This is Sean

by Cockatrice

 Michael is nervous because he is bringing his boyfriend Sean to his parents’ place for the first time. Even more, Sean is a werecock and does not understand why that has to be kept a secret from Michael’s parents...

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“And no sass!” I tell Sean without taking my eyes from the lane.

“Not even a little?” comes his reply from the passenger seat.


I can almost hear him smirk. “Do they have a sass allergy or what?”

However, I’m not quite in the mood for jokes right now. I’m sure my parents will like Sean, but… Presenting a boyfriend for the first time has always made me nervous and it’s no different today.

“I mean it,” I try to say as diplomatically as possible. “Try to keep it down.”

“I’ll try my best,” he relents.

There is a short silence and in the corner of my eyes I see him fidgeting with his shirt.

“I don’t even understand why you’re the nervous one,” Sean muses. “By all means I should be.”

Are you?” I give him a quick glance to check if he is facetious, which he isn’t.

“Nah.” He just sounds mildly irritated instead. “Just uncomfortable.”

“The clothes again?”

“Yeah.” Sean’s mood seems to have changed. Gone is the jokester from a few minutes ago. Maybe he is nervous after all.

I can’t suppress a smile. “Aw, you’ll get used to it.”

“I’ll never get used to clothes,” he sulks.

My only reply is a roll of my eyes.

“It’s also cold,” he continues.

I take a look on the thermometer on the dashboard. “It’s not cold.”

Sean frowns out the window. “It is outside.”

“It’s just a few steps from the car to the door.” I try to calm him. “You’ll survive.”

“I just don’t see why I couldn’t stay in your underwear until we’re there.”

“And how—pray tell—would we get you dressed before meeting my parents?”

“Would we have to?”

I make a silent hand gesture indicating the loss of words. “… Yes?” I say. “They’re my parents. I don’t want them to see you naked the first time they meet you.”

“But in the future we could do that?” he asks in a most sincerely hopeful tone.


Sean slumps back into his seat. I feel slightly guilty for getting a little upset, but it’s not like we haven’t talked about this several times before. Before I can think of anything reassuring, Sean continues.

“What if you excused yourself to the restrooms, let me out and get me dressed.”

“And how would we explain to my parents that I went to the bathroom alone and come out with my boyfriend?”

“We could get a big top hat and you pull me out of it. Tada! What a wonderful magic trick.” Sean mimics a magician in front of an invisible audience.

I don’t say anything.

“Or, you know,” Sean shrugs. “Just tell them the truth.”

“I can’t,” I sigh. “They wouldn’t understand.”

Sean crosses his arms. “Your parents are weird. My dads wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

“That’s because they’re also werecocks!” I helplessly gesture at everything again. “Don’t you understand? This isn’t how it works in the real world.”

In the corner of my eyes I notice the fidgeting stops and turn to face him, already knowing what look will await me. As I look at him, I see his disapproving face, laced with disappointment.

“The ‘real world’, huh?” he says and turns away to the side window.

My stomach drops. I really didn’t mean to hurt him like that.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” I attempt damage control. “I just… You know what I mean right?”

No response.

“I’m really sorry,” I continue. “It was a bad choice of words.”

Still no response and I decide to not press the issue further. I know he’ll get over it, but it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty.

The rest of the way we don’t talk much until the house of my parents comes into view around half an hour later where I already see them standing by the door, waiting for us. Knowing my mother, she’s probably been waiting for our arrival on the patio for at least 10 minutes despite the chilly weather.

After I park the car in the front yard I turn to Sean again.

“Are you still mad?” I ask softly.

“A little,” he says after undoing his seatbelt and gives me a peck on my cheek. “I’m really looking forward to meeting your parents though. Maybe I’ll learn something about the real world today.”

Without a further word he opens the door of the car and steps outside, making his way towards my parents, without waiting for me to introduce him. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the thing I said or because he just wants to get inside quickly. Probably both.

I use the few seconds I have to myself to watch Sean greet my parents and reminisce about our relationship. His patience, especially towards me, will never cease to amaze me. It is a virtue I distinctly lack. Sean may be a cheeky little bag of sass, but I wouldn’t want to trade him in for anyone else in the world. And this makes the moments when I accidentally say something wrong all the more painful.

With a sigh I open the door and walk to my parents, who are already leading Sean inside.

“Hey mom. Hey dad,” I say as I enter the patio.

“Michael!” My mom squeals as she goes in for a hug. I must admit I hadn’t visited in a while, mostly because I accidentally let slip that I have a boyfriend now and my parents immediately asked to meet him, which of course is a little difficult, when he’s a werecock and spends most of his time attached to my crotch.

“Well, this is Sean,” I gesture at my boyfriend, who has already seized the opportunity and took a few steps into the door, crossing his arms to retain body heat. No wonder, I think, he’s used to the cozy warmth between my legs.

My mother, the acute observer that she is, turns to Sean. “Are you cold, my dear?”

“A little,” Sean says as I follow my mother inside. “It’s usually not this cold where I live.”

“Oh, you’re not from here?”

“No, not really.”

“Where are you from?” My mother asks as my dad closes the door behind us.

Sean glances over at me for a second with the hint of a smirk on his face. “Down south.”

I sigh internally while I try to keep a poker face.

In the following half an hour my parents prepare dinner, while Sean and I unpack our stuff in the guest room, my former childhood room, until we are called down to eat.

After we’ve sat down, as we are passing around the bowls, my mother can barely contain her excitement.

“Well then,” she starts. “Tell us everything!”

“Oof,” I let out as I pass the vegetables to Sean. “Where do we begin?”

“Where did you first meet?” my mother suggests.

Before I can recollect where exactly we met for the first time, Sean beats me to it.

“In a dark room,” he states matter-of-factly as he helps himself to a scoop of vegetables.

“That’s not true,” I blurt out almost instinctively, expecting Sean to retract with a smirk on his face.

Except he doesn’t and instead looks at me confused.

Then it hits me. The reason why I took longer to remember is that the first time we met, he already knew me. We did meet first in a dark room, but he wasn’t in human form at the time. I didn’t even know the dick in my mouth was a person. Later he approached me when I went to the club again.

I look into the faces of everyone. Sean and my parents expect me to clarify what I mean, but I realize that not counting the first meeting in the dark room would be disregarding my boyfriend in his cock form. I would be like denying a part of Sean.

