Doms and Subs

by CockTFBoi

Kevin brings home a strange card game to play with his husbands. As the three of them begin playing, some of their neighbors start changing to fit the cards being played and the throuple become hornier and hornier the longer they play.

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Part 1 Kevin brings home a strange card game to play with his husbands. As the three of them begin playing, some of their neighbors start changing to fit the cards being played and the throuple become hornier and hornier the longer they play. (added: 4 Nov 2023)
Part 2 The husbands continue their game, starting to catch onto the fact that each card they play is changing themselves and the others around them. While they hope that finishing the game will return them to normal, they are enjoying their changes. (added: 2 Dec 2023)
Part 3 The transformations and the horniness are hitting harder and faster as the game continues. The end of the deck is in sight though, and soon there won’t be any more cards to play. The husbands and the other men pulled into the game have to finish it and see if everything returns to normal afterwards. (added: 23 Dec 2023)
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Part 1

Kevin walks into the room holding a box with a large deck of cards. As he catches Tyler and Dave’s gaze he holds them up and shakes the box while he says “Hey, you guys want to try this game I picked up the other day?”

“A card game? Really?” Tyler says from his corner of the sofa, his eyes rolling a bit as he speaks.

“Yeah, well, it’s a kinky one. Picked it up from that new sex shop by the docks.”

“A kinky card game?” Dave asks with excitement. “Is it something we get to act out or something? That could be fun, you know.” He nudges Kevin with his elbow a little as he speaks.

“Something like that. It’s called Doms and Subs. I read through the rules earlier. Basically you can choose to play as a Dom or a Sub and depending on which one you play as determines how you score points. Doms score points by collecting subs and customizing them, Subs can score points by serving a dom or by modifying other subs to please a dom. The point value of the cards is printed on them as ‘horniness’, so I guess the hornier the card, the more points you get.”

“Sounds like an actual game, rather than something sexy,” Tyler says. “Does it at least have some hot artwork on the cards?”

“The sample pictures on the box looked hot at least. Haven’t looked through the deck yet.”

“Sure, I’ll give it a try,” Tyler says as he walks over to the table. Dave follows him over and Brett meets them at the table. The three husbands sit down at the table together, sitting across from one another.

“Okay, let me just shuffle…” Dave says as he grabs the deck from Kevin but then looks perplexed. “Huh, the cards seem to be stuck together.”

“Weird; the rules said something about not shuffling, but that’s silly. There’s no way we could really play with the cards as they are.”

“Let me see,” Tyler says and grabs for the deck. Instead of getting the whole deck, the top card comes free into his hand. He looks at the card in his hand, it’s solid black with the word “DOM” written in big white block letters. “So I guess this means I’m a Dom this game?”

“Uh, I guess so. The rules aren’t written too well,” Kevin explains. “It says, ‘Each player gets a card that matches their chosen role; then give out 5 cards to each player. Take turns taking one card and playing one card until the deck is empty.’”

“That’s it?” Tyler asks a little incredulously.

“Well, it also talks about scoring, but that’s it for the rules,” Kevin says as he looks back up at his husbands.

“Well, I guess I’ll try,” Dave says and grabs the top card, which comes away easily. His card is solid white with “SUB” written in black block letters in the middle of the card. He tries to take another card, but the cards won’t separate. He struggles with it for a moment, before setting it on the table defeated.

Kevin grins a bit and grabs the top card easily. His is another Sub card that he places down in front of him.

“This is getting kinda weird,” Tyler said eyeing the deck suspiciously.

“How so?” Kevin asked nonchalantly while he picked up the deck and started dealing out cards. As he finishes he picks up his hand, browsing through the cards.

“The deck being weird. We couldn’t shuffle it, and we couldn’t even draw cards off of it.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Just look at your cards, and make a choice. You’re up first since you’re the only Dom at the moment.”

“Uh, okay I guess,” Tyler eyes Kevin suspiciously and looks at his cards. Most of them make no sense to him. He rearranges them a bit in his hand and tries to take one to set down, but it’s stuck.

“You gotta draw a card first. It’s pretty easy: draw 1, play 1, and do whatever it says on the card,” Kevin says.

“Okay, I guess.” Tyler reaches over and grabs a card, adding it to his hand. He flips through them. The cards have very little on them, a sentence or two of text at the bottom and a big blank white rectangle above. It looks like there should be a picture, but it’s just blank. He sets one of the cards down face up and says “It says I get a sub. So do I draw a card or something?”

As he asked the question the card he set down shimmered with a brief blue light. The three looked down at the card and it was very different. Now it read “Brett” across the top and there was a picture of a pale chubby guy with a light smattering of body hair, that looks about 20 or so. In the picture he’s naked with his arms and legs spread out to give a clear view of his body. Under the picture it says “Sub—Verse—Bisexual” and with “Cock: 3 inches; Horniness: 60” listed in the box below that.

In the apartment building next to theirs, Brett is walking in the door after his trip to the gym. He’d been going for months, but struggled to make any progress. As he walks into his bedroom, he pulls off his shirt he felt a shiver run down his spine. He assumes that its the air conditioning on his skin, despite the slight tingle that remains. His body is chubby, easily 50 pounds overwieght, his skin is very pale and has a smattering of body hair under his arms, on his legs and around his cock. Brett strips off his short and jockstrap, tossing them at the hamper, though they bounce off the side and land on the floor. He walks into the bathroom to shower.

Back at the game table it’s Dave’s turn. He draws a card and picks one of the cards from his hand. “I don’t have any dom or sub cards, so I guess I’ll play this one,” he says as he reads the card off. “‘Always Ready: Play this card on a target dom to make all subs for that dom permanently hard.’ And since there aren’t really any other options, I’ll play it on Tyler.” He slides the card over to Tyler who places the card underneath the Brett card. As he does the image on Brett’s card shifts to show his cock fully erect.

“Why would you buff his sub?” Kevin asks. “Isn’t that just going to give him more points?”

“I don’t think so. Since I have the big sub card, I think that means I can score points from playing on Tyler’s subs too,” Dave says as he shifts in his seat. His cheeks flush as he feels a sudden rush. He blinks a few times, shaking off a bit of lightheadedness. Absent-mindedly, he reaches down and readjusts his cock which is hardening in his pants. He doesn’t notice Kevin also shifting in his seat and readjusting himself.

Back in Brett’s apartment his breath catches and his knees go weak for a moment. He feels lightheaded and he looks down as his cock goes completely erect. “Fuck,” he thinks to himself, “I guess the gym got me hornier than I thought.” He turns on the shower and waits while it warms up. He idly starts stroking his little 3-inch erection, enjoying the shudder of pleasure that runs up his spine.

At the game table Kevin takes his turn. “Well, luckily, I have a useful card,” he says as he draws another card. He puts it into his hand and pulls out a different card, placing it on the table. “I get a dom now. So at least I’ll be able to score points.” His card shimmers and changes now reading “Matt” across the top. The picture is of a very skinny twink with dark tan skin and black hair. His body is covered in dense black hair and a heavy cock hangs between his legs. Under the image it reads “Dom—Top—Gay” with the words “Cock: 9 inches; Horniness: 10” underneath.

In Brett’s apartment, his roommate, Matt, is sitting at his desk with a textbook open, studying. He feels a chill run down his back and looks around. He feels like he’s being watched and glances out the window. It’s a cloudless night with only a couple stars visible in the night sky. He looks at the neighboring apartment, but doesn’t see anyone looking at him. He closes the blinds anyways before sitting back at his desk. He hears the shower running, but glances out into the hallway.

