An average night out

by Hairymusclemorphs

An average night out at a colleague's party gets way better when Luke runs into an extra-large friend.

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Part 1 An average night out at a colleague's party gets way better when Luke runs into an extra-large friend. (added: 9 Mar 2024)
Part 2 Jake’s wedding turns out to be more fun than Luke expected.
Part 3 At Tom’s muscle mansion, an intense workout leads to even more intense activities.
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Part 1

The heat was almost killing me this afternoon when I finally clocked out. I was working in the local steel mill. Working next to a smelting oven all day was one thing. But it was another thing to end your shift and get released into pure heat. How could it still be around Thirty-six degrees Celsius [96°F] outside?

Jake slapped me on my back before forcing me into a slight headlock. “You should join me at the party tonight. Plenty of hot chicks… And enough alcohol for everyone.”

He reminded me of a golden retriever. He never gave up with his chiseled jawline and perfect blonde hair. I only stood around 5’7 (170 cm). He knew I wouldn’t say I liked parties. Maybe he chose me as his sidekick because he understood he looked taller next to me.

Not muscle-wise. We were ripped through the steel mill’s hard work all day long. But while he spent most nights drinking and living his young life, I spent my nights inside the local gym instead. My hard work paid off; most men would probably kill for a body close to mine. Yet I never was satisfied. Maybe it was better this way.

I couldn’t tell Jake about my dark fantasies. Or how I fucked girls in the past while recalling muscle porn I read on the web. “I’ll join you… But I won’t drink.” I saw his eyes brighten before pulling me in against his frame. “You’re the best. Catch you at nine.” He squeezed my nipple through my shirt slightly before he left, humming on his way to his car.

To be honest. I was not too fond of Jake’s parties. He always invited the whole town to increase his chances around the few women who joined in. I slightly rubbed my right pec, still feeling the pain in my hard nipple, before I slowly made my way towards the gym. Nothing topped an excellent pump before getting ready for a night out.

It was past eight when I stood in front of my mirror, slowly trying out different dress shirts for the night. I should thank Jake one day. I still remember the first time he invited me to a party. I went downtown to buy a pair of expensive dress shirts for the night.

I grinned when I slowly flexed my arms in the dark-blue shirt. My muscles pushed the garment to its limit. I could see the outlines of my arms. I was a tiny beefcake. But what would I give to tower around 7’7 instead of my puny 5’7!

I could feel my cock stir in my dark chino trousers. At least my cock was thick and juicy, averaging 5.7 inches in length. I squeezed it through my pocket before slowly making my way out for the night.

Jake’s flat was already crowded when I arrived. It only took minutes until he spotted me in the crowd and pulled me close to his frame, introducing me to his new female guests.

The night was long, and with each minute, more and more alcohol filled the guest’s glasses. I had managed to get a spot on the couch, watching the whole thing without much interest, when one of the female guests tripped and stumbled on me.

She tried supporting herself on the backrest, but the alcohol was too much to handle. “S-sorry,” she hiccoughed before trying to get back up on her feet. 

I’d just managed to help her back up when a man towered in front of her, his fist raised. “Hey, get your hand off my babe!” 

He was also drunk as he ignored his girlfriend, who tried to calm him back down. He was pumped and stood around 6 feet tall. I tried getting up when he used his force to push me back down against the couch. I groaned slightly under the impact, clenching my fist when suddenly an enormous man blocked my view.

He was tall and wide. He had to be towering around 6’7 (2m) in height. He didn’t say a word. But he gave me some time to take in his view. He was massive. His glutes were pumping against the fabric of his jeans. He had dark hair and a thick neck which was visible even with his hoodie blocking most of the sight. He had a trained bubble, but. And his broad shoulders were visible through the thick sweater fabric. He was wearing a signal red hoodie with the letter alpha printed all over the back.

I could feel my cock stir in my pants. He was everything I always craved to be. I could smell his musk in my nose. The dominance radiated off his body while he still blocked my size.

Maybe he just had waited for some trouble to get into a fight. Or perhaps he just arrived at the party. I didn’t spot him in the room earlier. Yet he was, getting rid of my problem without moving his arms.

He slowly turned and glanced down at me. His green eyes were locked on my body. Glancing over my pumped frame, over my sculpted abs before he stopped with his focus right around my boner. His cocky attitude sent me almost over the edge when he extended one of his massive hands. “Tom here. Sorry if I got rid of your brawl for the night. But guess he would’ve been beaten up if I let you lay hands on him, huh?” He shoved the stud beside me further before he took the spot next to me on the couch.

He lowered his arm and slowly ran his arm around my biceps from behind, giving it a rough squeeze to feel the density. “It’s unusual to find another meathead at a party filled with drunken guys!” He slowly positioned his massive arm around my shoulders. He didn’t wait for an answer when he just pulled me against his vast side.

I could feel his insane pecs. He was a meathead. He was pumped to his rims. Almost as if he was the bigger version of my own body. I could feel my cock harden even worse when he just threw his rain jacket onto my crotch.

His musky pits filled my nose through the dense fabric of his hoodie. “Why is a handsome man like you still single?” He pulled me in rougher. I could feel his strength. 

“Never got a good match on these parties,” I heard his low chuckle. Saw his adam’s apple push out with each of his words. “I’m Luke.” I slightly shifted underneath his hug. Even his arms had a good weight to them.

A few guys were staring at us before Tom glanced in their direction, and they quickly shifted away.

Maybe it was due to Tom’s size… or the fact that he had quite the rugged look. His chiseled square jaw combined with his short buzz cut and beard. For most men, he was intimidating. But for me… He was pure porn material. And apparently. He didn’t even care that I popped a boner in the middle of the party. He pulled me closer against his frame until his giant arm covered my face from the public.

I relaxed in his embrace. I just wrapped my arm around his upper body. He had to be built and sculpted underneath the fabric of his sweater. “Don’t worry. I won’t leave before you go for the night,” his low voice whispered in my ear.

I closed my eyes for a short moment. The party was already over when I woke back up. His arms were still wrapped around my frame. His legs were spread wide, showing off his gigantic bulge. I could spot his massive quads through the thick fabric of his jeans. His soft cock had to be above 6 inches. I felt the weight of his jacket still resting on my lap.

“Told you I wouldn’t leave.” I could feel the blood shooting up in my head. “Sorry. First time I dozed off at a party.” I met his gaze. He didn’t judge me. Instead, he looked pleased.

“It’s already past midnight.” He ran his hand further down my arm, giving my biceps another slight squeeze when I slowly realized the flat was a fucking mess.

Drunk people were napping on the ground. Empty bottles and plates filled with snacks filled the table and nearby furniture. I spotted the clock on the wall. At 2 a.m. “Fuck… Missed the last bus,” I groaned when I slowly wanted to get up before Tom pulled me onto his lap, running his pumped arms around my body in a true bearhug.

I could feel the outline of his soft shaft. His vast pecs and abs hugged my back from behind while his massive arms locked around me.

He rested his chin on my shoulder when he squeezed me slightly rougher like a teddy. “Need a ride home?” 

I could feel my cock throbbing. “You’ve got a car?” I could feel his body leaning slightly in until I could feel even more of his mass through the thick fabric of his hoodie. 

“Something way better than a car.” His low voice hummed in my ear before he slowly got up, taking me up along with him.

He let me wait in the hallway before returning with two helmets under his vast arms. “Asked Jake to lend it,” he grinned.

It was clear which helmet belonged to Jake. One was rather disgusting, covered in all sorts of stuff with a cheap touch, while the other helmet looked expensive. Almost as if it was handcrafted for the driver and polished before Tom made it to the party.