Neither wanting to hurt Sean again nor dragging out the issue further, I concede. “You’re right. It was a dark room.”

My mother tries to hide a grin. Looks like she and Sean will get along nicely.

“But we did meet more normally afterwards,” I quickly add, my ears feeling hot. “You know, with proper dates and stuff.”

“It’s fine,” my mother reassures me. “As long as you’re happy and safe, we’re not judging.”

She takes a quick look to my father, who nods with a smile, somewhat awkward but entirely genuine.

“So it was love on first sight then?” my mother half-jokes with a wink.

“Not for everyone apparently,” Sean glances over to me and I swear I could see a smirk in the corner of his mouth. “Michael didn’t even recognize me from before.”

My ears feel like they’re on fire and I realize that I’ve forgotten to help myself to the meat. “Can we, like, change topics?” I beg through my teeth.

“Okay, so…” My mother is gathering her thoughts while cutting her food. “What do you do?” she asked Sean.

Sean seems confused. “As in?”

“For a living,” she clarifies.

Oh my god no, can we go back to the dark room topic? I think. How do I explain to my parents that my boyfriend literally does nothing all day but spend time in my pants?

“Umm, nothing,” Sean replies.

“So you’re like a house husband?” my father raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, sure.”

“He does help me out with work sometimes!” I interject. Technically it wasn’t a lie. I did occasionally take him to work, though the ‘helping’ part may be a bit of a stretch. “He’s not a bum!”

“No,” Sean confirms. “Quite the opposite.”


“As we said,” my mother reminds us. “We didn’t invite you over for us to judge you.”

Sean seems comfortable enough to continue the conversation while I finally fill my plate. “I went to university though. Studied botany with a focus on agriculture.”

I smile internally, though I’m not sure why he feels the need to make this story up.

“Oh? Does that mean you also know your way around gardening?” my father asks. “I’ve been trying to grow pumpkins, but they’ve never turned out right.”

“Are they wilting or just not growing well?” Sean inquires.

Wait, Sean does tend to the plants we have at home rather expertly.

“Just not growing well,” my father replies.

“What kind of plants have you next to them?”


“Oh yeah, that’s poison to pumpkins,” Sean explains. “Finding the right companion plants is important. The issue is that potatoes drain nutrients from the soil that pumpkins need. You should instead plant onions or sage, or another strong smelling herb to repel insects. Even better, plant beans among the pumpkins. They enrich the soil with nitrogen, which the pumpkins sorely need, especially now that the potatoes have removed it.”

I look at Sean in disbelief, hoping that my parents don’t notice. Is he making this up, or did he really go to university? As a werecock? I’m not sure what to believe anymore.

“That’s very helpful,” my father smiles. “I could show you around the garden. Maybe there’s more advice to be had.”

“Sounds great,” Sean agrees. “We could do that tomorrow.”

My father beams with happiness. Well then, both my parents seem to genuinely like Sean and the nervousness in my chest begins to fade away. The hardest part is done. The rest is easy sailing from here.

I lean back to relax a little, grabbing my glass to drink.

“So,” My mother continues her interrogation. “What do you like to do in your free time?”

“My free time?” Sean thinks for a moment.

I barely follow the conversation right now, at least not actively. Lost in thought as I sip my juice, the last question leads me to imagine a normal day at home as is typical for us. Sean usually spends his free time attached to my crotch and when we’re at home, I frequently open my zipper and let him swing freely, not hidden away from sight. He’s my boyfriend, not an appendage.

“Oh, you know,” Sean finally says. “I like just hanging out.”

Pffst!” His words make me involuntarily eject the juice from my mouth, though there’s enough reflexes in me left that my hand prevents the most of it from spraying over the whole table.

I was able to convince my parents that I was just choking, and not reacting to what Sean said and the rest of the dinner went by relatively uneventful. After helping my parents with the dishes, Sean and I went upstairs, preparing for the night.

The bathroom attached to the guestroom is not big enough to accommodate two people, so I brush my teeth first and sit on the bed as I reminisce about the day and wait for Sean to finish.

Soon enough he exits the bathroom and sits down next to me. “Your parents are nice.”

“They are.” But there’s something else I want to talk about. “By the way, did you really study?”


“… You never told me.”

“You never asked,” Sean retorts without a hint of accusation.

“I’m sorry, I just—” I stammer.

“You thought I was just a werecock,” he points out.


“I’m sorry,” I say. “I don’t mean to—”

“Hurt me?” he grabs my hand. “You’re not.” There was a short break before he continued. “You know you’re not my first boyfriend, but you’re the first who’s making an effort to understand. And that’s the important bit.”

“… How do you manage to be so patient with me?”

“I think it’s a werecock thing,” Sean shrugs. “I’ve seen it with humans who got turned. They generally lack the same patience that born werecocks have, but many start to adjust after a few years.”

I recall what Sean had told me about werecocks, especially their reproduction. There’s two main types, born and turned werecocks. Basically, when a man is penetrated by two werecocks, or otherwise cum of two werecocks finds its way inside a man as he himself climaxes, he turns into a werecock himself, but not before his dick falls off, including balls, which turns into a werecock too. The dick-turned-werecock is considered a born werecock, because he was never human to begin with and has no memories prior to being ‘born’, though he retains most skills such as language by his ‘brother’, the turned werecock. Apparently turned werecocks cannot control their transformation powers that well, which conversely come rather naturally to born werecocks.

Sean told me he lost contact with his brother, because the turning was an accident and not willing. Luckily his werecock parents took Sean in as a ‘child’ as is customs among werecocks. Having four parents, fathers no less, and being born an adult must make for some strange family constellation.

Sean returns me from my thoughts. “I guess you just learn to be patient with people when you spend a significant amount of time as a body part of theirs.”

“Mmh,” I let his words sink in.

“So, uh,” Sean changes topics. “Would you let me stay in your crotch for the night?”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“We’re at my parents’ house,” I explain. “What if they see us like this?”

“Your parents would just barge into our room?” Sean raises an eyebrow.

“No but—” I struggle. “What if there’s a fire and, you know-”

“I’d assume there would be different things on their mind when the house is on fire than what we do in the bedroom.”

“It’s not about what we do in the bedroom,” I try to clarify. “It’s like ‘Suddenly magic is real’, you know. It just turns everything upside down.”

