A father and son's inseparable bond

by ThePlagueDoc

 Ezekiel finds a way to make his fraught relationship with his dad, Lucas, a little more intimate.

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The bitter cold of January wind whooshed through the air, like a cat traipsing the alleyways—a swift, silent watcher to passers-by along the road. And there were many passers-by, still out and about and busy with the little things. Things no one need be privy of.

One such person was Ezekiel. The young man kept his focus on the pathway in front of him, doing his best to not pay attention to anyone else around him. He had both his hands inside his hoodie’s pockets, though that did not stop him from shivering. Neither the scarf around his neck and face nor the beanie on his head did much to keet him warm.

“Dammit, wh-why does it have to be so cold!” Ezekiel complained as another short burst of wind swept by him. The frigidness of the breeze was punishing, and it made him stop dead on his track as he tried to warm himself up. The young man cuddled himself in an attempt to fend off the cold, but even he knew it would not work out as planned.

As a sense of warmth returned to his body, he brought his left arm up and pulled back the sleeve, which revealed a watch. His eyes widened as it told him it was half past ten.

“I better get going,” he muttered, pulling the sleeve back again and putting his hands back in his pockets. “The longer I stay outdoors this late, the angrier dad will be.”

With hurried footsteps and longer strides, Ezekiel made a beeline to his home. Small puffs of smoke came out with each breath he took, muttering, “I’m sure I can find a way to sneak inside. Even I know my limits when testing his temper.”

The brunet walked his way until he was far from the ever-alive downtown area. The farther he went, the fewer the people there were until the it dwindled to nobody save for himself and of the few cars that came and went.

Ezekiel then found himself standing by an intersection, before him an all-too familiar cul-de-sac. He was close to home. His eyes darted at all the houses as he went by them. None of them had any lights on except for the streetlamps dotted around the area. A shiver crawled up to his spine, which made him step back as a result. He swerved his head left, then right.

“It’s okay,” he said to himself. “It’s nothing. There’s nothing out here except me.”

He found the strength to race down the sidewalk until he reached his house’s entrance. Ezekiel skidded to a stop, and it was then that he began gulping down air. It brought chills to his lungs, but he did not react to it.

“Finally, I’m home,” Ezekiel said between gasps of breath. “And from the looks of it, dad is already asleep. Perfect.”

The brunet used his left hand to take off his right hand’s gloves. After which, he stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled back up the spare house keys his father gave him. He eyed the floorboards leading up to the door and shrugged. If it creaked, it creaked. He had no power over that. That much, he could tell.

Ezekiel climbed through the steps one by one, careful not to make a sound with each step. When he got to the top, he smirked. “If this were a heist, I’d be killing it!”

The brunet turned to the door and unlocked it. He opened the door and stuck his head inside. Ezekiel tried to scan the darkness laid bare before him before he sighed with relief. He then stepped right in, confident and proud that he was not caught by his father.

But midway through the living room, the lights turned on to life. The young man yelped with surprise and tripped, falling down onto his rear. He gritted his teeth as the fall was rather painful. Ezekiel looked around until he made eye contact to the imposing man leaning against the wall. It was none other than his father, Lucas.

The younger male opened his mouth, but no words came out. His throat was bone-dry, like a desert without sunlight for months. Ironic, seeing as on the outside he was sweating bullets.

“And where were you?” his father asked, his eyes glaring daggers over the younger male. “It’s already close to midnight, young man. Where have you been?”

“U-um, hi, dad?” Ezekiel gave him a tiny wave before he brought his hand back down. “Never thought you’d be up this late. Didn’t even see you, uh, there. H-how are you?”

“I’ve been well, thank you for asking,” Lucas replied. There was calmness in his words. He did not raise his voice, only spoke in a neutral tone. “But how about you? No notes and no phone calls. Not even a message that would tell me where you were. So, Zeke, tell me… where had you been?”

Ezekiel felt his hands shiver. This time, he could tell it was from fright. The younger man knew his father well. And he knew that the calm voice he had was nothing more than a façade. Tears welled up around his eyes as he tried to speak up a reason—any reason at all—but he could not say a word.

He knew, then and there, that his whole plan was a bust.

Lucas shook his head slowly, his eyes still trained over to his wayward son. He then walked over and knelt in from of him.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do with you,” he said, clearly disapproving of Ezekiel’s actions. “Can’t you help your old man every once in a while? I’m unsure if this delinquency is a result from all those years of pampering, but I’m now going to put my foot down. This has to stop, Zeke.”

Those words stung Ezekiel. It was not as if he wanted to do all those things which would irate his father. They were, in his belief, done because of necessity. Ezekiel wanted to ask forgiveness, but something inside him was stirring. The absurdity of this interaction mixed with his internal spite, and feelings that he could not quite place correctly. It brought forth a surge of anger—one that he did not know existed before.

“But I’m twenty-five years old, dad!” Ezekiel blurted out. He flinched at how loud he said it, but he did not back down. “I’m old enough to do what I want. When I want. And I don’t need you coddling me. At. All.”

The younger male got to his feet and stood up straight. “If you think you’ve done everything to make me happy, well, think again because—”

Lucas stood up right before Ezekiel could add anything and grabbed his son’s hoodie. He leaned over and took a whiff of his clothes.

“Cigarettes and alcohol,” he stated.

Colour drained from Ezekiel’s face. His anger all washed away as he took a step back, removing his father’s hands grabbing onto his clothes.

“A-and what of it?” Ezekiel replied, though barely higher than a mumble. “I’m an adult, and drinking alcohol is one of the things I can do.”

Lucas pursed his lips as he continued watching Ezekiel. He did not say anything, much less react. Only that he kept a rapt attention at the younger brunet. He had a gut feeling that something was nothing adding up. That there was something going on that he was not aware of. At least, that was what he was on his mind.

“Listen, Zeke,” Lucas reached out towards his son, but the latter moved back, wary of his hand. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No, of course there isn’t.”

“Are you facing some kind of problem? Is it bullying? Peer pressure?”

“No, none of those things,” Ezekiel insisted. “Why are you suggesting all that?”

“Because something doesn’t add up,” Lucas shot back. He grabbed onto Ezekiel’s beanie and threw it off, then did the same with his scarf and hood. “Zeke, you smell of alcohol, but it’s clear that you are sober. You don’t slur, and you seem to respond to me fine. Either you drank a little bit or were just around it. I’m not sure the same rules apply to cigars, but I am positive you didn’t smoke one bit.”

“That doesn’t prove a thing!” Ezekiel countered, waving his hard around his face. “Do you think you can prove anything by looks and smell alone?”