I slowly followed him inside the elevator when he slowly offered me the helmet and his windproof jacket. It was heavier than I thought while I watched him grab his backpack to pull out a plated jacket and a pair of heavy pants. He slowly put them on, making his body appear even broader than he already was. “First time on a motorcycle?” I took in the sight of him. He looked badass with the complete protection on his already colossal body.

I could feel the blood churning inside my veins—a mix of adrenaline and testosterone. I always wanted to be such a man. But there he stood, towering next to me like a Greek god. “First time,” I slightly gulped when he grinned. 

“Don’t worry. Just wrap your arms around my body and hold tight.” The door slid open, and I followed him towards his machine.

I don’t know anything about motorcycles. But it looked impressive with the dark carbon material and contrast yellow shock absorbers and brake pads. I never was up close to a bike. But right now, it looked massive. Fitting Tom’s built without a doubt when he slowly pulled out a helmet, “Kawasaki.” was written in elegant letters on the side of the carrosserie.

I slowly put my helmet on when he slowly swung his huge leg over the machine with ease. “Hold on tight, got me? Where should I drop you off?” He looked like a movie star, while I had the wrong gear for a bike ride. 

I slowly swung behind him when the slight slope forced me up against his muscled ass and broader back. “Ember street… It’s close to the steel mill.” Ember street was known to be a low-wage district. It was far off the center, and bus lines stopped serving the community past midnight.

Probably because they were concerned about security reasons.

I could feel the lust in my shaft when he leaned back slightly before he wrapped his rough hand around my forearm and slowly pulled it forward around his massive frame. “Hold as tight as you can.”

He was slightly overprotective. But I couldn’t complain. I got a free ride home with the man of my dreams.

He started the machine before we slowly took off into the night. His colossal body leaned forward against the machine while I wrapped my arms around his body as hard as I could. I had to be honest. I was intimidated by the ride. And his vast body blocked the fresh night air quite well, which made the ride way more pleasant.

The ride lasted only 10 minutes before we slowly arrived on Ember Street. The asphalt was already old and covered in bump holes. A few drug dealers were still sitting around a fire in the backyard of a run-down house. A few shady men were leaning against one of the house fronts, downing a few more beers. And we were right in the center of everyone’s attention.

One of the men spat onto the pavement when he spotted Tom’s bike and how he slowly drove down the street. The sight didn’t amuse them.

We slowly arrived in front of my apartment complex. I slowly swung myself off his bike, trying to ignore the group of men and women who were drunkenly chattering and making out next to the entrance. Tom wasn’t bothered at all. But that was probably due to his size.

He noticed my gaze towards the group when he slowly positioned his vast frame to block their sight while he got rid of his helmet. I slowly managed to get my helmet off my head when he beamed slightly. “Are we meeting again?” His eyes slowly glanced over my body. I wanted to open the jacket, but he stopped me by grabbing my hand instead. “I like you. So don’t be mad about what I’m doing next.” He wrapped his hand gently behind my back before he pulled me up against his massive frame.

I had my hands placed against the protected jacket when I felt his kiss on my lips. His beard was slightly grinding against my own while I got hornier when I felt his hand slowly slide down further towards my glutes.

“We’ll meet again.” His low voice hummed in my ear before he laid his helmet back on. I could feel my cock throbbing before he slowly swung himself back on his bike before I saw him speed off into the night.

“Hey, Luke. I didn’t know you’ve got a sugar daddy.” 

I grinned at Elena. She was my neighbor, a woman in her late thirties. But she was quite lovely when she wasn’t drunk. “Just met him today.” I slightly nudged her against the side. “What’s your impression bout him?” I whispered in her ear when she laughed loudly in her drunken state.

She wrapped her hands around my head before leaning in, supporting her bodyweight while she tried whispering. “You better watch out that you can still walk after he’s done with you for a night.” She chuckled, almost tripping when I slowly helped her up the stairs towards her flat.

I sighed when I finally reached my flat, locking the door behind me. I placed Jake’s helmet on the counter before slowly glancing down at the oversized jacket I was wearing. It was closer to a dress on my short frame, but it smelled like his hoodie earlier.

I made my way into my bathroom, finally relieving my bladder until I started jerking off. I knew one thing… I wanted to meet him again… And I tried to pump even more till then. To grow my muscles even bigger to keep up with his growth.

I closed my eyes. Imagine his huge naked body. I let out a low moan when I imagined how I towered in front of him instead. Fuck, what would I give to be big enough to squeeze him against my frame like that?

My cock was leaking, and the veins pushed out along my shaft while my rough hands slowly ran up and down, thrusting harder each moment.

My mind was wandering while I imagined how I’d slowly outgrow his jacket. My pecs were slowly pushing out hairier… bigger… Thicker. My cock would slowly push down towards the toilet until it was so fucking heavy and dense that gravity kept it in position.

I let out another uncontrolled moan. I imagined how my Adam’s apple slowly pushed outwards, how my voice got even manlier and deeper. And how I gradually outgrew Tom in the process. So big until he couldn’t keep his hands off my frame.

I wanted my quads and calves just to split my old jeans apart. I wanted to grow taller until I could see my hairy toes rip through my socks and shoes.

And I wanted Tom. I wanted him close. I wanted to feel his massive guns and huge muscles each night. Again and again.

Three weeks have passed without any sign of Tom. I couldn’t blame him. After all, he never said when he’s back in town. He looked like a type of businessman, after all.

My life has been somewhat monotonous in the past weeks. Work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat. I dreamt about outgrowing Tom. I wanted to be the one above 7’5 instead of my short 5’7. Yet I knew it wasn’t possible.

I missed Tom’s strong arms. His hug around my frame. And his confident attitude. 

Another week passed when Jake invited me to his wedding with Tina. I had never met her before. But apparently, it was his newest love after his last party.

I studied the invitation card after he drove off again. It was an expensive location in the middle of our town. I was not too fond of weddings and the sitting order. I wasn’t in the mood to date all night while other couples were making out and drinking– But I couldn’t turn him down either.

Another month passed. I had almost given up on meeting Tom again. Instead, I focused on my workouts. I was slightly heartbroken, to be honest. It was just one night. And yet he remained in my memories. I could still feel his mass underneath his hoodie. His heat while he pinned me against his frame.

One of these long gym nights was when Paul pulled me aside in the lockers. “Hey, Luke… I know you’re into mass and growth. I got some new supplements… I know you’re not the guy for roids…. But they don’t have any side effects besides….” He leaned in closer. “…cock growth.” He beamed proudly.

“Fuck, Paul… I told you to stop browsing these shady sites.” 

He just playfully ran his finger over my shirt and abs. “Come on. You know that they are either placebos or the real deal. These scammers don’t take the extra round and put harming stuff in there.” He pushed the box with pills against my chest while glancing at me with his pub eyes. “Come on… You know I’m too shy to test them.”

His warm hands slowly ran underneath my shirt, tracing over my pumped, sweaty abs before slowly pulling down my shorts. I just closed my eyes when I ran my free hand through his hair. Phil was hot, around my height. And a fucking pervert when it came to roids and stuff.

I wouldn’t call him a roid head, but rather a placebo head. Maybe it was one of his kinks to buy useless pills out of the web. Often there was even written “placebo.” on the boxes he acquired.

“That’s the last time I’m playing your test subject, understood?” I let out a deep grunt when his lips reached my pumped nuts. I pinned him against the wall of lockers, thrusting my hip forward before face fucking him slowly while I enjoyed his hands wrapping around my glutes.

