Stories to tell in the dark

by Thorn

Sean discovers a book that is filled with some surprising stories.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: Stories to tell by Key-ron.

Chapter 1: Hot Air Sean discovers a book that is filled with some surprising stories. (added: 10 Apr 2021)
Chapter 2: Ophidian’s Curse Richard tests whether the book is changing him by adding his name to a story about a man and his pet snake. (added: 17 Apr 2021)
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Author’s Note

I wanted to inform you that this series takes place in the same universe as my other stories, “Dick Note” and “Rigsaw”, so feel free to check them out!


Chapter 1: Hot Air

It was Autumn. The leaves had begun to wither and change colors as they fill old oak trees on my college campus. Students hustled around to get to their classes on time while others sat on the grass chatting amongst one another. Unfortunately for me, I currently did not have that luxury. My name is Sean. Currently I was a second year at university and just then, I had tests coming up. There’s no such break in the college life, no matter what you might think from films and television shows.

Arriving at my destination, the library, I found the books that I need to study for the upcoming test with my professor, Mr. Russell. Each student had to do a one-on-one lab test with him to prove we had studied the materials and knew what was expected of us to pass the course. You know, typical college stuff. I checked out my books and headed back to my dorm. My roommate wasn’t home right now so I cracked open the texts and began reading.

I studied for about an hour before taking a bathroom break. When I returned I realized one of the textbooks I checked out seemed a bit… out of place. A crimson velvet book bordered with black lay atop my Physics textbook. I gently rubbed my hand on it to feel how soft it is. I didn’t quite remember checking it out.

I sat down and opened up the book. For being so odd looking, I should have expected something odd inside of it. A list of chapters was displayed on the table of contents, written in red ink. I slid my hand over the ink but it stayed on the paper without a smudge. I flipped through the pages until I landed on a chapter titled “Hot Air”. Skimming through the text I saw it was a story about hot air filling up space to allow things to grow. A man attempted to use hot air to help his scientific discoveries, but always failed until he tried a new method. The story just stopped there without any actual ending and left a blank space for the man’s name. It seemed like the book was some type of old mad libs.

The only person I knew that could fit the role of a scientist was Mr. Russell, so I jotted his name down. With that I decided to turn in early and left the book on my desk as I went to sleep.

Today was the day of my physics lab test so I headed off to the science hall and waited outside Room 213 for my time slot. Mr. Russell had each assigned us students a time slot for his lab test since he prepared five different versions so we would have to prepare for each. Time ticked by as I sat outside in the hall watching my fellow classmates drift into the room and exit down the hall. When we drew straws I had the misfortune of getting the latest time but I still had to show up early for attendance points.

Thinking about Mr. Russell I had to admit he was a fine-looking man. Only in his 30’s and single, he looked nothing like your typical physics professor. His red hair was cute and styled nicely with some nicely trimmed stubble framing his chiseled jaw. He usually wore button-ups and tight jeans to class. I say tight because he works out regularly. His biceps often strain his shirt and the two lumps of pecs cannot be mistaken. He’s a pretty laid back guy.

“Sean Hawthorne, last but not least. You’re up!” Mr. Russell announced as he peeked his head out of the classroom door smiling at me with his perfect white teeth. I got up and walked into class and took a seat at the testing desk.

“All right, Sean, your lab test is quite simple. You know what we’ve studied in class so far so you should know how to do this. Demonstrate how to use hot air to lift this miniature hot air balloon I have prepared for you, by assembling this pump and making sure you configure the pump to the balloon so it can get off of the desk.” Mr. Russell sat back in his seat across from my desk.

I began to look at all of the pump pieces and recalled back to the knowledge on the topic we had recently studied. It didn’t take long before I managed to configure the pump and attach it to the balloon. Connecting the helium tank to the pump’s tube, which connected to the hot air balloon, was all I needed to do before attaching the nozzle onto the pump itself. It didn’t take long and I was feeling good about my work. I began to slowly turn the nozzle to the right to begin the airflow into the balloon.

As I waited for the air to transfer amongst the tubes and connectors to make the balloon fly, Mr. Russell sat across from me on his phone, looking up now and then to check up on my progress.

**BURP** Mr. Russell let out a loud burp, which caused me to look up. The loud noise disturbed the silence in the room. “Excuse me, that came out of nowhere!” Mr. Russell chuckled but looked a little embarrassed.

I kept waiting for the balloon to fill up but nothing was happening. I turned the nozzle a little bit more.

**BURP** Again, Mr. Russell let out another large burp. “Again? I don’t know what’s come over me today. I changed my diet but I didn’t think fiber could make me so full of air.” Mr. Russell covered his mouth. **BURP** Another burp escaped his mouth which caught him off guard.

“Mr. Russell are you all right? You don’t look so good.” I stood up and began to walk around the desk to make sure he was all right. “You’re sweating quite a bit, do you want me to bring over the fan on your desk?” I inquired.

“No, no, it’s all right. You know how it is in these older buildings, it gets quite stuffy in here. I’ll probably cool off in a few moments. How’s your balloon by the way?”

