A gay fairy tale

by John Smith

 Story of a gay submissive faggot boy gets turned into a fairy by a hot hung dominant fairy. 

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Image by Drakator
Image by Drakator.

Andrew was in the enchanted forest doing exactly what his parents told him not to do. He was looking for fairies. He happened to stumble upon one who was just as curious about Andrew as he was about him. He was exactly one inche tall, had beautiful big rainbow colored sparkling wings and was the hottest sexiest guy Andrew had ever seen. “You look hot as hell!” “Thanks, you look hot to by the way.” “Why do you have rainbow colored wings? They look amazing by the way.” “Because I’m gay. All the gay fairies have rainbow wings. Do you have a boyfriend?” “No, why?” “Well you do now. My name is Tom what’s yours?” “I’m Andrew, and sorry but I’m not sure a relationship would work out. Can you turn into a human? Or make yourself grow up to my size?” “Sadly no. Fairies don’t have powers like that but we can still be together. I could even fuck the hell out of you if I wanted to.” “Really? How could you do that? Would you like to come home with me and show me? Pretty please?” “Sure! I’d love to!”

Later on in Andrew’s bedroom Andrew was holding Tom in his hands and giving him big deep kisses on his whole body. “Ok we’re here now. So how are you going to fuck me?” “Take off all your clothes and get on the bed you giant sexy twink.” “Ok tiny hottie. I’m a virgin just so you know.” Andrew put Tom down, took off all his clothes, and sat up nude in his bed. Tom walked up to his penis and started sucking on the head. He used his arms and legs to jerk it up to it’s full six inch erect size. He had some fun toying around with Andrew’s penis and balls as best he could. “So what’s it like to play with a penis that’s six times bigger than your whole body?” “It’s a lot of fun! But it’s just the beginning. Now I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.” Tom positioned himself right in front of Andrew’s penis and shoved his fully erect quarter of an inch long penis into Andrew’s penis slit. “Oh now I understand! Great! Fuck me! Fuck me as hard and intense as you possibly can!” “Oh I will!” Andrew was very surprised at how incredible it felt to get his penis fucked. He screamed and moaned uncontrollably from the pleasure he felt as Tom continued humping away at his penis head while standing on the bed. A few minutes later Tom started cumming inside Andrew. He was somehow releasing a massive amount of cum even for a normal size person. He kept pumping more and more cum through Andrew’s penis and into his body. Getting pumped up felt so good to Andrew that he started having an orgasm but instead of shooting out cum he just kept taking in more and more of Tom’s cum. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Andrew’s whole body suddenly started shrinking smaller as Tom continued to fuck him. His original height was six feet and three inches but he was now four feet and six inches tall and shrinking rapidly. Andrew’s orgasm kept getting more intense as Tom’s penis kept feeling bigger inside him every second. Tom kept cumming and humping away. “Ah yes! You feel so tight now! Down you go giant boy!” Tom said as Andrew shrunk under three feet tall. “Oh yes! Fuck me! Shrink me! Make me your little bitch!” Their orgasms kept getting more intense as he shrunk. At one foot and six inches tall Andrew became so tight that Tom accidentally popped out of him. Tom immediately tried to force his penis back in but Andrew had already become too small to fit into. Tom jerked and sucked on Andrew’s penis which was now one and a half times as big as Tom. Tom kept pleasuring Andrew better and better as his penis continued constantly becoming a more manageable size. At six inches tall Tom caused Andrew to start cumming again. This time he shoot his load out across the bed. Tom kept jerking and sucking on Andrew’s penis until he stopped shrinking at a little less than one inch tall. Instantly a beautiful pair of sparkling rainbow fairy wings popped out of Andrew’s back and grew up to their full size. “What happened to me?” “You’re a fairy now! All magical fairy cum turns humans into fairies. Good thing I got a lot of cum inside you.” “Is there anyway I could I change back?” Tom told him the truth by saying “Nope! There’s no way to change back and you’re immortal now so you’re going to look this way forever.” Tom then added on one lie by saying “And because I transformed you, you have to be my boyfriend from now on.” “That sounds awesome!” Andrew looked up at Tom’s oversized balls and dick as he stood up on his feet and thought to himself. “Wow he’s huge!” “So what now?” Andrew asked. “Now I’ll teach you how to fly and then we can go back to my house in the fairy village.” “Cool!”

As they both held hands walking to the end of his bed Andrew thought to himself. “This is a dream come true! No more school. No more dealing with my stupid parents. No more hiding in the closet. And now I finally got a boyfriend! I wonder what new magical fairy powers I have?”

After walking around for a while they eventually found an open window and flew out of it together. Andrew’s parents never saw him again and he and Tom lived happily ever after as a gay couple.

Image by Drakator
Image by Drakator.


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