Each thrust made me hornier. I just imagined my body… bigger… Way bigger than any of the other roid heads in my gym before I blew my load down Phil’s throat, slightly panting in lust.

I glanced down at Phil, who still knelt in front of me. Fuck I could get used to this view. “Promise me that you try them.” 

He looked up at me with his puppy eyes before I sighed. “I’ll try them,” I promised before gently pushing him aside to grab my clothes in my locker.

When I got back home, I slowly grabbed the box Phil gave me and looked at it. The Greek alpha letter was written in plain letters on the cardboard box.

When I opened it up, I was surprised to find a single suppository… “No way…” I stared at it for a long moment. “A fucking suppository?” I clenched my fist, feeling my flexed arm rippling. “Probably the reason why he didn’t take it himself, right?” I muttered under my breath when I slowly pulled out the small instruction leaflet. It was unusual to find one. But it looked legit, almost like actual medication.

I slowly took out my phone and googled the company behind that pill. I just found a few news articles. “Company HumanXperience bought by pharmaceutical company XX,” one said. “Their products never launch on the market.”

Apparently, the company researched CRISPR gene editing and created a practical applicator as a suppository. A large pharmaceutical company acquired it to continue their research with a new target: Hereditary diseases. Due to ethical questions, they had to stomp down their plans of creating body enhancers and how they presented them to the press. 

Their CEO, who was quite the beast himself in the pictures, was constantly swearing that one day the laws for gene manipulation would fall and their company would take over the market. But that never happened.

“Damn, these scammers are getting creative in writing such bullshit. They even faked a whole news page.” I couldn’t blame them. The pic of the CEO turned me on as well. His suit was painted against his muscular body. I could see the outlines of his cock head down to his knees. Even Tom wasn’t anywhere close to that physique.

I opened the instructional leaflet again. 

Side effects: In rare occasions, cock and height growth may be triggered. The thereby caused pain will fade after the growth comes to a halt.

I could feel my cock harden. “Doesn’t sound like a side effect to me.” I grinned and read further through the instructions.

This product changes different genes in your genome. The growth won’t be instantaneous. Your muscles will grow faster during workouts, and hormone balance will be enhanced to release the alpha in your inner self.

It read like the trigger of a muscle growth story. I slowly pushed down my pants and briefs before I wrapped my hand around my cock. 

Application: Lie on the left side, and bend the right leg. Breathe through the mouth when inserting the suppository—this relaxes the intestinal muscles. If necessary, make the suppositories more slippery: moisten water-soluble suppositories slightly with water.

I slowly laid down on my couch after I held the suppository in my fingers. I didn’t know why. But I already imagined how my body would look with that muscle and mass the CEO had.

I slowly bent my right leg before I pushed my glutes apart to shove it inside my ass. I gasped slightly, but nothing else happened. I ran my hand around my cock and started to jerk off that night.

Phil had a taste for kinky stuff. And I couldn’t blame him when I felt my hot cum shooting up against my abs, pecs, and beard.


Part 2

I’d almost forgot about the suppository when I slowly entered my kitchen the next day to find the empty box. I had no issues. No side effects. Nothing. It just felt as if everything was the same way it was before.

“A bummer,” I groaned when I slowly made some scrambled eggs and a small bowl of porridge. “Would’ve been too good if it wasn’t a placebo.”

Today was the day of Jake’s wedding.

I decided it was best to get another workout in before I joined the wedding later that afternoon, so I went to the gym. It was a small gym and probably the reason why membership was cheap as well. I knew the staff, and they knew me. Almost like my own small family, after I didn’t have any close relatives nearby.

I slowly changed into a pair of loose shorts and my tank top in the lockers before I made my way to the weight racks. Nothing beat a good chest workout before the party started.

I knelt on the bench with my total weight, testing if the old equipment was still up for the workout before I added my regular weight. I wrapped my rough hands around the cold metal bar before slowly lifting it off the rack to lower my elbows until I felt the bar slightly touch my nipples before pushing it back up.

I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. My muscles vibrated, slightly trembling under the exhaustion before I slowly started the second rep.

I felt good today when I finally finished the 15th rep and sat up after the weight was back on the rack. I glanced in the mirror and slightly got aroused by the sight of my pumped pecs. I had to shave again. My pecs looked hairy today, stretching my tank to perfection.

I slightly bounced them when the fabric revealed a prominent happy trail that led down to my briefs. My abs were pulsating. “Fuck… If I weren’t that short, I’d be such a stud.” I let out a deep breath before I got back down on the bench, wrapping my hand around the warm metal bar, starting my second set.

My cock was still throbbing in my briefs. Usually not an issue because I wasn’t packing that much. Yet today was different. I could swear that I felt my cockhead how it fought with my hairy quads and nuts to get find a way out.

I accidentally pushed out a few more reps before I sat back up, slightly adjusting my bulge. I was alone when I ran my hand underneath the waistband and got a hold of it. I felt so pumped today. So thick and juicy. My balls were all sweaty. I really should’ve chosen a loose set of underwear for the day….

I tucked my cock underneath the waistband before I glanced in the mirror. My fat, throbbing cock head was constantly oozing against my hairy abs. My shoulders felt sore today. My spine hurt a little while I tried pushing the fabric of my tank top further down to hide it.

I slowly got back down. My body was sweating all over. I could smell my musk in the air. I need to shave before I join the wedding later today. I slowly wrapped my hand around the bar before I started my third set. Sweat was running over my head. Just when I finished the last set, I felt pain throughout my body. I let out a deep grunt before slowly standing up to flex in front of the mirror. I stared at the reflection. My cock was pulsating up to my belly button. Thick veins covered its wide size while my abs looked bigger. “Fuck…” I slowly lifted my shirt further up when I saw more of my hairy abs. I shaved just yesterday… But right now, I was hairy all over my frame.

I wasn’t a fan of body hair, but it looked so good on my sweaty pecs. Since when did it grow that dense? Was it Phil’s pill? I ran my hand over my juicy pecs, squeezing them slowly before more pre oozed out of my shaft onto my abs. I couldn’t even pull my tank top back down all the way.

I lifted my thick arm for a flex, staring at my hairy pits. My musk filled the air when I slowly lowered my head until I could run my tongue all over my bulging muscle.

I couldn’t control myself when I grabbed my cock with my other hand, slightly jerking it, ignoring the back pain and rising pain throughout my whole body.

I closed my eyes before my balls suddenly pushed outwards, hairier and bigger. My cock vibrated under my touch when I couldn’t control it. A deep moan escaped my throat when my cock exploded with a massive blast against the gym’s mirror.

I woke up from my trance when I slowly realized what had just happened. I panicked when I removed my tank top to start cleaning the mirror and the massive puddle.

I had luck that I was on my own right now… But the door could open any time.

I got rid of my mess as quickly as possible before I rushed towards the lockers underneath the cold shower, forcing my still throbbing anaconda to calm down. It had to be above 8 inches by now. And judging by my pulsating nuts… It wasn’t done growing.

I sighed when it finally softened back down. I tried to focus my thoughts. But Fuck…. I was growing…. And that was just the effect of one single exercise? I felt my cock harden again against my hard abs again. The cold water and pain in my bones just made me hornier. I grinned cockier when I heard a familiar voice. 

“Luke? Already done?” It was Phil. 

“Phil… Just in time.” My voice was slightly deeper, slightly more mature when I heard him approach my shower cabin. “Could need your help in here.” My cock was throbbing onto the ground.

When he stopped before my cabin, Phil was in his jockstrap and gaped at me. “Fuck….. It worked?” I saw his cock harden when I pulled him underneath the cold shower beam. 