I looked back at my balloon, which looked like it was finally inflating a bit to take flight. I walked back over and turned the nozzle even more to increase the air pressure. It seemed like a lot of air should have been flowing into the balloon but there could have been a clog. Who knows how many students did this test before me? I looked back and saw that Mr. Russell was fixated on his shirt.

“Are you sure everything is all right, Mr. Russell? Is something wrong?” I walked back over and followed his gaze downward. He was sweating and wore a shocked expression on his face and I found out why. His once before flat stomach was slowly pushing outward against his shirt. *BURP** His stomach seemed to lurch forward a little bit more.

“S-Sean, are you seeing this?” Mr. Russell looked back up at me and back at his stomach with a panicked look. Mr. Russell threw his phone down on the desk as he got up to look in the mirror by the sinks. He turned to his side profile, watching his stomach as it slowly began to expand further. I watched in awe as my teacher was watching his reflection and feeling up his body.

Meanwhile the phone had hit the pump and the clog that was once there was released, A loud whoosh sound filled the air as the air blockage quickly moved into the balloon and it rose higher.

Mr. Russell let out one really large burp that seemed to have shook the building. I was surprised no one else had heard it or came running into the classroom but it was already after hours at this point and the science hall locks up early. His stomach lurched forward even further before a pop could be heard. One of the buttons on his shirt had flung off and hit the mirror.

“This can’t be right! What’s happening to me?!” Mr. Russell turned back at me as another button flew off and missed me by a couple inches. His furred stomach was now exposed. It kept growing in size, already the size of a beer gut.

“My abs! What happened to my abs?!” Mr. Russell shouted in a panic. I rushed over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Mr. Russell calm down! Panicking isn’t going to solve anything. Sit down. Did you eat anything that could have caused an allergic reaction or anything?” I watched his steadily growing gut grow.

“Like I said I changed my diet but no one’s stomach just grows out of nowhere like this! It’s looks like I’ve been **BURP** drinking **BURP** beer all my **BURP** life. WIth each burp his stomach continued to swell out larger. It was now approaching the size of a beach ball. With that most recent burp I noticed that my hand was being moved slightly.

“Mr. Russell, curious question, but how tall are you?” my eyes gazed at him in a serious manner.

“I’m 6’0, why?” he looked back up at my eyes as he was sitting down rubbing his belly as if he were pregnant.

“Last time I checked my hand didn’t reach up to here.” I stood back and Mr. Russell stood up. I’m 5’11, so he shouldn’t be much taller than me, but looking at him he was taller than just 6’0. He looked like he was about 6’4 right now.

“Mr. Russell, I think you’re growing taller! Not just your stomach is expanding!” I stood back farther away from him as I continued to watch him swell even larger. He kept burping and sweating profusely. The only thing that kept expanding was his stomach and then his height, until I heard a loud ripping sound. Mr. Russell looked behind him and saw that his once tight jeans had ripped along the seam of his crack. I looked behind him and noticed not only was his stomach swelling, but each of his two cheeks were beginning to swell even larger than once before.

Next after his ass were his thighs, then his shoulders and arms. But what was odd about their swelling was that it wasn’t growing fat, they were swelling with muscle. All the fat on his body was going straight to his stomach which seemed to be the hang outward off his body about 6 inches.

“Sean help me please! I don’t know what’s happening. Everything feels so hot and everything is pushing against my clothes.” Mr. Russell leaned his arm on the desk. I watched as his shirt completely opened up exposing his entire body.

His pecs began to swell with muscle as did his nipples, seeming plumper than usual. His jeans finally began to shred, leaving his ass in his briefs exposed while riding up his legs as he continued to grow taller. His hairy pecs began to create a deepened cleavage while his stomach still continued to balloon outward. Mr. Russell grabbed onto his stomach and felt it push outward as it was still filling out. His briefs continued to strain as his meaty globes grew larger and I noticed another type of bulge growing a bit fatter too. Mr. Russell was moaning and feeling himself up.

“When is this gonna stop? I feel like I’m gonna pop!” Mr. Russell fell back on his newly cushioned ass. His stomach lay spread out in his lap like he was cradling a baby while his pecs pushed out on top of them. It suddenly hit me. Once he said “pop” I looked back at the balloon and saw it had inflated and was flying in the air. Remembering the story last night, I thought the coincidence was too much.

“Mr. Russell I’ll find a way to stop this, just keep it together for a little longer!” I shouted as I dashed to the test area and turned the nozzle all the way to the left to stop the air flow. I began to detach the pump and listened as the pump stopped transferring air from the tank. Mr. Russell kept groaning and moaning as the air pump finally stopped. I looked over and saw the subtle change in his stomach. It stopped pushing outward and looked like it was beginning to tighten into a nice ball shaped muscle gut. By now Mr. Russell was panting and at a loss of words. He slowly began to stand up, feeling the heft in his stomach rise with him as he watched it jiggle. He stood up and up and up.

“Mr. Russell, I think it stopped. How are you feeling?” I moved over to him, concerned at what had just happened to the man.

