Little plant of horrors

by PiggiestJ

 Morris’s life was rather dull until he came across a small plant to take care of. Little did he know the shenanigans the little thing would bring.

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Morris opened his eyes with an involuntary deep breath. It felt like he’d just sat down in his bed, and then the very next moment brought the next morning. He looked over to the digital alarm clock on his desk just in time for it to read 7:00am; the radio clicked on. The radio hosts were mid conversation, and continued as Morris went about getting ready for the day.

“—if that’s true, then… I don’t know, I don’t know! What do you think, Patch?”

“Do I look like a scientologist to you, Jillian?”

“I really don’t think that’s the word you’re looking for…”

“Exactly! So, how do you expect me to be able to explain to you how total eclipses work?”

Their voices drowned out with the sound of his shower running, but he knew exactly what they were talking about. Usually scientists have the right equipment for predicting eclipses within a couple weeks prior there would be news articles on the internet warning about it. But, there were no warnings about the one that happened the day before. It just… happened. And not being an outstandingly intelligent young man, he had no reason to call it anything but a weird moment in time.

When it happened, he was walking around downtown during one of his breaks from work. It felt great to get out of the theater every once in a while, especially since he also happened to also be living in the janitor’s quarters in the dingy basement with all of the pipes, and some old lighting instruments. It was a good arrangement, but it was nice to be out in the sun.

He made his way through the business district of downtown, looking in all the windows to see what had changed since his last outing, and the truth was, nothing much. The store displays changed rarely, not even for holidays, and the only exciting pop of color was from the fruits and vegetables being sold outside the only market in town.

“Oh, heya Mister Morris!” A familiar 22 year old twink who works at the market, who also happened to be Morris’ age (though maybe 100 pounds lighter give or take) called from behind the display of apples. Morris hated when he called him Mister.

“Hey, Shaun.”

“You’re looking mighty spiffy today!” Shaun said, pushing his large rectangular glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

“Mighty spiffy?”

“It’s a compliment!” He grabbed an apple and started tossing it mindlessly from hand to hand.

“Well, thank you.”

“You looking for something to eat? I have a really great eggplant—”

He paused.

“For sale… eggplants are all the rage today… Very in season—Nevermind.”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“All right. See ya later, Mister!”

Morris began walking past Shaun, when he paused and turned back toward him, who was making a humiliated face.

There was a loud pop in the air, like a sonic boom, and the world went dark, like pitch black dark. Morris could barely tell the difference between closed or open eyes, visually.


“I’m here.” He walked forward, to where he remembered Shaun being, but they ended up bumping into each other. One misstep led to another, and they were suddenly on the ground entangled.

“Sorry!” they said at the same time.

“What’s happening?”

“Dunno.” Morris said, pulling himself free from Shaun. He picked himself off the ground.

Moments later, the light started to rise. Morris looked up to the sky, and saw that the moon must have completely covered the sun, and was now moving quickly across the sky.

“I don’t think that’s how the moon works,” he said, seeing Shaun still on his knees on the ground. His arms floundered about, searching for his glasses.


“Nothing, here you go.” Morris grabbed the glasses off the ground, and helped Shaun up. They stood there for a moment. This was the first time Morris noticed the beautiful golden brown color of Shaun’s eyes.

“Thanks…” Shaun retracted his hand from Morris’ to avoid being awkward.

Morris lifted Shaun’s glasses, and placed them on his face.

“No problem.”

Morris’ eyes were drawn toward the fruit stand where a small potted sprout stood amongst the oranges and apples. It was as if it were a scene in a play where a light from above shone dimly, just to catch the light of glitter sparkling downward toward the plant. He didn’t know why it was such an enchanting moment, spotting this plant, but he’d heard of people finding their passions in the most peculiar places and moments. He didn’t know how it felt until now.

“How much for that plant?”

“Hmm?” Shaun looked to where Morris was gesturing, and paused with a puzzled air.

“Uhh… I didn’t know—” He paused again. “How much you got?”