Tyler draws his next card and flips through his hand before saying, “I guess there are a lot more modifier cards than people cards.” He bites his lip for a second before pulling one out and gently tossing it towards Kevin. “Okay, let’s flip your dom around a bit. I’ll play this on your card.”

Kevin leans forwards and reads the card. It says “Change Position: Bottom” across the top and underneath it reads, “Target dom or sub becomes a bottom if they weren’t already.” Kevin looks a little annoyed as he slides the card underneath Matt’s card with just the title sticking out. Unnoticed by all three of them, the text on Matt’s card shifts now reading “Dom—Bottom—Gay” under his picture.

Kevin sits back down, shifting a little back and forth to find a comfortable position. He felt a little flush before, but now it just felt a lot hotter. He watched as Dave drew his card but was slowly sliding his shorts off under the table. The cool air on his ass felt so much better, and neither of his husbands seemed to notice.

Matt feels a strange itch in his ass. He reaches back to scratch it, but it doesn’t give him any relief. He figures he must have been sitting for too long and picks up his book and moves over to his bed, laying on his stomach. Laying like that is much more comfortable, though he finds himself subconsciously pushing his ass up into the air, arching his back. The waistband of his shorts slips down, exposing the slightly lighter skin of his ass cheeks. He doesn’t notice it happening, and when he reaches back to scratch an itch on his ass again, his hand shoves the waistband down further, fully exposing his tight pucker to his open bedroom door.

“Fuck!” Dave says as he looks at the card he just drew. “I still don’t have a person I can play. I guess I just have to scrape what points I can from playing cards on you two.”

“I’m sure one will come up eventually,” Kevin said reassuringly.

“Yeah, hopefully I get it. In the meantime, I’ll play this!” Dave says enthusiastically as he tosses a card out into the middle of the table. The card reads “Orgy!” at the top with a picture of a dozen naked guys intertwined with one another. In the box at the bottom it says “All doms and subs gain 200 horniness, or triple their current horniness level, whichever is higher. Then discard this card and all your clothes.” The cards for Matt and Brett change to fit; Matt’s card now shows his horniness as 210, while Brett is at 260.

“Well, get to it,” says Tyler looking at Dave expectantly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Dave asks.

“The card says you have to discard your clothes, so get to it.”

“Wait, what?” Dave says as he stands up, leaning over the table to look at the card he just played. “Had it always said he’d have to strip?” he thinks to himself. “It must have, and I just missed it.”

Dave stood up, pulling his shirt off over his head, his soft pale chest and stomach covered in a thick carpet of black hair that reaches up to almost meet his trimmed beard. He undoes the rainbow-colored belt and slides his jeans off, exposing the bright pink thong he’d been wearing. He soon shucked the thong too, letting his cut 7 inch hard cock spring free, jutting up and slightly to the left. The shaft was thin, tapering slightly from the base to the small mushroom head. Dave’s cheeks flush slightly in front of his husbands as he sits back down.

Under the table, Kevin grabs his cock and gives it a few strokes as he admires the view of his naked husband. Tyler jumps a little, glancing down at his cock. It felt like someone had touched it, but there’s no one there. He looked over at Kevin and saw him with his pants down, one hand under the table, clearly stroking up and down his cock.

Brett is stroking in the shower when the wave of horniness hits him. It feels like the steam of the shower is worming its way into his mind, obscuring his thoughts. All he can focus on his how good his little cock feels in his hand. He shudders as he orgasms, his cock spraying several ropes of cum onto the shower curtain as he rests against the cool tiles on the wall. His cock throbs, still hard and needy. His hand slides along his body getting a grip on the base of his cock as he starts stroking again.

Matt is still trying to read his textbook when the horniness hits. His left hand is back itching his ass, trying to find some way to satisfy the itch. As the fog of horniness starts to take hold he slips one finger into his hole. He gasps in pleasure, his 9-inch cock twitching and leaking precum into his briefs. He keeps trying to read, but has to start over the same paragraph over and over again. He can’t seem to focus on anything.

Matt shoves his textbook off the bed and rolls over. He takes his cock in his hands and starts stroking, but soon his right hand is sneaking down to his balls, tugging on them. Then he goes further, creeping his fingers along his taint until they are back to his hole. He pushes them back in, gasping as it feels so good.

Tyler shakes his head, clearing his imagination of a guy jacking off in the shower, or the guy fingering himself on the bed. “Ummm, it’s your turn, isn’t it Kevin?”

“Oh, umm yeah,” he says as he stops stroking long enough to grab a card. “This one I guess,” he says as he places it on the card of Matt. “Internal Nuts” the card is titled, “target’s testicles become internal. Horniness: +20.”

Matt groans as he strokes his cock. He feels his balls pull up tight and he lets out a shuddering moan as he fires a load of cum out with such force that it arcs completely over his head and splatters against the curtains behind him. His balls continue pulling up tight as his cock keeps pumping out strands of cum onto his flat stomach. He shudders and moans again as each of his nuts pull completely inside of him, leaving an empty sack behind below his cock. He doesn’t seem to notice or care as he continues stroking his cock even as it goes a little soft. The horniness is still flooding his brain.

Brett perks up as he hears the sounds of another man’s moans. “Wait is that Matt… god he sounds so horny.” Brett closes his eyes imagining Matt’s body. Brett has never seen him naked, but he had noticed his sizable bulge. He leans back, his cock weakly spurting another load of cum as he slips into the fantasy of comparing cocks with Matt.

Tyler grins as he watches his husbands. Kevin is leaning back in his chair, barely paying attention to anything but his cock. As Tyler watches, he feels more in tune with Kevin—he could feel as Kevin strokes his cock, almost as if it were his own. Kevin’s cock is shorter, more compact, but it feels just as good as his own. He receives another sensation, a different hand playing with his cock. The hand feels huge against his cock, enveloping his entire length and then some. It’s warm and wet, slipping against his skin.

“You there, Tyler?” Dave asks, standing in front of him. Dave towers over Tyler’s seated form, his huge cock drooping in front of him.

“Yeah, just enjoying the show,” he says as he leans forward and licks Dave’s cock. They both gasp in pleasure as Tyler feels the tongue on his cock as well. He draws a card as he starts licking up and down Dave’s shaft. He glances at the titles and tosses out a card that said something about muscles onto the Brett card. He starts bobbing up and down on Dave’s cock as the card takes effect.

Tyler feels a wave of energy hit him, the little bit of fatigue that had been creeping into him from the day vanished. The card he tossed onto Brett’s is titled “Muscle Slut” and underneath it reads, “Target gains 50 pounds of muscle, increased sensitivity on their skin, and an aversion to wearing clothes.”

Brett moans in the shower as the energy hits him. His body stretches against the tile of the shower wall as he expands. His chest pushes out into a thick shelf of muscle, and his abs tighten. His arms swell with strength, his biceps growing to the size of baseballs, and his shoulders thickening with powerful muscle. His ass swells with muscle beneath the soft cushion of fat, and his thighs push out growing with thick muscle. His muscles have grown massively, yet all the body fat he had before remains, giving him a thick, beefy body. Another load splatters onto the floor of the shower, which is now starting to slowly back up into the tub as all the cum slowly clogs it.

“Shit!” Dave says as he looks at the card he just drew. “I still don’t have any dom or sub of my own to play on.”

Tyler stands up, pulling his own clothes off and says “Just play one on one of ours. You’re still getting points, I think.”

