Gamble Labs

by Moi Auci

A college guy goes looking for his missing special friend, a journey that takes him to an odd sperm donation lab and an unexpected transformation.

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I was really horned up and missing Jon. I really missed getting together with him in the dorm. We’d meet in his room or mine, make sure the roomies were away, pull each other’s clothes off, and nuzzle with each other on the bed until our cocks were hard. Then we’d play.

I remember, one time, my roommate accidentally barged in on us. Jon was examining my hard, excited dick with a silly grin on his face, and lightly stroking it. I looked over at my roommate, who was just staring with big wide eyes, and I almost came all over myself. He quickly rushed out and never said a thing. Neither did Jon or I. Jon quickly began working my cock up and down again with his hand until it got real hard, and then we were quickly lost to play with each other’s bodies. That’s what our relationship was like, stealing a few minutes here or there to play with each other—until two weeks ago. And then he disappeared.

Jon had been short on cash and starting to skip meals at the dining hall. I had been sneaking him food, but the kid was losing weight. He looked good, all slimmed down, but the money situation was getting to be a problem for him. He had mentioned an ad he spotted pinned up on a bulletin board on campus for sperm donation. The ad was short on details, but I think they were offering to pay $50 a session for guys with the right genes. Jon had driven downtown to check it out and never returned.

God, I missed him. I know campus authorities had notified both the police and his parents, but Jon never came back and no one knew what had become of him. His car was found downtown, parked outside the sperm donation place, but they said they hadn’t seen him. Jon had driven down to Gamble Labs, parked outside, and disappeared from the face of the earth.

I was having trouble dealing with losing Jon, so I decided to go check out the sperm donation place for myself. I thought I would ask them if they knew anything about Jon, and maybe find just a small clue to what may have happened to him. Could someone have seen him snatched off the street, mugged and marched away? Or maybe he’d just gotten on a bus. Anyway, I thought someone might have seen something. Also, I had been curious. Maybe I’d check out this sperm donation place for myself. I didn’t need the money, but I was always horny.

I drove downtown and parked. Gamble Labs was located at the edge of the downtown in an area with older buildings. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the street and there weren’t a lot of people out walking. If Jon was going to disappear, this was the street to do it on. I walked to the entrance, opened the door and went inside. There was a receptionist at a desk in the center of the room. She looked up as I approached.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Well, uh, hello,” I stammered, a bit embarrassed about finding myself in a sperm donation center. “I’m actually looking for a friend.”

“You’re the first person who’s come through that door today,” she said brightly.

“No, I think he was planning to come here a couple of weeks ago,” I said. “I haven’t seen him since.”

She asked me for his name, hemmed and hawed for a moment, and then called someone. She motioned for me to take a seat.

A few moments later, a middle-aged man in a lab coat came out from behind a door. “Hello, how can I help you?” he asked. “I’m Dr. Gamble,” he said, with an outstretched hand.

“I’m looking for my friend,” I explained, “and thought he was planning to come here a couple of weeks ago.” I hesitated before saying, “He’s disappeared.”

Dr. Gamble gave me a once over and then fell silent for a moment, as though thinking. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you,” he said. But then he suggested that we talk further in his office.

I followed him down a dark hall, feeling a little uneasy. Was this where guys went to make sperm donations? How did that really all work? I felt myself getting a little hard as I thought about it. But just as soon, we came to his office and he offered me a chair. He asked me about Jon, what he looked like, when he was planning to come to the lab, etc. While I was explaining, an assistant came in the office and stood behind me. Dr. Gamble asked him if he recalled having seen Jon. He said that, no, he didn’t recall anyone like that. I looked back to Dr. Gamble, who was just shaking his head. Then I suddenly felt a sharp sensation like a bee sting in my shoulder. I turned around and the assistant was pulling a needle from my arm.

“What are you doing?” I asked incredulously. But the assistant grabbed me as I started to black out, and then everything went dark.