Morris pushed his hands into his pockets, and eventually fished out a total of $1.95 and a button.

“Perfect! You can have the button back, though.” Shaun rolled the button between his fingers.

“You can keep it,” Morris grinned. “It’s a gift.”

Morris grabbed the slowly withering potted sprout, and held it with the same energy as he would a small newborn puppy.

Little did he know how difficult nursing the little thing back to health would actually be. Knowing almost the bare minimum about plants, he took to the internet and began the long journey into finding out what kind of plant it was.

No such luck, he decided it was best he just called it something himself. A plant genus of its own. The only name that he could think of was Shaun, though for no other reason than he was the one who sold the thing to him, and no other reason. No other reason at all!

The sprout was sort of small, like Shaun, so he finalized the notion by writing “Shaun II” on the pot with a permanent marker.

Now back to where we were at the beginning of this story. You wouldn’t want to skip that part, would you? I don’t think you would.

The humidity from his shower clung to everything, including the mirror that hung above his bathroom sink. Wiping the fogged up mirror, he could see himself a little better. The bags under his eyes, and the unkempt stubble around his chin were big signs that he hadn’t been sleeping very well. Day and night, he researched and tested different things to try and get the little plant to grow. No matter how much he tried, though, he’d never grow a full beard. His body was chubby, and he was proud of the way his body looked, though it deterred a lot of men he liked in the past from being interested in him, and he stood at the precipice of being a tall boi, at 5’11”, though in a world of taller men around him he felt like he was just average or slightly under.

Back at his desk, he set the plant by his laptop. No great signs of change for the better for the little guy, no matter what he tried. After feeling its leaves one last time, he turned his attention to taking a break to log onto his favorite gay porn website for some tension release. He brought his hand down his chest and felt his body all the way through the waistband of his short. Through his pubes, he fondled his soft cock in his hand as it sent tingles through his spine to his brain. It always felt good to unwind and stroke his cock. One, two, three… pause… did something move in the corner of his eye? Perhaps a fly was in his room, and caught his attention, but the only thing he saw was the plant… doing its plant thing. Four, five, six… wait a minute… He noticed that the plant had moved a little bit. This time, pretending he wasn’t watching, he stroked his cock more as it started to pulse with blood and harden, the plant seemed to be looking at it. With every stroke, his cock got harder, and the plant seemed to start to saturate with color instead of being a muted green color. It was barely noticeable, but Morris took note that the plant may have grown slightly too. It could have been his eyes.

“Hey!” Morris said, “You’re a little pervert, plant.”

The plant turned away, but stayed saturated with color. Morris didn’t know what to do, whether to be grossed out and stop or had he gotten to the point in his life where he was actually going to try talking to a plant?

Morris pulled his hand out of his shorts and put his clothes back on. A tingle in his sinuses made him sneeze, and unlike any other regular time he’d sneezed he realized that there was a buzzing in his head. A dazed feeling came upon him, and he looked at his hand, which was also tingling. Where his hand touched was also tingling now, and he stood up, to his shorts having a tent. He thought he was done for the time being, with being horny, but something inside him was telling him to take off his clothes. This time, he got completely naked. To rationalize, he went to the mirror to assess the tingles. But, nothing seemed different. Only the daze.

His cock stood to attention, as the warmth of the tingles enveloped his groin.

“Touch it,” a disembodied voice said.

Morris looked around the room, but didn’t really care that he’d heard a voice. He needed to touch his cock.

“Stroke. It,” the voice said again.

He began stroking. Every passing pump felt better and better. He purred with pleasure, a deep pleasure that he had never felt before. An addicting pleasure. He walked back to his desk, and stood as he watched the porn on the video. A rather rough video, the top pounding the bottom with his hands around the little faggot’s neck. Spitting in his mouth and making him swallow, swapping spit as they kiss with great lust. The bottom was trying to squirm away, needing a break, but the top only rammed his cock harder and deeper, like he’d warned.

