My new favorite app, Cockr

by Clearlyhere

 John is out of money and finds out about new app where his huge endowment could make him some serious cash.

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John was totally broke. He had 17 bucks in his checking account and it was only the 10th and he didn’t get another deposit from his parent till the first. When he lived on campus he didn’t have these problems. Now that we was living at an apartment complex a mile from school, he never seemed to have any money. There was happy hour and girls and parties, and probably too many late night pizzas.

“Going out tonight?” asked Harry, as he passed John, shirtless on the couch flipping channels. He had a tight body from playing soccer on the college team. He gave up the team because it was taking up too much of his time, though. He’d gained a little more bulk from lifting and not running all those drills.

“Nope, I can’t afford it after last weekend,” said John. He also had less money since he gave up his scholarship which was small to begin with.

“Yeah, you were trashed.”

“And I spent my fucking bank account on shots. Jessica and I didn’t even have sex that night.”

“Thems the breaks. Guys are easier.” Harry smiled to himself thinking of the two guys he went home with that night. One closeted frat boy with sweet pecs, total bottom, and Ron a surprisingly aggressive guy from his Calc class.


Harry looked at his fine specimen of a roommate on the couch. His pecs we defined and hot. His shorts that hinted at a package running down the side of his thigh. Boxers or maybe nothing at all. Harry had seen glances of John’s cock over the past three years. He really wanted to get a good, sustained look at it, but the boy was straight. Maybe 90/10, but that 10 only included wave his dick around at guys when drunk.

“I do have an idea. It may sound weird, but I think it might work for you,” said Harry, “There is a new app that pays for cock.” Harry had never tried it but Cockr was the latest app. He had been tempted sure, but he wasn’t sure if it would actually work.

“I’m not sleeping with…” said John.

“No, not like that. It.... you sort of trade.” Harry ran to his room to get his phone. Yes, he had downloaded the app and, yes, he had looked at the cocks that were on offer. It changed depending on what was available. Some you could schedule ahead for.

“See,” said Harry handing John the phone,” you can trade your cock for a period of time and you get what people are willing to pay. And… you might be able to get a lot.”

John reached down to adjust his cock. He’d been told many times it was huge. By girls when making out, by guys in locker rooms. He became a bit of an exhibitionist when drunk. He noticed when people would stare at his shorts. Certainly, hiding his spontaneous erections in high school had been embarrassing. Sporting a woody because the track girls running around on the sidelines during soccer practice was one of his problems.

“So,” he paused looking at the app on Harry’s phone, “how does it work?” He scrolled through all the cocks available in the area.

They had a pics of the cock with a list of the length and girth and age, etc. Some were cut. Some uncut. Some said trade and some said whole. John clicked on sign up, just to see how it was done.

Welcome to Cockr Beta, the newest app, with exclusive technology to get you the thing you want. You can sign up to TRADE cocks setting a price for one or the other person to pay for the privilege or you can do a loan of your WHOLE cock for a fee. TRADES are at the terms of the two participants. WHOLE price can be set up as a bidding system or a set price. All TRADES or WHOLE switches revert after 12 hours. Must be 18 to participate. Terms and conditions apply. A surcharge of 1.99 applies to all trades.

“This is fucking nuts!” said John.

“I know,” said Harry. “It looks fucking awesome, but I haven’t had the balls to try it.”

“Would you trade your cock for a smaller one for money?”

“Hell, I’d trade my cock for a bigger one. I mean. You’ve got a monster in there. Me, I’m fine, but to try a cock as big as yours? Fuck, I’d pay for that.”

“Really,” John said looking at Harry’s package, which he noticed was hard under his shorts. “I’m lucky I know. How much do you think I could get?”

“Well, let’s check the market. First sign up and then we’ll get your stats in.” Harry said getting excited. He stole his phone back from John. “Just download the app and make an account. I’ll take a look and see how you can maximize your...dick.”

John pickup up his phone, downloaded Cockr, and started entering in information.

Screen Name: JNW_Bigtime
Name: John Noah Wells
Age: 21
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190”
Length: 9”
Girth: ??
Circumcised: Yes
Special Attributes:

“So is Girth the top?”

“No girth is circumference around. Do you know how big you are?”

“Yeah, about 9 inches, but I don’t know girth.”

“About 9 inches? You need to be exact and be verified. People are paying for cock and if you are 9.5 inches or 8.7 inches it matters. You can’t guess.”

“I guess not.” John was feeling a little strange about this, but also turned on. He wondered how much he could get for a night with his cock. “So, I need to measure. I’ve got a ruler.”

“Actually, I have a measuring tape. It will work better for your girth anyway. Let me get it.” Harry ran to his room and came back with a cloth measuring tape. He’d ordered it in case he ever decided to sign up himself. He felt a little sheepish but also eager to get a good look at what John was packing.

“Thanks.” John was getting stiff thinking about the site. He’d been hoping Harry wouldn’t notice, but that felt silly under the circumstances. “You want to help?”

Harry was knocked out by this. He sort of just nodded and looked at the rapidly filling cock. John pulled it out and it was amazing. Harry had never seen a cock so big in real life. It was basically half way down his leg and thick. He wanted to lick it from tip to root. John casually jacked it with one hand that couldn’t ever cover his dick. It eventually stood at 90 degrees from his stomach leaking a little drop of precum.

“Sorry about that. I’m a bit of a leaker,” said John.

“That is totally a special skill.”

“Really? Do some guys want that?”

“Holy shit yeah. Some guys want that because their boyfriend loves cum or just wants the feeling of a massive cock drooling all over their partner.” A drop of precum fell onto Harry’s leg.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I totally asked for it. This is kind of hot , you know. Well, fuck yeah you know.” Harry said looking at this college soccer star with a giant cock pointing in his direction. Harry pulled down his pants too. His hard cock pointed straight up toward his belly button. John took in the sight. “My underwear was getting uncomfortable. Okay, let’s get measuring. So, I’m going to go from root to tip and… I’m 5.7 inches. Which is about average.”

“Okay, I’m,” said John as pulled the tape to the base of his cock, “9.2 inches.”

“See, you were going to short change your fucker and that thing stands out.” Harry took the tape back. “And I’m 5 inches, which is pretty good for as short as I am.”

“And I’m,” said John smiling and seeming proud of himself, “6.8 inches around.” Boy, that cock looked thick.

“Why don’t we switch phones and you take a picture of my cock and I take a few pictures of yours. Then we’ll get them posted and see how much you can get for it.” If John thought any of this was weird he didn’t indicate it. He handed over his phone and Harry took a few shots of it to maximize length and girth. They even did a compare with his phone. Everyone was going to want to try this dick. John took one pic of Harry’s dick and then they exchanged phones. John had a big cocky smile looking at his photos. You could see his apollo’s belt and abs in some of the photos. Too bad you couldn’t get those too. John had to admit his dick did look huge compared to what he had seen on the app.

Harry entered his own information into Cockr and John uploaded his photos:

Screen Name: Wylie_Boy
Name: Harry Wylie
Age: 21
Height: 6’01”
Weight: 180”
Length: 5.7”
Girth: 5.0”
Circumcised: Yes
Special Attributes: None

Now that they had both signed up, both looked at what was available. You could be looking or you could set up to trade. A guy could set his account to sell in two modes. One would TRADE his cock with someone, meaning they would exchange their cocks for 12 hours. Or they could do a WHOLE switch meaning losing you cock entirely, being reduced to a nub. The whole switches were definitely more expensive. You could trade a cock for practically nothing. Harry saw that he could trade with a shorter guy for about two bucks. There was no one who was trading as much as John though.