My massive arm wrapped around his neck while I let my pulsating cock grinding against his ass. “I’m so horny right now,” I grunted in his ear when my cock head slowly pushed between his sculpted glutes. I couldn’t resist the urge when I just rammed it all inside. My eyes widened in ecstasy. “Fuck… I can’t control my lust….” I let out a deep moan when my cock slightly grew thicker. I ran my rough hand over Phil’s cock, squeezing it rough, underestimating my new strength when he blew his load against the tiled walls.

“Sorry, Phil,” My deep voice groaned when I started fucking him rougher until my massive cock pulsated and blew a huge load down his ass. I pinned him against my frame, slightly panting before slowly pulling out. The water heated up again when Phil got his grip on the handle.

I slowly pulled my fat cock back out; Phil’s body was bloated. I could see his gut. Now that was what I’d call a roid gut… I pushed out to the rims while I ran my extended arms around his hot body. I was pinning him against my frame.

I slowly rest my jaw on his shoulder before letting him out of my embrace.

He slowly faced me before he ran his hands around my head to pull me slightly down for a kiss. I let his hands soap me up all over. I would breed him all night long if I could. “Too bad they stopped producing that stuff.” He ran his hand over my thick pecs, beaming at me.

I slowly ran my hands around his glutes again before I pulled him in for another hug under the water. “There’s no way I can repay you my debt.” I slightly pinned him against the cold wall while glancing down at him. “Still hetero?” I could see his red face. 

“H Heh, Luke… You know… I’ve got a girlfriend,” he playfully pushed me back. “And don’t worry about your debt… It’s enough if you’re helping me out now and then.” He grinned, running his hand over my thick shaft. “And don’t worry about me… I still have one for myself. And I’m happy enough if you show me how to insert it before our next workout.” He playfully pushed me back.

“You love teasing me, don’t you?”

On my way home, I stopped at a small shop for menswear to lend out a tuxedo for the night that accommodated my new size. It was expensive… But it was for Jake, after all.

I cooked up some rice, chicken, and a salad for lunch before slowly getting ready for the wedding.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I wouldn’t say I liked social events. I slowly undressed, staring at my improved self in the mirror. I was hot. I had to be around 6’2 (1.87 m) in height, and my muscles looked pumped and juicy on my compact frame.

I slowly glanced further down until I saw my jockstrap. My cockhead forced the fabric down, revealing my hairy cockbase slightly. My balls looked huge, more like large eggs or small oranges. I decided it was best to wear compression shorts for the night. Because fuck…. I was already close to getting hard right here and now.

It took me a while to get my beard back in shape. “Could’ve sworn it was perfect yesterday.” I styled my hair back with a bit of wax before I slowly grabbed my keys and wallet, making me on my way. 

My neighbor Elena just came up the stairs with a flower bouquet in her hands on my way out. “Looks like Romeo is finally ready for his lover who’s loitering around in front of the apartment complex like a hungry animal,” she chuckled slightly before she checked me out. “My niece just gifted me these flowers. Guess she wouldn’t be mad if one found its way in a handsome man’s tux.” She slowly pulled out a blue rose and tucked it into my jacket’s pocket. 

“If I weren’t gay, you’d’ve already got me with your charm,” I grinned before I slowly went further down. “I’ll tell you everything about the night when I’m back. Promise.”

Whoever she meant by my “lover,” it probably wasn’t Jake.

I left the house and gaped at Tom. He leaned against an expensive-looking black limousine, like those cars that politicians and influential people used to get around the world.

Tom looked gorgeous. He filled his tuxedo to perfection. His clothes looked expensive—way out of my league.

I approached him slowly before I stopped in front of him. He grinned, revealing his perfect teeth, before wrapping his large arms around my frame, pulling me into a tight hug. “Sorry that I took so long… Wasn’t in town.”

I slightly shifted in his hug before I wrapped my strong arms around his frame, feeling his wide-muscled back. His pumped pecs against my frame.

I inhaled his scent. His slight perfume. I didn’t say a word. I just enjoyed his body heat. “Thought you might enjoy some company at the wedding.

It felt as if my sorrows had just vanished under his embrace. He slowly loosened his bearhug before looking me up and down. “You’re looking great today. Even bigger… and hotter than in my memories.” He slightly leaned in and forced me in for a kiss.

I felt his lips while his slightly stubbled chin grinds against my beard. “You’re still the hot beast of a man I recall last time. But the tux makes you even more attractive.” I ran my hand over his shirt, squeezing his pecs slightly underneath his jacket before we got interrupted by the clock towers’ bells.

“Guess it’s time to get going.” I could listen to his voice all day long. I slowly got into the passenger seat after he opened it for me.

I could feel my cock still slightly throbbing against my compression shorts. I never was so happy to meet someone again out of the blue. He made me feel weak and puny in comparison, yet in reality, I craved to grow big enough to lift his whole car.

It was a smooth ride. The cabin was isolated so well that I couldn’t even hear the ongoing fuzz in the city while he steered the car towards the location.

“Didn’t expect to see you again.” I ran my hand lightly over his thick quads before he slowly ran his pumped arm around my arm, slightly pulling me over to his side. “Sorry… I guess I’m quite the asshole in your eyes for not giving a sign from my side over the past weeks.”

I slightly traced my finger over his quads when he drove down the underground parking garage. He went down to the lowest deck, almost wholly ghosted, before turning off the engine before he leaned over for a rough kiss.

I ran my hand underneath his shirt, feeling his body heat before he slowly managed to control his lust again. He was wearing compression shorts as well. But they looked close to bursting, creating a massive bulge down his quads.

“To make up for it… I’ll invite you to my place after the wedding.” I could feel my throbbing cock. I was rock hard, but it felt like it was still hardening further. I could feel the wet mushroom tip fight its way further down my leg, slightly brushing through my legs’ body hair. 

I hugged Tom’s neck and pulled him back to my side. In for another long kiss. “Don’t ghost me this time… Because I’m craving for a good fuck tonight.” I ran my rough hand around his bulge, squeezing it slowly while I slightly had to adjust my legs to give my balls more space.

I was sweating slightly before I heard Tom’s slight boyish squirm. “Can’t wait to see your rough side tonight.” I listened to his low chuckle before I felt his hand around my wrist, slowly leading it back further up.

“If you continue squeezing it that hard… you’ll make me plow my load before the party even started.” I slowly woke up from my slight trance. His cock was pulsating. Visible through the fabric. “Fuck… sorry. Guess got slightly carried away.”

We took a moment to calm back down in his car before we slowly got out, ready for the party.

I was glad that I wasn’t alone tonight. Nothing was more annoying than getting seated next to a bunch of drunk single ladies who tried flirting all night.

I felt out of place when we slowly entered the expensive location. Everyone was dressed up so well. They even had a red carpet rolled out for the guests, which led into the vast hall.

It was the exact opposite… Of what I craved for. Everything was tidy. Everything was so clean. Almost all men were shaved. Tom walked beside me, linked arm in arm with me.

He knew how to move in perfection. How to behave in these expensive locations. He playfully caught two glasses of champagne from one of the butlers’ silver tablets before he handed one over to me. “You are new to this kind of party, aren’t ya?” He mused in my ear.

He already knew the answer. “Can’t say I’m a fan of these events.” He chuckled slightly before a young woman and her man slowly walked toward us. 

“Mr. Reinhardt. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person finally. That’s my wife, Susan.” He presented here like a piece of flesh on the market when she slightly made a perfect curtsy.

