Mass X

by Max Mann

 Five short stories of men getting bigger and sexier, through the use of “Mass X”.

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I saw the notice on the bulletin board at the new gym I started working out at just a couple of weeks ago. According to what it said, they were looking for an audience of men interested in muscular growth, steroids, and such, for an infomercial featuring former Mr. Olympia Steve Cummings. It was for a new product called Mass-X, which claimed to be the newest in bodybuilding technology. I read when and where the taping would be, and realized I was going to be off from work that night. I was very happy, especially to see the man of my fantasies, Steve Cummings. That man could make my seven-inch cock faster than a speeding bullet since he looked a lot like Superman (the Dean Cain version) with a mustache.

I got there early and met a man named Greg, who was the director of the infomercial. He looked at me and asked me if I might be interested in appearing in it. I immediately said yes, thinking of me standing next to Steve, maybe holding his huge arms or touching his beefy pecs. He told me that I might be a perfect candidate for Mass-X, but I'd have to take a blood test first to confirm whether it would work on me. As it turned out, Mass-X was similar to Rogaine in many ways, including the fact that it wouldn't work for every man. My curiosity was piqued, and I agreed to the test. I walked to a small office, where they drew out some blood, then went into a back room. Less than five minutes later, they told me that I was a perfect candidate. Would I agree to appear on camera and take Mass-X so that everyone could see the results?

“Are you telling me the results are instant?” I asked. “Of course. Within thirty minutes, you'll have the body you've always dreamed of.

Actually, it was Steve's body I dreamed of, night after night. Again, I said yes quickly. I had joined the club to put some muscles on my 5’11”, 140 lb. frame. Now I could look just like him! It sounded incredible, and hoped it was true.

They asked me to take off my clothes, even my underwear, and put on a pair of over-sized pants. Were my legs going to fit into these? I wondered if my erection was going to be visible inside them.

After I put them on, I waited in the wings as they started taping. When Steve walked out, I gasped. He was always big, but now he was massive! His arms looked to be at least 30” unflexed, and his huge, hairy chest had to be at least 70”. His shoulders were as big as basketballs, and his neck made his head appear tiny. He wore the same type of pants I had on, so I couldn't really see his legs, but I knew they had to be just as large as the rest of his body. The audience cheered and shouted, and he began to flex for them. I could've came in my pants when he hit that double-biceps pose!

He talked about Mass-X, but it was hard for me to pay attention as I stared at him. He caught me looking at him, then flashed me a quick wink. I almost had a heart attack! Suddenly, I was being pushed out of the wings and I stood in front of Steve and the host. I felt so small next to him, but he put a huge arm around my shoulders and said in my ear, “Kid, just wait until this is over. You're gonna love what you'll look like!”

They asked me my name, Joe Killian, and asked if I was ready to drink the Mass-X shake they had made for me. It was full of protein powder, milk, bananas, and the clear liquid they called Mass-X that they drained into the shake. I put it to my lips and drank it down as quickly as I could.

Almost immediately, I felt this strange burning sensation inside my gut. They led me to a workout bench on the stage and told me to sit down. I could barely pay attention to their words as the burning soon spread throughout my body. I could hear them talk about how it would make you drowsy, so don't take this before driving or working out. I noticed a camera had been placed on me, staring at me now.

Then I felt a spasm, then another, and soon my whole body was twitching. I was scared, as was the audience, but Steve and the host assured me that this was my body responding to the formula. Soon, they said, my muscles would start growing. As soon as they said this, my spasms stopped and I could feel the first spurts of growth. It felt like orgasms around my body! I watched my arms bulge outward, my shoulders widen, my abdominals solidify. And something else; I seemed to be getting hairier! I already had a decent amount on my chest, but it seemed to be thickening, and my face felt itchy. I reached up, and could feel a short, thick beard on it.

The audience was applauding as they watched me growing. I looked into a monitor off to the side and almost fainted. I had been a decent-looking guy, but now I made Tom Cruise look like Steve Buscemi! I almost could not believe that the handsome, thickly-muscled stud on tv was me! And then I felt a final surge. I screamed loudly with the thrill of growth, and didn't stop until the feeling evaporated.

Steve came up with a tape measurement and began reading off figures as I flexed for the audience. My arms—34” around! My chest—71 1/2”! My waist had grown to accomodate my eight-pack abs, but was still under 40”. I hopped up onto the scale, where they read my weight—373 lbs. of sheer muscle, and I was still the same height! I thought I was going to throw a boner, but oddly enough I felt numb down there.

“So what do you think?” they asked me.

“This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, this is what I've always wanted!” I hugged the host, and almost squished him because I didn't realize my newfound strength. But when I hugged Steve, he whispered in my ear, “Meet me in my dressing room as soon as we're done.”

The show ended, and I followed Steve's hard-muscled butt down to a big room. He quickly shut the door behind me and said, “Now it's time for you to see just how much you've grown.” He grabbed my pants and threw them down to my ankles, then hefted a long, thick piece of flesh that looked similar to a penis. It started to stiffen, and then realized that the huge thing was a penis, and it was mine! This couldn't be real, could it?

His touch was strong, but gentle, and soon my dick was rising further upward, running up against my abs, reaching a point just under my big pecs. I was breathing heavily as Steve, the man of my dreams, ran his wet, pink tongue under the sensitive skin of my schlong. He rubbed it against his hairy face, and it was driving me to the point of no return. He knew this, and quickly took the head, as big as an orange, into his mouth. I exploded what felt like gallons of cum down his hungry throat, and he drank every single drop without any of it passing his lips.

He stood up and said, “Now it's your turn, Joe.” I almost ripped his pants off as I pulled them down and felt his huge, heavy cock slap me in the face. His was even bigger, reaching the center of his mighty chest. I pulled down what had to be two feet of thick, veiny cock and wrapped my lips around the head. It was really happening; I was sucking the giant dick of the man of my dreams! I tried to deep throat as much of it as I could as he caressed the back of my head, running his thick fingers through my hair. His moans were soft as he urged me to take it all. I tried, but had to give up after more than half. But I kept up the action, and soon he was shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I had trouble taking his huge load, and a lot of it dribbled down my chin and rested in my chest hair.

I stood up, and Steve licked my big chest, tasting his cum and my sweat. He kissed, then nibbled, my nipples. Soon my dick was hard again, as was Steve's, and he suggested the wildest thing I'd ever heard of. He said I should fuck his ass while he fucked mine! He then proceeded to take my dick, lower it between his legs, and slip it between his ass cheeks. He then did the same with his dick, which was soon nestled between my massive glutes. We then proceeded to take each other's cocks, found our anuses, and each of us stabbed our cocks into each other as we faced each other. The feeling was so intense as I fucked his ass while he fucked mine. He told me not to cry out, as someone might try to open the door, but it was such pleasure and pain! He grabbed me by the neck and kissed me roughly. Our tongues darted in and out as we humped each other. I couldn't take it any longer, and my dick spasmed my man fluid into his tight, velvety hole. That was enough for him to cum, and he flooded my butt with his jism.

When we were finished, he handed me a towel and we began to wipe off each other's bodies. We kissed and cuddled, and he said, “I picked you out of the audience. I was glad your body reacted to Mass-X the way it did. You are even more gorgeous now. Why don't we go to my place? I could give you your first real workout.” His leer was so sexy.

Needless to say, it wasn't weights I was lifting when we got to his place. That was a couple of months ago, and we've been together ever since. The infomercial has been a big hit, and Steve has plans for making another one with me as his co-star.

And, this time, I get to choose the lucky man from the audience!

"I can hardly wait til grandad gets here!" said Austin, my younger son. "I wonder what his big surprise is."

Dallas, his older brother, said, "I can't imagine. He was so secretive in his e-mail. I'm hoping maybe it's a car…maybe cars for all three of us."

I said, "Dal, your brother's only thirteen…"

"Fourteen in three weeks," Austin said.

"Still too young to drive. But knowing my dad as I do, I wouldn't put it past him. He tries to spoil you rotten."

"Well, we are his only grandchildren."

I wish I'd kept that e-mail now. All I remember from it was he had undergone a life-altering experience and material possessions don't mean much to him now. He said he has never felt better in his life, and he wants us to share in his happiness. I was afraid he might've has a stroke or heart attack, but he insists he's in the peak of health for a man in his 60's. And he was going to arrive later tonight.

The boys and I spent the day watching college football—Dallas has his heart set on going to Colorado. I also finished wrapping my father's Christmas present, an autographed first-edition of John LeCarre's "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy". It cost a pretty penny, but I'd recently won $20,000 on a slot machine in Vegas. I had gotten the boys two dirt bikes.

The doorbell rang at seven while I finished preparing dinner, and when we opened the door to greet my dad all three of our jaws dropped. Facially, he still resembled his old self, with his trim white beard, bald pate, and bifocals. He was often hired to play Santa, not only for his face but also for his husky build.

My dad was no longer husky. A waist even trimmer than my own thirty-four inches was the first thing I noticed, but that made way for all the major changes his body had undergone. He wore a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and his forearms looked like Popeye's with flecks of white hair and veins snaking around them. Two cannonball arms threatened to split the seams where they met two basketball-sized shoulders. His neck looked thicker than my thigh, and his shirt was partially unbuttoned where more tufts of white hair grew across a chest that stuck so far out he looked like he would pitch forward any moment. The crevice in his chest looked so deep it could hide my present.

"Done gawking, or aren't you gonna invite your old man in?" His voice sounded deeper than ever, and something else…his tone, the way he used his voice, it sounded…sexy.

The three of us moved out of the way as dad turned his body sideways in order to enter; even then, his pecs nearly touched the door jamb. His jeans made a swishing sound as he walked with two gigantic thighs rubbing with each step.

My father stood in the living room after setting down his bags, put his hands on his hips, and said, "So, whaddya think, boys?"

Austin said, "Grampa Walt, you're…wow!"

Dallas said, "It's kinda weird, but kinda cool at the same time."

"Thanks, boys, it's definitely cool. What about you, Grant? Like my big surprise?" He flexed his arm, and the seam burst. "Darn it, another one popped. Just don't make 'em like they used to." His smile was almost a leer.

I really didn't know what to say, and I finally stammered, "I…I guess if you…you like what you did to…aw, geez, dad, what happened? What did you do to yourself?"