“It looks like you could do well in a trade, John. For a WHOLE exchange of six inches the going rate seems to be about $60. So for a trade with some guys of about 5 inches I bet you could get $40.” With six inches, Harry imagined, he’d be bigger than John was now.

“Yeah, but I bet I could get $100 for a WHOLE exchange.” John sounded pretty eager. It was about a third of what he got from his parents each month and would pay for a great night out.

“You are going to do a WHOLE exchange? You realize you won’t have a cock. It will be a little piss slit for 12 hours.”

“Yeah, but that is like 4 hours without a cock and 8 hours sleeping. For 100 bucks!”

“I would slow down. I mean it will probably affect you. It is not without side effects.”

“Side effects? Like what?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never used it.”

“Maybe I should rethink this. I mean, give up my cock,” he grabbed his still hanging cock. It sounded bizarre. Could he really loan out his cock to some guy. That shit is weird. There had to be another way to get some money. He didn’t want to call his dad though. It was really early in the month for that. “Thanks for the idea Harry. I’m sure you’d love to have this thing hanging from your crotch.”

John got up and went to his room to watch tv. He flipped channels unable to get this whole cock switching thing off his mind. Harry said he would probably get top dollar and 12 hours, well it did seem like a long time. It kind of turned him on that some guys would pay for his dick. He took off his shorts, again, and looked at himself in the mirror. He really liked the way he looked now that he could keep some muscle on after quitting soccer. His pecs were bigger and his ass was still high and tight. With that cock hanging, he was a fucking stud.

“I’m totally doing it.” He changed his status to available for TRADE or WHOLE and set to close at 8:00pm. How long would it be before he got a bid?

The bids started immediately. A big cock like his gained attention. It started with a bunch of low bids, $30, $40, quickly his trade bid topped out at $70. His WHOLE cock was going up and up, $125, $250, $275. One bidder, sent a message for WHOLE cock for $500 starting immediately.

“Shit, I didn’t think it would go up so high,” said John as he smirked. He could really use $500. He felt incredible proud of his cock. Some many people, men, want it. John was sitting on his bed with his cock out looking at bids for basically a cock loan. “That happened fast. I sort of thought it would take longer. I guess it’s Friday Night.”

“Yeah, I wonder if this guy has a big date tonight.” he said. Who did this guy want to fuck. He struggled with this whole unknown thing. Why didn’t he try a trade today and see how it works? It could be really weird. Maybe he wouldn’t mind it. He could always try a WHOLE next week if you need the money.

“Do it, do it, do it, do it,” said John feeling like a chicken shit. $500 was a lot of money, but $75 was pretty good. He’d have someone’s smaller cock too. “But go big or go home.” He pushed the button to accept the $500 bid. He sat down and jacked his cock a few times feel it in his hand while the transaction went through. It felt good in his hand. After about a minute, a message popped up on his phone:


“God, I hope I can handle it.”


A light came out of his phone scanned his cock and then it shrank. It had been erect to its fullest degree, but it shrunk smaller to 8 to 7 to 6 to 5, eventually all the way down to nothing. Even his balls were gone. John felt really strange. He could tell something was missing. That weight that was normally against his legs was gone and all that was left was a pee slit. He’d been nubbed.

John tried to lay down and watch tv, but now that his cock was gone he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He should have jacked off before he loaned it. Damn he felt horny. It made him horny thinking about loaning his cock and the $500 he made for it. There was just no way to release this tension. He had nothing to grab onto. He rubbed him crotch, but nothing was there. It was freaky.

He decided to go to the gym. He had lots of energy, so why not pound it out on some weights. Sometimes, he made little bets with himself, if he didn’t jack off till after he hit the gym he won. Well, it was sort of the same thing. Sort of.

When he got to the gym, he worked out harder than he ever had. He had all this sexual energy stored up and no release. And look at all the cock walking around. Guys… look at all the hot guys. Hot… John tried not to look at what the guys were packing. He also tried not to think about what he wasn’t packing anymore. Shit, there was a guy he sometimes lifted with coming up to him. Could he tell anything was different?

“Hey John.”

“Hey Brock.”

“Can you spot me on the bench?”

“Sure.” John was going to bench next anyway. He walked over and had his hands lightly under the bar as Brock started his reps. John’s crotch was right above Brock’s head while he was spotting. John didn’t want Brock noticing the flatness of his non-existent dick. Please don’t notice. Any gym shorts usually showed a bulge. He couldn’t hide it, except today there was nothing to hide.

“Done. Your turn pal.” Brock got up, sweaty from his work out. His shirt showed the sides of his pecs and lats. When John laid down on the bench, he noticed a nice dick hanging to the left in Brock’s shorts. “How much do you want?”


“How much do you want on the bar?”

“Oh, add 50,” said John distracted.

“50? Shit, you are a big man.” Brock added the weights and John pumped out his reps while staring up at that dick. “You know I think you could even go up a bit on the weight.”

“Huh? Yeah, that wasn’t too bad,” said John wiping the sweat from his forehead. He really wanted to jack off now. They switched positions again. He looked at Brock laying down on the bench with envy. His bulge was obvious in those clingy shorts. John was bigger. He was normally bigger. He would be bigger in a few hours.

John returned from the gym after an incredibly heavy work out. He couldn’t work out this sexual energy he had. In fact, looking at all those guys with their cocks swinging made it worse. He felt like every guy there was taunting his with their cocks, even the small ones. He normally would have showered at the gym, but there was no way he was doing that after being nubbed. He walked into the apartment all sweaty with his clothes sticking to him.

“Have a good workout? I might have gone too if you asked.” Harry was sitting on the couch watching a movie on HBO while looking at his phone.

“Sorry, I was distracted. I didn’t think about it.” John peeled off his sticky sweat drenched shirt and sat on the couch next to Harry.

“Geez, you could have taken a shower. You are soaked.”

“No, I couldn’t. I would have, but I didn’t want to show.”

Harry perked up, “You didn’t want to show what?” He put down his phone which was covered with cocks up for trade and he looked at John. Those shorts were clingy and normally Harry would see the outline of John’s enormous cock without trying. There was nothing to see though. Harry got hard looking at John’s ken doll crotch.

”So,” said John.

”You fucking did it. You fucking traded your mammoth cock for a tiny one. Holy shit! Let me see. Let me see.” Harry got up and couldn’t keep his hands off his own dick. The thought of John with a tiny cock made Harry’s cock rock hard.

”Fine,” said John, though he kind of felt excited. He pulled off his sweaty shorts and exposed his Ken doll crotch to Harry.

Harry’s cock went off and spit cum over the seated and stunned John. It was amazing to see the previously hugely endowed John reduced to nothing. It was so hot and a totally great orgasm.

“I guess you liked that,” said John a little dazed.

“Yeah, sorry. I can’t believe you traded your whole cock. Some guy added that thing to his cock and you’re nothing.” Harry reached down to feel the smooth nub.

“It’s okay. I actually don’t mind.” he said dapping the cum off his cheek.

”So, what does it feel like?”

”I don’t know. Like there is something I should be concentrating on, but I don’t know what it is. I was getting really excited about the trade like I was going to shag so girl and now I don’t. Now, I can’t. Normally, my dick is there on edge waiting to expand and get it on. There is something still telling me to fuck, but there is no way for me to do that. I couldn’t look at any of the guys at the gym. They were all there and I could practically see all these dicks swinging. I went to the locker room and saw all these guys changing and showering with their dick in the open.”

John was definitely horny as he tried to understand this feeling, this new sensation. He rubbed his nubbed groin seeing if it provided any sensation. It kind of felt good, like maybe he could hump the couch. It was smooth with his pubic hair delineating where his cock had been.

