U4ia gym

by StevePwrBear

 The impressively-muscled owner of the gym Steve works out at is starting to take a personal interest in his progress.

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I'd been working out at the local World Gym for about 8 months. Ever since I stepped foot in there as an overweight, thirty something, bear type guy, whose self esteem was at an all time low, I had been welcomed with open arms. I was so shocked and excited about how the musclemen of my dreams, took me in, and helped me get motivated and eventually pretty buff. I was no way near their size and stature as these muscle men, but I was starting to show fantastic results and my energy and stamina levels were improving as well. Even my sex drive was starting to go into overdrive lately. I was constantly horny and feeling amazing about myself. I felt I was ready for anything that would come my way. My strength had doubled as well.

It was in July on a day that had reached 94 degrees. I looked at the clock and it was about 9:48pm and close to closing time. All that was left was the owner, Jeff; a Superman looking God, Carl; a huge muscle daddy bear, and myself. The sweltering hot gym was like a pressure cooker all night long. You could feel the electric energy in the air. The three of us had been there since 7:00 when the place was crawling with grunting, sweaty Iron Gladiators, with rippling muscles and soaked to the flesh in their already skin tight gym wear. Towards the end of the night up till now, most of the guys had stripped off their shirts, showing off their prize-winning bodies. Jeff had an in-window air conditioner and 4 large fans on, but that only made a dent in the sweltering heat. But anytime a guy walked by the cold air you can see his nipples rise to the occasion.

The three of us were so soaked to the limit there was little left to the imagination, for any of us. So, as Jeff locked up for the night, he dimmed some of the lights as he started slowly peeling his shirt off, one of the few guys who still had left theirs on.

He said, “If you guys want to workout with less on, now is as good of a time as any.” I looked over and with a very familiar sly wink from Carl he started stripping. We were so relieved to feel a bit cooler, by undressing some. I was slower at it than the other two, cause I was savoring everything that my hungry eyes were witnessing.

Lately, both of them and a couple of the other guys had been paying me a lot of extra attention in and out of the gym. They would invite me out with them for drinks and seemed to be getting much more brave in the physical sense of touching me. I would get an arm squeeze here, a bear hug there, a lingering slap on my ass, and even a couple of ass grabs. Once, about a month ago, Jeff commented on my progress and said that I looked like I was getting bigger and built everywhere and then he gave my crotch a nice firm grasp. Surprisingly I didn't jump, but I got hard immediately, turned away and mentioned something about having to go to the bathroom really bad. Off I went, with Jeff and the other guys, snickering and nudging each other. I knew Jeff had felt my hard-on and with a red face and a huge ache for all of them in my crotch I must've looked like an embarrassed schoolgirl running away. I don't know why, but I was so turned on that as soon as I got to the bathroom and in the stall, I dropped my shorts and shot a couple of huge wads against the stall walls. That had never happened to me ever in my whole life. I hadn't even touched it. It just exploded while sending pure pleasure running through me.

Later in that same week, Carl and I were changing in the locker room, ribbing each other and horse playing, when Carl came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist, pinning me tightly against him with us against the lockers. We were both in our jocks and I could feel his hardening cock against my ass crack. It started getting hard and as fast as mine had been doing lately. It felt so huge and I wanted him to just fuck me right there and then. Our horse playing was turning very sexually charged and I started to get the same immediate hard-on that I had with Jeff. I knew I would blow at any moment. Enormous feelings of ecstasy poured over my body. Carl's arms lowered down my sides as he picked me up off the floor, pressing my full weight onto his crotch. I thought he was almost fully hard too. I could feel his hot breath rapidly increasing against my neck and his cock was now, not just hard against my ass but snaking down my thigh. His hand started to brush against my cock, sending me into orgasm heaven, when a new member and not one of the “group” came into the locker room. He saw us at the same time we saw him and Carl dropped me literally on the floor and turned around quickly. Carl never knew this but I did start to cum the second he touched my cock. Somehow, though, I was magically able to stop in midstream when I hit the floor. We acted as if it was all in joking around but when Carl was sure the guy wasn't looking at us, he gave me a very sly wink. The same sly wink, he just gave Jeff. From that day on till tonight, Carl and I never spoke about what had happened that day but we both couldn't s top looking at each other. Just to even glance at him or Jeff or some of the other guys, now made me go insane with passion. I used that passion to lift harder than ever that day. It was the day of awakening for me. The day of my euphoria.

So by the time the clothes came off I was very comfortable around them. Jeff left only his sweat soaked stained jock on, showing an incredible bulge and a see-through outline of a truly massive cock and enormous mushroom head. He turned around to present his milk white ass of granite, as he bent over to pick up a couple of empty carb pop bottles left by his some of his patrons. His Body was really that of Superman from the comics: Perfectly symmetrical with smooth mounds of rippled flesh everywhere. It's as if he was a chiseled work from Michelangelo and air had inflated him to the point of explosion. His features were so Clark Kent that it made you awe struck. His jet-black hair hung on his head like worn silk, with beads of sweat covering his forehead. That is the only amount of hair that I could see on his body, for now. His pits were shaved as well as his “jock” area, for which he shaved for bodybuilding competitions. The soaked jockstrap showed a strong shadow of dark underneath, so he must not be fully shone. I was sure that his pubic hair was just as jet black as what was on his head. His package, as I said before, was immense as his pouch almost stuck further out than his 55” chest. Jeff was what society would say was total Male Perfection.

Carl stripped all the way to flesh and boner. Yes I said, boner, not bone. He was definitely getting turned on. He seemed to have been waiting for this all night, since he couldn't keep his hands from adjusting his crotch on a continual basis. He was such a fucking enormous bear of a man, everywhere, with his thick fur matted down in tangles to his sweat soaked body. His full beard covered the bottom of his face, which stopped at his ears. He was bald on his head with a tattoo on each arm and one that was covered by hair on the middle of his left pec. The shoulders on this man were wider than shoulder pads for a football player. His chest, which was larger than Jeff’s, had each pec larger than my own head. He wasn't chiseled like “Superman” was, but his mass was absolutely immense. He stood well over 6 feet, probably 6’8” and looked like a Viking. Soft his cock must be over 7” as it passed up his low hanging bull balls and rested on his hairy thigh. It was definitely semi hard and about 8 1/2 inches now. I couldn't get that imagine of our locker room encounter out of my head. I wanted them both so badly; I started to ache in my balls. The ache of an impending hard on like no other.

It was hard, but I had to look away from both of them, cause I started feeling my own cock go beyond its semi-hard status, to full mast. What the hell was going on that I would get so hard so fast, all the time, now. I had only wanted to strip down to my jock but then realized it was completely soak-stained in precum so I shucked it clean off, as if to say that I didn't care that both of them would see me fully hard. In fact I wanted them too. I really wanted them to notice me; to want me.

I'm not as massive as Carl or Jeff, but I certainly was able to “hang” with the boys. I'm 5’10” 250lbs of mostly muscle mass. I still had some huskiness about me, but that was filling in with hard muscle. My arms were 23.5”, chest 53”, waist 36”, quads 27.5” and what started out as an 8+” cut cock: More on that later. I was strong to begin with, but lately my strength seemed to be going through the roof. In the last week, I would have to increase my workout weight every other day; cause the former was just way to light and I wouldn't even feel a burn. I also seemed to be gaining more and more mass quickly ; you could actually see it building up day to day. Many of the guys were commenting on that and how good I was beginning to look. Also, since my sex drive was going out of control, I was having to cum about 4-5 times a day or my balls would start to ache strongly and make me get fully hard without any stimulus and stay that way till I came in buckets. That had started about four days ago and I think my cock was getting larger, too, in length and especially girth. It was actually feeling very heavy between my legs all the time. So since Jeff and Carl hadn't seen my “condition” in the last few days, I was interested to see their reactions. Both of them looked quite shocked and pleased, but seemed to hide their arousal for the time being.

We all started lifting hard; Jeff was doing preacher curls and grunting like an ox in heat. Carl was on the leg press, and I headed for the bench. The smell of sweat, grease, and testosterone filled the stale air. I asked Carl when he's done with his set, if he could spot me while I bench. He nodded and chuckled as he tugged at his cock and balls saying, “I'll give you a press, you little shit.” We all laughed . I was looking at him square in the eyes when he said that, which was followed by a loving gaze from both of us.

I laid on the bench and started doing dumbbell flys. I'd been lifting for almost 3 hours straight with very heavy weight making my body already feel like I was going to rip through my skin. As I did my last rep I felt something new, different, and amazing. It was like all of my energy that I was creating to lift had suddenly gone straight to my cock. I could feel it start to thicken and lengthen immediately, even faster than before. This had never happen ed while I was lifting. Usually when I go this far, I end up puking. It was such an intense and erotic surge that I crashed the dumbbells together, making a loud bang. I sat up quickly to hide my instant, throbbing hard on and the close call of the brink of a major orgasm. Both men looked my way and smiled. Jeff said something that sounded like “All right, Steve. It's Time.” and Carl licked his lips and went right back to his set.

Carl closed his eyes and started to breath very hard. I sat in a hypnotic trance watching as his massive tree trunks lifted the mounds of heavy weight. His muscles bulged all over his body. The veins were like vines weaving through his fields of hair. I think I was falling in love with him. I counted the weight and read there was over 1500lbs. “My God, that's insane.” I thought. My cock stirred at the very notion, straining harder against the skin covering it. Just then, was it my imagination or did Carl's cock just jump and extend an inch or so? Another press and there it went again. I know it did this time. My God he must be almost 9 ½ to 10 inches now. It started to pulsate with every lift, growing and thickening, just like mine had done a few moments ago. I looked down at myself and realized I was pointing straight up at the ceiling, my cock soaked in precum, which traveled down the length of the shaft making it all shining and wet. I was shooting small shots out my piss hole and soaking my cock, thighs, the bench and the floor underneath. I quickly crossed my legs and looked over at Jeff. Too late: He had been watching me the whole time. He was still doing curls, but the head of his rod was poking out of the waistband. The fabric in the jock stretched over his extra wide cock. Precum was spilling out over the top. It looked like a beer bottle was stuffed down there. His eyes were jumping wildly from Carl to me and back again. He shut his eyes and it looked like he was getting to a state of frenzy. He started shaking all over his body and was groaning loudly. He must have been close to failure when he jerked the weight up, yelling a loud booming growl as he shot about 5 large streams of liquid out of his cock. My eyes were enormous with pleasurable shock. I somehow knew that that is what mine would have done if I'd continued to competition. The fluid arched through the air and landed on the floor by my bench, which was about 7 feet away from him. I looked down and it was definitely cum. It looked odd though, it actually seemed to have a dim glow about it. I looked back at Jeff with admiration and bewilderment in my eyes.

Jeff noticed my stare and condition and said, “This happens all the time, that's why we workout so late. It's better not to do this in front of the newbies. We don't want to scare anyone away.” I pretty much knew what he meant but wasn't sure why. He stopped lifting for a moment to stand and pull his jock completely off. He looked over at me again and said, “Don't be shy, buddy. You were close there a second ago, weren't you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Cumming. Your cock had a quick jolt there when you did that last rep, right? That was about the fastest I've ever seen a cock get hard. It was like a rock instantly. I thought for sure you were going to blow. I wanted to see that so bad. Even though you didn't shoot your wad, it looked fucking awesome.”

“Yeah, but that's never happened before.”

Jeff walked over towards me, with his now fully exposed 10” beer-can thick cock pointing the way. Jesus, it looked like a loaf of French bread. The head glistened with juice and there was a string of cum inching down towards the floor. His cock stayed at full attention the whole time he talked and was pulsating wildly like Carl's had, tossing strands of fluid all over. One strand hit my cock and I felt it jump and tingle.

“It felt good didn't it, to feel such a rush of power and strength. To have every part of your body in total ecstasy.” Jeff said.

“Yeah, I guess, I'm just a little embarrassed, but what causes it?”

“Well Carl, what do you say? You think it's time he found everything out? Should I tell him before we continue?”

Carl smiled and nodded in approval. He stopped pressing and looked over at me, saying, “I've wanted this day to come ever since I held you in my arms in the locker room. Jeff has too, since he touched your cock, that day. We’ve all wanted you so bad since then, but knew we had to wait. To wait till you were ready. Now it's time. Now you will be like us. Now we can have you. We love you, Steve.”

“Okay enough of the mushy shit, Carl. Damn, for such a big guy, you sure are a softy.” Jeff teased.

“I'll show you soft, pretty boy.” Carl said as he grabbed his humungous tool and waved it at Jeff.

Jeff laughed and turned to me, getting serious, “Haven't you noticed a big change in yourself over the past couple of weeks.”

I nodded in agreement.

“You're getting to be a HUGE Fucker, Steve, just like us. Let me ask you this, you're hard all the time now right? You have to cum several times a day or your hard-on won't go down? Your strength is increasing, almost doubling every day? And you just about hit the threshold point of no return when you almost came while lifting to the point of failure?

“Fuck yeah, but how did you know all of—”

“Well, we’ve been giving you something, without your knowledge of it.”

“WHAT!! What the fuck are you doing to me?” I started to scream out.

“Calm down, it's all been to get you to this point. You had to be at a certain level of—well, of a state so that you could handle what's going to happen next.” Jeff explained further. “All of the times that we went out for drinks, one of us would slip you some special protein that had come from each of us, at different times individually. We put this in slow and in small amounts so you could get accustom to the Change you're going to have now.”

“But why? What do you plan on doing with me?” I was getting really angry and defensive about how they had invaded and tricked me. How I was like an experiment to them.

Carl chimed in, “Hold on—I think you're going to completely love it. It's what you’ve always wanted. I know this, Steve. I felt it in you that day in the locker room. You remember. You didn't want it to stop, ever. Did you?”

“No I guess I didn't want it to stop.” Realizing that this was more than what I wanted. It was my dream coming true. But what was this all about? Who were these guys? How did they know what I've always dreamed of?

“It's time for all your questions to be answered, Steve. I promise that you will love this beyond anything you have ever loved in you life.” Jeff sounded with a true assurance in his voice. “Carl, are you ready for this, too?”

“Yes, I am Jeff. Give me a moment to get back into the realm of it.” With that Carl closed his eyes and started to moan softly as he started lifting the enormous weight with his legs, again. I hadn't noticed it before, but his cock, in fact all our cocks had stayed rock hard the whole time we talked.

Carl was moaning louder now and starting to shoot small drops of precum out of his cock.

“Carl looks like he's in the realm, now. Come on. It's time you know—everything. Don't be frightened.” Jeff grabbed my arm and lifted me effortlessly to my feet and our cocks smacked together. He turned me around and positioned me in front of him, while he held my arms at my sides.

“Whatever happens, Steve, go with it, okay? Don't be afraid. Let it happen.” He kissed my head.

“Okay, I will.—I replied, totally aroused again and extremely curious. My head was spinning and it felt like my body was super sensitive to everything that was happening. The more Jeff's juice touched my body, the more erotically charged I became.

Jeff's huge shaft pressed against my lower back. My cock started throbbing harder than ever glistening with precum. It was literally dripping all over my feet and legs. We walked over to where Carl was now groaning and grunting like a grizzly in heat. It was then that I really noticed the size of his cock. It looked fully hard and lying on his stomach. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. It was so huge the head was nestled between the globes of his chest. If he had gotten that big in the locker room, I never would have cared about the other guy there. I would've have begged him to fuck me right there.

His legs were shaking uncontrollably as he pressed, using every inch of their strength. But he would still be able to get out many more lifts. Enough for what was about to happen, to me. He took his time too, so Jeff could get me ready to join the “group”. Carl's eyes closed and were flickering.

Jeff put his arms around my waist and held me even tighter. Our bodies were smashed together causing me to feel every rise and fall of his massive chest. His breathing was increasing rapidly. At one point, I could actually feel his heartbeat pounding faster and harder. Then I felt Jeff's cock start to rise up the middle of my back; growing and expanding quickly, with enough force to burrow in between us. It shot, lubing the pathway, getting both of us soaked and sticky with his muscle juice. It felt like a huge python slowly crawling up. The longer it got, the wider it became. His balls were tight against my ass where they felt enormous and pulsating against my crack. The precum spurting out of him, as he grew against me, was very warm and making my skin literally become charged with sharp needles of pleasure coursing through my whole body. I felt I was in complete ecstasy, but that was only the beginning. I wouldn't even know what real ecstasy was until I felt the euphoria of the Change.

I started to moan when Jeff kissed the back of my neck. His lips were full and moist on me. His tongue darted in and out and furthered the tingling sensation over my whole body. His saliva was doing the same as his precum. It sent shards of pleasure into me. He must’ve known I was on the verge of blowing my load, because he clamped his mammoth hand around my cock to stop the impending explosion. Then he sucked some precum out of his own cock. Being that it was now at the top of my back, he didn't even need to bend over to have it in his mouth. He leaned my head back and kissed me deeply, sharing his enchanted power fluid with me. As I swallowed the glowing nectar, it felt hot going down, really hot, as if my insides were on fire. After about 5 seconds, my cock jumped uncontrollably and I felt it actually start to stretch in length and girth. It must have increased about an inch or so, and it felt heavier, too. In fact it felt like my whole body grew in all directions, about an inch making a huge feeling of enormous power shoot through me. For a split second, I could feel my chest, arms, back, legs and neck expand and all my muscles growing with intense heat. But I knew that wasn't possible, or was it. I felt absolutely rock hard everywhere and totally indestructible. My God this really was my wildest dream come true. This was unreal, awesome, and mind blowing to me, but it wasn't nothing compared to what was about to happen so on. Jeff released his suction on my mouth and pulled me even tighter against him.

He whispered in my ear, “How was that, Buddy?”

“Fucking Awesome!!” was all that I could get my lips to say.

I could feel Jeff smile even though I couldn't see his face. “I knew you’ve waited your whole life for that to happen. I know I did. I would fantasize about being huge ever since I was a young scrawny teenager.” His voice seemed to drop an octave lower, then. “I could tell from the moment you stepped into my gym 8 months ago, that you’ve dreamed about it, too.

I nodded in total agreement.

“You were always lifting as much as you could and we could tell that some of the time your cock was semi to fully hard from it. That's why you made it into our little group. Carl, Bo, Eric, Joe and myself, needed another to complete the cycle and then we saw you.” I know the other guys he mentioned and had thought before about how much bigger they all were, compared to everyone else in the gym: Actually in the whole city for that matter. How they completely radiated power, masculinity, and massive sexual energy from their bodies. It made people intoxicated for them.

Jeff continued, “You came into this gym, out of shape and determined to succeed. Now is your chance, to have it all. All you’ve ever dreamed of. But you can never go back. You just have tell us you want it and it will be yours. I promise, you'll have never felt so alive and God like.” His voice lowered more. “Tell us it's what you yearn for. You'll have pure Euphoria, all of the time. Say yes to it Steve; give in totally to the power. You’ve only had a tiny taste of it from me, just now. Just think about when you have it all. But, you have to tell us, Steve. You have to say you want it. And remember there is no going back. You will be one of us for the rest of your life.” It started getting lower still. “I can't wait till you see yourself and feel like we do. There's so much that nobody will ever know unless they are like us. It's going to blow your mind & body and change your life, forever. Tell us how much you want to be HUGE and completely AWESOME.”

“Oh God YES, I want it so fucking bad. I need it more than anything I've ever wanted. I want to breathe pure power. Please, please do it to me.”

With my outburst of acceptance, Jeff released his strong hold on me and backed off enough to let his cock drop down and quickly shove it under my balls and though my legs, making our bodies slam back together. The mixture of precum on and in my body was on setting me on fire. As he stood back up to reach his full height his cock actually started to lift me off the ground. It was lifting all 265lbs of me, (I had gained 15 pounds already) without the aid of his arms. I couldn't believe it.

“Holy Shit!” I blurted out.

