Stories featuring guys who have had limbs partially or fully amputated.

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Leg transformation by Andrew James
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Among us by BRK Nathan Yates is an ordinary boy who’s just graduated from high school and whose biggest concern in life in trying to figure out why the hottest guy in school is making passes at him. That is, until he’s thrown into a story he knows intimately from his favorite cult graphic novels, and becomes embroiled in a conflict that reaches across worlds and universes. 15 parts Added May 2017 Updated 27 Apr 2018 26k views 4.4 stars (17 votes) 52k words (#64) •Huge Cock•Muscle/Strength•Amputation•Human to Animal/Anthro•Aliens•Werewolves•Mind Control •t/t

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Everyone wants a cock as big as his wrist, right? by Robert James Talking about having a wrist-thick cock and actually having one are two different things. Added Mar 2019 7,314 views 2.0 stars (3 votes) 1,448 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Amputation•Transformation

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Leg transformation by Andrew James A horny guy with a prosthetic leg wonders what it would be like if his stump were turned into a huge cock. Much to his shock and delight, he gets to find out. Added Jan 2018 6,964 views 4.6 stars (5 votes) 1,299 words •Huge Cock•Amputation•Transformation

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Trading parts by Marc Roberts What body part would you give up for a huge, cum-spurting cock? 2 parts Added Apr 2018 8,644 views 2.6 stars (5 votes) 2,384 words •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Amputation

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