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The wish ring

by paf_le_chien

An old woman gives you a wish-granting ring. You try it on your best friend’s sister but she takes revenge and turns you into a little girl. After this you lose control of the situation.

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The old lady had left her purse in the store. I grabbed it and ran after her, just as her bus was pulling up. She said she wanted to thank me, but I told her it wasn’t necessary. And, besides, her bus was here.

Then, the bus suddenly died. The lady paid no attention to it, but continued looking into her purse. And then, she pulled out a ring.

“Here you are. Put this on your finger!” she said.

It looked like a plain brass ring with nothing special to distinguish it. Where a jewel or an engraving should be was just a flat, blank oval.

“I think it’s too small,” I said, trying not to hurt her feelings.

“It won’t matter!” she said. “Go ahead, slip it on your finger!”

I put the ring on and, to my surprise, as it slid down my finger, it stretched and then contracted, until it was a perfect fit!

She smiled and said, “From now on, it will grant your fondest wishes!”

After that, she said nothing, but turned, and got on the bus. As soon as she was on, the engine came to life again, and the bus pulled away.

My fondest wishes? She must be crazy, I thought. But then, it had adjusted itself to fit on my finger!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had to tell my friend Marc what had just happened. I was walking to his house because Marc lived nearby. I couldn’t get him on the phone. I rang the bell as soon as I was in front of his place, and his sister Victoria opened the door. She was a pretty cute brunette. My relationship with her was strained because she didn’t like me. I felt the same, because she was often a pain in the ass. She was wearing skinny jeans and a large white shirt.

She told me Marc will come back from soccer practice soon. I could wait for him in the living room. Then she left me and headed towards the stairs to go up to her room.

I was thinking about the ring and I choose to make a crazy try, for fun. “I wish Victoria had bigger tits,” I whispered without believing that it would come true.

I saw Victoria pulling up a strap of her bra. She stopped walking to try to figure out why it was suddenly so tight. She hadn’t noticed yet, but I could see that she had grown up by one full cup size. I realized that this ring was really magic! I choose to do another test to confirm the first one.

“I wish that Victoria is wearing a bikini,” I said, a little louder. I could admire her breasts better that way, after all.

“Huh? You say something?” she said, turning to me.

“Um, no!” I stammered.

Then her clothes disappeared instantly and were replaced by a red bikini. Victoria felt the air on her skin and leapt in the air, screaming. I enjoyed the show because seeing her wearing this sexy bikini started stiffening my dick in my pants.

Victoria was running around in panic. She had to hide her sudden near-nudity. I couldn’t help laughing. She threw one of her mother’s shawls over her shoulders then turned to me, visibly angry.

“Did you do that? I don’t know how but I’m sure you had something to do with it!” she yelled at me.

I lied and said I don’t understand what had happened. Then she went silent and seemed to be staring at something. I looked at my hand and I noticed that the ring was shining with a blue-green light. I hid my hand behind me, but it was too late, she had understood.

“What is that ring?” she asked me.

I didn’t answer and I thought frantically about how I could get out of this mess. I didn’t have time to make a new wish because she rushed at me. She managed to make me lose my balance and pulled on my finger to take the ring. She was too fast for me. She put it on her finger. I was upset but I wasn’t worried—she didn’t know how the ring worked.

“I wish... you were a good little boy” she said.

“What!?” I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I assumed she heard me say the wish earlier.

Still on the ground, I got up to my feet. Everything suddenly got bigger around me... except, no, I was shrinking!

“Wow, amazing, this thing genuinely grants you what you asked for!” Victoria said as she saw me changing.

I regressed to 6 years old in a matter of seconds. My shirt and my Bermuda shorts were shrunk with me. Stunned, I looked at my hands, which were now those of a child. Victoria was taller than me now. I could no longer take back the ring from her as she easily pushed me away with one hand.

I begged her to set my age back but she made fun of my cute childish voice.

Ignoring me, Victoria now wished she were wearing her clothes again. Her jeans and shirt replaced the bikini. Then she leaned over me with a big predatory smile.

“What will I do with you?” she asked. Then she said, “A small punishment is necessary, isn’t it?”

“No!” I answered her in a sulking child’s tone.

She thought for a few seconds. “Hmm let’s see... I wish you would become a girl... with the clothes that go with it, ha-ha!” she said playfully.

I screamed in horror. I couldn’t believe she wished for that! I felt my hair lengthen and fall over my shoulders. My clothes changed into a white floral dress, and small ballerina shoes replaced my sneakers. Worse still, I felt my little willy going inside me and a hole opening up instead. I lifted up my dress to find a pair of white cotton panties, with no more bulge in it. Damn it, I really had become a 6 year old girl! It was a nightmare… but one I could undo using the ring. I just had to keep calm and get it back.

