Huge changes: Book two

by RdyRoger

Jason and Todd decide to help Mason, not suspecting that Mason will get an extra helping of wishes, or that Mason’s fantasies of love and growth will start affecting more than just his partners.

Huge Changes, #2 2 parts Added Dec 2017 19k views 4.9 stars (8 votes) 9,859 words

Part 1 Jason and Todd decide to help Mason, not suspecting that Mason will get an extra helping of wishes, or that Mason’s fantasies of love and growth will start affecting more than just his partners. (added: 8 Dec 2017)
Part 2 Affected by the “virus” Mason made up, David turns up huger than Mason would have dreamed. But Mason isn’t the only guy in the place drawn to David’s incredible physique and oversized equipment.
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Part 1

Okay, so I’m Mason and I’m gay. No surprise to you if you read the first book in this chronicle. I met Jordan after I met Todd. I wouldn’t have had the courage to even speak with Jordan if I hadn’t been friends with Todd first and been introduced to Jordan as a friend of Todd.

I’m nothing special. I’m really not. I’m slender enough and of average height and I look so typical of so many average gay guys here in Weho. But that’s okay. I got along okay, had my friends, my buck fuds (as I liked to joke), and had a crap office job that paid the rent on the apartment. I was going nowhere fast but that was okay too, like I had any future as a gay man who was average and not gifted mentally, physically, or especially monetarily. But I was okay for the time being and I wasn’t a sad sack and I didn’t feel sorry for myself and I knew the days I had on this earth were limited. I was lucky to be HIV negative, I had a few poz friends and I’d seen enough friends and acquaintances buried to know that there was only one way out of life.

But I was grateful for every day I had and I was a people person, that was for sure.

I met Todd at the coffee shop, because isn’t that where everyone meets? He and his partner had a kind of open relationship. Todd was... incredible. Amazing. And not just physically, although he was certainly the most incredible man I’d been with. He was a blond, and I was a guy who usually liked hairy muscle studs with a dark, handsome tough guy aspect. But Todd, he wanted me to meet his partner after we’d had a few sex dates. That was weird for me. I knew that Todd was a total horn dog but I knew by then that he was so completely head over heels in love with his partner that I was only a momentary distraction, if that.

Having a threesome with them was incredible. Jordan, of course, was my wet dream fantasy, really too much of a good thing, if that was possible. Way taller than Tall Todd. Way even more huge hung than Hung Todd. And muscle? Todd explained to me that Jordan was a genetic freak, that he wasn’t a steroid user. But I was drooling, I think, looking at that hairy muscle chest. Did I mention that Jordan wore a leather harness, wrist straps with studs, and a leather jockstrap the first time I saw him? Wow. I wasn’t usually... but oh my god. Wow.

After we had our fun (more than a few times over a month or two), Jordan and Todd took me out to lunch. I figured this was the “It’s been nice” blow-off but I wasn’t too bitter. I knew right up front that I wasn’t in any kind of league with these guys, I mean, I worked out at the gym and I was well groomed and I even did charity work at the local food bank, but, you know, these guys. And they were so obviously so in love with each other. I felt really happy for them, and a bit envious. We talked openly about it.

“Hey,” said Jordan, “you might meet that special guy someday. Here, we got you a gift. Consider it a late birthday present.” He handed me a small cardboard box and he and Todd smiled anxiously at me as I opened up the box and found a gold plated medallion on a chain. It was pretty cool, nothing special, had an interesting design and some foreign language lettering on it. But I was really happy they even thought about me away from them. I didn’t realize they even really cared about me. And it didn’t seem to be a get lost gift.

“Gosh, thanks guys, this is cool.”

“Here,” said Todd, a bit enthusiastically, “let me see it on you.”

He put the chain over my neck and the medallion hung down on my chest. It looked cool. I held it in my hand and looked at it. “Is it a zodiac thing?” I asked. “What does this say?”

“I’m not really sure,” said Jordan, “I was given it by the owner of that little Halloween gift store on the boulevard.”

“I was really glad to meet you,” he continued, “I knew it was just right for you after we got to know each other.”

“Hey thanks,” I said. “This means a lot to me. I didn’t realize you two thought about anyone else when you were alone together.” I teased them gently about their love. They were good natured about it.

“Well, we have to have someone to talk about after we have sex 6 or 7 times,” said Todd. I laughed, but he was only joking about the talking. They could and did often have sex 6 or 7 times in a row. I’d witnessed it, been a part of it, and they plain wore me out.

“You guys are the best,” I said, “Is it okay if I am 1% jealous of your relationship? I’m 99% encouraged by it, gives me hope I’ll find someone... you know, in my league, that feels like that.”

“What do you mean, in your league?” demanded Jordan.

“Uh....” I gestured at the two behemoths and myself. They just smiled. “We weren’t always huge, you know, we grew into it.”

“Sure you did.”

“Well,” said Jordan, speaking very carefully, “I wish you would meet someone who would love you and you would love them as much as Todd and I love each other, you know, your soul mate.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

“Don’t you wish that too?” asked Todd. “For yourself?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Say it then.” I didn’t get what they were about, then. I figured it was self help promotion guru encouragement crap. I was silent, and then Jordan said, “Don’t make me come across to that side of the table. You don’t want to know what might happen!”

I gave in. These guys made me want to make them happy, especially now that I saw they were genuinely interested in me and my life. “I wish I would meet my soul mate too, someone, you know, that I could love, that we would both love each other, like… like the love you two have,” I repeated dutifully. “And in the meantime, I hope I meet a lot of hot studs who liked me well enough to have crazy sex with me. And that I would be able to finally keep up with you two giants!”

