Trading parts

by Marc Roberts

What body part would you give up for a huge, cum-spurting cock?

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Every gay guy wants a bigger cock.

Mine was only 4 inches when hard and small balls, and as I am 6 foot tall and 200 pounds I wished could have a lot bigger. A friend of mine told me about this guy that did penis modifications and I asked him for more information. He got me his phone number, which I rang until a strange voice answered and I was told to present myself at this man’s house.

He seemed like a really nice guy. He said his name was Roger and asked if I would like to go in and tell him what I wanted. I followed him through his house and went into a clinical type room. Two other guys in white coats were there.

“Right,” said Roger. “Let’s hear what you would like to have modified and see if we can help. No charge will be made as this is sort of hobby of mine, but we will ensure that anything done is done correctly.”

“Well…” I replied. “It’s a bit difficult, I would like a bigger cock and balls and wonder of this is possible?”

“Depends how big you want it,” he answered. “You would think most guys like a hefty 12-inch long and well-girthed cut cock, with balls to match. It takes a lot of flesh to make it,” he went on blandly, “and that means losing a part of your body, like your leg, for example… how do you feel about that, Marc?” At my look of surprise he said, “We can fix you up with papers to give to your hospital and doctor proving your leg was amputated in France whilst on holiday after a car crash. This would mean you get medical expenses and a prosthetic leg from the UK clinics, and also medical benefits.”

They had no way of knowing this, but I’d always wanted a prosthetic leg, and hadn’t imagined it actually happening. “Wow,” I practically shouted. “Two dreams in one go.”

Roger laughed. “I’ll take that as an agreement to proceed to the next step. Of course you’ll have to leave your job, or at least take a good holiday, and we will tell them what has happened regarding an accident.”

“No problems at all,” I assured him. “I am due for time off anyway, I will ask for a fortnight’s leave from this Friday.”

“Fine,” said Roger. “We will start on Saturday.”

So I gave my request at work, and finished on the Friday, then presented myself at Roger’s on Saturday morning. I was asked in, showered and given a hair remover shampoo for my crotch, and when the hair had all gone went back into the room. Was given anesthesia and Roger said when you wake up your left leg will be gone and you will be heavily bandaged around your crotch, and will have a catheter. I went out like a light.

I woke up feeling really fuzzy and sickly, saw Roger and the two guys stood by the bed, Roger was wiping my head with a cool cloth, he smiled. “Everything went according to plan. You will be able to see your new penis and balls in five days when swelling has gone down and your leg stump in about 10 days.” I looked down the bed and saw one leg outlined, the other ended just above my left knee… I felt no pain though.

Six days later Roger and the guys removed a lot of bandaging from my crotch and also down my right leg, it had been changed very day but I did not see under it.

To my surprise, there was a cock nearly to my knee, it was thick and pulsing with life, cum leaking from its head, but my balls! They were the size of oranges the whole lot looked amazing.

Ten days later they showed me my leg stump. I had a great leg, stump hair already growing on it. He had used a laser to heal the cut marks and there was hardly any swelling.

Three weeks went by and I was measured for a socket, and one week later was shown how to put on the silicone sleeve over the socket and shown how to walk. Training was intense and in a week I was pretty damn good.

It was time to try my cock out. I have to wear lycra running tights to hold it against my leg and keep my balls in one place. Roger watched to make sure everything worked while I wanked off, and in about three minutes I shot a monster load of cum out which lasted nearly another five minutes.

One of the guys said he would like to try it out and dropped his trousers. He prepped himself quickly and I guided my 12” boner into his anal entrance and pushed gently, he moaned a little and I pushed ahead. I got nearly 10” in and my balls slapped his arse he moaned and told me to fuck away so I did. It felt amazing, and then I shot my load, and another massive wad of cum flew into him… so much it was oozing from his butthole, so I pulled out.

Before I realised Roger and the other guy started to lick and suck my cum off my boner. “Success all around,” said Roger. “You can go home now and enhoy your new life.”

I was out talking with the lads at the gym and having just showered, our talk once again dropped to vulgar things and before long we were on the size of our cocks and balls. Two of my pals are pretty well endowed and have 8-inch cocks and hefty balls. The other three, including me, are just about 5 inches when hard with smaller balls. I said, “I have to admit having a cock as big as my wrist would certainly liven up my sex life. I love fisting guys and it would add some real hot fun to that pastime!”

We all parted and went our separate ways and that was that.

Next day was Saturday and no work so decided I would go running, so got up early and went for a piss. I reached down for my cock and let go, to my horror I was pissing up the wall and it was like a jet-stream. I looked down thinking I had dropped my cock, which is always rock hard when I wake up, only to see a stream of piss coming from my right hand, only I had no right hand—it had vanished and my wrist was now a huge cock head!

