Special deposit

by Moi Auci

 A college kid turns to sperm donation to raise some quick cash, but an odd turn of events leads to a transformational experience at the sperm donation lab and no desire to return to college.

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I was just a poor college student and needed to make some extra cash to make ends meet. When I saw the ad for Gamble Labs I was intrigued. Become a sperm donor? Why not? A little bit of extra cash couldn’t hurt. That’s why I was disappointed after I went through the trouble of driving downtown, filling out the paperwork, and giving some blood for testing. The receptionist had explained all of this was necessary to make sure that my DNA was a good match. I was looking for some quick cash, but I’d have to wait after all.

A week later, I had almost forgotten about Gamble Labs. I was in my dorm studying for my English Lit class when my smartphone buzzed. “Are you still interested in sperm donation?” the voice at the other end asked. It was Gamble Labs!

“Yes, of course!” I exclaimed. They said my tests were perfect and that I would be a great sperm donor. They just needed me to come down to the lab for my first procedure, and then I would be in the program—and after that I’d able to make a deposit as often as I liked. My English Lit test wasn’t until the next afternoon, so I had some time to kill.

When I got to the lab, the receptionist called in a male nurse who took me into an examining room. “I have to tell you,” he said. “Before you can become a sperm donor, we just have to give you a couple of injections with special nutrients and medication to ensure your sperm quality.”

“Uh, okay, sure—I guess,” I said, a little bemused. But the injections were almost painless and he took me to a spare room with a regular bed where he said I would rest for a bit before making my first deposit. “We’ll come back and check on you in about 10 to 15 minutes,” he said.

That sounded okay, but I was starting to feel a little woozy, so I sat on the bed. He said this was normal and not to worry. “Now look,” he said, “I’m going to need for those clothes to come off.” I looked up at him, puzzled. The nurse said, “Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. You’re not going to make a deposit with your clothes on, after all!”

Once I had stripped down to my shorts with his help, I naturally stopped. “You’ll have to take those off, too,” he said. He didn’t wait for me to answer, but took both hands and gave my shorts a sharp tug where I stood, quickly pulling them off and exposing my dick, which was starting to feel a little excited. He surprised me by taking it in his hands, which caused it to spring up rapidly. It was looking a little bigger and more swollen than usual and I was feeling kind of turned on. He pulled it from one side to the other, giving it a thorough exam. He tugged on my balls, which also seemed somehow bigger. “It’ll be fine,” he said as the room started to feel like it was spinning. “Now you lay down,” he said and gave me a gentle push. As he turned and left I fell onto my back on the bed with a huge cock sticking straight up. I shuddered, feeling like my cock was convulsing and splooging all over me.

When the cum stopped, I tried to mop it up with the blanket, but my dick and balls kept growing. My dick was hard, fully engorged, and seemed to get a little bigger each time it pulsed. I had the distinct impression that all of my brains were flowing into my cock, which felt totally alive and bigger with each involuntary throb. My balls were the size of tennis balls and felt ready to explode.

After several minutes, a man in a white coat, Dr. Gamble, and the male nurse came back into the room. “Try to stand up,” Dr. Gamble said. It was a little bit of a delicate balancing act because my cock and balls were heavy and so much bigger.

“This is your first sperm donation,” Dr. Gamble said, “and in a way, it’s also a test to see how you’re coming along.” He grabbed my dick, which now felt like it was stretching out about one and a half feet. My cock lit up like fire and a wave of sensation traveled the length of my dick and body, which somehow were feeling more intertwined and merged. Then, as the nurse grabbed a bucket, waves of cum started pulsing from my dick. A few minutes later, I had filled the bucket and was spent. Dr. Gamble said, “Perfect! Now, it would be best if you spent the night.” I laid back on the bed and shuddered with pleasure.

I slept fitfully that night. Every once in a while I would wake up with a throbbing sensation and feel like my dick was convulsing again. I’d feel the warm wetness of cum everywhere, and then I’d black out. Sometimes I thought I woke up to hear voices gathered around the bed. And then I’d feel a hand reaching out to examine my cock, which would shudder and splooge everywhere to murmurs of approval. Then I’d black out.

The next morning, Dr. Gamble, walked in. “How are you feeling, young man?” he asked.

“A bit strange,” I said. “I feel like my cock is ten times as sensitive as normal.” I was laying naked on the bed and it felt like my something in my groin was weighing me down.

“That’s okay,” he said, “and completely what we need from our sperm donors.” He reached out a hand and picked up my dick.