Harry vigorously rubbed his hand over John’s crotch. His cock started to twitch as he felt John’s nub. It was totally hot to see this college soccer stud, a guy he’d undressed with his eyes many times, to see him reduced to nothing. He was sweaty and his muscles were pumped. He’d had this huge cock and now it was gone. John didn’t seem to mind Harry getting so close even though Harry’s crotch was sprung right in front of his face.

“That feels so good,” said Harry.

“Yeah, weird. I’m missing my cock, but it feels good too.”

“I wish I had your cock right now,” said Harry.

“I’d love to see it on you.”

Harry grabbed at his phone and started to look at some trades he could afford. A few cocks were popping up as other bids were accepted and logged as taken. After scrolling through the WHOLE trades he couldn’t afford, Harry switched to TRADE. It was definitely cheaper to go that route and the smaller the difference the cheaper it was. There was an 8.3 by 6.3 uncircumcised model available, totally hot. It would be fun to have an uncircumcised cock. He’d enjoyed playing with foreskin before. He put in a bid for it and waited.

“Wow, are you going to get a new cock or are you lending out your whole cock like me?” said John getting excited. He grabbed Harry’s balls and cock feeling them tenderly. He’d wanted to grab Brock’s cock when it dangled over him at the gym. “I’m sure you could get $100 to $150 for the WHOLE thing and we’d be nubbed together.”

“No, actually I wanted to try a trade,” Harry sat down next to John on the couch. “Look at Peterrocket, right there. I’d be over 8 inches and pretty thick too.”

“Not as big as me.”

”Well, no one is a big as you. Seriously.” Said Harry. John grinned and, unconsciously, tilted back showing off his now nubbed groin. Nothing there to show off.

“I’m worth top dollar.”

“Yeah, and they fucking added it to their own cock, making them monstrous.”

“Cool.” John imagined his own cock adding to a small cock like Harry’s. It could be 13 or 14 inches long right now. He wondered what the guy was going to use it for. Was he just going to jack off at home? Make a video? Or was he going fuck some girl or guy real deep with it.


“It looks like Peterrocket took my offer.”

“Really? Awesome. Let’s see that baby grow”


A light came out of his phone scanned his cock and then it started to grow. It had been as big as it ever got, the whole idea of trading cock was totally hot to Harry. It grew and changed and grew. His balls got bigger and his sack lowered. God, he hadn’t even noticed this guy’s ball sack. He had huge balls or at least it felt that way. His cock now had a head that was as thick as its sizable shaft. Harry’s real cock was thicker at the base and tapered. This one was uniformly thick root to tip. He thought he could see foreskin. He was full mast so the foreskin peeled back to reveal its huge head.

John was impressed as Harry’s small cock transformed. This new cock was curved instead of ramrod straight and more like 90 degree from Harry’s body. Blond hair dusted above the cock and his balls were pretty hairless. It was funny that it didn’t go with Harry’s black hair treasure trail leading into blond pubes. He wiped a spot of cum off his face and put a finger in his mouth as he stared at Harry’s cock. It was a really good one.

“Holy fucking god that was amazing. Oh my GOD!” Harry immediately starting jacking his new cock, feeling the new dimensions. It felt heavy in his hands. He could even put both of his hands around it. It was some much thicker and longer. He’d been jacking off since he was 12 and suddenly he didn’t know his own cock. It was weird and hot.

John grabbed Harry’s shaft and felt it in his hand. It was immediately different from the one he’d just grabbed a few minutes ago. It was really big and warm, but he could pull skin up over the tip. He’d never held an uncircumcised cock before. It felt pretty cool. It made him want to jack his own cock as he rubbed his nub. God, it didn’t work. He needed to pull on his pud, but all he had was a nub. He pulled harder on Harry. Back and forth. John felt heat inside of him. He didn’t think he could get any relief.

Harry loved it as John jacked him off. This was an amazing cock. Just having John jerk him off was great, but he wanted—needed to shove it in John’s mouth.

John stopped cupping Harry’s balls and started pushing his fingers in his own ass. It felt natural to somehow give himself relief. Harry pushed forward and his cock enter John’s mouth. He face fucked him with a huge cock. It made John gag as it hit the back of his throat. How had he thought it was anything less than huge. It was smaller than the cock he loaned out, but it took up his whole mouth and was going down his throat. John’s fingers found a spot that felt good in his ass. Yeah, it was really good. Harry pushed John’s head down on the couch and fucked his throat. John lost the spot as Harry pushed him, but found it again when he pulled his legs up and spread his ass wide.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.” said Harry as he ran this new cock into his roommate’s mouth. John was moaning. How could he be moaning? How did it happen that John was sucking his cock? Well, not his cock, but this humongous thing that was somehow attached to him. And it felt so good. Harry hadn’t even noticed that John was shoving three fingers up his own ass. God, this boy seemed to need cock. No wonder, since he didn’t have one of his own anymore.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” said Harry looking into John’s eyes. They were watering, but happy. “You want my big ole cock shoved into your tight ass. You whore. You cock whore.”

John nodded and even more vigorously sucked on Harry’s borrowed cock. It just felt right. He needed something to fill him up. Something was missing and if felt good to have a cock in him.

Harry pulled away from John’s face and marveled as this big cock, Peterrocket’s cock, pulled out of John. He jacked it a few times in his hand. It just amazing having this huge cock in his hand. It made him want to feel John’s cock that someone else was enjoying right now. It just felt so full in his hand. His cock never felt like this.

He moved back and smacked his monster cock against John’s ass. Good thing John had been working on his virgin cock with three fingers because this was a big load to take. Harry positioned his big head against that hot pucker and pushed into that hot muscle ass.

John twitched as it went in. It was so big. It didn’t taper to a thick root. It was big all over. He moaned and his insides hurt.

“Hold on. Hold on, let me turn over.” said John. He repositioned himself on his hands and knees on the couch. “Okay, I’m ready. Go slowly.”

Harry pushed in slowly, but couldn’t fucking help himself and push all the way in. John screamed and reared him on his knees. Harry grabbed as his stomach and thrust just a little bit. Aching and moaning, a little, John accepted it. It was a lot, but wow it felt good. Harry pushed John down and pressed against his back while thrusting harder. Harry’s hands roamed all over John tight sweaty muscled body, feeling his pecs, his abs, his lats, his shoulders.

“Aaah,” John’s virgin hole tightened. “Harder. Keep going I’m almost there. Use that huge cock. Fucking fuck my fuck hole. Go. Go. Go!” Harry worked him harder. This was the best sex he’d ever had. His huge cock clamped down in a tight virgin hole. John’s ass was so hot and sweaty.

John started to fuck back. He was trying to get off and he was so close. His hand would go down to his crotch, but nothing was there. Harry’s cock was hitting the spot though. It felt so good like he was shooting cum, but in his ass. It was the most amazing thing he’d ever felt.

“I’m going to cum in your ass. I’m going to drop my cum all in your ass, fucker.”

“Do it. Do it now,” said John. Harry moaned and came in John. He gave volley after volley into that ass before pulling out to see this cock spray cum on John’s hot body.

“Wow,” said John after reached to wipe the cum with his hand and put it in his mouth. It even taste different than Harry’s cum. He licked every drop off his fingers before putting fingers up his ass for more. He lowered his head to lick Harry’s shaft of cum and juice. “God, I want to cum. It feels like I could fuck more and orgasm, but never feel any relief. Your cum tastes so good.”

“Give me half an hour and I’ll see what I can do for you,” said Harry. His borrowed cock was drooping, but soft it was as long as his normal cock. His former cock? No, it would be back. His real cock. This cock was more of show-er than his real cock. Harry really wanted to get a picture with Peterrocket’s cock attached to him. It stirred a little. It would be ready to fuck again soon.