She knew how to move. Tom politely smiled: “You must be Mr. Watson. A pleasure to meet you. That’s my new lover Luke.” I watched how Mr. Watson glanced in my direction, keeping his fake smile while I bowed slightly back at him.

Tom extended his hand for a firm grip before they went further down the way. “Reinhardt, as in Reinhardt Corporation?” I glanced up at him, and I could see his cheeks slightly redden after I had just discovered he was the son of one of the wealthiest men in our country.

“You could’ve at least warned me before we entered the party.” I wrapped my hand around his fingers before I squeezed his hand tight. I wasn’t angry but slightly worried. And somehow, Tom didn’t look confident around all these men and women.

He still behaved like the perfect gentlemen. But I could feel the sweat on his palms. Deep down in his heart, he wasn’t the confident beast. He wasn’t the man who rode motorcycles all night long. And he wasn’t the man who took charge.

He just knew how to hide his true self. How to play the tough guy. And to give him some credit… He had the built for it. He had muscles any man would lick his fingers for. And a cock closer to a weapon than a fuckpole.

Perhaps it was why he waited so long to see me again. I took a moment to relax and focus while ignoring the fuzz around us.

I felt his hand squeezing my own while he had already grabbed his second glass of sparkling wine, clearly trying to get rid of his insecurities that way. “You don’t like these parties either, do you?” 

I glanced up at Tom and could see him slightly waver. “Well, in that case… You probably wouldn’t mind joining me for a brief toilet break, right?” I slowly lead him through the crowd. It wasn’t hard because they made a path for us.

The restrooms were down in the cellar. I shoved him into the dark room before the movement sensors activated the light. It was a large, expensive-looking room when I slowly led him into one of the stalls.

It was ridiculous. Even the restroom was a small hall with over 30 urinals hanging on the walls. The stalls were in a separate room, offering complete privacy for whoever needed to relieve himself.

I slowly ran my hand down until I opened the button on his jacket, revealing his tight shirt. He glanced down at me. He was already tipsy after just two glasses. I could see his red cheeks while he ran his strong arms around my neck. Whispering in my ear, “Sorry that I pulled you into my messy life,” I could smell his musk. His slight perfume while I couldn’t resist him any longer. My cock was throbbing the whole time.

I slowly ran my strong hands down his torso until I slowly opened one button after another. “I don’t care if I’ve to play your dog in public all day long. But don’t play the tough man if you can’t even down two glasses of champagne with your mass and height.

My balls were churning. I could feel my cock slowly grinding up against my underwear. I slowly ran my tongue over his pecs. He had smooth skin. He got a workout in before the event.

I felt his arms hug tighter around me. He was hard. I could see his thick shaft’s outlines while he struggled to hold back. “Hey… Don’t tell me that’s your first time you’re making out with someone….” I could see him avoid my gaze.

“You are full of surprises….” I slowly traced my finger over his thick abs before I unbuckled his belt, pushing his pants and briefs down before his massive cock swung up against his abs, pre already flowing down his thick member.

I glanced up at him. His cock was already pulsating like crazy. His face was bright red right now. “I… I just had trouble finding anyone who managed to take it in…” He shifted slightly when I pinned him against the wall with my forearm and slowly lowered my hungry lips over his thick shaft.

I kissed his mushroom head before steadily running my tongue over his full member. I was feeling each salty inch before I started taking it into my warm mouth. I was ignoring his boyish grunts. “Lemme teach you a few lessons.” I could feel my cock stir in my compression shorts.

I wanted to breed him so bad. I wanted to outgrow him. I wanted to show him how it was done. I slowly pushed my mouth further down his inhuman cock. Wrapping my rough hands around his vast glutes.

I felt his hand running through my hair, slightly cramping while he flexed his massive glutes, trying to hold back. But I knew he just made it worse.

My pits slowly pushed out hairier underneath the fabric of my shirt. My muscles filled my clothes to their limits. I could feel my tie fighting with my neck. My cock was getting thicker, pulsating as well, while it was harder to control myself.

I slowly placed my rough right hand over his vast shaved nuts before I slowly squeezed them to their limits, hearing his uncontrolled moan before he pumped a massive amount of hot semen into my throat. It filled my gut to its limits.

I shoved him even rougher against my hungry lips before flexing my glutes, quads, and calves and lifting his massive frame off the ground, squeezing his ass in the process. He was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed while his cock still was far from done. I could feel it pulsate in my throat when I slowly shoved my pinky against his asshole.

I felt the shiver that pulsated through his body. He moaned louder before he pumped a second load down my throat. My cock had already soaked my pants when it slowly got painful. I could feel my thick anaconda grinding against the compression shorts. My quads felt way too good. They were rippling underneath Tom’s weight while I slowly shoved my finger inside.

I stepped back and off the wall when I felt his total weight resting on my body. I slowly squatted, feeling the insane sensation that ran through my bones.

I wanted to shout out under the inhuman pain. But instead, Tom’s shaft spurted an even bigger load down my throat. My quads rippled when I heard the first ripping sound. My arms had just split my business shirt underneath my jacket around my biceps and pits. I squatted even lower until Tom’s feet almost hit the ground before I pumped my massive quads and calves and pushed him back up. My cock churned. I let out a satisfied grunt against his cock. My muscles rippled. My muscle fibers almost doubled in density.

I could feel the pain slowly morphing into pure lust. My feet were fighting with the leather of my shoes before I slowly heard them ripping apart like paper. “Fuoock…” I let out a deeper growl when I slowly squatted back down, shoving a second finger down his ass.

My tie imprisoned my neck. I could feel the air getting tighter. I heard my shirt’s buttons snapping apart, popping onto the ground. My Adam’s apple just pumped out even further along with my growing neck until my tie slightly strangulated me.

It turned me on even more while I slowly lifted one of my arms to look at my growing biceps. I could feel the fabric of my Jacket and shirt ripping apart underneath the pressure of my growing arms and lats. My cock snapped through the fabric of my compression shorts and pants, destroying the expensive fabric in mere seconds. I felt Tom blowing his last huge load when I slowly pulled his shaft out of my mouth to lower him back down. I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it between his sculpted legs. Felt the outlines grinding against his bubble butt.

Bigger.” I let out another growl when my socks tore apart, revealing my monstrous feet. I slowly repositioned my other arm off Tom’s body when I felt his arms wrapping around my neck instead, gradually freeing me off my tight tie. My cock almost supported his whole bodyweight right now.

His legs constantly rubbed against my hairy growing nuts while my outfit for the night was ruined.

I could smell my musk in the air. My masculinity flooded the whole room when I thrust my massive cock up against the wall, forcing Tom against it again. In for another long kiss before I slowly let him off my monstrous pulsating cock. He was panting hard after I emptied him like a fucking protein shaker.

I turned my massive body away from him before I wrapped my two rough hands over my throbbing cock.

Each thrust made me hornier and worsened my growth before I blasted my load all over the expensive walls. Cum splashed back over me, covering my newly grown frame in my potent jizz while the air reeked of my musk.

I slowly lifted my right arm in the air for another long flex before I took a good whiff of my new scent, digging my nose inside my sweaty pits…. I slowly turned back towards Tom. My cock was covered in thick, dense cum, still dripping while it ground against his brick wall of perfect abs.

He was at least a head smaller than me. I slowly extended one of my rough fingers before I squeezed his hard nipple. “Guess the party is over for me.” I flexed a most muscular right in front of him.

I heard him say just one line. “Let’s… skip… the party….” Before he hugged his hands around my waist and tried bearhugging me with my new size.

I ran my wet arms around him before I lifted him off his feet for a real bearhug, feeling his cock sliding in between the valleys of my hairy, slightly pulsating abs.