Dallas said, "I think I know dad, cuz my science teacher, Mr. Hughes, looks the same way Grampa does. Everyone calls him Mr. Huge now. You bought some MassX, didn't you?"

My father laughed. "Damn, but you're smart. Right on the nose, you are."

"MassX? What the heck is that?" I must not be up on steroids.

Dallas said, "I saw it on an infomercial once. It's supposed to be some nutritional supplement or something that grows your muscles in thirty minutes to maximum volume. They showed this guy actually growing after he'd taken it, and he got as big as Grampa. It was like watching 'The Incredible Hulk', 'cept he didn't get angry or turn green. And the announcer said not every body will grow, so anyone who doesn't gets their money back."

"And as you see by my results, it worked perfectly on me. I'm telling you, I've never felt better in my whole life. You can't imagine what it feels like to go into a gym, bench press half a ton, leg press a full ton, and not even break a sweat. My heart rate is back to normal, my lungs are healthy again, and now when I shower and I can't see my toes I know it's because of this powerful chest instead of a bloated belly. And speaking of bellies, is dinner ready? Sure smells delicious."

I didn't have to worry about leftovers, as dad ate half the ham, heaps of mashed potatoes with gravy, several glasses of Coke, and almost the entire apple pie. Dad was always a hearty eater, even more so now, but watching him down so much food rattled me. My boys loved it, though, and urged him to eat more.

"As much as I'd love to, I'm afraid we'll have to stop here. We've got a big day ahead of us, and I've a feeling I'm going to need as much strength as possible."

"That's right, boys, no need to tucker him out." My sons ran into the other room to watch MTV after they put their dishes in the sink, and I said, "Uh, dad, considering what's…well, now that you're…I mean, would you rather sleep on my bed instead of the guest bed? It's a king, and the guest bed is a full. I'll sleep on that one, I can't imagine you would be comfortable on it."

"Well, that's nice of you son, thanks. Listen, now that the boys are out of the room, I wanna let you in on a secret." Dad leaned in. "MassX has made me into a new man in more ways than one. My sex drive has increased tremendously, so much so that…I did a porn movie!"

"DAD!" My conservative, church-going father having sex with some strange woman on film? This was too much.

"And I was so popular on the set that I'm going to be in another one that starts filming after the new year. Grant, you would be amazed how good it feels to be so potent with masculinity. I am a changed man, and I wouldn't go back to my old self ever. I hope you're happy for me."

"Dad, if it makes you happy, then I'm happy too. But, really dad, a porn movie?"

"It didn't start out that way. I did a little modeling after I'd taken the MassX, and some of it was nude. Word got around about some old man in his sixties with a godlike body, and soon I get this offer to make a porn movie, and I figured you only live once. And when the cameras started rolling, it was just as big a thrill as when I took MassX. I was the center of attention with my big muscles, and I loved it."

That night I had trouble sleeping as the image of my father in front of a camera having sex with some girl barely older than Dallas kept popping up. Could he have hurt her with his weight on top of her, or could she have taken something too. Was there MassX for women? It's no wonder he was popular; I had to admit that even though his muscles were freakish, he looked better than since before Mom died six years ago.

I awoke the next morning to a booming "Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho" from my dad, and then I heard Austin yell, "Wow, Santa, you've sure changed since last year!" Dad always dressed as Santa for them, and even when they knew it was him they continued play acting. Then I'd walk in and say, "Told you he's for real." Then after we'd all drunk a glass of eggnog he'd pass around the presents and we'd open his as if Santa knew what Grampa wanted.

I wasn't sure how dad would alter his costume to fit his new body, but I never expected him to look like the man I saw after I walked into the living room. About the only things he still wore that could still fit him were the red-and-white hat and his calf-highs boots. He stood there shirtless, and for the first time I saw how massive his muscles were. His white fur lay dense upon his tanned body, and his hard nipples pointed downward from a Herculean chest. His shoulders looked like basketballs split in half, his arms the size of bowling balls, the forearms as big as a football! His abs were shredded into an 8-pack that had to be strong enough to support his top half.

Below his waist he wore red spandex gym shorts with white fur around the waistband and legbands. A pair of huge glutes threatened to burst from the back. One thigh alone looked as big as Austin's chest, and one calf looked like it could feed a small dinner table. And no wonder he was in a porn movie; his huge genitalia threatened to burst from the front. His dick reached down to just above the left legband. Part of me wanted to yell at him for such an obscene display in front of my boys, the rest of me understood why he wanted to show off his new body.

"Told you he's for real," I said, resigning myself to dad's new form.

"More real than ever," Santa-dad said, flexing his mighty right arm. "Santa found it harder than ever to haul all those presents, so he started working out, and look at these results." He began posing like a bodybuilder, and my boys egged him on with cheers and whistles. Even I got into the act, and he loved the attention.

After he finished, he said, "Now we've got one more thing to do before we open our presents. Let me get Santa's famous eggnog, straight from the North Pole!"

Once he'd left the room, Austin said, "Wow, Grampa's really hung!"


Dallas said, "Well, dad, he is. Mr. Hughes has one about that big, and sometimes in class he'll purposely start popping a boner down his pants to gauge our reaction. We're pretty used to that now. He loves his muscles so much I'm surprised he can teach us anything."

"Yeah," I said, "dad sure loves his new muscles, too. But at least he's retired so he doesn't disturb anyone at work."

"I'll bet he's gonna have lots of lady friends now."

Yeah, I thought, and they're all gonna be in his movies.

Santa-dad walked back in holding a tray with four frosted glasses of eggnog on it; each had our names etched on it. He handed them to each of us, and we clinked them as we each said, "Cheers." The boys drank theirs quickly, while I savored the rum added into mine. I thought I tasted something different; maybe dad accidentally put cloves instead of nutmeg into it.

Austin said, "Okay, Santa, we were very good this year. What did you bring us?"

Santa-dad said, "Not yet, your father hasn't finished his nog." I drank the rest of mine in one big gulp.

Dallas said, "Okay, now it's time to unwrap our presents."

Santa-dad smiled. "Actually, boys, I've already given you one of my presents, and it's going to unwrap you!"

I asked, "What do you mean by that?" Then I heard a moan, and I saw Austin rubbing his chest.

Austin said, "Oh, I feel a wicked case of heartburn." Then his brother said, "Yeah, I'm feeling it too."

Dad said, "That's what I thought it was, but I found out it's your stomach muscles growing after they've been hit with a dose of MassX, like the doses in your eggnog."

"What!" I was about to stand when the feeling he just described hit me, and I fell back in my chair with a grunt.

"Merry Christmas, men. See, I figured if this worked on me, and it's similar to Rogaine, then it should work on any man with my genetic material floating around in them. In other words, my son and my two grandsons. I'm glad to see my theory held up, and now I'll have the pleasure of watching all of you turn into brawny, beefy, musclebound studs like myself in less than thirty minutes. Why, it's already working on Austin and Dallas! Tell me, boys, doesn't it feel good?"

"Mm, this isn't good, it's great! Hey, my voice changed. Wow, listen to it; it sounds so deep." I couldn't believe what I heard from Austin's mouth. He now sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Midwest accent. Arnold…my boy's gonna end up bigger than him. And so am I.

Oh, yeah, so am I! Wait, I don't want this. Dad tricked us into drinking it…is there any antidote? Probably not. Does this wear off? God, I hope so. I can't imagine having a huge body all the time. What would the guys at work say? Shit, my postal carrier uniform won't fit me anymore, I'll just be bulging out all over the place. I looked down to see if it was affecting me, and I saw my chest slowly but surely rising inside my pajama top. Already starting to bulge. I ran my hands around the heavy curve of muscle; my nipples had hardened. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as I pinched each of them.

"That's right, son. Nothing can match the feeling of muscle and testosterone pumping through your veins. It's with me every minute of the day, and now all three of you can share it with me."

"Oh, Grampa, yeah!" Dallas said. "Mr. Hughes always talks about it, and I can't wait to see the look on his face when I walk into class with all these muscles. His jaw's gonna drop to the floor. Oh, man, I need to stand up; there's no room in this chair for me to grow." He stood up, and I saw how tight his pajamas had gotten on him as his muscles stretched every inch of cloth from his shoulders to his calves. His face had changed, as his jaw grew squarer and his cheeks sunk like some kind of supermodel's. Some thick stubble, like a three-day-old beard, appeared on his face, making his modelish looks stronger. His lips puffed with fullness, giving him a sexy pout.

Sexy? What am I thinking? That's my son; I can't think of him as sexy. But I can't deny how much better looking he is in just those few short minutes since he took MassX. I looked at Austin, to see how he'd changed…oh my God! And dad was looking at him too wide-eyed.

I don't know if it's because of his age, but the MassX was working overtime on him. He didn't have stubble, he had a full beard on his teen face, and thick chest hair oozed out from every hole in his pajama top where the buttons were weakening their grip. He breathed in, and POP POP POP went the top three buttons; one of them broke an ornament on the tree. "Ooh, yeah," he moaned in that deep voice, "I'm gonna shred these pj's up with all my new muscle." He flexed his left arm and RIIIP went the sleeve as the peak of his bicep popped up like toast. He did the same with his right arm, but this time more slowly as the cloth agonized until it could no longer hold his mighty arm inside. RIIIP! He smiled mischievously. "Guess I'm not a little boy anymore, huh, dad?" He took the remains of his top and tore the rest off until he stood topless in front of us, his muscles still growing as veins snaked all over them.

Another series of pops alerted us to Dallas' growing body as his mighty chest, though not nearly as hairy as his brother's, crowded out his pajama top. He undid the other buttons and did a slow, tantalizing strip. First he showed one colossal shoulder, shrugging it around, and did the same with the second. He turned his back to us and eased his shirt down so we could see every fiber of his V-shape, the span of muscle equalling my father's width. I even noted the Christmas tree shape in his lower back; how appropriate for this time of year. He turned to face us, his body still in the throes of growth, and said, "Come on, dad, it's your turn to give us a show."

"That's right, Grant. Time to show daddy how much you love your gift." I looked at my dad, but something else caught my eye. I stared at the base of his thighs…sweet Jesus, he had a hardon! A purplish knob the size of a lemon was attached to a shaft at least three inches wide and sticking out past his legband at least six inches. A clear drop of precum oozed from the tip. He was aroused watching my sons growing in front of him, and I felt the strangest thing.

