Colossal Clothing

by QuasarSun

Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job when he runs across a magical clothing store that gives him a new job, a new perspective, and a lot more.

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Part 1 Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job when he runs across a magical clothing store that gives him a new job, a new perspective, and a lot more. (added: 30 May 2020)
Part 2 Spencer heads home from his strange encounter with Alan, Colossal Clothing’s mysterious and hot owner. He has gotten a new t-shirt to bring home, its magic waiting to grant great and fascinating changes to Spencer’s body. (added: 27 Jun 2020)
Part 3 Spencer, now a fat hairy Viking, starts to learn how Alan, the strange shop owner who gave him a magical t-shirt, is more than meets the eye. (added: 3 Dec 2022)
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Part 1

The day was beginning to wear on Spencer. As customer after customer had come into his place of work and he just wanted to go home and relax.

Spencer made his way down the sidewalk, his shoes tapping on the concrete which carried a body with only a hint of fat on it, and no muscles situated on his frame. He rose to a height of 5 feet 6 inches. A friend of his had commented on his looks, particularly due to his short cut light brown hair, that he looked like Elijah Wood if he was not a movie star.

He sighed. 24 years old and out of college and all Spencer could find for work was a dingey old strip mall grocery cashier.

What the fuck am I doing with my life?

As Spencer pondered on this, a mysterious building appeared out of thin air unnoticed to anyone. The building situated itself just along the youth’s route. As the young man walked up to it, he paused as if he had forgotten something and was able to turn around and change directions. Instead of leaving though, he glanced at the building, taking note of the building’s sign marking what it was called.

Colossal Clothing.

Spencer titled his head. He glanced around him. The small-town main street, vacant this afternoon, which was strange.

Had he always walked past this clothing store every time after work?

Spencer shifted, uncomfortable. The man stood there in front of the store as a loose string fell from his t-shirt without cause, the bit of cloth tickling his arm. Spencer grabbed it and without thinking, pulled it in an attempt to get it off his shirt. A loud rip made Spencer wince at his stupid act. He lifted his right arm and witnessed the massive hole now in his t-shirt’s armpit.

Spencer groaned, throwing his head back at the injustice of the universe on him, but then he eyed the clothing store he had been studying. He realized he was still standing in front of it, its presence no less confusing to Spencer. He gave the store one last look before giving his shoulders a shrug.

“I guess it’s convenient I’m at a clothing store cause I don’t want to walk all the way home with this ruined t-shirt.”

Spencer pushed through Colossal Clothing’s doorway. A bell ringing above him, signaling his entrance. The inside was as big as any other main street store. Circular racks of shirts and jackets as well as tables of all kinds of pants took up most of the store. As Spencer drifted through the maze of displays, he noticed that the store seemed to be catered to male clothing.

Lucky me.

Spencer then rigid in surprise at the next section of the store.

It was all underwear.

Now on its own, Spencer would not have paid underwear sections any mind, but this store had the strangest one he’d ever seen. The displays highlighted each type of underwear with images of big, hairy men. Men who wore a range of different undergarments, jockstraps, trunks, boxers, briefs, compression pants. Spencer felt his face grow hot as he took in every display’s bulge, and boy did the men in those signs have some bulges. He was worried if bulges as obscene as these were even allowed in a public store.

A door shutting made Spencer jump, nervous that someone was watching his cargo shorts tent up in mimicry of the displays. But as he turned to see the person coming from the back, he was relieved to see the clerk had his back turned to him as he was locking the door he just emerged from. The clerk turned and Spencer felt his face start to heat up again as he took in the man’s appearance.

The clerk was one of the largest men Spencer had ever seen. Shoulders and arms strained the clerk’s store logo t-shirt, which was of two flexing men one small and the other large as if the smaller was turning into the larger. Arm muscles rippling under that t-shirt’s sleeves and they were not some bodybuilder’s muscle but a strongman’s, thick not bulging. The man’s torso though was just as thick as those arms, a paunch of strong thickness making a ball with the clerk’s belly.