Lucas took a step closer to his son. “And the way you flinched when you raised your voice earlier, I caught it. Subtle. But I’ve seen plenty of young men like you. How you reacted… you didn’t even want to raise your voice to me, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want to! I’m being defiant and angry and—”

Lucas launched himself and wrapped his arms around Ezekiel in a tight embrace—interrupting the latter’s words for the second time now. He leaned over to Ezekiel’s head while combing through the latter’s hair with his fingers. “Were you perhaps lonely? Upset that I paid too much attention to my work? That I neglected you is some other way?”

Ezekiel froze in place. He was unsure how to react from the sudden and surprising turn of events. This was not how he saw things turning out—not even a whit of what he would believed would happened.

“It’s okay if you’re mad,” Lucas said. He pulled his son off him, though still had his grasp on him by the shoulder. “It’s okay if you feel angry at me. That you think I’m unfair. That’s fine. But, I would also like to make up for it. I want to show you that I truly am sorry that I missed out on, well, a good deal of things, apparently.”

He scrutinized his son, looking for his reaction. “Do you feel that I didn’t love you that much? Or that I try to placate your feelings of attention with material gifts? Please tell me, son. I just—” The older, dark-haired man closed his eyes as tears began to well at the corners. “I don’t like hurting you, your feelings and all, if this is what it’s all about.”

Ezekiel could not believe the words he was hearing. His imperfect, incomplete, and hole-filled plan had landed him with this. He felt a tug at the heartstrings and abruptly returned the embrace. The young man buried his face against the crook of his father’s neck. To hell with how old he was!

The touching moment broke seconds later as Lucas pushed his son away, fingers pinching on his nose as a frown marred his handsome face. “I’d hate to break this moment, Zeke, but I cannot stand the smell lingering on your clothes.”

Ezekiel chuckled in response. “Sorry, dad. Guess I overestimated. I’ll go take a shower.”

“Well, that stuff is strong.” Lucas then looked down at his chest, brought the shirt he had on upward and gave it a whiff as well. His frown deepens as he glanced back up. “Guess we’ll both be needing a shower.”

Ezekiel helped his father get up, closed the front door, and followed him upstairs. There was an intense feeling of satisfaction coming from him. From where exactly, he could not say. Only that he was all smiles now that his failed plan somehow worked.

The father and son duo reached the top of the stairs. There was a long stretch of hallway that had three doors. Two on the right, which led to their bedrooms, and one on the left, which was the communal bathroom.

Lucas turned around and said, “I’ll go ahead and get things ready. Meanwhile, you take off your clothes, put them in the hamper, then enter the bathroom. The heater should have warmed the water by then.”

“Wait,” Ezekiel quirked a brow upward. “We’ll be taking the shower together?”

The older man shrugged. “Our shower can fit up to two people at a time. So, why not? It will be just like old times.”

“Oh, okay then. Well, time to get ready. See you in a bit, dad.” Ezekiel said. He walked past his dad and went straight to his room, which was the one at the end of the hallway. He entered the room, closed the door behind him, and gasped for breath. The brunet was unsure how long he had been holding his breath, but it had got to be far too long for him to ran out of it.

“This is gonna be embarrassing,” he muttered. Ezekiel removed his clothes one by one until he was only wearing his boxer briefs. Through its thin fabric, he could see his cock getting hard by the second. He exclaimed beneath his breath, “I can’t show up in front of my dad with a raging hard-on!”

Ezekiel winced as the throbbing cock ached for some physical stimulation. His legs wobbled and quaked as he felt a bit of pre-cum leaking onto his undergarment.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” the young brunet muttered as he squeezed his eyes shut. Although the surrounding air was cool, Ezekiel could feel heat rising to his cheeks. Embarrassment settled in on his mind, though it did not stop his uninhibited libido. The one thing he had long thought buried away into the deepest parts of his mind.

Ezekiel could hear his laboured breathing echoing against the walls of his room. He was alone with only the thoughts in his head and the boner beneath his boxer briefs. He lowered his trembling hands until they were hovering above his cock. There was hesitation as it lingered in the air. Sweat dripped from his forehead regardless of the cold temperature. His cock throbbed once more, and that was when the young man knew he needed to take care of it.

He opened his eyes, ready to face his sensual problem. Ezekiel used his left hand to lift the waistband up before pulling it down. It did not take longer than a second for his nine-inch cock to sprang out. And in response, Ezekiel moaned as this thumping member was free.

Ezekiel leaned back against the door and slid downward. Once he was on the floor, he readjusted himself until his hips were just the right angle for him. And for his cock.

“I better get rid of this quick,” he mumbled as his grasped his cock tight with his right hand. Shivers went right up his back as the cold fingers touched it, though it remained hard as ever. Ezekiel then began stroking it, up and down. He started out slow, getting more into the feel of it. The young man closed his eyes once more as he quickened the pace. Moans and grunts escaped his mouth as he filled his mind with images of his father.

He had seen his father naked several times before. The young man had to admit that Lucas was quite the catch. He had broad shoulders which supported a robust, beefy body. The muscles all over his body were also part of his attraction. Finally, there was this rug of a body hair that ran across Lucas’ chest and abdomen.

Ezekiel’s hand tightened around his cock. His pacing went faster as his back arched backwards. An all-too familiar feeling enveloped his crotch as he panted. He uttered beneath his breath, “Dad, I’m cumming!”

The feelings intensified as it reaches the entirety of his body. His feet clenched as his toes curled inwards, while Ezekiel’s legs wobbled and shake. The brunet threw his head back as he pointed his cock upwards. A stream of cum spilled out from its tip. It flew up into the air before spilling all over himself. Ezekiel squirmed until it was all over. His twitching, pulsating member went soft after it released its semen.

“Zeke, the water is ready!” Lucas called out. Presumably from the bathroom. “Let’s go. You know how I don’t want the smell of cigars to stick around the house.”

Ezekiel called out, “I’ll be there in a sec!”

The young man stood up and wiped the cum off him with his discarded clothes. He made sure to rub his hands and crotch the most in an attempt to hide any evidence of him jerking right before a bath.

“Okay, I think I got every bit of it off me,” Ezekiel said while looking down. His cock was still sensitive, but otherwise he was fine. He grabbed a towel sitting innocently on his bed and marched right out of the door. The brunet looked towards the bathroom and saw the door was open, and the light was leaking out into the hallway. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, knowing his father was not outside his bedroom. Or worse, was eavesdropping on him while he masturbated.

Ezekiel walked into the bathroom and paused to stare at the naked figure of his father waiting for him. He fought to keep his mouth shut, and not open like some dumbstruck teen. The same cannot be said to his eyes, which had become fixated onto Lucas’ body.

The older brunet was sporting the same looks Ezekiel imagined earlier. From his thickset, sinewy body frame down to the ample body hair that made the latter want to writhe in pleasure. But one other detail stood out the most: his colossal cock hanging down from his crotch.

Ezekiel could have sworn he could remember every bodily detail of his father. However, that was no longer the case. Right in front of him, Lucas displayed a well-endowed cock that Ezekiel could not recall.