“Oh, fuck! Take that, you little cum slut!” the top moaned, as he came deep inside the bottom’s gut. “Take my babies inside you.”

“Oh, shiiiittt,” Morris moaned as he spurted his load all over his desk.

With his cumrag, he wiped down his desk, and noticed a large portion of his load went onto the plant. The next thing he noticed was the plant growing at a rapid rate, his jizz soaking into the soil.


“More,” the voice spoke again. Morris noticed a mouth had formed on the plant. It was slurping in the air, waiting for… more.

Suddenly, Morris’ hand was on his cock again, which immediately stood to attention.

“This is weird,” Morris said, as a vine started to grow in his direction, reaching for his cock.

“Ow!” Morris exclaimed, as one of the leaves pricked the shaft of his cock. Though it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, it took away the exhaustion from just cumming, and made him jack off more ferociously until he came again, aiming for the plant this time. His load was larger this time, about a cup of cum rained onto the plant, which would have drowned any other plant if it was water… but the plant absorbed everything and continued to grow. This time, it seemed to take on humanoid features… growing, growing… until he was face to face… with a plant-like version of himself. Except with more muscle and taller.

“Feels good to be able to stretch again!” Shaun II said, sounding more like Morris, but deeper tones.

“What the fuck?”

Shaun always had a huge soft spot for the young custodian of the local performing arts theater. He didn’t always have enough money to see shows there, but when he did, he made sure to stick around after the shows. When people would normally be waiting to gawk at the actors after the productions, Shaun was only looking for more reasons to see Morris. So, when Morris wasn’t at the evening performance that Shaun had saved up for, it made him very worried. It was a very tantalizing musical they were doing for the spooky season of Halloween, and they’d done a really swell job, though Shaun had other plans.

When Morris stopped by the market on his weekly errand a few days ago—and the total eclipse of the sun thing happened, he took that as a sign that he would finally gather enough nerve to ask him out on a date. He would have done it immediately, but that stupid plant had him in some sort of silly stupor that it could have been rude to interrupt. Or maybe it was Shaun’s nerve losing itself.

“Excuse me,” Shaun mustered up the courage to talk to the person cleaning up the concessions counter.

“Sorry, concessions are closed.”

“Oh, no… I’m looking for… Morris?”

“Oh…” The stout old man grumbled, as he haphazardly rubbed a bar rag across the counter.

“Morris hasn’t been feeling well. He’s taken his saved up vacation days,”

“Oh…” Shaun’s stature fell in disappointment.

“Do you know when he’ll be back?”

“Back? Back?! He never leaves the place. He’s in his apartment in the basement.”

“He lives here?”

The old man grumbled words of distaste for his predicament of having to clean up on his own, “The only way to get to the basement is to go around back, go through the stage door, and follow the stairs down past storage and under the stage. It’s far enough away for privacy, and he’s outta my hair.”

Shaun awkwardly nodded, as the old man verbally projected upon him, and backed away as politely as possible. He headed through the entrance, outside and around the building to the back. The only door in the back of the building, other than a huge garage door, probably meant to bring in big set pieces and such, was as easy to open as it was to find. Which was concerning, though it was open hours, so maybe they just hadn’t needed to lock it yet.

Through the door, he was met by an empty security compartment, and a stairwell. He descended the stairs, and found himself in a dark room with low lighting. There were electronic, robotic things that he didn’t understand, but it seemed to be what controlled the things on the stage. Following the next staircase down, he realized he was in the storage unit. Racks of clothes, and bits and bobs from a multitude of time periods. Old dusty set pieces, mannequins… it seemed the further he descended, the darker and colder the building got.

Before going down the last flight of stairs, he swore he saw something moving in the corner of his eye.

“Shaun, let’s be logical,” he thought to himself, “It’s colder down here because… well… heat rises, and I’m going further down. It’s just… Science.” Not totally convinced, he zooms down the next set of stairs with haste, and was finally on the basement floor.

