square jaw made Jeff look like a handsome, pint-sized prizefighter. Instead Tim just put his hand on one of Jeff's bulky little shoulders and replied, “No wheels, little bro.”

Jeff had often wondered if his friend were Gay or not. Every now and then at work, he'd look up and catch Tim looking at him. Today was no different. It seemed that Tim couldn't keep his eyes off of him. Jeff was pretty much used to being stared at because of his height, but this was different. Sometimes Tim looked at him with a hunger in his eyes that was hard to miss. He was pretty sure that Tim *was* Gay. Tim was pretty damned handsome and always had a large bulge in the front of his jeans; too bad he was so tall and skinny. Jeff could have really gone for Tim if he were his size or smaller. Just then he got an idea…

“Hey, I know what we'll do!!” little Jeff said excitedly. “Why don't you stay at my place this weekend? My roomie's up in Daytona with his girlfriend,” he gestured wildly with his pudgy hands. Jeff had a habit of talking with his hands. Looking down at those beefy little arm muscles at work always got Tim hard. He found it hard not to stare as Jeff's thickset little shoulders bunched up “You can go home after work and get your stuff. I'll go home and get my.. um.. you know.. Get everything ready. Take the Tri-Rail to Broward Boulevard tonight and I'll pick you up at the station.”

Jeff picked him up at the train station dressed in cut-offs and a blue mesh jersey. Tim started to get hard right away as his eyes took in Jeff's fair smooth skin, the light dusting of sandy brown hair on his legs and forearms. Although he was two years older than Tim, he looked like some sort of burly little man-boy. Tim's eyes moved over the smaller man's body. Jeff's chest and arms: almost the size of a kid's, but thicker and much more substantial from lifting boxes at work. His legs and butt: virtually boy-sized, yet sturdy and muscular. And the feet; more specifically, his little sneakers—worn and scuffed up, the kind some grade-school bully might wear. They couldn't have been any more than a size 5 or 6, but they belonged to no boy. He wondered what Jeff's toes looked like. If his short, thick fingers were any indication, they would be very hot.

Tim reached carefully for the little sneakers. Jeff's socks were thrown on top of them, so Tim was careful to remember the way they draped. Maybe he was being paranoid, but he couldn't afford to have his co-worker suspect what he had been up to. There was a creak from upstairs and Tim's heart froze. He had a raging hard on and a wet spot was forming on the front of his briefs. Hearing no further sound from the second floor, he silently grabbed the little socks and shoes and made his way to the downstairs bathroom.

Once inside, he closed and locked the door and sat down on the toilet lid. His fat dick was already throbbing. Tim knew that if he touched it, he would get too carried away to complete his plan (and he had been waiting all evening for this). His heart was pounding much too hard. He picked up one of Jeff's little Reeboks. Looking at the tab inside, Tim was pleased to see that Jeff wore a size 6 shoe. Extra-wide. “God, what a hot little fucker he is,” thought Tim.

In his mind's eye, he replayed Jeff's taking off his sneakers earlier that evening. Just the thought of those stubby little pink feet made Tim's prick ache. Like the rest of him, Jeff's small, thick, but perfectly shaped fingers and toes made him look as if he had once been taller but by some sort of magic had been packed-down to 5’2”. Even his thickly padded sneakers gave the impression of a larger object squashed down to a smaller size. Tim pressed the runty sneaker against his crotch and moaned softly. He really wanted to jerk off, but it was too soon.

Careful not to make a sound, Tim put the shoe down and picked up the socks. He held them over his nose and took a good long whiff. The faint, sweaty aroma combined with the mental picture of who the socks belonged to and the danger of being caught made him more turned on than he had ever been. And there was something else… a faint chemical aroma. He could barely keep from crying out as he slipped them on and his big balls were squeezed between his thighs. He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible even though he wished it could last forever. He relaxed his foot and felt the tight fabric pull his toes together, imagining what it would be like giving little Jeffy some intense foot worship.