I held my arm over toilet and finished pissing and shook it gently and lifted my arm up to look closely. My arm was normal, right to where my hand should have started and now it was a round cock head just like any normal one, except mine was big. I grabbed my crotch and just found two rather large balls and no penis…

I walked into the bedroom and looked in the full length mirror at myself, my left arm and hand were normal but my right was a hand shorter with the rounder cock head on the end. I had a smooth area of flesh where my cock had been and both my balls had grown a lot bigger. Totally bizarre and beyond fantasy.

I rang my best mate Kenny who was around in 10 minutes. By then I was showered and dressed wearing a long sleeved shirt to cover my arm cock. Kenny came in we had a coffee and I told him what had happened since last night in the gym, then I said, “Hey watch this.” I put my right arm on the table and pulled up the sleeve.

“Fucking hell,” shouted Kenny, “You have a fucking big cock head on your arm. Does it cum?”

“I’ve been waiting to try it out. Fancy sucking the end?”

Kenny laughed and said, “Too true, how about I bend over and you fuck me with it?”

He dropped his jeans and was naked underneath. I rubbed a load of lube on my cock end and lower arm and gently placed in on his arse hole entrance. I pushed but he moaned, it was a big cock end. I pushed a bit more and in I went up to my elbow. I moved around inside and started to fuck him, my arm started to shake, my balls were moving around in my crotch. I told Kenny to hang on tight because I might cum any moment.

Just then I felt a huge jet of cum exit my cock and within seconds it was oozing out of his hole and over my forearm. I pulled out and to Kenny’s delight my cock was still shooting cum as he looked at it.

“I cannot believe it,” he said. “What the fuck are you going to tell everyone?”

“Wait until Monday,” I told him, and he stayed over with in order to play with my new toy.

“I have phoned my uncle,” I told him the next morning. “He’s gay and he lives about 335 miles from here. I am going to stay with him for about two months, I have time off built up from work.” I explained I’d then let them know I was in an accident and had my right hand amputated, which will explain my lost hand.

My Uncle has a prosthetic right hand. He has spare prosthetic hands, hooks and all the bits to go with them, so if I stay with him one of his doctor friends is going to get documents to say I have been in hospital, had my hand amputated after being hit by a car and have been fitted with a temporary prosthetic hand.

I had to stay for about two months, as an amputation takes about three weeks to heal and a few more weeks to get a sock and hook or hand fitted. All my uncle’s friends were gay, and the stay, the arm, socket etc cost me nothing because they simply loved to suck my cock and get shafted with my arm. I even managed to obtain a brand new harness to hold the socket on and operate the hook, they also secured a fully functional hand, operated by the nerves in my wrist and only had to wear a short socket on my forearm. The hand is right out of Spider-Man, and is covered with a thick rubber glove to protect the fine metal finger bones and tiny motors. I love it.

After the two months had passed I headed home. Kenny met me at the station and first thing he looked at was my bright shiny metal hook on the end of my right arm. “Wow,” he said. “That looks ace. Ever tried wanking a guy off with those rounded hooks?”

“You bet I have,” I replied. “I’ll do you later if you like!”

We went straight back to my place where the other three guys from the gym were waiting for us. They hugged and kissed me, let me get my breath back and then all shouted, “We want to see your cock !!”

I took off my shirt and removed the webbing holding the socket and hook on and then flashed my cock ended arm at them, having been enclosed all day in the socket, my cock end was red and hard as hell, dripping pre cum and I was gagging to push it up someone’s arse. All three volunteered, so they dropped their trackkie bottoms and boxers and I lubed my arm and cock and gently pushed it up all three. I filled each guy with thick cum and was still dripping after filling all three. Kenny licked my cock head clean and smiled with pleasure. “Gorgeous” he said.

Kenny told them to turn around and then he dropped his pants as well. “Fuck me,” I said, “what the fuck happened to you four then?.”

The morning after we all left the gym, someone must have overheard us all wishing for monster cocks. We all said we wanted a hefty 10” with balls to match, and I wanted one like your arm; well, I got what I wished for and so did they, the next morning. Now they all had hefty 10 inchers, swinging gently near their knees, all cut head, all hot and hard, all with pre cum dripping and all with gorgeous balls swinging gently behind them. “Well,” I said, “my arse is waiting to sample the lot of you, but if you all fuck me it means I will end up shooting loads of cum in my excitement!”

We went into the bathroom. I bent over the sink and got fucking good servicing off the lot of them. My cock headed arm just kept shooting wads of thick cum so I nearly filled the sink. They all finally finished fucking me and we all got showered and cleaned up and went back into the lounge.

After eating, one of the lads asked how my hook worked, so I flexed my shoulders and showed them how it opened and closed Bill stood up, opened his zip, pulled out his monster and said to me, “Go on, put your hook around my tool and wank me off.” I opened the two hooks and place them around his cock, lowered my arm which closed them, and slowly moved it up and down his cock, faster and faster. Suddenly he yelled “I’m cumming!” and shot a copious amount of cum over my pants.

“Well” I said, “that’s an improvement.” And from then on all our lives changed for the better.


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