I must have been at least six inches off the floor, when he again, crossed his arms over my chest and grabbed each nipple sending electric shocks straight to my cock. The feeling was fantastic, making me shoot 3 small loads of precum, which hit Carl's cock and chest. I didn't know why at the time, but this caused Carl to scream with a thunderous roar, along with having his cock stand completely straight up off of his chest and stay that way, rigid as an oak tree. As he did his last leg press, his cock danced and grew about 4” longer. Now it must have measured at least 18”, which wasn't near as long as Jeff’s, but that was about to change.

Jeff quickly straddled us over Carl and lowered us down so that Carl's cock went between our pressed bodies. Carl looked to be in a total state of euphoria. It was as if he was in an erotic trance. We came to rest on Carl's body. It pulsated underneath my thighs. He moaned and growled like a wild animal as his whole body started convulsing and he seemed to be growing right before my eyes. Oh my god, he really was growing; even bigger than the monster he already was. I could see his skin stretching over his large pecs, which shook violently and enlarged to the size of basketballs. His arms, shoulders and neck expanded beyond comprehension. His girth was getting wider making my legs stretch outwards. My ass crack expanded enough to fit Jeff's cock up between my globes against my asshole. Even Carl's height was lengthening. He was already almost 6’8” to begin with. Now He must have been over 8 feet tall and growing. His thick body hair was getting more coarse and darker, sending more shock waves of pleasure through me as it tickled my thighs and balls. I could feel his cock start to pulsate like crazy between Jeff and I. Jeff's was still throbbing under me, increasing in intensity against my hungry hole. I knew I couldn't take much more of this or I would completely explode, spewing my spunk everywhere, but then it started. The series of events that happened next were to be the most incredible things that had ever happened to me. It would be the beginning of my change: The becoming of something extraordinary. My awakening. My Euphoria.

Carl's cock expanded and lengthened again, in three violent and huge bursts shooting precum all over my back, mixing it with Jeff’s, causing more erotic burning on my skin. His cock jumped up about 12” and widened about 6”. I could feel the soaked crown of it banging against the back of my head. Even though I couldn't see it, I knew that it had to be well over 2 feet long and probably a foot around, now. Jeff's cock started to get larger as well; the head of it was lying on Carl's chest and inching toward his mouth, touching Carl's lips. I couldn't turn around but I could feel that Jeff's body was expanding, too. Then Jeff wrapped hi s massive hand around my cock and started to slowly pump it with his. He told me to hold off cumming the best that I could, till he said to let it fly. Was he out of his fucking mind, cause I know I was? I could hardly think, let along concentrate on holding back an orgasm. It took every bit of strength I had to not cum, but magically I was able to do so. But God, I just wanted to feel the power of shooting my load. My whole body tightened like a vise. I became like marble stone, within my muscles. Jesus, I wanted to cum, but somehow I knew I wouldn't till given the signal.

He also told me to keep my mouth open as far as I could and to catch as much as possible of Carl's Juice. With that, he took his free hand and again, tilted my head back so that Carl's cock was right over my lips. I was staring up at the biggest head of a penis I had ever seen. It was nearly as large as my head. God, I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

As Carl slowly brought the weight back down and his legs started bending toward us, I could feel the semen rising in his cock. It started to fill from the bottom and coursed through like water in an empty fire hose actually causing it to expand even more. I was in true pain trying to hold back from cumming when Jeff grunted and yelled, “NOW, Do it NOW! Shoot, you fucking wad, Steve. Shoot all you’ve got, buddy. Empty that log, out!” As Jeff quickened his grip, he pumped our cocks to explosion. I could feel that he was cuming as well. I didn't know it at the time, but Carl had opened his mouth to receive our spunk. It was when both of our first shots hit his mouth that he in turn exploded like a firehose. He shot wad after wad into the air and at first it was raining down all over us, engulfing us with his essence. My whole body felt instantly energized with each strange glowing glob of semen that landed on it. Then a large wad hit my mouth and as I swallowed it, I felt my cock, which had almost stopped cumming, start back up again with even more force. Another shot in my mouth and more out of my cock. Jeff would lick some off my face give it to me with his tongue and I could feel him continue to cum. My whole body started to convulse and it felt like no pain or pleasure that I had ever felt before.

I raised my head as close as I could to Carl's cock, darting out my tongue, so I could catch load after load. With every bit of him that I swallowed I came harder and harder. Sweat was pouring off our bodies, mixing with the semen, making our bodies shine with a warm ominous glow. With every shot of cum I produced, I could feel my cock expanding madly. I know this because it was separating Jeff's grip on our shafts. I could feel Carl's juice filling my stomach with boiling heat that brought tears to my eyes. That's when My Change really started to happen with staggering results.

At first I felt my balls pulsate and swell larger than they had ever been. They were becoming a large sack holding two tennis balls. With the added size came the feeling of them being extremely heavy and full. I could literally feel huge amounts of cum swirling and being produced till my sac was firm with spunk.

My whole entire body started to twitch, spasm and expand. With every heartbeat of blood pouring through me, it was like a tire pump inflating me. All my muscles were contracting and then expanding larger and larger than before. The intensity of the heat boiling inside me was almost too overwhelming. My ass started to lift me higher off of Carl's torso: Each globe becoming rock hard and fully round. My chest expanded up and outward making large mounds of flesh with huge nipples. My back started to become wider, fanning out from my sides and pushing my arms out like wings. Holding my arms up in front of me I witnessed the most amazing sight. I could see them lengthen and blow up like two of those animal-twisting balloons; completely overflowed and ready to pop at any moment. Veins started flaring up all over me, with every pulse of blood. Then I looked down and saw my legs growing to atlas proportions with veins snaking over huge mounds of muscle and flesh. Then just as suddenly, the heat subsided, the veins shrank from the size of plastic straws back to normal size; definitely visible but not engorged. My muscles, while still bigger than my most erotic fantasies, halted their thunderous growth. And the erotic pleasure leveled off to a great feeling of sexual heightenedness. But the best was yet to come.

Jeff knew what was coming next and did what he had too, even though he felt like never letting our ecstasy end. Somewhat reluctantly, he lifted me off of Carl and laid me down on one of the nearby wrestling mats’. Both of them stopped their emulsification of my body at this point to get me into this position. With all the muscle juice I had ingested from them, they were feeling a bit drained. But, in a matter of minutes, they would completely replenish their seed and be ready for more.

I closed my eyes for a moment to rest, since my body had slowed down transforming for now. When I opened them up, both of them stood, no actually towered, over me like muscle-bound giants. Jeff must have been over 10 feet tall and 4 feet across and Carl was much larger at about 12 feet tall and 5-6 feet across. Their bodies were like rock walls and their cocks were still rock hard, standing straight out from them and over me like the massive swords of gallant knights. Even though I had already grown into a mass of muscle, the two of them looked like Gods from my viewpoint. I think I was starting to fall for them. Especially Carl.

Just looking at them, made my cock start to jump to attention and fill with power and lust. I noticed that they couldn’t keep their eyes off of me either. Jeff seemed excited, as Clark Kent must’ve felt when he accepted his awesome power for the first time. Carl—well Carl looked like a starved beast eyeing down its next meal, ready to pounce and completely ravage every inch of me.

“Look at yourself, Steve. You’re a muscle monster already and you’re not even near complete. Damn, this fucking rocks! I knew it had to be you from Day 1. Fuck, are you turning me on like crazy.” Jeff said as he stepped over and above my head, blocking out the beams of lights on the ceiling. As “Superman” stepped into his correct place for what was coming up for my next phase, a extra large drop of shiny cum dripped from his massive steel rod and hit my lips and chin. I moaned instantaneously with pleasure as it absorbed into my skin and mouth.

“My God, Steve. You are so fucking beautiful.” Carl exclaimed with want and envy in his voice. “I wasn’t even as big as you at the same point of My Change. You must be twice the size I was. This is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to feel the power inside you.” I had to see what they were talking about, especially a huge Viking like Carl.

I lifted myself up on my elbows and looked across my slightly twitching body. As I looked at my chest I moaned an approving sigh. My stomach was rock hard but not a full six-pack, more of a marble slab. Then I let out a yell. My initial shock was that my dick was so enormously huge to what I was used to seeing on myself.

“Whoa, Holy shit, I’m fucking HUGE,” I said in awe.

It wasn’t as big as Jeff or Carl’s, who now had the cocks of Gods, but at 16 inches long and 8 inches around, it was the largest and most exasperating thing I’d ever thought would be a part of me. I felt a rush of adrenaline just looking at it. It laid on my stomach and lower chest like a huge snake, pulsating and charming me to want it: To suck it. That feeling came over me hard and swift, hitting me like a train. I wanted my cock in my mouth. I started to open my mouth as if to call it to me and then it started throbbing even harder and rising up, ready to strike. It grew quickly and I bent my head and back up to meet it. The head of my python was right at my lips. I stuck out my tongue and opened as wide as I could, drawing me to me. Within seconds, I was sucking my own cock for the first time in my life. It was such a immense thrill that with only a few sucks, a intense erotic pleasure greater then before, came in huge waves as I started cumming like a cannon. I released my cock from my mouth to witness my gun firing at me. It sprayed its bullets all over my chest and face and I tasted my own muscle-charged cum for the first time. I noticed as I shot, that my semen was dimly glowing like theirs had been. As it soaked me, my body actually soaked it in sending more waves of pleasure, which grew throughout me, making my orgasm even stronger. It hit the back of my throat in a steady stream that I couldn’t control or stop. I had no need to swallow as it ran down like water in a drain. The more I came the more euphoric I felt. I was in a trance as my body started to grow again, building muscle on muscle. I was starting to lose all reality when--

“Hold off there some, buddy!” exclaimed Carl as he grabbed my cock and squeezed hard, stopping the flow.

“FUCK!” I yelled.

“You don’t want to waste it all just yet.”

“Who’s wasting it, I’m recycling it.”

“Don’t get smart. You’ve still got a ways to go before becoming like us. You’re going to need some of that spunk for the process. This is just the beginning. Trust us, there’s much more.” He almost sounded jealous.

As the spasms in my cock and body were again subsiding, I took a longer look over my entire body and was amazed and in awe of myself. Now I could really understand what those two were gawking at. I was now bigger than I ever thought I would be. There was no doubt that I was larger in height. I must have gone from my normal 5 foot 10 inches to over 7 feet of rock hard muscle. It looked like I was getting massive everywhere. My chest, arms, legs, neck, ass and even fingers and toes were packed with muscle. I now realized what Carl had meant when he said that I was bigger than him. I was actually bigger then he and Jeff were when this night had started.

I took my hands and ran them across my body, feeling every mound, crevice and firmness, which sent more streams of pleasure through me. I wasn’t completely, over the top, huge just yet, but I was definitely bigger than the largest bodybuilders I knew of. Nasser, Jay Cutler and even Arnold in his heyday had nothing on me. My body was very thick, vascular and I felt like I could lift a house. My hair had grown much thicker in all the right spots, over my entire shell of muscle. The feeling of pure power running through me was orgasmic. I could feel cum rising in my cock again, but so did Carl as he squeezed it tighter. I took my hands off of me and closed my eyes, trying to diminish the pleasure.

When the spasms finally subsided, and my cock wasn’t going to shoot everywhere, Carl let go of it and laid it back down onto me with two hands. The burning feeling that had raced through me before, was getting more and more intense, again.

Jeff asked, “Are you starting to feel really warm everywhere?”

“Yes, it feels as if my blood is starting to boil and my skin is getting hotter.” I replied. Sweat stared pouring out from my pores.

“You’re about to start the second phase now.” He said with excitement in his voice. “Feeling the heat in your body is very important to the process. No matter what you feel from now on, let it happen; it will be okay. I promise. And Steve,”


“I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen next, okay?”

“Sure,” I said with just as much pain as there was pleasure to my voice.

“I know it’s getting more intense inside you, but pay attention. First you’re going to have two more times of Change occur to you, the one coming up and then after another brief lull, one more. This one, now, is going to be the most intense. Also, this is the best part of the Change. You see, Steve, this is where Carl and I must enter your body and feed you internally for a while.” My eyes must have gotten really wide thinking about how they were going to get there enormous members in me, because Jeff finished, “Calm down, you’ll be able to take us. You skin and body is extremely pliable now. It’s one of the many gifts of becoming this way. You’ll expand to fit our cocks like a glove giving all of us the most optimal pleasure possible. It’s going to be fucking fantastic.”

“We better hurry,” exclaimed Carl, “his body is starting to turn red. We’ve only got a window of a minute till that passes; otherwise we’ll have to start all over again. And trust me, I can’t wait that long again to be in him. I’ll fucking explode”

“Yes I know, Carl. Jesus, you’re acting like an animal.”

“I can’t help it. I’ve never wanted anyone so bad. Jeff, he’s the one; the one that’s going to change everything for us. The one who—”

“Shhhhâ—Shut up, you dumbass. Don’t put so much on him yet. You’re going to overload the guy.”

The burning pain was getting excruciating. “What, what did he say?” I asked.

“Don’t think about it, Steve. Carl’s just is being a BIG OAF. Everything’s going to be fine. You’re going to love the new you. Are you ready, Steve?”

I nodded, but this time somewhat apprehensively.

I was completely on fire inside my whole body. Carl lifted my legs and I could feel his massive cock head against my ass crack. In fact, I looked down there and I could see his cock was bigger than my arm. Just looking at how beautiful he was, at how perfect he was, I knew no matter what, that I wanted him in me. But I was so scared of any more pain. That’s when he started to enter my hungry ass. I knew I wanted him badly, more than anyone I ever had, but I was already in enough pain in my body to put up my hand in protest. He didn’t even notice because he started slowly inching and moving his huge rod around to open me up. I could feel my asshole actually sucking for him to enter me. It started to expand and was actually helping his cock into me. I couldn’t believe that I was able to take him, but as I felt my hole start to stretch beyond its limits, it accepted him with a calm pleasure instead of him ripping me in half. Then, as he went deeper, it stretched some more accommodating his widening cock. Soon I literally could feel him up in my stomach and under my ribs. I felt his hips against mine and I knew he was completely to the hilt. I’d never felt so full of lust, want, and need in my life. I truly loved that man. I didn’t want to ever leave him.

‘This just can’t be humanly possible,’ I rationalized. But it was, and he started to grind his hips into mine. I was ready to explode gallons of glowing goo everywhere, when Carl grabbed me again so I would hold off.

“Easy killer, I’m enjoying this WAY too much for a quicky.” He softly growled.

This cause me to open my mouth to tell him that I never wanted him to leave, but it was the perfect opportunity for Jeff to do his magic now. Just as effortlessly as Carl had with my ass, Jeff grabbed my mouth with his hands to widen it, with his enormous cock head not far behind. I could feel my lips parting and my mouth opening wider and wider. At one point it felt like my jaw actually dislocated. There was no pain at all with that, just an uncomfortable feeling. God I must’ve looked like an Anaconda eating its prey. I sucked on it with much lust and deep thrusts till it slid down my throat. After a while with that I started licking under the head at the spot that I’ve heard called the g-spot of men. He must’ve been so turned on by this, because he started cumming as soon as I did so, filling my mouth and throat with his magical juice. As I started to swallow as much of Jeff as I could, I felt Carl explode in my torso like a bomb. Both men were shooting gallons of their life force into me; my stomach was literally filling to full capacity. To this day, I still don’t understand how that could have been humanly possible. It’s sounds so totally science fiction, but it really was happening.

As the three of us became one, I could feel their semen start to mix inside of me. It felt like every part of my body was nourished by an amazing power beyond any normal realm of this world. I could feel muscles expanding into giant proportions, senses heightened to super hero status, feelings of lust overflowing with testosterone, and my mind becoming sharper, smarter, and vast. Then suddenly my eyes became blurred and my hearing was gone. I couldn’t catch my breath. It felt as if I were starting to die. Pain swept through my body in unbearable amounts. I must’ve panicked, because the next thing I remember was the feeling of both of them, exiting my body and holding me down with all of their strength and might. But it wasn’t enough. With a huge surge of power I threw both of them off of me without even trying. It was like flicking a bug off of my shirt: Completely effortless. Both of them flew in the air for about 20 feet, landing on the edges of the wrestling mats. I could feel wave after wave of hot electricity running through my body and escaping out of it. It was leaving me in the form of bright glowing semen out of my growing Herculean sized cock. I could start to feel my bones cracking and then I blacked out.

When I woke up, it had taken a minute or so to remember what I felt while I was unconscious. It was like a dream: A vision that almost escaped me. I rubbed my eyes and then it hit me. I remembered that I was in complete euphoria. I remembered having the feeling that you have the second before you cum. That point where you are totally over the threshold into that absolute high. That amazing feeling like no other on earth: Only this time it was constant and continually building up stronger and higher than ever and not diminishing. I saw images of every man that I had ever yearned for in my head. Bodybuilders, Muscle Bears, Daddies, Cubs, Huge masculine me n with Pure Power Dripping off of them like honey. Each and every single one of them was filling me with pleasure: Touching me, squeezing me, lifting me, licking me, sucking me, fucking me, and cumming in me. I felt as if I my body was the center of everything sexual in nature. That I was growing as a being of immense power and proportions. The euphoria was beyond any comprehension that anyone or I could ever imagine. I could feel myself on the verge of the most intense orgasms I'd ever known, but I kept in that state of threshold for what seemed an eternity. This is what I remembered going on in my mind.

At the same time, back in the physical world, my body went into a state of complete god-like transformation. My muscles bulged to insane proportions, with numerous violent bursts of energy. The first of which threw Jeff and Carl off of me. Even with all of their amazing strength they said it was impossible to hold on. They told me that my body exploded in powerful thrusts of growth and bursts of cum. With every blast from my cock, cum showered the entire gym, dowsing it with a glowing light. They started to get back up, but as my spunk landed on them, it immobilized them in an orgasmic frenzy. The lust for me, inside of them was completely overpowering and took control of every one of their muscles. All they could do was helplessly watch the scene unfold before them and cum repeatedly all over the place. They became a part of my euphoria, as their cum mixed with mine and was absorbed into my body, helping to put me further through the Change. They watched in hunger, as my entire body grew in 10 huge growth spurts, which took less than 5 minutes to accomplish. My legs lengthened several more feet. My torso expanded to absolute mammoth size. It lengthened and stretched everywhere with muscle. Jeff said my head grew like a sponge absorbing water. The muscles in my face and head pulsated to amazing results. My jaw became completely defined, my cheekbones pushed up and out. My neck bulged out with noticeable thick muscle. My skull expanded about 6 inches around, which did so to accompany my growing brain inside: More on that later.

The next growth morphing was my arms and even more muscle mass over my entire body. Carl said it looked as if someone hit stuck an air compressor down in me and switched it on high. My legs ballooned to the size of large tree trunks. My thighs each were almost 4 feet in diameter. My arms stretched and built up to a mammoth godlike size. My upper arms measured 52” around. My entire arms were thick and rippled with muscle from shoulders to fingers. My forearms measured at 25 inches around. Jeff told me that with one of the violent bursts of growth I slammed my arm down and through the wrestling mat and the concrete floor. Dust and fabric sprayed everywhere. As my arm came back up out of the 2-foot h ole I had some large pieces of concrete clenched in my fist that I crushed into powder within seconds.

Then my torso expanded and tightened, again. My back became 7 feet wide, with enormous lats, traps, and glutes. Yes, my ass grew to the size of two large beach balls that were hard as granite. They were perfectly shaped beyond anything anyone had ever seen in any magazine. My pecs, already large and firm from before, grew to immense foreboding mountains of pure muscle. The nipples were as large around as the bottom of a pop can, and as long as 5 inches.

The strands of thick muscle over my entire body became visible under my skin and literally pulsated with the gargantuan power and strength in them. You could even see it though the hair that had covered me in perfect patterns like a warm coat. The hair on my chest met with a perfectly formed treasure trail that ran down to an immense forest of thick dark pubic hair. I stayed bald, but my goatee became thick and longer. My legs and arms grew some hair, which was just enough to help outline all of my muscles on me making them even more pronounced. My ass had just enough fine hair to coat it golden. In fact most of the hair on my body, made me look like a golden statue of power.

The last and final growth spurt was of course, my cock and balls, which had been shooting hot buckets of glowing cum 20 feet in all directions. Because every amount that hit Jeff and Carl made them shoot their wads even more, it was a continuous chain reaction that only stopped when I eventually stopped cumming from ending the transformation.