The size of it should have stuck in his mind, the younger male thought. Lucas’ cock reached all the way to his knees. It looked thick, with its girth right below the size of Ezekiel’s biceps. The bushy growth of hair on his crotch also did not help.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” Lucas asked, motioning for Ezekiel to come get into the shower with him.

“Uh, okay. Sorry, dad. I was kinda spacing out. That’s all.” Ezekiel put his towel on the nearby shower hook and went towards his father.

The shower area they were in was rather spacious. Enough for a large, tower man and his average-sized son, at least. The glass wall around it gave no privacy, though Ezekiel thought it as a plus. Mainly for him and his dirty, lust-filled thoughts.

As soon as Ezekiel closed the glass door behind him, Lucas went ahead and turned the shower on. Warm water gushed forth through the shower head, drenching the father and son duo.

“Woah, that’s warm!” Ezekiel commented as he relaxed under the cascading waters. His mind began to drift away when he looked up and saw that he was right behind his father. Only inches away from him. The young man let out a startled cry and peddled backward. Unbeknownst to him, he stepped on a rather slippery tile. But he was then saved when Lucas, hyperaware of his son’s predicament, grabbed his arm.

“Careful, son. The tiles can be a bit slippery nowadays,” he stated.

“Yeah, I will,” Ezekiel replied. His heart was banging against his chest. He tried not to get aroused from the look of his father ‘dominating’ him. But the angle and lack of clothes made it hard to do so.

“Don’t worry, I got you.” Lucas pulled his son with one strong tug. It was so strong that Ezekiel not only got back up to his feet, but then he also fell forward. Lucas reacted by turning around and catching his son with open arms.

Ezekiel crashed onto the older brunet’s chest. And right after that, a hug enveloped him. He looked up and saw his father’s concerned face looking at him. A concerned frown was on his face, and Ezekiel could feel his father’s racing heartbeat.

“Are you all right?” Lucas asked, still having a tight hold onto Ezekiel.

“Yeah, I’m okay dad, but…”

Ezekiel looked down and saw their chests both pushed up against each other. But that was not the cause of his concern. Rather, it was on down below, in the vicinity of their crotches. The younger brunet could feel his father’s thick member also pressed against his. He felt a blush creep onto his face as he stared downward in silence, unable to complete the sentence.

“But what?” Lucas asked. His curiosity was genuine as he kept the confused look on his face. “What is it, Zeke?”

The younger brunet stammered out, “I, uh—from down there. The, you know, our… penises…”

Realization then hit Lucas. He pushed his son into a reasonable distance of an arms’ length, his face all red and flustered.

“S-sorry,” he said, stuttering as well. “I didn’t mean to, you know that.”

Ezekiel chuckled as he watched his father try to explain to him that it was all an accident. It was a side he rarely could ever see his father make. He felt refreshed at the new experience, but also aroused. Ezekiel’s laughter died down as he walked up to his father. He grabbed the man’s waist and pulled him close to himself. Their cocks were once again touching one another. This silenced Lucas as he stared wordlessly at him.

“Zeke, what are you—” he started to ask, but Ezekiel had already leaned forward and stopped him with a kiss. Lucas’ eyes widened before he melted into the moment. He put his arms around his son’s back and pulled him as close as their bodies could physically become. They had their eyes closed as they lose themselves in the heat of passion. Hotter than the steaming water pouring over their heads.

Their height difference was of no concern. Lucas bent down slightly whereas Ezekiel raised himself up to his toes. They supported each other with their iron-grip hold. No sooner than a second did they part ways, so they could slip their tongues inside.

Ezekiel was having the time of his life. He was kissing his father, of all people! His lips were not pillowy or silken, and the scruffy beard was rough against his face, but he wholly enjoyed it. He brought his hands up and began caressing his father’s broad back. It was tough, sturdy, and full of muscles.

Likewise, Lucas was going through his very own rationalization. Sorting out the fact that his son kissed him, and he did not back away. Instead, he reciprocated it. He could feel butterflies in his stomach as sparks ignited in his chest. The older male could feel a growing desire to take on his son. To pound him against the wall or have him beneath his body. Such thoughts made him squeeze the younger male even closer to himself.

The two men continued on with their incestual fervour, holding on to each other and never letting go. The heated water prickled and burned their skin ever so slightly, yet neither of them budged. Only their heads move away from each other, but then it was only to breathe before locking lips once again.

“I love you, dad,” Ezekiel said after they broke their kiss. He leaned his head against his father’s chest.

“I… I love you too, Zeke,” Lucas replied. He felt his son squirm from under his arms. “Do you like my husky voice? Does it turn out on?”

“More than ever,” Ezekiel replied as his hand reached down. The young man then grabbed both his and his father’s, wrapping his hand around them as much as he could. Lucas made a groan before giggling at his son’s hold. His grasp did not make a full circle, though he tried.

“Here, let me help.” He lowered his hand and groped at their cocks. Unlike Ezekiel, Lucas was able to ensnare the two cocks with one hand. Perks of his large hand size. He then twisted his torso to close off the shower. It was starting to get too hot, and the steam was getting into their eyes. Once that was over, Lucas turned his attention back to Ezekiel. He clenched his hand, squeezing their hardening members. They whimpered and grunted at the same time.

“Let’s take this outside the shower. Okay, dad?”

Lucas nodded. He replied, “Okay.”

The father and son pair got out of the shower and used their towels to dry each other rather than themselves. Every once in a while, their hand would linger on some part of the other’s body, not moving at all. Every so often, it would land on the chest. Or the waist. They would grope or caress each other’s bodies with a smile on their faces. Even after they had dried themselves, they would linger more in playing their little game.

Lucas was the first to end their play. He leaned closer to Ezekiel and wrap his arms around his son’s body. The older man embraced the warmth coming from his son. It was, to him, a different kind of warmth. Something that was soothing and comforting. A feeling he believed gave to his son every day when he showered him with gifts of all kinds.

While Lucas was deep in thought, Ezekiel leaned his head against his father’s chest. The gentle beating of the heart was music to him. And the chest hair that tickled his face, on the other hand, was arousing.

“It’s so soft and bouncy,” Ezekiel said, poking and prodding the pronounced pectoral. His gaze went downward and saw their buck-naked body, and that was when he distanced himself from his father. He exclaimed, “I forgot something!”

The young brunet walked away from the bathroom and went towards his room. He looked around until his eye landed onto his backpack. Ezekiel walked up towards it, grabbed it from the floor, and opened it up. He rummaged through its contents until his hand brushed against soft, silky fabric. His face then broke into a grin as he pulled the fabric up.

“Thank goodness, it’s still here,” Ezekiel said. On his hand was a pair of boxer briefs. They were blue, with black waistbands. He used his other hand and was able to separate another boxer briefs that had stuck onto its twin. “And there’s two of them. Finally, it seems like that person kept his end of the deal.”