“I don’t feel so hot anymore, and I don’t feel my stomach gurgling or expanding. I think it’s over.” He breathed a sigh of relief as his shirt remained in tatters on the floor and he was left with nothing but his overtaxed briefs. He reached over for his phone on the desk to look at his reflection since he cracked the mirror with his button flying off his shirt.

“This, this isn’t right. Something isn’t right here. Sean I know I didn’t look like this before!” the instructor shouted at me so I rushed over to look at what he was looking at on his phone. On his social media the photos of himself were altered to what he currently looked like.

“I wasn’t always this big, hell this just happened! What’s going on? I don’t even fit into my clothes! I just swelled up like a balloon! No man is ever going to love me looking like this!” Mr. Russell began to sniffle and teared up a bit as I watched. I walked over and patted his right arm.

“Mr. Russell—”

Mr. Russell cut me off. “Just call me Richard,” he interrupted.

“All right, Richard I wouldn’t say no man wouldn’t love you. You’re still swole with muscle! You’re the spitting image of a daddy. Plus, your sexy features are still all there, it’s just you now have a large tight muscle gut.” I slapped his gut for emphasis and we both watched it wobble.

“Do you know how many men try to look like this through working out? You’re sexy!” I grinned at him and he looked down at me.

“Really? You think so?” His newly enlarged hand wiped his tears away.

“I know so,” I rubbed his belly and kissed it. His fiery red hair tickled my lips but made me smile.

“I still don’t understand how this could have happened, but thanks, Sean. I don’t know how we’re gonna get out of here though.” Richard looked at his tattered clothes then at the door.

“Well, if the photos on your phone altered to what you currently look like, people should expect you to look like this right?” I was beginning to suspect that that book had something to do with this. No way could reality just alter like that.

“You might be right, but I still have to find something to wear. I can’t just walk out of the science hall and to my car practically naked.” He went to his desk drawer and pulled out a tape measure. “How about you go down to the physical education building to see if they have any lost and found clothes. I’m gonna check out the damage.” He pinched one of his nipples and moaned.

I snuck out of the science hall and made my way to the physical education building. The janitor was outside taking a smoke break so I hurried to the male locker rooms lost and found section. Some of our football players are actually quite large so I grabbed the biggest shirt I could find and the largest pair of gym shorts available. I also took a pair of shoes as well. I assumed Richard’s feet grew just as well as the rest of him.

Now that I had the clothes in my backpack I hurried over to my dorm to grab the book. I needed to study it a bit more and find out how it could have caused something like this to happen.

I made my way back into the science hall. I was right, everyone had left by now. Since Richard is the last one here, he has the key to lock up every night. I walked back into the classroom and witnessed Richard’s large lats and wide back turn, as his giant ass jiggled. His briefs were still holding up, but I don’t know for how much longer. He was writing something down on a clip board.

“Welcome back!” He seemed more cheerful now than he did before I left.

“What are you writing down?” I tried to peek over at the clipboard he was writing on but he was too tall so my efforts were in vain.

“Just took some measurements is all. Apparently I’m 6’11 right now! I’ve always wanted to be taller.” His deep voice gave a hearty chuckle causing his stomach to bounce a little bit.

“I got you the biggest clothes I could find since you seemed to have grown a lot,” I eyed him up and down, “everywhere.”

Richard put down the clipboard and grabbed the clothes I had handed to him. He struggled putting the shirt on first. It got stuck on his large shoulders before he could pull it down onto his large swollen pecs. His plump nipples could be seen poking against the fabric. He managed to pull it down over half of his muscle gut, but the rest of left exposed to the elements.

“Damn, this shirt is snug. Looks like this will have to do for now. Thankfully my stomach hair will keep the rest of me warm.” he smiled and began to grab his new gym shorts.

The gym shorts posed another problem. Getting the up over his thighs was one thing, but attempting to get it over his giant ass was another. I had to go over and help pull them up. I held down one cheek at a time as he shimmied them up. Before turning around he was grabbing down at something else. He lastly put on the shoes I got him but they were snug. He said his feet were now a size 18. The largest I was able to find was a size 16, which even then is difficult to come by. He picked up his phone and stuffed it into his gym short pockets and grabbed the science hall key and his car keys.

“Ready to go?” he asked. I nodded and walked out the door. As Richard approached the door he hit his head, causing him have to lean down in order to not hit his head. We were in an older building so the roofs were not as high as the newer buildings lecture halls. His stomach also posed a problem. It got stuck in the doorway.

“Come on Richard, suck it in!” I yelled at him as I watched his stomach flex like any other muscle on his body. I grabbed hold of the mass and pushed it up and down so it could slowly ease through the doorway. With a loud thud his stomach had made it pass the doorway but now his ass got stuck.

“Uh, my bad.” Richard looked a bit embarrassed, still unsure what to do with his new body’s proportions.

I crawled through his legs and approached the big ass that was stuck in the frame. I began to push the two furred orbs as Richard continued to shimmy his back side. It took a little bit of work but finally he made it out. He sighed and rubbed his enlarged rump.

“Anything else I should know of that grew that can cause a problem when going through doorways?” I looked up at handsomely enlarged man and winked.

“Yeah, something else, but you don’t have to worry about that yet,” Richard smirked at me as we made our way downstairs and out the door.