Hair on the back of his neck stood up, as he saw the long hallway in front of him. Looking like a scene out of a horror film where it looks just ordinary enough to not be spooky, but just spooky enough to not be ordinary. Shaun knew this was his nerves trying to get the best of him. Manifesting this mirage out of fear and anxiety. But, maybe he should listen to his nerves. What was he doing? Stalking his crush at his place of work like this… it’s not like he knew it was also where he lived. He should just turn around, and stop walking down this hallway, getting closer and closer to a door marked CUSTODIAL QUARTERS… Shaun should stop raising his arm to knock on the—

When Shaun reached the door, it was ajar slightly. No sound or light coming from inside. Maybe Morris was asleep… and forgot to shut the door… behind him…

Just then, he noticed a strange and interesting scent coming from the apartment. Something of a familiar, yet new variety.

The door started to creak and move open very slowly, which made Shaun’s heart almost stop.



“Morris?” Shaun said, tapping the door quickly to open it further. While dark, the dim light from the hallway illuminated a greenhouse like atmosphere, with moss and grass growing from the floor. A cold fog covered most of the room. Worried, Shaun stepped past the threshold and into the apartment.


He felt something scratch along the skin of his leg, wishing he’d not worn short shorts, Shaun jumped out of terror as the door behind him suddenly slammed shut.

He took his phone out for light, to check his shin… but there was no scrape, or anything. He felt the area with his free hand, and pulled away remnants of greenery, which could have been from anything in the room at the moment. He felt a small buzz in his leg, then his hand. Weird, but nothing compared to the adrenaline pumping through his veins.

A shuffling in the room led him to believe he was not alone, but the courage to shine the light of his phone around the room was quickly fading.

“Oh my god, Shaun?”

The lights flickered on, and Shaun was face to face with Morris, who was holding a baseball bat with a firm grip.

“Morris! I thought I was going to die.”

At closer inspection, Morris was drenched in sweat. His shirt was off, showing off his surprisingly well toned torso. Surprising, only because he was not what Shaun would consider an athlete, in fact he always loved the curves that filled out his clothes so well… but, a beautiful body to look at is never something Shaun would complain about. Had he been working out nonstop the past few days?

His skin was a beautiful shade of green, and leaves and vines looked like they were a part of his body. Tinier leaves looked like hair sprouting out of his chest and arms.

“Sorry, I’m just a little jumpy… ‘tis the season.” Morris said. Even his voice was deeper. Maybe Shaun had just never noticed how sexy he really was until he worked up the courage to ask him out.

“Huh? Oh, right. Halloween!” That’s what it was… this was just a really well done costume for Halloween.

“You look great!”

“I’m aware.”

Holy fuck, the confidence he was exuding was titillating.

“I feel a bit… underdressed.” Shaun looked at his shorts, and sweater.

“I can help you with a costume,” Morris said.

“I can help you get… everything… your heart… desires…” His words snaked through the air and hit Shaun’s ears like a cloud of lust.

“Follow me…”

Shaun began walking before he knew it, following Morris through the main living space, and into the bedroom where he saw a body shaped sex toy on the bed. It wasn’t moving, but it looked almost like someone in a full body green latex suit. Veined like a leaf, almost like a full body seaweed spa wrap.

“Don’t mind that.”

It almost looked like a life cast of himself, except the body that he used to have. Must have been what he used to make his costume. No big deal. Nothing to pay mind to.


“Ye—” Shaun’s voice shuttered when he spoke as the thought to say Yes Sir came up.

Morris let out a small laugh, and stepped closer to Shaun. Grabbing his hand sent shivers all over his body.

Shaun felt like he’d just downed some Benadryl and he was about to pass out… but it felt nice… really nice. The vibrations ran along his hand, up his arm and soon his whole torso, while the ones in his leg climbed up, up up… until it hit a really nice spot. Further and further, the daze settled into Shaun’s body until it reached his neck… it felt like he was being swallowed by arousal… he took a deep breath as the daze finished off at the top of his head and settled inside him.