John woke up in bed with Harry sleeping on his arm. It wasn’t his arm losing circulation that woke him up. Something was happening. He felt this warm tingle around his crotch like a lot of blood following, like he was getting an erection. Like his non-existent cock was going to blow. He rub his crotch desperate to grab something. And something appeared. It was just a little cockhead, but it got bigger and bigger.

John stood up and looked at himself in the mirror watching his little cockhead lengthen and thicken become his massive 9 inch cock. It was back. His huge cock was back, and it was hard. He jacked it up and down. It felt so good to have it back; he felt pumped up. He felt that really good sore sensation, like from working really hard at the gym. He would almost swear his muscles were still pumped. His pecs were tight and defined with chaffed nipples. His abs were ripped and covered in dried cum. His ass was also sore after being fucked by Harry’s big cock three or four times last night.

“Hey Harry.”


“Hey Harry, wake up.” Harry lifted his head to look at John. He was still sleepy, but he gazed with admiration at John. Harry hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing John naked more than once and he was fine.

“Looking good,” said Harry. Very fine.

“Looking good? My fucking cock is back. Look how hot it is.” He twisted to the side to show his jutting cock and flexed in the mirror all while jacking his cock.

“Yeah, it is!” said Harry, who was starting to enjoy the show. He sat up. John was a beast. He was looking so hot and he’d definitely stepped up his workout routine. His chest looked amazing too.

“Well, I think you owe me something for last night,” said John with the hint of a threat. Harry felt uneasy. This nakedstraighthunk of a man, who he’d fucked and fucked and fucked last night, might be a little ticked off. John moved next to the bed, his full mast 9 inch cock extended toward Harry. It was even more beautiful up close, dripping with precum.

“I think we should see who’s the bigger man now,” John pulled off the bed sheet to reveal Harry’s naked body. Harry’s borrowed cock was ticking up and up, obviously enjoying the view. John wrapped his hand around Harry’s cock and teased it. Next he stood up to put their two cocks together and damn they looked hot rubbing each other. Even this borrowed cock wasn’t as big as John’s real one. It still looked big, but next to John’s superior cock is was clearly inferior. John really did precum a lot, with a trail of cum lubing the two cocks.

“John, I think last night… ”

“Last night was hot, but I think I need to show who is the big man now.” John moved his cock closer to Harry’s lips. “Suck it down, boy. You totally want my cock.”

Harry didn’t need any more prompting. He’d dreamed of just touching John’s gigantic cock and here he was offering it to him. It was really hard to suck. Harry did his best. John got impatient and started to face fuck Harry.

“Take it bitch. You wanted it. You think I’m some sort of bitch boy. Now’s your turn,” said John in a voice that was either lost in lust or just plain menacing. Harry guessed turnabout was fair play. Harry kept gagging as John thrusted. He kind of wished he’d gone a little easier on John last night.

“You better lube up that cock because that is all the lube your ass is going to get,” said John thrusting some more. Harry wanted to respond, but just blinked tears out of his eyes while staring up at John. John pulled out and flung Harry’s legs onto his shoulders. Harry was totally controlled by him. John’s cock pushing on his asshole felt really intimidating, almost like a fist.

“Go slow, please,” Harry pleaded. “I want you to fuck me, especially with your huge cock. I’ve wanted your gigantic cock since I saw it poke out of your shorts Freshman year. I wanted to see it and now I want you to fuck me,” he admitted. “Go slow. It will be the biggest one I’ve ever had.” He reached one hand up to grab John’s pec and glided it down to his abs. Harry didn’t know if John even heard him. He slowly and steadily pushed in his cock. It hurt like a fucking bitch. Harry unconsciously tried to resist it while jacking his own borrowed cock.

Then, his cock was like fire. It was unbearably warm and… shrinking. Oh, god it felt good. He held it in his hand feeling it shrinking and changing and tightening and… His original cock exploded with cum and John thrust the rest of his cock inside.

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god. You are a little man. You fucked me with a borrowed cock, but I’m fucking your tight ass with my REAL big cock. Just because you were loaned a big cock doesn’t mean you are the big man. I’m in charge and you want me to fuck you hard. I’m the biggest man you’ve ever seen.”

They fucked hard, Harry came twice his normal load while riding John’s cock. His ass was taking it, just on the edge of unbearable, over and over. He was hitting the spot like no other man had ever done. How had this happened? Finally, the man of his dreams, his stud roommate was fucking him with his giant cock and all he could do was moan.”Oh god.”

“Fucking take it bitch boy,” said John as he exploded in Harry’s ass. John came back to his senses a little, pulled out his cock and jacked more cum onto Harry. Just like Harry had cum all over John last night, John sprayed Harry and rubbed it all over his pecs.

“Shit, that is a magnificent cock.” Harry needed to use that cock.

John scooped up some cum and fed it to Harry. He needed to show who was in charge here. He didn’t know how he’d let Harry top him and flip him and plow him some more. He’d needed that big cock, but now he was back to the way it should be. He was in charge. He was the big dick man and Harry was the fag taking it up the ass. It had been the best night of sex he’d ever had. John had never felt such desperate desire. And this morning, Harry took his whole cock like a champ. It felt so good.

“I still get at least two more times at that ass. It’s only fair,” said John wiping his cock with a towel.

“Fair,” Harry groaned unable to move. After being in the throes of lust, he could feel how sore his ass was. “You loved me plowing your ass when you were nubbed, by the way. You begged me to fuck you again. And again.” He grinned.

“Yeah, but that was when you were the big cock man. I’m the man now.”

“That can be changed.”

“Yeah, get me a water. I think I’m going to need another crack at that ass soon.” John’s cock was still semi-hard and it didn’t look like it was going to need much of a rest.

Harry obsessed about the fucking John had given him. John’s cock—his real cock—was just amazing. Once, he’d seen it poke out of John’s shorts accidentally. Ever since, he’d noticed the bulge in his gym shorts or the occasional swim trunks. He’d dreamed of getting to touch it, to feel it, and, like a miracle, John had fucked him… three times. That was last week. Every day since, his roommate had been avoiding him.

Normally, John was a casual exhibitionist, walking around shirtless in the morning with a bowl of cereal. Harry would, oh so casually, check out his hot body, notice the progress he’d make on his workouts. In the past week, when John saw him, he turned around and went back in his room. One day, sweaty from the gym, he went to the refrigerator for his protein shake and peeled off his muscle shirt, his cock hanging to the right in almost see-through worn out shorts. Harry ate it up until John turned to see him on the couch staring. He quickly walked to his room and shut the door.

Harry had been keeping an eye on the app, a very close eye. Lots of cocks popped up, but he didn’t see one as magnificent as John’s JNW_Bigtime. He’d considered renting another one or even getting a whole trade to see how John would react, but it seemed like a waste of money. He didn’t have a lot of money to throw around if nothing was going to happen.

Then John’s magnificent cock showed up on Friday night. Ron and Harry were sitting on the couch watching a movie when Harry got an alert that one of his favorites, Bigtime, was available for whole.

“Holy crap, he’s on the market!”

“Who?” Asked Ron.

“My fucking roommate!” he said a little too loudly. He whispered “I hoped he’d do it again. We had an amazing time last week, but he’s been very weird this week.”

“God, I knew he was hung, but, shit, that is beautiful.” Ron got out his own phone and looked at the stats on John. It was the best looking cock he’d seen. And he put in a bid.

“If only could bid on that dick,” said Harry looking at the current bids for Bigtime.