The size of my cock grew to almost 3 3/4 feet long and over 1 3/4 feet around. It was made perfectly. Every vein and skin feature on it was attractive. The mushroom head was shaped like a perfect helmet. The width stayed wide from head to shaft to groin only slightly getting wider to about 2 feet around the base. Which kept it at a full 40% arch when soft, which was very rare. I was almost always at least semi hard the rest of my life. My balls were now the size of large soft balls, and my entire ball sac was constantly pulsating as it produced more semen, only stopping when it completely refilled.

When I opened my new eyes, I could see that the room was glowing with a pulsating light. Jeff and Carl were both glowing as well and sleeping from exhaustion. It was then that I noticed I had an amazing feeling of power and pleasure running through me continuously. Surprisingly, I didn't even look down at my body at first. Instead I noticed how small the gym looked, almost cramped. In fact, so did Jeff and Carl. They were still huge behemoth men, who were absolute giants to me before, but were so much tinier now. That was very weird to me. I needed to stretch so I went to lift myself up and I laid one hand on a weight bench. It started to buckle under my weight and I noticed that my hand covered m ost of the bench. In shock I reared back and fell with a huge thunderous bang to the floor. The whole building shook and a couple of tiles on the ceiling came crashing down.

This woke Jeff and Carl with a jolt.

“What the fuck was that! Where's Ste—Oh MY GOD—,” was all Jeff could say as his eyes bugged out.

Carl jumped to his feet and backed up several inches with a look of awe and maybe a little bit of fear in his face.

“Oh my God, Steve, look at you. You—you're a God!” Jeff shouted with shock and glee in his voice.

Then I looked at myself. It was amazing. I was an absolute giant. Muscles packed upon muscles packed upon even more muscles covering my body like mountains. My cock was freaking huge and was extending even longer and thicker due to the amazing turned on feeling running through my body again.

I sat up and got onto my knees. I couldn't stand or I would have gone through the roof. Jeff and Carl walked toward and in front of me, standing on either side of the head of my swelling cock. Even with its hugeness and heavy weight, it still stood straight out and arched up some. Their mouths wide open and the look on their faces were of complete yearning and bewilderment.

“This is unbelievable. I—you—this—wasn't—we—I—can't

”I don't—understand—how—huge—Jeff—want—did “I—imagine—”

“Shut up Carl, you're rambling,” Jeff said as he punched Carl's arm. “This is definitely beyond what we thought would happen to you, Steve. It's beyond our wildest dreams. We knew you would be the alpha male, but—Oh my God. It's beyond that. Wait till the other guys see you. Wow. They are going to cream themselves. There's so much to go over and learn for all of us. When you started to change, we couldn't believe it. You were passing us up by leaps and bounds. I've never been so completely turned on in my life. With every shot of your cum that hit us it sent electricity straight through us and we came and came till we both passed out from exhaustion. I c an't speak for Carl, but I am totally in awe of you. In fact I think I'm in love with you. Oh Yes, I'm totally in love with you. I need you. I—” Then he stood silent and I could see his body trembling. A blank but lustful look was on his face.

I knew Jeff was telling the truth because just then I could actually feel exactly what he was feeling inside. It came over me in a rush, pouring through my veins. Something inside my head turned on full force. I knew what his emotions were and how completely and utterly turned on he felt. How he longed for me with every fiber of his body. I could physically feel his love for me.

I looked over at Carl and I could feel it from him, too. In fact, his feelings were even more intense than Jeff—s. I also knew and felt that while Carl had wanted me since the locker room encounter, it was just sexual in nature, until now. Now he was so completely in love with me, he couldn't speak and he was seriously entranced. I had longed for him, too. I wanted Jeff as well, but I knew that Carl was to be my mate forever and Jeff and the others would be my loyal subjects. I realized that I had the ability to control them.

Carl was different, though. Even though both of them were in a trance for me, that I had somehow induced unknowingly, Carl's love for me was going to stay with him. I didn't know how or why I knew this, but I did. I was like a God, with the body and mind of one.

They both stood there, totally transfixed on me with a wild desire in them that I was actually feeding off of. It made me feel even stronger. I could tell that I was literally causing them to want nothing in this world other than me. Their eyes became glossed over. Their lips became moist as saliva slowly ran down from the corners of their mouths. Their cocks swelled and lengthened immediately as vast amounts of precum leaked from them. Their breathing became heavy and fast. They softly started to moan. I thought that they both might cum quickly so I willed them not too. It fucking worked. They started to calm down a bit. But were still in a state of sexual highs.&n bsp; I had to be sure, that I could make them do anything for me, so I went for the gusto.

I looked straight into Carl's eyes and asked him with my mind, to turn towards my cock. He did. I did the same with Jeff. Same reaction. I told them to hold it with both hands and lick it with their tongues; covering the head and entire shaft, not forgetting my balls either. They did just as they were told, never blinking or resisting. I had total control of them. My God, what a gift this was. As they licked me, I willed them to both make love to my cock and balls together. They did this with a passion I had never seen or felt before. Carl was the first to expand his mouth and he took my cock head in effortlessly. I've never felt suction like that. He literally felt like a velvet Hoover. He was able to get over half of my shaft into him. I knew he could go further, but I loved the feel ing of where he was.

While Carl was sucking on my cock, Jeff was licking my balls and lower shaft, darting his tongue in and out. He then put one of my soft ball sized nuts in his mouth and sucked on it, sending new sensations running through me. I thought it was time for them to enjoy each other as well. So I made Jeff stop sucking on my balls and suck Carl's throbbing cock, but only as the way I wanted him too. He did just that. I had him get under my legs and dick and in front of Carl on his knees. I told him that in one swift move he was to swallow Carl's 2-foot cock to the nuts. His mouth expanded and he went full force and buried his face deep into Carl's pubic hair. The immediate sensation of his cock entering a warm, wet and smooth throat was too intoxicating for Carl. His thunderous vibrating moan of ecstasy, along with his immediate plunge to bury his face in my crotch sending my cock deep into him, put me over the edge as I shot rivers of juice down in his gullet, causing him to cum into Jeff with the force of a waterfall, who in turn, shot a lake of cum all over the floor. It didn't stop there; next I fucked Jeff while he sucked Carl some more, all of us cumming two more times. Then both Jeff and Carl double fucked me, both cumming once. Then I held them both upside down and double sucked them as they both took turns sucking me in a standing 69 position, where I made us simultaneously cum together. We could have gone on forever like that, but after about two hours of fucking, sucking, and making lov e to each other, I needed to know more of what I had become, so I willed them to stop. They did, but I could tell that it disappointed them.

“Turn and face me again and then I want both of you to come back to yourselves. You will leave the state of euphoria you are in. I release you from my grasp for now.”

With that they both turned and blinked as they came out of the trance.

“What, what happened?” asked Carl groggily.

“I had control of you.” I said with a new found pride.

“You what—had control of us? What do you mean?” Jeff said, slightly alarmed, as he was coming too. “How did you do that? That's something new.”

I explained to them what had happened. Both said they remembered most all of it and loved every second. They both wanted me like no other, during the whole time. They said that they were helpless to refuse my wishes and that they wouldn't have wanted to anyway. Jeff explained shortly that I had grown beyond what they thought I would and that my mind must have grown as well, making me telepathic or clairvoyant. That's when I looked at Carl and told him with my mind that I loved him very much and he was going to be my partner for life.

He smiled and hugged my leg, kissing my inner thigh. Jeff looked at Carl with a surprised look, but realized what just happened. He knew now too, just how much Carl and I loved each other, and that was fine with him. He just wanted us to all be our “group”; which we would be.

“Jeff, what is going on with me? Please explain all this to me so I know what to do or how to understand it. I have a lot questions. Am I going to stay this big? Can I turn it off and on? How strong am I? Why can I not only read minds, but also make people do what I want? What are my limits?”

“Endless, as far as I know. It's time to tell you everything so you can know exactly what we are all about. By the way, the other guys should be here shortly and when they do, can you make them do something for me.”

“Sure, I suppose I could try”

“Cool, I need you to make them take your cum, however you want too. Fucking them, having them suck you, whatever. Since you have this power to make people do stuff you want, you can make it go so much quicker for all 5 of us, to be on the same level. Carl and I have both been with you and are part of you forever. We both can feel you inside of us. I think that's how you can control us. I know the guys are going to want you badly, but maybe to control them you might have to cum on them so they absorb some of you first. That way it will be easier for them to fall into the trance. I understand how much you and Carl are closer, and that's fantastic, but for our purpose of why we are here, and why you are what you are now, love is irrelevant. For us to be a unit, we all have to be a part of each other, and especially to be a part of you.” He turned to Carl to say, “You understand right, buddy?”

“Yeah I understand, it's okay with me.” Carl agreed. He came back over and grabbed my thigh, “But I need some time alone with Steve, too, Jeff. We need to be away from everyone for at least some part of every day: Even if it's sleeping together at night. Okay?”

“Okay, but just remember,” Jeff said in a somewhat bitchy tone.

“Remember what?”

“Remember, what's important.”

“I know what's important.”

“Do You?”

“Yes, Dammit”

“That's fine, Carl, but remember, the four of us, needs to be replenished on a daily basis, too.”

“Of course.”

“Of course.”

All of their talking and bantering was going no where, I didn't know why they HAD to be with me or what was going on. “Okay, ENOUGH!!” I bellowed, shaking the building. “You two are like the Chipmunks on that old Warner Brothers cartoon: A couple of dizzy nuts. Tell me, what the fuck this is all about.”

Just then the door opened to the gym and three extremely muscular, but very small, guys walked through the door. I looked at the clock and it read 6:35 am. The morning sun was beaming through the open door, silhouetting them like small Greek God statues. It was Bo, Eric and Joe. It was the rest of the “Group”. Maybe now was the time for some answers.

Bo, Eric and Joe had all met out in the parking lot of the Gym around 6:00 am, like Jeff had instructed them too. Jeff had talked to each of them the night before when they were all working out. He told them that this was the night when Carl and him would try to bring Steve into the “group”. He said that he thought Steve might end up being the leader they needed to complete the circle; because of how much and how fast the samples of their sperm were affecting Steve. He had grown and taken to the preparation of the Change at twice the normal rate. The mysterious Dr. Arootgom (air-oot-gom) who had been Jeff's “Sports Medicine Doctor” for the past couple of years had mentioned that this would happen. The Doctor told Jeff that one of the six wou ld be far superior to the other five and that he would be the leader: The Alpha Male. This Alpha Male would be able to do things the others could not, some things that even the Doctor could not imagine. Up until now, Carl had shown the greatest amount of change and superiority, but there was something about Steve's rapid advancement that made him think he was the One. Dr. Arootgom told Jeff that no matter who it was, the rest of the group would have to become part of the Alpha Male for the “group” to flourish. Also, they would have to replenish themselves with his life force, to maintain their abilities. Up until tonight, they had all tried to become part of Carl and visa versa but to their dismay; there were no new signs of progression within them. Jeff was beginning to think that they weren't going to be a complete “group” because they weren't able to become part of an Alpha Male, but tonight he was hoping that would all change.

All five of them couldn't explain it, but they had taken a special liking to Steve from the first time he entered the gym. It was almost magnetic. How would these huge muscle bound men be interested, let alone, be turned on by an overweight, hairy, man when other men, who were far more the Alpha Male type, had worked out at the gym? To their amazement they never doubted how they felt inside. Steve, quite literally, captivated them. Especially Carl. It was easy to see their growing attraction for one and other, especially since the locker room incident. They others didn't seem to care, in fact it when Carl told of what had happened to Steve and him, they all got rock hard listening to the explicit details Carl gave; except Jeff. Even though he acted like it was fine, somewhere deep down inside Jeff hated the thought of Steve and Carl together. He was very jealous and hurt that he had done most of the work up till now. He should be the one to be by Steve's side; to be his lover. It made Jeff feel lonelier than he already was. He missed his old companion. He missed the one man who meant more than the world to him.

Dr. Arootgom he told Jeff that once The Alpha Male became apparent, and was fully Changed, all six of the “group” would be able to accomplish any task laid before them: Tasks that no normal human beings on Earth could accomplish. They would be the dominant species, caring for the public and protecting them. They themselves would no longer be mere humans. They would be Supermen, with superhuman strength and each having the ability to do amazing feats like no other man on earth. In fact, Jeff found out that no one had ever realized the “Superman” comic book hero was tailored after a man who was part of such a group, just exactly like what they were going to be.

Knowing the whole story, Jeff would become so turned on that whenever he would think about it he'd cum in his pants. He always loved Superman, ever since he was a kid growing up in Metropolis, Illinois: The town named after his Hero. He would have fantasies of himself, as a skinny twig of a boy at 9 years old, being carried away by the big, muscular Superman. Later when he was a teen, he discovered the art of self-pleasure, and his fantasies of Superman became much more erotic and sexual. He envisioned Superman rescuing him from a horrible fate and they would fall in love, having out of this world sex like no two people on the Earth ever would. He even tried to look like his idol, dying his hair jet black, wearing Clark Kent glasses instead of the ones his mother bought and imitating the man as much as possible. Kids would pick on him, but he didn't care, because he knew that one-day he would be just like Superman.

As a kid it was total fantasy, but as a young adult, he not only yearned to be with Superman, he knew he wanted to BE Superman. He joined a gym and lifted every chance he got, day and night. He took steroids, muscle building vitamins, protein shakes, and anything else that would help him get big real fast. In a matter of a couple years, he had become the biggest guy in the gym. He was becoming his idol, and that made him he feel incredible. At 25, he started competing and winning many titles. Then on his 28th birthday, he took some of the money he was making from endorsements and decided to open his own gym. Because the cost of living was cheaper than in a suburb of Chicago, he moved to Akron, Ohio and started his own gym. He boug ht into the franchise of World Gym. It was a complete success. Jeff had it all, a thriving business, fantastic health, and a lifestyle where he could be himself. But, even after everything he had accomplished, he felt something was missing. Something just wasn't complete about his life.

On April 19, 1998 he was at the Arnold Classic Fitness Convention in Columbus, Ohio. He was walking down the isles when he noticed a booth with a man who was the biggest, strongest, and sexiest being on earth. There was a large photograph of a real Superman with his arms on his waist and his suit torn to shreds. He was enormous, and nearly naked because had grown almost completely out of his clothes. Jeff popped the hardest boner of his life and an instantaneous wet spot formed on the front of his shorts. The sign under the picture read, “Be stronger, bigger, harder, and better than all of the other Supermen. You too can fight for truth, justice and liberty. Dr. Arootgom can show you the way.”

Jeff snickered at the slogan. Talk about campy, but what a vision of pure muscle and mass the guy in the picture was. It was clear that this most be a morphed picture of a Superman look-a-like. Then Jeff looked down. The man under the sign must have been in his late sixties, but he was built like a brick shit house. Muscle cascaded over him like the Gods had made him and broke the mold. Even though he definitely showed signs of age, his features were chiseled and firm. He had a square jaw, dark ocean-blue eyes, grayish/black hair, and damn if he didn't have his hands on his hips, just like the picture. “If the superman in that picture were real, this would be him as an old man. But that's impossible, Jeff thought.

The man shook Jeff's hand with an amazing grip, that nearly crushed his had, but sent shivers up his arm and straight to his crotch.

“Hi there, big guy, I'm Dr. Hercule Arootgom.”

“Hey there, I'm Jeff, I was really turned—o—impressed by your sign.”

“Thanks, why don't you have a seat and I'll tell you all about it. Wow, Jeff, it's uncanny. You look like me when I was younger. All muscled up and I'm sure, not an imperfect part about ya.”

“Was that you?!” Jeff asked pointing up at the man of his dreams.

Hercule just chuckled and shook his head. “I wish. The man up there has been gone a long, long time ago. He's just a phantom now: A memory if you will”

“Wow, that's some great morphing job. Did you do that on your computer?”

“I don't own a computer.”

“OH—Well whoever did that is really talented: You can't even see any blurring or mistakes on him. I wish someone could make me look like that?” Jeff coyly pleaded.

“Well then, we should talk for a bit. You're my first and only customer so far, even though it is early”

After taking an hour to explain how his methods and elixirs can produce amazing results and showing his own transformation in pictures, Hercule had Jeff totally hooked. Hooked on the product and hooked on him.

Jeff thought to himself that he never even looked twice at a man over 50 but this one was different somehow. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was hooked on the man. He could feel his cock straining against his tight shorts, begging for release.

Jeff and Herc (as he liked to be called) hit it off so well, that after spending most of the three days of the convention by the Doctors booth, Jeff asked him out to dinner, for a proposal of sorts. Jeff wanted Herc to work out of Jeff's gym. He told Herc that it would be a fantastic opportunity for both of them. He also noted, to himself, how strangely attracted he was to the Doctor. It would be great just to work alongside the strong old man. There was something so familiar about him, that made Jeff feel like he knew him most of his life.

After pretending to battle the thought of moving from Columbus to Akron, Herc accepted the offer, already knowing he had found his legacy, in Jeff. The next year that followed, Jeff and Herc had become close friends. At first Jeff had taken Herc's elixir drinks with great anticipation of becoming huge, but the process was slow. He gained about 5 inches everywhere, but this was over a 10-month period. Then one night, about 11 months after they had met, Herc knew it was time to bring Jeff to the Change. Just before the gym closed, he added his special glowing ingredient, and handed it to Jeff, who drank it down to the last drop. Jeff commented on he much better it tasted then before. It made him feel sexy and amazing from the moment he finish the glass of creamy juice.

The next day, when he woke, Jeff felt as if his bed had shrunk. He got up and walked naked to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror he couldn't believe his eyes. He had increased his whole body size to nearly become the most mammoth muscleman he had ever seen. Not as large as the Superman in the booth photo, but well on his way. Jeff stared in amazement at himself. He looked like a God; just then, a pure sexual pleasure in the highest form starting coursing through his body. His cock engorged to well over 20 inches. It started to fill at the base getting wider, thicker and heavier. The Head was next as it expanded like a giant mushroom cloud gettin g larger and rolling higher in the air. Drops and streams of precum started pouring out of the Head like a slow dripping faucet. Then the most intense part came as his shaft started to fill with an immense density and weight. As it lengthened it became heavy and full. Veins bubbled up and snaked down the shaft like beads of water racing down a window on a rainy day.

Jeff not only felt his body changing but his whole feelings and insides were changing. Testosterone ran through his veins at super increased amounts, making him feel 20 times the masculine man he already was. He looked as his huge cock like a proud father for the first time. The feeling of elation and pure manliness overcame him. He growled a low thunderous pitch that came deep from within him. His cock was now fully erect and about as large as a baseball bat. Jeff was so enthralled with it and in such a state of male highness that he came in a matter of seconds, with such force it threw him back against the wall. Not once, or twice, but five times in a row. Each time he tried to regain control, b ut he was totally out of control. He was an animal. He felt totally euphoric. They were the strongest and most intense orgasms he had ever felt. At one point he tried to hold onto the sink, but ripped it completely out of the wall, causing water to spray over him mixing with the beads of sweat and cum. Twenty minutes and 8 orgasms later, when his cock finally went soft, it was still enormous. The head was huge and it was at least 12 inches long and eight inches thick. He felt a strong desire for more. He yearned for more. There was a knock on his front door.

When he opened the door, standing before him was his savior, Herc. He grabbed the aging muscleman and kissed him deeply. At first just to thank him, but his passion grew stronger and he ripped all the clothes off of Herc and sucked the man's fourteen-inch cock deep into his throat. Jeff was completely and utterly in total euphoria. It was what Herc needed. He exploded huge amounts of his glowing muscle juice into Jeff's stomach. Then Herc fucked Jeff, with all his might and strength. They completely wrecked Jeff's house with their violent animalistic sex, breaking furniture, windows, doors, and even Jeff's work desk. Their passionate ransacking ran from 9:00am till after 1 the next morning. Both m en were insatiable: Fucking, Sucking, kissing and love making over and over again. Jeff came over 18 times and Herc almost over 20. Every time Herc came, he came inside of Jeff, which made him grow more. By 10pm Jeff had increase his size 5 times. He was a mountain of muscle. He was Superman—almost.