We approached his car and he tossed me his car keys.

“Sorry to burden you today Sean but I’m gonna need you to drive. I don’t think I can fit in the front seat with all of this.” He motioned to his newly enlarged stomach.

I got in the driver’s seat as Richard got in the back seat. He put down the second row and sat in the third row, allowing him more leg space and overall just space for his newly enlarged stomach and body. I drove to his address that he gave me. Watching in the mirror I saw him rubbing his stomach and squeezing his nipples from time to time. He seemed to be having fun swirling different patterns into the hair on his stomach.

We arrived at his house and I pulled into his parking space. He maneuvered out of the car by pushing the bulk of his stomach down as he got his legs and ass out first. We had a repeat of squeezing first his stomach then his ass through the door, but we got the hang of it eventually. We put his stuff down and we sat down in his living room. His large frame sat down on his couch. You could hear the weight being tested. He patted to the seat next to him so I sat. He pulled me up and rested me against his stomach. I looked up at his handsome face through his two large pecs.

“Thanks a lot, Sean. I don’t know what I would have done without you today. Things are gonna take a while for me to get adjusted to, but I’ll try to find a way. I still don’t know what could have caused this.” He looked back down at me and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular hairy chest and ball-shaped stomach.

He flexed his pecs as I watched them jump and then he flexed his stomach. I felt it push outward again and retract back down, but not by much. I pulled his head down and kissed him. We made out for a little bit before he took me upstairs and we laid on his now smaller bed. He held me as close as he could, even though his stomach pushed me farther away from him, but I didn’t mind. It may have looked tight, but it still felt soft like a marshmallow and the hair only made it softer.

Once Richard fell asleep I got up and snuck downstairs to look inside my backpack. I pulled out the book that I had written in the night before. It automatically flipped over to the chapter “Hot Air”. I noticed a star looked like it was stamped at the end of the last sentence, as if the story had been completed. The book closed on its own but I knew there were more chapters left unread.


Chapter 2: Ophidian’s Curse

I woke up laying next to Richard in his now too small bed for him. His feet hung off by a good three inches. He wrapped his large muscular arms around my body as his large muscle gut poked at my own smaller stomach. He was snoring lightly. I began to stroke the large ball of flesh. I poked and prodded it, still in disbelief that it was real, and the man laying here with me was my physics teacher. I leaned into his stomach and rubbed my face in its soft squishiness.

“Having fun down there?” Richard yawned and looked down at my red stricken face, looking guilty that I had been caught in the act. He lifted himself up in turn lifting me up since I was laying against his stomach. He scratched at his chest then his large furred ball of flesh.

“I still can’t believe this is all mine.” Richard grabbed both of his hands and placed them under his stomach and jiggled it. We watched as it sloshed side to side and bounced up and down.

“Still miss those abs of yours, big guy?” I pawed at where his once six-pack abs use to be.

“A bit. It took me a lot of time in the gym to get them. Imagine how much time it’ll take for me to get them back now?” He brushed his finger where I was once pawing at, as if he was outlining each of the abdominal muscles.

“So you really don’t like this new thing? I’ve seen you play with it a bit.” I smirked at him and his face reddened.

“Okay, it’s a little fun. I’ve never had such heft to my body before. It just feels different, but I also feel more full.” Richard got up from the bed and stretched his wide back and his legs. “I need to take a shower but I don’t know if I can do it by myself, you know with this new body and all.” he turned around and winked at me. I caught the hint. Richard grabbed some towels and headed into the bathroom. I followed right behind.

Richard’s bathroom was of a medium size and had a nice glass door shower. It looked quite spacious for a normal sized man, but Richard was super-sized. He placed the towels down on the rack and turned the water on so it would warm. Slowly, he began to pull down the gym shorts that were covering his giant rump and thighs. I could see his reflection in the mirror. He seemed like he was enjoying this. He bent down to pick up the discarded gym shorts when his briefs put up their final fight before a rip could be heard echoing throughout the bathroom. His hairy crack was exposed to the warm air. He quickly stood up and looked back at his weapon of m-ass destruction.

“Oops, didn’t mean for that to happen. I guess I need bigger briefs as well.” He tore the rest of his briefs open, exposing his red dusted cheeks.

I couldn’t resist. I quickly moved over and groped the two spheres. Richard let out a gasp. I cupped my hands underneath one cheek each and the flesh spilled out and over the palms of my hands. Even two of my hands under one cheek wasn’t enough to hold one. Each one was the size of a beach ball, guarding a pink hole waiting within.

“Feeling frisky huh? I always worked out my ass but I didn’t think it would ever reach this size.” Richard reached back with his own hand and was able to cup one cheek with his palm.

“I’m sorry! I just couldn’t resist. It’s just so big. I’ve never seen an ass this large before except in morphs.” I continued to knead and rub his cheeks.

Richard then pulled off the remaining cloth of his briefs and turned around. Standing in front of me was one of the fattest cocks I have ever seen, with two pretty large balls too. Each ball looked to be the size of a super large orange.

“So is this what you meant when you said other things had grown?” I lifted an eyebrow and watched the fat sausage slap onto his thigh.