“I’ve got money and I just bid 300,” said Ron.

“You’re going to rent it?”

“Damn straight.” They both waited and watched the screen to see if the bid was accepted. The movie was totally forgotten. No other bids came in, but they had to wait. John could pull his dick off the market if he felt the fee wasn’t worth it. Harry needed to see that big dick again. It felt like nothing happened for a long time.


“Rich bastard,” said Harry grabbing Ron’s still unremarkable cock through his shorts. Harry was really jealous that Ron was going to get a tryout with John’s cock before him.

“Hey, give me your phone.”

“I don’t have a ton of money.”

“Just trust me.” Ron typed a few things into Harry’s phone and scrolled through a bunch of choices. A moan came from John’s bedroom which perked up Harry’s dick.

“You need to get your pants off.” said Harry.

“Just give me a second,” said Ron as he typed on Harry’s phone. “There we go.”

“What did you just do?”

“Something to make our night a fucking good time.”

John rushed out of his bedroom and muttered something about going to the gym and was out the door before anyone could respond or notice his nubbed crotch.

With the apartment vacant, Harry and Ron quickly pulled off their pants and underwear. Ron was at full mast, a respectable but sadly average 6 inches. His cock twitched in anticipation. Harry’s cock, smaller and thinner than Ron’s, was ticking up too.

A light scanned Harry’s cock and it began to shrink, down to four, three, two, one, nothing. His balls also retracted, seeming to shrivel like grapes into raisins until there was nothing. Just a Ken doll crotch.

“You fucker!” said Harry as he rubbed his smooth crotch. It felt good yet unsatisfying. He rubbed harder, but he had no dick to jack.

“At least you got $30 for it… Ah. Aaaah.” Ron started panting. The light from his phone scanned his dick. Ron’s dick orgasmed and grew Bigger! It got longer and thicker at the same time adding BIGTIME to Ron’s own dick. He grew past 9 inches to 12 inches and stopped. His balls were golf ball sized in an impressive sack below this monster of monsters.

“Fucking amazing man.” Harry grabbed it to feel the biggest cock he’d ever seen. It was a hybrid of Ron’s and John’s cocks. It seemed the mass of Ron’s cock was added to John’s and it wasn’t quite either or maybe more accurately it was both. Ron’s original cock tilted toward his stomach and it still had that slight curve up though it was so much thicker now. It did seem a lot like the cock John had fucked Harry with last week, but better, amazing, impossible.

“Yeah, this is, uh, uh (panting) the best, uh, uh, wow.” Ron couldn’t believe how great this new hybrid cock felt. He’d experienced another cock, but adding a huge whole cock was so much better. Harry’s hand jacking him was hot, hot, hot. He moaned enjoying this hyper sensitive feeling. There was also this power. Ron pushed Harry down onto the couch. Harry enthusiastically complied and started to suck him. It was a struggle because the head was larger than John’s original cock. Harry wanted to get as much in as he could.

The head of Ron’s new cock was hard to get into Harry’s mouth. Just a week ago he’d fucked John and John had fucked him with his Bigtime cock. God, was that name accurate. Combined with Ron’s average cock, it was unbelievable. It was really hard to swallow as much as Harry tried. He rubbed it all over his face leaving a trail of precum.

Ron pulled Harry off the floor and repositioned him on the couch with his head hanging off. Then, he pushed his cock in and started to fuck his face. Harry gagged and writhed, it was too much, Ron barely noticed this nubbed boy. He didn’t care if he was gagging, he was the man in charge.

Harry rubbed his nub and tried to calm down. It was so amazing and he wanted to be abused by this cock. It hurt so good. He head was a mass of confusion. He wanted to jack off his own nonexistent cock. It should be there, right where his hand was. It felt good yet unsatisfying to rub his nubbed crotch. Thwarted by his nub, Harry put a hand back to massage his hole. It felt like the jackpot. His throat calmed down during the fucking. It felt more natural now having this obscene cock fucking his throat. Cum dribbled down his throat and Harry loved every drop. It made his chest feel warm, like his nipples were going to cum or something. Harry push his fingers harder into his ass, trying to hit his prostate.

“I think I can help with that.” said Ron. He pulled out and flipped Harry pretty forcefully over the back of the couch. With only Harry’s saliva covering his dick, he positioned and pushed his cock against Harry’s hole. Harry moaned and whimpered. It was thicker than John’s original cock and he needed it so bad. With little care, because Ron couldn’t really control himself, he pushed in and Harry screamed.

“Too fast man. Ho! Too fucking fast. You’ve got, like, the biggest rod there. HO-LY!”

“Fuck too fast. You fucking need my big cock stuffed up your ass. You little sub boy. You want a big cock to hit your button. Your big plump tight ass is calling for my big big big cock.” Ron fucked harder and harder. There was no easing in, just raw fucking power. Harry couldn’t respond with any words. His ass screamed out in pain and his head screamed out in ecstasy. This exquisite pain of being torn open was amazing.

“You need this, you fucking Ken doll. My cock is the only way you can relieve your need. You need this. Big cock is what you crave. Uh uh. Fuck yeah squeeze it. Uh uh. Fuck yeah, your hole is tight. Push back you whore.” Ron fucked and fucked and fuck while feeling Harry’s tight body. He rubbed his tits and twisted his nips. Ron noticed that Harry’s pecs were expanding and his ass was bigger. Each twist and grab caused a reaction in Harry. It was the hottest fuck session Ron had ever had.

His cock was building up with a massive load. Harry was working his cock hard. Ron held on longer and longer until… phew, his hybrid cock came. He pulled out and sprayed Harry’s back and ass. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ron came and came. Load after load. It was as if four guys had cum all over Harry.

Harry turned around and cleaned off Ron’s cock, sucking cum as the cock shrunk to a flaccid 7 inches. Ron reached down to the cum on Harry’s glistening torso and fed it to him.

“Eat it all up,” he smiled, “Good boy.” Harry felt so good swallowing load after load of cum.

John put his cock for a whole loan on Cockr. He really needed the money. Well, sort of needed the money. It’s not like he had a lot and there were some shoes he’d been looking at buying. Not that he needed a $300 pair of sneakers, but he could afford them… if he used the app again. Last week he’d made a fair amount and he had delayed using the app again. All week he’d been thinking about it. He sat staring at the board thinking, what did he need a cock in physics class for. What use was a cock during history of Latin America. He could be making money with it.

He’d noticed a few people glancing at his package in his shorts or tight jeans. At least he thought he had, but maybe he was just being self-conscious. Now he knew that it was a commodity, he could just be seeing people’s normal interaction with him. It’s not like everyone had seen his cock on the app. Someone had used it, but even they didn’t know who he was, just his screen name. He wondered who they’d fucked with it. Maybe be a whole bunch of guys. Or girls. It could have been a girl needing an upgrade on her boyfriend’s dick.

He put up the posting on Friday and hoped he’d get as much money. This time bids came in, $120, $180, $200. Then, UpclosePrsnl bid $300 for immediate use. It wasn’t $500, but he doubted he could get that much every time he used the app. Supply and demand. He didn’t have a long time to wait before the offer would be retracted. So he took the $300. It was pretty good and he’d be asleep for most of the time anyway. Pulling down his gym shorts, he let the phone scan his dick. It shrunk just like last time. John moaned as it shrunk. It was like an orgasm except now he felt hornier.

John raced out of his room barely noticing Harry and Ron on the couch staring in his direction. He headed to the gym. The distraction did him good last time. John lifted more than he ever had. He noticed that he’d made some progress in the past week. Today, he felt like he could lift anything. The gym wasn’t crowded on a Friday night, but there were still some dedicated athletes there. He did everything he could to distract himself. Bench press, leg press, flies, hammer curls, skull crushers, he put all his energy into lifting to take his mind off his dick.