“Well,” teased Todd, “maybe you’ll meet someone and they’ll like you and then you’ll find them changing and growing into your true love, the more you are with someone, the more they can turn into your dream man, you know, and vice versa too.”

“Until you meet the true love that you are looking for, of course, who would be your ideal,” said Jordan quickly.

“Now, that I wish were true!” I said emphatically. “All of it!”

“Well,” said Jordan seductively, “I wish your true love wanted you to be a sexual athlete and a total hot handsome stud and a super athlete and, of course, hung like, as big as you could want, both of you.”

I was a bit hurt when he said that, but he seemed to not notice that I of course would never be that thing. It was impossible. But I knew he wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings. Besides, when he turned on the charm, I got weak in the knees.

“Don’t you wish that? I know you do. You’ve given Todd and me enough compliments.” I shrugged.

“Come on, for Big Jordan? For Big, Huge, Jordan?” And he stuck his arm across the table and flexed his incredible bicep right in front of my face. I got it then. They were trying a new sex game with me, and it was working. I was boned. Under the table, fortunately.

“Oh yes, I wish that would come true—wouldn’t hurt if I was tall and a bodybuilder why you’re at it!” I said, and I reached out and felt his huge flexed bicep. It was like palming a soccer ball covered with real human skin, hot and warm and alive, and so powerful. And it was bigger than a soccer ball, I realized. It literally made me dazed.

“Well,” said Todd, “that’s three wishes.”

“Gee,” said Jordan, “if only there’d been a magic lamp around or something like that.”

I laughed. Jordan was such a fan boy for being such a huge stud. It was a weird incongruity that made him all the more sexy.

I went home in a bit of a daze. When I got there I was really upset. I realized the medallion had vanished. I looked in the mirror and I was mortified. There was only a few smudges of dirt on my shirt where the medallion had rested, a few crumbs, which I didn’t even know how they’d gotten there. What was I going to tell Todd and Jordan, that I lost their gift within an hour of them giving it to me? I would never be able to mention it again, if they ever called me again. I wouldn’t ... maybe they’d just think I had it at home. Maybe I could find another one. They’d said the shop owner had given them one. I’d head over there right away and get another. They’d never know.

I jumped in the shower, as I was a bit stinky after being in the sun all morning and through lunch, and pulled on a pair of stretch boxer briefs, board shorts, and a new t-shirt. I looked pretty good, I felt pretty good. But I always did after mind blowing sex. I looked in the mirror at incredible average me. What in the world did Jordan and Todd see in me? Was I the ultimate pity fuck? I couldn’t even understand why they’d... even, you know, bother.

I hit the boulevard and found the store easily enough. I met the storekeeper, and she was really angry when I asked to buy a medallion. She glared at me like she could see right through me. I found myself stammering, explaining what had happened, that I needed a replacement so my friend’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt. She quizzed me thoroughly and I have to say that I pretty much blurted out the entire conversation we’d had at lunch. I would have left but I really wanted a replacement. I couldn’t imagine hurting Jordan’s and Todd’s feelings like that.

When I was done with my lame explanation, she suddenly burst out laughing. “Oh, clever, clever boys. So clever!”

She produced another medallion from behind the counter. “This one is a gift. Don’t tell the boys you got it from Auntie, okay? It will be our little secret. They really should not coax you into your wishes, should they? It’s not sporting!”

I put it around my neck. It looked identical to the other one. It was obviously cheaply stamped from tin or lead and then coated with gold. But it was cool. As long as Todd and Jordan didn’t know, I sure wouldn’t be the one to tell them.

She wouldn’t take any money so I shoved a $20 bill into the Children’s charity jar on the counter. That impressed her, I know that made her happy. I wondered if the money would end up in the charity or her pocketbook. I shook my head. That wasn’t a nice thought. I knew she would send that money in to the charity. I don’t know why I knew that. I just did. I mumbled some thanks and lit out.

I left the store and Auntie was laughing behind the counter as the door swung shut. I have no idea what she thought was so funny, except maybe my desperation to replace the cheap medallion. Maybe she thought it was sweet, or something. I had no idea.

That was the end of it, for the rest of the afternoon, anyway. I wore the medallion, and I made sure the chain was strong and not likely to break like the first one. This one was also clean, it didn’t leave any rub marks on my shirt or skin. So, that was that.

I was feeling particularly good with the “rescue” of the situation with the medallion. I went out to the local slice of pizza joint and I’ll be darned if there wasn’t a cute redhead man there who was giving me the eye. I normally get that check you and leave you sort of response. However, I smiled back at this redhead and for whatever reason, he smiled back. So that was that. I kept looking at him though, and he kept checking me out. More and more, it seemed. I found the situation flattering. Finally he came over.

“Hi, I’m Jim.”

“Hi Jim, I’m Mason.”

“Great name.”

I shook his hand an electric charge seemed to jolt him. He looked a bit distracted and I invited him to sit down and we were soon chatting and flirting. He kept checking me out, like he was seeing something really special. That was sweet. I wasn’t even dressed up, just board shorts and a t-shirt.

Jim invited me back to his place around the corner.

I went with him, what the heck. I sure was feeling up for it, anyway. Jim had short red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, freckles, a great smile, and a nice chest on him. I normally liked tall dark hung muscled and handsome but Jordan was busy tonight and Jim was a great guy, great personality, and all that sort of youthful boy next door energy going for him.