I was tossing and turning in bed, having what felt like the most incredible wet dream. I also heard voices murmuring and felt someone touching my dick. It felt like someone was tugging and pulling at it, and I was rock hard. Then I convulsed with a tremendous shudder and came all over myself before blacking out. I was briefly aroused a few more times during the night by the feeling of having people prodding and poking at my dick, followed by out of control thrusting and the most incredible shaking orgasms, and then darkness again.

Finally, I came to. I was naked on top of the bed and with a feeling that my cock was huge, heavy, and sticking straight up in the air. I tried to sit up on the edge of the bed and had to grab my swollen, seemingly three-foot-long dick to pull it out of my face. What was happening to me? My dick seemed to be growing even larger. My back arched with each throb from my cock until, feet now planted on the floor, I was bent over a monstrous three-and-a-half-foot long erection. I was confused. I was scared. But I also was strangely excited. With each throb of my dick, it seemed to be somehow growing even more and tugging at the base of my spine. With the tugging sensation, it felt like my torso was getting pulled into my ever-larger dick. I was in the throes of involuntary pelvic thrusting, too. It felt like all of my sensation was shifting into my extremely turned on dick, as I kept thrusting.

My dick was getting so big, I was both very worried and unbelievably excited. I tried to stand up. My legs seemed to be working, but they just seemed to be balancing an enormous cannon-like dick with gargantuan balls swinging in the rear. I wasn’t sure I was me anymore, as I seemed to be just a giant cock and balls attached to legs. At the same time, I felt tremendously hard, excited and started to convulse and splooge what seemed like gallons of cum. I started to feel shaky, but my legs were working hard to balance me with my gigantic cock continuing to thrust. I tried to move forward, looking for a door, a giant dick on legs thrusting and swinging from side to side.

I found the door, but had to do a delicate dance of sidling up to it to get a hand around the knob. Most of my throbbing erection was in the way. The knob turned and I backed out into a long dark hallway. I pointed myself down the hall, haltingly taking steps and rocking back and forth with each thrust. My huge dick was swaying from side to side, almost like it was sweeping the air in front of it searching for more sexual pleasure. I tried to grab it with my hands to steady it, but as soon as I touched it, the throbbing got more intense. Still, I couldn’t reach much beyond the base of my gargantuan dick and couldn’t hold on with the continual thrusting and rocking on my legs.

All of my sensation was changing. I was a dick—a dick on legs. With each step, it felt like I was swaying from side to side. And because my huge four-foot erection now seemed like it was taking the place of my body, most of what I felt was what my dick was feeling. Big, hard, and too excited to describe. I stood there, dick on legs, and started to shudder. Then I felt a deep, throbbing, pumping sensation from deep in my balls, and the hallway started to fill with cum while I tried to keep myself from passing out from the exquisite pleasure sweeping up and down the length of my oversize, rocking cock. Then my dick started throbbing and growing again, tugging at my spine and what was left of my torso.

I pretty much had disappeared into my giant engorged cock at around mid-torso, and each throb seemed to pull me further into the base of my dick. I strained and arched my back upward to see over this humongous new extension of my sex organ. Then it would throb again, pulling at my spine and thrusting. My pelvis seemed like it had shifted forward, too, balancing the tremendous length of me with watermelon sized balls hanging just below the point where my back was merging with my dick. I tried to point forward again to make some more waddling, swaying progress down the hall, but the excited state of my dick left me feeling like I was in a frenzy. It was hard to focus on getting down the hall when my whole body was building up to a state of excited release, pumping and pumping again. And then my cock would stand up on its legs, pointed upward at 45 degrees—and a river of splooge would come gushing out, cock rocking back and forth on my legs and whipping what was left of my back in the process.

Then I saw Dr. Gamble. “What have you done to me?” I shouted, as I saw him hurrying down the hall towards me. He came up fast and grabbed my swollen dick and pointed it away from him as I started quivering all over, shaky on my legs, and then gushing seeming gallons again. I didn’t have to wait for an answer as my dick body started throbbing again, and I felt a pulling sensation as my torso continued getting tugged into my giant engorged dick.