I slightly lowered my head towards his ear. “Lemme guess… You want Daddy to take care of smuggling us back to your car, don’t you?

The way out was easier than I thought. Or maybe it just was because I didn’t care if someone saw me naked. Tom, on the other hand, wasn’t as confident. Or at least, that was my conclusion after he insisted I wear his briefs on my way out.

I gave in. And I admit that I almost tore them apart while getting them over my massive quads. Feeling Tom’s hands running all over my skin and trying to hide my gigantic soft shaft made it more erotic.

My cock’s base was still visible after he finished. My vast, hairy balls pushed the fabric to the test while a third of my fat semi was visible the whole time. “Let’s get out of here for now.” Tom already had his suit back on. It was slightly stained with my seed when I wrapped my rough hand around his tie, pulling him in for another brief kiss before I lifted him off the ground. I felt his legs wrapping around my waist.

I didn’t check before I strolled out of the bathrooms and down the empty hallways. Damn, I wished I’d bump into a freak of a security guard or a few attackers to plow them one by one, but nothing happened on my way towards the parking garage. 

My cock was semi-hard, constantly rubbing against the too-tight fabric of my briefs while I felt his arms wrapped around my neck again. He enjoyed the free ride to his car when he managed to grab his keys to unlock it.

I slowly made my way to the passenger side and opened the door for him before I placed him in the passenger seat. I then slowly walked around the car again. I felt excited when I slowly opened the door to the driver’s side. His car felt expensive, like out of a James bond or action movie.

I could feel my knees grinding against the steering wheel before I found the buttons to push the seat further back. Tom’s hand constantly ran over my massive quads when we slowly took off to his flat.

To be honest. This car was probably the worst choice to get out unnoticed. At each red light, the eyes were drawn to us. Even the tinted glass couldn’t prevent their stares. And to be honest. It makes me aroused to see them gape at us. We were halfway in on the ride when I slowly opened my window, resting my massive arm on the door while enjoying the fresh breeze.

I enjoyed the eyes of the gaping men at each red stop. They didn’t dare to open their windows. But I knew they enjoyed the sight. Tom gave me directions now and then until we were in the city’s heart in front of an inconspicuous garage gate. Well, I thought it was a garage at first. But as soon as we drove into the high-tech room, the gate closed behind us and the engines hummed around us. It was a car lift.

I slowly ran my hand over Tom’s quads, feeling his hardening shaft while I couldn’t care less now. This was way better than any action movie I’ve watched. I slowly unbuckled his seatbelt and lifted him onto my side for a kiss. His back pressed against the horn until I pulled him closer against my vast mass.

I released my seatbelt before I pinned Tom against my body. The lift stopped and pushed the car slowly into the light. We were in the middle of what had to be a lounge area or living room space. I slowly opened the car’s door. I was pushing us out of the small space.

“You’re really living the dream up here….” I wrapped my arms firmer around Tom’s frame while he snuggled his body tighter against me.

Guess I’ve drained him too much back at the party….

I slowly made my way through his flat. Everything was clean and modern. We were inside a penthouse for sure. And judging by the view, it was the tallest skyscraper around. The main bedroom was on the second level. The shower was built right into it.

It wasn’t built for shy people. But I liked it… And fuck…. I’d make sure that Tom could watch me all night long… or even better… join me in there.

I felt my cock harden full mast again when I slowly helped Tom to get rid of his clothes before I put him to bed. “I’ll join you in a bit.” I leaned in for another kiss before I slowly left him behind, making my way around his flat... until I found the gym.


Part 3

The room was bigger than my old gym. Everything was polished and clean. There were tons of machines I didn’t know. I only knew the old equipment…. Yet the stuff in here looked right out of a science fiction movie.

I slowly made my way to a machine that looked like a pec deck. There were no visible weights. It looked way too clean for gym equipment. I slowly sat down when a brief sound sequence signaled the device was ready. “A new user has been registered. The machine is ready for warm-up and calibration.” It was a deep, masculine voice assistant. As if they hired someone potent just for the job. I slowly wrapped my hands around the handles when I pulled my arms towards each other.

The weight was so light. I wasn’t sure if the machine was working… When I felt it slightly vibrating after I got my arms back in rest position for the second rep. I felt my arms slightly burning. The weight was way heavier this time.

“Weight increased to 80 pounds.” I slowly released again when it hummed again…. I could feel my cock slightly harden when the weight felt even heavier once again. “Slow down your movement.” It didn’t sound like a piece of advice. More like an order. I slowed down, feeling my muscles burn when the weight became heavier.

My muscles were burning all over. I breathed harder. My pecs bulged under pressure while the machine was still not done. I could smell my musk in the air. I slowly pushed my arms back to a resting position when I heard the voice again. I slowly tried moving my arms together… But I couldn’t. The weights kept getting heavier… Sweat was dripping off my forehead. I heard the machine vibrating while my pecs fought harder to get my arms together. My cock was oozing while I felt the temper. The lust and anger throughout my bones and muscle fibers. I wouldn’t lose against a fucking A.I. My muscles were rippling and pushing out. My cock rippled outwards, shredding the fabric of my briefs before it slapped against my thick hairy abs. Sweat was dripping off my hairy pecs when it just forced my arms back in resting position.

“Calibration finished. Ready for your daily workout routine.” My pecs were pumped already. I slowly glanced down over my sweaty mess. It felt so good. They were already burning. 

I slowly ran my hand along my throbbing shaft, feeling the outlines. “So that’s why Tom is in such good shape, huh?” I grinned when I slowly wrapped the handles again.

I was starting my first set. “Weights are set to 200 pounds. Do you want to enter reduced weight mode for your safety?” 

I licked over my sweaty lips when I slowly started my set. “No….” I felt the burning sensation. Each repetition made the feeling worse. It made my craving worse.

It was a strange feeling. As if someone was currently spotting you. The machine even prevents me from pushing the weights during the resting phases or in between sets.

I could feel my pecs how slowly pushed outwards. Further and further. But the weights never got lighter. They always adjusted. Always keeping me close to the edge. Sweat was covering my whole skin. Fuck, it has been ages since I sweated so bad.

Just when I wanted to add a fourth set, it locked down. “Chest workout for today is already complete.”

I slowly got up, staring in the mirror. It was the first time when I saw how massive I’d grown back in the hotel. My cock was enormous when I gave it a good squeeze. My pecs looked massive. I was pumped to the rims. I was fighting with my massive arms for space. It made moving around harder. Or somewhat less mobile when I slowly bounced my thick pecs before I lifted my arms again for a flex.

“Damn…. I need more of that stuff.” I grinned slightly when I slowly made my way through the weight racks—the only thing which was relatively normal in this gym.

I cockily strolled towards the end, grabbing the heaviest set of weights, surprised that I could lift them at first. I slowly watched my arms in the mirror. My biceps was pulsating, pumping out to the rimes. Fuck, it felt as if it was close to exploding underneath my skin. 200 pounds… Inhuman… My cock got even harder when I grabbed the second weight off the rack and slowly lifted it simultaneously with my second arm. Pre slowly flowed out of my shaft onto my hairy quads and calves. My grin got cockier… Wider… I wanted more. I let out a satisfied grunt with each repetition while my arms slowly pushed out.

My balls slowly grew more prominent. My heavy shaft slowly pushed further down due to its new weight, but I couldn’t stop before I finished my sets.

I felt like a fucking beast of a man after I was done with the workout. My cock was oozing against my hairy muscle wall and destruction when I slowly made my way out of the gym. My gut was rumbling slightly while I searched for the kitchen.