Ezekiel then ran back to the bathroom where his dad remained standing there. A white towel now wrapped around his hips. He yelled, “Dad, check this out!”

The young man handed his father one of the undergarments. The latter looked at the undergarment, then back to Ezekiel. It was clear his face showed confusion.

Ezekiel relieved his father by answered, “It’s a special pair of boxer briefs. Check the front half.”

Lucas did as Ezekiel told and checked the undergarment’s front half. There, right at the centre, there was a hole. Large enough that he questioned himself how on earth he missed it earlier. Lucas showed the undergarment to his son and asked, “Why is it broken? Do you want me to sew it up for you?”

“What? No!” Ezekiel laughed, shaking his head in disbelief at what he had heard. “Dad, it’s a pair, see?”

The younger brunet brought the boxer briefs on his hand up and showed Lucas how it had a gaping on the backside. He continued, “They come in pairs, worn when two guys phuck each other.”

Lucas went bright red. He muttered, “Why would you need to wear something for sex? And are you suggesting that we…?”

Ezekiel nodded. “Come on, dad! We’ll be the closest father and son ever out there!”

Lucas pursed his lips and then nodded. “You missed out on the first question, but okay. Where are we doing it?”

“How about here?” Ezekiel suggested. “We’re already in uniform, if you get what I mean.”

Lucas chuckled. “Okay. Let’s do it here, then.”

The older male dropped his towel and proceeded to pull on the special underwear his son insisted on. He tugged the rather tight boxer briefs until they reached all the way to his hips. Lucas made sure to put his member through the hole Ezekiel pointed out earlier. The elasticity made it possible, though he felt it was still tight as ever. He looked at how snug his penis looked, being outside an underwear.

“I must admit, this is very different from your average fly,” he said. Lucas looked up and saw that his son was also done putting on his half of the pair.

“Hey, dad. Check this out!” Ezekiel turned around and jutted his hips backwards. With his hands, he pinched a piece of the fabric that covered his arse and pulled them apart. It revealed a somewhat hidden opening that ran across his bum crack. “Makes you wanna phuck me now, doesn’t it?”

Lucas walked forward and pressed his cock against his son’s arse. He sniggered, “Not in the slightest, no.”

Ezekiel then pushed his hips even more outward, rubbing it against his dad’s cock. Lucas grunted and grabbed his son’s hips, steadying it. He then began rubbing his dick up and down the younger male’s crack.

“Go on, dad! Put it inside!” Ezekiel exclaimed, getting aroused by the second. “I want your entire cock in me!!”

Lucas shook his head. He replied, “Patience, Zeke. You’ll get what you want.”

The older man stopped and put his hand around his dick. With quick, swift up and down motions, he got his member hard and raring to go. Pre-cum began to dribble down from its tip. He gave his son’s arse a tight squeeze, which made him shiver.

“Okay, Zeke. I want you to spread your legs a bit more,” Lucas instructed. “I can’t fit it if your hole is tight.”

Ezekiel laughed, but did as he was instructed. He moved his legs away from each other until they were quite far apart. Lucas nodded in approval. He brought the tip of his cock and press it against his son’s quivering arsehole, smearing it with cum.

“Are you ready?” Lucas asked.

“Hell yeah, I am!” the younger brunet replied. “Do it, dad! Show me that we’re the closest, inseparable father and son pair in the whole world!”

Lucas sniggered again at his son’s choice of words. He said, “Okay, champ. Get a taste of your daddy’s cock!”

The older brunet pressed the cock head over on his son’s arse once again, but this time, he went further in. He pushed until his cock head was inside Ezekiel, and the two men moaned in pleasure. Their knees trembled, but still held them up. Both of their chest rose and fell as they began gulping air from all that panting. Lucas then grabbed onto his son’s hips and pulled it closer to his crotch. As the same time, he bucked his hips forward to match.

The hole was still too tight for the cock, Lucas thought to himself. He repeated the action again and again. Each time he did, he and his son grunted and moaned. The girth of his cock was preventing him from going further, but that did not let it stop the older male. He kept his hold onto his son as he tried to push their bodies close. But in every failed attempt, there was at least a wave of sensual rapture washing over them.

“So tight, so tight!” Lucas repeated over and over like a mantra. “It’s tight, Zeke. Holy phuck, it’s tight as hell!”

“I know,” Ezekiel replied, gasping for air each time his father pressed his cock forward. “Don’t give up now, dad.”

The pair of brunets were panting louder now. It was all that they could hear. Apart from their beating hearts pounding against their eardrums, at least. Their breathing became hitched and ragged, though they did not stop. Sweat drenched their body as it emanated warmth from all the action they were doing. A kind of warmth that betrayed the wintry cold season.

They carried on, undeterred by the absurdity of it, when Lucas saw his cock was halfway inside his son. He exclaimed, “Look, Zeke! Can you feel half of your old man’s cock inside of you? This pulsating, reverberating cock?”

“Y-yeah, I can,” Ezekiel replied, wincing as he felt his dad pushed forward yet again. “We can do this all day if we have to. Let’s keep going!”

Lucas and Ezekiel cheered on as they resumed the slow and harrowing process. It did not take long before it took a toll on their strength. The latter had to admit his untouched arsehole was not suited for his father’s cock. Especially with the girth that’s the size of the young man’s bicep.

Nevertheless, the father and son duo powered it through sheer determination and libido. It took quite a toll on their strength, as in the end, they were on all fours. Throughout the process they also came to the floor, and on Lucas’ case, inside his son. It made a mess on the titles and on their boxer briefs, but that did not stop either of them. Ezekiel wanted to see things through and ensure that his father thoroughly phucked him, head to tip. And Lucas showed determinism to make it happen.

Even if it meant phucking until the sun comes up.

Ezekiel’s back would arch whenever Lucas tried fitting his twelve-or-so-inch cock inside him. They continued phucking until Lucas was able to get every inch of his cock inside his son. It was a long and arduous process, one that neither of them wanted to back out. When Lucas felt his crotch finally touching Ezekiel’s arse, without as much as a space between them, he knew it was over.

He straightened his back and looked down. Past his burly, hairy chest and abs and to his bushy crotch. There, not a gap was found between him and his son. Even through the fabric, he admitted that it almost felt like their skins were in contact instead. The very thought of it only made his cock twitch, and in turn, pleasuring Ezekiel with its every moment.

“We did it, Zeke,” Lucas said between ragged breathing. He fell forward and pressed his chest against his son’s back. “I got every inch of my cock inside you.”

“Way to go, dad,” Ezekiel replied, also panting and winded. He wriggled his hips and moaned as he felt the large member buried deep within him. “My insides feel so stuffed. It actually feels great!”