“Yeah,” Kevin says, “just keep playing. Isn’t it fun?”

“Not as much fun for me it seems,” Dave stews. “You know what, let’s see how you like your Dom after I do this!” He tosses out a card that lands on the Matt card. Across the top it reads “Boi Clit” and underneath it says “Target’s cock is reduced in size and loses the ability to shoot. Horniness: +100 for bottoms, -100 for tops.”

Matt cries out in pleasure as his cock suddenly feels like its aflame with pleasure. Every millimeter of his cock is tingling with intense pleasure. He pulls his hand away as even the slightest stroke was too much for him to handle. As he watches his cock starts to change, looking different. The skin becomes smoother, the veiny bumps along its length fading away, even the thick ridge running along the underside seems to smooth out. The large flared tip narrows, the skin becoming an even lighter shade of pink. He feels a shiver slowly run up his shaft. As it hits the head of his cock he watches in fascination as his piss slit seals shut and smoothed over until there is nothing left.

He experimentally touches his cock, but jerked his hand back as the pleasure washes over him. Then he watches as his cock begins to shrink. Smaller and smaller it gets until it is about 3 inches. It doesn’t stand up away from his body anymore, instead, sticking close to his body, and pointing slightly downwards. The tingling fades and he takes it into his hand. It feels so good, but stroking it doesn’t feel quite right. The whole thing is as sensitive as his cock head was, and stroking it just overstimulates him. He switches to rubbing it with flat of his fingers and hand, shuddering in pleasure. He moans louder now.

“I don’t know man, still seems pretty hot to me,” Kevin says as he strokes his cock and looks at the card Dave put out. “Hmm… I don’t have much, but might as well have a matching set, eh?” he says as he puts down a card that says “Pussyboi Party.”

Dave leans over and reads it out. “‘All persons on the table gain a pussy.’ Babe, you’re so dumb sometimes. This doesn’t do it for just yours, it hits both of them. Fuck, whenever I do find a card, I might have the only one with a cock.”

Tyler laughs and shrugs before pulling Dave over and gently pushing him to his knees. Dave starts sucking on Tyler’s cock while he looks through his cards.

Matt’s moans become louder as he feels his crotch pushing inwards. Just below his former cock his crotch is visibly dented and getting deeper. As it pulls further inwards, thick folds of skin form on either side of the new slit. He feels a wet heat growing within as his tight gash forms. His fingers move from his asshole up to his new slit and he slips them in, moaning in pleasure as he does.

Down the hall Brett lets out a surprised gasp. The space between his balls is pulling inwards, separating his nuts from one another. It pushes in forming a hot little slit nestled beneath his little cock and between his balls. He hears Matt’s moans again, and this time he’s too horny. All rational thought has been drowned out in a fog of depraved thoughts about his roommate.

Brett steps out of the shower, his hand still wrapped around his cock, his feet covered in slimy cum. He opens the bathroom door and starts plodding down the hall to Matt’s bedroom. The door is open and he sees Matt lying on his back on his bed, his legs spread wide, exposing a tight little pussy and a big clit. He starts walking towards Matt but then stops as another wave of pleasure washes over his body.

As he stands there the flow of precum from his cock increases, leaking from the head of his dick and flowing onto the floor in a steady stream, splattering loudly to the floor. Brett’s nuts feel weird, a strange pressure building within them as he moans. Matt looks up at him, finally noticing his roommate standing there.

“Dude, what the fuck is going on?” Matt says. “I’m so horny, I can’t stop myself from fingering my pussy.”

Brett stands there with a dopey expressions for a few moments, just stroking his cock before saying, “Yeah, I know what you mean man.”

“When did you get so buff?”

“In the shower, I guess,” Brett says as he walks into Matt’s room.

Matt sits up, his fingers still in his slit. “I know what I need,” he says as he looks at Brett.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah…” he trails off as he reaches over into his night stand.

Tyler looks at the card he just set down while Dave bobs on his dick. It reads “Wet and Ready” across the top and underneath it says “Dom: Leaks more precum, no refractory period, cum amplifies horniness and submissiveness, +20 horniness; Sub: All holes are self lubricating, precum amplifies horniness and synchronizes orgams.”

“Okay, babe; your turn,” Tyler says to Dave, gently lifting his face off his cock.

Dave stands up, his legs shaking a little as he looks at his hand. Tyler stands up behind Dave and grinds his cock against Dave’s hip. Kevin stands up on the other side of Dave, grinding his cock into his other hip. “Guys, it’s hard to think with your hot cocks rubbing against me.”

“Kinda the point, isn’t it?” asks Kevin, his eyes slightly unfocused due to the horny fog of his mind.

“Fuck it,” Dave says and tosses a card onto the table before turning towards Kevin to start kissing him.

On the table Dave’s card is titled “One for All” and underneath it reads, “The effects of the prior card played are duplicated for all doms and subs in the game.” Dave switches to kissing Tyler as all three of them moan together. Tyler is having trouble focusing on any one thing, his mind is cluttered with the images of his husbands kissing, his cock grinding against them; but the perspective keeps jumping, like he’s feeling each cock both as if it were his and as if it were rubbing against him. On top of that he keeps feeling and seeing Brett and Matt pleasuring themselves. All the pleasure is running through him and yet he can’t seem to cum.

Tyler’s cock starts leaking heavily, flowing down Dave’s legs and forming a puddle on the carpet; the slightly musky aroma fills the air amplifying the horniness of all three of them. Dave and Kevin are salivating as they kiss, their saliva mixing and creating a pleasurable feedback loop.

Matt moans on the bed as his pussy starts leaking, dripping thick juices onto the bed beneath him. He grabs the double ended dildo from his drawer and holds it out for Brett. “Wanna join me?”

Brett nods and they sit on the bed across from one another with their legs spread out wide. Matt slips the first few inches of one end of the dildo into his pussy then scoots closer to Brett. He places the end between his balls and starts pushing into Brett’s new pussy. The toy slips easily into his slit causing him to let out a deep groan of pleasure. He bucks his hips forward, pushing the dildo deeper into him. Matt wraps his arms around Brett’s shoulders using his whole body to push the toy deeper into both of them. Matt’s clit is rubbing against Brett’s little cock as they start to make out with each other.

“Well, I don’t have much. This one gives a lot of points, but it seems a bit tough to pull off,” Kevin says as he puts a card on his Matt card. It says “Cum Slut” across the top and the bottom reads “Target can only cum when he has another’s cum inside of them; Horniness +200”

Matt moans, his hips bucking forward onto the dildo. He can barely think, it just feels so good. He couldn’t focus on anything but the dildo in his pussy and the warmth of Brett’s body against his. Brett pushed back against Matt’s thrusts, meeting them and groaning in pleasure. He put his hand down between them, rubbing his cock and Matt’s big clit against one another. They were practically the same size, yet they looked so different. Suddenly that began to change. He felt his cock growing, pushing against his hand, slathering the new skin of his shaft and Matt’s clit in the slick precum. His cock was growing to massive proportions, pushing their stomachs apart as it speared up between them. By the time it stopped it was over a foot long and coated their stomachs in precum.

“Finally, I was tired of having a top with such a small cock,” Tyler exclaims as he looks at the card he just played. It’s titled “Big Dick Club” and underneath it it says, “Target’s cock grows to at least 12 inches if it isn’t already; +10 horniness per inch gained.” He laughs before turning back to kiss Kevin while waiting for Dave to take his turn.