Jealousy. I didn't understand it, but all I could think was if he got this turned on by their show, then I had to give him the best show of all. I didn't want him just to be hard…I wanted to make my father cum! What was wrong with me? But it didn't feel wrong, just so right. All this gigantic, pulchritudinous muscle on me, dad, and my boys belonged on us.

Dad said, "Men, I told your dad last night that I made a porn movie. What I didn't tell him was it was gay, with guys who'd all taken MassX. Yup, your old man got this big dick of his sucked by a musclepup barely older than you, Dallas. And then he begged me to fuck him in his huge, hairy ass. Kept calling me grandad while I pounded him like a jackhammer. Never thought about gay sex til after I got big, and never thought about incest til that guy got me so turned on I shot a load so deep into him it could've dribbled out his lips."

I watched dad slowly stroke his cock as he talked, and the filthy language from his mouth and his huge body and my still-growing one made me lose my last bit of common sense. I stood up quickly and with a sexy growl rent my bottoms from my body. Naked from the waist down, I turned around to show dad my newly muscled glutes. I flexed them for him, and he let go a sigh of approval. "Is this what you like, dad?"

"I love it, son. I love your sexy, muscular, massive ass."

I felt my anal muscles quivering like jelly. "Wanna fuck me, dad? Wanna take your son's cherry ass with your huge daddy fuck tool?"

"Do him, grampa, fuck dad!" My sons started chanting, "Fuck our dad, fuck our dad." I heard another large rip behind me, then a thwack, then two gasps from my sons. I turned to look behind me at the most mouth-watering sight; my dad still wearing the hat and boots, and naked everywhere else sporting the mightiest erection I've ever seen in my life. It rose proudly from his white-haired groin, a pair of gonads the size of peaches (and just as fuzzy) descending halfway down his oaklike thighs. It curved slightly upward, more than two feet long, and veins crisscrossed up and down it. I licked my lips.

Dad's lust-filled eyes bore into mine as he strode towards me, his cock bouncing with each step. I still had my back to him, eagerly awaiting his manhood inside me. He grabbed my bicep which strained against the cloth, spun me around, and kissed me roughly. I responded in kind, opening my mouth and stabbing my tongue into his orifice. He ripped my top off, and I stood nude before him.

"I love you, Grant. I created you with love from the seed of my loins, and I brought you into this world as naked as you are now. I love you so much I recreated you in a new form, and it is time for you to take the seed from my loins."

"Take me, father. Please?" Dad grabbed me under my arms and hoisted me high until my limp but growing cock was in his face. Slowly he lowered me until I felt the head of his schlong at my anus. The precum felt soothing, like a balm, but with one sudden thrust several inches of dad's manhood entered me and hit my prostate. Pain and pleasure flooded me, and I had no idea what I was babbling as he took more and more of my colon.

"Watch this, men," dad said to my sons, who gaped at our display of unabashed homosexual sodomy. They paid so much attention to us that they didn't notice each of their bottoms had torn away to show their newly gargantuan legs or their limp, equine penises. Why were we limp, how come we weren't as hard as dad? I wanted a hard dong in front of dad's face! But my thoughts went away as I watched dad take his arms away from me, leaving me impaled on his cock. Somehow I managed to stay balanced, but then he lowered me til my feet almost touched the ground, and then raised me back up using nothing but the power from his groin. Again and again, faster and faster, I felt like a little boy on his knee getting a horsey ride, but I was a big man getting a ride on dad's horsey cock.

"Please, dad," I cried out, "I wanna cum! Why isn't my dick getting as big and hard as yours?"

"You haven't stopped growing, son. You'll be done in a few minutes. Remember, you finished drinking it up last. In fact, your sons are done now. Just look at what they're doing."

I turned my head and saw my fully-grown sons standing face to face, our should I say cock to mouth. For their now engorged cocks stood away from their hairy, beefy frames travelling upwards until each head met the other brother's lips. A standing 69; would I call it an 11? Or maybe a "W", since their dicks met like crossed swords. I knew one thing to call it: erotic.

A strong thrust from dad focused me back to him. "Soon, son, very soon you'll understand what I'm feeling right now as I'm fucking my own kin. I think you've stopped growing now, 'cuz that dick of yours is riding up my pecs." And it was. Sensation had returned to my cock as it throbbed to life, as long and heavy as my father's with a smaller head. Dad bent forward to kiss it, and shivers of ecstasy raced through me. His pink tongue lapped at the tip, then swirled around it. "Oh, Grant, your cock is…magnificent." He opened his bearded mouth and gently sucked the first few inches of my new manhood. The desire I had for him burned like hell, and I was left speechless except for my grunts and moans. He looked up at me with his ravenous eyes and said, "Cum for me. Cum for daddy, and let me drink from this cock fountain I created for you. Give me your seed, son. Give me the seed of the man I made."

His words zoomed from my ears straight to my cock, which couldn't say no to his order. I keened as jism exploded from my schlong into dad's eager mouth. I watched his Adam's apple bob with every swallow, but soon the eruptions became too much and my cum dribbled onto his whiskers. It was tough to see what was beard and what was cum, so much white. He let go of my cock, which thudded onto my chest, soaking my face and neck as my semen continued shooting from it. I tasted my juice for the first time; like ambrosia for this musclegod.

Dad's pumping turned frenetic. "Aw, Grant, so fuckin' hot. I'm gonna cum. You're gonna feel what your mama felt when I made her pregnant with you. Ah…uh…oh, yeah, feel that?"

"Oh, God, yes! More, sweet Jesus, more. Give me all your seed, daddy. Oh, it's filling my insides. Empty it into me." But dad had so much in his balls that it ended up oozing down my mighty thighs. I was bathed in sweat, semen…and saliva as I felt a pair of tongues lapping up daddy's excess. I looked down and saw my sons eagerly slurping on each leg. I flexed my quads with each vigorous lick. They made their way up to my anus, and when I felt my sons rimming me I almost passed out.

But the sex wasn't over. As with all teenagers, even though they had just cum into each other's mouth, their rampant cocks stood ready for more action. Both were bigger than either dad's or mine; Dallas had about six inches on us, while Austin's incredible cock tower had almost another foot more than that! My thirteen year-old son had to look up in order to see the orange-sized head of his schlong.

"All right, dad," Dallas said with his low, sensuous voice, "Grampa got to take your ass first. So which of your sons do you want to suck first, and which do you want to fuck first?"

How could I decide? Each of them had such big meat, and when they turned around to show me their hairy globes of ass and virgin sphincters I wanted to take both right then and there. Finally, I said, "I can't make up my mind, so you'll decide for me. Rock, paper, scissors between you two. The winner gets my mouth, and I get the loser's ass. But I want both at the same time. Okay?"

They agreed, and on the count of three they showed their hands. Dallas had paper, but Austin's scissors cut it. Austin smiled lewdly and said, "Betcha never thought you'd be sucking my cock on Christmas, huh, dad?"

"Or fucking your brother's hot ass. Go on, Dallas, get on your knees and beg for your father's dick."

Dallas' filthy words got me harder than diamond. "I want it, dad. I want your huge cock so deep inside me you're fucking between my lungs. Your dick's touching my ass, dad. I can tell you're lining up to…oh, shit! Ow, it's so big and fat! You got a whopper of a cock dad, and I want it all."

All I could do was moan as Austin's bigger manhood was now making its way down my throat. My jaw felt like it would unhinge like a snake's as I accepted inch after thick inch of teen meat. Austin reached out and began running his fingers through my hair; his mouth was equally raunchy. "Mm, daddy, you look so good with your lips stretched around my cock like that. Your first blowjob, and you're already a pro." I reached out with my right hand to fondle his nut sac, keeping my left on Dallas' back for leverage. Austin laughed. "Oh, that tickles. Feel how hairy those are. Wasn't much on them before MassX. I'm a hairy, hung, teen stud, and you love that, doncha?"

I nodded as I tried to take more cock, but Austin could only walk so far before Dallas' head would get trapped between those colossal thighs and he'd be gasping for air. But with that cock, it wasn't necessary for him to give me all of it, much as I wanted it. We worked up a steady rhythm, and I saw Dad out of the corner of one eye jerking his tubesteak (a slab of filet mignon to me). Austin, still being a teen despite that musculature, came so quickly down my throat he didn't have time to announce it. But I made sure everyone knew when I was about to blow my wad inside Dallas. My son twitched with every sharp spasm that my cock made as I spewed the same man-milk that created him into him. After the last spurt, I collapsed onto his tabletop-sized back, breathing heavily. I kissed his ear, and he turned so our mouths could meet.

"I love you, father," he said huskily.

"And I love you, son." Our lips pressed gently.

For the rest of the morning, and into early afternoon, the four of us explored every possible form of incestuous muscle-lust until we had accomplished the goal of six orgasms: each of us cumming orally and anally into our other three partners. After that, we were pretty sore and needed cleaning off, so we each took a shower with a partner. Austin and Dallas went together, although we heard them from downstairs begging for each other's cock. When dad and I showered, there was barely enough room for both of us, and with all the lathering of our hairy muscles we soon ended up pec-fucking each other.

When we opened our gifts, the boys were thrilled by the bikes but realized those might not support their huge frames. I still had plenty of money left from the slot win, so I told them I'd make sure to either get them reinforced, or get new ones altogether. Dad loved his book, and I was happy with the deluxe tool chest and work bench as my old one was falling apart. Dad then handed out his presents: complete wardrobes for all three of us in XXXL sizes to fit our massive bodies, along with lots of lycra/spandex gear to show them off to the max. We couldn't help but model for dad, and when I showed off in a pair of teal stretch pants with matching top I felt so damn sexy I wanted to show the world my new body and the proud dick jammed down to my knee. Dad's unexpected gift was the best I'd ever received.

That night, the four of us settled down to watch a new classic: my father's porn movie, "Santa's Muscle Workshop". Watching him take two massive elves on either end reminded me of this afternoon when Austin and Dallas did the same thing. And that night, although no snow was to be seen within fifty miles, the four of us ended up having a very white Christmas all over our MassX'd muscles.

I changed Daniel Callahan's life recently, not only giving him a promotion to make him my next-in-command, but making him into my own image.