Brock was there again, looking ripped in a muscle shirt and compression pants. He’d had thick thighs and a nice bulge going on. Could he have his cock? Did he order bigtime? Nah, his cock wasn’t that big, but it was a hot idea. Brock with a nine-inch cock boning up seeing John pumping up, getting huge. Brock caught John looking and walked over after his set. Brock’s bulge was right in front of John’s face while he sat down at the machine.

“Hey man. You are looking great. Nice pump on your tits… pecs I mean. You are packing on some pounds.” Said Brock with a fantastic smile while nudging his pec. John had always had a soccer player’s build, but he guessed his pecs were filling out now. He practically had a pec shelf.

“Thanks, man. I’m just doing the work. Your arms look fantastic.” On a whim he reached to grab Brock’s bicep. He’d love to have arms as big as Brock. They were huge and thick.

“Yeah, I’ve been working on them. Got to get those guns.” Brock flexed his biceps for John. Totally hot. “I’d love to have a chest like yours.”

Brock reached down and felt John’s pecs again. John’s nips hardened from the attention as there was nothing else to harden. John moaned a little.

“I’m pretty much done here. I was going to do some cardio, but…. I think I’m just going to head down to the locker room.” Brock smiled a little shyly removing his hand from John and walked away. John followed him with his eyes. That man was a prize specimen. His back was a tapered V and his ass was rock hard. John did another round on the chest press trying to pump up his tits even more, then walked downstairs to the locker room.

Brock stood by his locker in a towel. His physique was lean and his body was pumped from the workout. John hesitated, looking to see if anyone was around.

Brock didn’t fucking care. John sat on the bench in front of him and kissed his abs. He tasted salty from sweat. Brock pulled off John’s shirt and grabbed him all over feeling his shoulders, feeling his arms, feeling his tits. His bulge pulled at his towel and lifted. He did have a big dick. John pulled the towel down and started licking it. Thick and over 8 inches, it was a beautiful circumcised cock.

Brock pulled John up and held him tight. His cock pointing up in between them. He grinded against him. They both were so hot and sweaty. John tilted down to lick Brock’s nipples. Brock stopped him by demanding a kiss, a very forceful kiss. He reached down into John’s pants. There was nothing there. His hands explored, but there was nothing but a nub.

“Wait, what is going on?” He said leaning away from the kiss and looking down. He still had the waistband pulled out and he looked into John’s underwear for a cock. His hand rubbed the nub. “Where’s your dick? You’ve got nothing down there. It’s a Ken doll crotch.”

“I… used an app. It’s called Cockr,” John said reluctantly. “It is sort of on loan.”

“On loan?”

“Yeah, I needed some money and a guy can rent it for 12 hours for a trade. If you do a whole trade, instead of a swap, you get… nubbed. It makes me, really, really horny.” Brock seemed entranced as he pulled John’s shorts and underwear down to get the full affect. He kneeled and licked John’s nubbed crotch.

“How does that feel?”

“Good. Hot. Like my dick is just out of reach and if you did it a little harder I could cum. But I can’t.” Brock leaned down to lick and nuzzle John’s crotch while John moaned some more. He teased his asshole with a finger, making John nuts. He not so subtly, encouraged Brock’s hand. “I want your dick man. Give me your dick.”

“I see why you need my dick. You eunuch. Sold your dick off and can’t orgasm. You need me to pump you full of spunk. You need it.” Brock stood up and pushed John back with his body. John fell down on the bench and was face to dick with Brock. “Suck me off, tit boy. I love pumped-up tit boys and feeling those tits as you suck my big cock. Is your cock this big, tit boy?”

“Yes,” he said while diving into lick Brock’s cock.

“Is it bigger than mine?” John nodded with his tongue cleaning Brock’s cock head. “I’m going to have to see this big cock some day. You don’t have anything right now. You’re a pussy boy who needs big cock to feel like a man again. Your nubbed crotch can’t cum, so you need my cum. Should I drop a load down your throat, so you can taste my spunk? Or should I pump your ass full of seed?”

John worked Brock’s cock up and down. It was only the second cock he’d sucked but his desire made him very good at it. Brock started to fuck John’s face pushing him down on the locker room bench. John choked while Brock got to forceful. John couldn’t breathe as Brock was balls deep into his mouth. John coughed and sputtered on precum and cock flesh.

“Have you ever sucked a big cock like mine before, pussy boy? Does if feel good in your throat? You need this boy. Concentrate on my big cock.” John loved this feeling. His hands roamed all over Brock’s tight ass and hot chest. He grabbed those huge arms and felt their power. Brock speed up his rutting.

“Flip over fucker. Present that ass to me. I want to see that bubble butt and your tight hole.” Said Brock. John quickly complied, flipping over and presenting his ass. His hole was hairless and tight. Brock leaned down and licked it. He had the juiciest ass he’d ever seen, like he did squats everyday and lunges every night. “Your ass is driving me crazy.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Pleasure my hole.”

“How do you want me to do it?”

“Put your big dick in my hole and fuck me hard. Work my ass. Use me.”

“Your wish is my fucking command, bottom boy.” Brock lined up his cock and pushed into John. It was totally hot and John squealed as Brock went in slowly but steadily. Once in, he rocked back and forth looking for the right spot. John let out a gasp as his prostate was hit by Brock’s big dick.

Brock pulled John up from the bench and ran his hands along John’s tits and abs. He teased and twisted John’s nipples. John couldn’t control his moans. He was so stimulated by cock, by Brock’s hot chest rubbing on his back, by his teased nips. He’d never felt hotter.

Two guys walked over from another aisle in the locker room to see the commotion. The shorter guy, a cross-country runner type, pulled his cock out and started jacking off. His bigger wrestler friend looked embarrassed, but was rubbing his dick in his shorts.

“Hey, come on over,” said Brock. “I think this cock whore needs more stimulation. Who’s got the balls to fuck this cock monster?”

“I’ve got a big cock,” said the wrestler, whose name was Neville. The wrestler pulled out his cock. It was a good 7 inches and dripping with precum.

“Tell them how much you want that cock,” said Brock to John.

“I need more cock. Please let me, uh, uh, uh, lick it while he fucks me. I want more cock. I need more cum. Please, please, give it to me.”

“Woah, did you sell your cock on Cockr?” said Neville. “I’ve never seen a nubbed guy before.”

“Yes, sir. I did.” Neville’s dick hardened up and spit some precum. He was really excited to see a nubbed man. Especially, a nubbed man getting pounded by hot Brock.

“Come here. Feed this tit boy your cock.” John moaned anticipating a big cock in his mouth while being fuck by Brock’s even bigger cock in his ass. The wrestler removed his shirt. He’d had a tight chest and abs. He came up to John and rubbed his face with drool before pushing his cock in. John tried to work this new cock in his mouth. He was overloaded with cock, being rutted over and over by Brock and licking this cockhead.

The lean cross country guy had taken of all his pants and underwear and moved closer. He moved his cock to John’s mouth too. John grabbed it and started alternating between the two, working hard to pleasure both boys. The wrestler leaned over to make out with his cross country friend who was moaning from his blow job. They both pushed their cocks into John’s mouth, rubbing their cocks against each other.

John moaned and grunted, hyper stimulated by all these cocks. Brock was rutting him so hard and the two jocks were rubbing against each other and gagging him. The cross country boy started to shoot and pulled his cock till its head was just on the tip of John’s tongue. John got to taste every volley. The wrestler moaned and deep dived with his tongue into the cross country boys mouth. He, too, shot his cum into John’s mouth serving him volley after volley of wrestler spunk.