Lucas let out a big sigh of relief. He leaned forward and gave butterfly kisses on Ezekiel’s nape. The way his son wriggle and laugh felt good to both his heart and his pounding cock. “Good. Now that that’s over, can I pull out now? I don’t think having my cock inside you is good for your body.”

“I actually don’t think you can if you try,” replied Ezekiel. He lowered himself until his face was close to the floor and thrusted his hips backwards. Lucas winced at the way his son was pressing up against his crotch.

The older male straightened his back once more. Giving himself a wide berth from the other. He then placed his hand around Ezekiel’s hips and pushed them away, though he found them stuck to him. Not in a sticky sort of way, but Lucas felt his crotch seemed to go along with Ezekiel’s arse. Like it was pulling his skin, muscles and all.

“Dad, I do think you should stop,” Ezekiel said. He tried to adjust his legs when Lucas grabbed onto them and kept them in place. The iron grip he had on them made the younger male wince. “Dad, please stop that!”

“Zeke, it’s going to hurt your stomach if this goes on,” the older brunet pointed out. He tried to remove Ezekiel off him, but they remained joined. He asked, “What is going on, Zeke? Did you somehow put superglue or something up your arse?”

Ezekiel shook his head. “No, not exactly superglue, but it might as well be.”

Lucas did not give a reply. Instead, he kept his focus on the situation on hand. Namely, how he cannot get his cock out of the younger male. He rocked his hips back and forth, but whenever he pulls back, his son follows suit. When he pulled his son forward, his hips would do the same. It was as if their lower halves had, in some way or form, glued together. Save for their legs, at least.

“What is going on, Zeke?” Lucas asked, his voice was somewhat pitched. His put his shaking, clammy hands against Ezekiel’s rear and pulled him again and again. Every attempt ended in failure. His already-ragged breathing worsened, and his sweat turned cold. “Zeke, answer me!”

Meanwhile, Ezekiel was smirking to himself. He found gratofication listening to his father’s panicked voice. Aroused, even, as his cock trembled. Cum leaked all over the floor while he drowned himself in sexual ecstasy.

Then, without as much as a warning, a large pair of hands grabbed his sides. Ezekiel had found himself pressed against his father’s chest.

“Zeke,” his father began, eyes wide and lips trembling. “What is going on? Please, tell me the truth.”

Ezekiel sighed. He confessed, “It’s the undergarment. I bought it from some random guy next to the bar. Says it’s a special kind of underwear that would bring two men together. Like, inseparable. He mentioned it being in a physical sense, but I couldn’t tell if he was being literal or not.”

Lucas let go of his son and looked down onto the boxer briefs they had on. It was only then that he noticed how different it looked compared before. The ones they had were not the same ones he and Ezekiel worn prior from their phucking. What was once two pairs of underclothing was now only one with two holes for their torsos. One for him, and the other, for Ezekiel. It was as if it had been sewn together without him noticing.

In a panic, Lucas grabbed the boxer brief’s waistband and pulled it away. He failed to held back on his strength, and with one mighty tug, he shredded the article of clothing. Bits of fabric flew out to the air. On his hand was a broken piece of rubber that formed the waistband, along with a chunk of cloth. The resulting tear removed any cover for his crotch, but what he found underneath almost made him faint.

Lucas expected to see his cock buried deep inside Ezekiel’s arse. That it was sticking outside his son’s outstretched hole. That they were still phucking. Instead, what greeted him was the sight of his member merging with his son. Or merged, since he could no longer see his cock, only his groin. And Ezekiel’s arsehole was also gone. Instead, there was only smooth skin that bridged their bodies together. No gaps between them.

The older brunet placed an index finger on his son’s back. He traced it down, following along the spine. Once he had reached the part where there should have been some space—a small recess of sorts—he found nothing. His finger made a smooth trip from Ezekiel’s back, down to his groin, and up his abdomen. There was no such space between them, only flesh that connects the older man to the younger.

“What did you find there, dad?” Ezekiel asked, turning his head around. He felt his father’s finger trace something on his back, but did not figure out what that was all about. “Dad?”

“Zeke… did you know anything about this?” Lucas asked, his eyes still fixated on their conjoined groin and arse. He does not even know if he should call it that.

“I don’t get what you mean, dad. Can you—” his words were then cut short when Lucas stood up, and in turn, also pulled him upward. Except, only his hips went along with his father. Ezekiel soon found himself upside-down, with only his fingers grazing the floor. Bewilderment overtook his calmness, but he only laughed moments later. “Oh, so this is what he meant by ‘physical sense.’ I really messed up there, didn’t I?”

Lucas reached over and helped straightened his son up. He pressed him against his sweaty chest before he left the bathroom and into his room. The older brunet stood in front of his bed and placed his son down gently over the mattress. It was a strange scene, looking at his son from so far away, yet physically they were as close as can be. Too close, in fact.

“Zeke, can you try pulling away from me?” He asked.

Ezekiel nodded. “I’ll try.”

The young man pulled himself away from his dad once, then another. By the third pull, he looked at his dad and shook his head. He said, “I can’t get away from you, dad. Seems like we’re stuck like this for good.”

Lucas shouted, “No! We can’t stay like this. I have to go to work, and you got to go back to your university… we can’t let people see us like this! What would they think?”

“That we’re a father and son with an inseparable bond!” Ezekiel replied. “Think about it for a sec. With this, you can never neglect me emotionally anymore.”

“Son, I’m your dad. Your old man. And I—”

“—am a forty-something-year-old single father whose twenty-five-year-old son is attached to his groin.” Ezekiel sniggered soon after. “That was kinda funny, actually.”

“Exactly my point!” Lucas exclaimed. He once more put his hands around Ezekiel’s waist and tried to pull him off. But as soon as he grasped the latter’s sides, they moaned, and in unison no less. Lucas felt his knees buckled whereas Ezekiel wriggled his torso.

“Dad, that felt grand! Touch me there again!”

Lucas was heaving, in disbelief that his son moaned from him grabbing onto his sides. Something that did not happen earlier, so why now? And there was also the fact that he, too, moaned from that rough hold.

“What on earth is happening?” Lucas asked, his voice bewildered and heart palpitating. He reached down to his crotch again, but he could only find more of his son’s body merged onto his groin. He squinted his eyes, and sure enough, it was like Ezekiel was growing out of him. The older brunet asked, “Son, how are you doing down there?”

“I’m doing fine, dad. It’s actually rather comfy how warm your body is,” he replied.

Lucas lowered his hands and wrapped them around where he and Ezekiel merged. He grabbed at it, only for both of them to moan out loud. Lucas kept his focus as he continued to pull the younger male’s body away, but it did not help. Every touch, every movement, it felt a striking resemblance to masturbating. The older brunet swore it was like he was holding the base of his cock.

“This can’t be happening,” Lucas muttered. “I’ve been pulling you off me and then checking how attached we were several times now. At this point, it’s clockwork.”