Their relationship lasted for about a week. All Jeff could do was eat, have sex with Herc as much as possible, and sleep. He loved his new body getting bigger every time. The only problem was that about 5 hours after they had sex, Jeff's body, while still enormously huge, would return to size that would not overtly label him a freak in society. The just wasn't being his Hero, Jeff always wanted more: More of Hercule's delicious cum inside of him.

Then one day, when Jeff was at the gym to do a bunch of neglected paperwork, he had to take a huge piss. He couldn't wait to get home and have Herc fuck him all night long. He thought he was alone when he walked in the empty locker room. There was a loud groan, as Jeff entered. He turned just in time to see Herc jerking off and cumming all over the gym shower. It was like a huge geyser erupting, painting the entire area. Everywhere he came, it glowed. It was an eerie golden glow; almost metallic. Up till now, Jeff had never seen Herc's spunk because he had always came inside of Jeff's ass or deep in his throa t. Hercule said he was old fashioned and didn't like the mess. Jeff thought it was a silly old man's ritual, but didn't mind it cause every time Herc came in side him, he felt amazing: Till now.

“What the Fuck are you doing?! And WHAT the FUCK is THAT?!” Jeff said as he pointed at the glowing nectar, angry that it was on the walls and not in him.

“Calm down, Jeff. I had to release my essence for a reason. Please take some and spread it on me.”

“Are you insane, what the Hell is going on?”

“It's time you know everything. Just do it my love. I beg of you.” Herc had never begged for anything. He was always the dominant one in their relationship, being the one to shove his great cock deep into Jeff. Maybe there is a real reason for this, other then Herc has lost his mind, Jeff thought.

“Please babe, tell me what's going on?” Jeff asked as he scooped up some of the glowing liquid, tasting it, feeling the warmth of it go down into him and then rubbing it on his lover's chest. As he touched Herc's skin it became red hot, burning him. “Ooowww, What the Fuck?” Jeff fell back and stumbled out of the shower area onto a locker room bench.

“I'm sorry, it's part of the process. I don't have long left and you have to caring on the legacy.” Herc said sounding winded and panting.

“What are you talking about legacy and how long you have left? Are you sick?” Jeff's demeanor changed.

“No boy, just past my prime, I can't keep doing my tasks that I'm bound for. I need you and some of your friends to be the new “group”. I'm the last of the old. The others are gone. They left here and now have joined the Shrine of the Gods: Where I'm about to go now,” He was wheezing heavily now. His chest started to glow from the inside and not from the coat of cum on the outside.

He must be really bad off; he's talking nonsense. Jeff thought.

“Here, take this amulet and read this parchment after I leave. You can tell no one about all of this, except the five others of the “group”. You will know deep inside you, how they are. Advertise the growing potion to get them to come to your gym. Make friends with them and bring them into the “group”. They will love you for it, I promise. Please do all it says and then read the rest of it to your friends; after they all have changed, like you have up till now.” Herc stumbled against the wall, becoming weaker, as he walked toward Jeff. In his hands were a gold chain and old parchment. Both of which, Jeff did not remember seeing before. Christ, Herc was naked in the shower and jacking off for God's sake. Where the Hell was he going to hide a chain and a large roll of paper? Jeff shook his head like he wasn't sure what was happening.

“Here, my boy, take this and put it around you neck. I give all this to you as a gift. A gift of something you’ve wanted all you life. A gift of—” Herc stumbled again and fell down on one knee.

Jeff jumped up and ran over to grab the man he loved, who was growing increasingly feeble by the second. A tear started to run down Jeff's cheek. “Jesus, what's the matter with you. Why—why are you doing this to me. I love you. I truly love you. Why, GOD DAMNIT, why?!!”

“SHUT UP, The Gods never Damn anything. People do. Don't you forget that, EVER” Herc spit out. Jeff nodded and bowed his head. “It's okay, Jeff. You'll understand everything very soon. You must put this on, now. It will show you the way.” Hercule slowly raised his arms and put the necklace around Jeff's head. The instant it touched his skin, Jeff felt a calming warmness rush over him. He didn't know how, but he knew it would be okay. He knew that somehow he was chosen for a great task. He knew that Hercule wasn't dying, that he was going to change for the better. He knew that he was chosen to do great things for all who needed it. He knew that he was going to be a real SUPERMAN.

Just then a blinding flash of light shot out from Hercule's chest, encircling him and throwing Jeff against the opposite shower wall. He could see that the old man start to change. He was becoming younger, bigger and more virile. He was regressing his age quickly, morphing from 68-wrinkles disappearing, hair getting darker, skin getting firmer. 48-chest and arms filling with bigger, bulkier and chiseled muscle, ass getting firm and lifting, his cock getting gargantuan and his balls drawing a little closer to the body. 35-face getting chiseled, legs getting bulky and chest and arms mounded even more, hair on his head filling in thick and black, cock became four times its normal size and his body lengthened. 26-with another blinding explosion of light the transformation was complete. Jef f's mouth dropped as he marveled at the sight before him. Standing, in the flesh, was the Enormous Superman from the picture. Oh my God, Hercule was Superman. Jeff started to cum in his shorts. He knew that for the rest of his life he would be able to cum on the spot whenever he thought of his man. His Superman.

Hercule's voice sounded like thunder, “Come here, my boy, I need to say goodbye to you.”

“Goodbye? What do you mean Goodbye?” Jeff's heart sank to the lowest pit of his stomach.

“I have to go away now. It's time you carry on. You'll know what to do. Just remember two things. Never use your gifts for your own selfish gain and never, ever intend on taking the life of another. Both of these things will make you lose your gifts immediately and you'll never regain them again. Now come here and kiss me goodbye.” Hercule's booming voice started to tremble Jeff's heart as well as the shower walls.

The kiss was long and passionate. Hercule held back his strength in hugging Jeff, knowing he would have crushed him in two. His massive cock showed no restraint though. It rose up between Jeff's legs and ripped through his shorts entering his willing and stretching ass. Jeff's eyes rolled in the back of his head as if in a trance as he moaned in shear delight. It was as if Hercule's cock had a mind of it's own. It started to rise and fall, expand and contract as fucked Jeff so deeply that he felt completely filled inside his whole body by it. Hercule never broke the kiss with Jeff or his hold on him. He never bucked his hips to aid in his cock fucking his lover. He wanted his cock to take on a lif e of it's own. He willed it, too. The intense euphoric feeling that Hercule and Jeff were having, was far beyond anything they had ever experienced. Hercule loved this man with every being of him at this moment. This was no longer just a quest to keep the legacy going. It was a moment of pure love, pure connection, and pure ecstasy. Thrust after powerful thrust sent waves of pleasure through both of them. Jeff's legs were off the ground as Hercule let go and watched as Jeff literally rode the massive cock. The look on Jeff's face was that he was near his own orgasm. That was all Hercule could take. He exploded his last and final rush of cum up into his lover with a force of freight train. Gallons of himself emptied out and filled Jeff with his magically life force, causing Jeff's own cock to bust through his shorts and immediately cum in large streams of glowing cum. It sprayed everywhere for what must have been two minutes straig ht. During that time, Jeff grew over 4 inches everywhere on his body. Jeff felt Hercule's body begin to shake and with another blinding flash, all that was left of his love was a memory and the will to carry on a legacy. The torch had been passed. The transformation of Superman was complete. It was time to start anew.

At 5:47am, Bo pulled into the dimly lit parking lot in his Dodge Ram pickup. It was a typical looking truck for a ranch owner from Texas. The bright red paint was covered with grit and grime from his life out in the Wild West. There was a top-of-the-line winch on the front of the cab and a large hitch on the back to haul his 20-foot horse trailer. The bed was scrapped and scared from hauling loads of wood, stone, and metal, to build his dream ranch from scratch. He was especially proud of his fully stocked gun rack on the back window, which held 3 rifles and a crossbow. This was a man's truck. It didn't have a CD/Tape/FM radio, air-conditioning, power windows or doors, or anything frivolous. The most important thing to Bo was the powerful four-wheel drive. Bo loved power and everything that had anything to do with power. Bo got off on power. He would get a hard-on when it had to do with anything that became stronger and more powerful. Especially himself. He'd workout with an erection every time. Even when doing manual labor jobs he would become aroused, feeling his muscles working and growing. He loved feeling strong and being a strong man.

He was a rustic, caustic and an extremely butch man, as well. There was nothing about him that would even hint to the fact that he loved to fuck and suck men. Never doing anything half-assed, he fucked em till they were like rag dolls in his arms. Everything about him oozed pure masculinity and being a hard-ass redneck. Most of the time, he was quiet and laid back, which to most people would come across as being an asshole or rude. But, if that's what they thought, Bo didn't give a fuck. He knew he was superior than most and he loved to show it off. He was definitely a cowboy in every sense of the word, except that he was half Sioux Indian.

His pure authentic Texan hat barely hid a pair of beautifully dark coal eyes. He spoke with a heavy western accent, like he was a descendent of John Wayne. His face was rugged and handsome with a bushy handlebar moustache, that he loved to drive men wild with as he ate out their ass. More often than not, he had a 5 o—clock shadow, so no matter how much he shaved, his face was dark and manly. His dusty black hair was cut short over his ears and parted to the side. He wore nothing but Wrangler jeans that hugged every massive bulge on him and his favorites were his cowboy boots that were re-soled 3 times. He hardly ever wore a shirt, because as he put it, “I don't like the feel of anything covering something God intended to show the world.” When he did wear a shirt it was either a tight white tee or a white tank, which you would swear was a second skin painted onto his body by Michaelangelo.

His body was a golden gift from the Indian Spirit Gods, looking absolutely huge even before he would grow for the Change and become a member of the “group”. His chest, rippling with muscle, had two huge dark and pointed nipples from years of major nipple play. His left nipple was pierced with a #2 gauge ring, because “if it ain't big it ain't on this slab of bull beef.—

Bo had many quirky sayings and funny names for body parts of himself.

A former lover and tattoo artist branded Bo's entire back with a mosaic “coat of arms” of his Sioux heritage. In the middle of the artwork, was an Indian spirit that looked so much like Bo it was eerie, even though it was supposed to be a real Indian spirit from ancient folklore. At the base of the tattoo, which was below his pant's waistline, were two bear's paws going down to his ass, grabbing it firmly with the claws cutting into his skin. His ass was a complete work of art, beautifully sculpted, fully packed and hard as finished marble.

His legs were very bow-legged and thick. It could have been from riding any one of his 8 mustang horses, or as Bo put it, from his humungous “rip-roaring ramrod of steel” cock between them. When “The Monster” (as he also called it) was released out in the open, it easily rivaled his prized Mustang's huge member. It always looked half hard even when it wasn't. The foreskin draped over the head with an extra inch of rawhide left over, making his cock 7 3/4 inches soft. When he was hard, there wasn't a man in Texas let alone the world, that wouldn't be awe struck. Through the years, many had yearned to worship it, straight and gay. It would rise and expand to over 14 inches long and 7 inches around. The head would literally pop out of its cave and you would wonder how it ever fit inside, becoming as big as a full-grown red apple. It weighed over 10lbs and was solid as a “slab of beef”. Defying gravity his cock would point up at a 35-degree angle and never go soft till it shot load after load of white-hot custard everywhere. It never would ooze out, but instead shoot 8-10 full steams of hot cum up to 5 feet at a time. When he jacked off, he loved to aim it and swallow his cum. The cowboy was made of Pure Bred Stock.

He was like a stealth fighter. With every movement of his body, you could see the muscles working to carry his 6’5” frame. His was a huge chiseled masterpiece. This cowboy was a shining marvel even before he entered the group, but after he did he was far beyond the Sioux Indian God painted on his back.

The day of Bo's change was by far Jeff's favorite. That day Jeff would bring all three; Bo, Eric and Joe through the change separately. Bo would be, by far the most intense, then Eric and Joe together at the same time, with Bo's help. The four of them would meet later with Carl (who had already changed) to complete the group, or so they had thought.

Bo noticed how large the gym was enormous in comparison to the flyer he had received. Earlier that morning there was a pamphlet about “U4ia Gym” under his door to the hotel room. He was in town traveling with The Gay Rodeo from Austin and wanted to get a good workout before the competitions started. The gym at the hotel, sucked, so he opted to take up whoever had sent the flyer. He also noticed that ever since looking at the pamphlet of the gym, Bo felt extremely horny for no reason that he could deduce. There were no pictures of men on it, just a large gold medallion. He noticed that whenever he held the flyer in his hands he would get hard. He just knew that he needed to find the place and find it fast.

The smell of the sweat, grease and testosterone filled the air causing Bo's stallion to stir. He walked over to the desk and felt narcissistic pleasure when he saw the receptionist's jaw drop. The boy's eyes were fixated on the lengthening snake in Bo's tight jeans. It was now halfway to his knees and pressed tightly against the straining fabric.

Bo noticed how hot the little stud was, too. He surely couldn't be over the age of 21, but the boy was filled out like a middleweight bodybuilder with mounds of flesh and muscle in the large teen's massive frame. His nipples looked enormous pushing against his yellow t-shirt. In fact they were so big, they were pointing down from their weight. Bo thought, this kid must’ve been lifting since he was five. His biceps bulged like baseballs and his 8 pack of abs were clearing etched in the yellow fabric.

“Up here, little doggie!!” Bo said as he took an upside down two fingered peace sign in front of his crotch and led the boy's eyes up to meet his.

“Oh, I'm sorry sir, can I..I..help you. It's just that you are really awes…What can I do for you?” The Boy said while searching to catch his breath.

“Yes, I'm in town for a week and I'd like to sign up for a pass here. Hey Junior, eyes up here, boy.” Bo commanded. He continued when the boy looked back up, “I'd like to sign up to do some working out. How much is a pass for a week?”

“Well, sir, it's $75.00 for the use of just the weight equipment. $130.00 for the full equipment and sauna package or $220.00 for the full service package. By looking at you, I expect you'll be wanting the full service one?”

“The full service package? What's in that?”

“Yes, well—sir—you get to workout with anything in the building, use of the sauna, whirlpool, lap pool and you get a personal trainer to show you around and give you a personal massage after your workout. Plus, depending on any upgrading you might want, there are different supplements you can take and maybe even have a private session with the owner, Jeff. He's helped many of the men in here grow huge & strong. He certainly has a special gift. Since he opened the gym, most of the men in the area workout here and everyone is getting huge. I've gained 8 inches over my whole body since I started working here 2 months ago.”

Bo's eyes widened, “Eight inches and two months!? That's impossible.”

“No, Really, look, here's a picture of me when I first started.” The boy handed Bo a framed photo showing a skinny little twink boy that barely resembled the hot receptionist sitting before him. The transformation was amazing.

“Jeff's working out right now. You can see him though that window over there to your left. You can't miss him. He's the biggest body in there. What a God!” The boy was slowly panting and moving rhythmically in his chair.

Bo leaned over to get a better look at the kid and noticed the boy's impending mound in his shorts while his hands rubbed the fabric with long purposeful strokes. The log in there was not as massive as Bo’s, but darn near. His thighs were huge and coursing with muscle. In fact Bo noticed the right leg of the shorts were starting to rip under the strain of holding in the kid's hugeness. God, this kid must be strong as fuck.

Bo's cock started to lengthen more.

The boy's eyes again fixated on Bo's crotch. He gave his prick a tug and the boy moaned softly. Then, slyly smiling and trying to calm his own impending lust for the boy, Bo turned around and looked through the window.

What he saw made him moan louder than the boy, and caused his cock to instantly go past semi-erect to rock hard status, filling his jeans with the full 14 inches of massive lust. Something came over him and he nearly fell on the boy. There in front of him was the spiting image of Superman bench-pressing over 1800lbs: this huge man was lifting almost a fucking ton effortlessly.

Bo moaned again and again with every rise of weight that Superman lifted. Amazingly, he started to feel the power of the man coarse through his own body.

The seam on Bo's jeans started to split.

He noticed that except for a tight red jock, the man's body was completely naked and glowing with sweat. Everything about this Superhero was enormous.

There was more tearing and ripping of fabric.

This “Superman” was definitely larger than any bodybuilder on the planet and the animalistic manner of his lifting was sending Bo into pure bliss.

There were other men in that room, too, but none of them were working out. They were all transfixed as Bo was, watching “Superman” lift the weight like he was lifting a feather pillow. Every man was rock hard and some had started to cum, showing massive wet spots. Some were cumming in their shorts at such huge amounts that they were literally drenching their shorts so much so, they were dripping on the floor. Some of the men had taken their clothes completely off and were pounding their cocks, spewing load after load of uncontrollable orgasms that covered the room with juice. The all looked to be in a trance of pure sexual euphoria. All of them were slowly moving closer to “Superman” as they came and the giant didn't even seem to notice.

Bo was totally transfixed, himself. He couldn't move or look away. A sexual fire was building in him like he had never experienced before.

Then with another rip in his jeans he had a feeling of wetness running down his leg. It was precum flowing like tap water out of his shaft.

He couldn't explain it, the second he saw this Superhero God, a huge wave of lust came over him. He felt such a need to be with this man that he knew he was about to cum himself and not be able to stop. The Precum flowing out of his prick started to increase to the force of a faucet. He looked away with jolt, stopping his rising orgasm.

“I'll take it, I'll take the whole fucking enchilada. I want to meet the owner. I don't care about the cost. I want to meet him. I'VE GOT TO FUCKING MEET HIM, NOOOOW”

“Oh yes, yes—ah—but there is one problem. He seems to be booked solid today after his workout and I don't think—”

“I DOn't FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU THINK. What would it take to meet him now; Right now, boy? What do you want me to do to make it so I see him now? Do you want this?” With that Bo tore open the rest of his ripped jeans and his full 14 inches leaped out and onto the receptionist's desk, with a loud thud.

The muscle boy gasped and leaped back against the wall, ripping his own shorts clear up to the waistband on his right leg, causing his own huge member to ricochet off his leg and smack his abdomen. He quickly regained his composer and dived for Bo's huge Monster. In an amazing swiftness he gobbled up the shaft in his mouth and sucked it halfway down the log, like a starving baby bird, whimpering in loud bursts of joy and lust as he sucked harder and deeper. Within seconds, Bo had ripped the boys shorts clear off of him, so he could play with the kid's huge engorged cock. It was almost as thick as Bo's 7 inches but not as long, being only about 10 inches in length. Bo held it in his hands as he again, looked out the window to see Superman fle xing in a mirror. The Huge Man's ass, stared right at Bo, with shear perfection. Men were now, sucking and fucking each other in an uncontrollable frenzy. Hands were all over the God's body, pawing and worshiping him. Mouths were kissing and licking the huge thunderous legs, licking the sweat off his thighs and sucking on his massive feet and toes. The smell of pure power and animalistic sex filled the air. Huge sensuous charges of raw male electricity coursed throughout every single male body in that room and throughout the entire gym. Men that were in the locker rooms, taking showers, in the pool, in the sauna's were in a total euphoric trance, shoving their cocks into each other and anything they could find. Not one man there was in control of themselves.

Except Jeff. With every shot of cum from the men he grew stronger and hornier. Absorbing their essence into him. Then he felt a new presence, one who excited him beyond all the others. His third man of the group had arrived. He was in with Chad.

The erotically charged power within Bo was overwhelming as he rammed all 14 inches down the Chad's throat causing him choke and gasp loudly for air. The Superman in the window turned and looked directly at Bo. He smiled and did a crab pose that actually made Bo shove harder into the boy. In fact when he looked down Chad had all of his cock and one of his balls in his mouth. The boy was also turning blue. Bo yanked out his cock and Chad caught his breath, long enough to say, “I want it. I gotta fucking have it. Give me that fucking cock NOW, SIR!!”.