It was then that Spencer took in the man’s height, as the man was walking toward him. He towered over Spencer, having to be close to 7 feet tall if not taller, and on the top of this height rested his beautiful hair and beard. The hair there was a chocolate brown with a bushy short boxed beard wrapping around his jawline and mouth. His head featuring an undercut hairstyle, the sides short and the top combed back. Finally, Spencer’s stare zoned in on the man’s eyes, an eyebrow piercing over his left eye and blue-green eyes sparkling back at him.

“Welcome to Colossal Clothing. How can I help you today? My name’s Alan, I’m the owner of this magical place.”

Spencer gaped like a dying fish. Alan’s voice rumbling out him in a deep baritone. Blue-green eyes studied the speechless youth, a smile of understanding amusement lighting up Alan’s face.

“It seems my dashing good looks has made quite an impression on you. No worries I can already see why you’re here.”

Alan emphasized this with a finger gun point at Spencer’s armpit, the evil string hanging loose there. Spencer finally came to his sense. He shook his head trying not to think about how red his contrasting and barren face was to Alan. He gathered a bit of the wayward string in his hand, sighing.

“Um, yeah it kinda ripped on my way home. I just needed a simple t-shirt.”

Alan nodded in agreement but held up a large mitt of a hand to as if to pause Spencer’s suggestion.

“How about this, if you are interested, I’ll give one of our best t-shirts for free…”

Spencer’s eyebrows perked up at that. He had not gotten paid yet, so cash was tight, so he had expected to only buy the cheapest of shirts as he did most of the time.

“…if you consider coming to work for me.”

Spencer did not know his eyes could grow any larger. Maybe this day was not as shitty as he thought it was. If he got to work with this dreamboat of a man on an almost daily basis then he was all for it.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.”

Alan smirked, “Don’t mention it. Let’s say this. We’ll pick out your new shirt and you can come back tomorrow, and you give me your final answer. How’s that sound?”

Spencer nodded, “Sure thing.”

Alan gave Spencer two thumbs, “Great. Follow me then.”

Alan turned and Spencer followed. They walked a short distance to the store’s checkout counter. Alan rounded it as Spencer stood at the front. He watched as Alan bent and brought up a portfolio. He placed it on the counter and spun it around to the shorter man. Spencer reached up and opened it. The book was full of similar-looking men as the underwear displays but these were smaller men. Spencer knew the term for these types of men, otters. The otters wore different ties of various colors with different designs on them. As Spencer turned the pages, Alan commented on the models within.

“I commission different men to pose for my merchandise. You’d be amazed how awesome it is to work with these handsome men are. Plus, as you’ll see and I guess have already seen, I promote body positivity here. Any size of man is welcome here at Colossal Clothing.”

Spencer did indeed see. The models continued to grow in size. Muscles growing bigger and bigger for some, and fat filling out others. He was beginning to really like Alan. He gave a sneaking peek at Alan, wondering if the man were single, and with that peek, Spencer could see Alan studying the man as close as Spencer was.

Oh yeah, this guy is definitely gay.

Spencer smirked, daydreams of going out on a date with this mountain of a man. The pages paused in their journey. There on the right page appeared the perfect profile. If Spencer had one word to describe the chubby and hairy man it was Viking. The long, big, ginger beard and hair as much a calling card as the Viking helmet icon on the black-tie he wore. Spencer brought a finger and tapped that profile. Alan’s brows rose, clear agreement on his face as he smiled up at him. Spencer felt himself blush.

“This one is perfect. I love Viking stuff.”

Alan gave Spencer a smirk and a knowing look as he stood up.

“Oh, I’m sure you do. Stay here while I go grab your shirt for you.”

Alan trudged off, going to a door to the right of the one he had locked earlier. Alan disappearing inside before Spencer could tell him his size. He stood there hoping Alan grabbed the right size.

Soon, the big man came back out with a black t-shirt. As he emerged, he unraveled the shirt, presenting it to Spencer.

“There we go, and I’m sure it’s your size. I’m an expert at judging a person’s size.”

As Alan handed the t-shirt, Spencer checked the size tag. It was indeed his size and, as he examined the rest of the shirt, he was surprised how great the fabric felt.

“Go ahead and try it on.”