“Yeah. When I felt things pushing and expanding I noticed my junk was feeling a bit tight in my briefs. When you went to get me some new clothes I noticed my cock had also gotten fatter.” he grabbed onto the sausage and flung it around in a helicopter motion before it stopped on his thigh with a loud thwack.

“Did you also measure how fat it’s gotten?” I leaned over and brushed my hand against his manhood.

“I did. It’s about 7 inches in girth and 7 inches in length when erect. But right now it’s 5 inches in girth and 5 inches in length. Pretty hefty huh?” He licked his lips as I continued to lightly stroke the beast.

He hummed appreciatively. “Aren’t you going to come in with me?” he asked with a smirk. It was all I needed to disrobe and we both hopped into the shower.

It took me about ten minutes to wash myself but I would have to move around Richard’s large ass or big gut in order to reach the soaps. After I finished taking care of myself I began to rub the soap into his ass, making sure his globes were cleaned thoroughly. I did “accidentally” slip a finger into his hole which caused him to gasp in pleasure. He turned around and I began to rub his giant gut. The hair on his stomach swirled as soap ran down it. He soon sat down on the shower floor so I could reach his girth and wash his body better. I continued to rub and play with his large stomach.

“Oh, yeah. Keep rubbing it babe.” Richard moaned and closed his eyes. It seemed he was enjoying his new tummy play sessions.

I moved onto his pecs next. Scrubbing the furred valley was pretty easy, but his newly enlarged areola was quite sensitive whenever I scrubbed them with the wash cloth. His nipples also pointed outward. I couldn’t resist so I leaned in and bit down on one. A yelp escaped Richards lips. My own 6” cock was standing at full mast. While Richard sat down enjoying the warm water and scrub down with his eyes closed I moved down lower under his stomach and began to rub his supersized orange sized balls. I squeezed and licked them and began to tug at them. Richard’s own dick began to grow into its full glory. It didn’t take long before Richard began to pull at his own nipples. Pre-cum began to ooze out the tip of his fat cock like a stream. We kept at it until both Richard and I blew our loads. Of course we had to wash back ourselves again.

Once out of the shower Richard rummaged through his drawers for another pair of briefs. It took some effort, but he finally got another pair on, but only barely. Half of his ass was sticking out the top of his briefs. His fat schlong was pulling down the front pouch.

“Man I gotta order some new clothes. Thankfully we have a month worth of break to figure out what’s happening.” Richard closed the drawer and headed downstairs.

We sat down at the kitchen table. He made some coffee and I helped myself to some cereal he has in his cupboards. I knew this would come sooner or later, but I had to admit to Richard what I think caused his sudden growth.

“Hey, Richard?” he looked up from some papers he was attempting to grade.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“So, I was trying to think of what could have been responsible for your recent…” I glanced over at his body. “…developments, and I think I know what did it.”

“You do?!” he got up from his seat nearly knocking the coffee over.

“I might have a clue, but please do not get mad at me?” I winced.

“Why would I get mad at you. You couldn’t have done this, right?” he motioned at his giant gut and bounced his pecs.

“I think I may have been slightly responsible for what happened, but I swear I didn’t know at the time.” I looked down in guilt, not wanting to make eye contact.

Richard stood back and crossed his large arms over his chest. “How so?” He wore a skeptical look on his face.

I got up from the table to retrieve the book I had written in that night in my dorm and placed it on the dining table.

“Before taking your final exam, I went to the library to get some books to study up on the subject. However, before I went to bed I noticed this book in the stack I had checked out. Inside are a bunch of different weirdly titled stories. I flipped to one and it was about a man who was trying to use hot air for a science experiment and it looked like some type of ad lib so I jotted your name down as the man. Then during the exam I realized the ‘hot air’ going into the balloon was also filling you up as well.” I finally made eye contact with Richard, hoping he wouldn’t think I was crazy. Instead he nodded and grabbed the book.

“It did feel like I was being pumped up with air. It also explains why I was feeling hot at the same time. But things like this just don’t exist.” He opened the book and viewed the chapter titles.

“But look at you! How could you be here with a body like that without some sort of coincidence like this?” I questioned him.

He considered. “How about we test this theory of yours? I’ll pick a random a story and write my name into it. If I undergo some type of change, we’ll know it’s the book’s doing. If not, then we can conclude this was all just some sort of weird event.”

Richard grabbed the pen he was using to grade his papers and wrote his name into the chapter.

“Richard, this could be dangerous! Who knows what might happen to you. I was barely able to stop you from popping because I realized the balloon was the cause and you were connected through that story. We don’t even know what this story you wrote your name into is about!” I slammed my hand on the table. I was a bit on edge.

“I skimmed through it,” he said. “The chapter is called the ‘Ophidian’s Curse’. It’s about a man who worships snakes and how he has the desire to make his pet snake grow. It’s a bit childish. Anyways I’m sure I’ll be fine.” He looked down at himself. “What’s not fine is my wardrobe. I’m gonna need to custom tailor or buy some things online.”

Richard shut the book and went to go clean his coffee mug. I couldn’t be mad at him. Not when that hot ass of his bounced and swayed in those gym shorts.