Anyway it didn’t take a moment to sit down and start making out. I was really turned on, Jim was a great guy. He pulled up my tee shirt and looked at my abs. “Nice!” he said.

I normally didn’t have abs that someone would compliment, but who was I to argue? I massaged his traps and neck and kissed him. “Great traps and shoulders!” Actually I was wishing they were bigger, but they were a nice handful nonetheless.

I stood up and Jim led me towards the bedroom. He was in an older apartment, the ceilings and doors were kinda lower than I was used to. And Jim was shorter than I realized. Jim looked up at me. “Nice!” he said. I blushed. “I got a thing for tall skinny ripped and hung!” Jim told me. I was a bit embarrassed. I hadn’t said anything to make Jim think I was hung, I mean, I was average. I was skinny and not fat, not ripped but I was taller than he was, more than I realized. Which was probably why he was so into me I guess. But I tore off my t shirt and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. He was wearing a white muscle t under it. In that, he looked good. “Wow, Jim, you got some nice muscle on you! All those gym workouts must really be paying off!”

Jim blushed at that, he was obviously not used to being the object of a compliment any more than I was. “Well, you’re the one who’s obviously big where it counts!” I wondered what the heck he was talking about but then he put his hand on my crotch... and I freaked out. I realized suddenly that my cock was hanging halfway down my thigh... more than halfway down my thigh... and I was a bit turned on but not really even sporting a chubby and suddenly my cock was 9 inches long soft? The world seemed to spin. What the fuck? “Yeah, I got lucky in the basket department,” I said. I didn’t even know why I said it. This must be a Jedi mind trick B.S. moment. I said to change the subject, “Well, Jim, you’re a muscle stud and I love that... great big muscles.” But Jim wasn’t into changing the subject. He said, “I hope you have a big set of balls Mason ... some big low hangers!!

Well, now he was going to be disappointed. But my darned board shorts felt really bulged out in the crotch, and he moved his hand up and felt my balls through the fabric. His eyes went wide. “Fuck, your balls are huge Mason!” I suddenly felt the fabric of the board shorts grow even tighter it seemed. He massaged my miraculously big nuts. It must be his hands are so small cause he’s short, I thought.

“How fucking hot are you Mason?” Jim said excitedly. “Big bull balls” (as he felt them through the now overstretched fabric) “and a huge thick soft cock hanging down to your knee!” Suddenly the fabric on my leg was tighter and it was tighter as low as my knee as well.

I was freaking out.

“Mason! How big is that thing hard? Is it a beer-can monster cock? Damn, Mason, are you a grower? How big do you get?” Jim demanded.

This was crazy wild. I must be tripping on something. But Mason unzipped my board shorts and pulled them down. I looked down and the world spun again. My cock was now huge and thick, hanging from my crotch like a fire hose.

I realized I must be daydreaming or sleepwalking or high on something. I was enjoying the trip though, an incredible rush of lust was overwhelming me. I looked at Jim. He was stretching the muscle tee to the limit.

“Wow, Jim I didn’t realize you were a pro bodybuilder! Fuck man, you’re huge! If you were taller you’d compete in the heavyweight competitions!”

I pulled up on his wife beater and pulled it up. I had to struggle to get it off of his muscular jock torso. It was on tight.

As I pulled it off, he seemed to grow bigger and bigger, even a few inches taller, even if not so tall as I was to him it seemed. It was like he was expanding once the shirt was being pulled up and off.

First was revealed a cobbled thick wall of abdominal muscles like bricks, and then his lats expanded, and his pecs swelled bursting the shirt to the ripping point, and then as I struggled with his shoulders and arms they appeared to grow bigger and bigger, muscular deltoids expanding but his entire frame widening and thickening.

As I pulled the smallish shirt up over his head his trapezius muscles pushed up thick and large and swollen.

As I pulled the shirt off of his arms, even his triceps and biceps exploded with growth it seemed to my lustful gaze. But it was impossible, right?

But right before me as I pulled the shirt off his forearms they too grew thick, meaty and muscled under my gaze. It was impressive.

He was built huge now. He was a stud bodybuilder. I knew I was just imagining this, due to my lust and imagination, but I realised I had really underestimated Jim. What a difference with his shirt off and him just standing in his straining blue denim jeans. His thighs were massive!

I looked at the tiny wife beater in my hand and back at Jim’s fantastic muscles and realised that there was no way the shirt would fit him now.

I was totally tripping now. “I can’t believe it—you’re total Mr. Olympia contender!! So hugely muscled!”

“Oh yeah,” Jim laughed, a bit bitterly, rubbing my insane horse cock. “Sure I am, Mason! And I’m hung way bigger than you, too!” I realised he was being sarcastic and self-deprecating but I flashed on the image of his cock actually being that huge. Wow, what an image. I wrestled his jeans down and his briefs swelled outwards.

His boxers were in fact holding in a prodigious package. I pulled them down and out flopped a giant donkey cock, fully twice as big as mine, and with huge bull sized balls hanging pendulously behind. Jim looked down and freaked out. “What the fuck??” he reached down and touched it. He jumped when his hand touched his monster cock. “Fuck, is it real?”

I pulled Jim onto the bed. Our bodies felt so good together. “Oh yeah, it’s real!” We were lost in lust. I fucked him and then he miraculously fucked me. “I got a thing for tall ripped hung bottoms, Mason!” I took it all and it was an ecstasy of fulfillment. During one of our few breaks, I realized I was a lot taller, in addition to being hung. I also had a lot of ripped muscle, but I was still skinny ripped muscly guy with a huge cock. It made Jim crazy.