My own life had been irrevocably altered a little more than three months ago after undergoing a quadruple bypass and deciding to take better care of myself. My first wife Linda had constantly nagged me about my health, but my second one Britni didn't seem to care; I didn't know which was worse. Three days after the stitches were removed and I was discharged from the hospital, I found myself awake around 3AM feeling sore all over and flipping through stations when I suddenly saw this massive male chest on the screen. It was bigger than any I had ever seen before, even on Arnold in his earliest movie days. Then an arm flexed until it was the size of a basketball. And a back spread as wide as my home desk. Then a ruggedly handsome face appeared as the owner of that body, and he said we would witness his change in a matter of thirty minutes from a regular guy to the superman before us, thanks to a product called MassX. Of course I was skeptical, but the claim seemed so fantastical I had to watch. As I witnessed his body grow before my and the audience's eyes I wondered why I hadn't heard of this before. I listened to the spiel carefully, and a voice inside me asked what do I have to lose. So I sent for the blood test which would tell me if my body would accept MassX, and when I read the positive results I felt a strange thrill.

A week later I received the vial containing the formula by special delivery. The instructions said I should add it to any protein-enriched drink, so I made a chocolate milkshake and poured the contents in. The taste was strangely spicy, but not unpleasant. Britni had left for her Pilates exercise class, so I was alone when I became transformed. I knew what was happening to me as the sequence progressed, thanks to a two-page letter detailing it, but nothing could adequately prepare me for the new feelings in my brain as well. With every hair that grew, with every muscle that expanded, I understood what the pitchman meant when he said it made you feel like a new man. I watched myself in the bathroom mirrors as my once-round belly tightened with defined abs; I had no idea I could have an eight-pack so firm. I saw my flat buttocks curve with muscle and rise higher. I ogled my chest, now bigger than Britni's surgically-enhanced front. Even my nipples were bigger than hers, as round and red as pepperoni slices and jutting a good inch downward. And the scar that once traveled down my chest disappeared as if I had never been sliced open.

But nothing prepared me for the sight of my new genitalia. They'd never shown the pitchman from the waist down; although we saw his tree-trunk thighs they'd been captured below crotch level. So when my manhood lengthened and widened to a size I'd only seen on farm animals I became frightened. Until I touched it, and then the wonder of masculinity hit me full force. I had reached the pinnacle, the apex of manliness, and I enjoyed every lustful moment of it. My balls churned with so much jism that I ended up having three orgasms…the last one into my mouth when I decided to try sucking my cock for the first time.

When Britni came home and saw the new me she freaked. She didn't like my muscles, and certainly not my cock; she wouldn't let me near her with my two-foot pole (almost 2 1/2 feet, to be honest). At the same time, though, I didn't want to be near her. The MassX must've affected my brain as well as my muscles, as I found myself thoroughly unattracted to the bimbo that had cost me my first marriage. I wanted to discuss this change with other men like me, and I found a group on the Internet devoted to what were called “X'd Men”, men who'd taken MassX and wanted to meet the same. I logged onto the group as “CEO Mo”, given that I—Morris Bernstein—am the CEO of MegaConglomera and I couldn't think up a better nickname. One night a guy called MuscRat wanted to chat privately with me; he lived in the same city as me, where he worked as a chauffeur/escort for businessmen who loved muscle. He was intrigued by my bio and wanted to meet me; he said he's paid well by his clients, but never charges X'd Men. He e-mailed pictures, and when I saw what he looked like in and out of uniform I had to meet him.

I drove to his condo near the waterfront, and when he saw me he whistled lustily. “Hot fuckin' stud for an older guy,” he said with a deep voice that went through my ears and straight to my crotch. He swaggered to me cockily and told me to untie the sash of his white, terry-cloth robe. I looked at his blonde fur, the deep crevice in his pecs, the love trail down to the even mightier appendage dangling past his knees. I licked my lips and knelt before him, ready to accept my first taste of another man's penis. He eased it into my mouth, and I sucked him willingly. My sexual hunger overwhelmed me as my hands roamed over his thighs, calves, abs, and that beatifully furry ass. He pulled out, stood me up, and started stripping me. He kept calling me “sir” as he fondled my mighty chest and bulbous nipples, and I shot the biggest wad when his beefy mitts squeezed my cock and balls for the first time.

For the next few hours Lance (his real name) and I fucked and sucked in every conceivable position, and in every room of his place. I found out how strong my muscles were in his weight room, lifting hundreds of pounds hundreds of times without breaking a sweat. And when we ended our day in the shower together, slowly enjoying each other soaping our bodies, rubbing the lather into our fur, stroking our slick cocks to orgasm, I knew I'd found paradise.

Lance and I became semi-regulars, meeting up once a week for some hot time together or with either worshippers or X'd-Men as well. The night Britni left me she'd found me with a father and son X'd pair who had skewered me on both ends like a rotisserie chicken. But I couldn't care about her, as I was enjoying my new body too much. I enjoyed the stares as I walked into the office the first time, seeing the dropped jaws and even the fear in the eyes of some vice-presidents who had been jockeying for my spot in case I decided to retire. My new vigor stunned them as they cowered before me.

No, I wasn't going to retire, but I received a shock when my CFO announced his retirement in order to take care of his wife who'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed to find a second-in-command pretty quickly, someone I could trust. And something inside me said to find someone whom I could transform into my likeness. Then I could truly trust him…and more.

When I gave the news of the CFO search, I specified I would be looking internally for the right candidate, and they would have to take a drug test. What I didn't say was the test would be the same as I had taken to determine if I could be Mass-X'd. That's all I cared about at that point.

I received a good number of resumes; some I gave cursory interviews as I knew them as sycophants who couldn't fart without me doing it first. And anyone who wouldn't submit to the test would be disqualified immediately. Ultimately the choice boiled down to four men, all of whom had impeccable credentials and solid track records at my company. I would've had a tough time choosing between them, but the test made it easy for me as only Daniel Callahan, vice-president in charge of personnel, could be Mass-X'd.

That Friday I let the other three candidates down easy and reminded them they were valuable to me and I would make sure to put extra stock options in their next pay raise. When Daniel walked into my office late Friday afternoon, I dismissed my secretary and locked my door. I had interviewed Daniel myself, and hired him right after graduating from university fifteen years ago. Now his red hair had flecks of white in it, and he'd grown a mustache to hide a scar, but his body inside his Golce + Dabbana suit looked as slim and trim as ever.

I was going to enjoy watching it tear off him.

I walked over to the bar where I had made two protein shakes. Both were vanilla, but the MassX tinted the second one darker, though not by much. I handed him his shake.

“Mr. Bernstein, what is this for?” he asked with that New England accent.

“A toast, Daniel…to my new chief financial officer.”

His green eyes grew wide with surprise as I clinked his glass with mine and I drank down my shake. He stammered, “Muh…me? Oh my goodness, thank you sir.”

“No need for sir with me anymore. You can call me Morris, maybe even Moe. Now drink up, Dan, to your health and future.”

He downed the shake quickly and licked his lips appreciatively. I knew his growth would begin in less than five minutes, so I engaged him in idle chitchat, asking him what his family will think, along with his latest girlfriend. He had a roving eye for the ladies, but so did I once.

Beads of sweat began forming at his temples, and he tugged at his collar. I looked at him and asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, fine. Just a little lightheaded, that's all. I guess it's just the shock…” He burped. “Oh, I'm sorry, I apologize.”

“No need to, we're men and that's what we do.” I let a sonic boom of a belch loose.

He laughed, then grimaced and rubbed his chest. “Damn, this feels like heartburn, but…”

“But what?” I stood up and took off my jacket, hanging it on the back of my leather chair.

He kept stroking his chest. “Feels like…rippling. What the…this can't be right. It's…bigger.” He said the last word so quietly I almost couldn't hear.

“Bigger, you say?” I had taken off my tie and was now unbuttoning the top of my shirt, showing the swirls of hair atop my awesome pecs that disappeared into the deep cleft where the twin mounds met.

“Yes, it…it's growing!” He moaned. “Wha…what's going on? What's happening to me? I feel like…like I'm growing…all over!”

“No need to panic, Daniel. Now that it's started, I might as well tell you that what you're experiencing is the same thing I felt three months ago, so you're in no danger.”

“But…this isn't a heart attack.”

“No, Daniel, this is Mass-X. It helped turn me into this,” I said as I peeled off my shirt to show off my magnificent bod. “And I decided I wanted my second-hand man to be just like me. You were the only one to pass the drug test, so the choice was easy. I assure you, you will love your new body once it's over. Stand up; I want to see what it's doing to you.”

When he stood, his suit strained against his body, the arms of his jacket riding up, the thighs stretching outward, the crotch packed with enough meat to feed a football team. I licked my lips appreciatively and stroked my own huge package. Watching myself grow was a thrill, but watching Dan grow was the most awesome spectacle I'd ever witnessed.

His eyes grew wide when he saw me fondling my cock, then he moaned loudly and his jacket ripped around the shoulders. His shirtsleeves were also torn, and basketball-sized deltoids emerged from the fabric. His new neck muscles made his collar too tight, so with an easy tug Dan tore it off; round, thick traps appeared. It took a lot for me not to go right over to him and rip off his clothes for him, to feel those muscles growing under my own fingers. I continued hearing seams split, and soon his pants split down each side, beefy quads appearing. He looked down and couldn't take the pressure of his tight apparel cutting off circulation. He shredded the jacket, shirt, slacks, and his underwear until he stood before me stark naked except for shoes and socks. He gaped at his new body as he ran his hands over every curve.

In the meantime, I had pulled off my pants and stroked my gigantic erection as he focused on his own still-growing frame. He reached down and hefted his heavy cock, watching a good foot hanging past his mitt. Dan looked up at me, and when he saw my own meat he dropped his. He walked over, thighs rolling like ocean waves, and just stared at my manhood. He gazed at me and said, “I had no idea how big you were, but I never dreamed…and now me!”

“Feels good, doesn't it?”

“Good? This is…mind-blowing. I don't feel like myself, and I feel a thousand times like myself at the same time! All this muscle…on me…” He flexed his left arm, his right, then faced me in a double-bi pose. “How ya like this, boss?”

“Mm, I like very much. Now how you like this?” I threw a double-bi of my own, my erection resting in the valley of my pecs.

“Oh!” He gazed at me, then moved towards me. He stretched his hands and began caressing my chest, swirling my gray fur under his fingers. “I don't know why but…if you don't mind me saying…I've never wanted to touch another guy before, but you are just so…so,” his hands reached for my throbbing cock, “BIG!” He stroked me gently as he moaned.