Alan gestured to two changing stalls adjacent to the checkout counter. Spencer gave the giant a smile and a nod, walking into one of them. He got his old torn shirt off as fast as possible and slipped the Viking tie on. He turned and looked at it in the stall’s mirror. It looked great and it was so comfortable. He could not believe his luck today. He pushed out of the stall, carrying his ruined shirt with him. Alan outside waiting on him, arms crossed, which made his chest muscle bulge out over his thick arms.

“Here let me take care of that for ya.”

He reached out and Spencer handed the ripped tie to him. Alan slung it over his shoulder and gave a big handed thumbs up.

“Looking good, stud.”

Spencer beamed, stretching out the shirt to give another look.

“It’s a really good-looking t-shirt. I can’t thank you enough.”

Alan waved the thanks off.

“Don’t mention it. Just come back to see me. I really look forward to hiring you here. I enjoyed your company. And with my merchandise, you’ll start to be a new man.”

A strange sparkle played in the bigger man’s eyes as Spencer nodded, smiling, as he moved to leave.

“I’d be glad to come back. And thanks, anyways for the tie. See you tomorrow.”

Alan gave a two-fingered salute in farewell, grinning.

“No problem, Spencer. Laters.”

Spencer emerged from the store and was about to start walking home when a thought struck him.

How had Alan known my name?

He turned to investigate the doorway window, not seeing the large man anymore inside. Spencer lingered on the window a millisecond longer before giving the thought a shrug.

I must have given my name without me remembering.

Spencer started off, giving his chest a good scratch as an itch irritated him under the Viking helmet design. He was going to love wearing this t-shirt as, unknown to Spencer, magic flowed from the t-shirt he wore.


Part 2

Spencer’s walk home was for the most part the most boring part of his day. He walked from his grocery store to his apartment in about 15 minutes. He was kind of lucky that was possible and now with the prospect of getting a job from Alan his walks would be even better. He sighed in happiness, as he scratched his jawline without thought.

Man, was he feeling itchy today.

As he scratched, he could not get Alan out of his mind. Those strong but soft muscles pushing on every inch of the man’s t-shirt really made Spencer swoon in thought. He wondered what it felt like to squeeze those big breasts of Alan’s.

These thoughts had Spencer’s full attention as he entered his apartment. As he, without thinking, scratched his butt.

“God, why the fuck am I so itchy?”

Spencer went to his room, placing his keys, phone, and wallet on his bedroom’s nightstand. He went over to the full-length mirror he had splurged on that one time, the two side mirrors bent to show his sides. He lifted his shirt where the itchiness was the worse, and examined his average gut and chest. He tilted his head in confusion.

Man, I must have forgotten to shave.

A light dusting of brown hair was present on his belly. He put his new shirt down and patted his gut a little bit. He felt a slight heft there. Spencer figured he must have finally put on some more pounds. Kicking his shoes off, he went to his bathroom, got his toothbrush, and started to clean his teeth.

Unbeknownst to Spencer, his gut was stretching his shirt out, the Viking logo tilting upward somewhat. As he spat his backwash out into the sink his gut pressed against the counter making Spencer freeze. He looked down in surprise, there resting on his stomach was no longer, just a regular old belly but a small ball gut. It poked out from his torso and Spencer watched it grew more. Then as if it knew it was being watched, the belly sped up its expansion. Soon the chubby belly rested on the sink counter, now a big hefty beer gut. It stopped growing, it seemed to be waiting for something. Spencer gripped his belly in his new shirt. He fingers sinking a bit into his new fat as he bounced it. The belly wobbled and jiggled. He could not believe his senses. He was fat! He had been trying to put on weight for so long and now for some reason, the universe had decided to grant his wish.

He lifted his shirt, eyes widening at new flabby moobs, he used his right hand to grope one of them. The moob feeling like he was squeezing a bag of icing that was warm. He dropped his shirt and walked over to his full-length mirror again and spun his hips, taking in his enlarged love handles, his fat stomach, and his hefty moobs. He just could not believe this, and soon his disbelief turned to surprise as he felt his itchiness again but this time it radiated all over him. Arms, legs, gut, chest, face, and head all itched as Spencer saw in the mirror brown hair grow all over him.

He ran his hands over his forearms, strands of long hair growing like grass up and down them. He raised his right leg forward and watched hair grow there too. Spencer then decided to take his shorts off. He unbuttoned them, taking a bit larger to do so under his big belly before the shorts fell and were kicked off. Underwear stretched over a forest of leg hair as it grew all over calves and thighs.