Reality finally descended upon him. That he, Lucas, has his son growing out from where his cock should be. It was undeniable. From having no space that separates them, to how touching his son felt like he was touching his cock.

“Zeke, it’s like you’ve become my cock,” he surmised. “It all makes sense now, and it would explain why you moaned when I held on to your waist.”

“Oh, well, it’s not like it’s a problem, right” Ezekiel replied. He rocked his hips left and right. Lucas noted how his hips were also swinging along, coupled with how he felt aroused by it.

“Stop that!” Lucas commanded, his voice raised and commanding. But this only had the opposite effect on Ezekiel, as the latter mewled, shivering with a grin on his face. He chuckled like mad while crooning for his father to do it again.

“Say that again, dad!” Ezekiel begged. He ran his hand around his chest and stomach. Sometimes, he went hard. And other times, soft. He turned his head around to catch a glimpse of his father’s flustered face. A grin broke through his face. “I bet you’re feeling this, huh, dad? Does it feel like I’m masturbating your cock now?”

Lucas clenched his jaws and closed his eyes. His hands, too, were also balled up into fists as he restrained making a sound. Anything that would prove his son correct. He began making deep breaths as he felt his son caressing his body. True to the latter’s words, it was like he was giving him a handjob. A good one, at that.

His restraint was all for nought when Lucas felt himself getting hard. And by proxy, his son as well. Even with his vision obstructed, Lucas felt his son rising off the bed. He would know since his penile erection would always point upward.

“D-dad, look!” Ezekiel yelled. “I’m moving up, and I’m not doing anything!”

Lucas opened his eyes, and true to the latter’s words, he was moving up. There was no longer denying the fact he and his son were completely joined. And likewise, how Ezekiel was effectively a cock now. His cock.

The older male set his gaze downward to check for any other changes. One of the first things he saw was how there were veins around Ezekiel’s waist. At least, the part closest to his crotch. It was inexplicably like those from his cock. His normal, above-average-sized cock, at least.

“You’re a penis from the waist down,” Lucas said as if stating a fact. Which, in all fairness, indeed was one. “But from the waist up, you’re still human.”

Ezekiel turned around and nodded. He added, “Not only that, but my legs aren’t legs anymore.”

Lucas raised a brow, though he figured that he might as well get it over with. He grabbed Ezekiel by the waist and lifted him close to his body to get a perfect view of their legs. But he only saw his hairy legs, not his son’s. He asked, “Zeke where are your legs?”

“They’re not legs now, dad.” Ezekiel bends forward, leaving Lucas confused. The confusion ended when the older male felt someone grabbing his ball sacks. Another realization was then formed that night.

“They’re my balls!” Lucas exclaimed. He bent forward to get a better view. There, he saw what looked to be a pair of melons hanging beneath Ezekiel’s cock-body. “How did I not notice that? And what happened to my original ones?”

“I don’t know, but my best guess is that it was somehow absorbed by my legs. Which was also why you felt pain when I grabbed them.” Ezekiel pressed his back against his father’s hairy torso. The latter responded by wrapping his arms around him,

Lucas went dizzy with all that was happening and decided to lie down. He turned around, facing against his bed, and fell down backwards. The mattress bounced upon impact. Ezekiel laughed from the recoil, but Lucas remained quiet. There was a blank look on his face as the events of the past hour lingered in his mind.

First, he found his son coming home late at night when he should have been sleeping. Second, they had a heart-to-heart talk. One that ended with them having a passionate kiss while in the shower. Third, his son asked to have sex with him, and he agreed to it. And finally, their incestual sex led to the point wherein his son had turned into a human cock. His cock, to be precise.

“Dad, are you okay?” Ezekiel asked, turning his whole body around. “You’re awfully quiet now. Is something wrong?”

“Son, this is—” he took a deep gulp of air, and then exhaled—“a lot to take in. I mean, you’re my cock! Half of your body turned into a penis. My penis, for goodness’ sake!”

Lucas sat back up, which led to Ezekiel tumbling down on the bed. With his hands, he removed what was left of the ‘special’ boxer briefs from when he tore them apart. A part of him thought and hoped it would undo the changes, but nothing happened. His groin was still attached to his son—he can no longer say his arse, since that part was gone. Absorbed into his body. The heaviness of the balls also became apparent now that he became aware of it.

“This is all too much to take in,” Lucas said. “Zeke, did you plan for this to happen?”

“What? No!” Ezekiel pushed himself off the bed and stared back at his father. “There’s no way I could have known this would happen. But, it’s not like I’m complaining, either. We’ll be together forever, and you cannot literally get away from me. We’re—”

“—Inseparable, I know. You’ve mentioned it a thousand times now.” Lucas finished his sentence. “Now that I thought about it, you’ve been using that word this whole time. Inseparable, I mean.”

Ezekiel shrugged. “Don’t look deep into it. Remember when I said I got these boxer briefs from someone somewhere in the downtown area? Well, I got that word from him. He was the one who kept repeating it, so I guess it caught on.”

Lucas shook his head. “We’re going to find a way to reverse this. Come on, I’ll hide you in a jacket or something. We’ll take the car, and we’ll go to where you said you’ve seen the man who sold you these undergarments.”

“What?” Ezekiel shrieked. “No, you can’t do that!”

“Why not, Zeke?” Lucas lashed out, showing uncharacteristic anger in his usually calm voice. “I love you, son, but this isn’t right. For you, me. For both of us. How can we live a normal life if you’re attached to your old man as some sort of human-penis hybrid?!”

Tears welled up in the corner of Ezekiel’s eyes. And then came the shuddering sobs. Ezekiel pulled his arms to himself, his hands balled to a fist and held close to his face. His shoulders shook with each sob. He whimpered, “I’m sorry, dad. I’m sorry!”

The sight of Ezekiel’s pathetic crying snapped Lucas out of his moment of rage. His heart dropped as he realized that he made Ezekiel cry. It only worsened when he remembered how he promised not to hurt him anymore. It did not matter how sensitive the younger male was, given his pampered upbringing. Lucas still made him cry, and that was the only explanation needed.

The older male felt so small against the world as he stood there watching his son. He was certain that Ezekiel lacked training in handling someone’s anger. But even so, Lucas did not know it would be this bad.

“No, Zeke, I—” Lucas clamped his mouth shut as Ezekiel began to wail. He remained speechless while he watched his son cry in such a pitiful state. Stranger still was that the latter’s rocking movement also meant his cock was moving. Lucas took a deep breath as he remained calm. His son—whose body also happens to be his cock—needed comforting. Not stroking, prodding, or giving a handjob.

The older brunet reached down and picked Ezekiel off the bed. The moment his fingers made contact, he felt a twitch all the way down to his groin. Nonetheless, he did not make any reaction that would make the situation awkward.