“You're a big man, too,” I said between my own moans of pleasure, “with big desires. Desires no woman can ever fulfill. That's why I divorced Britni. I'm too much man for her, or any woman. Only men like me can know what it takes to satisfy me. That's why I grew you. You understand, Daniel, don't you?”

“Yes, sir, I do,” he said as he licked his lips and began tonguing my cockhead. “Oh, wow! Your precum is so warm…and delicious. And your cockhead, so fat and hot…” He opened his jaw and slipped it into his eager, wet, virgin mouth. He took to cocksucking like a bird to flight. Natural instinct took over as he proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob, taking inch after inch of my schlong without gagging once when it slipped down his throat. I ran my fingers through his thick, red hair as I guided his face closer to my pubes. I thought I would shoot my load once my huge balls began slapping against his chin, so I pulled him off.

He looked puzzled. “Am I not pleasing you, sir?”

“Oh, no, son, you're doing a spectacular job.”

“Son? I like that. Does that mean I can call you dad?”

Holy shit! Holy hot fucking shit! The stud I just grew wanted to call me dad. I never had any sons of my own, and to hear that word from his mouth…well, how could I say no? It wasn't incest, but maybe a new form since I created his new being. “Yeah, son, I'll be your dad. Your great, big muscle dad who loves his

huge, strong muscle son.”

“Oh, yeah, dad, show me how much you love me.” He went over to my desk, shoved everything off it, and threw himself on his back, legs pointing skyward. “Fuck me like you fuck mom. Ram that monster dick in my man pussy!”

I held my cock high and hard. “Think you can take all of it? Mom sure can't.”

“Mom's a woman, and I'm all man.”

“That you are, but first I gotta get you ready for me.” I got on my knees and began rimming him, his horny moans egging me on as I tickled his smooth skin with my furry face. I bathed his coconut-sized balls with my saliva. I stood, and his sphincter twitched with anticipation as I placed the fist-sized head at his manhole. I slid a full foot of Moe meat into him with only one stroke. He gasped in shock, but the look on his handsome, square-jawed face showed pure bliss. His limp cock, laying atop his cobblestone abs, responded to life and began growing longer and thicker…and THICKER! With each throb it extended towards the valley of his pecs, but its width stunned me. I tried to take hold of it with one hand, but a strong spasm wrenched it free; it landed with a loud smack against his paper-thin skin. So I grabbed it with both, and couldn't fit my meaty fingers around it.

“Suck me, daddy boss,” Dan begged. “Suck my great big horse dick you gave me.” He licked his lips.

How could I turn down such a sincere request? But it wasn't easy. That slab of man-flesh was the widest I'd ever taken. My cheeks bulged with his fat manhood, and when I slid him down my throat my neck muscles had to make way for it. I looked up to see his slack-jawed expression, a mixture of awe and lust. I eased his cock out of my mouth, licking the head with relish, and asked him, “Care for a taste?”

Dan was throroughly lost in ecstasy as I pushed his hips forward, my own meat still hard and deep inside him. Closer and closer his apple-sized knob inched towards his beautiful face, drooling precum like a faucet. He stuck his tongue out and tasted his man nectar; his eyes widened with lust as he tried taking it into his mouth. He grabbed it with both hands and began jerking off, aiming it at his mouth. Dan said, “Oh, yeah,” and I watched in shock as volley after volley of thick cream erupted from his titanic member. It coated his lower face, and he ran his tongue over every bit he could reach. It flowed from between his pecs like melting snow from a mountain, down to his broad neck. I bent over, licking his jism off, tasting the salt from it and his sweaty skin. I couldn't hold back my own Vesuvius, and I kissed him roughly as streams of my seed spewed inside him, so much seed that it leaked from his hole and onto my desk.

I took him to my private bathroom where I cleaned him up, mostly with my tongue. That horny stud managed to cum all over my face as well, and this was after he'd emptied a second load inside me; I had no idea what a dirty talker he was during sex, and I loved it. I showed him my private closet, where he picked out one of my shirts and a pair of pants to fit his massive new frame. They were a little long on him, but I'd take him to the tailor that handles X'd-Men and get him a new wardrobe. I was about to call Lance to bring the car around and introduce himself in the flesh to my new CFO, when I got an urgent call from someone in the business. He had always wanted a position with my company, but I never approved of his shady dealings with his own. The Feds had discovered them, and now he was looking to me for help.

“I found out what you used to make yourself grow, that MassX shit. I thought if I could grow too, I could be more intimidating, more forceful. So I took the test, and it's telling me I'm positive. You think I should do it, Morris?”

“I don't know what it might do for you in court, but I can assure you having muscles like mine makes quite an impression. Tell you what. After you've grown, we'll talk about a position for you with me.”

I was looking forward to which sexual position Dan and I would put Andrew Fastow in.

As I watched my gigantic cock sliding in and out of the round, hugely-muscled ass of the salesman bent over his desk, his own whopper spewing precum over his blotter, my mind wandered back to the New Year's Eve party where he and I, as well as over forty other men, had our lives changed forever by our boss, the CEO of MegaConglomera.

I had never met him before then; I'd been hired only three months before as a security guard. I was looking for a job to coincide with my schooling at the major university in town, and getting the night shift position really helped with my finances. Plus the building was usually quiet, so I managed to get good study time during the moments when I didn't have to walk the floors or check the cameras.

Soon after being hired I was notified I would have to take a physical as part of a new, company-wide health policy. I didn't need one originally, but at the same time I figured this is as good a time as any to get one. Some made a stink about the legalities of it, but the letter from the CEO stated this was to keep insurance costs down, that in no way were any results to be used in discriminatory manner, and that all benefits would remain intact if an incurable disease was diagnosed.

I didn't have a doctor of my own, so I made an appointment with the one suggested in the letter. His name was Bertram Kwelagobe, and when I first met him I was astounded by his incredible musculature, which was plain to see even under his lab coat. His shoulders stretched the doorway, and when he walked towards me his legs rolled over one another due to the sheer mass of muscle on them. And I couldn't help but notice the huge bulge between those legs; even Stevie Wonder could tell how hung the Zambian was. (I saw the flag on his office wall; it's a hobby of mine.) When he shook my hand, I watched the sinew under the dark brown skin flex.

Bert, as he called himself, turned out to be very professional and courteous, making sure to ask in great detail my family history and taking measurements with preciseness. I hated starving myself for the blood work, but at least I had the day off to pig out afterwards. The exam took about 30 minutes, and as I was leaving I said, “Sure wish I could build muscles like yours. Must've taken years to get as big as you are.”

“Well, Dylan, you'd be surprised how little time it actually took me. Maybe one day I'll let you know my secret.”

The next week I received the results which showed I was a perfectly healthy eighteen-year old. With my grades at a consistent B level, a steady girlfriend since junior high, and perfect health, I was a satisfied young man.

Then I got the invitation from the CEO, and I didn't think life could get much better. It had been hand-delivered to me by his chauffeur, another incredibly muscled man with a tight uniform emphasizing every bulge in his body, including a crotch rivaling the size of the doctor's. I didn't try to focus on it, but when you're at a desk and that's in your face you can't help BUT notice it.

“Congratulations,” he said with a deep rumble as he handed me the envelope. “Your presence is requested on New Year's Eve for a party being thrown by the CEO Morris Bernstein and CFO Daniel Callahan.”

“Me?” I looked at the stationery made out to Dylan Michael Lipscomb, inviting me (and only me, no other guest) to an exclusive shindig at the CEO's mansion, Megapex. “I'm honored…but why me?”

“Morris and Dan must think you're the right material for the company, and would like to meet you in person. I suggest you rent a tux, if you don't have one of your own. This will be formal…although after the new year the dress code will be lifted.” He gave a sly smile, and I wondered what the joke was as he walked away. Damn, I wondered, how can he fit that huge ass into those pants?

With each approaching day I grew more nervous about the party, thinking I might turn it down. But how could I ignore the potential boost to my career? And the party was the big talk around the building; seems not one woman was asked, but the men who were came from all sorts of departments. Salesmen, computer geeks, mailroom clerks, managers, even a janitor. I had no idea what we could all have in common, but I was willing to find out.

I had to work the late shift til 11PM on New Year's Eve, being the low man on the totem, so I had to let the chauffeur know. The next day he came up to me (geez, even in dark clothes you could see every bulge) and said, “I've spoken with Morris and Dan, who said it would be fine if you came in uniform. You may look out of place at first, but I assure you you'll fit in by the end of the night.” Again that smile. “I will pick you up from here.”

The boss' limo was well stocked, and the chauffeur didn't care that I was underage for alcohol so by the time I arrived at 11:30 I was already feeling pretty mellow. I was led into the ballroom, which had mirrors on every inch of wall. Waiters—what was it with all these musclemen?—were passing out drinks and appetizers, and the employees were milling about, waiting for the bosses to arrive.

They entered about fifteen minutes later to applause. When I saw them for the first time I understood why I'd met so many bodybuilders recently; these two guys were just as huge as the doc, the chauffeur, the waiters, the bartender. Must be quite the club they've got. Both wore white tuxes showing off their incredible tans, and they stood in the center of the ballroom.

“Gentlemen,” Morris said, “may I be the first to wish you a happy, prosperous, and unforgettable new year. My partner and I have invited you here tonight to announce to you a new business venture that will become an integral part of MegaConglomera, and I believe it will send us to new heights never imagined in the corporate world. And the reason I've brought you here tonight is to congratulate you for being the best candidates for the openings we are looking for.”

“You see,” Daniel said, “we don't care what kind of job you have now. You will be needed to man our new facility, which will be open after the new year. It is state of the art, with all the amenities a great corporate office should have, plus some you might not expect…but more on that later. One thing we are quite proud of is the gym, which will feature the latest in weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, the works. As you can see, Moe and I are dedicated to the pursuit of healthy bodies, and a fit employee helps keep medical costs down, cuts down on sick time, and a group of employees like this enhances our stock prices as well.”

Moe said, “So, once the clock strikes midnight, I will tell you all about the growth of our company, and where you all will fit in. Come, let's drink a toast to our fortune!” With that, the waiters started bringing around milkshakes in all kinds of flavors. I thought that was weird, but why should I turn one down? So I grabbed a strawberry-flavored one and took a sip. I hadn't drank one in so long, and it tasted so delicious that I downed the whole thing in two gulps. Almost all the other employees did the same; a couple of stragglers were chided by Moe as the clock neared midnight, so they finished them off quickly.