“Sooo, it’s better to pretend as if we don’t exist?”

I let out a long breath. Sean doesn’t understand the situation and how should he? This conversation is absurd from his perspective.

I crawl towards the head end of the bed, getting under the blanket. “Can we please have this talk another time? I’m really tired.”

Sean seems somewhat defeated. I realize the whole situation isn’t easy for him either.

I sigh. “You can stay in my crotch for the night. I figure that’s the least I can do.”

Upon my offer a shine returns to his eyes and he dives down under the blanket. Moments later I feel him take my dick in his mouth and merge with it. After a few seconds the transformation is complete.

“Good night.” I pat Sean through the blanket and turn off the light.

I awake to the morning sun and early bird song coming through the window. Only moments later I notice someone else lying next to me in bed. Confused I turn around and see Sean resting his head on his crossed arms, staring at the ceiling. From the contours of the blanket I gather that he is in half-cock form, his lower body forming a man-sized shaft with a glans at the tip.

“Good morning.” Sean looks at me.

Meanwhile I am confused though. Sean had never left my crotch during the night on his own. “Is everything all right? Why did you detach?”

“I’m okay.” His eyes go back to the ceiling again. “I needed to think.”

“About what?”

There is a short break as Sean gathers his thoughts. “Remember when you told me about your coming out?”


“I never quite understood it. I mean, yeah, society doesn’t know about us, but I feel that’s more of a difference than a similarity. Gay humans have certain stereotypes attached to them, that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Meanwhile us werecocks don’t. Even if we tell people, they just laugh at our face unless we show them. So yeah, I never understood the point of a coming out.”

He turns to me.

“Until now,” he continues. “I never had to lie, you know. The topic either never came up, people wouldn’t believe me or I would simply show them, but there was never a point where I had to keep the fact I was a werecock to myself. Plus, I never needed to tell my parents either. But now it’s different… I think I understand what you mean when you say it’s not trivial to tell your parents, but it’s also not very satisfying as is, at least in the long run.”

Now wide awake, I sit up. “You… You want us to tell my parents about…?” I gesture at his lower body.

Sean rests his upper body on his elbows. “Would that be so bad?”

“They…” I try to gather my thoughts. “This is different.”


“I mean, I understand how you feel, okay? I get that this is… that this doesn’t feel right, but… A coming-out at least has some basis in…” I struggle for the right words.

“Reality?” Sean raises an eyebrow.

I let out a defeated sigh. “You know what I’m trying to say right? People know what a gay person is, imagine I told you dragons are real. Would you believe me?”

“If you showed me, sure.”

“You want—” I sit up at the edge of the bed. “Are you serious?”

Sean just shrugs. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

I begin counting on my fingers. “They could disown me, they could get a heart attack, they could chase us away with torches and pitchforks, they could take away all my toys.”

Realizing I went half-serious towards the end, Sean’s facial features soften. “I think they’ll be fine.”

There is a long pause as I contemplate Sean’s idea for a long minute, before I let out a sigh. “Okay… fine.”

Sean’s face lights up.

“But—” I add with a raised index finger. “If they take away my toys you spend the next whole weekend in my ass.”

Sean scoots over on his cockbody and hugs me from behind. “You say that as if that’s a punishment.”

Showing Sean around the garden has to wait. The weather decided to be rainy today, so we spend the morning after breakfast inside in the living room, talking about this and that and reading various magazines.

There is currently a conversational break when my mother returns with tea in her hand and sits down across from Sean and me, though it is my father who is the first to speak.

“We have a barbeque coming up soon,” he says to us. “Would you like to come too?”

Before we can answer, my mother interjects. “Oh that’s a great idea! I totally forgot about that. It’s a little get-together among neighbors. First barbeque of the year.”

“Sounds cool,” I say. “When is that?”

My parent’s look at each other. “Two weeks, right?” my mother asks and my father nods.

“Oh sorry,” I reply. “I’m afraid we can’t.”

“Oh? Why not?” my mother wants to know.

“It’s full moon,” Sean says behind his magazine.

Well yeah, I thought, but I figured there was a better way to say this.

“And, uh…” my father begins. “That’s a problem? Are you a werewolf or something?” my father jokes.

“I mean…” I manage, before Sean continues.

“Not quite.” Sean puts down the magazine. “I’m a werecock.”

There were few things that got my mother stumped, but now I see her eyebrows twitch. “A what?”

“It’s like a werewolf, except I turn into a penis,” Sean continues. “I guess it’s slightly more complicated but that’s the gist of it.” He mumbled the rest mostly to himself, looking at his own gesticulating hands.

My parents look at me, possibly expecting some sort of punchline or clarification. But there’s nothing I can say, so I just shrug my shoulders and put on my ‘What can I say, it’s true.’ face.

After a few more moments of awkward silence, Sean looks at me with a questioning glance. I think about it for a second and then nod.

“Maybe a demonstration is in order,” Sean says before I watch him get smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing in a pile of his own clothes.

My parents freeze, but as it is when humans are presented with the impossible, they find ways to distract themselves with other thoughts.

“Is he going to turn back?” my father asks.

“Eventually,” I reply. “It takes Sean about 10 to 15 minutes until he’s ready to transform again. It also depends on circumstance. That’s why full moon is a problem for him. It takes more willpower to stay in human form.” I noticed that I started blabbering, probably to mask my own nervousness.

There are no more questions, but my parents eventually pry their eyes away from the pile of clothes and Sean and give each other puzzled looks.

I figure that my parents need some minutes to process what they’ve just witnessed, so I get up and pick up Sean and his clothes, cradling him in front of my chest.

“We’ll, uh, be in our room,” I say. “Sean is going to be naked when he turns back,” I add as if we needed a reason to leave.

Back in our room, I close the door behind me and sit us both down on the bed. I start stroking Sean’s phallic form with my thumb as my hand cradled his balls. I feel him twitch a little, getting closer to my hand. A couple months ago this would have felt weird to me, but now it comes more… natural. It almost feels as if the werecock coming-out legitimized our relationship. I realize now, that we both needed this.

“Well, at least they didn’t throw me out yet,” I say half-jokingly.

There is of course no reaction, not that I expected any. “In fact, I think they handled it relatively well,” I continue. “It was a bit different with my own coming out, you know. My parents always wanted grand kids, and being the only child… Well. Let’s say the tone was slightly different. Not aggressive, mind you, just, I don’t know, disappointed, I guess.”