Tim's heart hammered and his knees felt weak as he carefully unlaced the beefy little cross-trainers all the way and laid them on the floor. Size 6, he thought as he poked his toes into one of the small shoes. His tented-out briefs were sopping wet as his thick pud strained against the fabric; good thing I brought a spare. Just think how dwarfish Jeff's stubby little hands would look wrapped around my fat ten incher. Wow. He wondered what it would be like to be a such a pint-sized little guy with wide little feet like Jeff's. Where would he shop for clothes, the Boys' Department? He'd have to look up at everyone in the store except for the kids.

That was it. Tim couldn't take much more of this. He slipped his foot into the thickly padded little sneaker and found that it was more than wide enough for his narrow foot, but too small from front to back. Tim found he was holding his breath. Bending his toes, he was able to put his entire foot into the shoe. Quickly, he slipped the other one on in the same manner and laced them both up as well as he could. Maybe it was his imagination, but he thought he could feel the imprint of Jeff's little foot against his sole.

Now that the deed was done, Tim looked down at his feet. The effect was that he had wide, little feet. The fact that these runty, scuffed-up sneakers were Jeff's made Tim feel even hotter. He reached down to pump his rod a few times. He turned his feet so that he could see them from different angles and get the full effect. Again, he wondered what it would be like if he were short enough to have feet this small. He wished that he could somehow absorb some of Jeff's essence for a while by wearing his tiny shoes and socks. Wouldn't it be hot if I had a pair of his underwear too? thought Tim.

The more cautious part of Tim's mind thought that it heard a sound from outside the bathroom door. Hesitating for a moment and hearing nothing more, he moved towards the clothes hamper. Holding his breath, Tim opened the lid and looked inside. There had to be a week's worth of his small friend's dirty clothes. Tim grabbed a white T-shirt from the top of the pile and took a whiff. Aside from the smell of mansweat, there was another smell… vaguely chemical, but barely noticeable in Tim's obsessed state.

Hurriedly, Tim sorted through the contents of the basket. Looking at the labels made Tim thankful that he was so thin. Otherwise there was no way he could have fit into the adult small's or the large boy-sizes that he found. As it was, Tim was more than a little nervous about stretching the clothes out. If caught, he wouldn't be able to explain his actions easily. He still wasn't 100% sure that Jeff was gay, although he certainly couldn't be 100% straight either. Besides, they still had to work together. Finally he settled on an old pair of Levi's 501 cut-offs that always showed off Jeff's hard meaty ass and the blue mesh jersey that had always caught Tim's eye with a hint of the compact, muscular torso beneath. It drove Tim nuts every time Jeff wore it.

Bringing the small clothes to his nose, Tim took another whiff. There it was again… that chemical smell. Although it was not disagreeable, it made Tim's head swim a little and he thought that he felt a little warm. He also noticed that he was beginning to sweat. The small sneakers were beginning to pinch his toes, so Tim got on with his task. He peeled off his own sopping briefs and pulled on his friend's. Tim savored the way the white cotton briefs tugged at the hairs on his thighs as he pulled them up. As he ran his hands over the smooth fabric covering his ass, he pictured what little Jeff's body must look like nude.

Jeff's briefs were a pretty good fit except of course for the crotch. Tim's big, hard cock poked up over the waistband. His balls alone filled the pouch. The fact that he was wearing his small friend's underwear got Tim so turned-on that he barely noticed the faint rustling sound coming from outside the bathroom door. Tim ran his hands over the white briefs again and stuffed his dick inside as best he could.

The cut-offs were next. As he was pulling them on, Tim stopped at his thighs and looked down. He adjusted the shorts and looked down at his feet in the little sneakers. This is how short my legs would be if my feet were this small, he thought. Knowing that his time was limited, Tim pulled the shorts up the rest of the way. Last was the mesh Jersey. Tim pulled it on over his head. His arms hung out through the sleeves like a scarecrow's and the shirt only came down to his midriff, but it fit fine otherwise.

The thought that his stocky little friend had been wearing these clothes just yesterday sent another rush of blood to Tim's cock which was already too big for the small underwear it was trapped in. Tim released his long, swollen pole from the white cotton briefs and just buttoned the fly of the worn denim shorts around the base, leaving his big cock and balls flopping out obscenely.