Bo knew what the boy wanted and knew what he wanted too. That fucking muscle globe of an ass. He grabbed the boy and threw him up on his back on the desk. Bo grabbed the middle of the boy's piss colored tee and ripped it off in one swift move. Never guiding his cock and without any lube to ease the impending violation, Bo's spat twice on his cock and shoved his way deep inside. Chad screamed in pain at first and then in pleasure begging for all of Bo's cock in him. The grip on Bo's cock was amazing. Chad's ass was like a penis pump with an ever-increasing suction pulling Bo's cock deeper in him.

Bo was in a complete state of euphoria when he looked out the window into the gym and jumped at the sight of Superman at the window peering through and watching the show. Bo's eye's transfixed on “Superman—s” enormous cock that stretched the red jock and pushed in the screen of the window. Bo began to pull out, wanting to dive for the Giant Cock, but Superman nodded for Bo to stay in the Chad's hot ass and continue. Bo watched as the men were all writhing and climbing up onto the SuperGod, cumming over and over again. Then he grabbed his 14-inch rod and shoved hard into the willing muscleboy ass. It was the most beautiful thing Bo had ever felt.

Not being able to take any more stimuli and Bo exploded into Chad with a force of ten extreme orgasms. He had never cum so hard in his life. In fact he came with such force that he literally blew the boy off of his cock and showered the room with his spunk. He must’ve come for about 2 minutes straight because it was enough time for Jeff to come up behind Bo and twist his nipples, lifting the cowboy off the floor, making Bo cum even more. As he was exploding, so did Chad. Bo glanced down and noticed that the boy was able to aim his cumshots with amazing accuracy, just like he would do to himself. Two long shots went in Chad's own mouth and with a wink of his eye to motion Bo to open wide, 5 extremely large globs perfectly sailed into Bo's mouth and down his throat. God, it was delicious. This in turn only made Bo cum even more. He felt like he was flying as he felt “Superman—s” grasp harder on his nipples, lifting him further off the floor. Just then, Bo started to feel stronger too. He felt 10 times stronger than before. He knew it was impossible but it made him cum even harder.

Then Jeff grabbed Bo and lifted him up over his head shoving the 14 inch snake clear down his own super muscular throat. His throat muscles massaged Bo's dick and kept up the intense orgasms. After finally stopping his orgasm, Chad ran over to a small refrigerator and brought out a large carafe of glowing liquid. When Bo's nuts were completely drained of all of his nectar, Jeff released him and laid the exhausted man on the floor.

“I was the one who invited you, Bo. My name is Jeff. I have sought you out from millions of men and for a long time now I knew that you would be one of the group. I'm so glad you've come to join the family. I know how you love power and everything to do with power. Well, Bo, I can give you ultimate power, beyond your wildest dreams. You will become like me, Bo, you will become an all powerful Muscle God. Do you want this?”

“YES.” Bo nodded in his weakened state, knowing how he yearned for such power.

“Fantastic, then you must drink this. It will start your change and make it so we can finish to make you be like me.”

“Okay, but who are you, I need too—”

“Relax, Bo, just drink this down and you'll see. You will love this. You new real life is about to begin”

Jeff handed Bo the carafe and helped him down the glowing spunk from Jeff's own massive body. Bo drank ever last drop of it. In fact his tongue darted out to catch any residue off the glass. It was delicious. It didn't even taste like cum. It was indescribable.

Jeff thought, “God, this cowboy is amazing!” He knew Bo couldn't have taken his cock to get the nectar by mouth or ass, so he would give him a small enough drink to change him just enough to be able to take Jeff's massive member in him and complete the change.

In a matter of seconds, Bo felt a shearing pain in his stomach, then enormous heat. He doubled over and thought he might pass out. But before he would go unconscious he saw and felt something amazing. He felt his body expanding and his clothes tearing off of him. He felt more powerful than ever in his life. Then all went black.

As Bo drifted off, he started feeling every muscle and bone in his body fill with the exact same sensation that a cock feels when it gets an erection. That powerful, engorging of blood rushing to the shaft causing it to grow to its super hardened state. Then you have the feeling of the skin stretching beyond its limits. The blood pulsates and the accelerated feeling of euphoria overtakes you. He felt like this all over his body: Growing, engorged, pulsating and throbbing. As the darkness of going unconscious took over it’s last hold on him, something abruptly changed. Bo saw something that not only startled him, but incredibly excited him as well.

With a blinding flash of light, he was transported outside his physical growing body to an Indian spiritual body, almost exactly like that of the figure tattooed on his back. He could see, hear, and feel what was happening in the room where his body had just been laid onto a cot. He looked down to see his naked form, growing at a fast pace. He chest was expanding and thrusting forward. His back fanned further out than the width of the cot. In fact his entire body was overgrowing the small bed. Veins that were already prominent on his hard body, thickened and pushed against his translucent skin letting Bo see the mixture of his blood and Jeff’s luminescent sperm coarse through them causing him to grow. He became super excited at this and in t urn the cock on his physical body started to expand. It started to snake its way down his massive thigh and then lifted as if summoned by a charmer. It was becoming much larger than his former “Monster” ever had been. It climbed to 20 inches almost immediately and continued to grow. His spiritual self was getting hard and aroused too, which made it unable for him to concentrate on what was happening. This scared him and he closed his eyes and turned.

As he looked away, to regain his composer, he noticed Jeff and Chad were next to the physical Bo, kneeling on the floor, engaged in a strange ritual of sex and morphing. Jeff had become even more enormous with a cock of over 2 1/2 feet long. As he was fucking Chad, he looked to be in a constant state of euphoria and orgasm. Chad was coming as well, shooting loads of spunk out of his 12” cock. His cock was growing inch by inch with every thrust of Jeff’s sperm going into his ripe young ass: 13”, 14 ½”, 16”, 18”, 22” and finally stopping at a full two feet. The more Jeff came, the bigger Chad’s body became, which made him cum more and more into a large urn that was in front of him. Bo remembered that urn as the one he had just drank out of. Th ey were refilling it. With one final building shaking orgasm, Jeff plowed his entire shaft into Chad, causing the boy’s cock to geyser loads of cum into the urn. Bo also realized that Jeff must have been changing Chad into one of the group, as well. He was putting him though the final stages of the change. God, Bo was so envious of Chad at that moment. He wanted Jeff’s massive cock up him too. He wanted to be in the final stages. He wanted to feel the euphoria. On a hunch, he decided to enter Chad’s body with his spirit. He thought that maybe, just maybe he could feel what Chad was feeling.

Bo heard his physical self moan loudly as he merged into the boy. He looked over to see the almost finished form of himself lying before him. His body was enormous with dark tanned skin like that of an Indian and veins traveling over huge mounds of muscle. One muscle in particular caught Bo’s eye immediately. The cock was enormous standing straight up like a flagpole. It must have been over 2 feet long and as round as coffee can. It pulsated and was the most beautiful cock in the world, Bo thought. Then Bo heard a voice talk to him in his mind.

“Control thyself! Use your gift! Make thyself a God. You will know the ways of your ancestry and learn to use your immense powers for your pleasure and the pleasure of others. Be careful. You’re powers are incredibly strong.” he thought. “Send this boy into a sexual intensity like none other. You have the power now.” Bo wanted to send himself and Chad over the brink. He could feel exactly what Chad was feeling and visa versa. It was more intense than anything either man had ever felt before.

As Chad was cumming over and over into the urn, he suddenly felt a new sensation. If felt familiar but much more intense. He glanced over at Bo’s body. “God, I’m so fucking beautiful,” he thought. “Wait, I mean he’s so beautiful. I feel so amazing but I?I want more. I want to be?I need more to feel. How can I feel all of it? What would cause me to feel all the power of the world? I know?the amulet. I need Jeff’s amulet.” With that Chad reached around and grabbed for the medallion around Jeff’s neck. An immediate explosion caused Jeff to exit Chad’s ass, throwing him against the concrete wall, 30 feet away and out of reach of the boy. His huge body wasn’t hurt at all, only stunned, but there was a huge dent in the wall. Jeff shook off the sho ck and noticed Chad putting the medallion around his neck.

“Noooo, Chad, don’t do it. It’s too much for you; you’re not meant for that. That’s only for the Chosen one.”

In his Bo induced pleasurable state, Chad only wanted more. He wanted to feel what it was like to be Jeff: An all mighty and True Muscle God. He put the amulet around his neck and the immediate sensation was that of the most intense orgasm he ever had. His cock started spraying huge geysers of cum, uncontrollably. His body grew to immense proportions. Semen covered the room. It glowed a bright pearl white. He was becoming a God, he thought. Then, his cock stopped spraying and started to slowly ooze cum as he was becoming empty. So far, it was the most pleasure Chad had ever felt. Just when he thought he had reached being and Muscle God, the amulet started to burn into Chad’s skin, seeking out the body of the Chosen one. The pain was hot and intense but still very sexually exciting. His cock started to harden again. In fact it was getting a little painful. Then the pain set in when his sack started to dry up. Chad’s eyes widened and he started to scream as blood started to trickle out of his now 30-inch cock.

Jeff got back up and bolted for Chad, but he figured it might be too late. “Damn that kid. Only the messenger and the true Chosen One can wear that.” He thought.

Chad felt his body inside start to expand again, but this time his skin felt like it was tearing apart. He could feel his insides pressing against his outer shell.

Bo’s spirit shot out of the boy’s body, by the pressure of his impending growth. Bo realized it was because of him that Chad was in trouble. He dove for his own body in the hopes of being able to physically help the kid. But he was weak from the transition and his spirit could only slowly lawl toward its host.

By the time Jeff had reached Chad’s body and yanked the amulet off of the boy, he realized his thoughts were correct and it was already too late. The amulet had caused the boy to start the physical change and increase to the Chosen One’s size but since Chad was not the “Real” Chosen One, his skin couldn’t accommodate the increase fast enough. If Jeff wouldn’t have tore the medallion off of him, Chad would have exploded, but the damage was done. Chad’s internal organs were being crushed against his skin and Chad literally had squeezed himself to death. The boy’s massive frame lay lifeless in Jeff’s arms.

Tears formed in Jeff’s eyes. All he had wanted to due was to add Chad to the group. He was sure he was ready for it. What had gone wrong? He had been nursing the boy to get him up to this day. He knew Bo and Chad would have been great together. Now what was he going to do. In a somber panic he carried Chad’s lifeless body into his own office and laid him softly on the couch, to deal with it later. He gently kissed the boy’s forehead and silently wept for a few minutes. Then he realized that he had to complete Bo’s transformation, and that maybe Bo could help him figure out what to do.

When Bo awoke, Jeff was holding him and stroking his massive frame. He wanted to tell Bo everything, but knew that his business was getting the man into the change and part of the group. He looked at Bo and said, “The last stage is now ready to begin. I must cum in your mouth or ass. Since you have done Phase 1 of the change, you now can continue to Phase 2. Are you Ready?”

Bo nodded and noticed that while his body was still huge, it had decreased somewhat from the form he saw in his trance. He remembered being in his spiritual self, but there was a great part of what had happened missing. He knew that something else had happened while he was out, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Jeff straddled Bo’s massive chest and bent over and kissed the cowboy in the most passionate kiss that Bo had ever felt. There was some angst in it as well. Bo and Jeff instantly became erect. Jeff’s massive God Cock pressed into Bo’s stomach and chest. He could literally feel the strength coming off of Jeff’s pipe.

Bo’s cock started to snake its way up between the crack of Jeff’s ass, making Superman moan in wanting pleasure. Precum flowed in streams from both men covering their huge bodies. Jeff started to fuck Bo’s massive chest as Bo fucked the crack of Jeff’s mounded backside. The attraction that had come between them was so intense, neither heard nor saw the flash of light coming from down the hall. All that mattered now was each other. They were two humungous giants in a prime display of male on male lust.

Then Jeff sat back up and slowly put his enormous cock against Bo’s lips. The whiff of sweat, cum and Bo’s own body odor that came from Jeff’s cock was the best fragrant Bo had ever smelled. It was then that Bo remembered what the voice in his head had said. He remembered about feeling and giving massive amounts of pleasure to another muscle god: But Who? It must have been Jeff he thought.

He opened his mouth wider than the huge cock and stuck out his tongue to rest it against Jeff’s piss hole. Since Jeff’s cock was so huge, the piss hole was about as big as a 25-cent piece. Bo had no trouble extending his tongue and plugging the hole with it. As he did this he started to physically transfer all of his incredible pleasure into Jeff, thus adding to the total sensation of lust and cum for Jeff 100 fold.

The feeling was overwhelming, even for Superman. The immediate added pleasure and sensation sent Jeff over the edge. He almost completely forgot about Chad as he yelled a huge cosmic roar and started cumming in violent gushes, but to his surprise and shock, no juice came out. Bo’s super strong tongue was blocking the way and the more Jeff came the more the back up was. It was such a huge wave of pleasure that Jeff screamed in blissful pain at every surge of cum that was trapped. He could feel his own cum filling up inside his cock and due to all of that added pleasure he couldn’t stop cumming. This made Jeff think for a split second what Chad had just gone through. All the pressure he must have felt and Jeff was sure there was no pleasure involved.

“STOP, AND PLEASE LET ME SHOOT!” he yelled out.

Immediately Bo pulled out and shoved his mouth halfway down Jeff’s engorged shaft. When Jeff came inside Bo it was the most explosive orgasm he had ever had in his life. The amount of force of Jeff’s cum shot directly and quickly into Bo’s system causing him to change immediately. Bo latched onto Jeff and wouldn’t release him from his mouth till the end of his change. His body was growing around them. This made Jeff cum more and more. There was no need to fuck Bo, because every ounce of protein and serum enriched cum from Jeff had been expelled from his own system. Finally when Bo stopped growing and Jeff stopped cumming, Jeff fell back onto the floor and passed out with exhaustion.

When he came too, he noticed that Bo was no longer in the office.

“Bo!! Hey Bo, where the fuck are you?”

“Over here!” said a voice coming from another part of the gym.

“Where? I can’t see you. It’s really dark in here. Where are all the fucking lights, in this place?”

“I’m in your office. Get in here quick.”

“Oh Fuck,” Jeff mumbled to himself. He ran over to his office door and looked inside.

There on the desk was Bo with a piece of parchment in his hands.

Jeff looked over to the couch and Chad was gone.

“What the hell is this all about?” Bo said as he hung out the paper for Jeff to see. Jeff grabbed the parchment and read out loud:


“What the Fuck is that all about?” asked Bo.

“Did you see Chad when you came in here?” Jeff asked looking very nervous and scared.

“No I didn’t. All that was here was this parchment. Anyway, who’s Chad and what’s the matter with you?” Bo said as he was feeling his new body.

Jeff looked at him spellbound, “You don’t remember? Ah, well?Chad was one of my employees. I?I guess he went home for the day.” Jeff figured that from the sounds of the note, everything would be okay, so he dropped the question of ‘Where is Chad?’

He changed the subject and continued, “Let’s get you some clothes to wear and I’ll explain what this new body is all about.”

Both men hugged each other and a tear of relief and shame, left Superman’s eyes.

Bo will never forget that day and neither will Jeff. For both of them it was the best sex with a member of the group either had ever had, but it was also a day of great sadness and enlightenment. That was to be the day the world would, soon, never forget. That day would form the lives of us all. That day was the beginning of the new world.

Today was the day. For months now, all five men had been looking forward to this very day. Jeff and Carl were the ones that were to bring Steve into the group and the rest of them were to be here at the gym, by sunrise. That was Jeff’s plan. The very idea of all of them finally becoming a complete group kept all five of the present members half hard all week. Every time any one of them saw Steve, they just wanted to tear his clothes off and start the process. Lifting with him this past week was shear agony for them. Each one would have to run into the showers and secretly unload gallons of cum down the drain for fear of the insatiable desires overtaking them and raping or scaring Steve away. Every night all five would have sex, either one on one or orgy style. Each time they would increase in size, getting enormous and then shrinking just enough to look as though they were gaining muscle at quick rates but not to the extremely unreal. Bo was so horny when he woke up this morning that he shot his ceiling 5 times before getting out of bed.

“Last night must have been one Hell of an evening. I wonder what will happen today and how fucking good is it gonna be. God, I hope more than I could ever imagine,” Bo thought, rubbing his eyes and his swollen crotch. He had returned from the sorted memory of his becoming one of the group, to the present day. He still didn’t know all of what had happened the day he changed with Jeff. There were only bits and pieces he could recollect, but someday soon he would figure out everything. He would come to an astonishing realization. He was now able to completely control his pleasure gift which his spirit self had told him. He loved walking down the street and seeing some hot muscular guy, whether straight or gay, smile at them, drenching them with pleasure, they would follow him, and then h e’d have his way with them. Jeff wasn’t thrilled about him doing that, but he said that it was all in fun and the guys never could remember anything about it.

He got out of his truck at the U4ia Gym early this morning and noticed a familiar odor in the air. It was pure sex, but not just regular sex, extreme muscle sex. His cock jerked even more awake. He noticed the other two muscle men, Eric and Joe, pulling into the parking lot. Eric was the first to pull up next to Bo. Bo could see the excitement in Eric’s eyes like he was a kid going to Disney World. He also could see that Eric was just as excited as Bo, himself, was down below because when Eric got out of his Metallic Purple PT Cruiser, the aroma hit him just as hard and he moaned loudly.

“Shhhhh,” said Joe, as he closed his Navy Blue Honda Accord door. “We have to be quiet and not let them know we’re here. We have no clue, what’s happened in there last night.”

“I’ve got a clue and I’m fucking hard as a rock wanting what Jeff and Carl have, I’m sure, already had. Grrrrrrr.” Bo said as he grabbed his and Eric’s crotch with both hands.

“Hell yeah, we gotta get fucking wired up, just like them. Don’t you want that Joe?” Eric said as he grabbed Joe by the back of the neck and laid a huge wet kiss and the man. Joe was horny as well, from the aroma and excitement of what was to come, that he stuck his long tongue deep down the boy’s throat. He really liked Eric, but so did Bo, Jeff and Carl. In fact, Joe thought Jeff loved Eric. It seemed the boy loved playing the affections between the four older men. Many nights all four of them would fuck Eric. But Joe’s main focus was always on Bo. He had wanted Bo from Day 1 of him coming into the group. Why he and Bo never got together, alone, Joe couldn’t understand. Bo was always with Eric or Jeff. Carl, never really got along with Bo, but you could tell he had a thing for Steve. Maybe Bo didn’t like Black men. But Eric sure did and since Eric was constantly wanting Joe’s thick black cock, Joe was happy to give it to him.

Eric was the newest member of the group, since Chad’s death only a year ago. He entered the group two days later, after Carl had brought him to the gym, hoping to make Jeff feel better. Carl figured that Eric was so much like Chad that he could fill the void. Jeff turned on to Eric rather quickly and thanked Carl for the gift. Carl had been the only one Jeff had mentioned anything to about what had happened to Chad. Bo, Joe and Eric were told nothing about Chad and in doing so, it left Bo unable to refresh his memory, leaving Joe and Eric none the wiser. So as far as they were concerned, Eric was an original member. To Jeff and Carl, it was hard to tell Chad apart from Eric.

Especially for Jeff, who transferred his fatherly love so quickly over to Eric he brought the kid into the group in record time. What normally took 3-6 hours of transformation was completed in just over 2 ½ hours with Eric. The only difference in Eric and Chad was he was a couple of years older. But to Jeff, Eric was still a kid, a boy of only 23 naive years. Another difference was that his hair was blond. He looked like a surfer dude from California. His “Special Power” was that he could literally fly after he went through the change. And he was strong and large enough to carry up to two of us with him. All of the guys had had sex with Eric, but only Jeff was able to fuck him while in flight. That was their special father/son bond, even tho ugh Eric was fair game otherwise. Maybe it was Jeff’s way of overcoming Chad’s demise.

Joe was different. In fact, he was so very different from all of them, that some of us never knew why he was part of the group. Bo knew though, because Bo had helped Jeff bring Joe into the group. You see Joe was part black and part white. But that’s not what made him different. It was his body. Even after the change, Joe had yet to grow into the Herculean proportions of the other men. Even though he did grow and fill out to look like a pro bodybuilder, he was so much shorter and less muscular than the others. He was smaller than the others everywhere, except in one area. Of course his cock was huge at well over 18”, but it still wasn’t the largest. What was massive on Joe was his mind that expanded beyond any realm of reality. Joe could move anything, and I mean anything with his mind . If needed he could turn back time, change the weather, and move mountains literally. There was nothing he could not move or change with the awesome power in his head. Well, there was one thing, he could not stop my control on him, or change or move me.