My mind goes back to my parents and what they would be discussing right now. I can’t imagine them having a bad reaction, but that still doesn’t help my nervousness. I can’t sit still anymore, so I pull a piece of clothing over Sean like a tiny blanket and untangle the clothes so that he wouldn’t accidentally rip anything when he turns back.

Then I get up and walk towards the window, leaning my head against the glass as the rain prattles against its surface.

The rain proves soothing enough that time seems to fly by and I hear Sean behind me move on the bed.

“I’m sorry if I made things difficult,” I hear him say and turn around. There Sean lies on the bed in his half cock form, his flaccid lower body hanging down the edge of the bed. He appears to be somewhat exhausted. Sean probably tried to turn back as quickly as possible, only allowing him to manage the half form.

“Don’t worry,” I say as I walk back to the bed, sit down and put my arm around Sean’s shoulders drawing him closer. “I think it was the right thing to do. Besides I owed you anyway.”

Sean raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t break away. “Owed me?”

“You’re always putting up with me and I don’t know how you manage.” I peck him on his cheek. “Guess this was the least I could do.”

“The least, huh?” he smirks. “Well, if that’s the case—”

“Now, now,” I interrupt him. “Don’t press your luck.”

“That’s not how it works,” Sean teases. “You’re not very good at owing people, are you?”

“Don’t worry,” I start stroking his lower body. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Sean inhales deeply and as I notice his shaft turning into a giant semi, I get excited as well.

Our moment is interrupted by someone knocking on the door. “Michael, Sean,” I hear my mother outside.

Caught unawares I scramble for a blanket to throw over Sean’s lower body. “Come in.” I answer hastily. Just before the door opens, I pull my legs up and cross them to conceal my semi, though in retrospect that was a little silly, considering the contours of Sean’s lower body is clearly visible through the blanket.

My mother peeks in and hesitates. “Oh, I’m sorry. Do you need a moment?”

“No, no, we’re…” I reply and look over to Sean, who I now realize is naked apart from the blanket. I sigh internally. Of course Sean didn’t think about throwing on his shirt. “We’re fine.”

My mother opens the door, revealing my father behind her. “We just wanted to let you know, that…” She seems to struggle for the right words. “This were-thing isn’t a problem for us. We were just… surprised.”

Dumbfounded is the right word, but yeah. I think. “Thanks” Is the only thing I manage. I am not sure what else to say, really.

But clearly there is another thing on my parents’ minds as well. “That condition,” my mother continues. “Is it transmittable?”

I have to suppress a chuckle. It’s almost like a role reversal. My parents aren’t the wise advice givers anymore, but now the confused children.

“Come in. Take a seat,” I say, gesturing at the armchairs near the window. “We’ll fill you in.”

After I manage to convince Sean to put on a shirt, we spend the next half an hour talking about how werecocks work. We mostly cover the ‘biological’ aspect, leaving out the private day-to-day details of our relationship. Sean tells my parents where new werecocks come from, the different kinds, born and turned werecocks, as well as shaft-downs and shaft-ups and that he is a born shaft-down. Explaining to my parents that shaft-downs attach orally and their lower body becomes a penis with a glans while shaft-ups attach anally with a penis and balls as a lower body is a little embarrassing, but luckily we don’t dwell on the topic. My parents want to know if there’s female werecocks too, but Sean says that while all werecocks are technically male, the different kinds of werecocks, born and turned, and shaft-down and shaft-up serve as some sort of gender system in terms of associated stereotypes and behaviours, not reproduction. I think about likening it to gay archetypes like bear and twink, but I figure my parents wouldn’t be able to make much sense out of that either, so we move on.

Over time my parents’ awkwardness shifts to curiosity and so Sean talks about his own ‘birth’ and his brother, as well as the transformation process in general and what full moon means to werecocks. He brings up his fathers too and my parents suggest meeting them.

All in all the talk goes really well and my parents seem somewhat relieved. I am not sure what they were fearing, but they leave as if a weight was lifted off their shoulders.

Once the door closes behind my parents, Sean loses no time shucking his shirt. I would roll my eyes, but to be honest, I want to go back to where we were before, though I know Sean just does it because he hates wearing clothes.

I turn to him. “That went well.”

“Yeah!” Sean seems elated. “I can’t wait for my fathers to meet your parents.” I forgot he probably never got to introduce his fathers to parents of former boyfriends.

I go in for an embrace. “I forgot to thank you,” I say warmly as I lay him down on the bed.

“For what?” Sean asks as I feel his shaft below me hardening again.

“For keeping the sass down as I requested.”

“Does that mean the sass ban is lifted?” he smirks up at me.

“No, no,” I jest. “I like you more without the sass.”

Sean raises an eyebrow without losing his smile. “No, you don’t.”

“No, I don’t,” I admit as I start kissing his neck.

Today went much better than I hoped.

Michael, present

“It’s just a few meters, you’ll survive,” I say to Sean who hesitates to get out of the car.

Instead of replying, he just looks at his phone one more time. Now I realize he isn’t hesitating because of the cold.

“No answer?” I ask.


I’m not sure what to say. After years of no contact, his brother reached out to him through a mutual friend a couple weeks ago. Nothing dramatic, just a sign he was still alive, it seems. A simple ‘I was told this is your number’ was effectively all Sean got.

Sean of course was excited, but wanted to take things at his brother’s pace, so as to not overwhelm him. There was exceedingly little communication since, until Sean invited him to this year’s Christmas dinner with our parents.

“Maybe he hasn’t seen it yet?” I offer, trying to be helpful.

“It’s marked as ‘read’.” Sean was not taking his eyes off the screen, as if he could miss a potential reply.

I put a hand on his thigh. “The important thing is that he knows he’s welcome.”

“What if he doesn’t come?”

I think for a moment. “Then there is always another chance next year.”

Upon hearing this, Sean looks up from the phone and I see a hopeful smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He turns around and looks through the window. “Your mom’s already waiting. Shall we?”

Eight years ago

Three men entered the dark room. They had only met each other minutes ago at the bar, giving each other looks, buying the other a drink or two, before they agreed on a threesome.

The third guy, the youngest, though not by much, got down on his knees while the other two men pulled out their cocks and started to kiss each other, leaving the man on his knees to worship their dicks.