John swallowed and felt warm all over. Something was happening, but only Brock noticed that John’s pecs swelled. His nipples even got bigger. Unconsciously he twisted his nips, sending hot waves of pleasure to his flat crotch. Brock took over rubbing John’s chest, squeezing his pecs, gripping and groping.

“You are a fucking cock craving, big tittied bitch,” said Brock as he stood up, ramming John’s ass even harder and forcing the two jock cocks out of his mouth. He was thrusting hard into John eager hole. He bit John’s muscled shoulder as he came in John’s ass. It, too, seemed to get bigger. John felt like he’d orgasmed 10 times over and he didn’t want it to stop. Brock’s cock was hitting his spot just right. He could believe he wasn’t spewing cum all over the place. He bent over to retrieve the two guys’ cocks, feeling a need for more cock. Neville and the cross country guy were still making out while simultaneously feeling the muscles of all the guys in the orgy.

“I’ve got to fuck him,” said Neville looking at Brock. He didn’t even glance at John until after he got permission from Brock. John was just the object. Neville walked around and jacked his cock hard again to push into John’s ass. He was warmed up, but no cum was leaking out from Brock’s impressive ministrations. Neville pushed in and John sighed. It felt good being full of cock.

Brock turned the skinny guy around and ate his hole wet.

“What’s your name, boy?”

“Andrew,” he said, smiling from the attention.

“Well, Andy, I’ve got an idea. You have a phone right? Let’s see if we can work out a trade.” Brock proceeded to down the Cockr app onto Andy’s phone. He quickly filled in the details and snapped a pic of his cock. “We’re going to do a trade. A whole trade, okay.”

He quickly snapped up Andy’s cock on his own phone. It was only average, but adding to his already big cock was going to be awesome. Andy jacked his cock in anticipation. When the phone asked for his thump verification, he didn’t hesitate. The phone scanned and removed Andy’s cock leaving him nubbed. It looked like his cock retreated into his crotch and closed up shop leaving him smooth and fucking even hornier.

Then Brock began to grow.

“Holy fuck,” he orgasmed onto John who was being fucked by Neville. He went from 8 inches to fucking 12 inches. Everyone had their eyes fixed on that big cock. His now hooded cock was slightly crooked and veiny as shit. It stood straight and hard, pointing at its former master.

“I hope you’re ready, Andy, because you are being fucked with your own cock.” Brock pushed into Andy. His mind was willing, but his ass needed some time. Brock was brutal forcing in. “John, you are totally next,” Brock said. “You’ve got to take all of this.”

“Yes, sir,” John responded. Neville was really ramming John hard, excited by the hot scene. He might want to try something that big, in more ways than one. Brock fucked the shit out of Andy and Andy couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be fucked by his own cock. He reached down to jack his nonexistent cock, but ended up just rubbing his smooth crotch. He hoped he could get another cock in his mouth too.

John returned to his apartment with reluctance. The gym closed at 10pm on Fridays and he’d been satisfied after getting the spunk of three guys. He felt contented as he drove home. He opened the door to his apartment to see Harry and Ron sprawled naked on the couch, resting after some major exertions. Harry stood up, embarrassed to be caught naked and John saw his nubbed crotch immediately. Harry’s body looked incredibly hot though. His pecs were big. Like, with big areolas and nips that looked teased out.

“Sorry John, we just lost track of time,” said Harry looking at the cumstains all of over John’s body. “Were you fucking the baseball team?”

“No, I…”

“It sure looks like you were having a good time,” said Ron moving around the couch to walk up to John his soft cock slapping gently side to side on his thighs. John’s eyes were drawn down to his impressive crotch. God, he wanted to see it in it’s full glory. “How many guys did you suck off at… the gym? It looks like the gym does a body good, but I think cum has done it even better.”

Ron sauntered over to John with his monster cock bouncing in front. He gave a new definition to the word cocky, as he stood in front of John, daring him to do something. Ron reached over and twisted John’s nipple. John wanted to get down on his knees right there. His hand went to Ron’s crotch. Between his legs was probably the biggest most monstrous cock he’d ever seen soft and he wanted… needed to get it hard. It looked familiar for some reason. Totally hot. Drool worthy and magnetic to John.

“I think that you’ve been busy. I’ve got something you need. You are just a cockwhore who needs cum to satisfy your cravings,” said Ron. “I’m glad you neglected to put on a shirt, but those pants have got to go. Strip boy. A man needs to be serviced.”

John pulled down his shorts and underwear showing his nubbed crotch. He was a spectacle of a man except without any manhood.

“You know what to do,” said Ron.

John reached down and stroked Ron’s cock. It rose and it felt so natural and warm. It felt like this was the cock he was meant to worship. He got on his knees and sucked down on Ron’s cock head. He was rewarded with precum and John moaned. It was as if he’d cum a little too. It felt like the release he needed. He enthusiastically continued work on on Ron. Ron was in overload too. He had to lean back and rest on the couch. Something was definitely different now that John was working his cock. Also, he guessed, John was working his own cock.

“You like that boy. You like sucking down huge cock. Oh my god, you’re good. It feels so good.” He came a little more and John moaned loudly and started fingering his hole. Harry, feeling left out came over and started licking his hole. John’s ass was big and muscular and Harry still needed stimulation. He humped the ground to rub his crotch, but he couldn’t cum so he ate John out. John moaned like a bitch in heat. He thought it would only be better if he got that big dick up his ass. Brock had been big, but Ron was just magnetic.

“You’re just a nubbed tit boy who needs big cock,” he continued. John couldn’t help, but move his hands down and massage his smooth crotch where his cock should be. His mouth was sucking on a huge cock and his hands were gripping his Ken doll crotch. He needed to suck on big cock. It was the only respite.

“Thank you, sir. I love it, sir. Please fuck me, sir,” he said momentarily withdrawing from Ron’s monster.

“I’m going to. This is the best blow job I’ve ever gotten boy. I can’t wait to plow that hot ass of yours. It looks like you’ve been working it just for me.” Ron rutted John’s mouth harder. Precum just oozed out of his barrowed cock and John shuddered with joy. “You love this cock, don’t you. You need this cock. Tell me!”

“Yes, this is best cock I’ve ever had. I need it. Fuck me with your huge tool, sir.” John leaned back and presented his ass to Ron. He looked gorgeous with his huge muscle breast heaving, his popping abs, and Adonis belt pointing at his smooth crotch.

“Your wish is my command tit boy.”

Ron entered John’s ass, nicely greased by Harry’s spit. John couldn’t believe how good it felt. Each thrust was like an orgasm.

“Fuck me hard sir. Yes! Go go goooo.”

He held onto the couch for leverage and push back hard, trying to make it as rough as possible. Neither man was in their right mind as they fucked harder and harder. Ron felt like he was dripping cum with every thrust and he didn’t want it to ever stop. His dick felt at home in John’s ass. It was the ultimate stimulation, tight, hot, and sweaty. He rubbed all over John’s amazing body, gripping his huge pecs and tight stomach. He gripped his shoulders and rammed back and forth. It was the best lay he’d ever had.

Ron’s borrowed cock was just amazing. He loved adding John’s cock to his own to fuck him senseless. Having such a big cock was amazing. And! He’d never seen a bottom more into a fucking. John practically quivered with each thrust.

“Thank you sir, thank you.”

The next morning John woke up exhausted. He’d never fucked… or been fucked that much in his life. He felt sore all over. He got out of the tangle of men on his bed, pulling away from Ron’s dick that was soft against his back and Harry’s arm that was around his chest. Neither woke up as he slipped out to the shower.