Victoria was obviously amused to see me so transformed. She said she would like to give me some time like that. Hearing her words made my stomach go into knots. Things would go wrong. I had to react now.

I gave a big kick to Victoria’s shin. She bent over in pain. I easily caught her hand and pulled the ring free. I put it to my small finger while taking three steps back. Quick! I needed to think up a wish to regain control of the situation.

“I wish I was the big person in this room,” I said hurriedly.

A black veil clouded my vision for a second, then I regained my senses. I was tall again, but now I had a sharp pain in my left shin. Plus, I felt like my dick was still missing between my legs. I turned to look into the living room mirror. Seeing my reflection shocked me. Sure, I was no longer a child—I was Victoria!

“How did this happen?” Victoria demanded, now inhabiting the 6-year-old girl body.

“The ring swapped our bodies!” I answered and immediately added, “I didn’t ask for it! I swear!”

Curious, I studied my new body and touched myself everywhere. Mainly my breasts, which had been enlarged by my first wish. That was kind of nice. Then I noticed that the ring was no longer on my hand. During the swap, the ring had remained on the little girl’s finger—now Victoria’s finger. She realized this at the same time as I did. I knew she would immediately make a wish to be herself again, and she did.

“I wish to undo all my transformations!” she screamed, pushing me away.

She started growing and completely changed, but not into Victoria—into my male body! Indeed, the wish she made only reversed the transformations the body she inhabited, mine. Seeing my own body facing me overwhelmed me. I was petrified and still inside Victoria’s body.

Victoria rubbed her hand over her flat male chest. She was just as surprised as I was. Then she got her hand down to her Bermuda shorts and felt my package between her legs, with great curiosity.

“Interesting...” she said thoughtfully.

She grabbed her Bermuda shorts and boxers to pull them down to mid-thighs in one quick movement. I was so embarrassed that she was seeing my naked body. I protested, but in vain.

“How does this thing work? How do I get it hard?” she asked me.

I didn’t answer but she quickly understood the thing. And after a few caresses, my/her cock started swelling. Then she began to shamelessly jerk off in front of me.

I was not going to let her do it. I approached her. Seeing me, she pulled up her Bermuda shorts and rushed behind the large table in the living room. I chased her and she dashed around the living room furniture to get away with a laugh. Her erection was clearly visible under her clothes.

I jumped at Victoria and ended up catching her. But between her and me, I was the girl, so I was weaker than her. She pushed me away and went out through the living room sliding glass door leading to the backyard. We fought and rolled onto the patio. I tackled her and took the ring off her finger, but then it fell to the ground.

I picked it up quickly but she grabbed my arm and slapped downward on it to make me drop the ring. The ring bounced and rolled towards the rainwater drain grate!

We rushed to the drain, a trickle of water flowing inside. I pulled on the grate but I couldn’t open it. Victoria pushed me aside and opened it easily with her man arms. She searched inside the drain but couldn’t find the ring. I was sure it must have been swept away by the current.

Victoria and I both felt a cold shiver. If the ring was lost, we were stuck into the other’s body. I looked down, staring at the two hills on my chest. I didn’t want to be a woman for the rest of my life. Victoria was staring at her big hands and the hairy calves exposed by her Bermuda shorts.

“Give me back my beautiful girl’s body!” she’s yelled at me with tears in her eyes.

“I would love to, if you hadn’t lost the ring!” I answered her, holding back my own tears.

“It’s not my fault, it’s yours!” she screamed, grabbing me.

We were suddenly stopped by the sound of the front door slamming. Her brother Marc was coming back from his soccer practice. What were we going to do?

Victoria released me and went back inside through the sliding door. I followed her to find out what she planned to do.

Marc entered the living room. He was surprised to see me at his place. He greeted Victoria, thinking it was me. He raised his hand to do a fist bump. Victoria stopped him right away and told him that she was his sister.

I thought Victoria was right not hiding what had just happened. I confirmed the whole story, making it clear that all this happened by mistake. Marc gave us a flat look. “Stop joking around,” he said.

I understood it, why would he believe us? Marc didn’t want to listen to us anymore. He went to get a drink in the kitchen and left us to our “childish games”. Disappointed, Victoria ran up the stairs to lock herself in her room and slammed the door.

As for me, I was not feeling good. I couldn’t become my best friend’s little sister! This was inconceivable. Was there any way to fix this?