I massaged my thick hairy pecs on my way through his penthouse when I finally found the vast space. Even the modern kitchen was enormous. And to my luck, the fridge was filled with meal-prepped stuff.

I slowly pulled out a can of rice with chicken and put it inside the microwave while mixing up a bit of the expensive-looking protein powder on the counter. Even the powder looked as if a designer had made it. It tasted good when I downed half a gallon in two large gulps before I downed my food.

I was breathing hard when I slowly returned to Tom’s bedroom. My cock was pulsating. Seeing Tom’s naked body only made my erection worse while I slowly started the shower while watching him.

He was deep asleep while I slowly started jerking off to his sight. Deep grunts escaped my lips while I felt the sadistic pleasure. Each stroke made it harder for me to hold back. But at the same time, it was as if holding back longer… Made my body adapt to my needs. My balls slowly grew thicker in the process. My balls started growing. They pushed out more and more while producing more thick cum inside. I slowly let out a lower grunt. Heard my masculine voice echo through the large room while my cockhead smeared all over the glass. Pushing out bigger… Heavier… I was growing again…. nnnghh fuooock… I let out an uncontrolled moan when my pecs and arms started pushing outwards slightly. I felt my pumped biceps slightly fight with the glass while my balls pushed out thicker. Fighting with my hairy quads…. bigger…. BIGGER. I smirked cockily while I felt my nipples touch the cold glass. The water still tried rinsing off all the sweat and dried cum off my body when my cock started pulsating. Vibrating under the pleasure when I climaxed. My load pushed out all over me. Covering me in my thick, dense cum. It was a mess… The glass was tinted in lush, creamy cum, and I couldn’t control my balls. I crunched slightly under the pleasure. I squatted down a bit when I felt my cock pulsate. Growing out thicker up, against my thick abs, touching the lower side of my pecs when it exploded a second time. Nnghh fuooock—My deep voice boomed when I came a second time. A shower of cum hit my sweaty mass when I felt both of my massive arms and shoulders kiss the gold glass after I’d grown too wide already…

I slowly relaxed… I ran my rough hands over my new body while my cock slowly settled. Still oozing out thick wads of pre and cum until it was done for the moment. I just stood there for a few minutes… Trying to rinse off most of the cum… But it was almost impossible…. The shower was a mess. The drain was slightly clogged with my potent seed….

I took my time to dry my body off after I was finally done. My muscles were pumped to the rims when I slowly crawled into the bed behind Tom, wrapping my pumped arms around his cute frame before pulling him in against me until I could feel his hot body and vast muscles squeezing against mine. My cock was soft but slightly aroused when I felt his glutes. I couldn’t resist squeezing and kneading his pecs while he shifted in my arms slightly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It felt like an eternity until I managed to calm my inner lust and sleep for the night. It was the following day when I slowly shifted in my sheets. It was a familiar feeling. I wrapped my extended arms around my body pillow, slightly grinding my morning wood against it while I slowly hugged it rougher… Until I heard a slight grunt…. I felt Tom’s hand against my massive arms while he shifted up against me. His cock was hardening full mast, pushing against my juicy abs while he was surprised by the sight. 

“Morning, babe.” My voice turned me on. It was deeper and way manlier than I recalled it from last night.

I ran my rough fingers around his ass, slowly kneading it while my lips slowly leaned in for a kiss. My cock was pulsating. Already leaking while my nuts felt like they had to hold back for weeks. I was breathing hard. Sweating constantly as if my muscles still were working out nonstop… “Hope you’ll forgive me.” 

I slowly pinned Tom down against the mattress while towering above him. My cock pulsated when I crunched in for a second long kiss before I slowly pushed him around. His 9-inch cock was throbbing, now pinning against the mattress and his abs. He was cute, how he wrapped his strong arms around his cushion while my cock slowly pushed up against his cheeks.

I was craving sex right now. My cock was pulsating. I knew it was way too big for his ass… But I couldn’t resist the urge. I tried to be gentle… But as soon as I felt my massive cockhead push up against his cheeks… I couldn’t control myself any longer, almost like a predator who just found his prey when I bucked my hips forward and forced it inside until I felt the limitations of his hole. He screamed in pain against his pillow… But I couldn’t control the lust. My hairy balls just churned while pushing outwards even further. At first, I thought my cock was cumming permanently… But it wasn’t cum which filled his hole. It was all pre. His abs were already slightly pushing outwards while I just got started. I could see his muscles tensing how he flexed his core and arms to resist the force of my thrusts.

His moans slowly lowered as he crawled his fingers into the mattress’s fabric. I didn’t realize his change. How he slowly grew with each of my thrusts. How he got even hotter and manlier than before. His ass and muscles grew to take in as much cock as possible. His roid gut pushed out to its limits, already filled with my pre-alone when I felt it.

His glutes were flexing around my shaft, Milking it while I fucked him harder in return for the favor. I slowly ran my rough hand underneath his body, wrapping it around his 9-inch member before I squeezed it hard. Each thrust forced him to slightly breed my fist while I heard his loud and uncontrolled moans…. I slowly pushed in until I felt my massive nuts up against his ass before I wrapped my strong arm around his neck. My upper body pressed against his back while I could feel his pulse. His vibrations. “Cum for Daddy.” My voice was booming when I felt his core flex while his cock blew his impressive load against the mattress. I grinned when I bucked my hips one last time before my cock filled him like a balloon.

I squeezed his body like a teddy bear while my massive balls still pumped my potent seed inside his hot body. We just laid there for an hour or more… Before my phone rang… It was Phil’s number…. His voice was deep, masculine. “Hey…. Tom…” He had a hard time breathing. There were fapping sounds in the background. I could hear water rushing against the ground. Where was he… “Remember the Pill…. Could need some relief over here.” His voice was crackling… Deeper… I heard a long grunt before something splashed against the walls or ceiling. “Nnnghh fuooock,” Phil’s voice dropped another octave. “Fuck yeah… add more weights.” His low voice yelled at someone else. 

“Tom… Want your ass over here…” I could hear weights clinging. He had to be in the gym. “You’re sweet… Tight ass.” I could listen to fabric tearing apart. “You know where you find me… Don’t let me wait…. After all… You’re still in my favor, boy.” He didn’t say another word. But the call still went on. I could hear deep grunts. He probably just got down on the bench press. It was no water which hit the ground constantly… It had to be his cum that blasted against the walls… I could feel my cock harden full mast. Whatever he made… That wasn’t the Phil I knew…

“Babe…. Gotta introduce you to a friend of mine….”

It took a while until Tom managed to get up. He slowly put on a pair of grey sweatpants and the same hoodie he wore on our first date. But I could swear... He looked more buffer than last time. I could see his happy trail, which led to his jockstrap.

I had only a few options that fit my new size. So I stuck with a pair of gym shorts and a tank top that looked painted onto my frame.

Tom wasn’t a man of many words. But he was curious about who was so important that we stopped in front of that old, rocked-down gym.

“You don’t have to worry bout Phil... He’s straight after all.” When I opened the gym’s door, I was hit by an inhuman stench in my nose. My cock started throbbing when I lost control of my lust. I could sense the masculinity inside the air. Something was way off.

“Luke..” I heard Tom’s weak voice when I slowly glanced over his frame. Spotting the massive puddle on his grey sweatpants. He blew a load. And he was sweating all over. “...What’s going on in here?” His hard nipples pushed through the fabric of his hoodie when I wrapped my strong arm around his shoulders to pull him gently against my side while I muttered: “Guess Phil found his love for roids....”