None of the men bothered to fully undress, instead opting to simply pull their cocks through the zippers.

After some minutes of tasting both dicks, the guy on the ground showed a clear preference for one of them. This was planned so that the other man could then claim the opposite end.

Moving behind the guy on the ground, the man grabbed him by the butt and lifted his rear end up. He started to knead the buttocks, eliciting a moan around the cock in the guy’s mouth. Then the man slowly unzipped the back of the guy’s leather pants and started to feel the crack with his fingers, while lubing his own cock with his other hand.

A few minutes of foreplay passed. Then the man in the back aligned his own cock with the guy’s ass. He then entered and started with slow thrusts.

Heavy breaths and moans filled the booth, until the guy in the middle let out a confused “What the fuck?”

His hand lost grip of his cock and suddenly he was feeling blank skin on his crotch. He looked down to see a cock, with balls attached, lying on the ground. He recognized it as his own.

“What the—” He began to cry out, but was cut off, his head quickly reforming into something else, his face bulging outwards, the chin moving up, and the entire surface smoothing out, until only a giant glans remained atop his shoulders.

After seeing the transformation and the detached cock on the floor, the two men stared at each other, realization dawning, before moving their attention back to the guy on the ground.

At this point, he was falling to his knees as his arms and legs were quickly receding, while his torso became more cylindrical by the second. Additionally, he grew smaller and smaller, after only seconds later, there were two cocks, each with their own set of balls, lying on the floor, one of them inside a pile of clothes.

The two remaining men stood there, momentarily frozen by surprise.

The glans of the still stiff cock of the man who was in front formed into the head of another man.

The cockhead looked down at the floor. “Well, shit.”

Michael, present

I enter the guest room where I see Sean lying on the bed in half-form, his lower body a giant cock. He already went ahead and brought our luggage up, while I brought the presents from the car inside.

I close the door behind me and look at the empty suitcases and bags, the contents already moved to the cupboards for the upcoming nights.

“Already exhausted?” I ask.

“Today is going to be a long day.” He stretches. “I decided to get some rest so I can stay in human form all evening.”

I move over to the bed and join him. I prop myself up on an elbow to let my eyes wander over his body. “Looks like you’re out of shape. Maybe we should train keeping you off my crotch more often.”

“Or maybe you should start bringing me to your parents on your crotch.” He gives me a smirk.

“No. Your dads aren’t going to come as cocks either, right?”

He looks to the side, a thoughtful look on his face. “I guess not.”



There is a short break. After some seconds he turns to face me again. We both just look at each other. Sean is so different today, melancholic almost, lost in thought. He is not exactly unhappy, but he doesn’t smile either, unusual for him. Sean normally always has a mischievous thought tucked away somewhere.

“Aren’t you excited that our parents meet today?” I know he never got to introduce his dads to another boyfriend, let alone a boyfriend’s parents.

“I am.” He simply looks at me.

My eyes go to his smartphone, which is lying next to him. It never left his side today. “But your brother…”


“You shouldn’t worry.” I try to reassure him.

Finally, a smile. “I try not to.”

“Why did you pick a get together with our parents for the first time?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why not invite him to dinner with only your family, your dads and you?”

Sean’s hands involuntarily go to his phone, but he doesn’t pick it up. “He always felt like he didn’t belong. My werecock dads and I think nothing of being werecocks, but he does. I figured having humans around would make him feel less like—” I see his lips keeping in a word that would have otherwise escaped, before settling on another. “–an outcast, I guess. Like he’s less in the focus.”

“I see. Looks like you thought this through then.”

Sean looks up at me. “You think it was wrong?”

“I don’t know your brother, but your social observation skills are better than mine, so I trust you on that.”

He puts his arms around me.

“So…” I put a hand on his lower body. “Wanna have some fun, before tea?”

“I was thinking just cuddling actually.”

“Sounds fine to me.”

Sean, eight years ago


I was looking at my hands. The first thing I remembered was loud music, dim light and lying on the ground. There was a bit of a silent commotion going on around me, two men whispering logistics to each other, calling a taxi, grabbing me and another cock and hiding us somewhere in their clothes.

There was barely any talking during the ride. I couldn’t see anything, I only heard some directions given to the driver, and the rumbling of the car below.

It was a strange combination of hectic and uneventful.

Then they pulled us out of their pockets and put us on a sofa. Suddenly there were four men, the two from the club, fully dressed, and two other men who were naked. I noticed the two naked men had no cocks and balls on their crotch.

One of the naked men was talking to us. “Hey, I know this is confusing to you two, but it’s safe now. If you can, try to change into human form.”

I tried, and felt myself growing, until hands appeared in my vision. My own hands. Behind them I could see my lower body, which was a giant cock.

The same man from a few seconds ago talked to me directly this time. “Hey. I’m Rodney.” He looked at the other men and then back at me and smiled. “We… We’re your dads.”

I looked at everyone. The emotions on their faces were mixed, the other naked guy was surprised but tried to force a smile, the two clothed men looked unsure and nervous, but Rodney was emanating an aura of kindness.

I looked over to the other cock on the sofa. It wiggled a little.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“That’s… That’s your brother.”

Just then, I saw the other cock growing larger, eventually forming two arms and his glans formed into a head. Now that he had a mouth, he let out labored groans as if the transformation was difficult for him.

Once he had grown to human size, albeit with a cock shaft as a body and a set of balls at his base, he was breathing heavily. I saw sweat running down his temples.

He looked down at his body and grabbed the foreskin at his neck. “Oh god, what’s happening to me?”

“Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening.” Rodney began talking. “I can explain everything.”

The guy looked at Rodney, confused, and then at the other two clothed men in the back. “What have you done to me?!”

“Please, I will explain everything,” Rodney offered. “But calm down, okay?”

The guy didn’t say anything, but looked at Rodney, his breath slowing.

Rodney looked at the other naked man. “Are you turned or born?”


Rodney nodded in my brother’s direction. “Can you tell him everything? I guess it makes more sense if you do that, cause I’m born.”

“Of course,” the man said.

Rodney turned to me. “Do you think you can walk?”

I tried turning my lower body into a pair of legs. “Yeah, I think so.”

Rodney then led me to an adjacent room and told one of the clothed men to follow us.

Once the door was closed, Rodney and I sat down on the bed. I immediately turned my lower body back into a cock. The transformation wasn’t as exhausting as it seemed to be for my brother, but I still felt the toll.