I took Victoria’s smartphone out of my jeans. It automatically unlocked thanks to the camera capturing my female face. Argh! I started searching the internet for information about this mysterious ring.

Ignoring our little drama, Marc put away his sports gear, then he went out to the backyard to take a look at the drainage grate where we’d supposedly lost the ring. No jewelry around of any kind. But his eye was caught by a shine further away in the grass. It was a ring!

Confused, he started thinking that our story might be true. Marc picked up the ring and put it on his finger. He mulled over what wish he could try as a test. He turned to a plastic chair on the terrace and said, “I wish this chair was made of pure gold!”

The white chair turned bright yellow before his eyes. Astonished, he moved closer and tried to lift it... only to find he couldn’t. This was real. The chair had just turned into gold!

He then realized that his sister and I really had swapped bodies. He burst out laughing. Then he wondered what he could wish for himself thanks to this ring. His brain was about to explode—could he really wish for anything? He kept calm, clenched his fist, then said out loud: “I wish I was a rich and famous internet star!”

Notifications chimed from his phone suddenly. He noticed around a hundred messages were waiting on Instagram. Then he saw an expensive Hermès watch on his wrist. He suddenly remembered the three product placements he had to do this month.

Marc jumped with joy. His wildest dream had come true in a split second. He checked his phone, and his Instagram account had 7 million subscribers. Amazing!

What would he do now? He could keep the ring for himself… or he could help me get my body back.

Marc decided he cared more about his sister. He returned inside. Running up the stairs three at a time he barged into his sister’s room without knocking. He found himself facing “me,” pants around the ankles and dick in hand. This sight shocked him but he tried not to forget that this was not really me but his sister inside my body.

Victoria was sitting on her bed propped up against cushions. But Marc noticed that she was panting. Then he spotted sperm on her stomach! She had just jacked off!

Victoria grabs a pillow to hide herself. “Uh, it’s not what you think!” she said, panicked.

Marc chuckled, amused but embarrassed by this situation. His sister had the incredible chance to experience having a opposite sex’s body. And she felt the male orgasm thanks to my 7-inch cock. This was the first time Marc had seen me fully naked, so he had no idea that I was better endowed than him. This made him feel a bit conflicted.

“Marc, I swear...” Victoria was starting to say.

“I believe you, sis,” Marc interrupted her.

A smile appeared on her face and she relaxed. Marc turned around and saw the tissue box on the desk. He offered help to Victoria. He grabbed some tissues and, moving the pillow aside, started wiping the cum off her stomach. She let him do it without moving, innocent. Then Marc grabbed the now-soft cock to wipe it. He never thought he would be able to touch it and he took his time cleaning it.

This fondling made the cock swell again and Victoria blushed, that involuntary reaction surprising her.

Once the cleaning was complete, Marc showed her the ring he found in the grass. Victoria was relieved. She asked Marc to give it to her so she could cancel the swap. But before giving it back, an idea sprouted into Marc’s brain. He wanted to try something fun. He asked his sister to wait a bit, pondering the best way to express the wish he had in mind.

“I wish Victoria had an extra-small penis,” he finally said.

“What?!” Victoria jumped.

Her (really my) 7-inch hard cock was slowly shrinking. It was now 6 inches long; then 5 inches... Victoria watched this with fascination. 4 inches... the balls contracted slightly, too. After a few seconds, what was normally my body now had an only 3-inch-long Vienna sausage, barely protruding from the pubic hair, and size-small nuts. She took it with two fingers and started laughing. “Ha ha, that’s ridiculous!” she said.

Marc hadn’t finished yet. He made another wish.

“I wish this dick couldn’t be changed for 24 hours,” he said.

Victoria looked down again. She didn’t feel anything special. Did it work?

“Now you can get your bodies back,” Marc said with a big smile on his face.

Victoria got dressed, and Marc gave her the ring. The two went down to the living room together.

I was sitting on the couch, still into Victoria’s body. I was hunched over my phone, desperate to find information about this ring. Victoria called out to me in a playful tone, I saw the ring on her finger. I begged her to swap our bodies right now.

“I wish that [my name] and I swap bodies,” Victoria said.

I felt dizzy. I looked down and saw my old shirt and my manly legs under my Bermuda shorts. Victoria was as happy as I was to have her body back. She squeezed her breasts. They were still one size bigger, and I figured she’d probably keep them.

I put my hand between my legs did a quick check for a bulge. Phew, everything was there—or so I thought.

Marc and Victoria couldn’t help but share a tiny smile.

3,116 words Added Nov 2023 2,716 views 2.9 stars (10 votes)

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