Suddenly I felt a heat inside my gut, but it wasn't unpleasant like acid reflux. It spread from there to my heart, then zoomed through my body.


I moaned, then I realized I wasn't the only one experiencing such an odd sensation as the moans from my employees grew louder and more frequent. I looked at them, not paying attention to the countdown of the final seconds of the year, visibly sweating, tugging at their collars, faces lost in a mixture of fear and…desire?


I saw the faces of Dan, Moe, Bertram, Lance, the waiters…they recognized what was happening. And they smiled. Big, wide…handsome smiles.

“Happy New Year!”

Confetti rained down as I raised my arm to wipe my brow and heard a tear. I glanced and did a double take. The seams of my shirt and jacket had split where the shoulder joined the arm, and a big lump of deltoid appeared from it. I reached out to touch it, and another tear from the opposite shoulder freed the other. I felt the muscle underneath the skin vibrating, shifting, expanding with each second that passed.

“Holy shit, I'm growing!” But I didn't say that, one of the computer geeks did. I looked over to him and saw the top of his shirt pop open, blond fur dotted with colored paper spilling over the newly beefy pecs. He reached down to caress them, and a knowing grin emerged. He turned to his growing buddy and said, “Aw, Charlie, can you believe this? We got X'd!”

X'd! Oh, man, not that! Back home in Iowa there was a story from a nearby town about a graduation party where a punchbowl had been dosed with MassX and some of the boys and dads grew in front of everyone, clothes tearing off til they were naked. The only one who pressed charges was a woman who said it turned her husband and sons gay, but it was settled out of court.

I should've recognized it, and now it was too late. I was turning into a musclefreak, along with my coworkers, and we were powerless to stop it. And, from the looks on their faces, they didn't want it to end.

“That's right,” Morris said, “I've initiated you into our society. You were all chosen because your blood tests revealed MassX would work on you. And now I'll tell you our plans for the great future of MassX, which has been bought by MegaConglomera. We are going to start marketing MassX on a wider scale to Europe and Africa; those units will be headed by Lance Jorgenson and Bertram Kwelagobe.” The doctor and chauffeur joined Moe and Daniel and began kissing them hungrily. I gaped as the two didn't stop for over a minute. “I know these men will do a fine job for me, introducing the joys of MassX to more and more men throughout the world.”

None of us spoke as Moe continued. “And we won't stop there. We have plans to make clothes specifically designed for X'd men which will be sold in stores geared to the X'd man. We are looking into concentrated nutritional supplements that won't stretch the X'd man's wallet. And my personal favorite…we will create a new professional football league featuring X'd men that I guarantee will rival anything the NFL will have to offer. Who knows what other possibilities we can explore, but with the MassX brand there are no limits.”

“And, best of all, no matter what your position in our company, from this point on you are a partner. As of tonight, every one of my benefits in my contract, other than my salary, are yours as well, including some of the most valued stock options in the United States. So, my fellow X'd men, what do you have to say?”

For a while, the only sounds came from seams violently being split open and the stifled moans of those still lost in the throes of growth. Then one of the fully-grown men started ambling towards the pair, shredding the remains of his tux, sequoia-thick legs rolling over each other, a dick the size of a Pringles can bouncing in front of him. His posture changed with each step as he jut his chest further outward, throwing his basketball-sized shoulders back. His male fur glistened with sweat as he stood in front of the bosses and said, “Thank you for this wonderful gift. I can't wait to show this new body of mine off! How can I ever thank you?”

Dan said, “You can start by sucking our cocks. Watching you, and all you men, grow was the hottest thing I've ever seen, next to my own growth. Go on, Ryan, and get your first taste of X'd cock.”

I couldn't believe what I saw next. Ryan Bailey from Sales, who bragged incessantly about his weekend conquests of girls from the building, dropped to his knees, released Dan's massive cock from its confines, stroked it until over two feet of thick manhood stood underneath his fingers, and slipped the grapefruit-sized head into his eager maw. His eyes rolled back as he sucked the CFO's schlong with gusto. Then Moe went behind Ryan, opened his trousers to free his own mammoth meat, and began rimming Ryan's muscled buns so he could deflower the stud.

Meanwhile, Harlan Smith Jr., the geek who announced his growth first, was sucking on Charlie Novak's right man-tit, teasing the nipple with his teeth, and getting his meaty cock sucked by Oscar Rodriguez from Maintenance, whose ass was getting rammed by Bobby, one of the waiters still wearing his open shirt and bowtie but nothing else. At the punchbowl Cameron Lomax and Kelly Quinn, both from Advertising, were pouring the champagne punch over their bodies and licking it off each other, letting their tongues travel slowly around every curve, every strand of sinewy might, coming to rest on each other's huge erections. The scenes were repeated in every corner of the room; freshly-grown muscles being worshipped and enjoyed by their owners in an array of sexual positions, solo, duo, and more. I continued staring in disbelief until something began blocking the view. I focused my eyes on…

MY COCK! How did it get so hard…and so big?! I couldn't believe the size of it, as wide as a notepad and so long that it was spitting precum on my hair. It pressed against the valley of my pecs, two slabs of muscle as big as Thanksgiving turkeys. I stood there, frightened by my size, until I felt a hand against my naked glutes, then a second on my cock.

Suddenly the sensations I'd dreaded overwhelmed my brain with such ecstasy and desire that I knew my fears were unfounded. I looked over to the hunky blond waiter whose hands were gliding up and down my meatiness, and whose own hugeness pressed against my doorway-sized back.

“I watched you from the moment you walked in. I hoped there'd be a guy my age getting grown, cuz we grow even bigger than older guys.”

“You're…eighteen?” I asked, shocked by my deep, and damn sexy, voice.

“Yeah. My dad grew me for my birthday back in July. I'm Brendan.”

“Dylan,” I said as he turned to face me. Once I saw his aquamarine eyes I forgot my girlfriend forever. He pressed his titanic body against mine and gave me my first manly kiss. “Oh, yeah,” I thought, “this is what it's all about.” Brendan moved back and brought my cock down to meet his lips. His tongue bathed my glans with expertise, then he slipped it between his pink lips.

Meanwhile his own magnificent manhood throbbed in front of my lust-filled eyes. I reached out and grabbed my first cock; I was stunned by how similar it felt to my own. Hard tissue surrounded by velvety skin, veins corrugating the surface. There was no way I could encircle the thick meat, so I slowly stroked it as Brendan moaned, his lips vibrating around my schlong. I brought the head closer and closer, inhaling the aroma of precum. I stuck my tongue out and let a drop of it touch my taste buds, and that was all I needed to become a cocksucking stud slut. I didn't care if anyone else was watching the two of us hungrily devour each other's poles as we flexed our tremendous bodies for our pleasure.

Soon I felt a cock pressing against my anus, then one strong lunge and I had my cherry ass popped by doc Bertram. His African godhood worked my insides with preciseness like a surgeon with his scalpel. I then heard Brendan moan and managed to see Lance jamming his dong into the studly waiter. Then two more joined in, fucking Bertram and Lance, then two more, and suddenly a daisy chain of anal love consumed every man on the floor, except for Morris and Dan who were the last to join in. They walked over to me and Brendan as we kept sucking each other, then grabbed our cocks and told us to fuck them since we had the biggest ones of every man there.

Morris and Dan began kissing each other lovingly as the two of us lined up our shafts against these bigwig's big glutes. Brendan slid his monster inside the CEO's, while I placed the head of my giant between Dan's furry boulders and eased my way into him. The corporate titans moaned as we fucked them the way a muscle magnate deserved to be, and I knew they could feel every man behind them as though 20 or more ultra-studs were impaling them at once. I had no concept of time; had we fucked for 10 minutes? 30? An hour? All I cared was I had been granted this glorious gift, the best post-Christmas present ever, a permanent new life of godlike muscle and hypermasculinity along with a towering erection that deserved worship like some sex totem.

I don't know who had the first orgasm, but as soon as he did the rest of us exploded one by one into each other, and the air filled with the pungent scent of our semen mixing together. I fired my first volleys inside Dan, but he soon pulled away sending my cock spraying its megacum over my head, hitting the glass chandelier twenty feet above me. Dan turned around, grabbed my head, and fed me his throbbing shank which immediately spewed his juice down my hungry throat. Meanwhile the doc pumped his own seed through me with his love syringe; I swear I could feel his megasperm tickle my insides.

After the last man had finished milking his cock into his partner, I heard someone clapping, then another, and before I knew it we were all applauding and cheering for Morris, Dan, and everyone. Men made their way to the owner and his lover, kissing and thanking them, although several were worried about clothes.

“Men,” Morris announced, “I had made arrangements for you to receive new wardrobes tonight after we had celebrated your new bodies. Unfortunately, due to weather delays I won't receive them until tomorrow, but they will be delivered here and I insist that all of you stay the night here in my mansion of muscle.”

So that evening men could be found everywhere; in all ten bedrooms, three bathrooms, the kitchen, grand dining room, wine cellar, game room, library, and out by the heated pool where the water soon became cloudy. Sometime after two in the morning Morris came up to me and said, “You must be Dylan. Dan told me how great your cock felt inside him. Now it's my turn.” He took my hardon and led me to his office, where he laid atop the mahogany desk and said, “Fuck me raw.” I started by rimming his ass, and I could still taste Brendan's cum, along with a few others. And, being a good employee, I did what my boss told me.

“Aw, geez, Dylan, fuck my brains out.” Ryan Bailey's words brought me back to today, my pants down to my ankles, my shirt unbuttoned and two magnificent pecs popping out, the short sleeves emphasizing ham-sized arms I love to show off. In fact, short sleeves are part of everyone's “uniform” here. My back was to the door as I plunged in and out of Ryan, and was a little startled when I felt a tongue at my ass (I am supposed to be security, after all). But that tongue belonged to my new boyfriend, Brendan, who soon replaced it with his pole and sent me over the edge. Ryan's cum exploded and hit the leather swivel chair; I knew he'd be licking that up after I'd left.

Brendan and I shared lunch, among other nourishment, together, and when I got back to my post I found someone waiting there. An ungrown, as well call them.

“Hi,” he said, “I'm here to see Fred Griggs. I'm the new sales trainee, Josh Cashman.”