“This is Glenn, by the way.” Rodney gestured towards the clothed man who was still standing. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Glenn gave me an awkward handwave and I waved back.

“So…” Rodney gathered his thoughts. “You’re a werecock.”

“Is my brother a werecock, too?”

“Of course.” Rodney smiled. “I’m also a werecock, and so is….” He paused. “The other man currently talking to your brother. I don’t actually know his name.” He gave Glenn a questioning glance, but he shook his head as well.

I looked at Glenn. “What about you?”

“I’m not a werecock.” Glenn forced a smile.

“Glenn and—” Rodney turned to Glenn. “Vincent was it?” Glenn nodded. “Glenn and Vincent, the two clothed guys, are not werecocks, they’re humans.”

I thought for a second. “Why did my brother act like this?”

“Because he was a human before today,” Rodney explained. “He’s a turned werecock.”

“And I am not?”

“No, you are a born werecock, just like me.” Rodney smiled.

“And you are my dads?”

Rodney looked at Glenn . “Yeah, I guess we are now. And so is Vincent and the other werecock.”

Something occurred to me. “I don’t have a name.”

“No, not yet.”

“How do I get one?”

Rodney gave me a warm smile. “You choose one.”

Michael, present

“Yeah, this is a great idea. These go well with carrots. What else do you have?” I hear Sean discuss garden things with my dad at the other end of the living room. After we had tea these two have been talking about seeds my dad bought, all afternoon.

However, now it’s almost time for dinner and I offered to help my mom get things ready, such as dressing the table. Sean’s dads had not arrived yet, but they would be here any minute.

“All done, I think.” I peek back to the dinner table. All that’s needed now is the food, and the people of course.

My mom takes a look as well. “Thank you.”

“Do you need any more help?” I ask.

“No, I don’t think so.” My mom looks around the kitchen. “The food’s all ready. I’ll just leave it on low heat until the guests arrive.”

“All right,” I say before turning to leave.

My mother lowers her voice a bit. “Umm, Michael?”


“About Sean’s brother, Evan?”


“Do you think he’s coming?”

I think for a second. “I don’t know him, but he hasn’t replied to Sean’s message.” I shrug. “I wouldn’t count on it, but… Maybe?”


“I set his plate just in case.”

“Of course.”

“Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering.” My mother looks over to Sean and my dad immersed in their conversation. “Do you know what happened between them? It’s not going to cause any drama, is it?”

Again, all I can do is shrug. “Sean didn’t really talk about it a lot, but from what I gather they had a bit of a falling out. Evan… He didn’t adjust to the turning very well.”

“It was an accident if I remember correctly?”

“Yeah, that may be the reason.”


“I cannot guarantee that there will be no drama,” I admit. “But this means a lot to Sean. He hasn’t been the same since he sent his brother the text. Thank you for letting him have the opportunity.”

“Of course.” My mother smiles.

“Truth be told, even if today’s evening ends in drama, that would still be progress I feel. Evan hasn’t talked to Sean and his dads in seven years.”

My mother nods. “This wound cannot heal if they don’t talk.”


“Then let’s hope for the best.”

I smile and hug my mom. “Thank you.”

“Oh, Michael.” My hug took my mom by surprise. “If we c—”

Her words are cut short by the sound of the doorbell.

I immediately make eye contact with Sean.

My mom already makes her way to the door, with Sean following some distance behind, like a child about to meet Santa for the first time.

Finally the door opens to reveal four men standing there.

“Hello.” The man in front, Rodney, holds a wine bottle in front of him. “We are Sean’s dads.”

I smile at how easy it is to tell who is a werecock and who is a human. The werecocks are covered in layers upon layers of clothes. Rodney makes his way into the door first, while Darius is ushered in by his boyfriend Vincent, who is well aware of how werecocks react to cold temperatures.

While my mom lets them in and introduces herself, Sean dashes forward. “Dads!” He then takes turns hugging them all one by one.

“My, please don’t take this the wrong way,” my mom begins. “But I expected… someone… older…”

Glenn laughed. “Well, we were just a few years older than—” He lowers his voice. “Sean’s brother.”

“And physically they’re the same age,” Rodney added.

“Come on, take a seat.” Sean makes his way to the table. I think I see a spring in his step. “Everything’s ready. Time for dinner!”

I don’t remember Sean ever being this excited before, especially not in the past weeks after contacting his brother. I’m half worried he might spontaneously turn into cock-form then and there from all the excitement.

We met up with his fathers only weeks ago to tell them about the Christmas dinner invite, so it’s not like he hadn’t seen them lately. Instead it must be the fact that he never got to introduce his family to anyone else’s. This is a first.

And it’s a big enough deal that it seems to override his worry about his brother, at least for the time being.

Sean looks over to me with a wide smile and all I can do is smile back. His happiness and excitement is contagious.

Sean, seven years ago

“Nicely done, bro!” Evan said to me.

We were playing a game on a console in the living room. It had been months and Evan still hadn’t adjusted to being a werecock very well yet, which impacted his ability to keep his human shape. However, we did meet at Glenn and Rodney’s place every few weeks to play games. It was an activity that let Evan unwind the most and my dads were happy at us two bonding.

We just finished a campaign in a coop-game we were playing. The final boss was pretty tough and we needed several tries, but in the end we managed to defeat it.

“No boss stands a chance against the brothers in arms!” I leaned towards Evan to put an arm around his shoulder to complete the pun.

But Evan jerked back, his face frozen into a frown. “We’re not brothers, stop saying that.”

I was genuinely confused. “But you just called me ‘bro’.”

“Yes, ‘bro’ as in buddy, friend.” He clenched his jaws without taking his eyes off the TV. “You’re not my brother and you will never be.”

“But… Why not?”

Evan turned to me. “Because I have a real family. A real life.” His voice cracked. “Had a real life.”

“We’re trying to help you.” I looked down at my controller. “Why do you have to be so angry?”

“Why do I have to be so angry?!” Evan snapped. “Because I randomly turn into a cock unless I’m trying not to! Look at me, I’m growing a fucking foreskin on my neck just because we’re having an argum—” His sentence got cut off by labored groans and he threw himself back onto the couch. “No, not now!”