“Happy, Jim?”

“Damn, Mason! the only thing that could make me happier is if you were 6 inches taller and black!”

I felt a weird shudder through my body. I started stretching, longer and longer. My skin darkened and I felt my face and body rearranging, slowly, but inexorably. Jim stared at me, rapt with joy.

“Anything you would like, Mason?”

“Jim—” I said, “aside from you having some hair on that chest and legs and being twice as muscular and even more huge hung? that’s all I can think of for now—oh, and maybe you should have a shaved head. That would be sexy.”

Jim shuddered. In a moment I felt his chest. His pecs had red hair growing in on them. It was sexy as hell and awesome. His muscles blew up bigger and bigger, expanding with growing size and heft and power. And there was the cock, hanging monstrously, growing grotesquely huge. I loved it. Jim had wished for a hung bottom, I wished for a more hung top. It was so much fun playing with Jim’s monster equipment, it was heavy and huge even soft, and erect was like a python reaching up his abs to his pectorals. And when he came it was a fountain, and somehow the sex and lust just kept us edging from one orgasm to the next. His head was bald and shiny and with his hairy legs, ass, chest, arms and abs, it was a macho turn on for me.

“I think you should have some red mutton chop wolverine sideburns!” I told Jim. They grew in in a few minutes and made him even sexier. “Don’t you want to be taller, Jim?”

“Well, if you were 7’3” tall I would be okay being 6’ 2” tall or even 6’ 3” tall. But I’d want you to be a foot taller than me.”

“And you’d have to grow proportionally,” I told Jim. “I love your muscles as huge as possible.”

We both groaned with the flood of growth and were lost in the sex that followed. When it stopped Jim was a monster. Monster cock, monster muscle, monster stud.

I was even taller now, of course, and a bit unused to looking into the mirror and seeing a black man, albeit a very sexy handsome and tall black man. I was studying my new self in the mirror when Jim came up behind me. He put his arms around me. “You’re practically perfect!” he said.

“What could make me more perfect for you?” I asked.

Jim started rattling off ideas like a kid in a candy store. “Wider shoulders,” he suggested. “A bit more ripped muscle, a bigger bubble butt, and… your cock and balls are way too normal sized now for your height. They should double or even triple in size! And how about a hairy chest? Heck, how about a very hairy body and a thick black mustache on that very handsome face?”

He stood there with me as I mounded up with muscle and hair grew in thick and coarse over my body, and my genitals grew and grew until they were almost the size of Jim’s pendulous, humongous meat.

I stayed with Jim and we had a great deal of sex and fun for the next two weeks. Finally, though, I knew our time was coming to an end. He didn’t need to say anything, I knew he was leaving before he did.

I was changed, huge, but in the days that followed his departure I shrank, I returned to a normal size and proportion and I wasn’t really sorry. I was happy to fit into off the rack clothing again. I was sorry for the loss of the incredible sexual energy I’d possessed and the benefits of being so strong and sexy, but I was still a good enough looking guy. My features and my skin tone returned to what they’d been prior to my racial transformation. I thought perhaps I kept maybe one percent or so of the changes I’d undergone, but that might have been only attitude or personality on my part.

I figured the time with Jim, well, perhaps that had been some strange dream. I’d lost touch with Jordan and Todd, not in any particular incident but they spent more and more time out of town, traveling, on business. It was just the normal course of life. I was lonely again. I started looking.

One day I went home and in the mail was a letter from Jim. He’d written from Florida, he was settled down with a guy he met, and he wished me well. He sent along a picture of himself with a black bodybuilder. The thing was, he was still the crazy muscled Adonis. I realized it must not have been some weird dream. I knew it wasn’t, but now I was thinking about it again.

His last sentence in the letter was that he wished I had that sort of fun we’d had together again. “Me too,” I said, and the letter fell from my hand into the trash. I didn’t need the reminder that I was a loser in the love department. Still, he’d meant it well. I guessed the magic had been in him, since he’d retained that incredible body!!

Again I was out and looking... I met a guy, he was completely different from Jim. Dave was older than I was, and he was very slender, short, and looked just a bit scruffy. He had a great smile and we chatted at the coffee shop. He was packing, that was obvious, he wore skinny jeans that accentuated his size. I was a bit of a size queen, more so now after being with Jim, and Dave was such a nice man. He flirted with me and caught me looking at his crotch.

“It’s all real,” he said.

“I can see,” I said.

“Ah, you’re a big guy yourself, I can tell,” he said playfully. “What’s it like for you, showing that big bulge of yours everywhere you go?”

I smiled. He was being a tease. I didn’t have more than 6” going on these days. Nevertheless Dave’s humor was harmless and flattering and I thought designed to put me at ease.

“Oh, you know, it’s pretty embarrassing sometimes, but I’m used to being the big guy nowadays.”

Dave’s eyes flashed. He played along. “Just how big are you?” he asked.

“Oh, you know, I hate to brag, that’s so uncool.”

“Yeah, you’re not, it’s okay, I’m just curious.”

“Well, let’s just say I’m not the sort to wear briefs because I can’t quite get it all to fit in.”

“What?, you mean, like, Aussiebum briefs, you can’t fit into the pouch?”

“Naw, it’s too tight, they’d would completely strangle my cock.”