I gasped. My dick was a limp, but thick, two feet long monster, and it started expanding and getting hard right away. “What’s happening!?” I asked in surprise, and then felt my back slipping in the bed as though I was being dragged and pulled into my cock.

“This is completely normal,” Dr. Gamble said as though to reassure. “We’ve made some adjustments at the cellular level that will give you a better experience and also make you a more productive sperm donor.” But I felt like my arms and my torso were shrinking, getting pulled into, and merging with my enormous three foot erection. It was pulsing, and with each pulse, I felt like much of me was shrinking and slipping away, and my unbelievably excited cock was getting bigger. My cock also began to feel like the center of my body now. Everything that it did, that it felt, I was feeling all over. All of my skin felt tight. I felt rock hard. And I shuddered with each throb.

Dr. Gamble said, “I’m going to help you get out of the bed.” He pulled on me—really my cock, which seemed like it was about four feet long now and a foot wide, and helped me onto my legs. I swung my now stubby arms and tiny hands wildly, as my feet tried to keep their balance. I was struggling under the tremendous weight of my cock and enlarged balls, which felt like basketballs between my knees. In the meantime, the rest of me had shrunken to the size of a freakishly tiny nub at the rear of my big dick. I waved my little hands about, but could do nothing. I was an enormous, freakishly engorged dick on legs.

“This will feel a little strange,” Dr. Gamble said. “You’ve taken a bit of a journey with us. Frankly, this is exactly what Gamble Labs needs for sperm donation. We’ve built a facility here that specializes in sperm production,” he said, patting me on my enormous glans head. I started throbbing and convulsing, and the pleasure was unbelievable with his touch. He grabbed a bucket and hung it around my 1-1/2 foot wide dick head, just as I started splooging and feeling intense waves of pleasure like nothing I’d ever experienced. It felt like I was erupting with gallons of cum from my insides and my swollen red mushroom was beginning to feel like my face.

“Most guys that come here,” said Dr. Gamble, “readily accept this transformation. You don’t need to have any other cares in the world and we’ll take care of your every need, which basically is just one. I promise you, you’ll just want to experience wave after wave of orgasms, cumming to your heart’s content, and that will become your world.”

I tried to say something, but found it difficult to move the lips of my dick head. Dr. Gamble removed the bucket from around my neck and tied a harness around it. Then he tugged on my dick head and my legs willingly complied as I, a giant trundling dick, was led out into the hall, out a door, and into a pen with several other giant walking cocks. All were basically just massive four and five foot walking erections, rubbing up against each other, throbbing, pulsating, rearing up on their legs, and then splooging into buckets.

I felt like I was on total dick instinct now and couldn’t really think. I immediately started nuzzling up to the other giant dicks and rubbing up against them. Dr. Gamble fastened a new bucket to my mushroom head. As I rubbed up against one enormous dick, I briefly thought, “Hi! What’s your name?” But I would just convulse with the other dick and splooge almost continuously from my mouth. Dr. Gamble and his attendants would regularly replace the cum buckets. I never felt so electrified and alive in my life. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I had to get back to my college. It was a distant thought. Didn’t I have an English Lit test to take? But then I would convulse and cum and get ready to start rubbing against the other dicks in the pen. It was all so far away.

At some point later that day—I had really had no sense of time anymore—Dr. Gamble and his assistants came and put a harness on our dick heads and led us all away for the night. I couldn’t see much of anything anymore. My skin was taught and swollen, but my legs were balancing all five feet of me perfectly as I trudged behind Dr. Gamble. Dr. Gamble said, “You won’t be able to see or hear much longer. You don’t need sight and hearing for what you do here,” he chuckled. “You’re here, you’re very much alive—maybe more alive than you’ve ever felt. But your body has consolidated itself into your dick. Call it a merger, an absorption. Today was just a taste of what you’ll experience. You can’t go back to what you were, but you won’t want to. Nobody does.” I didn’t, couldn’t say anything as I twitched my glans lips.

“That’s a good thing,” Dr. Gamble said. “The point is, once you’re continuously producing sperm for us and you’re only really experiencing the world as your sex organ, you won’t want to feel or think about anything else.” I couldn’t really disagree with him. My legs were trudging along carrying me, now just a giant extended and enlarged cock with giant balls swinging behind. I was right behind Dr. Gamble when I started trembling and feeling my new giant dick body pulsate.

I shuddered and splooged from my mouth and all over him. Dr. Gamble just laughed. “That’s why I wear the lab coat!”


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