Tim looked at himself in the mirror over the sink. Now that he had the shorter man's clothes on, he could tell just how much smaller Jeff actually was. Wow. Jeff is one short dude. Tim's skin was warm and tingling. He ran his hands slowly over his body, stopping for a few moments to play with his engorged cock. He was sweating so much that the fabric seemed to cling to his flesh. The heat of his skin was making that funny chemical smell waft upwards towards his nose. Mingled with the smell of Jeff's sweat and his own, it actually started to smell good. “Mmm… yummy,” Tim murmured. He inhaled deeply through his nostrils… and giggled.

Walking lazily over to the hamper, Tim pulled out one of Jeff's jockstraps. He put it over his nose and mouth and inhaled deeply. The smell of Jeff's dick mixed with the chemical made Tim's vision blur. Tim's own substantial cock and balls were still sticking out through the partially buttoned fly. It was acting as a cockring. His balls ached so badly he felt as if he'd never recover. Removing the jock from his face, he cradled his balls with it. He wanted to cum. He felt like he could cum buckets. Lazily pinching his own nipple, he imagined all the things he would do in bed with a hot little fucker like Jeff Martin. Tim had never been this horny before.

Ignoring his original goal of getting in and out of there quickly, Tim went over to the counter by the sink. Watching his reflection in the mirror, he wished he could know what it was like to be little Jeffy's size. The sweat had caused the small clothes to mold themselves to Tim's long, lean body. He had to jerk off. His skin was tingling and hot as he looked for something to use for lube. Tim's prick was so stiff it hurt. As he was noticing how unusually hard and fat his pole had become, it bumped against a medicinal-style jar of a subtance that looked a little like Vaseline. The coldness of the glass made Tim's big pud twitch. He looked dumbly down at the jar. With some effort, Tim was finally able to tear his hands away from his own body and reach through the haze to pick it up.

While twisting off the lid, Tim failed to notice the printed label which read “Absorption Catalyst”. The substance inside was a pale blue color. As he scooped out a handful and was about to put it on his dick, part of his brain said I hope this isn't Vicks Vapo-rub. Tim sniffed it and the combination of the gel and the chemical wafting out from the small sweat-drenched clothes he was wearing caused his body to spasm, but he was too drugged by now to care. He felt like a horny caveman. The smell of the goo in the jar traveled up through Tim's nostrils and into his lungs. He suddenly felt compelled to stick his hand in the jar and scoop out another handful.

An impulse from deep within caused Tim to continue massaging the pale-blue substance onto his thick veiny tool. A cooling sensation began to radiate outward from his crotch, turning the maddening heat into a cozy warmth. His head cleared a little and he walked over to the full-length mirror by the door. Not knowing what had come over him a moment before, Tim thought he'd better get this over with. He must have been in here at least half an hour already and he couldn't hear Jeff's TV anymore.

With one hand rubbing the head of his dick, Tim stood there looking at his reflection in the mirror. Man, just think what it would be like if I were the same size as Jeff… these little clothes would fit me like a glove… That would be so fucking hot if someone made me little, he thought to himself. Look at those fucking little shoes, dude! Tim looked down at the reflection of his feet in Jeff's runty, scuffed-up Reeboks. The angle was much better from here. He was able to see how small and wide the sneakers made his feet look. Without any warning, Tim's hips began to buck and his cock spasmed. He felt himself cumming. Damn! I hardly even touched myself!

“Shit!!” Tim hissed as he came. He squeezed his eyes tight… and felt something he had never felt before. It seemed as if the orgasm rocketed back down his shaft, all the way down his legs and into his feet. The chemical smell returned stronger than before and Tim opened his eyes just in time to see something that both horrified and elated him. At first it was hard to tell because that horny caveman feeling was returning, but his legs seemed to be getting shorter. Tim began stroking his still-hard cock, only vaguely noticing that he hadn't shot a load.