Dave draws a card, a look of frustration on his face. “Fuck it, you might as well get the full set I guess,” he says as he plays another card on the Matt card. It reads “Femboi” across the top and the text says, “Target becomes a femboi.”

As the card lands on Matt’s card, Matt feels a surge of energy wash over him. He watches as what body hair he had pulled into his body, leaving his body completely smooth. His hips widen and gain an extra layer of fat, softening the lines of his body. His waist narrows, pulling inwards a little and his shoulders soften slightly. His pecs push out slightly into a tiny pair of breasts, with his areolas expanding while nipples began pushing outwards until they are long and pointy.

Brett leans forward, taking Matt’s right nipple into his mouth and sucking on it gently. Matt moans and grabs Brett’s head. He can hear his moans getting higher pitched and more effeminate as Brett’s ministrations continue.

Kevin looks through his hand and says, “Now I can get you back for making my dom a bottom,” as he says as he snaps the card down on the table towards Tyler. The card reads “Muscle Tits” across the top and underneath it says “Target’s pecs push out with additional muscle. Nipple sensititivity is greatly amplified, cock sensitivity is greatly reduced. Any changes to cock now effect pecs and nipples instead.”

“Fuck dude, you made my fucking top’s dick worthless! I’m gonna get you back for that!” Tyler said as he gave a playful squeeze slap on Kevin’s ass cheeks, and nibbling on his lips gently.

Brett moans as his nipples suddenly feel hot. He reaches up and touches them, as his pecs balloon out into huge muscular tits. His nipples feel so good, he can’t help but pinch and twist them, ignoring his own cock as he thrusts his pussy back and forth on the dildo. He can feel himself getting close again. He continues tweaking his nipples as his moans reach a crescendo. Finally with an intense wave of pleasure his cock starts throbbing and launches a load high into the air, splattering against the ceiling to drip back down on him and Matt.

Matt throws his head back, grinding his hips as he feels a strange pseudo-orgasm. He can feel Brett’s cock throbbing as if it were his own, but his own orgasm stays just out of reach. He gasps and moans in frustration, so close yet so far. Then a glob of Brett’s cum drips down into Matt’s mouth, landing on his tongue. He swallows instinctively and immediately he feels a wave of horniness wash over him as his pussy throbs with white hot heat, his whole body tensing up as his own orgasm hits him. Brett’s cock throbs and starts shooting another load, this one falling just short of the ceiling to instead land on the floor behind Matt.

Tyler grins down at the “Explosive Orgasm” card he just played on Brett’s card. At the bottom of the card it reads, “Target’s orgasm intensity greatly increases, volume and range of ejaculation greatly increases.”

Dave draws his card and shouts, “Finally!” He immediately plays the card which says “Get a Dom” at the top. As he places it on the table it changes, the image of a young chubby guy with a brown beard and a nose ring resolves. The top of the card now reads “Zack” and underneath it says “Dom—Other—Bisexual.” Just then there’s a knock at the door.

Outside the door, Zack is standing there in his pizza delivery uniform holding the box with a pizza in it. “Pizza delivery!” He calls out as he reaches back and scratches his back. He feels a strange tingle run down his spine. His jeans are tight around his thick ass, showing off one of his greatest assets.

The door swings open and Dave is standing there, completely nude, his cock throbbing. “Hey, I’ve got a pizza for you,” Zack says. Dave doesn’t reply, but instead grabs Zack by the collar and pulls him into the apartment.


Part 2

Zack staggers into the apartment, dropping the pizza box onto the floor with a loud thud. He sees the three men standing there, completely naked, their cocks hard and throbbing with precum oozing from their tips. His cheeks redden as he feels like he’s walked into something. It’s like some sort of weird porn movie. He feels himself getting hard just being around these guys, something almost infection about their horniness.

“Hey, what’s going on guys?” Zack asks.

Dave steps up to him and says, “We’re just playing a little game, sir.” His voice is low and dripping in sexual energy.

Zack hadn’t had a guy call him sir like that before, and certainly not a guy bigger and older than him like Dave. But he feels his cock throb and leak a glob of precum into his boxers at the sound of it. Dave is practically hanging off of him, rubbing his chest. “Oh, what sort of game?”

“Well, you’re my dom now; so I have to do whatever you say to please you. May I please you sir?” Dave says in a sultry tone. Kevin and Tyler are standing by the table, rubbing each other’s backs and stroking their cocks while they watch Dave fawn over Zack.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Zack says. The words barely get out of his mouth before Dave is tugging at his work shirt, untucking it and undoing his belt. Zack’s belly bounces slightly as Dave shoves his shirt up and his wide ass jiggles as Dave yanks his pants and boxers down. The musky odor of Zack’s sweaty balls mixes with the scent of cum and precum that already permeates the air. Dave is on his knees licking at Zack’s cock like a starving man. “Oh fuck,” he cries out in pleasure. Zack’s cock is about 4 inches long, though on his large frame it seemed smaller than that.

Dave pulls back, grinning at Zack and getting back to his feet. “See? Isn’t this a fun game?” Zack can only nod as he tries to catch his breath. Dave stands next to Zack, idly rubbing his back while he waits for the next card.

Kevin draws his next card and flicks through his cards for a moment. He pulls one out and says, “This one might backfire on me a bit, but I think it’d be fun to see how far Dave is willing to go to win.” He puts the card down, letting it thwack against Dave’s SUB card with a satisfying snap. At the top it says “Sacrifice” with an image of Dave’s cock. Underneath it says, “Target Sub sacrifices 1 or more inches of their cock to their Dom. Gain +50 horniness for each inch sacrificed in this way.”

“Whoa, that’s a pretty awesome card; for me at least,” Dave laughs as he reads it. “I’ve got the biggest cock here, so I’m the worst person you could play it on. Just to make sure I win, I’ll just do it all. All 7 inches!”

The card glows briefly and the picture changes to show Dave’s crotch but with only a tiny bump where his cock was before. None of them notice the change in the picture as they watch Dave suddenly moan and arch his back. They all gasp in shock as they see Dave’s cock visibly shrinking away. It remains just as thick as before, but it’s getting shorter and shorter. It pulls into his body, the length rapidly vanishing. Dave is moaning in pleasure, but grabbing at his cock as it slips away. Every touch on his cock is electric, sending shivers of pleasure up and down his spine. His precum is flowing in a torrent onto the floor.

As his cock passes the half-way point Tyler notices that the space above Dave’s cock is swelling. As his cock shrinks it is going inside of him. It seems to go even faster now, the last couple inches vanishing rapidly until there is just a tiny quarter of an inch of the head poking out from his crotch, though most of that is covered by the swollen bulk above it. “Fuck, so close,” Dave moans out, rubbing his hands across the tiny, exposed bump.

Zack drops to his knees in front of Dave, suddenly feeling himself drawn to the remains of Dave’s cock. He pushes Dave’s hand away and starts licking and sucking at the bump. Almost immediately, Dave cries out and begins cumming, spraying his load with incredible force from the tiny bump, coating Zack’s face. As he shoots, the bulge above the root of his cock rapidly deflates as he sprays his liquified cock out. Zack tries to swallow as much of the cum as he can, but a lot of it is coating his face, chest, and the floor around them. There is a moment of quiet as Dave and Zack are trying to catch their breath, the aroma of the cum filling their lungs. There is a moment of hesitation and an expectation that something else is coming.