We slowly made our way further down the empty hallway until we entered the gym. My eyes widened when I saw Phil... He was laying on the benchpress. Benching way too many plates while five pumped men stood around him. Worshipping his freakish guns. His sweaty pecs and abs. His cock was inhuman. It was grinding against the weight bar each time when he pushed it back up for another rep.

Each movement made his muscles bigger and thicker. His balls forced his quads further apart while two men were licking all over his hairy nuts.

I pulled Tom tighter against my pits. It probably was better if he didn’t even get a chance to see Phil right now... The doors slammed shut behind us when I slowly realized we were not alone. Two huge freaks positioned themselves in front of the immense doors.

They were smaller than me. A head smaller, to be precise. Yet they looked eager to stop anyone who tried to get back out. “Boss... Intruders!” He was moaning slightly while they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

My cock hardened when I saw Phil’s body slowly stop mid-set. He slowly bends the metal bar and weights in between his arms. As if he planned that whole show just for me.

He took his time to slowly get off the bench press. His cock was oozing out thick gallons of white cream, which his slaves just licked off the floor immediately after he left his spot.

I could see them grow slightly with each lick they made. Phil’s musk was intoxicating. And his attitude was off another world.

“Finally... Thought you’d never show up for your breeding session.” The floor shook under each of Phil’s steps. His head was brushing against the ceiling. His cock left a trail of cum while his body seemed to grow with each step.

Tom freed himself off my arm when he squirmed and blew another load while he couldn’t resist the force. He couldn’t resist Phil’s presence. His potent attitude. Tom dropped to his knees wide-eyed while staring at my old friend in disbelief.

“You really grew into a freak, Phil.” I could feel my cock edging. Phil took his chance. His monstrous cock pushed up against my massive chest and face when he finally stopped. “You’re the first who doesn’t drop to his knees for his new master.” He flexed both of his monstrous arms. His sweaty pits released even more musk into the air when my cock suddenly exploded. Blowing a massive load against my jockstrap and legs.

“Damn yeah, Luke... Always knew you’re a fucking runt like the others... Now get on your knees and suck my fucking nuts.” His voice dropped another octave when his body seemed to grow right in front of us. The ceiling slightly rippled when I slowly got down to my knees, unable to move alone. My clothes tore apart like paper when my body grew just by inhaling his musk. But I couldn’t think clearly. To make the sensation worse, I could feel his rough foot grinding down against my full-length shaft. Raising the pressure slowly. I let out an uncontrolled long moan which apparently only turned him on even more.

Start working, runt.” I felt his foot kick against my massive abs. Pushing me off my feet and into the wall behind me. My cock blew an even bigger load all over his body, which only worsened his growth. He slowly rubbed it into his massive pecs. 

His eyes slightly widened while he grinned even cockier... “Damn... Looks like you still got some roids for Daddy Phil.” The ground shook when he slowly advanced. The ceiling ripped open while his neck had already burst through. He didn’t even try to crunch down. He just wanted more of that stuff. And he knew where he could get it.

I still lay on the ground. Panting when Phil managed to get a grip on my neck, lifting me off the ground until he slowly fidgeted with his inhuman cock.

I could see his cockslit oozing out inhuman amounts of thick pre. “Come on, runt... Cum inside Daddy’s shaft... Gimme your pathetic load.” He slowly pushed his cock down until it was at my hip height.

He grabbed my head and forced it underneath his sweaty right pit when I wanted to pull back. I inhaled his musk directly. My muscles grew from the scent alone. My pecs pushed out until I heard my tanktop, shorts, and jockstrap tearing apart like paper.

I got hornier... Way hornier... I wanted to breed someone... Something... When he released me, I slowly grinned at him. Pulled his shaft further down towards me before I slowly pushed my forearm-long shaft down his piss-slit. It only took seconds until Phil’s cock spasmed and slowly pulled my total weight off the ground into the air up against his massive abs and pecs.

I could feel Phil’s rough hands when he just wrapped them around my pumped glutes. Forcing his large unnormal fingers between my cheeks and down my hole, forcing me to blow my load in mere seconds.

But he made the calculation without his own cock’s pressure. My load just pushed halfway down his shafts, which made him already edge. I could see a fraction of submissiveness in his gaze. A moment where his legs slightly weakened underneath the pleasure when his cock just oozed out more of his pre. Forcing all of my cum back down into my nuts

Nnnghh fuooock!” I inhaled the musky air when my balls pushed outwards bigger and thicker. My cock was rippling inside his shaft. Slowly elongating, thickening. I tried blowing another load, but his cock forced all of it back inside my nuts along with an inhuman amount of his cum-like pre.

It was mixing with my own jizz when I felt it in my veins. My muscle fibers rippled. Flexed while I thought Phil’s unskilled fingers were inside my ass. He clearly was unskilled in that manner.

My balls slowly adapted to the newfound pressure. I couldn’t see Phil’s face from my current spot. But he knew he wasn’t getting the liked result when he lifted me off his piss-slit further up until my cock slammed in between his abs and pecs. I could feel his member slapping up against my ass. 

A constant flow of pre ran over my back before he slowly leaned in... “Guess my fuckboy needs a lecture then, huh?” Who is he calling fuckboy? My muscles slightly tensed when I felt his inhuman abs flex around my shaft. Squeezing it harder than Tom could with his ass. I almost blew another load when I crawled my fingers into his hairy, sweaty pecs. My whole body was tensing when I felt his fingers forcing my cheeks open to give his cock some room to enter.

My muscles adapted and rippled all over myself when I felt my pecs slowly grinding against his. He couldn’t see my transformation. His pecs just blocked his sight at me... But I could already feel it. How my whole body slowly morphed into a new, better version of myself.

My quads exploded outwards along my calves before my cock shoved itself further between his pecs. I could finally feel the ground underneath me again. But it didn’t stop there. I felt his cock starting to enter my ass. Filling me up like a truck with a gas tap. My abs were already pumped outwards like a roid gut. I could feel my growing balls constantly fighting with my quads while he kept shoving his unstable cock further down my ass. Fuck, it had to be longer and thicker than my arm.

My current size and strength were probably the only reason why he didn’t pierce me to shreds with it. He was close to the edge when I heard him panting. Sweat was constantly dripping down on me. How his deep, masculine voice slightly raised at the end of his lines. “Like daddy’s cock, boy?”

A grin ran over my lips when I had to squat down slightly to stay this height and size. I slowly wrapped my arms around his upper body before simultaneously flexing my glutes and ass. He cried out in pleasure and pain. His cock blew his massive load down my ass in mere moments. “You really think you’re the Alpha in here, huh?” My cock grew thicker, slowly pushing his heavy pecs further apart while I almost lost control of my lust and greed. I slowly pumped my massive quads and flexed my legs until I slowly squatted his whole weight off the ground.

Parts of the ceiling crumbled down on us when Phil finally realized he fucked up when he noticed how he couldn’t move in my wrestling grip. His arms were pinned to his side. I slammed his body to the ground, now towering behind him. My cock was oozing pre all over Phil’s body. I could feel the rage inside my veins. The unsatisfied lust when I slowly ran my huge rough hands along my fat throbbing shaft, ready to destroy his ass once and for all.

I halted when I felt two sculpted arms around my waist, hugging me from behind. It was Tom. He was hard, and his eyes were wide when he realized how massive I’d grown.

It was as if all the tension had just dropped off my shoulders. My sorrows just flooded away when I slowly turned and lifted Tom off the ground for a bear hug. I could feel his cock blow a load between my hairy, sweaty pecs while he wrapped his arms around my head, pulling his body close for a kiss.

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