I looked at him and saw from the contours of his shirt that his torso had become round and cylindrical. Evan gritted his teeth trying to fight the transformation. After some seconds the torso went back to normal and the foreskin disappeared as well. Only his heavy breathing and the sweat on his forehead remained.

“I’m a fucking freak because of those two idiots!” He stood up and threw his controller onto the couch in anger, or disgust, I couldn’t tell. “You’re a fucking freak!”

I stared at him, unable to find a reply.

“I don’t need this bullshit in my life!” He cried out, seemingly more to himself than to anyone, before he stormed out the room and the apartment.

I sat there, staring at my controller, trying to process what just happened. There were footsteps behind me. It was either Glenn or Rodney. While he was normally attached to Glenn, Rodney stayed in human form whenever Evan came over.

Whoever it was put a hand on my shoulder and I heard Rodney’s voice. “Are you okay?” He must have heard the whole conversation.

I continued staring at my controller, randomly fidgeting with the buttons and sticks. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

I lied.

I was not okay.

Michael, present

“Can you pass me the vegetables?” Glenn asks Sean, who promptly hands him the bowl.

“So, I’m curious.” My mother changes topics. She got Sean’s dads to open up quickly. It’s a bit of a superpower of hers. She makes everyone feel comfortable within minutes. “The two boys told us there’s like a system that’s a bit like genders…?”

“Mom!” I interject. I don’t want this to become awkward for our werecock guests.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Glenn assures me. “It’s fine.” He puts on a thinking face and looks at Rodney. “It is fine, right?”

Rodney laughs. “Yes.”

“It’s a whole thing!” Vincent adds, acting exhausted.

Darius rolls his eyes. “It’s not that much.”

“But it doesn’t make sense.”

“How does it not make sense?”

“Okay so,” Vincent swirls his wine glass. “If werecocks tend to be attracted to one of the four corners, how do humans factor into this?”

Darius clicks his tongue. “Well, they’re a special case. Some say they’re actually in the center.”

“Vincent is right,” Rodney chimes in. “It’s like the werecock version of a zodiac, it’s just…” He rolls his eyes. “Make-believe.”

“I dunno,” Darius counters. “I think it has some merit.”

Rodney looks at my mom and shakes his head. “Eh.”

“But what is it actually?” my mom wants to know.

“So,” Rodney chews and swallows his current bite. “Imagine a chart. Left and right is born and turned, right? Top and bottom are—” He stops and starts gesticulating with his fork and knife a turning over motion, helplessly looking at Sean. “Uh…”

“Shaft-down and shaft-up?” My mom asks.

“Yes!” Rodney breathes out a sigh of relief. “I was not sure how I was going to explain this. But yes, shaft-down and shaft-up.”

“Trees and icicles,” Glenn adds and takes a sip from his wine.

“That’s werecock slang,” Rodney clarifies. “Although it’s the other way around. Shaft-down is icicles and… yeah. Some older folk call icicles ‘snakes’, but that’s fallen out of use, because it sounds a little bit like an insult.”

“I actually heard ‘slug’ recently,” Darius puts in.

“Wait, really?!” Rodney leans down in disbelief, as if he hadn’t heard right.

“Yep.” Darius frowns and nods. “At the Halloween party. Some young tree coming up to me, like ‘Hey, are you a slug?’ and he seemed like really genuine like it wasn’t an insult and I was like ‘The fuck are you talking ab—’” He quickly realized and turned to my parents. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” My mom waves the apology off.

“We’re already talking about cocks.” My father laughs. “I think we’re well past the point of worrying about language today.”

Vincent laughs too. “I’m so sorry for us bringing this to the Christmas dinner table.”

“But anyway,” Rodney brings the conversation back on track. “You have four corners, born trees, turned trees, born icicles and turned icicles. And each corner has certain stereotypes attached to them.”

“And most werecocks are attracted to one of the four corners,” Vincent adds. “The same way most humans tend to be attracted to one gender.”

“Yeah, that’s probably the only true thing about the corners,” Rodney continues. “But of course there’s also werecocks who are attracted to multiple corners.”

Darius raises his glass. “Or their own corner.”

“Which is the werecock equivalent of being gay.”

Vincent throws up his hands in defeat. “And all of it goes out of the window when humans enter the equation.”

“So,” My mother begins. “May I ask which corners you fall into?”

“I’m a turned icicle.” Darius takes a sip.

Rodney finishes his own sip. “And I’m a born tree.”

“And he is the most born tree you will ever meet.”

Rodney rolls his eyes. “That’s not true.”

“It is very true,” Darius insists. “You are the textbook example of a born tree and—let me finish, you check all the boxes of one, like there’s no denying that.”

Before Rodney can reply, Glenn chimes in. “It’s true.”

“Excuse me?” Rodney says in mock astonishment. “Like a knife in the back.”

Glenn laughs and puts his arm around Rodney.

“So, basically,” Darius starts counting on his fingers. “Born trees are careful, accurate, reliable, they do everything properly…”

“Oh god, stop.” Rodney tries to hide behind his glass.

As Sean’s parents explain the four corners to my parents, I feel a hand brushing against mine. I take it into my own and look to my side at Sean. He’s following the conversation and smiling, genuinely, but I can tell there’s something else on his mind as well.

I lean in and whisper, so the whole table doesn’t hear. “Any reply?”

He shakes his head. “No, but the ‘last online’ resets every couple minutes.”

I realize this might be his brother opening the app several times before closing it without sending a message. As frustrating as this is for Sean, I feel like this is a good development compared to the previous years. It shows that his brother wants to communicate but doesn’t know how.

I squeeze Sean’s hand. “Are you okay?”

He smiles at me. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

Sean, four years ago

Cory came out of the bathroom, still toweling his hair dry. We just had an intense jerk-off session and afterwards I detached while Cory went to take a shower.

“Going somewhere?” I asked from the bed.

“Yeah, I’m meeting with some friends for study night,” he explained. “Still need some points for this semester.”

“Oh, what subject?”


“What topic?”

He gave me an amused smile. “Botanic taxonomy.”

“Maybe I can help.”

Cory only laughed.

I furrowed my brow. “Why are you laughing?”

“Don’t get this the wrong way,” Cory put on a pair of briefs. “It’s nice that you’re offering, but I think I’d rather get help from people who have been studying it.”

“... What makes you think I haven’t studied?”

Without getting the hint, Cory just chuckled as he continued dressing himself.