John washed all the sweat and dried cum off his body. It felt different. He’d been right about there being effects from using the app. Unfortunately, he thought, it affected his pecs and ass more than anything else. His arms looked slightly more vascular. But His tits really had cleavage now. He pulled them together feeling them bunch up. They looked totally hot. He took some time soaping up between them, feeling their depth. Then he turned to his ass. It looked bigger, but tighter too. Turning to look over his shoulder , he thought might have some trouble getting into his jeans, but his ass was rock hard. A lot of guys would enjoy it… Girls too. His mind interjected girls, but the truth was he didn’t really care about them anymore. He flexed his pecs and ass in the shower to feel them hard. Really hard.

Stepping out of the shower, John moved to admire his reflection in the mirror. His body was so tight now. He wanted to get the full affect; he needed to admire the whole thing. Back in his room he had a full length mirror on his closet door. He sneaked back into his bedroom, trying not to wake Ron or Harry. He opened his closet door and got the full picture. After last week, he had looked good, but now he was a fucking masterpiece. He wouldn’t even mind his pecs getting a little bigger. His ass was round and beautiful and his stomach was hard and flat. His dick rose as he admired his own reflection.

There he stood, a Greek statue of muscle. He looked amazing and better than than he had two weeks ago. Except, with his cock fully hard, he noticed a difference. Maybe it was because his ass was so much bigger. It wasn’t much, just a small difference. He grabbed a ruler from his desk and measured.

Shit, there was no doubt about it. His cock was 8 inches. He let that sink in. Previously, he had the biggest cock he’d ever seen, the biggest natural cock, at 9 inches. Now he was down an inch in length. And he would have sworn there hadn’t been a difference yesterday. Actually, he KNEW when he rented his cock yesterday that it had been over 9 inches.

John grabbed to his phone and pulled up the app. Was there something about a slowly returning cock? Would it be coming over the course of a few hours. His profile immediately came up and there was an update.

Length: 8.2”

Girth: 6.0”

He’d lost and inch of length and almost an inch of girth and the app fucking knew about it.


“Yes, please,” said Harry waking up.

“Hell, yeah,” said Rob yawning. Rob lifted his head to admire John. What an amazing body. What an amazing ass. He’d been the best fuck of his life. His cock got harder just looking at John. His body was tired from the fuckfest, but his cock was ready for more.

“I lost an inch,” said John.

“You look like you’ve gain more than an inch,” said Harry. “You’re pecs look amazing. I wish I had tits like yours.”

“Well, your tits have totally grown too.”

“Really?” Harry rapidly got up to admire his own reflection. His body felt sore but good. Standing next to John in the mirror, he notice that instead of being totally flat chested his chest had definition. Harry finally had a bit of cleavage. He looked hotter than ever.

“I lost a inch of dick,” said John.



“That is a tragedy.” Harry casually fondled John’s dick. It was still huge, but it was smaller than it had been. He massaged it really hard and teased John’s head.

“How long was it before?” said Ron getting up. His dick was ticking up harder.

“I was over 9 inches and now I’m down to 8.” Ron pull John close and kiss him. John submitted, feeling Ron’s naked body against his. A little bit of cum dripped onto Rob’s stomach.

“Well, that is still a magnificent cock. I’d totally rent it again.”

“You rented it?”

“Yeah, and I fucked you with your own cock.” Ron grabbed his hard dick which was much smaller than last night. “Didn’t you recognize it a little.?”

“I thought you rented Harry’s cock.”

“No, I sold his off, so he’d be a total bottom for the night.”

“So, you fucked me with my own cock.”

“Yeah, it was so hot. Like each thrust was an orgasm and this orgasm was…”

“It was amazing. I’ve never cum like that. Or it felt like I was cumming. I guess you were cumming for both of us.”

“Yeah, that was the best fuck of my life,” said Ron. He put his cock next to John’s. It was smaller, but not much smaller. John’s cock had shrunk, but Ron thought that he was exceptionally hard this morning. “Can you hand me that measuring tape? I want to check something.”

John passed Ron the tape and he measured his dick. It was bigger. It had been just above 6 inches before, totally average. Now, it was over 7 inches and thicker. He’d gained an inch. And he’d gotten it from John.

“Holy shit!” said Harry. “You stole an inch from John.”

“Yeah, well he seemed to enjoy it.”

“Fucker,” said John. He grabbed onto Ron’s dicked and jacked it, feeling it out. “You took part of my dick. How did you do it?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” He closed his eyes enjoying John jacking him off. “I just rented it like normal.”

“You fucked me with my own dick and then you stole an inch. You reemed my ass and then you fucked me over,” said John. More precum dripped over Ron’s chest. John became more vigorous. It felt so good in his hands. He started to kiss Ron, feeling his hot body pressed up against him. His big tits lubed with cum. Ron was so hot and John wanted to suck him off.

Harry was totally turned on by greasy display between Ron and John. He got in closer. He reached around to feel John’s expanded ass and poked him with his dick. He was rock solid and hot.

“I’m not sure how we are going to fix this,” said John between kisses. He pulled Ron’s body against his, both cocks caught between their stomachs.

“Fix this!” Ron thrust his dick, feeling John’s abs greased with precum. John enjoyed it as he also had Harry’s dick poking at his hole. He push his ass back to let the tip of his dick in, and shuttered. “I think you’re enjoy it. You want more. You want to suck more cock. You WANT to be fucked by big cock.

“I want more,” said John. He moaned for more cock then sucked some more on Ron’s cock.

“Well, I know how to get more,” said Harry ruefully.

“God, yes. It was so hot.”

“Let me fuck you with your own dick,” said Harry pushing his dick against John hole.

“Fuck me with my own dick… But I’ll… lose another inch.” Said John pulling off of Ron.

“Yeah, you will and I’ll get to be Bigtime,” said Harry.

“But..” John moaned as Ron plugged his mouth.

“You’re a total cockwhore, so it shouldn’t be a problem. A bottom hardly needs a cock. Concentrate on mine,” said Ron. “Let’s, see if it does it again. Harry, let’s get this whore nubbed.”

“I’m going to fuck him this time,” said Harry reaching for their phones.

“Yeah, we can take turns, but I’ll let you have his cock this time and see if you can get that cock to a decent size. I know you want to be a big man like me.” John moaned when Harry pushed his cock back in his ass. He was sucking down Ron’s 7-plus inch cock and being fucked by Harry’s less than 6 inch cock.

“I bet we both can get to be over 8 inches in the next two days.”

John moaned again.

“I bet he’ll be under an inch in a week,” said Ron. John let out a full scale yell as his cock disappeared from his crotch and Harry’s dick in his ass jumped to a massive 11 inches.

“You nubbed bastard,” said Harry as he fucked John hard. “Do you even think he’ll even have a dick at the end of this?”

“Well, we’ll probably leave him an inch. I mean will hardly be worth renting then. But this big dicked bastard is the best thing to become a cockwhore. So much cock to give.”

“Hey big tittied bitch. Push back and make me believe you love your own cock in your ass. Cause most of it will be mine in a week.” John just kept sucking down Ron’s cock and pushing against Harry’s big cock that was mostly his own… for now. God, how had he never known how great a big cock felt up his ass.

Harry just smiled as he rutted John with a giant cock. He’d wanted John’s cock from the instant he saw it nestled in his too tight shorts. John was a powerhouse with a huge cock and beautiful muscles. Last week’s session has been so hot. The hot session with a borrowed cock and then next morning getting reamed by John was great, but this was even better. Fucking him with his own cock. It was the best fuck of Harry’s life and his own cock would be even bigger by tonight.


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