Spencer felt itchiness under his shirt and lifted it to watch as his moobs and chubby belly spread with manly hairiness. All over flabby skin, the forest grew, the moobs and belly covered in brown hair, top to bottom. Placing his shirt down he felt his face flourish with hair, a five o’clock shadow going to short beard to long then finally ending just between his chubby chest, the beard covering the Viking logo on his t-shirt somewhat. He then felt two strands of his hair twist and form two beard braids held together by appearing metal beads. He felt his hair on his head lengthen and flow downward. A braid tied itself over his flowing locks and another metal bead tied it together behind him. Spencer threaded his fingers in both his new beard and his new hair. It was so smooth like a professional had taken care of it.

He looked up from his examinations and admired himself in his mirror. He looked amazing! Flowing locks of brown hair, chubby belly, and hair all over. He took a moment to bounce his belly, something about the way he looked made Spencer think. He widened his eyes at the realization. He looked like the catalog model from Colossal Clothing. He looked up confused though because he recalled that the model had ginger hair.

Spencer’s confusion turned into joy when he noticed a discoloration in his new hair and beard. It lightened from his brown to ginger right before his eyes. He was turning into the Viking man who had worn the same shirt he wore now. Spencer wondered how in the world that Alan’s t-shirt had done this but that did not matter right now. He knew from his recollection that he had a few more changes left.

The thought coincided with a strong thickening in Spencer’s chest. His flabby moobs firmed up, as he felt under them building muscles. The shirt he wore strained at the expansion of his fat pecs. He was so sexy. Next, he felt the firmness spread to his arms. He flexed them a little over his shoulder and watched his biceps bunch up and tighten up in his shirt sleeve, the growth traveled down the forearms, making them thicker and growing his hands bigger so they looked as meaty as Alan’s had. Below his hanging gut, thighs widened, bugling with added muscle before calves strengthened and feet strained his socks.

He was now a chubby, Viking, strongman. He flexed his arms more and this action drew out the next change. He felt his body rise. He was not adding on muscle or fat but pure size. He felt his underwear stretch its elastic and the socks below that started to rip. He paid it no mind when those pair of socks tore and rested in tatters below his giant feet. The shirt continued to strain on his meaty pecs and fat belly. A strip of belly emerging above tight underwear and showing off the hairiness of his belly button. He picked up his round belly and wobbled it, the firm but soft belly bouncing at the movement.

The last, but not least, of all the changes started below this massive ball of a gut. Spencer let out a gasp of pleasure as his crotch filled up his cotton briefs. Balls sagged downward, bugling out his briefs, creating a spherical bulge there as his dick lengthened and stretched longer. When the growth ended he sported a gigantic underwear bulge. Spencer brought a meaty mitt to his bulge and squeezed it. The action causing a moan to emerge from his mouth. His dick felt so huge in his hand. He took his thumbs and stretched the already straining elastic underwear bands and lowered his briefs down. He could not see much over his gut but feeling his dick seemed to be about 10 or maybe even 12 inches long, and it was only soft right now! He pulled his briefs back up, loving the look of his bulge too much.

He was done. An exact copy of the Viking model. Spencer even now just noticing his former brown eyes now a beautiful sea green. He went and lifted his shirt off, giving it and Alan a silent thanks for his new body.

As soon as the shirt stopped touching skin though Spencer felt his body vibrate and all over himself his changes, like the wind, receded back to his former appearance. Hair receded and turning brown again. Belly and muscles shrinking and turning back to his diminutive chubbiness. He shrunk in height and size. His underwear no longer bugling out with his fat dick and balls. And like that Spencer was his old self again. He stared in disbelief at his rapid reversion. He frowned before glancing on his bed at his new t-shirt.

So, I have to wear the shirt to look that way, he thought.

In a flash, Spencer grabbed the shirt and slipped it on. After a brief second, he was thrown around in violent expansion. The changes came a lot faster this time around. His belly surging outward like a balloon. His hair flowing out and down like a waterfall. He shot upward as his size returned and down below his bugle came back with a passion; the crotch popping outward like a water balloon bursting.