“Am I not your boyfriend?” Currently I was wondering if I was just his appendage.

“You are,” he said as warmly as his annoyance allowed. “But you’re also just a werecock.”

“Just a werecock?” I echoed.

Cory paused for a moment and rolled his eyes. “Can we not do this? You know exactly how it’s meant.” He continued dressing himself.

I didn’t say anything. This wasn’t the first time we had this kind of conversation. Part of me considered just telling him, but the other was thinking that if he didn’t even consider me a full person, that I had a life beyond just hanging off people’s crotches, then maybe this relationship was doomed from the start. I felt blocked off every time no matter what I suggested.

As I was mulling my options over, Cory finished dressing himself. Before he left he opened his zipper and grinned. “Wanna come along in my pants?”

His grin sealed the deal. I was nothing but a sex toy for him, a trophy maybe. “No thanks, I think I’ll stay here.”

“Suit yourself.” He zipped up and left.

I looked over to my stuff as I heard the front door close.

Time to pack.

Michael, present

I see Sean sitting on the couch in front of the Christmas tree. Dinner is finished and everyone is taking a short digestion break before we start unwrapping presents. Sean’s dads and my mom are still sitting at the table discussing werecock things while my dad put the dinnerware away.

I expect to see the phone on Sean’s lap, but instead he has his brother’s gift lying there. His phone is lying next to him on the couch.

I sit down and put an arm around Sean. “Everything okay?”

“I feel stupid for getting my hopes up,” he says.

“It’s not stupid. Give it time. Next Christmas things might look different.”

“You really think so?”

“He did initiate contact, right?” I point out. “And he keeps opening the app. I think he doesn’t yet know how to continue, but he wants to.”

Sean looks at me. “Do you think I should write another text?”

“I don’t know, honestly.”

“What would you have done in my position?”

I look at him and think for a second. “The same.”

Sean smiles, but doesn’t say anything.

I nod towards the present. “Why did you remove it from the others?”

“I’m not sure I want to see it lying around after everyone’s done,” he says. “It would just make me sad.”


“Why the ‘mmh’?” Sean knows me too well.

I smile. “Well, I would have kept it there. Let it be the hope that this isn’t the end of the story and that he’ll open it next time.” I squeeze his shoulders. “But ultimately it’s your decision.”

There’s a break before Sean continues. “You know, sometimes I’m jealous of you.”

“Of me?” I’m startled by that confession. “Why?”

“Your family is normal. I wish mine was too.”

“I disagree that my family is normal.” I chuckle. “Wanna know a secret?”


I put my head on his shoulder. “I think everyone wants their family to be normal, because everyone has this idea of the ideal family and sees all the bits and pieces how their own differs from that.”


“You know,” I continue. “I’m sometimes a bit jealous of your family myself.”

“Then you are a fool,” Sean half-jokes. His sass is returning and I couldn’t be happier about getting my Sean back.

“I mean it.” I put my head back up to look at him. “Your dads are pretty cool, probably because they’re so young.”

“Your dad is also pretty cool.”

“Don’t let him hear that,” I joke. “Or it might get to his head.”

Sean laughs.

“Also,” I add. “I never had a brother, estranged or otherwise.”

Sean looks at me for several seconds and then back down at the gift.

“I think you’re right.” He smiles. “I’ll put it back.”

Sean, two years ago

I made my way through the crowd. It was the second lap tonight. I didn’t expect to find him again this time, but you gotta keep looking right.

Some weeks ago I was here attached to some werecock’s crotch. Nothing serious. I was just cruising, enjoying the single life.

Then I met him. My host at the time had some fun with a guy who gave him oral. He had a cute face and was so adorable. I fell in love with him. Okay, maybe it was just a crush at that point. I obviously didn’t know the guy, but I wanted to meet him and see how it goes.

Unfortunately my host didn’t get a number, so I had to go to the same bar every couple days and hope he comes there too.

Then I saw him. He was sitting at the bar, all by himself, scoping out the crowd.

I approached and sat down on the stool next to him. “Hey.”


I looked at his empty glass. “May I buy you a drink?”

He checked me out, but seemed pleased with what he saw. “Sure. What are you having?”

“It’s called a Lemonado.”

“Yeah, sounds tasty.”

I made eye contact with the barkeeper and ordered another one, before I returned my attention to the guy next to me. “Excuse me for being a cliche right now, but do you come here often?” In my defense, it was relevant for me, because I was looking for him. But mainly I wanted to keep a conversation going.

“Every couple weeks.” He shrugged. “Not really looking for a boyfriend here, so I only come to this place when the mood strikes.”

I tried not to slump my shoulders in disappointment. “You’re not looking for a boyfriend?”

“I’m not looking for a boyfriend here.” He corrected. “People in bars and clubs generally just want a quick fuck, nothing longterm.” He shrugged. “In my experience.”

All right, that gave me something to work with. He was open to dating, but was also currently feeling horny. All options were on the table. Now I just had to keep the conversation going.

His drink arrived and I gave it to him, thanking the barkeeper.

“I’m sorry,” he brought the straw to his lips. “But I don’t think I caught your name.”

Suddenly I realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet. Since I already knew his name from the previous encounter, that was not on my mind. “Oh crap, I’m sorry. I’m Sean.” I was just glad I hadn’t accidentally slipped in his name earlier, which would have been a bit creepy.

“It’s okay.” He smiled at me. “I’m Michael.”

Sean, present

I put the present back to the place where I took it from. I turn around and smile at Michael.

The others at the dinner table are slowly getting up one by one. Looks like it’s time for the unwrapping.

Suddenly everyone freezes as the doorbell rings.

Could it be?

Everyone was accounted for.

Except for one person.

My legs walk me to the door before I realize. Once there I see someone standing behind the textured glass window in the door, casting their shadow from the porch light.

I turn the knob and open the door, letting in the cold winter air.

Before me stands Evan, looking at me with a pained expression. I briefly wonder how long he might have been standing in front of the door trying to get himself to ring the bell.

I fail to say anything.

“I’m sorry,” I hear Evan’s voice quiver.

He looks down and offers the present to me. “I didn’t really know what you like, so I just…” His voice trailed off.

I take the present and put it on the cupboard next to me.

His eyes follow the present with a confused look on his face. “Do you not like it?”

I’m starting to cry happy tears. “You!” I go in for a hug. “You are the present!”


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