“I’m impressed,” said David. He sat back and thought. “Wow! Seriously, I am used to being the big guy in spite of my being skinny and short, but you...! Wow. That’s really packing some huge meat if you can’t even wear Aussiebums.”

“Hey, it wasn’t always like this for me. I’ve just grown bigger over the years,” I teased David. “Especially in the last three months.”

“Really?” I nodded. “Wow, what if that continues? I mean, you could end up enormous.”

“Well, I have a lot of really big men in my family.”

David seemed really turned on by that. “So how much have you grown in the last three months?”

I took a sip of my drink. “About an inch per month.”

“Wow, that’s insane.”

“I know, I even went to the doctor last week.”

“What did he say?”

“He diagnosed me as a macropenis satyriasis case,” I said, keeping my face completely straight. “I could just get really huge. Also I seem to be more and more sexually turned on all the time.”

David would come into the coffee shop almost daily. He was always showing off his big package. But the thing was, when I got home after that first day, I pulled down my pants and was surprised to find a larger than average penis hanging from my groin again. My testicles were pretty big too. I was now about 6 inches long flaccid, and I was a whole 9 inches long erect. That was an amazing increase. Then I remembered the conversation where I’d been teasing David. I’d told him I had grown three inches in the last three months. And here I was with 3 inches more cock hanging from my groin. What did that mean for the future? I’d told him I might just keep growing.

I found out soon enough. David would come into the coffee shop, and he was showing off his junk as usual, and then he’d amble by my table and show off for me. Just stand there and lean up against the table edge. But after that first time I’d met David, my junk continued to grow at the rate I’d described. In two more weeks, I was 9.5 inches long erect. It was just in February then, and I wondered what the spring would bring to me. I was 10 inches erect in March, and that was definitely XL territory. Not only because of the length of my cock, but because it was so much thicker, and my testicles seemed to be in on the neverending growth spurt. In March David took me home. I was just a bit bigger than he was, and he loved that. He couldn’t get enough of my cock and I couldn’t get enough of giving it to him!

After we were laying in bed together. I loved having a man in my bed again.

“You’re still getting bigger aren’t you?” asked David.

“Yes, I guess I can’t really hide it.” I told him what he wanted to hear. “I’m growing twice as fast now! Of course I’ve had to be celibate for a while, but I figured it was okay with you being so hung already and all.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That macropenis satyriasis? I saw the doctor again. They’re pretty sure it’s a virus. I seem to have a chronic case. That makes me a carrier. But with you being so huge you must have already had it.”

“I haven’t ever had that!”

“What? You mean you’re this hung naturally?”

“Yes!” said David.

“Wow, I hope you didn’t catch that virus from me,” I teased. “The doc said it had a lot of unexpected results in mature men. It causes age regression, height increase, vascularity increase, strength increase, greatly increased penile volume and testicle mass, and a tremendous increase in semen production. It also really can provoke muscle growth at fantastic rates. And there’s the problem with the increase in libido... that just goes up and you’d have sex like 20 times per day!”

David was staring at me with giant eyes.

“Don’t worry, you know that’s not likely, although you are in that age range....”

“Where did this come from?”

“They think it was some Russian genetic experiment in 2006—it got out of the lab. They are trying to keep it under wraps but you know they had to tell me because you know...”

I gestured down to my package, now looking even more swollen and heavy. Wow. It was happening again.

I looked at David. “David, you look flushed!”

I felt his forehead. His skin was warm. “David you have a fever! How do you feel? Do you feel horny because the mental changes hit first...!”

He grinned and kissed me savagely. We had nonstop sex for the rest of the night.

I didn’t see him for two days. Then he came in the coffee shop and he was 4 inches taller and 35 pounds heavier with muscle.

And he was packing a monster now. A true monster cock.


Part 2

There wasn’t a seat available at the bar for either of us. Although sitting wouldn’t have hidden much about the two of us. I was built and tall, wearing bulging board shorts that hid nothing. The other man, David, was a giant, well over 7 feet tall. In fact he was closer to 8’ tall it seemed in the crowded bar. David wore a stressed, stretched and ripped muscle tee in size XXXL. His kilt was very long, made of army green canvas, and hung past the knees on his long long legs. He seemed oddly nervous and excited. He gasped and grabbed my shoulder with a long fingered hand that could palm a basketball and shuddered momentarily. Then he stood up straighter—or was he actually taller? His green muscle t stretched as his muscles seemed to flex and then just—remain at the larger flexed size. His smaller—very tall but under 7 foot—partner, me, smiled.

“Oh man,” said David “It’s still happening. I’m still growing.”

“It’s the virus,” I replied. “You’re just still kicking it. “

“I thought after last night …”

“Well, in you it seems more like a two-day bug instead of a 24-hour bug.”

Just as I said that, David shook again with a hot flash and leaned harder on me. I felt David’s weight increasing. David’s lats previously stretching the arm openings in the muscle tee fully, now swelled an inch thicker and inches wider.

Suddenly there was an audible rip. I felt his fever momentarily abate from his now stronger grip on my shoulder. His strength returned, and with an even greater libido. He stood up again. Now he was within 4 inches of being 8 feet tall. His arms, long as they were at his increasing height, just swelled with more muscular mass. It was particularly obvious as David wiped his forehead. His bicep flexing from the simple movement just grew another 3 inches in circumference. At his already giant size David’s size increase was even larger each instance he felt a heat flash. Now though I saw something move in Fred’s kilt. Between his legs.

“Down boy,” I said, as what looked like a giant snake swelled behind the green canvas.