So, there was a definite plan here. All of the men have one special power the others don’t. Joe can move anything with his mind. Eric can fly. Bo can create super increased amounts of pleasure in a person and invade their body. Jeff can subconsciously hypnotize anyone with his massive body and pheromones causing you to desire him above everything else making you completely incapacitated. Carl can lift massive amounts of weight nonstop without ever getting tired or weakened. Me? Well I can control all of them and make most anyone to do my will. I can read their minds and if you were wondering, that is how I know about Chad. I’m sure Jeff and Carl, never had any intention of letting me know about their secrets.

I don’t know how each man feels about his own special powers, but I personally, loved my new body and what I can do. I am the largest, most muscular, strongest man in the world. I had just made Jeff and Carl want me above all and then they became a part of me. I was able to read their minds and know all about them. I was able to mystically lock us together for a higher purpose. A purpose that none of us really knew.

When Bo, Eric and Joe reached the door to the gym, it was eerily quiet inside, until they heard a huge bellowing voice yell, “Okay, Enough!! You two are like the Chipmunks on that old Warner Brothers cartoon: A couple of dizzy nuts. Tell me, what the fuck this is all about.”

The voice was extremely deep and booming. Each one of the three stopped for a moment, realized that it must have been Steve going off on Jeff and Carl, then proceeded on. The first through the door was Bo, then Eric, followed by Joe. When Bo first inhaled the strong testosterone laden air outside in the parking lot he felt his cock start to jump and thicken. The same went for Eric and Joe. But now inside the gym, the scent was overwhelming. It felt completely sexual and caused each guy to stop and moan quietly to himself. All three of them sported immediate hard ons that would not go down.

Eric was the first to notice the state the gym was in. Huge craters dotted the floor. Much of the machines and weights had been thrown everywhere. The whole place looked like an earthquake had hit here. “What the fuck happened here?” He exclaimed.

There was wet and dried cum glowing all over the gym. It was as if the entire place was sprayed down with the stuff. Eric eyes widen at the scene before him. He could smell it and knew what the goo was. “Oh my God, this is where that totally awesome smell from the parking lot was coming from. I crave this shit.” He loved the taste of the special Muscle God cum that each of them produced that was so different from any normal man. It was like candy for him. But this smelled even better and more potent than any of their spunk. It had that immediate arousal effect, more powerful than any smell Eric had ever inhaled. He couldn’t help himself as he licked one of the grips on a chest machine.

“I gotta taste this. Mmmmm.”

“Eric, don’t! You don’t know where that came from and what it’ll do to you,” bellowed Joe.

“Mmmmmm, God that’s good stuff. I just can’t get enough of that hot muscle cum and this cum feels so?so fucking good. Oh shit, yeah man. This stuff tastes totally tubular.” His mind started spinning. “I can’t help myself. I gotta have more” He dropped to the floor and cupped a huge hand full of the goo and sucked it down his throat. “Like, it’s totally energizing me. I feel so horny and powerful. This Fuckin’ Rocks. I can literally feel it making me bigger and more of a god.” He could feel himself expanding. His clothes were getting tight on him fast.

“Damn, what a rush. Fuck, I feel absoulfuckinlutely amazing. I could fucking rule the world. I need more of?that?stuff?to” His voice deepened and trailed off. Then his whole body suddenly stopped. He couldn’t move. Without any warning the enriched fluid started to completely take its effect on the young man. Eric’s mind started sending sharp signals of a super increased growth to his body. Waves of insurmountable pleasure poured over him. His back arched and his head fell back as he closed his eyes in ecstasy. His own special gift of flight started to kick in and he floated off the ground into the air. In a matter of seconds he was ten feet off the ground. More and more consistent waves of pleasure were overtaking him. He exploded in growth causing all of his clothes to shred instantly, jumping off his body, as he grew. But this was an even more powerful type of a change.

His entire body started to go into complete euphoric spasms and it was growing bigger than it had ever been before. His entire body was shaking uncontrollably. His cock hit the previous two-foot max level at record speed and continued to grow. From now on, Eric never would need to bend over to reach his shaft to his lips. He voluntarily opened his mouth take in the massive snake and its impending explosion. His cock literally extended right up to his mouth as if it were searching for it all along. As his lips touched the muscular pipe, he instantaneously shot glob after glob of his own muscle milk down into his gullet. It mixed with my life juice already inside him, sending him deeper into my erotic trance. He kept shooting into himself as h e floated up. He finally quite his continuous cumming and his body stopped rising in the air just before he was about to hit the 30-foot high ceiling. He was totally aware of what was happening, but he didn’t care. He knew he was powerlessly under the effects of my juice and he willingly enjoyed every ounce of pleasure it was giving him. It was the most magnificent feeling he’d ever had. It was pure unbridled euphoria. His mind wasn’t totally under my mind control yet. Only his body was, being in a state of pure euphoria, tagging his mind along. It was all too good to him for him to worry or be scared.

He managed to look over and down to see two small figures standing next to what looked like a giant. He knew the men next to the beast were Jeff and Carl, but his focus was on the giant. He started to shoot precum the instant he saw me.

I could feel his stare and pleasure at the same time. When I turned to face him, he gasped. Eric wondered if it was me that was the giant, but he wasn’t sure. I looked so different. Then he saw my eyes. “YES,” he thought, “that gorgeous mountain of a man is Steve. God, he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and he’s looking right at me with pure lust in his eyes. He wants me, OH GOD HE FUCKING WANTS ME”

And I did. I poured my thoughts of Eric and I having amazing sex into his Blond covered brain. He again started to cum in his mouth and he could not move or even care about moving when he saw the colossal muscle monster that I was, start to come toward him. He only wanted to be a part of me. He wanted me to Breed him. Now I was going to have total control over the boy.

My body was an immense creature of muscle with a cock that was over 4 feet in length. Eric had never in his life wanted to be with someone more. He noticed that I stood somewhat hunched over since I was taller than the 30-foot roof. He totally got off on how huge I was. I was the most amazing and gorgeous thing Eric had ever seen. He was in complete and utter lust for me. His whole being was now meant to be a part of me. And I knew that.

I wanted him and the others so bad I couldn’t wait. I was so turned on myself, that it was hard to keep my own wits about me, so I had to control them.

As I approached Eric, I spread his legs apart with the unseen hands of my mind and his ass was exposed for my coming invasion. His ass was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. It was extremely round and full of muscle. I could see his hole actually pulsating for me, waiting and wanting my Godlike appendage. I started to fuck him with my mind. He was now screaming in pleasure. I grabbed his body and pulled it down to the level of my cock. I was almost inside the boy; my cock pulsating with anticipation, when I noticed two figures darting to another area of the building.

“Fuck,” I thought. “They need to ingest my cum, before they’re under my control. But I’m going to enjoy this boy first. The doors are locked and they can’t get out. Sooner or later they will ingest my juice and then they will be easy to find and complete the process.”

I grabbed the boy’s massive legs, spreading him wide as I touched my cock to his anus. My magic precum not only lubed him up but also made him extremely pliable. I could feel his tight hole expand and open to receive my massive god cock. Eric screamed in pure pleasure and glorious pain. “Oh God, Master, please give me all of you.” He cried out. Having the gift of flight made this easier and 10,000 times more incredible. He just floated in the air, as I was about to fuck him.

I felt his hole tightly entrap my ballooned cock head. His ass was like a vise. It was amazing. He started to wrap his legs as far around my massive ass as he could and he started pulling me further into him. Inch by inch his ass consumed my cock. Soon he had over 3 feet of my cock in him and I was so completely amazing at the sight that I didn’t noticed that he had lifted me off the ground and we were fucking in flight. This was something only Jeff and him had ever done before. The sensations of feeling my giant cock filling him up, pushing past his prostate and up through his insides, was unbelievable. I was bewildered myself as to how this could even be accomplished without hurting him immensely. But it was happening and it was beyond any comprehension of normalcy that our superhuma n bodies would ever have to be again. I was now balls to the wall inside him. He was thrashing in midair with every thrust of my pole. His screams of pleasure, I’m sure, could have been heard for miles, if we were outside. He started to convulse and grow again. Damn, the boy was getting fucking huge. He was almost 18 feet tall now and about 6 feet wide. I was getting so incredibly turned on.

I knew it wouldn’t be long and case in point we both started cumming in explosive amounts. The more I came in Eric the more he came and then the glazed look of totally submission overcame his eyes. He was now totally mine and we were as one being. He started to softly call out my name over and over. “Steve, Steve, Steve, I am yours sir. I am yours. I am your loyal subject. How may I serve you?”

I told him that I wanted him to lower us to the ground so I could go after the other two and he obliged. When I released my cock from his ass, he shuddered and moaned. I told him to rise again and stay there till I returned.

I know I had to look for the other two pretty soon or they might get to each other before I could. Like I had said, they needed to ingest my cum so I could help change them.

I just figured that all three of them had done this already when Eric did. I was sure they could not control themselves when the aroma hit them. I knew Eric would be a cinch, but I gotta get to these two soon. Where the fuck did they go? I can feel the one is starting to change. He must’ve gotten some of my juice on him. Awesome. I hope the other did too. I think I feel them, now.

And my suspicions were right.

Earlier, when Eric started his change, Bo tried to dive for the boy to keep the kid on the ground, but he missed and landed in a pool of the glowing white cream. It covered his body and he choked on the substance that he inadvertently sucked into his mouth swallowing a large amount of it down into his stomach. He instantly became more alive than he ever felt before and as the most intense sexual heat was building fast within him. Almost instantly his spiritual self left his body and went to see if Eric was all right. He was and the giant was still over with Jeff and Carl, so Bo’s spirit rejoined his body. Even though Bo was much tougher than Eric, he was unable to fight the impending change growing inside him. It was starting to take him over.

Meanwhile Joe, on the other hand, grabbed Bo up from the sticky ground and raced toward the office to try to buy some time and evaluate the situation. Bo started to protest, not wanting to leave, but then willingly went with his friend after his spirit returned to his body. Even more so, the touch of Joe excited Bo. He had always liked Joe and now the feeling was overtaking him. Joe closed and locked the door behind them. Bo fell to the ground and crawled over to the dark, opposite corner of the room. He could feel the change begin. This felt more powerful than any had before. There was some pain, but it was the most pleasurable pain Bo had ever felt. He could feel his spirit becoming restless.

Joe thought to himself, out loud like he usually did, “What the Hell just happened in there. I’ve never seen any of us go through the change that quickly or with that much force before. It was like Eric was in a trance. Joe looked out the window into the gym, but he couldn’t see any movement on the ground. All he could see was a giant shadow on the far wall of a huge monster fucking another large man but Joe was sure it was Eric or not. Then came the screams. “Did you hear that? Jesus, is he killing him out there?” Then suddenly Eric’s gyrating body rose yet again, hanging in mid air mostly limp, but having huge spasms every time he would start growing and cumming.

“Jeff told us he didn’t know what to expect with Steve. Maybe Steve hulked out and is some kind of mutated monster that is not the good man Jeff thought he was. Bo, what do you think?”

There was silence on the other side of the dark room. Bo was starting to lose control.

“God, this just doesn’t make any sense at all. We’re going to have to find a way to get them out of there. Bo?Hey Bo, did you hear me?”

There was no answer, Joe squinted and he could see movement in the far corner and then the soft sounds of heavy breathing. The mass in the corner looked very large: Larger than Bo ever had been. Just as Joe was about to turn on the light, suddenly the room filled with an intense heat as if a firestorm had entered.

“God, it’s getting really hot in here.” Joe rubbed his hand down his face to whip off the beads of sweat. “What the?Dammit, my hands are all sticky and gooey with that glowing shit. God, It’s so fucking hot in here. I’m burning up. What about you, buddy? You haven’t said a word since we got in here.”

Silence. Bo’s physical body and spiritual body were on complete overload. For the moment, he could have cared less what Joe was asking him. Then he realized, he realized his opportunity had arrived.

“I’m going to turn on Jeff’s air conditioner. I hope he paid his electric bill.” Joe snickered more to himself than at the joke. He started to tingle with the heat. There suddenly was a certain warm/prickly feeling inside him as well. It felt really good.

A low, growl and a couple of sexual moans came from the other end of the office. Bo couldn’t control his special pleasure gift anymore. It was sending signals out and then back into him and out again to anyone in the close area. Its main target was Joe.

“Bo, are you okay over there? Did you get any of that sticky shit on you? My face feels like it’s starting to melt, I’m so damn hot.” Joe started breathing heavier, almost panting. He tried to turn on the air conditioner but it was broke. “Damn, I guess he didn’t pay his bill. The Fucker.”

More moaning and the sound of fabric starting to rip came from the dark corner opposite Joe. Ironically this sound excited Joe.

“Bo?” Joe asked hesitantly.

Just then, it felt like the heat went from sweltering to boiling in the office. Joe was so hot he couldn’t take it anymore. He could hardly breath. He went over to the door and it would budge. Feeling stupid for a moment, he unlocked it. The door still held fast. “Fuck, we’re trapped.” Streams of sweat poured out from his body, soaking his clothes, causing them to stick tightly to his skin. This actually felt kind of good and sexy to him, like wearing really tight leather, which Joe secretly loved to do. The pleasure was getting bigger and more intense.

Then a loud sound of growling mixed with clothes ripping to shreds, made Joe whirl around and back up against the opposite wall. His body felt like it was on fire.

He rubbed the sweat from his face again, inadvertently rubbing more of my cum onto his skin. Instantly, sharp electric jolts charged every hot zone throughout him. He felt instantly weak and dropped his hands to his sides. He could feel his cock start to push against his dripping wet jock under his Dockers. It was becoming overwhelming. The pleasure was taking over him. He slid down the wall and onto the floor. Closing his eyes, he started seeing visions of huge, beefy, muscular men sucking and fucking in a soup of sweat, cum, lube, and spit. He started to lick his hands and arms, trying to take in as much of my cum as he could. His mouth went dry as the last bit of saliva rolled down his chin. His hands started feeling the moist fabric agai nst his body as he rubbed it over his chest and torso. His cock was pushing so hard against the confines of his jock and pants that he felt it would bust through at any second now. In fact all his clothes felt extremely tight. He literally started to peel off his shirt caressing his nipples along the way, as the full effect of my life oil completely seeped into Joe’s system, causing him to instantly feel an amazing rush of sexual nirvana. “Oh my god, what’s going on? I feel so fucking amazing. I’m fucking burning up. I’ve gotta take off my clothes. I?I have to be naked and touch my body. Oh my God, My body. It feels so pumped and full. I want to cum over and over again. I feel so fucking charged up. Passion is completely taking over me. I can’t control it and I don’t fucking want to. I’m starting to change again and it feels so fucking good. This is the most intense it’s ever been. Oh God, it’s got to be that sticky cum that’s all over the gym. Did you get any on you, Bo?”

“YES, and it’s the cum as well as me that you feel.” A Huge booming voice said from the darkened corner of the office. “I’m giving you the pleasure, Joe, by turning up the heat in this office and in your mind and body. Steve’s cum is helping me, too. Eric was right. It’s fucking awesome. I finally feel like a total Muscle God. I feel so fucking powerful. Even more than any of my prize winning studs.” Bo stepped out of the shadows to reveal his naked, changed Muscle God body to Joe. His was almost twice the size he had ever been before. His head hit the light fixtures on the ceiling as his walked toward his prey. “I’ve wanted your hot ass ever since we first met and now I’m going to take it. Joe. We’ve played around before, but this time it’s fucking serious.” He was a huge specimen weighing over 600lbs and standing 16 feet tall. The width of his back was almost 5 feet long. His thighs were so enormous and pushed together they made his cock look almost 3 and a half feet long itself. “You have the smallest tightest ass of all of us, Joe. And now I’m going to breed that ass to be mine. You’re going to be my bitch, my toy, and my fuck buddy. I can’t control myself anymore and I don’t want to. All I want is you. Get ready for the most pleasure you’ve ever had, Brainiac. And then we will find Steve. He is our one true Master. And we will become one with him. My spirit has told me so. But first you must be as large as us. It’s time, Joseph. It’s time for you to get fucking HUGE!”

With that Bo bent over and grabbed Joe by the waist, pulling the smaller man up off the floor to kiss him hard and deep. Bo willed every ounce of his pleasure giving magic out of him so it would course into Joe. He was powerless over the cowboy’s gift to him. He yelled loudly as wave after wave of intense orgasms started to hit every inch of his body. Added to the body changing of Steve’s cum effects, his cock swelled instantly to its hardest and longest and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over Bo’s powerful chest, torso, crotch and thighs. His body started to finally grow into the Herculean God he so desired to be. Bo’s cock in turn had been so tightly pressed against both of them that the intense heat and pressure of the two growing and grinding bodies caused it to erupt as w ell. Neither man could control himself.

Joe yelled some more as Bo turned his ass around to face the wall, “I want all of you, you Huge Stupid Ass Country Fuck. I want your cock deep in me. I’ve always wanted you, Bo. Fuck me with your huge cock, Bubba. Fuck this hot black ass like you never have fucked anything before. Breed me Motha Fucka.” Bo needed no invitation. He plunged his now 3-foot long snake up the tight anus. Since both were in their most erotic and forceful change ever, Joe’s ass eagerly accommodated and stretched to make it a tight but comfortable fit.

All the pounding against the office walls revealed to me where the other two had gone. I was able to control Bo to help me, but I still was unable to located them, until now. Also there was something about Bo, which I couldn’t quite understand. There was an area of his mind, closed off to me. And I wasn’t sure I liked that.

With every thrust into Joe, Bo shook the entire room, leaving imprints of Joe’s now massive body embedded in the wall. Then Bo could no longer take the intense pressure and pleasure-causing surge after surge of cum gushed out of his cock into Joe. Joe’s own cock was now also long enough to suck out his own juices. With every shot of Bo’s cum in his ass, Joe would shoot his own spunk down his throat and he could feel his stomach expanding with the fluid. This was the first time he ever tasted his own cum. He loved it.

Both men were in such a state of ecstasy, neither one noticed the wall and part of the ceiling behind them rip away to let me in. I stopped for a moment and marveled at myself, as to how incredibly strong I was. There was no effort at all for me to tear down half of the room. It was like opening a can of Pringles.

As both men were continuing their eruptions of orgasm after orgasm, I slowly picked them up and held them together. I carried them over to where Eric was still floating in an endless bliss. I stuck one of my fingers, which were over 8 inches long themselves up Bo’s ass, thus giving him the first violation of his asshole. Bo yelled in pleasurable pain. He was completely insatiable now. He started to fuck both Joe’s ass and my finger like an animal.

Also, Jeff and Carl, who by now, could no longer hold off their own insatiable desires that I had put them into, were locked in a 69 position under Eric’s floating body. His sweat and cum leaked on top of their naked, writhing bodies sending more bursts of enjoyment and growth.

I gently put Bo and Joe down, pulling my finger out of Bo’s now hungry ass so they could engage with Jeff and Carl. The four men immediately started fucking and sucking each other in a tangled heap of muscle and flesh. I told Carl to fuck Bo as hard as he could and to let Bo fuck him. I knew that each one of them had to be completely versatile to complete the change. I can’t explain how I knew this, I just did.