I looked on my list and found his name along with a note from Fred: “I'll call you for his new clothes once 'training' is over.”

I smiled and said, “Welcome to MegaConglomera. I'm sure you'll be very happy here.”

As I slid my uniform on, feeling the Lycra stretch over these newly-huge muscles, seeing my jock bulge obscenely inside my pants, I looked over to my dad, smiling at me, looking so damn hot and built I wanted to fuck him again. But we had to get ready for our debut as Toronto Toros with the X'dFL.

No, not that wrestler/football league. This is a new one featuring the most muscular, toughest, and—may I say—hottest men in football. Some would say we're not pro, but I think we may one day overtake the NFL for popularity. Certainly the uniforms they've created for us have been designed to highlight every inch of our bodies. And a few pro players have entered our ranks after the NFL decided they didn't want men that huge and designed a test for MassX to weed them out. So they're here now, with all us other guys who've taken MassX and now want to show off our abilities.

Oh, did I mention I'm eighteen? With this league, as long as you're my age, even if you're in high school, you can play. I know at least one player who's a linebacker for the Minnesota Bunyans and had to go to summer school to graduate because the league took so much of his time. I know they'd like to get as many X'd teens as possible since the juice really affects us most. You should see how big I am! Arms over 70cm, a chest over 180cm, each of my thighs over 100cm, and you've probably heard how big X'd cocks grow…you have no idea!

And all this happened just last week, at the fifth home game of the season. There's been a promotion going on all season for each team; every season ticket holder has the chance to get X'd in front of the crowd during halftime if they qualify based on their blood tests. My dad bought season tickets with a buddy from work, and he said the fans go wild when some regular Joe turns into a muscleman right in front of them at the 50-yard line during halftime. The MassXtron shows him as he's growing, and the crowd chants as they watch every muscle pump bigger and stronger. I saw it on television and even the guys announcing the game get into it. Who wouldn't, it's an amazing sight.

So the week before the Toros-Portland Pacifics game dad says his friend can't use his ticket cuz of his brother's wedding and asks me if I want to go. Of course I said yes (I wouldn't be telling you this if I hadn't). Dad's seats were in the end zone, and he introduced me to some other season-ticket holders. I counted five guys next to each other in the row below who had taken MassX; they were shirtless and had their huge bodies painted the team colors of red and silver. I knew the television cameras would be focused on this group. One of them turned around to my dad and said, “So, James, this gonna be your week to turn into one of us?”

Dad laughed and said, “If only, Greg. There's over 20,000 season tickets, and at least a fifth of those guys can get X'd, from what I've heard.”

“I'm telling you, man, if you can then do it. It's been over two years for me, and I still can't believe this body.” He flexed, then his buddies joined in, and suddenly there they were on the giant screen posing down for the cheering crowd.

The teams were introduced, and the Titans jumped to an early lead thanks to a 74-yard field goal; there's almost never any punting since the kickers have such powerful legs. The Pacifics got a 68-yarder, then the Toros scored the first touchdown when Chip Ford, the all-star running back, ran 59 yards carrying two of the Pacifics who tried to tackle him on his back. I don't know which got more screams, the touchdown or when Chip flexed his mighty arms for the fans.

At the end of the first quarter, Dad went to get some beer and a hot pretzel. As I sat waiting for him, a security guard and a bald X'd man in a business suit started walking down the row. Suddenly they stopped in front of me and the bald guy asked me, “Are you James J. Logan?”

His stare intimidated me, so without thinking I said, “Yes.” See, my dad is James Joseph Logan, and mine is James Jonathan Logan. Dad always goes by James, and I'm usually called Jamey or JJ.

He flipped open a cell phone and said, “Found him. Cue camera one. Three, two, one.” Suddenly the stadium announcer said, “Congratulations, James Logan, get ready to get X'd!” Then there I was on the MassXtron, my shocked face visible to everyone. The X'd guys in front of me started high-fiving me as I was led from my seat to the Toros' training room. I didn't pay attention to what the announcer was telling everyone, I was in such a euphoric state.

Me. I was going to get X'd in front of over seventy-thousand people, and millions more on tv. And to think dad missed the whole thing because he walked away…

“Omigod!” I yelled as I sat in front of the trainer, arms threatening to burst through his polo shirt sleeves. I had been rambling excitedly when I realized that I wasn't the James J. Logan they were looking for. And I had to tell them Dad was the season-ticket holder, Dad was the one they wanted. Dad was meant to grow, not me. And I hung my head, partly in shame that I had taken his place, and partly because I wanted so much to be the one.

I paced the floor as I waited for them to find him, and when he walked through the door I gave him a big hug. “Congratulations, James Logan, you're gonna get X'd.” And the sniffles started.

“Aw, JJ,” Dad said, “don't worry about me, I'll be fine.”

“No, it's not that, it's just…I was so excited when I thought it was gonna be me, and they showed my face, and then when you walk out there to get X'd everyone's gonna think I was trying to take your place. I didn't mean to steal your spotlight.”

The bald X'd guy who brought us here, whose name I learned was Scott Lowe, said, “Don't worry, there'll be enough for both of you.”

“What?” Dad and I looked at him.

“Don't you get it? Haven't you seen how many father and son combos are in the league? If the dad can get X'd, so can the son. And thanks to this fortunate accident, you two are going to be the first duo to get X'd. So come on, we have to prepare you to star in the hottest halftime show ever.”

I think my jaw never reached my mouth as we undressed completely (even the underwear, which they said would just snap off anyway) and each put on a pair of oversized sweatpants and a tee with the Toros' logo on them. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror; swimmer's build all the way. I laughed as I flexed my then-average biceps. How would those bizarrely huge muscles look on me or my dad? All the other guys seemed as though they were born with them already.

Dad kept himself fit by going to the gym regularly, and the sweatpants seemed to fit him better than me. Although he sported some grey flecks in his full head of hair, he would sometimes be asked if he was my older brother. He watched me flex, then lifted his arms for comparison. “I can't believe this is happening, JJ. Your friends are going to be so jealous.”

“Of my body? Or of the wonderful father I'm going to share this with?”

“Aw, son.” He hugged me for the last time with his regular body, and we held each other longer than we expected. Maybe we wanted to remember our former selves as long as possible.

We heard the cheers from the crowd as the first half ended, then the bald guy came in and said, “Showtime, fellas.” He handed us earplugs, and I understood why as Dad and I walked onto the field. Seemed like no one moved from the stands to go to the bathroom or get snacks. Seventy-thousand screaming, clapping, stomping fans awaited our growth.

Dad and I stood on a platform with several cameramen surrounding us. Between us was a table with the logos of MassX and MegaConglomera it, and a couple of glasses filled with protein drink and our life-changing elixir. The stadium announcer, a local weatherman/X'd man named Kevin Black, stood between us wearing a turtleneck and chinos, both pulled taut over his mighty frame.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and X'd men, may I introduce to you James J. Logan,” as he pointed to me, “and James J. Logan,” as he pointed to Dad. “Welcome our first father and son to the stage.” A huge roar went up from the crowd. I looked toward the end zone and saw the painted bodies of Greg and his friends flexing, the red toros' horns just touching their nipples.

“Nervous, guys?”

I said, “Yeah, a little.”

Kevin laughed. “No need to worry, you've got lots of fans here ready to cheer you on.” Kevin pointed his microphone to the crowd who cheered louder. “And remember, we have two more home games left, so one of you may be on stage with me getting the chance of his lifetime to be the biggest, the greatest, the ultimate muscleman…an X'd man.” And as he flexed his arm, the peak of his bicep tore through the cloth. The crowd noise reached rock-concert level decibels, so I was glad I had those earplugs.

Dad and I stepped up to the table and grabbed our drinks. Kevin said, “Ready, men? Three, two, one…go!” The crowd chanted, “Chug, chug, chug,” like we were frat guys at a kegger. I glanced over at my dad and he at me as we drank; we matched each other gulp for gulp and finished at the same time. The crowd cheered again as we set our glasses down. I looked to my father, and we smiled. I could only read the words from his mouth.

“Get ready, my boy.”

I felt the first signs of growth in my churning stomach, and soon MassX was passing through every system. I could tell its effect immediately on every part of my body, from the lungs and heart to parts I didn't think would be affected such as my eyes and ears. And no matter where I sensed it, the rush was fantastic. I began sweating as my muscles twitched under my thinning skin. I ran my hands over my chest, abs, arms…oh, yeah, bigger. So much bigger! I saw my dad doing the same…wow, his abs were so ripped, and his shoulders so round and wide…did I look as good as him? I turned to face the MassXtron and saw…ME! My squared jaw dropped as I saw my enlarging self, already the size of a champion bodybuilder and still incomplete.

“Come on, guys, flex for us! Let's see you in a posedown.” Kevin put his microphone down, ripped his shirt off in one swift motion, and hit a double bi that drove the crowd wild. My dad…my magnificent dad slowly brought his mighty arms up and did the same. Then it was my turn, and thanks to my youth my muscles had enlarged even more. The audience roared louder as I flexed, and my image on the MassXtron seemed like some morph, but there I was squeezing the pump into my oversized guns and loving it.

Kevin, Dad, and I kept posing, following his movements as the cameras followed us. Every time I walked my legs rolled over each other; I couldn't even look down at them directly as my pecs grew the size of two sourdough loaves. My back felt like I'd grown wings, the V shape almost at a ninety degree angle. Dad and I continued flexing for the crowd, and for each other. By the time the changes had completed the two of us had created history. In just thirty minutes my dad and I had been transformed into two hypermuscular, ultramasculine, godlike studs who had whipped the audience into such a frenzy I wouldn't have been surprised to see many of them dash onto the field to try to get the last drops of MassX from our glasses.

But just before we were ready to get off the field, I had a “wardrobe malfunction”. I guess I grew bigger than expected, for I heard something tearing next to my thighs, and the next thing I knew I felt something slapping between my knees. The crowd gasped in shock, and I saw both my dad's and Kevin's eyes widen as they looked down. I peered over my chest…HOLY COW! Or…holy bull, or horse, or elephant! From a hole starting halfway up my right thigh appeared my penis, dangling heavily and stretching to a spot a couple of centimeters below my knee. Before I could react I was hustled off the stage along with my dad, my gigantic cock flopping with every step.