I stood in front of David, hiding the enormous bulge snaking down the fabric of David’s kilt.

“Hi guys!” a voice said. David and I looked down on a 6’2” tall young blond surfer, lanky and ripped, shirtless and cute. “I’m Austin! This is my date Sammy.” Sammy was a slender black man similarly attired as Austin, with a swollen looking crotch just standing there staring at me and even taller David.

“What is it like—?” Austin began.

“To be so hung?” David said aloud. This wasn’t like him. Yesterday—or was it the day before?—he’d been so much more normal. Before I had revealed I was a carrier of a virus that greatly increased a man’s height, muscle, genitals and libido.

Speaking of libido, I knew David wouldn’t last much longer, and neither would I. “Ah heck, let’s all get out of here!” I said.

The two young men followed us, their new giant friends out into the warm summer night. Fortunately I lived on the next block in an old apartment with 12’ ceilings. By the time we all got there David’s muscle tee was shredded.

He tore off the rest of the tatters revealing a muscled hairy body that belonged on a Mr, Olympia—if he were 8 feet tall.

Without words he looked down. Something large and long and swollen was pushing at his kilt. With a snap he undid the fastening and stood naked in his full glory. His cock was huge and long and quickly extended and hardened. He was 9 inches in circumference if not 10, and his length erect was well over 20 fucking inches long.

In seconds the younger men were feeling him up and pulling me into the fun.

They quickly stripped.

It wasn’t long before I shot a load down Austin’s throat and then Sammy’s about 8 minutes later. I was pretty unstoppable. I didn’t even get soft at all before Sammy started in on my swollen giant. I have to say I shot more into Sammy than even the large amount I came for Austin!

Austin was laying across David’s massive prone form, his fingers swirling the hair around his massively enlarged pectorals.

David was using his large new hands to try and stimulate every inch of his gigantic python.

“Oh, Mason,” he kept moaning, his voice now a deep bass that rumbled sexily through the bedroom.

“I’m getting a hot flash Mason!” yelled David, and as he did I felt the heat flare as I touched his forehead and the skin was very hot under my touch. Just then he stretched, splayed out facing up to the ceiling, Austin feeling every inch of his massive pecs. And as he stroked and squeezed, David grew. His legs grew a few inches longer, his arms as well, and then his muscles grew even larger, approaching fantasy proportions. Austin pushed at David’s pecs but they grew larger insistently.

“Wow,” exclaimed Sammy. “What just happened? That’s impossible!”

As David recoiled from the heat he explained, “I have a virus that makes me grow. I can’t seem to shake it!!”

Sammy laughed at the statement. Austin was sweating though. “Is it hot in here?” he asked, “I swear I feel like I’m burning up!!”

I quickly touched his forehead.

“You’ve definitely got a fever!” I told Austin.

He was hot and sweating profusely, but not particularly delirious. “Hah, maybe I have that virus you have!”

I suddenly froze. Could this “fake virus” that I made up to explain away Auntie’s magic and David’s rapid growth into a muscled super hung super man be real? Had I made it a real thing in the real world?

“Well,” I said, “we’ll know soon enough the way you’re burning up so hot!”

“So very hot!” said Austin, throwing himself at me and kissing me passionately. We made out for a few minutes, Austin’s passion was infectious at the least, and only broke apart when I came up for air as it were.

I looked at Austin. He looked about the same. “I don’t think I’m growing at all!” Austin complained.

“The virus affects different people differently! You might not get any taller at all but you might get muscles or a big cock or something else … it was one of the problems the government scientists ran into trying to make it work for military!”

“Military?! Do you think I would look hot in a uniform?” asked Austin.

“Sure, but you’d need a haircut,” said David, watching from across the room.

Sammy had been mostly silent. He was wrapped in a towel for a bit of modesty. He was decently hung but nothing like I or David. Even white blond Surfer Dude Austin was sporting bigger meat than Sammy. Which just proves that stereotypes aren’t always true.

That’s when Austin noticed something. Sammy was sweating profusely as well. He was almost staggering with the fever hitting him. It must have been happening all the while we’d been fussing over Austin.

And then something happened that proved that stereotypes can come true… sometimes in a hot, sexy way. I noticed it first, perhaps, but I thought that Sammy seemed a bit bigger. He wasn’t any more muscular, really, or just taller, he seemed just bigger somehow. And then I saw that the towel he held wrapped around his waist was barely being held pinched together in his fingers. It hadn’t been that small a moment ago, I thought. But then I realised that the towel was the same size, and that Sammy was growing bigger in every direction, proportionally. It was incredibly sexy. Sammy went to shift his weight slightly and that was all it took for his towel to slip free. He grabbed for it clumsily, missing, and the towel hit the floor and Sammy was naked in front of us. He was about 6 inches shorter than my 7 foot height about then. He was a lot taller than 6’2” Austin but he’d been shorter than Austin when we met in the bar. Whatever the virus I made up was doing to Sammy it was happening incredibly quickly.

Sammy stood in front of us, and his cock and balls looked bigger to me. Yes, they were a lot bigger than when I’d had some fun with him about 30 minutes earlier. They looked even bigger than being in proportion with his increasingly larger body. Like for every 1% his body increased in size his genitals increased by 4 or even 5%.

