A Christmas wish

by Buck Reams

 Writing out your fantasies can have practical consequences, if you do it on a scrap of paper you forgot came from a magical tome.

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I had a lousy day driving. Yes, I work for one of the internet startup cab companies. I supplement that income by jacking off on a site called Chaturbate for tokens.

The roads started getting icy and I decided to head for home. I shut the rideshare app off, and of course get stuck behind a salt truck at the stop lights. Off to my left I noticed an elderly woman waving her hands franticly at the bus, which didn’t even bother to stop at the bus stop. The lights changed, I went thru the intersection, turned my car around, and returned to where the woman stood. I offered her a ride, which she accepted.

After idle chit chat for twenty some odd miles one way, we got to her destination and she was digging thru her battered purse. “I wish I could pay you, but I don’t seem to have any cash,” she said.

I said it was okay, just pay it forward to an animal shelter or charity at some point.

She then pulled out a large leather-bound book with what looked like Celtic symbols embossed into the cover, opened the book, tore out a page, and said she wished she could give me the entire book, but that would be too much power. She cautioned me and said, “Be careful of the words you write, for words have power,” and then in a flash of light she was gone—but the page fluttered down to my car seat.

I knew I was tired; I had had a long day. I closed my eyes for a second, and when I opened them, I was in my driveway with the engine off, with the sheet of paper on my passenger seat. I grabbed the paper and some other stuff I had in the car, and went inside. Setting everything down on the kitchen table, I grabbed a cola and headed to the bathroom to take a nice long hot shower.

After the shower, I started searching for muscle growth animations on the web. There was one where a cop got pricked by some mysterious chemical and grew to be a giant, with a giant cock and cum load, another where a guy was sleeping and got injected with a serum that made him grow just like the cop, another with twinks becoming muscular and hairy and super hung… the videos went on and on with various permutations. Then I found a site with all kinds of muscle growth and transformation stories… jackpot! I had forgotten about the paper the old lady had given me and spent the next several weeks finding time whenever I could and reading the stories, my favorites being the non-consensual growths, making other men muscular, hairy, horny, hung, super cum shooters, etc. I also noticed that they were looking for authors to write new stories. I have to say I am not much of a writer. Really not much of anything—in my mid 50’s, 5’11” tall, bald with a beard, slightly hairy, 6.5 cut 6” circumference (a soda can is 8.5” around) so a little above average I guess, and sporting a beard.

I was also on the outs with the local lgbt community as I have called some real shits out some for being complete assholes to other people, some for being two-faced douchebags, and some as leaders (title holders) in the community when they majorly fucked up. (One won a title because his club brothers voted him in—without those votes he wouldn’t have even placed in the contest.) I mean why have judges and go thru the whole pageant process if the judge’s votes can be overridden? Then he had the audacity to ask the community to give him five grand to attend other leather events and buy him his formal leathers for an upcoming competition out of state. This wouldn’t have been so bad had he done anything to promote his title or the bar that gave it to him, or done fundraisers, but no he just expected a big handout. But… I’m getting off track.

The website and the call for writers nudged me. I grabbed a pencil and a scrap piece of paper and started thinking about what it would be like to make some changes to my body. What would it be like to be one of the guys that gets changed? Bingo—I had my subject matter. But first there had to be some rules, so I began with that.

Rule 1: My bio family, neighbors and friends that I grew up with, would not notice the changes, it would be as if I was always this way. Photos and videos and memories would change to match my new form.

Rule 2: LGBT people I have met would only remember the old me. Photos and videos that I am in that are LGBT orientated would retain my old form.

Rule 3: Legal photo documents, i.e. passport, driver’s license, etc. would change to reflect the new me as well.

Rule 4: All clothing, leather gear, uniforms etc., will fit as if they were custom tailored to my size.

So, let the changes begin. I kept writing.

Age: Reset to 25, age 1 year for every 30 that pass by.

Health: Immune to all viral, bacterial, fungal infections, cancers. All biological functions textbook normal.

Scalp hair: thick like my grandfathers on my mothers’ side (It was so thick it would spike itself).

Eyebrows: extremely thick and bushy.

Beard and moustache: Maximum growth, very full.

Body: Hairy. 90% coverage from jawline on down, except on the palms of the hands, bottoms and sides of fingers, nipples, cock shaft and glans, palms of feet and bottom and sides of toes.

Hair color: Rusty brown including body hair. Eyebrows, beard and stache, pits and pubs fiery orange/red with color blending out into the rusty brown body hair color.