After cleaning up his coffee Richard dug into the fridge, grabbing all sorts of food ranging from fruits, sandwich meat, leftover pasta, and more. He went to town on all the food and continued to rub his stomach as he ate his hearty “breakfast”. The thing continued to jiggle and wobble whenever he ate. It began to look tighter instead of its soft shape like it did before due to all the food he was eating.

“Man I’m stuffed! *BURP* Before I had to keep count on calories but I guess with this latest addition I don’t have to anymore. Daddy can eat whatever he wants.” He leaned back in his chair, observing the damage he’d done to his food supply.

“While you continue to indulge yourself, I’m gonna go out and try to find you some clothes to wear. Then we can at least take you outside a bit. Any requests?” I turned to look at Richard.

“I can go shirtless for a bit longer, but I need some shorts and some new underwear. My balls have been aching since they’ve grown.” he scratched at his large bulge for emphasis.

I took Richard’s car and drove to the nearby mall. It had all sorts of shops and was a nice hangout for some of the students. It was close enough to campus to give us students something to do and if we needed some new clothes. I went to a sporting goods store and bought some XXL gym shorts for Richard. His large spheres would need all the room they could get. I was going to head to the retail store for underwear but decided to look around the sporting store some more. They offered jockstraps, cut briefs, and some speedos. I smirked and couldn’t resist the thought of seeing Richard squeeze into a jockstrap or a speedo, so I got a couple along with some briefs. He needed something to at least be a little covered. The cashier looked at me a little confused at the sizes I was buying but I just blushed as he rung up the total.

I arrived home with bags of clothing prepared. I looked around the living room but couldn’t find Richard so I checked the kitchen. The dining table and kitchen had been cleaned up from whatever indulgence Richard gave into while I was away. I grabbed the bags and headed upstairs to find Richard in the bedroom watching some television.

“Hey babe! You’re back already?” He uncovered himself with his blanket and got up to give me a nice bear hug. Feeling the warmth of his body made me melt and feel safe.

“Yep! I brought you some clothes to try on too,” I said excitedly as I gave him the bags.

He opened them and inspected the briefs, speedos, and jockstraps. He picked up a purple jockstrap and examined it.

“This is a big pouch! Perfect for these big balls of mine!” His voice boomed as he shook his bulge with his large hand.

Richard took off his gym shorts and bounced his ass to give me a little show. He grabbed the jockstrap and began to slide it up. Both the straps had difficulty fitting onto his large globes so I had to help stretch them out to fit over them. It was a sight to see. The big beach balls looked even larger when being pushed up and together by the straps. I wanted to dig my face into them and lick is tight hole right there. He had trouble arranging his cock and balls inside of the pouch.

“These looked big but it feels a little snug in these.” Richard grasped at his bulge, causing it to throb against the fabric.

I walked over and felt the bulge. It was warm. Heat radiated off the hot rod of manhood attached to this bear of a man. Richard’s breath was getting heavier as I continued to fondle the large ball like bulge. I got on my knees and began to lick the outside of the fabric and nibbled it a bit. His cock throbbed more in excitement at the attention it was receiving. I continued licking at the fabric and began to tug at his overgrown balls. The pouch was beginning to extend outwards as his fleshy cock began to harden.

“Babe, I gotta get these off. I don’t wanna rip through them with this beast when you just bought them.” Richard quickly began to pull down the jockstrap but could only get the pouch off of his fat beast. The straps remained tightly in place on his ass. His fat cock sprung free looking as massive then ever. That bloat from the air really knew how to fatten up a cock. Even though it was 7” long, its girth matched the rest of Richards size. It continued to inflate larger. Richard kept scratching at his cock.

“That thing is so big Richard. Are you sure it’s only 7 inches?”, I hefted the weight.

“Last I measured. It just might look and feel so big cause of it’s girth. Let me show you.” he pulled his cock away from my grasp and pulled out a ruler from his desk where he kept his teaching supplies. He aligned his cock with the ruler. It was so fat it rose above the ruler by 6” inches. He let out a gasp and then smirked.

“Sean you might be right. Look at this.” he waved at me to come over to look. His dick was now at the 8½” mark on the ruler and only seemed to stretch even longer.

“I feel like I’m not even hard yet, it just feels so good and sensitive.” he rubbed the large mushroom head of his cock, feeling the pre that began to leak from it.

“Richard, is this the first time you’ve noticed it beginning to grow? This might be related to that chapter in the book!” My face turned from excited to frantic.

“Relax, Sean, even if it is, what man doesn’t dream about a bigger dick? Plus I don’t mind having it grow a bit bigger. I’m 6’11 now. 7 inches of cock isn’t enough for this daddy.” Hhe flexed his large biceps.

“All right, I’ll let you have your fun… but I’m going to inspect the book for any clues regarding how it works and how to stop whatever this chapter has in mind in case something happens.” I blew him a kiss and turned toward the doorway. I left Richard alone with his new friend. His moaning could be heard all through the house.