“Whoa, What's happening to me?” he whispered at his reflection. His legs were definitely getting shorter. Shifting his weight, Tim noticed that the little sneakers no longer pinched his feet. Instead, he could feel them settle into the imprints left by little Jeff's. “Oh Shit, Tim!! Looks like you're gonna get your wish,” he giggled in his drug induced stupor. Under normal circumstances, something like this happening would have had Tim screaming for help. Now, he just sort of smiled and got off on the sensations as he slowly stroked his big greased up pole.

“Essence of Jeff,” Tim chuckled while watching his legs lose their length and leanness as they became shorter and the muscles swelled. He turned so that he could watch his once-narrow ass fill out his short, muscular friend's shorts. As his new proportions stretched out the fabric, Tim could feel his legs pressing against each other in ways they never had before. Watching his reflection, Tim moved his legs a little farther apart as he shifted his weight again. He could see that his little feet had widened to fill the shoes. He took a few tentative steps. Walking was a strange sensation now that his legs were short and chunky. What made it so odd was the fact that from the waist up, Tim was still tall. He relished the sensation of being disproportionate. Seeing what had happened to his body made his cock throb again, so he squeezed it really hard for a minute or two so he wouldn't cum again.

Tim walked up to the mirror, watching himself all the while. His lower body had to have lost at least seven inches in height, but it's mass had expanded to fill out the shoes, socks, and shorts. He twisted his torso to get a better look at the label on the back of the snug cutoffs. Holy Fuck! Look how fucking big my ass is! he thought as he read the 32 backwards in the mirror. Tim had worn a size 28 an hour earlier. Turning back towards his reflection, Tim let his big lubed pecker slide around on the glass.

Tim's dick was the only thing below his waist that hadn't been altered. His balls were starting to feel a little numb, so he undid the top two buttons on Jeff's shorts. Massaging his thick ten inches and large hairy balls with both hands, Tim wondered if he was going to get any shorter. As if in reply, that strange drugged-up feeling returned making him start to giggle once more. Tension began building in Tim's groin as his big cock stiffened. A feeling of warmth radiated outward from the root of Tim's cock and upward through his hands and forearms.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Tim. Still massaging his cock with one hand, he stuck the other up under Jeff's little shirt and began caressing his abs and pecs, leaving a thin film of the blue goo behind. A feeling of fullness started in Tim's chest and biceps as his upper body began to compress to fit the blue Jersey. Tim watched in the mirror as his pecs swelled and his shoulders bunched inward. At first Tim thought his cock was growing, but a quick look confirmed that his hands were becoming short and stubby. “I'm turning into a little shorty like Jeffy,” Tim said to his reflection. He noticed that his voice was getting higher, too.

“Just call me little Timmy from now on,” the former tall guy giggled in his new alto voice as he wagged his fat cock at his reflection. He watched his body shorten and widen. His hands and arms were first. Timmy watched in the mirror as his arms grew shorter and beefier, finally making it difficult for him to whack his own cock. He settled for massaging the head until his torso caught up. For a moment the shrinking stopped. Tim experienced a momentary flash of fear that he might get stuck like this and have to spend the rest of his life looking like a very tall dwarf.

Timmy stood there looking at his short muscular arms hanging beside his long lean torso. His cock was rock-hard. The smell of his own cock mixed with the remnants of the chemical made him moan aloud. He hunkered down and reached for his cock. As his stubby hands closed around it, his abs rippled and he let out a tremendous burp. The force of it made Timmy let go of his cock and stand up straight. The blue Jersey began to fill out. The bottom edge of it crept downward from his midriff, settling at the top of his groin

“Dude!” was all that little Timmy could think of to say. His big old dick hadn't changed, but the rest of him told a radically different story. All his life, Tim had always had a long, lean swimmer's build. Now he was more than one foot shorter, and one hell of a hot little fireplug of a man. “I'm fucking five foot- two! Holy Shit! Look at me!” He even sounded short! “Hey, little dude…” he said to his reflection, “That's a pretty big cock you got there.” Timmy was really getting off on the altered sound of his voice.