They don’t have to wait long before Zack’s cock begins throbbing. He arches backwards, thrusting his hips upwards, his cock jutting skyward. His cock starts pushing upwards, growing longer with each thrust of his hips. With a final shuddering thrust, Zack’s arms and legs give out and he collapses to the floor with a wet splat. His cock is now about 9 inches long and still rock hard.

“What the fuck was that?” Zack says as he slowly sits up, the cum dripping off his body.

“My cock is gone…” Dave says, looking at the tiny bump sitting just above his balls.

“Holy shit, it really happened,” Tyler says looking incredulously at Dave.

Kevin stares at the table. “So if that one worked, then does that mean… the other ones did too?”

“That’s impossible, right?”

“I mean we just saw Dave’s cock shrink to nothing before our eyes.”

“Fuck, this feels so good,” Zack interrupts, stroking his big cock. He has both hands wrapped around it sliding them up and down the shaft. A heavy bead of precum clings to the tip before falling off, trailing past his hands to land in the pool of cum on the floor.

Dave’s eyes lose focus and his mouth falls open as he moans. He has his left hand open, rubbing the little bump with the palm of his hand. It clearly feels good judging by his moans.

“You think this is like that movie with the magic board game? That when we finish it’ll all go back to normal?” Kevin asked his mind starting to get cloudy as the horniness starts creeping back in.

“I hope so, or that there’s a card to undo it. I don’t think Dave wants to remain dickless,” Tyler says as he reaches for the deck. “It’s my turn anyways, so let’s see if we can hurry this along.” Tyler grabs a card and flips through them, before playing one on the Matt card.

Across the complex Matt’s moans seem louder, vibrating the air with a strange energy and traveling much further than normal. Trent, a college senior just getting home from the gym is walking down the hall to his apartment when he hears a high-pitched moan of pleasure. He stops in his tracks, his ears alert for the sound as he tries to figure out where it came from. The sound awoke something in him as his cock became suddenly and violently erect, tenting the leg of his gym shorts obscenely as his 7-inch dick tries to get free. He hears the moan again, coming from the door beside him and drops his gym bag in the hall as he feels drawn towards the sounds of the moaning. He pushes the door open and follows the sounds of the moaning to the bedroom where he finds Matt and Brett riding on the double-ended dildo together. He moves over to Matt, shoving his shorts down letting his cock spring free, sending long strands of precum flying onto Matt’s face. Matt opens his mouth and Trent slides his cock into the warm hole.

Back in the apartment, Kevin looks down at the card Tyler played. “Siren’s Call,” he reads out. “Target dom’s moans cause subs who hear it to become aroused and desire to serve them.”

Kevin’s brow furrows as he tries to figure out what that means in the context of the game. “So he just makes subs want to service him? Wouldn’t they already be doing that?”

“I don’t know, but it was worth 75 horniness for me, so I figured I’d play it,” Tyler replies.

“Well, I’ve been holding onto this one for a while,” Dave says while holding up a card with a flourish before slapping it down on Zack’s card. Zack, who has been stroking his cock, suddenly gasps in shock. His cock and balls have detached from his body and he is holding them in his hand, the disembodied cock dripping long strands of precum onto the floor.

Zack leans forward experimentally, licking at the head of his own cock and moans loudly as he feels his tongue flicking across the head. Within moments he has shoved his own cock down his throat, gagging on it as he tries to deep throat himself, his moans muffled by the massive slab of manhood.

Dave, Tyler, and Kevin all stare at Zack as he gives himself a blowjob. “Fuck, that’s hot,” Kevin says as he reaches down to stroke his cock a few times, sending another few pulses of precum onto the floor.

“I wonder if I could get that away from him. I bet I could make him squeal in pleasure if I had unrestricted access to it,” Tyler chimes in with a grin.

“Maybe later,” Kevin says as he steps over and pulls his next card. His hand and cards are on the opposite side of the table, so he doesn’t bother walking around. “Ha! This is hilarious. I’ve gotta play it on mine though.” He reads the card aloud: “Cock Tongue, target person you control has their tongue function as their cock. Any modifications to their cock instead apply to their tongue.” He laughs as he tosses the card towards his Matt card. The cock tongue card slides right past the Matt card and lands askew on Kevin’s SUB card. The cards glow briefly.

“Man, I wish we knew were these Matt and Brett guys are. If this Zack guy is busy sucking his own dick, I wonder what they—” Kevin suddenly stops mid-sentence, a perplexed look on his face. Kevin’s tongue tingles and he suddenly pulls it back away from his teeth as they scraped against the tip. He lets out a sharp hiss as his tongue feels larger and thicker in his mouth. He sprints to the bathroom and flicks on the light. Staring in the mirror as his tongue starts pushing out from between his tight lips. The tip is thick and shaped like a very familiar mushroom head. He watches, his eyes wide as it pushes out until about 3 inches are sticking out of his mouth.

His mind feels clouded as a new wave of horniness settles in his mind. Flexing his tongue, he can make it stick out even further, roughly the same size that his own cock sticks out from his body. With a great deal of focus he can pull it back in, and even flatten it down into a normal tongue shape, but while this horny even a momentary lapse in attention causes it to jut out of his face, needy and dripping with precum. He glances down at his crotch and sees nothing there at all. No cock, no balls, not even a bulge like a ken doll. He experimentally reaches up and rubs his tongue with his hand, moaning loudly as he fingers caress it.

“Babe, are you okay?” Tyler calls out from the table.

“Yeah, I’m bine!”

“Bine? Are you sure?”

Kevin focuses and manages to corral his tongue into proper speaking shape. “I sssaid, I’m fine!” He manages to get out, before moaning and his tongue returning to cock-shape.

Tyler turns his attention back to the table. “I guess we should go on—he’ll come out when he’s ready.” He sits back down in his chair and draws another card. He looks at it and places it in his hand before pulling another card out. “I had my suspicions, but now that it’s confirmed, I’ll play this card,” he says as he sets the card in the middle of the table.

At the top it reads “Party Catering!” And shows a table covered in various foods and snacks. Underneath it says, “In case you forgot to bring the snacks, now everyone will provide. Every Dom and Sub in the game now produces an edible substance in an extremely pleasurable way.”

Over in their apartment Matt moans into Brett’s mouth as his pussy throbs around Brett’s dick. Brett is pumping his meaty cock into Matt’s pussy while Trent’s cock is sliding in and out of Matt’s asshole. Matt’s moans reach a fever pitch as he feels his ass and pussy throb around the turgid intruders. A sweet smell fills the air as Matt’s pussy squirts a thick, sticky fluid all over Brett’s dick. Brett keeps thrusting as he reaches down and scoops some of the sticky fluid into his mouth.

“Is that… honey?” he says incredulously as a rush of heat fills him. He scoops another glob into his mouth, moaning in pleasure as he does. Each bit he eats makes his cock throb with pleasure and his mind loses focus on anything but sex. Eventually, he slides his cock free and drops down between Matt’s legs. Brett flicks his tongue out, lapping at Matt’s dripping slit, eating the honey directly from the source. Trent redoubles his thrusts as he sees this, pushing Matt’s hips forward with each thrust, fucking his pussy on Brett’s tongue.

Matt reaches under Brett to squeeze his pecs and pinch his nipples. Brett moans loudly as the fingers pinch his nipple and thick whipped cream spurts from Brett’s nipple onto the bed below him. Matt pulls his hand away, licking the cream from his fingers. He reaches back under, milking Brett’s nipples to get more of the thick cream. With each drop of the cream he eats Matt’s ass is growing thicker and thicker, forming a soft round cushion for Trent’s thrusts.