I sat down at the dining table and began to investigate the book. At the front of the book was a table of contents listing chapters and page numbers. The further down I went I noticed page numbers but some lacked chapter names. I turned to the pages closer to the end of the book, watching the red ink fly by on the pages. They were blank. Up until now, each chapter told an odd little story and had a line for the name of a person inside of the story, which I had seen with “Hot Air”. I went back and looked for “Ophidian’s Curse” and found it on page 12. It told the story of a man who had a small pet snake but wanted it to grow bigger into a legendary snake that was rumored to be a god. I could only guess this “snake” was a metaphor for a penis. In the end it didn’t say how big he was able to get the snake. However, it did mention in order to stop the snake’s growth it needed to stop on its own and get full.

I looked at the signature Richard wrote of his name when referencing the man. At the end of the story a circle was left by the bottom right hand corner. In the last story, a star had been marked once Richard’s inflation had ended. As of now, only two points of the star had been formed. I assumed that the story’s duration lasts as long as it takes until the star completely forms. If it was already at two points, I needed to see what was happening with Richard. I checked the clock and saw it was already 4 p.m. I closed the book and placed it back inside my backpack.

I headed upstairs to the bedroom and found Richard looking at his ass in his purple jockstrap. I whistled and he turned around. “Enjoying the view?” I said.

“In more ways than one. Daddy’s getting big, boy,” he growled and smirked. He walked over to me as I watched his bigger cock slab against his thigh. It was larger now than it was before. His hair on his body also seemed a bit thicker.

“I’m up to 8 and a half inches, soft.” He wagged his hips causing the beast slap against his thighs. “It’s gotten a little fatter too.” he leaned in and kissed me, his tongue poking into my mouth.

“How big is it hard?” I could barely breathe as his tongue kept invading my mouth and his kisses just kept coming.

“10 inches when erect as of now. But it keeps feeling hot and itchy. These big bull balls of mine keep getting bigger too. I’ve been horny and cumming constantly for the past two hours. This beast is what a real man has!” he growled again. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

“What happens if you get too big? It’s already so fat it’d be hard to have sex with regardless but ten inches? That’s not easy for someone to handle, babe,” I cooed into his ear. His bit of dominance seemed to fade a bit, and his usual laid back and slightly embarrassed self returned.

“You’re right. I’m packing, but I don’t know how much bigger this thing can possibly get. There’s a limit to how much blood can fill this thing and how much the skin can stretch for it to grow. But my balls feel so full now babe. I can’t stop jacking off. I haven’t felt this horny since I was a student in college.” he picked up his balls and let them hang out of the pouch.

It was getting late so I told Richard I’d prepare something for us to eat. I cooked up some chicken and mashed potatoes with a side of vegetables. Even though he had a large ball of muscle and fat for a stomach, he said he still liked eating vegetables. Looks like he could still be healthy and maintain such a gut. He walked down the stairs with his gut leading the way, along with his beastly manhood. It seemed to have grown even larger.

I let out a gasp, “Richard it’s so large!”

It hung down lower and made a curve over his bull balls. The large mushroom head poking downward toward his knees. He kept smiling. He seemed to be getting off on the attention.

“It’s up to 10 inches soft now babe! I must have one of the biggest cocks in the world! I can’t see it over my stomach but I can feel and hear it slapping against my thighs constantly. It keeps making my balls churn.”, he sat down at the table, making his dick hang over the chair.

“And guess what? It’s a foot long when hard! It’s as long as a ruler and fat as a cucumber. How often do you see a big bear daddy carry around a piece this big?” His attitude seemed to have grown alongside his appendage.

“How do you expect to hide that when going back to work, Richard? It’s so big soft it won’t fit in any underwear easily, let alone pants.” I glanced over at the closed book, hoping at least two more points were added to the star at the bottom of the page.

“Well, people should think it’s normal, right? Last time I checked my social media I looked like how I do now. It might be the same with this. Lemme see your phone, I left mine upstairs.” I handed my phone over and watched Richard log into his account and scroll through his photos until he came across a photo of him in trunks.

The photo was him at the beach posing in front of a rail with the ocean down below. His large pecs pushed against his fat hairy belly which was covering his blue trunks. What it did not cover was a large bulge that could be seen pushing against the fabric. I thought it was a trick on my eyes but I could have sworn the photo was still changing as the bulge began to push out more and take up more space in that already tight pair of trunks.

“Ha! See? I got my big fat rod shoved in those trunks. No need to worry. Besides now that my classes have ended early I can just quit and do something else. Maybe I can get into camming. I hear there’s a lot of good money there, especially if I show off this body.” He flexed his bicep again and leaned over to kiss it, gently making his stubble scratch against it.

It wouldn’t be so bad to see Richard joining the camming community. Hell, it’d be hot even. Not only with his big hairy bear daddy body, but also with that monster cock. He’d probably make a lot of tips and would probably be set for life.