Shaun brought his hand to his forehead to wipe away the sweat from his brow, but when he pulled it away, he saw a stinky green milky fluid. A film of the stuff was now covering his body.

Morris grabbed Shaun by the sweater and pulled him much closer. Lips almost touching.

“I know exactly what you want.”

It seemed that he did, in fact, know what Shaun wanted. But as he leaned in to close the gap between their lips, Morris ripped the sweater from his body. Muscles contracting realistically as he did it. Morris seemed to have grown in muscle mass, but it also might have been a trick of the horny air in the room. Making him the sexiest man on the planet.

Morris himself closed the gap, and held Shaun as he did it. Rubbing his body in the most arousing ways, which didn’t take much because of how horned up Shaun was. And it seemed like Morris shared the feeling, as a huge bulge prodded Shaun’s thigh through both of their shorts. Gigantic in fact, Shaun remembered many sweat pants kind of days where Morris would come shop for groceries and looking at his bulge, which seemed to be about average, but it didn’t matter how big the bulge was when Shaun wanted to be in a relationship with the whole person.

His hands ran down Shaun’s back, the substance on his body feeling more like lube with Morris’ special touch. His hands sliding inside his short shorts and massaging his ass cheeks as their tongues performed a pas de deux in their mouths. Morris must have just eaten a fruit salad, because the nectar that was his saliva was saturated with an unforgettable fruity sweetness.

Shaun felt like there were tiny snakes running across his rear with every motion Morris’s massage, though it could have just been a new phase of the good vibrations he was feeling. The very good vibrations… now slithering around his ass cheeks. A very strange and interesting sensation. Wrapping around his hips, and surrounding him like tiny little hugs, almost like a jockstrap, as they made their way along his taint and around his hips to the front. A teasing tickle tracing his skin, inspecting his hips and his groin, without touching the place it’d feel the best. The place he wanted the pleasure to reach the most.

He felt a cool breeze blow across his ass cheeks as he looked down for a moment, breaking their deep kiss to see shreds of his shorts and underwear falling to the ground. Replaced by the tendrils exactly like a jockstrap that now confirmed that it wasn’t just the vibrations. A jockstrap that didn’t cover his cock… not yet. His feet were bare, though it seemed like he had some latex socks on now. Unable to wiggle his toes.

Morris pulled Shaun’s attention without words, and the two were kissing once again as his mind melted away again.

Morris’ hand teased the twink’s hole, and began to stretch it a bit. Making Shaun shiver in anticipation, then sliding back up his back, past the nape of his neck and to the top of his head. All he needed to do was give a little guiding push, and Shaun was lowering himself to his knees. And was now face to face… well a little lower than Morris’ bulge. Who was now towing over him, waiting for Shaun to do something.

Searching for the right thing to do, Shaun traced his hands teasingly up Morris’ legs and was about to pull his shorts down, when—

“Not yet! Sniff,” Morris said, pushing his bulge closer to Shaun’s face.

As Shaun followed direction, he shoved his face into Morris’ huge bulge and took a deep whiff. An oddly botanical smell mixed with the sting of something similar to…

“Whoa…” Shaun’s heart pumped as his pupils dilated, and he felt his hole loosening up by the second. Euphoria unlike any Poppers he’d ever tried before.


Shaun inhaled again, as the feeling intensified. His cock was now hard as a rock, without thinking, he reached down and started to touch himself.

“Don’t touch yourself. It’s my turn to feel pleasure.” Morris picked Shaun up, and placed him on the queen sized bed, on the opposite side to where the lifecast was still laying. Pinning him against the bed, and dropping his shorts to the ground. Shaun couldn’t get a glimpse of the cock before its head with poking his hole.

“This is gonna feel so good… for me,” Morris said as he stretched a bit, cracking his knuckles in preparation.

“Go slo—” Shaun tried spitting out, but before he could finish, Morris’ hand was covering his mouth. When he pulled it away, it was as if he’d placed tape over his mouth, and he could no longer open his mouth.

