by Alex Anders

 The town’s dark secret makes a new friend.

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I was in my courtyard with yet another of my erstwhile victims. Reporters, cops, investigators: didn’t matter, they were all the same. I leaned back, showing off my lean physique and impressive, throbbing, permanently erect phallus. Poor fellow couldn’t keep his eyes off it. Sometimes it was good to be a wizard.

“So where are all those strapping young men going?” he asked. So predictable!

“Oh that,” I said, waving it off, “I can turn any man into any thing.”

“Really?” He put his tea down and sat forward, right on cue.

“Oh yes. And I can make him enjoy it.”


“Both the process and the state of being transformed.” I sat back and grinned, wide and unsettling, like the Cheshire Cat. That was one of my favorite alterations.

“Like you did for those volleyballs?” he asked.

I blinked. This was new. Usually, they just demanded I prove it, and then ended up turned into a favorite object. “Yes, exactly,” I said.

“And the other sports balls?”

“Yes…” I wasn’t sure where this was going.

“And the jockstraps? And the swim gear? And all the other sports equipment at the community college?”

Now it was my turn to be unsettled. I didn’t like it. “Yeah, so? They all like it! I assume you talked to them?”

“Of course,” he said. He had the audacity to smirk. “Just like all your other victims.”

“Well, there you are! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“Prove it,” he said. Finally, back on script!

“How?” I asked cautiously.

“Turn me into your cock.”

That was a new one. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked over this man. He was smirking, and his eyes were focused on my massive tool, hungry and wanting. He licked his lips. Well then… “Your wish is my command!”

I jumped on him, made short work of his clothes—a simple disintegration spell, he wasn’t going to need them again anyway—then started sucking him off like I usually do. But instead of him orgasming into an empty husk like my other victims, a strange thought entered my head.

Now I understood. He was a wizard himself. And a flayer at that, just like me. Well, at least he really did want to be my cock!

I let go, smirked down at my quarry, then turned him over and plunged my cock into his ass. Oh, what an ass! It fit me perfectly, with no need to manhandle his guts into shape! I thrust in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper until my balls smacked against him and then, they popped right in. Oh that felt good!

But now I was stuck, buried balls deep in that amazing ass! It started undulating, his rectum rippling over my cock and balls, tightening around them, and finally fusing. My perception extended to the entirety of his being and then I could feel it.

His legs and arms were slithering into him, disappearing into his bulk. His ass was slackening up into a ballsack, filling with my cum. His guts straightened out and shortened up, extending my cum tube. His torso rounded out into a shaft, engorging with blood. His head flaed out into a glans, the ears melting away, the hair falling out, the chin jutting up. His mouth and nose fused together into a cum slit, moving to the end of my new glans. His eyes grew small and beady, flanking my new cum slit. And then, we came!

Oh, did we cum! It was the largest load I ever shot in my life, and it was quickly followed by at least a dozen more just as large and orgasmic. When we settled down, I observed the damage.

My courtyard was covered in cum. My cock, already a respectable foot long from my previous ministrations, was now more than double that size, just long enough for me to fit my mouth over his head without bending over too much. The head itself was just the right size and shape for me to fit my mouth over it comfortably, so I did. Despite the massive orgasm we just had, he started drooling precum immediately. The taste! It was perfect, like salted caramel. This man knew his stuff.

It wasn’t long before we were orgasming again, my newly expanded balls tightening up and shooting a perfect load into my mouth. It was just as tasty as the pre, and just the right size to be swallowed whole without a drop leaking out.

“Well,” I said, finally letting my new, perfect cock out of my mouth, “that was fun.”

“Oh god yes,” my cock said. “I am never leaving this crotch!”

“Glad to hear it,” I said, smirking. Yet one more way he wasn’t like my other victims. Speaking of, there was a question I needed to ask. “So, what’s your name?”

“And that’s how we met,” the wizard said. He grinned, wide and unsettling like—oh, you get the idea!

The journalist looked up from his notes at the wizard and his cock. “And what does he do, exactly?”

“I help him with transformations that can’t be done his way,” the cock suddenly said. “Now he really can turn any man into any thing.”

“Oh you,” the wizard said, bashful and coy, stroking his cock lovingly.

The journalist licked his lips. He couldn’t lose his nerve now.

“So tell me,” the wizard said, slightly impatient and more than a little intrigued, “What do you want to be?”

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