We cleaned up and returned back to the bedroom. The smell of musk wafted through the air. I could smell the countless loads Richard had been pumping out. I sat on his bed and decided to watch some television while he got as dressed up as he could. He said he was going to go out for a jog. He claimed he liked his current body, but still wanted to remain healthy so he had been doing a few exercises here and there throughout the day. He pulled on a campus sold sweater to act as a shirt. It only covered up to half of his stomach with the rest exposed. He put on his purple jockstrap which strained heavily in the back and now a lot in the front. Both his balls spilled out of the pouch which was currently being occupied by a large trouser snake. His gym shorts looked painted on by the time he pulled them up. He came over and kissed my cheek and headed out.

The sun had already set and the street lamps had already turned on about an hour ago. I checked my phone to see what time it was. It was already 8 p.m. and Richard still wasn’t back yet. I decided to call him but heard the front door slam shut. The sound of his large feet slapped against the stairs as he climbed them one by one before appearing in the doorway. The large mass of a man I’d grown to worship stood before me. It was dark, but I could see the sweat dripping down his face and the sweat that drenched his sweater. He walked over in front of the television and I turned on the light. Immediately my attention was drawn to the large fold in his gym shorts.

“Sean, I need to get these off immediately. It keeps pinching me and feels so tight.” He waddled over to the bed and I got up. We strained to get the gym shorts off of his ass first, which was becoming easier now that we’ve had multiple chances to practice. Next came the tug in front. It took a few tries but then Richard was free. The large purple bulge bounced as it was freed from its tight confines. His big balls now larger and hanging out even more filled my sight. I could see the strap beginning to dig into his waist, causing his skin to turn red.

“Don’t worry, babe, I got you.” I rushed to his desk and pulled out a pair of scissors. I attempted to pull the waistband away from his body as much as I could but it was so tight it was difficult to, plus it was hard to get a good angle due to me bumping into his belly quite often.

“Please hurry, babe! It hurts so much! I can feel it stretching!” Richard was now in a panic like how he’d been when his stomach began to swell up like a balloon. I inched my way around the sides of his waist which created a loud snap sound. His cock was free from his pouch and hung down like an elephant’s trunk. It was thick and radiating so much heat. The large mushroom head reached down lower than before at dinner and it looked even fatter, as if it just had a good meal.

“I was on my jog when I felt it begin to bounce around a bit. It was kind of nice but the longer I ran the more it felt like it was growing.” he looked down at amazement at his monstrous manhood.

“You were right babe, sometimes thing can get too big!” he moaned as he brushed a hand over his overly sensitive dick.

“I’ll be right back!” I shouted as I made my way downstairs to check up on the book.

I quickly pulled the book outside of my backpack and flipped the pages to the current chapter that was affecting Richard. The star had 4 points and was almost reaching its fifth. I watched at the red ink slowly form a tip and connect the fifth side of the star like a clock’s hand going around in a full rotation.

Oh fuck!” Richard’s voice boomed throughout the house. The star had fully been marked. I rushed back upstairs.

Richard stood in the middle of the room looking bigger than ever. Not only was his cock looking bigger, but so was his stomach, his biceps, his ass, just everything overall. His hair looked thicker too. I slowly approached him.

“I think it’s over, babe. You can rest now.” I sat down on the bed and he joined me, causing the bed to creak.

“I think I’ve grown some more.” His voice was deeper now.

“Looking back at the book, I think what caused everything was your wanting of a bigger dick, but you said it was too big, so it must have stopped. Plus, I think your testosterone increased too. It’s probably what made your dick bigger and you even hairier.” I rubbed my hand against his enlarged thigh.

We both stared at each other for a moment. Richard was still sweating but his breathing was beginning to regulate. We both took a moment to look down and admire his newly acquired monster appendage. It lay there like a sleeping snake. We exchanged glances. I immediately got up and grabbed the tape measurer. Both of us knew we were thinking of asking the same question. Richard held down his cock and I slowly rolled the tape measurer down the fat shaft. It kept going and going and going.

“R-Richard. It’s 14 inches soft.” I gulped and held the fat beast in my hand. I then took the tape measurer and began to wrap it around the center of his cock where it was the thickest. “And it’s 10 inches around. You could kill someone with this meat club!” My eyes looked like a little kid who just walked into a candy store.

I decided to measure Richard’s height. He now topped out at 7’2. He seemed excited, which caused his dick to rise closer to its true glory. He then moved over to the bathroom scale and stood on it. It maxed out at 350 pounds. On a regular man he would come across as obese, but I bet his fat cock weighed at least ten of those pounds. Finding out his weight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. His dick was now at full mast so we measured it. The beast reached the tape measurer at 17½”.

We returned to the bed and I began to suck on it like a baby’s bottle. Richard was rubbing the lower half of his dick while I sucked the large mushroom head, creating audible pops to fill the room. I tugged on his balls a couple times, each one filling the palm of my hands. We both knew that dick wasn’t going to fit inside of me so I kept servicing him and he’d flip me over to rub it against my crack. He humped and moaned for what seemed like forever. Eventually he let loose a load so big it splattered again his bed frame, making it look like frosting was dripping down. Together, we laid down on his bed. He held me close against his stomach with his cock rubbing against my back. I cuddled against his hairy stomach for warmth and he held me tight in a bear’s embrace. His cock slightly twitched, which I felt ride between my legs like it was cradling me.

The book still remained on the dining room table, waiting to tell another story.

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