Back in the husbands’ apartment Zack moans around his cock and then sputters and gags. He spits out something onto the floor. “What the fuck? Where did lube come from?” He gives his cock another couple of strokes and his eyes go wide as thick globs of lube come pouring out of his slit. He grabs the glob on his fingers and starts slathering it onto his cock, moaning as he strokes.

Kevin slips over and pulls Zack’s cock away from him by the balls. He takes the big cock, holding it against his smaller cock, letting the lube coat his dick, rubbing Zack’s cock against his before pulling Dave into an embrace. The two of them grind their bodies together, frotting with Zack’s detached cock sliding between them, coating them in the lube leaking from his dick like a faucet. Within a couple of minutes Dave starts moaning and arches his back as he begins to cum. Instead of the hot white cum shooting from his dick however, the air is filled with the sharp odor of alcohol and the heady scent of beer. His cock is spraying the beer out like an out-of-control hose, covering the two men in it. The spray lands in Kevin’s mouth and a rush of pleasure hits him. He loses control of himself and immediately starts to cum, his own cock is pointing down and starts spraying a pink fluid onto the floor, the air filling with the sickly sweet scent of strawberries.

Tyler moans, he’d been watching everyone else enjoy his card and stroking his cock. He feels himself start to cum and holds his hand underneath to catch whatever comes out. Instead of his normal cum, a thick, brown chocolate syrup comes pulsing out of his cock. He brings the handful up to his face, lapping it up greedily.

Dave pulls himself away from Kevin, staggering to the table ready to take his next turn. He draws the card off the top of the deck and before he has time to read it, it snaps itself down onto the table. In big letters across the middle of the card it says “READER.” At the very bottom it says, “Immediately draw the next two cards and play them on this card.” Dave blinks in confusion. He draws the next card and sets it on top which says, “Moaning: Target becomes unable to stifle their moans.”

As the card touches the Reader card you feel a strange tingle run from the base of your skull, down your spine to your crotch. Your cock burns with sudden need and sensitivity. Even the slightest caress of your fingers causes you to let out an audible moan. Your other hand covers your mouth, trying to keep the volume low; but it is soon clear that it’s a lost cause. You can’t help but to let everyone know how good it feels.

Dave plays the next card on top of the reader card, this one says “Gooner: Target craves edging their cock for hours on end and is never satisfied with just one orgasm each day.” You feel a heat in your cock and balls, an urgent need. You try to resist, but you wrap your fingers fully around your cock. You stroke up and down; up and down; over and over. Unable to stop. Unable to focus on anything but pleasuring your penis. It feels so good. You must pleasure your penis. Make it feel nice. That’s all that matters now. Edging your penis. Making your penis spurt hot cum. All other thoughts pushed out of your mind by the need to stroke. Hopefully, the husbands will be able to finish their game and let you return to normal soon.


Part 3

Kevin shudders in pleasure as his cocktongue erupts with another orgasm, spraying the sticky pink liquid from his mouth, onto the floor. He licks the fluid from his fingers, relishing the strawberry flavor and the slight buzz of horniness and energy that accompanies it. He walks confidently over to the table and grabs a card off the top of the deck with one hand as his other hand continues stroking his thick chode, dripping strawberry flavored precum onto the carpet. He glances around, not sure where he set the rest of his cards and shrugs, playing the card he just drew.

At the top it says “Truth or Dare.” The text underneath starts appearing as it touches the table. It says: “Each other player asks you ‘Truth or Dare.’ If you answer ‘Truth’ you must fully and truthfully answer one question from them. If you answer ‘Dare’ you must follow through with whatever action they tell you to do as long as it would not harm yourself or others.”

Tyler feels himself drawn to Kevin and feels a strange sort of pressure on his mind until he says, “Truth or Dare?” He breathes a sigh of relief as the pressure fades into the background.

Kevin feels a similar pressure, a need to choose one. After a few moments he relents and says “Truth.” The pressure fades a little, but remains hovering in Kevin’s mind just outside his conscious awareness.

The pressure returns to Tyler’s mind and he quickly tries to think of something. His mind is filled with thoughts and images of sex. Sexual fantasies from his husbands and Brett fill his mind with a torrent of cocks, asses, muscles, hair, guts, and everything else. He can’t focus on anything else, and feels sexually charged from the thoughts crowding out his own. “What’s the hottest fantasy you jacked off to recently that you wish had happened?” Tyler finally asks. He figures he knows his husbands well enough that nothing Kevin could say would be a surprise. The mental pressure on his mind fades almost immediately and completely.

Kevin’s face twists a little as the pressure returns and he feels compelled to answer the question. “That all my gamer friends were hot for me, and would rub their cocks all over me and cum all over me,” he blurts out. His face goes red with embarrassment even as his cock twitches with excitement and drips pink precum onto the floor.

Dave feels the pressure on his mind now and blinks a few times before he says, “Truth or Dare.” His shocked expression betrays his surprise that the words slipped out so easily.

Kevin is still reeling from his embarrassment that he can’t muster the willpower to resist the pressure this time and immediately says “Dare!” His eyes go wide, hoping that Dave wouldn’t make him do anything too embarrassing.

Dave feels the pressure on his mind as he tries to think of a dare, but the pressure is making it tough to focus on thoughts for very long. “Ummm, I guess… I dare you to send a video of yourself sucking our cocks to your gaming friends and ask them if they want a turn next.”

Kevin feels himself go flush with embarrassment, but his cock pushes further out from his lips, throbs and begins spewing his load onto the floor even as he feels himself falling to his knees. Tyler walks over, his cock dripping with precum and smears it across Kevin’s face. Kevin moans as he starts licking and sucking at his balls, Dave pulls out his phone and starts recording Kevin as he gets to work.

Kevin slides Tyler’s short, thick cock into his mouth, bobbing up and down on it, letting the head tickle the back of his throat. Meanwhile, Dave is rubbing his blank crotch, moaning as he watches his husbands going at it. In the background Zack is moaning as he watches and is fucking himself with his own dick. Kevin moans around Tyler’s cock, the sensation of it rubbing against his own cock tongue is driving him wild. It doesn’t take long for Kevin’s expert mouth to bring Tyler to an orgasm. Tyler grips the back of Kevin’s head, holding him in place as his cock pulses and fires load after load of chocolatey cum into Kevin’s mouth. At the same time, Kevin hits the peak and begins shooting his own cum from his tongue into his mouth, mixing the strawberry and the chocolate cum together as he fights to keep up with the pace that it is filling his mouth. Kevin eagerly swallows it all, smiling around Tyler’s cock as he licks the last few drips from his cock.

There is a ding across the room as Kevin’s phone chimes. He walks over and sees that Dave sent him the video. Kevin feels the intense pressure return and he unlocks his phone and forwards the video to the group chat with his gaming buddies with the caption, “Who wants to go next?” He tries to fight the power, to stop himself from hitting the send button, but after a few long agonizing moments, he caves in and his thumb closes the gap, sending the video off. The pressure fades completely; that is until he tries to delete the message. The moment he tries to, his finger won’t move, it won’t touch the button. He can move his finger anywhere else on the screen, except over the button to delete the message. He sets his phone back down in frustration, trying to ignore it and hope that somehow nobody will see it.