Spencer swirled his hands over his returned torso, looking up at his appearance. He knew without a doubt that he was taking Alan’s offer for a job. Also, Alan had a lot of explaining for giving him this wonderful gift. But tonight, Spencer was a sexy Viking and he was going to enjoy as much as he could.


Part 3

The next morning Spencer awoke and knew something was different. His feet were touching the floor. Last night after experiencing the miracle of a lifetime as a magic t-shirt turned him into a hot chubby Viking man Spencer had played with himself. Every part of his body radiated sensation. Fat nipples, gigantic balls, and his huge dick drove his jerk-off to extreme bouts of pleasure. The pleasure lasted very long to the point he lost track of time. At his climax he had passed out and now it was the morning.

He sat up in his bed and took in the sight before him. He had outgrown his bed. It seemed in the night Alan’s t-shirt had not finished his transformation. He had grown and grown big. His head touched the ceiling to the point he had to bend down to not bang his head.

“I’m a giant!” a deep baritone of a voice unfamiliar to Spencer boomed out.

He jumped. His voice had changed as well. He looked down and noticed that he had not just gotten taller, but he had grown proportionally. Spencer let out a gruff laugh, nothing was going to fit him now. Well—almost nothing. The t-shirt fit perfectly. He reluctantly took it off, expecting to revert back to his former size to go out in public.

He didn’t shrink. Spencer was completely naked and still his huge lumbering giant Viking self.

Spencer’s dick sprang to life at the thought of being like this permanently, but he couldn’t let himself get distracted. He needed to get back to Colossal Clothing. If one of Alan’s t-shirts could do this what other things could Alan do and who was this Alan that is going around selling magical transformation t-shirt.

Spencer lumbered over to his closet, his giant legs and feet making loud booming sounds. His eyebrows rose as he pulled out his biggest pair of pants. They were ginormous. Everything in his closest was! Impressed and confused about why his wardrobe and body had changed but not his house, Spencer threw on his clothes.

As he crawled and bent his hulking body through and out his doors, Spencer noticed something about his changed clothing. All of it fit tightly on him, even the Viking t-shirt he had pulled back on. It was like every piece was molded to his body but still comfortable. His pecs bounced, his nipples poking out the fabric. His belly wobbled with each step, just barely staying covered—and only if he didn’t stretch. His cheeks flushed as he tried and chubby underbelly peeked out. His jeans hugged his butt-cheeks like a lover as they jiggled back and forth in them. His bulge bobbed and stuck out from his pelvis obscenely.

He nearly passed Colossal Clothing, he was so distracted by his new body. He entered the store, his nerves on edge.

“Hello again, Spencer!”

Alan stood in the same place he had been when Spencer last saw him, behind the checkout counter. Things were different, though.

Alan was still his 7 or so feet tall but compared to Spencer, who had to be 10 feet, he looked almost normal. Alan also wore a different t-shirt from yesterday, a dark green one with the head bust of a fantasy orc as if screaming a war cry.

Alan craned his neck up at Spencer. “I see you’ve grown into quite the Viking,” he said.

He came around the counter, his head coming only up to Spencer’s belly. He gave the ball of gut pat and slightly squeezing it. A shiver of ecstasy ran threw his loins.

Alan gave him a big toothy grin. Were Alan’s lower canines always so big?

“How is this possible?” Spencer stuttered.

Alan’s grin seemed to widen as canines grew out from his enlarging jaw to jut out over his top lip. The tusks made Alan sound like was grunting as he spoke. “All in due time. I was planning on indulging myself before you got here, but you might as well enjoy the show. Follow me.”

Alan led him thru the back door of the store. He watched Alan duck under the door, doing the same after him.

As they entered the back room, the landscape changed and suddenly both enlarged men found themselves on a balcony overlooking a scenic mountain valley.

“Here’s where we’ll have all of our fun. I hope you like my transformation.”

Alan height matched his own now, two jutting tusks broadened his jaw. Alan brought up his right arm, flexing it. The arm slowly spread a green shade thru itself. Fist grew so big it seemed as big as his head. Fingers putting on meat to the point they seemed thick as arms. The green skin flowed down the arm bugling triceps and biceps into firm mounds as the Orc t-shirt arms split and tore apart. Alan’s arm was massive compared to his other one. It seemed this change was one that developed unevenly, one part at a time.