It was like holding the long shaft of my cock, Lucas thought as he turned his son around then wrap his arms around him. He thought to himself as very rational. But now that hugging his son was synonymous to hugging his penis, it made him question that notion. Lucas closed his eyes and feel every shudder his son did as he sobbed. It reminded him of a hardened penis, ready to cum.

He used his right hand and began rubbing it against the younger male’s chest. The sobbing quieted down to whimpers, though it also made the latter stuff. Lucas shook his head as he tried to stay on track: he was there to comfort his son, not use him to jack off.

“I shouldn’t have raised my voice like that,” the older man said, his voice all meek and sullen. There was remorse in his trembling voice. “I’m sorry, Zeke. I’m sorry.”

Lucas leaned his head over to Ezekiel’s, his hand combing through his brunet locks. He whispered apologies to him as he waited for the latter to stop crying.

“Promise you won’t get mad again,” Ezekiel choked out.

“I won’t. You can tell me, and I won’t be angry.”

Ezekiel gulped and said, “The effects… they’re permanent. I lied, I—um, I went out of my way to find the man. Found him online, actually. He mentioned working in some body-altering shop with the use of clothes, and I got curious.”

“Mhm. And then?”

“And here we are,” Ezekiel motioned his arms at their conjoined state. “Everything that happened until this point was on purpose. That guy also mentioned that this is permanent. There’s no going back, dad. There’s no going back after this! So if you’re mad at me now, then be at me forever because there’s no cure for this.”

Ezekiel moved his hips, but stayed put. Both from having his father embracing him, and that his waist was also connected to the older man’s groin. He tried to separate himself from Lucas, but it did not work.

Lucas kept his cool as his son’s movements made their hefty balls juggle and shake. They were quite sensitive, and he surmised that it was a mix of his and his son’s shared connection to it. He allowed Ezekiel to thrash while maintaining a calm, cool disposition.

The younger brunet, exhausted above all else, closed his eyes and buried himself into his father’s arms. He braced himself for what to come—be it reprimanding words or corporal punishment. But he felt his heart stop a beat when he felt his father’s arms hugging him tighter.

“I won’t do anything to hurt you. Not anymore,” Lucas said.

Ezekiel’s eyes opened wide. He looked up at his father and asked, “Rea—are you positive?”

“Yes. I’d love you even if you stay as my cock. I don’t care if it’s permanent… you are still my son. Not only that, but I’d even love you even if I, myself, became your cock. Whatever crazy transformation that occurred to us is all water under the bridge.”

Ezekiel twisted his body and gave his father a stern look. “You promise?”

Lucas cupped his hand behind Ezekiel’s head and replied, “I promise.”

As soon as those words escaped his lips, the older brunet pushed his son’s head towards his. Lucas gave Ezekiel a passionate kiss on the lips. More feral than before. The way he kissed was rough. It was hungry and demanding.

Lucas kept one hand behind Ezekiel’s head while the other explored the human-cock body. He massaged the younger man’s nipples, then squeezed his soft chest and waist. It was a strange combination of senses. He was both touching his son’s body while fondling his cock. The older man could not separate one sensation from the other. It was his son, but also his cock, and vice versa.

Ezekiel, meanwhile, also let his hand explore his father’s hairy and muscular body. He let his palms glide across the sinewy, thick arms, committing each curve and shape to memory. Then he would move on to the chest where he could feel his father’s heart, wild and alive as he was. He groped and touched every part of Lucas he could reach, while his body stiffened.

The older brunet felt his son becoming erect. One of the things he found pleasant was their intertwined senses, he found. He could sense Ezekiel’s rising ardour. It did not help that Lucas could feel his son quaver and convulse. Each time he did served to instigate his burning sex drive further. Passionate excitement engulfed Lucas with each second that pass by. He wrapped his son in his arms once more, and hugged him tight. Tighter than he had ever done before. The ache in his groin where he and Ezekiel merged.

“Dad,” Ezekiel said as he pulled away, “would you like to jack off?”

“What? You mean—”

“I want you to grab me by the waist and start stroking,” Ezekiel explained. “I am, in all intents and purposes, your penis. Dick, cock, or whatever you want to call it. And yeah, that means rubbing your hands on me, stroking my body, is the same as masturbating. Remember how you and I both moaned when you grabbed my waist before? Yeah, it was because you were also grabbing onto your dick when you did that.”

Lucas looked at his son from his head down to the base where their bodies merged. Everything Ezekiel said was the irrefutable truth. That he was his old man’s cock in every which way possible.

The older brunet lifted his head up and locked eyes with Ezekiel, who was nodding. Nudging him to go on. Lucas let out a deep sigh and wrapped his hands around his ‘shaft’. He moved them up, then down. He repeated it until he could see Ezekiel straightening himself and becoming stiff. There was the eerie pulse of veins that the older male knew was that from a cock. From his cock when he was hard. Now, Ezekiel carried on that torch.

“Are you certain about this, Zeke?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Okay. Tell me to stop if it’s making you uncomfortable.” Lucas resumed jerking off his all-new cock. He was gentle at first, but the longer it went on, the rougher he became. There was something inside him that ignited youthful vigour. He then moved his hands in opposite directions; his right hand went up and down, while the left went down and up. Ezekiel mewled and whimpered; his arms wrapped against himself. His face, too, was all scrunched up.

The two men panted and heaved, taking in every bit of air possible. Sweat covered every inch of their body. They were groaning like a pair of lovers that they were. Ezekiel took this a step further by letting go of himself and using his hands to fondle his body. The added stimulation made both men excited even more. Lucas threw his head backwards, moaning louder as he begged for more. His hands were stroking Ezekiel faster. Harder.

“Zeke, I… it feels like I’m going to cum!” the older brunet exclaimed as a familiar build-up around his groin alerted him.

“I can feel it, dad!” Ezekiel replied. Thick drool dripped from his mouth as he said those words. He looked down, mouth agape, as he saw how white his saliva was. Except, he knew it in him that it was not saliva, but warm, sticky cum. A grin formed on his face as he purposefully let it cover his cock-body.

Lucas looked up and set his gaze upon his beaming son. He made sure to imprint his beautiful feature on his mind.

The younger brunet’s was very much a softer version of himself. He has a softer triangle-shaped, clean-shaven face with a taper haircut. Although now the hair were more or less drooped down, drenched in sweat, like they had been the past hour. And then there were these grey eyes that sparkled against the moonlight from the window. To Lucas, he was beautiful. So innocent, and yet, so lustful. And the way Ezekiel’s face contorts from being both fondled and molested… that was something Lucas would get drunk by.

In contrast, the older male had a more rigid-looking shape. His muscles were quite prominent, though hidden through the veil that was his body hair. The wrinkles on his face told his age, though it did not keep him from being the handsome devil he was. The textured pompadour haircut was as dishevel as his stubble. All from that moving and sweating.