Tyler sits back down at the table, picking up his cards. He draws a new card and looks through them for a few minutes while he catches his breath. His cock is still hard and throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He isn’t happy with his options, but he picks one and plays it on Zack’s card. The card pulses with light and Zack feels a surge of energy rush through him. He’s still bouncing up and down on his cock like a dildo when he suddenly gives a yelp and pitches forward. His cock is still firmly lodged in his ass, though it is wiggling as it slides deeper into his hole. The cock pulls fully inside of him, the balls trailing after it. As the balls slide inside of him, his asshole seems to just fade away completely.

Dave and Kevin walk over to the table to look at the card Tyler played. It’s titled “You’re such a Dick,” and the text of the card reads: “Target person becomes their own cock.” They turn back to look at Zack, watching to see what else is going to happen. Zack is hunched over on all fours moaning. It takes a moment to realize that the moans are of pleasure, and he is is drooling onto the floor. Suddenly, Zack’s moans become louder and more intense. His face scrunches up in ecstasy and his mouth opens wide as thick lube comes rocketing out of his mouth in long strands that splash against the wall.

“Fuck!” The husbands cry out in shock as they realize that Zack is fulfilling his role as a cock, in function at least, if not in form. Dave grabs his next card and puzzles over them for a few moments before playing a card on Matt’s card. It says “Hair-Trigger” at the top and the text reads “Target becomes unable to resist the need to cum and does so quickly and enthusiastically.”

Across the way in Matt’s apartment, he suddenly feels a white-hot surge of pleasure in his pussy. He gushes out a wave of sticky honey all over Trent’s cock, balls, and hips. His pussy clamps around Trent’s cock as Matt orgasm’s milking another load out of Trent who shudders in pleasure, collapsing on Matt, but still feebly thrusting as he tries to recover from his orgasm. Brent is below them, lapping up the honey with his tongue as it drips off of Matt’s body.

Trent suddenly feels a heat rushing through his body as he feels his muscles swelling in size. He already had a decent, twunkish body, but now his muscles are blowing up like balloons, filling to ridiculous size. He grows in height, quickly passing 8 feet tall as his body looks like a professional bodybuilder that had been taking steroids for years. He uses his new found strength to lift Matt up off the bed, grabbing him by his waist and plunging his cock back into Matt’s tight pussy.

He lifts Matt up and down on his cock, using him more like a sex toy than a person, but Matt is in heaven. He moans out, ordering Trent how to shift his body around and ensure that he is hitting every wonderful spot deep inside. Matt is out of his mind in pleasure, barely able to think as orgasm after orgasm cascades through his mind.

Back in the Husbands’ apartment Kevin grins as he finishes placing the card on his Matt card. The card was titled “Perfect Sub” and underneath it says, “If played on a Sub, the Sub changes to match the idealized fantasy of the player; otherwise it allows the Dom to change one of their Subs to match their idealized fantasy.” 

Kevin speaks up, “Not sure what it’ll do, but it gives me like 1,000 horniness. Plus since Matt is my Dom that means I’ll get changed.”

They stand there, watching Kevin for a couple minutes waiting to see if there is any change, but nothing happens. “Do you feel anything?” Tyler asks.

“No. I was sure it was going to work,” Kevin responds.

“Maybe it changed someone else instead. Maybe he already had a sub,” Dave suggests.

“Yeah, I guess.”

As they turn back to the table, there is now a strange card on top of the deck. It reads “This is the final round. Each player plays one card, however the effects of that card apply to all players and cards who are of an opposite alignment to the player that played the card.”

“Hmmm, so I guess if I play a card it’d change all the Subs, and that includes you two as we’ve already seen…” Tyler says as he trails off. “And, I just happen to have the perfect card right here,” he teases as he holds a card up.

Kevin and Dave both give soft moans as they realize Tyler’s about to change them. Kevin can’t contain his excitement and his tongue juts out from his mouth straining hard and looking like a bright red cock as it starts shooting onto the floor.

“I’d say you should control yourself, but I’m not sure that’s going to be possible for much longer.” He places his card down on the table. It’s titled “Collared” and has a picture of a black leather collar on it. Beneath the picture the text reads “Play on a target sub. Move 2 other cards in play onto this card. They apply to this Sub instead.”

“I had been debating for a while, which one of you to play this on. But now, I don’t have to pick, I can change both of you. Now, which cards to apply to you two…,” Tyler says as his hand hovers over the table. He moves it around, teasing as he pretends to decide which cards to pick. It’s obvious to both Kevin and Dave that he already has cards in mind for this. 

Tyler grabs the internal testicles card off of Matt and places it down on the Collared card. Immediately Kevin and Dave feel the changes hitting. Dave’s balls pull up tight against his body, compressing themselves against him. He lets out a moan, gasping in a combination of pleasure and fear. With an audible, wet plop noise his balls pop up inside of him leaving an empty sack hanging from his otherwise blank crotch. He’s breathing heavily as his empty sack pulls up tighter and tighter until there’s just a smooth expanse of skin on his crotch. Dave has a dry orgasm, his knees going weak as his balls vanish.

Kevin already doesn’t have any external balls so he isn’t sure what is going to happen, but he feels a strange heat in his crotch and his neck. The sensation passes quickly, but soon a wave of intense horniness washes over him and he can’t stop himself as his cocktongue juts out from his face and sprays a massive load of strawberry cum all over the place.

“Fuck,” Dave says as he struggles to catch his breath. “That was intense.”

Over in Matt and Brett’s apartment, Brett is moaning as he fingers his pussy and licks at the sweet, sticky honey flowing from Matt’s pussy. With a gasp he feels his balls pulling up inside of himself, his cock growing even harder as they pop inside of him and a load of cum shoots from his cock and his tits spray some long streams of milk into the air with his orgasm.

Trent gasps as his nuts are squeezed against his huge muscular frame. They stay there compressed against his lean frame for several long agonizing minutes as they fight to get past his muscles and into his body. Finally, something gives and with an almost painful squeeze, they push into him and Tyler has one of the most intense orgasms of his life, shuddering and moaning loudly. He can barely stand and slides out of Matt’s well-fucked pussy to land on the bed beside him. He strains to look down at what happened, but he can’t see over the massive slab of muscle that his chest has become.

Matt groans and reaches down, the sides of his pussy ache. At first he thinks it is from Trent’s rough fucking, but then the skin starts pushing out. As he feels around down there, the skin bunches up becoming thick and wrinkled. A few moments later something starts pushing out from within him. It’s like he’s trying to pass something, the pressure is intense, but not painful. It pushes him over the edge into an orgasm as he shakes in pleasure. Then with a gasp his balls push past some internal barrier and fall into their sack on either side of his pussy. 

“And now, this card…” Tyler teases back in their apartment as he grabs the “Hair-Trigger” card off of Matt and moves it over onto the “Collared” card. Kevin and Dave moan as a flush heat washes through them. They groan and spontaneously orgasm, Kevin’s tongue sticking out and firing another sticky load while Dave shakes and grasps fruitlessly at his blank crotch, trying to find something to hold onto to direct this pleasure. Dave eventually settles on tweaking his nipples, gasping as the pleasure runs through him and carries him to another orgasm within moments. Kevin continues stroking his cocktongue, milking load after load out of it and onto the floor.

“Okay, Kevin, come take your final turn,” Tyler says with a playful tone.

Kevin takes his hand off his tongue long enough to grab a card off the deck. There is only one card left on the table now, despite there seeming to be a full deck just a few minutes ago. He flips through his cards and places one on the table. At the top it says “Popper Pits” with a picture of a hairy armpit. The text underneath reads “Target’s natural musk from their armpits or other locations makes those who inhale it incredibly horny, reduces inhibitions, and makes them feel intoxicated.”