After just a minute of standing there Sammy was suddenly wracked with a feverish wave of heat. He started to sweat, a sheen of sweat covering his body-running rivulets of sweat that looked like he was in a shower! He grew explosively, which is to say that he bent over, bracing his hands on his knees and started breathing in gasping breathes to get some cool air into his lungs. He grew bigger, resting on his knees, bent over, and after another minutes growth he stood up. He was almost at eye level with me. And his features were definitely changed, more masculine, rugged, even dangerous looking perhaps… and his cock was a black torpedo throbbing and growing longer, hanging lower and lower as it grew down his quadriceps towards his knees. As big as his cock was his balls were disproportionately large to that. They were a couple of hanging fruits about the size of large lemons and quickly moving into orange and grapefruit sized territory.

I saw that his skin was still smooth, for the most part, although his pubes were expanding with dense black curly hair. It was super sexy looking with his giant new proportions and his even then oversized cock and balls.

I noticed a bit of hair on his lower abdomen, and a slight treasure trail leading up just to his navel, but his abdominal muscles and pectorals remained obdurately smooth. I then noticed the next change on him. His muscles were beginning to grow—as if he was now a jock model instead of a slim overgrown black young man. Now he was a big man, with a big cock and balls, and his muscles were starting to grow on the biggish size for his proportions. Even a few moments of growth at his increased mass made his biceps expand, as well as his forearms. As his muscles started to grow his cock and balls went into overdrive. He got a foot long erection—at least, and his balls were growing and throbbing and bobbing and swaying in his giant scrotum.

It was terrific. I slow clapped my appreciation. Sammy appraised me with a new fire in his eyes and said, “You’ll have something to applaud about after this fever abates!”

But then it didn’t abate. He gasped and started sweating even more. “Oh man this is too much!” he exclaimed. Sammy tried to stand up straight—and he was now just taller than I was—and he had to lean over again, to lean his weight on his knees, gasping as droplets of sweat rolled off his smooth black body. As he paused between gasps of air, I saw his muscles jump and swell with each gasp, blowing up like a balloon. But the real balloon was his giant black cock, massive now, much larger than a foot and a half long and now thick as a been can.

His shoulder muscles got bigger and bigger and bigger. His traps were huge and growing into mythic proportions. His quadriceps were explosively growing with expanding muscle fibres, corded and ripped under his tight smooth skin.

And yet he still grew bigger all over as well as more muscular. He leaned over, moaned loudly and he just expanded several inches in all directions. He stood up, as if the fever was passing, when it hit him again, freezing him as his muscles contorted and grew… so I got a very good view of his pectorals as they suddenly grew big, then large, then extra large, then extra extra large, and then just plainly massive. His black nipples also were much larger, pulled under his pecs, and pointing downwards sexily. Wow.

That was David. He stood up finally. He said, “Wow.” I looked from him, all 8 foot plus of him to Sammy, and saw that soon they would be of a similar size if Sammy’s growth didn’t abate.

“It’s gotta stop soon!” Sammy panted.

“Why?” I asked. “I said it affected each man or teen differently. Maybe because you’re still in your late teens that the growth is more, because you’re still closer to puberty or something.”

“Oh, man!” Sammy moaned after I said that. I guess it made it true because right then he gasped, “I’m on fire!”

And then David caught him as he started to fall. As David held his sweaty body next to his, his size just continued to increase as Sammy gasped and gasped. Even David seemed to react to the heat coming off of Sammy as David made out with the feverish but turned on stud. Whose cock was easily 21” long and thick as a mayonnaise jar.

“How old are you?” Sammy asked David in between fever attacks.

“I’m in my late 40’s” replied Giant David, who looked to be a teenager himself now.

“But if you’re that big at your age what does that mean for me? I’m only 18!” Sammy said.

“You’re still a growing boy!” I teased Sammy.

“You’ll get yours, Mason!” Sammy said taunted back.

“I can’t wait.” I teased him. To his great credit he managed a laugh, then David found Sammy’s electric nipples, twisted them, and that jump started his fiery temperature and growth.

So perhaps there’s something for us to blame on how large Sammy grew. We teased him and he swelled with growth… his muscles blew up and then hardened as they filled in with new grown fibres. After each increase in muscle, his height seemed to increase… but it wasn’t his height. He was getting thicker and thicker with the overall size increase. That made his muscles and his overall size increase giving him a much greater weight increase and power increase than if he’d just grown muscle. He was a monster muscled massive behemoth giant, or well on his way to one, because when he was several inches taller than David, he was much more massively built. And his cock… his cock… it was 24 full inches and big around as a pickle jar! It bobbed and swelled, drooping just a tiny bit and with clear precum flowing continuously.

I was so busy watching Sammy that it wasn’t until David laid him down with a heavy thump on the giant bed when I looked back over to see how Austin was doing. He was passed out in a chair. He was super hot with fever, even hotter than Sammy perhaps, but it wasn’t manifesting in any noticeable way until I realised that his bushy blond hair was shoulder length and he had black and gold hairs speckled across his body. They were just starting to grow in. How old was this guy? I fished his wallet out and looked. He was only 16. Oh. And 6’2” tall and hung with 9” just for starters and I’d just defined the growth virus as working on youth with a much greater effect. And Austin was three years younger than Sammy.


I felt his body to see how hot we was all over and I noticed his muscles were hard … really hard, like steel almost. Weird. I thought nothing of it but I should have realised what it might mean for his strength.

“Wake him up!” I shook him a bit but he only moaned. I grabbed his cock and stroked it. I felt it swell with growth in my hand and it worked. The sexual stimulation wakened Austin.

“Ooooh Mason!” he moaned. Well, at least he was conscious, I think. David brought him a large glass of water. He drank, and then he drank another. And another. And one more. And then another.