The Viking, powerless to deny, gladly obliged. I reached up and grabbed Eric’s huge boy body and brought him down to meet the muscle orgy. In bringing the boy down I just had to taste his muscle-ass that was filled with my own god fluid, giving it a quick lick. It tasted like pure magic to me. I started to precum in short bursts. The smell in the air filled with enormous amounts of cum and muscle sex. My own mind was reeling in ecstasy. At one point, since each one had a huge cock to go with their huge sexual and newfound versatile bodies, they started a five-way fucking circle with each having their cock in another’s ass. The sight was amazing to me and I commanded them to all cum at the same time. That was just the beginning. Each one of them filled every hole possible with cum. It m ixed and turned in them waiting for my supply to complete it all. I watched the amazing show and knew the best part of it all was that I controlled them: Me, the once overweight, bearish, lad from Akron and now THE total Muscle God. I now knew why I was the missing link they needed. I also knew that once I joined with them and filled them all with the right amount of my life juice, that we would then become something even more amazing then history had ever known. I started to cum myself at the mere thought of that. My fountain showered the men with glowing ooze. Their sexual antics become even more animalistic. I stopped and realized I knew it was time. It was time to become one. It was time to become Superheroes.

“STOP!” The heavy deep booming voice that bellowed of from me crashed through the air. It was so loud that the entire building shook as if it were in a mild aftershock. Some weights fell off of their bars and two of the posing mirrors in the back end of the main gym cracked. The reverb bounced across the gym and struck all of us with the power of a strong wind.

All five men ceased their frenzied actions. Each one had been in a complete animalistic trance of unbridled muscle sex. Their bodies were entangled within and around each other, causing a huge mountain of muscle. They were massive God-like men that were larger than any other human on Earth, each having bodies that were astronomically inflated: Breathing Icons of muscle, testosterone and lust. They were the pinnacles of the entire male species. Their cocks ranged in size from a little under 2 feet to an inch over 4 feet in length with each having sexual appetites that were stronger then an entire college of drunken horny coed studs after a night at a strip club. These Super Human Gods had been clawing, kissing, grasping, sucking and now fucking one another in a mammoth circular mound of ecstasy. Each one was fucking another and then getting fucked in return. Huge massive specimens of pure muscular forms lying in a lake of over spilled body fluids completely soaked to the bone in a mixture of muscle cum, sweat, and saliva. They had shot more into each other than any normal man would be able to shoot in over a year’s time. Gallons upon gallons of sperm had been shot filling their hunger like candy. Every time one of them ingested another’s cum he would grow a little larger. There was no human on this earth that could compare to the total magnitude of these behemoth gods. If any normal human man had been a part of this lustful orgy, he would have been horribly killed: completely torn apart or even in half by the brutality of the strength and power within these men.

As they consumed more and more cum, they were all increasing their strength becoming more and more super human. Some were stronger than the others but compared to a normaleyon (nor-mail-e-yawn: a phrase the God’s used for the common human) they were far beyond any mortal man. Their epic power and proportions were going beyond any normal Heavyweight bodybuilder. They were becoming Gods. There was nothing or no one that could stop them: No one, except me.

These were my boys. Mine to control. If I wanted to, I could control their every action. I could control what they did to each other or how much they grew. I could control them like my own puppets on a string and for the moment that’s just what I had, needed, and intended to do.

When I halted their action, my first instinct was to have them completely serve me sexually. I was so incredibly horned up by the sight of them that I knew I had to get off soon, but I also knew that there were more important things to complete. There was plenty of time for them to worship the massive being I had become and I definitely was going to call upon that card later.

Even though I was much bigger than all of them, I was also very attracted to their mammoth muscle sizes. Before I become a muscle god, myself, I had worshiped muscle all my life. I never could get enough of it. So even though these men are now mine and they worshipped me, I still wanted to worship them in return. But, as I said before, now was a time for business.

Their gyrating bodies halted abruptly and were motionless. Even though they could not move, their hunger for more of each other was still at a crescendo. Their breaths were still heavy and full, the made periodic sounds of lustful moans, having the crazed look of a wild animal. As they slid out of each other’s mouth or ass, cum seeped out of their massive cocks like leaking faucets. Two of them, Bo and Carl, periodically blasted strings of cum out of their pricks. I watched them for about 5 minutes, hoping that they could relax, but when I realized they wouldn’t calm down totally, and I was getting increasingly excited, I decided to continue with the job at hand.

With my mind, I ordered them to turn with their backs to the floor looking up at their chosen master. Jeff, Carl, Bo, Eric and Joe each did as he was told, like trained animals. All of their cocks were standing like steel rods pointing straight to the ceiling.

What amazed me more than anything, was that after all the amounts and times that all of us came, our cocks were still hard and our balls still filled with cum. I think that was just one of the many reasons I knew that we were becoming Gods. And even though we all were beyond any realm of normal humanity, I could still see the love, caring and loyalty, behind the mountain of titan muscle. They looked so innocent now. The looks on their faces were like tiny babies looking up at their parent with nothing but love and wonderment in their eyes. My heart poured right back to them. It was such a peaceful and loving moment, from all of the craziness that had tr anspired so far. But it didn’t last because, I don’t know why, all of a sudden the ornery kid in me took over and I decided to have some fun with them just for kicks. Maybe it was one of those moments of love combined with horseplay. No matter, this was going to be fun.

Out loud I commanded Jeff and Carl (aka: Chip and Dale) to playfully smack the heads of each other’s cocks. Jeff was the first to strike, hitting, Carl’s enormous uncut helmet like it had just called him a dirty word. Carl satisfactorily moaned and replied by bitch slapping Jeff’s purple pecker head, knocking Jeff’s cock down to strike him on his chest, with a loud whomp. He moaned out of the sheer pleasure from the pain of his gigantic tool smashing against his thick tits. Jeff then grabbed Carl’s throbbing tree and began to slap it ala Three Stooges’ style.

I chuckled a hearty laugh, and told them that that was enough for now. I looked down at them and there was nothing but love for them inside me. Especially Carl.

Both men seemed to enjoy the horseplay I had caused. The smile on their faces was evident of that. But as their arms returned to their sides, Carl must’ve liked the repeated abuse of his cock a lot, because he let out a loud roar and started to shoot large streams of juice 6 to 7 feet in the air. I immediately lowered my mouth onto him and tasted the sweet nectar of my hopeful new lover. It was the best tasting cum I had ever let enrich my palette. I knew that I was really in love with Carl ever since I had met him. He was the one guy above all that I fantasized about every night; hoping and praying that one-day I could be with him. I guess you could say my wildest dreams came true. But now, I knew I should focus on what was at hand. Even so, I started to leak rivers of precum all over my chosen lover.

But I still needed some answers. I stood back up and completely took them out of their trance long enough to talk to them. They acted as if they were still slightly hypnotized and were cloudy about what had transpired, as they woke up. Carl just smiled up at me in a love/lust look that I will cherish forever. He knew how much I loved him. And at that moment I knew he loved me, too.

“Damn, Steve, why did you make us stop?” asked the boy, Eric. “I was just about to give Bo a huge load of cum up his rock hard ass.”

“Yeah, Steve, why don’t you join us?” asked Bo, breathlessly.

“Not yet, I need to know what this is all about. Jeff, its time you told us everything?” I looked at Jeff, who was still in a somewhat subdued state of euphoria, to tell me once and for all, what they needed me to do. “What do you want me to do? What do you need me to do? I know that I’m supposed to do the final change for all of us, but I really have no fucking clue as to HOW to do it.” My rising anger and angst was causing my voice to shake the walls, again. “Frankly, all I want to do right now is fuck each and everyone of you hard and long.”

“Fuck yeah, Master,” Eric moaned.

Jeff spoke, “Shhhhhh, Shut up Eric. Okay Steve, here’s what I know.”

In a very spooky and sexually erotic tone he said, “We want you, Steve. We need you to breed us into the most powerful beings ever. We are to be a group of supermen that will be needed for different tasks in the world. Our main objective will be revealed at the end of our change. Each one of us will be like a comic book superhero, only this is real life. We will all have our own identities that will fit our personalities and when we are together as a group, we will be unstoppable. Herc said that there really is life off of this planet and that many times “The Six” as they called themselves would have to protect the human race from whatever was out there. He said that some of the other humans in our world would become super men like us, but that the power would overcome their rational t hinking and that they would want to rule the world, etc. and as such become the “villains”. I know this all sounds incredible, and that we never would have thought any of this was real, but look at us now. We are superhuman men and we’re about to become Gods.

We have started phase 1 by mixing all six of our own life forces into each other. Steve, your semen helped us to be able to go under your commands. Herc told me this was necessary, in case one of us decided to resist the change. With you controlling us, we had and have no choice; not that I think any of us would want to deny what has happened to us.”

They all nodded in approval.

“There are 4 other phases to go through. This process will take all day and night and at the end we all will be completely indestructible and no longer human at all. We will be GODS!

I have closed the gym off to the public for 48 hours for us to become what we will become. Herc said that this was a necessary amount of time for us to change and get the gym and us back to normal so no one will know whom we really are.

That is all Hercule told me. I guess he told me what he thought I would understand or need to know; otherwise I’m just as blind as the rest of you as to what is actually going to happen. Oh yeah, and he gave me this.” Jeff pointed to the medallion he had worn around his neck. “Herc said that when this goes around the chosen ones neck, which is you Steve, everything will be begin and all will be revealed. Once you wear it, you will never be able to take it off. It will become a part of you. Then as you perform the instructions that you will immediately gain the knowledge of, you can make us start the process. Hercule said that only the Chosen one and the messenger may wear this.”

Suddenly, a horrendous vision flashed before Bo’s eyes. He saw the figure of a young man expanding like a balloon and crying out in pain. Bo felt some of that pain, too. He started to feel sick. Then just as fast as it came, it was gone. He looked over at Jeff, with a puzzled look on his face and for a moment he hated his friend.

Jeff stood up and took off medallion as I lifted him up so he could place it around my head. The medallion looked huge even on Jeff’s massive chest, but it had to have been large enough to go around a 30ft chosen one, such as myself.

“Oh I almost forgot, Hercule told me to tell you, Steve, that as the chosen one, you will first be tested to see if you are really the one true man who will be the rightful predecessor to wear the medallion. He didn’t say how, but he did tell me that it will consume you and kill you if you fail.” With that said and without giving me time to ask any questions he put it around my neck.

What happened next, I will never forget even after I die. Those next 10 Hours of our change into the “group” was to become the most pinnacle time of our lives.

Instantly there was a blinding flash of golden light with a giant spray of sparks that showered the entire area. Each spark seemed to resonate with an electrical charge that cause all six of us to spasm with each and every hit to our bodies. This caused me to drop Jeff out of my hand and he fell back to the ground. Well not exactly, it was more like he floated down to the ground, being carried by the shower of sparks.

As soon as the cold circular oar of the medallion touched my chest, a tremendous heat filled my body. My mind started racing in several different directions. It was almost impossible to concentrate on one thought as images whirled around inside making me dizzy. Thoughts and images of sex with myself was building a huge lust inside me. It felt like the room started spinning, so I looked down to get my bearings and noticed that all five of the men were knocked out, asleep. The flash of light must’ve down that and I realized I was going to be alone with this one.

Still feeling dizzy and trying to stay standing, I closed my eyes to regain my balance. This started it all.

When my eyes closed, the thoughts and images became almost real and I felt a new sensation. My balance had regained but there was something else. A huge powerful surge entered me. It was one that I had never felt before. The only way to describe it is that I could feel my male pheromones radiating everywhere inside me. In fact I could even smell and taste my own sexual aura. God, it was so fucking powerful and the taste of pure sex was filling my mouth and exciting my taste buds. I licked my lips to get every ounce of the taste that I could.

Then I started to smell every rank, sexual smell of my body. I could smell my own sweat, piss, cum, ass, and it all meshed with my super powerful male musky odor. It was overwhelming me to the point that I was moaning loudly inside my body and out of my mouth. It felt like I started to literally fall for myself as Narcissus did in mythology. Only instead of looking in a mirror through my eyes, I was looking and feeling deep into myself. All the outward love that I had was reversing and coming back inside of me.

I loved myself so fucking much it started to take over my actions. My hands started rubbing all over my body, feeling the wondrous muscle that I yearned for so badly and the love for myself began consuming me more and more. This was not a normal self-love; it was unbridled passion to completely please myself. I was licking and sucking my hands and kissing my arms and biceps. Saliva was pouring out of my mouth over my body, like I was a rabid dog. My hands were caressing my huge thighs and calves, then up to my glorious ass. “Oh GOD, I fucking love my rock hard ass.” I gushed. I took my huge right hand and started fingering my ass. First my 11” index finger then I added my 14” middle finger and the ring finger followed as I was fucking my hol e sending me over the edge. I started licking myself anywhere my mouth would reach. I just wanted to taste every sweaty, cum drenched inch of my huge muscle-god body and worship it. My whole body was contorting so my mouth could reach where I wished to taste and my hand was still fucking my ass.

The strain become almost too much as I withdrew my finger from my hungry chute and bought it too my nose. There was no dirty smell, just the smell of a clean but incredibly sexual and pungent odor, that drew me insane with lust. I licked the tip of my middle appendage and the flavor was amazing. I stuck almost my entire hand down my throat. It tasted like the sweetest cum and saltiest sweat, ever. Next, I brought my left nipple up to my mouth to bite and suck on it. My eyes stayed closed the whole time as my tongue and teeth played with my huge chest. As all of this was happening I hadn’t even noticed how this was sending immediate signals to my prick. My cock started to grow to it’s over enormous state, growing up past my chest and up to my face. When I felt it rubbing against my lips I opened my mouth and literally shoved my aching cock down my throat. I was beyond any realm of the real world as I moved my hips and fucked my own mouth, with my great shaft guided and surrounded by my huge rock hard tits. I arched my back as I threw my arms at my sides and fucked and fucked and sucked and sucked myself into shear frenzy.

Then I literally exploded torrents of cum into myself. There was so much fluid that I couldn’t even swallow it all, as it poured out from my mouth and nose and drenched my body. I didn’t care how vulgar or disgusting I must have looked. At that moment I thought it was the best sex I had EVER had. I didn’t care about anyone or anything else, except for me: Me, My body, My FUCKING MUSCLEGOD BODY.

I didn’t care about the five men who I was supposed to help that were in a sleeping coma below me. I didn’t care about the mission we were supposed to undertake. I didn’t care about humans, animals, plants, the environment or Heaven & Hell. I didn’t care about any of the little fucking puny pipsqueaks on the planet. I was the largest, strongest, hottest, most beautiful creature on Earth and nothing in this or any other world could compare. I would crush anyone who thought different, too. The world was mine now and I was to be worshiped by all; especially by those little fucks lying there underneath me. They were my going to be my fuck slaves for eternity, because there was no one else in the world that would live through ten seconds of a fuck-fest with me. Even those 5 BOYS, might have a hard time handling my awesome TITAN MUSCLE-GOD BODY. Hell, there wasn’t anyone FUCKING ANYWHERE worthy of pleasuring me other than MY FUCKING ASTRONOMICALLY ENHANCED SELF. I just wanted me and only me. FUCK ALL OF YOU. I was the supreme being of the universe. I AM A GOD. Then something happened: Something that saved me. No, someone saved me.

I don’t know how I broke out of it, but for a split second I heard a voice of a young man calling for me to come back to the real me and I realized how wrong it was to be this in love with yourself. I struggled but I managed to open my eyes, which broke the spell. I became ill with disgust over myself. I didn’t puke, but my stomach and my head reeled in pain. That must have been my test Jeff was talking about.

I looked at myself and I was wading in a pool of cum about 2 feet deep. I looked around the room to see if I had done anything to hurt the men or if anything else was different. After my eyes recovered from another blinding flash, which must have been radiating from my body the entire time, I noticed that wherever I looked, everything seemed strangely good looking. It was if everything looked back at me as though it wanted my full attention. It was like the room was in love with me. I could feel the weights wanting me to lift them. Each one of them actually felt the need to test my strength. They were yearning for me to lift them high, feeling my awesome power. Then a medicine ball rolled towards me and jumped up into my arms. With one swift reflex of a grabbing for the ball, I crushed it like a child’s balloon.

I threw the remains aside and noticed the cabinet with all the protein supplements had opened its doors and was presenting its contents inside to me. It was as if to say that it was all for me. I walked over to it and each supplement or protein drink was begging for me to consume them. This kind of freaked me out and I looked away and over to see that the guys were all awake and under the trance again. Each one had a glazed look of total lust in their eyes for me. Their arms were reaching out to me. Then, as if they were zombies from a horror movie, they started to crawl across the floor till they were under my huge legs. Each one started grabbing and caressing my calves and thighs. Eric and Carl rose up to lick and suck on my balls. I jumpe d back and realized that all of the pheromones that had caused me to go insane over myself had radiated out and was doing the identical thing to everything around me. Was this another test? I wasn’t sure.

I started to feel dizzy again and I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate. This time it worked. One by one the mosh pit, as Eric would say, of thoughts in my head started to sort out. This time, they were all thoughts of feelings or attributes. One thought was of endearment and love. Another was of power and strength. A third thought was over union and friendship. One more was of honor and duty while that of what I thought was the last, was of debauchery and sin. Then all of a sudden one stood out above the others. It was Control. I now realized I was to have control of my body, control of my surroundings, control of my men. All of the other thoughts would fall into place with the control of it al l. Just then, the group started moaning loudly as if they were calling to me to feed whatever need they were yearning for.

I started to get excited from hearing their moans and the sight of my unfaltering control that I had over everything in the room. It started to cause such a rush of power in me that I could feel my balls start to turn and begin to create even more gallons of cum. I thought I had completely emptied myself, into myself and on the floor only a short time ago, but I could feel it mixing and engorging my nuts. I looked at myself in one of the gym’s mirrors and I noticed my sac was pulsating and growing. It started getting extremely warm with a penetrating heat that poured into my dick and legs. Then, my cock started to lengthen and thicken like a blimp. It hit the previous four-foot level in record time, but to my amazement it continued to grow. The veins started popping out all over it as my blood literally pumped the giant larger and larger to over 6 ½ feet long and 3 feet around. Then just as quick as it started, it stopped. It just hung there sticking straight out and forward, pulsating with every heartbeat.

I looked back in the mirrors and noticed my face was disappearing over the top end of them. I realized I had started to grow taller as well. My whole body was changing again and I loved every second of it. My skin was turning a bright golden tan showing off more cuts of my muscular shape. My whole body was beginning to glow. It was a pale but noticeable sheen rising off of me.

I was already over 30 feet and now I had to punch through the ceiling to put my head and raising body through it. Up and up I continue to grow into the next story of the building. My shoulders broke through and then my chest was on the second floor. I stopped as my head hit the ceiling of that floor. I was now over 50 ft tall. I told the men to stay under me as I tore away the floor to the second story so I could see down into the gym.

All this time, I could feel my balls get as big as basketballs and then grow even bigger to the size of beach balls. I knew they were producing mega amounts of cum at a super quickened state. I started to feel like I was in a constant state of orgasm, but I wasn’t cumming, yet. Wave after wave of euphoria came over me. My entire body started to convulse in orgasmic spasms. It felt like I was cumming inside myself. My sac was burning up as it was filling up with what felt like heated cum. It was becoming more than it could hold. I could feel the liquid rising up my huge shaft like steam in a locomotive. As it rose up, my cock thickened another 9 inches to accommodate the gallons of fluid traveling towards the lighted end. Just as it reached my gargantuan cock head, it stopped. The press ure was excruciating and so fucking hot my cock felt like it would explode into a million pieces. I bellowed a load moan.

That’s when the medallion became part of me. It literally fused into the wall that was my chest and instantly caused me to go into Phase 2. There was no stopping or holding back as I started to shoot. All of this was so new to me and it felt so incredible that I couldn’t control myself. I let go of any resistance and totally gave into the moment. I grabbed my cock and aimed it directly at the men. I completely hose them down, not as to say shot after shot, but in a steady gush of glowing “silver” cum. Jesus, it was actually silver. It looked like mercury from a thermometer. It was splashing everywhere and even on me. Each spray of cum that landed on them caused them to moan even louder in pure joy and ecstasy. It was encasing everything it t ouched; the gym, my body, their bodies, but only their mouths were left untouched by it. Uncontrollably, I started to say, “OPEN WIDE MEN! Open wide for what you are about to receive. This is only the beginning and this will culminate the U4ia League of The Six”

U4ia League? Where the fuck did that come from, I thought? I shook my head and again, I blurted out to them to open their mouths and take in all of my metallic liquid that they could. Then I positioned my cock over each one of them so they could get a good sampling of me. After each one took in my powerful current, my silver serum caused their stomachs to balloon up as big as a nine-month pregnant woman. When they were full, the silver liquid started to secrete into their bodies causing each one to grow more and more muscle. Some would grow more than the others, but all of them grew at least 9-10 inches everywhere. Carl grew the most adding 18 inches to his entire form. He was definitely the large st of them all as he stood almost 25 feet tall.