Immediately there is a sudden increase in the muskiness coming off of Tyler and Zack. Zack’s stench is even more intense than Tyler’s because his whole body was emitting the smell. Very quickly, the room is filled with the stench of a locker room that had been used as a circle jerk for hundreds of guys. The stench spreads quickly into the nostrils of all four men, who lose their footing a little, staggering and feeling drunk on the smell. Tyler’s cock grows rigid, dripping with precum while Zack is drooling a long steady stream of his precum. Kevin’s cocktongue becomes fully rigid and he is unable to pull it back into his mouth at all.

Over in the other apartment, Matt’s aroma begins to fill the space. A softer fragrance, a mix of an almost floral scent with the undertones of a dank locker room. It is just as effective as it makes all three of them horny and inebriated. They fall into one another, kissing, groping, and sucking at one another. Leaving small hickies all over their necks as they kiss and throb against one another. Brett and Trent’s cocks are cumming almost constantly, barely a gap between one orgasm and the next. Matt and Trent eventually find their ways to Brett’s nipples and begin to suck on them, drinking the thick milk flowing from him.

Dave knows there’s only one card left, but it’s hard to focus on anything with all the musk. His husbands and Zack are all grinding against him, lost in a tangle of pleasure. He finally manages to tear himself away from them long enough to draw the last card. He throws it on the table, without even looking at it, hoping that it might end the game. He is pulled back into the mass of flesh as the four men kiss, suck, and grind against one another a near-constant deluge of cum flowing from their holes.

The unread card on the table says “Cakemaker” at the top with a picture of a thick ass. The text underneath reads “Target’s ass swells to massive proportions and becomes very sensitive.” Tyler moans on the floor in the tangle of men as his ass pushes outwards. It quickly grows from a relatively flat ass into a thick bubble of fat and muscle. Somebody’s hand, he can’t even figure out who’s, grabs onto one cheek and squeezes, sending him into an intense orgasm.

Zack’s body shudders as his ass begins to grow. It quickly outpaces Tyler’s growth, some strange combination of the magic creating a strange feedback loop. By the time it stops his ass is nearly the size of a beach ball, jiggling with every movement. The shuddering movement of his ass is sending ripples of pleasure through his body, causing him to shoot load after load from his mouth, coating the room and the men.

Matt’s ass inflates quickly, pushing his hips outward into an exaggerated hourglass figure. The thick cheeks jiggle with every motion sending waves of pleasure through Matt. Brett and Trent see his ass jiggling and shoot their own loads just from watching the motion of it. Trent manages to shift himself around behind Matt and slip his still-cumming cock past Matt’s cheeks and into his hole. Matt cries out in pleasure as Trent’s cock penetrates him. Trent starts thrusting, pushing past the overwhelming sensations of his orgasm to keep fucking even as his cock keeps spraying load after load of cum. He pushes in, using his own near-constant flow of cum as lube.

Somewhere in the mix of all the sex and pleasure, Kevin feels a tickle in his brain, and hears words in his head. “You have won. Please choose a change to keep.” Kevin’s mind is so mixed up and clouded with horniness that he can barely think. Somewhere deep inside that horniness he must have thought of something for long enough to count as the voice replied: “The choice is made.”

Both apartments quickly devolve into orgies of sex. Moans and musk fill the air long into the night. The cum leaks out from beneath the doors, filling the apartment buildings with the same musk. The other people living in both buildings are soon fucking, sucking, and stroking with themselves and each other as the musk infects their minds.

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In the morning, Tyler wakes up first and looks around. He’s in the double-king size bed he shares with his husbands, though there’s a fourth in here now. Zack’s form is there, lightly snoring, his head on top of Kevin’s soft chest. Zack’s ass looks to be a normal size again, certainly not the massive globes of flesh it had been last night. The apartment looks back to normal. Clean, cleaner than it had been even, no signs of the gallons of cum, lube, chocolate, and everything else that had soaked everything the night before. He reaches over, pulling Dave in closer when he catches a whiff of his armpit. The musky aroma hits his nose and he feels his cock go completely hard within moments. He reaches down to give it a few squeezes, appreciating the tingle running up the shaft. Curious he touches his own ass but it seems to be back to normal as well.

Dave awakens at Tyler’s movement and smiles up at him before glancing over and seeing Zack in the bed too. He gives a slight shrug and pulls himself up for a morning kiss with Tyler. Tyler reaches down and feels Dave’s cock, now back to its’ normal size. Tyler had barely wrapped his fingers around Dave’s cock to give it a tease when Dave shuddered and started cumming, shooting his load onto the bed. Dave’s cheeks went red with embarrassment as his cock started to quickly deflate.

Zack and Kevin woke up to the sounds of Dave’s moans and shared a little giggle at his expense. Kevin turned his head and gave Tyler a kiss, moaning loudly as their lips touched. Kevin pulls back a little, shocked at just how pleasurable that felt. His brow furrowed as he tried to think how that happened. He quickly stuck his tongue out, but it looked normal from what he could tell, though it was very sensitive to the touch. He could feel his cock underneath Zack throbbing and leaking precum from those few touches.

Zack’s own cock throbbed beneath him. He stood up, not really sure what to do in the face of such an intimate moment. “Oh, uh, I guess I’ll get going. I swear, I didn’t mean for anything like this, I didn’t-”

Tyler cuts off his rambling, “Don’t worry about it dude. We’re open here. You didn’t do anything wrong. Just breathe, though why don’t you leave us your number?”

Kevin picks up his phone to enter Zack’s number, but pauses as he sees he has 37 new texts. He scrolls through them to see the blowjob video from last night. A few of his friends responded with varying degrees of displeasure, but six of them DM’d him on the side telling him how hot he looked with a cock in his mouth. He takes a moment to look through the video, and while he was certain there should have been some visible change, everyone in the video looked normal.

Kevin got back to the task at hand, and entered Zack as a new contact on his phone. As Zack grabs his pizza delivery uniform and pulled it on, he quickly realized that his precum had already soaked through his briefs and was leaving a wet spot on his jeans.

Over in Matt’s apartment, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of a door slamming. There was an empty void on one side of him where there had been someone just a few minutes ago. The bed was still warm there, the blankets thrown off on his legs. On the other side Brent was still there, snoozing away. Matt leaned over and gave Brent a little kiss on his lips which caused him to open his eyes.

Brent smiled at Matt and says, “You know, I had this weird dream. Like we were different, but I still know it was you. And we umm-” Brent blushed as he remembered the dream.

“Yeah, I had a similar dream too,” Matt says looking around the room. “I don’t know what happened, but I think we did actually do some of that. Afterall, you are in my bed.”

“I guess so. If not, I’d like to try to reenact at least a few parts of the dream,” Brent says with a wink.

Matt pulled him in for another kiss, his fingers brushing against Brent’s nipples causing him to moan loudly into his mouth.

“Fuck, that’s intense,” Brent says. “Do it again.”

“Gladly,” Matt replied as he gave Brent’s nipple a rough tweak, eliciting another deep moan from his chubby roommate. Matt reached down to give his cock a stroke, but stopped when he touched it. He pulled back the covers and looked down. His body was hairless and his hips were noticeably wider than normal, but what shocked him was that between his legs was a 4-inch long clit sitting above a wet, dripping pussy, the sweet smell of honey filling the air.

As you sit here and read it, you realize that while some of the horniness has abated, you still feel that just one orgasm won’t be enough. That you need to keep going, keep edging. After all, one more load won’t hurt... will it?

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