Eye color: deep Mediterranean blue, perfect 20/20 vision.

Teeth: perfect Hollywood white smile.

Facial features: squared off, muscular, cleft chin.

Voice: deep bass with perfect pitch when I sing, so deep I can talk other men into having an orgasm just by talking to them.

Hearing: perfect hearing. (I have a slight loss on the left side.)

Muscularity: Superhuman, like superman but 25% more, big beefy barrel chest, strong thick legs, so muscular, that even with all the body hair, you can still make the muscles and striations on them.

Weight: 350-pound muscle beast, 4% body fat. (I never have to work out and can eat as much as I want.)

Height: 81 inches. (That’s 6’9”.)

Skin tone: light brown. (Not one of those gingers that can go out and burn in the sun in under 10 minutes, in fact I can never get a sun burn. Why not, this is all just fun anyway, right?)

I looked all this of with a grin. If only, right? Now for some of the sexual enhancements. I continued writing.

Nipples: Super sensitive. Another man sucking on them will cause them to extend to 9” uncut nipple cocks, capable of cumming separately from my normal cock, but only while they remain in a willing mouth. Once they take their mouth off the nipple cock, it instantly goes back to normal size. Nipple cum will have the effect of making their throats pliable. (You’ll find out why a little later.) Just playing with the nipple will cause my cock to plump up and start leaking precum like a sieve.

Libido: Like the horniest teen ever times 20, it is so high that I produce a hormone that can attract the straightest of straight guys and get him or them (groups are fun) to do anything I want. I can also produce a hormone that will chase away people I am not interested in. These hormones will only work on those that are 18 or older.

Penis, soft: Length 14”, glans length 3”, circumference 8.5”, glans 4” tapered down to a point. Foreskin: Restore with 5” overhang.

Penis erect: Length 24.5”, glans length 5.25”, circumference penis 14.85”, glans 7” tapered down to a point. Foreskin 4” overhang and extra stretchy for docking. Urethra extra stretchy so if I want a guy to fuck my piss slit, he can. Lots of veins and arteries criss-crossing along the entire shaft. And ringlets for my bottoms pleasure spaced ¼” apart (kind of like a ribbed condom). My precum is like a super lube. On orgasm, my cock will expand to 2 times its soft size and remain that size until I finish and pull out of my submissive.

Penis sensitivity: Extreme, just having it rub on my pants when I walk cause major precum leak problems.

Testicles and sack: Sack will stretch to accommodate grapefruit sized testicles, the more they are rubbed and played with the more they will produce per orgasm.

Rigidity: I also have the ability to control how hard my cock gets and when I want to orgasm, great if it’s a quick bathroom suck or fuck or a lengthy one.

Precum and cum: As I mentioned my precum has a special ability—it acts like a super lube, it makes the mouth throat and anus pliable so my bottoms can take the entire length without tearing tissue and just enjoy the fuck. My cum production is unlimited, with a refraction rate of 5 minutes between orgasm. Minimum amount three quarters of a gallon, maximum amount 3 gallons per orgasm. (Why not, with such a large bat and ball set, right?) My cum also makes it possible for me to change other men, make them hairier, muscular, more hung, increase their cum load, restore foreskin, age progress or regress, but it has limitations. I can only give them about 75% of the changes and growth I experienced. Should I choose to breed with a woman, I only produce the Y chromosome, and my offspring will have the same attributes as their dad, sexuality will be whatever it will be, and these traits will pass down from generation to generation.

Charisma: increased so much that when I broadcast on chaturbate, 100% of my fan base watches and will tip 5.00 to 10.00 per show just to watch me jack off or change another guy online, and there is such a great interest in muscle growth that the fan base grows by 10% per show.

I started to get up to get another piece of paper, but just then the paper got hot and vanished in a bright white flash. Oh shit… my mind raced back to the old woman and her warning. I remembered her saying the entire book would be too much power. Now I got what she meant by be careful what you write, for words have power.

I looked down as my formerly meek 6.5” cock began to thicken and grow longer precum starting to drip, the foreskin starting to grow back. I fumbled to start the camera and get this recorded… fuck, my skin was hot and itching, the hair on my arms and legs went from black to rusty blond brown. Oh god, it was happening, my pubic hair turning red, my skin felt so tight as my muscles started growing…… fuck, I was going to black out soon, so hot, hope the camera is running…… I need to cum……

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Christmas wish” by Riu.

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