Alan grunted out a moan as the change morphed his right pec. It swelled up and out giving the shop owner a shelf of pure muscle. The wave of bugling muscles ballooned out the adjacent pectoral. Two massive pecs stood out from Alan’s chest and Spencer couldn’t resist and groped them. They were soft and firm, too big even for his huge meaty hands he had grown. He glanced over to Alan’s other arm and watched the same expansion surged from pec to arm to hand to fingers each gradually bursting with growth, so it matched his other.

Alan used his new orc hand to grip his bearded chin and pull it in for a tusked and passionate kiss, all the while Spencer felt his swollen pec. Below them define abs bunched up and bubbled out. It firmed up into a raised lump of a belly more akin to a strong man belly then Spencer’s wobbly gut. The t-shirt that had started this transformation had massive rips in it, sleeves split and coming undone.

They broke from their kiss and Alan flexed his whole upper body and arms. With one loud rip the shirt exploded and fell off his frame. Spencer got a good look at everything now. All of it was green waist up. Alan was hairy over his chest and stomach but not compared Spencer’s forest of ginger hair that coated his body. The black hair accentuated the belly and pecs in a rough T shape from the deep crevice between the pecs down along a treasure trail to Alan’s waist which he noticed was stretching out wide and straining the jeans’ waistline.

Alan reached out and gripped Spencer t-shirt and lifted it over his head. He cast it aside on a bed Spencer barely noticed. Spencer’s belly protruded outward much more than Alan’s and had swathe of red hair covering it. They stood close enough that both their swollen tummies rubbed against each other. This time Alan was the one groping as he explored the round fuzzy belly, jiggling its heft.

Alan let out a soft moan as he gripped his own crotch. The change seemed to have reached his dick. It was already forming a tent in the blue fabric. Alan undid the buckle and zipper left the bugle free as it started to bunch up the orc’s underwear. He shucked the too small jeans, leaving the underwear. The dick pushed out and out, balls swelling so big they were the size of coconuts. Alan reached grabbed the other man’s hands and placed them on the orc’s ass. Spencer already hard dick jerked as he felt them ballooning outward. The underwear fought hard to stay on, but tears and rips abounded as size increased to orc nether regions before bursting apart. The basketball-sized nuts bobbed and a thick can of a cock flopped on top. The dick was massively thicker than his, albeit shorter compared to Spencer’s—he estimated somewhere over half a foot thick.

The change was not finished, still moving downward. Thighs thickened so they matched the same width of his arms. Calves swelled out so much that the whole lower leg might be one huge calf. Alan’s socks were still on and those stretched and tore as massive feet exploded out. Alan adjusted his stance, large booms echoing across the open space as his legs stamped the ground.

Alan’s change was fully over, and both their heights matched at roughly 10 feet or more, but everywhere else Alan was just wider—shoulders, dick, waist, everything. He smirked, giving the hairy ginger a grin.

“Now let’s have some fun together.”

The orc reached down and tore Spencer’s own pants and underwear off. Spencer’s massive dick and balls flopped out. He shook the remnants of clothing away along with his own shoes. The orc then pounced on the Viking. Landing on the bed they let their urges take over. The two enlarged men groped pecs, belly, ass as their dicks sprang up. Each letting out moans of ecstasy as nipples were pinched or sucked. Spencer indulged in a sloppy hairy and tusk filled kiss. He gripped the orc’s barrel of a dick pumping it up and down as he grinded his own dick in the meaty palm of the orc. He felt himself and Alan tense and they climaxed. The cocks fountained out cum as they reveled in their new bodies.

After a few moments of straight orgasming, they both laid side by side on the gigantic bed. Spencer noticed the cum that covered them and the covers slowly fade away. Spencer reached out and pulled his larger red furred arms around the orc’s enormous stomach, spooning him as he felt each of their heat from their enlarged bodies.

Alan shifted and planted a soft kiss on his bearded lips. “Time to show you what I’m capable of. You ready?”

Spencer grinned, excited for the possibilities.

3 parts 5,384 words Added May 2020 Updated 3 Dec 2022 19k views 4.4 stars (20 votes)

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