His stomach was bloated and we stopped him. Slowly the fluid was absorbed into his muscles and he started to perspire like Sammy had. He was still hot and then it happened. I had said that the virus affected all men differently, and that younger men more than older… and David was past middle age… so suddenly I saw Austin… flow. He because almost indistinct as he grew quickly. He was about 6 inches taller in just a few moments. And it wasn’t stopping. He grew wider and a bit taller, wider and a bit taller, That was the pattern of growth I noticed. So that meant… that Austin was going to be very wide and very tall and… our own blond hunky hulk. Oops.

I noticed first his bubble butt swelling with muscle, and soon the muscled growth was spreading all over his body, which made his wide build even wider with every panting breath that he gasped. His ass twitched a flexed and grew, as did his muscles. He was about 6’6” tall but already almost as wide as David. Wow. What had I done? My selfish desires had possibly destined these young men to a life as freaks. And I was powerless to stop it. I felt as if I couldn’t break the rules I had already invented. But I wanted to find some way to mitigate the fantastic growth I was witnessing. Or I thought I did. But what could stop Austin and Sammy’s phenomenal growth? What could I do? Maybe….

“Water!” Austin gasped. “Get me to the shower!”

“Of course! that might cool him off. I picked him up, he was already heavier than I but not nearly as tall by 6 inches. As I lifted his heft I felt some of his heat transfer to me and I started to sweat a bit. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

I stuck Austin in the shower and told David to spray down Sammy with the garden hose. David picked up Sammy in a fireman’s carry, and as he hoisted the giant I noticed him straining and sweating. Again I didn’t think anything about it.

Both David and I got that sweat… that virus infected sweat… all over us.

I twisted on the shower and the cold water hit Austin. He yelped but it helped. He stood up as tall as he could under the shower. Damn if he wasn’t about 7’6” tall already.

As the water flowed over him, he stopped growing bigger but his muscles kept getting bigger and bigger. He was rocking back and forth, as if something was hurting, and I saw that his 7” softy was swinging lower and lower with each swing. Somehow the cold had ended his overall size increase but he was still growing muscle and cock faster than ever… probably. I had to do something. “The growth is stopped but you’re going to keep growing bigger muscle and cock until your body is maxed out at this size!” I said loudly to Austin. “Do you understand??”

He nodded yes. He swelled until he overfilled the shower stall. But then his growth stopped.

I helped him out. It took three towels to dry this muscle monster’s massive hide. But after a while he was cool and dry.

He looked cooler than I felt after dragging him around the house. Well, he weighed more than twice what I did. So I was sweating a bit on my own!!

In the meantime, David had carried Huge Sammy out of the house onto the back lawn and hosed him down. He was just as successful as I, probably because I’d thought of the rules and said them out loud. But would it cure the fever in these young men? Because Austin was a giant overgrown muscled Tarzan, but Sammy—Sammy was a giant, black, muscled monster, huge, thick, tough looking, macho, and I also noticed his ass was smooth still but he had some black curly hair on the back of his upper legs and even just a sprinkling on his quadriceps. Sammy was hung bigger than any fantasy I’d yet encountered, and his muscle was hard, thick, ripped, corded, and strong. And most of all, he was just huge. Massive. Almost gigantic. Over 8 feet tall, we discovered when we measured the “boys” as he joked his height standing was 8’8” tall. He wouldn’t fit in any normal sized buildings. He’d need to have a palace made, or perhaps build it himself with his incredible strength.

But I wondered where this came from, this fantasy? Was this something from my subconscious? But no, I knew myself better than that. Sammy explained it himself. He’d been bullied as a gay teen and had wished that he’d been that stereotype to protect himself and his “imaginary” boyfriend. This was long before he’d met Austin.

What, I’d asked Sammy, was in his mind when he thought of a boyfriend way back when he was wishing he was this giant hulking black muscle monster? It was something very much like what Austin had turned into, it turns out. Hung, but not so hung as Sammy. Tall, but not so tall as Sammy. But thick and wide and muscled and hairy with an amazing muscled ass and a versatile bottom. So that was what the virus did to these young men with my “rules.” It made them into a version of some fantasy buried into their subconscious. But what did that mean for David and I?

Was this David’s dream, to be not only hung but hugely hung with a young face and body tall enough and muscled enough to hold that much cock?

What about me? I knew I was a size queen, I’d had my experience with ginger haired Jim the Mr Olympia sized bodybuilder, only we’d been more… human sized. I’d been tall then, and black, although that hadn’t been a fantasy of mine it was of Jim’s. So now I was seeing some pattern in this. But what about David? Even now, he was staring enviously at Sammy’s enormous size Perspiration was beading on David’s forehead, and I too felt beads of sweat on my body threatening to turn into rivulets.

And that was when David flushed red and asked, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

“Yes it feels hot in here,” I replied.

“Come on, Mason,” said Sammy. “Don’t be a tease, it’s not even warm.”

David and I looked at each other. “Oh, uh oh,” David said. “I think…” and then he reeled as the fever hit him, hard and fast this time.

“It must be a reinfection of a stronger strain from Sammy!” I declared. Uh, oh. What did I just say? I introduced the idea that the strain of mutant virus was stronger and faster than what David had caught originally. Now David was feeling the effects—as was I—reinfection of a much stronger strain!

David started gasping for air. He was seated at a table, and his shirtless torso was above it and his already huge arms spread out… and then I saw it. His arms were getting longer. David was growing.

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