I was still cumming, but the power of the flow was diminishing, when I realized that I had to ingest some of my own silver serum as well, so I sucked down all the remaining flow, until my balls were empty.

I started to feel completely indestructible. My skin felt hard as steel. My muscles were harder than marble. Even my breathing was different. If felt like I was not only breathing through my mouth, but through my skin as well. I could literally feel myself tightening up everywhere. My skin was stretched across my body like hard steel.

We finished what I now know was step 2 of a 5 part process for us to become SUPERHEROES. That phase was to embellish us with an invincible armor that nothing could penetrate if we so wished.

What happened next was, still to this day, a complete wonder to all of us.

As if by some mystical force, I started to shrink. I was getting shorter but I was hardly losing any of my muscle mass. The shorter I got the more intensely huge my muscles looked. They shrunk somewhat, but only enough to still be able to keep them functional. My head passed the ceiling of the first floor and I started to see Carl becoming eye to eye, at 25 feet tall. Then I noticed he started getting smaller right along with me till we were the same height as Jeff and Bo at 20 feet. Next all three of us were down to Joe and Eric’s height of 18. Finally, all of us stopped at 10 feet tall. Our cocks and muscles were still enormous but were not as insanely over proportioned as before.

The other men started to raise their arms over their heads with me helplessly following suit as they were lifting straight up into the air by an unseen power. While they were still in their hypnotic trance, I was not. Yet as my arms started to rise, I couldn’t help myself to give in to the feeling. I was alert and knew exactly what I was doing, but I could not control my own body at all. We were pushed to moved in to face each other and started to form a tight circle. Our hands grasped each other’s and then a hugely intense feeling of power over came all of us. Incredible sensations of power and ecstasy over took us as we started to moan uncontrollably. The air of the room filled with the sent of hundreds of powerful testosterone laden men. The feeling of incredibly strong hands started to touch, grope, and fondle our bodies.

Our cocks rose to instant attention and I noticed that we were all about the same length at 20” each. That’s when I noticed and felt another presence in the room. In fact, the presence that I felt was like there was more than just one. It felt like the room was becoming filled with actual bodies of huge naked muscular men coming up behind each one of us. Just then I noticed that the other guys were coming out of their trances. We all were still incapable of any type of movement other than what the unseen power had in store, like puppets on a string. We now could clearly see the figures of the colossal men that started filling the room. Their naked bodies completely mammoth in size and every one of them was hard as a rock. The look in all of our eyes was of sheer panic as these glowing gods of muscle materialized and surrounded us. Their rock hard bodies were grinding and pulsating against us with the feeling of a huge power plant of sex.

Bo whispered in sex-crazed tone, “What the fuck is going on? I can’t take much more of this. I think I’m gonna shoot”

“I dunno, Bo, but it’s making me hot as fuck too.” Eric replied as he started to shudder in pure passion.

Then it hit me, “I know.”

“What’s going to happen, Steve?” Carl said with a sensual growl that covered a slight amount of fear in his voice. One of the huge men behind him was air fucking the crack of his ass.

“I think we are about to find out.” Jeff said as he looked up and noticed that a rope was encircling all of our hands and wrists, tying us together. With a swift move, the rope cinched and we were pulled into each other as our cocks rose up and smacked against our bodies. The smell of each of us invaded my nostrils and I moaned in orgasmic pleasure. Bo and Eric couldn’t take it anymore as they started to cum. I was just about to when I noticed the horrified look that was on Jeff’s face as he was still looking up. His eyes widened with fear and lust as he saw what was floating down from above.

The figure of the most beautiful and muscular man I had ever seen before was slowly descending over us from above. His face was not yet into view but I could tell in Jeff’s eyes, he knew.

“Hercule?” Jeff said as a tear formed and ran down his left cheek.

“Hello my love. I told you that you would see me again. And I’m so very happy to have this chance to once again gaze upon the love of my life. You have made me extremely proud, son.”

“Oh my God, I’ve missed you so much. You died and I was lost. Damnit, you died right before my eyes. How can this be that you’ve come back to me?”

“I, as well as the rest that stand all around you, are the past Gods of Olympia. We are here to take you through your final 3 steps to becoming Gods yourselves.”

It was then that I knew what was about to happen and the excitement of that knowledge caused me to regain the feeling of an orgasm and I started to cum.

“ENOUGH STEVEN!!” Hercule bellowed. “Even though you know of the bountiful fruit for which you are ALL about to receive, do not lust in anticipation for it. You are the Chosen one, for which the group must follow and you must control thyself for the others. You have passed your initial test, but don’t be fooled into thinking that thine first is thine last. Others will follow. And Other men will try to take what is been given to you”

I stopped cumming almost immediately. But the magnificent sensations that were pouring through me remained unabated.

“What the fuck is going on?” Bo yelled.


“Yes, what are you talking about?”

“There is something inside of you that does not want to be taken control of and thus you have not been turned as fast as the others. You will need some EXTRA work. AND YOU WILL GET THAT NOW.”

“BOHEME?” Eric chuckled as he nudged his friend. Then looking back up at Hercule, “What kind of work, sir?” He asked Hercule like a little boy wanting to know something but afraid of the answer. He got his answer very quickly.

“THIS TYPE OF WORK, SON!!” With that, each one of us was immediately impaled with six giant cocks of different muscle god spirits. We all yelled at the top of our lungs in agony and bliss. There was no warning, no slow penetration and no mercy. One at a time they entered each of us with a swiftness and force of jackhammers. It seemed like hundreds of huge men were taking their turn. None of us could move our bodies as we were pounded and filled with the power enriched cum of these huge gods. Over and over they fucked us, each one cumming with a torrent stream of a life force that made us feel more powerful and beyond anything we had ever felt before. One would stop cumming and then another would enter us till he came. Our cocks started growing till each shaft was even with our faces an d touching our mouths. Our shafts looked not only huge but muscular as well. We actually were building muscle inside our cocks. Each of us could feel the awesome amount of strength coursing through us. The power that we had before was nothing compared to what we were feeling now. Even for as strong and powerful as I was before, now I could feel every single fiber in my body getting stronger and the sensation was that of a maximum and constant all over body pump as well as a constant feeling of a huge orgasm. All of our voices lowered to immensely masculine basses as our moaning and grunting got louder. Each of us was getting stronger and yet we could not break free from the heavenly hold on us, not that I think any of us would have wanted too. For a moment I opened my eyes and looked at the other men and I could feel their power as well. I have no clue as to why I wasn’t just spewing everywhere at that moment, but my cock would not cum. Then Carl opened his eyes and as he look ed at all of us, I knew that he was feeling the same thing I was. Then Joe opened his and the look on his face was of the most perfect euphoria we all had ever felt as we could feel what each one of us was feeling. Jeff, Eric and Bo all opened their eyes and as the last of the gods forced themselves on us, Hercule spoke again.

“Thee all have been entered by the Gods one at a time and Thee each have absorbed their divine gift of power so that thee can finish the change and become complete Gods thyself. Each one can feel thine own blood flow with the power and magnitude of a million men and you should feel exactly what all the others are feeling. When you all come together for any task later in your lives, this is the feeling you will all have. The power that you feel inside right now will never fade. It will stay in you forever. Your ability to release your sexual tension has been thwarted till the last of the Gods has filled you up. After the last of them are through, you may release your seed. But do not waste it. When you start to cum suck on your cock or one of the others in the group. This is your reward for this part of the change. It shall give you a very pleasant surprise. Are you ready for Phase 4, gentlemen.”

All of us replied in unison, “Yes!” Then Carl could hold back no longer and he placed his lips on my cock and started to suck. The suction that he was creating on me was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had on my cock. I panicked for a second looking up to see if there was any disapproval from above. I was pleasantly surprised to find Hercule smiling. Having the gods approval, I let loose. There was so much cum that Carl couldn’t swallow it all and I joined him at my cockhead and lapped up the remainder of my essence. That is when the rest of them let go, too. Cum started to fly into the air but was quickly cut off by our own hungry mouths. We sucked each other and ourselves for a good hour. There were no changes in our bodies or feelings of emptying anything out. In fact, the more we came the more filled up our nuts felt. It was as if the cum we swallowed was recycled and helped to produce more cum. This was our reward: An endless supply of cum. If Hercule wouldn’t have commanded for us to stop, we would have kept up our suck and drink fest for hours and hours.

“Enough, Men!” Hercule spoke and interrupted our eruptions. “You now all have the seed of the Gods coursing through you and you will never grow old, weary, or lose what you have as long as you stay true to the mission of Olympus and the guidelines thereof. If you fail, abuse, or betray the group, you will return to a normalyeon. Heed this warning before you enter your final stage of transformation. You will now all sleep until your final phase is completed.” With that we all started to black out and were finally released to slowly drop onto the floor below. During our suck and drinking fest, all we could move was our heads and our cocks to position them in each other’s mouths. It was amazing to have the ability to control our cocks and move them freely like an arm, with the new muscles inside them. As we started to drift off into our induced comas, I can remember landing my body onto Carl and Jeff’s. The feeling of our bodies touching was completely electrifying to me. I looked over at Joe, Eric and Bo. Bo was still standing. Then everything went dark.

Visions of the five other men started to come over me. I started to see each one separately and it was if I was looking into their soul to find out what they were really like inside. I was really in love with all five of them. They were my loyal friends, subjects and sexual partners. I realized that I was the one to decide who they should be as Heros.

Carl, of course, was the one I favored the most. He came to me first in my dream. I knew my love for him was the most pronounced. Whenever I would look at him, he turned me on so much my cock would raise and harden instantaneously. Even though I was much bigger and stronger than him, I so desired for him to be dominate one and take me, violate me, and fuck me harder than ever. I would have to look away from him at times to avoid cumming everywhere. He was the only one who was as strong as me, so I couldn’t hurt him if I was to give it my all with him. His humongous, hairy, thick, and massive body could take all that I give him and he’d give it right back to me. God, he was a complete behemoth. Now, looking at him standing there, I knew he wa s to be the first for me to change him into a True God. He was to be my partner forever. He was to be my equal. That’s it! He was to be THOR: Viking God of Strength and Power.

Next I saw Jeff who was the initial leader of our group. God, what a complete specimen of pure manhood he was. The Man was literally SuperMan in every aspect. His body was absolutely perfect and humongous. His teeth were pearl white with thick, wavy, jet-black hair on his head. His jaw was so finely chiseled that it would have taken a carver several weeks to get it to this point. His eyes were incredibly deep blue that they almost looked black in the right light. He was perfection personified. It was obvious that he would look the most like a real superhero. But he was even huger than any superman picture I had ever seen. And to even look at him, you wanted to give into him totally. He was that beautiful. I got it. He was real god and forc e to be reckoned. That was to be his name: TITAN—Force of the Gods.

I had to softly chuckle inside, when I saw Eric come into view next. You could see the innocence and orneriness in him. He was one huge muscular monster of a beach boy who had a heart as warm as the sun he worshiped. His copper colored skin and sun bleach blond hair proved his loyalty to the huge fireball in the sky. But his real beauty came from within. Of all the guys, Eric was the most likely man that would bend over backwards to selflessly help another individual. He would be the first to take any challenge that was to fall upon our group: basically sacrificing himself for us. He was as bright as the sun and able to fly up to it if he so wished. He could get very out of control as a god too, like a comet falling from the sky. He would become FIRESTORM—Light of the Gods.

Joe was next to come into my mind. The Man finally had become a dark ebony Island God. At first when he came to the group, his skin was darker than a white man but because of having a white mother and black father, Joe was never really dark enough to look Black or light enough to look Caucasian. Many people thought he looked Puerto Rican. He was a very smart man and very in tune with his body. His body was cut but not to the point of how a fit black mans body would look. He was softer in those areas, which gave him an appearance of waves of muscle more than a tight hard body. He also only had a 5 ½ inch average looking cut penis, which was nothing to be ashamed about, but he always wanted a HUGE THICK BLACK UNCUT MONSTER between his thighs, that would make anyone envy and desire him, b ut think twice about having it up their ass.

When the change started, every time Joe would gain more mass his muscles became more cut and defined. His skin would get noticeably darker, tighter, and a glowing sheen of rich Nubian oil would make him shine like the God he was becoming. His lips had gotten fuller as his handsome features became strikingly more beautiful and African. His hair turned from a very dark brownish black, to a deep coal black and the curls were tighter and closer to his head. But the best part of all, for Joe himself, was that his cock was finally growing beyond his own wishes to a hugely veined, incredibly thick, super long slab of dark meat with more skin over the head then all the rest of us, which stayed hooded even when hard. Even though he was the smallest i n muscle mass of all five men he looked like the second largest, behind Carl, due to the cuts, skin tone and perfect symmetry of his body. He, beside myself, was by far the one who had changed the most.

His mind had increased drastically too. Before the change his IQ was around the top of his class at Perdue University. Since the change his brain had become so much more that he was now able to move almost anything with it. He could control the movement of inanimate objects as well as that of living things. Surprisingly he could not move anything when the Gods were controlling us. That could be because we were still not Gods yet ourselves. He was becoming a God of the Mind and Body. He was two perfect halves that made an even more perfect whole. He was GEMINI—Symmetry of the Gods.

There they were, the five men that I adored: Jeff, Carl, Eric, Joe and Bo. All of them were now dressed accordingly to there persona. All of them, except?wait, something was wrong. I felt dizzy, like I was going to pass out, but I was still asleep from Hercule’s spell. What was happening to the mental picture in my mind? Everything was becoming hazy. I could barely see the men standing in front of me. I couldn’t focus as well as before. It seemed that one of them was missing, but I couldn’t be sure. My mind was slowing down and getting heavy with a greying darkness. Everything was going dim in my head. Why was I being shut off like that? Then just as suddenly as it started, everything came back into focus.&nbs p;

But I felt different. It was as if I had no control over my mind or body. Strange feelings were coming over me. Feelings of want, hatred, envy, and an extreme desire to rule others were building up inside. I looked down at my body and I began to feel jealously pour through me. I was so bitter looking at my body, yet I was yearning for myself at the same time. Envy took over and I became angry. “Why the fuck don’t I have a body like this? What makes him so special, that he gets all the best shit? I’m a God too and I should have everything he has. Talk about being a God; Damn I feel like I could fucking rule the world in this body. The power that’s coursing through these veins is fucking incredible. I feel millions of times stronger than before. I’m never going back. Jesus, look at my gargantuan cock. It’s getting me so fucking hot. God I wanna fucking cum. I have the power now to control all of them. They will understand what it’s like to serve a true leader. I’m the biggest, baddest, best fucking God in the world and I’m staying right here. I’m gonna have it all. And I’m going to start by finishing this so called change. It’s time to fucking show them all how powerful and supreme I am.”

Two of the guys started to wake up out of their induced comas and they noticed more than just a few changes in each other.

I, on the other hand, was slowly opening the focal points that were my new eyes.

Jeff started to chuckle as he looked over at Carl. He looked as if he stepped off of a Viking ship, ready to pillage, rape and burn. His hair was long and wild with a beard so thick and coarse you could hardly see his mouth. His body was so thick with hairy muscle that he literally looked like a mountain. He had an armor of metal and animal skins covering parts of his naked fur-covered body. The suede codpiece covering his groin was enormous, having to contain what lay beneath it like it was a wild animal encaged for everyone’s protection.

Carl growled at his friend’s amusement and walked over to Jeff in show of power. He pressed one finger against Jeff’s massive chest and lifted his massive 570lb smooth frame over his head. Jeff’s eyes widened as he witnessed Carl’s amazing display of strength. How could anyone lift such weight as his with only one finger? This started to get Jeff turned on as well. Then Carl started to press Jeff with his index finger up and down. This was all it took for Jeff as he started to moan and his cock started to grow pushing against the confines of his thong. If Carl didn’t stop this mighty and erotic display of strength soon, Jeff would rip through the fabric. He decided to turn on his special gift. Pheromones started pouring out of his massive body and encircled his Viking friend. Carl was no match for the scent of such power.

“Put me down you Big Ogre, before I sprout wood and put your eye out.” Both of them laughed as Carl brought Jeff down and into his arms where they hugged and kissed each other. At first it started as a friendly kiss, but their pent up passions began to take over. The scent of Jeff started to drive Carl mad with lust and the sheer immense display of strength of Carl, drove daggers of electrical yearning throughout Jeff. Their tongues started searching each other’s mouth to fill their growing desire. Both of their cocks started tearing through their incased homes to freedom. Carl pulled Jeff away from his body to get his own good look at his friend’s new image.

Jeff had a blue/gray tint of color to his naked skin and there was a big “T” fused onto his colossal chest. The black thong that covered his straining cock, showed signs of ripping as it begged to be released. The color of it was perfectly matched to his jet-black hair. He looked like an oversized Greek statue of pure power. In fact he WAS a Greek God, now. Jeff pulled himself back into Carl so that he was again pressed firmly against Carl’s 72” chest.

Eric and Joe started to wake up, feeling their new fond power within.

Carl lifted Jeff up so that the Titan’s large hard nipple was in the Vikings mouth. He sucked, nibbled and bit on it as Jeff’s moans shook the room. Jeff lifted his legs and encircled Carl’s mighty torso. His cock rose up to where Carl’s mouth was on his chest. The Viking sucked in the head along with the nipple. Carl knew what he wanted as his cock burst through his suede covering, shredding the hard fabric. With one quick pull Carl ripped Jeff’s thong off and shoved his friend down onto his mammoth cock. Shots of precum poured out of Jeff’s own monster onto Carl’s mouth. Carl told Jeff to let go of the hold that he had around him. Jeff obliged and watched in amazement as his friend leaned slight ly back and was able to fuck him just be the strength of his cock. It felt like a huge telephone pole inside him. With every thrust of his hips Carl’s cock plunged deeper in Jeff’s hole and thrust more of Jeff’s cock into Carl’s mouth.

Eric and Joe were now fully awake in all areas of their bodies. Their own cocks straining to free themselves as a result of the scene before them. I was starting to stand at this point, but I was still not fully awake.

With a final hard and incredible thrust, Carl emptied his entire nutsack into Jeff’s hungry anus, causing Jeff to shoot huge thick ropes of cum into the Viking. Since both had an endless supply of the God’s Cream their orgasms took as long as they chose. Jeff could feel his stomach and intestines filling up with Carl’s juice. As well as Carl’s stomach started to rise becoming engorged with Jeff’s sperm. After about 10 minutes of pure euphoria they both ended their insatiable desires with a kiss that reminded them of the closeness they had felt since the very beginning.

The rest of the guys joined Jeff and Carl having cum in there own outfits without even touching themselves. Since Jeff was so over excited with lust his pheromones were literally bouncing off the walls and caused Eric and Joe to have multiple orgasms where they stood.

Eric’s body was fire red and his eyes were yellow with orange cat-like slits for pupils. His hair was pure white and there was a small patch of extra skin connecting his underarms with his torso. His engorged bikini briefs were the same color as his skin and blended so well that he looked like a Ken doll with a package that would split Barbie in half. Only now they were soaked with white hot cum as it dripped down his thighs into a pool of jizz.

Joe was coal black with every muscle in his body clearly outlined by his half clear/half white full body suit that was a complete second skin. His Huge endowment hung down his massively cut right thigh on the clear half of his suit for everyone to see its beauty and the milky white cream covered his lower leg filling the suit up to his thigh. He had a ying/ yang style mask over his eyes of one pure white and the other black as the night.

All four men kissed each other and looked around the room.

My eyes were open now and I was standing naked before them in all my glory. My body was one completely huge red muscle of power and I felt for the first time the ultimate strength that I newly possessed.

Just then Eric asked, “Hey Where’s Bo?”

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