Back in the training room, Scott said, “Now that you've grown, here's your chance to see how strong you are. You can use all the weights here, and flex in front of the mirrored wall. I'll be nearby in case you need anything.”

I said, “Thanks. I'm…I'm sorry about…this.” I pointed to my crotch.

“Eh, that's okay. It's happened in Orlando, and Austin, and just last week in Las Vegas. We have a standard size we use at each game, but sometimes a man just outgrows our expectations. Don't worry, the national cameras weren't focused on you there…but our internal camera crew managed to cover it. You'll receive a DVD a few days from now showing both of you growing into your new selves. Have fun, men.” He closed the door behind him.

Dad sat down on a weight bench and said, “Well, JJ, those sweats won't be good anymore. You might as well take them off.”

At first I was going to step out of them, til I remembered I've been X'd, so I grabbed the front and pulled hard…harder…and with a satisfying RIIIP tore my pants down the front. I felt like a male stripper, except their pants tear off on purpose. This was pure power. I kicked off the tattered remains and stood before my dad wearing only my sneaks and ankle socks. He wolf-whistled loudly.

“Damn, JJ, you are prime manhood. Take a look at yourself.” I turned to face the mirror and saw the glory of the new me. My former swimmer's build had been overwhelmed by the grandeur of muscle, every millimeter changed to superhuman stature. I stood proud and tall as I moved slowly, capturing every sinewy flex. I gasped occasionally when I'd see just how much muscle appeared in places I never imagined.

“You are one awesome specimen.” I turned to my dad, who gave me a sexy look. I leered back. “You ain't too shabby yourself. Why don't you take my place so I can check you out?” We exchanged places, and noticed my cock reached past my knee and fell over the end of the bench. It was thicker than my arm used to be. How much bigger would it get when hard?

Dad removed his sweatpants and proceeded to posedown for me and the mirror. His muscles and cock were smaller than mine, but about average for an X'd man. The fur on his chest and abs swirled perfectly around his pecs and abs, making them look even more defined. He grabbed a couple of 200 lb. dumbbells (I would've thought they'd be kilos here in Canada) and began curling. “Damn, JJ, that's too easy!” he said as he put those back and grabbed a pair of 300's. “That's more like it, eh?” As I watched my dad lift, seeing every fiber twitch and pump, I started realizing just how hot he is, and my dick began rising from the bench. Shit, I didn't want to get hard for him, so I looked to see how much weight was on the barbell…1000 lbs. I laid down, got into position, and began lifting. I counted each rep, and when I got to thirty I put it back. I was stunned by how easy it felt. Dad had watched me, and his cock was plumping up too.

We both knew what was happening, but neither of us was ready to face our lust, so we threw ourselves into more weightlifting. Yet with every set, every rep, we could see in each other's eyes how much our new bodies thrilled us, both as owner and viewer.

Our breaking point came when dad got on the weight bench and asked me to spot for him. He had put over 300 lbs. more onto it, so I watched him press and…oh, man…what a powerhouse! His arms, his chest, his everything. As I helped him put the weight back on the rack after his last rep, my cock dragged along his face. Once the bar was in place, he grasped it with both hands, opened his mouth, stuffed the fat head in, and started sucking me. I watched him from above, his mouth stretched beyond human capacity, centimeter after thick centimeter expanding his throat.

And it didn't feel wrong at all. Naw, not only was it right, it was perfect. Dad and I reached a new level of manhood, one that allowed us to free ourselves from inhibition. Who would dare say what we do was wrong? They could never be what we are, and if they could…oh, they would!

Soon my need to feel my father's cock became urgent. But I didn't want him just down my throat. I wanted to feel him the way Mum did when he created me the first time. And now that he recreated me, he would fuck me. I withdrew myself from his mouth, and when the entire length had finally exited I gaped at the astounding size. It had to be at least a good meter long, arcing from my groin at a forty-five degree angle. I held it against my body and had to look up to see the head.

“C'mon, JJ. I'm so hungry for you,” Dad panted.

“My turn, James.” I moved to the front of the bench, hoisted my dad's schlong from his torso, and began licking every single centimeter. He sighed softly as I worked up and down, preparing it for entry. When I finally let him in my mouth, I shocked myself by taking over half of it in one suck. Damn, MassX really gives you superhuman sexual abilities besides the magnificent muscles and penis!

I positioned myself above his groin, facing him so my cock reached his lips. He resumed sucking as his dick touched my rectum. I shivered with delight as I eased myself down and felt him enter me, taking my cherry ass. “Ah, daddy…my muscle daddy…fucking his muscle son…sucking his muscle cock.” I kept up the dirty talk as I slid further down his pole, filling me fuller, reaching my prostate…” Oh, shit, oh, fuck…fuck me, dad, fuck me like you fucked my mother the night you made me.” His hips bucked under me as took him, and soon his pubes were tickling my glutes.

Suddenly the door flew open and Scott thundered in, naked from the waist down, cock hard and ready. “I couldn't take it anymore,” he apologized as he grabbed my head and guided his meat past my lips. “I watched you two on the closed-circuit monitor…you have no idea how hot you are! And the game is in the final minutes…I had to have you before the Toros get back to the locker room. Oh, yeah, suck it. So good…mmm…” I reached around and held his round, beefy butt as I vacuumed his hose.

If you'd told me this morning that before the game ended I'd become a cock-sucking, ass-fucked, muscle freak and love it, I would've laughed at you. But now I'd be kissing you, thanking you for your prediction. Every electric sensation flowed through my body, from the tip of my cock down my dad's throat, to the walls of my bowels that my dad thrust between, to my stretched jaw being used by Scott's schlong. Then all at once the nerves seemed to reach together and form one continuous link, and at that point I lost it.

I screamed around Scott's dick as the first volley rocketed from my grapefruit-sized balls and down my father's gullet. Oh, I thought it would go on forever as one shot after another emptied into his gut. I felt one cock twitch in my mouth, a second later the other in my ass, and prepared myself to accept their loads. I kept them both inside me as they drained their protein-rich fluid into me. When Scott removed himself I tasted cum for the first time and knew I'd found nirvana.

Scott went into the locker room to prepare our visit, and I lay atop my father, kissing him passionately. Our tongues seemed to melt into one as we frenched, each of us proclaiming our love for the other.

A few minutes later, Scott motioned for us to come in. Dad and I walked hand-in-hand as we entered the Toros' locker room where a postgame celebration the likes of which I'd never imagined was taking place. Teammates in various stages of undress kissing, fondling, sucking, and fucking next to lockers or atop benches. X'd coaches giving interviews to X'd reporters as they got blown by players. Out of the group emerged the beautiful body of Chip Ford, sauntering towards us wearing only his cleats. I grew speechless as I gazed into his aquamarine eyes. Scott appeared behind him to introduce us.

We shook hands as he said, “Congratulations, studs.” Oh, his dimples…his white, toothy smile. He was handsomer than any ad I'd ever seen him in! And the next thing I felt were his thick, juicy lips pressed against mine. Such an angel. Dad joined us in a three-way kiss, but I think he knew something clicked between us. Chip said, “You're very lucky men, and so am I. Every game's MVP gets to fuck the new X'd guy. But I get both of you, how cool is that! My problem is I can't decide which of you I want where. Do I take this,” he hefted my dong, “down my throat or up my chute? What do you think,” he asked my dad.

Dad said, “Does it matter? We're gonna take you, and every single stud here, before we're done today. We're gonna fuck and suck all of you dry. Got that?”

“All right, we got a challenge! Come on, Toros, let's see what these two can do.” Chip began to stroke our cocks as others circled us, caressing our huge legs, wide backs, broad shoulders. Fingers tickled our rectums, bounced our testicles, tweaked our nipples. Chip licked my meat, then dad's, then brought ours together and slurped them both. “Yeah, I know what I want,” he said, then turned around to wiggle his round, sensuous, muscle butt. “Both of you, in me, now!” he panted.

Dad and I looked at each other in amazement. How could this stud fit both our monstrous organs inside him? But we were up for the challenge, and we had help from his teammates. A couple spread his cheeks apart, another pair rimmed him, six more lubed our cocks with their spit. I went in first and felt his ass surround my manhood, milking me with amazing talent. I eased out until just the head remained, then Dad slipped his in when I shoved. What in the world? Dad's mighty cock next to my freakish one, both of us fucking the daylights out of one of the hottest X'dFL stars. Dad had to kiss me hard to keep me from shouting in ecstasy.

Soon my ass was invaded by a defensive back, while Dad had the head coach stuffing his rump. My mouth surrounded the kicker's schlong, while Dad sucked a safety. The room was filled with the sweat and scent of X'd men in frenzied lust. The heady aroma of X'd cum thrilled me, and I couldn't hold off any more as I exploded in Chip's ass. Dad's member twitched next to mine, and I felt his jism splash alongside. Every man in the room soon erupted, and I got my fill of delicious, nutritious, X'd cum.

After Dad and I showered with the team, we were interviewed by a reporter from the X'd Men Channel, the hot pay-per-view service devoted to us. Our transformation would be the top highlight tonight during the sports section of “Naked Muscle News”, including my “malfunction”. I found out we'd be automatically subscribed now that we'd been X'd, and I couldn't wait to watch.

We were given a new wardrobe and a 6-month supply of nutrients, courtesy of MegaConglomera. As we walked back to our car, we saw a van waiting next to it. Greg and his buddies emerged from inside and began applauding. More hands to feel us, to enjoy our new hugeness. More mouths to kiss. More cocks to suck. More asses to fuck. Tonight we were insatiable, as Greg and rest found out when we got to his house. And I think Dad and Greg shared something special that night; their lovemaking lasted over twenty minutes alone. We got to watch our expansion there during a break from the sex, and it looked just as hot as it felt.

We didn't get home til 3am, and we had to be at the stadium for our tryouts at 8am. But now that we've been X'd our energy is boundless. I received lots of congratulatory e-mails from my classmates; now that I'm the first, I think I can convince others to see if they'd like to be in my shoes.

Dad and I eased through the tryouts, and each of us is a backup on the team right now. Dad is an offensive tackle, while I'm a linebacker. We're very popular with the team, as our sore mouths and asses could tell you. And now we're about to take the field for the first time as Toronto Toros.

And some lucky stiff from the audience will come down during halftime and get to experience the thrill of being X'd. You'd better hurry, cuz season tickets for next year are going fast.

What are you waiting for, eh?


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