“You won’t have to worry about this long, my young friend,” said Dr. Gamble. “The merger process is well underway. You see, to meet our assistive reproduction goals, we’ve found that having a dedicated stable of sperm donors able to produce daily and in considerable quantity is ideal. I think it’s reasonable to say that not one of our donors would choose to return to a normal life—even if they could. The intensity of feeling and pleasure that accompanies repeated sperm production when virtually the entire body is dedicated to the process is simply a pleasure like no other.”

He patted my monster cock and I began to convulse again, splooging and shuddering with uncontrollable excitement. Then my dick was throbbing again and tugging at my chest as I tried to use my elbows as a wedge to keep from getting pulled in and merged.

“You can’t stop the merger,” Dr. Gamble said. “We can’t stop the changes taking place at the cellular level. You may feel worried now, but soon you’ll lose that capacity. Instead, you can look forward to being in a state of almost constant sexual excitement.” I was becoming all giant dick, and dicks are only capable of dick feelings, mostly just sexual excitement and ecstasy. Increasingly, what was left of me was centered in that unbelievably huge organ and its very separate penis brain, an organ that has a mind entirely all its own.

My elbows were being pulled into my cock now with its every throb. I held my face in my hands as my body stiffened again and the pumping sensation started up at the base of my dick. I was gushing another river of cum, but Dr. Gamble had fastened a large bucket around the neck of my glans. He’d also fastened a leash around my dick and was leading me down the hall, swaying five foot dick on legs and my face and hands being pulled into the base of my cock with each throb.

I was tottering on my legs as my head was enveloped by the base of my cock. Strangely, I didn’t feel like I was suffocating. I just felt good all over. Dr. Gamble was leading me down the hall and slapped my monster dick’s head. A chill ran the length of me and I felt myself growing hard and excited. Soon, he unlocked a door, slipped the leash off and gave me a little shove. My dick walked into the dark room. I couldn’t tell if there was anything else or anyone else in the room, so I knelt down and parked my giant cock on the floor. The tension I felt along my length was dissipating and I felt myself start to go soft, all of what was now five and a half feet of enormous penis. A dribble of spent cum flowed from my penis lips and I just lay there.

Suddenly, there was a rustling from the other side of the room. It sounded like someone or something was getting to their feet, a little awkwardly perhaps. My dick got to its feet, too, swaying its five foot length in the air, anchored only by my basketball size balls in the rear. As my dick moved forward, I made contact with something equally enormous, hard, and long. My dick let out a stream of precum in surprise, and then I was rocking back and forth, cannon-length cock balanced on legs, frantically rubbing and thrusting against another outsized dick.

I had no choice in the matter. I had felt my penis brain getting bigger along with my cock while the rest of me was shrinking. I could barely register any thought or feeling other than feeling incredibly horned up, frantic as hell, and then followed by pumping sensations from my balls, gushing from my penis head, and pulsing waves of orgasm. My dick rocked back and forth, rubbing against the other giant cock until we both exploded and drenched each other’s cocks in gallons of cum. Then we started rubbing again. My big dick just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. My dick brain cried for more, and I started thrusting again, rocking on my legs with each excited thrust, the entire length of me growing hard and excited, rubbing and thrusting against the other giant dick.

After multiple splooging explosions, we were finally spent and lay against each other on the sticky floor. After being motionless for awhile, the other dick nuzzled along my length, sending a new shudder through me. I felt myself start getting hard, just as my partner was. Two enormous cocks with legs attached. I started to get to my fee and ran my distended self over the length of the over penis. The excitement and throbbing were getting intense.

But suddenly out of a darkened corner of my dick brain, one small thought flashed out of the sexual reverie. This was Jon! This was what happened to my friend! And then, just as suddenly, the thought dimmed and I shuddered and emptied cum all over him.

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