And moving and sweating was what he was still doing.

Lucas gave it his all, masturbating using Ezekiel’s body. In a similar vein, Ezekiel was helping his father jack off by massaging his body. A symbiotic relationship between a father and his cock of a son.

Not long after did the dribble of cum from Ezekiel’s mouth doubled. He was spitting out cum like a leaky tap. Lucas groaned at his ‘pre-cum,’ whereas Ezekiel tried to go back to his natural state. That is, he faced away from his father.

Lucas moaned once more at his son’s movements before he finally reached his peak. He let go of Ezekiel’s body, and he felt the rush of semen spew out. Ezekiel, meanwhile, became shocked to see how much cum he was expelling from his mouth. It drenched their massive balls, his father’s legs, as well as the bedsheets underneath. He could not close his mouth, regardless of how he tried.

The semen eventually slowed down to a trickle, and then he felt his body slackened. Without support, Ezekiel fell down on top of his father’s body. He closed his eyes as he nudged his head closer to his old man’s face, rubbing his cheek against his stubble.

“You are very pampered,” Lucas said between breaths. “You cry a lot, you’re sensitive, and can’t seem to handle anger.”

Lucas propped himself up with one elbow, and used the other arm to keep Ezekiel where he was. He continued, “But you are my little prince, and I love you. Whether you are a man, cock, or both.”

“Aw, I love you too, dad! That’s very poetic of you.”

Lucas shrugged. He replied, “Perks of being a bookworm. You get to copy-paste many of the things you’ve read somewhere, somehow.”

“Yeah, I get that… but we smell,” Ezekiel commented. He pushed his father away—the furthest he could—as he pinched his nose. “Why don’t we take another shower?”

Lucas chucked. He looked down and said, “And also change the bedsheets. You made quite the mess down there.”

Ezekiel looked down on the mess they made and the cum he spewed. It was far more than what a normal person could ejaculate, especially since they were able to dampen half of a twin-size bed. There were cum stains on the sheets, on the floor, and even on their legs and balls.

“I could not imagine going outside with such large ball sacks,” he gestured at their enlarged family jewels. “And to think both my legs had been absorbed by it.”

The older brunet nodded. He said, “If you got confused by all that, think about me. You know, the one who has to walk with his son between his legs and balls the size of cantaloupes.”

“I didn’t even know it would end up like that,” Ezekiel replied. “I know about the merging, but I haven’t planned everything else, actually.”

Lucas looked at his son, a frown plastered on his face. “So you went with what you think is right, even though you cannot see through it in the end? No back-ups and the lot?”

“Exactly! But less chatting and more showering.” He swayed his hips, arousing Lucas somewhat. “Let’s go, dad.”

The older brunet sighed. He stood up, bringing Ezekiel along, and matched towards the bathroom. He turned the lights back on and whistled at the mess they made before leaving.

“Huh, looks like we’re back at the crime scene,” Ezekiel commented. His focus shifted to the floor and saw the remnants of what used to be boxer briefs. Specifically, two special boxer briefs that seemed to have logic-defying capabilities. “And we got to sweep the torn clothing away. Honestly, I was quite surprised at how you were able to tear them apart.”

“It surprised me too. I didn’t know my strength, seems like it.” Lucas leaned over and gave his son a peck on the cheek. “But either way, I’m glad you got us that special pair of undergarments. It made us closer than ever… although I’m not sure how we are going to take a shower when we’re like this. You being on my crotch means a shift in balance, and the floor will surely be slippery.”

“Oh, that’s fine. We can always go for the bathtub, right?”

The older brunet shrugged. “I mean, it is a much safer choice, so yes. Let’s go with that option.”

The two men worked together to get the bath ready for use. Or rather, Lucas did. Ezekiel, being a human cock attached to his father’s crotch, could not do much. While he could wriggle like he still has hips, or feel everything around the groin, that was his limit. He had to rely on his father’s erection to ‘stand up’, so to speak. And thus, instead of helping out, he put an arm around Lucas’ neck while watching him do all the work.

Lucas did not mind doing all the work. Rather, he was ecstatic that his son has to rely on him. There was still a pain in his chest when he discovered Ezekiel’s feelings. He thought he had been giving his best, but apparently, the ‘best’ was not what his son wanted. But now that they were physically connected, it was like he had another chance to set things right.

The older brunet got to his feet and put his hands on his hips. A smile graced his lips as he looked at a job well done. Warm water filled the tub, shampoos were within reach, and there were enough towels for them both.

“Looks like a perfect set-up, don’t you think so too, son?”

“Yeah, it looks fine. Why don’t we go in before it turns cold?”

A frosty breeze from an open window chilled their bodies, making them shiver. It was a reminder of the still-cold season outside. Without wasting another second, Lucas stepped right into the bathtub. He used the wall and metal railing to lower himself slowly and gently. Enough so they would not lose balance. Both men closed their eyes as they submerged in the water until only their heads were poking out.

Lucas allowed his stressed body to relax and melt under all the warmth. He cupped his hands together and used them to splash his head and face with water. All that dirt and grime on him, not to mention the accumulated sweat and cum, needed to be scoured from his. Be washed away.

The younger brunet also followed the example of his father. He rubbed his hands around his torso and waist, but stopped when he felt it become stiff and rigid.

“Dad, try not to get a hard-on while we’re having a bath,” he said. A familiar taste enveloped his mouth, and he gulped it all down. “And try not to cum as well. We won’t get ourselves clean if every little thing I do makes you aroused.”

Lucas shook his head. He explained. “I can’t help it. Your body just so happens to also be my cock. So, when you try touching yourself, you’re also giving me a handjob at the same time.”

Ezekiel let out a dry laugh as he continued washing his body. He reached out for the body soap when he felt a tingle on Lucas’ groin. Around where he and his father were connected. The young man turned around to face Lucas, but the latter shrugged in response.

“I keep telling you, I’m really sensitive down there. And it intensified when you became my penis.”

“But how are we supposed to get ourselves clean if a single touch from me makes you want to cum?” Ezekiel turned around and huffed. “But if you keep doing this, I—”

Lucas lunged forward and pressed his body against his son’s. He grabbed his wrists and pulled them down. Then, he placed his head on top of Ezekiel’s right shoulder. He said to the stunned young man, “We’ll have to make a compromise, then—”

“C-compromise? How?” Ezekiel replied, still out of his wits from his father’s sudden action.

“You see, I won’t get too hard if I touch myself, compared to when other people touch my penis, at least. So, let dad wash you, son. It’ll be much faster.”

Ezekiel squirmed as he basked from his father’s husky voice. It did not help that he could feel the older man’s warm body latched onto him as well.

“Fine,” he relented. “But don’t do that again, okay?”

Lucas gave his son a kiss and then chuckled. “Anything for my pampered, cry-baby son.”


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