Morris’ cock felt like it was bigger than a fist, as it teased the hole, never going further than the opening. Making circles, sending Shaun’s hormones through the stratosphere. One of Morris’ arms was pinning Shaun’s chest down, while the other pinned his arms above him on the bed, so there was no way he was tracing one of them outside his hole right now. God damn, his cock must have been a beauty to behold.

In one fell swoop, from tip to balls, Morris was inside faster than it seemed possible. The pain surged through Shaun, making him want to scream, but he couldn’t.

“Oh, fuck!” Morris moaned with great pleasure, as tears welled up in Shaun’s eyes. It hurt so much, but it also hurt so good. His pain tolerance must have been shifted a bit because of the poppers, but he still sure as hell felt like he was being rammed in the ass by a fisting, or a horse dildo attachment on a fucking machine. Though the drug seemed to be wearing off, as the pain started to overtake him.

“Take that you little cum slut!”

All Shaun wanted now was a belly full of cum, to be dripping in cum, to live inside an igloo of cum… but he wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. As he tried to squirm away from Morris, he realized he couldn’t move. His body was almost completely covered by the same latex material as the lifecast on the other side of the bed, except for his torso and his ass.

“You’re not going anywhere, Shaun.”

Morris didn’t decrease the ferocity of his pounding, but he did lean up closer to Shaun, presenting his sprouty hairy pits.

“Deep sniff, faggot. You’re gonna need it.”

Shaun had no choice but to inhale, as Morris counted down from ten to one.

“Good boy,” Morris continued pounding, as the euphoria set in again. Shaun loved this. He could really get used to this, though he didn’t know Morris was so kinky. More. More.

Morris’ breathing pattern changed, and Shaun knew it was about to happen. The thing he wanted most in the world. Morris’ huge load inside him.

“Good little faggot, take this load inside you!” Morris yelled at pique arousal, and came inside Shaun, who felt the globs of jizz filling him up. Rope after rope, it sloshed inside his guts. What’s weird though, is that usually guys stop fucking as hard after they cum, but Morris kept going… it and so did his cum. Shaun wanted a huge load, but he wasn’t prepared for this big of a load. It kept shooting inside him, the warmth flowing up and up like a huge enema and into his belly. More and more cum, as his belly began to grow with the pure volume of jizz. Bigger and bigger, Shaun’s belly blew up as if he’d eaten the biggest meal of his life, and even bigger… looking as though he were pregnant, but the sloshing inside him felt more like he’d just inflated himself with syrup or something.

As Morris slowed down, and pulled out, Shaun expected an ocean of cum to shoot out of his hole, but he only felt the cock slide out.

“Oh, my jizz produces a sort of plug when I pull out. That load’s staying in there, bud.” He said as he jiggled my belly. Unable to move by himself, Morris pulled Shaun up, and back to his knees on the floor. Still inside layers of daze, Shaun just let everything happen. He had no reason to do anything other than exist in the lusted daze.

Now, able to see the trunk of a cock in front of him, which was still pulsing and hard, Shaun gasped… he felt air go into his mouth, as he was about to move it again, though nothing else.

“This is the final two steps, Shaun. Are you ready?”

Shaun didn’t need to nod, they both knew that he was… though, for what, he wasn’t sure.

Morris snapped his fingers, “Cum.”

And the swiftness in which Shaun orgasmed, was unbelievable. His lustful daze only climbed higher and higher.

“Now… I’m going to slide my cock into your throat… and as soon as it hits the back of your throat, tendrils will reach out and up and connect to your brain and take over. You are mine forever now. No choice. No looking back. You’re going to be with your friend over there forever… isn’t that what you wanted?”

Shaun glanced over at the body on the bed, and was still a bit confused, and his mind was too slow at the moment to work anything out… was Morris on the bed the entire time? What was this thing?

As Morris slid his cock into Shaun’s throat, and pushed to the back of his throat… the world went dark.


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