Pint-sized Timmy walked over to the mirror. Now that he had finished shrinking, he was much less awkward. He looked down at his small wide feet and noticed that the floor was closer and the tiles seemed larger. He didn't feel any different, but his body felt different to him. It seemed much closer and smaller than before, yet he was stocky and powerfully built for his size. The added girth of his compressed body made his movements more sensual. Timmy ran his stubby masculine hands over his meaty chest and abs. He watched in the mirror as the short thick fingers traced the line of his pec and played with the nipple through the mesh of the clinging jersey.

He let his shortened hands continue on upward to his face. Timmy looked at it in the mirror. It was still his hair and face, but somehow different. For one thing, his face had filled out in proportion to his new body; but it had also changed slightly. His jaw was a little more square, the nose a little wider and blunter. The eyes were still his, but they were a little further apart; he looked like one tough little fucker.

Little Timmy ran over to the bathroom sink. The counter almost came up to his bellybutton now. He giggled to himself remembering how his cock had hung over it earlier. Only the top half of his face was visible in the mirror. “Hey, little guy…” he grinned at his reflection. “What was in that goo?” He picked up the medicine jar, noticing how much more substantial it seemed in his grasp. Turning the jar over, he read 'Absorption Catalyst'. The realization hit him. “He made me little!” Jeff must have known that he would come in here and get into his clothes. This was intentional!

The instant Timmy wrapped his mind around this fact, his fat ten incher started to get hard again. His temples pounded as he was gripped by an uncontrollable urge to get himself off. Opening the jar, he scooped out some more of the goo and slathered it along his pud. He watched his beefy little hands work their way up and down the thick shaft. Jesus! I'm so fucking horny! he thought as he felt the familiar tension rising behind his balls. But something was wrong.

At first Timmy thought he might be returning to normal size. One quick look confirmed that this was not the case. Timmy's dick was shrinking. His small hands seemed to move with a will of their own as he watched his dick telescope down towards his crotch. “Oh my God! Look at my dick!” Timmy was freaking out but couldn't stop stroking his dick even as he saw that each stroke made it shorter.

“Oh Shit! Oh Fuck!! Stop!” the small man pleaded as his big fat dick quickly became his short fat dick. It was losing none of it's width, but by this time Timmy had stroked it down to five thick inches. “Oh man!” Timmy cried as his little hands worked his stubby dick down to four fat inches. Just then, Timmy's sturdy little hips began to buck. An orgasm like he'd never had before ripped forth from within his soul. What felt like gallons of cum spewed from Timmy's three hard veiny inches. Timmy watched his thick little cock soften. Thankfully, it didn't shrink up much when soft.

“Oh well, I could get used to this,” he said as he watched his small humpy body in the mirror. Timmy reached down to put his little dick away and noticed with relief that his balls hadn't shrunk much. As he was buttoning up the fly, Tim wondered what he should do next. Should he go upstairs to Jeff's room, or should he see if putting his own clothes back on would make him big again? What he really wanted to do first was go and sit on the couch and see if his feet dangled.

Little Timmy cleaned up the cum with his own wet underwear and went over to the door. He was pleased and a little turned on by the fact that it was much higher to him than before. All dressed in Jeffy's small clothes, little Timmy opened the door and came eye-to-eye with… Jeff's chest. For a moment, Timmy was completely disoriented. He was now supposed to be the same size as Jeff, but that would mean…

“Hey, little Timmy. Whatcha been doing in there?” Jeff grinned down at him. There he was; larger than life, so to speak. All 6’4” of him. “You make a pretty hot little man. Hope you don't mind that I made you small, or that I tried on your clothes.”

Little Timmy stood up as straight as he could and found that he was now less than shoulder-high to his friend. Although he was really turned on by this evening's events, the realization of actually being so much shorter now made him vaguely uneasy. “Uh, hey there Jeffy. You look really good in them.”

“That's Big Jeff to you, Munchkin Man. And you're my little Timmy now.”

Little Timmy threw his arms around the taller man, bear hugging the long lean torso. He smelled faint traces of whatever chemical Big Jeff had used to switch sizes with him. He felt the larger man's big cock stir against his chest and got hard thinking how much smaller his own dick was now. He pressed his short stocky body against Big Jeff's. Smiling down at his pint-sized friend, Jeff easily scooped him up in his arms. “You ready to come upstairs, little buddy?”


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